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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 24, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪. pete: welcome to "fox & friends." it is january 24th, 2021, year of our lord. welcome to the four hour tour all morning long. i will announce a few of them. today is national compliment day. if i say, will, you made a fantastic addition to our team. glad you're here. will: you're hair is looking nice today.
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pete: thank you. bobby pin was in. will: green is wonderful, jedediah. happy sunday to you. jedediah: i hate to stop the love-fest. i'm used you guys compliment each other. you can't compliment each other. this is a hell of a way to start the morning. will: national compliment day day. you have to follow the rules. jedediah: good morning to everyone joining us at home. we look forward to a packed four hours to come. we'll begin with this, president biden making first round of calls for world leaders since taking office. reverse trump immigration policies and form a new trade deal with the uk. david spunt is live in washington with more on the demands for the new administration. reporter: good morning. the new commander-in-chief made several phone calls to our neighbors to the north and south, mexico and canada, also the prime minister of great
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britain. the call to prime minister justin trudeau. president biden talked heavily about the keystone xl pipeline which is interesting because justin trudeau, the canadian leader expressed disappointment with the president's order to halt construction of the keystone xl pipeline which begins in canada and runs through the united states. >> it is not always going to be perfect alignment with the united states. we're much more aligned on values, on focus on the work that needs to be done to give opportunities for everyone while we build a better future. i'm very much looking forward to working with president biden. reporter: the president spoke to president lopez obrador in mexico. president biden wanted to get rid of what his administration called draconian immigration policies put in by president trump. if the call with prime minister johnson, a spokesman pressed the
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president for a new u.s.-uk trade deal. don't leave out china, a problem for the trump administration. we'll see how that turns out for the biden administration. 15 different aircraft from china entered taiwan airspace over the last few days. the u.s. has get to respond. we'll see how the u.s. responds towards china. back to you. jedediah: thanks, david so much for that update. i think president biden is quick to discover. he knows this from being vice president before the business of international business gets a little harder once you're sitting in the oval office. it is easier to talk about the things on the campaign trail, it is more challenging to hold conversations, bring out compromise, to try to improve deals, foreign alliances. we'll see where that lands with respect to the uk and canada. talk about mexico for a moment here. mexico's president has revealed biden said, he is pledging four billion dollars to develop
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development in honduras, el salvador and guatemala. that is so much money considering our country is broke. he feels improving conditions in the countries, helping improve conditions in the countries may help to lessen the number of migrants seeking to come across the border through mexico into the united states. whether or not that will work, whether or not four billion dollars would be anywhere near enough money to actually disincentivize people from coming into america and everything this country offers people once they arrive, i don't know, i have my doubts and whether or not we should be spending four billion dollars when we're broke on this initiative is h will be up for great debate. that is where he will reverse from trump immigration policies. pete: severe mismanagement of those central american countries. i did a quick check of usaid how much we have given in the past.
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honduras 85 million, guatemala 75 million in 2020. if we make everything good there with enough government spending they will stop coming to the united states but you're not actually fixing the government hal infrastructure of those companies, of those countries that would make that change. it's foolish. it's, utopian left-wing view if you throw more money at the problem it will fix it. instead all the serious things being done to protect our citizens were going away. we're ending deportations. releasing migrants. remain in mexico policy is out the window. stopping building of the wall. as you indicated jed, the world still ticks. china and lack of seriousness they have there. that could ramp up get a lot more serious a lot more quickly as well. will: you talk about putting policies into place.
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others taking advantage migrants looking to come into the united states. in america, 60% said the government, should do more to stop the caravans at the border. you talk about the utopia vision, if we unvest in central america maybe they won't head north. i'm reading a policy analyst at the migration institute, this will go to education, in part, to education and jobs for youth in america. this is while education and jobs are suffering here in the united states. house minority leader kevin mccarthy, wow this is very different than the trump administration quote, america first policy. listen. >> just look at the first week of this administration. it's russia, china, our adversaries who are benefiting, not the american people. you're right that it is america last but now he put china first. remember this is the same group called you, me, your viewers
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deplorables. now they think we have to be deprogrammed. the idea that he cut union jobs with keystone pipeline and hurt our greatest alley within canada. he has gone even further. the paris accord only benefits china. he goes forward with the movement of not making new american jobs. remember what he said just less than a week ago about unity? none of those actions have taken place. will: i think there are many people have been confused about what america first has meant to 74 million people. it means this, it is not a kind of a nationalistic fascist idea. it is obviously not white supremacy. what it is you a believe you put america's interest ahead of other countries. it is 1776, it is not 1619, it is not howard zinn. not president obama had to apologize for america's past.
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it needs its needs and its peoples needs placed first over those across this world. pete: contrast with a left that has gone completely globalist in their view. illegality conflated with legality. doesn't matter how you got here, health care for all, sanctuary policies. you need a clarifying lines of america first. it has got so confusing. you mentioned confusing. let's stick with that. socialist bernie sanders has a message with joe biden if they don't go far enough left, if they are not successful enough 2022 might be bad news. here is what bernie sanders said to a mcclatchy reporter. given all we face now is not time to think small, but big, very big. with joe biden and democrats controlling the house and senate the first time since 2010 we will be judged what we deliver for the american people in time of need. people want actions not excuses.
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let me be very clear, i have zero doubt unless we significantly improve the lives of american people this year, democrats will get wiped out in the 2022 midterms. they talk about unity yet we've seen executive actions on the far left. there is a very thin margin in the senate 50-50 with kamala harris breaking the tie. they want to go big and bold but they have barely enough votes. by the way they try to impeach the president who is no longer in office. what are the chances of delivering big in ways that help the lives of the american people? jedediah: i'm trying to figure out where the vast majority of democratic voters stand because there are those democratic voters that voted for joe biden with the expectation i think that he would govern as a moderate. that he was a safe choice. he had been in the white house, very close to the white house before. you know what? we knew what we were going to get. nothing major would happen here. he would restore some sense of diplomatic relations they felt and everything was going back to
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normal. you have also the bernie voters, those elizabeth warren voters who voted for joe biden with the expectation he would be pushed around by the aocs, by the bernie sanders, by the elizabeth warren, that he was malleable and deliver on the hard left policies. i don't know what happens here, first off. looks like joe biden based on his executive orders is leaning pretty far left. i think it depends on what the vast majority of voters wanted. who is in the majority? the bernie wing or wing who want ad moderate? will they be satisfied what joe biden is doing after the first couple years in office. i don't know. i'm not sure yet. will: i think bernie sanders is misreading the election of 2020. he sees they have power and they need to implement a progressive agenda that delivers to the american people. if you looked what happened in 2020, there was resounding rejection of identity politics, defunding police across the country.
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they think this is endorsement of their ideas. now they have the power to implement their ideas. he thinks if they don't, they will be swept out of office in 2022. i think if they do they will be swept out of office in 2022. pete: there is a difference between getting your agenda passed and improving the lives of american people. that is what he said in the statement. that is where the massive disconnect is. we have headlines, a police officer fearing for his safety plow through a crowd after they surrounded his cruiser. ii want to warn you, the video may be hard to watch. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! pete: what are you going to do. seconds before the crowd was seen shouting at officer and pounding on his windows. police say the officer was responding to a street race blocking an intersection. one person was hurt. an investigation is underway.
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amazon fighting against mail-in voting in upcoming election for unionization. the tech giant asked the national labor relations board to require thousands of alabama warehouse workers to cast their vote in person. now it has to be done in person. amazon said to insure the election is valid and fair! even pointing to the past presidential election that it can be done safely. workers will vote on whether to form a union. the election is set for february 8th. so important, got to be fair, we've got to do it in person during a global pandemic. wow, how things change in just a short period of time. overnight ufc superstar connor mcgregor knocked out by dustin poria, redeeming a 2014 lost. winning a technical knockout. thousands were stunned by the victory in the abu dhabi arena.
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mcgregor came out of retirement. after the upset win, they may bo head-to-head in the final rubber match in the future. those are the headlines. i don't know if you come out of retirement you want to finish the fight. will: his legacy one of the greatest of all time. i want to see him go out in bunch of losses. that is one. we'll see what happens in the rubber match, jedi quo. jedediah: sounds good to me. more violence erupt the overnight in portland but president biden has yet to address it. our next guest has been on the ground in portland covering the chaos and he joins us next. ♪ keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed
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♪. >> federal protective service has been declared an unlawful assembly. anyone who is deemed a threat trespassing on federal property is subject to arrest. jedediah: we are back with a fox news alert. federal law enforcement declaring an unlawful assembly in portland after demonstrates stormed a local i.c.e. facility. senior writer julio roses was there on inauguration day covering the arrest. thanks for being with us. we know you have covered extensive violence happening in portland right now. first and foremost, why are they rioting? >> they just hate the united states. so therefore it doesn't mat per a democrat is in office. they hate joe biden. they made that abundantly clear on inauguration day after they attacked the democratic headquarters. this really shows that critics last summer blamed federal law enforcement on the riots at the federal courthouse saying that it was their fault for that why
3:18 am
unrest is happening but this shows that portland just likes to riot against the government. it happened before the federal courthouse and obviously now it is happening afterwards. we're going to see this continue as long as there is a federal government presence. even if that were to go away they would go after the local law enforcement. jedediah: the white house press secretary-general saki was asked if she had spoken to joe biden about the riots in seattle and portland. she was asked this on friday. listen to her response. >> does the president have any comments on the violence in oregon and washington state? >> i haven't spoken specifically about those events, that our national security team and homeland security advisor is closely monitoring of course. jedediah: julio, my response would have been to her, why not? why haven't you spoken to him? are you surprised by the comment she gave and what should president do here? >> i'm not surprised at all. you have to remember when the
3:19 am
riots were wide sped across the country last year it took a long time for president joe biden and the democratic party to come out forcefully to condemn the violence that was going on. unfortunately that kind of non-answer, we're monitoring it, doesn't surprise me at all. he have really has to come out and just as he did with the capitol riot which i also covered saying that was bad. he needs to come out and say that the continued unrest that is affecting the hoe call population in portland and elsewhere is also bad. tough remember, this is happening, that i.c.e. facility is happening in a neighborhood. jedediah: do you hear from residents in these neighborhoods? what are they saying? seems would be a terrifying time to live in these praises? >> like i said that i.c.e. facility across the street on a couple of apartment complexes when i was there on inauguration night they were upset, not necessarily at law enforcement
3:20 am
but upset at antifa groups. people were coming out of the balcony, asking the antifa group to go home. they were upset. in fact one man was cheering on the portland police bureau when they came out to respond. he was cheering them on to arrest everybody, this is happening at heaven okay at night. this really -- 11:00 at night. this really disturbed them. jedediah: is unsustainable. this is despicable what is going on. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. jedediah: still ahead while new jersey student athletes are getting a chance to play again fans are not allowed to watch. a petition is growing to let fans back in the stands. one high school athlete that signed the petition joins us next. ♪ daddy?
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♪. pete: we're back with quick headlines. disney plus blocks movies like "peter pan" and dumbo. for kids under age 7. it violates the content guidelines by depicting racist stereotypes. to watch they have to play the movie through an adult account. oh, boy. get ready to rock out with the king of rock and roll ♪ looking for trouble, you came to the right place. you looking for trouble, just look right in my face ♪ pete: elvis' iconic 1968 comeback special will be
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available streaming only on "fox nation." no dumbo on disney plus. will: new jersey student athletes are finally getting back into the game. they fans cannot exceed 10. governor murphy has a proposal to let fans watch at 50% capacity with masks and social distancing. that 50% is the same for stores and restaurants and movie theaters in the state. high school seniors, captain of the brick memorial high school team signed the petition. she joins me now along with her parents buy and anita. good morning to all of you, thank you for being with us. >> good morning. will: good morning again. tell us about this you're playing your senior year. i believe your senior year, right? >> yes. will: you're having to do it largely without your family in attendance? >> yes. i've been playing basketball
3:26 am
since fourth grade. my parents have been with me every step of the way taking me to all the games, going to all practices, going to all the games. it would be a shame for them not to come my final year. will: i can imagine. i'm a father. i have children that play sports as well. i know how important this is. you only get so many moments in life to watch your kids compete. that inspired you to write a letter to the governor's office. >> yesit did. that is what provoked it. thank you for having us on the show. our kids have missed on on prom, homecoming games, football. this the is culmination of it, her sport, basketball her senior season. it is shame to be one more thing these kids are missing out on, with a shortened season and no fans, not even the family able to watch them. i felt it was time tore someone to speak up. just ask the governor, please, you know, we'll get the double
3:27 am
standards that are here and we'll get the science. i think having 20 to 30 parents spaced out inside of the biggest room in a school a gymnasium. that is reasonable. that is something that can be done safely,. will: brian, did you hear back from the governor's office to the letter you sent in. >> unfortunately i have not. i shared that with our senators, sheriff, local mayor. all were very prompt in our response. they shared the same feelings that we did on both sides of the aisle that is lot of these rules don't make sense there is some hypocrisy in this. you know, they brought it to the governor. they assured me it was on his desk. they spoke with his chief of staff, but, no, i have not heard back from governor murphy yet. will: the governor's office released a statement. they said the follow, governor murphy repeated i allowed science, data, facts to guide the strategies during the pandemic. the administration continues to review all relevant science and
3:28 am
data and when appropriate raise indoor gathering limits which is set at 10 people with limited exceptions. anita, there are two sides, the rational logical side, follow science. look at what other indoor activities are allowed to do. then there is the emotional we talked about the at beginning. see your daughter go through this important time. both are leading in your direction. let us watch alexis play. >> exactly. it is frustrating to see when you're driving around, even going into public places, buzzing with people and you can see area schools opening up around us and, we remain hybrid. we ask this small request, have a couple of parents come and see their children play and, this would be sort of like a baby step towards that goal. will: you know, i am guilty of sometimes getting obsessive about this. i'm not at practice. i ask my wife, send me pictures.
3:29 am
love to see videos. i want to see everything that happens. i can't imagine missing games. i can feel for you as many parents watching do. alexis, before we go, tell us how the season is going both for the team and yourself? we don't get to see it. unfortunately your parents don't either. give us an update. how is the team doing? >> right now we're coming back from quarantine and, and the practices have been difficult in a way because we had to do virtually. we had to go over the plays. our first game is on saturday. we haven't had a scrimmage yet to pack tis before the game. it will be a little difficult but i think it will go pretty well. will: hopefully the other team gets limited practice by the same restrictions you are. hopefully everybody will be on the same playing field. pete: practice? will: my kids do that to through zoom, it is incredible. alexis, bryan, anita, thank you so much for your time.
3:30 am
>> thanks for having us. will: best of luck this season. i hope to see your kids play. many states force businesses to shut their doors, south dakota governor kristi noem pledged to keep her state open. guess what, the unemployment fallen to before pre-pandemic levels. sean and rachel duffy are here next. ♪ loves me. loves me not. new neutrogena® skin balancing! 3 made-for-you formulas with 2% pha exfoliate and condition for soft, balanced skin. find the one. neutrogena®
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♪. jedediah: as blue state governors keep their states locked down governor governor ce nome. pete: state unemployment dropped .4% since september much 2019. we have former wisconsin congressman sean duffy, and host moms on "fox nation," ray kel pam rachel campos duffy. pete: what do you make that, either one of you, what do you make of the fact that the unemployment rate in south dakota is at this moment is down from where it was when so many other places were locked down. >> what it tells me, pete,
3:35 am
freedom still works. that americans move with their feet. in south dakota they have no income tax, kristi noem is so great. she kept her economy open. even with mask mandates, people get information and make choices for them. we were in south dakota a couple weeks ago. our kids were amazed they could go to a restaurant without wearing a face mask. if you have that environment that is place people want to go to. if you look at new york and california people are fleeing those areas going to places like south dakota, texas and florida. that is where people can live their lives freely from the overpowerful and overbearing government. >> i have to say pete, will, jed, good morning, she is also a tough cookie. she got a lot of criticism when there was an outbreak i believe in a plant somewhere, a meat plant. pete: yeah. >> they called her a science denier. they tried to accuse her of murder, things that weren't hurled at governor cuomo who is
3:36 am
having much more problems but she stood strong. i know what is right for my state. i trust my people. lo and behold look at these numbers. i want to add one other thing. i think one of the silver linings of covid that a lot of parents have been doing a lot of soul-searching about what they want for their families and you know, people want more time outdoors. i know sean took a trip to yellowstone with our boys back in may and june. she has one of the most beautiful states for outdoor ventures and she's really capitalized on that. she has had huge amount of tourism in her state. she is using all the taxes that she is bringing in to expand you know, make those resources more available. >> she said put down the xbox and pick up the tackle box. as families, to go to more open spaces, let the kids run free instead of cities. there is movement in america where people want to live. south dakota has a lot of room
3:37 am
and an awesome governor. i think that is why you're seeing the unemployment rate. >> they social distance for living lifestyle, how we do things here in rural wisconsin. jedediah: i want to ask you both about a particular bill that house democrats are proposing. it is called the american family act. let's look at some aspects of that bill. it offers 300-dollar monthly checks, 3600 a year for families with a child under the age of 6 years old. 250-dollar monthly checks, $3,000 a year for families with kids between six and 17. those ages, is this a good idea, bad idea, why? >> you trying to start fights here? >> we have a little bit after disagreement on this one. will: y'all would get a pretty good check. >> true. we have nine kids. so, could be pretty good. go ahead, rachel. >> i say we're a society that wants to you know, support families. we say we want to support families. we say that you know, we care about that, we value it.
3:38 am
i'm okay with that. i think it is just fine. he of course you know, having been in congress, having been in the financial services committee, he is kind of like, looking at the budget of our country and wondering where the money is coming from. i admit i'm generally in this marriage able to justify expense as little better than sean. >> she doesn't pay the bills. when you pay the bills it is different. my view is i'm sensitive to hardships families go through and i want parents comfortable raising kids and freedom financially to do that we're $3 trillion in debt. where does this money come from, number one? number two, democrats say this is poverty fighting mechanism and covid relief mechanism. if you want to fight positive vert open up the american economy. stop with all the biden regulations. maybe we have more jobs in the pipeline industry instead of shutting jobs like biden will do with the keystone pipeline. also let's start illegal
3:39 am
immigration. biden will open this up and illegal immigration is bringing people in to compete with the poorest americans, driving their wages down, instead of allowing competition to drive the wages up. this is better resources for us to help poor people with kids than just giving checks. we have a better economy and better wages and better opportunity moving forward. we disagree on this. will: child tax credit seems one thing. every time we turn around there is another recurring check being proposed from the democratic party. i couldn't keep up. i did it this summer. went to yellowstone, stunning. i have to ask where did you go to south dakota, are not the black hills a hidden dem in this country? >> they're axe shootly amazing. we weren't to north dakota. not as beautiful as south dakota. i've been south couple times. it is absolutely gorgeous. no wonder people are flocking to the state. this is my first time, will, going to yellowstone. it was amazing. i'm almost 50 years old, first time there you have got to go. >> a lot of families are
3:40 am
rediscovering america. that is one of the benefits of covid-19 both in the family life. people can't go to europe or other places. we sure have a gorgeous country. will: thus concludes the south dakota tourist bureau segment. >> i feel like i should get something. will: thanks for being with us this morning. turning now to a few additional headlines. pope francis can sells upcoming appearances due to nerve pain in his back. the vatican says the pope will not deliver mass or evening prayer at st. paul's basilica. the 84-year-old skipped previous events because of nerve pain and ceremonies. it is raising questions about his planned trip to iraq in march. a man's attempt to show off his $100,000 ends terribly wrong. watch this. >> watch. will: mercedes going up in flames as the man tried doing a burnout for guests at a wedding.
3:41 am
obviously. obviously in australia. reportedly won a luxury car in a ralph last year was trying to sell it. now his car is completely ruined. police charged him with negligent driving. no one was hurt. disney world is selling grilled cheese on doughnuts. ever glazed doughnuts and cold brew shop at disney springs offering the sweet and cheesy item. the shop's grilled cheese is already served on a sweet griddle bun. you can substitute it for a glazed doughnut for one dollar more. those are the headlines. that is too much, i think. pete: has to be tried though. will: maybe, count me as skeptic pete: if chicken and waffles is good, that can be good. jedediah: you're not a big disney guy maybe can persuade you. i love disney world, if they have the classic food item you need to try maybe you would be persuaded to go to disney?
3:42 am
pete: take a s.w.a.t. team to go to disney at gunpoint. i would like to try that. buy it to me or send it to me in the mail i would appreciate that. jedediah: the mail? will: come on in, rick, tell us about the weather across the country. rick: seems like make that one. i don't think i have to go to disney. take a doughnut, cut it in half, throw a slice of cheese, throw it in the microwave you're good to go. feels very much like winter across the northeast. these are the actual air temperatures. 7 in albany, new york. it is breeze i s factor in the wind, feels much colder, minus 11. one in boston. the cold air is definitely in place. gets better next couple days. the cold air settled in across parts of the northern plains. will remain cool at least the next number of days. don't get a big warm upcoming. i think we have warmer air
3:43 am
coming back in pretty soon. a couple of storms we'll watch. one is coming across the parts of the upper plains. we'll see this develop throughout the day. a little farther to the south of this, maybe a little bit of mixing. be careful on the roads. it could be pretty icy. we'll turn attention to parts of the southeast with rain and snow, possibly flooding. certainly drought relief. guys, back to you? will: thank you, rick. jedediah: thanks, rick. rick: you bet. jedediah: president biden is signing a flury of executive orders to help struggling americans. are the order encouraging people not to find work? we'll discuss that next. want to sell the best burger in every zip code? add an employee.
3:44 am
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3:47 am
refuse a job and still collect on insurance even double down on his desire for a 15-dollar for federal minimum wage. will this help get americans back to work? let's bring in pennsylvania gop representative mike jones, owner of loxley's restaurant in lancaster, pennsylvania, matt rose. thank you boeing for being here. matt, start with you. as a business owner if you're told from washington, d.c., 15-dollar minimum wage is required, all the benefits are going up, people can file unemployment for any reason they deem necessary, what does that do to your ability to stay open to provide good jobs to people? >> it clearly makes it a lot more difficult. national minimum wage that's across the board is illogical to me. you have, you know, $15, for example, in pa, the median household income is $61,000. if you have a couple and they're
3:48 am
both working 40 hours, no overtime, they're making 62,000 at that number. so you can see that doesn't make a whole lot ever sense. i don't think it is necessary either. we currently, we don't have one person making minimum wage in our business. will: pete: market is driving who you pay, at what level. ultimately you have margins to meet. when someone from d.c. tells you all needs to change you have to make changes in prices and elsewhere. representative, what are you hearing from business owners across your district? when you see the policies, heavy-handed, top down, government handouts effectively, what does that do to the incentive for work and employers to provide more jobs? >> our businesses here have been crushed by the governor's over, you know, abuse of power quite frankly, with the, with the business shutdowns and so forth because of covid which were over the top here. this, we just keep piling on these small and mid-sized
3:49 am
businesses and they can't take anymore. the other thing too is, you know this, it makes no allowance for the difference in geographies. even within pennsylvania much less the nation, $15 in philadelphia you will not feel that very much, but get some poor, rural areas of pennsylvania, it makes no sense at all. you have to adjust to the cost of living. they're playing politics at the expense of business owners and good economic rationale here. pete: matt, it used to be when a employee was laid off they can collect unemployment. but now because of covid they can as well. are you concerned they make more on unemployment than come back to work, how does that affect the workforce? >> sure. last summer that very thing happened. when there was a 600-dollar federal stipend, same issue as national minimum wage. why is it the same number across the country.
3:50 am
each area should be adjusted for the standard of living in that area. pete: amazing part about this, gentlemen, the one thing business owners really want is the one thing washington doesn't want to give, to allow them to reopen and do what they do so well, responsibly with their employees and their customers. that is what they don't talk about. all the government tinkering they do. representative mike jones and matt derose, thank you for joining us. >> thanks very much. pete: got it. one buffalo bills fan celebrating a victory. mean the man who beat cancer and marked the occasion the only way bills fans do. [cheering] >> yea.
3:51 am
when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at
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♪. [cheering] >> yea! will: bills super fan, buffalo bills super fan victor nielsen going viral for smashing a table. bills mafia, normally does this. this is how they celebrate. he did it just like that in buffalo bills style after being officially declared cancer-free. that is epic video will warm the hearts of the biggest chiefs fan. pete: we'll find out about that, ahead of their afc championship game that occurs today. jedediah: that fan, victor nielsen, joins us now. victor, welcome to the show. >> good morning. jedediah: we love your video even more your story you're cancer-free, which is amazing news. tell us about your journey. >> it started in august
3:55 am
diagnosed with lymphoma. i had a mass above my heart, aorta, went through intense chemotherapy past five months. nice having the bills nice distraction everything going on in the world, especially going on in the family with the cancer. it has been a bumpy road. all culminated this thursday, being able to ring the bell. will: what an awesome story, victor. i see it on the corner of your shoulder, the patch on your shirt, crucial catch. in august you must have done a good job catching it early, getting on this. that is quite a battle. hooks like you achieved victory in pretty record time? >> yeah. it was long, but it went by pretty fast surprisingly. it seemed to anyway. pete: pete the reason this video went viral on the first days you recovered jump on a table from a
3:56 am
chair. most people wouldn't want to do. bills fan love to do it. what is it about smashing a table bills are drawn to? >> i to be honestly i don't know the history. i started years ago in tailgating. since the years we weren't very good. people got bored tailgating and started thinking of different ways to entertain themselves i guess. they started jumping off of cars or what not. it was actually my wife's idea. will: can you see victor upholding a another bills tradition in the video. can you identify what it is. pete: i didn't see it? will: wearing zubaz pants from the late '80s, early '90s. >> that's right. jedediah: victor, thank you so much for being with us. that video put a smile on some faces, ours included. every one can find victor's gofundme, benefiting the lukemia and lymphoma site at
3:57 am
"fox & friends".com. >> thank you very much. thanks for having me on. jedediah: this afternoon on fox catch the nfc championship game between the tampa bay bucs and green bay packers. still to come, maria bartiromo, nancy grace right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ with so many new pet owners, your groomers can't keep up.
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...going up against this guy... and pitching your idea 100 times. no, no, no! no. i like it. -he likes it! ...and you definitely love that. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, banking and live bookkeeping. ♪. jedediah: happy 7:00 a.m., everyone. we're so glad you're with us this morning. it is a beautiful day. it is really cold out but it's beautiful. it is so beautiful, crisp air opens the lungs right up. i'm here with hegseth and will cain. pete: might be a where we pair a
4:01 am
zubaz. victor the bill's fan awesome story, wearing zuba-z. i don't know if you ever jed, owned a pair of zubaz. he called it zubaz. that is how i stands behind it. that is not. i own ad pair over years, currently a pair of viking zubaz. here is the pronouncement. boom. there you go. will: i checked. how long have you been calling them zubaz? 30 years. do you own any pairs? pete ownses multiple pairs of zubaz including purple and gold. pete: they're not in my drawer. they're not storage area. i will break them out for you anytime if you want.
4:02 am
will: you can call them zubaz. fox news alert, protesters engage in clash with police overnight. watch. [drums playing] will: the group taking over streets, calling for the abolishment of i.c.e. jedediah: federal agents declaring the gathering an unlawful assembly using tear gas to help disperse the crowd. pete: one protester rioter, taken into custody. unclear how many arrests were made. this comes days after they damaged the i.c.e. building and dnc headquarters. clash with i.c.e. agents, some arrest, seemingly no consequences. i have yet to see the national guard called in to make sure peace is brought to this area.
4:03 am
we had julio roses senior writer at who covered the riots from the beginning, on the program earlier. he explained what is going on? >> they jumps hate the united states. therefore it doesn't matter if a democrat is in office. they hate joe biden. they made that abundantly clear on inauguration day after they attacked the democratic headquarters. this really shows that critics last summer blamed federal law enforcement on the riots at the federal courthouse saying that it was their fault for that, why the unrest was happening. but this shows that portland just likes to riot against the government. it happened before the federal courthouse and obviously now it is happening afterwards. we'll see this continue as long as there is a federal government presence. even if that were to go away, they would go after the local law enforcement. will: it is happening going on what is it, seven, eight months this has been taking place. seattle's interim police chief has had enough apparently.
4:04 am
vows a crackdown after rioters got away with no charges following violence on inauguration day. this is what you're dealing with in seattle. first. according to seattle's police department, this is interim chief adrian diaz. doesn't matter who is in the presidential office. it is really a matter understanding people are just out there for destruction. that is what they're about. we don't have any form of accountability for people, am of them are coming from outside of the city, they will continue to do that destruction and we can't have that. so what is it about? you heard julio talk about it, destruction, chaos, nihilism, anarchy. for many the process, the destruction also, is a very malleable definition. hard to pin down. i want you to listen to, i read for you with one of those protesters marched on wednesday night, sheena, had to say about the destruction. direct action quote, is beyond the picket sign in the street. it is taking that a step further. it willing to be confrontational if needed.
4:05 am
sometimes you have to be willing to be uncomfortable, make others uncomfortable. that is where growth happens. i don't think you can be violent against a window. if you say everybody who does something that is perceived to be bad makes me uncomfortable is a terrorist people need to take stock of why they think that. so jedediah, it is not violence to crack out a window but this is from the same side of the aisle often says words are violent. jedediah: yeah. i think that is an important point. that property destruction is being minimized like that. this idea that if you're not inflicting violence on someone, another person, it doesn't cause any harm. these are store fronts. these are businesses, these are people's apartments. these are their homes. these are communities where they send their kids to school. they go grocery shopping. they want to feel safe. the idea that property destruction isn't terrifying when it is happening next door to you or across the street from you is absurd. that is very important to acknowledge, to repeat over and
4:06 am
over again it doesn't matter who is in white house. they don't care. the talking point for a long time this was because you know, president trump was in the white house. it was rejection of president trump. it was about republicans. it was about -- no, it wasn't. it was about the country. it was about our system. it was about our justice system. it was about law enforcement, underfinishings what we stand for. in large part a rejection of that. now president biden, look what is happening. that is very important distinction to be made. these people aim to destroy regardless of what political party is sitting there. they don't care. pete: next time i disagree with someone i punch them in the mouth. it is for their personal growth. this ultimately benefits you. that is the perspective, any violence is justified. you point out out, republicans or democrats, portland, seattle, they are rioting against the government. they have insurrection every night, every night extremists on
4:07 am
the seat are pushing it. will, we talked about the break, ongoing conversation about january 6th. no one is justifying, but at the same time we're seeing new bread crumbs of new phrases like domestic violent extremism. we haven't covered it much on this program and we will, there is a threat assessment done bit dni, dhs, fbi, could be used as foundation to go after domestic violent extremist. not the antifa type we're seeing every single night, we're talking about maybe supporters of president, america first, stop the steal, they could be the focus of that, including their involvement of january 6th, regardless of it. it's a scary moment. will: look democratic congressman hakim jeffries, do away with bail. put them in jail, throw away the key. assistant former fbi directors are high-fiving idea, doing away with america's constitutional norms by the power of a definition. we move on.
4:08 am
president biden essentially discrediting the covid-19 vaccine. he tell as group of mayors, masks, not vaccinations are the single best defense, one day saying there is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic. here is joe biden talking about masks versus vaccinations. >> we're expanding testing which will help your schools and businesses reopen safely and protect the most vulnerable among us. we formalized the health equity task force to insure equity is at the core of everything we do both in urban and rural communities alike. at the same time we need to work together to slow the spread of covid. in the next few months masks, not vaccinations are the single best defense that we have against covid-19. jedediah: so i'm assuming that we're going to hear, you know, people in the medical community come out, media analysts come out and talk about how
4:09 am
ridiculous that is? is he saying that the little cloth masks that you can buy in the store we're all being told, these little cloth masks, if you sneeze, stuff comes out of the sides more effective than a vaccine? is another odd, this looks like the type of speech that politicians give that make people really loathe politicians. plus the fact it is completely inaccurate. back-to-back that he said a few days earlier, there is nothing we can do to the change the trajectory of the pandemic. let's remind people what he said, we'll take a look at that. >> if we fail to act there will act wave of evictions, foreclosures in the coming months as the pandemic rages on. there is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months. the bottom line is this, we're in a national emergency. we need to act like we're in a national emergency. we got to do it together. i don't believe democrats or republicans are going hungry and losing jobs. i believe americans are going
4:10 am
hungry and losing their jobs. we need the tools to fix it. have the tools to get this virus under control and our economy back on track. we have the tools to help people. so let's use the tools. jedediah: yeah. this is more political speak as i said yesterday. this word salad that politicians give ultimately say nothing except the fact he is saying, one thing that does stand out oh, there is nothing we can do to change the trajectory. he was voted in large part because people thought he was going to change the trajectory. they felt that oh, you know, everyone is saying donald trump is not handling this properly or not handling that properly or i like the way donald trump is handling covid, i will vote for joe biden. he will do something differently. essentially coming out there is nothing else can be done, we need to let this play out? that is not -- feet pete said for months and months, directly, send us to the white house we're johnny-on-the-spot right now. we show up not much we can do
4:11 am
about it. our big new plan is, donald trump's vaccine and masks. will: maybe we can tie this segment together with this, the acceptable double standard from everyone out there. joe biden can say i have a plan. when he gets into office i don't have a plan. talk about the approach what happened on january 6th, what is happening seattle, how you apply it, what you want to do it coming from our government leaders. the double standard you got wrong. i want to correct you on something. you're not allowed to punch somebody in the face, and that is gross. they're allowed to punch you in the mouth and you respond with words that is violence pet pete ultimately because of my political perspective they would not be growing. will: not punch them, respond with mean words that would be violence. one correction, disagreeable words, disagreeable words, that is violence. breaking windows, punching you is gross. pete: turning to the headline. the fbi is investigating a
4:12 am
explosion at a los angeles church. a homemade bomb was tossed into first works baptist church. it was vandalized. thank fullingly there is is hurt. there there is petition to get the church out of the committee with 15,000 signatures. soldiers were seen taking photos rotunda capitol tours have been shut down. troops returned to the ground thursday night after being relocated into arrest in a parking garage. the incident sparked outrage. a teacher virtually dancing with his kindergarten students is winning online hearts. ♪♪ ♪ i'm so happy, i'm so happy being with you ♪
4:13 am
>> go sophia. go darling. pete: the teacher, actually the principal of st. david's school in virginia, teaching the class with his partner, while searching for a teacher to fill the position. those are your headlines. right there. jedediah: i love it. i totally love it. i feel like kids, that is when they pay attention, they learn stuff. they feel engaged. that is kind of teacher everyone wanted to have when they were in kindergarten would be way better in person. you're right there. coming up progressive democrats are pressuring president biden to end the federal death penalty. our next guest prosecutes some of the country's worst criminals. he supports the penalty. he will explain why next. ♪
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♪. jedediah: los angeles county district attorney is calling on president joe biden to commute the sentences of all federal death row inmates. it comes as 35 progressive democrats in congress penned their own letter to biden demanding he undo trump's quote, karn imagine. our next guest who tries some of the most severe crimes in the country supports the penalty. los angeles county district attorney john hatami joins us now. john, this is highly controversial topic. we appreciate you being here to talk about. why do you support the death penalty. >> good morning, and thank you. the law is the law. the prosecutor doesn't create
4:18 am
the law but a good honorable prosecutor creates the law. president biden voted for the death penalty act of 1994. that is the law of the land in the united states a small group of progress serves prosecutors shouldn't be able to change the law by writing a letter to the president. we're a country of laws created by the people. the death penalty is reserved for the worst crimes. even in california, as early as 2016 the majority of californians voted for the death penalty. and the majority of americans support the death penalty. the worst crimes do deserve the worst punishment under the law. timothy mcveigh killed 168 people, 19 of those were children. 19 children who were in a day-care on the bottom floor of the federal building. timothy mcveigh said he had no sympathy for killing the children. even president clinton said that justice in that case needed to be swift and severe.
4:19 am
dylan ruth walked into a church and assassinated nine african-american churchgoers. he was a known and admitted white supremacist. even president biden, who was the vice president at the time said dylan was a coward and justice needed to be served. the family members of the victims and the loved ones that are left behind, they deserve justice. they deserve closure. progressive prosecutors say that the death penalty -- yes, sorry. jedediah: no, i think it is really important the points that you made. i want to play devil's advocate, get your opinion. what do you say to those that feel it is not the job of the state to take a life? or talk about how some people who die received the death penalty were actually innocent or some people on death row are exonerated, to them that is justification for abolishing it? what is your reaction to comments like that? >> well, first off, like i said
4:20 am
we're a country of laws. my job is to follow the law. if the laws do change i will respect that, but right now that is the law of the land in the united states and the law of the land in california. i can tell you when they say that the death penalty is final or irreversible, killing 19 children is final. killing nine church guyers is final. the torch murder of gabriel fernandez. that was final. he was tortured to death. he had 11 fractured ribs. he was starved to death. he had bbs embedded in his skin. his penis was cut. he was force fed cat litter, catastrophes sees. he was force fed his vomit had to sleep in a box for eight months that was final. the death penalty, it is reserved for the worst ever the worst crimes. i support the law. jedediah: john hatami, thank you for joining us today. this is obviously a super
4:21 am
controversial and difficult topic. we appreciate your legal perspective. >> thank you so much. jedediah: still ahead president biden's plan to raise taxes is getting a whole lot of mileage because you might have to pay based on how far you drive. one man who drives trucks for a living says this is just going to hurt the middle class. eese. ♪ ♪ after we make grilled cheese, ♪ ♪ then we're eating grilled cheese. ♪ ♪ because it's time. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ ♪ time for grilled cheese. ♪
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4:24 am
♪. pete: time now for your news by the numbers. first 128. that is how many godiva chocolate stores are closing in the u.s. the company says due to drop in sales at brick-and-mortar stores during covid-19. next, 900, how many propane tanks were packed inside of a new york warehouse. the bidding manager admitted to
4:25 am
ordering tanks to resell them to restaurants and businesses that need heat for outdoor dining. he is charged with reckless endangerment. 50,000 bucks is the cost for this cold war bunker t was built in 1961 to withstand a nuclear blast. you can only get inside hope opening a hatch an climbing down a rusty ladder. once you do that you get to live underground. will: 50,000 huh? pete: 50 grand. will: tell me when you put in the bid. pete: do you own the land? will: joe biden's infrastructure plan, his transportation nominee is considering taxing americans based on number of miles they drive. >> bear in mind as vehicles become more efficient, we pursue electricification, there will be questions whether the gas tax can be effective at all. this is lot suggested about the vehicle miles. if we're committed to idea user
4:26 am
pays, part of how you might do that would be based on vehicle miles traveled. will: our next guest is a truck driver who warns this would further burden those in the middle class and rural america. he joins us now. geno, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. will: you bet. what do you think of pete buttigieg's idea of a vehicle miles tax? >> you know what? it comes to, will, this administration said they were going to build back better. they were going to make everything better for the middle class. since the first day they won he wants to get rid of the keystone pipeline, they're coming at us. seems like the last four years we had a government working for us. now we have a government working at us. if you look at this country, this is a big country. we have people that work in our country, drive 30 or 40 miles to work. the people who are very rich are not driving to work every day. the ones that have the least amongst us, they're pretty much taking care of to the tune where they can get by.
4:27 am
it is always the middle class paying these bills. it is always middle class they're coming after and coming at. it is just, you find out, when you go to fill your gas tank up, $35 a week. you wait until it is $65 a week. you want to talk about an increase in taxes. will: right. many pointed out couple days into office, talking about oil and gas jobs lost in the state of new mexico. keystone xl pipeline jobs. i think if pete buttigieg were here, listen this, is something designed to help because as more electric cars hit the road they need to be paying their way as well. so a gas tax, for example, won't cover, when we get these hybrid and electric cars out there using up the roads as well. what do you say to that? >> not everybody is going to have an electric car. they're acting like it is going to be tomorrow. we're going to transition to electric vehicles at some point. but for them to start now, for, you know that tax they have on gas and diesel is not going to go away.
4:28 am
they will add this. you will have to track everywhere. i don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, government knows where you are, how many miles you drove. i don't want them next to me in my car all day or my truck all day. will: right. >> there is nothing thing they're governing at us, instead of governing for us. will: two points. adding a miles per travel tax will not come in lieu of but in addition. doing away with one putting other in place. the privacy point needs to be underscored. if the government knows where you're going at all times, some say already do with our phones, adding vehicle mile tax, the government is keeping up wherever you go. geno very good point on the privacy issues. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thanks for having me again. i appreciate it. will: as a new caravan is set to head to the u.s., exclusive memos reveal chaos in i.c.e. facilities if they are forced to stop deportations. we'll speak to retired acting i.c.e. director next.
4:29 am
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4:33 am
future. release them all immediately. will: former border patrol chief ron vitello served as acting i.c.e. director under president trump. ron, what do you make of this hearing from the administration? >> there is no justification for this. what we're seeing in this administration, we're going soft on immigration enforcement and we're going soft at the border. think about the idea if you came here before november 2020, you're in the country illegally, and maybe you committed crimes, maybe you didn't, you're working illegally, et cetera, but when immigration officers, i.c.e. agents or border patrol agents find you in the country this memo says we're not going to take action against you. we're not going to put you in deportation proceedings, we're not going to arrest you, even worse, you have to contemplate that situation before you can stop and ask questions. so think about this, you know, border patrol checkpoint or somewhere in the interior of the country, basically shutting down
4:34 am
immigration enforcement across the country for 100 days. if this is the baseline, if this is where the administration is starting to pull back on immigration enforcement, i think we're in a bad pace as it relates to public safety, as it relates to trying to control the border and what we're trying to do for homeland security. jedediah: so, ron, let's talk about these caravans for a moment because these caravans are coming here because they believe they will be let in for whatever reason, they feel that joe biden is going to issue an order to open things up and let them in. biden team coming out saying they will not be allowed in. what happens then? >> why do we have caravans? why did we have them before, why did we have them now? this candidate biden, now the president put a signal out that says we're going to stop border wall construction. we're going to end the accords with mexico to repatriate people who are seeking asylum in the united states and have their hearings in mexico. we're going to discontinue the accords we have with the
4:35 am
northern triangle as it relates to asylum. there is a signal going out to the rest of the world. right now only a problem in this hemisphere. but it could expand. basically what we're saying is, when you come to the border with a child, if you come and seek asylum in the united states we're going to let you in, we're going to process you for asylum. we'll have you go wherever you want to be in the united states. so the gains that we made in the last three years, the assistance we got from mexico and the northern triangle will now be dissolved. we'll go back to where we were in 2014 under the obama-biden administration. under2018 when people came to the border with their children, families. now weeing going back to the same scenario. we now how this ends, large numbers of people coming to the border because they will, they're going to come into the country. they will be processed by border patrol and customs border protection officers, they will be released into the country. pete: we know how it ends because we've seen it before,
4:36 am
ron, catch-and-release. you mentioned signaling. here are the policies the end state of that signaling for joe biden as you right now. as you mentioned 100 day pause on deportation. no one is being deported. eight year path formed citizenship for 11 million illegals. halting construction of border wall. stop remain in mexico policy. seems every single tool at disposal of border patrol and i.c.e. is being removed. is that effectively an open border policy? >> it is. because you're incentivizing people to send their children or to come with their families to the border because they know now under this where we're signaling, the incentive is, if you come here we're not going to try to detain you. we're not trying to deport you, not enforce the law at the border. in the interior it effectively shuts down anything i.c.e. can do at the border. the memo we're talking about says if they're contemplating making an arrest from somebody been here doesn't have a
4:37 am
criminal conviction they have to get the director's signature or director's approval to take enforcement action. so you're telling people that would be coming to the united states that effectively we're not going to enforce the law for 100 days. we're going to change policies to reflect, you know, this administration's going soft on the border. will: we'll do nothing for 100 days. later, we'll get to the bigger measures that will reward you migrating north. ron, thank you so much for your time this morning. >> good to be with you. will: you bet. jedediah. jedediah: we'll turn to headlines for you now. a las vegas man is accused of taking advantage of covid relief money meant for small business. federal prosecutors say he purchased a brand new bentley convertible as well as a tesla after getting two million dollars in relief. he allegedly used the ppp loan money to buy two condos, that's right, two, on the las vegas strip. a judge denied him bail at a hearing last week.
4:38 am
sports fans calling on the atlanta braves to change their name to honor the late hank aaron. one said they should call themselves the hammers the owed to aaron's hammering hank. they said the name is a tribute to native americans. aaron passed away in his sleep on friday. he was 86. biden administration defending the decision to remove the churchill bust from the oval office. it was based on people's values, trust, not just a bust. president obama removed the bust when he entered office in 2009. it was restored in the oval office by president trump. those are the headlines. will: how it is win ton churchhill became a partisan football, traded between the republican and democratic administrations? how did that happen? jedediah: everything is. everything is a partisan football. pete: he has to be racist at some level.
4:39 am
if i googled it in 10 seconds, actually it is, lieutenant churchhill was involved in colonial wars and ultimately that residue of the british empire which has to go away to forget our history. that is why the bust has to leave the white house. will: great leader saved the world from fascism. pete: all while drinking scorch. rick reichmuth does the weather while drinking scotch as winston churchill won world war ii slightly intoxicated. rick: can we go back to the last hour's grilled cheese doughnut story? will: you're perfectly qualified i imagine to speak on scotch as well? rick: also, yes. pete: you are. rick, we've got a couple of doughnuts and some slices of cheeseheaded to the studio. we'll attempt to recreate it here in a moment. rick: shouldn't be that complicated. i vote for a fork and knife by the way. moisture coming across parts of the great lakes.
4:40 am
snow, none of it that heavy right now. there is mixing in a little rain and ice sometimes. cutting down across interstate 70. be careful on some of the roads. it could be a little slick. across parts of the southwest, beneficial rain, getting a lot of it, 10 inches of rain, that will cause mudslides issues. this is the storm track the next couple days. we continue to see the same pattern which brings storm after storm across a lot of west. all the storms across the west have to eventually go out parts of the east as well. this week, we have a lot of moisture coming in for a lot of people across the u.s. just like to give you on sundays a view of the week ahead. this is precipitation through next sunday. no precipitation across florida or the northern plains. everybody else getting a lot more moisture. maybe too much of it, causing flooding at times. back to you. will: thank you, rick.
4:41 am
still ahead, riots erupting in portland overnight capping off a violent week across the west coast. just a month ago the city's mayor vowed to crack down on the chaos. was he all talk, no action? we'll discuss coming up. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪. pete: we're back with some quick headlines a couple who owns a california gym get as notice from their landlord telling them to pay $20,000 in back rent or vacate. the couple says they're on the brink of bankruptcy after exhausting savings to stay open during covid. gyms are closed in the state under those restrictions. the minnesota department of health is suing a bar after it opened up despite covid-19 restrictions. alibi's drink had its business license revoked last month after the first violation. the co-owner says she is fed up. >> it is really hard for me to stand down because we've been fighting this fight for how many
4:45 am
weeks now. pete: she says her struggling business will be fine. 3 grand a day to stay open. all they want is to be open. jed. over to you. jedediah: thanks, pete. new york city's largest charter school network throwing in the towel on in-person classes announcing the remainder of the academic year will be fully remote. will: success academy saying like everyone else we desperately want to be back on campus but we're prioritizing a learning experience and continuing building closures is disruptive to kids. "new york post" column lift carol markowitz. both my sons go to success academy. i understand why success academy is doing this karol they're
4:46 am
beholden to the teachers unions and uncertainty that accompanies, that, right? >> that is right. success academy -- [inaudible]. every time a public school building closes success has to close. this is big news from success academy they will open a hybrid in september -- [inaudible] that is extremely troubling because i think success saying out loud [inaudible]. doe numbers and that we don't open under -- this year, that is [inaudible] will: can i jump in real quickly, jed, carol is exactly right, focusing on success we'll try to be hybrid by september. what that is, they're hearing clearly, i'm reading between the lines, they're getting messages from the doe, 2021 isn't looking so good for getting kids back to school in new york city. that is what i read for my children, jedediah. over to you.
4:47 am
jedediah: karol, do you want to weigh in on this? go ahead. >> okay. yes, that is the thing. i think we have to situation where we don't have enough space and if they keep up with the ridiculous social distancing rules which cities across the world, nobody has [inaudible] and if they keep up with those rules there is no way to go back to school in any way. jedediah: i want to ask you about a recent statement from the teachers unions. let's read that statement. the city is barely managing all the aspects of the current random testing program and tracing requirements. they are not prepared to handle any additional schools. so the argument now that new york city doesn't do enough covid-19 testing to open all schools. i've been sounding the alarm on this for a while, saying even after the vaccine arrives these arguments from the teachers unions they are going to persist. what are your thoughts? >> right, absolutely.
4:48 am
the teachers unions made it impossible to open schools. the fact that they keep getting [inaudible] is a real problem. i think nobody else is doing this. nobody else is testing mass numbers of students in order to get back to class. we're only ones reinventing the wheel. so [inaudible]. they're not even testing un12 yet. [inaudible]. if we keep having the unions make the rules we'll never be back to school. we'll be remote for the rest of our kids lives. we have to stop that. will: there is the price, the price kids will have to be mental health issues, cooped up into apartments, not getting to parks, not socializing. nearly 72,000 new york city high school students are at risk of receiving failing grades. we're not getting our children educated on top of everything else? >> that is really it. i'm glad finally -- [inaudible].
4:49 am
we're not getting an education. so many social issues. the [inaudible]. the fact is that the kids -- find so many different ways to cover up the reality but -- kids are not really doing well in school. remote learn something a failure. [inaudible]. we need to find a way to get back in the schools. jedediah: yeah. it has been awful to look at what the impact has been on students. thank you as always. we appreciate it. still ahead montana governor greg gianforte, brian kilmeade, whoever that is, maria bartiromo around nancy grace. stick with us. ♪ restorative skin therapy. with our highest concentration of prebiotic oat
4:50 am
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pete: back with a fox news alert. responding to another night of unrest in portland as rye thers storm a i.c.e. facility, storming another government facility. this comes after a month after the city's mayor made this flimsy promise to crack down on anarchy. >> efforts at de-escalation have been met with ongoing violence and even scorn from radical antifa. it is time to push back harder against those who are set on destroying our community. pete: push back harder. what happened? angela todd, founder of coalition to save portland. she joins us now. thanks so much for being here. angela, you hear the mayor after months and months of complete chaos says we'll push back harder and it only continues.
4:54 am
what's happening? >> well this is the tip of the iceberg in portland. we have as a city coddled and downplayed this group for some time and you know, portland's social experiment of unequally applying laws, defunding the police and not prosecuting crime, this is what you're seeing. and you know, we all can have ideas, we all can have freedom of speech, but when you break the laws you do not have to be right of center to say you know, maybe we should go back to the basics. that is really in essence the problem in portland. he is just coddling. pete: why if they're coddled? if they're clearly breaking the law, if they are clearly attacking federal officers, city office buildings, why are they allowed? is the mayor empathetic to their views because they're leftists? what is the deal? >> the mayor is just one piece of portland. we have district attorney that is very sympathetic to this group. we have a city council that is
4:55 am
very, most of which is sympathetic to this group. yes, we're, we're pretty liberal out here and so, we decided that somehow this antifa group is part of the liberal movement. they're actually not. they're radicals and when you, it is like parroting, bad parenting 101. did continues to get out of control when you don't enforce boundaries. pete: sure. >> portland has been allowing so much anarchy out here in addition to you know, again, i say this not lightly, unequally applying laws. this is what has been going on out here. you know, it depends on certain groups are allowed to get away with certain things while other people are not. pete: angela you described it as the oppression olympics woke culture. talk to us, what does that environment like? what does it create?
4:56 am
>> this idea if you are pressed in any kind of, you can check off of a box in social justice, then you have different rules than the rest of everyone else. and you know, laws are one of those things that if we can just agree with that baseline is, then, we're going to have a better place. the coalition i'm part of, we want to educate people what is going on with policy, how it is not making a liveable city. basically we want our city back. we love our city. we want our city back. pete: scary logical end state of identity politics and especially when leaders won't step up to confront it. angela todd, thanks so much for the underground perspective. we appreciate it. a california restaurant owner who went viral for calling out governor gavin newsom's restrictions is now suing the governor. latest on the state's lockdown backlash coming up. ♪
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ wake me up before you go-go. ♪ don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo. ♪ wake me up before you go-go -- ♪ i don't want to miss it -- will: wake up! good morning to you, "fox & friends" on this sunday morning, some throwback pictures with everything we've said today on and off air. on air, pete wearing some zubaz pants. [laughter] and is we need to get a picture of that, because i would like to see it. and he's been talking about me
5:01 am
looking like justin trudeau with my old haircut. i don't know if you can see that, jedediah -- pete: when you watch david spunt's report, he's going to refer to justen trudeau, and when you see justin true doe who's had one he can heck of a covid hibernation period, just think of will cain. you're not even going to pay attention to the report now. i didn't know it was happening either. will cain. jedediah: yeah. i'm a big believer, i want to see pics. maybe i can find myself to exactly the tuna we opened this hour too. will: culture club? jedediah: well, no, i used the play in the culture club when i used to dance there. pete: pics or it didn't happen would have helped me a lot of times in life. [laughter] jedediah: there you go. all right. we're going to begin this hour with this news, president biden making his first round of calls
5:02 am
to world leaders since taking office. the president facing mounting pressure to reverse trump immigration policies and to form a new trade deal with the u.k. david spunt is live in washington with more on their demands for the new administration. david? >> reporter: hi, good morning to you. multiple foreign policy issues on the new president's plate, some a little bit more hostile the, russia and china, others friendlier, great britain and canada, as pete just mentioned. pride ifen spoke with canadian prime minister justin true bow on -- justin trudeau on friday. the call though to prime minister trudeau comes as the canadian leader expressed disappointment with the9 new order to halt destruction on the keystone xl pipeline which begins in can and runs through the united states. listen. >> it's not always going to be perfect alignment with the united states. we are much more aligned on values, on focus, on work that the needs to be done to give
5:03 am
opportunities for everyone while we build a better future. i'm very much looking forward to working with president biden. >> reporter: the president also spoke to president lopez obrador in mexico. president biden expressed his desire to get rid of what his administration calling draconian immigration policies put in place by former president trump. in his call with british prime minister boris johnson, a spokesman says johnson pressed biden for a new u.k./u.s. trade deal. as far as some of the difficult issues, 15 aircraft from china made their way into taiwan air space, also the state department releasing a statement condemning russian officials who were punishing journalists and protesters who were protesting, excuse me, the arrest of russian opposition leader alexei navalny in moscow. back to you. pete: thank you very much. foreign policy front and center, no doubt. with china, being tested on
5:04 am
taiwan, you've got the relationship with the u.k., they want a direct trade deal, and justin trudeau pretty kicked off about the killing -- ticked off on about the killing of the keystone pipeline. as we promised, justin trudeau looked a lot like will cain in a former life. see that in it's pretty close. now, i've seen in -- we've been friends for a long time. on top looks just like justin trudeau, cascading down over his ears beautifully. and is with that coifed beard, it's pretty close, will. will: it's true, but you could find one with some long hair that i can't believe people just let me go on tv looking like justin trudeau. [laughter] jedediah: i liked it. i liked it. i remember those days. i liked it. you know, you guys have seen my husband, i'm a fan of the beard and the crazy hair. what can i say? will: how long we've all known
5:05 am
each other. speaking of talking to foreign leaders, one of the leaders joe biden has talked to is the president of mexico, and he pledged $4 billion to help development in central american countries like honduras, el salvador and guatemala. why? thinks if you can address issues in central america, you can reduce the likelihood of big migration caravans coming to the united states. which, by the way, 60 president president -- 60% of americans would like to see the government do more to stop at the border. the idea is if we go into central america and informs in education and -- invest in education and jobs, maybe that can stop immigration north. pete: yeah. except barack obama tried, that increasing federal aid, didn't work. according to usaid, each of these countries got around $100 million previously, up to $4 billion, flush with cash. part of the reason these countries are so under stress is because of gang violence, corruption, terrible governance there.
5:06 am
i mean, threats of violence against them. makes me think a lot about places like iraq and afghanistan where i've been where we've pumped billions and trillions in to try to get to root causes and systemic issues. ultimately, if you don't have a government structure, you don't have citizenry prepared to deal with the corruption there, it's money wasted, money that we need right now for american citizens. instead the, we're spending down there. and what donald trump understood was at some point carrots don't work, and you need to say the border is not open. you can't just come in. if you try to get in, you're going to wait in mexico. we're going to build a wall, you have to come in through the front door. all of those policies have been washed aside, jed. we've got a whole -- the we're going back to the obama era of just throw money at it and hope they don't come. jedediah: yeah. and that's a fatal flaw of liberalism often. we're going to throw money at it, whatever it may be, even in the united states, throw money at education, anything, that's
5:07 am
the answer. just because you throw money to something, particularly these governments that are completely destabilized in some cases, people don't want to live under those circumstances. they're still going to say there will be a better opportunity and better life for me in the united states, i'm still incentivized to try to take myself and my family and go there. i don't think this amount of money is going to do anything in the way of discouraging people from coming to the united states or deterring caravans, i just don't see it. i think it's important to look at the larger issues of border security, of what a biden agenda on immigration would really look like and what the potential implications of his policies would be and how they differ from the trump administration. we spoke to a former border patrol chief, he weighed in on biden's policies, and he said they're bad for the united states. here's his take. >> what we're seeing in this administration is we're going to go soft on immigration enforcement, and we're going to go soft at the border. so think about the idea that if you came here before november
5:08 am
2020, you're in the country illegally and maybe you've committed crimes, maybe you didn't, you know, you're working illegally, etc. but when immigration officers, i.c.e. agents or border patrol agents find you in the country, this memo says we're not going to take action against you, we're not going to put you in deportation proceedings, we're not going to arrest you, basically shutting down immigration enforcement across the country for a hundred days. and if this is where the administration is starting to pull back on immigration enforcement, i think we're in a bad place. will: lightening up on immigration enforcement here while investing there is not what many have thought is the definition of america first. in other words, we have education and jobs issues here in the united states, and it's hard to stomach sending $4 billion down to central america to address those exact same issues while americans suffer here. pete: it's also a generation aal thing. you can't just throw $4 billion at it and say it's all fixed.
5:09 am
this is the kind of thing you'd have to invest in for decades. will: right. to me, it's a great illustration of president trump may not be in office, but the ideas of america first remain. simply prioritizing americans' needs. it's simply putting america first. pete: he tapped into a common sense approach and, shocker, washington thought exporting democracy and building economies elsewhere made more sense with our tax dollars, and that's why it resonated. we've got another topic this morning. in california gavin newsom is refusing, interestingly, he's ignoring public records requests and also continuing to keep a lot of covid-19 data hidden. doesn't want the public to know how they're making decisions, is it based on data and science or just who he decides to hut down? you remember angela martinson who pointed out the tent? she's joining a lawsuit against governor gavin newsom which is gaining steam. but before we get to that, we'll
5:10 am
remind you of the double standard she pointed out. >> i walked into my parking lot and, obviously, mayor garcetti has approved this. has approved this being set up. this being set up for a movie company. everything i own is being with taken away from me, and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio. tell me that this is dangerous, but right next to me as a slap in my face, that's safe. this is safe? jedediah: yeah. and people remember her emotional response because it was what so many business owners are feeling. she's pointing out the ridiculous nature of here's my outdoor dining which i'm not allowed to do, and steps away is this film set which is essentially outdoor dining, and
5:11 am
they are allowed to operate. so she was saying so many business owners and so many people who aren't, what they were feeling at that moment, i think it's also outrageous that california is refusing to disclose information as to why they're making decisions they're making. are they, in fact, finding some of the decisions they are making aren't really doing anything? people are suffering exponentially with these decisions. they need to be transparent on those issues, and that is one of the reasons why governor gavin newsom's facing a recall. people have had enough with his do as i say and not as i do and more. kevin mccarthy weighed in on this recall effort against the governor. here's what he had to say. >> what's happening is we need to get to 1.5 million signatures to recall gavin new. >> by march 17th. we're at 1.2 million, and we're going to make it, why? because of the hi pockily
5:12 am
service to this government -- hypocrisy of this government. he tells us not to go to dinner, but he goes to dinner for a lobbyist and doesn't wear a mask. speaker pelosi tells people they can't get they are hair done, but she can. pete: we're going to continue to monitor this lawsuit because more and more restaurant owners are attaching themselves to it, suing governor newsom saying show me the data, show me anything as to why this double standard exists and you get a high profile restaurant owner like that adding on to it. will: in combination with the recall effort as well. now that we've had my comparison to justin trudeau, we'll be looking for pete's picture in zubaz pants and jedediah dancing at the culture club. [laughter] plus this, a desperate plea to save the keystone pipeline. joe biden's decision the scrap the project is already costing people their jobs.
5:13 am
in montana, the governor is calling on the president to reconsider. he joins us next. ♪
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♪ pete: days after images surfaced forcing national guardsmen forced into a parking garage, many governors bringing their troops home. our next guest says this is no way to treat men and women in uniform. montana governor greg gianforte joins me now. we appreciate it. i've got to imagine it wasn't
5:17 am
just the parking garage, but probably also the ideological vetting of your troops that a made you say enough is enough. >> well, good morning, pete. happy sunday. it was. our men and women, we sent about 200 of our guardsmen back to d.c. to make sure we had a peaceful transfer of power. they did their job. and it is a national disgrace that they were escorted out of the capitol into an unheated parking garage. when i got that news, i immediately called our adjutant general and said get our men and women back home. pete: are they back now, governor? >> they're coming back. the main group will come in early this week. i'll be there to greet them at the airport and just thank them. the montana national guard did an awesome job making sure we had a peaceful transfer of power back in washington. pete: you send troops to support a mission, you want the mission to be clear, you want them treated with respect and come home as soon as it's the over. it all makes sense to me.
5:18 am
i've got to ask i ask you, governor, about the keystone xl pipeline. you've been very critical of the administration's decision to halt construction of that. what is the impact of halting construction of the keystone xl pipeline? >> well, pete, it's massive. this project has been fully vetted. it's had broad bipartisan support here in montana. our entire federal delegation. my two predecessors in this office, both democrats, support the keystone xl pipeline. it would have created thousands of u.s. jobs, hundreds of jobs here in montana. but probably the most important thing, the keystone xl pipeline is a lifeline for rural montana. over $100 million in annual taxes that we were counting on to pay for teachers, to pay for law enforcement, to pay for infrastructure. we need this in rural montana. and it's also the most economical and environmentally
5:19 am
sensitive way to get crude oil to market. it's going to get there anyway, but now it's going to be on our roads and rails. pete: then the obvious question to all of those points are why are they stopping it? >> it seems to be just partisan behavior. this is ecoterrorists weighing in with the president. i want to just call on president biden, this decision falls unduly on hard working montanans and americans. please, reverse course and reverse this executive order. pete: yeah. when the democrats got in bed with radical environmentalists, they had to make deals like this to appease them e, and that's precisely what's happening, and workers get thrown under the bus. governor gianforte, thank you very much for your time this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, pete. pete: you got it. tributes pouring in as the country mourns the loss of tv
5:20 am
legend larry king. nancy grace guest hosted his long-running show and says she owes him. she remembers the icon after the break. r of cream cheese. the recipe we invented over 145 years ago and me...the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ jedediah: america is mourning a broadcasting legend. radio and tv icon larry king has passed away at the age of 87. throughout his decades-long career, the former cnn host interviewed countless guests including nancy grace. >> nancy grace is our special guest tonight. that's not unusual to hear on larry king live. we thought we'd spend our time learning about who she is. where'd you grow up? >> macon, georgia. >> always want to be a lawyer?
5:24 am
>> no. as a matter of fact, i wanted to be an english teacher. jedediah: and nancy grace joins us now. thanks for being with us. you knew larry. you guest hosted for larry, so share your thoughts with us about him, what you knew about him, loved about him and all that. >> well, that clip you just played, jedediah, was very dear to my heart. that was the first time i had ever spoken publicly about my fiance's murder, and larry got me to do that. in all the years i prosecuted, i never mentioned it. and i just remember that moment of sitting across from him. you know what? i owe larry so much. i mean, who would have ever thunk that a girl who group on a red dirt road in middle georgia could ever meet larry king, much less be on with him, much less actually sit in his chair. it was an incredible honor. and i'd like to also point out
5:25 am
manager a lot of people may not -- something a lot of people may not know. he was the same larry on and off the screen. when he would go meet all of his pals at his favorite diner and sandwich shop in l.a., and i went there with him and met them and sat down with them, he was the same guy to them, everybody that walked in the door. and i thought it spoke volumes that his friends are not hollywood types or celebrities, which they could have been because he's so famous. they were his friends from way back when in brooklyn. friendships that lasted years and years and years. and that meant a lot to me, that he could speak to ordinary people like me just like he could to presidents and marlon brando and elizabeth taylor and, of course, the biggies, kermit and mispiggy. jedediah: yeah. you mentioned that you were interviewed by him and you opened up to him about something deeply, deeply personal. what do you think it was about
5:26 am
his style that inspired people to open up, be themselves and talk about stuff with him that they may not talk about with other people? >> you know, he would sit about xx 3 feet from you, just as small as this little table right here. it wasn't really a big table like they show wide shots on tv to make it look really big. wasn't like that. he sat right there and looked right in your eyes. he was touch the bl, you could reach out and touch him. and he never looked away. he didn't prance and preen in front of the camera. it was not about him. he really wanted to hear what the other person said. in fact, he said i never learned anything when i was talking. and he may have directed that at me because our styles are very different. i get aggressive when i'm talking about a criminal case. ask he hated people to interrupt. so larry, in a nice way, i might add, would lecture me about interrupting. and i'd try, try to control myself. jedediah: oh, i love that.
5:27 am
you are set to pay tribute to larry king in a new special that's going to air tomorrow on fox nation. tell us about it. >> well, we are bringing in people that worked with him for years and years and years. one of my longtime friends was his researcher, and she knew just how to put together research for him, what he would want. she really got into the mind of larry king and helped him create the wonderful stories that he told. how he changed the landscaping of tv talk. you know, there have been a lot of pretenders, a lot of imposters. there's only one larry king, and there will only ever be one larry king. and the fact that he helped me launch my career meant the world to me. when i moved to new york, i knew nobody. i went to launch this program with johnnie cochran, cochran and grace, and larry basically plucked me out of security and helped me make a career.
5:28 am
i owe him bigtime. not a bad word will ever come from my lips about larry king. [laughter] jedediah: well, we love that you're here with us today and you've been able to share your experiences working with him. we're definitely going to check out that fox nation special that's going to air tomorrow. everyone check that out on larry king along with nancy's latest episodes, the crime stories. nancy grace, thank you as always. we love you being here. >> thank you, friend. jedediah: and in a fight the save mainstream, no one has balloted found harder -- battled harder than barstool founder dave dave portnoy. brian kilmeade spoke exclusively with portnoy, and he joins us next. >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass. they came right to me, with expert service where i needed it.
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wait 15 minutes before reinserting contacts. got any room in your eye? talk to an eye doctor about twice-daily xiidra. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] jedediah: that's your shot of the morning, a buffalo bills smashing a table mafia style. the. pete: celebrating-doctors told him -- after doctors told him he is cancer free. how the team helped him through the his battle. >> it's been nice having the bills as a nice distraction from everything, you know, going on in the world, especially what's going on in the family with the cancer. it's been a bumpy road, and it all culminated this thursday being able to ring the bell.
5:33 am
will: nielsen says he will be watching today in the championship for a spot in the super bowl. you like that? you still want to fight about this? pete: let's ask brian kilmeade. will: if there's an expert on those type of pants, it's got to be the brian kilmeade. >> i'm a big pants guy, wearing them now -- [laughter] i don't want to get involved in this. i just don't see a way the bills win today. as remarkable as they've been playing, i don't see it. pete: listen, i'm not surprised you're wearing pant, you always tell everyone to get dressed, you follow your own advice, and for that, we appreciate it. you've been busy this week. we're glad to have you this hour, we're going to have you next hour as well. share with our viewers something you've been up to. >> so just looking at the stats, no doubt about it, if it's not the top story, it's the second story to the pandemic, how many
5:34 am
small businesses have closed. it's not just restaurants. you look at the beauty business, the retail, the bars. as of october 1st, the unofficial numbers, 200,000 businesses have closed for good. new york, you could argue -- and a lot of people wrote me, and it's not just new york. i get it. chicago, all of california, we have just run many of these mayors and governors have decided to run and hide leaving the customers someplace else and leaving these businesses without staffs or the ability to open. so dave portnoy of barstool, this edgy company that started out of nowhere, is now taking over the world, said i'm outraged by this, i bent the curve, i'm going to take action. why everything's closed makes no sense, and next thing you know he's got this fund that is helping small businesses. not just one month, but every month for the next year. so people are telling their the personal story thes, and then those personal stories would go
5:35 am
through their vetting system, and dave would pop in on facetime and say, hey, by the way, you're now -- i heard about your salon, your restaurant, i'm going to help you out for the next year. pete: and, brian, you talked to el principled den today. here's a portion of what you guys talked about. ♪ ♪ >> dave portnoy, barstool founder. things are banging in new york city as usual. it's been a phenomenal success story, but this isn't about barstool, is it? >> yeah, this has nothing to do with barstool, the fund we're doing. just trying to help small business in general. if you walk around new york, you see a lot of businesses are in trouble or gone really. march was kind of the beginning of the lockdown, and we fast forward all the way to the end of december, and in new york city they closed indoor dining. so they had opened it up a little bit, and then right before the holidays they said
5:36 am
they're getting rid of it. i went on a rant because, logically speaking, if you walked around the city, there was already tons of stores out of business. this was a death blow. we got your story the, your video, and we want to help. >> oh, my god. you're an angel. you can't even -- you don't even know. i don't even, like, sleep at night. i don't. [laughter] >> you're the best. >> it just helps out so much. >> i donated 500,000 of my own money to start this fund, barstool fund, and i started challenging my friends and fans of barstool, donate to small business, and if you're a small business who needs help just to get through this thing, reach out, we'll help as many as we can. >> oh, my god! >> >> you're the exact type of businesses we're looking to help. what, 81 years in the family? >> you have no idea. it's not even just my family.
5:37 am
>> look over here. this is normally bustling. i mean, this is a weekday. if you looked to the the left, things are boarded up, but they're not fenced off, they're shut down. the only thing that's really selling here is plywood. >> yeah, it's sad. it is definitely sad to walk through the city and see it. >> one of every four small businesses in new york will are shut down or is shut down. same thing in chicago. 32,000 across the country, and not just restaurants. you've got the beauty industry shut down, you've got the gym industry basically shut down. and i'm not really sure why because in certain statements, they're open. states they're open. >> yeah, it's crazy. when you talk to them, a lot of times it's the flip of a coin. it's like, hey, i can go across the river, i can go ten minutes away, and they're fully operational. >> you do care, and you're taking action. you put 500,000. unbelievable. but then people started to join. small donations, big donations. tom brady jumps in.
5:38 am
elon musk jumps in. tell me some of the other big names. >> aaron aaron rodgers has been great. he put in $500,000 of his own money. dana white, he put in 100 grand. the krafts, unsolicited. >> i don't want to point out the name of the restaurant, but this is on the outside of the restaurant with a top on it, it's dressed like the indoors, it is indoors. across the street is a submarine -- [laughter] how is that the same as eating indoors? >> there is zero logic to what is going on. [laughter] somebody explain how if you build an indoor structure outside, it is now outside. it makes no sense. >> if these politicians were not getting paid until they open up, they'd open up. these business owners are knot
5:39 am
in control. >> that's why i'm so passionate about it. barstool's obviously grown, but i consider it a small business, and it's no overnight success. it took me two decades. ten years maybe before i turned a profit. if this thing hit at year ten the, you rip away, basically, my entire adult life's work, i have no say, i have no fight. the thing that i love about small business owners and you go into it, you want to control your own destiny. look at these structures. this cost everything -- >> this didn't work. this structure was try, this restaurant is closed. that doesn't work. >> and that's what they're saying. you are asking us, so many own ores would be like they had to build these things, do these things, i invested any money i have, my life savings. and there's a rule change five minutes later. >> 27 million donated already -- >> yep. >> millions given out -- >> yep. >> and you don't just say here's $500. what's your program? >> what we do is we tell the
5:40 am
small business send us a video and tell us what you need. we don't say, hey, you get this much. tell us how much money you need this month whether that's for payroll, taxes, rent, whatever. explain it. essentially, once you're in our program, you're in it until the pandemic's done and we can go back to normal. and the beauty of these conversations, the small business owners, 99% of them, they don't want the money. they are, like, we are proud people. we've built a successful business, we just need a gap. we need a bridge to when we can go back doing what we're doing. jedediah: yeah. you know, brian, i love that that you pointed out the absurdity of some of the outdoor dining structures. one of my favorite comments is there's zero logic in the all this, and i think that's absolutely true. >> they invest a lot of money in the plexiglas and they spread things out, they buy their food, and then they hear the rules have changed again. and now that there's a democratic president, we're hearing democratic governors say we have to open up, or we're
5:41 am
going to have no city to open up. we've been saying that for the last year. currently on this fund they're just about at 30 million, they've supported -- they have 202,000 people plus have donated and 174 businesses have been supported. so they're helping a lot, but still so many other people need help, and so many people watching right now and thinking to themselves i'm tired of wasting money on funds, on foundations that spend all their money on infrastructure or salaries. this has zero, in this goes to zero bureaucracy. there's no salaries. he's using his current employees to do this. so anyone who has $20, this is the time to do it. if you have $200, this is the time to do it. it's going right to the people who need it. will: we're going to have more of brian's interview with dave portnoy later in the show. brian kilmeade, big pants guy -- [laughter] not trying to lead him, he's doing a hit from home right now. [laughter] finish not big pants this way.
5:42 am
pete: he's a believer. will: which, by the way, i'm not 100% convinced you are wearing pants, but you tell us you are. you are generally a truth teller, i could ask you to stand up, but i'm going to move on. >> i respect that. will: all right. more "fox & friends" coming up.
5:43 am
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♪ ♪ pete: we are back with some quick headlines. joe biden's campaign was reportedly backed by record amount amounts of dark mundo nations. money donations. anonymous contributors contributed up to $145 million to biden's presidential campaign topping the 113 million that went to senator mitt romney's failed presidential bid. and take a look at this, a close call for two bikers who plunged into a frozen lake in the czech
5:46 am
republic. they were riding across the lake when the surface gave way. one that falls through sinks the surface. his friend fell through while trying to rescue him, another friend was able to pull them out and their bikes, and no one was hurt. whoa. will: vaccine supply remains thin in new york as governor cuomo warns the state is on the verge of exhausting its doses. the pandemic has cost the stairkts listen to this, more than one million jobs. more than half of them have been lost in new york city alone are. can the state bounce back? let's ask executive director for the new york city hospitality fund, andrew rigge. one million jobs, more than half in new york city, and more than to third of those coming from your industry. this is how the job losses break down. 366,000 the job losses in hospitality and leisure.
5:47 am
another 157,000 roughly in education and health. can you come back from this, andrew? >> it's absolutely devastating. i mean, people are losing their livelihood. between small businesses shuttering all throughout the city, so many others teetering on the edge of survival. , i mean, we've lost just in the past year more than 140,000 restaurants here in new york city. i mean, it's just frightening, and we need support, and we need support now. will: let's just put this in context one more time, that's 10% of the state's total work force, 12% of new york city's total work force gone. we just ran a piece with the barstool fund, what they're doing to help small businesses, but what do you think the entire industry looks like on the other side of this? first we have to find when the other side comes, and then what does it look like on the other side? >> well, that's the challenge. dave over at barstool, they've been doing something incredible, saving people's livelihoods.
5:48 am
and it's such a shame, he should be focusing on running his business, but he's trying to save other people's lively hoods because of the failure of government. a lot of people's lives are going to be destroyed. and unless we get adequate support, there's a bill that had bipartisan support in the federal government called the restaurants act, which is a revitalization fund that would help with rent, payroll and vendor expenses, and here in new york city, we are shut down for indoor dining completely even though the rest of new york state is open for indoor dining at 50% occupancy, yet they have higher infection rates and higher hospitalization rates. so something's gotta give, and it's got to give now. will: when it comes to the economy, it's or hard to make a good case for the political leadership of new york city. what do you make of the political leadership when it comes to vaccine distribution? i've seen new york has improved recently on getting vaccines administered. still, there's this report that there are on friday morning 28,000 doses left in inventory.
5:49 am
they are currently, new york, at 80,000 people per day. what do you make of the case of new york right now when it comes to vaccines? >> it's been hugely problem mat in, and -- problematic, and it's been confusing. i hear from workers every single day saying, you know, when are we going to be in line to get our vaccine? the reality is if we're going to get new york city moving again, we need to get our restaurants moving again. and i think the vaccine for the general public as well as for the workers can't come soon enough. so that has to happen. but again, let's think about the economic ecosystem. it's not just the restaurants and workers, think about the upstate farmers, the people who sell us beer. if restaurants fail, the city fails, and i think the same logic applies to the rest of the economy. will: 10% of the work force in new york state, gone. one million jobs. it's stunning, andrew. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. will: oklahoma state cowboy dean
5:50 am
mitchell putting in hard work on and off the court. when the pandemic took an economic toll on his family, he stepped up. >> it was a good opportunity for he to let -- for me to let you know of a scholarship. will: dean mitchell joins us live next. ♪ and it's a great day to be alive. ♪ ♪
5:51 am
5:52 am
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♪ ♪ will: playing college sports doesn't leave much more free time, but dean mitchell started working at a local walmart this
5:54 am
year when his mom lost her job. jedediah: his hard work on and off the court didn't go unnoticed. check this out. >> we've got the entire team standing the by here on zoom just waiting to congratulate him. >> so much of our program, i thought it was a great opportunity to let them know that he's going to be on scholarship -- pete: wow. that is cool. from considering quitting basketball to pay -- to help his mom pay the bills, to a scholarship standout, former walk-on now scholarship recipient dean mitchell joins us now. thank you so much for being on the program. what a testament to hard work. your family fell on hard times. you got a job at walmart, never expected to get a scholarship. bring us inside your mindset when that moment happened. >> when that moment happened, i was really surprised and, you know, just seeing coach mike and
5:55 am
just, like, the whole situation, the setup was great and everything. but seeing everybody there just brought me through a bunch of emotions. once i saw my mom, i started crying. jedediah: congratulations to you. i'm just, i'm looking at your schedule and working 40 hours a week plus classes, plus 6 a.m. workouts, that's pretty intense. what does this scholarship mean in terms of what it'll do for your lifesome. >> it just, it's just another, you know, it's just another -- it's one less thing that my family has to worry about financially. but as far as working, i continue to work at walmart. i don't to get up at six a.m., take 20 hours of class. it's just financially it takes out the burden. will: let's take a quick look at your coach and what he had to say about you in this situation. let's listen in to your coach. oh, i'm sorry, we lost that,
5:56 am
dee. but i know the coach has played a big role in your life beyond just simply this scholarship. tell me about your relationship with your coach. >> oh, coach mike and i have a great relationship. he's very understanding, probably one of the best coaches i ever had. he, you know, he lets me decide what i want to do, he's very flexible with the schedules and has allowed me to go about getting to practice, also making it to work. so i appreciate coach mike. he's definitely a great guy on and off the court, and i wouldn't be able to do what i'm doing now. will: i think he appreciates you as well. i think we do have the clip now, so let's take a listen to what your coach has to say. >> this young man has exemplified what our program to be. he works his butt off, never complains, he shows up early, he stays late. to do what you did for this semester, you earned it. pete: amazing words. what's the future hold for you,
5:57 am
dee? >> future, i plan to graduate in december, right now i'm taking a lot of classes, i plan on traveling with the team and, yeah, that's pretty much it right now. pete: and winning basketball games. dee mitchell, it's an honor to have you on the program today. god bless you. jedediah: congratulations. pete: testament to hard work. more "fox & friends" on the other side. it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, now might not be the best time to ask yourself, 'are my bones strong?'
5:58 am
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♪ we'll have a house party. ♪ we don't need nobody. ♪ pete: you know what, go ahead and have a house party. make sure it's not more than two families. welcome to "fox & friends" on this sunday, january 24th. 2021. we're glad to have you. it's national compliment day. we've been complimenting each other. it's also national peanut butter day so enjoy that.
6:01 am
it's also beer can appreciation day. will, what is your favorite beer can. i always loved the coors light can ever since they made the mountains go blue. will: i don't know my favorite beer can. i will you say this, okay, i do have an answer. it is coors, the original coors, the yellow dog, the banquet beer. jedediah: i can tell you i love peanut butter. i eat a ton of peanut butter. my son wants to eat everything with peanut butter. i tried to switch to almond butter. not an easy switch. peanut butter is its own beauty. pete: butter doesn't come fromal a months, it comes from cows. i don't know you how you make it work. we talked about the disneyland donut grilled cheese. i'm constructing one right now. you might get a chance to try one. will: this is the fourth hour
6:02 am
of "fox & friends." protesters engage in a standoff with portland police overnight. watch. the group taking over streets, calling for the abolishment of i.c.e. pete: federal agents declaring the gathering an a unlawful assembly, code for riot. this comes days after rioters damaged the i.c.e. building and democratic national committee headquarters. jedediah: this as seattle's police chief vows to get tough on rioters after many have gone without charges. rye embruters caused -- rioters caused damage in the city following the inauguration last week. we'll bring in geraldo rivera. thanks for joining us this morning. obviously, you look at the video -- >> you all look lovely. jedediah: as do you. it's national compliment day. so good start, geraldo. if you look at these images of
6:03 am
what's going on in portland, you hear about seattle. we watched a horrific amount of rioting go on last summer as well. the question on everyone pes mind is why -- everyone's mind is why hasn't joe biden said anything about it yet? will he and what should he say? >> i don't know what president biden's plans are in terms of speaking out. antifa and these other anarchist groups don't care who is in power. their god, their leader is disruption and chaos and dysfunction and if they can interrupt the normal lives of average people, that is their load stone, that's what they're working for. they're working for chaos. and they are professional agitators. whether or not they get paid, they are -- that's what they do for a living. they travel around and cause disruption and move on to the next. if portland and seattle insist on this absz lieutenant hand shall -- absolute, hands-off
6:04 am
benign approach in which misdemeanor rioters are still not tried and still some of them not formally charged, i think it is an invitation to more chaos ahead, jedediah. will: during the election, the general election at least, joe biden pivoted to this idea that he was a centrist, a moderate, he was going to be a unifier in fact. that's been the message since inauguration. the policies being implemented seem to be embracing a lot of those that make bernie sanders happy, that would make aoc happy. the new york post is asking what are we unifying with? is it the far left that's been unified. they say the far left unity will divide up. brings up the question, geraldo, does unity for joe biden mean more about manners? policies don't look like a unifying factor. >> that's a great question, will. i think joe biden wants to get along. but going back to your original premise, i do believe that he's
6:05 am
going to govern and is governing from the left, those executive orders going back to the paris climate accord and some of the other international deals that president trump pulled us out of, by embracing with his executive orders voluminous -- remember how criticized trump was when he used the executive order but i think that joe biden is declaring himself as a left of center rather than a centrist president. it will be interesting to see how many of these executive orders stick and how united this congress is because i think that when they start impeaching this impeachment trial of president trump, whatever unity they hope for will dissolve standly. this is a -- instantly, this is a sure recipe for ideological warfare, it's going to be absolutely dreadful and for absolutely no reason since president trump is already out
6:06 am
of office, why bring an impeachment trial, the goal of which is to throw him out of office, will. pete: we've got a little bit of time. we want to make sure we give you a proper amount of time to talk about larry king who we talked on the program yesterday passed at the age of 87, he's an icon of tv and radio. what do you remember about the way larry king went about conducting interviews and being a big member of our public debate? >> you know, major, it is impossible to overstate the influence larry king had on the serious news talk business. he is the godfather of us all. he was a mentor to me specifically. i remember when i got fired from abc news in 1985, and could not find a job, larry said to me, i'm taking a two week vacation, fill in for me. that was my first gig outside of the 15 years i had done at abc news. i will be forever grateful to larry and his terrific producer.
6:07 am
watching him, this role model, his ability to interview everybody from putin to sinatra to every great star you could think of, every candidate that ever ran, every president, every rock star, he was the kind of person who was everyman. he would sit there and just start chatting, asking questions that your mom might ask, nothing -- no gotcha kinds of questions, how do you feel about that larry would say or what does that mean or why do you do that, here he is with president trump in the early days. mike tyson. if you were in the public eye, larry wanted you and because he was so benign in terms of his questioning, because he wasn't a gotcha kind of personality, the galaxy of all of us together there, you know, it's a funny, funny crew. but larry created. he interviewed may a couple months -- me a couple months ago
6:08 am
when ambassador bolton's book, that whole controversy, whether he should be arrested for violating intelligence laws, larry by that time his show was on cable and on the internet, working for rt, the russian outfit but he said they don't mess with me. they just carry me, they're just another sponsor, another outlet for me. but larry was terrific. you know, the fact that he and i together amounted to 13 marriages -- [laughter] >> we bonded. he was a terrific guy. jedediah: he was terrific, geraldo. we were talking with nancy grace earlier. we were talking about just how he had an ease of making people feel comfortable in those interviews. .she guest hosted for him. he has touched so many lives. we'll see a lot of people coming forward, talking about how they wouldn't be where they are today without his influence. thank you for sharing your morning with us. as always, we appreciate it.
6:09 am
we're going to turn to some important headlines. a police officer fearing for his safety plows through a crowd as they surrounded his cruiser. we want to warn you, the video may be hard to watch. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god! jedediah: seconds before, the crowd was seen shouting at the officer and pounding on his windows. police say the officer was responding to street racers blocking an intersection. one person was hurt and an investigation is underway. and there could soon be a new way to test for covid-19. researchers at university of california san diego are developing a strip for face masks that can detect covid-19. the color changing test strip and a small blister pack stick on the outside of the mask. once finished using the mask, the user can squeeze the contents of the blister pack onto the test strip to checks
6:10 am
for specific colors which show if virus molecules are present. and the world's longest tree top walkway is opening this summer in switzerland. it's almost one mile long, over 90 feet high and even has a slide. you can find it right in the middle of a mountain range. it's designed to help visitors appreciate the fresh air and wildlife, plus you can slide all the way down when you're done exploring. those are your headlines. that is amazing. i love it. it looks like an amusement park amid nature. that's my -- will: i bet with both have boys, you will soon have a boy that would die to do that. a slide from the tree tops? pete: a generation of people got addicted to the idea through multiple films. for me it was the ewoks. remember the tree empire they had? all i wanted was that. all i could do was nail 2x4s to the side of a trunk. that's the closest i. will: nancy pelosi takes aim at pro-life americans who back
6:11 am
president trump. >> and then you take the you abortion issue, they were willing to sell the whole democracy down the river for that one issue. will: san francisco's archbishop is pushing back, telling pelosi she doesn't speak for the catholic church. his message, up next.
6:12 am
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6:14 am
my boss doesn't remember approving my time off. let's just... find that email. the old way of doing business slows everyone down. with paycom, employees enter and manage their own hr data in one easy-to-use software. visit for a free demo. >> and then you take the abortion issue, many of these people are very good people. that's just their point of view. but they are willing to sell the whole democracy down the river for that one issue. pete: we're not a democracy, we're a republic, some day nancy will learn that. she took issue you with pro-life voters that voted for donald trump. san francisco's archbishop is pushing back, writing nancy
6:15 am
pelosi does not speak for the catholic church. this is not the language of unity and healing. she owes she voters an apology. the archbishop, salvatore cordileone, joins me now. thank you so much for being here. why does she make comments like this, categorizing entire groups of voters. democrats seem to do that often. here she's talking about pro-life voters. why? >> why, i can't answer for why. you would have to ask her why she made such a comment. the reason i made a response is summed up in the excerpts you cited in my statement. the first, this is not the language of unity. our president is calling for unity. that was discussed a few minutes ago on this show. we're waiting to see if he's really going to pursue that path. he is certainly speaking about that, he emphasized that in his inaugural address. he spoke about this uncivil war we have to end that pits red against blue and rural versus urban, conservative versus lib
6:16 am
liberal. we need to have tolerance and walk in the other person's shoes. we don't see this happening and this is an example, that judging voters for who they voted because of the issue of their -- that was their priority is not doing that. this isn't a one-off example. this is happening a lot in our society. the other point is how misleading this is to catholics. she and other catholic politicians and now even our president are giving the impression that it's acceptable to be a catholic and favor abortion. but that's not. catholics don't favor what's evil. and it's hard to imagine anything moreyville than dismember -- more evil than dismembering babies in their mother's womb. we have to admit how evil abortion is. we pastors hear a lot from women who have gone through the
6:17 am
experience. women of means have choice but others don't and this kind of removes the veil of the rhetoric of choice. the problem is that too many women don't have choice and that's their only alternative. pete: you're talking about the dignity of human life in the womb which is an issue of great passion and principle for the catholic church. why is it so many prominent democrat politicians, catholics, that they can have the disconnect, that they're happy to disregard their faith when it comes to abortion. >> it's a politicized issue. there's a long history in this country of catholics in the democratic party, when catholics were poor immigrant people, and democrats were championing the cause of the working class family, the farmer, factory worker, and they were giving catholics the support they needed to not only material support, but to assimilate into the country. so there's a long association
6:18 am
especially with the labor movement. but then all the political landscape all changed in the '60s and the '70s and the democratic party when in this direction and so many catholics had been so connected to the democrat party because how they were assisted by them so they moved that direction and made this false dichotomy between the policies they support and what they personally believe. pete: it's a great explanation. mr. archbishop, thank you so much for your time this morning. we really appreciate it. >> you're welcome. pete: thanks for having the courage to stand up. from the silver screen to saving lives, one north carolina movie theater teaming up to bring the covid vaccine to their community. the unlikely partners join us, next. ♪ i am everyday people. ♪ truck. it's my livelihood. ♪ rock music ♪ >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it.
6:19 am
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jedediah: people are rushing to the movie theater again in wilmington, north carolina. it isn't to see a film. instead of buying tickets they're picking up medical forms and getting covid-19 vaccinations in the theater lobby. here to share the success of this unlikely partnership, dale coleman and mike mel. melroivment ilove what -- melro. dale, i'll start with you. how did it come about that one of your theaters is now a location for a vaccine distribution? >> well, good morning. thank you for having me. i got a call i believe it was the first part of last week from our of general manager, steve sherwood, and laid out a request that new hanover regional had reached out and asked if there was a possibility that they could utilize our facility as a
6:23 am
vaccine site. and as steve and i talked through it, and it occurred to me more and more very quickly that movie theaters, our theater facility certainly but movie theaters in general are just a perfect setup to be a vaccine site with the large amounts of parking, spacious lobbies that can accommodate several vaccine stations, large corridors with auditoriums for seating to monitor the good folks in wilmington that have had their vaccine. it just made total sense to me so i got on the phone immediately with our owner and ceo, herman stone, and went through it with him and it took him about a minute to realize that this was something that we
6:24 am
certainly wanted to do. we wanted to donate our of facility and help in any way that we could and not only that, but we would like to roll it out to our other theaters as well. jedediah: you know, mike, if you look at that imagery that we just showed, it looks like a very efficient system. but tell us, is it efficient, is it working, and you how does it compare to the ability to vaccinate people in a hospital setting? >> thanks for the question. so it is efficient. and like many hospitals, we have set up a vaccination clinic in a part of the hospital that wasn't currently being used at this time and pretty quickly we were able to figure out patient flow and we started with employees and things along those lines and so we had a pretty efficient and safe way to administer these vaccines, but we knew as we wanted to really make the vaccines available for our community, we knew that we had to have a bigger space and so when we started looking around at what was available, we were
6:25 am
very fortunate to have connections with steve at the point here in wilmington and we basically scaled up the operation that we already had that was really successful, to really fit this setting. and it's really been a huge success. we're able to vaccinate a great number of people safely and efficiently with relatively low amounts of staffing and so it's really been -- it's been a great success. it's been a great partnership for the community. jedediah: yeah, it's fantastic to see. it's an idea that many would not have thought of but i'm hoping that this partnership sets an example for so many around the country who may look at their own spaces and say well, maybe we can help get everybody back on their feet a little bit quicker. thanks for being here, both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much for having me. jedediah: of course. the bar stool fund is saving main street and it's doing it one call at a time. brian kilmeade goes one on one with founder dave portnoy with
6:26 am
the first restaurant owner he helped. stay with us. shingles? dios mio. so much pain. maria had to do everything for me. she had these awful blisters on her back. i don't want shingles when i'm your age. actually, if you're 50 or older, you're at increased risk that's life, nothing you can do... uh, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaat? prevented. you can get vaccinated. where? at your pharmacy, your doctor's - hold on! don't want to go through that! 50 years or older? get vaccinated for shingles. now.
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>> we've got the entire team standing by here on zoom, just waiting to congratulate dave. >> so much for our program, i thought this was a great opportunity to let him know he
6:30 am
will be our scholarship. pete: it is the shot of the morning, oklahoma state basketball playing dee mitchell is awarded a scholarship in the middle of his shift at walmart. jedediah: he was a walk-on for osu while working 40 of hours a week. .will: they joined us earlier with what it was like, knowing his hard work paid off. >> seeing everybody there brought me through a bunch of emotions. once i saw my mom, i started crying. pete: mitchell said he'll continue to work at walmart and plans to graduate in december. brian, were you a walk-on? i know you played collegiate soccer. i can't remember. i was a walk-on with water polo. didn't you play collegiate soccer? >> i'm the epitome of an average player. turns out of, i was recruited there but the cheating factor was the coach at cw post, long
6:31 am
island university now, was actually -- he was actually running the camp i went to in fifth and sixth grade so he actually -- he had been revvingg me and staying the whole time. i played division two soccer. you could be a 25-year-old freshman or you could be an israeli fighter pilot and shaving, because i wasn't shaving until like 24. these guys were walking in, these were grown men. because the division two rules. so it was just a bizarre -- it was a bizarre four years. but i'm so glad i did it even though it is the so-called nondescript division and conference that all got canceled this year. my daughter plays division three soccer. they canceled the whole conference. why? because division one football played. how can we play field hockey and other sports when the major sports canceled and then they go back and played.
6:32 am
this brings a bigger conversation. nobody's playing sports. this is part of the unnecessary pain of the pandemic in my view. will: that's what you're here to talk about is the pain of covid-19. we hit on it, on sports. you talked to somebody doing something about it. >> bar stool founder, dave portnoy. we walked the streets and said let's do something different. instead of meeting some of the people you're helping on face time, why not meet them in person and let's see what happened as we round the corner and came onto a luncheonette with eight seats, all empty. ♪ >> you mentioned you got called out, you were complaining about what's happened in the city, the shutdown. we've bent the curve. who called you out? >> it was a guy, marco flimonus who i never heard of. he's like a billionaire. >> and he said do something. >> he said if you start a fund,
6:33 am
put 500 grand of your own money into it, i'll match it is what he said. >> i want to help. >> after this table i don't have any more money. >> you have no idea how much it takes to take on a restaurant. >> very excited to help. >> oh, my god, you're absolutely amazing. >> when you decided to take action, you started meeting these people. did they remind you of yourself, grinders, whatever it takes to be successful, get out of my way, i'm not looking for a pat on the back, just a chance. >> the small business owner, entrepreneur, said i would rather work 100 hours and know success is because of me as opposed to somebody else. ironically, because of the pandemic, it got ripped away from people. >> we're about to come on one of the business owners that was selected, that hit the criteria, the bar stool criteria to be funded. >> yes, johnnie's luncheonette. >> why? >> he had a moving story. >> we were in the middle of the pandemic, as you can see, there's no indoor dining. >> he was struggling.
6:34 am
he took a picture of the diner it was empty. the whole story just kind of resonated and i do remember the call, he was super appreciative. >> we need the help right now. we're going to need help for rent. >> nice to meet you. i haven't met you yet. nice to meet you. >> god bless you, man. >> glad we could help. >> what have you been going through? >> been struggling for quite some time now, since had they announced everything back in march. i closed for five months. i basically thought that was it. the cold weather settled in, indoor dining closed and then it just deepened the wounds. >> how did you find out about bar stool and what they're doing? >> my dad passed away in december, early december. and -- >> wow. >> yeah. so that was just like another punch in the face there and that really devastated me and, you know, i'm looking through instagram and on christmas eve
6:35 am
i'm at work and it was just dead and i'm like you know what, i'm here over 20 years. i started it out with my dad. taught me everything i know. and he just passed away last week. i took my phone out of, i didn't even see what i looked like because i didn't know i was going to be on national tv and i said dave, you know, this is it, this is the store rim there's nobody -- story, there's noble y around. i started crying, you know, my dad and a everything and i sent it out. so the next day was christmas day. >> john -- >> oh, my god. >> i said i got some good news for you. we saw the video. we're the exact type of guy we want to help so we're going to be there for you. >> oh, my god, you just made my day, man.
6:36 am
>> better christmas probably than most so i'm happy, i'm glad we can do it. >> i feel like i'm dreaming right now, man. i was three months behind on rent and when this all happened everything just happened so fast. >> this is who we're trying to help, it's like a small business. he's been here forever. >> what's your message to the american sneem. people?>> to every small businef out there, don't give up hope. >> you didn't. >> we're all suffering here. we're all together. and i'm fortunate enough to have bar stool come and take care of me and my business and it's not only me. my house is tied into this too. >> god bless you, man. thank you so much. you know it, you don't have to say it. >> i appreciate it. >> vaccines' on the way. that means customers and businesses will be standing up soon, we hope. >> i think we can take a seat here. >> when you see the reactions of the business owners and you see the stress just wash away and they break down, you can't
6:37 am
ignore that. doesn't matter who you are. you see what they're going through, the struggle, everything, and i think that's why things have gotten so big. when we started this fund, i never dreamed it would in three weeks be 27 million and i would be talking to aaron rodgers on the phone. i talked to sylvester stallone, kid rock and aaron rodgers in 15 minutes and they all called me. >> has any of this changed you? >> people just are nicer to me online. >> you're not used to people being nice. >> no, i'm used to people coming at me. >> and the days of you being arrested at the super bowl, are they over? >> no. i'm the same guy. you have to ask roger goodell that. >> if he would finally give in and admit that you're right. >> well, i offered roger -- i said if he'll donate 250,000 to this cause, i'll match it. crickets. he hasn't answered that yet. jedediah: brian, i think it's so important that you went to the luncheonette. i know that luncheonette in
6:38 am
manhattan, it's in the 20s. it's so important because it makes it real for everyone. people need to really see and feel what these business owners have been going through and that's the only way to do it. >> yeah, what they did on friday was they ordered from the luncheonette so we had lunch and i will confirm, they're great. diversity of products and food. it was great. but perfect example of where i was sitting, smithfield's on 25th, it's a sports bar with just -- they are pointing their televisions out to the road and you sit in this little lean-to and you watch television while eating with heaters on, knowing there's this beautiful restaurant inside with high ceilings and they already redid their ventilation system. but on 47th and sixth by our place, he could not keep his other place open. so that place closed. he says i'm barely able to stay
6:39 am
alive here and the thing that is missing from this, landlords. landlords take out loans from banks unless they're really rich. those banks are asking the landlords for money. when you give rent relief, it's nice, temporarily. i like the business owners. but what about the horrible people who buy buildings or store fronts or of strip malls? they have payments due. they're nice people. they're entrepreneurs. do we forget how business works? so we have to get back to work the way florida's doing it. it's not -- we're not saying we're pandemic-free but we've got to get back to work. will: that domino keeps going, mortgage payments, bank payments, on and on. where does the buck stop. really good stuff, brian. i can attest to someone who follows el presidente. he'll still the same guy. pete: great job. >> thanks, guys. appreciate the support. bye, jed. will: we told you earlier about
6:40 am
this, disney world is selling grilled cheese on donuts. they are offering the sweet and cheesy items, the grilled cheese is served on a sweet griddle bun. you can substitute a glazed donut. it made pete want to make the own version of the donut. he ordered the donuts from dunkin and a slice of cheese separately. pete: you'll have to let me know. fried, exclusively for will cain. donuts and american cheese. what do you think? will: uh huh. pete: one bite, everybody knows the rule. will: i barely taste the cheese. pete: you can taste a little bit of it. will: a lot of sugar taste. look at rick's face. [laughter]
6:41 am
pete: it's actually not bad. i can see the appeal. you do need more cheese. i did what i could with the cheese that i got and -- jedediah: is it good? is it really good, guys? will: this is where you go ahuh. pete: i can't smell or taste anything. i'm kidding. [laughter] jedediah: rick, i think they did it wrong. >> i'm a fan of every salty, sweet combination. i think this absolutely works. my issue is putting all five fingers on a sticky donut, what do you do with your hand afterwards. will: everyone knows what you do, you lick it. >> i don't know. there you go. [laughter] >> exactly. yeah, dry cleaners. all right, guys. let's talk a little weather out there. it's cold across parts of the northeast, everywhere in the northeast. it's also windy. we're going to continue in this bittery cold weekend.
6:42 am
this week things warm up a little bit. we'll be below average for much of the coming week. right now, feels like minus 112 in albany. the rest of the country, cold across the far northern tier. this is cold air that we haven't had that much of so far this winter. we've got it at least through wednesday and then we start to see things warm up, back up again. i think that's going to be our overall pattern. i want to show you the forecast radar, this is what things are going to look like over the next couple of days. we've got this storm that's across parts of the southwest, later on tonight, around midnight time, across parts of the central plains that begins to turn into a pretty significant storm. we've got rain across parts of oklahoma, throughout missouri, the northern part is snow, across nebraska, omaha, you may have plowable snow in the morning, snow across chicago by tomorrow afternoon, heavy rain across parts of the southeast. the next storm comes back across parts of the west, so we've got this really active pattern with us for a lot of the coming week. all right, guys, go clean your
6:43 am
suits. pete: i think will liked it. he joined the clean plate club in the middle of your weather. couldn't have been too bad. rick, we'll be seeing you. a new bill is looking to permanently expand the child tax credit for families while the irs could soon send monthly checks to anyone with kids. maria bartiromo is here to react, next. with oscar mayer deli fresh it's not just a sandwich, far from it. it's a reason to come together. it's a taste of something good. a taste we all could use right now. so let's make the most of it. and make every sandwich count. with oscar mayer deli fresh did you know you can go to to customizes yourdwich count. car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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ok, just keep coloring there... and sweetie can you just be... gentle with the pens. okey. okey. i know. gentle..gentle
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database so you can start hiring right away. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at jedediah: two house democrats are calling to perm p meantly expand benefits for certain americans. pete: the proposed legislation seeks to provide checks for families with children totaling more than $3,000 a year per kid. will: these big ticket ideas become a reality now that democrats control both chambers and the white house, let's bring in "sunday morning futures" anchor, maria bartiromo. good morning, maria. we have a child tax credit. that's already in the tax code. now what we're talking about is cutting direct checks and some democrats are suggesting on a recurring basis, so you'll be
6:47 am
getting these checks per child every month. your thoughts? maria: yeah. i think you're going to get a lot of pushback certainly from republicans but, look, you just hit the nail on the head. the democrats are running things. so if they have full support on the democrat side, this will get through. at some point, obviously debt becomes a problem and the republicans he know that. the republicans are probably going to push back on it. this is a really big week coming up. not only will they vote on that as part of the additional cares package, they'll also vote, begin to start voting on president biden's nominees for his cabinet. monday, they will vote on janet yellen. she will likely get through r swimmingly, no problems there. you've got a fair amount of republicans still going to vote against that. and then they'll be sworn in on the senate on tuesday and then of course they're going to be voting on the impeachment trial because nancy pelosi will send over that one article on monday. that's what we're going to be talking about in about 10 minutes.
6:48 am
i've got an interview coming up with senator tom cotton to discuss how he will vote and what takes place this upcoming week. i'll talk with chad wolf, former acting head of the homeland security department, that's going to be important because on day one president biden reversed president trump's immigration policies so we'll talk about that as well. then there's cancel culture, there are new russia documents that were declassified, lee smith and john solomon will get into that glenn greenwald is going to talk about this new war on terror that sees domestic war on terror, he's going to explain that to us as well. we've got breaking news coming up from john solomon and senator tom cotton, don't miss it, that's in about ten minutes' time, we'll talk about all of this. jedediah: thank you, maria. maria: see you later. jedediah: it is finally here, the long awaited brady versus rogers showdown, to determine who will head to super bowl lv.
6:49 am
jen hale breaks that down next. ♪
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pete: fans across america gearing up for today's nfc championship matchup, as both teams try to punch their ticket to the super bowl. you can catch the game to date 3:05 eastern on fox and fox sports nfl reporter jin heal.'s the most accomplished
6:53 am
quarterback of all time in my estimation the greatest of all time against what many call the most talented quarterback of all time, in aaron rodgers, in aaron rodgers' home, how do you see it. >> i'm going with the packers on this one by 6. the line is 3. obviously, two fantastic teams, two legendary quarterbacks, legends are made in the post season and they both have so much on the line. i think the packers have just been destined for this all season, they've been clicking since the beginning. the offense is playing out of their minds, at another level. i think ultimately they will triumph on a very cold, maybe even snowy day where the run game is going to be really crucial and for aaron rodgers, i don't know that he'll ever -- i don't know if anybody will ever catch tom brady with his six super bowl rings but to beat tom brady at lambeau field, that would be huge for aaron rodgers and his legacy. will: i believe in accountability.
6:54 am
i believe it was me to took the bucs last week, you took the saifnlts you know what i'm going to do, i'm going to let it ride. i'm going to take the bucs in green bay, i'm going to stick with tom brady. the nfl is doing something cool, 7500 vaccinated healthcare workers, free -- the program, free tickets to the super bowl. what's going on here. >> indeed. so often we've seen the nfl do different things with the super bowl in terms of honoring the military. they want to this year do it for frontline workers, those who have been battling the covid-19 crisis since march. if you're a vaccinated worker you could be in the number chosen to get to ayou tend the super bowl in tam -- attend the super bowl in tampa. very strict regulations. the two teams that get to go, they can't go to tampa until two days left before the super bowl. normally they're there for at least a week. very good honors, kudos, a nod to the healthcare workers to get to attend. i think it's going to be
6:55 am
something to see after everything they've been through, the mental stress they've been under since march. good job to the nfl for doing this for them. pete: we've got three games left, three chances when it comments to the nfl to do a chance to win money. i don't know if there's a truck. is there a truck in the -- >> there is still a truck, the ford f-150, indeed. pete: what is that, half a million dollars, an f-150, download the app. >> free to play. pete: you can bet on the chiefs and bills today. the winner of that takes on the winner of the nfc. >> that's gotten interesting with everything that patrick mahomes has been through this week. if you're a football fan, this is like your christmas to have these two games today. it's going to be fantastic. pete: thanks so much. always good to talk with you. we'll check in next week on who got the matchup right. >> have a good one. will: more "fox & friends" just moments away.
6:56 am
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will: just when i think i have no support in the control room, no production help when it comes to the show, everybody in the bag for pete hegseth, they go and prove me wrong. i said earlier, fine, give me a picture of some pete in some -- there you go, right there. pete: wow! that looks -- jedediah: it's a little tight. will: it's a will justin trudeau comparison. is that graphic -- is that real. pete: i believe that's a graphic. jedediah: you didn't even know? [laughter] pete: so well photo shopped. jedediah: i'll need to see the
7:00 am
real thing. pete: i can do that next week. well played, will cain. will: jedediah, dancing at the club -- pete: oh, my goodness. only so much support. will: we don't have it. jedediah: we'll get it next -- ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. joining us right here on "sunday morning futures," the biden agenda begins, hours after the inauguration, u.s. immigration policy reversed with 17 executive orders to open borders and stop building the wall. coming up, former secretary of homeland security, chad wolf, is here on president biden's ratted radical and sweeping immigration memo. the u.s.'s biggest threat is still looming, the chinese communist party with new tests and taunting, this week for president biden. coming up, senator tom cotton on


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