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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 15, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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jillian: are see you. todd: have a good weekend. i with that make sure you download the fox news app. open your camera screen everywhere qr on your screen. carley: never miss a minute. "fox & friends" start right now. bye-bye. todd: our nation's capitol on lockdown. >> democrats suddenly for law and order when they protect their place of work. not just very long ago they were demonizing police. >> twitter ceo revealing his plans for a widespread censorship campaign. >> we are focused on one account right now with you this is going to be much bigger than just one account. >> they're explicitly saying they are going to be censors days and weeks in the future. >> the president unveiling $2 trillion covid-19 recovery plan. >> our rescue plan will provide cash payments, extended unemployment and increased minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. >> a new jersey gym that defied
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orders has assets frozen. >> the state emptied out every single dollar that we have. this is a play can't violation of our constitutional right. >> johnson and johnson single shot vaccine in march. >> e sighted about this because you can keep it in a refrigerator and only need one shot. steve: we are ready for our one shots. good morning, everybody, it's friday, january 15th, 202. start with a fox news alert. look at that, raiser wire fences and barbed wire now lining the streets of our nation's capitol ahead of the inauguration. this is sad. will. ainsley: and it comes as the fbi has confirmed its monitoring extensive online chatter about armed protests. pete: our own griff jenkins joins us live in washington, d.c. with more on the security measures. griff? i know you say it looks unprecedented. griff: it does. it's surreal, pete, ainsley, steve, good morning to you. driving in this morning seeing 21,000 national guard troops from seven states. they had this shining city on a hill locked down from the
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capitol to the white house. you would have more luck, pete, breaking into fort benning or fort campbell, perhaps, than here. the streets are blocked by guard trucks, checkpoints, manned with soldiers armed with m 4 rifles all this after vice president pence received a security briefing at the white house assuring the american people of a safe inauguration and addressing the troops protecting it. >> so i just encourage you to be vigilant, okay? respect the unified chain of command. look after your people. and we're going to deliver to the american people a safe inauguration. we are going to swear in a new president and a new vice president and we are going to move our nation forward. >> at the briefing a chilling threat assessment from fbi director chris wray. >> we are seeing an extensive amount of concerning online chatter i think is the best way i can describe it with a number of event surrounding the inauguration. right now we are tracking calls for potential armed protests. >> wray also gave us an update
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on the capitol riot. 200 suspects have been identified by the fbi. more than 100 people arrested after 40,000 plus tips. and we are learning more about those arrested. to date authorities have said they have no indication of antifa involvement. but, yesterday, one has been linked to left wing activism according to the complaint. this man here john sullivan who claims to document protests for a living on social media under a pseudonym jayden x is heard here in his own video encouraging people to storm the capitol. listen. >> we got to burn [bleep]. we got to [bleep] oh my god, we did it. we took this [bleep] >> remember this guy with the horned head? his name is jacob chancily linked to a right winged group could you none. his intent in his own words is to capture and assistant elected officials when questioned about
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that statement he specifically named vice president pence among others. now the fbi also still asking for tips and any help you can give them in identifying the person or persons responsible for the death of officer brian sicknick. you can call them 1-800-call fbi. pete, ainsley, steve? will in it. steve: the phone has been ringing off the hook. tens of how far to sands of tips already. concerning online chatter. apparently officials are worried about the violence not only at our u.s. capitol and at the white house, perhaps. but 50 state capitols all across the country. extremists are calling on their followers to loot and burn buildings and engage in some sort of violence, physical violence. social media ever since the january 6th attack has removed a number of those the people who were involved in coordinating attacks but that has made it harder, ainsley, to track these guys to figure out what they are
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trying to do coming -- starting sunday and by the way they were going to have the rehearsal for the inauguration on sunday but out of an abundance of caution, they are going to move it to monday. ainsley: they had to postpone it because of all of these scares. amtrak has heightened their security because the largest union of rail workers has requested that because they are worried about what this means for inauguration day travel into d.c. the d.c. metro stations are going to close more than a dozen stations around the capitol building and around the national mall. and delta is banning firearms on flights when people pack them in their luggage and go underneath the planes say we are not going to allow you to take any firearms to d.c. if you are traveling there unless you are a security guard or you need it. and as far as the inauguration is concerned, next wednesday, lady go ga has accepted an invitation to sing the national anthem and it justin timberlake and others. lady gaga this is interesting, her dad is allegedly a trump supporter and he put out a tweet i'm extremely proud of my daughter and i will be watching.
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steve: bipartisan family. ainsley: that's right. pete: reminder this is a virtual inauguration. crowds are being discouraged from coming to washington, d.c. and stay home. of the size of the force of national guardsmen 20,000 at this point is an overwhelming show of force. i think talking to people that are there as well as much a reflection. steve: you have been on the streets of d.c. pete: i have been there before when there were black lives matter protests in may and june. and it felt under siege at that moment. i can only imagine whether a it looks like right now. when you talk to people on the ground with the number of troops there, it is -- everyone says they don't want to be capitol hill police 2.0. they don't want to be caught off guard. they tonight want to be told you didn't have enough people on stand by. the troops keep come in. whether 0,000 is reflect tia of the actual threat assessment, that's a whole other thing. the biggest problem they're facing right now where too they house these guys and how do they feed them? at the end of the day, they brought this force in to make
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clear violence won't be tolerated. steve: as you look at that though and you saw the razor wire in one of the earlier shots this is one of the saddest things i have ever seen. i love going to -- oi have been to like four or five or six inauguration was. and i just love it. because you have got people who are so excited they have come from all across the country to see, you know, a new president being inaugurated to lead the nation. and i have seen democrats, i have seen republicans. i have seen tens of thousands of people so excited and nobody is there this is just a sad time in our history. ainsley: better to be safe than sorry. it is a sad time. violence is wrong. you should not participate no matter what the cause is. miranda devine though made an interesting point. she a columnist for the "new york post" often on our show. she said it's interesting because it's so hypocritical. the left didn't want law and order. they want to defund police. but now they want the protection. listen to this. >> you saw house democrats on wednesday when they are voting
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to impeach donald trump again pointlessly. they are one after the other talking about how great the police are. you know, suddenly they are for police. suddenly they're for law and order. they now think that it's great, you need to bring the national guard in to quell civil unrest when it's their peace that is being kept. they like guns when it's their safety that's at stake. they have done an enormous back flip. and they seem to have zero self-awareness. they don't seem to realize that just not very long ago they were demonizing police as white supremacists and racist. it will. pete: of course moments like this are very clarifying the one she added as well not that clip suddenly walls are very important and they recognize that they do work and policemanning those walls prevent people that are not supposed to come in from coming in and i think hearing members of congress on both sides of the aisle but mostly coming from democrats lauding the heroism of
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capitol hill police which they should reminds you how disconnected they are from the lives of average people who don't have police surrounding their business all day long and are grateful for the fact that they can pick up the phone and call them and in three or four or five minutes they will show up to defend the livelihood they have. that was dismissed for months suddenly democrats have now found that appreciation. it took a siege of capitol hill. ainsley: they are praising the police officers who are now arresting those individuals that went into the capitol. steve: well, because all those members of congress are actually in congress when the mob was on the outside and a lot of them felt like. pete: maybe it's the first time their bubble was burst and these business owners who live on the street. steve: you don't ever want a bubble like that being burst again. pete: of course not i'm not rationalizing it. you live in a gaited community with personal security all the time you don't know what it's like to have your city block burned down and police screamed at and told they are the enemies. steve: it was a terrifying day and let's hope that never
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happens again. project veritas with james o'keefe they have been looking at the big social media companies as we have. and because they have become so powerful, turns out there are a number of people inside twitter who have been feeding under cover surveillance video back to james o'keefe showing him exactly what's going on inside twitter. on the same day, last week, same day that twitter banned donald trump permanently, it turns out twitter was looking to the future. they banned donald trump and do you know what? they are not done. listen to this as he talks about widespread censorship at 'twitter the campaign just kicking off. >> you know, we are focused on one account right now,s but this is going to be much bigger than just one account. and it's going to go on for much longer than just this day this week next few weeks and going to
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go beyond inauguration. so the focus is certainly on this account and how it ties to world violence but also we need to think much longer term around how these play out. i don't believe this is going away any time soon. a much broader approach that we should be looking at and go deeper on. steve: james o'keefe said that apparently a dozen employees have been feeding him snippets of inside information. ainsley: more than a dozen actually. more will come out. steve: in the transcript there the words he said that the one account was real donald trump, that's what james o'keefe said. from the same conversation he was talking about as well appear extremist group that they have excised from twitter as well. so, you know, they are censoring at twitter. it. ainsley: james o'keefe the founder of project veritas was
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on with sean hannity last night watch this. >> they are explicitly saying they are going to be censoring days and weeks in the future. i believe these tech companies and i'm sure you belief this too have more power than government for government distributes their messaging through these platforms. i think a lot of people are upset and the courage that these whistleblowers are demonstrating is courageous. i'm trying to get them to go on the record. i believe i may have one who may be willing to do that. we'll see how twitter responds to this one, sean, and then we will be releasing more tapes showing them talking about doing a retrospective going back in time deleting account and identifying exactly what type of language they deem unacceptable which is really more mainstream conservative thought. ainsley: these whistleblowers are so brave. they risk losing their jobs if they're caught. there are 5400 people that were on that call with twitter. so it might be hard for jack dorsey or anyone there to figure out who did this.
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but they are shedding light on something that we have all been worried about that big tech does have so much power as he was saying as james o'keefe was saying. this really goes back to the 75 million people that voted for trump. and it's trying to silence the conservative voice. when you look at parler, what they did with parler, when you look at they are not going to give contributions, campaign dollars to certain republicans anymore. it's very scary as to how this is going to effect you they are trying to shut down voices so you don't know the full story and you can't make a decision based on truth. pete: as jack dorsey said there is a much broader approach we should be looking at. james o'keefe said mainstream conservatism. yes they are whistleblowers and courage. that was 5400 employees. you can't have expectation that words like that are not going to get out. it's not a secret that he is saying. he is saying we banned donald trump and, yeah, it's about one account but we are going further than that because, you know, that's just a symptom of a
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bigger problem we need to crush. steve: when you look at the numbers though, it does paint the picture of who is running silicon valley. so out of 4600 people on the call, 12 were upset. pete: right. steve: and they are the ones leaking to these guys. ainsley: when you look at the campaign donations it's not surprising. california, big tech. super young, more of a liberal base. and if you look at the corrections of these companies, the majority of them are democrats giving to democratic candidates. pete: that's true. yesterday joe biden announced his almost $2 trillion stimulus plan. it includes stimulus checks and included a lot of things. one of the things that wasn't mentioned a lot was whether businesses will be allowed to open up. you talk to a lot of these businesses, restaurants, gyms. steve: they're helping state and local governments. pete: they are helping state and local governments and it topic of what joe biden wants money to go to. a lot of little guys businesses struggling through covid-19 trying to stay open. one of them is atilis gym we
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have talked about it a lot. steve: you have been there live. pete: i was there live when they defied the lockdown orders and it take the plywood off our doors. pushed very hard to say we followed the protocols. we kept our customers safe. we sanitize, and we have had no cases of covid-19 tied to our gym. well, the government there, phil murphy has gone now to the next level. not just trying to take away their license. not just trying to take down their doors. not trying to go after them personally. now they are seizing money. here is ian smith, co-owner of atilis gym last night on tucker. >> as of yesterday morning, my partner and i checked the bank statement in the morning and we had no money in our bank account. the state emptied out every single collar that we have. this is in the middle of an appeals process and ongoing litigation in the matter of the fines and several other matters regarding the state. this is an interference with our right to counsel. this money in our bank account
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does not come from memberships. we have not charged our members since april 1st, since we originally shut counsel. this is donations and this is t-shirt sales that we have used to pay our bills and to fight our legal battles. it is a clear and it is a blatant violation of our constitutional rights and our ability to defend ourselves in the court of law. pete: the new jersey attorney general's office had this to say to tucker, guys. he said this information is not accurate. the state has not seized their bank account funds; however, the state has obtained judgments against the owners and intends to collect on them. the total due and owing is a result of court entered judgments to date is $134,000 and change, whether that effects the entire balance of the gym's funds is a question to ask the bank. sounds like a lot of legalese for we took your money. steve: right. apparently they had $175,000 in the bank, it's gone. just like that. they, the gym says it was part of their legal defense fund.
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and in the middle of litigation and appeals how dare them. let us explain why the state feels that they owe it -- they can go ahead and take that. in new jersey, where pete and i live, gyms have to follow the covid rules. one of the rules is you have quote to wear a mask there at that gym they say you don't need to wear a mask. what's happening? that gym is being fined $15,000 a day. pete: a day. steve: a day. it's just a crazy amount. so what they say now is, you know what? if anybody gives us money for legal defense, we are going to keep it in cash. so they can't get it. ainsley: why did they take all of it then? i don't think they should have taken any of it until the appeals process is over. steve: they are still open. another $15,000 a day. ainsley: that's not fair. that's taking money that they haven't been fined for yet. steve: maybe that's why we are talking about it it's not fair. ainsley: he had 173,000 in his account they took it all he says and he only owes 134,000.
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so why did they take 173? pete: because if you add $15,000 a day it adds up. ainsley: what if they decided tomorrow they are going to close it's not the government's money yet. pete: other situations where rent isn't paid it usually takes years for that to be before there is any garnishing of bank accounts. this is a targeting of one business phil murphy doesn't like because king murphy gets what he wants during code. he wants to shut you down, he will shut you down. steve: here's the thing. result 3459ly a court could find in their favor and they have got to give all the money back. but then they might have to shut down again because all the money is gone. oh, man, you see that? pete: getting money from the government that's really easy. steve: that's a snap, isn't it? man o man what a mess. anyway. pete: we have more stories this morning, including this coming up. as big tech censors conservatives we know that cam rad cortez going further. prl congress should get into the crack down business by the left
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>> this is requesting to be much bigger than one account. >> start at the top. >> the bathization of the republican party. >> there are millions of americans who somehow need to be deprogrammed. >> we are going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment.
3:24 am
pete: it's time to be deprogrammed from praising censorship to cortez calling in to rein in free pressure. there is a reason why george orwell 1948 is still is topping amazon's best seller list. senior policy analyst from the independent women's forum patrice on buick can a. authoritarianism doesn't have to come from government it can come from corporations and big tech and elsewhere. when you listen to the congresswoman from new york comrade are cortez talk with a commission to rein in the media what does that say to you? what's a preview of. >> it's absolutely a preview of the censorship of the silencing of any sort of free thought in this country. by free thought i mean anyone who does not fall in line with their far left even left leaning talking points policy physician positions.
3:25 am
pete, it's dangerous. it's telling the 70-plus million americans who think differently whether you supported the president as a person or his policies that somehow you are wrong. somehow there is something mentally wrong with you and suppression of the press is exactly what we don't need right now. we actually need a marketplace of ideas. and news outlets that present different sides of the story also don't hide certain news items. it's interesting she is coming directly for fox and for others. so, you know, we see exactly what she is trying to do. pete: it's the socialism of speech. you believe in one avenue of what can be talked about acceptable content or you believe in the free market of ideas and more speech is what counters speech you don't like. let's move on to social media as well. we saw the leader of the free world banned not just from twitter but facebook and instagram. it go on shopify or pinterest if you wanted to. the you have the unpersoning which isor wellian phrase,
3:26 am
erasing a person from the ability to speak. and then you also have parler being removed from amazon, google, apple, so entire platforms where free speech is supposed to exist also, poof. what does that say? first pete i have to say we have to understand where free speech is provided. that's provided by the constitution. and it's it's protection against the government infringing on those right. now a private platform could potentially say hey, i'm not the government and i have the right to censor. i have the right to do anything to your speech and it's part of my speech. but, if you are pretending to be a place where there is, excuse me, an exchange of ideas, an open forum, then you actually have to live up to that. and it's scary when we hear jack dorsey. we were just saying wow, he is being thoughtful saying you know what? the actions that twitter took recently you know, sets a dangerous precedent and then now we see he is actually that was kind of a farce. in fact he is saying the purge,
3:27 am
the twitter purge agenda has just begun. and that is what i think concerns so many people myself and many conservatives wait a minute, why can't we have the ideas that we do? why do we all have to think the way that you say we should whether you being aoc government lawmaker or you being a big tech company? that is eroding the diversity that makes america so great. pete: diversity of thought that pesky idea which doesn't exist on college campuses either. we are out of time but we can also go to the point that companies are now and major op-ed pages now telling companies if you hire trump officials we will cancel you, too. it's meant to follow everyone into civilian life. we have to leave it right patrice onwuka thank you for your time. >> thank you, pete. pete: from impeachment to big tech censorship and the unknowns of a new administration. our panel of moms weighs in on the state of the nation. that is next.
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ainsley: boy, has it been a long year and it's only mid january, so what do moms think of where our country is and where we are going? joining me now our panel of moms care karith foster mother of two. kim alfano the mother of a 15-year-old daughter and lily gil i have let that is a mother
3:32 am
of two. hey, ladies. >> karith, i will start with you what does our future look like? >> oh my gosh, this was supposed to be dry january, right? will. ainsley: no one is doing that this year. >> right? at this point it's looking pretty dreary. not just because of january but because we are more divided than ever. it looks like, you know, the dog and pony show in washington trying to impeach the president again. i feel like senate should be concentrating on covid-19 relief. you know, there are families who are hungry. there are people who don't know how they are going to pay their bills. had there are people that want vaccines weren't able to get them. we have a lot more going on than the man who have five more days at his desk. ainsley: kim, how about you? what are your concerns? >> i'm concerned at just the temperature of this country and the fact that we can't -- you know, that i can't have conversations with my dear friends and my own family
3:33 am
without it devolving into something horrible. you know, you can see i sent you guys a picture my be child is a biden harris supporter and i'm not. we have to learn how to make that work in a pandemic trapped in the same house. and i think that people need to look to our example that we haven't killed each other yet. ainsley: right. although i'm hopeful because we always do seem to come together eventually and pick things. right now it's bleak. ainsley: so what do you tell your daughter? >> you know, we have an agreement that she is allowed to have whatever position she wants as long as she can defend it. as long as she can tell me why she thinks that and it's not just group think does everybody else think that way? and she is pretty articulate. i'm a republican media consultant and her dad is a democrat media consultant. ainsley: wow. >> she has grown up in a divided house and she has learned how to articulate her opinions.
3:34 am
i can't tell her it's wrong for her to want to care about people because she cares about the environment, cares about healthcare, cares about things that when you are 15 seeing black and white and i'm not against all of that. i think it's laudable, but the old saying if you are not a democrat when you are 20 or 30 you are not a heart. if you are not a republican when you are 40 you have no brain. i'm waiting for her to grow up a little bit and get a job. ainsley: she can be your husband's child in the beginning and in the end maybe she will change. lily, how about you? how is everything affecting you and your family? >> i will tell you, ainsley, i had a pivotal moment last week when one of my sons looked at the tv and asked me mommy, is that in the @? or is it venezuela? will you know, i'm latin and he understands what's happening in venezuela. and i was like what's happening? it's the middle of the day watching news together because we are home together.
3:35 am
everybody is here that was unsettling for me. what is happening? rise above the political bickering more homes like the other mom's home here that is able to have conversation and i never thought i was going to have to explain that to my son i do to make the positive twist you know what? there is diversity of thought, we don't all agree but we should be able to be civil will greatest country the united states to other places that historically have not been places of freedom. that was really unsettling for me ainsley. ainsley: yeah, we can all relate to that. you have been on our show a lot talking about what your family has gone through and we see the images that gave me chills that you had to say that to your son that your son thought it was venezuela. it what's your opinion about silencing free speech or talking about doing that and seeing
3:36 am
what's happening on social media? >> right, i'm just not a fan of free speech. i have actually ted indicated a significant part of my life to it i frame. it takes programming and promotes free speech inclusion, diversity of thought and social change to college and university campuses. because that is definitely under threat. and i think we are at a very, very dangerous situation right now with these big tech companies threatening to, well, pulling people off and here's the thing. what you are going to do is actually convert people who thought that they thought one way to another way because they are going to wonder law are trying to hide. next thing drive people who we should be looking at underground and that's not good for anybody. it's certainly not good for our country and certainly does nothing to bring us together in a unified form as the @. ainsley: kim, how does it affect you in your profession? >> i mean it's hard i think
3:37 am
censorship of any kind is terrible at the same time what happened at the capitol and irresponsible use of social media is fueling a lot of the hatred running around the country. i am so torn i think censorship is wrong whenever it happens even if i hate what the other person is saying i also want to find way. kind of the symptom, not the problem. i want to find a way that we can have heated conversations without having to, you know, say that we want to hang people or tear down the capitol. i think we have a much, much bigger problem than even the censorship would belie. so, i don't know. it's outrageous and hard. i mean, what i try to do in my political ads and in my work is have an intellectual conversation like i would have with my kids, you know. and try to take it down a notch. i love a lot of democrats. they're my dearest friends. i love that we can have
3:38 am
conversations. i wish that was the case across the country. ainsley: i think most of you agree with you on that. most of us are in the middle. it's fringe right and fringe left that they are -- >> -- [inaudible] ainsley: i know, i know. lili, i will let you have the last word. what's the future of the republican party now? >> well, this is the moment for reinvention for showing that it is a party of opportunity and of law and order and actually the one that can reach across the aisle because right now will be the moment to demonstrate within the new administration. so i am hopeful. i'm hearing a different, you know, tone. but there is need to reset and a reset not to erase the past but look forward and come together truly rising above politics because it's about the people. ainsley: karith, kim, lily thank you for being with us. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: thousands of national guardsmen securing nation ahead the inauguration.
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next guest colonel and congressman michael waltz was spotted thanking them and serving them pizza. look at those images. his message for our troops next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ ♪
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. ainsley: back with a fox news alert. security ramping up in d.c. ahead of the inauguration. a 7-foot tall fence, look at that topped with barb wire is put up all around the capitol building. pete: it's locked down so tight
3:44 am
some are calling it fortress washington. the fbi also on high alert as it investigates plans for protests. >> steve: meanwhile the fbi says they have identified 200 suspects in last week's capitol attack and arrested more than 100 people, somebody who was there that day florida congressman michael waltz, is he on the house armed services committee national guard colonel and green beret commander and he joins us now from i believe his home in florida. good morning, congressman. >> hey, good morning. steve: you know, when you look at those images of washington, d.c. with the -- you know, the steel wall essentially surrounding the capitol and you have got 20,000 guardsmen, apparently the organizer of the million militia march, which was requesting to march on washington on inauguration day aban toned their demo that day and warned followers on his website stay far away from d.c. and all state capitols it's a trap. i don't know what he is talking about. with you, nonetheless, the message is clear when you look at this.
3:45 am
don't mess with the u.s. >> yeah, you know, there is this notion though and i want this to be clear to everyone, last week on -- on january 6th where was the guard? you know, it's not a quick reaction force. these people are in their jobs. they are out in their lives. many of them are single parents. what could they do with their kids and they are given just a few hours in the pulled out of all of that, have to get their gear, get their equipment and get to d.c. and when i saw them out there, i have been there before. when i saw them out there sleeping on the floor and, you know, staying warm is the best they could, you know, you mentioned before we rounded up a bunch of members to get them pizza and makes things a little bit more comfortable. the other pieces that army secretary mccarthy is doing a good job in getting an overwhelming force there very quickly working with the governors. and having that deterrent
3:46 am
affect. i do worry if there are some protesters or are some armed protesters like some have called for, i'm glad to see this called off by that organizer. you know, these guys aren't the police. they don't train every day in that escalation of force and nonlethal and what have you. and we just have to remember those are u.s. citizens. those are fellow americans on the other side of that fence. ainsley: good point. so, joe biden has released his $1.9 trillion relief package and here are some of the things it includes. a $1,400 stimulus check to every american. he has already given out 600 or they have already gotten the 600 and he wants to increase it to a total of 2,000. raise the federal minimum wage $15 an hour. hundred billion dollars for fighting covid-19. 350 billion for cities and states and territorial governments those are just a few of the highlighted things that he wants to do. and then he is talking about a recovery package for february. what are your thoughts on this? aoc says it doesn't go far
3:47 am
enough. she wants retroactive unemployment relief and she says $2,000 is 2,000 not 100. so she wants an additional 2,000. steve: that's what joe said $2,000 checks. >> yes, right. look, what this is this is a bailout package for blue states with their bad policies for their lockdown policies the best stimulus that we could have as the country to allow the economy to smartly and safely open like we have done in florida. kids have been in school in person since last august. and we are not having a statewide meltdown. can you wear masks and space out and go to school because why we take the approach of letting business owners and individuals and families make those smart decisions rather than these mass policies from lockdowns and our numbers aren't any worse or aren't any different than california and new york, but, you know, now they have these massive state budget deficits.
3:48 am
they have to fill that hole. states have to balance. the federal government doesn't. so aoc and now joe biden are going to the big piggy bank in the sky that it prints nonstop money. here is the thing, guys, our spending package that we passed was 1.5 trillion. we have now spent over 6 trillion and counting and bringing it full circle to the bigger picture, you know, the chinese military, their command is counting on this country going bankrupt before they then make their big moves around the world. and every estimate i have seen has accelerated that between 2024 and 2026. now with this additional spending. pete: colonel waltz you are playing in the real world in their world you print more of it and all good and phase 2 you might as well address clean energy too that has a lot with covid-19 which is what joe biden announced. thank you for your service and thank you for your service on capitol hill and time this
3:49 am
morning. steve: thanks for all the pizza on some some of the guys. >> some coming your way. steve: now you are talking. pete: tracking a blizzard in the midwest janice good morning. janice: good morning our first blizzard of 2021. let's take a look at it. blizzard warnings in effect for south dakota as well as wisconsin and nebraska where we are going to see not only the snow but the blowing winds. travel is going to be quite impossible in some of these areas. going to move across the east coast going to see a low develop across portions of the mid-atlantic up towards the northeast and that's going to bring rain, gusty winds as well as some snow. and then next week we're going to be dealing with some artic air so that will give us a set up for more storms and very, very cold temperatures. >> we'll keep you posted. steve, ainsley and pete, nice to see you, back to you. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, janice. steve: janice dean the blizzard machine. straight ahead on this friday a third vaccine making progress and it only requires one shot. that's that game changer.
3:50 am
dr. marc siegel calls early clinical trials very promising. you will hear it from the doctor coming up next. ♪ if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. if you have obstructive sleep apnea and you're often tired during the day, you could be missing out on amazing things. sunosi can help you stay awake for them. once daily sunosi improves wakefulness in adults with excessive daytime sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnea. sunosi worked for up to nine hours at 12 weeks in a clinical study. sunosi does not treat the cause of osa or take the place of your cpap.
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3:53 am
steve: more signs of promise to roll out a vaccine. johnson and johnson's one shot vaccine was found to be safe and
3:54 am
generate a lasting immunity to covid. let's dial in dr. marc siegel, dr. siegel, this is a game changer because it doesn't have to be kept super cold and just one shot and you're done. >> i'm very excited about this vaccine, steve. this could be a game changer because it's a very robust vaccine. it's not as fragile as the messenger rna mac seen. it uses d.n.a. and doesn't have to be kept as cold. you can keep it in the refrigerator for weeks and then still use it. and as you mentioned, one shot, get, this in 805 people studied 4568 of them got the vaccine and they actually had antibodies against the virus. 100 percent of the time in a little over a month. that's very, very promising now we have the full trial of 45,000 people. we will know at the end of this month whether it's fully safe and effective and prevents the virus. likely see approval on this by early february and see a lot more doses. as you mentioned, there is a lot
3:55 am
more flexibility in getting this out there. you don't have to put it in the deep freeze and we will be able to reach a lot of areas we didn't reach before. steve: also, in the state of new jersey, they are now saying any smoker regardless of age can go ahead and get a shot immediately, you know, if they had doses they don't have enough doses, however. but they seem to be having a great program down in florida where the publix grocery stores 105 pharmacies in 12 florida counties and they are time administer them as fast as they can get the doses from the federal government. >> i'm very excited about what publix is doing down in florida. there has been 650,000 doses given out in florida so far. governor desantis said he got another 250,000 just came in. there is over 100 publixs around and that's where a lot of elderly people can go to get their shot. they have to make an appointment. but this looks like the way of the future in terms of florida. miami is saying by the way they don't have enough of these in
3:56 am
publixs yet so they have to make this sweep go down to south florida more. this is the way to go, right, steve? you go into your pharmacy, you get a shot and you are done. all of the work with hospitals and clinics is much more complicated. steve: no kidding. all right. dr. marc siegel, thank you very much for making house call today. >> and i think smokers should get it too, steve. absolutely they are pre-existing condition. but elderly first. have great day. steve: all right. there you go. words of wisdom. thank you, doctor. still ahead on our wednesday -- friday telecast -- i saw the w from will cain then geraldo. charles payne, i'm rhyming and franklin graham. busy friday. right back ♪ ♪ over is at increased risk for shingles. the pain, the burning! my husband had to do everything for weeks. and the thing is, there's nothing you can do about it! well, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaat? prevented.
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you can get vaccinated. frank! they have shingles vaccines! whaaat? that's what i said. we're taking you to the doctor. not going through that again. you can also get it from your pharmacist! 50 years or older get vaccinated for shingles now.
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3:59 am
4:00 am
steve: wire fences and barb wire line the street of washington ahead of the inauguration. >> we are seeing an exstepsive amount of online chatter. >> vigilant. >> rescue plan provides cash payments, extended unemployment insurance and increase the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. >> joe biden are going to the big piggy bank in the sky that print nonstop money. >> we are focused on one account right now but this is going to be much bigger than just one account are. >> twitter purge has just begun. >> what is what concerns so many
4:01 am
people. >> speed up in the new year. >> it's heart breaking to see what's happening to new york city. whether it's florida or texas. these two states have demonstrated that they want their business. ainsley: we begin with a fox news alert. d.c. is locked down ahead of the inauguration. pete: a 7-foot tall fence, a wall you might say, topped with barb wire is put up around the capitol building. steve: and thousands of national guard troops from all across the country are on the ground as the fbi investigates potential armed protests. griff jenkins joins us live in washington with more. griff, the worry was the trouble could start as early as this weekend. >> that's right. and they are taking it seriously. and, look, steve, you would have an easier time breaking into fort knox, i think, than getting in here without the proper identification. because the 21,000 national guard troops from seven states you mentioned they have got this city locked down from the capitol to the white house. now, the streets are blocked by guard trucks, checkpoints manned
4:02 am
with soldiers armed with rifles. this after vice president pence received the security briefing at the white house he assured the american people ahead of the inauguration. >> our aim here the american people can be confident is that we are going to ensure that we have a safe inauguration, that president-elect joe biden, vice president-elect kamala harris are sworn in as the new president and vice president of the united states. griff: here is part of that chilling threat assessment at the briefing that fbi director christopher wray offered. watch. >> we are seeing an extensive amount of concerning online chatter i guess is the best way i would describe it about a number of events surrounding the inauguration. right now we are tracking calls for potential armed protests. griff: wray also gave an update on the capitol riot. 200 suspects have been identified by the fbi so far. more than 100 people arrested after more than 40,000 tips.
4:03 am
and we are learning more about those arrested. to date, authorities have said they have no indication of antifa involvement. but, yesterday, one has been linked to left wing activism. according to a complaint this man john sullivan, who claims to document protests on social media under the pseudonym jayden x is heard here encouraging people to storm the capitol. listen. >> we got to burn this [bleep]. we got to [bleep] oh my god, we did it. we took this [bleep] son of [bleep] >> in this guy the honored helmet dude is change job chancily linked to the right wing group queue than. qanon. elected officials. when questioned about that statement he specifically named vice president pence among others fbi still asking for more tips 1-800-call fbi.
4:04 am
if you know anything, they are trying to identify the people or person responsible for the death of officer brian sicknick. we are going to try and get outs in the next hour for you pete, ainsley and steve to give you a little look at that security national guard set up here in the nation's capitol. guys? ainsley: i hope they find the person who did that he was the officer hit over the head with the fire extinguisher, right? steve: right. they did arrest somebody yesterday who was involved in throwing a fire extinguisher toward cops but apparently he is not the same one. pete: you mentioned some groups million militia march inauguration day show of force there and elsewhere. that's part of the reason amass so many troops there right now as a deterrent. those things hopefully do not happen. and it has been called off it sounds like because ultimately. ainsley: think about that if you were at home and planning to
4:05 am
march and you see all these people getting arrested. the fbi says they will be knocking on your door if they haven't already if you were there and participated in the riot at the capitol. when you is see all of those armed guards down there, thousands of people in uniform, you might think twice about going. steve: well, you are would. and here's the thing. there are tens of thousands of guards in washington, d.c. but, the plan apparently as well is to have demonstrations and i'm sure a lot of people want to do -- are intending them to be peaceful. there are demonstrations and there will be protests at all 50 state capitols and it's hard to defend 50 state capitols like they are defending our u.s. capitol in washington. ainsley: all right. so joe biden released his stimulus plan. it's almost 2 trillion. it's 1.9 trillion. it's a relief package. and this is what happened. you would get an additional check if you meet the standards of $100. some people are upset about that because you said 2,000
4:06 am
why hundred he said because i have already given you or you have already gotten under the trump administration 600. raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. 400 billion for fighting covid-19. 350 billion for cities, states, and territorial governments. then he has a recovery package that he is going to roll out in february and you mentioned this. it does include clean energy, research and development and infrastructure. pete: never miss an opportunity to spend trillions of dollars that you don't have. ainsley: bernie says this is a step in the right direction. aoc says it's not enough. take a listen. here is bernie. >> it's a very good thought, i think. very serious thought biden's plan also understands that the economy is in shamables. and that we need emergency relief for working families. he is supportive of another $1,400 on top of the 600 we provided in the last bill for working class adult and their kids, extending unemployment. making sure that small
4:07 am
businesses are able to survive. so, you know, we will have to take a lot of hard look at the details. but it is a very good startful in addressing the pandemic crisis and the economic crisis we now face. pete: well if a socialist likes it tells you everything you need to know. i tried to watch it last night. i stayed awake for most of i did not. the soothing tone has that effect. steve: new white house correspondent was going to yell a question to the president-elect. pete: that's a good reason to watch. steve: did he yell a question. of course joe biden did not answer. ainsley: congratulations to peter i saw that. pete: con democrat labor relations indeed well-earned for sure. i would point out $5 an hour for federal minimum wage if your business is not open or has been shut down, you can pay your employees $100 an hour. if they don't have a job that's a federal minimum wage. ultimately they are trying to get the whole country to do it. nothing he talked about moat verify thed ethos in opening like colonel waltz talked about in florida where businesses have been able to keep employees on
4:08 am
the payroll while taking covid-19 seriously. steve: down in florida in the last election they actually passed the $15 minimum wage which is interesting. now, keep in mind while there are certain people who say can we really afford that? keep in mind, this is a global pandemic. there are a lot of people hurting. i hear from viewers all the time and they say look, you know, my husband hasn't worked since march. it's troubling. we are hurting. when you look at everything that he has proposed, you know, there are parts of it that have a lot of bipartisan support. money to reopen the schools to expand covid testing and vaccination. that's good. but then when you look at the $15 minimum wage which republicans have not gospel along with before, it's going to have trouble getting through the congress. remember, it's got to get through the congress. remember, you have to have 60 votes in the senate will they be able to turn 10 republicans?
4:09 am
it's not certain. pete: will they get rid of that 60 vote threshold something they have talked about. steve: they would have to do that first. michael waltz with us about a half hour ago had this observation. it's not just joe biden refers to it as the american rescue plan. michael waltz calls it this. >> this is a bailout package for blue states with their bad policies. for their lockdown policy. you know, the best stimulus that we could have as a country is to allow the economy to smartly and safely open. like we have done in florida. kids have been in school in person since last august. and we're not having a statewide meltdown. we take the approach of letting business owners and individuals and families make those smart decisions rather than these mass policies from lockdowns and our numbers aren't any worse or aren't any different than california and new york. steve: and the big number to keep in mind this is as close to $2 trillion, about half of it
4:10 am
would go directly to the american people. with the stimulus and the extension of unemployment and the unemployment supplement. the other half would go to coronavirus relief in the form of more vaccines and more testing. but then a big chunk of it, ainsley, would go to state and local governments who for whatever reason need the money. ainsley: he said something very important to all of us who have little children. he says open schools. we are going to find a way to reopen schools. i have a friend who just told me her kids are not successful right now zooming, so she had to find a school, a private school and it's a lot of money, and she says we're going to find a way to do it because my kid has not really gotten an education throughout all of this. pete: of course that's something president trump has said he has wanted for quite some time. unions have resisted it. don't be surprised, suddenly the skies part, the unions are now for opening the schools up again on january 21st. i wonder why they might be for
4:11 am
that? steve: because when you look in america's rear view mirror it's right up here it was back in during the summer when we heard so many people from the political left say there is absolutely no way we are going to be able to open the schools. ainsley: to another point or to that point, nancy pelosi, remember, not going to do -- we don't have the money. we can't come to a resolution on this. we're not going to give you stimulus checks. then as soon as biden is elected, now we're going to give you stimulus checks and the media, surprise, surprise, praising this, watch. >> president-elect joe biden is showing how he plans to rescue the country from the coronavirus pandemic and the struggling economy. >> he detailed plan, right, and in that detailed plan, empathy for those who have lost their loved ones, which the president-elect, of course, showed is something we have not seen. >> i think everyone can agree that it is refreshing to have empathy from the leader of the country, a plan that's helpful
4:12 am
as well and at least what looks like a determination to finally get this virus under control. >> putting all of this together whether you agree or disagree is not something that president trump ever did. right? in laying it all out and putting it there. pete: break out the pompoms. they know what their job is to do now. cheer lead for their man who they helped get elected. all of that is quite predictable. the or predictable part of that lori lightfoot mayor of chicago suddenly now she is saying we have got to open up our restaurants again. they have got to open because people are getting infected in small gatherings so now we need to open our restaurants again. pick it up. it's spilling. so excited. i spilled my are you helping me out here? >> i can't touch that covid time. he is drinking a mountain due. doesn't that explain everything? >> i walked into the decide studio this morning. i forgot brian was off today i walk into the studio i see the mountain dew pete is here. is he like a big kid.
4:13 am
pete: steve, thank you for your willness to help. steve: i was thinking then i'm going to have to put a hazmat. will. ainsley: box of cleveland. steve: i have seen the new york covid restrictions. pete: i will be cleaning while there are headlines sorry, guys. steve: jillian had you been down here rather than one floor up you would have leapt to his. pete: jumped right to it i have to give him credit. jillian: i don't know that i would have been as willing to help out. ainsley: he was really in to his monologue, his speech. jillian: all right. guys. good morning. just kidding. begin with extreme weather. major winter storm exacting more than 40 million americans. overnight several inches of snow falling in minneapolis. blizzard warnings are in effect across the central u.s. minnesota state troopers responding to dozens of crashes as snow causes trucks and cars to slide off the highway. this is the same storm that caused mud slides in oregon.
4:14 am
crews still searching for a nurse inside her car as the mudslide swept it away. new problems are emerging as the u.s. expands covid vaccinations to senior citizens. several states of experiencing system crashes and holdups because of the overwhelming demand for shots. mississippi's health department had to stop taking new appointments the very same day it began accepting them because of a such in requests. hospitals in south carolina ran out of appointment slots within hours and phone lines jammed in georgia. in los angeles, older adults are facing weeks of delays. meanwhile, michigan is pushing back its timeline for when they can vaccinate the next priority group. hundreds of documents are expected to be released detailing the origins of the russia gate probe as early as today. a senate source tells fox news they contain depositions and transcripts tied to the investigation into collusion between the trump administration and russia. the trove of documents reportedly detail christopher steele's motivations for releasing his now discredited dossier along with his ties to
4:15 am
witness in the impeachment trial. and a fan favorite will soon return to taco bell's menu. watch this. >> we have some big news today. as of march 11th, potatoes are officially back at taco bell. jillian: after months of fans petitioning potatoes will be back at the chain restaurant including cheesy potatoes and spicy potato soft taco. taken off the it are menu because of pandemic shortages. they will return march 11th. pete, will you be first in line because you are our resident foody during the show. steve: i wrote a cookbook. pete: junk foody. jillian: pete runs across the street mid show to get chick-fil-a or mcdonald's. pete: steve can make it it's quality. i prefer it made quickly for me in a microwave.
4:16 am
steve: delicious. jillian: hence why i went to pete first. pete: potato olays. they never abandoned at. steve: by the way pete during that segment. while jillian was doing the news, pete, i have purchased for you online the folds of honor yeti cup. pete: thank you very much. steve: you will have it on monday much as jillian has one as well. jillian: i do. i have the blue one. thank you, steve. steve: harder to spill. ainsley: three restaurants in florida chicken salad chics. they donated a big check to folds of honor. all the people who contributed to that they are so grateful. you are going to send a bunch of kids to college who have lost their parents or parents severely injured in war. pete: that's also cool. ainsley: thank you, jillian. in just a few days democrats take control of washington. it's not just the nation's capitol seeing a shift. the next guest warns of a
4:17 am
leftist takeover in small town u.s.a. more on the power shift coming up next. ♪ ♪ your journey requires liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. it's time for the lowest prices of the season on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. what if i sleep hot? or cold? no problem, with temperature balancing you can sleep better together. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with mom? you got this. so you can really promise better sleep? not promise. ... prove.
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pete: welcome back. well democrats days away from taking total political control of washington, d.c. look at that ominous picture right there. as the republican party looks to the future. our next guest warning fellow republicans about a leftist takeover in small town america. urging rural voters to wake up now before their towns become smaller version of america's wokest cities. joining us now to explain is contributing editor of law and liberty and blount county, tennessee resident mark polio.
4:22 am
thank you for being here this morning. i appreciate what you are writing about here oftentimes we get caught up in the national conversation and miss what's happening right in our own back yards. explain the premise of your argument about how small towns are under siege from left wing wokeness as well. >> well, thank you. i'm glad to be here this morning. so, blount county where i live is very conservative area. blunt county voted for president trump 71 to 29%. will east tennessee represented in congress by a republican since the civil war. we are in the middle of the bible belt. and those are all reasons why my wife and i relocated here from texas about a year and a half ago. but what i'm concerned about as somebody who has seen the progressive transformation occur in places i have lived in the past is that noisy local
4:23 am
minorities or progressives are making inroads that frankly she shouldn't be making and it's due to the fact that conservative areas like blount county, tennessee have been represented by conservatives for so long that residents have just come to expect that it's inevitable. and it's not inevitable in that we have well organized groups of liberals who have voices because they are represented in the local college and they have. pete: yes. >> a voice in the local newspaper, et cetera. and frankly, my piece in the federalist was just a wake-up call that we need to pay attention to what's going on in our community. we need to get engaged. we need to register to vote. we need to vote because if we remain complacent the progressive tide will overtake us. pete: yes, it's voting, mark. it's the levers in influence and culture and education. it's school boards. it's libraries. you mentioned newspapers, churches. places where it's death by a thousand cuts of leftist
4:24 am
encroachment where good people say i'm just going to kind of look the other way or eh, that's not a big deal. effectively your piece is a call, a reminder to patriots and conservatives you can't cede, any portion especially the culture. >> i agree 100 percent. i started a facebook page here blount county conservative sentinel where progressives are making the most inroads are nonpartisan races, appointed positions. positions in government that don't require political support. and the voters clearly don't support it but largely are unaware of it and it needs to be brought to their attention so that they can let their elected officials know we don't want this and we are not going to stand for this. the silent majority needs to start speaking up. pete: you are exactly right. can you have all the principles you want and they can be right if you don't have the positions and other sides fill them policies change. curriculum is a perfect example
4:25 am
of that mark poll yum, thank you so much for your insight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: really important stuff. straight ahead, the left attempted to cancel him for meeting with president trump. now our next fest warns they are coming for america's speech next. goya foods ceo bob unanue joins us live. plan your future getaway with norwegian. sail safe. feel free. keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed
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ounce ains it is time for news by the numbers. first up, $1.4 billion, that's a combined jackpot for mega millions and the powerball. $750 million up for grabs in tonight wants mega millions drawing and tomorrow's big power ball. a rare 1952 micky mantel card just went for auction. 5.2 million. a an indiana man play paying the highest price for a baseball card ever. and finally $100. that's the ticket cost for a virtual tour of grace land. it includes an inside look at elvis presley's memphis mansion and his private jet. steve: i used to have that mickey mantle card. i haven't seen it for 40 years. i don't know where it is. ainsley: find it. pete: with control of both the
4:30 am
house and the senate, democrats now have the chance to fast track president-elect biden's plans for the economy, healthcare, and more but with democratic administration set to take power next week no reprieve of lockdowns next guest warns the iceberg of communism goya foods president and ceo robert unanue joins us now. mr. unanue, good morning to you. >> steve, you hit the name so great. correctly. thank you. good being with you this morning. steve: you have been on a couple times i have figured it out. so, robert, what do you mean, exactly the iceberg of communism is ahead? >> we were the united states of america. we have become divided. we have states that have socialist tendencies and states that have democratic on
4:31 am
capitalist. are will will doing fantastic. one of the greatest economies in the world and along comes coronavirus and the perfect storm of division quite honestly hatred of the president and his followers and an economy that, you know, a division that exists in the country. steve: and nobody knows more about the division than you because you were called -- during the pandemic, and your company has donated millions of dollars of food banks across the country. you were called to the white house coronavirus response. you went. then people on the political left tried to cancel you with essentially a boycott but then it turned around people were supporting you with a buy-cott and i understand boy a foods has just finished your biggest, most successful year ever. >> yes. >> the problem is political year
4:32 am
they weaponized coronavirus unfortunately to shut down this economy. the worst thing we can do is shut down our economy, kill our spirit, you know, we have we need a reason to get up in the morning, god, family, work. and take away our spirits. taking away our ability to work. they essentially, you know, declared martial law, i believe, in this country, shutting everything down. it's the worst thing we could have done just for political gain. i think it's criminal. i think it's immoral, shut down this economy for this are basically political reasons. and, you know, we're one nation under god. we're not one nation under twitter. we're not one nation, you know, under big media or under central government. we're trying to have media big tech, control our lives. the government control our lives. and, you know, we need to not move away from god. we need to move closer to god.
4:33 am
they want to cancel god. they want to cancel our speech. they want to cancel our culture, our history. our liberty. they want to control us. the few controlling the many. like a bunch of sheep. you know, none of these people care about us, you know we can't move away from god we need to build not hate and destroy. some of us want to be one nation indivisible. you can't be indivisible without god. we have to pray and have hope and move closer to god. otherwise, it's not a pretty picture. steve: you are a ceo i have got to ask you joe biden unveiled close to $2 trillion plan to stimulate the economy and coronavirus response as well. about half of it is going to go to direct payments to people who are hurting all across the country and invariably other people will get the money as well. but, also, it's going to bail -- we have heard from michael waltz
4:34 am
the congressman from florida, it's essentially a blue state bailout. it's also essentially a big government takeover. but then again, that should not surprise us because this is something that the democrats have been talking about for a long time and elections have consequences. >> it's typical politics to throw money at a problem. $600 check, a $1,200, $1,400 check is -- people are out of work for a year. that's $2,000 combined. that doesn't do anything and trillions of dollars where did all that money go? we have got to get back to work. we can't shut down. we need to work. we need to get up in the morning and praise god, work, our family, that's what we need to do. we need to get back to work. otherwise, you know, so much bologna that we're just throwing money at this. people, you know, it's ridiculous. let the politicians do their stuff, but, let us get back to work. please. steve: there you go, something to think about on this weekend. he is the ceo of goya foods,
4:35 am
robert unanue, sir, thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> god bless. steve: all right. still ahead on this friday, leaked video of jack dorsey at twitter addressing employees revealing just how far big tech could go with censorship. "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain will be here next. ♪
4:36 am
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>> we are focused on one account right now. this is going to be much bigger than just one account. and it's going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, the next few weeks, it's going to go beyond inauguration. the focus is certainly on this account and how it ties to world violence. also we need to think much longer term about how these dynamics play out over time. i don't believe this is going away any time soon. ainsley: that is jack dorsey, he is the ceo of twitter. he bans trump on january 8th the very day that video was taken. whistleblower in that staff meeting with about 45,000 employees and recorded that conversation, gave it to project investor toss released it. in the future we will be doing this a lot more. bring in will cain the co-host
4:41 am
of "fox & friends weekend" with the guy right there with pete. hey, will, good morning. pete: good morning, will. will: good morning to all of you. what happens next? where does this go? it sounds like it's going to get a lot worse? will: yeah, there is no telling, ainsley how far this can go. there is no governor on this run away car. everyone wants legitimate calls for violence to banished from the conversation. pete asked an interesting question. i think on weekend show last week he asked can you name a leftist that has been banished from twitter? you might. i don't know if there is one that's -- i'm missing. one that's escaping me off the top of my head, but that kind of proves the point. if there is one, there is one. it stunt seem to be about banishing legitimate calls for violence and limiting it to that it seems to be about something much more. obviously political points of view. i will say this as well, ainsley. look, we can have conversations on end about president trump's behavior, president trump's character. we should debate his policies.
4:42 am
we can continue to talk just about president trump all we want. everyone knows it drives ratings. but there was a fascinating ad by president trump. it was some years back. and it featured president trump saying it's not about me. it's about you. and i'm just in the way. the left seems intent on proving that point. whether or not it's andy ngo's book being being banned in portland or it's speech on college campuses being banished or aoc saying we need to rein in the press. the left seems intent showing who they are really coming after. you, you who disagree. you who have a different point of view. it's less about president trump and more about us. ainsley: so twitter did release a statement this morning. the remarks shown in the video were delivered to our more than 5400 employees and are nearly the same words jack shared in a recent tweet thread offering context around the reflections on our work to protect the conversation in recent weeks. basically saying we have already
4:43 am
said this before and he did know that 5,000 plus were on that call there is a chance it's going to get recorded. piece has a question. pete: another topic harvard the students there, while they are taking their own cancel culture to the next level. there is now a petition out of harvard where students would like to revoke degrees of graduates who are connected to the trump administration. here is a portion of this petition circulating amongst troubled youth. harvard must revoke the degrees of alumni incendiary languagable he amongst the names they would like to cancel will, kayleigh mcenany, senator ted cruz,
4:44 am
representative dan crenshaw. what do you make of this? will: i'm just shocked that there is not a fourth name on that list mr. pete hegseth, fancy pants mr. harvard himself on that list. look, man, you know i have said. this we are devolving into a one point of view society. you are really this only allowed no matter what aspect of our culture, academia, entertainment, whatever it may be, you are really only allowed to have one point of view. let's for for a moment submit this is only for students on harvard. i don't know that it will stop with four students. we will see how many take up this petition. we know on harvard campuses a very small minority, a very vocal minority can implement policy in the actions of university. i want to say this. okay. here's my question for you. whether did we get so soft? whether did we raise these overpraised, overcomforted, over protected snowflake children that never want to hear anything they dislike, never want to confront anything uncomfortable. want to ban anyone, banish them
4:45 am
to the outskirts of society should someone say anything they disagree with? when did we become like this? pete, you have talked about it i believe this. i think we all do. education is at the core of our country, our philosophy, our direction. but maybe we need to think a little more than something core than education. that is families. what's happening in the home? how we are raising our kids? i'm not professing to be perfect. trust me. i make plenty of mistakes. however, we might need to think about raising children who are a little more prepared to face a world that is not always comfortable for them. doesn't always agree with them. maybe we need to treat our children a little less soft, a little more hard. maybe they will be prepared for what the real world is actually like. steve: i think it's been a decades long process getting this far. pete: true. steve: what also a happened in academia over decades. you look at what has happened in the entertainment world over decades. look at the culture over the last number of decades and that has brought us to this point and there are many choices that
4:46 am
people are making every day. for instance, your bookers on the weekend have made a lot of choices, will. who is on the show? will: we have got jason chaffetz, mike huckabee, we have lawrence jones, we have got alveda king, we have a big show for you this weekend, steve. ainsley: okay, will, we will all be watching. pete, you will be on with him. pete: that's the most books i have ever seen in a back drop ever where are you? will: it's a law library in texas. what do you think about that? pete: sounds like he is whispering don't let them know will cain is there. the. steve: will, have you ever actually read any of those books? will: yeah, honestly steve, i have been made? is what you could when you are in law school and law clerk i spent a little time doing. some lawyer already making a lot of money sends you over to dig things out of these books and finds something he believes will prove his point. steve: exactly. when i was doing the show from my living room, i had my daughter's law school books behind me just to make me look smarter.
4:47 am
pete: it worked. thanks, will, see you tomorrow. ainsley: hand it over to janice. she has been tracking this blizzard. hey, janice, when is it hitting us? janice: it is going to move across the upper midwest and the northeast is going to get sort of on the tail end of it from a cold front and then an area of low pressure that's going to develop across the mid-atlantic and modify northward. so it's a little complicated but let's break it down. there is our blizzard that's cranked up across the upper midwest and the great lakes. where we have blizzard warnings in effect for nebraska, south dakota, in through wisconsin. as well as iowa. so not only the snow 4 to 8 inches of snow but blowing snow with 35 mile-per-hour sustained for duration of time and that's going to cause blowing snow, of course, on the roadways and going to be dangerous, if not impossible to travel. then we have got this area of low pressure that's going to move across the east coast and then an area of low pressure that's going to develop in the atlantic that's going to come up and greet us over the weekend.
4:48 am
mainly a rain event along the coast. interior sections that's where you are going it to get the snow. there is the snowfall totals as we go through the weekend. then next week, that's when we are going to see this really cold air settle in and that's going to mean not only very cold temperatures the coldest temperatures we have had so far this season but also the potential for more snow, maybe for the northeast. pete, steve, ainsley, back to you. pete: ainsley and i are observing a lot of areas of low pressure but we don't know what that means. what does that mean? janice: ing a storm system. ainsley: oh, there you go. pete: that i understand. ainsley: steve know what it is. steve: you want high pressure because then it's beautiful. pete: got it. low pressure bad. ainsley: i heard four storms then. thanks, janice. pete: translating the weather. still ahead, the call of a lifetime meet the latest restaurant saved by the barstool small business fund as it sur
4:49 am
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♪ will. ainsley: the coronavirus pandemic, i don't have to tell you this, wreaking a lot of havoc on small businesses. in pennsylvania alone, roughly one in three businesses are being forced to close now as a result of all these government mandates. but thanks to a donation from barstool sports, our next guest was able to keep her doors open even with the odds will stacked against her. the owner of boat house restaurant flanagan joins us. how did you get in touch with dave portnoy. i know you got a phone call saying you got the money how did it all start? >> have a bunch of children and some of us work with us at the restaurant. they told us we are going to do a video and submit it. my husband and i had no idea what it was. we weren't paying any attention. then they did the video on christmas day and then the week almost to the day later, i got that phone call. i was totally shocked. totally shocked. >> ainsley: how much will this help
4:54 am
you? >> more than words can even say. i wish i could give dave the biggest hug ever and everyone else that keeps donating and is donating. it's huge, huge. a bunch of restaurants near us have just gotten some of the money, too. which we are so happy for them. >> tell us about your restaurant. where is to located exactly? >> in concha hawkins which dave has a hard time pronouncing. and it is cute little town. we have been there for 31 years. and we have a lot of neighboring restaurants. we are very close, tight unit there and it's, you know, very mom and pop, everybody comes. it's like a sports bar a. so many locals. we are so, so blessed. ainsley: steve says he has been there. have you been to the restaurant? steve: just down the road from villanova where my son went to college. will. jillian: i lived there. ainsley: it's a great restaurant if you live there go visit it. real quickly, tell us for the folks that are watching that
4:55 am
have donated to this fund what it means to you. >> there really are no words what it means to all of us. it is -- we got to bring some employees back. we got to bring some cooks back, some hostesses, so it means the world. we are so, so blessed. ainsley: that is great. if you are watching and haven't donated and you want to help out. definitely give to this fund. because we have someone on almost every day jamie telling us how it has helped them. glad you are staying open open. you have some amazing kids. >> thank you so much. bless you all. ainsley: thank you. if i'm ever in the area i'm coming over. >> thank you. ainsley: okay. geraldo rivera is going to join us at the top of the hour plus charles payne and franklin graham. ♪ i don't want shingles when i'm your age. actually, if you're 50 or older, you're at increased risk that's life, nothing you can do... uh, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaat? prevented. you can get vaccinated. where? at your pharmacy, your doctor's - hold on!
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4:59 am
>> wire fences and barbed wire lining the streets of the nations capital ahead of the inauguration. >> an extensive amount of online chatter. >> provides cash payments. $15 an hour. >> going to the big piggy bank in the sky. >> this is going to be much bigger. >> the twitter purge agenda has just begun. that concerns so many people.
5:00 am
it could be a in the new year. >> heartbreaking to see what happened to new york city. >> whether it is 4-door texas these two states demonstrated they want their business. steve: we begin with fox news alert, dc locked down ahead of the inauguration. brian: a 7 foot steel fence topped with barbed wire, completely surround the us capital. ainsley: thousands of national guard troops on the ground. >> reporter: good morning. they are on the ground indeed. you can see one of the many roadblocks set up by the national guard trucks. if you turn this way towards the capital, literally every street blocked, jersey barriers
5:01 am
here blocking the street, more guard troops, 21,000 guard troops locking the shining city on a hill down and you are not getting it easier, if you are getting into fort knox because of what we saw in the capital riot, fbi director chris ray yesterday, watch. >> we are seeing an extensive amount of concerning online chatter about a number of events surrounding the inauguration. we are tracking calls for potential armed protests. >> reporter: after vice president pence conducted that assessment he came out to talk to the troops. here is what he had to say about them. >> expect the unified chain of
5:02 am
command to look after your people and delivered to the american people a safe inauguration, swear in a new president, new vice president. >> reporter: director ray gave an update, the fbi identifying 200 suspects arresting 100 after 140,000 tips, authorities had no indication of antifa involvement. yesterday, one linked to left-wing activism taken into custody, john sullivan claims to document protests living under social media, is heard in this video encouraging people during the siege. take a listen. >> oh my god. [bleep] >> we took this.
5:03 am
>> reporter: remember the horn helmet guy, linked to the right-wing group q and on, his intent was to capture and assassinate elected officials. he named mike pence among others. a little bit of what is happening days away, the security perimeter is more intense. we will see what it brings, they are asking for any tips out there, the number 800, caulk, fbi. brian: you are not far from where they discovered pipe bombs on january 6th but screen right you showed us two trucks facing each other. is the worry there could be a truck bomb attack? >> reporter: there are reports the threat assessment, the
5:04 am
explosive device, extremely deadly and catastrophic in a situation like this, it over two tons and they have dozens and dozens of them across the street of dc. steve: a result of the big show of force including a big militia group, not holding the demonstration we were planning to hold, if it is friday, geraldo rivera, great to see you this morning. want to get your take looking at the scenes griff is laying out, no risk is being spared to make sure things go off peacefully in a few days. >> a flashback to kabul, afghanistan and baghdad, it is
5:05 am
disconcerting to see our nation's capital under military law but a situation where the armed forces and law enforcement of the federal government were humiliated a week ago, absolutely flat-footed. they were embarrassed, 5 people died, two cops died, the dander up of law enforcement, men in blue and our soldiers and cops getting killed, they took over the capital of the united states, going after these people, how many were arrested, they are using sedition conspiracy, it is not trespassing, sedition conspiracy, if two or more conspired to put down, to prevent, hinder or delay the execution of any law, if imprisoned you can be imprisoned for not more than 20 years. they are using eavesdropping,
5:06 am
monitoring cell phones, watching the internet, and 21,000, buttoning down the nations capital, the inauguration of the 40 sixth president, joe biden, goes off without a hitch. brian: that is one of the reasons the fbi came out a couple days ago looking for these people they face 20 years in prison if convicted and it is a deterrent effect. we are not just talking washington dc but you are sitting there in ohio, governor mike do wine said people monitoring peaceful protests into opportunities for violence and that is why your governor in ohio has dispatched 400 members of the national guard to columbus. >> columbus, our capital, locked down is all 50 state
5:07 am
capitals are. i think in my opinion, i hope i am right, i believe this massive determined, stinging charges rampaging the capital and an enormous deterrent effect. i don't believe you are going to see huge populist turnout of protesters or even those cheering on the new president. it will be a very tense, i hope it can still go off outdoors on the steps of the capitol building and this will be watched with the full might of the united states, the honor of the united states is at stake. if we can't pull out and inauguration of the president, safe and orderly, then what can we do? ainsley: let's talk about new jersey, they decided to stay opened, not thinking anyone
5:08 am
wearing masks inside, 15,$000 a day. one of the owners checked the bank account because they raise the money from selling t-shirts. a lot of people supported donations and there was nothing in their bank account. the gunmen seized 173,$000. >> as of yesterday morning my partner and i checked the banks david in the morning and we had no money in our bank account, the state emptied out every dollar we had. this money in our bank account does not come from memberships, we've not charged our members since april 1st since we shutdown. this is t-shirts dales to pay our bills and fight our legal battles and it is a clear and blatant violation of constitutional rights to defend ourselves in a court of law. ainsley: this isn't even a fight, they shouldn't have
5:09 am
taken the money. new jersey attorney general's office said that this information is not accurate, the state has not seen bank account funds and the state obtained a judgment against the owners and attempt to collect on them. as a result of court judgment, 140,$063.08, whether it affects the entire balance fund is a question to ask the bank. what do you think? who do you believe? >> i kind of believe both parties. i'm enormously sympathetic to owners of the gym. we want to live free, do business, when you tweet the government, a continuation of the previous conversation, and
5:10 am
you say screw you, the law doesn't apply to me, i am popular, people didn't support me, these bureaucrats get going, make your life absolutely miserable. my tactic has been in dealing with bureaucrats, i want everything to be open and get back to real life. unemployment is soaring, so frustrating when you have charismatic self-made people like that who were suffering. when you have 4000 dying every day in la, one every 30 minutes, you have to say give the authorities a chance, we are almost there. steve: wants to believe that except the arbitrary nature of what business is allowed to be open and the ones closed, and
5:11 am
not one of them, we are serious about protocols. it is picking winners and losers, bureaucracy reached down it quickly and confiscate funds, this resonates for so many people. >> the fact they have access to it. the government has a lot of power. all i counsel, i am 100% for entrepreneurs, that is why i am a republican, i believe in free enterprise but there is an emergency right now, mayors and governors and other officials, very ham handedly, trying to get to the point we get a
5:12 am
vaccine in our arms and invite you guys over and reminisce about a trip to the super bowl. brian: geraldo is forced - that explains a lot. you know the goya foods family. given that democrats are in control of the white house and the senate as well, the iceberg of communism is ahead. i asked what that meant. >> we are the united states of america, they have socialist tendencies the weapon eyes coronavirus, the worst thing we can do is shutdown our economy,
5:13 am
we need a reason to get up in the morning. they take away our spirit, our ability to work. we are not one nation under big media or central government, try to have media, big tech control our lives. brian: a perfect conversation that took the money out but after he appeared at the white house to talk about coronavirus response with millions of dollars for food banks during the pandemic he also visited the white house as guests of the obamas but essentially a boycott against goya because he went to the white house and it flipped on them and became a by caught and they finished the biggest most successful year in the history of goya foods.
5:14 am
>> when this first happened when aoc and the squad went to boycott goya because of his appearance at the white house, and [speaking spanish] hispanics are linked by our beans and this guy is a great capitalist, in latin america, one up to be that and it was very fiery. it made me hungry. >> we want beans and rice. brian: i love how he never
5:15 am
backed down, the employee of the month. geraldo rivera, it is not friday without you. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: let's begin with extreme weather, a snowstorm impacting 40 million americans, several inches of snow in minneapolis,. and warnings in effect throughout the central us, state troopers responding to dozens of crashes, trucks and cars slide off the highway. this is the same system that caused the mudslide in oregon. crews are searching for a nurse trapped inside her car as the mudslide sucked it away. bars and restaurants could open in illinois, chicago mayor lori lightfoot said she plans to talk to the governor about rolling back covid-19
5:16 am
restrictions. >> i want to get bars and opens open as quickly as possible to put in mitigation controls inside the restaurants. they are going to be one of the safer places. it jillian: the push a pivot from when she urged people to stay home as she got a haircut during a stay-at-home order. 12 years ago today captain sully landed a plane on the hudson river, made the decision to land the plane when it lost engine power after hitting a flock of birds after taking off from a nearby airport. everyone survived was the water now while landing on his the miracle on the hudson. my >> 12 years since tom hanks landed that plane. thank you very much, appreciate it. and joe biden suggesting he would be willing to return to
5:17 am
the iran nuclear deal once he's sworn in but the latest move suggests they might not come back to the table. general jack keane on the latest threat from the iran. she needs new memories. and tom hanks is magnificent. johanna! your grooming business is booming. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base. claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at for veteran families, when it comes to finding and buying your dream home, we'll be there to make it happen. we'll be there when you want better rates too. or to get money for retirement. we'll be there because we work only with veteran families like yours to help you get the most life out of a home for the life of your family
5:18 am
i'm erin. -and i'm margo. zë
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change iran sending a signal they won't be complying with the failed nuclear delivery and stated by manufacturing a key material used in nuclear weapons as joe biden other obama era official who was involved in secret backdoor channel in early stages of the deal to lead the cia. senior strategic analyst and retired 4-star general jack keane, thanks for being with us this morning. what does this all add up to?
5:22 am
is the biden administration going to attempt to reestablish the iran nuclear deal? are we past that? have we admitted that? where are we? >> with the iranian's are up to, sending a signal to the biden administration, advertising they will build the iranian metal plan to put that together and that would help them build the core of a nuclear weapon. that gets people at's attention for sure. the concern is the incoming biden administration is distracted by the covid-19 pandemic and recovering our economy but the iranian's want biden to negotiate and reenter the nuclear deal as soon as possible because the sanctions are crippling their economy and had huge civil unrest for the last year, 12,500 people they arrested and killed 1500.
5:23 am
and it is likely done by the israelis, but the facts are the years iranian's are desperate to reenter the nuclear deal and they come into full compliance and convince the biden administration we will abide by the original conditions of the deal. the problem with that is the biden administration has significant leverage given to them by the trump administration concerning sanctions we just discussed and the abraham accordance, the normalization of relationships between countries in the region and israel, that is a significant geopolitical bid, they should have used that as leverage. steve: who is at the table matters a lot in exercising that leverage and involved in
5:24 am
the 2015 iranian nuclear deal, secretary john kerry, presidential envoy for climate, ambassador william j burns, deputy secretary of state, so many people will be in the biden administration invested in the original plan. do you feel the leverage you referred to to get a better deal or be serious about what the iranian's once, not have a timeline on it, can't they do what needs to be done which is prevent an iranian bomb? >> it is a fact that just about every single person who had a key role in negotiating the nuclear deal in 2014-2015 is rejoining the biden administration and i think that has us concerned that they have a bias for those conditions
5:25 am
that they negotiated with and will not use leverage given to them by the trump administration, hopefully it will not do that anymore recognize they have significant leverage and we have an opportunity. why can't we put on the table nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles? those things should be on the table. the iranian say they have no intention of doing a nuclear weapon. why can't we put it on the table. sean: using the leverage you have, we appreciate your insight and what you are talking about. two nfl legends facing off in a historic matchup this weekend on fox, two guys playing in an age we never thought they could at the top of their game.
5:26 am
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>> two future hall of fame, tom brady andrew breeze go head the
5:30 am
head in the divisional round, fox sports family members joined me now with a preview. >> good morning to you, we sometimes throw them around but not in this case, these are two guys when you consider the span of their careers, tom brady andrew breeze the numbers are astounding, 36,000 combined snaps, they played with 1100 teammates. they have been sacked by more than 560 defenders. the lowdown has changed in the span of careers. the ball they play with officially has changed. it is incredible when you consider all that happened
5:31 am
since these two started and maintained it in the league. brian: i regard you as one of the best storytellers in sports and when you look, you are starting with one of these amazing stories, and you've got to appreciate that these older guys at the top of the game? >> at the core of that is the incredible dedication, the preparation, the rehab to your body, the incredible discipline when it comes to diet, famously so, but something that gets overlooked and that is love. they love to compete. like brady said over and over you work 6 days a week, when
5:32 am
you get to sunday, that is play, that is not work, the question hanging over this, if drew breeze were to lose this game, how much more is there to their respective careers, and it is the subtext of this great matchup. brian: we had the history channel fake meme showing those guys and kept going and going. in addition, there it is, in addition somebody else, aaron rodgers had quite a week, donated a bunch for the small businesses, he is hosting jeopardy and his day job doing really well.
5:33 am
>> saturday afternoon, when you consider aaron rodgers and his career he is no spring chicken, he approaches 40, 48 touchdown passes, the likely mvp of the league. the 2-time defensive player of the year, has a cartilage tear in his ribs, he will be an absolute force from green bay. the jeopardy thing, aaron rodgers who loves jeopardy and was on it as a celebrity, kind of what that go. brian: we give you time to plug what we have been watching this weekend. >> the 85 combined years and the history channel look what
5:34 am
this game could mean but as we sat saturday afternoon that is a fascinating game between aaron rogers, the packers and the rams when you consider the number one defense in so many key metrics and how that might challenge aaron rodgers and devante adams and the powerful often said nothing is better than a postseason game on the frozen tundra. no matter where you are, kick back saturday afternoon and see you for the bucks saints matchup. brian: thank you very much. welcome to the family. by the way, speaking of fox sports, the nfl divisional weekend, terry bradshaw is feeling really generous so there are two fox super 6 contests with one, each game totaling 500,$000, and her now for a chance at 250,$000, terry
5:35 am
bradshaw's money at a ford f 150 pickup truck between the rams at the packers and you get another shot to take terry's truck and many with predictions, sign up on fox super 6. get the apps. meanwhile 8:35 in new york city, joe biden in delaware announced his covid-19 relief plan, charles payne's look at the numbers is next.
5:36 am
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with members of congress, both parties, to move quickly on the american rescue plan to the american people. i know what i described it does not come cheaply but failure to do so will cost us dearly. the consensus among leading economists is we simply cannot afford not to do what i am proposing. ainsley: charles payne, good morning, we want your reaction to this. for the people at home let's show them what is included in the stimulus plan, $1,400 stimulus check because the trump administration has given
5:41 am
600, raise federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, $400 billion for fighting covid-19 relief, $350 billion for cities, states and territorial government and aoc has said that wasn't enough, she wants retroactive unemployment relief and she tells the washington post 2000 is 2000, not 1400. your reaction? >> never let a good crisis go to waste especially in this environment. the republican party is on the hills right now. i was surprised joe biden didn't go for more. the stock market is indicating it may open lower so i may not be the only one who farted added more to this.
5:42 am
a lot of these things will go through because of the nature of the crisis. last friday we have a jobs report was an unmitigated disaster, 500,000 leisure and hospitality jobs gone in a single month but the problem, so many things have nothing to do with the covid-19 emergency, and if it is an emergency things will go through $1,400 to open up schools which is ironic. they shouldn't of been close to the degree they were. the localities where they mismanaged themselves for a long time, some significant pushback. brian: what they tried to do to recoup, let a lot of people to flee those states, the blue
5:43 am
state exodus could flip the political map upside down turning red states purple. does that mean in your belief even though they are fleeing one state they are taking the politics of the state they left and going to the when they are going to? >> no doubt about it. with georgia you could have seen that happening, north carolina, virginia, dc they disseminated out. when you think i lived in new york city, the great migration of black americans, it worked out very well, the ford motor plants, blue-collar jobs, liberal states and cities, with crazy higher taxes, middle income folks to make it up the
5:44 am
ladder. that they can compete, with higher minimum wage. they are voting for the same ideology. joe biden was presented for many people, it is frustrating to say i will go to where there are opportunities that i will change those opportunities, to drive them away in the first place. >> one of the things joe biden laid out in delaware is the era of big government is back. he wants to give a lot of money to government and that is the topic we had today, got to give you props, he's the ceo of boy of foods. you had him as a guest, called
5:45 am
the iceberg of communism is ahead. he told us about it. thank you very much. >> you got it. i got to tell you we are moving toward a collectivist society, big government doesn't believe in you, the american and the ability of you the americans will yourself up by the bootstraps, and ideology the believe small government, a few things that let us flourish propelled the top of the heat, the number one country in the world in a short period of time but people believe in the other ideology and they have the momentum. ainsley: if you are smart enough to leave the high-tech state, don't be stupid enough to take those politics with your the same thing will happen in that state. we will be watching you today, making money on the foxbusiness channel. have a good weekend.
5:46 am
janice is tracking a blizzard. >> janice: an area of low pressure, this one is a blizzard because the criteria has a duration of time of wind sustained at 35 miles an hour or greater for a duration of 3 hours or more. you see the blizzard warnings, visibility reduced to nothing. in the blue, winter weather advisory, moving eastward and combined with another area of low pressure, storm system off the coasts, so they would get on the action along the coast, snow behind it but i will tell
5:47 am
you looking at the meteorological models going into next week, very cold air and potential for more winter storms in the forecast. ainsley: have a good weekend, talk to you next week. brian: you cough, i will read. national religious freedom day, a message to fight for your face. no-excuses-on-game-day migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose of ubrelvy works fast. it can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours, relieving pain and debilitating symptoms. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. serena: migraine hits hard. hit back with ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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jillian: preparations underway at the nations capital, warnings from the fbi what they are seeing as far as online chatter. a lot of report coming up. calling out the left's hypocrisy when it comes to violence. taking on nancy pelosi's priority in washington. not the ailing economy or worsening pandemic. join us from america's newsroom on the top of the hour. tomorrow marks national religious freedom day commemorating thomas jefferson's statute for
5:52 am
religious freedom used to draft the constitution. it was relied on as a basis for the first amendment when they were drafting the constitution. to talk about fundamental religious freedom franklin graham and the billy graham evangelistic association. good morning to you. how important to preserve and protect our religious freedom? >> 260 million people live in areas where they are persecuted for their faith. 3000 christians, close to 4000 lost their lives because of their faith in god. churches are destroyed, close to 10,000 churches were attacked and destroyed last year. i appreciate the fact that donald trump made this a big issue from a turkish jail,
5:53 am
moved to the united nations and challenge leaders of the world to protect and respect those who suffer religious persecution, never had a president, republican or democrat who has done it before. extremely important that people of faith are protected. bakers have been put out of business, florists have been put out of business because they would not participate in a service they felt went against their religious beliefs, the little sisters who refused to support abortion dragged through the courts and trump protected them. joe biden will see the value of religious freedom and he will
5:54 am
protected as well. >> one of your books was titled until armageddon and you renamed it, who is in charge of the world suffers. it is about suffering, our country is suffering right now. what can we learn if we read this book? >> it means a catastrophic event. i don't know a time in history we had a catastrophic event more than we have today with this pandemic and all of us go through catastrophic events in our life, marriage problems, health problems, this book even though my father wrote it in 1981 is more relevant today than in 1981 and it is an incredible book and that is why we want to re-release it because it is answering the problems we see with this pandemic and showing people where to turn to in the scriptures. god made us and created us, sent his son jesus christ to
5:55 am
this earth to take our sins, died on the cross, rose again, he is alive and can come into each and every heart that invites him and this book is an incredible book. i am so proud that he wrote it and so glad we are able to rerelease it. even though my father has been dead for two years, his voice is being heard and this can change your life in the middle of this pandemic. ainsley: i would love to read this book. who is in charge of the world that suffers? >> god made us and created us but we also have a devil who wants to destroy everything and the bible calls and the god of this age, when we put our faith and trust in christ, under his protection, nobody can snatch
5:56 am
us out of his hand. god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life, to put our faith and trust in christ, we know we will be forever in his presence. if you haven't made that decision they will do that today. >> we will pray for one another. >> god bless. we have more "fox and friends" just minutes away. grown in idaho seal.
5:57 am
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>> download the fox news app this weekend. lots of breaking news. >> you should. >> do the qr code. >> have a great weekend, everyone. >> we are seeing an extensive amount of concerning online chatter is the best way i would describe it about a number of events surrounding the inauguration. right now we're tracking calls for potential armed protests. >> sandra: christopher wray warning of security threats five days before joe biden's inauguration as federal authorities deploy thousands of troops to washington to prevent a riot. >> jon: good morning. the f.b.i. says more than 200 suspects from the siege of the capitol are identified. more than 100 of them arrested. among them the


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