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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 21, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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faulkner focus." "outnumbered" starts in a few seconds. and we begin with this fox news alert. president biden unraveling of immigration policies with a stroke of a pen. halting border wall funding. the biden administration imposed a 100-day pause on deportations of certain illegal immigrants. meaning many with criminal convictions and charges won't be deported inside that 100-daytime frame. the executive order also takes actions to defend daca. this comes after biden's team unveiled a proposal, which would include an eight-year pass to citizenship for millions inside the united states. republicans are pushing back now. senator tom cotton joined me a short time ago on "the faulkner focus" and the quick reversal of
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trump's policies will harm american workers. >> the scale of the impact on americans will be stark. he preached unity and then stopped all of the progress we made, putting american workers last and foreigners first. >> harris: you're wanting "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. we have kennedy herself. senior editor of the federalist, molly hemingway. tomi lahren is also here and in the center seat, ari fleischer, former wise house press secretary for president george w. bush and fox news contributor as well. hello, everybody. ari, you and i had some quality time doing five hours of inauguration coverage yesterday on big fox. a beautiful day. great to spend that time with you. now it's day one of the new
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administration. and joe biden is using that pen that obama talked about. >> he is. he's done two things with his pen that troubled me a lot. one, he's taken away 11,000 jobs from americans working on the keystone pipeline. now he's going to put 11 million illegal immigrants in the united states in a favored position. we're not ready for that yet. we need to talk about it. i'm for comprehensive immigration reform but not the way joe biden is trying to do it. you begin an administration that the wall is not built, that you can come to america and get health insurance and you won't be deported. it's not a good start. >> harris: tomi, why did he start here? >> it's funny, harris. the biden team ran on being moderates. when they were campaigning especially in the months leading up to the election. they didn't talk about open borders, all the radical things that they're enacting in day
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one. where to begin. i agree with ari. if we want reform, it has to be at the border. walls work. joe biden and kamala harris and team don't understand that. apparently they should take a trip and visit border patrol as i have on four separate occasions and ask the experts why the border wall is so important. everything president trump is to make it more secure. what they have done with mexico and the trump administration made it secure. when i was there, the different was astronomical with president trump and his leadership. amnesty didn't run on it, didn't talk about it. but now day one, that is the discussion. right now we're in the midst of a pandemic. millions and millions of americans out of work, struggling. will not have jobs to go back to. the democrats' first priority is to interject 11 million people and give them amnesty, a road to citizenship? what is next, harris? it's voting rights.
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is this become the democrats care about illegal immigrants? i don't think so. they dearly want 11 million new people to add to their voting block. all of this coming from a mile away. hope everyone that joe biden understands that you thought you got a moderate, you got a radical. here we go. >> harris: molly? >> i think that the point about adding voters is a really important one. i don't think this is about borders or amnesty. the democratic party tends to do a good job of instituting systematic change that helps them with their voter rolls. it's interesting yesterday we were told that the inauguration showed the triumph of democracy and it will about unity. when you look back at the inauguration yesterday, which was very fun to watch and observe, there were no people there. there were tens of thousands of troops, all the elite establishment in d.c. but no people. the calls for unity were in
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rhetoric but not in substance as demonstrated by this immediate turn into 17 executive actions that are very radical. not just the immigration one but also the ones forcing all sports teams for women to allow men who identify as women to be on their sports teams. things that are not unifying in any way but partisan, really divisive. yet we have people claiming that it's all about unity and all about democracy. yesterday showed us anything but. >> harris: i tell you what, kennedy, our relationships with those countries that sit between us and the people that are trying to get to their border had better hold. congressman bigs of arizona said that looks good now but a lot of pressure on law enforcement to to what they just did. groups splintered. they didn't catch everybody. some are still coming, small groups. >> yes and more will come if they see there's opportunities
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in the united states to work and to receive healthcare. the pandemic is not only in the u.s. the pandemic is also in el salvador, honduras and guatemala. they don't have the testing and healthcare capabilities that we have in this country and everyone is scared. i think what you've seen here is joe biden unfortunately has sowed more confusion than cohesion. ari is right. they've got the house and senate and the presidency. they should do what they didn't do in 2009. that is they now have the opportunity for very clear immigration reform, which means that they could simplify the system and make it easier to understand, which would be better than what is coming now. also, i can't help but think that this is some sort of virtue signalling. the focus really should be with every word, deed and executive action about the pandemic, opening up the economy and
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making sure that american businesses and american families can get back on track and that this administration can at least give the economy a chance to get going again. i'm not sure that this is the best way of doing it, especially since the obama and trump executive actions have been undone in the courts. >> harris: what is so interesting -- everything kennedy says is interesting. when you talk about bicameral majority, ari, i was reading today and you can read about it in politco playbook and other places, too, that apparently democrats didn't think that they would be in bicameral majority. they were sure what was going to happen with the run-offs in georgia. i always think if i'm going to give something a go, i'm going to have victory and have a plan and strategy based on that, not based on losing. >> look, the democrats never need time to raise other people's taxes. they know what they're going for. >> harris: oh, my goodness.
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>> they spend money, redistribute money, raise taxes and making the mistakes that they made that ends up hurting blue collar americans. they'll get back at that pretty fast. >> harris: wow. all right. we'll move to this. new violence is greeting president biden's first day in office. did you see the video from last night? our reporters are on the ground gathering the facts. far left suspected antifa protesters were damaging federal symbols of power last night. a local democratic party headquarters. whether democrats can no longer ignore violence from the left. and this, a preview of the next four years we ask? a sharp change in tone from reporters when dealing with the new white house press secretary. where can a healthier heart lead you?
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>> new violence erupts on the streets. the demonstrators in portland smashing windows at democratic party headquarters and spray painting expletives aimed at the new president. police there declaring an unlawful assembly after rioters damaged the ice building in previous battles with law enforcement. police in seattle saying antifa members smashed windows at the federal courthouse. reports indicate that six thugs carried clubs in sacramento. similar unrest in denver where protesters set fire to an american flag. democrats can no longer ignore these agitators. >> antifa doesn't exist.
9:14 am
it a myth. they're involved in peaceful protests. a talking point that to this day is still being used despite evidence showing quite the opposite. the democrats have a really interesting problem on their hands. they allowed it to fester. it's only going to continue. so the democrats have to step up and cull this stuff out. you can't go after one side of violence. >> states where there's lockdowns like washington, oregon and california, ari, are seeing the majority of this violence. so now that everyone has condemned the capitol siege, can we finally do the same thing with the exact same kind of violence on the far left? >> no. most americans are not being told this happened. do you know that cnn has yet to cover this story about the violence? i watched cnn. they're still covering the two
9:15 am
week old violence at the united states capitol but have yet to tell cnn viewers about what happened in portland or seattle. here's what "the new york times" said. hours after biden's inauguration, federal agents use tear gas in portland. so the story is about the federal agents using tear gas. here's how they describe the protesters when they got to that point. anti-fascist and racial justice protesters. the people carrying the violence are racial justice protesters. why isn't the media calling them radical anti-police fascists? radical anti-police antifa. this is why there's not a quality and coverage and this is why when republicans have been consistent about condemning at the capitol are not the democrats are not and the media is complicit with it. >> molly, i don't understand how
9:16 am
they can categorize the protesters using ari's words. but it's obvious that post sides are stealing tactics from each other. ultimately with the same goal, which have to tear down the power structure. so if you're going after the capitol rioters with full force, i don't -- i still don't understand the rationale. how do you think the biden administration should deal with these things going forward? >> we can look at how the biden campaign handled this when there was the summer of rage that caused billions in damage to businesses across the country, destroyed homes. this is not the first attack on a federal courthouse, this is one of many the last ninth months. took many months for joe biden or kamala harris to even give a slightly negative comment about this damage that was being wrought all over the country. so -- just as ari said, there's
9:17 am
no media pressure for consistsy. it's a low bar for the republicans, but they condemned the political violence on left and right. everyone assumed that the democrats would be unable to say that violence at the capitol is wrong, but all of this violence destroying cities nationwide and it's okay. we were told inauguration day there was a worry about right wing violence. that didn't happen. it's left wing violence and we're not hearing anything from our political leadership. it's not surprising. kamala harris helped bail out the dangerous rioters in minneapolis and was praised for it in the media. this is the type of thing that angers people when they see these double standards in play. >> double standards indeed. vice president harris doesn't have to bail out these rioters, whatever they are in portland
9:18 am
because they don't get charged thanks to the d.a. and the mayor. tomi, why are they so mad at joe biden? >> why are they so mad at joe biden? i don't think they're mad at joe biden at all. this is an excuse to act like thugs that they've been doing for months on end. they always have a cause. really they want to destroy things, feel a sense of belonging and know there's no consequences. the media turn the other way. the left will turn the other way and they'll do what they've done for months. we talked about the capitol. we were strong in condemning that. condemning everything that happened over the summer. the different is trump supporters or so-called trump supporters had one bad disgusting day. the left, blm and antifa, have had months on end acting like this. the difference is, we're held to a different standard, one that we should always rise to. the media has begun their
9:19 am
four-year vacation asking the favorite color tones and ice cream color. don't expect them to cover the anarchy going on. they got a free pass and they're going to use it. >> harris, do you see in difference in the rules of engagement with some of these protesters in the northwest? looks like the federal troops are being slightly more aggressive. you think that has to do with the capitol riots? >> harris: you know. >> i'm not on the ground. as lawrence jones and i have said until you're there, you don't know the answer to that question. here's a question for you. are they being treated the same, kennedy, in terms of the eye that is on them? so i saw something today that was surprising. back-to-back. speaker pelosi and kevin mccarthy calling for a bipartisan commission to look at what happened on capitol hill. looks like it's time to take a closer look what is happening on the streets of america. as tomi just said, is it for a
9:20 am
cause or is it the cause of just wanting to be destructive and to rule by anarchy and fear and all of it? all of it resulting in nothing that is god for america. that deserves a bipartisan commission look. who are these people on the ground? >> absolutely. if you're going to go after domestic terrorists and designate them as such, using violence for political means, you have to look at all sides here. president biden is promising to take on domestic terrorism. critics fear what democrats are trying to to, criminalizing any oppositional ideology. we'll explain that. members of the dusting dusting over the new commander-in-chief. will the press hold the biden administration accountable if they treat the president like this? >> and the contrast on display tonight was so stark. those lights that are just
9:21 am
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>> harris: members of the media keeping praise on the new commander-in-chief as he has barely just taken office. >> this is new america. i hope new america wins the war. >> gave the kind of inaugural address our presidents used to get, as hopeful as the man delivering it. >> we needed this. that was beautiful. you know, beauty heals. beauty heals. there was not one part of that that wasn't just medicine in the wound. >> those lights that are just shooting out from the lincoln
9:26 am
memorial, it's almost like extension of joe biden's arms embracing america. >> harris: some of those same hosts and commentators were sharply critical of president trump as he left the white house yesterday. >> he looks small. he looks like a small man. >> you think he couldn't get any more disgraceful? just give him a few hours. >> we're at a crossroads as a nation. brian, it's easy for us to place all of the blame on donald trump. he makes it easy for us. you know? he does. but there was 75 -- 74 plus million people that voted for him. >> harris: kennedy? >> i don't need my president to hug me. that is what i don't understand.
9:27 am
them crafting this emotionalist narrative that somehow joe biden will make the country better. that's not what makes things better. this is the most absurd thing in the world. drawing these sharp contrasts as a feel-good exercise, which is really the opposite of journalism. it's not even good merit. it's the sort of -- the fawning is so far beneath the people that hold these jobs. i can appreciate it when people did it for donald trump. i would like it if more people on tv were passionate and skeptical of their leaders. i don't think they will take any of that skepticism into the biden era. that means a lot of bad stuff is going to get through. in advance, i say shame on you. >> harris: molly? >> yeah, yesterday was horrible to watch how the media were
9:28 am
losing all sense of themselves. the tongue bats that they gave joe biden. it was embarrassing to watch. it was like watching a jeffery tubin zoom call or something all day. it's not just that they were so uncritical of biden. it's actually fine, i guess, if you want to be that way on inauguration day. it's the contrast with what everybody endured four years ago. it was hatred and hostility every minute of the last four years for donald trump and his supporters and people are not forgetting that. they remember how much pain they went through with the media saying everything he did was the worst thing ever. and then they see how hypocritical they are. some of the actions they took, firing the guy at the national labor relations board. it's very bad. the unions wanted it and he did
9:29 am
it. he moved to sideline a guy with a lot of integrity and people are praising him. many things that a credible noncorrupt media would be doing other than propaganda. >> harris: and it day one. molly, you were with us for much of the coverage for the inauguration. to your point, i mean, you called out what was fantastic that you thought about the day and the speech. you were even-handed: i don't know. >> harris: yesterday was -- new white house press secretary jen psaki's first day. and the press was there to throw softballs. don't duck. it won't hurt. >> it's reported that you $500,000 of deep cleaning. can you talk about the measures you took to ensure that the president is safe? >> do you see your primary role as promoting interests of the
9:30 am
president or there to provide the truth? >> can you give us color of what it was like going to the oval office? >> he keep air force one's colors? >> air force one colors. it was a different story as you recall four years ago when president trump's first press secretary sean spicer faced harsher questions from the media. >> is it your intention to tell the truth from the podium? >> we haven't heard about what that policy will look like. >> it's day one. >> you've had time to make those promises. >> in terms of the crowd size issue, why bring that up? why did you come out to talk about that? did he tell you, sean, i'm upset about this? >> harris: so, ari, you know, i thought last night as i was watching and you would know, to get it together to have that on the first night was pretty
9:31 am
impressive. then we saw what we saw. >> yeah. jen is an articulate briefer. she did an admirable job. it's easy to to an admirable job when your playing softball instead of hardball. here's the bigger problem that the media has to deal with. the headline is media truth hits new low. it's a trust barometer. ney released these numbers. 56% of americans agree with the statement that journalists and reporters are purposely trying to mislead people by saying things that they know are false or gross exaggerations. 58% of the american people think that most news organizations are more concerned with supporting an ideology or political affiliation than informing the public. this is what journalists still cannot accept ordeal with. that i think they're neutral but they're biassed. media bias is baked into the cake. this morning, kevin mccarthy
9:32 am
held a news conference, the house minority leader. he was peppered with questions about what happened on the hill two weeks ago with both a vote in the house to challenge the election results. that was dominant. no such questions to jen or joe biden. but today's 4:00 briefing, here's what i'd ask. did the president watch the riots in portland and seattle last night? what was his reaction? the president ran on saying that he would abolish cash bail. should be abolished. does he think that those that riots on capitol hill should not have to pay cash bail? what about the rioters in seattle? does that apply to them too? let's see if the press focuses on that controversy, that is not two weeks old but a last night one. >> harris: i don't know where you are, but if there's time to get to the press conference, you
9:33 am
should go. great questions. >> i ain't going back to that room. >> harris: i knew you would say that. tomi? >> well, you called it softball. i wouldn't even call it softball. it's a cuddle fest. we knew it was going to happen. here's the deal. if the journalists want to be liberals, democrats, say i not neutral. i'm a liberal. then i might have more respect. we knew this would happen. what i'm really terrified about, i know we'll talk about it later is the fact that those of us that are critical on a biden administration, listen, i'll raise my hand hand say i'm a trump supporter and a conservative and we all know that. but the biden administration will be critical. i'll be honest about it. it's folks like me and others that are truly neutral that pepper the biden administration with questions that are going to be labelled insurrectionists,
9:34 am
divisive. the labels will keep coming to shut us up and silence us and that's what i'm most concerned about. >> harris: i wonder if biden sees this and will approach it himself? it's one thing to have gen psaki at the lectern. it's another from a president that just called for unity saying i see what you did last night, denver, portland, seattle. saw it last summer. knock it off. you're hurting businesses and neighborhoods. i don't know. all right. we'll move on. democrats are pushing for new domestic terrorism laws. some critics fear what they're trying to do is criminalize any opposing ideology. >> he's defining the insurgency as anyone who has an ideology other than neo-liberalism.
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>> rise of political extremism,
9:39 am
white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confronts and we will defeat. >> president biden calling for a new war on domestic terrorism during his inauguration speech. some democrats have unveiled a series of bills on this including illinois congressman brad schneider that introduced the domestic terrorism prevention act. here's what he had to say about it. >> would you like to see more monitoring of radical domestic movements? >> the short answer is yes. that's the purpose of this bill. >> investigative journalists argued this on tucker carlson's show last night. >> he's defining the insurgency of anyone who has an ideology other than neo-liberalism. what they're talking about is using the tools that they use to take isis off the internet, the tools that they use to destroy al-quaida, they're talking about
9:40 am
it as a second war on terror. there's literally nothing that could be more dangerous and it's not fear mongering or alarmism to say it. >> so ari, john brennan, the former cia director is now defining libertarians as the problem. libertarians are religious, they're bigots, they're nativists and authoritarian. clearly john brennan has a different dictionary in terms of what libertarian really is. how dangerous is this? >> here's what i wish the left side of america and the media side of america would understand. the 74 million people that voted for donald trump did so intelligently, thoughtfully. it's a heartfelt view what he represented that it's he policies were best for america. if they try to shoe horn those people to racism, extremism,
9:41 am
they're the racistic extremists. it's not the way built is built. when it comes for violence, i'm for going after both fringes. justice is blind. she has a blind fold around her eyes, a scale that is even. i don't look at this left or right. it's fringe and fringe. the people at the capitol that were camp auschwitz sweatshirt, they're not right wing. people on the left, antifa in portland, i call them anti-police radicals. we should not shoe horn left and right into normal talk of politics when it comes to violence. so i'm for targeting those that engage in violence, but not
9:42 am
those that engage in politician. >> how dangerous could it be, harris, if this administration is trying to silence opposing views using things like the surveillance state? we saw what happened to someone like carter page who was an innocent american that is actually working with the cia. who can happen to a group of people that subscribe to reason magazine, for example. >> harris: we're already seeing what can happen if we don't have a balance in voices in the room and the proverbial public room, the sphere. i have to go back to the nuanced points that ari fleischer just made. i don't want anybody to miss this. ari, what you're saying is we have to start at the beginning to really call who these people are. and that most like what tomi said, they don't really ascribe
9:43 am
to anything that any of us feel no matter how they vote. they're crazy straight-up nuts and very dangerous. >> too many people in washington -- >> and as dangerous as a government who is promising to crack town on them. i don't need people to agree with me. i need people to leave me the hell alone. >> hey, amen to that. wouldn't that be nice? that's the america first policies that we all want and a limited government that we all want. the difference is there's fringe on both sides but the fringe on the left can completely ignore or gets raised up to the level of social justice warrior and gets lumped into a peaceful movement. those on the right had a very bad day and the media won't let us forget about it. i'm not just concerned about cancel culture but compliance culture. if you don't comply, if you tonight subscribe to our world view, we're going to call you an
9:44 am
insurrection it, going to call you alt right and we're going to find ways to censor you and silence you. big tech, the mainstream media and now the left hand the democrats are all on the same side. conservatives have to be worried. it's compliance and cancel culture and well on its way. >> president biden about to talk more executive action on the coronavirus pandemic. after his team blasted the trump administration over the vaccine roll-out, what the former cdc director is saying about all that coming up. stay with us. eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. with nutrients to help support immune health. if you have obstructive sleep apnea and you're often tired during the day, you could be missing out on amazing things.
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>> good afternoon. did amazon wait to air help for the vaccine roll-out? if so, why? and how many people are reacting to joe biden's first days in office. lindsey graham is here, charlie hurt, will cane and more. join john and me at the top of the hour. "america reports"!
9:49 am
>> i love it. all right. we're waiting new, more action from president biden on coronavirus. he's set to speak about the pandemic response and sign some executive orders in an hour and then he gets a briefing from his covid team. all this after members of his administration blasted the trump vaccine strategy. watch. >> the vaccine roll-out in the united states has been a dismal failure thus far. >> the trump administration's plan to distribute vaccines are falling behind and the effort to distribute and administer the vaccine is not progressing as it should. >> we're inheriting a huge mess here but we have a plan to fix it. >> the former cdc director is firing back. dr. robert redfield saying he's pledged to do 100 million people in 100 days. vaccinate. we're on the verge a delivering a million a day and i heard his chief hoff staff saying that our vaccine program was a disaster
9:50 am
and they inherited a mess. i'd rather them be thankful. it's better dialogue. we're only going to get political hyperbole. let's expect that. what they should be giving the past administration credit for is operation warp speed. if this is business as usual, we would not have seen a vaccine probably for another two years. your thoughts. >> that's right. the president as he talks about unity has not been able to bring himself to say those words, to thank trump and the trump administration for what they did. certainly not donald trump by name. cnn, again, this morning, because i was watching, they put on the screen two anonymous quotes saying that they have to start from scratch because no plan was left behind how to get shots in people's arms and this is complete incompetence. with are those anonymous quotes? why are they empowering somebody inside the administration to say those things? we don't know who those people are. could be a political operative.
9:51 am
and they give them anonymity to say that. when the head of cdc said, one million shots a day? basic math. 90 million in three months. the same thing that the biden administration said they're going to do but looks like the trump administration left behind a plan to get it done. >> president trump was criticized for poliizing the virus. he didn'ts do a great job all the time but isn't this this the biden administration politicizing the virus? >> joe biden had to depart in his earlier runs from presidency because he lifted the life story of the brittish labor model tickses and it was embarrassing. seeing him take donald trump's
9:52 am
roll-out policies and claiming he's doing something new is the same thing all over again. the biden administration should have a more ambitious policy if they want to change a narrative. obvious, they have a sick media that is pointing not pointing out they're following the same plan and they can rewrite the narrative however they can. >> you're right. if they're more serious about getting people vaccinated, wouldn't that be talking to other companies getting the verge for approval for their vaccines? if you're just administering pfizer and moderna, it's business as usual. >> harris: we don't know who they're talking to yet. we know that johnson & johnson and other companies will come on line quickly in the next few weeks per their own announcements that they're on the verge. we do know that amazon reached
9:53 am
out to the new president and the the white house actually during the inauguration. remember, we were on the air when that happened. amazon did something that they didn't do for the trump administration. they offered vaccination sites. of course, they want to have prioritized its essential workers for vaccinations. but it's interesting. this is not necessarily going to be a playing field that we can keep all eyes on because we won't know what is happening when. the press releases will help us out apparently. see if it's equal. >> i can't wait for my whole foods delivery person to give me a vaccine. i love the free market though. president biden signed an executive order bringing the u.s. back into the paris climate accord. there's fine print in the agreement that could affect your child's school curriculum. wait till you hear it. it's a new day for veteran homeowners. with home values high and mortgage rates at their lowest
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>> harris: president biden signing in order, returning the united states to the paris climate accord with within hours of his inauguration. and that reports as part of the agreement. tomi lahren, lightning round. >> tomi: well, this is the globalist attend at work. we already have gender expression in many schools, particularly in california, mandated. and i will have climate change, religion being taught in schools. i can't hammer this home enough, this is a compliance agenda. it's going to start in the schools and go obviously through government, the media, and big tech. get ready. >> harris: ari, why attach science to protesting? >> ari: [laughs] because it fits their dogma. there are some issues that
9:59 am
there's a political orthodoxy and you need to obey it. other issues are debatable, this is not. but get ready for every agency and the federal government to do some regulatory powers that you can't do through legislation on the green new deal. you will see this in the deferment of energy, the department of transportation, the civil rights division, the justice department. this is where the biden administration will go way too far to try and do it through executive fiat. >> harris: a little less than a minute left, mollie. >> mollie: one of president trump's greatest achievements was getting out of the paris climate accord, but he should have done more, and republicans in the senate should have done more for just the reasons ari is talking about. if you can get this into the bureaucracy, it causes so much damage, destruction of businesses. while republicans had power they should have actually renounced the paris climate accord so things would be better going forward. >> harris: candy? >> kennedy: i look forward to my hydrogen powered flying bentley. thank you.
10:00 am
[laughter] >> harris: really connect will you pick me up and we can hit, i don't know, the best burgers in town? [laughs] yes! great to see everybody. thank you. let's get over to sandra smith and john roberts for "america reports." >> sandra: harris, thank you. fox news alert, president biden set to deliver his first formal or max at the white house less than an hour from now as new questions emerge over amazon's offer to help the new administration with vaccines division. hello, everyone. i'm sandra smith. hi, john. >> john: sandra, good afternoon to you. i'm john roberts. overlooking the white house for the first full day of the 46th president of the united states. amazon says the country is prepared to help president biden fulfill his promise of vaccinating 100 million americans in his first 100 days. but a senior official involved with operation warp speed and other former administration officials tell fox news that amazon did not offer


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