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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  January 17, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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and tyrus. greg is back next week. we love greg gutfeld. we will see you next time. jon: we are three days away frof president-elect joe biden, troops are ripping up security around washington, d.c., concerns about extremist violence with unprecedented show of force. the fbi says it's not currently tracking any specific threats. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: officers are blocking roads and closing the national mall for wednesday's ceremony. the lockdown design to prevent what we saw on january 6 when writer stormed the u.s. capital ransacking the halls of congress and leaving five people dead.
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this as we learn prosecutors are bringing new charges in connection with that attack. fox team coverage, steve. harrigan but we begin with mike tobin in washington. >> let me show you a few of the security precautions in new jersey avenue, you can see a couple of national guard vehicles preventing vehicles from getting up the road and you have concrete jersey barrier that will prevent a vehicle from getting through. as we go d street another guard vehicle not direction and here's another guard vehicle we look past the guard vehicle there you have the u.s. capital which you cannot see in the dark, it is all of the fencing that has become ubiquitous around d.c., d.c.'s mayor on meet the press said the structures around d.c. have been transformed into hard targets, she's very concerned about other state capitals and the rest of d.c. were 700,000 people live. mayor bowser believes if the
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threat materializes in a be domestic. >> i do think that we have to take another posture inner-city that is more domestic terrorist focused than external to our country and act accordingly. >> absolutely impersonating security effort that has turn around the capital and the national mall to a grid on claimable fencing and checkpoints. the red dots are the checkpoints for the personnel rocketed down in the secret service, border police, park police, fbi, capitol police, d.c. metro police and the national guard, we know by now 25000 guardsmen have been tapped for this particular duty, what is shown up so far as we seen in the footprint, upwards of 7200 guardsmen and they seem to be everywhere, that is only going to increase as we get closer to an observation day. jon: mike tobin and what we hope is a washington, d.c. safe day.
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state governments on high alert ahead of inauguration day many preparing for demonstrations as the fbi warns the arm protesters might appear at capital buildings across the country. steve harrigan is live in washington with that. >> we discussed in the video from the new yorker magazine one of the new yorker reporters followed the rioters into the capital on january 6 giving a real sense of the chaos and the violence of that day following the rioters on the senate floor, some taking photographs of documents others talking about forming possibly a new government and others taking selfies. the meantime arrest continue to be made from that day all around the country, here in d.c. there's two publicly known arrest the people at checkpoints. one of virginia man with a gun who claims a secure guard was lost, second woman who was impersonating a police officer has been referred to a mental health facility. the fbi has arrested more than
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100 across the nation including 35-year-old blake and memphians they expect a number of the rest to continue to climb in the police and the fbi continued to ask for the public's help including one suspect who the fbi believes goes behind pinning a police officer in the doorjamb and beating the police officer the d.c. police and the fbi asking the public help in identifying the suspect. jon: steve harrigan in washington, d.c. as president trump's final week in an office draws to an end, the window for those asking for him for a pardon will soon be closing. what might we expect from the president's final hours in the white house. mark meredith is live on the north lawn with more on that. >> good evening president trump spent his final we can at the white house away from the cameras we saw staffers picking up boxes, tours but no siding from the president himself were waiting to see if he will issue any additional partings before he leaves office.
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over the last four years we seen him issue somebody parted the 25 commutations, it is usual for president as they leave office to issue more partings but will look to see if that happens more later on this week it's unclear if the president will do the same. late last year the president issued a flue of notable partings, paul manafort, jared kushner's father charles kushner and roger stone, some republicans are urging president trump not to consider pardoning anyone's on the rights on the hill earlier this month, among the speaking out south carolina senator lindsey graham. >> i hope we don't get on that road, they chose to go into the capital to file the capital, president trump never said going to the capital and try to interrupt a joint session of congress. that was their choice, they made and they need to live without choice. >> we are still waiting to see when the president second senate impeachment trial would begin. it's unusual because his trial is going to get started after
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the president has left office and there's a lot of republicans arguing this is about political retribution or it may not even be constitutional. democrats insist this is about holding the president accountable. vice president mike pence was at fort drone in new york and had a chance to think members of the army's mountain division and had a chance to reflect on the ministry should the accomplishments of the last four years. >> my fellow americans we have all been through a lot this past year. but through it all, i've seen the strength and resilience of the american people shine forth. >> the vice president will be in attendance were joe biden swearing in on capitol hill on wednesday, president trump will not be there, he and the first lady will leave herself florida early wednesday morning, no details what ceremony will be taking place at joint base andrews it'll likely be the chance for the president to give his final sendoff to the american people as he enters his post-presidency. jon: mark meredith live at the
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white house. president-elect biden says he is a lot to accomplish during his first ten days in office. he plans a flurry of executive orders. jacqui heinrich has details from wilmington, delaware. >> good evening john, president-elect joe biden plans to take roughly a dozen executive actions on day one beginning with extending the pause on student loan payments rejoining the paris climate accord and ending the travel ban on the majority muslim countries, biden plans to enact a mask mandate on federal property and interstate transit systems from these two through ten with schools and businesses reopening the criminal justice and initiative. president trump face criticism and court challenges for abusing the compounder under powers. to undercut the argument writing the policy objectives and the executive actions are goals i want to be clear in the series
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behind them are well-funded and represents a restoration of an appropriate constitutional role for the president. biden told congress to expect a sweeping immigration bill the first day in office and it comes as lawmakers are still unpacking the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package unveiled last week despite that price tag, biden steam is forecasting bipartisanship. >> you mentioned the $1400 checks, we have seen broad bipartisan support including republican senators, you look other elements of the plan like expanded tax credit something republican senators have supported in the past. >> biden has not released part two of that plan aimed at jobs and the economy when it's expected to be less expensive than the first. all of this is congress gave the timing for president trump impeachment trial in the senate. biden and, the hearers have danced around questions about whether congress should act on
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impeachment article over to the senate. >> impeachment process. >> let me be very clear about my position on the donald trump, i strongly believe that he is incapable of being president of the united states. >> this is not a statement about donald trump but the american people deserve that in their president and vice president coming into office that we address the things that are weighing on them and implement a plan. >> biden has said to congress amid all of this they need to stay on track with cabinet confirmation hearings especially as it pertains to national security. jon: jacqui heinrich covering president-elect from wilmington, delaware. along with all the executive orders in his first ten days of president-elect wants to pass a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package right away, it could run into early opposition among legislators. minnesota congressman tom and
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her as part of the congressional committee and is our guest tonight. you have seen the president-elect's wish list of what he wants to call bush and the first 100 days, what do you think? >> we are going to remind the voters and make them well aware that the democrat socialist agenda and how damaging it'll be to their daily lives, that is what it looks like the first hundred days are all about. pushing the agenda. jon: republicans might be demoralized after losing the two senate seats in georgia and with them control of the senate, you are in large part responsible for helping recruit candidates that the gop so many gains in the house of representatives the last go around, how does 2022 look. >> its way to be the same formula we picked up 15 seats in the house so far, new york 22 is decided in our favor, we were predicted to lose 15 - 24. it is very clear that joe biden
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and the incoming administration are not going to be moderate, they will be double down on the socialist agenda, the new green deal, defending the police, socialize government run healthcare, these things did not sell in the last two years, they will not sell in the coming two years. jon: lindsey graham on the senate side says there are some things that he anticipates republican senators might be able to work with the biden a administration but there are some big sticking points as well. listen to lindsey graham. >> here's what i think republicans need to do, maybe on infrastructure but fight like hell turning america into socialized nation, fight like hell to make sure we don't undercut border security, reject the green new deal, fight like hell against raising taxes. here's what i predict, they do what they're talking about doing republicans will come roaring back in 2022, will take back the
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house, take back the senate and just in a few months president trump will be looked at far differently than he is today. jon: the tax increase, how likely is joe biden to get a tax increase to the congress customer. >> hopefully it'll be a problematic one with such narrow margins in both with the house and the senate, democrats control every lever of government and you find out that in the first midterm it is usually a check in the power and that's not good news for the democrats especially if they're going to double down on raising our taxes, defunded the police, on socialized healthcare et cetera. these are not policies that mainstream americans are interested in. jon: what about $15 in our national minimum wage, what do you think about that? >> if you look at what the trump administration did, just an amazing thing with the autonomy, the tax cuts for the middle
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class, immigration policies, trade policies, joe biden and the democrats with their socialist agenda, their idea is to roll it all back and i'm going to tell you that's not going to do them any good in the midterm in 2022. jon: that you think of $15 minimum wage sounds good to voters don't you think that would be very popular among lower-class americans customer. >> we shouldn't be about minimum wage, we should be about maximum wage and that comes to getting this economy moving and growing and everyone is included. fifteen dollars is not something that you need to require, people will pay what it takes to get good health and a growing economy does that. jon: and then the fact what works in one state doesn't necessarily work in another state, cost of living very dramatically across the united states. >> we can have that debate a philosophical debate, this is
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always where the democrats want to go, they want to mandate this and that whether it's masks, whether to minimum wage, the people need to be able to make their own decisions, they did, they have and they will tell you the agenda that the democrats are pushing, the ranger taxes, defend the police, this is crazy and it's not going to sell in 2022. jon: joe biden has promised he will run a very bipartisan government, he will bring republicans in and they will get on the same page for some of the big programs. you don't think that's going to happen? >> we should always try to work together buddies already announced he's going to do a $1.9 trillion coronavirus aid package we just passed 900 billion that hasn't even started to be spent and he announced he's going to use the bill called the heroes act as the framework for the next package. i'll remind you the heroes act
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would've released rapists and murderers from prison. that is not a moderate bipartisan approach. jon: bipartisan is going to see if it takes effect in washington in the first 100 days. >> of the last week is any indication, it is not a good start. jon: congressman tom emmer, thank you very much. >> thank you. jon: the hotel pulling the plug on a fundraiser for missouri senator josh hawley as he faces more backlash after the riot inside the capital. he is not the only conservative feeling the heat, more on that straight ahead. ♪
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jon: more fallout facing republican after the january 6 riot at the u.s. capitol, the loews hotel chain has canceled a plan fundraiser in florida for missouri senator josh hawley. alex hogan live with more on that. >> close canceling this event in florida next month saying it will no longer take place at his hotel, the chain saying it is horrifying in a post-anyone who helped incite violence at the capital, clashes online with supporters thanking the chain for canceling, josh hawley's
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event critics calling in easy weight to alienate more customers. earlier this month hallmark asked senator hawley and senator roger marshall to get back employee donations. publishing company simon & schuster voiding a book deal with purity and big tech, holly writing this is the left looking to cancel anything that they do not approve of, i will fight to cancel culture with everything that i have. of course this is the latest so-called cancel culture example, colin kaepernick faced harsh criticism for kneeling during the national anthem and boycott nike for featuring him in a commercial or demands to avoid chick-fil-a for a history of donating to charities with anti-lgbtq stances or calling out barilla pasta for the chairman's 2013, did not feature gay families in this adz. this time around corporate america is weighing in on the storming of the capital they visited the political donation
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and supporters applauding that decision. >> thank goodness the pushing back, the market is changed because of the pressure that it is put on, maybe this will give my republican colleagues some support that they can be free. >> protest this week urging senator ted cruz and josh hawley to step down, democrats also calling for the removal. >> i have demanded the resignation of senators ted cruz, senator josh hawley, majority leader republican rather republican minority leader in the house mccarthy, kevin mccarthy, along with many others. >> social media companies gaining the president and putting his account on pause, lindsey graham blasting the tech giants today. >> they have legal liability of
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immunity that needs to come to an end, this is a defining moment in american democracy if we do not push back against google and twitter we will lose our democratic ability to talk to each other. >> in the back and forth, the big tech companies say they're taking the firm stance to enable a peaceful transfer of power. jon: alex hogan, live in new york city ♪ ♪. jon: it's hard enough for adults to wrap their minds about what's happening with the global pandemic but it's even harder for children to process. how can we navigate the tough conversations. sarah caldwell from our fox affiliate wb ff takes a look. >> take a breath. >> doctor principal at cbe clinic specializes in child and adolescent psychology. he says the uncertainty were all
3:23 pm
excreting has caregivers and children simply burnt out. >> this is supposed to be ten weeks this pandemic now it might take two years. were all supposed to get a vaccine which is hopeful but when will actually be delivered. >> that can create a sense of helplessness. but he encourages age-appropriate conversations. >> we don't want to say are you scared you say you sound confused or uncertain. or i would be frustrated about that too. >> understanding where your children are is key, then find a way to put it into perspective. doctor says sometimes those conversations are enough, other times they are not. >> if you're not quite yourself then it's fair game to say i'm worried about my. , my friends. >> if your child is experiencing excessive sadness, disruption in academic performance or emotional distress, it is time
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to ask for help. sarah caldwell fox 45 days. jon: the faa have approved the first fully automated commercial drone flights allowing a small massachusetts robotics company to operate unmanned aircraft beyond the light of sight of a remote pilot. they mandate the drones only operate in rural areas of heights under 400 feet. they are considered effective new tools that will make work more efficient performers, minors and others. the irs is pushing back tax filing season, it usually begins processing returns in january, now that will begin february 12, the extra weeks will give the agency more time to test systems after tax law changes however, the prefiled program is now open for taxpayers. vice president mike pence urging the incoming administration to stay the course and stand up to china. ahead biden strategy when it comes to handling relations with beijing and what china is likely to demand during biden's first
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get started for free at jon: here's a look at our top stories the uk is inviting g-7 leaders in southern england for a june summit, covid-19 and climate change expected to dominate the agenda this will be the first person in person since 2019 after last year's plans were scrapped because of the pandemic. vice president like kamala harris expected to officially resign from her senate seat tomorrow, california governor gavin newsom has said he will point fellow democrat alex padilla disturbed her term, she serves as california secretary of state. two of the biggest lotto jackpot in history getting even larger, the mega millions prize has jumped to a staggering $850 million in the powerball
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jackpot is up to 730 million. the next megamillion drawing is tuesday and the power drawing will be on wednesday. for more on other stories download the fox news app you can scan the qr code on your screen or go to watermelon police fighting with thousands of honduran migrants trying to make their way to the us-mexico border, that is a scene unfolding as president like biden gets ready to move forward with immigration reform crafting a plan that would include a pathway to citizenship for 11 million people in this country. christina gonzales has a closer look. >> we have been engaging with different members of congress and also the transition team. >> the director of policy for the coalition of humane immigrants rights has been dealing with the biden harris transition team on what could be the biggest in immigration reform package and over 30 years.
3:31 pm
a faster path to legalization, even citizenship an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. for example the biden plan immigrants will be eligible for legal permanent residents after five years in citizenship after eight instead of 13 years. those under daca who were brought here illegally as children could be eligible for automatic green cards as some temporary protected status immigrants like essential workers. it's a humanitarian matter says the westlake district home to a heavy concentration of latinos who are feeling pretty hopeful. >> the big question how will congress react and how fast can it move. >> immigration officials expected that president-elect biden will use something that departing president trump use quite a bit, the executive order especially in cases like essential workers.
3:32 pm
>> when you have a vast number of essential workers who were undocumented and work in the meatpacking who are the grocery workers, our hope that they will be protected not only with economic relief but some legal status. >> it is worthwhile says mental health immigrants, the u.s. administration will have to do with controversial issues that have proven difficult to resolve. >> we cannot forget we still have 500 kids who were separated from their families and their parents have not been located because they were deported. >> one thing that does not seem to be part of biden's immigration plans any link with stepped-up enforcement or security measures for the border. no comment from ice or immigration authorities. in the westlake district and christina gonzalez. jon: thus bringing rebecca grant, president of iris independent research.
3:33 pm
it is been a while since migrant caravans headed for the u.s. southern border, now it seems they are back in action, how should the biden administration respond? >> it has been a while in the main point, no migrant caravan under coded. this is a case where although biden has called for a more humane approach, we don't have a lot of details and so short-term, if the caravan moves it'll be up to mexico to standby the agreements they made to halt the caravans and honestly if the caravans get to the southern border the u.s. policy has already failed to deter the caravan. jon: you know how international relationships work is mexico likely to say there's a new guy in the white house, new sheriff in town, we don't have to dedicate the resources that we said we would dedicate under the tarp administration to stopping this kind of thing.
3:34 pm
>> as we know it was a big deal when president trump close down part of the california mexico border in mexico snapped right into line. they could be wondering what's up, we did not hear about the details in the larger question americans need to realize the southern border really is part of national security and it needs to be tight. jon: let's talk about china for a moment, ric grenell was on sunday morning future, former acting director of national intelligence, former ambassador to germany, he had interesting thoughts. listen. >> china is a crisis and for those who try to flip that around, they are really giving the beijing line. we have to call it out and be very clear that what they are trying to do is compete with the united states to the point where they defeatist. this is the communist china strategy and we can't be unclear about that. we have to recognize when we have a competitor that is
3:35 pm
infiltrated into our political system at the local level that is their strategy. jon: a former director of national intelligence is saying they want to the fetus, our incoming president said they are not bad folks. >> team biden are all returning veterans but when they were there under the obama administration china was a simmering crisis and now it's a four alarm fire. he worried there infiltration, we learned a lot more about china infiltration from a higher education to industrial espionage, every aspect of american life. biden is going to have to lead a strong and global response to standup to china. we have to see if they can do that. jon: china, according to all the experts, china has unleashed on the world this coronavirus in china is now demanding more from that we stop blaming them for
3:36 pm
coronavirus. >> yes, china is working very hard to establish the story that covid came from a under multiple global sources. we know this is untrue but the world health organization has a team trying to investigate the origin and it is key to china's propaganda to blame this on the left to show that it was not chinese origin and then show the only china has the correct response and really to show covid as a symptom of the terrible aspects of democracy. they use covid for propaganda and to strong-arm other countries for several months now. jon: meantime, china is leaning hard on taiwan, could this be an administration that actually sees taiwan or china try to take back taiwan? >> i am really worried about taiwan because china has been
3:37 pm
extremely aggressive, there for the last several months. chinese military aircraft barged into taiwan airspace almost daily in china's defense ministry has talked about a possible head-on attack, the back story there the chinese communist party hate taiwan and they kept them out of the un and the world health organization but we really see an uptick in the military aggression, i think the taiwan could be team biden's first big challenge. jon: how would you expect, how would you advise team biden to handle that challenge? >> top priority is a must continue the arms sales that have been greenlighted, these are defensive systems for example the creditor which is a drone that enables taiwan forces to watch activity and look for an invasion in the chinese military activity. they've got to continue the arms sales, the catch is that she's
3:38 pm
reaping hates the u.s. defensive arms sales of taiwan. we know kelli kraft had a call with taiwan's president, i would love to see more formal format a recognition, team biden says they want to deal with international institution, let's recognize taiwan again and get it back in the world health organization and back into the mainstream of international society, the main thing we have to have a strong u.s. policy on the military side, maybe including training and attachments so china is deterred from trying to crack down on taiwan the way that they have on hong kong. jon: rebecca grant, thank you. jon: moore "fox report" just ahead. ♪
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jon: police and fbi on the lookout for an armored military vehicle stolen from a national guard facility outside of los angeles. the humvees stolen around 815 friday morning said to be worth $120,000, the fbi is offering a
3:44 pm
reward up to $10000 for information that leads to its recovery. legendary music producer and convicted murderer phil spector has died at the age of 81, california state prison officials say he died in hospital yesterday of natural causes, christina coleman live with more. >> phil spector the famous legendary troubled record producer is known for giving musical whole new vibe with his wallet sound method back in the 1960s, prior to his murder trial he was celebrated for transforming rock music by using different instruments, harmonies and sound effects to create his methods, and led to nearly two dozen hit singles including righteous brothers 1960s hit and unchained melody. but with all of his success it definitely came troubled. stories circulated about his drug use and bad temperament. he's been famously accused of holding musicians at gunpoint during record sessions including jon lennon, leonard cohen and in
3:45 pm
2009 spector was convicted for the 2003 murder of actress lana clarkson at his mansion, she was found shot to death at his home in downtown los angeles. spector maintained her death was an accidental suicide by his driver who initially called the police said during the trial spector came outside holding a gun and told him, i think i might've killed somebody, however, he was vehement about his defense with his sensational trial. >> the actions of the hitler -like district attorney in the storm trooping and henchmen to seek an indictment against me and censor all means of me getting my evidence and the truth out are reprehensible, unconscionable and despicable. >> easter just over ten years of his minimum 19 year sentence for the death of clarkson, he was 81 years old. jon: christina coleman in los
3:46 pm
angeles. the storm is moving out of new england as west virginia recovers from yesterday's snow squall, meteorologist adam cox has a look at what to expect with the week ahead. >> it's been an active week on the eastern half of the united states loosing rounds of snow looking at another one currently spinning across portions of the midwest, this is not nearly what they were dealing with yesterday but energy writing over the great lakes and snowfall across the ohio river valley in a more significant system coming out of canada and part of the northern plains and northern rockies, a couple winter storm watches and warnings fairly widespread across an area, not a ton of snow but this is coming down a little on the heavy side, otherwise temperatures across the country sitting in the top tier of the country in the 20s and 30s and some of the coldness sitting around the great lakes or the midwest that will continue as we see cold air from canada flip into the united states the next couple of days. here's the future forecast come on tuesday very cold canadian
3:47 pm
arctic air slipping down into the northern plains and portions of the great lakes region, those will be where the temperatures are the coldest in the next couple of days your forecast and highs on monday and you see again in the northern plains some of the temperatures only getting into single digits, 12 degrees in fargo, that settles out across the country following that for a couple days and then also it is inauguration week and i will leave you this the d.c. forecast in the week ahead this is typically what we should see this time of year, daytime highs in the next couple days 47 - 50 degrees of little bit cooler on wednesday with a high of 41 degrees but this is right where we should be this time of year and no big weather system moving across the region fairly quiet in the nations capital the next couple of days. jon: good news there, adam klotz thank you i run faces pushback from key partners as it continues to develop its nuclear
3:48 pm
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ah, they're getting so smart. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪ jon: here are headlines from around the globe, and russian police have detained opposition leader, the high-profile critic of vladimir putin has just landed in russia on a flight from germany where he spent five
3:52 pm
months recovering from poisoning in august with what is believed to be a soviet agent, incoming biden and national security advisor is calling for his immediate release. in indonesia, crews have recovered more bodies from friday's earthquake that killed at least 78 people. military has reopened roads to clear the way. in afghanistan, gunmen assassinated to female judges serving on the country supreme court, the attackers have not been identified, waves of violence in afghanistan have been targeting government officials and journalists. the bloodshed complicating brokered peace talks. in the united kingdom the government setting a goal to give every adult their first shot of the coronavirus vaccine by september. more than 50 million people, the nation has approved three different vaccines. and in germany state governor has won a runoff election to leave the chancellor's party,
3:53 pm
possibly run to succeed merkel as chancellor in six september elections. iran reports to countries asking the united nations watchdog to avoid publishing unnecessary details on tehran's nuclear program, trey yingst explains. >> good evening, pressure is increasing on iran as a country continues to develop its nuclear program. this weekend germany, france and britain said tehran has no credible civilian use for the reduction of uranian metal. to pushback from the key partners of the 2015 nuclear deal comes as iran is asking the united nations nuclear watchdog to avoid publishing details of the nuclear program over concerns they could be misinterpreted. president-elect biden is expected to rejoin the jcpoa deal that president trump pulled out in 2018. a move that could drastically reduced economic pressure tehran faces, new administration won't
3:54 pm
be a complete fresh start for the islamic republic as it continues to engage in provocative activity. over the week of the country tested a series of ballistic missiles as images from intel labs show previously undisclosed underground storage and missile launchers at a military base in southwest tehran. although it has of driving ballistic program and closer to a nuclear weapon than before president trump took office, the administration is taking a victory lap on their actions against iran. >> we stood up to the leading state sponsor of terror, withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal we strengthen our alliances in the region and isolated iran as never before. >> we talked often about calculations ongoing entire wrong, washington and jerusalem about the possibility of military action in the region, today initial force to american b-52 bombers made their way across the middle east for the fifth time since november. jon: trey yingst. that is a look at stories from
3:55 pm
around the globe, we'll be right back.
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i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base so you can start hiring right away. claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at jon: nasa is investigating why four engine shutdown prematurely during a space launch system testing was conducted at the space center in mississippi yesterday ignition was supposed to last for eight minutes but stopped over one minute into the test. the trial was a vital step for nasa's long-delayed space launch
3:59 pm
system, it will play a key role in the agencies artemis program to return u.s. astronauts to the moon before 2024. legendary actress betty white is celebrating her 99th birthday today, the tv career began in 1949 hollywood on television and included enduring roles in the mary tyler moore show and the golden girls. her vast movie credits include the proposal, lake placid and even toy story four. she is known for her comedic timing which earned her five emmy awards and one in 2010 for guest host appearance on "saturday night live". happy birthday. be sure to tune in tonight when bill hemmer presents china showdown a look at the growing threat to the united states from beijing and he also digs into china's relationship with silicon valley, that is at 10:0x news channel. that is how fox reports this sunday january 17, 2021, i am jon scott, thank you for joining us.
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