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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 18, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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it's right there. jillian: set your dvr for 4:00 a.m. eastern so you never miss a moment of "fox & friends first." busy week with the inauguration. "fox & friends" continues and starts right now. todd: bye-bye. ♪ >> security concerns of an insider attack on inauguration day. >> this is the tightest security washington, d.c. has seen in its history. no question about it. >> president-elect biden lays out his agenda. >> i think we are going to have in the first 100 days by the biden administration. new caravan on the move and headed straight for the southern border. >> new administration immigration strategies we knew it was going to come and it's already happened. >> parler returning online. amazon shutting down the site following the capitol hill riot. >> the founders, 250 years ago, could have never imagined that there would be corporations that
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could have more power than the government. >> from the three, bread throws, pass caught, evans, touchdown. ♪ steve: good morning, everybody, it's january 18th, 2021. and we start today's telecast with a fox news alert. our nation's capitol is bracing for potential unrest ahead of president biden's inauguration on wednesday. ainsley: protests beginning in state capitols all across our country. some of them are armed. will: david spunt joins us in washington with the latest. good morning, david. >> good morning, david. washington, d.c. is a fortress this week. this is the tightest security that this city has seen. no question in the city's history. 25,000 national guard troops in and around the city protecting the city for the inauguration. more expected to arrive. this comes as law enforcement sources say that national guard troops coming from all over the country will be screened
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multiple times over federal law enforcement fears of a potential insider attack. >> it's about guns from guards at times as a visible tee tenth. that's what you see in washington right now guns, gates and guards. what you don't see is the intelligence-gathering effort on the part of the fbi and other partner agencies. >> capitol cities and capitol buildings in all 50 states under the microscope. several arms protests expected over the anger that president trump lost the election after president-elect biden becomes president biden the house will tabs mitt one impeachment article. trump allies south carolina senator lindsey graham if begging are chuck schumer to call off a trial. he says a trial will further divide the country. it schumer promised a trial in the senate no matter when that is. rudy giuliani's the president's personal attorney said in an interview over the weekend he
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likely will not be representing the president in the senate trial. he said he will likely be a witness after all he did give a speech before those capitol riots also vice president elect kamala harris will resign from the senate today. back to you three. steve: it is a busy day. david spunt on the roof there in washington, d.c. thank you very much. you know, because of the potential for rioting this week, a number -- in fact, most of the people who work on capitol hill have been told you know what? tonight come to work. you can work from home. after the pandemic a lot of people are good at teleworking and so they're are not although today once again is martin luther king holiday as well. david did real briefly talk a little bit about the senate trial. you know, many republicans, apparently, are looking at a technical argument that the senate does not have the jurisdiction to try a private citizen. and because mitch is not going to start the impeachment until after donald trump leaves, he would be a private citizen and they don't have the
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jurisdiction. that is going to be the argument. and that will allow a number of republicans to vote against the conviction without having to defend, ainsley, what happened on january the 6th. ainsley: yeah, lindsey graham sent a letter to chuck schumer saying he will not support impeachment. and then also to piggy back what we were talking about 25,000 national guard, that's more than three times the number of troops currently deployed to iraq and to afghanistan. what they are doing to make sure that there aren't any insiders within the ranks, they are running names of troops through fbi watch lists and they are training them to detect insider threats as well, will. will: what a massive show of force, ainsley. and what a sign of the times. that there is distrust inside the national guard, the biden administration feels the need look into the loyalties of the affiliation of our national guard. i want to come back to something i think steve talked about. it's massively important. the idea that republicans will vote against impeachment because they do not believe it's constitutional to impeach a
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private citizen. alan dershowitz made this argument yesterday i think it's fascinating. if you impeach president trump, convict him after he is already out of office it, opens a door into the ability to impeach any private citizen and just kind of play that out for a moment and you think well, you could impeach theoretically a private citizen running against a sitting president. it does sort of open a pandora's box of impeaching people not just who hold office but people who are out of office. ainsley: democrats need to think hard before they vote for that because it could have consequences for them, for all of us in the future. steve: for the republicans as well. they are looking for a reason not to vote to convict in the senate if it goes that far. this could be the technicality. in the meantime, as joe biden and kamala harris take office at noon on monday, the "l.a. times" has the question, make america california again? that is joe biden's plan. they say in part southern
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california think tank of the biden-harris administration. that's rekindling pass cliches. incubator of innovation. land of big ideas. even as it struggles with surging covid instrections. a safety net frayed by the pandemic's toll crushing housing costs and wildfires all fueling an exodus of residents. there is no place the incoming administration is leaning on more heavily for inspiration in setting a progressive policy agenda. they also point out, you know, look, kamala harris from california is going to be in on every meeting and she -- you know, after everybody leaves the room she is going to be able to talk to joe about what's going on. then you look at the fact that, you know, when it comes to green energy and tuition-free college and things like that they have been right at the tip of the spear.
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however you look at california ainsley and will, the last couple months how many have moved out. look over the last couple years. they are having the third largest exodus ever in the last period of time when they measured the number of people moving out of california some great incubator. they lost 135,000 people, ainsley. ainsley: yep. that was from july 1st 2019 to july 1st of 2020. those are the numbers they were looking at. i bet it's been more since because that was last july. in new york there has been a mass exodus and many people are moving currently. that's a high tax state, housing costs are high. they are being very -- the government is being criticized for not investing enough in fire prevention. there is also that recall of the governor with more than a million signatures. what can we expect as you were saying, steve, efforts on climate change, workers rights, criminal justice, healthcare, free college, remove carbon emitting power by 20 5.
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that's biden's plan, to your point we have got kamala harris from california, nancy pelosi from california, then look at the potential cabinet members that could be right next to biden as he makes decisions for our country. that would be the health and human service was xavier baker is i can't, janet yellen, janet granholm energy secretary and yorkus for dhs. a lot of californians could be in washington dictating policies. will: what does that add up to listen to lindsey graham policy agenda from the by den-harris administration. >> i think we're going to have in the first 100 days by the biden administration the most aggressive socialized policy effort in the history of the country. here's what i think republicans need to do. work with biden where we can maybe on infrastructure. buff fight like hell turning america into socialized nation. fight like hell to make sure we
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won't undercut border security. reject the green new deal. fight like hell against raising taxes. here's what i predict. if they do what they talk about doing, republican also come roaring back in 2022. we will take back the house. we will take back the senate and just in a few months president trump's will be looked at far differently than he is today. will: i can't help but smile almost laugh through the story as you read that from 'the "l.a. times." you couldn't paint a rosier picture what a half glass full outlook the leading edge of innovation as people literally flee the state. you gave the numbers, steve. here is another one. search putting into context in california. slowest rate of growth or biggest tee klein in that state since 1900 over a century. joe rogan, ben shapiro, oracle, hhp, tesla, elon musk. everyone is packing the moving advance. mean while saying take more of that. more of california. that's exactly what this nation
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needs. steve: no doubt about it, california is a beautiful place, they have great weather. and they make some pretty good wine, just saying which i would talk 'a lot because i'm in the midst of dry january, that's a completely different story. but, nonetheless, if you had a choice during the code pandemic, where would you move? would you move to florida which is wide open because those are the policies of ron desantis or would you move to california, a complete lockdown? will: to your point, steve, there is no pacific ocean is in texas. there is no natural beauty and i do love the gulf. there is no natural beauty that mirrors or matches in california which only further highlights how bad the governor is and economy in california leaving that beautiful place to go hang out in porter randas you are burning up your natural beauty. steve: testimony they have the gulf and really good food and great people and no beings as it a million reasons. my daughter is going to move to
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texas. will: everyone is. ainsley: or florida. people from moving from new york down to florida. one person wrote dear biden keep california in california regards, texas. steve: meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about joe. and kamala what are they going to do the first day or two? well, one of the things apparently he is going to immediately ask congress to give illegals legal status. according to an nbc news headline incoming biden administration to migrant caravan don't come you won't get in immediately. and that comes -- you have these two things. he would like to go ahead and do something about what's going on but then you look at this migrant caravan counsel in guatemala, and, you know, clashing with the police. here is the thing. essentially, because they have not passed a law and dubious whether or not joe biden is going to be able to do what barack obama could not do, what donald trump could not do.
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what george w. bush could not do. and he wants to do it in his first 100 days. they don't want the optics, ainsley and will of a whole bunch -- of this right here on our southern border during his first 100 days. so they're saying turn around, please don't come back. >> yeah, i thought they wanted. >> don't come back. >> free healthcare for all of them. they wanted to tear down that wall. this is the message that a senior biden official told the met york work. the situation at the border isn't going to be transform overnight. they need to understand they're not going to be able to come into the united states immediately. there is help on the way. now is not the time to make the journey. they are between 7 and 8,000 my grants they have entered guatemala from honduras and they're on their way. will: they havered ha of the message from the incoming administration. the message has been put out for years now. put out through joe biden on the campaign trail. >> time something interesting a few days before the inauguration. will: absolutely. understanding he has actively sought a pathway to citizenship
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understand the lure. people are listening. listen to them in their own words as many of the my grant activist groups are saying we expect this to be a payoff under the biden harris administration. we do have by the way acting cpb commissioner mark morgan coming up later in the show. >> of course a lot of you are online each and every day and go to, go to it you can connect with us that way. and there is good news if you are a fan of the social media giant parler. i should call them a disrupter than a giant. they are not a giant completely yet. they are back online. they are back on the internet. they are not back on your cell phone yet but apparently they are working out the kinks because they apparently have gotten -- they have registered their domain to epic and they returned online epic is also the
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server that services apps like gab and other social media chat features. ainsley. ainsley: that right there that you are seeing on your screen. can we put that back up the technical difficulties that what you will see if you go to your browser and type in technical difficulties if you continue to read the parler ceo wrote this now seems line the like time to remind you all, both lovers and later, we why weigh started this platform. we believe privacy is paramount and free speech is essential. especially on social media. our aim has been to provide a nonpartisan public square individuals can enjoy and exercise their rights to poet. we will resolve any challenge before us and plan to welcome all of you back soon. many are. they are going to make a ton of money. proximate result. will: whether it was perished of it's incumbent upon everyone
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especially those who have the privilege of a media platform to understand there is a concerted effort be pushed to squelch free speech. it's undeniable at this point. i saw it yesterday on cnn. a former security officer for facebook suggesting the same tools that were used to cut isis off from the internet now need to be employed to silence the voice of, quote, quote, conservative influencers. what we are watching here is a combination of big corporations big tech and big government come together to silence dissent. it is undeniable. it is a massive threat to our freedom and absolutely shocking that we have arrived at this moment in time in american history. dave rubin was talking about, think about the transition that has left on the left that one time fashioned themselves the bastion of protection for free speech against authoritarianism. against censorship to the place the american left sits today. listen to this. >> if if you took sort of a
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hysterical authoritarian leftist political machine, what was formerly a relatively accept tryst democrat party, if you took that and then shifted it to today's democrats which believe the government should do everything, give everyone things for free, couple that then with the big tech layer, giant corporation, with corporate interest, tremendous amount of money and an unimaginable power over the way that we can communicate with each other, a type of power, by the way, that the founders 250 years ago could have never imagined that there would be corporations that could have more power than the government. will: i want to add to that steve and ainsley. it's not just a corporate problem and power problem. it's a cultural problem. this silencing of dissent exists in every aspect of our society, media, entertainment, ache keep deemia, everywhere. steve: it's never been so obvious when you look at the social media giants and how they
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crack down on voices from the right before the election to help joe biden, according to people in donald trump supporters in his orbit. you've never seen them crack down so hard on the right. and i get their argument, look, we saw a lot of stuff on parler and we had to take it down. amazon said we approached them and talked to them but they did not do anything. and, yet. when you look at other sites on the political left. will: same stuff. steve: they are still up. other voices on the left political violence and stuff like that. they still up. there is no consistent standard of enforcement. it's not just big tech putting their finger on the scale to silence people on the political right. they are putting their whole foot on it. and for a lot of people, it is discouraging. so the news this morning that parler could be back is good news for a lot of people who
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have used it in the past. ainsley: if they silence the stories that they don't agree with then the american public doesn't know about them. so they can't make an informed decision. if they're the only ones that are controlling what we are reading on social media, that's a problem. all right. let's hand it over to jillian she has headlines for us. jillian: that's right. dr. anthony fauci says more coronavirus vaccines are on the horizon. >> i would imagine within a period of a week or so, or at the most a couple of weeks, they are going to be getting their data together and showing it to the fda. we are weeks away, not month away for sure. jillian: johnson and johnson and astrazeneca vaccines will help the incoming administration reach its goal of vaccinating 100 million americans in the first hundred days which he called, quote, absolutely doable. today the nation honors dr. martin luther king jr. a little differently. ceremonies nationwide will be virtual due to the pandemic. the civil rights icon would have been 92 years old.
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dr. king's niece, alveda king will join us coming up. let's talk football. the chiefs hold off the browns to advance afc. patrick mahomes left the game with a concussion. chief's head coach andy reeves said he was quote doing good. bucs deseefingt the saints. it brees though did not give any hints after the game whether he will be back are to the saints next season. >> i'm going to give myself an opportunity to think about the season, think about a lot of things just like i did last year. and make the decision. jillian: tune in next week when brady and the bucs face aaron rogers and the packers on bucs. what do you think, sphwhil do you think is he retiring? will: i don't know about brees' will talk about tom brady's performance at the age of 43.
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3:25 am
director of heritage action for america jessica anderson. jessica, good morning to you. jessica, good morning to you. i have a feeling jessica cannot hear me hello, jessica? >> i can't hear you guys. steve: i knew she couldn't hear us. listen, we will take a quick time-out. back with her in just two minutes. you are watching "fox & friends." by the way, this morning we are honoring dr. martin luther king jr. a look at his incredible life and legacy and messages of faith with his niece dr. alveda king. she is coming up as well.
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3:30 am
time fbi handling agent described him for meeting with the media over infamous dossier. the committee warning the stark warning in transcripts from last year's investigation into crossfire hurricane. and director of national intelligence john ratcliffe says china, quote, sought to influence the 2020 federal elections citing an ledges report the dia management suppressed intelligence about china's election interference. ratcliffe said he is going against the views of the majority of the intelligence community with his assessment. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, will. well, today we honor dr. martin luther king jr., whether americans come together in person or virtually to celebrate his legacy, our next guest says he will continue to inspire change. joining us now with a message, a special message on this mlk day is his niece alveda king. good morning to you. >> good morning, ainsley, how are you you? ainsley: doing well. got to go to the church for the first time since the pandemic it. felt so good being will with
3:31 am
that community we were masked and socially dance distanced but safe. i feel good this, no. we need your positive message. will you reflect on your uncle's life and tell us how in your opinion our country can heal? >> it's easy for us to know what my uncle reverend dr. martin luther king jr. was think and say because right now we can read his books and his messages. he said that we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools. i believe we can begin to learn to live together as brothers and sisters with personal accountability. now, we have to realize that we are one human race. not separate races. acts 17:26 teaches us that i have decided myself not to argue, not to fuss, even though my political views may vary and be different from others. i am very pro-life for example i will continue to say that it is
3:32 am
a civil wrong to abort a baby but i won't argue with people about it and won't fight with them about it. i believe we can heal if we begin to communicate with compassion rather than anger. ainsley: right. what would be his advice to all of us today? >> i believe his advice would be listen, say a tune to listen to god. you have to remember martin luther king jr. was a baptist preacher. so he would be telling us to look to god and to pray for those who are in authority so that we can have peaceful lives. so we pray for our leaders when we don't agree we peacefully make that known. we have other elections and things coming up. we can vote again soon. so be aware of that as well. but, personal accountability is going to be very important and he also said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. so as americans, one race one group of people still living
3:33 am
here in america together. we are going to have to work very hard to see america grow and not be destroyed? is. ainsley: that's right. you have a beautiful show on fox nation it's called alveda king's house. let's play a clip of your latest episode. these are faith leaders reflecting on your uncle's legacy. >> dr. martin luther king jr. had a dream. here's the question. can america dream again? >> yes. it can dream again. >> we just have to get back to what makes us great. and that is our children. >> that's true. sitting around the dipper table. tell us about that episode and who you interview. >> absolutely. i'm with ginger howard, we have written a book we are not colored blind. a music producer phil williams and a minister of the gospel emanuel booth. and we are talking about the dream. i believe america can dream again. we can also wake up and work
3:34 am
together. will. ainsley: that is beautiful. tell ginger i said hello. we have a mutual friend and she is a godly christian woman. >> i will, thank you. ainsley: latest episode of alveda king's house is going to drop today on fox nation if you want to watch it. coming up a new caravan pushing its way to our southern border as critics blame joe biden's rhetoric for motivating them. >> you are going to get mad at me with this but nobody is going to be deported in my first 100 days. proximate result. ainsley: acting cbp commissioner mark morgan joins us next. make the most of their va home loan benefits. to buy a home with no down payment. it's just another way we're committed to veterans.
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ainsley: thousands of my grants marching from central america for the united states. the braghts warning the caravan quote the situation at the border isn't going to be transformed overnight.
3:39 am
now is not the time to make the journey. here to react is acting cbp commissioner mark morgan. good morning, mark. >> good morning, ainsley, thanks for having me. ainsley: good morning. what is your reaction to the biden official statement considering the fact of what joe biden ran on. >> look, there is a couple things, ainsley. first of all, is that they are saying exactly what this president, this administration cbp have been saying since the onset of the global pandemic as just one example that now is not the time. this is dangerous. they are risking their own lives and lives of the workforce the western hemisphere as they are doing this. they are where on board. i'm say it's a little too late. the rhetoric that's been out there the campaign, the open border strategies, that's what driving this, ainsley. look, they are using what's app. and face app. and organizers of these caravans have been clear the reason why this is happening right now is because of the perception that our borders are going to be own under biden
3:40 am
administration. unfortunately in this case they are correct. are. will: i hour you talking about what'sapp. can aia imagine they were sitting around watching the democratic primary. how does that message get down to honduras and a caravan starts forming this might be the time we need to head north. >> will, that's a great question. your learns need to pay close attention to this. look, it has been happening for a very long time. this has been happening for decades. you have a combination of open border advocates that are organizing these caravans and actually encouraging and driving immigrant to participate risking their lives. in addition to that you have the cartels and human smugglers that are doing the same thing. fueling that our borders will be open. exploiting and encouraging this vulnerable population why? to line their own pocketbooks and bank account.
3:41 am
it's working. at the end of the day, the only winners here are the cartels and human smugglers it's disgusting but that's what open border policies drives that's what's happening with these crar vans right now as we speak. steve: wouldn't you agree as you look at the thousand of migrantings heading north joe biden's people saying now is not the time, essentially means come later when we try to fix things because right now in the first 100 days joe biden's incoming administration doesn't need the optics of seeing that line of people just stream across the border in el paso or laredo or some place like that. or being stopped at the border and being arrested and turned around and say go that way. because the people in the political middle want to think he is still going to enforce border enforcement and would be heart broken to think that the border is wide open.
3:42 am
>> that's exactly right. i have been saying it look, nothing has changed. they haven't adjusted their policies. they are just kicking the crisis down the road. but it's too late. again, the caravans we have got an estimate between 9 to 12,000 people that have already made it through honduras and they are halfway through guatemala right now. and sole reason why this has begun and seeing this right now is because of the biden administration policy the belief is they are going to be let. in they are not hearing wait it's not going to happen on day one. they're already coming. ainsley: steve is right if they are saying essentially come later, what does it look like if they do come later? because they are clearly listening to the mess sandals. they are coming now. the timing is not lost of us. the administration is wednesday and it's the first of the year. how do they handle that? >> ainsley, that's the question. that's what we have been telling the biden administration team.
3:43 am
they can't do what they say they are going to do. think about that. no deportations for 100 days. they are going to get rid of mpp which stopped catch and release. now it's clear they are going to give amnesty to millions and millions of people that are here illegally. if they do what they say they are going to do the only result of that will be an unmitt dated illegal migration crisis that will make 2019 pale in comparison. that's the only result. ainsley: not to mention covid. they would have to quarantine for 10 days. >> that's exactly right, ainsley. will: that leads me into this question. not just this caravan any potential patterns going north in the future. that whether will be the role of the other central american countries, will they reach our border? what would be the approach of mexico and guatemala in either turning away or open up the doors to head north. >> will, we are seeing it right now. we are seeing what this
3:44 am
administration has been able to do foster a food relationship government of mexico and central american partners. together we have addressed this regional crisis as it is. we are seeing right now even with this large caravan that largest that we have seen in over a year and a half. the central american countries and governor of mexico are stepping up. and they are doing their job to stop it. but the problem is if i'm these countries, i'm frustrated right now. because the reason why the caravans are starting is because of the rhetoric of the incoming administration. that's why this is happening. it's simply outrageous. steve: we know that build the wall is something we heard a lot about four and five years ago. looking ahead, is there any possibility that the joe biden might actually take down 400 miles of wall that are were either reconstructed or built new and what sort of financial liability is the federal government on the hook for if they pull the plug on further construction? >> steve, i will tell you, i'm
3:45 am
very concerned incoming president himself has been very clear i'm not going to build another foot of wall. unfortunately live the @has the ability to terminate these contracts if they terminate the contracts we already have awarded it will cost the physical taxpayers billions of dollars with a b. steve: to not do something? costs billions of dollars to not do something? >> exactly. we have to pay them for performance they have already completed. we have to pay them, for example, let's say they dug a trench and put rebar in the tremple and put steel and concrete. we actually have to pay them to pull the rebar out and facility trench back. in it's unconscionable and then materials. we have about 270,000 tons of 'already produced or about to be. have to pay them for that and pay them to either destroy it or store it. it's ridiculous. it's going to take away an essential tool to safeguard our borders and protect american people that is what is really
3:46 am
outrageous. ainsley: mark, when you see these stories and read about these stories and reading articles this morning about moms just wanting to give better life for their little girls and that touches all of our hearts. >> it does. ainsley: i know we are sending money down there. what are they doing with the money? >> ainsley this is probably one of the most critical questions of all. we have been saying this for a long time. this couple tri is the most generous country on the face of the planet. we give more legal citizenship to immigrants in this country than any other country in the world. we give more financial aid to other countries including central american countries than any other country on the planet. those are all facts that continue under this administration. it needs to continue. we need to address the economic conditions in these countries. they need to be there. they need to help their own country prosper. illegal immigration is not the answer. will: only illustrating that you can have a big heart and strong
3:47 am
rules at the same time. acting cbp commissioner mark morgan here this morning. thank you, mark. >> thank you, will. will: go janice dean who has the latest on the weather. good morning, janice. janice: good morning will and ainsley and steve. not too bad in terms of temperatures. i mean for this time of year. we are getting close to 40 degrees here in new york. in new york. we have colder temperatures across portions of the great lakes and northern plains. and lake-effect snow is starting to pile up down of lake erie and. high wind warnings in effect in the mountain passes we could see wind gus of 80 miles per hour. that's going to cause not only high fire danger but power outages. keep that in mind and you can see where we have red flag warnings up and the fire weather watch where elevated fire concerns continue today and tuesday. watch what happens as we get through the earlier part of the workweek. some much needed moisture moving
3:48 am
into southern california. fingers crossed. and then we could see some mountain snow over the southwest as well. a quiet forecast for much of the country except for the great lakes, of course, where we see the snow flurries and then we will potentially see some much needed rain for southern california. in the meanwhile though, very strong winds and high fire concerns. all right. will, steve, ainsley, happy monday. back to you my friends. steve: thank you very much, j.d. lots going on on the weather map. straight ahead the nation's capitol locked down absolutely locked down like we have never seen before wednesday's inauguration. a look at what goes into those preparations coming up next.
3:49 am
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♪ing. jillian: good morning we are back with quick headlines now. overnight los angeles police calling attention to the deadly crime surge. the department calling the stats, quote, shocking 16 days into 2021 and homicides in south l.a. are up 150% compared to last year. of the city's top cop pleading for elected officials and the community to help stop the senseless violence. victims shot in the area are up 742%. los angeles county hits 1 million covid-19 cases sips since the start of the pandemic. first county in the u.s. to
3:53 am
surpass the grim milestone. this despite california implementing prolonged strict lockdowns. the state registered nearly 3 million cases. meanwhile the less restricted state of florida reports more than 1.5 million cases. will? will: thanks, jillian. our nation's capitol bracing for inauguration unrest with the largest security presence in d.c. history. heightened measures include up to 25,000 national guard troops. 4,000 u.s. marshals. 3700 metro police on throughout there in d.c. and closing 13 metro rail stations it. will be hard to get in and out of washington, d.c. today we're getting a look at what goes into securing the capitol ahead of an inauguration. joining us now is jeff james who has just retired from the secret service after serving more than 22ers i don't. jeff, can i only imagine that over your 22 years of service you didn't see anything like this though when it comes to inauguration. >> well, it is different. i was fortunate to be part of
3:54 am
five inaugurations this one certainly taking on a different tone from the ones i have saw. will: razor wire and walls built. is this a massive show of force as a deterrent in your estimation, jeff? or is this a response an appropriate response to legitimate credible threats? >> absolutely. you need to respond to the intelligence that you receive. and what i have been telling people all week since last week at the capitol when they anybodies 5,000, 10,000, 5,000 you, now up to 25,000. people ask me do you think it's an overreach? what i said to them was thursday morning i would rather have to talk about pictures of national guard troops standing around looking bored and having people say oh, it looks like a police state than if there is an under estimation and we have to talk about people being hurt or killed i would rather deal with
3:55 am
people being bored an injured. will: describe what that will look like in washington, d.c. this weekend we had a map of little red dots showing checkpoints and shutdowns. how hard and difficult how screened will that entire area be be? >> well, the secret service starts to plan for an inauguration a year prior. to she's plans have gone into place a year ago. now, they will be modified as intelligence is gathered. but, shutting town the mall is something that we typically do. what's different this year is before you would have checkpoints from time to time where there would be metal detectors for people to come onto the mall to observe that event. this year with that being shut down you won't have that you will have circles somebody live around the capitol. >> the inner circle is for only people who are highly vetted who are allowed to be in. the middle perimeter will be for limited vehicular traffic maybe if vetted -- vetted toliverry trucks that are going to restaurants away from the
3:56 am
capitol but businesses still need to run. and then, of course, the outer perimeter can be business as usual. but, within those three circles there is going to be different levels of access and they're heightened this year. will: jeff, really quickly i'm really short on time i have to ask about this report that the biden administration is screening national guard members for political affiliation. what do you make of that story? >> well, if we know that the military is a cross section of society, you're certainly going to have people in the military who don't like president-elect biden i think that's a concern for law enforcement and the military. will: i have got to run. i apologize i'm quick on time here but we appreciate that i heard you say it's pretty standard. thank you for your time this morning, jeff. more "fox & friends" next. why don't you call td ameritrade for a strategy gut check? what's that? you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk and potential profit and loss. could've used that before i hired my interior decorator.
3:57 am
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steve: our nation's capital is bracing for poo potential unrest. >> washington, d.c. is a fortress. 25,000 national guard troops in and around the city. ainsley: a new caravan pushing it way to our southern border as critics blame joe biden's rhetoric for meeting investigating them. >> the reason why this is happening right now is because of the perception that our borders are going to be open there is a former are no, will head to slammed the vaccine rollout. >> thousands of vaccine thrown
4:01 am
away because the governor has such tight restrictions. todd: parler returning online. amazon shutting down the site following the capitol hill riot. >> john matze writing quote hello world, is this thing on? >> call of the lifetime meet the latest restaurant saved by the barstool small business fund. >> you have no idea how much this means to my family. [inaudible] ainsley: this is a fox news alert. bracing for unrest ahead of president-elect's biden inauguration on wednesday. will: protests beginning in state capitols nationwide some of them reportedly armed. steve: that is right. will cain joining us knowed for brian and david spunt joins us live from washington with more on the precautions. david, i was talking to our newest white house correspondent down in washington pretty much his entire life. he says he hasner seen portions of washington locked down like
4:02 am
it is today. >> yeah, completely locked down and congratulations to peter and the doocy family. but this is something washington, d.c. has never seen before. i mean, this city is essentially a fortress. the message from law enforcement do not come to the inauguration. the national mall is closed. many things closed in washington, d.c. we're seeing unprecedented security. law enforcement sources, steve, this is something else confirmed to fox news thousand of national guard troops are over fears of an attack from the inside. capitol cities and capitol buildings are under the microscope all 50 states. several armed protests are expected over the next few days over anger president trump lost the election. after president-elect biden becomes president biden this is another big story in washington. the house will transmit one impeachment article to the senate. that could happen in the next couple of weeks. even though he he will be former
4:03 am
president trump at the time of his trial, house impeachment managers are full steam ahead. >> we want to make sure every senator is standing up for this country and considering the evidence and he incited a deadly insurrection. >> there were some thoughts that rudy giuliani the president's perm attorney would represent the expresident president. rudy giuliani told fox news this weekend is he a witness are what happened because of the speech he gave on the national mall so he likely will not be representing him anymore. will, ainsley, steve? ainsley: how is this affecting all the folks who work in the capitol and federal government and the restaurants? everything shut down. >> totally shut down. i walked a mile and a half yesterday in the city and i found one restaurant that was open a sandwich shop. everything else is border boarded up. they have been boarded up for most of this year. that's not unusual given what we
4:04 am
have gone through over the past year. they have told me some of those restaurant owners that they hope to open up back in the next few weeks. security is not going to totally go away after the inauguration either. this could be something that becould see for several weeks. not tight but tight. ainsley: thanks so much, david. 25,000 military members or national guard members are there i read it's more than three times the number of troops currently deployed in afghanistan and iraq, running names of the troops through the fbi watch list to make sure there is no one in the ranks that wants to do harm. they are training them to detect insider threats. will: david talked as well, ainsley about the potential impeachment trial coming up in the senate. a trial that would take place after president trump has already left office. it bricks up a very interesting constitutional debate. i think we are always tempted not just those of you was in the media but everywhere out there to simplify things into do you like president trump or dislike
4:05 am
president trump. everything is thumbs up or thumbs down on president trump. this is more complicated. can you criticize president trump from the january 6th event. you can talk about whether or not it was illegal incitement to violence. wondering whether or not it's constitutional to try a sitting or rather an exiting public official. steve: a private citizen. will: a private citizen, steve, when the purpose of impeachment is to remove a public official from office that's the purpose of impeachment. steve: there are a number of republican senator looking at that argument, will, the constitutional argument, technical constitutional argument for a reason why they would not, if there is a trial in the senate to vote to convict the president of the united states. they would use that as their rationale rather than talking about what happened on january the 6th. meanwhile, as we look to the incoming biden administration, joe biden has made it very clear in his first 100 days he would like to have a plan that is passed by congress that would
4:06 am
essentially make the people who are in this country illegally, give them a path to citizenship. and it does sound as if it is an 8-year plan be that is going on. ultimately, they are going to have to get some buy-in from some republicans in the senate to pass it. it went be hard toes pa the house for the democrats because they have a majority there. but, you know, you need 60 votes in the senate to get anything done before they can go ahead and move on it. and ainsley and will, this would be daunting because we have seen in the past george w. bush tried to do it. barack obama tried to do it. donald trump tried to get immigration reform. it always failed. so, ultimately, if it fails in congress, what will joe biden be able to do? things with his phone and his pen which we heard about with barack obama executive orders and that, ainsley, is what he is going to release a flurry of in the first couple of days.
4:07 am
ainsley: you know, don't forget, 5 years ago when president trump was running, one of his big messages was immigration and building the wall. a lot of americans voted for him for that policy. and the nbc poll still says he is getting a lot of support. 87% of republicans approve of you who trump is doing his job. and what was the approval rating, steve, do you have those numbers in front of you. steve: when he took office his job approval was 44%. his job approval rating today, according to this nbc poll is 43. is he down 1 percentage point. it was 45% before the election. i was just going to say, when you cite that jaw-dropping number 87% of republicans approve how he is doing his job before the election, it was 89%. will: you brought up the pen and the phone. the obama administration's administration phone to combat
4:08 am
crises. the incoming chief of staff for joe biden said there is four crises they are working on a racial equity crisis, it will economy crisis, covid-19 crisis and economic crisis. many, many opportunities there from the pick-up the pen and the phone for executive action. meanwhile though there is a crisis coming to our southern border once again. look at this from nbc news. incoming biden administration to migrant caravan now forming in guatemala don't come. you won't get in immediately. this is a senior biden administration official told nbc news. the situation at the border isn't going to be transformed overnight. they need to understand they are going to be able to come into the united states but not come into the @immediately. there is help on the way but now is not the time to make the journey. this didn't happen steve overnight. these were promises made on the campaign trail that my grants are looking to cash in on and the language there is fascinating, isn't it? not now, later. not immediately, later.
4:09 am
steve: we had mark morgan on they are coming because trump will not be there to stop them. watch. >> the rhetoric that's been out interest the campaign, the open border strategy that's what's driving this ainsley. look, they are using what's app. and face app. and the organizers of these caravans have been very clear. the reason why this is happening right now is because of the perception that our borders are going to be open under the biden administration. we have got an estimate between 9 to 12,000 people that have already made it through honduras and they are halfway through guatemala right now. the sole reason why this has begun is the biden administration policy e. policies. the belief is they will be let in. wait it's not going to happen on day one. they are already coming. steve: they are coming. those would be troubling optic false saw the line of those thousands of migrants comings coming in on southern border.
4:10 am
if you saw that mexico california or texas, that would be troubles because it essentially would say i guess our southern border is open and a lot of people who think that a strong national security and southern border and northern border are critical. meanwhile, of course, will, one of the problems you said -- one of the crises that the joe biden team is admitting and want to acknowledge and go ahead and do something about in a fast way is covid. and as we look all across the country, you see that the rollout, various states have had various degrees of effectiveness in getting shots in people's arms. now, isn't this curious? one of the big shots in the democratic party for new york, he's the former chairman are to the democratic party in the 90's, he already got the shot. how about that? he is 73 years old seems nobody
4:11 am
over new york state who has gotten the shot but this guy did. how did he do it? he is in florida. that's how he got it. he has been hesitation name is john sullivan and he got the shot because he touring the pandemic moved counsel to florida saint pete in october i believe, so he would qualify under ron desantis' plan. remember, here in new york state as soon as the vaccine rollout happened governor cuomo first inoculate healthcare workers and in the second stapling do other people including people over 75. while he was saying that ron desantis said you know what? we have heard from the cdc and people over 65 will at risk so if you are over 65 we are going to vaccinate you first along with the healthcare workers. so the florida governor are a better plan because ultimately,
4:12 am
ainsley, governor cuomo here in new york city eventually said okay, we will include people 75 why 75? okay, okay, okay. we will do 65. now if you are 65 or up, you could qualify for the vaccine if you can find it but there aren't any doses left here in new york. ainsley: or you have to go to a hospital to get it whereas down in florida they're teeming up with publix so you can go to a grocery store. steve: i know a lot of people who got the shot at a grossry store. ainsley: make it more readily available and easier for folks over 65 to get it. many of my friends in new york have to sign their parents up because they're elderly and they don't have computers or don't know how to sign up online. here in new york you have to sign up online get an appointment and i have heard that some of the computer systems are having trouble. one of my friends was online trying to make an appointment for her mom and she says it kicked me out several times. finally i got on the phone and was able to fix it. now her appointment is not with my dad. she is weeks out now because so much time had gone on.
4:13 am
steve: ainsley, to your point though, here you have this big democratic politician who had to go to florida to get the shot. he said he told the "new york post" this: i got the vaccine down here in florida. i probably wouldn't have gotten it by now in new york. i think florida the is the leader in the nation for vaccinating seniors. cuomo's call to vaccinate seniors a week later. do you know how many people could have been inoculated in a week? ainsley: will is itching to get in on this what do you think? will: it's so poetic, ainsley. it's so poetic that a democratic politician from a state essentially declared victory had to go to florida to get their vaccine. steve: poetic and political. will: political and poetic and insane, steve. i ron der how this fits into andrew cuomo's victory tour. sean payton might have written a book tied 13-13 as the saint took on the buccaneers.
4:14 am
could have written a book how the beat the buccaneers. equivalent to cuomo's victory tour as states fail as compared to states like florida by the way the saint lost that game to the buccaneers. you don't write victory tours and books halfways through because you can be exposed you are running a losing operation here in new york and some from new york like congresswoman nicole malliotakis understand this and they look at the winning side and say maybe we can take some lessons on what is going on down this florida. >> thousands of vaccines in new york were actually thrown away because the governor had such tight restrictions on who can get them and we had pushed very strongly to get the nypd as part of our front line and senior citizens moved up on the list. and now we are seeing as a result of that, we're actually backlogged long lines a he we see these issues raised and defy them and comes down to the leadership of the governor you can't compare what's happening in new york to florida. certainly florida has had a much better rollout.
4:15 am
and, again, comes to these democrat vs. republican leadership. i just think that what you are seeing governor desantis do is much better. will: i will say, this ainsley. i was itching to get in on this being, one, because it's obvious exposure who is a success and who is a failure. it also just seems to fit into the same story line of here we go with the elites in this case an elite political class, steve, going somewhere to get some special treatment. i'm glad that john sullivan is admitting florida is a success story. but i can't help but think this is his french laundry moment as well. you know, is he getting special class. special treatment while the rest of society obeys federal ruled. steve: look, i salute him. he is a genius. he left new york in october. i think that's a smart thing to do i can't tell you how many people i know who have left new york and have gone to places like florida and other warmer places lower tax states to ride this thing out.
4:16 am
he simply is uses the system down there and god bless him that he was able to get the shot. he followed all the rules as the people of florida do. ainsley: some of the financial companies here in new york have sent some teams down to florida i think just to test it out. because if we lose wall street our city is doomed. steve: it's on the verge of being doomed anyway. ainsley, one other thing, i was reading the story over of the weekend apparently now there is this thing called covid tourism going on where people are chartering jets from new york also from canada flying down to florida to get the shot. ainsley: are they able to if they're not residents? steve: apparently so in some cases. ainsley: still ahead an incoming by continue adviser putting on the spot over nearly $2 trillion relief plan. why the next guest a liberal agenda item buried in that plan could kill over a million jobs. that's next.
4:17 am
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4:21 am
>> if you look at the core of this package what it's doing is going at those core challenges. the cyber security resources there are in the wake ever the solar winds act. we have seen and now understand significant vulnerabilities that are exacerbated by covid. the $15 minimum wage is a concrete and direct way to help support those workers who are out there on the front lines. steve: okay. well, have you the incoming national council director right there forced to defend a number of the items in the proposed covid-19 relief bill that many are calling a liberal wish list. here including those things you see right there on the screen.
4:22 am
joining us right now is from "the washington examiner" commentary rite tiana lowe. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: $1.9 trillion covid pill on the heels of the 1,900,000,000,000,000,000,000 that congress passed just last month, when you look at it, some of it is going to actually help people in need because of code and for vaccines and testing and things like that and that's freight a guy began particular chunk going to income redistribution, the teacher's union and help state and local officials. >> after a year of airlines cramming passengers like sardines into planes after receiving 25 billion from taxpayers and the teachers unions not going back to work, i don't think people are going to be that egger for a multitrillion-dollar spending panel. that being said trump it did
4:23 am
incinerate the whole tea party message and right now borrowing is close to free. jerome powell has promised that. the devil is in the details. the big issue here is people are not going to be okay with this $15 minimum wage thing. biden's team has the touted the coo pull .3 million people out of poverty also estimate the median job loss 1.3 million jobs and it up to three times that. steve: a lot of people in this country hurting because of covid. and we do stories about those people, tiana each and every day on this program. but, when you look at things like $1,400 payment to every american, that's going to go to people who don't really need it in some cases most americans currently have jobs. you look at $1,400 for the stimulus checks, you have got 20 billion for public transit.
4:24 am
90 billion for cyber security and $15 an hour thing schools that stayed close get 130 billion to open and not guarantee they will actually open. >> teacher's europe as part of covid negotiations to reopen also added in abolishing the police and ending charter schools. i mean those kids aren't going back to school until 2024 unless garcetti and newsom step up. with regards to these blanket checks, in march, it made sense to give everyone a $1,200 check because we did not have the time to means test it. this time we do. we're almost a year of this. this is unacceptable. >> sure. this is joe biden's wish list. ultimately it's got to go through the congress and i know there are a lot of people on the political right who are hoping that the republicans stand up and get the money justed to the people who actually need it
4:25 am
rather than fulfill this wish list: definitely. they are going to need to do means testing this would have been oozier if we had won those two georgia senate seats i don't think you will have joe manchin authorize it. steve: let's see let's see what happens on wednesday. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. steve: joe biden is on track to make america california again. but is that such a good idea? when california residents are fleeing in droves? lawrence jones on deck on this monday morning. he's coming up. ♪
4:26 am
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will: ahead of wednesday's inauguration kamala harris resigns from senate seat today. joe biden's plan is to make california again. newspaper claims california is merging is a de facto policy think tank of the biden harris administration. and if congress soon to be under democratic control that's rekindling past cliches about the state. there is no place the incoming administration is learning more from, more heavily or for more inspiration for setting of a progressive policy agenda. here to react fox news analyst lawrence jones. lawrence, make america california again. this as californians flee the state to move to places like texas. so why should california be a model? >> well, it shouldn't be the model but it may well be the model, will. along, if you are a conservative, libertarian, this next 100 days isn't going to feel so good. you have got a progressive left that have raw power.
4:31 am
they have control of the government. but i think it's important to remember this feeling. as my dad used to say when i used to lose n. an aau game remember this feeling so it never happens again. remember the people that lied to you on tv and told you that it wasn't possible. remember the people -- the politicians that were fickle with you that didn't knock on the doors and come up with a game plan to tee feet them in the next two years. look,s there is some optimism from the g.o.p. they have control they won 20 more seats in the house not controlled but it's a slim majority for the left there. so go back to your local community. figure out a battle plan, but these first 100 days you are going to see some of the most far left. will: no doubt. >> agenda brought to the table. will: no doubt. we have already seen the platform put out there what joe biden hopes to do through executive order or through legislation. and it does mirror, lawrence, it does mirror the kind of things we see in places like california. really quickly on this.
4:32 am
i don't know if i can ask you this if it's realistic for me to ask you this. climb into the mind of the left. the mind of biden-harris. california right now almost everyone can see is a model in failure. >> yeah. a lot of those folks that are in california are fleeing to our home state of texas. but, again, remember this is not about results. this is about how people feel. and if you believe in that agenda and making everyone feel good, meanwhile your state is going down the drain, then that is the model. they are not trying to win hearts and minds right now. they have an agenda. they have a progressive left that is going to hold them to the fire. and i would predict these next two -- next 100 days are going to be pretty bad if you are conservative. will: it does give light. it does put some context on aoc's message she is not optimistic of the democratic
4:33 am
party working with the republican party. in other words, if that's your policy -- if that's your agenda. if that's your model, california, i wouldn't expect the g.o.p. to be going along with that either. i wouldn't be optimistic. i think aoc might be right on the nature of the two parties i'm sorry, lawrence because i want to get you in on this before we lose time together. today is martin luther king jr. kay. i want to hear from you what you think about mlk's message how it rose son united states in 2021. >> well, it was a message of peace. but it was also a message of not settling for the status quo. we live in complicated times, will, we are at each other's throat. there is a peaceful way to do it. we should duke it out from intellectual standpoint. fight for the justices of this country. you know, i'm often in these moments reflect on how proud i am to be american. you know, we have some imperfections. but i wouldn't have it any other way. it is the only country where you can have these differences and
4:34 am
duke it out to make it a better place. and dr. king was a true testament of that. proud to be american. yet holding it to its creed saying, live up to the constitution, live up to your founding documents. i think we're going to be forever in that spot. yes, we will get better. yes, we will make some strides, to be that more perfect union, but we will always be striving to be better. and i think that is the one thing that we have to reflect on today. will. will: perfectly said. beautifully said lawrence on this day. thank you so much. good to see you as always. >> thank you, brother. will: a former insider now wants to take it a step further by eliminating all conservative content on tv. dan bongino sounds off next. ♪
4:35 am
4:36 am
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>> we have to turn down the ability of the conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences they are exstrategicly radical and pushing extremely radical views. it's up to the facebooks and youtubes in particular to think about whether or not they want to be effectively cable networks of disinformation. ainsley: that is a former executive from facebook basically saying we are going to censor what's online and now we should censor conservative tv. let's bring in dan bongino, fox news contributor and parler investor, dan, you have been through a lot with parler i know we are going to get into that during this segment but what's your reaction to what he said? >> i have had to live through this for to years. tough understand they have a tool called crowd tangle it reaches the reach of a facebook page. both me and ben shapiro are typically in the top five facebook pages in the country on any given day. i have been a victim of this. whether i say a victim of this. you say a victim of what? well, for the last two years if you put in any search engine dan
4:40 am
bongino, ben shapiro facebook have been writing pieces. they have this general ting, ainsley. i used to work in no, and once in a while you would get like a mob guy that would come in and they would say hey, you know, it would be a real shame if this business burned down and he didn't pay us the tribute every month. that's what the media is doing they write these pieces. ben shapiro and dan bongino people seem to like their facebook pages be a real shame if they got banned. now, you are just saying it. now you have people in the media openly coming out on cnn and saying let's just wipe these people off the face of the earth god forbid their ideas get out there. will: dan, we have to take them at their word. your personal experience shows what happened in the past. what's scary and what we need to figure out what's coming in the future. we hear aoc say time to reign in the media. we heard that clip from used to be the security expert at facebook talking about taking conservative television channels out of distribution silencing quote conservative influencers.
4:41 am
in had your estimation, dan, where does this go? we need to look to the future. so what's coming? >> well, will, as an investor in both parler and rumble, alternative platforms and as a target of the facebook wiping off the face of the earth brigade in the media, i can tell you i'm not sure the audience, however bad you think this is, the tech tyranny, i'm not sure you understand how bad it is behind the scenes. i'm telling you it's worse. what i mean by this is, you know, the liberal media and they are liberal. let's just be candid and stop the nonsense. they aren't actual journalists most of these people line brian steltz is he an activist for the left he always has been for the left. let's be crystal clear they said from the start twitter and facebook these are free market private companies they can do what they want. just go do your own thing. so parler and rumble we did then they came after us there. they are truly evil people. they want to silence everyone. i will say one more thing that's
4:42 am
important. if this is allowed to continue the central premise of the interview that it was open to people worldwide is going to collapse as you push people into email and i message and then the left want those targeted, too. will, what happens if you send out an email? questioning, say, climate change and all of a sudden gmail says no, we're not going to deliver your email anymore? are you going to tell me that's a conspiracy theory? i thought wiping parler off the face of the earth was a conspiracy theory too until i lived it. steve: according to parler's ceo sounds like they are back online on the internet. >> we are. steve: but the app. thing is going to be coming very shortly because apparently you have a new server you are with epic now. real quickly, speaking of epic, epic security in our nation's capitol. you are a former secret service guy. what do you make of what we are seeing in d.c.? >> listen, you had jeff james on before, a former friend of mine secret service. he said it brilliantly. he called it the centric circle approach. i call it the box within the box
4:43 am
approach. you asked him how do you secure these things? the answer is you put boxes inside of boxes inside of boxes. as you get in those boxes that get closer to the president after he is inaugurated, those boxes you have increasing levels of security. that's where it gets really tough in d.c. because inside those boxes you have a whole lot of things, steve. you know, you have office buildings. someone could have put something in there weeks ago. so you have got to go through all these office buildings. i did the inauguration. the first one for barack obama where he got out and waved on the parade route. that was my section in conjunction with the washington field office guy. i have got tell you it was the most challenging security challenge of my career. it was really, really tough. i mean, it took month and months of planning to get that down and lock it down. ainsley: hurt, dan, thank you so much for coming on with us. will: thanks, dan. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has more headlines for us. jillian: a virginia man is the third person arrested near the capitol in three days. police say 22-year-old guy berry
4:44 am
was carrying a gun without a license high capacity magazines and more than three dozen rounds of unregistered ammo. meanwhile the fbi needs help identifying these men you see on the screen expecting of beating a washington, d.c. police officer. and $50,000 reward is being offered for information on this person suspected of planting pipe bombs during you have the capitol riots. in russian opposition leader alexi is reportedly being put on trial in a police station this morning. the u.s. is calling on his release. secretary of state mike pompeo tweeting in part, quote: confident political leaders do not fear come peteing voices. overnight he was arrested after returning from germany following his recovery from being poisoned with a nerve agent. he is accused of violating terms of a suspended sentence. west virginia is leading the nation with its covid-19 vaccination rollout. the governor says there is a simple reason for that. >> we didn't sit on our hands.
4:45 am
i mean, we being ad. we brought our local pharmacies in. we brought our local, you know, health departments. in we brought our national guard in and we started putting shot in people's arms because this thing is all about age, age, age. that's all there is to it. jillian: more than 130,000 first toes have been administered and 23,000 have received both shots. and then there is this story. actor russell crowe comes to the defense of his oscar nominated film actor and commander. [shouting] so here's the teal social media is flooded with posts from millennials and genz claiming the movie helps them fall asleep quickly. that hit a nerve with crowe. that's the problem with kids these days, no focus. send it back to you. ainsley: i haven't seen it. will: i haven't either but i heard it's great. i heard it's a great movie.
4:46 am
jillian: you are not a millennial or genz. steve: oh, burn. will: janice you would assumed i was a millennial or genz you would have looked at him and said he has got to be a millennial or something. janice: right out of high school, my friend. you have that forever young face, my friend. it's nice to see you. and you too, steve and ainsley. we all look young. it's the lighting. you know what? let's take a look at the temperatures across the map. we will go to the weather. that's the best way to get out of a topic that you don't want to discuss. all right. 22 here across the upper midwest where we have got that cold air. it's cold enough for snow across the great lakes and that's exactly what's happening across lake superior and ontario and lake eerie where we have snow piling up. here is the west. we do have a system bring much needed moisture into southern california. however, in advance of that very strong winds, 80 mile-per-hour gusts along the mountain passes
4:47 am
of california. and of the fire risk is high even though we have some moisture on the way in the way of a system pushing in towards mexico. so you can see over the next let's say 12 to 24 hours we get that rainfall in there. and some higher elevation snow across the southwest. let's take a look at your forecast precipitation as we go six days out. things start to change right? we have got rain across the gulf coast and then quite a bit of snow for the mountains. and then we are going to set up for more snow for the northern plains and the upper midwest with more cold air being pulled sought weapons of mass southwar. will and ainsley and steve back to you. steve: mountain of snow forecast for this monday. thank you very much. straight ahead on this monday, a conservative club gets the go ahead to launch on campus after a two-year battle. the student leading that charge joins us live to talk about the big win next.
4:48 am
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♪ ainsley: a new york student finally getting the green light to start a conservative club on campus after a long two-year battle. honors high school junior luke
4:52 am
wong launch a young american for freedom chapter curing his fresh map year he was shot down. after third try got help from the alliance predom finally able to paint the school red. luke wong and his attorney join us now. good morning to you. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: you are welcome. thanks for being here. luke, tell me about the club and why you were shot down. what exactly happened? >> so, after i learned about young americans for freedom i was really energized by their ideas by the trump conservative ideas of free speech limited government and traditional values i really thought the administration would be willing to go for. school is supposed to be the ultimate marketplace of ideas. and they shot me down not once, not twice but three times. and really really after my first rejection i really had to think to myself is this worth it because facing a large administration is very daunting.
4:53 am
but after my -- but after i first applied to have the club, i spoke to student about it and they thought it was really important. and that made me realize well, if i don't do this, who would? ainsley: i know the school is saying the reason they did this or the school district they are claiming that your club is not open to everyone who might be interested or to all at the school or in the district? but i know that you got legal help. and tyson stepped. in tyson, tell us what is your argument to that to the school's statement? >> the argument is when the school opens up a forum for student groups they have to allow all student groups. the first amendment has held that for a very long time the supreme court is very clear when student groups are allowed to meet all student groups must be allowed to meet. and yeah it is open to all students. everyone is welcome at his meetings. will will he is welcoming them because he wants to bring a different perspective on campus. he is passionate about free speech and this virtue of free
4:54 am
speech should start early here on our high school campuses a. ainsley: all right. this is the statement from the school district. harrison high school followed the same review process for young americans for freedom club that applies to all extra critic lure clubs. requested modifications from the original club proposal because it appears not open to all student which is a requirement for all clubs. it modified the club proposal and the application was subsequently approved. luke, what is your response for that? >> well, the school can make any statement that they would like but the bottom line is that they were violating my first amendment right to speak on campus about my beliefs by denying my young americans for freedom chapter. school officials should really encourage free speech and not shut it down. schools have no official -- schools have no business denying recognition based on arbitrary standards of -- based on
4:55 am
arbitrary standards of free speech. ainsley: how many people have joined the club now? >> we have about 20 people in our classroom so far and i hope to have even more at our meeting. ainsley: your first meeting is tomorrow? >> yes, it is. ainsley: it's been quite a fight. was it worth it. >> absolutely. i mean of course as i said before it is a very daunting thing to stand up to a large administration, but i'm really thankful for all of the help that adf and yaf has provided me throughout these two years i am excited to start and i think i can enact serious change at our school it. ainsley: i wish you the pest. god bless you and tyson thank you for getting involved and being on the show. >> absolutely. thanks so much for having us. ainsley: dana perino, bill hemmer and ben domenech.
4:56 am
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this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. >> i mean, this city is essentially a fortress. >> thursday morning i would rather have to talk about national guard troops looking forward and talking about people will: joe biden preparing a blitz of executive actions. >> the first 100 days you're going to see some of the most far-left agendas brought to the table. pete: a new migrant caravan is on the move headed straight for the southern border. >> the reason why this has begun and we're seeing this right now is because of the biden administration policy.
5:00 am
>> parler showed up online overnight. these are truly evil people. ainsley: today we honor dr. martin luther king jr.. >> he was telling us to pray. he said that we must learn to live together and bring this together. ainsley: we honor martin luther king today we do have a fox news alert. our nations capitol is bracing for unrest ahead of president-elect biden' inauguration on wednesday. will: protests are beginning nationwide and some are reportedly armed. steve: there was some suggestion there could be trouble yesterday that is why they delayed the rehearsal for the inauguration until today david spunt is live on a roof top in d.c. with more on the precautions. reporter: well good morning to you three. this city is on block down and it remains that way until at least the day after inauguration this is the tightest security our nation's capitol has ever
5:01 am
seen. 25,000 national guard troops with more on the way, because of this high security event. authorities would rather be over -prepared in this situation than under-prepared. law enforcement sources confirm ed to form news those national guard troops will be screened multiple times over fears of an attack from the inside. capitol cities and buildings in all 50 states under the microscope, several armed protests expected over the next few days leading up to the inauguration over anger that president trump lost the election. now governors have called out state national guards. >> the capitols of the states, the cities, i think, those are going to be the softer targets for people who don't want to travel to d.c. reporter: after president-elect biden becomes president biden, this is another big story the house will send over one impeachment article to the senate. authorities are, or not authorities i should say
5:02 am
democratic leaders, excuse me, are saying soon, they don't know exactly when that's going to be. trump deserves allie senator lindsey graham says impeachment will divide the country even more, democrats though are pushing forward even after president trump becomes former president trump. there's been a lot of talk about who will be on the president's legal team, rudy giuliani said this weekend he's going to be a witness to what happened at the capitol on january 6 so he will not be serving on that legal team in an interview he said. back to you. ainsley: thank you so much, david. it's going to be a wild week with the inauguration, people are worried after what happened at the capitol and so they are bringing in a lot of national guards, as you heard, 25,000, which is more than three times the troops in caviezel and iraq combined. they're running their names through the fbi system to make sure there's not someone in there that does want to start trouble and they're training them to detect insider threats. dan bongino, who is a former secret service agent, you know him. he was on our show earlier this is what he had to say. >> how do you secure these
5:03 am
things? and the answer is you put boxes inside of boxes inside of boxes, and as you get those boxes that get closer to the president after he's inaugurated, those boxes you have increasing levels of security and that's where it gets really tough in d.c. because inside those boxes you have a whole lot of thing, steve. you have office buildings. someone could have put something in there weeks ago so you got to go through all of these office buildings. i did the inauguration, the first one for barack obama, where he got out and waived on the parade route. that was my section, in conjunction with the washington field office guy and i've got to tell you it was the most challenging security challenge of my entire career. will: dan bongino describing it as boxes inside of boxes inside of boxes. we had jeff james also a former secret service agent on the show earlier and he talked about concentric circles and obviously we always want to err on the side of caution and never see something like we saw on january 6 but just a a note, this is virtually a zoom
5:04 am
inauguration. everything on this inauguration will be virtual with very few people present. steve: but you know what? joe biden apparently still wants to do it outside, despite the security challenges he wants to be on the steps of the west front of the capitol just to make a statement that despite what happened on january 6, america is moving on. meanwhile, speaking of moving on , we understand that apparently, either today, but most probably tomorrow, the president of the united states it sounds like is preparing to pardon and commute the sentences of 100 people, look for that announcement. also, speaking of wednesday, on wednesday, 8:00 a.m., at joint base andrews, the president of the united states, donald trump is going to chopper via marine one, over to andrews probably have some sort of an address and get in air force one, because he will still be president of the united states, and fly, ainsley, to west palm batch and start his retirement for now. ainsley: that's exactly right. yeah, new administration comes with also a new agenda, and the
5:05 am
la times had a headline yesterday that read, make america california again. that's biden's plan. and they go on to talk to grey davis, the former democratic governor of california, and he said kamala will be at all of the meetings, have the last word with biden, share ideas and innovations and breakthroughs from california to help solve problems on the national level. let me remind him about the recall for the governor of the way he's handled the pandemic, being criticized for not having fire prevention in place and mitigation. very high tax state, thousands are leaving the state, 135,000, 600 people left from july 1, 2016 to july 1, 2020. i think more have even left since last july. housing costs are through the roof and you know, will, you are from texas and there was someone online that said one person on social media said dear biden, keep california in california. regards, texas.
5:06 am
will: the exodus from california headed to the lone star state. there are many in my home state as you point out ainsley who are hoping they leave politics behind as they migrate from california to texas and yet still, the biden-harris administration sees california as a model, as inspiration, the la times goes on to say california's merging as the de facto policy think tank of the biden-harris administration and a congress soon to be under democratic control rekindling past cliches about the state, premier laboratory democracy, land of big ideas even as it struggles with surging covid-19 inspections, the safety net fray s by the pandemic, crushing housing costs and while fires all fueling an exodus, there's no place the incoming administration is learning or leaning on more heavily for inspiration in a setting of a progressive policy agenda. i'll give you two notes here. if you want a little illustration of how california is serving as a model i'd point out you notice how we always reference the biden-harris administration? in fact on their signage, harris ' name, a californian, is
5:07 am
as big as biden's name. i just don't remember that in past administrations. steve: joe has said it's the harris-biden administration. will: wasn't it the trump adminitration, the obama administration? i don't remember this pairing in the past. ainsley: gets more moderate and progressive. a little bit for everyone. steve: so look for joe biden as right out of the block, noon on wednesday, is when he becomes president of the united states, and look for an absolute blizzard of executive orders, and, you know, that's just what happens when you become president of the united states. it's hard to get things through congress these days and so sometimes, the most a president can debt done is with, by directing the federal government , how exactly to interpret the laws that the congress makes. for instance, congress can pass a bill that says america's water has got to be clean, but then, it becomes incumbent upon the e pa and the federal government to figure out what the rules are to do that, and so look for joe biden to interpret
5:08 am
all sorts of things and look to do something about immigration and climate and obviously, ainsley, with covid. ainsley: yeah, so lawrence jones was on our show earlier and he predicts when you read this article, when you look at what they're pushing he predicts the democrats are pushing a very radical agenda. >> this shouldn't be the model, but it may well be the model, will. look if you're a conservative libertarian, this next 100 days isn't going to feel so good. you've got a progressive left that have raw power, that have control of the government, but i think it's important to remember this feeling. as my dad used to say when i used to loss an aau game, remember this feeling so it never happens again. have an agenda, they have a progressive left that is going to hold them to the fire, and i would predict these next two, next 100 days are going to be pretty bad if you're a conservative. ainsley: so conservatives with
5:09 am
worried about immigration, the president said he's putting up the wall and then you have kamala harris saying she wants to end the construction on the wall and they won. so, it's going to be interesting to see what they do with immigration because we have the first caravan, we haven't seen a caravan in months, right? the first caravan of 2021 happened over the weekend, look at this crowd. less than, you know, two days away from the inauguration and here we are talking about this , seven to 8,000 migrants have entered guatemala from honduras and they say they are on their way to the united states, but this was the headline. being intoing biden administration to migrant caravan, don't come, you won't get in immediately. so, will, didn't they run on immigration, we'll let everybody in, we have a heart for you? will: this was the language we heard for months on the campaign trail, ainsley. we will be seeking a pathway to citizenship. don't take my word for it in fact just take the word of see ing pueblo from terrorists which means "without borders." they are saying migrants have a right and are ready to cash in
5:10 am
on those campaign promises, as they mountained head north towards the border. here is what a senior biden transition is saying, they have saying the situation at the border isn't transformed overnight. they need to understand they aren't able to come into the united states immediately. there's help on the way, but now is not the time to make the journey. steve, i just can't help but notice now, not immediately, and the implication is this campaign promise may come along later. steve: well ultimately, if you're going to do something with immigration reform, you got to go through the congress, and ultimately, you need 60 senators which would mean you'd have to have 10 republicans buy in. you know, it be great if the nation actually addressed it, and figured out in a bipartisan way what to do about it, but, you know, you look donald trump tried to do it. george bush tried to do it. barack obama tried to do it, and they all failed. ultimately when you look at those images of people coming up through central america, and you got to wonder, 8,000 people,
5:11 am
what are they eating? how are they taking care of, you know, just the basic day-to-day necessities of walking 50 miles in a day, and whose paying for that? is it anybody or is there a group behind the financing? i don't know. all mark morgan knows, and he's the border patrol guy in charge, he knows that the reason they're coming is because donald trump, very shortly, will no longer be on our southern border to say stop, turn around, go home. watch. >> border strategies that's what's driving this , ainsley. look, they're using what's app and the organizers of these caravans have been very clear, the reason why this is happening right now is because of the perception that our borders are going to be open under the biden administration. we've got an estimate between nine to 12,000 people that have already made it through honduras
5:12 am
and they are half way through guatemala right now and the sole reason why this has begun and we're seeing this is because of the biden administration policy, the belief is they're going to be let in so they're not hearing this now, wait, it's not going to happen on day one. they're already coming. steve: one of the other things that the biden administration wants to do, once they take power, is to suggest to congress , let's come up with a path for citizenship for the people who are in the country illegally. they estimated 10 or 11 or 12 million people, probably a bigger number than that, including an eight-year path to citizenship. but once again, its got to go through congress. ainsley: we all have a heart for those individuals you read the stories about moms trying to get their kids a better life and we can all relate to that. that's what we want for our own children but doing it right and making sure that we keep everyone safe. you have to think about covid, many are am coming over and all together, shoulder-to- shoulder what does that mean for our country, a lot to think about so let's end this segment with a positive
5:13 am
story because we love giving back, and if you are one of those that is so blessed to have a job right now, it's nice to hear that many of you are donat ing to the barsoon fund. they've raised more than $27 million, almost 200,000 supporters, 142 businesses supported because of this , and we have another story to tell you about. this is lauren martin and she owns martin's tavern. it's in the georgetown area right outside of d.c. steve: in d.c. ainsley: she's had this restaurant, fifth generation and it's actually where jfk proposed to jackie, apparently, but they surprised her with some money to help her keep her restaurant open. watch this. >> oh, my god! >> you know, you're the exact type businesses we're looking to help, like what 81 years in the family? >> it will be 88 years in the family, which is insane. thank you guys so much! everything that you guys do, you have no idea how much it means
5:14 am
for my family, to all of the small businesses across the country. you have no idea how much this means to the entire restaurant. not even just my family but all of the employees here too. >> good, good that's what we want and we're glad we can help. will: d.c. is shut down. restaurants incapable of operating. there's bar barstool sports the polandly incorrect black sheep of the sports industry out there saving businesses. i might just say to bring this full circle, while the federal government is looking to the government of california as their inspiration i don't know what kind of ostric h head in the sand, lacking in self-awareness, that might require to see california 's model i would suggest why don't you look to the private sector and bar stool as your inspiration. more barstool, less california government. that might be what gets us out of this mess. steve: what government does anything efficiently, ultimately , when you look at that? hats off to dave portnoy at bar
5:15 am
stool. kid rock had a fundraiser last night. i think a week ago kid rock gave $100,000 and he raised a whole bunch last night. that particular bar, martin's tavern, has been in d.c., run by the martin family, for 88 years. i may have been in that bar a number of times when i was younger and lived in that neighborhood but it is fantastic that they've got the money to keep the doors open, and ultimately, dave said, i'm going to contact you every month, lauren, during the pandemic, and see what you need. hats off to them. ainsley: steve what happens in martin stays in martin. we'll never know. [laughter] i'm sure you were very well- behaved let's hand it over to jillian. she has headlines. jillian: good morning, and watching those videos is the best part of the day. all right let's start with this a missing arizona woman is found alive in critical condition. jessica goodwin vanished after calling out of work last monday
5:16 am
and her vehicle was found at a car wash three days later. a rescue crew tracked her down by tracing her phone records to a community in the phoenix area and she was airlifted to a hospital for treatment and the case is under investigation. >> los angeles county surpasses 1 million covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic. it is the first county in the u.s. to hit the grim milestone. this , despite california implementing prolonged strict lockdowns. the state registered nearly 3 million cases. meanwhile, the less restricted state of florida reports more than 1.5 million cases. >> today, the nation honors dr. martin luther king jr. little differently. ceremonies nationwide will be virtual, due to the pandemic. his niece, dr. alveda king joins us earlier with this message. >> so as americans, one race, one group of people still living here in america together, we're going to have to work very hard to see america grow. reporter: the civil rights icon
5:17 am
would have been 92 years old. >> and now to the nfl, the saint s and the browns advanced to their third straight afc championship game. patrick mahomes left the game with the concussion, but the head coach said "he was doing good" and the bucs defeating division rival saints, tom brady getting the better drew brees to head to his championship game but he did not give hints after the game about whether he's back with the saints next season. >> i'm going to give myself an opportunity to think about the season, think about a lot of things, just like i did last year, and make a decision. jillian: the two future hall of famers shared this heart-felt moment together, and make sure you tune in next week when brady and the buccs face aaron rogers and the packers on fox. send it back to you. will: that heart-felt moment was really cool by the way, that was brady throwing passes to brees's kids in the end zone after the
5:18 am
game and they went home and said dad, i still think you're better than tom. >> how cool is that we got to throw passes with him. will: coming up the far left faction of the democratic party racking up the tab when it comes to government spending but now, they want to slash from the military, to fund their extensive wish list, while our next guest says that is now is not the time to cut back. go pro at subway® for double the protein on any footlong. or on any new protein bowl! so many ways to go pro at subway®! it's not amateur-tein, it's pro-tein, baby! go pro and get double the protein for just $2 more. subway. eat fresh. ♪ ♪ go pro and get double the protein for just $2 more. ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ ♪
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5:22 am
term contract required. click or call today. will: while the progressive wing of the democratic party is looking to slash defense spending by at least 10%, as they claim the current budget detracts from the country's immediate needs, but a new op-ed in the hill argues that while questioning the proper level of defense funding is an appropriate role for congress it must be based on a foundation
5:23 am
of facts not slogans. armed with facts, leaders will quickly realize the nation's security and prosperity rest directly on adequately funding national defense. here to react former gop texas congressional candidate and army veteran wesley hunt. wesley thanks so much for being with us george to you. >> good morning, happy to be here, thank you for having me on will: there's often conversation about the defense budget that does grow with time but it also grows less than the rest of the federal budget. i have this stat i find fascinating. currently, the defense budget accounts for 14% of overall spending in 1985 it was 25% of overall spending and you can see on your screen there, that's a breakdown of where that defense budget is going, 68 billion overseas operations, 157 billion for personnel, another 100 billion in research and development and then 136 for modernization. is there room to cut the budget? is this something we should be doing at this time, wesley? >> no, no, not right now. the number one mission for the federal government is to
5:24 am
keep citizens safe. if you look at it since 2011 since the attack on our country, we have not had a major attack from a foreign entity since then, and that's a testament to the brave men and women that put their lives on the line to keep us safe every single day. it's our moral imperative and our fiduciary responsibility to make sure that they are funded to the maximum amount so they could achieve their mission and their goal and keeping us safe, and right now, with covid-19, i can guarantee you that the united states right now has a target on our backs and now, is not the time, to cut the defense budget. now, i think we could all agree that our defense, our government spending is a bit bloated and i think no one is going to argue with anyone on that but right now, in these it's imperative that we make sure that we continue to fund our men and women overseas. will: let's dig into that now for just a moment you said we have a target on our back in this time when there could be perceived weakness as you point out when it comes to covid-19 so
5:25 am
where, who is the biggest threat coming from right now? >> i think our biggest threat is actually coming from china. i read an article the other day that we saw their economy actually grew 2.2% where everyone else suffered and so right now, if we are careful, we have to make sure that we could stop that threat, which i think is the most imminent threat the fact that even coronavirus came here in the first place from china, and it's the idea of making sure that our defense stays on par with their defense as well. will: that's a constant march towards increased advancement in china when it comes to their military. we love to have you today it is mlk day. we love to get your perspective on mlk's message, where it applies, how it applies to the current cultural climate in the united states in 2021. >> well, you know, one day, we can live in a nation we are not to judge by the color of our skin but by the content of our character. this has been a rough year for us in the united states but
5:26 am
i do believe that we can get back to that american dream and by god, if we can't do that together, then we never will, and it's days like this we've got to remember who we are as americans, coming together, and understanding that in the name of martin luther king, we can persevere and we will prevail. will: wesley, can you put that into context, i know you had an ad when running for congress and how it fits into that american dream. >> oh, absolutely, migrate great grandfather was a slave and we talk about the progress that we have seen in this nation, and again, this year has been rough and it may seem like we're in some dark times right now, but i'm going to tell you that as a descendant of a slave, and because of brave men like martin luther king jr. , my family has been able to achieve the american dream. the three of my siblings all had the honor serving our country. we all attended west point and that could only happen in one place, and that's america. let's never forget that. will: slavery to west point. you have lived that american dream, illustrated it and we
5:27 am
appreciate you laying it out for us today, this morning thank you so much, wesley. >> of course, thank you very much. will: take care. a former facebook insider is celebrating big tech's crackdown on conservative speech. you've got to watch this. >> we have to turn down the capability of these conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences but they are extremely radical. will: that is stunning and the federalist ben domenech is here to respond, next. managing type 2 diabetes?
5:28 am
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♪ ♪
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5:32 am
>> we have to turn down the capability of these conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences. they are extremely radical and pushing extremely radical views, and so it's up to the facebooks and youtubes in particular to think about whether or not they want to be effectively cable networks of disinformation. steve: here with reaction the federalist publisher ben domenech. ben, george to you. >> good to be with you. steve: you are a conservative influencer. you need to have your plug pulled. >> [laughter] well, look, i think that it's interesting that they're kind of saying the soft part loud now, about things that they've been keeping opinions they've been keeping to themselves for a while and as a tryout for aoc's ministry of truth, i think that that was a pretty good performance, but in this instance, i think that we have to see here, what's really going on which is that big tech wants to broaden this crackdown in a lot of different ways and bring a lot of different corporations along with them. they are going to collude together going forward, to crush
5:33 am
conservative speech, and everywhere that it rises up and they are going to use arguments for that that sound, along the lines of arguments you might have heard in the past, about shutting down isis and the like, which is a comparison that this same guest made. those are the kinds of radical comments that are the opposite of any kind of unity message, any kind of coming together, instead of just seeks to crush the speech of people that you disagree with which has never been the american way. steve: you mentioned corporation s. you know, we have heard over the last week, there are a number of fortune 500 corporations that want to stop donating money to members of congress who, on january 6, did not vote to certify the election , and now, we're hearing that apparently there is some democrat members of congress who say those 130 or 140 members of congress, all republicans, who would not do that, need to be punished because they ultimately are responsible for what happens on that day, in part.
5:34 am
>> well, obviously that wasn't their attitude when you had democrats on the other side of this voting against certification in 2001 and 2005 and after the election in 2016 of course, and but this is also a situation, i think, where this is all a part of their agenda to play at the republican parties, being too radical to even do business with. frankly, from my perspective, i'm glad to see some of that corporate money go away, because it's going to be replaced by small dollar online donations, the kind of support that we saw, the president garnered during his entire career and that's something that i actually think is good for the gop. they should be listening more to their voters and less toward the various corporations that frankly hate those same voters. they want to be able to sell their products to them but also look down on them and as i said, to crush their conservative speech whenever it rises up and becomes something that they view as problematic for their bottom line. steve: sure, of course on wednesday, at noon, joe biden becomes the president of the
5:35 am
united states, our 46th, and a brand new poll finds that 59% of republicans, a majority, want republicans to stand up to joe biden when it comes to his legislation in the house and the senate. does that sound about right to you? >> i think that number is probably going to move even higher as we actually see what the biden agenda looks like. so much of this pandemic conversation pushed to the sides , all the different areas of policy that we'd like to know about a candidate and i think that frankly people are going to be surprised by how much of joe biden they see right now in 202e that they saw back in say 2009 that as the democratic party has moved left, so has joe biden and i think the biden- harris administration is going to push a lot of radical things that frankly are going to serve to reunify any kind of republican in-fighting or serve ill war over the various things that have happened as we've seen in the past couple weeks. when you see that agenda i think you'll see that number only continue to grow.
5:36 am
steve: exit question because it's 50/50 o in the senate now with republicans and democrats and people who caucus with the democrats as well. how much of joe biden's agenda does he actually get passed? ultimately you need 60 for the filibuster thing, that crazy rule they've got there, so will it be a slam dunk all of his stuff, or will the republicans be able to somehow moderate what he's able to get done? >> the answer is anything that involves spending money is going to be a slam dunk. washington loves to spend money, and you'll be able to find the votes time and again to do that. it's going to be more, i think, on the cultural side of things that you're going to see the biden administration have to do things through their administrative processes, bureaucracy and the like, because there is going to be a number of members who come from more red, more purple states, who aren't necessarily going to go along with those aspects of the august that touch on those cultural war issues, and i
5:37 am
think particularly, on energy issues and the like. steve: stay tuned it all starts at noon on wednesday. ben, thank you very much for joining us live. >> great to be with you. steve: all right you know what starts today? america's news room we launched with dana perino and bill hemmer and they'll be joining us coming up next but before they hit the airwaves you'll see them with a preview of today's coming attractions. start the year smiling at aspen dental where new starts happen, every day. get exceptional care at every step, unparalleled safety at every visit, and flexible payment options for every budget. now, during the everyday smiles event new patients get a full exam & set of x-rays with no obligation. no insurance? no worries, it's free. plus, now all patients can get 20% off their treatment plan. find every reason to smile. every day at aspen dental. call 1-800-aspendental or book today at did you know you can go to
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: isn't that a great song and that's a great street, that's avenue of the americas that's where the fox news headquarters, where we are right
5:42 am
now, on 48th and 6th avenue let's bring in bill hemmer and dana perino, co-anchors of america's newsroom re-launching today coming up right after our show at 9:00 congratulations, guys. >> thank you, thank you, we'll blast off in a few moments and see how it goes. >> we're hoping something comes up when we start. ainsley: we'll bring you into talk about this subject, kristin gillebrand had a press conference with chuck schumer and this is biden's week and he's supposed to unite the country but kristin gille brand said some interesting things tossing the gavel over to chuck schumer saying you're the one whose going to unite our country. listen to this. >> chuck schumer understands states and communities all across this country better than anybody. he's worked to get people elected in every part of this country red, blue, and purple, and he understands that this country needs to heal, that we have to bring people together , that we have to get things done, and i don't think there's a human being alive in america today that could do a better job than chuck schumer in this moment to bring this country back together.
5:43 am
ainsley: dana what's your reaction to that? >> well a couple of things come to mind. one i'm sure that joe biden would probably disagree but look when you're a senator every time you look in the mirror you see yourself as a president, so i'm not surprised that they think that the senate is really where you're going to try to united country. lindsey graham actually said this weekend that he thinks that chuck schumer could unite the country by calling for a vote to end the impeachment of donald j. trump the second impeachment, again, i don't know if chuck schumer will do that. i kind of doubt it but one thing i have noticed is that all of these calls for unity, they're important, i guess, but only if there's some introspection, so it can't be let's unify the country and you go first. will: i don't know that chuck schumer is the model of being in touch with america. >> after the election, he said next we take georgia, which they did and then we take america and i don't know how that, i don't know how that goes over time with a 50/50 senate which is something our viewers will have to pay very close attention to. a lot of these initiatives are
5:44 am
not slam dunks on behalf of joe biden outside the executive orders and we're going to see how the legislation falls in here. will: you know, hemmer, i clarissa majority in you spent the weekend watching football. i don't know how that prepares you for launch of a new show today so are you going to cover brady and brees? what will you cover on the first edition of the perino and hemmer america's newsroom. >> we shall dabble in that with a great lineup too, dana. >> i watch football too, will and i learned a new phrase. ainsley: good job, dana. >> my new phrase is, can they force some negative plays? and i think that's what both parties are going to try to do to reach others, right? will: right. i see that i see what you did there. steve: maybe you guys can just work a lot of football analogy in that. touchdowns, you know -- >> three-pointers? just kidding. just kidding, america. steve: all of the terminology and i love the , i love this program that's going to
5:45 am
start here in 16 minutes because you've got two of the america's best voices when it comes to journalism and politics, right there, at the same plastic desk so you bring together so much analysis that america really needs right now. >> listen we'll bring you the faces you know and the analysis you trust, and we're really coming into a point in our nation's history where people have to pay attention and barack obama said it years ago. elections have consequences and we're about to see that. >> and if you remember, barack obama had 60 democrats in the senate, and he still had to do a lot of executive orders. they were able to get one big piece done and that was obamacare which still reverberates through our politic s today. joe biden does not have 60 democrats he has 50. it's a very different dye am into ic. ainsley: how was it waking up this morning, guys? i know you're used to waking up a little bit later. >> i love early mornings. growing up on a ranch i love that. i was awake at 3:30 and then i thought well wait i don't have to get up yet but i was so awake i could have started in fact i just told bill, there's been a
5:46 am
lot of anticipation and excitement and i'm thrilled with this can't and now i decided it just needs to get started. will: we're excited for you guys >> i did this shift for 12 years so the new chapter is kind of like the old chapter only different again so it's great to be with you and a partner again. >> it great. i'm so excited i want to hear more about that ranch experience , some day, dana but you have alex as asar, i know you're promising to give us coverage but also, bill, you have a show up on fox nation called the china showdown, let's take a quick look at what's coming up on that show. >> chinese businesses allegedly buying influence with joe biden 's family. >> the thing that concerns me most, are not the money transactions between china and the biden family. what concerns me is what we don't know. >> and the mainstream media is silenced. >> questions have to be answered there but the left wing media has no interest in asking them. >> what does all of this mean
5:47 am
for our future? >> we're in a 21st century cold war with china. will: the china showdown is on fox nation what the can we expect there, bill? >> this is the consequences of elections if republicans kept the majority in the senate they'd be able to investigate hunter biden, but absent of that a lot of that falls to the way side. the hunter biden issue, the eric swalwell issue still in the house intel committee that's a part of this show. i think the other part of it at a much higher level is the two most powerful countries in the world are now at somewhat of an equilibrium with one another on almost every level. not the military just yet, but with regard to technology and the economy, and trying to exert control in their own ways. this is, in my view, this is the ultimate china showdown, not just for the u.s. and china, but for the entire world, and there's a lot in there about what people need to think about,
5:48 am
about what the future will hold in terms of competition between beijing and washington. >> and one of the things to watch also is taiwan and what china decides to try to do there and what we do in response. steve: all right she's been up for six hours already, the show officially kicks off exactly 12 minutes from right now. >> thank you. steve: bill and dana congratulations. >> thank you very much. goodbye. steve: you bet. all right, meanwhile, the state of california clamping down on schools tightening the rules to return to class in-person, but health experts are pleading with the state to reopen. our next guest says the closures have had a huge impact on kids, and that is coming up. >> man: what's my safelite story? i spend a lot of time in my truck. it's my livelihood. ♪ rock music ♪ >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass. they came right to me, with expert service where i needed it.
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5:52 am
ainsley: a california titan school reopening protocol public health experts are urging the state to let the classrooms open next month. 30 healthcare professionals let by our next guest, penned an open letter saying long term closures, "have a detrimental measurable impact on children and adolescents. " here to explain director of covid response and profess of of emergency medicine at uc san francisco, dr. jeanne noble. thanks for joining us.
5:53 am
>> good morning, thank you for having me. ainsley: you're welcome so what is the mandate in the state of california. are all public schools closed right now? >> nearly all public schools are closed and the majority of them have been closed since march, so we're just about on our one-year anniversary of school closures here in california. ainsley: so how is this impacting the kids the most what are you seeing? >> yeah, so there really is a mental health crisis among our youth from this lack of socialization and in-person education, and that was really the impetus for our letter to bring the attention to this other half of the equation. we focus a lot of the covid risk for going back-to-school and risk for teachers and students but we don't spend a lot of time talking about the mental health damage that's ongoing, so the cdc, about a month ago, released data on the mental health crisis of kids from lack of in-person schooling, for kids under the age of 11, there's been about a 24% increase in er visits for mental health
5:54 am
reasons for kids 12 and up there's been about a 31% increase in er visits for mental health reasons and right here in california, we have local data that really mirrors those national trends. our children's hospital of oakland we have something called "ask suicides side questions" where all kids coming into the er are asked about recent thoughts of suicide. back in march we had 6% of 10-17 -year-olds reporting recent thoughts of suicide and that number had increased to 16% by september. ainsley: gosh that breaks my heart because our children what does that do to the parents and these precious kids are hurting. what are some stories that you've heard specifically? >> well, there's just, i mean, in the er, a lot of kids are coming in with signs of distress , so not just thoughts of suicide. that's the tip of the iceberg and those are the worse case scenarios. we have kids who are cutting, who have become very anxious about going out of their homes, new social phobias, new eating
5:55 am
disorders just a lot of signs of mental health distress that we are seeing in the er. ainsley: so histories kirstjen nielsener to keep them out of school than actually risk it and put them back in the classroom? >> well now we know we have data about how we can return kids to the classroom safely. we closed our schools back in march because we assumed covid was like the flu and the kids be the primary drivers of this pandemic, that they would get sick more often and transmit more often than adults. now, we know that we were wrong. kids are less likely to get covid, less likely to get sick, and less likely to pass it on than adults are. that's why we closed our schools if we knew now if we knew in march what we knew now i don't think we would have closed our schools and we have good data about safe school reopenings. north carolina just released a large data set, 90,000 kids, k- 12 back in school, 10,000 teachers. there were only 32 school-based
5:56 am
transmissions of covid during a nine-week period and those are really tiny reassuring numbers so now that we know that kids can return to the classroom safely, it's time to get them back-to-school. ainsley: i hope the governor is listening thank you so much for fighting for those kids and giving them a voice. >> thanks for the coverage. ainsley: you're welcome. more fox & friends moments away.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> will you point down at the qr code? will you have to do brian's job. where is he? right there. >> open your camera on your smartphone, shine it at that, you can download the fox news that. >> have a good day, everyone. >> thank you, guys. it is 9:00 in new york at 9:00 in our nation's capital and good morning on the cusp of a new era in american politics. we welcome you to the new beginning of "america's newsroom" here on the fox news channel. i'm bill hemmer, sat here for a while, she is. if >> dana: dana perino and i'm brand-new. hoping to bring you stories that drive the day on the voices you come to trust, plus with those stories mean for you and your family and your community, that's what's most important as well as our nation in the days and weeks ahead. it went back to giving it a time two days away from inauguration. if you when i have known each other.


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