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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 22, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> it is friday january 20 second this is a fox news alert, thousands of national guard troops banished to dc parking garages. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. jillian: the disrespect order sparking outrage in washington and beyond. griff jenkins live in the nations capital. many people are wondering how this could happen. >> they sure are. good morning. if you are just waking up and learning this, we feel incredibly betrayed, those are
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the words of one guardsmen who spoke to politico who first reported thousands of national guardsmen told to vacate the capital grounds by us capitol police, you see them in these pictures, one group which had been resting in a senate office building telling politico they were forced to relocate to a nearby parking garage with only bathroom and two stalls for 5000 troops. not to mention temperature is really falling. it is much colder, below the low 40s and stephen inauguration day. this is drawn bipartisan outrage from lawmakers, democrat senator from connecticut chris murphy tweeting this. unacceptable. numerous senators moving to fix this as we speak. just got off the phone with the acting capital police chief who insists there is no general request for the guard to vacate the building but whatever happened we must fix the problem now. the problem has been fixed.
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troops at this hour have been let back into the capital but it is unclear how this could have happened. we reached out to capital police who have yet to explain why they would take such an action or how it even unfolded but we've not heard back. they did issue of vague statement earlier saying the united states capital police appreciate the interval support of the us national guard in helping secure the capital complex leading up to the inaugural ceremony. the department is grateful for their service and our strong partnership during this time and we will bring more as we get it all morning long but you are seeing reaction, texas governor greg abbott is upset about potential extremist threat saying he is doing this and as you saw from the tweet from senator murphy calling directly to the acting police chief, a black woman who took over because the previous chief resigned in the wake of the
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capital riots so already the capital police had a problem with readiness on january 6th, now this is not going to help them. >> chris murphy and greg abbott are not ideologically aligned. when you have a situation where you have a black eye which capital police did, usually regroup and figure it out and the next time something presses you in the face of the nation, that is not happening here. so many questions as to how this happened in the first place, how this crosses anybody's mind that this is a proper procedure to follow when these individuals workdays on end. >> that is a great point. to contrast it, remember it was in a few days right after the
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capital riots we saw people like michael walls, a veteran himself delivering pizza to the guard, thanking them for being there, now whether intentional or not this has been unbelievably negative message and you will hear a lot about it later today. but -- >> i was going to say if we can that yesterday was president biden's first full day on the job in his newly elected also how do you think history is going to remember how the first day went down? >> they are going to remember it as a slew of executive orders coming in every direction, yesterday president biden issued 10 to be exact all of them geared towards covid-19. you are looking on your screen here, they range from establishing a pandemic testing board to worker health and safety promoting safe travel standards and reopening schools but after signing president biden got a little testy when pressed about whether his ambitious goal of 100 million doses was enough.
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>> thank you, guys. >> where the us is right now. >> give me a break, man. >> that is our first give me a breakman of his presidency. it's becoming clear the executive orders may not be unifying congress. now senate minority leader mitch mcconnell had this to say. >> the biden administration's very first day took several big steps in the wrong direction. the president reentered the failed paris climate agreement and unilaterally canceled the keystone xl pipeline. >> we are told we could see more executive orders and actions coming today themed by this white house but also learning the senate may be setting up the impeachment trial, to pull unifying strings of this congress.
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>> to keep it accountable, facing new charges following the arrest on inauguration day. >> carley shimkus joins us as democrats come under fire for failing to condemn antifa's actions. carley: portland police arresting 7 more people for the inauguration day right bringing the total number arrested 15, charges ranking from assaulting an officer to carrying a concealed weapon and rioting. antifa protesters targeting the democratic party headquarters in a nice building wednesday, overnight, outside an ice facility despite president biden's call for unity. >> let's start afresh. all of us. let's begin to listen to one another again. here one another. see one another. show respect to one another. politics doesn't have to be a raging fire destroying everything in its path.
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>> just after president biden was sworn into office was redirected to the white house website. towns of's senior writer was in portland during the ride and explained what is motivating the angry mob. >> they want total abolition, they don't want any president, they hate biden, they made it abundantly clear yesterday. they just hate the united states and everything it stands for. they believe it is evil and irredeemable. >> democrats have condemned the violence that took place on capitol hill, they are now being asked to address this as well. iowa senator chuck grassley tweeting i'm waiting for president biden to condemn violence, looting, arson, last 2 days in washington and oregon. >> if you want to route at the mystic terrorism you go after antifa instead of pretending it is a mythical group created by the right or simply an idea
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whose ideas are so damaging that building end up collapsing once the other them. it is absolutely ludicrous. >> trust in the media has declined to an all-time low. according to a report shared by axial this 57% of democrats and 18% of republicans trust traditional media sources. >> newt gingrich as democrats need to speak up and take antifa more seriously. take a listen. >> when president biden in his inaugural talks about extremism and mencius not mention antifa i thought this morning that seattle and portland and denver may have been antifa's response to having their feelings hurt because they earned the right to be considered terrorist extremist group and the fact the left refuses, you will notice
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now that trump is gone we didn't suddenly get peace, you had antifa out there saying they despise joe biden, they hate joe biden, don't regard them as legitimate so people should be worried about america. >> a biden facing backlash were tougher stance on immigration as a second migrant caravan is expected to leave the united states soon, dhs puts apart on deportation and it all comes after president biden signed an executive order demanding a stop to border wall construction. white house press secretary jen psaki says walls don't work. >> the last four years the immigration policy has been based on funding for a wall. that is not worked even to keep the country safer, to keep bad actors out. >> but acting customs and border protection commissioner mark morgan disagrees that is blasting the press secretary for her remarks.
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>> the press secretary just lied to the american people. that is a blatant lie. the wall and the wall system works, every mile that goes in this country is more secure because of it and a few was after his inauguration as president with the stroke of a pen made our borders less secure, country less safe and endangered every man and woman in the united states border patrol on the front lines defending our country, what she said is an outright lie. >> 450 miles of border wall were completed under the trump administration. >> a massive fire erupting on rhode island's overnight, shuttled firefighters across the water to battle the flames. at least three homes were reportedly on fire with others impacted, the blaze could be seen 5 miles away in bristol, no word on what started or what started as for if anyone is injured. >> facebook heading the final decision to permanently ban
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former president trump to its oversight board. trump was barred from the platform after the capital writer earlier this month. facebook says this board will review whether trump violated its community standards and if permanent removal would violate his human rights like freedom of expression was trump's account will remain suspended until a decision is made. we will discuss the award's redo. jillian: wrapper little wayne praising donald trump or his eleventh hour pardon tweeting i want to thank donald trump for recognizing i have so much more to give my family, my art and my community. >> is facing 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to illegal possession of a firearm. time is 11 minutes after the hour, west coast chaos striking on inauguration day but will the left ever condemn antifa violence. the chair of the washington state gop said democrats get a free pass from the media on this one. he joined us next. >> the repair shop owner at the center of the hunter biden laptop scandal talks to sean hannity ahead.
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>> it looked like this could be something you would want to have a conversation with to another foreign leader about because it was a lot of money exchanging hands, a lot of money.
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>> unity requires us to come together in common love that defines us as americans. opportunity, liberty, dignity and respect, and unite against common foes, hate, violence. >> those things don't go together, president biden's calls for unity met by violent unrest in portland, seattle and denver, the same scenes all summer long and even with a democrat in the white house is not stopping. >> what was it the democrats and
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the media to condemn the chaos in the violence, the chair of washington state as republican party joins us live, thanks for being here. who is ultimately suffering as a result of this violence we are seeing on the streets? >> the people living in seattle, people living in seattle, people living in portland, people living in denver, you're in washington state, local news were reporting yesterday that small business owners are losing hope after 7 months of violence with no leadership from our mayor who called these protests the summer of love last summer, no leadership from our governor, governor jay in we send in the national guard to protect the state capital and rightfully so, we should protect our elected officials but where's the national guard where we went to
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protect small businesses and minority owned businesses and people with property in people's lives in the city of seattle and instead of protecting people and standing up for their property rights we've got mayor that is giving into the violent left after they argue by the chop, city council responded by defunding the police so instead of condemning violence we have political officials giving in. >> it is abundantly clear none of these individuals voted for donald trump and i will go out on a limb and say they didn't vote for joe biden either. why don't democrats across the country not just in seattle portland come out and condemn this violence with the same force that they condemned white supremacy over the last 2 and a half weeks? >> good question you should ask that to our counterparts across the aisle but i can so you this republicans universally condemned the violence of january 6th and the media
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demanded that and where is the media calling on democrat officials at the national level in the state level to show some leadership and condemn violence. we want to talk about unity and moving the country for you think we can all agree at the base level of violence like smashing windows, lighting things on fire is not going to move our country forward or help us to heal so i urge our democrat friends to speak out against this type of violence. >> you ask where the media is with this let's pull up this graphic that shows how much they have covered this violence. 30 seconds on cbs is one of the 20 seconds on nbc's today show, no coverage on gm, no coverage on the rest of them that are listed either.
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what would you want the media to say in their coverage of this because ultimately it is not up to the media, it is up to elected officials but in order for the public to know what is going on and elected officials and everybody to be fully informed it does have to be covered in the media. >> absolutely and you said it well. we need to go with this, we need to show it, people need to see what is happening. this is downtown seattle what used to be a tourist attraction, wednesday night, the night of the inauguration day smashed the windows of the original starbucks, people would come to seattle to visit now you can't because everything has been boarded up for 7 months because groups of violent liberals are running well smashing windows and lighting things on fire so we need to show what is happening, the pressure needs to be placed on elected officials to speak out and condemn this. >> they for fisher the fishmarket, not throw bricks at their heads. we appreciate your time this morning, thank you.
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jillian: a second person of interest named in the murder of a man out walking his dog in philadelphia. >> many questions remain about the primary suspect out on bail, when the crime happened, doug brennan has it next. ow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the services of the post office plus ups only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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jillian: philadelphia police have a second person of interest in the horrific murder of tim university graduate but they are passing the blame over a decision to drastically reduce bail for the other suspect was a violent career criminal who walked out of jail two weeks before. joining us is bill brennan. thank you for being here.
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this is rocked the nation. people are having a hard time understanding how this could have happened when you look at the suspect's criminal record, joseph david is alleged to have done this. the second person of interest is in custody. charges include kidnapping for ransom, robbery, car theft, firearms and assault. what do you make of this? >> it is more complicated to look at the dockets and say the judge shouldn't of lowered the bail, the district attorneys gave the press conference and use the phrase a lot of balls were dropped but as a defense attorney there is a speedy trial will across the country and in philadelphia and an 8 month delay in getting culinary hearings on and it is commonplace for judges at that point to lower the bail and judges in these two cases are
1:25 am
good, experienced judges. if balls were dropped what happened is the district attorney's office didn't immediately appeal the decision to a common pleas judge and that led to the bail remaining lowered and mister davis -- the da's office charged him with murder so they must think he did it. >> the second person of interest in custody, that person has been ids to clarify that. the district attorney has passed the blame. anything more he could have done and what do you think of that? >> it is not productive. i am involved in the case where a gentleman came from virginia to monitor the election and there have been two bail appeals in that case and i have a guy who i would think a guy with a
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record like mister davis would be the poster boy for dale, do everything in your power to keep him in jail but that didn't happen. i don't think it is fair to blame the judges. jillian: do we need to rethink bail reduction policies? >> there is a push in this country to reform cash bail on the theory that a lot of people who need treatment, mental health individuals, people with drug addiction issues, they make relatively low bail and that is true but in this case a person with a very substantial violence, record was released and it wasn't challenged, there is the test, it is not 1-stop shopping issue, if we put more
1:27 am
effort into treatment for individuals, that is the matter we deal with. i don't think we can let things like this happen. hopefully the da will look at this as a bellwether and reform policies where someone like this comes up through the cracks. jillian: you have a family mourning the loss of a very young person out walking his dog at night time. it is devastating. thank you for setting that light on us. todd: a massive fire at a potato factory, the rush to evacuate over fears of an explosion and bay area restaurants to gavin newsom for shutting down outdoor dining, two business owners join us live next. ♪♪ working for the weekend ♪♪ even on the bus.
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>> we are back with fox news alert. national guard troops returned to the capital after some say they were forced to relocate to a parking garage, the move dry outrage from lawmakers. >> chris murphy calling it an acceptable tweeting and party acting capital police chief who insist there was no general requests for the guard to vacate the building but whatever happens they are working to fix the problem now. some troops will be heading homes in, texas, greg abbott ordering his troops back overnight. >> house speaker nancy pelosi will send an article of impeachment to the senate soon charging donald trump with fading in insects direction, pelosi says she will meet with house members who will serve as managers and prepare for the trial. >> it is up to them to decide how we go forward when we go forward. it will be soon. i don't think it will be long. but we must do it. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell wants to delay the
1:32 am
trial until mid february to give trump's legal team more time to prepare. trump hired bowers to defend him at the trial. senator lindsey graham says impeachment is the wrong that republicans will fight to end it as soon as possible. >> there is more than a handful of democrats praying for joe biden will get on the phone and call schumer and say it is over. they understand this will blow up in their face politically and i think we will have an overwhelming republican vote this second impeachment of donald trump is unconstitutional. senator mcconnell came up with a plan i think is good for the country, good for the senate and fair to the president the president has a good legal team, great legal team and we will fight like hell to make sure the second impeachment of donald trump ends as quickly as possible, either dismissed or overwhelming vote for acquittal.
1:33 am
jillian: marjorie taylor green file articles of impeachment against president biden the day after he was sworn into office accusing the president of abusing his power while serving as vice president by allowing his son hunter to serve on the board of the ukrainian energy company. green writing a statement, quote, president biden has demonstrated he will do whatever it takes to bailout his son hunter and line his family pocket with cash from corrupt foreign energy companies. >> one of your favorite, wine country fed up with california's lockdown orders and more than 50 business owners have banded together to serve governor gavin newsom with a lawsuit claiming his outdoor dining ban does not follow the science and violates the state's constitution, two business owners who are part of the legal fight, from brandon college and in the same general store and the owner of pizzeria, bear with me, did i get it
1:34 am
right? >> you got it right. >> somebody who's not getting things right seems to be governor gavin newsom in california. what is the justification for an outdoor dining ban in sunny california when one country is wide open spaces with nice tables that can be separated, definitely succeed and you can still run a business? what is going on? >> we would like to know the same thing. that is what the lawsuit is based on. the mandate seems arbitrary and unfair and not based on scientific data whatsoever and that is all we are asking, to safely operate outdoors with all the necessary precautions, sanitizing, masking, distancing between tables, smaller group sizes, whatever is necessary to bring our employees back to work and have our businesses reopen. >> how is one country getting by right now? >> we are barely getting by.
1:35 am
we have the effect of covid-19 and shutdowns come seemed like a yo-yo for us but we have two devastating wildfires last year. >> it has not been an easy time. i was out there for some wildfires in a believe it was 2019 it does impact the area. i can't imagine trying to deal with that while also dealing with the pandemic that wipes away your tourists. describe the cost in money and manpower these restrictions have had on your business. >> on my business in particular we've gone from 50 employees back in march, the first shutdown, since almost everybody home, that is a 237 and now we are back to maybe 8 or 10 but most of them are part time getting one or 2 shifts of 4 hours a week or trying to bring as many people as possible on a limited basis and make sure they
1:36 am
are still there because we have the workforce just exiting to go to other states where they can still work in hospitality or finding other sectors to work in. todd: idaho and south dakota are saying come here you can get a job. people are not going to necessarily stay in northern california. what is the cost of money and manpower on all these restrictions to your business? >> when napa valley closes its outdoor activities nobody comes to the napa valley so our sales are down by 80% at this point and reduction in hours for our staff are 70% reduced. >> know you have an indoor amusement park can bring in tourism too. is water -- if you lose the suit what is your breaking point? >> we feel good about the suit and some of the progress we have been making better breaking point is we are going to have to close at some point if we can't get open.
1:37 am
todd: if you lose the suit what is your breaking point? >> i agree i don't think we are going to lose. one way or another we are going to win, outdoor dining will get returns, we want to make sure it never happens again, that if something happens in the future outdoor dining will remain for the sake of our business. todd: we wish you the best of luck, we have a vested interest in this but our entire nation has a vested interest in all business opening as soon as possible, we appreciate your time come best of what with the suit. growing fears of an ammonia explosion triggers urgent evacuations, overnight authorities going door-to-door telling residents to go now following a fire in washington's potato company outside smoking. it started in a dehydration unit. the building is expected to be a total loss. todd: a handyman accused of killing three women who lived at the same new york city complex. police say the alleged serial,
1:38 am
kevin gavin lived there and murdered the women between 2015-2021. 's most recent killing 78-year-old woman found by herself. >> this is tough on me. still fresh. i can never get the vision of seeing my mother out of my eyes. todd: gavin would gain his victims trust by running errands for them and then kill them during fights over money. jillian: parlor is, quote, disappointed after a federal judge refuses to reinstate the apps on amazon, the court siding with the tech giants was argued it had the right to punish parlor for not taking down threatening posts in the wake of the capital riots. house democrats want the fbi to investigate the platform's role in the attack. dan bondgino slams these calls. >> the platform from just about every company in the united states. we had to go to a multinational
1:39 am
company to protect our website from being hacked. they want the fbi to investigate. jillian: parlor was banned from apple and google's apps stores. vermont senator bernie sanders is embracing his moment taking over the internet. todd: he is selling chairman sanders crewneck sweaters showing him in this look. postings go to vermont's program. they are already sold out. you can't get it. sanders didn't realize he was causing so much of a stir. >> i was just sitting there trying to keep warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on. todd: sanders says the woman who made him of the mittens is overwhelmed with calls from people trying to buy them but i guess you can't. jillian: it still makes me laugh.
1:40 am
todd: good for him doing the money for charity. still ahead a computer repairman at the center of the hunter biden scandal speaking up. >> a lot of money exchanging hands like a lot of money. todd: his new insight in a fox news interview. jillian: a long overdue honor for a world war ii veteran, waiting 75 years to get his service metal. ♪♪ u remember rick, her neighbor? sure, he's the 76-year-old guy who still runs marathons, right? sadly, not anymore. -what, you mean-- -mhm. -just like that. -wow. so sudden. um, we're not about to have the "we need life insurance" conversation again, are we? no, we're having the "we're getting coverage so we don't have to worry about it" conversation. so you're calling about the $9.95 a month plan
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jillian: a second migrant caravan mobilizing in honduras is expectedly for the united states soon. todd: this after president biden signed an executive order demanding a stop the border wall construction. president biden's dance on immigration is an insult.
1:44 am
>> i feel as a legal immigrant that this government is spitting on the faces of every legal immigrant in this country that contributed to this nation. january 20th, united states officially became the socialist and united states of america. we are no longer citizens, we are second-class citizens and it is a disgrace. we have a covid-19 issue in this country. we need money to help our country. let's bring thousands more into our country who are not able to contribute. todd: 450 miles of border wall completed under the trump administration. jillian: and computer repair shop owner tells sean hannity he saw documents he felt suggested a pay for play scheme. take a listen. >> what i saw was two young men
1:45 am
who were capitalizing off of one of their fathers positions to drum up more value in their efforts to get more money and it was definitely a pay for play scheme. it looked like this would be something you would want to have a conversation with to another former leader because this is a lot of money exchanging hands like a lot of money. jillian: john paul mc isaac gave it the laptop to the fbi after hunter failed to retrieve it. todd: carly lloyd facing backlash for standing during the national and when most teammates knelt, the team's game in columbia on martin luther king jr. day. >> the beauty of this team is we stand behind each other no matter what. the players decided to kneel, some decided to stand. at the end of the day we have each other's back.
1:46 am
jillian: many online not accepting her explanation arguing it wasn't good enough. it would be interesting to see if an entire country canceled a young lady who gave inspiration to millions of little girls who follow their dreams. >> lou holtz encouraging kids to get off the sidelines and back in the game. >> i learned more on a football team or basketball team than i ever learned in college classes. that's what makes the country great. that is what you are doing with covid-19. >> lessons learned are important to young people. todd: an american city putting up cameras to make sure everyone is masked up and staying 6 feet apart. our next guest says one surveillance powers expand they almost never contract. >> the center for new american security joins us next. ♪♪ every step you take ♪♪ i will be watching you ♪♪
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todd: a michigan man facing charges for assaulting a capital police video, aaron rogers not assault anybody, this is the right video. there is a video there. this man accused of attacking a capital officer with a hockey stick during the capital riots, meantime take a look, this rioter from florida tried to attend the inauguration despite knowing he was a wanted man, he is cooperating with agents after admitting he took part in the capital right on social media but broke off contact. todd: the fbi increases its reward for information on the dc pipe bomb suspect to 75,$000, the suspect placed two devices outside the are in cns dnc an hour before storming the capital earlier this month. the devices were active and bond
1:51 am
technicians had use water cannons to break them apart. facebook says it is the furthest decision to indefinitely man donald trump to its platform to an oversight board. todd: tara frederick is live to tell us what this means for the former president and what it could mean for other users going forward. i will ask that question differently. is this oversight board really independence or just a way to ban donald trump? >> when they first created that oversight board, it makes it sound good as we say, it will be their first major test case to determine precedent for how these newspapers going forward are determined and processed. looking at it from an analytical perspective we can't forget the
1:52 am
context where you see information suppression from social media companies or overwhelming targeting of conservatives at the expense of content on a platform that violates policies, they just don't take it down because of a certain ideological bent so any decision the oversight board comes up with i will take with a grain of salt. >> a statement from facebook reads, quote, we believe our decision was necessary and right given its significance, important for the board to review it and reach an independent judgment on whether it should be upheld. will donald trump be able to have any voice in this? will he state his case so to speak? >> that is the problem. this referred to a panel. the oversight board consists of dozens of people but only five chosen at random to see this case but it is not a typical case way he would have recourse are able to argue on his position, they are going to do
1:53 am
it through writing, not even publicized papers but decisions that come from five members. only one potentially from the united states, others from international organizations, international companies. important to know there will not be due process. that is a fundamental flaw in this structure. we saw the words you use, not be able to argue for himself, oversight board, panel read like a soviet style review commission but we have to wait and see what happens. i want to switch gears to this, city installing cameras to monitor the use of masks and social distancing in public places. here's what the cameras will monitor in total. people counting is kind of the things sticking out on this, wearing face masks, social distancing, crowd detection, how
1:54 am
do you decide privacy concerns for this discussion? how worrisome is this foreshadowing of the surveillance state in one tiny little georgia city but expanding to georgia's state, the rest of the country, who knows after that? >> the rule of thumb for these kind of things is once you expand these surveillance measures they never contract, you never get your civil liberties or your rights back. only in specific cases. it concerns me they are making this decision. i didn't hear about it to the best of my knowledge, the things about democracies are engaged citizenry, are these trade-offs which mean public health, safety and privacy, what do those actions mean? it is very concerning to see georgia look more like the streets of beijing than georgia itself.
1:55 am
i will watch this closely and i think the american people should too. jillian: a statement from chief technology officer and assistant city manager, quote, we've taken steps to ensure it is not over reach, most public spaces you going to have cameras out there, this is a piece of technology that helps to get us all back to work. you will be following this. we will as well. >> thanks. todd: a 100-year-old world war ii veteran, bravely serving the country and the pacific but was never properly awarded. >> they pushed together metals. he was presented with several awards including the world war ii victory and american campaign medal. thank you for your service. congressman elect luke letoh's
1:56 am
widow running for congress, saying everything in her life has prepared her for this moment, she joined us in the next hour. >> phil mcgurn and gianna load joining us live. don't go anywhere. when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free.
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todd: it is friday january 20 second and this is a fox news alert, thousands of national guard troops banished to rest in
2:00 am
parking garages after spending days protecting the nations capital. >> we are live with the outrageous order. present biden biting back at reporters. >> thank you, guys. where the us is right now. >> it is not possible, give me a break, man. >> the fiery moment on his first full day in office. >> we can't stop talking about this and neither can you. bernie solis on inauguration day. the bad news for anyone sitting with those mittens, nice job. "fox and friends first". ♪♪


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