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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 16, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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arthel: massive security presence in nation capitol, that's more than 3 times as many the number of american troops currently in afghanistan and in iraq combined, roads are also blocked off as officials are taking no chances. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville, hi, eric. eric: hi, arthel. thank you for joining uses this afternoon. i'm eric sean. district officials setting up perimeter throughout the downtown, barriers in the white
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house and capitol and canceling most events as a precaution but two permits were granted to allow protests nearby. authorities are bracing for possible unrest at all 50 state capitols, there have been the warnings but we should emphasize so far officials say there are no real exact credible threats. we have live fox news coverage for you, casey steigel in austin texas, let's begin with steve harrigan with the latest in the nation's capitol, steve. steve: eric, we heard quite a bit about the security zone or green zone being set by the secret services around the white house. you can see the security zone growing as we speak. it's getting longer and longer. this is about an 8-foot high steel fence all the way down this block. the white house is actually several blocks over say the security zone is growing, it's being reinforced at some of the intersections there's dump
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trucks the steel fence to make sure no one can smash through. when you talk to experts they say the overwhelming use of force should be effective. >> number 1, the fact that there's not going to be anybody there which that makes it easy to control because if there are no people, then, you know, your threat level is greatly diminished. you add to that the overwhelming show of force which, you know, an overwhelming show of force in many cases will actually deter the violence that might come along. >> parts of the city are largely -- some cyclists are taking advantage of the fact that there's no cars. dc mayor said to stay away and made for easy as metros are closed,there could be more natil guard out here than people
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watching the inauguration, eric, back to you. eric: better be safe, of course, than sorry after what we saw last week. steve harrigan in washington, d.c., thanks, steve. arthel: meanwhile officials across the country are preparing for potential unrest after a warning from the fbi of planned, quote, armed protests at all 50 state capitol, austin is one of those places, casey steigel live, casey. reporter: arthel, good to see you, texas dps, department of public safety, made the decision late yesterday to go ahead and close down the capitol building here in austin altogether, no one is allowed on the capitol grounds through at least wednesday of next week. there is a very heavy law enforcement presence here. we can tell you that. protests are planned. additional personnel have been deployed. they are working closely with the fbi as are officials in
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michigan. look at the video coming out of there. the national guard has been activated across the state to help secure the capitol and lansing, a temporary fence has gone up 6 feet high and offices have been boarded up. in utah where state highway patrol and salt lake city police say that all of this is out of an abundance of caution. >> we would rather be prepared for the worst and have nothing happen than not be prepared. that's the way we are looking at things right now. reporter: california governor gavin newsom has also activated about a thousand troops of the state's national guard and fence has been put up around the capitol building in sacramento. this is a scene that we are seeing play out at states all over the country ahead of inauguration day. arthel. arthel: yeah, casey, these are
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preparations and we are hoping and praying for the best, of course, you, of course, are looking out for longhorn country. casey, thank you very much. we will go to eric now. eric: arthel, back to washington, d.c. and the russia probe, you know the senate judiciary committee has released transcripts and documents related to its investigation of the origins and aftermath of the russia investigation which, of course, possible contacts between the 2016 trump campaign and moscow. senate judiciary senate chairman lindsey graham calling initial probe in his words, quote, one of the most incompetent and corrupt investigations in the history of the fbi and doj. mark meredith live at the white house with reaction there. mark. mark: eric, good afternoon, well, since the beginning president trump claimed that he has been unfairly targeted because of the russia probe. it took time as he got started here in office. so many republican allies were speaking up for the president
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and now as you mentioned south carolina senator lindsay graham releasing transcripts of how probe got started. we are talking about cross-fire hurricane, investigation into looked into contacts between the trump campaign and there was concerns whether or not they were colluding with russia. graham and others argue that justice department relied way too heavily on unverified intelligence to justify the spying on the campaign to begin with. senator graham as you mentioned, eric, had a statement about this pretty direct, i believe that cross-fire was incompetent investigations in the history of fbi and doj. former fbi director james comey defended bureau, told congress that there were missteps but, overall, done by the book, democrats are also defending scrutiny of ties with russia and trump staffers. >> number one, it's irrefutable the russian government interfered in the 2016 election. the president at the time welcomed that. look, there's no question about
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it that russia and vladimir putin in particular was allowed to do things that in the last couple of that he was not allowed to do when president obama was in office. mark: meanwhile back here in washington, sources fox news that the president will be leaving the white house wednesday morning before joe biden is sworn in. he's expected to head over to joint base andrews for an event there that is still being worked on and then making the trip with the first lady down to south florida. we won't be there for inauguration. vice president mike pence on the road making his way to california, delivering message to sailors and expected to visit fort drum in new york tomorrow. when we mentioned the president will be not be at the capitol for swearing in, vice president mike pence says he will be there. eric: we will analyze the intelligence that senator graham released and we will get reaction to what has been revealed, mark, thank you. arthel.
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arthel: eric, thank you, president elect joe biden unveiling his plan to pick up the pace of covid knack nations, it involves several steps including the creation of more vaccination sites all with the ultimate goal of getting 100 million americans vaccinated in the first 100 days of his presidency. hillary vaughn is live in wilmington, delaware with all the details for uses, hillary. hillary, hi, arthel, the driving force between president elect's strategy to get the virus under control has been to listen to the scientists and happening right now in wilmington biden is introducing key members to his science team right now and the top science adviser now for the first time ever will be elevated to a cabinet position in biden's administration. yesterday biden announced his national vaccine program that he says the scientists today had been a key part of. he says it will help him meet his goal, 100 million shots in
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the americans' arms in first 100 days, similar to what the trump administration has already been doing but with a different price tag, $20 billion. >> one of the most challenging operational efforts ever undertaken by our country but you have my word, we will manage the hell out of this operation. but as i said last night, we need funding from congress to make this happen. hillary: the program includes making all people 65 and up eligible for the vaccine including frontline workers as well and also making the vaccine easier to find by putting pop-up vaccination sections in pharmacies around the country. two things that trump hhs alex azar called for in the past few days but biden would do more. he would deploy the national guard and fema to help states distribute the vaccine, big
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hurdle for biden in rolling out the program is going to be congress because it is folded into 2 trillion rescue package which has not been popular with some progressives. >> we just rolled out a 900 billion-dollar stimulus package, that really hasn't taken hold yet. this is about nancy pelosi trying to get $3 trillion through and she only got 1 trillion and now she's using the opportunity to try to push these other agenda items. you know, the answer is let's distribute the vaccine, let's get the economy open again. hillary: and, arthel, biden needs 10 republican senators to back this rescue package if he wants to pass it through congress in regular order, but some senators have also already spoken -- speaking out against it, senator pat toomey blasting spending calling it a colossal weight. arthel. arthel: i'm surge people waiting
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for the vaccine would not call it -- >> eric: arthel, national rifle association is filing for bankruptcy, plans to move headquarters from new york to texas. the moves comes as gun right group battles lawsuit filed by new york attorney general, lucas tomlinson on the latest with the lawsuit and what the nra faces. lucas: nra is divorcing new york and marrying texas. the organization has gone uncheck for many years and wants to hold them accountable. >> basically they were diverting funds from this charitable organization for their own personal use and so the corruption and greed as finally unfortunately resulted in this
11:12 am
organization filing bankruptcy. >> announced at the same time the nra filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, a business decision that would allow to repay and filed a lawsuit last summer. headquarters remain in fairfax, virginia outside of nation's capital and become the largest gun rights advocacy group in the country. lapierre with 5 million members, this is pathway to opportunity, growth and progress, obviously important part of this plan is dumping new york. this is a transformational moment in the history of the nra. lapierre under investigation from the irs for potential fraud linked to personal taxes, eric. eric: all right, lucas, thanks so much. arthel. arthel: and that was, of course, new york general -- attorney general latisha james and not aoc, so we are sorry for that misrepresentation there. meanwhile dc in a virtual
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lockdown ahead of wednesday's inauguration of president elect joe biden, we will take a deeper look at how the police and military plan to keep the event safe.
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eric: manhunt underway for multiple suspects in california after a sheriff's deputy wounded in a shout-out, this happened last night in sacramento county. the sheriff's office there not releasing a lot of details but does say one suspect was killed at the scene in the shootout and the search right now on for more suspects allegedly involved. the 47-year-old sheriff's deputy is identified as 15-year veteran on the force and we are told he has been hospitalized, arthel. arthel: eric, it is the weekend before president elect joe biden's inauguration and washington, d.c. on lock down with barriers surrounding the white house, national mall and capitol building, of course, out of abundance of caution and the pentagon authorizing increase in national guard troops in our nation's capitol to 25,000. ted williams joins uses now, fox news contributor, ted, you're
11:18 am
also former homicide detective in dc, you know all the dark corners of the city. describe how security looks today and through over the next few days and is it enough to protect precious personnel and property? ted: hi, arthel, i can tell you that security is on a very, very high alert and you can get into fort knox a lot easier than you would be able to get to certain areas of washington, d.c. what happens is every year the -- when there's an inauguration, every 4 years, if secret services take charge and they have law enforcement partners as well as military partners and they all get together for one thing that they have to do and that is to make sure that the inaugural goes smoothly and that the president of the united states is sworn in without any
11:19 am
problem. this inauguration is different, arthel, than any inaugurations that i've seen since i've been in this town and that is where you have additional national guard units, where you have additional state and local police officers from all over the country coming to washington, d.c. to try to make sure that this inauguration goes properly after what took place at the capitol on january the sixth of this year. arthel: yeah, and so ted, there's some spots that spectators can go, so tell us about that, the national guard -- federal law enforcement, they are going to secure, they are calling the areas the first amendment zones, national memorial plaza and john marshal park, you know, how do you protect those areas, allow the freedom of -- you know, people's rights to come and see, the
11:20 am
extraordinary transition of power, but how do make sure that nobody is bringing guns or weapons to those areas? ted: well, normally when there's an inauguration in the district of colombia, the mall area is normally open to the public. in this inauguration the mall area will not be open. as you've said there are two areas that will, in fact, be open and they are called first amendment zones and those zones are for people to be able to come and demonstrate, but in order to get into those areas, individuals will perhaps have to go through magnitometers to make sure they do not bring weapons into the areas and those areas will be far from the capitol enough where there will not be any interruption of the inauguration of president elect joe biden. arthel: ted, you know, if the
11:21 am
insurrectionists, considered the capitol breach a success, are they emboldened to try to carry out a terror attack, another one during the inauguration or will they wait until they think no one is looking? ted: you know, that's an excellent question, and i can tell you my thinking on this is that they will be in a position to wait. they realize that the district of colombia is an armed camp and highly unlikely unable to be successful and they want to be successful as they carried out as they were successful in the capitol on january 6th. what i anticipate is that they will wait. all 50 states are on high alert because something could very well happen at a capitol, but these targets that they are looking at are also going to be
11:22 am
soft targets, arthel, not only the capitol, but not only the federal government buildings and targets. so there's a great deal of disruption that i anticipate in the near future. arthel: that's not good but i'm sure law enforcement will be on top of this. i want to ask you if you can -- it's a little bit complicated, if you can give me 20 seconds on this. there's new discovery that capitol police were warned 3 days in advance of the terror attacks that congress itself could be targeted on january 6th siege of the capitol building. what might that probe look like? >> it's going to be an all encompassing investigation and it should be. the sad commentary in this town is that you have all of these federal agencies and state and local police agencies and for
11:23 am
some reason they don't communicate with each other, that is just stupid, just stupid, it should not happen in america. it should not happen in this city. arthel: ted williams, thank you very much for joining uses. see you again, ted, thank you. ted: my pleasure. arthel: eric. eric: arthel, iran doing trouble saber rattling, they fired long-range of missile into the indian ocean as officials say the missile came dangerously close to a commercial ship and 100 miles from our one of our aircraft carrier battle groups. the latest show of force as other adversaries are getting ready for new administration. ryan, pretty disturbing? >> tehran definitely flexing muscles here. iran was enriching uranium and
11:24 am
today iranian revolutionary guard conducted a drill where it launched missiles in the indian ocean. the missiles or some of them according to iranian state tv flew more than a thousand miles before they hit the target which state tv by the way described as hypothetical hostile enemy ships. u.s. military officials tell fox news the nimitz was 100 miles away from the target, not close enough to see it over the horizon but near enough, eric, for the u.s. military to get the hint. president trump ordered nimitz to remain during inauguration. it's been there for a while. relations between u.s. and iran have been tense since exiting the iran deal. meanwhile north korea held a military parade that was attended by its leader kim jong un to showcase what appeared a
11:25 am
ballistic missile of their own. kim jong un who held several rounds as you neglect -- you know, called greatest enemy and relations would improve if washington changes policies on north korea. eric, 4 years ago, then president obama and his team advised then president elect trump and his team that the united states' biggest national security priority, his administration priority should be north korea. here we are 4 years later, interesting, what if anything, is being discussed between the two administrations in terms of a handover, eric. eric: yeah, between the ayatollah and tehran and dangerous dictator in pyongyang, the president elect will have his hands full, ryan in london, thank you. arthel. arthel: senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey
11:26 am
graham is releasing documents related to investigation into the origins of the russia probe that while small businesses continue to struggle without government assistance during the pandemic. we will have details on both coming up new advil dual action with acetaminophen fights pain in two ways. advil targets pain at the source... ...while acetaminophen blocks pain signals. the future of pain relief is here. new advil dual action.
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11:31 am
related to the origins of the trump-russia probe. senator graham ripping into the investigation as what he claims is, quote, one of the most incompetent and corrupt operations in the history of the fbi and doj, this senator says, but officials have long defended actions as completely proper. despite that senator graham says, quote, i consider the cross-fire hurricane investigation a massive system failure by senior leadership but not representative of the dedicated hard-working patriots who protect our nation every day at the federal bureau of investigation and the department of justice, so what did we learn? chris bedford, senior editor at the federalist. chris, what do you think is the critical takeaway from what senator graham released this week? chris: so we had some of the ideas that some of the supervisors, not ideas, they were politically in motivation, we had senior officer who was
11:32 am
basically the reason the agent left the task force saying that he didn't want to actually try to validate the steel dossier and he didn't want to go into it and we had peter strzok shooting down any kind of review. the whole problem here is that there was a review and spying on an incoming administration that had already won the election to try and -- try and frame them using documents, steele dossier, operation research that wasn't reliable at all. it was a bunch of rumors, third party, things that had been passed through. he wanted to leave it because he was concerned -- so concerned that there was no validation here and when he asked for validation, we need to get human sources to look through the steele dossier before we move forward, he was turned down on that. the reason is they didn't want anything to leak, sure, that makes sense but if you're going after the incoming president of the united states with counterintelligence investigation, you need to be really careful and shows it was
11:33 am
political and the person who shot him down, we have notes that have been revealed months ago where he asked in the notes, what are we doing here, are we trying to get general flynn to tell the truth or catch him in a lie so he can be prosecuted and he can be fired. sounds political from the start. eric: one of the transcripts had an interview with head of counterintelligence with the fbi who said that they did they it was political, they just -- who paid for it and here is the quote, ready, question, this is senator asking, it was clear that fusion gps was backed by clinton supporters and senior democrats supporting her. you don't have any recollection of that, answer, no. my recollection leaving the meeting is i did not know which party was behind this and that was obviously something that we needed to figure out but it was definitely political in your mind, question? answer, without a doubt. not even a question.
11:34 am
so, you know, your sense, chris, that they are saying it's political, because it's politically based doesn't mean it's incorrect, it can be certainly true no matter where it came from, but what say you? chris: we deal with that in journalism all of the time. people come to you who do opposition research, they dig up dirt to hurt opponents, your job as a journalist is to dig through that information, figure out where it's coming from, what the -- what the motivations are here and to view it with a jaundice eye and confirm. when you're an fbi agent targeting the president elect, that job is more important because you are using powers the american people have given you because we are worrying about countering terrorism and countering foreign powers not to investigate our own people. when they're doing that, you have to be careful. this agent tried to be careful. hold on a second, this is opposition research, where is it coming from, it's getting worse and worse every day and he was
11:35 am
turned down on that for fear of leaks, this is way too important of an investigation to be worried like that. they need to be careful and airtight and they weren't. eric: then again in the fbi's defense, look, according to the reporting they saw a pattern of trump campaign officials and trump advisers meeting with foreign sources, some who they say are foreign intelligence sources, russians, russian intelligence in foreign capitals in europe and you have paul manafort and long history with involvement with ukraine and promoscow candidate that he advised, big-money trail that you have, so they were looking at this in headquarters putting manafort together perhaps with all of the citings that they say they got and put it together, wait a minute, something is going on here. let me read you this from what senator graham released, the trump team received investigation that the russians had damaging information on barack obama and hillary clinton and plan today reduce it
11:36 am
anonymously, that was the information that we had. you receive information and you go out and open investigation. the question, the first possibility would have been someone in the campaign was wittingly coordinating with russia, answer, the first possibility is that yes. so in other words, chris, what do you say to those who think, look, no matter where it came from, you know, why is this one meeting with this guy, russian agent, why is this one in london and meeting here, listen from what we are hearing from the australians and think they have something here. chris: it's not about meeting with important people who are advising on yet. the biden administration are signaling what to do with adversaries like russia and iran on different deals, meetings that have been taking place, john kerry has been meeting with people frequently, not only actors that you meet in foreign capitals are good actors. it's difficult to find someone that you're going to meet with
11:37 am
when you're talking to the russians or talking to the iranians that you can really trust. it doesn't mean that the conversations don't need to happen. when there's smoke, it's worth to look into it to make sure they are not compromised things going on. there were members of trump campaign that appeared to have shady dealings but huge amount of power down here with the fisa courts and information this in a way that americans should be worried about and that's why the agent brought the information about where is this information coming from and who is doing it, he was ignored and that's a worry for american republic. eric: we will probably here more about this when john durham issues findings and all this. chris bedford from the federalist, chris, good to see you, thank you. chris: you too. arthel: president elect biden is pushing to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour as part of nearly 2 trillion-dollar coronavirus stimulus package, but some struggling small
11:38 am
businesses say this will deeply impact their recovery. alex hogan, live in new york city with details. alex. alex: hi, arthel, the proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, it's welcome among workers, however, for some of the small businesses who are really struggling to get by, there's a lot of concern over how to now also increase salaries. in 30 states across the u.s. the minimum wage is less than $10 but there are 20 states that are required to pay employees at least $10 or more. but no entire state or territory mandates $15 aside from washington, d.c. heidi owns a clothing store in naples, florida, the family business is more than 40 year's old but it might have to close for good because of the pandemic, but despite her circumstance, she says that paying $15 an hour is simply the right thing to do.
11:39 am
>> we all should find a way to afford it because if we have seen one thing through this, this is an income inequality story. you know, there's been -- people are struggling mightedly and it's all because we are not paying people well enough. alex: other small businesses owners argue that higher salaries will mean they will have to cut multiple jobs or raise prices and then lose customers. >> this is about nancy pelosi trying to get $3 trillion through and she only got 1 trillion and now she's using the opportunity to try to push these other agenda items. >> he's delivering on what he said when he was elected, help. alex: so until then small businesses will continue to struggle as the pandemic drags
11:40 am
on, arthel. arthel: alex hogan, thank you very much. eric. >> eric thousands of migrants heading from honduras hoping to reach the country looking to escape poverty and horrible gang violence and natural disasters, will mark the first time immigration policy will be tested at the border. christina coleman with more on what we can expect. christina: border protections acting commissioner says the biden's advertised policies have already emboldened migrant groups for the first time in 2 years. >> right now we are looking at two groups that are well over 5,000 and one of those groups have already gotten through the guatemala border and they're on the way to el rancho, located centrally in guatemala, it's coming, it already started as we promised and anticipated.
11:41 am
>> trying to make trip north just days before biden is sworn into office. biden intends to get rid of most of agenda including remain in mexico program and puebla sin fronteras says we will advocate that the biden administration addresses the causes of migration, together with civil society organizations as well as an opportunity to increase regional cooperation regarding the persons in need of protection and to dismantle illegal and inhumane programs. meantime, the red cross has said it has set up points for
11:42 am
humanitarian care in honduras for the migrants which includes handing out hygiene kits and face masks. as for number of border crossings lately without the caravan have increased. border encounters averaged 75,000 or the last 3 months, the highest they've been since 2019. eric. eric: all right, christina, thank you. arthel. arthel: eric and christina president elect biden calling for 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days in office. this comes as the number of people receiving the vaccine under the current administration so far is below expectations, we will take a closer look at mr. biden's vaccination efforts up next.
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11:47 am
now the trump administration hoped to have 20 million americans vaccinated by the end of last december, just a few weeks ago. joining me now is dr. marty makary, fox news medical contributor, dr. makary, so health and human service secretary alex azar who is resigning on the last day of trump administration said this past tuesday that the trump administration would release all of the vaccines in reserve but it turns out there's no stockpile to send to the states. a few questions, how does that happen, how quickly can more shots be produced and can president-elect biden's vaccine in addition work now that we know there is no reserve? doctor: the stockpile collectively become known and reserved versus those actually in storage and warehouse and it appears that there may have been sort of an umbrella term used to
11:48 am
say that they're being reserved and in stockpile ready to send out when really they were coming on line in the manufacturing process. president biden will have a difficult job, he promised 100 doses in first 100 days. advisers are concerned of bold goal. that's what politicians do. they throw money at things. he's dedicating $400 billion in his proposal for covid testing. right now we can't be doing too much to try to get the vaccine out. arthel: indeed. it looks like the upcoming biden administration, they have plans to execute, getting the shots in arms, so we will see. meanwhile, what about those who already had their first shot and they're scheduled to get the second shot in 2 or 3 weeks, will there be enough vaccines to accommodate the second shots? doctor: look, it's clear they'll be some delays for some individuals but our strategy to save the most number of lives needs to be to get out as many first doses as possible.
11:49 am
after an initial first dose, the immunity at two weeks is as high as 62% and at 4 weeks maybe as high as 80 to 90%, those were some findings again we affirmed with the latest j&j results that came out this week in terms of ofextrapolating but looks like r strategy should to get as many first doses as much as possible and if the second dose is delayed by days or weeks, it's a very min fall and almost difference. arthel: you don't think months that people have to wait yes or no? doctor: i don't think, for some it may be. protected immunity for many on the first dose. arthel: very good. next question. i would rather have second dose available. the cdc is warning new infection restaurant will likely become --
11:50 am
strain, will likely become in united states. doctor: we should not be having outbreaks like they are. this is a concern, it could increase the rate of transmission and i think it sends a very clear message to our strategy that speed and getting the first doses out should be the number 1 priority. 80% of deaths are people over 65. let's focus on those individuals rather than the complicated and elaborate structures that leave hospitals in a decision paralysis. arthel: dr. marty makary, thank you very much, and we will be right back.
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eric: it's on its way to the northeast, meteorologist adam klotz has a look at that on your weekend weather, hey, adam. adam: winter weather forecast sweeping across the country. it was nasty in the midwest 24 hours ago shifting its way to east and northeast. here is your current temperatures, lots of spots in 30, 40's, coldest air is on the backside of the system and
11:55 am
continue to be so for now over the next couple of days really into the middle of next week, we will see cold air. here is the winter weather system that you were talking about, shifting from the midwest and working its way to mid-atlantic, northeast. as we speak, heaviest storm from this continue to be right along the water where the temperatures is a little bit warmer, you're seeing rain across portions of boston, stretching up to portland, maine. inland this is a heavy snow maker, that's where we have seen the heaviest snowfall from the system. winds have been an issue, nothing but rain but we are looking at winds 20, 30 miles an hour at times gustier. you future forecast, continue to watch the system lift to the north and to the east. by the time we get overnight, snow falling on the backside of the system. behind it grabbing cooler air. temperatures there on sunday pretty widespread into the 20's and 30 back across portions of the mid-atlantic,
11:56 am
stretching to the midwest. temperatures for saturday, forecasted highs, pretty close to where we should be this time of year, 20's and 30's, basically the same forecast for uses on sunday, again, temperatures will be hovering there into 20's and 30's. for your forecast going forward, so far at least mostly some of the real cold air has been to the north. that will be slipping down in mid-atlantic, eric, cold air is on the way, back out to you. eric: pink and white going down in lower 48, adam, thank you. arthel. arthel: eric, we are down for now, we are back in an hour, the journal editorial report is up next. see you in an hour.
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paul: welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. president trump was impeached by the house of representatives for the second time on wednesday, just days before he is set to lever office. the timing of a trial in the senate remains unclear, but any action is now sure to take place after president elect joe biden is sworn in on wednesday. raising questions about the constitutionality of a postpresidential impeachment. joining me now is michael, served as 81st attorney general of the united states. judge, great to see you here in the new year. so let me ask you first about


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