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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 17, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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eric: our of nation's capitol an armed camp at this hour, blanketed in security as the countdown in to president-elect's inauguration is continuing. multiple agencs headed by the see considerate service are in town to make sure the event goes smoothly. the fbi warned there have been what it calls chatter about more potential violence in the days leading up to the inauguration. the agency has not reported any specific threats, despite all the warnings to the nation's capitol and the state capitols across the country. hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters here on the fox news channel. i'm eric shawn.
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hi, arthel. arthel: hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. 25,000 national guard troops have been authorized in washington along with unprecedented levels of security. we have live team coverage. rick edson is in washington following the aftermath of the deadly capitol hill domestic terror attacks. first let's go to kevin cork, he is in washington, d.c. just outside the capitol building with more on security of of operations. >> reporter: as you see, a couple of tactical vehicles over my shoulder, they're not just used for trans pour of station in this particular instance, they're actually being used in this city for the last several days as sort of a deterrent. we're talking about a physical presence. let me take you inside the numbers as we share the incredible coordination that the secret service has been able to put together to make sure the city is a very safe place to conduct the inauguration. this is the largest security
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presence in d.c. history and it is really quite frankly something to seem it's so much more than that. you mentioned it, up to 25,000 national guard troops, up to 4,000 u.s. marshals have been deputized and the metro has closed 13 subway stations in areas surrounding the national mall. the mall itself is mostly shut down as well. while i have you for a moment, let me share a look at the travel situation across the city, arthel. red on this map means no traffic access and restricted movement checkpoints, as you can see, just about everywhere in the downtown area here in d.c. the city enveloped by barricades, razor wire, armed troops by the thousands, a stirring reflection of one of the most politically fractured moments in american history ahead of what we hope will be a peaceful inauguration and peaceful transfer of power. it is a similar situation playing out across the nation as state capitols prepare for possible protests.
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fbi director christopher wray says persistent and concerning online chatter is one of the reasons behind the massive buildup. though he declined to go into specifics. back out live here, just outside the capitol, as you see, it's more than just the lmtvs, it's more than just law enforcement. we saw a police cruiser come by her. it's about fencing, it's about security. we see some civilians gathering which we didn't see earlier in the day. as we get closer to the inauguration, the area will be cordoned off completely. arthel: thank you so much, kevin. eric. eric: arthel, as kevin mentioned, the fbi is warning that agents are hearing of suspicious claims into the leadup of inauguration day and they are delving into any possible threats. this as the agency continues its investigation and the arrests grow, following that deadly attack on the u.s. capitol on january 6th. rich edson is near the security
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perimeter at the capitol take talk more about the militias, the funding and the suspects that are being nabbed. hi, rich. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon, eric. what you've got here is a capitol that is strewn with these types of checkpoints, the only vehicles that are getting you through are the national guard vehicles and police cars that are coming around and a lot of foot traffic but you are getting a number of checkpoints, people approaching in a couple instances. police have arrested a woman yesterday who approached a checkpoint with a military challenge coin. police say they charged her with impersonating a police officer and sent her for a psychological evaluation. on friday, police intercepted a driver who had a handgun, numerous rounds of ammunition and a nongovernment credential. the washington post interviewed the man, he says he calls the whole deal an honest mistake. he said he got lost rushing to work, had been working in washington, d.c. as a security
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contractor and forgot he had his firearm in his truck. federal bureau of investigation now is warning of anyone who is thinking of coming to washington, d.c. or any other state capitol for the purpose of violence to stay home. >> so anybody who attempts violence in the coming week should count on a visit. so together with our partners here in the district and across the country, we're going to be doing everything we can to ensure as smooth a transition of power in the days to come. this is a team effort and i'm proud of the team that have you assembled. >> reporter: the fbi director also says that agents are trying to distinguish from the online chatter what is aspirational or what is intentional, where people would actually try travel to washington, d.c. and commit types of acts of violence here. this is also as the fbi and agents say they're continuing to knock on people's doors in the morning who were involved in that riot on january 6th here at the capitol building as they continue to look into nearly 300
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different cases, 100 different charges, for those who were involved in that. eric, back to you. eric: it's good advice from director wray. rich edson at the capitol. thank you. arthel: as president trump's final weekend in office draws to a close, the window for those seeking a presidential pardon, well, it's shrinking. since taking office the president has handed off pardons to personal associates and political allies. let's go to mark meredith, live at the white house. mark, can we expect more pardons in the next few days? >> reporter: that is the big question. president trump has been keeping such a low profile, they've called a lid on the white house today. we're not going to be seeing the president on camera. you were talking about one of the big questions is will the president issue any sort of last minute executive orders or pardons as he gets ready to leave office. today one of the president's closest allies up on capitol hill urged the white house not to consider any pardons for people associated with the riots back on the sixth.
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senator lindsey gram graham was on sunday morning futures. >> you should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and to seek a pardon of these people would be wrong. it would be -- i think it would destroy president trump and i hope we don't go down that road. >> reporter: the president issued a slew of pardons right before christmas. they included notable names like former campaign chairman, paul manafort, george papadopoulos as well as former republican congressman, duncan hunter and chris collins. as we wait to see if he will issue more pardons, there's also talk of what the second impeachment trial will look like. yesterday our cameras spotted rudy giuliani walking into the white house. we're told the president continues to weigh his objectios for what the defense will look like. the most bizarre thing is the trial will happen after the president is out of office. vice president mike pence spoke
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to sailors in california last night, highlighting what he hopes the trump administration will be remembered for. >> we defended this nation and america's vital national interests around the world. i'm proud to say with just a few days left in this administration that this is the first administration in decades not to get america into a new war. >> reporter: the vice president will be heading to new york today. he is going to be at the capitol for joe biden's swearing in on wednesday. we're waiting to get a final look at what president trump's sendoff is going to look like, no details yet. imagining we will find out in the next few hours or so. arthel: mark, thank you. eric. eric: president-elect joe biden is prepared to hit the ground running. he's given a preview of what he intends to accomplish once he starts sitting behind the desk in the oval office on wednesday afternoon. in an effort to break free from
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the trump era, mr. biden says he plans to issue dozens of executive orders during his first 10 days in office. jacqui heinrich live in wilmington, delaware. she has all the details. hi, jacqui. >> reporter: hi, eric. well, president-elect joe biden will not wait for bipartisanship to begin undoing president trump's policies. he's planning a 10 day flurry of executive orders. on inauguration day, biden will sign roughly a dozen executive actions aimed, on the covid-19 crisis, the climate crisis and the racial equity orders. they will rejoin the paris climate accord, reverse the travel ban and enact a mask mandate on federal property. day two orders will establish national public health standards for reopening schools and businesses and expand testing. day three will be geared toward
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delivering economic relief. we're waiting more details on that day four through ten will target criminal justice reform, the climate crisis, expand access to healthcare and deliver immigration reform. the list is not exhaustive. beyond the plans, biden told congress to expect a sweeping immigration bill on the first day in office, as lawmakers are unpacking the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package and looking ahead to part two of that plan, aimed at jobs and the economy. that's expected to be at least as expensive as the first. this, as congress continues confirmation hearings for cabinet nominees and gauges timing for president trump's impeachment trial in the senate. >> i hope that the senate leaders on a bipartisan basis find a way to move forward on all of their responsibilities. this impeachment trial is one of them. but getting people into the government and getting action on coronavirus is another one of
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those responsibilities. >> reporter: biden has not weighed in on whether house democrats should hold onthe articles of impeachment to allow those confirmation hearings for his nominees to go forward. he's only urged lawmakers to make sure the impeachment trial does not derail other urgent business of the country. eric. eric: in a moment, charlie hurt is going to be here to put the plans under the microscope. arthel: president-elect joe biden's nominees for senior roles at the state department in addition to re-engaging in the paris climate accord, many are speculating that the u.s. will rejoin the iran nuclear deal. president trump unilaterally withdrew from the agreement in 2018 and mr. biden has expressed support for the obama-era deal, tapping a key negotiator to be a deputy secretary of state. let's go to david spunt, live in washington, with more details. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. we flow that key negotiator is wendy sherman, the proposed
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deputy secretary of state, she was the chief negotiator of the plan back in 2015 when the u.s. joined it. but president-elect biden when he becomes president biden as jacqui just said in her report will do many things, possibly rejoining many international agreements. but many foreign policy hawks are going to watch what happens in iran closely. there are several reports out this morning out of israel that say that the biden administration is speaking through back channels with iran to talk about potentially rejoining the iran nuclear deal put into place in 2015 when biden was the number two under president obama. president trump as you said left the agreement in 2018. israel praised president trump's move but now several newsout outlets in israel say the biden administration may want to rejoin the deal. the president-elect appointed wendy sherman to the number two post at the state department. biden's incoming state department spokesperson, ned
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price, told fox news reports that the new administration is already working with iran to rejoin the agreement. those reports not accurate. this comes as iranian missiles splashed down, arthel, just about 100 miles from u.s. navy ships yesterday. >> the trump sanctions are crippling iran. that gives biden huge leverage. the iranians are desperate this time tore the deal, much like obama wanted the deal more than anything else. >> reporter: she will be number two to anthony blanken if and when he is confirmed. arthel. arthel: let me clarify. president-elect biden is planning to rejoin or of it's not true? which is it? >> reporter: there are reports out of israel that the united states is talking with iran through back channels. those are cited reports.
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we heard from the biden administration from ned price, a state department spokesperson, he says those reports are not accurate. but foreign policy people are going to be watching to see what happens down the line. we do know as we've been saying that the paris climate accord, that's the first -- one of the first things biden will do when he takes the oath of office. arthel: david spunt, thank you. >> reporter: you bet. arthel: eric. eric: arthel, as david spelled out, the incoming administration full of plans and proposals it intends to put into action starting this week. coming up, we spell out and examine the future president's plans to issue executive orders, what they are, and what they mean to you. is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. with nutrients to help support immune health. university of phoenix is awarding up to one million dollars in new scholarships
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arthel: vice president-elect kamala harris has chosen supreme court justice sonya sotomayor to swear her in on wednesday. vp elect harris says she chose the high court's first latina justice to do the honors because she was inspired by her work in the civil rights sector. senator harris is set to become the first black, asian vice
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president. >> biden is going to come into office and take steps to roll back some of the most egregious moves of the trump administration. you're going to see him move on promises that he made on the campaign trail to ensure that we are focused on workers. you'll see him make good on his buy american promise. eric: that was the incoming white house communications director, praising the president-elect's plans for his first ten days in office. yesterday, the president-elect announced a slew of new executive orders on top of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus package and expansive immigration bill that he plans to enact, what else does he have in store? charlie hurd is with us, a fox news contributor. charlie, what do you see as priority number one for the incoming administration?
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>> well, i think that we're getting a glimpse of it right now with all of the talk of trying to rejoin the paris cry mall accord -- climate accord, with the effort to legalize the 11 million dreamers. i guess we don't really know for certain how many there are. but this is the problem of course with running a sort of stealth campaign as joe biden did. when you get elected, there isn't a clear mandate about what to do. i think the problem for joe biden is that even with something like the paris climate you accord or the iranian nuclear deal, if you were to poll democrats, democrat voters, not trump supporters, but democrat voters, you wouldn't find the -- you wouldn't find either of those issues in the top 10 things that they would want done. so it's kind of a tricky situation. of course, the other thing to remember is, executive orders, whether they're done by president trump or they're done by president-elect biden, executive orders are always a reflection of a broken congress.
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because obviously a lot of these things are things that should be done legally, done through the legislative process and, you know, and this is not a democrat problem or a republican problem, it's a bipartisan pox on both of their houses that neither party seems to be able to get any of these major issues done through the legislative process. eric: he's going to need republicans to come along on some of these. there is a slew of stuff as you said, the 1.9 trillion economic stimulus, amnesty for 11 million undocumented immigrants, as you said, rejoining the paris climate agreement, deal with the rollbacks the trump administration did on the environment. he's got the covid vaccine blitz, a mask mandate, asking americans to wear masks, dealing with gun liability for manufacturing, expand the afford and healthcare, raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
9:22 am
let's start with immigration, 11 million undocumented immigrants, do you think he can get something passed through congress that legalizes or gives them a pathway to citizenship as he is proposing? >> well, i think it's going to be very difficult, as president trump predecessor, president obama noted for years, he personally did not have the authority to grant legalization to this group of people and it's a very -- it's a group of people who were brought into this country as minors, by their parents. it's a very sympathetic group and it's one of those things where i think that -- you know, you could find some sort of way to compromise between both parties to make something happen with this particular group of people. but it's like democrat -- neither democrats nor republicans want to figure out a way to solve problems which goes back to my point earlier which is that in both parties you have -- there's a reason anathema to
9:23 am
solve problems in washington, whether they want to raise money or want to have talking points and a political fight, they don't want to solve problems because the problem helps them get reelected and i think there's no clearer case than that, than with illegal immigration which has plagued this country now for, what, 30 of, 40 years now, where congress failed to address a problem that voters do care a whole lot about. eric: i think if you talk to individual democrats and individual republicans, they would say they do want to solve problems. the problem is the other guy, they're always pointing fingers. >> exactly. eric: finally, charlie, the great challenge now, the mood in the country, the extremism, what happened at the capitol on january 6th, what does the president-elect -- how does he address that? how does he deal with the disinformation and the blatant
9:24 am
propaganda and lies and falsehoods that were spewed out about some of these issues and about the election. critics say that a great swath of our country, they were brainwashed by what the president claimed and a false narrative. how can they -- can the president-elect bring us back together? how does he address that in a proper manner so we don't have a repeat of what we saw? >> so, you know, one of the most widely misunderstood things about the 2016 election is that it was all about issues. president trump won in 2016 talking about issues that no politician in either party had talked about in a very long time. and while this list of executive actions that president-elect biden wants to put into place, i don't agree with any of them. i think they're all crazy, completely out of touch with republicans and even with a lot of democrats. i do commend him for the fact that he wants to talk about issues.
9:25 am
and i think the way you bring the country back together is you focus on issues that actually matter to people. and one of those issues that actually matters to people is not impeaching a president three days before he is set to leave office anyway. and then they're talking about having a trial of a president who has already left office. that's not how you bring the country back together. and so if joe biden wants to do one thing to take a step in the direction of unifying the country, he would put an -- he would stand up to his own party and put an end to this non sees. -- nonsense. it's all vindictive, an effort to silence president trump, to overturn the next he'll he ex. what they want to -- election. what they want to toys prevent him from running again. and silence his supporters. that's the most important step president-elect biden could do take a steps towards reyou'd fining the country.
9:26 am
eric: as you know, democrats and some republicans say that is what's needed to deal with what we saw and the type of narrative that was wrong that we saw in the past but that will be debated and we'll see what mitch mcconnell does in the coming weeks. charlie, always good to see you. thank you. >> great to see you, eric. eric: arthel. arthel: state capitols across the country and washington, d.c. beefing up security after warnings from the fbi about potential violence. up next, we're live at the site of a planned protest. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need.
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eric: on this sunday, all 50 of states are on high alert for a possible armed protest. authorities have been putting up barriers and strengthening security outside capitol buildings across the country, the fbi warning police agencies nationwide that the demonstrations set to kick off as early as today. in michigan, the state's capitop
9:31 am
building was the targets of protesters in april, to deal with the alleged plot to kidnap the governor and authorities are investigating claims of potential violence. matt fin is live at the capitol building in michigan where windows have been boarded up and fences installed to protect the building. >> reporter: so far, relatively calm and quiet in lansing. the national guard and police have a heavy presence here, have basically blocked off all access to the capitol except for people walking by foot. so far, a handful of protesters here on the capitol grounds. members of the media and police might outnumber the actual number of protesters here so far. a short while ago we saw about four men who walked into the crowd with long guns but things have been very quiet, no sparks of violence or confrontation here. there are no legislators inside of the capitol, no employees which reduces any potential targets here and across the
9:32 am
country capitol cities are bracing for pro-president trump protests, to date into this week, national guard troops deployed across the country. atlanta, georgia, austin, texas, harrisburg, pennsylvania, some of the cities where there are planned protests. so far, no reports of major violence across the country. the fbi issued a bulletin earlier this week warning that far right groups were planning to march on state capitol grounds. potentially mimicking the riot at the united states capitol on january 6th. in lansing, local reports say some militia groups planned on showing up today but they were urged not to, after they learned they were ramming up security which is something we're seeing in lansing. it's a cold, snowy day so far. that might keep people home as well. eric. eric: let's hope all protests remain peaceful. matt fin in lansing, thank you, matt. arthel. arthel: as you know, presidential inaugurations are
9:33 am
always designated a national special security event. this year, the designation will be extended to january 21st. that's the day after president-elect joe biden is sworn in. and 25,000 national guard troops, thousands of local law enforcement officials from different states and hundreds of fbi agents will be on the ground. let's bring in now bill braten, he's the former new york city and boston police commissioner, as well as a former chief of the los angeles police department, honored to have you here with us this morning. commissioner, i want to start by asking you to give us an overview of the massive efforts involved to secure a national special security event, especially in the wake of the domestic terror attacks on the u.s. capitol building, what, 11 days ago, compounded by the new warning from the fbi about chatter constitutioning a credible threat from protesters intent on instigating a war in washington, d.c. >> well, the act that you
9:34 am
referenced is intended to do several things. one, unity of command. the head of the secret service, when that act is enacted, becomes the head of the security procedures for that event. all other entities report to in this case -- in this case to him. it's also intended to authorize a lot of stricter security protocols. closing of streets, if you will, closing of air space. it comes with a whole plethora of abilities on the part of the secret service, the other agencies now including massive national guard presence, to effectively ensure the security of that event. in terms of what's going on at the capitols around the country, the state capitols, a lot of the incentive for january 6th is not present at those capitols. there is nothing going on of the significance of the counting of the ballots that occurred on january 6th. in many of them, there's not going to be anybody in the
9:35 am
building. currently, there's significant presence around those buildings that was not present at the capitol on january 6th. there's also a lot of the online chatter now is discouraging rather than encouraging some of these moves, militias, et cetera, not to show up. some of the concern is it's a ploy on the part of antifa, black lives matter, to make them look bad. in terms of the concerns that have been expressed, my own sense is this is going to play out of relatively peacefully this week. let's hope that's the case, in any event. arthel: of course we do hope that's the case. only a handful of the cities have the resources. how can all cities, especially state capitols, structures, how can they -- those cities with state capitols, how can they structure a security plan as these threats -- they 345eu not happen today -- they may not happen today as you point out
9:36 am
but they could continue. how do you prepare for that? >> this is going to continue into 2021. it's not going to end on the 20th. that's unfortunate. that's the reality. from a security stand town we'll have to -- standpoint, we'll have to evaluate our ability to protect our sites and our people, officials, et cetera. right now, heavy reliance on if national guard. it's a significant weakness relying on the national guard. they are not trained to basically deal with crowd management or crowd control or crowds getting out of control. the military police units are but overall, 25,000 people that you see in washington, d.c., most of them are not armed for dealing with demonstrations, they don't have batons, they don't have shields. they're equipped with rifles that they received training on how to deal with a crowd. we're going to have to over time rely heavily on he local police
9:37 am
resources, state, local police. at a time when we have this effort to defund the police, to diminish their numbers. so it's going to be an interesting he debate going into 2021, recognizing we're going to have to do more crowd control training for the national guard, increase their capabilities, do more training and beefing up of our police forces, something that is going the opposite direction. arthel: absolutely. i believe that vice president-elect joe biden is on record saying that he is not for he defunding the police but yet whatever organization, retraining if you will that has to happen and i would imagine you're on-board with that. not to defund. i want to mention that former homeland security secretary, jay johnson, he was on cnn earlier and he said his former department needs to restructure to handle this rise in domestic terror threats, forged by white
9:38 am
supremacists. >> i fear homeland security is now outdated in its structure which was meant to deal with extra territorial threats by securing the borders, land, sea and air. this requires a whole new, different approach from law enforcement and homeland security. arthel: commissioner, do you agree with secretary johnson? and how do you put out this domestic terror fire that has been relit? >> i agree wholeheartedly with him. he's a close friend. i worked with him. i served as the vice chairman of the advisory council. the enemy that homeland security was created to defend against was al-qaida at the time, then isis. some interior focus on home-grown terrorism. but the reality is, the bulk of the effort the last 20 he yearss been external. it will now turn internally. the biggest threat now and for
9:39 am
the foreseeable future will be the home grown threat. we talked about we met the new enemy and they are us and our 3 -- not3,000 miles away. they're living next door to you in some respects. jay has been one of the top experts in this area from his time in the military, time running homeland security. i worked closely with him. we both agree that will definitely be the new challenge for homeland security. arthel: commissioner, i appreciate you joining us. we'll have you back and we'll talk about how to put out the fire that's been relit. for now i have to go and i thank you for your time. eric: phil spector, remember him, he was convicted of murder in 2003. spector has died at the age of 81. california state prison officials say spector passed away of natural courses at a hospital yesterday. spector produced music from the beatles, tina turner, cher and
9:40 am
many others of. he started in the '60s as one of the most influential music producers in hollywood. he was convicted of murdering actress lana clarkson when they went to his mansion in los angeles for a night of drinking in 2009. he was sentenced to 19 years to life in prison after clarkson was found dead in a chair in his foyer with a gunshot to the head. phil spector, dead. arthel. arthel: a new highly contagious covid mutation now detected in the u.s. what health experts are saying about the effectiveness of the current vaccine against it. dr. jeanette nesheiwat, up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ anywhere convenience. everyday security. bankers here to help. for wherever you want to go.
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the easiest way to evade this
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negative effect of these new isolates is to just when the vaccine becomes available, people should get vaccinated. if ever there was a clarion call for people to put aside vaccine hesitancy, if we can get the overwhelming majority of the population vaccinated, we would be in very good shape and could beat even the mutant. eric: we hope that happens soon. dr. anthony fauci stressing the importance of getting as many american as possible vaccinated to beat back the coronavirus. including the more transmissible variant that's now detected here in the u.s. this comes as new cases are surging across the country, in los angeles that county you alone recording more than 1 million infections with reports of emergency rooms so full that ambulances have to wait for hours and hospitals, some of them are way over-capacity. dr. jeanette nesheiwat joins us, fox news medical contributor. what we're seeing in la, there's
9:46 am
800 new hospitalizations a day. could that be a preview of what we could see else enter the next few months -- elsewhere in the next few months unless we get this under control. >> that's an unfortunate possibility. the new variant is creating a huge challenge for us right now. it's further straining and stressing the healthcare system. so we really need to double down right now. we have no room for slacking. there's no room for error. people are dying left and right. the hospitalization rate has increased over 800%. when you look at places like california, georgia, arizona, roads island -- rhode island. the doctors and nurses are stretched thin, they're overwhelmed. we have to comply with preventative measures which means getting your vaccine when it's your turn and wearing your mask in addition to social distancing and avoiding the parties, the gatherings, that's where we're seeing outbreaks right now. eric: dr. fauci talked about the importance of vaccinations and getting the vaccine.
9:47 am
do you think we will be at a point this year or the next few months where the herd immunity can take effect and we can finally push back the tide? >> oh, i hope so, eric. you know, we've got about 30 million vaccines that have been distributed throughout the nation. we put into the arms of americans, maybe about a third of them. so we're catching up. we need to move quickly. we need to move rapidly. i'm happy to see we have vaccination centers opening up, stadiums, we have to get the pharmacies on-board. we need to distribute the vaccine to those who of qualify in the phased groups as soon as possible because that's what's going to help lead us to herd immunity. we want to get around 83%, 83 to 94% of the population is what we define as herd immunity, through natural acquiring of the virus or through vaccination. if we can do that, hopefully
9:48 am
we'll see less lives lost and return to normalcy. it starts with getting your vaccine, wearing your mask and social distancing. eric: right you are. you got the vaccine the other week. >> yes. eric: and your mom is a school nurse. we have photos of that. your mom got the vaccine. there's mom. tell us about that. >> yes, yes. my mom, she's a pediatric nurse, she inspired me to become a physician. together we're encouraging our friends and family and the community to get vaccinated. vaccines save lives. we call her nurse hyatt. she helped to inspire the community to protect themselves, get the vaccine when it's your turn and make sure you wear your mask. two years of age and up, you have to wear your mask to protect yourself and your loves ones. eric: thank you, nurse eye yacht and all the nurses across the country. the one that gets me, the ban da
9:49 am
bandana. i've seen people wearing a bandana. look, that's not even over her nose. look at that. shame. shame. tell me about what you're seeing now. >> yeah, you've got to cover your nose and your mouth. remember, the virus can enter the mucus membranes of your body. a recent study came out of duke university that looked at 14 different face coverings. what they found was the n-95 was the most protective. the most easiest-the east yeast one to use is the -- easiest one to use is the surge call mask. the least effective are the neck gators and bandannas. those don't protect you. it's best to wear one of these. the studies show, the data shows that the bandanas do not protect you. they're the least effective. neck gators, very thin. a homemade cloth mask, three layered masks were good to use as well.
9:50 am
it he depends on how you use it, making sure you cover your nose as well. eric: all right, folks. drop the bandana, that's the prescription from dr. jeanette nesheiwat. drop the bandana. the producer's brother in tucson has the mask and wears the bandana over it. that's cowboy cool. arthel: christine's brother has it right, no gators and hi to nurse hyatt. more fallout for senator josh hawley over his decision to object to the results of president-elect joe biden's legitimate win. the latest companies to drop support from the missouri republican, that's up next. i'm not hungry! you're having one more bite! no! one more bite! ♪
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arthel: for fallout for republicans following the deadly capitol terror attacks, loews hotel announcing it will no longer host a planned fundraiser next month for missouri senator josh hawley at one of its florida properties, the decision comes after an attorney posted the event flier online. let's go to alex hogan. me has more on the story. >> reporter: the hotel as you mentioned canceling the event. the hotel tweeting, saying we
9:55 am
are horrified and opposed to the event at the capitol and all who supported and incited the action. we have informed the host of the february fundraiser that it will no longer be held at lowe's hotels. online people are either celebrating or condemning the hotel for its move. the announcement comes shortly after simon and shuster canceled a book deal with the missouri senator. the company explaining it could no longer support the senator after saying, quote, in his role what became a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom. hawley calling this an assault on his first amendment and promising to see them in court. other elected officials shaming the cancellations. >> if you really want to bring unity and cool down the simmering embers that are burning right now, you don't pour more gas on the fire and that's what i think these people are trying to do. i think he's exactly right.
9:56 am
when you start suppressing speech, first of all, it's dictatorial. >> reporter: lawmakers and corporations who support the restrictions say silent would be encouraging the violent rhetoric and behavior. arthel. arthel: thank you very much. eric. eric: well, arthel and i are going to be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern, three hours from now, with more news. thank you for choosing us here on the fox news channel and watching. arthel: thank you very much. more news now from washington. if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,
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♪ ♪ mike: live pictures from the nation's capital. you can see relative quiet on the streets here as security tightens into a serious lockdown ahead of president-elect joe biden's inauguration wednesday. welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington, i'm mike emmanuel. thousands of national guard troops and walls of fencing now fortifying the city. kevin corke is on the ground with a closer look at it all. >> reporter: afternoon, mike. this is the new reality in the nation's capital. as you mentioned, military vehicles, lots of fencing


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