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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  January 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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have a happy, well deserved weekend with the ones you love hopefully filledded with gratitude always given. see you then. ♪ ♪ jon: in washington, d.c. say they have arrested an armed man who tried to pass through a security check point carrying hundred of rounds much ammunition. this amid unprecedented show of force as authorities work to secure the capitol ahead of joe biden inauguration. good evening i'm jon scott and this this is the "fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: the pentagon boosting troop numbers to 25,000 for wednesday's ceremony. that's more than three times the number of american soldiers currently deployed to iraq and afghanistan. security officials leaving nothing to chance for the inauguration after last week's deadly riot at the capitol. mike tobin is reporting live from washington now.
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mike. reporter: and jon you can see the security preparations behind me some of this expanded metal fences in fronts of the capitol, in fact, this fencing all over town as we take a look around. as well as this security point. now you can see some of the guardsmen with m4 rifle at the ready some of the guards men are armed with lethal weaponry this time around a guideline at least for one unit is those who have police training in their blgd. either military or civilian, will be armed. meantime a joint threat assessment from multiple federal and local police agencies has determined that threat if it will present itself is going to be dmes oirk at least most likely threat. parts of the assessment read, we assess dev domestic violent extremist post threat to the presidential inauguration or associated prevent particularly those who believe that the incoming administration is illegitimate following the storming of vandalism of the capitol of january 6th there are now 2475 open investigations.
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more than 100 people have been arrested. 200 have been identified, and federal agents say rounding them up is a top priority. >> all 50 state fbi jttf in four territories are working 24 hours day to pursue every lead, every credible threat and run that to ground. it is truly a whole of government approach. >> and in addition to the fencing and check points all around d.c., we have learned now that virginia has closed off the bridges getting into d.c.. so it is already difficult to get around the capitol. it will be difficult to get into the capitol come wednesday. you heard the after january 6th that the security forces here were ill prepared to deal with events that presented themselves and they don't want to make that same mistake again. >> mike toab incline washington, d.c. mike thanks. meanwhile senate judiciary committee is shining light on
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russia probe with what lindsey graham calls one of the most corrupt investigations in fbi history. the files include interview tripghts with fbi officials, talking about their investigation into whether the trump campaign colluded with russia. mark meredith is reporting live from the white house. mark. reporter: good evening jon as president trump prepares to leave office one of the strongest supporters up on capitol hill is trying to defend his legacy and also backup the president claims that the russia probe was politically motivated as you mentioned on friday. south carolina senator lindsey graham releasing 11 transcripts from his review of the operation cross fire hurricane case, the code name the investigation into the trump campaign and ties to russia, graham making it clear he felt investigators acted improperly with bias saying i believe that cross fire hurricane was one of the most incompetent corrupt investigations in history of the fbi and d oj now james comey
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defended work telling congress last year thrarp some missteps but that overall it was, quote, done by the book. democrats are also defending scrutiny of ties between russia, and trump staffer. >> ire irrefutable russian government interfered the president at the time welcomed that. reporter: now tonight vice president mike pence he's in california, he's out west thanking sailors for their work at naval air station within the last hour he had a chance to reflect on administration efforts to avoid global conflict also going to be out in new york tomorrow as he wraps up four years thanking those who supported the president thanking america military for work to keep us safe. mean time cameras capturing rudy giuliani as he was heading into the building for a meeting we believe, with the president. as the president considers his legal options following wednesday's second historic impeachment in the house. it is unclear how the president
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may proceed with all of this especially with the trial likely after he leaves office. speaking of the president leaving office, it will be on wednesday that he and first lady will be heading out to joint base andrews they're going to be some sort of ceremony out there before he boards air force one to head to florida. jon we have not gotten details of what that ceremony will look luke yet but president will reflect on last four years thank those who supported him and look to the future as well. jon: mark meredith at the white house thank you. 100 million doses in 100 days, but achieving that will be no small challenge. hillary vaughn live in will wilmington, delaware. hillary. reporter: until today joe biden cabinet told he formally announced he's adding new position to his cabinet he announced his team of science advisor it is today and for the first time ever a president
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science advisor is going to be a part of his cabinet. he announced historic move today while announcing other members of his science team. he says he was more excited about this announcement than thes other cabinet announcement saying he saves best for last. >> you can tell this is real. we are both really excited about this. really excited. i may not be much but i know how to pick them. anyway. this is really we're doing a lot of work, and -- i've taken this beyond where supposed -- reporter: this team biden this team helped biden craft a national vaccine program he announced yesterday that he says is key to meeting his goal for the first 100 days. 100 million shots in americans arms. biden 20 billion dollar program will make people 65 and up eligible for the vaccine including frontline workers it is also going to make the vaccine easier to find by
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putting popup vaccination stations in pharmacies across u.s. he also says he'll deploy national guard and fema to help district the vaccine but we are this evening also learning how biden will spend his first ten days in office. his incoming white house chief of staff, ron klain issued a memo this afternoon detailing a ten-daytime line of executive orders that are ready for biden to sign. and he will. on day one, biden will extend the pause on student loan payments rejoin the paris agreement, reverse the muslim ban, and establish a mask mandate wherever he can on day two, he will take executive action to help schoolings and businesses reopen with national standards more ppe and more testing and on day three, he will instruct all agency it is to work on regulatory ways to get as no, no,tronomic ways with sweeping new measures on number of controversial items including
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criminal justice reform, climate change, access to health care and immigration reform but jon it is not stopping there. in this is memo they say there's much more to come from this. they have other executive order it is in the chamber they're just waiting for their legal team to sign off on this. jon. jon: hillary vaughn in wilmington, delaware. hillary, thank you. ♪ ♪ jon: meantime president-elect biden is proposing nearly 2 trillion dollar stimulus plan in -- intended to help struggling businesses unemployed americans, and cities and states fighting the coronavirus coronavirus i should say -- alex hogan is live in new york city with details. alex. reporter: good evening. jon, president-elect joe biden saying that no american working 40 hours a week should be still living in poverty. the president-elect proposes in this plan to more than double the federal minimum wage and 20
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states across the country, they're making at least $10 per hour while in 30 states, workers can make less than $10 an hour. currently no entire state or territory mandate 15 dollars. aside from washington, d.c., which went into effect in july of 2020. >> because incredible amount of pressure on restaurant industry is just survives and adding you know to the burden of restaurants that are already suffering, by forcing us to increase wages those that were teetering on edge may not have reopened in the face of the increase pressure of wages. reporter: 23 states increase their minimum wage in 2021. he last federal increase in 2009 went up by 70 cents it has never gone up by more than one dollar taking place in cities around country yesterday the group fight for 15 demanding this change. some business owners argue that
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higher salaries could mean cutting jobs or increasing their prices. others say raising wages is the moral choice to make. yet across the board owners struggling say they can only hope for federal relief after such unexpected losses. >> supposed to be out here so really doing well in january going into february. when all of this hit us, it was a -- really. >> now if things don't get better it is a matter of either maybe selling the store or having a going out of business sale closing entirely. reporter: heidi runs a family-owned clothing shop in naples, florida store georgey name after her mom thankful people are staying home and being safe and know that continued financial losses could mean closing family business that has been with that family for 42 years and her heartbreaking story jon, as we continue to report is just one
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unfortunately of many just between april and september alone. 160,000 businesses closed and that was about 800 every single day. jon. rob:jon: so many struggling businesses out there. alex hogan live there in -- >> lock down stanford researchers suggest man tonged closures in places like the u.s. and the u.k. did not prove more effective than voluntary measures adopted in sweden and south korea, however, researchers point out that culture differences make it hard to draw a clear comparison between countries. president-elect biden setting goal it have 100 million vaccine shots in his first 100 days. as part of an efforts to beat back the virus and jump start the economy. let's bring in jon wall street journal associate editor and a fox news contradict tore 100 million virus doses in a hundred days sounds like admiral goal
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can the biden administration pull it off, jon? >> really, critical goal for the president to have president biden elect biden -- because everything really depends now on getting the virus under control. any kind of economic recovery is going to require us getting passed where we are now which is this very dark place of pervasive virus spread, and we're up to 400,000 deaths in the united states. 24 million cases confirmed cases of numbers following much higher than that. so the pfizer and moderna vaccine makers say that they really have enough that has been ordered by the united states to fulfill that objective of 100 million and we're doing close to a million vaccinations a day now the problem has been that the distribution of the vaccine has been badly handled so states are
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not complaining about not enough support to get vaccinations to people. i was talking with the ceo of moderna earlier this week, and he said look, you know, there's going to be a demand around the world for these vaccines we're pumping out as of as we can. it has got to really be effectively and efficiently handled because if you come back to us and say hey we want another hundred million doses, you know, you could -- offer me a billion dollars you could offer me ten billion dollars i have only so much manufacture capability that's flat out at the moment. jon: joe biden is going to invoke defense production act to try to procure more vaccines but it is not clear whether the vaccine makers are actually capable of delivering more, isn't it? >> well i think the problem right now is that there has been kind of mismanagement of coronavirus crisis right from the get-go.
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you know, in ability to get proper hospital to mask even messaging out of the white house about, you know, essentially -- making mask wearing optional and it really isn't at this point you have to protect yourself and protect others. so they're going to focus down stream on the kind of the inepness of that last mile once the states get it how do they get it to people and the feds are going to step in. they're going create federal centers for vaccine distribution. could be bureaucratic no doubt. but whaing you're seeing jon, you're seeing a much bigger emphasis on actual managing the problem. as opposed to kind of handing off responsibility to states that are simply overwhelmed by it. jon: here he is a button bullet points of the first 100 days in office. these are some of the things that biden administration plans to do they want to extend the
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pause on student loan payments rejoin the paris climate accord, resending travel ban on predominant muslim countries and mask man date for federal property and interstate travel now you mention masks. isn't that essentially already in place -- the mask mandate? >> not really. no. this administration has made this quite optional as you can see from photographs that the white house where people aren't wearing masks and spreading covid. and the president at his rallies people are not wearing masks it has really been -- kind of has made a political point and shouldn't be a political point but straight out health issue. so the president can't say to a state you must do this but we can say to federal properties where he has authority over, that anybody coming on to the property or working on the property needs to be wearing a mafntion. airlines as well there's federal
3:16 pm
oversight of airlines but where you can do this is what biden administration says it is going to do is kind of put the arm on governs and mayors and state officials to spread the word of the essentialness of the basic hygiene which is wearing a mask 37. that i think the biden administration you're going hear much more about this in their messaging on coronavirus again they're putting at the top of their list. which is quite frankly where this needs to be, you do not have an economic recovery until people feel safe enough to go back to work and sending their kids to school. jon: wall street journal social editor john bussy thanks. >> pleasure. >> kamala harris has chosen supreme court justice sonia to swear her in on january 20th. harris says she made choice based on justice background in civil rights work and use a bible once owned by sir good
3:17 pm
marshall first african-american marshal and sotomayor is high court first latina member. harris will break another grass ceiling and first black american and female vice president. well north korea showcases some new ballistic missiles as leader kim jong-un promises to bolster that country nuclear capabilities to combat what he calls hostilities from the west. next, where relations stand between washington and pyongyang. helps you brush in vital minerals to actively repair and strengthen enamel. so you don't just brush to clean, you brush to build. pronamel intensive enamel repair. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need.
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glorn here are some other headlines from around the globe in indonesia rescue operations after a earthquake left 49 people dead an hundreds injured yesterday. rescue crews say they believe survivors are trapped in several locations, but their work is being slowed by power outage and damage roads and bridges. in india oklation of health care workers have begun in world largest covid-19 campaign the first dose given to a sanitation worker at a public hospital in the capitol new deli authorities are looking to give shots to 300 million people. in the netherlands dutch government resigned after a scandal in which thousands of
3:22 pm
families were wrongly accused of child welfare fraud. the prime minister and cabinet stepped down elections for a new government will take place in march. president won a five-year term for the 6th time extending his rule to span four decades. his top challenger claims votes were rigsed and questions full results tallied during a government ordered internet blackout. and in germany transcripts of interviews given to russia as moscow says it is investigating his poisoning. he's been getting treatment in germany he accuses president vladimir putin of ordering his poise inning august with a deadly soviet era nerve agent putin denies any involvement. earlier today iran paramilitary revolutionary guard launched two ballistic missiles at a training target in the indian ocean this is just the latest move adding to tensions between tehran and washington in president trump's final days inning in office.
3:23 pm
brian chilcote has more. >> hi jon iran is flexing its muscles and began enriching uranium and today the revolutionary guard conducted a drill where it launched ballistic missiles at a simulated it target in the indian ocean at least some of those missiles which iran says flew more than a thousand miles, kicked their target which iranian state tv described as hyperthet call hostile enemy shifts and tell fox news that a u.s. aircraft carrier in the area was about 100 miles away from the target not close enough to see it over the horizon but near enough for the u.s. military to get the hint. president trump had ordered them to remain in the area through the inauguration. relations between the u.s. and iran have been tense ever since president trump exited the iran deal. president biden indicated he
3:24 pm
would like see the deal back in place. meanwhile jon north korea held a military parade held by kim jong-un that showcase a new ballistic missile. north korea media for what it is worth called missile world most powerful women kim jong-un who held talks with trump called u.s. north korea biggest enemy today and said relations would only improve if washington changes its policies on north korea. and jon you'll recall how during the last transition, then president obama and his team advised then incoming president-elect trump that the united states and his administration's biggest priority should be north korea. interesting what kind of handover is going on now. jon. jon: brian chilcote that's a look at stories from around the globe. well the national rifle association has declared bankruptcy. the filing comes months after new york's attorney general sued
3:25 pm
group claims executives illegally diverted tens of millions of dollars for trips. lucas tomlinson has more. reporter: nra divorcing itself from new york and marrying texas. not before some parting shots from the empire state attorney general, set the organization gone unchecked and wants to hold them accountable. >> basically diverting funds from charitable organization with their own personal use. and so the corruption and greed -- has finally unfortunately resulted in -- in this organization filing bankruptcy. the move from new york announced at the same time nra filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy a business decision that will allow them repay their creditors more importantly pausing any pending litigation from new york without a lawsuit this summer. group headquarters remain fairfax, virginia outside the
3:26 pm
nation's capitol. founded to teach fireness largest gun rights advocacy group in the country and statement the head of the nra boast 5 million members said, quote, this strategic plan has a growth and progress. obviously an important part this have plan is dumping new york. this is a transformational moment in the nra and potential criminal fraud linked to his personal taxes. jon. >> no. lucas tomlinson. lucas, thank you. well thousands of migrants from central america calling on the incoming biden administration to honor its commitments as they make the long trek to the u.s. southern borders. plus with democrats in the drivers seat next two years what does the future look like for the republican party? we'll discuss, next. this is ava. these are ava's shoulders.
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jon: i'm jon scot and this is the "fox report" the bottom of the hour, if you're just joining us here's a look at our top stories. the massive security effort for president-elect biden inauguration forcing some d.c. post offices to temporarily close. crews also are removing some downtown mailboxes. the usps says some deliveries will be delayed. secretary of state mike pompeo is calling on world health organization to take a closer look at the wuhan lab where the coronavirus pandemic is believed to have started. more than a dozen who scientists rifed in chinese city this week to investigate the origins of the pandemic. prt trump broke off the u.s. relationship with the w.h.o. last year. and a team of u.s. investigators arriving in indonesia following last week boeing 737 crash. the jetliner went down in java sea killing all 62 people onboard, crews have recovered the flight data and voice recorder. for more on these and other stories download the fox news
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app, scan the qr code on the screen or go to fox well thousands of migrants from central american countries are now making the long and dangerous journey towards the u.s. southern border. as joe biden incoming administration plans to reverse president trump's immigration policy. christina coleman is following this from los angeles. christina. reporter: hi, jon yeah outgoing custom an acting commissioner says biden administration advertised policies have already emboldened migrant groups for first time in two years. >> the immigrants and human smugglers are using what's app and facebook they are saying, come to the u.s. border now. because of the biden administrations open door policies. those aren't my words. those are the words of the smuggler an migrants themselves it is happening before your eyes tempting to make dangerous trip days before president-elect
3:33 pm
biden sworn into office and biden intends on getting rid of the agenda in first 100 days in office. and including stopping the remain in mexico program, and lifting limits on refugees. a spokesman for migrant rights groups tells fox news in part, quote, we will advocate that the biden government honors its commitments new united states government is an opportunity to work with the mexican government to develop a cooperation plan with central america to address causes of migration. together with civil society organizations, as well as an opportunity to increase regional cooperation regarding person in need of protection and to dismantle illegal and inhumane program such remain in mexico. the mexican national guard has mobilize units to try to stop the migrants from reaching the u.s. border. meantime, the red cross has said it has set up points for humanitarian care in honduras for the migrants which includes handing out hygiene kits, face
3:34 pm
mask and information on covid-19 prevention. and as for the number of border crossings lately, even without are the caravan they have been on the rise border encounters average 75,000 over the last three months. the highest they've been since 2019. jon. jon: christina coleman in los angeles. christina, thank you. well republicans in congress evaluating their options and as we head into president biden one party government many are wondering what the future of the gop will look like. let's bring in fellow at the hoover institution also was a former advisor to four republican presidential campaigns. and former senior official at u.s. department of health and human services. under president bush lanny thanks for being with us i guess before we can talk about the future of the republican party, you have to wonder about the future of now president trump. he is the head of the party at this moment in time. will he still be so after january 20th? >> well, yeah.
3:35 pm
i think it is going to be a little bit of a free for all after january 20th to be totally honest with you, i mean, look political parties do tend to take on the identities of whoever the incumbent president is right the democratic party was a clinton party in the 1990s. it was the republican party was a bush party in had the 2000s now republican party is a donald trump party and question going forward will be -- what donald trump's role will be what his responsibilities will be after he leaves office. and it's also nationally the case that further away from one's time in office, a president's influence does wane so i would have to think republican party going forward there's going to be a little bit of a fight if you will for the heart and soul of the party but also to see kind of where the party goes in terms of a vision and what the party is going to stand for. >> when you think of the last couple of democrat nominees, hillary clinton, john kerry they're not exactly standard bearer of the democrats right
3:36 pm
now. >> that's certainly true but you know i would argue that neither of those people had this same following, have the same amount of influence over the party as donald trump did in part because he served four years as president. but also he's been sort of a uniquely polarizing figure in american politic those who love him love him those who dislike him really dislike him so i do think it is a different scenario with trump. and i do think his influence ends up lasting a little bit longer precisely because he did serve as president but also because of the the nature of who he is. jon: the question about joe biden is, you know, will he be a sort of -- centrist democrat that he was for much of his career on capitol hill? or will he get pushed to left by the bernie sanders and alexandria cortezs of the world? >> well jon that is xeangt the right question. you know, doing a certain degree, biden for some people you know they look at his career they look at for example, the friendship he's had with mitch mcconnell over years and other renales they say look, here's the guy who could want to do
3:37 pm
business who could actually want to cut some deals with republicans and get some things done. he did put out his stimulus package yesterday. and it suggests you know there are element there is that i think republicans will agree with but he's also put in some elements that i think republicans are really not going to agree with. which suggest if anything there is this influence of the progressive left there's this influence of the aoc and bernie sanders of the democratic party. and those may, in fact, be a lot stronger influences on joe biden now than they've been in the past so there is reason for concern when you look at the policy he's already put out there. >> 15 dollar national minimum wage for instance, it might make sense if you're flipping burgers in new york city. but not so much in mississippi or wyoming. >> yeah. i think incredibly controversial given where the economy is jon. look you've got so many businesses that are already struggling under the weight of the covid-19 lockdown you have entire industries, hospital transportation, leisure, that
3:38 pm
has been hit so hard. and now putting on top of that, a potential impediment to hiring and growth that is the thing, example where have i think the policy kind of went off the rails here. so yeah i think, look, a more centrist policy a more centrist proposal would not have included that it wouldn't have included hundreds billions of dollars to bail out poorly run cities and states. these are the sorts of things that we have to look carefully at when we look at what biden will do in comes years. jon: lanny from hoover institution lanny, thank you. >> thank you. jon: as covid-19 continues to spread, the need for substitute teachers is higher than ever. what school districts are trying to do so boost their rosters. ♪ ♪
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an antifa development in the capitol hill riot, and obama gate documents dropping. tonight on "watters world." ♪ ♪ jon: as coronavirus cases surge across the country and more schools staff members either get sick or protest in person
3:44 pm
learning. demanding for substitute teachers is way up. stephany bennett has that story. >> it is kind of tough to actually make a decision to stay home. reporter: for new york substitute teacher heading back to the classroom during a pandemic was off parking lot table. >> especially in your case -- because you've had major surgery and heart surgery high risk factors. reporter: he's not alone across the country hundreds of substitute teachers are retiring early taking a year off, or changing careers because of covid-19. >> it is kind of hard for me this has been a tough year and the sense that i was recovering. and at the same time, trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. but their demand is higher than ever full-time teachers teachero calling out education services incorporated in scottsdale works with more than 120 school districts says that thousands of subs on their roster is not enough. >> oh it is so busy we can't
3:45 pm
possibly can't possibly meet all of the capacity out there, in fact, most sub pools across the state are down about 40%. some cases 60%. to quickly hire subs several states are temporarily relaxing their qualification requirements. including an iowa, missouri, rhode island launched a new training program michigan districts are using billboards to attract new subs, and connecticut substitutes no longer need a bachelors degree. in arizona, just finding full-time teachers is hard enough and more than 500 quit because of covid-19 this year. >> the number of teacher who is separate employment right when school starts is astangedding it was worse as year progresses. reporter: as for him he says once he's gotten vaccine and virus is urged under control he wants to get back to teaching. >> you hear from people say we miss you it is nice because i'm a substitute teacher but i feel like i'm part of the school and i feel like maybe --
3:46 pm
i might have an impact on somebody. reporter: educators say if pandemic continues like, they predict even more teachers will quit creating a higher demand for subs. in scottsdale stephanie bennett, fox news. jon: a lot of open there is. stephanie bennett, thank you. a winter storm system that hit the midwest with blizzard conditions then roared across the northeast this weekend dumping rain and snow. meteorologist adam has more. >> that storm is stilt on the move bringing with it winter weather and backside of that system bringing coldest air we've seen in last couple of days particularly in areas across the upper plains getting into the midwest, and now eventually that's going settle along the east coast from the mid-atlantic running up into new england but these are current temperatures outside as of right now. that center of circulation continues to move as you mentioned this was a sthoorm moved through the midwest. now really lifting into parts of new england interior new england in particular if you're talking about that snow. if you live along the coast,
3:47 pm
there have been strong winds with this system all day long. but it has been most lis a rain event from the mid-atlantic up through port land maine it has been a soggy rainy kind of stormy day you have to head into interior new england before it is a snowfall event for you winds have been at that 20 to 30 miles an hour range. we've seen gusting winds up to 50 miles per hour and even now even though getting later in the days on this system there's plenty of wind along the coast where we've seen all of that rain. now we're going to continue to watch this lift to the noters and to the east. over tonight and then we suddenly look at what's on the backside of this system lingering snowfall in interior new england this is where the snow has been falling. otherwise sol cold temperatures on the backside of this system. suddenly you're looking at numbers down in some cases -- freezing, 30 degrees in some spots. 20 degrees it warms up and turns off not to be a horribly bad day today as we're looking at temperatures pretty much as of right now. your forecast high here on
3:48 pm
saturday, sunday farly similar forecast with again numbers there right around 30s. upper 30s and 40 degrees and partser into the future we have a cold palace we're paying attention into in upcoming week pink and white in canada slipping down into lower 48 and really chelly temperatures across midwest over into new england by the middle of this upcoming week. jon, it is winter and we're going to be feeling prate soon. jon: inauguration week. adam thank you. and we are back in just a moment. they were able to give me a personal loan so i could pay off all of my credit cards. i got my mortgage through sofi and the whole process was so easy. ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪
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jon: nearly 50 tennis players scheduled to compete in australian open stuck in a 14-day quarantine this after reports that some passengers on two charter planes arriving in melbourne tested positive for coronavirus. the positive tests came from a member of the flight crew, and a passenger who is not a player. none of the players will be allowed to practice during their quarantine. florida health officials are districting the covid-19 vaccine around that state but senior citizens there say demand is so strong they're trying to get it feels like a lost cause. robert sherman explains. >> that was easy.
3:53 pm
>> i have an easy button says it is not. >> 75-year-old nancy of naples, florida is determined to get the covid-19 vaccine. for three to four hours a day hammers away at ipad computer, and cell phone trying to score an appointment. but so far, no luck. >> it seems hopeless. you feel that you should move on with life and not try. i want a cure. i want to save my life. >> up in village a retirement community with over a hundred thousand residents a lucky few hundred have got gotten the shot but it hasn't been easy. >> up early online right at the right time and connected on second try. >> everybody is scrambling two or three computers trying get on the list and it is tough. senior citizens make up more than 20% of florida's population. governor ron desantis adding more vaccine sites boosting
3:54 pm
capacity, and will ensure seniors remain the top priority. >> the vast majority of our total vaccinations are going to seniors and that percentage is going to grow more disproportionate in favor of seniors even so number of doses is limited while the demanding is large. and growing -- as out of state residents head to florida in hopes of getting the shot. >> but despite the challenges, nancy is not giving up. >> i just hope that my determination pays off and i hear of something somewhere. it is just hope. reporter: florida health officials say more doses of the covid-19 vaccine are on the way urging seniors to keep trying to get it and until thenal asking everyone to continue wearing mask, social distancing, and staying vigilant. in villages florida, robert sherman, fox news. jon: a come in georgia changes a young man's life with an extraordinary act of kindness.
3:55 pm
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jon: a georgia community comes together to buy a car for teen who walks seven miles day just to get to work. at atlanta incident myers got
3:59 pm
the idea after giving jaydon a ride during a rainy december day he told her he walks miles every day because he couldn't afford über then inspired her to start gofundme pang to buy jaiden wheels and now a new way to get to work. >> first of all, let me say this -- this is -- [cheering] jon: myers added more than 600 dollars of her own money help to pay for it. coming up tomorrow on fox news sunday with the inauguration of president-elect joe biden just days away now, host chris wallace speak exclues evely with arkansas governor asa vice chair of the national governors association. as states across the country wrap up security amid threats of violence. chris also will have an exclusive interview with brian including director of the national economic counsel about the almost $2 trillion covid relief package that's fox news
4:00 pm
sunday, tomorrow check your local listings for time. and that's how fox reports on this saturday january 16th 2021 i'm jon scott thanks for watching. see you again tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> hello america i'm mark levin this is "life, liberty & levin" warning anything i say this evening will be used to attack me. by the press, the democrat party, and the never trumpers. but i don't care. i always try to speak the truth and i want to talk to you tonight it is a very, very important period in our history. i h


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