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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. it's been a busy week, we have one more day before the weekend. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. be >> martha: . it's good to see everybody. americans vote every four years and has had its choice of who leads to the following four. and they supported that losing candidate along with their lives hoping that next time their candidate will prevail. but this time the winning side seems to want to burn down everything touched by the outgoing president. anyone who even served in his administration in any way, anyone who went to any rally for that matter and anyone who buys hats online arouses some suspicion. and certainly anyone who had the audacity to vote for them.
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richard nixon was about to be convicted by the president for criminal conduct. he was vilified in that era and he and his supporters got off easy. this treatment that we are seeing is unprecedented in american history. and that americans who dared to vote for president trump. >> if you voted for trump, you voted for the person who the clan supported. you voted for the person who's support. you voted for the person who gave alt-right support. that's a crowd you are in. you voted for the person who incited a crowd to go into the
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capital and potentially take the lives of lawmakers. took the lives of police officers, took the lives, innocent lives who were there on the capital that day. you voted on that site. >> martha: 74 million americans potentially being called racist and big it's. that's a lot of americans, and many of you. let's bring in house minority web steve scalise who objected to the electoral college results and voted against the latest impeachment. good to see you this evening. what goes through your mind? >> you know martha, the disappointing things is that is the playbook of the cancel culture socialist left. they want to demonize the opposition because their ideas are very radical. the things that they talk about,
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taking away people's rights, the green new deal, raising taxes and all the things that they stand for, they don't want to talk about publicly so they want to demonize the opposition. it cancel you on social media, these are the things that are the classic tactics of the cancel culture and i think people are fed up with that. let's focus on actual things that matter to families, not demonize those who disagree with you on issues. >> martha: so for all the discussion, it was going to be 20 members of the house and feeling that the sentiment was sweeping on both sides, that mitch mcconnell was open to the idea of impeachment, in the end that the numbers looked basically like they look last time around. ten members of the g.o.p. ended up voting for this, 2/3 voted to question the election. obviously that had some backlash. my question for you is, where is
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the republican party at this point? is it the party of trump? we are looking at these numbers, given everything that's happened to still, tremendous support for president trump. i want you to listen to what some of these folks said at that event who are outside of it. watch this. >> will you ever support any of the republicans who are not standing up for the president right now? >> no. absolutely not. >> this is a trump party, those guys are done. >> 202022 will be a brutal year. it's going to be a bloodbath for the establishment republican. >> martha: do you think that's true? >> martha clearly the president has tremendous support of the past four years and the things that he has done and you look at where the country is right now, it's a divided country already and it was like that before the election.
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but there are millions of people who are disgusted by what they saw, like i was last week in the capital. the anarchist had broken the capital. there were millions of people disgusted by that also, passionate conservatives who love the country and conservative values that make our country great. frankly the policies the president carried through the last four years to rebuild our economy and rebuild our military, to stand up to isis around the world and other terrorist organizations, those are the things that they really wanted to see. border security, and again, the president got fair trade deals. all of those things are things that matter to hardworking families. look at all the companies that left america for years and years and finally those company started coming back. those are regulations that made sense. that's what the republican party
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needs to continue to focus on and that is fighting for the hardworking families. >> i think my question is also, how much, you look at two-thirds, which is a huge number, voted to certifying the electoral college of the united states. that was a very bold, bold move and i don't know that they all would have done that if they didn't feel like they had to do that to hold onto their seats in some cases. so how much does president trump, how much is it still the party of donald trump, is that his party going into 2022 or will he have a lot of influence on those races as one man said? >> president trump will still have a lot of influence and you see the people that followed him. he put out a video last night that the mainstream media still won't show and i thought he touched on some very important notes about unequivocally decrying what happened last
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week. week. the mainstream media won't even show it and so that's part of the cancel culture where there is still people that are watching and it really looking at that message all the time. if you look at the vote last week as a totality that goes with that vote for those of us who did vote both against what happened in arizona and pennsylvania and that was they did their legislative guidelines. the legislature sets the tone and the constitution by the way says this. the legislative bodies and set the rules for elections, and a few of those states and went around their legislative bodies. that's a constitution that used to mean something. >> martha: i understand and we talked about the situations quite a bit. >> in 2005 there were classes meant to certify ohio.
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and they didn't even vote. >> martha: a point well taken. before we let you go, and i want play this because it is the pressure on a lot of members of the house that took the same clothes as you did. it came across in a way that i know caught your attention because he retweeted this. this is jake tapper. >> congressman brian mast, a republican from florida who lost his legs fighting for democracy abroad, although i don't know about his commitment to it here in the united states. an >> martha: representative mast responded to that and said i lost two legs for tapper to say whatever he wants. but that free speech protects republicans, asking constitutional questions about the elections and tapper went back and defended his position with regard to that on twitter as well. thoughts on that before i let
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you go tonight? >> that was a disgraceful comment. jake tapper needs to apologize and admit what he said was wrong. brian mast went out and worked out with wounded warriors. brian lost two legs for this country and to question his love and commitment to this country, when you literally lost his two legs and some fingers of the bomb squad technician fighting for our freedoms. he's the kind of person that makes this country great. he is an american hero and jake really deserves -- he needs to apologize and drop it. >> martha: representative steve scalise, thank you for being here tonight. joining me now, our fox news contributor's. you are no longer in office. is this still the republican party or the trump party, when you look at these numbers?
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clearly the pressure that was on these members to vote the way they did in both of these cases? >> i think there will have to figure out a way to synthesize the two. i think you have to have term policy is that without the twitter account. you have nikki haley and tom cotton, and you have others that are authentically conservative but they have a member at comic matter of representing themselves. and do it in a winsome way. >> martha: what do you think? >> i think the democrats are doing a great job of keeping trump's political prospects alive. i think the idea that these are an impeachment in the second time, and that's in a sense that these guys will continue to
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circling this wagons around him. >> martha: we will talk a lot more coming up about this whole tearing everything down that has ever been touched by trump phenomenon that i spoke of in the beginning. have you ever seen anything like this? what do you think of it? >> i think there are a lot of us, despite an incredibly vibrant personality, i've said all along focus less on personality and more on. before covid-19 we had the highest median income in the list poverty rate in the country he completely wiped out the isis caliphate. 231 judges including three in the supreme court, and that's a national right to life march out on the wall. and on and on.
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it's about 1200 pages or 1200 words and many people have tremendous affection for him. >> martha: this is from one of your good buddies, jim comey, head of the fbi, talking about the potential for joe biden to pardon president trump. what are your thoughts on this? >> donald trump is not a genius but he's got to figure out if he accepts a part and that's an admission of guilt. part of the country and getting us to a place where we can focus on things that will matter over the next three years. i think joe biden will have to at least think about that. >> martha: student joe biden think about pardoning president trump and does president trump need to be pardoned? >> does he have a criminal statute in mind? you talk about unifying the
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country, and that's the most invasive and rain the history of that, so if you want to do something unifying, first of all stay off of television and quit talking come and go back make amends for your tenure, while you are the head of the fbi. >> martha: this is from eric swalwell and this is also getting a lot of attention today and it goes to this idea of the extreme nature and this is framed and discussed. he doesn't bring anything up about his chinese spy questions that he's never really been asked directly and up for most people. anyway he ended up as one of the leaders on this impeachment committee and here's what he had to say yesterday. >> well, usama bin laden did not enter u.s. soil on september 11.
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it was widely acknowledged that he was responsible for inspiring the attack on our country. >> i'm comparing two words of an individual who would incite and radicalize what usama bin laden did to president trump. >> he swore up and bit down that that was the case without anything to back that up and now he's comparing him to usama bin laden for something that happened on january the 6th. that's what investigation has barely begun on. that's how that horrible behavior actually came about. >> this is horrible and reckless, totally immature and bin laden is responsible for roasting many of my neighbors here in new york city. i watched as the towers burned with my own eyes.
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nothing anything like that happened last wednesday when president trump said to his supporters, i know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard. that doesn't sound like the words of usama bin laden, that sounds like him calling on them to be peaceful and patriotic. i think swalwell should apologize for that. and versus swalwell who had sexual intercourse with the chinese spy and nancy pelosi let him be on the intelligence committee and remained there and also be an impeachment manager. it's actually stark and horrifying. i just want to be on the record with that. what do you think about that and
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what he had to say? >> i think he is a reckless buffoon. i think back to kamala harris telling people during amy coney barrett's inauguration hearing that she's coming for your rights, they are coming from your health care rights and joe biden is saying i want to put you back in chains. there's a lot of really hot rhetoric. but swalwell is a buffoon. i don't follow him on social media, he hasn't said anything interesting in a number of years. and that somebody who murdered thousands of americans. i hope that they are. >> martha: troy murdoch and trey gowdy, thank you very much for being here tonight. the president-elect joe biden set to unveil his "american rescue plan" and he will soon bear the burden of rescuing those businesses that have
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suffered under the covid one. he's talking about 2 trillion more in taxpayer-funded really packages and he's also tackling the task of the painfully slow rollout of these vaccines. jacqui heinrich joins us as we leave the speech tonight >> good evening to you. the american rescue plan has a price tag of $1.9 trillion. it will be followed in a couple of months by the american recovery plan. and that's a $1400 direct payment to americans that would bring the total relief to $2,000 on top of december $600 payment. and extends it and that provide
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subsidies for child care costs and mandatory paid leave and increases the child tax credit from 2000-3000 per year with an additional money for kids under the age of six. it also extends the foreclosure moratorium and gets a rental assistance to qualifying people. more than 1 trillion of qualifying people is for direct relief to families and individuals, and 400 billion is directly related to tackling the virus itself. that includes considerable funding for vaccines elements and distribution, including launching high-capacity vaccination sites potentially run by the national guard and female and also mobile units to reach rural communities. it provides for $50 billion to ramp up testing which officials say is critical. >> martha: apologies, we are going to jump right in. the plan is being rolled out now. by president-elect joe biden. >> on february 6, 2020, patricia
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dowd took her last breath at home under the california sun in santa clara. she was 57 years old, my beloved wife, mother, daughter and sister. she never knew she had the virus. at the time, most folks never heard about the virus. but just like that she was gone. almost exactly one year later, nearly 400,000, 400,000 of our fellow americans have met the same cool fate. countless families and friends left behind with unrelenting grief, anger and frustration. it's compounded by the loss of our way of life. during this pandemic, millions of americans through no fault of their own have lost the dignity
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and respect that comes with the job and a paycheck. that feeds their families as we drive up to a feedback. their hours and paychecks are reduced and that's a real pain overwhelming the real economy. one where people rely on paychecks, not their investments to pay for their bills and their
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meals and their children's needs. you won't see this pain if your scorecard is how things are going on wall street. but you will see it very clearly, but the twin crises of a pandemic in the sinking economy have laid bare. the growing divide between those few people at the very top who are doing quite well in this economy and the rest of america. just since the pandemic began, the wealth and the top 1% of the nation has grown roughly $1.5 trillion. since the end of last year. four times the amount for the entire bottom 50% of american wage earners. some 18 million americans are still relying on unemployment insurance.
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some 400,000 small businesses have permanently closed their doors and it's not hard to see that we are in the middle of the once in several generations economic crisis or the ones in several generations public health crisis. the crisis of deep human suffering is in plain sight and that there is no time to waste. we have to act and we have to act now. this is what economists are telling us. more importantly are the values that we hold dear in our hearts as americans are telling us. it's a top economist that in this moment of crisis, within this race and historic lows, we cannot afford an action. it's not just smart fiscal actions including deficit spending is more urgent than
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ever but it's a return on investments in jobs, and racial equity which will prevent long-term economic damage and the benefits will far out surpassed, far surpassed the cost. a growing number of top economist has shown that even our debt situation it will be more stable, not less stable, as we see this moment for vision and purpose. and so tonight, that's a two-step plan of rescue and recovery. that's to a better and stronger more secure america. tonight i will lay out my first step, the american rescue plan. that will tackle the pandemic and to get direct financial assistance and relief to americans who needed the most. next month, my first appearance
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before a joint session of congress and i will lay out my build back better recovery plan, and make historic adjustments, and research and development, clean energy and investments in a economy with skills and training needed by our workers to be able to compete and win in a global economy. moody's, an independent wall street firm side of my approach will approach 18 million good paying jobs. our rescue and recovery plan is a path forward with both seriousness of purpose and a clear plan with transparency and accountability and a call for unity that is equally necessary. unity is not some pie-in-the-sky
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dream, it's a practical step in getting things that we need done as a country, to get done together. a bipartisan covid-19 relief package is a very important first step and i'm grateful for the democrats and republic and independent members of congress who came together to get it done. as i said at the time, it's just a down payment. we need of more and more bipartisanship and we need to move quickly, we need to move fast. in order to speed up the national covid-19 response, the vaccines offer so much hope, and we are grateful to the scientists and researchers and everyone who participated in the clinical trials. we are also grateful to the rigorous review and testing that have led to millions of people around the world already being vaccinated safely.
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but the vaccine rollout of the united states has been a dismal failure thus far. tomorrow i will lay out our vaccination plan to correct course and meet our goal, 100 million shots at the end of my first 100 days as president. this will be one of the most challenging operation efforts we've ever undertaken as a nation. we will have to move heaven and earth to get more people vaccinated, to create more places to get them vaccinated. to mobilize more medical teams to get shots in people's arms, to increase vaccines supply, and get it out the door as fast as possible.
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the clear guidance they need as well as the resources they need that they can't afford right now because of the economic dilemma they are in. that means more testing and transportation. additional cleaning and sanitizing services in the schools. its active equipment and ventilation systems in those schools. you need to make sure the workers who have covid-19 symptoms are quarantined and those who need to take care of their family members with covid-19 symptoms should stay home and still get paid. this will reduce the spread of the virus and make sure they get the support they need to maintain their families. but they need -- we need about 400 billion in funding from congress to make all of what i just said happened. it's a great deal but i'm convinced that we are ready to get this done. the very health of our nation is
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at stake. our rescue plan also include what's most in need. that's a total of $2,000 in cash relief to people who need it the most. the $600 already appropriated is not enough. you just have to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table. even for those who have kept their jobs, these checks are really important. you see if you are an american worker making $40,000 a year with less than $400,000 in savings, maybe you are doing fewer shifts, driving a truck and caring for kids or the elderly, you are out there putting life on the line to work during this pandemic. he worry every week that you get sick, lose your job or worse. $2,000 is going to go a long way
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to ease that pain. it will also provide more peace of mind for struggling families by extending unemployment insurance beyond at the end of march for millions of workers. that means that 18 million americans currently running out of unemployment benefits, while they look for work, you can count on these checks continue to be there. plus, it will be a $400 per week supplement so people can make ends meet. this gets money quickly into the pockets of millions of americans who will spend it immediately on food and rents and other basic needs and as a economists tell us, that helps the whole economy grow. it will also tackle the growing hunger crisis in america. one in seven households in america, more than one in five black and latino households in
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america report they don't have enough food to eat. this includes 30 million adults and as many as 12 million children. it's wrong, it's tragic, it's unnecessary and unacceptable. so we are going to extend emergency assistance for 43 million children and their families enrolled in the snap snap program through the rest of this year. we will help hard-hit restaurants prepare meals for families and food for those who need it. we will invest $3 million in making sure mothers and their young children have the nutrition that they need. this will not only meet our moral obligation we have for one another but it will also spur our economic growth and get restaurants and workers back on the job. and as we work to keep people from going hungry, we will also work to keep a roof over their heads to stem the growing
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housing crisis and evictions that are looming. proximally 14 million americans are falling behind on rent, many at risk of eviction. if we don't act now there will be a wave of evictions and foreclosures in the coming months as the pandemic rages on. this would overwhelm emergency shelters, increase covid-19 infections, and places people go that it cannot be distance. next week we will take action to restrict evictions and foreclosures which will provide a more than 25 million americans. greater stability instead of living on the edge every single month. and i'm asking congress to do its part by funding rental assistance for 14 million hard-hit families and attendants. it will also be a bridge to economic recovery for countless
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mom-and-pop landlords. these crises are springing up and people putting their lives at risk are the very people that are now at risk of losing their jobs, police officers. firefighters, first responders, and over the last year alone, over 600,000 educators have been lost and lost their jobs in our cities and towns. our rescue plan will write emergency funding to keep these essential workers and we are speaking with county officials, mayors, and governors on both
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parties and we are ready to work with them. help them get the relief they need to. our rescue plan will also help small businesses that are the engines of our economic growth, our economy as a whole. the glue that holds these communities together as well. but they are hurting badly. you realize they account for nearly half of the total u.s. workforce? our rescue plan will provide flexible grants to help those hardest hit small businesses survive the pandemic, for the low caste capital that will help entrepreneurs of all backgrounds create and maintain jobs plus provide essential goods and services that communities depend upon. last week i laid out how we will make sure that our emergency small business relief is distributed swiftly and equitably unlike the first time around. we will focus on small businesses on main street.
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we will focus on minority owned small businesses, and finally having equal access to the research they need to reopen and rebuild. and we will be responsible with taxpayer's dollars come in ensuring accountability that reduces waste, fraud and abuse like we did in the recovery act that i administered in our administration. direct cash payments, extended unemployment insurance, rent relief, food assistance. keeping essential front line workers the job. aid to small businesses. these are key elements to the american rescue plan that would lift 12 million americans out of poverty and cut child poverty in half. that's 5 million children lifted out of poverty if we move. our plan to reduce poverty in the black community by one-third to come reduce poverty in the hispanic community by almost 14%, and that includes much
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more. like an increase in the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. people tell me that will be hard to pass, florida just past it. as divided as that state is, they just passed it. and the rest of the country is ready to move as well. a national minimum wage of $15 an hour. no one working 40 hours a week should live below the poverty line. that's what it means, if you work for less than $15 an hour and work 40 hours a week, you are living in poverty. that includes access to affordable child care and it can enable parents, particularly women, to get back to work. i look forward to working with members of congress on both parties to move quickly with the american rescue plan to the american people and then we can move with equal urgency and bipartisanship to my old back better recovery plan that i will call for next month to generate even more economic growth. american manufacturing was the
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arsenal of democracy in world war ii. and it will be so again. imagine the future. made in america. all made in america and all by americans. when these taxpayers dollars to rebuild america, we will buy american products and support millions of american manufacturing jobs. and an increasingly competitive world. imagine the research and development to sharpen america's innovative edge in markets for global leadership is up for grabs. biotechnology, clean energy. imagine confronting the climate crisis with american jobs and ingenuity leading the world. it's time to stop talking about infrastructure. and time to start building an
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infrastructure so we can be more competitive. millions of good paying jobs, and making the more climate results resilient to make them faster, cheaper and cleaner. that's how we compete. imagine millions of jobs in a caregiving economy to ease the financial burden of caring for young children and aged loved ones. let's make sure our caregivers, mostly women and women of color, they have the dignity that they deserve. they do those now. and we simply can't afford to do
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what i'm proposing. that's the international monetary fund and has underscored the urges, even wall street will reinforce the logic. that's an unwavering focus on american workers and families which will strengthen our economy, reduce in equity and put our nations finances. they are making recurring investments and as i said in the campaign trail we will pay for that by and that's closing loopholes and companies that ship jobs overseas.
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and that's the right thing of our economy, it's a fair thing and the decent thing to do. not only having an economic imperative to act now but i believe we have a moral obligation. we cannot let people go hungry. we cannot let people get evicted. we cannot watch nurses, educators and others lose their jobs, we so badly need them. we must act now and act decisively. my fellow americans, the decisions we make in the next few weeks and months will determine whether we thrive in a way that benefits all americans, or we stay stuck in a place where those of the top do great and economic growth from most everyone else as a spectator
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sport where american prospects are dim and not brighton. that will determine whether we reassert american leadership and outcompete our competitors in a global economy. we are better equipped to do this in any nation in the world, or do we watch them catch up and can't pass us by? together i know which path we will choose and that includes all americans so we can own the 21st century. even with all of these bold steps, this can take time to get where we need to be. there will be stumbles, but i will always be honest with you about both the progress we are making and what setbacks we have. the more people we vaccinate, the faster we do it and the sooner we can save lives and put
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this pandemic behind us and get back to our lives and our loved ones. the sooner we can rescue and rebuild the american economy, the biggest and most profitable engine in the world, i know it's been nearly a year. but it has tested us beyond major. all of you have fallen on hard times. i know you can never get back what you lost. but as your president i know that every day matters in every person matters. from the very first to the nearly 400,000 lost american souls and counting to the millions of you looking for a fighting chance in this economy. i promise you we will not forget
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you. i understand what you are going through and we will never, ever give up. we will come back together. and we can't do it as a separated and divided nation. the only way we can come to do it is come together as fellow americans, as the united states of america. and when we do, there's nothing beyond our capacity. out of all the peril of this moment i want you to know, i give you the promise as well and i see clearly what we face now. we are so optimistic about america, as optimistic as it had
4:43 pm
ever been, we had everything we need but the will must be demonstrated. so come wednesday we begin a new chapter. the vice president elect and i will do our best to meet all the expectations we have for the country. i'm confident of it. together, we can get this done. god bless you all and may god protect our troops. >> martha: we were told that he was not going to take any questions, about 26 minutes of speaking for the president-elect and he laid out his code a relief plan to stimulate the economy and fund faxing distribution. fox news contributor and host of "the guide benson show." i have questions about what wasn't there.
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he did say it wouldn't come cheap and i will just point out that we have already spent $12.4 trillion or allocated that much. i just want to remind everyone something that i always remind everyone, almost 5 trillion of the already allocated hasn't even been spent or distributed yet. so about 5 trillion in the bucket and two more trillion coming. thoughts? >> at least, this is 1.9 trillion that he talked about here and he promised another big laundry list at his quads ice state of the union address in february of next month. so we have another tranche of proposals coming from the president-elect. and here's what's interesting to me. not a matter of policy but politics. two things. number one, how can republicans moving forward if they want to object at least to a portion of
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this, namely the $2,000, the bump of 14 per family. that's what president trump has demanded but he hasn't gotten it because i got caught up in the senate. if we have a democratic president asking for the same thing, i'm not sure how the republicans who will be in the minority very soon on capitol hill, how they can stand up to that and say no? even though in my view it's not nearly targeted enough. that seems like low-hanging fruit at least politically. the second point, and i think this is the conversation unfortunately we will have for a number of years. when republicans stand up and call for fiscal restraint which i think will be necessary as the chileans get bigger and bigger, they say that will make the debt not as bad.
4:46 pm
as republicans, try to promise some successes. there is good stuff in these proposals and it ought to pass, but banded together and linked arms and say, hang on. these trillions are related to covid-19 how are republicans going to convincingly communicate to the american people that they have re-found religion on debt and deficits when very few of them seem to be talking about that in any sort of compelling way over the last four years. >> martha: at the president has not out all over the last four years and, i would just point out that he said 18 million americans are still relying on unemployment. he's going to extend the unemployment benefits through march. there's a lot of controversy on that. the thing he didn't talk about was the fact of reopening the
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businesses, he talked about reopening k-8 and getting them open in the last 100 days, he will have to convince a lot of teachers unions that it's time to get back into the classroom. thank you very much, we will see you soon. as we mentioned at the top of the show from corporate america come academia and even hollywood there is an unprecedented effort to make all things trump be a erased across these platforms. dennis kreger on that coming up next.
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to be one of the effort to completely erase president trump includes banishment from twitter, snapchat, new york city terminated all contracts including two ice skating rings, central park carousel, the british open and all canceling events. even shop shop if i shut down the sale of hats. and fans and macaulay culkin even want to excised this scene from christmas would be history. >> excuse me, whereas the lobby? >> down the hall and to the
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left. >> thanks. >> martha: but perhaps most vicious is a concerted effort by corporations and law firms and entities such as forbes and the lincoln project to block any human being, any person who has worked in any area of the trump administration from the freedom to work. this includes attorneys from the doj, the white house counsel office, all of them. joining us now is dennis reiger. thank you for being here. this last part, i spoke to someone who worked in the administration and they've been telling stories about people being dropped from headhunting firms. what do you say about all of this? >> this is the most frightening development in american life since the civil war. the remarkable thing is similarly to totalitarian
4:53 pm
movements in the past. it was a bitter joke by soviet visitors and that was the russian institute of columbia so that was my field. there was this a joke in the soviet union, the future has known it's a pass that's always changing and that is what totalitarian groups to the left in america is virtually identical to the communist party of the soviet union. and i speak to people who escape from communist countries to come to the country of the statue of liberty. and they see america go in the direction of the countries that they fled. there are other things, the left speaks about hate and no one hates like the left hates. they have almost a monopoly of
4:54 pm
heat and if an honorable american voted for donald trump, or obviously if they worked for it, if it becomes known that you voted for donald trump, what could happen to you in your school and at your place of work, there is 74 million people who voted for donald trump. please understand that all of this is because we are all, and i am one of them, held in such contempt. we are worthy of suppression. if this doesn't frighten the liberals, liberalism and leftism have nothing in common. nothing. liberals believe in free speech, liberals believe in capitalism, leftists do not. liberals believe in racial integration, leftists do not. but the liberal is the useful idiots of the left.
4:55 pm
they voted for what they stood for. the left is the enemy of liberalism but most liberals still think that we conservatives are their enemy. they will be devoured like we are. >> i want to ask you one more point here before i let you go. i think back to general medicine general kelly who left the white house in there were some who said we need to stay there and the people who did stay in the doj come in the counsel's office, all of these people who stayed to serve their country, to serve in the white house, should not be ostracized for doing their job, for staying on their duty and for trying to fulfill their service to the country. really quick dennis, just 15 seconds. >> crushing lives, ruining lives, defaming good people is a form of art on the left. >> martha: dennis prager,
4:56 pm
thank you very much for your insight tonight. more of "the story" coming up right after this. over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause .
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>> martha: that is the story of thursday january 13 'th. good night, everyone. tucker carlson is coming up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." what happened at the capitol last wednesday was wrong. we said that very clearly at the time. we said it very clearly every day sense since and we will continue to say it. we are opposed to political violence. we hate mobs. no matter who they claim to represent, period. but that's not all we're against. we're also against lying, political propaganda is its own form of violence it. destroys people's minds. in the end it enslaves them. you can judge for yourself what happened last wednesday in washington. rarely has an event been filmed from more angles than that


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