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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 13, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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hall and said he was proud to see them always doing what they're asked to do. as are we. thanks for inviting us into you home tonight bird that's it for this special report. fair, balanced, and still unafraid. this story hosted by martha mccallum starts right now. >> thank you, everybody. this is the story. his fault is it that there is s much anger in america? in the end, ten republicans voted in favor of that impeachment. some others blamed president pu the blame directly at the presidency but voted not to impeach. you could hear voices today in the capital that the cry for on all of our houses, that it has been etched deep, and that
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everybody does share some of th blame here. democrats, some of them have poured their share of gas on. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, at a gas station, you get out and yo create a crowd. >> when they go low, we go hide. know, when they go low, we kick them. >> make the phone calls and e-mails show up. there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives. >> i think you need to go back and punch him in the face. the truth is, this guy is bad for this country. >> the violence that we saw las summer. today republicans pointed back to the first days of the term presidency when the relentless attacks on washington to hollywood began pretty much eve before the prompt term said
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settled into the white house. >> 19 minutes into the administration at 12:19 p.m. th washington post headline was campaign to impeach president trump has begin. get the inauguration of the president was boycotted by over 40 democratic members of this house. robert de niro said he wanted t punch the president in the face. madonna thought about blowing u the white house. kathy griffin held up a likenes of the presidents beheaded head. the president supporters were harassed press secretary sarah sanders was kicked of the white house out up a restaurant for being a trump employee. >> that was the backdrop today, and the scene that we heard quite a bit of regardless of that commit today most democrat argued that the threat to the inaugural that we've heard so much about the national guard policing the capital they say demands swift action to remove the president, the fear that th
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rioters side is just the beginning of the storm that the have been promising. moments ago the president did deliver a brand-new message to those individuals who might be planning violence. watch this. >> i cannot emphasize that they're must be no violence, no lawbreaking, and no vandalism o any kind. everyone must follow are laws, and obeys the instructions of law enforcement. i have directed federal agencie to use all necessary resources to maintain order. >> after today's events, politically, the ball is now in majority leader mitch mc connell's court, and he has made it clear that he is done with president trump. we will see what he decides to do. all angles are going to be covered. reaction from former un ambassador nikki haley in just bit, we begin with republican
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congresswoman from florida who voted against the impeachment today. good to have you here this evening. you heard that introduction, obviously there is blame for th division in this country, and the animus that we see all around. i think that a lot of people feel the president deserves his fair share of blame for stoking those fires over the course of what we saw on january 5th. what do you see when you look back at what happened? >> thank you for having me on. absolutely come a hearing that introduction, my blood pressure was starting to climb because quite frankly, it's that kind o hypocrisy that led me to be involved and find myself here i the united states capitol. because of that blatant hypocrisy of leaders here in washington, dc. i have to remind myself that as i'm listening to that, just an hour ago i was standing in statuary hall with national guardsmen and women giving them a private tour of the capital a they're stuck you're really defending are nations capital
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and i have to take a step back and remind myself that at this moment in time, only calmer heads will prevail. if we are so survived as a constitutional republic we have to stop the blame game and stop pointing the figures. we have to stop the hypocrisy and we really have to focus on the things that the american people and are constituents bac home in the district sent us to washington to do. we have to get are economy back on track, recover from covid. hundreds of thousands of businesses have gone under. we have work to do and there is nothing about today that was productive. there was nothing in the weight of healing, there was nothing unifying about it. it's upsetting of course, but w have to be bigger and better than what has happened here in the last ten days. my first ten days in congress t be exact. praise. >> welcome too washington. a lot of people were unhappy, some republicans with wiz cheney , other people supported her very strongly and felt that
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the president was really at fault, even kevin mccarthy said the president shares blame is to blame what happened on january 6, do you agree with him ? >> i think, and i've been getting that question all day long. really what we need to be doing is putting the blame squarely o the people that stormed the capital. i was on the house floor. i was 20 feet away from where they were starting to breach th doors as wife of a first responder happened to be on the capital complex and feels helpless as his wife was on the house floor with god knows what happening around her. this is just crazy that were still here ten days into the 117th congress pointing fingers at each other. our party, we are hurting right now. we're hurting as americans. we have a party, the republican party that is big enough to celebrate and respect the diversity of opinions. we won't always get it right, but we have to take accountability for what happene here last wednesday and we will do just that starting with the investigation.
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holding those criminals accountable. what happened was incomplete defiance to the platform we all stand on, law and order, respec for the rule of law. our constitution. we need to get back to that and once we do that, we are going t be able to heal. get to work on the things that everyone has been craving. >> what did you make of the president's address tonight? some said it's too little into late. >> i thought the president was very clear. i only caught a little bit of i in the introduction and the new clips, but i thought he was crystal clear. he supports rule of law and condemns the violence that occurred here on wednesday. he does not support anyone that is wishing to do harm. the first amendment guarantees our peaceful assembly. we need to protect that, two my dying breath i will protect anyone's right to free speech and peaceful assembly. whether they support or against what i'm standing for, that is constitutional cornerstone that
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we all, regardless of democrat or republican have to fight for bright i think the president wa clear. >> do you think if he had made that address on january 6, or i he had said that, those words a that rally, look, all of you ou there, i know you're all amped up, i know you want to overturn this election, but you cannot d anything violent in my name, don't you think that this might have turned out very differently ? there are five people who lost their lives? >> has, and today i actually walked right past where that young woman was shot and killed and it is going to be a jarring memory i will have to deal with every single day as i go to cas my ballot for the district of florida. it's easy for all of us to monday morning quarterback the situation. i wish the president would have said something earlier, that th people storming the capital cam prepared, they had a plan, they were intent on causing distraction no matter what and that is the thing we need to do
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is hold these people accountable . i want to be here i condemned what happened at the capital, but not what happened last summer. of course not. violence has no place in our society, in our rule of law, in our politics, in our daily discourse. we have to condemn violence and that goes for the democrats on the other side. they need to pay attention to the cities that have been burne to the ground, looted, and just have had chaos for months. where where they? we've got to hold each other accountable and really fighting back on the hypocrisy that has been running rampant for years here in washington, dc. >> congresswoman, thank you for being here today. >> fox news senior political analyst. great to have you with us in ne york, thank you for being here tonight. you know, i heard that thread running through a lot of what was said today. these fires have been stoked stowed for a long time. it maxing watters, eric holder zane you got to kick people.
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all of this language that i certainly didn't grow up hearin from politicians that has reall become so bitter and so angry. does that all lead to what we saw on january? >> i think it does in the sense that i think it's pretty clear that we were divided as a natio politically. the historic passions of that route to the surface. it wasn't as bad as this. this is as bad as it's ever gotten perhaps the civil war. so the challenge for leaders at a time like this is how we attempt to tempt us down for a tad we find places to agree because this is poisonous to ou country. certainly some of the things that democrat state in the aftermath of president trumps election have not contributed i a positive way to that job. the question is for the leaders we have, for president trump himself who took a stab at it
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today. it may have been too little too late, but now it falls of cores into incoming president biden was the enormous challenge of trying to be a healer at a time of the utmost divisions in the wake of this hideous event that happened last week. it's a terrific challenge that remains to be seen if he is up to it. >> should he have spoken out more already when he did speak out he spoke mostly about racia imbalance and saying that if th protesters had been african-american, it would have looked really different on january 6. >> there are a lot of people in this country they believe that we are a nation of systemic racism, but there are a great many who believe we are not freight it's a point of deep division in this country so why he would choose on that occasio to feed that is a good question. he has the job now of trying to unify things. one way you could do it is if you could call the impeachment dogs, but it may be too late fo
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that. it is certainly the case that this impeachment, whatever you may think about whether he woul have deserved it or it would have been a better year a year ago. it's worth remembering the principal purpose, the reason w have been impeachment clause in our system is to get a presiden who has done bad things out of office. that is something that's going to happen by itself. the voters took care of that so one could certainly ask the question of whether having an impeachment in trying to get a conviction right now adds to division. >> do you think it inspires som of these some of these trump supporters to who have been violent. 99 percent of them are law-abiding good people, but when he continues to speak out into sort of hold the fire, and when he's attacked, does that rile people up even more? are they working at cross purposes?
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>> my idea is that the problem was not so much what trump said on the last week. he even indicated that they wer warned to go peacefully to capitol hill. it was whether they had fed their supporters since the week since the election stoking in their minds the suspicion that this election was illegitimate, it event stolen from him and he actually won in a landslide. on top of that he made the fals claim that mike pence could somehow, in his ministerial job of the participation of countin of the votes reverse that resul or alter the result of the election. none of that was true. here we had a crowd of people who had been fed that for weeks on end. think about that, if you're a trump supporter and you didn't know all the details, but he ha told you repeatedly and at length that the election had been stolen you might be in som kind of a rage as well. so that was where he went wrong was in the that he fed to these people over period of weeks tha
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i think of them stirred up and made this possible. not directly, but indirectly. >> when man, just sticks in my mind, this man said the president told us that mike pence was going to overturn the election today, but i just hear it's not true. he was angry. i thought, that nails it. that's it right there. >> mike pence did what he had t do and he did the right thing. >> thank you. great to see you tonight. the inaugural is right around the corner. president trump has had an urgent call for calm. we want to show you a bit more of that. is it going to work? that is next. >> today i'm calling on all americans to overcome the passions of the moment, and joined together as one american people.
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>> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by a mob rioters. he should have immediately denounced the root mob when he saw what was unfolding. these facts require immediate action from president trump. except his share of responsibility. >> that was minority leader mc carthy close trump ally has made a tough call since january 6 when he urgently called the president at the white house and implored him to speak out against the riots. presidents trump, now he as one of many on capitol hill trying to stake out the future in an uncertain republican party that seems to be tearing at the seam right now. unsure of how much coal the trump train has left in the bin
4:20 pm
with all of those millions of voters across the country. all of these folks on capitol hill are about to decide whethe they stay on or jump off. mitch mcconnell has made clear he is done, but tonight he stil holding impeachment plans close to the vest. former deputy national security advisor for the trump administration and geraldo rivera, fox news correspondent at large. great at both of you here tonight. let me start with you, you have tweeted up a storm on what we saw play out today, so big picture, you say that you believe the president needed to be impeached today. wide why. >> i do because not only did he incite this riot, not only did he unleash those people on the capital, not only did he have near certain knowledge that disruption would follow his remarks and those of don jr. an rudy giuliani, but for the last
4:21 pm
two months, there has been a bi lie, i have preached against it every time i was on tv. that there was no legal, no constitutional, no judicial manner, no way, no legislative manner in which this election could have been overthrown. when the president and i spoke week after the election on friday the 15th of november, that was the tone and tenor of our conversation. he said he was a realist, he said he would do the right thin when the time came. i thought he would concede to. obviously he was not going to get the election reversed. but indeed what happened instea is he dug in and broadcast over and over again this big lie, this propaganda that turned these folks into rabid soldiers to protect the presidency on th false notion that he had someho been cheated. i think that what happened here
4:22 pm
is he needed to be this grand jury today, this impeachments, unlike last year, at this time was righteous, it was appropriate, and he deserved really to have congress let him know that what he did was beyon the pale. >> i couldn't disagree more. i think the biggest problem in america today is in the fact that president trump behaved abominably after the election. it isn't the fact that joe bide is going to be president, the biggest problem is that half th country hates the other half of the country. there are only two people who can fix that right now. one is donald trump, who needs to go two his people, including myself, i have been his earlies and strongest survivor, he need to tell people my presidency is over, but i plan to stay in the arena and help a new generation of leaders in carrying forward my foreign-policy and my.
4:23 pm
joe biden needs to go to the other half of the country, he needs to go two his people and he needs to say you have to stand down. no impeachments, no cancer culture. stop the blacklist, stop the hate mongering. >> he's he said he wouldn't do that. he's couldn't seize this moment. i would ask the same question about president trump, why woul need to because he chasing afte this fantasy that geraldo describes that was lost in the courts really before the election ever happened. these guys, either one of these has done what you describe. >> neither one of them does and there's only a very narrow window of opportunity to do it. if neither one of them do site, if joe biden doesn't do it and donald trump doesn't do it, here's what happens to america week continued to be a divided nation. donald trump's legacy is the last couple of weeks, it's not the four years that he had grea
4:24 pm
successes and foreign policy, but the real price, you know, i you want revenge and an eye for an eye, where does that leave the country? blind. there is nobody in the country who has more of a gripe. i lost my career, i lost my reputation, i lost my life savings defending ourselves against a molar investigation for a crime i didn't commit, bu i'm saying it's time for both sides to step down and step bac for the sake of the nation otherwise we are headed to complete dysfunction and chaos for years on end. >> thank you. thank you both. we're going to leave it there. i hope everybody's listening. >> new polls show what took voters trump voters want to happen now. we are going to show you. jason miller joins us with thos numbers, and the story.
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>> new internal trump campaign polling shows that an overwhelming number of trump supporters want a peaceful transition and they want a vaccine. they want a shot in the arm. >> voters strongly prefer that congress deal with fighting coronavirus and not impeachment. impeachment is viewed as a wast of time and money. that's the road we went down today. joining me now is campaign senior advisor jason miller. jason, good to have you here this evening. >> thank you for having me. >> that is done. that's already happened in the house. what really stands out to you from these numbers because i think one of the big questions on people's minds are all these
4:30 pm
trump voters across the country who are not the people that would ever break a window or drag a police officer through a doorway. what happens to them? >> i think from the polling you see, trump supporters, republicans, everyone really wants an orderly and peaceful transition next wednesday. i think that's a big part of th reason you saw president trump again about today with this video and to be cleared to his supporters we're going in and denounce the horrific actions from last week and send a clear message that you are not one of his supporters if you're engaging in any of this mob violence like some of these people are doing. keep in mind back to 2016, president trump ran as in indictment on the field career politicians from both parties. you see the activity right now with nancy pelosi charging ahea with the second impeachment within a year. 77 percent of americans want congress to worry about
4:31 pm
coronavirus who had its daily deadliest day yesterday. 60 percent think it's a complet waste of time, and i think people are just tired of the politics in washington. a quick note my former boss at one of the smartest point today when he said this impeachment i not about what happened last week, it's about the democrats anger at the last four years. >> i am sure there is some trut to that. a couple of things freight i watch the video that the president put out tonight and i couldn't help, but thinking why didn't he say this at the rally and why hasn't he more forcefully called out because the same people that he was asked a question about on the way up to the campaign and he said i don't really know who they are. and he was asked at the debate about the proud boys, he stated stand back and stand by. i know there are examples of times where he said i don't condone that, but if he had bee so forceful and called these people out, you're not my
4:32 pm
followers, you do not represent me, i don't want to be associated with you in any way, we can't wind the clock back, but would it have made a difference. those people are putting the strains last moments of the presidency on the resident. >> i don't think it would have made a difference because at that moment, that was a celebration president trump was telling people to cheer on the members of congress who were considering the electoral counting and as it's been reported in the new york times and other places, the bad actor started going into the violence and destruction even before president trump had finished speaking. new reporting came out this evening from one of the competitor network saying a lot of these things were planned well in advance so even before president trump spoke. there is one thing having worke for the president for a long time. any time we have these, whether it be a horrific event like las week where these clashes or som
4:33 pm
big thing in the news, it's a process, it's a healing process that's why he called so strongl in his video tonight to find that common ground. >> but he could have said that that day, jason perry this is more than a week later. six people died. he could've came out that day and i know as well as you do, you were there. you spend a lot of time with th president over the past week i know. imagine if he had been this forceful what we saw today then. i think that the whole everything would be a little different today. >> martha, i'm going to respectfully disagree with you. i think the president did come out last week and condemned the violence break. >> martha, he condemned the violence, he also addressed it and said he didn't want any violence when he went up in the helicopter yesterday. but this is my point, it's in entire process. there is no one statement. of the president had given the statement he released tonight i you give that last week then tw
4:34 pm
or three days afterwards you said he's only done one statement why haven't you done more. you can never appease the folks who have political motivations. >> i'm sure that's true with a lot of people. go-ahead. >> i think really what you saw today was you side just how politically motivated this was. there were no hearings there wa no judiciary committee they powered this through. >> 100 percent agree. this was a rush job. he said can you imagine if you walked into a courtroom and silver not going to have any witnesses and were not going to have any hearings but this is s important you better get to giv me a decision right now. >> real quick, martha. we have to make a decision as a country if we find ways to come together or if we continued to go going to our corners and throwing questions freight i think what you saw today from the democrats was a clear signa they're not worried about coronavirus are getting are economy reopened, they are so bitter and angry at president
4:35 pm
president trump, that even in the last week of his presidency they're going to spend the time not trying to help people, but being vindictive. >> let me ask you this because want, and every president of th united states should be successful, i love this country and they want every president t be successful, but the same thing could be turned back on the white house and say yes, bu why did you not spend the last two months since the election working on coronavirus, getting back season. we heralded the vaccine, we hurled it so often on the program talking about the logistics and everything, so let's take these last few month and go the extra mile, let's ge these things distributed even though that wasn't part of the plan. let's work on the economy let's not get bogged down in what can't be changed now with the election. >> i would say that president trump is a very forceful voice in saying we needed to have these $2,000 checks, we need to get those out to people. just call it for what it is, i
4:36 pm
think the republicans in the senate have stepped up and passed the $2,000 checks for people, we'd have two additiona republicans in the senate today. they didn't, that's a whole other conversation. president president trump has led from the front on the economy and with operation warp speed. we're talking about election issues of course who want to ge it right but as we saw from the president, right after the electoral vowel votes were tallied from what we said there's going to be an orderly transition next week and he has encouraged his supporters and calling for unity and trying to find some commonality. there is going to be a good transition, and i think that's where it needs to be. the democrats, led see them com to the table too. >> if they wanted peace commit maybe he should go to the inauguration and meet with the incoming president. any chance of that? >> martha, here is the thing, there is no appeasing the left with the hatred they have for the president.
4:37 pm
it's already going to be into biden's term and they're still trying to go back and impeach the previous president. >> it's a desperate time, and somebody is going to have to be the big person the bigger perso in this situation on both sides. we all look for that. anyway, i'm out of time, but jason, thank you very much for coming here. we all want a healing moment fo this country, that's for sure. jack dorsey releasing a statement on his decision to ba president trump. what he said about that. a huge story across the country. nobody wants their voices to be silenced. nikki haley on this conservativ censorship which is going to be a big issue going forward that we will cover a lot. the power grab she says are looming in the biden era. te lik. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement...
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>> the national guard unloading
4:42 pm
rye headgear today as security ramp us up in watching thing, dca head of the inaugural. air b&b and hotels tonight canceled reservations made in the metro area to prevent trave to washington, dc. that's about the opposite of what should be happening. kevin couric is live in a locke down washington, dc this evening . hi, kevin. >> locked down indeed. that decision by air b&b comes amid growing concerns by the company that armed militias or hate groups may be planning to come here to disrupt the upcoming inauguration. that come up for a company statement. the bottom line is this, if you have an air b&b and it was your decision to come here and enjoy the inauguration, you're out of luck in less you are coming her thanks to a long-term stay or you are coming for medical treatment, those are some of th exceptions as laid out by the company. other than that, you wont have chance to come here. the company is agreeing to
4:43 pm
reimburse those who will have a booking here canceled and the company will also agreed to reimburse those who we're going to be hosting families coming here to the nation's capital. security preparations continue here in and around washington a you can imagine commit major roads and access closures at al major points of interest including the capital right her and the white house as well. the bottom line for them is we want to be here to protect the people who will be here, and we want to defend against those wh may be considering here coming here to start trouble. >> we will have no tolerance whatsoever for any attempts to disrupt the peaceful transfer o power on january 20th that our constitution calls for. >> rod rosenstein, the deputy a there. the president issued a statement . you showed the video we had, he also issued a statement that cited in light ever aborts of
4:44 pm
more demonstrations, i urge tha they're must be no violence, no lawbreaking, no vandalism of an kind. that's not what i stand for and that's not what america stands for. the ease tensions and calm tempers. this as the elevated security posture continues here and around the nation's capital, 12,000 feet 12,000 linear feet of razor wire just on this particular ring of the security perimeter as we hope for a peaceful transfer of power. martha. >> thank you very much,. former u.s. ambassador writes i a new op-ed, freedom and equal opportunity are out, censorship and intolerance are in. her warning about the incoming ministration in ministration effort to seize control in all different ways over what we do. she is next.
4:45 pm
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>> ceo jack dorsey of twitter defending his decision speaking out for the first time about wh he banned president trump from the platform after he got intense backlash from critics i recent days.
4:49 pm
he tweeted in part i believe this was the right decision for twitter. we faced extraordinary and untenable circumstance focusing all of our actions on public safety off live harm is demonstrably real and what drives our policy and enforcement above all. joining me now governor, great to have you with us this evening . thank you for being here. i think this is something you feels very strongly about, and he has just come out with a statement saying we did it for public safety. what you say to him? >> you know, i would say whethe it's the corporations, whether it's the house, whether it's th senate, everybody's emotions ar running high and we have to tam that down. you hear these companies talk about how even their whole mode is about free speech yet you just shut down the president come of the most free country o the world, it you want iran and
4:50 pm
china out there. i think it was a gut reaction. i think it was an emotional reaction and all it did is rais the tensions and the passions o all the trump supporters higher and make things more dangerous. they have taken their term and calmly introduced what they wer thinking to the rest of the country, it would have been a different story. all they did was show us more o the power grab, and that offended a lot of people. i think it will backfire. >> you tweeted mao would be proud about the billions that have been happening, you've got all these twitter users losing followers, losing people. they feel like they have no control over something they thought was a free place to express themselves. you covered oppressive rizzi regimes as the ambassador of th united nations and held their feet to the fire. do you feel like you're living in one sometimes these days? >> censorship is not something that certainly these platforms claimed that they are part of,
4:51 pm
but more than that, what bothered me was once they challenge the president's account, then he went and put a message on his official account and they close the official presidents account. the reason why i think this is all a concern is whether it's this impeachment stuff, whether it's shouting down social media whether it's corporations takin stances one way or the other, what bothers me more than anything is i feel like both sides commit they have lost their focus. the priority needs to be on the fact that millions of people have lost their jobs. even got children who've lost a whole year of education that we have to figure out how to get back. we have vaccines to distribute into you've got small businesse who are literally dying by the day. what's worse, is you've got thi impeachment hearing that's bein rushed through, and china, russia, and iran are watching the fact that we can't even
4:52 pm
build a government. this is the time when the president-elect biden needs to be putting cabinet members in place and getting them in place. for me who has watched these countries and dealt with these countries, it's very dangerous for our national security for them to see an impeachment process taking place and not building out a government. everybody's got to take notice of that. we have to get our priorities t dave straits. stop the complaining and the finger-pointing and get to work. that's really what needs to happen. >> what happens, a lot of peopl look at the 75 million people who voted for president trump. he says that he may want to run again. i don't know if that vision has changed given recent events, an i think it will take some time before we see what happens with that. if you listen to eugene robinson , what he thinks needs to happen with all of those voters who supported president trump over the years.
4:53 pm
>> there are millions of americans, almost all white, almost all republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed. it's as if they are members of cult, a trump is to cold, and they need to be deprogrammed. >> what you say to that? >> i don't think republicans need to be deprogrammed. look, i think democrats think that government can spend the money better than the people can . they think there should be less economic freedom and murder socialism, so i don't think we need to be deprogrammed, but what i think the republican party needs to do is we need to decide what we want to be when we grow up. i think we don't want to go bac to the republican party before trump because he added people t the fold, he brought in a part of america that had not been heard, had not been seen and ha
4:54 pm
not been understood. that was an important segment w wanted to have. he lossless suburbs and he lost a lot of women. what we have to do is pick thos up, but i want to go further. we need to expand our tend. we need to going to hispanics and they jewish community, goin to african-americans, going to indian-american communities and we need to have conversations and growing are tents. if we grow are tent to them, we make our party better. when i was governor in south carolina i started a foundation that helps kids in rural challenged areas with schools and political people said why are you helping them, they're never going to vote for you i said because i used to be one o those kids, i know what it's like to not know what we don't have. we have to expand are tent to help all people and we have to start looking past the conversations were having in ou small circles and we've got to see a brighter better day with bigger party that is focused,
4:55 pm
that's nonemotional, and understands the meet needs of american people. we need to get together and do that. >> i look forward to talking about or all of that is headed and also the 2024 questions tha are going to be out there for a lot of folks. thank you very much, good to se you tonight. we will see you soon. more of the story right after this. stay with us. the patented blend is clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. boost glucose control products contain high quality protein and key nutrients to support immune health. try boost.
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>> tonight's quote of the night is when we heard a lot about, from president lincoln's first inaugural address in 1861 if we were were summary. he said we are not mnes, we are friends. passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and heart stone. all over this broad land, we
5:00 pm
will get all of the course of the union when again touched, as surely they will be by the better angels of our nature. that is the story of this wednesday, january 13th, 2021. the story continues, we will be back tomorrow night at the clock. a good night, everybody, tucker's next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it looks like they are impeaching donald trump again, for the second time in four years. a week before he leaves office with strong bipartisan support, both parties in favor of this. no matter how angry you may be at donald trump tonight, and many of his voters are angry at him, watching this happen may confuse he peered at the chaos of an impeachment trial is hardly be peaceful and orderly transition of power both parties assure you they want. why are they doing this? they tell mike there has to be a
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