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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 20, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> once-in-a-lifetime, justice can rise up. and hope and history rhyme. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ love, love, love ♪♪ >> laura: that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news at night" team takes it from here. shannon. >> shannon: we are going to sing this entire broadcaster so you know. good to see you. so much. >> laura: i'll be watching. >> shannon: after a peaceful transition of power, violence erupted tonight in portland rated rioters blocking streets, attacking democratic party offices. seattle and denver too. a live report on the unrest straight ahead. day of the biden administration
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expected rapid fire moves of federal and global executive orders and beyond. returning to the world health organization despite its reported ties to china. the united nation congratulating president biden to returning to the paris accord on climate change. plus, plans to have centralized vaccination centers with help from amazon. >> not everybody wants to go to a central location. not everyone can go. elderly may not be able to go, drive an hour to go through a drive-through site. so he wanted to find ways to get it closer to home. so we've been working with public staff for several weeks. >> shannon: president biden believes the federal government needs to step in at a time of dire need planning to send mobile vaccine units to rural areas as well. but republicans say the executive order signed tonight
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are typical of the modern left which they say believes that america is about our government and solutions only run through washington. senator marco rubio writing today, our blueprint, one which i will fight for every day, is an unashamed, pro-american capitalism that champions the american worker and the common good as opposed to prioritizing wall street, silicon valley, and beijing. biden called for unity with failed attacks on his political rivals. >> president biden: now, political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism, we must confront and we will defeat. history, faith, and a reason. show the way, the way of unity. we could see each other not as adversaries, but as neighbors. the harsh, ugly reality of racism, nativism, fear,
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demonization have long torn us apart. it's beyond we are going to break it all down. hello and welcome to "fox news at night" i'm shannon bream in washington. let's start at the white house with gillian turner and president biden's first evening and office. hello, jillian. >> good evening, shannon. it is officially a row. 1600 pennsylvania avenue. he did hit the ground running today. he signed 17 executive orders, some of them repealing some of the trump era signature policies and tonight he managed to get his first cabinet level appointee confirmed to the senate, avril haines is a new director national intelligence. >> president biden: so help me god. >> congratulations mr. president. >> his first act focused on immigration. he stopped construction of the southern border wall and moved to protect the children of
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illegal immigrants. >> president biden: we will repair our alliances and engaged with the world once again. >> he rejoined the paris climate agreement, killed permits for the keystone pipeline, and entered a 100 day mask day challenge. the one thing he avoided mentioning all day, former president trumps name. but he did come up short on criticism of his administration. >> president biden: we face an attack on our democracy and truth. a raging virus, growing an equity, the sting of systemic racism, climate and crisis, america's role in the world. anyone of these may be enough to challenge us in profound ways. >> that tactic was echoed by press secretary tonight. >> secretary psaki: we talked about the importance of bringing truth and transparency back to the briefing room. >> asked directly with the president thinks of the impending impeachment trial of
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former president trump, she deferred. >> secretary psaki: after talking to him today, he is focused on getting to work and solving the problems of the american people. it's because she did the biden team -- we are confident that te can also multitask and do their constitutional duty while continuing to conduct the business of the american people. >> tomorrow promises yet another flurry of trump era policy reversals, expecting at least two more executive orders. up next on friday, jen psaki told the press tonight but they will have their first call with a foreign leader, it's going to be justin trudeau of canada. now with all of the inauguration fanfare behind the biden administration, it is time they are going to get down to work and focus on relief the tough job of running the country and
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running the government, shannon. >> shannon: julien turner, thank you, julian. >> you bet. >> shannon: department of homeland security announced a 100 day pause on most deportations of illegal immigrants to begin january 22nd. white house correspondent kevin corke going in depth on more of the day one bite initiatives tonight. good evening, kevin. >> so much to get to. the rush to undo the trump legacy will obviously play out in many forms for at least the next two years depending on what happens on the midterms. but what will be most telling is where the biden administration puts its emphasis from the very beginning. without a mind, today we got a pretty good idea of where we are headed. >> president biden: i do solemnly swear -- >> from the moment he took the oath of office then later signed a slew of executive actions and directions, he made it clear today he will be a woke president. for those unfamiliar, woke us
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being aware and being aware of what's going on in the community. also specific ties to antiracism measures and social activism. from that, he appears to be all in. especially when it comes to the environment. from reentry into the paris climate accord to the permit for the keystone xl pipeline. >> he promised to end all new leasing on federal lands when he was a candidate. do they still have that commitment today? >> secretary psaki: we do and the leases will be reviewed by our team. speak of the leases, part of the 130 trump era actions on public health to be reviewed by the biden white house. the new administration is also expected to target the makers of autos and appliances, but more stringent and efficiency requirements and issue new restrictions on oil and gas companies limiting their access to federal lands. on race, mr. biden is shooting
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in the executive to dissolve the 17.76 edition. for example, in and to report the commission called affirmative-action the opposite of what dr. martin luther king's vision for the nation was. subjective state mike pompeo added that this is not to americas. they distort our glory is founded and what this country is all about. but nicole hannah jones, the creator of the pulitzer prize winning -- shot back. when you say that multiculturalism is not to america is and distorts our glorious founding, you unwittingly confirm the 1619 project. we were a multinational nation from our founding. cool. shannon, while supporters of the
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new administration insists it's not woke to acknowledge racial and gender inequality, the age-old question seems fitting. how much is too much and how far is far enough? it's an argument that will obviously play out in our government over the next couple of years, at least, and ultimately at the ballot box as well. shannon. >> shannon: there's always an election not far off. thank you. the twitter accounts for the u.s. ambassador to israel reads exactly that tonight. following a change to the title earlier in the day. specifically designated the west bank and gaza as separate entities. two diplomatic sources told gillian turner today that that change signified regarding their sovereignty over the two territories. but the handle was quickly switched back when the change drew a lot of immediate criticism. amazon tonight offering to help the biden administration with
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100 million vaccinations in 100 days effort. at least one successful state is pushing back on the plan to federalize distribution of vaccine doses. correspondent aisha hosni has that story tonight. >> we must set aside politics and finally face this pandemic is one nation. >> in the first day of his term, president joe biden is getting help in the fight against covid. amazon offering its facilities to use as mass vaccination sites. in a letter addressed to biden, amazon's executive writes "we are prepared to leverage our capabilities and expertise to assist your administration vaccination efforts." with an added request of vaccinating its 800,000 workers. a senior official in what was known as operation warp speed tells fox business, amazon did not extend the same offer to the trump administration. and they would not have come at the official, because so far mistakes have been in charge.
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biden on the other hand is promising a federal effort in an attempt to vaccinate one or 2 million people in his first one to two days in office. amazon's offer comes at a time when trump laid the groundwork for biden school. "i find it unfortunate when some people suggest the vaccine program delivering 1 million a day is somehow a disaster, but it will be a model when the biden administration does it. president biden also plans to mobilize fema and the national guard to ramp up efforts. calling that a big mistake. >> he's going to create these camps or whatever -- that's not necessary in florida. all we need is more vaccines. just get it get us more vaccines. biden tweedy and he is working to get immediate relief for
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american families in the form of age. the overall $1.9 trillion package might not pass until march. >> shannon, when it comes to concerns over the vaccine, president biden plans on invoking the defense production act rated we should expect to hear more details about that from the white house as early as tomorrow. shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much. plenty to unpack from day one of the biden administration as the president repeatedly calls for unity. i made multiple speeches, but is that message consistent with the policies invoked by the 17 executive actions and orders he sent today? let's bring in our panel to debate. leslie marshall, steve hilton, and byron york are with us. great to have you all with us tonight. >> thank you, shannon. >> they could. >> shannon: let's start here. this is what
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"the new york times" says. biden moves to undo trump's legacy. his first actions in office were aimed not at compromising cooperation with its adversaries, but instead suggesting a determination to quickly raise much of the trump agenda. that sort of par for the course on a new president. >> yeah, but he's doing an awful lot. i think today he gave us a good picture of some of the new president's priorities. remember, he said he had to act so quickly because we faced four crises, the coronavirus crisis, the economic crisis, the racial equity crisis, and the climate crisis. now if you look at what he did today, you would think that immigration was his highest priority because not only did he take a number of executive actions, he also submitted a bill to congress. there is going to be enormous debate about it. so perhaps that is the issue that he felt needed the most
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urgent action regardless of what he said about anything else. >> shannon: and he has consistently talked about unity in the days leading up to end the weeks leading up to inauguration. but here us what some of the left think. she says this, millions of americans sympathize with the capital insurrection. everybody else must figure out how to live alongside them and it goes on to talk about how we can learn lessons from columbia, which is tied to bring members of the revolutionary armed forces back into society. leslie, millions of americans agree with what happened in the capital, seems like a stretch, and an insult for a lot of people. but then to equate them to this? i mean, that doesn't signal unity. >> no, not at all. and that individual does not represent of me or anybody else i believe that voted for joe biden. i mean look, i have a lot of republican friends that voted
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for donald trump and they, like me, were appalled at what they saw on january 6th. that wasn't patriotic, that wasn't american, it was violent. i think most people, regardless of their ideology, condemn those types of actions. i want to speak to the unity that the president is talking about. one, we are all responsible for the choice and that unity. whether we are in the media, whether we are elected officials, or whether it's just the way that we treat one another on the street and in our neighborhood. two, this is not a big surprise. everything that joe biden did today he said he was going to do. he is keeping the promises that he got elected to do. donald trump -- he just had executive orders with over 20 executive orders with former obama administration executive orders. joe biden today signed 17, nine of which reversed course from donald trump. >> shannon: if we really want to have this conversation about unity, she tweets this.
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biden wants you to become it's true he will start, idiotic impeachment, number two, tell his supporters to stop doxxing and threatening trump staff. and number three, condemn censorship of conservatives. steve, do you see them taking action on any of those suggestions from tammy? >> i think that's exactly the point. because what i'm looking for here, and it's a theme that really struck me all day long, is the contrast between style and substance. i don't think that joe biden is going to do any of those things. if you really meant it, he would do that. he would call his donors and alleys in silicon valley and to say stop the censorship and silencing of conservatives. that will actually divide us more rather than bringing us together. i don't see them doing that because on every one of these issues i think there is but is between style and the words of the actual substance.
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he is talking about a mask mandate making a big point around that, actually the data shows that america already has one of the highest levels of mask wearing in the world. what differences he really going to make? going back into the paris climate agreement, that actually won't make any difference in the climate. it's just more virtue signaling. all true are these issues. i think we need to look at the contrast, because remember with donald trump washington was in horror with the way he carried out the job and completely ignored these substance, which in so many areas was incredibly positive and successful. i think the opposite is happening here. they love the words from joe biden, they won't pay attention to the substance. and i don't think it's looking to be very good at the moment. >> shannon: well, we've read a lot of articles in recent days about how big tech and big business are likely to benefit from a biden presidency. and today, and this word from amazon congratulating joe biden and kamala harris saying they are ready to help.
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and they stepped up to talk about helping to distribute the vaccine. you heard florida governor say no, we don't want to federalize, centralize handling of this. but amazon stands by ready to help on all kinds of things. >> that's really extraordinary. we faced an enormous challenge in distributing the vaccine before noon today. and amazon did not make that order. on the 100 million vaccinations and 100 days, the presidents new goal, you've got some outgoing trump officials saying well, then we can go. the country registered its first 1 million vaccinations, the pace he would need to hit that 100 million mark.
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there is no doubt that a number of states like new york had terrible beginnings of their vaccination programs. no doubt about it. but it seems to be getting together, it's rolling faster, and joe biden really should be able to do this 100 million mark, because we might have gotten there anyway. important that he makes that goal. >> shannon: well, we wish every state in every territory the best success in getting those vaccines to people who are most vulnerable and who want them. leslie, steve, byron, they could for joining us. >> thank you, shannon. >> thank you. >> shannon: break break at tonight's, reports of antifa marchers blocking streets, smashing windows, destroying property in portland. protests wrapping up and fire is and seattle as well. we will talk about it all, next. defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season.
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>> shannon: break into nights, portland police say multiple arrests have been made following anti-police protesters smashing windows in the democratic party of oregon building in portland and in seattle. more arrests, monitoring a group that has vandalized multiple sites including smashing the windows of a courthouse. because this is what happened there. during a march of the state capital in colorado today, left wing group clashed with some pro-life activists. we were told this group was mostly antifa, the crowd probably became unruly. shouting and cursing at the advocates and appearing to physically assault at least one of them. joining us now for more on the unrest, seattle radio talk show host jason rantz. great to have you come adjacent. you are in d.c. covering the inauguration and yet it never
8:25 pm
stops. >> anyone who pays any attention to antifa and how they organize open the online knew that this was going to happen both in portland and in seattle. they don't hide their organizing. i know there's been a lot of conversation about right-wing violence on parlor, but these folks are on facebook, twitter, putting out flyers, basically saying what they're going to do and they always follow through with it. so anyone who is shocked at this, you are literally not looking at what is right in front of you don't like us all. they don't hide it. >> shannon: here's something from former cia director john brennan today talking about the various groups. >> look at forward, the members of the biden team who have been nominated or been appointed are now moving in at least a like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about what looks very similar to insurgency
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movements, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, even libertarians. >> shannon: jason, even the libertarians got thrown in there. that's on the canasta group. i hope all of those groups that are causing trouble are being tracked. but that's quite a laundry list. >> it is a laundry list. but you know, antifa doesn't exist. it's a total myth. they are only involved in peaceful protests. a talking point that to this day is still being used despite ample evidence showing opposite. the democrats have a really interesting problem on their hands because they help create this movement. they allowed it to fester for six months and they created this environment that essentially said look, we are not only not going to punish you for your kinds of violence that we suffer six months last year, we are actually going to reward it. remember, when you look at portland and seattle and some of these other areas, they ended up adopting -- city governments adopted a lot of the policies that these terrorist groups ended up promoting saying they weren't going to stop any of the
8:27 pm
violence until they were heard, until they were listen to. it's only going to continue. so the democrats have to step up and actually call the stuff out for you to can just go after one side of violence. it can just go after the violence that you think is being perpetuated by the right and completely ignore the left. it begets more violence. >> shannon: yeah, and you have to be consistent across the board be it everybody should if they are being genuine about the need to stop violence across the country. regardless of the ideology behind it. our ages and, safe travels home. the fence surrounding the locked on u.s. capital is already being disassembled tonight. it should be completely removed by friday as the elevated security posture around joe biden's inauguration begins to wane. senior correspondent mike tobin is live here in washington again tonight with that part of the story. but on the ground for days. good evening, mike. >> hey, jenna. the disassembly started a few
8:28 pm
hours ago. at the lockdown of d.c. was like nothing ever seen before. 25 miles of fencing and 25,000 troops on the ground from the national guard. created a dynamic in which there was more people than civilians on the street. the net effect was a few small demonstrations, no trouble, no sideshow. in the first press conference of the new administration, jen psaki, the press secretary was asked if joe biden has confidence in the fbi's direction. to speak there's an ongoing investigation which we certainly support. i'm not sure he has received an update today on anything about the investigation, but we certainly support those ongoing and we will i'm sure be receiving updates in the days ahead. >> there's still no rest for whoever killed capital police officer was repeatedly beat to
8:29 pm
death by a fire extinguisher. still unable to identify who lead pipe bombs around washington, d.c. capital police officer, one capital police officer remains on administrative leave and no new information in the case of ashley about it. following the assault on the capital, it's resulted in arrest of more than 100 people. shannon. >> shannon: mike tobin, good to see you here in d.c. stay safe. the tone of tonight's first white house press briefing may seem a little bit different than what you've gotten use to. former white house communications director alyssa fara is no stranger to the d.c. press corps, she helps us break down that first presser for the administration. she's next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: four years ago, sean pfizer battled his way through a series of highly
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contemptuous press meetings. jen psaki opened her tenure answering questions from much more amicable press corps. trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight. good evening, trey. >> good evening to you. the first white house briefing of the biden administration lasted about 35 minutes with john saki handling questions about unity, global outreach, and whether president biden will keep the color scheme on air force one. former president trump's name came up nine times, but no yelling, posturing, or accusations. in fact, last month the atlantic ran an article asking what the white house reporters who got famous fighting with trump will do now. derek magazines olivia newt see who scored a book deal said "on a purely social level, i don't
8:35 pm
know that reporting critically on joe biden will feel safer reporters." and jim acosta who critics called the vega showboat said "i don't think the press should be trying to whip up the biden presidency and turn it into must-see tv in a contrived way." certainly nothing contrived about the last four years. meanwhile, jake capper who the networks wears as a news anchor says this today. watch. >> the massive military presence here in washington is a stark reminder that it was only two weeks ago when the u.s. capital was under siege and pro-trump terrorists threatened new attacks. >> it's notable that he never once called for trump supporter's to be deprogrammed, but his fellow so-called journalists did have time for a final trump -- fast. look. >> a welcomed site, president trump is leaving washington.
8:36 pm
>> he is almost leaving town like an auto. >> but then instantly, respect. watch. >> 46 president of the united states, put in his soul. speak out the speech is so sincere. >> we saw this determination and compassion of president joe biden. speak about it appears the white house correspondent book deals are about to dry up. shannon. >> shannon: okay, we are going to watch every bit of it. we know you will too. thank you for breaking it down. let's get some insight on this beta treatment from somebody who dealt with the press directly during the trump-pence administration. alyssa fara, good to have you with us, alyssa. >> great to be with you on this historic evening. very interesting lead in from her friend. i would say this, listen, most
8:37 pm
of us have known her for some time from her role in the staple state department. but the hardest question that she got today was from fox news is peter doocy, which was asking the question -- so joe biden called for unity today. he said he's going to be the president of the people who voted for him and the 74 million voters who did not vote for him. so peter doocy opposed the wise question, do you think you should support the impeachment effort that's going on in the senate? that was the one moment i felt that john was a bit stocked up on what the proper answer was. she really punched it to the senate. so what was interesting, fun to see the tables turned, but it was a much tamer press corps than we were used to dealing with. >> shannon: there was a question that came in regarding -- we've heard excited of actions, we will rollback for
8:38 pm
with regard to federal funding to pay for abortions, in most cases the mexico city policy which bans foreign aid for abortions. i want to play her answer to that question. >> i think we love more to say on the mexico city policy in the coming days. but i will just take the opportunity to remind all of you that he is a devout catholic and somebody who attends church regularly. he started his day attending church with his family this morning. >> shannon: a very interesting pivot to me. >> yes, i think she did kind of show her hand based on that answer bit i would say that the biden administration is going to roll back the mexico city policy, but she also kind of failed to answer the amendment question simply because biden is a catholic. that's deathly something to watch. >> shannon: okay, overall do
8:39 pm
you think that the white house press treatment is going to ramp on? we've heard from a number of folks who say they are going to treat them the same way, are you confident that will happen? >> i got a lot of respect for many of the report is in that room, but something i noticed today, one of the first questions she was asked was if she will commit to never line. something that all civil servants should commit to. but even that level of trust, they wouldn't give her the benefit of the doubt up front. they didn't ask those kind of questions of john saki. to see you already see that creeping in double standard, but i will say listen, i'm rooting for the biden folk. their success is our country's success. but i think we can anticipate fewer shouting questions and book deals. >> shannon: [laughs] welcome as we heard from former president trump, he was the best also. did i think all of us should be united in that. what is best for our country had
8:40 pm
to see them succeed and what is good for the u.s. alyssa, thank you. >> thanks so much. >> shannon: all right, donald trump's final list of pardons was not exactly with the media had been predicting. we will dig into it, next. ♪ ♪ healthy? yup, on it there too. you may think you're doing all you can to manage type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...but could your medication do more to lower your heart risk? jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so, it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and it lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction and don't take it if you're on dialysis
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: so many voices on the left focus on steve bannon and the 11th hour pardons early this morning. we are taking a closer look tonight at the entire list and some of the stories behind these names. let's take talk about them with jessica jackson and robert jeffers. thank you both for being with us. >> they get commission in. >> shannon: so people think of the celebrity -- joe exotic didn't get one. but the names of others who did. come to find out you have a connection to somebody who is on this list who is an everyday american you decided to help
8:45 pm
out. >> that's right, shannon. this morning i awakened to some great news that president trump had commuted the sentence of a man who had been associated with our church, considers himself a member. when he was 19 he was sentenced to a 40 year prison sentences because of a drug deal. he served top of that time in prison and became a christian, started bleeding bible studies, and when i was made aware of the case, i contacted the white house and the president showed a great deal of mercy and gave him that today. it was great news. what is interesting, i'm not the only one who recommended that to the president. and you may remember, i was with the president and the oval office when he pardoned alice johnson and now she turned around and reciprocated. it's just a great story about
8:46 pm
president trump. i think this is a side of the president a lot of people never got to see. he really is a merciful person. he was able to achieve what no other republican or democrat did in 20 years in criminal justice reform. and i think it's going to be a great part of his legacy. >> shannon: jessica, i know that you are familiar with a lot of these cases that there has been advocacy across the political spectrum for a number of these people. and we do look at the headline names like lil wayne and steve bannon those. you are aware of much more of the cases that we don't know by name. >> absolutely. as the pastor said, there were a lot of cases on that list that weren't making the headlines. there were cases that have been advocated for by years by pastors, by family members, by advocates who had gone to know these people while they were in prison and knew that they had taken accountability and really turn their lives around.
8:47 pm
michael peltier, lavonne roach, all of who are coming home to their families right now you are going to be sleeping in their own beds and two really are going to get a second chance. >> shannon: the presidents always take so much heat about the people that they pardon at the last minute. president trump, now former president trump is no exception. there's a lot of people he didn't pardon the people were watching for including his family and himself and the debate over that going on. do you think you will get any credit from the mainstream media for that? >> i don't think he will get any credit from the mainstream media for anything. but i think history is going to take a much better look at the president and a lot of his achievements including criminal justice reform. it's was a trick to balance justice and mercy. we've got to fix the broken system. i think the president went a long way in going to fix that
8:48 pm
system. spew on new york times says this about the pardon saying that they show a disdain for accountability. while the presidency was there pardon powers extensively, they relied on informal justice department review process that mr. trump largely ignored. jessica, it sounds like a number of these people on the list -- these weren't political issues. this was a devout republican or democrat. these were about individual lives and stories that made it to the presidents we can make a decision. >> absolutely. at some of these people who were on this list were people who were actually left behind by the first step back. we don't like the transformative legislation that the president signed -- there were some people changed. i just didn't apply to them because they were already in prison. so had they been sentenced to the same crime now, they would've gotten a total different sentence and been left
8:49 pm
behind paired many of them are going to be coming home. while the president did make a lot of meaningful changes to the criminal justice system, we still need more. there's still more to do and that is why his legacy being criminal justice reform and his work on this really cemented the bipartisan coalition that i think will carry the work forward. >> shannon: and it has been bipartisan work. you are right. it's to work to be done. i think it will continue fighting on that. jessica, pastor, great to have you with us tonight. thank you. >> they give, shannon. >> shannon: looking back on a historic week in washington, next. ♪ ♪
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>> shannon: looking back now on a historic day in washington, inauguration relate unlike any other for the 46 president of the united states. sights, sounds, and plenty of moments. >> we have worked hard and we've lifted it all. i hope the new administration great luck and great success. ♪♪ can you see ♪ ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪♪
8:54 pm
>> president biden: i do solemnly swear. president of the united states. to speak of the duties from which i am about to enter. ♪ ♪ >> if we merge might with a bright, then love becomes our legacy. ♪ ♪ >> politics doesn't have to be a raging fire destroying everything in its path. i believe america is so much better than this. without unity there is no peace. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ and the rockets red glare ♪
8:55 pm
♪ for bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ ♪♪ >> president biden: there's no time to waste. get to work immediately. ♪♪ and the home of the brave ♪♪ >> shannon: day one in the books. some good news before we say good night. an 8-year-old boy in oklahoma is on a mission to pray for all tulsa police officers. trey elliott first started his mission of faith by holding a prayer vigil outside the tulsa police department during the social unrest in the city. he says his goal is to pray for all 800 plus officers on duty their pretties artie prayed for 325. these extended his reach, praying all over the world and all of the country via skype and
8:56 pm
assume. we could all do more of that. prayed for each other and being kind. most-watched, most gratefully spent the evening with us. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ ♪ look at this human trying to get in shape. you know what he will get? muscle pain. give up, the couch is calling. i say, it's me, the couch, i'm calling. pain says you can't. advil says you can. because of the research that i've started to do on
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dave portnoy tomorrow will have ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy inauguration day. it's a big moment for the country. a changing of the guard, a peaceful transfer of power. another reassuring display of the awesome pageantry of constitutional government. they were solemn speeches, oaths, anthems echoing across the backdrop of troops who were guarding their capital. it was quite a display. it was a lot to take, really. like many of you, we flipped on the tube to see what it meant. here's what we learned. >> joe biden respects government. he respects people who disagree with them. he listens to them.


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