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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 20, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> we did was we came here to do and so much more. the best is yet to come. thank you and farewell, god bless you, god bless the united states of america. jillian: on wednesday january 20th we begin with a fox news alert, during his final hours in office donald trump issues 73 pardons and 70 commutations. we will tell you the biggest names to benefit. todd: the nations capital releasing and inauguration like any other. so biden will become the 40 sixth president of the united states surrounded by 25,000 national guard troops. jillian: we are live in washington as he promises a message of unity. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ born in the usa ♪♪ i was
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♪♪ born in the usa ♪♪ i was ♪♪ born in the usa ♪♪ born in the usa ♪♪ jillian: this song a little bit. todd: young up and coming artist bruce springsteen. jillian: kind of rally everyone together. and good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. todd: straight to the fox news alert, donald trump handing down a huge list of pardons and commutations in his final hours as president. jillian: griff jenkins live at the national mall where joe biden will be sworn in as the 46 president. >> reporter: it is just 7 hours, we will have another presidential inauguration, peaceful transfer of power but such a different scene, thousands of flags behind me line the national mall instead
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of thousands of americans, as inaugurations of the past and that will be something to witness, historic and unprecedented. before the swearing in happens donald trump will leave the white house for the last time at 8 am and go tomorrow lago, his final hours making news with 143 pardons and commutations. notable among them steve bannon, longtime campaign strategist, elliott brody, former deputy national finance chair of the are in sequence two wrappers, little wayne and bill free known as kodak black, one person tied to the russia probe, paul erickson. in a farewell address the president highlighting his compliments. >> as i leave the white house i have been reflecting on dangers that reflect the priceless inheritance we all share as the world's most powerful nation america faces constant threats
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of challenges from abroad but the greatest danger we face is loss of confidence in ourselves, loss of confidence in our national greatness. >> reporter: he ends where he began with make america great. what will joe biden say in his address? we expect a message of unity as the country is facing so many challenges to racial division, economic uncertainty, we have a preview of what biden may say. listen. >> to heal we must remember is hard sometimes to remember, but that is how we heal. it is important to do that as a nation. >> reporter: the security measures continuing to tighten, still on high alert, 12 national guard members removed from duty because of possible ties to
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extremist groups but the commanders here are confident it will be safe and secure. listen. >> i'm not concerned as a large part of the organization. if you look at 25,000 we had 12 identified and some of those they are just looking into. may be unrelated to this but we want to make sure out of abundance of caution we do the right thing until it gets cleared up. >> reporter: one of the unique things i've seen in the last 24 hours are dozens of buses lining up to let people off, with guard troops on every one of them. might not be the best shot but the inauguration will occur around noon the same way as ones in the past on the west front of the capital. you can see a small audience will be on hand socially distant and will include two former presidents, obama and bush among other vips and vice president
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pence will be there, donald trump will not. that is a look at what is happening. a little while ago it was snowing. a unique morning. todd: we saw the rain, it is rainy, how are you not what? there you go. jillian: the president releasing a farewell address in the final hours of his presidency. todd: the president looking back on when he first arrived in office and how far his administration has come. >> four years ago i came to washington is the only true outsider ever to win the presidency. i have not spent my career as a politician but as a builder looking at open skylines and imagining infinite possibilities. iran for president because i knew there were towering new summits for america just waiting to be scaled.
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i knew the potential for our nation was boundless as long as we put america first. we built the greatest political movement in the history of our country and also built the greatest economy in the history of the world. it was about america first because we all wanted to make america great again. we restore the principle that a nation exists to serve its citizens. >> turning point usa founder charlie kirk hopes the president-elect keeps his promise and unifies americans. >> will be on joe biden to end this nonsense and the nonsense of a lot of these people on the left are calling for deprogramming, asking the question in the atlantic what do we do with all these trump supporters? the president of all americans including 75 million americans who voted for donald trump,
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decent hard-working americans that were far from anything that happened at the capital on january 6th and condemn it just like myself as we did, far far away from any of that and somehow the media narrative is every single person that supported donald trump is now needing some form of punishment or reprogramming. it is divisive, the opposite of unity and i'm calling for president biden to step up as a leader and represent the whole country. >> prisoners what biden plans to sign a slew of executive orders in his first hours in office, some of them reversing america first policies. >> here is a breakdown. >> good morning, president-elect joe biden will sign 17 executive orders during the first hours of his presidency reversing donald trump's policies and restoring a number of obama era programs. let's jump in. let's ask for immigration, biden
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is said to end border wall funding immediately putting a end to what you trump administration promise. he will also sign in order for the 5 obama era action for child arrivals also known as d's of aca and plans to put a end trump's travel ban which suspended entry to the us for mostly muslim countries. biden will also rejoin the obama era paris climate accord after trump officially left the agreement last year. as for the coronavirus pandemic biden is said to impose a 100 day mask mandate, reengage with the world health organization after trump withdrew last year and restore the white house pandemic unit which trump disbanded early in his administration. vice president-elect kamala harris saying the new administration is ready to hit the ground running. >> we have work to do. it is not going to be easy. some would say hours is an ambitious goal but with hard
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work and cooperation and collaboration of members of the united states congress we can get it done. >> reporter: the president-elect will extend eviction and foreclosure moratoriums through march 3, '01, interest and payment on federal student loans through september 30th. actions related to the environment, racial inequity and justice, biden is expected to another reversal of the transgender military ban and mexico city policy in the coming days. jillian: thank you. todd: segmented deputies killed in the line of duty identified, wdm gibson served on the course for six years. he is also a marine veteran serving two towards in afghanistan, leaves behind a wife and 9-month back child. 5-year-old k mine officer riley was shot and killed in a shootout following the car chase. deputies returned fire a second deputy was shot and hospitalized
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right now in stable condition. jillian: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell blaming donald trump for provoking the rioters who attacked the us capital. >> the mob was fed lies that were provoked by the president and other powerful people and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding the first branch of the federal government. jillian: mcconnell met with chuck schumer yesterday to discuss holding a second impeachment trial, did not give details on how it would be handled. todd: will president-elect biden unite the nation? a new poll shows most americans do not think so. our next guest thanking the trump administration could help. congressman michael burgess joined us next. todd: a call for a monster minimum wage, house democrats, $23 an hour coming up. ♪♪
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jillian: welcome back. unity is president-elect joe biden's message as he prepares to take office, voters are not sure he is the man to bring the country together. todd: a new poll shows americans are not confident the country's deep divisions will improve in the next four years. congressman michael burgess joins us to explain what these polls mean. let's start with the first one. the question, can the country unite in the next four years? 73% say no when the situation becomes more dire when you break it down by party. look at this. democrats yes, 39%. when it comes to republicans 6% say yes, 93% say no. how does joe biden reassure republicans? >> you are assuming that he wants to.
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perhaps we will give him that, that will be part of his goal and talk to anyone in the incoming administration, one of the first things, let's dispatch this impeachment that is hanging over the senate. it will be hard for president biden to gideon of his agenda and acted with the senate tied up with an impeachment trial which at this point i don't believe is going to end up going anywhere. i would take care of that straight away. there are places where the vice president, former vice president soon to be president could make some inroads. at the present time i don't know i have seen any republican he has selected for his administration and that is a little bit unusual. usually the less nonpartisan officers is a member of the other party, that is traditional. i don't know that that has
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happened yet, identified any republican that is a just to go to the administration so i a suppose there is that as well. we all know, we hear it every time a new president comes in, let's talk about infrastructure, there is a nonpartisan place we could get together on some things. i'm sure we will hear that as part of the discussion in the coming days, a part of the country where infrastructure is significant, that is a discussion i would welcome. jillian: let me turn to the question it is going to take more than one person to unite the country. everybody agrees on that. who in the republican party whose voice do you think is most influential at this time that they can help unite the republican party and perhaps vote? >> i spend all my time on the house side. that would be where my focus would be and clearly among our
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republican leaders right now there should be significant work, outreach to kevin mccarthy, steve scalise and liz cheney. republicans are not always in lockstep in how we think and react, one of the first places where the incoming administration could make inroads. todd: we heard this talk of bipartisan biden thanks to his time as a senator. are you confident that he will reach across the aisle talking to his old friends to try to get stuff done and get our country on the right track? >> i have thought about that a lot. it is not something i have seen. i served for part of the time when senator biden served, i guess the one place it was evident was the work he did with our committee, the last bill
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signed into law by president obama in 2016, additional work on medical research, that would be welcome in the recovery phase of the pandemic. that is a place the vice president, incoming president could work with republicans. todd: congressman michael burgess, appreciate your time, have a great one. jillian: still ahead biden's secretary of state says he wants to reengage the world. our next guest says he is more concerned with how our allies feel instead of americans. todd: security study group jim hansen next.
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>> there are a number of things the trump administration did beyond our borders that i would applaud in getting our nato allies to invest more is a good thing. he is taking a tougher approach to china. >> anthony linksian offering a moment of praise for donald trump's foreign-policy. give us a snapshot of the foreign policy agenda during his confirmation hearing. what happens now to donald trump's america policy? jim hansen joins me live. what do you like about blinken's approach? >> the fact he understands china is a main global threat is one of the most important things. starting from there. the problem with anthony blinken and most of his foreign-policy team is they are more concerned with how our allies feel about
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america's strategic interest and that is a problem. his job is not to make friends with everyone around the world. his job is to a chance the call. the reason the state department exists. not concerned he's a globalist getting into bed you like the iran deal and paris climate. >> the policy agenda, rejoin the iran nuclear deal. and rejoin the paris climate accorded reverse the travel ban for muslim majority countries, you mentioned china in the answer, i want to focus on china, here's what blinken said about china. >> as we look at china there is no doubt it poses the most significant challenge of any nationstate to the united states. we start by approaching china from position of strength. todd: are you confident the
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biden administration actions will back up the rhetoric we heard? >> not in the slightest. joe biden has no history of that at all. the idea we are going to take an aggressive stance against china as opposed to accommodation, it is also said, and that is something you like to say but if it is your policy you are being naïve. todd: the fbi, national guard troops at a biden's inauguration, pledging to get, quote, rid our ranks of racists and extremists. here is general lloyd austin. >> if confirmed by will fight hard to stamp out sexual assault and rid our ranks of racists and extremists. the job of the to permit of defenses to keep america safe from our enemies but we can't do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks. todd: you say you worried this vetting will go too far. why?
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>> it is already gone too far. during the vetting of the national guard they are looking at groups like the patriot guard rioters. those guys don't storm the capital, they storm cemeteries with flags for military funerals. the loyalty test, they are looking at political affiliation and i don't trust the biden administration to define racism or extremism in a fairway. this is going to be used to punish political enemies. biden is bringing anita dunn into the white house, she praised now and now we have potential purges of the military based on political theory. are they going to have a palace guard where they give loyalty tests to marines at the white house? don't think this is the best thing for the country and i hope they come to their senses and realize you can trust the military's those. todd: that reads a lot of red flags. lloyd austin's of the biggest
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threat is coronavirus. from the defense perspective when you hear that, the job he is going for, is that the right answer you want to hear from somebody going from his job? >> i don't think that the right answer. will have soldiers going door-to-door giving people vaccinations? people don't react well to a guy in camouflage wanting to stick a needle in their arm. todd: the their job. you always give your honest unvarnished opinion, we appreciate that, thanks. jillian: google and amazon flush with cash and spending big on the inauguration. what are they banking gone from president-elect biden? it shows their bias. gop strategist joins us live.
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jillian: in big tech asked on amazon and google, president-elect joe biden's
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inauguration. >> thoughts on silicon valley, republican strategists, should be clear by now that big tech and democrats have a symbiotic relationship? >> should be very clear, what they are doing, suppressed by twitter and some people have accounts suspended and here is the reality talking about biden being aggressive. how is this possible win big tech is supporting, does not make feasible sense. if he was going to be aggressive and says something done when it comes to parlor, we are supposed to have free speech, platforms in america and a country of economic freedom and prosperity but we muscle people for saying what they want to say. it is un-american. jillian: is it wishful thinking to ask how there can be more influential companies?
2:31 am
>> it is important and whatever occurs people have to understand this is america. this is about freedom. people have no right to tell someone their thoughts on election process, life, values, it is your right to say what you want, to feel have you feeling you can't take that away from some. members of congress saying they will not work with gop senators who talked about the election process until they apologize, you'll make someone apologize for values and beliefs? make someone apologize for what they believe in or you will not work with them on the floor? we expect to have a country that is supposed to heal and move forward together we have to acknowledge what people have to say on both sides but democrats
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are not doing it, they are having it their way, the house and the senate and the presidency, boules saying you do, we say and we will not do what you say at all. todd: the trump administration releasing it 1776 report to rebut the 1619 project. let me explain the 1776 report, discusses patriotic education, reject 30 curriculum that has partisan opinions, or fractional ideology that meet america's heritage, dishonor our heroes or deny our principles, this was in response to the new york times, 1619 project whose stated goal is to reclaim american history by considering what it would mean to regard 1619 as our nation's birth year, requires us to place consequences of slavery and the contribution of black americans at the center of the story. we tell ourselves who we are as a country. why do you say the 1776 project is so vital during this time?
2:33 am
>> democrats are saying martin luther king day. i would like to see 45 pages long with numerous topics, and education to have a society at this juncture with public schools looking at a 1-sided agenda, they promote leftist agenda, leftist values. to me that is un-american. if we are in a free society we need to allow students to understand what they are educated on and how they want to learn things so let them understand the values that can proceed and not be dictated and say we have an agenda for what you want and this is what this is about.
2:34 am
we don't mind the information but don't close speakers from coming in or get information on just what you want to hear. jillian: thank you for joining us, have a good day. todd: a new mexico college professor, double standard in higher education. >> my students are in the throes of depression, despond and and afraid to speak and doesn't matter whether i voted for trump or biden i am not going to treat my students differently based on who they voted for but they need to know when they get into my classroom they will be treated fairly and taught to think critically, not be told what to think and there is an absence of that going on in the university system right now and it is worth speaking up about. >> after the president of new mexico state university called
2:35 am
the capital riot a, quote, national crisis, this messaging a different tone from describing black lives matter protests. jillian: the super bowl had its first woman ever to appreciate the game, claire thomas will serve as line judge for super bowl lv on february 7th in tampa, florida, not the first time making nfl history, thomas was hired as the first full-time female official in 2015. todd: they judge the refs based on how well they do during the season. she wouldn't have gotten this if she wasn't good. that is why she gets the big game. jillian: andrew cuomo threatening taxes on the wealthy. todd: $1 billion bailout to keep the blue state of float. ♪♪ you make me want to shout ♪♪ shout ♪♪
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>> back with a fox news alert
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breaking now washington post reporting president-elect joe biden will ask us surgeon general jerome adams to resign after the inauguration, adam served as top doctor in the covid-19 response, he was sworn in as surgeon general in 2017 and was slated to serve a standard four your term which expires this september. the president-elect could name his replacement as soon as today. 39 after the hour. on day one the biden administration taking action on immigration reform with the go-ahead to congress after biden is sworn into office. carley: president-elect biden will send a sweeping immigration bill to congress today, provides a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who enter the united states before january 1st of this year. it prioritizes technology that can identify narcotics, ports of entry and increase aid to el salvador, guatemala and honduras.
2:40 am
illegal immigrants could become citizens if they pass criminal background checks, english and us -- dreamers would be eligible for green cards, the president-elect has vowed to heart deportation for 100 days. that commitment could be tested soon as a caravan of thousands of migrants is moving for the us border from congress. lindsey graham sounding the alarm in a tweet, if the biden administration does not send a clear unmistakable signal they support the tough policy implemented by donald trump, when borders are overrun again. the president-elect's pick for secretary of state and homeland security secretary also pressed on the subject during their confirmation hearings yesterday. >> what would you tell people in a caravan coming to america? >> do not come.
2:41 am
this is not the first caravan over the last four years or 12 years, there is a commitment to follow our asylum laws and provide humanitarian relief. jillian: the incoming white house press secretary announcing the biden administration will not lift restrictions on international travel due to the coronavirus pandemic. texas senator john cornyn firing back wondering if that includes caravans of migrants from central america. >> i like the guitar solo. could get higher in new york, governor cuomo warning if the state doesn't get a $15 billion bailout. >> cheryl casone here with more on the budget proposal. todd: i need the music.
2:42 am
>> good morning. governor andrew cuomo is facing a $15 billion deficit for 2022 budget and if he doesn't get more money from washington he's threatening to sue the biden administration but if he doesn't get $15 billion but just $6 billion his doomsday plan would implemented temporary wealth ask for anyone above $5 billion in salary cut $2 billion in school funding, $600 million in medicaid funding, and across-the-board, biden administration promising and direct aid to the state and local municipalities within the $1.9 trillion stimulus plan. todd: cuomo doesn't want any friends? jillian: pretty much. todd: a california lawmaker said $23 should be the minimum wage. carley: democratic representative from california
2:43 am
floated a $23 minimum wage on twitter but only did this week which was interesting. raising the minimum wage to $15 would lift 1 million people out of poverty. imagine how many more lives would be impacted if we matched the rate of productivity? he is a progressive known to be very progressive from the bay area, the current minimum wage is $7.25, joe biden is proposing raising it to $15. jillian: the barstool fund is helping so many small businesses. >> he opened up about efforts to help the businesses, spoke with brian kilmeade, said it could have been him out of business. >> obviously barstool has grown, before i turn to profit before this thing hit, europe away
2:44 am
basically my entire adult life's work. >> the fund has raised 27,709,$000 but i don't know about you but i am tired of having to see people in the private sector bailout states in the public sector. hello, governor cuomo. jillian: i don't disagree with that but so happy these businesses would not have a help right now. todd: changing lives. we appreciate it. let's check with will kane with "fox and friends". will: a big show this morning, donald trump holding his own ceremony as he makes his official exit from the white house. what factor will play in politics in the future of the republican party. dana perino, and martha
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jillian: breaking overnight donald trump granting pardons and clemency to 143 people including steve bannon in one of his final acts as president. the doj official under the trump administration, thanks for being here. let's listen to what karl rove had to say before the news came out. >> presidents should be careful about exercising a limited power. steve bannon is under indictment
2:49 am
for fraud, saying i'm going to pardon him because he was in the campaign would be very problematic. jillian: what do you think now that we know steve bannon is on that list? how problematic is it? >> the president using pardon power more frequently than past presidents. it hasn't stuck to him, not sure this is going to be the thing that takes down donald trump's future in politics. it will be part of a hodgepodge of attacks people will use against him but the pardon power hasn't heard him thus far. jillian: does it tell you anything about where the president is in his mind with wanting to have people on his side?
2:50 am
>> that is part of it but some of the pardons they have no connection to him at all. i don't know if he needs little wayne on his side but the president says i have this power and i'm going to use it if i see someone has been investigated or targeted unjustly. i assume that is going through his mind and he has done that. jillian: a lot of people putting focus on the fact the president has not pardoned himself or members of his family. could that happen at this point? if it does is there a way that it would be made public right away? >> absolutely. he signs the pardon papers. if he wants to pardon someone in his family or himself by white house counsel that document would not be limited to the office of the pardon attorney which is a few miles down from the were the white house is an
2:51 am
recorded, the president and the white house could release it as they choose or they don't choose to release it and they let that go but the fact he hasn't done so yet, probably isn't going to do that but it is not out of the realm of possibility. >> any surprises to you? other than little wayne? >> not really. the surprises are more who is not on their. i think little wayne was a bit of a surprise kind of interesting. he supported the president before the election. that was the one that jumped off of it. jillian: the president's criminal justice reform efforts, thank you, have a great day today. up next, tommy laren joins us live. or ten... then easily and automatically pay your team and file payroll taxes. that means... world domination!
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be. >> four years ago i came to washington as the only true outsider ever to win the presidency. we built the greatest political movement in the history of our country. it was about america first because we all wanted to make america great again. this week we national guard rate a new administration and pray for it success in keeping america safe and prosperous. we extend our best wishes. todd: president trump delivering
2:56 am
a hopeful farewell address as he prepares to end his historic term. jillian: sharing her thoughts on the president's parting message many fox nation host tomi lahren. thanks for being here. >> thanks for being here. i know it's not the day that a lot of conservatives and trump supporters had hoped for. the sun is still going to come up today and tomorrow and the days following. we have to put a smile on and move onward and upward, my friends. jillian: what did you make of the president's message? >> i think it was very in tune exactly what the president has done for our nation for four plus years. this man has put america first and precoronavirus this man had a booming economy. he had historically low unemployment. he was working to secure our borders. he cut our taxes. standing up for the country. the forgotten americans anding majority. he has so long unapologetically
2:57 am
conservative. that man inspired people to speak up and stand for their country. that will be his legacy. i think he reminded us all of that obviously it was solemn obviously i could tell there was hurt in his eyes and his voice. his message is, just like i said onward and upward. we have a lot of work left to do. todd: along those lines you have a message for your fellow conservatives concerned about the future. and you put a lot of it in a tweet from this past mopped. quote, i know this week is going to be difficult for so many but it's not of the time to feel hopeless or to love our country any less. we have to take the hard knocks and move forward it is what it is. onward and upward. tomi, why are you so hopeful? >> i'm hopeful because we have been here before. i'm also hopeful because we are americans and i know that we are incredibly divided right now. at the end of the day we are all americans. unlike many on the left when the president won in 2016, we are not going to cheer for the failure of this country or the failure of the biden
2:58 am
administration. i want and i know many trump supporters and conservatives if not all trump support supporters and conservatives want this country to be great. i remind all folks out there it might seem like all was lost we lost congress and the white house. we still have a huge movement. we still have state and local governments you can lobby. there is a lot of work that can be done. like i said love your country and have peace and patriotism in your heart but know we still have a fight for freedom that we are going to fight on a lot of front and do it peacefully and do it with american values and conservative values. mr. president, thank you so much for everything that you have done, we will take it from here and make you proud. jillian: you mentioned state and local. does everything that's happened with, you know, losing the white house with republicans, you know, losing those two senate cease in georgia, does this shine a lot on the importance of the state and local elections? i always remind folks state and local elections are, perhaps even more important than your national elections and your
2:59 am
general elections most elections in our lives happen at the state and local levels. trump a supporters concerned about voter fraud and election integrity a lot is done at the state and local levels. lobby your leaders make sure wee have voter i.d. law us and all the anger in your heart put it toward being passionate about those things. don't let yourself be disgruntled and disheartened. that's not the people we are. modify forward and make changes this is far from over for us. we have midterms coming up. it will be a quick time. let's keep our eyes on the prize and keep going. todd: quick final answer before we go four years from today are we previewing a second biden administration, a harris biden administration or previewing a new republican administration? >> you know, i can't predict the future but i'm going to tell you this, i'm going to work very hard and i know my fellow conservatives are as well to make sure we are gnawing rating a good america first conservative whoever that may be, that's where our focus is
3:00 am
going to be. i have a feeling we're going to do it. this movement is growing stronger by the day. remember who we are and our principles and values and let's go get it. jillian: if you could predict the future i would want you to buy my lottery ticket. tomi lahren, thank you. we appreciate it. "fox & friends" starts right now. will. todd: bye. >> as i prepare to hand power over to a new administration, i want you to know that the movement we started is only just beginning. >> in his final hours president trump issuing the 1 pardons and commutations. among them some notable names. >> in hours joe biden will become the 46th president of the united states. >> he is going to be a president of all americans, including the 75 million americans that voted for president trump. step up as a leader and represent the whole country. >> you will have thousands of people coming across the border in a migrant caravan what message do you want to give those folks. >> there is a commitment to follow our asylum laws that means to provide humanitarian


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