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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 16, 2021 9:00am-11:00am PST

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>> security timing in the nation's capital. more than 7,000 national guard troops are stationed throughout washington d.c. as we prepare for president-elect joe biden's inauguration. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm griff jenkins. gillian: i'm gillian turner. griff, it's great to be with you and great to be with everybody at home. we're hearing by monday we are going to have 20,000 national guard troops here, there's only going to be more as today goes on. officials so far also making a handful of sort of preemptive arrests ahead of wednesday's big event.
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the inauguration. but federal officials are saying there is no direct evidence right now that lawmakers directly are under threat. some good news there. steve harrigan is here, hi, steve. >> gillian, we'll give you a look at what it's like i'm on 17th and h. it's ordinary will i -- ordinarily a busy intersection, six lanes this way and four this way. if you look either way, you see nothing. this part of the city is entirely shut off. there's some buildings boarded up and that's really the only sound you hear are hammers, nails, people boarding up buildings with plywood. there's all kind of barricades set up. physical barricades, cars, dump trucks and fencing. the closer you get to the white house the closer you get to the capitol, the fences get higher and razor wire comes out. you mentioned the numbers up
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from 21,000 to 25,000 national guard, so there will be more national guard here than troops in afghanistan and iraq combined. and probably more national guard on the street here than there will be watching the inauguration. the d.c. mayor told people to stay home and people are staying home. you really get the feeling of a ghost town here. i can see a drone above me, it's not just the secret service taking the lead here, but tsa and customs and border protection. they're getting some of that video back in real-time. you know, someone asked how safe it is, it hard to imagine a safer place right now, it feels like things are totally shut down. this is an overwhelming show of force after the events of january 6th, so, there's a sense that, you know, this is completely locked down to ensure that there's going to be a safe inauguration in the days ahead, gillian. griff: steve, just a quick question and thank you to your
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cameraman for amazing 360 views there. because you've been in them and i have, too, not to make too much of a comparison to war, but really the security footing you're seeing there, how does it compare to what you've seen in the past? >> well, we're seeing some of the similar barriers with the fencing we've seen sometimes in war zones and keep in mind, the secret service has called part of d.c. a green zone. green zone is of course the term that was used in baghdad for section of the city that was really sealed off with glass walls to try and keep u.s. officials safe in baghdad while a real war was waging outside, but i think the term is the same, green zone, but the feeling is very different. i mean, there's people out with their kids walking and people on bicycles, this does not feel like a war zone. this looks like people are taking over step possible to make sure things are safe. this is a show of force to try and make sure nothing bad happens in the days ahead. gillian: all right, steve
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harrigan, thank you for joining us from washington. we'll check back with you in the next hour. thanks. so, griff, it looks like, you know, as we move through this day today, i will say we're getting the show of force, seems to be effective so far. federal officials are now saying, lawmakers are going to be safe. we had the deputy dhs secretary ken cuccinelli say that americans can carry on throughout their day and country and state capitols are under siege like in florida and virginia. griff: as steve was pointing out, the security perimeter are things we've seen in war zones, but the scene doesn't feel like a war. some of it is deterrent and some is based on credible intelligence threats. meantime, senator lindsey graham saying that the fbi
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probe is most corrupt of history, releasing from the inquiry with more. >> president trump long said he felt he was unfairly targeted as a result of the russia probe and as you were talking about now we're hearing from senator lindsey graham chairman of the senate judiciary committee releasing 11 transcripts from interviews that the senate did looking into the origins of the russian probe and goes to cross fire hurricane, and whether parts of president trump's staff. arguing that the department relied too heavily on unverified intelligence to justify spying on the campaign. senator graham put out a statement yesterday saying, quote, i believe that cross fire hurricane was one. most incompetent and corrupt investigations in the history of the fbi and doj. former fbi director james comey, he has defended the
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bureau's work telling congress last year there were some missteps, but overall done by the book. we're hearing from senator dianne feinstein also on the judiciary committee. more than four years passed since the fbi opened cross fire hurricane and multiple investigations including a separate spra bipartisan investigation by the intelligence committee confirmed the fbi's actions were justified. it's time to turn the page on cross fire hurricane and president trump's false claims about it. what's unclear is what's going to happen to john durham's probe that's ongoing. the president said he would like to see something happen months ago, but it's been unclear what kind of timeline that john durham has been operating under as he continues to look into the origins of the probe as well. unclear what's going to happen once joe biden gets sworn in on wednesday. as for president trump, he's here at the white house today. they've called a lid so we're not going to see the president on camera. we're expecting to see him leave washington on wednesday and he and the first lady some sort of event at joint base
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andrews before he takes the trip to florida. griff: mark meredith at the white house, thank you very much. george papadopoulos sent me this statement where he says this, quote, today is just the first batch of declassified documents. the obama interesting and fbi who worked in tandem to launch a baseless and illicit investigation into a campaign tarnished the fbi and arguably was the greatest single political trick in modern american history with wide ranging impact on both the midterms and 2020 election. i expect the new documents to be released to highlight the foreign involvement, spying on the campaign and those behind it. papadopoulos of course, pled guilty in 2017 of lying over his his contact with the fbi and pardoned. gillian: joining us with a
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whole lot more is senator from pennsylvania, bob casey. he was at the capitol on january 6th. thanks, sir, for taking time for us on this inauguration weekend. we really appreciate it. how are you feeling after the events of last week? are you okay? >> oh, i'm fine. we've fortunately had great protection when the assault was underway, but it's still hard to comprehend and i didn't know this, i don't think any of us knew it in the hours after the attack, how close members of congress were to potentially either being killed or captured or injured in some way, and the new evidence about vice-president pence, how close he came by one report a minute away from some kind of confrontation with these domestic terrorists and it's chilling to learn more and more how close the governing party of president trump came to real
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danger. and it warrants an investigation of all aspects. i have to say this in light of your earlier reporting, i'm confident that the capitol and the inauguration will be secure. gillian: well, it certainly appears that way driving through the streets of washington d.c. today. sir, i want to switch gears with you for a second. we just heard a report from weekend correspondent mark meredith about this sort of tranche of documents released by the senate judiciary committee yesterday involving the origins of the russian probe that looked at the trump campaigns alleged ties to russian government officials. take a look at what lindsey graham said when he put out this release yesterday. he said the fisa court was lied to, exculpatory information was withhold. the leadership under comey or mccabe was grows grossly incompetent or they allowed misdeeds. what's your assessment of the situation, senator? >> well, i haven't reviewed
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those documents, i'm not a member of the judiciary committee. i think the review of those documents will take place, but i think there are a couple of facts i think we have to put in context. number one, it's irrefutable, the russian government interfered in the 2016 election. the president at the time welcomed that. number three, if you consider what he said at helsinki where he threw the intelligence committee under the bus because vladimir putin was on the same page, and didn't have fortitude time after time and just as we came to the last year, beginning of this year, terrible russian act of 250 combination of government agencies and businesses, that i hope, that act, how it happened, i hope will be the subject not only of the judiciary committee, members of both parties, but other government agencies as well. when you allow someone like putin to do pretty much whatever the hell he wants, that's what happens. gillian: sir, one thing that's
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been brought to light by the ongoing investigations on capitol hill and the department of justice into the origins of this russian probe are the mishandling of the warrant process by the fisa court, by the intelligence community. do you have confidence that moving forward those ills are going to be righted so we're not going to have americans, campaign officials essentially spied on going into the future? forget politics, there's civil rights issues here? >> there's no question, when someone makes an allegation as senator graham has a number of allegations, those allegations have to be tested against the facts. but look, there's just no question about it that russia and vladimir putin in particular was allowed to do things that in the last couple of years that he was not allowed to do when president obama was-- the good news is joe biden is president, has made it very clear to vladimir putin and other tyrants around the world
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that he's not going to tolerate that kind of conduct where they attack our systems, even if we were able to stop the hacking of an american election this year-- >> sir, looking ahead a little bit here, so, obviously, the house has now impeached president trump for the second time and the impeachment ball squarely in the senate's court. what do you want your colleagues to do going forward? do you want them to take up the plan that is sort of currently on the table as i understand it, which is to start some kind of impeachment hearing process and then a trial after january 20th? >> i don't know when it will stat start and that's going to have to be a determination made by incoming majority leader schumer and senator mcconnell together to work out the mechanics, but i don't think this should take more than a couple of days because it's a much simpler question. we know the evidence is all
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over about the president's conduct, his statements leading up to january 6th, on january 6th and the statements in the aftermath which are pretty, i think pretty indicative of his state of mind and his failure to finally put to rest the lie that he was perpetuating about the election, the lie. >> well, sir. >> the lie led to this violence and i think that the evidence for a trial record is going to be pretty clear. gillian: okay, sir, the last time we went through the impeachment process, there were weeks of interviews with senate and house officials, there were impeachment hearings that went on for the better part of a week and then everybody deliberated. some of the criticism here about impeaching the president the second time from constitutional scholars is that this is a snap impeachment process, sort of undercuts what the founders wanted to see with this process, to be deliberative, is a couple of days really enough time to do
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that? >> i think it is based upon the evidence that we have. the evidence here is overwhelming, it's on the public record. every day that goes by there's more evidence of how close these individuals came to bringing harm to government officials. to overturn the results of an american election based upon a total pre-meditated lie, a falsehood about the election, and republican in officials in washington lying about my state, over and over again, there has to be a sanction for that and i think there are a lot of american officials in both parties that believed that the president, based upon his conduct over the last couple of months is a danger to national security. that's why the house acted quickly, they-- >> all right, well. >> i think the trial can be conducted thoroughly, but expeditiously. gillian: let's hope that you're right there and that everybody gets their due time to make their case. senator bob casey, thanks for making time for us today, we appreciate it.
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>> good to be with you. gillian: you bet. griff. griff: thanks, gillian. more than 1,000 migrants are now making their way toward the u.s. southern border in a caravan which departed honduras earlier this week. this, of course, comes just ahead of president-elect joe biden's inauguration. and as biden promises to undo several key trump administration immigration policies. joining us now to talk all about it, acting u.s. customs and border protection commissioner, mark morgan. mr. commissioner, thank you very much. let me first get your reaction, i'm assuming you guys at cbb are tracking a new caravan? >> griff, we are and we have been and griff, this is something that we've been saying for a long time now. with a new administration immigration strategies which really are akin to open border strategies, we knew this was going to come and it's already happened. and griff, it's not just a thousand, right now we're looking at two groups that are well over 5,000, and one of those groups have already gotten through the guatemala border and they're on their way
9:16 am
to el ranch other located centrally in guatemala. it's coming, it's already started just as we promised and anticipated it would with this rhetoric from the new administration on the border. griff: you mentioned the new administration, mr. commissioner. let me show you the group, the spokesman now who represented these caravans in the past and they assist the migrant groups, issues a statement to fox news that simply says in part, we will advocate that the biden government honors its commitments, a new united states government is an opportunity to work with the mexican government to develop cooperation plan with central america with the civil society organizations as well as an opportunity to increase regional cooperation regarding the persons in need protection in this part, particularly to dismantle illegal and inhumane programs like remain in the mexico. we know that remain in mexico is one of the things that the new biden administration seek
9:17 am
to get rid of. what impact would that have? >> it would be detrimental, mpp ended catch and release. cvp alone in 2019 we had to because of the broken immigration policy police over 230,000 illegal immigrants in the united states, never to be heard from again. because of mpp in 2020 that was less than a thousand. look, in that statement, griff, it's very important because not only does this individual who's organizing these caravans, illegal caravans, he mentions a biden immigration. the immigrants and people are using whatsapp, they say and using their words. the american people should be very concerned about what's going to come. >> as the outgoing commissioner
9:18 am
what advice do you have to successors particularly in the era of covid? >> look, listen to the experts. just like president trump, and this is not a political statement, griff, this president and this administration went to border, they listened to the experts and asked them about the tools and what they needed the tools and the policies to safeguard our borders and to protect american people. this president listened. the new administration needs to do the exact same thing, especially with covid right now. title 42 effective containment and saved countless american lives. listen to the experts on the border. griff: looking forward to the next administration, let's talk about some things under the biden plan, namely the daca program and the wall. the 450 miles of wall you've built, theres still funding for more, but it doesn't look like this administration will deliver on that. >> that's right. you know, president-elect biden has said, quote, i'm not going to build another foot of wall.
9:19 am
first of all, that's going to cost thousands of jobs of workers down there. it's going to cost the taxpayers billions of dollars to stop the construction. think about it, right now we have 270,000 tons of steel that have already been produced and we have to pay the contractors for that, we are going to have to pay more money to destroy it. it's ridiculous and not to mention it's taking away an essential tool experts say they need and the poles alone, griff, what those policies are going to do, one, it's going to release people into the united states. protect them from lawful deportation and once they remain here illegally they'll reward them with amnesty and free health care, who wouldn't come under those conditions. griff: i want to give you a minute to say something about the men and women who work under you. >> it's sad for me to leave as part of the a peaceful transition and have to move on, but i tell you what, years ago, the men and women of cvp gained me respect and admiration for
9:20 am
everything they do to protect this country and the years have gone by. that feeling has just intensified and everybody owes a debt of gratitude for what they do to safeguard our board ders-- borders in this country. . griff: thank you. gillian: president-elect biden is announcing his plans to ramp up covid vaccinations around the country in the first 100 days. we'll tell you what he's hoping to get done starting day one. that's next. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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>> this is a fox news alert. a pair of long range missiles fired by iran has landed just 100 miles from a u.s. aircraft carrier group in the indian ocean. officials are saying at least one of them came within 20 miles of a commercial ship. iranian state media claims it's just part of a drill. this is the latest of a number of drills by iran in the last days. gillian: they are looking shots in arms in the first 100 and
9:25 am
now he wants states to up their efforts. hi, hillary. >> hi, gillian, president-elect biden's first 100 days are going to be expensive. part of the 1.9 billion covid rescue package the goal tore him in the first 100 days is to get vaccine into 100 million arms. eligible for 65 and up and front line workers, deploying the national guard and fema to help states distribute vaccines and make them available in pharmacies and launch mobile vaccine units. >> this is going to be one of the most challenging operational efforts ever undertaken by our country, but you have my word we will manage the hell out of this operation, but as i said las night, we need funding from congress to make this happen.
9:26 am
>> biden's plan echoes a lot of what the trump administration has proposed in recent days. hhs secretary alex azar also called for 65 and up vaccinations and utilize pharmacies to speed up distribution. biden's proposal will only work if more vaccines are available to administer and while biden says he'll use the defense production act to ramp up production, that's something that's already in use under president trump. biden also needs to get this through congress, but the program is part of that nearly $2 trillion rescue package that won't be sailing through the sailing without 10 republican votes to support the plan. >> now, we don't want the federal government dictating an operation like this. the right decision is to get it out of federal hands and put it into states and let them do their job. >> and gillian, there's already been some senators who spoke out about the amount of money the government is spending right now. one of those is senator rick scott and part of his vaccine program does go beyond getting the vaccine in people's arms,
9:27 am
it's calling for funding like a public health jobs program that would employ 100,000 people through the government. gillian. gillian: hillary vaughan from wilmington. griff: thank you. and talking about his state's response to the covid-19 pandemic is republican nebraska governor pete rigget. good afternoon, i said good morning. and in omaha, how is the situation in your state right now? >> we're seeing a surge of-- many of the midwest states did during the course of october, november and our hospitalizations are down now more than half from our peak. so we're on the really, point where it's gotten more stable and of course, we're rolling out the vaccine program just like the other states are and so far that's gone smoothly.
9:28 am
griff: when you say smoothly, we're on the front end of seeing the challenges with the rollout with the incoming administration with intent on aggressive goals in terms of vaccinations. what specifically is your situation there? >> well, certainly, if we get more vaccines we'll put more vaccines in people's arms. you know, so far, you know, after the initial indication of what we were going to get as far as vaccines, that moderna and pfizer have been pretty much delivered on that schedule and our public health people are using up what we've got. and we're also distributing vaccines through the federal pharmacy programs to our long-term care facilities. cvs by monday and walgreens by the 25th. . griff: and the biden administration has 100 million doses in the first 100 days. so as the governor of nebraska
9:29 am
what can the new administration do to help you? >> well, if they are going to-- want to get more doses out, we need to receive more vaccine. and we need to have a schedule for when that's going to happen so we can plan appropriately. but i think you see that the federal government is going to get delivered more vaccines, states will get innovative how to deliver that vaccine. griff: a comparison how your state has handled the pandemic versus say, california which has gone into more lockdowns, businesses struggling there and yet, these are some of the measures that you haven't adopted? >> well, what we've asked nebraskaens to do is use the right thing and use health measures to put restrictions in place, but by and large helped to educate people and communicate about wearing a mask when you go to the store, washing your hands often and keeping your distance out in public and staying home when you're suck. we've been able to do that
9:30 am
successfully, one of the things that the public health officials people will get tired and fatigued and do measured approaches and strike that balance and i think we've struck the balance slowing the spread of the virus and allowing people to live a more normal life. griff: governor, we're just about out of time and i want to shift gears for a quick answer whether or not in the wake of the capitol riots that you have any threats that you're concerned about there in nebraska? >> no, we don't believe that there's going to be anything special about tomorrow. we have protests planned for the 20th. we have protest last week and protests all the time at the capitol and we expect them to be peaceful. that's the american way and peaceful protest is the way we approach things. violence is never the way that we do things in america. griff: governor pete ricketts, thank you very much. gillian. gillian: americans are helping for more help from the biden
9:31 am
administration. the president-elect now announced aid for those struggling during the pandemic is coming soon into his new administration to the tune of $2 trillion. we'll take a closer look and break it down next.
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it shortens colds! then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. >> president-elect biden has now unveiled his big bid to get pandemic aid to small businesseses and workers with the rescue package. alex hogan has the scoop on what they're saying about what they expect from this plan. hi, alex. >> hi, gillian. this relief package as you said would add up to 1.9 trillion. among the measures would send a $1400 check to individuals, it would also invest 170 billion dollars to reopen schools for 160 billion dollars into a national vaccination program,
9:36 am
extend unemployment insurance through september and increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. >> people tell me that's going to be hard to pass. florida just passed it, as divided as that state is they just passed it. the rest of the country is ready as well, should be a national minimum wage for $15 an hour. no one working 40 hours a week should live below the poverty line. >> strikes taking place in cities around the country yesterday. the group fight for 15 demanding this change. in 2021, 23 states increased their minimum wage. aside from d.c., however, currently no state or territory mandates that $15 minimum, but some cities have set higher minimums. some small businesses, however, are struggling after last year and they argue that higher salaries mean more layoffs, shorter shifts, raising prices or having to cut into other costs. david hoe who says that it's
9:37 am
forcing business owners to question how long they can survive. >> the nervousness is this thing isn't going to be finished until the end this have year. i know the vaccine and all of that is rolling out, but if that's not -- it's not business as usual and i don't believe it's going to be until the end of the year. >> the last time that the federal minimum wage was increased was in 2009 and that was by 70 cents, but it's never been increased by more than a dollar and this would more than double it. gillian. gillian: all right, alex hogan in new york city. thanks so much. griff: senator lindsey graham slamming the russia probe as corrupt and releasing new transcripts and documents. joining us now on this and more is our panel, former clinton white house deputy assistant and third way co-founder, matt bennett and a constitutional law expert who served on
9:38 am
president trump's transition team, mark smith. matt and mark, happy saturday to you. >> happy saturday. griff: let's talk about the graham document dump on russia. and i want to start with you, matt. will this story which we have spent so much time talking about and these documents coming out, will we finally see it continued under john durham in a biden administration? >> i don't know, but let's just not forget that 10 days ago there was an attempted coup on the united states, a violent insurrection that invaded the capitol and threatened the lives of the vice-president and members of congress. we have been talking about this story for four years and we have, i think, gotten just about to the end of the road here, but what we are faced with as a country now are cascading catastrophes in public health, in economics, in climate, and now in this
9:39 am
unbelievable insurrection. so this is obviously a distraction on the part of lindsey graham. i don't know if it will continue under the biden justice department, but i think there's not much more to be said. griff: mark, i talked yesterday to george papadopoulos at the center of all of it and he told me that he believes john durham will continue under the biden administration and he pointed out that he believes if president biden got rid of john durham it would be akin to president trump firing robert mueller. >> yeah, remember the story here at the end of the day involving the investigation is in the fisa court in 2016 is a bigger story. what the story is about is the relationship between government power and individuals and individual rights. and i think that the documents released by senator graham, you know, this week, illustrate the point that there are instances where there's government
9:40 am
overreach and that's a story that will never go away in american life because remember, when government gets too big, individual rights get threatened and i think that's the key to the story associated with this breakdown in the fisa court process where essentially someone like carter page, an american citizen, was able to be investigated arguably spied on in a way that he shouldn't have the process had worked properly. griff: matt, you mentioned the important work and the $2 trillion covid relief package they're going to address very soon so i want to ask you about how much of a senate impeachment trial could delay the biden agenda? >> the well, look, there's no doubt that they've got a lot to do in the senate and not much time to do it. they have he got to get this pandemic relief package passed and that's going to take time. they've got to get the biden team in place. remember, a bunch of his folks have to be senate confirmed, that takes time and then there's a lot more to do beyond that. so, that is what senator schumer and others are
9:41 am
wrestling with, how to sequence all of these things. some have popped they do the senate trial at night, not clear that's constitutional, but there's rules once you start an impeachment trial that's the only thing the senate can be doing, but i don't know exactly where they're going to come down, but that's definitely one big challenge they're facing. griff: mark, we just have a little time left. i want to give you the last word. >> yes, i think the biden administration's got to make a decision, they're either going to have to develop the next 100 days into an impeachment trial in the u.s. senate or set that aside and try to focus on some sort of massive stimulus package which will be full of goodies, i'm sure, to the democratic party's left wing. yes, they'll have to make a decision which way to go, the only person we can ask is senator schumer and joe biden himself. we'll find out soon. griff: we will find out indeed and mark smith and matt bennett we'll have you back to talk about it.
9:42 am
have a great saturday. much more on the biden agenda on fox news sunday. chris wallace has an exclusive interview with incoming advisor brian dietze, check your listings for time and channel. and hogan gibbly joins howard kurtz on media buzz here on fox news channel. gillian: it looks like the n.r.a. is done with the east coast and set their sights on texas. we'll tell you how the super powerful group thinks the lonestar state is where the future is at. stick with us.
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9:47 am
parting shots from the attorney general saying that the organization went on check for years and wants to hold them accountable. >> and we have taken action to dissolve the n.r.a., as a registered nonprofit in new york for violating our charities law because basically, they were diverting funds from this charitable organization for their own personal use and so, the corruption and greed has finally, unfortunately, resulted in in organization filing bankruptcy. >> the move from new york was announced the same time they filed for bankruptcy allowing them to pay creditors and impending from new york from last summer. the group was founded for
9:48 am
marksmanship and safety. the head of the n.r.a. which boasts 500 members, it represents an opportunity for growth and progress and an important part of this plan is dumping new york. they're reincorporating a state that celebrates our law abiding members and will join us a partner in upholding constitutional freedom. this is a transformal moment in the history of the n.r.a. laperriere an under investigation for personal taxes. >> well, the entire city of washington knee deep in preparations for the inauguration on wednesday. it's going to look different from years past. it's going to be small and social distancing. but getting incoming presidents across the finish line. next, we've got a presidential
9:49 am
historian who will say it's time to cheer up and stick together. it's not too late. stick with us.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> my fellow americans, our long national nightmare is
9:53 am
over. gillian: all right, that was part of president gerald ford's 1974 inaugural address. ford was of course trying to bring the nation together following nixon's resignation. nearly 47 years later president-elect joe biden is preparing for his own inauguration. and doug, thank you for being with us. it strikes me listening there to president-elect ford or he wasn't-- i don't know what you call the president who comes in on the heels of impeachment, but you can tell us in a second. it seems like every time we've put an administration to bed, there was a contingent of the-- a significant contingent of the american population, thank god that's over, now we can get around to the nation's real business. it's kind of part of the cycle, isn't it? >> yes, gerald ford was president and what he gave the speech, i had long
9:54 am
conversations with him about it and actually inaugurated in the east room while nixon was lifting off on the helicopter on the south lawn. yes, we've always had this and we've had very contentious times and the key is leadership. in the 1800's there was a terrible partisan battle between republicans and federalists. the republicans were the forerunners of today's democratic party and thomas jefferson in his inaugural said, we are all republicans, we are all federalists, he even defended people calling for an end to the country by saying they're like pillars or monuments to free speech. you compare that to people who want to end all-- they want to have censorship today and lincoln, it was so remarkable, he said with malice toward none, gillian. think of that. charity for all. it was a very divided time. gillian: so, doug, are you saying that when you look at today and how divided the
9:55 am
nation is and how much hate there is for our countrymen on the other sides of the aisle, how divided capitol hill is, are you trying to tell us that we've kind of just seen all of this before and it's just part of the process? >> yes, i'm saying that it can be solved with leadership and compassion. lincoln was a very bitter time, 400,000 youngmen were in graves, the country was filled with widows and orphans and he said malice toward none. i think maybe joe biden missed an opportunity as president-elect by attacking donald trump. he's got to let trump go. let go of that bone and show us the future. where will you take us? what do you believe? we know what he believed and even obama, you know, he said-- he wouldn't let us call them islamic terrorists. you don't attack the people, you attack the leadership, we're not against the people of iran, we're against the leaders of iran and the same should
9:56 am
apply in bringing this country together. we don't need to regram trump voters or as the secretary, a former secretary of labor said, send them to reeducation camp. we need to have malice towards none. and charity for all. gillian: i think your message is exactly what the nation needs. it's time to come together. it's time to put the nastiness aside. at least for one day, so that we can thank president trump for his service on his way out, welcome president-elect biden and everybody can get back to the business of trying to live their lives during this pandemic. thanks so much for joining us this weekend. we really appreciate it. let's have you back soon. >> thanks, gillian. gillian: you bet. griff. griff: we're days away from the inauguration so what's being done here in the nation's capital? we'll bring that to you next. with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health.
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♪ ♪ gillian: preparations are now in full swing for the inauguration wednesday. there is now fencing surrounding the entire national mall, and there will soon be 25,000 national guard troops on the ground spread out across the capital protecting americans in washington d.c. welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington. i'm gillian turner, great to be with everybody, and, griff, it is great to have you onboard. give give thank you. it is so surreal.
10:01 am
for our viewers who have been to the nation's capital, the fencing, the national guard, more than 20,000 on the ground -- gillian: unreal. griff: it is quite something, and we're living in such an important historic time, it's going to be quite a week. gillian: we better not mess it up this hour. griff: yeah, indeed. all right, well, officials are keeping a close eye on the capitol, and they also say there is no direct evidence lawmakers are being threatened. steve harrigan is on the ground following all of this. >> reporter: we'll try and give you a sense of what it feels like here on pennsylvania avenue. if you look down in that that direction, as photographer nathan shows you the route, there's concrete barriers reinforced by trucks if someone tried to ram it. this then way where i'm going now, you can see the fencing begins here, and they've really thrown up checkpoints very quickly. there's still some people out cycling, enjoying the fact that there's almost no cars occupant.
10:02 am
and all along the way buildings, businesses boarded up. so it almost looks like an empty movie set. they've called it the green zone, but there's certainly not the sense of fear that anyone who's been in the green zone in baghdad has seen. the mayor has been clear to keep people out, to keep people away. they're trying to have an overwhelming show of force here. all agencies involved, secret service taking the lead. but tsa, customs and border, fema all working as well, and they're really trying to shut down everything around the city as well. metro's shut down, bus lines9 shut down, four major brings into virginia shut down. they're trying to close this off to make sure this inauguration comes off peacefully. back to you. griff: steve harrigan in the streets of washington. thank you, steve. gillian: the senate judiciary chairman, lindsey graham, has released declassified documents and transcripts, about 11 of them, related to his committee's
10:03 am
investigation into the origins of the probe that looked at the trump campaign's alleged ties to the russian government. mark meredith is at the white house with president trump's latest reaction and the feel there among west wing staff. hi, mark. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. as president trump gets ready to rhee office, one of -- leave office, one of his biggest allies on capitol hill, senator lindsey graham is trying to defend the president's claims that he was unfairly targeted as part of the russia probe. graham having a chance to go through these 31 transcripts -- 11 transcripts, the fbi investigation looked into whether members of then-candidate donald trump's staff colluded with russia. republicans have long argued that the department relied too much on unverified intelligence to justify spying on the campaign. senator graham yesterday saying there was no there there. the investigation was pushed when it should have been stopped, and the only logical
10:04 am
investigation is that the investigators who wanted an outcome because of their bias. both the former director of the fbi, james comey, and democrats have defended this probe. senator dianne feinstein says after multiple hearings, depositions, review, she says, quote: anti9-trump bias did not affect the fbi's investigation. now there is a separate, ongoing probe by the u.s. attorney, john durham. the question, though, is when will we get that report. the president himself has been wondering out loud in previous interviews if we were going to see this report. here's what he had to say. apologize, doesn't sound like we have that sound bite ready, but he was saying he wanted to see the report out there as soon as possible, and he still had a lot of questions about what happened. meantime the, here at the white house the president not going to be doing anything on camera today, they've already called a lilled, but there were still a lot -- a lid. but there are a lot of questions
10:05 am
about what these final few days are going to look like. we know he's heading down to florida early wednesday morning as joe biden is sworn in wednesday early afternoon, and we do expect the president to have an event at joint base andrews before he heads down to mar-a-lago to kick off his post-presidency. gillian: mark, enjoy your last weekend covering the trump administration at the white house. we appreciate it, talk to you later. >> reporter: sounds good, thanks. griff: joining us now is republican south dakota congressman and member of the bipartisan problem solvers caucus, dusty johnson. congressman, thank you for being here. happy saturday to you. >> thanks for having me. griff: there's just a bit of delay. thank you, though, for taking time. let me jump right in, congressman johnson, and ask you your reaction to the russia probe documents released by senator graham. how significant is it?
10:06 am
>> well, i think it's relatively significant. i've just begun my review, but already i think it reiterates what a lot of us have known, that the steele dossier was a very bad piece of intelligence. it was relied on to an entirely unfair degree by the fbi. and then that the fbi filed things with the fisa court that was not accurate. i mean, there are 17 different inaccuracies in those fisa court filings relied on by the fbi. i think it was a mistake, and i think it reiterates that lazy intelligence and potentially political motivation, frankly, led to some spots where we shouldn't have gone. griff: congressman, do you believe as a member of the problem solvers caucus that continuing to look into this story into the biden administration will be productive? >> well, i mean, i do think senator graham is right in wanting to get information out there. frankly, additional transparency is good. people do need to have some
10:07 am
trust in their intelligence agencies. i know that when we were working on fisa reauthorization in the house, it was important to me that before i voted for anything we made the reforms that were necessary making sure we had independent counsel reviewing these fisa applications, making sure that lying to a fisa court was punished appropriately, making sure that the attorney general him or herself was able to review any wiretaps of political candidates or federal office holders. if you don't get the information out, if you don't complete the review, you can't fix the problems. griff: congressman, i want to look forward to the biden agenda. as a member now of the minority party with democrats in control of the white house, the senate and the house of representatives, how confident are you that your side will be listened to on important issues? >> well, i think president-elect biden has a critically-important choice to make. you know, listen, he's got to find a dance partner. he is not going to have the
10:08 am
votes to do it his way in either the house or the senate. the margins are very close and, let's be honest, the democratic party is fractured. president-elect biden is going to need to pick a dance partner. now, he can pick the extreme voices in his party like alexandria ocasio-cortez and try to roll the republicans, he can try to govern from the left. i don't think that's going to be in america's best interests, and an alternative is available to him. i hope he takes it. i hope he tries to work with republicans, find some common ground. i hope he sets aside the most extreme voices in his party because that's a better way to run this country. griff: and how confident are you that your colleagues on the other side of the aisle will work with you? we asked senator bob casey, democrat from pennsylvania, in the last hour talking about the republicans' claims in the impeachment trial. here's what he had to say, listen. >> republican officials in washington lying about my state
10:09 am
over and over again. there has to be a sanction for that. and i think there are a lot of american officials of both parties who believe that the president has, based upon his comments over the last couple months, is a danger to national security. griff: congressman, your reaction. >> well, i voted against impeachment both times. i understand the president has said and done a number of things that have not been helpful, and i think he bears some responsibility for what happened on january 6th. but let's be honest, this impeachment process did not bring the country closer together. it has made bipartisanship more difficult. some of the most angry, most toxic, most rancorous rhetoric that i've herald in washington in the last -- heard in washington in the last two years happened on the house floor during the impeachment proceeding. i just think no hearing, no witnesses called, done during the fog of war before even initial fact-finding was completed was a mistake, and
10:10 am
unfortunately, it's going to make bipartisanship a little bit more difficult until we can buy down, until we can work down the anger. griff: and we're looking at the nation's capitol there. we'll see, congressman dusty johnson, if you expect democrats can get something done for the american people. thank you very much for taking time, sir. gillian? gillian: so while the nation's capital is completely lock aring down in advance of the inauguration, law enforcement is preparing for yet more protests not only in d.c., but across the country this weekend. for more insight, let's bring in retired fbi special agent maureen o'connell. maureen, i'm so glad to have you here today. thanks for taking time with us on this very busy weekend. i want to ask you, first, about what is going on in the nation's capital right now. there's a real sense among the citizens of washington that this is all a bit tragic. we're living under what feels like a state of martial law right now. 25,000 national guard troops will soon be here.
10:11 am
it feels like you can't really drive your car down onety block without being -- city block without being stopped by a national guard troop with an automatic weapon who wants to see your id or stop you from driving. and while all of this is fine to protect the inago ration, there's a real sense that this was all really needed a week ago or just with over a week ago on january 6th when lawmakers came under attack in the capitol, and this is now all just for show. what is the grounds here? >> you're right, gillian. we are in historic tick times, and this is just an -- historic times, and this is an unprecedented situation that the fbi and the state and locals as well have to deal with. right now this is one of the most forward-leaning situations, this is the most forward-lean aring situation that the fbi has had since 9/11 -- gillian: wow. that's quite a statement, maureen. when you say forward-leaning, what do you mean exactly? >> i mean it's all hands on
10:12 am
deck. this is the number one goal of all 56 field offices, all the people that were -- i'm talking about the agitators and the rioters that were there in d.c. and the people that facilitated that online, they've all gone back to their respective corners, so to speak, so they're in different areas of responsibility for the different fbi field offices, and they're having to deal with them as well. they're all, obviously, working really hard, and there's two schools of thought about shutting down all the communications on parler and other blogs and stuff like that. some people are saying it's thwarting the investigation, and others are saying it's forcing them to go to other modes of communication which might or might not be easier to take a look at. gillian: right. so as washington, d.c. has locked down and locked down further and further over the last week, we keep hearing about these imminent threats. but then a new strain of thought entered the bloodstream this week.
10:13 am
we hear from the fbi that, actually, there are no credible threats right now that indicate back on january 6th any lawmakers were being targeted for kidnap or assassination. we then hear this from the deputy homeland security secretary, ken cucinelli. take a listen to what he told fox business the other day. >> we expect a safe, smooth inauguration, and nothing has happened to change that including january 6th. while it's raised attention to the security around the the inauguration, this planning has been going on across the u.s. government with state and local partners since last may may. gillian: so he's saying nothing going, everything's fine, no need to worry. but then why are we being forced to live this way for more than two weeks now? >> well, because this is a well-oiled machine. i mean, this is not the first rodeo for all these police departments, and the secret service has the ticket, or they
10:14 am
have the lead on this inauguration. they've done it many, many times, and they're just wonderful professionals when it comes to that. the difference here is the target, meaning the capitol, it has been hardened to an extent that he does feel that this is now a, it's going to be a peaceful transition. you know, as my mother used to say, i'm going to have peace in this house if i have to kill somebody to get it. [laughter] it's going to be a peaceful transition. the thing i'm concerned about are going to be soft targets and, gillian, you know that from your background that soft targets are going to be harder. and when you look at what happened on the 6th, one thing people aren't really talking about is those two ieds that were at opposite ends that forced resources to go in opposite directions which, to me, is a relatively sophisticated technique that was utilized to gain access to the capitol. gillian: yeah, no, you're right. some really terrifying things transpired that day. we're all now left wondering
10:15 am
whether the price we're being forced to pay as is thes of the city is equal -- citizens of the city is equal because so much of law enforcement was underprepared on that day. maureen, thank you so much for sharing your perspective with us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you, gillian. and good luck. jill illinois thank you. ♪ ♪ live in give parts of the northeast are getting snow this weekend as a storm that brought heavy snow to the midwest heads east. meteorologist adam klotz is in the extreme weather center with today's forecast. hi, adam. adam: hey, gr are iff. -- griff. yeah, tracking that winter weather. i'll begin with our current temperatures across the country. you do see this system just recently moved across the midwest, spots have fallen down into the 30s, a bunch of snow last night. there's your center of circulation. we're getting to the point where this is just now really lifting up into parts of new england. interior new england is where you're going to see the most
10:16 am
snow, but there's still plenty of nasty rain and cold, frigid temperatures right along the coastline. and back farther to the south you saw snow across portions of northern alabama and north georgia earlier today all associated with this big winter system we're continuing to track. along the coast winds anywhere from 20-30 miles an hour, and you see a spot with wind gusts up closer to 50 miles an hour. again, that's right on the coast where you're seeing this cold, freezing rain. the future forecast brings rain farther inland are, and the back side of this system is where we start to see more widespread 20s and 30s as this pulls some of that cold air with it. here are our current temperatures for your forecast high, again, the coldest air on the back side of this system. and into the week ahead we have eventually some arctic air, that holding system kind of pulling this arctic air mass down, so i do think we're going to see some of this cold air from canada
10:17 am
slip down into portions of the midwest and the plains here in the next couple of days. back to you. griff: all right. adam, it looks cold in that area coming out of the north. adam cloth. gillian: well, it is nfl divisional round week, and fox per 6 is giving away half a million dollars and an all new ford f-50. we're going to tell you next how you can enter to get into the running to win and what's expected in this weekend's games. that right after the break. ♪ ♪ cold coming on? zicam® is clinically proven to shorten colds! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. griff: thank you. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ new projects means new project managers.
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♪ ♪ griff: welcome back. big weekend for nfl with the divisional round of the playoffs. two big games on fox. first, rams versus packers today, and buccaneers versus saints tomorrow. let's break it all down with fox sports nfl reporter jen hale. jen, happy saturday. are you ready for some football? >> happy game day. it is the playoffs, and i could not be more thrilled. griff: all right. let's look at this packers/rams game. who's going to win, and what do we need to pay attention to? >> this is going to be a fan a tsa inmatchup because -- fantastic matchup because you've got the nation's best defense against one of the most prolific offenses. i am taking the packers in this
10:22 am
one by 7, and there's a couple of reasons why. aaron rodgers playing at mvp level, and devonta adams probably the best receiver in the game. rams defense, yes, number one in the nation, but they're pretty banged up. they had a bruising game last week. quarterback jared goff just had thumb surgery a couple days after christmas, i'm curious how the cold weather's going to affect him. and probably the best defensive player in the nation, aaron donald, he's got some torn rib cartilage. he says he's feeling pine -- fine, but it is going to be a fantastic matchup. keep an eye on adams and defensive back jalen ramsey, how does he cover hum. that is the matchup to watch. griff: it is, indeed. and tomorrow brady versus brees, the bucs versus the saints, how's that going to be? >> two of the most prolific
10:23 am
passers in nfl history. by the way, happy birthday to drew brees, he turned 42 yesterday. tom brady, 43. there's so much made about the age of these two quarterbacks, i think they're going to put on a fantastic show. this is also the third time this season the two have met, which is unusual. week nine was the last meeting, and the saints blew out the bucs 38-3. i think they're going to attack drew much differently this game. it's going to be a very close one, i think. i'm taking the saints by 3, and the x factor to watch, antonio brown. he has definitely renewed his nfl career. he's got a new mindset, and he's coming on strong at just the right time. griff: how dangerous is brady in january? >> you know, he's in a different uniform, griff, but it's the same thing as when he was with the patriots. he knows how to peak at just the right time, and he has his
10:24 am
entire squad doing it. i think it's going to be a much different story than week nine. griff: just walking it out a little bit, your prediction on saints is wrong, we could have aaron rodgers facing tom brady, it would be another head to held of some of the greatest to ever play the game. >> absolutely. and however this thing shakes out, you've got star quarterbacks all over the the playoffs whether it's the established names like brees, brady and rodgers, or at the afc you've got up and comers like josh allen and lamar jackson. i think we are looking forward to some really amazing matchups going forward and in the super bowl. griff: so what are the keys to games that we're seeing playing out today and tomorrow? if you are one of these fair weather football fans, you haven't paid attention all season -- and it's been quite a season -- but now you're coming in now, what's special this time?
10:25 am
>> this time around because of covid, because of the truncated training camps and no preseason, so many teams are just now finding their rhythm, more so than ever because of the shortened schedule. so it is a perfect time the tune in you're that fair weather fan that you're talking about, and keep an eye on the health of players. it is always such a key factor, griff. you want to be at your best in the postseason, be playing your best football. health is huge, and i think that's one reason why green bay is going to have such an advantage tomorrow -- or this afternoon, excuse me -- because they had that bye week, and that is such a coveted treasure. only one team for each conference got it this season because of covid, and i think green bay is going to have the advantage greatly for that reason. griff: and, jen, before we run out of time, viewers could stand to win big bucks and a truck. explain. [laughter] >> yeah. go to your app store, download the super 6 fox bet app. it's free to play.
10:26 am
if you guess the scores accurately, you could win $250,000 on each game, and for tomorrow's saints/bucs matchup, they're also throwing in a ford f-150 truck. griff: all right. so a wager between you and i, jen, let me get this right, you've got the saints, so today you've got the bucs -- the rams and then the saints, what are your picks? >> i'm going packers by 7 today and the saints by 3 tomorrow. although i think it is going to be, they're going to trade blows all game long. it's going to be one you can't take your eyes off of. griff: all right. that gives me the rams and the bucs, i'll take you on. jen hale, thank you very much, looking forward to it. appreciate you taking the time. >> thanks for having me. griff: all right. be sure to tune in to fox today at 4:35 p.m. eastern for the rams and packers, and tomorrow tom brady and the tampa bay buccaneers will take on drew brees and the new orleans saints
10:27 am
at 6:40 p.m. eastern. you don't want to miss it. gillian: president-elect biden is unveiling his vaccination plan, and it includes a much, much bigger role for the federal government than president trump's states-led agenda. we'll dig into both the pros and cons coming up next. ♪
10:28 am
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♪ ♪ gillian: president-elect biden is now outlining his plans for covid-19 vaccinations, distributions, injections. it includes a much bigger role for the federal government than president trump's states-led agenda. hillary vaughn is in wilmington where the president-elect is today with all the details. hi, hillary. >> reporter: hi, gillian. president-elect biden's plan all hinges on one thing, getting more supply of the vaccine in order to meet the demand and the deadline that biden is setting, 100 million shots in americans'
10:32 am
arms in his first 100 days in office. but part of biden's plan to get there does look similar in ways to what the trump administration has already been doing but with a different price tag. >> this will be one of the most challenging operational efforts ever undertaken by our country. but you have my word we will manage the hell out of this operation. as i said last night, we need funding from congress to make this happen. >> reporter: biden's $20 billion national vaccine program includes making all people 65 and up eligible for the vaccine including front-line workers and also making the vaccine easier to find by putting pop-up vaccination stations in pharmacies. those are two things that health
10:33 am
care h or s secretary alex hay czar has called for -- alex azar has called for in the last few days. biden would call on the national guard, he says he'll use the defense authorization production act, but that's already been in use by president trump right now. another hurdle though is congress. this $20 billion program is folded into biden's $2 trillion rescue package which some senate republicans are balking at the cost of. senator pat toomey saying this: in less than one year, congress has nearly doubled the entire federal budget. blasting out another $2 trillion in printed money when the ink on december's $1 trillion aid bill is barely dry and much of the money is not yet spent would be a colossal waste and economically harmful. and, gillian, it's key that this is part of that rescue package because biden, to pass it through regular order, needs ten republicans in the senate onboard. gillian? gillian: well, hillary vaughn, thanks for joining us from wilmington. appreciate it. griff? griff: all right. for more on how vaccinations are going on a local level, with us
10:34 am
now is florida state representative randy fine and houston city council member amy peck. randy and amy, thank you for joining us. happy saturday. randy, let's start with you in florida. how is the advantage is i nation rollout -- vaccination roll outgoing? >> it's going as well as it can be. the fact is we don't have enough vaccine from the federal government. but we've vaccinated more than 500,000 seniors in the state of florida, more than any other state in the country, and we've led the country in realizing we should be focused on seniors, not simply grocery store workers or those over the age of 75. we're focusing on seniors first in florida. griff: all right. amy, let me ask you there in houston, one of the biggest cities in texas, how are things going in your area and also statewide from your perspective? >> well, in houston it's pretty much the same as it sounds like it is in florida. we need more vaccines. but the ones that we've received, houston has done a great job in getting those out,
10:35 am
about 84% of the vaccines we've received have gone out there, and the rest are scheduled to go out. so we're getting them out there just as fast as they're coming in and throughout the state of texas as well. griff: randy, we do this segment local lawmakers so people can hear from people on the ground, and that's why i asked the first question of how it's going right where you are. but as you look to president-elect biden's aggressive plan, what do you, what do you want to say to them? what input would you want for them to have? >> i'd want them to focus on the problem. the problem in florida is not pop-ups at cvss. the problem is we need more vaccine. governor desantis has done a great job of getting the vaccine into people's hands getting it out the door quickly, we need more vaccine from the manufacturers. if his plan gets more vaccine out, that's great. if it doesn't, that's a waste of money.
10:36 am
griff: amy, what about you? >> it's really the same thing here in texas. we need more vaccines. there are more people who want to get the vaccines than we have right now. griff: so when you hear from the incoming biden administration this lofty goal of 100 million doses in the first 100 days, randy, you first, what's your reaction? >> i don't think it's good enough. i mean, there are 300 million people in america and 100 million doses in 100 days is only 50 million people. so we need to do better than that, and i'm not impressed. i think the federal government needs to work with the manufacturers or to get more doses out. president-elect biden needs to focus on the problem and not talking points. the problem is not distribution, the problem is we need more vaccine. griff: amy, what about you? your reaction? >> yes, absolutely. we need more vaccines. i think president-elect biden needs to work with any manufacturing company that can produce the vaccine to get it out there faster than this plan even calls for. there are people who are trying so hard to get the vaccine.
10:37 am
the city of houston opened up 2,600 additional vaccines yesterday, and it was also appointments were scheduled within 16 minutes. people want the vaccine. griff: well, it's a very clear message really from both of you, two of the nation's biggest states. i want to take just a moment before we run out of time to ask both of you what lessons in the last year of this pandemic have been learned in your areas that can serve to help the incoming administration? randy, what lessons did you learn? >> well, i think president-elect biden could learn the lessons of what governor desantis is doing which is get the schools open fast, recognize that widespread lockdowns simply do not work. our results in florida are better than they are nationwide. focus on getting vaccines out quickly to the elderly. if he follows governor desantis' lead, he'll do fine. griff: councilwoman, what about you? >> in houston we have learned a
10:38 am
lot about what we still need as far as health care for people, as far as if something like this were to happen again, how to roll out something this fast. texas is also leading the nation in the number of vaccines that are being distributed and administered, and we need to keep with that process, and i hope that other states can learn from what texas is doing and houston as well. griff: i've focused this entire segment on vaccination, but just very quickly in the time we have left, i want do both of you how are the businesses doing? because they also suffered greatly during the pandemic. randy? >> they're struggling. i mean, we're a tourism-driven state, and there's a lot of people who don't want to travel. but they're struggling a lot less here than they are in other states. we have a $2 billion budget shortfall in florida, not tens of billions oz you're seeing in states involved in endless shutdowns with no end in sight. our businesses are suffering, our people are suffering, but they're not suffering as much as elsewhere. griff: and a quick final word from you with, amy. >> businesses are suffering here
10:39 am
in houston as well. it's been a real struggle for a lot of businesses, for a lot of people to get back to work with additional shutdowns that we've had recently. we're trying to help businesses as much as possible to see them through this pandemic. griff: councilwoman amy peck and representative randy fine from florida, thank you very much. >> thank you. griff: just days before the inauguration, u.s. adversaries are ratcheting up to get the incoming administration's attention. what they are doing during the transition of power, coming up. ♪ ♪
10:40 am
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♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ gillian: well, or iran and north korea's regimes are stepping up military drills and weapons testing in a show of force for the incoming biden administration. so is it working? is the biden team quaking in their boots? ryan chill cote in london breaking down these merging threats. hi, ryan. >> reporter: hi, gillian. iran has already begun enriching uranium to levels closer to weapons grade, and today the revolutionary guard conducted a drill where it sent ballistic missiles into a simulated target in the indian ocean. now, two of those missiles, it looks like, flew -- according to the iranian military -- more
10:45 am
than 1,000 miles and smashed into that target which ran january state -- iranian state tv described as hypothetical, hostile enemy ships. nimitz, a u.s. aircraft carrier, was about 100 miles away from the target. not close enough to see it over the horizon, but near enough for the military to get the hint. president trump ordered the nimitz to remain in that area through the inauguration. relations between u.s. and iran, of course, have been tense ever since president trump exited the iran nuclear deal. president biden has indicated he would like to see that deal back in place. meanwhile, north korea held a military parade that was attended by its leader, kim jong un, that showcased what appeared to be a new ballistic missile, calling it the world's most powerful weapon. kim jong un calls the u.s. north korea's biggest enemy and said
10:46 am
relations would only improve if washington changes its policies on north korea. and, gillian, remember the last transition. you had then-president obama and his team warning then-incoming president-elect trump and his team that the biggest national security threat to the united states, the biggest priority for president trump's team should be north korea. you have to wonder what kind of handover is taking place now. gillian? gillian: some things don't change that much as the years go by. ryan chilcot in london, thanks so much, we appreciate it. griff: well, it'll be a speech for the history books. we'll ask a former george w. bush speech writer what message president-elect biden needs to deliver to bring america together. ♪ ♪
10:47 am
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now california phones offers free devices and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. ♪ ♪ >> america at its best matches a commitment to principle with a concern for civility. gillian: that was president george w. bush's 2001 inaugural address following the vote recount that happened in the election battle. just days from now we're going to hear what president-elect biden is going to zero in on in
10:51 am
his address. sources tell us he and his team have been working on that speech for weeks. we are joined by former speech writer for president george w. bush, also the author of "heart of perfection," colleen carol campbell. colleen, it's great to have somebody with firsthand perspective on this. prime ministers tend to laser in -- presidents tend to laser in and have one really core, resounding message in these speeches. george h.w. bush had the thousand points of light, then we had president g.w. bush, we had president obama with hope and change. president trump, i guess, talked about bringing an end to american carnage. what's going to to be joe biden's core message on wednesday, do you think? >> well, i think what it needs to be is unity. we're at a point in our country where we're feeling, i think, more fractured than we ever have in recent memory, maybe than we have since the civil war. this is a very fragile time for americans, and whether they vote for biden or not, i think a lot
10:52 am
of americans will be looking to him, and they want to see that we can get through this thing, that we can still do the mess i work of democracy with humility and respect and reason. it's still possible for us to be this bee can of -- beacon of freedom to the world. and i think everyone's very hungry right now for the reassuring words of a real leader. and in some sense, that gives him a real opportunity. but it's also a huge challenge given everything america's facing right now. gillian: so there's also this reality that we are going to see a return to more traditional messaging from a president biden, you know? instead of relying on twitter or and doing extemporaneous remarks to the press on the south lawn for hours at a time like president trump likes to do, biden's really going to rely on, you know, the old faithful; white house statements, formal briefings in the press room, speeches that are, like, heavy on policy content. do you think not harnessing the
10:53 am
power of social media going to ultimately hurt him? you know, it is 2021 now. it's ard to kind of take the genie -- it's hard to kind of take the genie and pull it back in the bottle. >> that's true, but i would say social media is behind a lot of the problems we're having. we're all getting our information in our own little silos, we're not the really seeing the big picture, and we get nastier and nastier because you don't have to look somebody in the eye anymore -- gillian: that is true. >> i think in some sense there's a hunger for the president to go back to the more traditional modes. you know, we can all make fun of the establishment and make fun of the old, polite ways of doing things, but sometimes some of those old traditions and old polite ways hold up something that's very fragile, much more fragile than we realize. i think there's actually a hunger for biden to take on that more traditional role, and presidential rhetoric has historically been about the long view of our republic and the long view of us as a people.
10:54 am
so i think he needs to speak as much to those who voted for him as to those who didn't. this thing isn't going to fall apart on my watch, and i think people want to hear that when they agree with his policies or not. gillian: yeah, well said. >> talk to us about what the speech writing team is feeling right now. there's this great sense that biden is going to rely more heavily on public policy speeches not just on wednesday, but throughout his term. there's an incredible amount of pressure on the speech writing team right now four days out from what's going to be one of the defining moments of his entire administration. it's also going to happen before he ever sets foot in the oval office. there's really a lot going on, right? >> there is. and i think always as a presidential speech writer you have that sense of history on your shoulders. but i think what happens when you don't have that sense, when you have a sense that you're just off the cuff saying whatever you feel like saying
10:55 am
that's all about you. so i think it's important that speech writers feel intimidated in this moment. it can be a good thing. it can be a good thing for the president-elect to say, wow, this is not all about me. i think that sense of history and, usually typically what they do is they go all the way back, and they see what other presidents have said. i'm sure we're going to to see some echoes of that in his speech if it follows the usual -- gillian: yeah. colleen, we've got to leave it there, but thanks so much for sharing your insight this weekend. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. gillian: you bet. griff: fox news alert, we want to show you president-elect biden there in wilmington, delaware, where he and vice president-elect kamala harris are now naming key members of their science team. he's very busy right now just four days ahead of the inauguration. these are key members of his science team. we'll bring it to you when we get more throughout the day.
10:56 am
gillian? gillian: well, actress betty white is getting ready to celebrate her birthday. the former golden girls star is turning 99 tomorrow. so what's her secret to a long life? she told people magazine it is a positive attitude and enjoying life. happy birthday, betty. that's something we could all learn from. give give betty the white, america's grandma. happy birthday. that's unbelievable. i love it. gillian: and how great is the golden girls? it never ages. still a classic. griff: love it. well, that's all for us here in washington. "america's news headquarters" continues. i'm griff jenkins -- gillian: great to be with you at home. we'll catch you next weekend. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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arthel: massive security presence in nation capitol, that's more than 3 times as many the number of american troops currently in afghanistan and in iraq combined, roads are also blocked off as officials are taking no chances. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville, hi, eric. eric: hi, arthel. thank you for joining uses this afternoon. i'm eric sean. district officials setting up perimeter throughout the downtown, barriers in


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