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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 22, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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parking garages after spending days protecting the nations capital. >> we are live with the outrageous order. present biden biting back at reporters. >> thank you, guys. where the us is right now. >> it is not possible, give me a break, man. >> the fiery moment on his first full day in office. >> we can't stop talking about this and neither can you. bernie solis on inauguration day. the bad news for anyone sitting with those mittens, nice job. "fox and friends first". ♪♪ jillian: if you baying on a drum
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while wearing those mittens will the sound be sustained? todd: no one will ever know. has there ever been a week was more appropriate? jillian: has there ever been a week we talked about this much? on that note good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: we start with the fox news alert, thousands of national guard troops banished to parking garages after protecting the capital on inauguration day. >> griff jenkins live in washington with the question everyone is wondering. how does this happen? >> reporter: capital police have to answer that question because when guardsmen told politico we feel betrayed by what happened, thousands of national guard troops in the capitol grounds by the us capitol police, one group said they had been resting in the senate office building only to be forced to relocate to a
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nearby parking garage. the temperatures in the low 40s, very uncomfortable, the same guardsmen told politico yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen lockdown our minds taking photos shaking her hand and thanking us for our service. within 24 hours they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of the parking garage. this is drawing bipartisan outrage. tammy duckworth, i can't believe great servicemembers we have been asking to protect our capital and our constitution these last two weeks would be unceremoniously ordered to vacate the building. we need answers, they can use my office. senator tim scott tweeting this is unconscionable and unsafe. whoever's decision this was to house our national guard men and women in underground parking lots must be held accountable. the problem has been fixed, troops have been let back in but the point about accountability
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is interesting because the capital rights on january 6th the capital police facing new acting chief, the permit's first woman, an african-american amid an ongoing crisis. we've not heard back yet this morning. they are issuing a statement on support but didn't account for why the troops were forced out. texas governor abbott says he is bringing his troops home. todd: i will take a step further. this is another example of our nation when troops come home from war, finish a job, throwing them to the side and it makes no sense. it is the exact counter to what you would think we would do when troops come home from a war, from battle, from serving our nation. we should be embracing them in every way possible for their service, for what they have done and yet this is what we do, this is a black mark on our nation. we need to improve is forever going forward.
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>> you will continue to follow that as well we. in the meantime it was president biden's first full day on the job yesterday and there's a running list of things he did. >> he should another slew of executive orders, they range from establishing a pandemic testing board to worker health safety to promoting safe travel standards and reopening schools. president biden got a little testy about whether his ambitious goal of 100 million doses is sufficient. >> thank you, guys. >> where the us is right now. >> we announced it and you said it is not possible, give me a break, man. >> reporter: our first of his presidency. it is becoming clear the flurry of executive orders is the
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president's first 40 hours may not be unifying congress, minority leader mitch mcconnell had this to say. >> on the biden administration's first day it took several big steps in the wrong direction. the president reentered the failed paris climate agreement, the president unilaterally canceled the keystone xl pipeline. >> we will see a for executive orders come today, and we will learn about impeachment trial which raise tensions across party lines. todd: forgot about the impeachment trial. jillian: portland writers facing charges following the unrest inauguration day. >> reporter: portland police arresting 7 more people for the inauguration day rights bringing the number arrested to 15, charges range from assaulting an
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officer, and rioting, antifa protesters targeting the democratic party headquarters and ice building, overnight, marching the ground outside a nice facility despite president biden's calls for unity. >> let's start afresh, all of us. let's begin to listen to one another again. here one another. see one another. show respect to one another. politics doesn't have to be a raging fire destroying everything in its path. >> moments after president biden was sworn into office was redirected to the white house website, senior writer julio was in portland during the right and explained what is motivating the angry mob. >> they want total abolition, don't want any president, they hate biden, they made it clear yesterday, they hate the united states and everything it stands for.
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jillian: democrats condemned the violence of the capital they are being asked to address this as well. chuck grassley tweeting i'm waiting for president biden to condemn the violence, looting, arson, the last two days in oregon, washington state. >> if you want to root out the mystic terrorism you go after antifa instead of pretending it is a mythical group created by the right or simply an idea his ideas are so damaging that building end of collapsing once they order them. absolutely ludicrous. >> reporter: trump and the media declines to an all-time low. according to reports shared by ask he is 57% of democrats and 18% of republicans trust traditional media sources. todd: dana lash is condemning political violence, she can't understand why democrats won't do the same. >> when joe biden was giving his
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inaugural address and got to the part where he was talking about white supremacy i was wondering if that was his way of referencing antifa considering the makeup of that violent group and not a lot of reporting as to what they did in portland and i hadn't heard him say anything about going after a state headquarters, this wasn't some street team field office. this is the organ democratic party they went after. i thought we would all be on the same page of condemning violence but they have such a hard time doing it i cannot figure out why. todd: dana reminded everyone about the times. jillian: these images, a massive fire erupting on rhode island
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overnight, 5 miles away in bristol. the word what started the fire if anyone is hurt. todd: the defense sector, homicide off a waiver for retired army general lloyd austin to take their role. legislation heads to biden's desk for approval. confirmed boston would be the first black secretary of defense. president biden plans to keep christopher ray as that agency's director. make sure to get your lottery tickets today, the drawing for mega millions $970 million jackpot, the ninth third-largest a lot of history. jillian: the cash option comes out with $716 million, the longest stretch without a mega millions jackpot winner. it might end because todd will have a winning ticket for all of us. >> i thought it would happen the first two times. >> president biden scots water a challenges his vaccine plan.
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>> we announced that it is not possible, give me a break. jillian: phil mcgurn on whether the media is making a fair point. you will join us. todd: come on, jillian. the countdown to the super bowl, insane ticket price if you want to go. we will be right back. ♪♪ everything for me. she had these awful blisters on her back. i don't want shingles when i'm your age. actually, if you're 50 or older, you're at increased risk that's life, nothing you can do... uh, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaat? prevented. you can get vaccinated. where? at your pharmacy, your doctor's - hold on! don't want to go through that! 50 years or older? get vaccinated for shingles. now. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia.
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, the vaccine -- >> thank you, guys. >> where the us is right now. >> we announced it, you said it was all possible. give me a break, man. todd: that wasn't even peter doocy. president biden telling reported to give him a break after being pressed on the administration's vaccine plan. jillian: trust in the media has
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dropped to record lows. they have a duty to ask tough questions. that she speech writer for george w. bush and fox news contributor phil mcgurn joins us, good to see you. it is our job, it is the job of journalists to ask tough questions, correct? >> >> it is but no one did it for the past year while he was running for president so that is going to be interesting to see. now that he is president you can't evade and we will find out if they insist on asking tough questions. he's not used to it because no one gave him hard questions for the campaign. the effort was to get trump and so many people like me in the press corps signed up for the resistance so it is a new experience for him.
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that is just the press. remember when the worker asked him a question about hunter biden's financial dealings he snaps back, he's not patient with tough questions and hasn't had to answer them yet. we will find out if going forward he will have to answer them. todd: look at this chart. it is an extremely telling, 46% of people in our country trust traditional media. look at what it was in 2019, it was up around 57%, 58%. look at this breakdown. americans who trust traditional media broken down by party, 18% republican, 57% democrat. the media continues to flaunt if not double down on its double standard with treating parties different, why don't they care? >> the press? todd: i don't they care about
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this double standard? >> the press has always been liberal and there's nothing wrong with that. you can have a review and rate fairly and objectively. to expect people not to have views is unrealistic but think of what we had with donald trump, the august before he was elected the new york times ran a front-page op-ed saying objectivity is out the window, we can't afford this luxury in the age of trump and everyone else signed on. it is contribute to the polarization of what people are willing to watch and many on the left complain where americans are getting their news, mainstream media promoted the russian collusion narrative that was false so it is understandable if you don't give people a fair shake they will go somewhere else.
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jillian: it is split with democrats taking control of the 50/50 senate but vice president harris presiding for the first time, she will be the tiebreaker, what legislation could come up as potentially an issue when talking about immigration and covid-19 relief at the forefront? >> covid-19 relief will come up early because they want to get it up there. the president is committed to 100 million vaccines in the first hundred days. it will come up, state aid, bailing out states from the federal government but immigration is a big thing, i'm glad president biden is going to try to do this with legislation rather than a diesel the aca type order, legislation demands compromise especially when you have narrow majorities in the house and senate. we can see depending what the
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bill is and whether president biden is willing to horse trade we can see tie-breaking vote on a lot of things. also when it is 50/50 every single member of the senate is the decisive vote. if you are in the pro side of getting something past, it is gone, look what john mccain did on the repeal of obamacare. if you are the anti-side, if one of your guys -- it is done. it makes for very interesting politics. todd: decisions on two more stars for the flag or more black robes on the supreme court, it will come down to cinema before they get to harris. appreciate your time as always. jillian: still had a new call to
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force republicans from college campuses, congress and the workforce. todd: democratic dream has conservatives thinking cry me a river next. ♪♪
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jan is how are we going d program these people. >> the trump cult to be deprogrammed. off america needs deprogrammed. >> the opening-round about unity, shut up about unity. >> banning you because you are conservative, they are banning you because you suck. todd: seems like they are pretty civil. instead of calling for unity them media calling to the
2:23 am
program 74 million americans who voted for donald trump, something being echoed on at least one college campus. a smith college professor says the republican party does not have the right to exist at all. what message to central americans who don't agree with the left's values, isabel brown, this outlandish quote from this smith college professor on the republican party, loretta ross, it reads republicans are no longer entitled to exist as a legitimate political party. they are seditionist's, co-conspirators and neo-nazis hiding in plain sight. we must send an unmistakable signal that this will not be tolerated. how does any reasonable parent pay for their daughter to go to smith college when this type of dangerous language is being used? >> the reality is reasonable parents should not be okay with paying tuition for their child
2:24 am
at any college that use this hateful rhetoric. this hyperbole and extremely which from the left has only continued to escalate over time from calling conservatives deplorables in 2016 to domestic terrorists and neo-nazis that have no right to exists, in 2021. calling all conservatives not seize, a left-wing value embraced by the national socialist workers party to have government control all of society, fascism embraced by the -- in 2021. the left controlling massive corporations intent on silencing conservative voices. todd: people do not understand what the word nazi really means
2:25 am
and professor loretta knew this at some point in time, the same smith college professor said this, i'm challenging the call out culture. understand how calling out is really toxic and does alienate people and make them fearful of speaking out. why the change of heart? >> the narrative always changes when it comes to what is politically expedient. this is an new behavior especially on college campuses at turning point usa, conservative ideas are more under attack today on campus than ever before. todd: -- wants you to say. i don't know how to say these things. she, he, they, they want things
2:26 am
like her -- this is what their thesis is on that. feelings and identities will matter more than grammar rules. when colleges focus on this type of thing, will students graduate prepared for the world of work and the world in general? >> likely not though they made lots of new words and pronouns that are just made up every single day. as a biomedical scientist i have been scratching my head of the usual gender pronouns for many years but it is beyond the pale to me that all of a sudden saying nonscientific and critically incorrect terms to make people feel good on college campuses is paramount when it comes to the boundaries of campus. instead of focusing so much on the exact pronoun that needs to be used, preparing for better graduation rates or the job market to succeed afterlife after graduation.
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todd: we appreciate your time. >> still had border wall construction grinds to a halt as a deportation freeze takes effect. his honor was combined illegal immigrant out on bond, went to - doesn't want to see that happen to anyone else. ♪♪ so you want to make the best burger ever? then make it! that means selling everything. and eating nothing but cheese till you find the perfect slice... even if everyone asks you... another burger truck? don't listen to them!
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♪ hello, colonial penn? >> this pause will allow the administration to reset enforcement policies and ensure the resources are dedicated to pressing challenges and we have a fair and effective enforcement system rooted in responsibly managing order and protecting our national security and public safety. jillian: the biden administration positive deportation and shutting down construction of the southern border wall. for our next guest this is personal.
2:31 am
dan ferguson's daughter amanda was killed by an illegal immigrant on thanksgiving day in 2018 and joins me to respond to the president's new immigration policy. i hate talking to you under the circumstances that thank you for joining us. it is important to hear your side of this. i'm curious your reaction to the president's actions. >> i live in el paso, texas on the border between what is mexico and the united states and i have seen the drugs, the human trafficking, the cow trafficking, the gang violence come across the borders and i have seen the wall go up between the two cities and our crime and violence dropped 80%, 90%, i know border patrol agents personally and they love the wall. they think it is a tremendous asset, the deportation side of the coin is crazy because it opens the door for thousands of other immigrants to head to
2:32 am
america. we have seen the videos from convoys from honduras coming up, thousands of people charging the border, leaving a country that has covid-19, when they get to the united states border what is going to happen? will they wants to be vetted or given covid-19 test for vaccination? we have thousands of people in el paso in nursing homes that still haven't had their vaccination because of the shortage of it. when people get here and get across the border they won't stand wait for the trial date, they will take off across the united states and never be found again. the job market in el paso is terrible. stores closes down, farms close,
2:33 am
restaurants closed, people get vetted into the system over here. how are they going to work? where will they get jobs? unemployment is rampant in el paso. jillian: americans having a hard time, business owners losing their businesses every single day. everyone is having a hard time across this country trying to get work right now. the point you're making is valid and needs to be thought about. tell everybody what happened to your daughter and what is your message to the president and now vice president about your daughter. >> my daughter was a 28-year-old schoolteacher who worked a block from my house, she loved her job, she was an educator, she was out on thanksgiving night with her friends on thanksgiving day, she was killed by an illegal alien who was deported in 2012 for aggravated assault, he came across the border illegally again, was arrested again for another aggravated assault and released on bond.
2:34 am
he was out thursday night, drinking, didn't have a driver's license, no insurance like many of these people don't and ran two red light and killed my daughter as she was walking across the street in a crosswalk. my point, i understand the humanity of watching people come up from the border, the father carrying his daughter trying to make it to america for a better life for her family and stuff but i got to point that the way i carry my daughter now, i carry her in this. people illegally don't follow our laws, do not obey the laws and pray, hundreds of other parents have across the united states. >> thank you. you have a beautiful daughter,
2:35 am
you will continue to spread this message. i know how important it is. so sorry for your loss. >> a tough turn from that. dozens of california restaurants banding together to fight the state's covid-19 restrictions. >> 50 taking a legal action. todd: cheryl casone here with more on the legal battle. >> reporter: gavin newsom is being sued about his outdoor dining ban, wineries and businesses are you the ban violates the california constitution, this action is unfair, not based on any science. the owner of pizzeria joined you in the last hour. >> arbitrary and unfair and not sending scientific data.
2:36 am
that is all we are asking for to safely operate outdoors with all the necessary precautions. >> reporter: california has one of the wall worst covid-19 surges on the nation. it is possible to ban outdoor dining, force people to go home with one person gatherings. lori lightfoot is calling for restaurants and bars to reopen as soon as possible and don't get me started on the economic construction of this. jillian: super bowl tickets. >> reporter: if your team is lucky enough to go to the super bowl the price for a ticket will be first date. to the secondary market, you have to by four, at $6,000 was
2:37 am
the highest ticket price, 39,$000. it is 20% capacity. nothing official yet. todd: cowboys, eagles, giants. todd: american airlines making lemonade, i mean wine. >> reporter: you miss everything about flying. american airlines launching line delivery service, 13-40 for a single bottle, 50-400 for a hand-picked election of 3, 6 or 12 bottles and to clarify you get the full bottle, not the many. jillian: don't want the many.
2:38 am
todd: drinking routines with other producers, we have none of that. if you are throwing them back on the way home, before i get myself in more trouble have a great weekend. jillian: if you want to stare bernie sanders mittens you are out of luck. a picture sanders wearing them and that the inauguration has gone viral online. >> janet ellis given years ago, she's flattered people want them and doesn't have any more to sell but we invited bernie to the show and it is making its way. >> it will be around forever. todd: we will be right back. bernie didn't violate covid-19 standards.
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todd: amazon response to back lash after offers to help president biden with vaccination efforts. jillian: the help to the trump administration in the vaccine rollout. >> amazon disputing claims to help the trump administration with the coronavirus vaccine distribution efforts, it is simply wrong. >> hours after donald trump was sworn in amazon's consumer business ceo sent a letter to the white house saying the company is, quote, prepared to leverage their operation, technology, communications capability. with the vaccine distribution efforts. what senior trump administration official said is they never offered their services with amazon in a statement of fox
2:43 am
news said they met with trump's operation warp speed and offered assistance on vaccine logistics that said they were redirected to the state. amazon defending their role saying they advise the us government on testing and more throughout the pandemic. sources said amazon to communicate with the cdc during the trump administration but said there was no letter sent, no formal offer made. the trump administration has locked vaccine vaccine distributed to the state, president biden rolled out a new federal vaccine strategy. jillian: we will be right back.
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>> coming up in 13 minutes and 30 seconds on "fox and friends" florida closes in on a vaccination milestone. we talk to governor ron desantis
2:47 am
about what his status doing right. friday, it is geraldo rivera and larry elder joining us live as well. is called hard work for a reason. college in the ozarks, a fight for freedom and the future of education in america, we will talk about what they do differently. a texas team joins the u.s. navy following in the footsteps of her mother who administered the oath. do not miss a minute. >> a judge ruling in new york lawsuit to dissolve the nra to move forward. with a pro-gun control president in office what could this mean for the second amendment? todd: thanks for being here. the procedure illegal jurisdictional aspect is too complicated for the time we have. from a practical perspective can
2:48 am
the nra get a fair trial if this case is kept in the new york state district? >> reporter: no. we saw a g james's predecessor, he did use this to host the bully pulpit, just imagine if this were the state of texas coming up for planned parenthood for individual actors acting in a less than ethical manner. there would be a lot of uproar on the left because it does seem using a legal bully pulpit for individual action. the nra has 5 million members, you can't discredit this with a kkk chapter based on what you perceive as corruption on specific actors.
2:49 am
jillian: t should james on the nra from august of 2020. we came to the conclusion we needed to dissolve the organization just as we did the trump foundation. from 2018 the nra holds itself out as a charitable organization, what is your reaction? >> i hope that applies a lot of motive. comparing the trump foundation, does not have many donors, you cannot say wayne lapierre's opposes corruption, they are no longer allowed, for the charitable organization. he's not the same as the trump foundational clinton foundation or small foundation but also
2:50 am
hopefully the fact that james made clear it is a political witchhunt so it is harder for the court to let this go through. todd: the washington post fact checkers ending the false claims project to say they have no plans to start one for joe biden. during the campaign, we all laughed at times at uncle joe saying silly things that might not be truthful. now that he's commander-in-chief how dangerous is it for the washington post to not have a fact check on joe biden when they did a couple days ago for donald trump? >> glenn kessler is far from the fact checking division. at the beginning of the trump administration they did not have a trump database, he said so many things into lord keep track of them the president's
2:51 am
relationship to truth at times is a bit tenuous, just because he tweeted so much. they do not do that simply because it was involved against fact checking everything he says but they are not opposed to it. it is a question how many words does president biden say, is he on a shortly should? in the washington post, they will still fact check him regularly but there is a policy -- remains to be seen what is happening. todd: the slogan is democracy dies in darkness, we have light for one and darkness for another. we appreciate your time this morning. still ahead, congressman elect luke leffler's with a running for congress after his tragic death from kim jong un for.
2:52 am
>> julia letlow says everything in her life has prepared her for this moment. the visionary lexus nx, lease the 2021 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. . .
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potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. lasting remission can start with stelara®. if you've been financially impacted by covid-19, janssen may be able to help. todd: welcome back. the death of will congressman elect luke letlow days before he was to be sworn in office. jillian: powerful moment while standing at the same podium where her late husband made his announcement. julia announced her bid for his seat. joining us live this morning can at that time for louisiana's fifth congressional district
2:56 am
julia letlow. thanks for being here. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much for having me this morning. jillian: of course, to start, we are so sorry for the loss of your husband. i'm curious if you can tell us the moment you decided you were going to finish his mission. >> thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support. we have truly felt the prayers. luke and i were a partnership. we were a team. we have been best friends the last 8 years. lock step with each other. he was the chief of staff for congressman ralph abraham. so i had a front row seat to what happens in congress and luke would always come home and share what was going on we have always really had a heart for public service. and i knew and he always encouraged me if the opportunity ever arose for me to serve, that i would take that opportunity. so it wasn't too long after with some encouragement from congressman abraham and others that this would be the right thing to do. he would be behind it 1,000%.
2:57 am
and i had a peace in the lord that i knew that this was something that i wanted to pursue for the fifth district. todd: as for the next steps there is a special election coming up in march and here is your position on a number of the issues. you are 100 percent pro-life. you want to focus on rural development. you are a champion for education. you want to put louisiana fifth congressional district back to work. you support farmers and loggers and you support rebuilding infrastructure. that's where you stand on the issues that we all can agree or disagree on. what do you think of what has happened in our country just over the course of the last two and a half weeks following the events at the capitol? >> you know, it's been disheartening. i just -- to say the least. i really think it's a time for the divisiveness to stop and for us to come together as a country. we are the greatest country in the world. and for us to bring peace and unity and light back to a very dark time.
2:58 am
jillian: i know steve scalise has endorsed you in addition to a unof in others offering their support. i'm curious what that support means and also if you can go into a little bit more detail about your background. ph.d. in communication. have you worked at the university of louisiana at monroe. so you have said that this has given you an opportunity to redefine a vision you have going forward if you are to serve the public. so what would that mean be? >> well, the support from steve scalise and mccarthy and the rest of the louisiana delegation has meant so much to me. wow, i'm truly humbled by it. and, yes, my background in communication and higher education lends itself to a little twist to what luke's platform was when he was running. you know, education has been so important to my life all the way from early childhood to if someone wants to obtain a graduate degree. i think that education has the power to be a catalyst to lift a
2:59 am
region just as much out of poverty. and so i added that to the platform because it's something that i will truly champion. jillian: if i can ask you this, what words of your husband's do you hear, do you repeat in your head as you go forward in this? what lessons has he taught you? >> he has taught me that it is possible for one person to truly make a difference in government. and that if you go in with a servant's heart and you are really there to help your region, or your district, and you have that ever before you, then you really can't go wrong in any decision you make and any endeavor you take or project you take on. you know, i hear him very clearly in my head saying he would be so proud of me as i move forward. jillian: wow. how powerful. he was so young. gone way too soon. julia letlow, thank you. >> thank you so much. jillian: absolutely. todd: thanks, julia. i remember he was just on the show last month we were joking
3:00 am
around lsu football. jillian: carley interviewed her. todd: download the fox news app. qr code on the bought of your screen. jillian: set your did. vr every morning so you never miss a minute of "fox & friends" first. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ todd: after spending days defending our nation's capitol, thousands of national guard troops banished to d.c. parking garages. >> we feel incredibly betrayed. those are the words of one guardsman. >> your goal is 100 million vaccinations in the next 100 days. we are at that pace already. that's when biden get. >> i announced you said it's not possible. come on, give me a break. >> why weren't president biden and all members of the biden family masked as he signed an executive order that mandates mask us? >> he was celebrating an evening of historic day. >> president joe biden continues to sign a series of executive orders.


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