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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 22, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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parking garage. that's props in the beginning and now being discarded by democrats in charge. a huge uproar online and everywhere else others moments ago the guardsmen were moved back into the capital, visitor center. let me tell you what the better news is. bring the guardsmen home, they should be recalled by their governors to sleep in their own beds. that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and at the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. >> shannon: that's one of the first story is that i saw bubbling tonight and i shannon: i thought that cannot be true, please don't that that be true. we are encouraged by the update and we will stay on it. day 2 of the new biden
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administration, moving a senate impeachment trial for donald trump, the trial won't car mister biden's push for unity and there is a proposed time line. cnn runs with a report claiming the trump administration left the biden team without a vaccine distribution plan. the new covid-19 task for starting from scratch. even the washington post questions that story, biden advises keep making this claim to reporters that the idea they are starting from scratch seems like a gamut to lower expectations. comments made by president biden, the new director of the cdc seemed to hedge. >> 100 million doses shot in the arm in 100 days. how are you going to get 1 million doses starting right now today? >> this is the most immediate emergency.
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i don't think by february we will have vaccines in every arm in this country. >> million vaccines a day is entirely possible according to reports because over the last week as the trump administration ramps up distribution they are getting closer to that market. an average of 139 doses were reported each day for the past week by problems in some states with the rollout and trashing of the trump team by democrats. the biden team is managing expectations about what it can do. aishah hasnie investigates the vaccine distribution controversy for us tonight. >> president biden has a lot of challenges ahead and today he signed a slew of executive orders once again in what he is calling a wartime undertaking as places like new york city practically run out of the vaccine. >> give me a break.
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>> president biden were reported question whether his $100 million goal was high enough considering the us is only close to vaccinating 1 million people a day. the question comes as doctor anthony fauci debunked a cnn report that the biden administration is starting from scratch on a vaccine rollout. >> we are not starting from scratch. taking what going on but amplifying in a big way. >> thing claims that amazon and whether held back making its facilities available as mass vaccination sites to the trump administration, the tech giant finally responding today tweeting it did offer assistance on vaccines and much else. president biden invoking the defense production act to speed up the vaccine supply chain as states and cities run out. >> we need more vaccine and we need it now. >> reporter: new york city canceled 23,000 appointments
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after a delivery delay of the moderna vaccine, the nyt -- nypd holding first those vaccinations altogether, the health and human services department suggest the supply and demand challenge hitting so many states may because by unrealistic expectations. >> how helpful would it be of amazon got involved with the federal response to covid-19 before that? >> i don't think i can answer that question. >> tonight amazon is doubling down on its efforts to help the trump administration. the statement reads we met with trump's a ration warp speed to offer vaccine logistics and we were redirected to the states to suggest we wait to offer assistance for political reasons is simply wrong. shannon: thank you so much. for the first time tonight the top health official in north
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carolina acknowledging some vaccine doses were thrown out as supplies remain limited. the state estimates waitlist inattentive doses without showing the actual number. north carolina launched a program to vaccinate prison inmates over the age of 75. dallas county commission members backing off in order to prioritize vaccine distribution to 11 zip codes generally split on racial lines, pushing back saying vaccine health providers are provided to ensure the vaccines are focused solely on the hardest hit areas and populations. >> if you lived in one of those zip codes and were 25-year-old with an asthma inhaler but when you exercise you would be offered a shot potentially months before your 80-year-old grandmother with diabetes who lived outside that zip code. >> 20 to 30 people out of 100 didn't even know there was a vaccination at all, they didn't know there was a vaccine.
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shannon: lawmakers and others outraged by images of national guard and moved to a parking garage on capitol hill tonight, we are hearing tonight they have been allowed back into the complex. white house correspondent kevin cork has more on the controversies on day 2 of the biden administration. >> a little of the old and a little of the new. you heard the old saying be careful what you wish for because it is almost universally true in washington. especially when one party rests control the government from another because there's always party infighting. that usually comes of the works when it comes to getting major agenda items safely over the political finish line and as you can imagine that is especially true for democrats so far. >> there are moments in history when more is asked of a particular generation than at other times. we are in that moment now. >> another day, another slate of
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biden executive orders, ramping up covid-19 testing and vaccinations, tightening workplace safety rules and funneling more federal dollars to state struggling through the pandemic and unlike the trump administration a single gop lawsuit to slow him down. democrats are worried executive orders are the equivalent of slow walking the change the country desperately needs, change that requires cooperation of congress which is proving more difficult than expected. an example, for all their bluster about quickly moving on a covid-19 deal democrats concede they won't do so until march. according to politico they are not even on the same page about how to get the package through congress. worse, today's views on the economy amounted to little more than the administration asking various departments to consider their policy prescriptions.
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a long way from the many promises mister biden made as candidate for the white house. democrats believe he would like to win over republicans support but that push for unity isn't universal because the party still insists on impeaching a former president which may not even be constitutional. >> we are in the middle of twin crazies but instead of focusing on those jobs the congressional democrats seemed obsessed with their hatred for donald trump. donald trump is left the white house, he's no longer president. >> we have been pretty consistent the we believe timing and mechanisms for congress and the senate moving forward and holding the former president accountable will leave that to them. >> reporter: we learned that south carolina's attorney butch bowers has been named as the impeachment lawyer. mister bowers previously served as counsel for three governors in the great state of south carolina including nikki haley,
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senate majority leader is minority leader mitch mcconnell suggest the senate given the legal team two weeks to prepare for the upcoming impeachment trial once the senate receives the articles and that will likely delay everything insulted february. the majority leader chuck schumer says he will consider that proposal which means we will have a very interesting winter into spring in washington. shannon: nothing is getting boring yet. we will stand by and see if we ever get there. thank you as always. one of president biden's first official acts in office was signing an executive order that includes revoking permits for the keystone pipeline, negative reaction was swift from one of biden's base groups, labor unions one tweeting the anticipated decision to cancel the keystone pipeline will kill thousands of good paying union jobs, and saying in revoking this permit the biden
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administration has chosen to listen to the voices of fringe activists and the american consumer on day one. the transportation secretary nominee was grilled about it. >> what do you say to those workers whose jobs have been eliminated? >> getting this right means ensuring there are more good paying union jobs for all americans delivered to that infrastructure. >> for those workers the answer is somebody else? >> we are eager to see those workers continue to be employed in good paying union jobs even if they might be different ones. >> reporter: the canadian company behind the pipeline announcing it will lay off of thousands workers immediately. the heat is on, conservative activists pausing politicians tonight being applied by cancel culture using the events of january 6th to try to intimidate and silence millions of people who had nothing to do with the riots. rick leventhal taking a closer
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look at that tonight. >> and democrats like him trump supporters to cult members saying they need to be deprogrammed while some conservatives like him new crackdown to monitor them mccarthyism or the salem witch trials, part of a radical remake of america. >> objection from senator holly. >> senator josh holly who lost his book deal with simon & schuster following the capital riots is threatened with an ethics investigation by senate democrats for his objection to certifying pennsylvania's elect oral votes. he calls in a flagrant attempt to exact partisan revenge, democrats appear intense on weapon i every tool at their disposal including pushing an unconstitutional impeachment process to further divide the country. parlor is still struggling to get fully back online and could be the target of the house oversight committee, with chair carolyn maloney calling for an
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fbi investigation into parlor as possible role in facilitating the storming of the us capital parlor says it welcomes the examination. an effort to muzzle the former president and member his administration is picking up steam. more than 500 publishing professionals sign a letter titled noble deals for traders reading in part participation in the administration of donald trump must be considered a uniquely mitigating criteria for publishing houses when considering book deals. >> there is a pretty disturbing trend and an explicit trend in publishing to go back to blacklist. that used to be something went on but was kept quiet, nobody was proud of it but blacklisting is becoming a form of virtue signaling. almost a badge of honor.
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>> reporter: top republicans worry there is widespread effort to blacklist the 74 million who voted for donald trump. >> they are determined to punish and degrade and call half of this country racist while their candidates with this unity message ringing about. >> and new york post editorial, democrats will now try to stack the supreme court, stacked the senate by adding two new states and stack the nation's demographic with a wholesale rewrite of immigration laws and policies. >> thank you. this hour after signing an executive order mandating mask wearing on federal property president biden was spotted at an inaugural celebration at the lincoln memorial wednesday night not wearing a mask.
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jen psaki outlined a celebration exception. >> celebrating an evening of a historic day in our country, he signed the mask mandate because it is a way to send a message to the american public. >> bring in tonight's panel, the author of covid-19, politics of fear and the power of science, doctor mark siegel, former deputy assistant attorney general john you and fox news contributor and author of the upcoming never let a crisis go to waste, the truth about disaster liberalism, jason chaffetz, welcome to all of you. let's start there because we are told the answer was he was celebrating something and that did not sit well with a lot of people who haven't been able to go to graduations, weddings, funerals, that can't be the answer. >> i wrote about this in my book, the new press secretary had a tough job there because
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that kind of inconsistency or hypocrisy puts fear in people looking for leadership and the only way you get people to comply with masking is to do it yourself. people are watching that on camera saying where is the mass, you want we to wear a mask and you are not wearing when you forgot about it. kamala harris took hers off after she was sworn in, forgot to put it back in for a while, you show that on the night of celebration, celebration isn't an opt out where you say now i am celebrating, no mass, as a matter of fact if you are celebrating are going to be shouting, drinking, much more likely to spread covid-19 if you have it, has to be completely consistent in order to work, to send a message they want. >> you are in california where you have had a terrible time and there have been all kinds of lockdowns, businesses going under by the hundreds of thousands. we talk about the fact that if you're going to ask people to sacrifice and there is serious infringement on civil liberties you have to practice what you preach. >> i found this announcement today the worst kind of empty
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symbolism because the federal government could go much farther and just saying masculine government property, the biden administration really wanted to do something about a vacancy anybody involved in interstate commerce which would allow you to regulate mask wearing on every business, every farm, everybody. if they really believed in what they were saying they could do, to just do government property really doesn't reach that many people. on the other hand the federal government doesn't have the enforcement resources to do what they claim to be doing. it really is up to states and cities and you are starting to see a lot of resistance and disagreement to mask wearing and in the end it has to be something voluntary, you have to persuade the american people that what they are asking is reasonable because the government doesn't have enough agents or police officers to force everybody to wear a mask. shannon: there was a cnn comment quoted from one source who said
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the biden administration is coming into the starting from scratch, the trump administration left nothing. we found out in the briefing that is not true or accurate and then basically we talked about how the trump administration was well into the 900,000 doses per day that were happening so it is close to what the biden administration doing 1 million a day so the new president was asked about that, here's that exchange. >> thank you. where the us is right now. >> what you said is not possible, give me a break. shannon: he says give me a break. we have been hearing the administration is doing a terrible job and they are saying we will set the same benchmark the trump administration has been doing. where do we go from here? >> most americans don't care who gets credit, they just want to see it happen but come on, joe
12:18 am
biden and the biden administration, operation warp speed was amazing. if donald trump didn't put that in place joe biden on day one wouldn't have any vaccine. they distributed 30 million vaccines and are on a trajectory if they just do what donald trump put in place we will exceed the 1 million doses per day so don't blow it, don't be trying to blame excuses and come up with this fiction and say there was no game plan and nothing was there and there was no -- that is not true. people are getting them. i wanted to see it accelerated but if not for donald trump joe biden wouldn't be in such a good position to help america solve this problem. shannon: what about that? so much trashing of what the trump administration did but operation warp speed regardless of your partisan politics is something we have never seen before.
12:19 am
>> they came from the laboratory all the way to the marketplace in nine months which never happened in human history before number one, number 2, 35 to 40 million doses have been distributed already, the biggest problem is on the state level, too much posturing on some states like here in new york governor cuomo saying i want to go to pfizer and get the vaccine myself, too much regulation. the goal of guidelines was to make it so more people got the shots but they were adhered to so rigidly that they got in the way of that. some states like west virginia have done a really good job because the small independent pharmacies are giving this out. that has to be looked at. we've got to get the vaccines into the pharmacies, into the doctor's office and into people's arms but the biggest problem with distribution has occurred on the state level. >> i want to ask about impeachment. if you could comment that we are hearing there may be a trial, dan diamond the washington post,
12:20 am
not dan diamond, politico is saying the 3-day impeachment trial, they want to get this over quickly but what in the world will they get done in three days? >> it would be a show trial and embarrassing for the senate to do it but worse than anything would contravene the constitutional text which extends impeachment to the president, officers of the united states, doesn't say former officers, former presidents. the remedy is to remove someone from office, maybe disqualify them, donald trump has been moved from office and the american people can disqualify by never voting for him again. a better course is not to break traditions and try a president, a former president for the first time in history. >> some of them seem determined to do it. thank you, come back soon.
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shannon: reports that twitter now is defending some accounts allegedly associated with far left antifa adapter writers attacked a democratic office building in an ice outpost in portland leaving federal officers to launch crowd control munitions. there has been unrest in seattle and denver as well. let's bring in somebody who has been on the ground covering one of the most violent night of the past year. great to have you back, julio. you are in the middle of this in
12:26 am
portland is one of our questions is how do you get so close. do they not recognize you by noon now. do you see the same faces? you seem to have really good accessing getting into a less than safe situation. >> i don't want to review my methods on air but i do have certain tactics i use to make sure they don't know who i am and who i work for and that is for my safety. i would not be in a safe situation. shannon: it wouldn't be and you wouldn't have this kind of access. it was a democratic headquarters in portland it was it last night and a federal building in ice. we talked about during the commercial that this has gone on in portland for a long time, it is just starting up again. it has not government -- gotten covered. what does antifa wanted to end of they. these rights of gone on for months now. >> what they want, they have a chance, total abolition, don't
12:27 am
want any president, they hate biden, they made that clear yesterday. they just hate the united states and everything it stands for. they want to install whatever their version of that is and that includes targeting democratic headquarters and attacking ice which they also want abolished. shannon: they are free to leave the country. if they think america is terrible there are millions of people trying to get in every year. nothing is keeping them here that i know of. is there any logic to what they are doing? they really think what they can establishes just anarchy? >> i don't know. you really would have to try to ask them but they do a runaround on exactly how they would want to establish what they are asking for but thankfully what we saw last night federal agents were not left on their own, portland police were able to help them, there was a difference from the federal courthouse last summer when federal officers, most of it, this is going to continue under the trump administration or the
12:28 am
biden administration. >> what is the end game? thank you for being brave and being safe and going in and covering the story so we know what is going on. appreciate it, thank you. a new caravan of thousands from honduras, we have the latest next.
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>> shannon: many gun rights advocates fear a new attack on the second amendment under biden's guidance so shannon: many gun rights advocates hearing new attack under the second amendment under the biden administration so some i taking a page from the political opponents and applying it to the gun issue. the concept of second amendment sanctuaries. >> we won't 70 we beat the nra. >> president biden as plan to rewrite america's gun laws have gun owners nervous. >> everything in my power in officer out of office to get those assault weapons off the street which i have done once already and to get those clips that have multiple bulletin them not for sale. >> of the feds want to come in,
12:33 am
for having a high-capacity magazine we are not going to have any part of that. >> he wants to make this is second amendment think very state, banning the use us state money or manpower for any law that violates the right to bear arms. they can do what they want in dc but we are not going to have our law enforcement and resources to help the rest law-abiding citizens who are gun owners. >> reporter: four states, 400 mostly red cities and towns past measures declaring themselves guns sanctuaries. modeled after. state rules that protect illegal immigrants from federal bob. >> there is no substance behind this. it is theater, spectacle. >> reporter: opponents call gun sanctuary laws symbolic they do fear their affect. >> it is anti-american and deeply troubling that anyone would run for office and push something like this was they are
12:34 am
denying support for citizens in their state who are impacted by gun violence. >> reporter: gun advocates your local police will be listed to enforce a national gun registry, confiscate guns and limit sale of ammunition. opponents say courts, not state, define the second amendment but some fear biden will issue rules and regulations bypassing gun protections. last week governor abbott said he supports making texas is second amendment sanctuaries state. >> thank you. guatemalan police were to block the migrant caravan of thousands on monday now word a second caravan of 3000 people is reportedly mobilizing with their sites on coming to the us. to discuss these latest of elements and the new administration's immigration policy is acting director of ice tom homan. welcome back. one of the things we are hearing
12:35 am
from the biden administration is they will put 100 day pause on deporting certain noncitizens and that will take effect no later than tomorrow. what impact will that have on the immigration issue? >> he didn't abolish ice but he prevented them doing their job so might as well abolish them. ice is no longer going to be able to address ms 13 gained members or people convicted of child molestation. the moratorium on 100 day deportations, the most dangerous criminals in the country, so these people will not be deported which means ice cancer rest them. it is illegal to detain illegal alien in detention if there is no removal because there's administrative intention. what they did is increase criminals in our streets and our
12:36 am
neighborhoods. i have been doing this for 34 years. this is the worst public safety policy memorandum i have ever seen in my career, the most anti-enforcement policy i have ever read. this is so far left i had to read it 6 times to say is this really true? it is incredible what this memorandum does. shannon: we have that and we have these caravans people make fun of and fox is crazy for saying caravans with the images are there, we are trying to get there because biden is president and social media is showing where folks are organizing, the fact that joe biden is even considering opening the southern border to a group of unfettered migrants in a massive caravan in the middle of a pandemic while millions of americans are unemployed tells you everything you need to know about democrats priorities. they put him in a place where he has to make some difficult decisions because we do have a pandemic, we do have millions of unemployed americans and if you
12:37 am
can't detain people at the border do you turn them away? where do they go? i don't know what the biden administration is planning. >> the biden administration has no plan. when you make promises of moratorium on deportation, shutting down ice operations, giving free healthcare, those promises who wouldn't want to come. here's the problem. so many people are going to come, some will get by border patrol, border patrol doesn't have the ability to rapid test so if we can't detain them they are going to be released in the middle of the pandemic. we are going to import mode more covid-19 cases because of confidence in his administration. shannon: what you said who wouldn't come here? these people are desperate, they have horrible economic situations where they are coming from, they are desperate and a president who is going to welcome them with the benefits
12:38 am
you talk about and they have families and are struggling, hard to blame them for coming here in such a dire situation so how do we make a balance between compassion for people and enforcing the law so we can do this in an organized fashion? >> we can't continue rewarding illegal behavior or we are never going to fix the southern border, never fix immigration, there's a right way to come to this country and a wrong way. the last three years central american to come to the southern border, 90% have relief because they don't qualify. of congress wants to make polity and gang violence part of asylum, you are escaping fearing persecution from your own government for race, religion, ethnicity, membership in a political organization or specific social group that is what asylum is so these countries need to take care of
12:39 am
their people. you would be better off sending the money for opportunities down there. create opportunity zones down there. joe biden is making a mistake to do what he's doing right now putting american communities at risk of further crime or shutting ice down then welcoming people from all the world to come across the border illegally in an uncontrolled fashion. we don't know who they are or what diseases they carry. >> as you said if you want to change the law that is the way to do it. all of us should agree to that and they will try again on capitol hill. we will see where it goes. tom homan, thank you. >> thanks for having me. democrats, media pundits and chinese state media also debating donald trump's departure from the white house. can you tell a particular lightning round with brian kilmeade is next. i have the power to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it, lowering my blood sugar from the first dose. once-weekly trulicity responds when my body needs it, 24/7.
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12:44 am
the european union bureau chief, a crazy and criminal us regime will soon be gone, good riddance is let's bring in from fox news primetime brian kilmeade for the lightning round. >> that is a very entertaining twitter feed. jillian: a couple more tweets, this says i can physically feel my shoulders and body relax as i watched him leave finally. the other one says they are out of the white house, good riddance. good riddance is the word china is using. where did these other tweets come from? >> it is a quiz, isn't it, who made those tweets? any member of the press? shannon: one was a member of the press and one was a member of the u.s. congress. when it is hard to tell their tweets apart where are we? brian: i'm not sure but i saw it for the first time when they
12:45 am
gave sample headlines around the world. a lot of it is almost a salute to donald trump. he was in there for the country. he wanted to be respected, he didn't want to be liked. we are 24 hours, 48 hours from when he was president. i'm curious how this plays out in the next few month. i remember tony blair saying america's biggest problem is trying to be liked. no one ever likes the biggest person in the room, the most successful. it's not going to happen and i never once to be liked. i'm reaching my goal. shannon: it is paying off for you but like the tom brady thing, the most super successful, i hate tom brady, just because he is successful, we are america, they will feel it too. shannon: i can't keep up with them.
12:46 am
i know that is not your thing. you play the other kind of football, the european kind my husband likes, not so much the nfl. let's talk about american history. donald trump came up with the 1776 commission which was going to go back and look through history, the commission was aimed at pushing back on the idea that the country is irredeemably and systemically racist. the new white house as it has got to go. the executive order says 1776 commission was going to seek to the race america's history of racial injustice and i know you hang out with david blight, that report is a piece of right-wing propaganda so it is going. brian: it is not a surprise. america is great, not perfect, that is what donald trump is like, he pushed back to 1619 project, next thing you know how did that happen? the more people looked at it the more historians examine that the more problems they had with it
12:47 am
so i love the concept of what donald trump did, 42 pages, rough outline, professors from rosedale put it together and talked about how great it was, didn't talk about american indians, didn't spend enough time on american slavery. i remember schools spending a lot of time on the horrors of slavery. at a different time, roots was 1976. i was in seventh or eighth grade. we watched the horror. no one ever hid the horror of slavery from america, we are on a constant ramp of improvement but never perfect but thankfully school are determined by the governors, the county executives, local educational boards and i hope we can get on the same page and look at it in a all-america way and realize how special it was.
12:48 am
the founding fathers were extraordinary but not perfect, he should have started the 1776 project in year one of the administration instead they did it in last few months, a little bit rushed. shannon: you make a great point. if people are concerned about what their kids are learning you've got to get involved at the local level so you know what is going on. before we are out of time there have been changes to the oval office, every president makes changes, one thing that came down with andrew jackson, we are told that was perceived as racist by some but it is gone now. your thoughts? brian: what he put behind him is cesar chavez who has done so much for farm workers, the first thing he did, everything he can from the hispanic vote. andrew jackson in particular a democratic president who brought himself from from the bootstraps, war hero if 31, self-made multimillionaire for his day, two term president, governor, self-taught lawyer, he
12:49 am
has done everything in life but wasn't perfect. don't move andrew jackson out of the oval office but you get your own choice, really kicks off the british, winston churchill's bust is gone again. boris johnson is upset about that. how often removing winston churchill's bust, doesn't it have wheels at this point? it is in, it is out, it is in, it is out. shannon: can't wait to see what you do with the oval office when you get there. brian: you can be my running mate. shannon: some democrats claim gop lawmakers may have led recon tours for people involved in a deadly capital right but what does the evidence say? what we have uncovered next. and in an emergency, they need a network that puts them first. that connects them to technology, to each other, and to other agencies. that's why at&t built firstnet with and for first responders
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the emergency response network authorized by congress. firstnet. because putting them first is our job.
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shannon: allegations by a few members of the democratic caucus that republican lawmakers led so-called reconnaissance tours leading up to the january 6th rife don't appear to be standing up to increasing scrutiny. chad program is taking a closer look. >> reporter: there's a big difference between a reconnaissance mission scoping out the b for a riot and a family tour by a freshman member of congress. call republican since she was just leading a tour for her
12:54 am
family, denies democratic allegations she helped the rioters. >> it is baseless, it shows their hypocrisy on full display. >> nancy pelosi insinuated that some republicans may be guilty of sedition for challenging the electoral results. >> there is no question they were members in this body who gave aid and comfort to those with the idea that they were embracing a lie. >> she says she can back up democratic charges of gop plot with the rioters. >> everything has to be based on evidence and that remains to be seen. >> kevin mccarthy occurred the speaker. >> i do not know of any member who had done that. >> democrats criticize republicans for yelling stop the steel but rhetoric from the left
12:55 am
suggests a conspiracy. drew wilson is the former senate sergeant-at-arms in charge of security with that side of the capital. he says if you're going to allege something the fairies have your facts. >> it is a fully loaded charge to accuse a different member of an act of treachery of that sort even if speculative. a day most of them celebrate so it wouldn't be that unusual for people to be given the relatively informal tour of the building on a day like that. >> he says if lawmakers were up to no good officials could find out. they contract people walking through the capital via closed-circuit television. the capital is lined with security cameras. >> they are all over the place. there is a way to tie together photographs and video of what is going on in the building. >> the national guard reports no incidents with demonstrators on inauguration day and many troops are headed home but it is unclear what security the capital would be for donald trump's second impeachment trial. shannon: thank you very much. the reporting we are getting
12:56 am
tonight is senate minority leader mitch mcconnell offered a timeline that would put in impeachment trial in mid february. we would you tracking it. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. (judith) but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (judith) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. (money manager) but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? (judith) we don't have those. (money manager) so what's in it for you? (judith) our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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