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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 18, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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really shown how important it is to bring outsiders to the system to bring about change. >> there we are. we agree. were out of time. thanks very much and we will thanks very much and we will jillian: it is monday, january 18th. a fox news alert. the fbi vetting more than 25,000 national guardsmen ahead of president-elect joe biden's inauguration. todd: we are live in washington with concerns of an insider attack. back in business, social media platform parler reappearing online with a promise to fight but big tech isn't done censoring conservatives. jillian: and tom brady and the buccaneers crushing the new orleans saints. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ baby bye, bye, bye,. ♪ i don't want to be a fool for you. ♪ just another player in your
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game for two. ♪ you may hate me but it ain't no lie. .todd: bye, bye, bye, is it true? what producer -- jillian: he probably will retire. todd: he'll be in the broadcast booth, probably making more money than he did as a player. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm todd piro. jillian: i'm jillian mele. security concerns of an insider attack on inauguration day prompting the fbi to vet 25,000 national guard troops. todd: david spunt joins us live in washington as armed protests begin -- as protests begin nationwide. >> reporter: washington, d.c. is a fortress right now. it will be through continue august raise, at least the day after inauguration on january 21st. this is the tightest security washington dc has seen in its history, no question about it.
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you mentioned the troops, there are about 25,000 national guard troops in washington right now, surrounding the city, more expected to arrive in the next few days. they're coming from all over the country, governors from all different states have cont them to washington, d.c. -- sent them to washington, d.c. according to law enforcement sources, they'll be screened multiple time. ryan mccarthy also of confirmed this in an interview with the associated press. he said troops will be heavily screened over fear of an insider attack. >> it's about guns, gates and guards at times as a visible deterrent. that's what you see in washington right now, the guns, gates and guards. what you don't see is the intelligence gathering effort on the part of the fbi and other partner agencies. >> reporter: but it's not just the nation's capitol under watch. federal prisons also on lockdown this week, capitol cities and capitol buildings in all 50 states under the microscope with governors calling in state
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national guards to keep things under control. several armed protests are expected over the next few days over anger that president trump lost telex and speaking of the president, he's the first president since 1869 not to go to his successor's inauguration on wednesday. the president will fly on air force one for one last time wednesday morning. he'll leave joint base andrews around 8:00 in the morning, land in palm beach, florida before president-elect biden becomes president joe biden. even when he's former president trump, the house, though, will transmit one impeachment article to the u.s. senate. there's a chance there could be a separate vote to keep trump from running for public office again. trump ally, senator lindsey graham, is begging incoming majority leader chuck schumer to call off the t senate trial. listen. >> if we embrace an unconstitutional impeachment of donald trump after he's out of office, it will destroy the party. the republican party wants to
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move forward. president trump's going to be the most important voice in the republican party for a long time to come. >> reporter: and then you have those house impeachment managers, the democrats over in the house who say they want to see the trial through. >> our plan is to go after every single vote. we want to make sure that every senator is standing up for this country, that every senator is considering the evidence against president trump and the fact that he incited a deadly insurrection and so we're optimistic that when we lay out our case, that we'll be able to convince folks. >> reporter: speaking of that case, there was some thought that the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, would represent him in the senate. giuliani said in an interview with abc news over the weekend that he's probably not going to be doing it because after all, he claims to be a witness. he gave one of the speeches before that riot over on capitol hill. also, talking about capitol hill and the senate, vice president-elect kamala harris
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will officially resign from the senate later this morning. back to you. jillian: a busy week ahead. i feel like we say that every week. david spuptd, thank you. todd: a republican supporter said the president should look ahead to 2024. >> if trump wants the republican nomination in 2024, it will be handed to him on a silver platter. i'll support him and i think the field will be mostly clear but for some people that have ambition that outsizes their political sense because with our base, with trump voters, i think the president is as strong as he's ever been. todd: other top republicans who could run in 2024, former un ambassador, nikki haley and vice president mike pence. a virginia man is the third person arrested near the capitol in three days. police say 22-year-old guy barry was carrying a gun without a license, carrying high capacity magazines and ammo. a woman was previously arrested
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fore impersonating a police officer. the fbi needs help identifying these men suspected of beating a washington, d.c. police officer. and a $15,000 reward is offered for information on this person suspected of planting pipe bombs during the capitol riot. parler is back, overnight the social media platform returning online. amazon shutting down the site, following the capitol hill riot. jillian: jackie ibanez joins us live with a message from the company's ceo. >> good morning. it appears a new internet company is hosting parler after being shut down by amazon. the company's ceo, john matze, writing, quote, hello, world, is this thing on. adding, we will resolve any challenge before us and plan to welcome all of you back soon. we will not level civil discourse perish. parler was shut down following the riot on capitol hill, tech
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giants blaming the free speech philosophy for helping incite the violence. tim cook opened he is open -- revealed he is open to letting parler back on the app store if they make changes. >> how did you decide to balance free speech with objectionable content. >> we looked at the incitement to violence that was on there .>> amazon claims it repeatedly notified parler that the content violated terms of the agreement but parler was unable and unwilling to moderate it. matze says amazon is holding the company's digital infrastructure hostage. >> if they believe that the social media itself was a problem, why did they shut off everything else too, so that development environment, they shut off our ability to work and our ability to even access our
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own code. >> reporter: big tech censorship extending to newly elected congresswoman marjorie taylor green, twitter suspending the georgia republican's account for violating the civic integrity policy. overnight, twitter took down the account of a left wing activist, charged participating in the riot. his youtube is still active. jillian: dave rubin says the left changed its views on how government and private business should interact and the power of big corporations is something our founders never anticipated. >> if you took a hysterical, leftist political machine, what was formerly a relatively centrist democrat party, a liberal party of, say, jfk, that believed there should be some government and some private enterprise and they should struggle back and forth which is
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what most old of school liberals used to believe, if you took that and shifted it to today's democrats which believe the democrat should do everything, give everyone things for free, take from some, give to the other, if you couple that then with the big tech layer, giant corporations with corporate interests, tremendous amount of money and an unimaginable power over the way that we can communicate with each other, a type of power by the way that the founders 250 years ago could have never imagined that there would be corporations that could have more power than the government. jillian: coming up, a biotech entrepreneur breaks down big tech's intervention and the potential long-term effects. todd: joe biden may cancel the keystone xl pipeline permit as soon as the first day in office. a note to that effect was reportedly mentioned on the list of executive actions.
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biden opposed the project because of environmental concerns. it would move oil from canada to nebraska. jillian: guatemalan security forces used sticks and tear gas to combat a large migrant caravan headed to the u.s. between 7 and 8,000 people are part of the caravan. members of the biden team are reportedly urging them to abandon the journey. todd: the u.s. calling on russia to release an opposition leader. secretary of state mike pompeo writing confident political leaders do not fear competing voices. president-elect biden's national security advisor jake sullivan tweeting the kremlin's attacks are not just a violation of human rights but an afront to the you human people who want their voices heard. he was arrested after returning from germany, after being poisoned with a nerve agent. jillian: the chiefs hold off
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the browns to advance to their third strait afc championship game. patrick mahomes left the game with a concussion. the coach said he is, quote, doing good. the bucs defeated the saints, tom brady getting the better of drew brees to head for his first nfc championship game. drew brees did not give any hints whether he would be back next season. >> i'll give myself an opportunity to think about the season, think about a lot of things, just like i did last year, and make a decision. jillian: and tune in next week when brady and the bucs face aaron rodgers and the packers on fox. todd: if that clip is any indication, you hear the kids in the background, he may decide i want to stay home with the kiddies. jillian: no word on when the article of impeachment will hit the senate but republicans are already split. the chair of the committee to
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defend the president, ted harvey, says president trump should demand a trial. he explains, next. todd: this morning, we honor martin luther king, junior with his niece, dr. alveda king, just ahead.
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♪ if i could be you and you could be me ♪ ♪ for just one hour ♪ ♪ if we could find a way to get inside each other's mind ♪
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♪ walk a mile in my shoes ♪ ♪ walk a mile in my shoes ♪ ♪ well before you abuse, criticize and accuse ♪ ♪ walk a mile in my shoes ♪ >> we did a lot of good things throughout the trump presidency and impeachment is purely a partisan thing. if republicans go along with it, it will destroy the party. a third of the republicans will leave the party. todd: rand paul warning that millions of republicans could leave the party over a trump impeachment conviction. jillian: this as mitch mcconnell leaves it up to gop senators to decide for themselves, calling the pending trial a, quote, vote of conscience. todd: here to react, ted harvey. you say president trump should actually want a trial. why do you say that? >> well, i think what we saw in
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the house was a travesty, they didn't go through the process they usually do. they didn't have a committee hearing in the judiciary committee, they didn't bring forward any evidence. they just rushed it through and what i believe was an effort to get their pound of flesh of the president before he left office. that was nancy pelosi's number one goal. and now the trial will be thrown into the lap of chuck schumer who will have to deal with this after joe biden is sworn in. the president for all americans, as joe biden is trying to say, they're trying to show a face of unity. it's going to be very distracting when they're trying to impeach a president who just got 70 of million votes. i think the president should ask for a trial and force the democrats to come forward with the evidence to show that it was his speech that encouraged the riot, because that just doesn't play out when you listen to the actual transcript of the speech,
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where he said we need to peacefully and patriotically march up to the capitol. he was encouraging the supporters to be peaceful. and then you look at the fact that the actual breaching of the capitol started 15 minutes before the end of his speech and it was about a 30 minute walk from the white house to the capitol. so there's no way that the people who actually were breaching the capitol in a ridiculous and shameful way were actually inspired by the president. they need to bring forward the evidence that they have to say that he was the one that instigated it and they can't do that and i think the american people need to see what really happened that day and why the shameful behavior of hundreds of people were not because of the president. jillian: we're running a little short on time. i have two quick questions for you. the first one is how much influence do you think mitch mcconnell has over the senators right now? >> i think he's wise to say he's
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not going to be putting pressure on anybody. it's going to be up to their own conscience to vote and i think once the evidence is seen, the republicans in congress are not going to support this witch hunt as the president would say. jillian: and who holds the most influence in the republican party right now, do you think? >> the american people. todd: understood. all right. obviously a lot of the focus this week is going to be on the legacy of the trump presidency. what do you think the legacy is? >> well, i think what you're seeing by the democrats and the media is to try to do everything they can to tarnish the legacy of the president. but the fact that he appointed three u.s. supreme court judges, that will be conservatives and control the court majority for 30 or 40 years, that will be a lasting legacy here in the united states and then when you look at the peace deals where you have four arab countries that have finally recognized israel as a sovereign state, that will have lasting
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ramifications between jewish and arab neighbors for generations to come as well. there's nothing that the media can do to try to tarnish the president's legacy. that will last long beyond you and i are still on this earth. jillian: i guess you just wonder if the events of january 6th overshadow a lot of that to the american people. >> well, it breaks my heart because a bunch of trump supporters who went into the capitol have done a great deal of damage to the incredible things that this president has done and it breaks my heart for the president and it should infuriate everybody that's a part of this movement. todd: 100 years from now it will be troughing see how -- be interesting to see how history views this president. jillian: this morning we're honoring martin luther king, junior. todd: a look at his incredible life and legacy and messages of faith with his niece, dr. alveda king, next.
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jillian: welcome back. today we honor the legacy of civil rights icon dr. martin luther king, junior. todd: his niece, dr. alveda king, joins us now with how we can keep his message of love alive every day. great to see you as always. how should we be honoring his legacy today and every day. >> i believe we should remember the words of my uncle, the reverend dr. martin luther king, junior. i never have to second guess. all i have to do is read his words, his sermons and remember. so i believe that if he were here today, he would encourage us as americans, as a one blood race, not separate races, as human beings here in america, to learn to get along, to
1:24 am
communicate. because he says that we would perish as fools if we did not. jillian: i guess when people feel so silenced and when they feel like an outcast in their community and society, how do you heal that? >> the way that we heal is to begin to make individual decisions first. for me, for example, i decided not to argue, not to fight, not to debate. when people challenge me with any of my positions and my thoughts, my answer is first i love you. i'm your sister. and i insist on staying in that position. i do not insist on getting my own way. i explain where i am and i listen. todd: alveda, what would mlk's message of unity be to a congress and a country in such a divided time? >> i believe that he would advise the members of congress to be bipartisan, care more about the people than winning
1:25 am
your own way and even being reelected. you can be reelected when people find out that you sincerely are interested in the american people, that is where we need to be rather than so politically polarized that we can only defend the position of our party. jillian: what would he think about what's going on today? >> i believe everything that's going on today with the he covid scare, the threats of violence and riots, people want something that is certain, especially the younger people, the generation of folks that are right here, right now on social media and all of those outlets and people really just want the truth. they're tired of the in-fighting, the arguing and the bickering and people are just absolutely scared with all the reports of people who are still getting covid and everything and now we're finding out even to get the vaccine we could still get it and all that kind of thing. so they're going to be looking
1:26 am
to the politicians for answers, but i would advise people to look to god for answers. because our real help and our answers come from god and not those who are in political power. todd: alveda king, house on fox nation, you have a special honoring your uncle. it premiers today, appropriately. dr. alveda king, as always, a pleasure having you on, especially on a day like today. jillian: thank you. >> thank you so much. todd: still ahead, the nation's capitol a fortress, the fbi vetting national guard troops. a firsthand look at the preparations coming up. jillian: critics slam blake shelton, calling his minimum wage song tone deaf. how the country music star is responding, coming up. ♪ it's like a million dollar bill. ♪ you can make your one bedroom feel like a house on the hill
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jillian: good morning, welcome back.
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the u.s. condemns the arrest of a russian opposition leader. he spent the last five months recovering from a nerve agent attack in germany. todd: trey has details. >> reporter: good morning. condemnation for the arrest of alexei navali is pouring in from around the world, including both sides of the aisle in the united states. we know overnight u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo released a statement calling on the russian government to level the playing field for all political parties and release him. president-elect joe biden's incoming national security advisor jake sullivan tweeted his support, saying mr. navali should be immediately released, adding the kremlin's attacks are not just a violation of human rights but an afront to the russian people. he traveled to russia sunday after spending months in germany, recovering from being poisoned. navalni blamed vladimir putin
1:31 am
for ordering it. the russian on of significance leader was immediately arrested after his plane was diverted on sunday to a separate moscow airport. he was able to kiss his wife good-bye before being taken into custody. russian officials say he violated the terms of a suspended sentence from a fraud trial in 2014, giving them justify case for arresting him. -- justification for arresting him. why did he return to russia? it has to do with politics. it's been difficult for opposition leaders in the past to retain relevance in russia. he said he wants to continue his fight not only against president putin, but against the entire kremlin who disagrees with his ability to do so. todd: opposition doesn't always turn out well for folks dealing with president putin. thanks, trey. jillian: the fbi announced they will run background checks on all 25,000 national guard members deployed to the capitol
1:32 am
to prevent a potential insider attack. so what other security measures should we expect? homeland security analyst joins me now. thank you for being here. >> good morning, jillian. jillian: let's start out with that, how significant is it that we are hearing this report that the fbi is vetting all of the national guard troops out of fear of an insider attack? >> jillian, this is very significant, and i also preface this by saying this is the largest coordination in joint operation effort on u.s. soil between law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies, since 9/11. there's a big issue here with insider threat in terms of the belief that there may be some folks who may be aligned with other political views, but i'll also say preparation includes deployment of an oversight lead. there's a lot of stakeholders involved between fbi, the department of definance, the intelligence -- defense, the intelligence communities, the local law enforcement and we have to establish command and
1:33 am
control on the ground. jillian: what else is going on behind the scenes and how important is it right now that social media sites are completely vetted and monitored to be able to see what type of chatter is going on online? >> it's very critical. law enforcement is doing everything they can to effectively look at all threats possible but this is not just the social media side of things. this really expands to all threat domains which include cyber, maritime, security, which include space, land air and sea assets to look at what additional risks may be out there. we're trying to make sure we have maximum coverage and make sure that our agencies are working cohesively to address these threats in any of those domains. this is a much larger military operation and the most important thing is the command and control aspect. we have a variety of threats that do exist and mitigating them using a surge capacity strategy with combined agency support is how we mitigate those threats in the field.
1:34 am
jillian: i was talking to one of my friends yesterday, she lives in d.c., not too far from some of the zones that are completely blocked off. she's okay to get in and out of where she lives but she said it's nerve-racking here. she was like i've never felt anything like this. what is your message to the public? >> you know, i've served in two tours in afghanistan. i've been a part of multiple operations. never in my lifetime would i have anticipated that the american people would have to see any form of military deployment surrounding our capitol. my message to the people is that we shall continue to believe in democracy and that the principles that are the bed rock of our society are being guarded. but important for us to remember we are americans first and this process will go forward and we'll make sure that we'll do everything we can to serve the american public. jillian: absolutely. adam roosevelt, thank you for joining us. todd: a missing arizona woman found alive in critical
1:35 am
condition. jessica goodwin vanished after calling into work. she was found three days later. a rescue crew tracked her down by tracing her phone records. she was air lifted to a hospital for treatment. the case is under investigation right now. and overnight, los angeles police calling attention to the city's deadly crime surge. the department labeling the stats shocking, tweeting 16 days into 2021 and homicides in south la are up 150% compared to last year. the city's top cop pleading for elected officials and the community to help stop the senseless violence. victims shot in that area, get this, up a whopping 742%. jillian: the incoming cdc director warning the pandemic will get worse before it gets better. >> do you agree with his forecast that it's going to get worse? >> unfortunately, i do. by the middle of february we
1:36 am
expect half a million deaths and we still yet haven't seen the ramifications of what happened from the holiday travel. so yes, yes, i think we still have dark weeks ahead. jillian: the doctor says new strains of the virus may be resistant to antibodies but believes vaccines are still effective. the u.s. reports nearly 24 million cases with nearly 400,000 deaths. take a look at this, a florida man is celebrating his 90th birthday by buying this red corvette. the air force veteran, chuck cook, said he could not wait to get to all the car shows, his friends flocking to the dealership to help celebrate and to check out his new ride. cook made clear this beauty is just for fun and does need an suv to run around. todd: i love that. jillian: good for you. todd: what are you saving it for? go do it. have at it. enjoy life. time now, 36 minutes after the hour, finger pointing in the wake of the capitol riots.
1:37 am
>> these people come over and take over the capitol. where was nancy pelosi, it's her job to provide security. todd: senator lindsey graham's frustration with speaker pelosi over the lack of security ahead of the deadly siege. want to make a name for yourself in gaming? then make a name for yourself. even if your office, and bank balance are... far from glamorous. that means expensing nothing but pizza. your expenses look good, and your books are set for the month!
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jillian: florida sheds a grim milestone with a record 1,600 coronavirus deaths last week, a 73% increase from the previous week. state health department data shows over 94,000 new coronavirus cases, this as over 915,000 in the sunshine state received their first vaccine dose while just under 92,000 have received their second dose. todd: los angeles county topping 1 million covid-19 cases despite strict lockdown measures. on sunday, the county recorded more than 11,000 new cases and
1:41 am
108 deaths. los angeles is the top hot spot in the nation in terms of cases. los angeles county reporting its first case of the new strain, physician discovered in the u.k. jillian: senator lindsey graham placing blame for the capitol hill riot on house speaker nancy pelosi. watch this. >> these people come and take over the capitol, the house and the senate, beat officers, defiled the seat of government, where was nancy pelosi, it's her job to provide capitol security. todd: carley shimkus here with how her office is fighting back. carley: lindsey graham wondering about the security failures and how they relate to house speaker nancy pelosi, like you said, her chief of staff responded to that moment from maria's show yesterday, saying this disgraceful attempt to shift blame for the mob attack on the capitol is absurd and pathetic. he need only look in the mirror
1:42 am
if he wants to start pointing a finger. he has repeatedly cast doubt on results of a fair election and dangerously fanned flames of right wing quackery. lindsey graham went on to talk about the people who participated in the riots, saying they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. the president should not pardon any of them, guys. jillian: okay. so blake shelton has a thing or two to say, right? carley: he's getting backlash over his latest song, it's called minimum wage. some people are calling it incentive. take a listen to a little bit of the song. we'll talk about it on the back end. ♪ you can take my truck out of the driveway. ♪ like a cadillac. ♪ making a man feel rich on minimum wage. carley: could make a man feel rich on minimum wage, says blake shelton.
1:43 am
some people criticize that. this twitter user says does anyone else find blake shelton's minimum wage song to be incredibly tone deaf to the country's state. shelton was asked about that by cmt. he responded saying whatever the backlash is just four or five people that probably don't know a thing about country music. they haven't heard the song or of read the lyrics, if they had, they couldn't feel that way about the song. he said it's a love song. he said times are tough and as long as you have love that's all that matters. todd: i bet the guy that wrote the tweet is a lot of fun at parties. an awesome act of charity. carley: talk about the ultimate pay it forward movement. wyoming multimillionaire foster freeze giving 400 of his friends, family, folks that he knows, $100,000 each and then he's asking them to donate that
1:44 am
money to the charity of their choice. that's $40 million. he talked about the donation, saying if you could read just a few of the responses we get from recipients and friends who have been excited about distributing the gift, you would of understand why the term it is more blessed to give than receive is such a truism. a south dakota governor and all of her family members received those $100,000 checks. she says foster and lynn his wife are some of the most remarkable people i've ever known. the family is donating to five different south dakota charities. think of all the thousands of people that will benefit from this massive sum of money. jillian: incredible. carley: absolutely. todd: rich people aren't that bad. there you go. carley, as always, a pleasure. jillian: thanks, carley. todd: vice president mike pence and second lady visited troops in fort drum, new york yesterday. this would be their final official appearance as america's second couple.
1:45 am
during his remarks, he thanked the troops for the past four years. >> i'm here to deliver a simple message to each and every one of you, on behalf of your commander in chief and every american, thank you for your service. and to the first brigade combat team, welcome home. jillian: the troops of the first brigade recently returned from afghanistan. it is about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. a new caravan pushing its way closer to the u.s. critics blaming the president-elect rhetoric for motivating the migrants. >> nobody is going to be deported in my first 100 days. todd: so is joe biden helping create another caravan crisis and will he be able to handle it. our political panel debates, next.
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get a strategy gut check from our trade desk. ♪♪ >> i will send an immigration bill to the united states gnats senate with a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people in america. some of you are going to get mad at me with this, but nobody is going to be deported in my first 100 days. there will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration. todd: joe biden promising that his administration will have one of the most progressive immigration policies ever. but with thousands of migrants making their way to toward the u.s. border right now, the promises will be put to the test. joining me to discuss, thank you for being here. amanda, first question to you. we're going to pop up on the screen joe biden's ten day agenda. the focus on immigration and two
1:50 am
things that pop off right off the bat to me, canceling the travel ban and legal status for all undocumented immigrants in our country, all 11 million of them. is that putting america first, amanda? >> it's absolutely not putting america first. as a legal immigrant myself, what a slap in the face for those of us who waited our turn, some over two decades, waiting, paying legal bills to become u.s. citizens. joe biden turns around and says you got here illegally, you broke laws, we're going to reward you with citizenship. if we are nothing, we're a country of laws and those laws are not meant to be broken and that's what joe biden is doing in not putting america first. compare that to president trump, who when he found caravans were coming over in 2018, he fortified the border, putting 5,000 additional troops. he worked with lead toers of the central american countries to make sure that these people did not work their way up north and
1:51 am
he secured our border from people who were trying to come here and be here illegally and he said he would prosecute them and guess what, they didn't make it here. so that is an agenda of putting america first, not joe biden. todd: a lot to unpack there. have at it. >> well, look, president trump thinks he's above the law by the way. and he has lied to us from the beginning. he started his campaign saying that mexicans were rapists and murderers, he told us he would build a wall and mexico would pay for it. he didn't build the wall, he put a fence where some barricades were and mexico didn't pay for it. the man has lied to us, he continues to lie to us. there seems to be a trump cult that wants to believe whatever the dear leader say. the reality of the matter is he failed, he failed us at the border, he failed us on immigration and he failed us in transition of power which has been a hallmark of american democrat civil we should stop
1:52 am
saying president trump, president trump, president trump and hailing what he says as if it's true. he lies to us every day. we need to stop. todd: respond to that and then we'll get to the joe biden stuff. >> notice how he never mentioned anything about joe biden. we need to stop talking about president trump. if president trump did anything, he made sure that the caravans didn't make it over here to the united states. but what is joe biden doing? he is allowing people to break our laws, to become citizens. he is rewarding bad behavior and that is not what america is about. so look forward, not backwards. trump's gone after wednesday. todd: to that point, i want to look forward because the segment was supposed to be about joe biden. here's where we stand right now. there's a migrant caravan coming up right now. here is what the caravan has stated. quote, we recognize the importance of the incoming government of the united states having shown a strong commitment to migrants and asylum seekers. we will advocate that the biden
1:53 am
government honors its commitment. here's a statement from a biden transition official. quote, the situation at the border isn't going to be transformed overnight. there's help on the way. but now is not the time to make that journey. did joe biden back himself into a corner here? >> no. president trump has created -- manufactured a problem at our bore of deer. he basically didn't -- border. he basically didn't deal with the refugee issue. he left camps of people at the northern border of mexico. he tones try to maximize this as a political win for himself to rally his base. todd: what about biden? >> i'm trying to explain. president biden has to deal with the problem that president trump has left. we keep talking about joe biden. he hasn't taken office yet. everything we've seen that's been a problem has happened under the leadership of president trump. i will look forward. joe biden hasn't taken the oath of office yet, yet you want to have him responsible for the problems that this
1:54 am
administration created and manufactured. todd: not responsible. what's the plan? >> the plan is to clean up the trump mess that we see right now. you keep talking about his plan, his plan is to clean up the mess that president trump has left everywhere, including at our southern border. todd: amanda, do you see biden giving into the caravan or giving into not the caravan? >> i think that joe biden has taken a stance on this. he is pushing legislation for this week as i understand that pro-immigration groups and activists said is the most bold an aggressive legislation that they've seen. and so i worked in the senate for about a decade. this legislation is dead on arrival. you're going to have -- [ indiscernible ]. joe biden's plan is not going to happen. todd: i think clearly there's a discussion to be had here and we
1:55 am
just had part of it. it's going to be interesting to see who wins out on this, the caravan for if joe biden risks upsetting his base by keeping them out. it will be interesting to see what happens in the first ten days. jillian: a big hour still ahead on "fox & friends first." gordon chan, nicole malliotakis and brian brenberg all live come urge -- all coming up. ♪ let's get it started. ♪ let's get it started. ♪ let's get it started. ♪ let's get it started. ♪ let's get it started.
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platform parler reappearing online with a promise to fight but big tech is not done censoring conservatives, the latest republican kicked off twitter. jillian: the battle of the ages, tom brady and the buccaneers crushing the new orleans saints. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ all i do is win, win, no matter what. ♪ got money on my mind, i can never get enough. ♪ every time i step into the building, everybody's hands go up. jillian: tom brady doesn't always win. i recall a super bowl where he did not win. todd: you know what, mele? i will see your one super bowl where he didn't win and i'll raise you two. that took way a too long. this is a giant's mask. that's the most fun we're going to have all week. you just got all of our fun for the past five days. jillian: you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm jillian


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