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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 25, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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state overnight after a police car hit a pedestrian. reports of fires and damaged business as more unrester results in liberal -- erupts in liberal cities. >> i would contend that the root problem is our weak immigration laws. when you say you're not going to enforce that law for 100 days, that's going to create caravans, going to make people want to come here. carley: and it's president biden's first full week in office. he's already facing serious pushback on his border policies as a migrant caravan reportedly begins a march towards the u.s. >> to godwin, he's got the first down and this game is over. >> lobs it up in the air to kelsey. todd: and the big game is set, one of the nfl's most seasoned champions, i like the word seasoned, will take on one of its newest superstars. "fox & friends first" on a monday morning continues right
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now. ♪ don't believe me, just watch. carley: it's such a busy monday. we have the super bowl contenders, all set, a lot going on in washington, the articles of impeachment, president biden's first full week in office, all happening right now. todd: the top story is, it is true, uptown funk is going to given it to you. carley: good morning, you're watches "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. todd: i'm todd piro. carley: lawmakers are digging in on another round of coronavirus stimulus. david spunt is live in washington, d.c. with the very busy week ahead. good morning, david. >> reporter: carley, good morning to you. certainly is. and the white house is marking this first week in office with a theme for each day of the week. the theme today is going to be buy american. this is going to come in the form of an executive order,
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signed by president biden later this morning or this afternoon. want to talk a little about this buy american, the details just released to the public within the last few minutes. the order specifically, carley, will direct all agencies to close current loopholes in domestic content or product and see how it is measured in increased domestic requirement. it will give preference to american companies for contracts to do business with the government. as vaccines continue to go into the arms of millions of americans, the biden white house wants to see about 100 million shots in the first 100 days, that is the goal. this as democrats are now in the control not only of the house and senate, but the white house, they're moving forward with a covid relief package for small businesses, for families. senator bernie sanders asked if democrats need to work with republicans. listen. >> i don't know what the word compromise means. i know that working families are
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living today in more economic desperation than since the great depression. and if republicans are willing to work with us to address that crisis, welcome, let's do it. what we cannot do is wait weeks and weeks and months and months. >> reporter: today is buy american, tomorrow will focus on racial equality, the climate crisis wednesday, thursday healthcare and friday the big topic of immigration. >> joe biden basically announced to the entire world that it's ali, alioxe free at the border. we'll see another surge at the border. we already see some caravans. >> reporter: don't forget, impeachment. tonight the house will deliver the sole impeachment article against former president trump to the senate, he's the only president to be impeached twice. will the senate convict him? democrats are unified to convict but republicans are split. >> there's no question but that
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the article of impeachment that was sent over by the house suggests impeachable conduct. >> i think the trial is stupid. i think it's counter productive. we already have a flaming fire this country. >> reporter: the trial itself will begin the week of february 8th. that is a monday. meanwhile, today president biden will meed meet in the oval office with the new defense secretary, general lloyd austin. one of the topics of conversation, the repeal of the transgender ban from serving in the military. went into effect in 2017, will be taken away with an executive order later today. carley: david spunt live in washington. thanks, david. todd: newt gingrich says president biden sounded good at his inauguration speech but he has yet to implement any of it. take a listen. >> i thought the speech was fine. it was almost a speech eisenhower could have given. but he promptly goes to the white house and in the next three hours destroys every
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single thing he said in the speech. it's as though he believes unity means surrender and it's our job to surrender and that the 74 million americans who voted for trump, which by the way is massively more than ever voted for any republican before in history. todd: as for the former president's political few churks he told the washington examiner he will do, quote, something but not just yet. carley: all right. less than a week into joe biden's presidency, a second migrant caravan is already reportedly set to leave for the southern border today. todd: jackie ibanez joins us live as a majority of americans say they want it stopped. >> reporter: good morning. reports say the caravan is leaving from honduras despite calls from the biden administration to reconsider. guatemalan tv reports at least 3,000 migrants will meet before crossing into guatemala, entering mexico and heading towards the southern united states. this follows a migrant caravan
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of 8,000 being broken up by guatemalan security forces last week. asylum seekers broke through a human barricade of soldiers and police officers. authorities say as many as 5300 migrants have been sent back to honduras. the rest are spread throughout guatemala. senate republicans are calling on biden's administration to act. >> we can only do something after you've got in place immigration reforms that allow you to secure the border and stop illegal immigration. otherwise, doing something will encourage more people to come. we saw a brief example of that. the fact that he was elected incentivized some of the trafficking networks to try to push people to the united states. >> reporter: the president's immigration plans include pausing border wall construction, creating a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in the us, ending family separation, and giving $4 billion to central america. this as the department of homeland security pauses deportations for 100 days.
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the changes are causing concern in the law enforcement community. arizona sheriff mark lamb joined us earlier to weigh in. >> this will cause a lot of problems not just for us in law enforcement in arizona and across the country, it also causes problems for our partners in mexico and guatemala. they'll have to deal with the caravan as well. it's because we are presenting to them we have weak immigration policies. >> reporter: meantime, a new poll says 60% of americans want this caravan stopped at the border. guatemalan media reports a caravan of migrants has been scheduled to leave el salvador for our border on february 14th. carley: thank you. todd: a fox news alert. an unlawful assembly declared in tacoma, washington after protests turned violent. >> [crowds chanting] todd: reported antifa protesters demanding that inmates be freed from a local
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jail. more than 100 people marching through the streets, lighting an american flag on fire and shattering windows. a crowd was seen shouting at an officer and pounding on his windows. a meeting is expected to be held today to discuss use of force. carley: chicago gun violence leaves at least 27 people shot and six killed over the weekend. those injured include 5-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet while sitting in a car. police say she will be okay, thankfully. earlier the same day, a man was shot and killed inside his home of during a gathering. the sun times reports 43 homicides in chicago this year alone. todd: today, the full senate will vote on president biden's treasury secretary nominee, janet yellen got unanimous approval from the senate finance committee on friday, republicans like senator chuck grassley saying there was no doubt about the former fed chair's
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qualifications. that vote scheduled for 5:30 p.m., like throw be an open and shut case. in d.c. you never know. carley: i think it will an open and shut case. also open and shut, tom brady going to the super bowl for the tenth time. >> brady goes for the deep shot, he got it! touchdown! scotty miller. >> oh, my god. todd: if are you the defensive coordinator for green bay you should be embarrassed by that coverage. brady led the buccaneers for a win over the pack. the super bowl is in tampa, making the bucs the first team to play the big game at home. carley: they'll take on patrick mahomes and the kansas city chiefs who stopped the buffalo bills, 38-24. the two quarterbacks reflecting on the upcoming matchup. >> i worked really hard to get to this point and it was a tough game, had a few tough games in a
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row. the next one will be really tough too. >> to be able to go up one of the greatest, if not the greatest quarterbacks of all time in his 150th super bowl will be a great experience. todd: adam saying this is going to be one for the ages. carley: going to be a fun one to watch. two weeks. todd: our boss is a big tampa fan. she wrote a little less on the kansas city love. i will say tampa bay has a really good defense. don't be shocked if they will do stuff in the super bowl. carley: this is fox news, not fox sports. todd: so mean. still ahead, president biden rolling out more executive actions to undo trump policies. congressman james comer says the democrat's actions show a
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>> look at the first week of this administration, it's russia, china, our adversaries who are benefiting. it's america last. remember what he said less than a week ago about unity. none of those actions have taken place. carley: putting america last, house minority leader kevin mccarthy slamming president biden for signing a slew of executive orders reversing several key trump administration policies. todd: as president biden pushes a message of unity, congressional leaders say his actions are purely partisan. congressman james comer joins us now. you don't think this is very unifying either, do you? >> absolutely not. the president can talk about
2:15 am
unity. but right off the bat he goes and by executive order gets rid of the keystone pipeline project, he rejoins the paris climate accord, he tries to double the minimum wage. these are issues that republicans have fought for because republicans have been focused on the economy and on the first day in the first hour of the job he does all of this without consulting with republicans, without committee hearings and he spooks the private sector at a time when we're trying to get americans back to work. carley: president biden is going to sign more executive orders this week, reversing some of former president trump's policies including reversing the transgender troop ban, rescinding the mexico city policy which has something to do with federal funding for places that provide abortions, establish a task force to reunify migrant families and reverse asylum system policies. what are some of the ramifications of these policies that concern you? >> well, it's. leland: it just looks to me
2:16 am
like -- it just looks to me like it's an american last policy. an american first policy, it would he focus on getting people back to work. it would focus on getting kids back in school. it would focus on vaccine distribution. these are issues that unify americans. if the president was sincere in his speech, he would try to he focus on issues that unify, not divide. and to begin with his very first bill that he sent to congress, it's a bill that gives amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants here in the united states. there's not a more divisive issue in congress than amnesty. and we've got -- we're a country of rule of law and to reward people that are here illegally to bypass people who are trying to get to this country legally is very disturbing and is very questionable why the president would start with issues like this that divide us. todd: let's drill down a little
2:17 am
more into the why on the immigration idea. his package faces steep odds on capitol hill. let's go through some of the highlights of it. that 100 day pause on deportations of illegal immigrants is definitely the thing that stands out. then you have the various pathways to citizenship, you have you that $4 billion aid package for central america that we talked about last hour. and then of course increasing the number of green cards. but the biggy for many trump supporters, halting construction of the border wall. if democrats are so pessimistic that this is going to go through, is biden putting this forward to say hey, progressives, i tried, giving himself political cover with both sides of his party? >> obviously, that's what he's going to do, there are a lot of moderate democrats that can't support that. you've already said on the show this morning an overwhelming majority of americans are opposed to more migrants coming from other countries into the united states illegally. we have a very high unemployment rate in america. we need to focus on getting
2:18 am
americans back to work. we need to focus on as i said earlier, getting kids back to school. we can't handle an influx of millions more people coming into this country. it's just not a good time when we're fighting covid and we have a lot of problems that we need to focus on, focus on america first. so these are the issues that republicans want to focus on, this what is we've been he focusing on over the past four years during the trump administration. we want to try to work with president biden. there are issues where we can come together and move america forward but starting with amnesty, that's not a good place to start in congress. carley: really quickly here, would you be willing to sign onto something more modest, maybe a pathway to citizenship for dreamers in exchange for border security. >> in exchange for border security, i think we would all be open for that. we want to make sure our private sector has jobs that can only be filled by guest workers by migrant workers. there are opportunities to come together. but the way the president has
2:19 am
started is a no deal, no go. todd: congressman, always a pleasure to have you on the program. thanks so much. check back in with us soon. still ahead, month after month of on and off riots have portland riots saying enough is enough. carley: one man with the coalition to save portland says antifa is a criminal enterprise and it's time that everyone recognizes it. he joins us next.
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>> this is has been declared an unlawful assembly. anybody who is trespassing on federal property is subject to arrest. todd: law enforcement declaring an unlawful assembly in portland again after rioters target the local i.c.e. facility there. small business owners don't know how much more they can take. gabriel johnson joins me now. the country is continuing to wonder why is portland still a powder keg of violence? >> well, it's pretty simple. we're seeing seven plus months of these -- what we want to call peaceful or unlawful assemblies and i think our u.s. district
2:24 am
attorney, billy lynn, said it correctly, these are riots. when you allow riots to go unchecked for months and months, this is what we can expect. we've seen the powder keg explode in the northwest over the weekend, not only with what's happening in portland, but tacoma, seattle. it's wearing on everybody and you're right, how much more of this can we take? todd: it's not just scary images on your screen. there are financial impacts involved here. take a look at this. this is since the end of may. $4.8 million in physical property damage there in portland. $18 million in lost business revenue. and $6 million in police overtime. this doesn't come cheap when the cops have to be there at the ready all the time. is there enough of a reason at this point for businesses and residents to stay? >> well, what you're seeing is actually a lot of them are leaving. there's a local news outlet this
2:25 am
past week that wanted to talk about the -- that covid is the reason why businesses are leaving but in the downtown corridor you see corporations, small businesses, restaurants and people moving out of portland at an alarming rate. you're right, how much more can we take? you talked about the amount of money that it's costing our city but what we haven't really seen is the impact of the loss of income, the loss of live ability that portlanders are actually going through. todd: what does portland need right now? >> what we need is a new top cop and our top copies currently our mayor and -- cop is currently our mayor. he's not qualified to do his job. we need a commissioner that is not a politician, whose sole job is to come in here and re-establish liveability, re-establish an area of lawlessness and really give us what we need and that's
2:26 am
liveability and peace back in the city. todd: i don't know if you can see the video we're showing, they're burning a biden flag. it just shows that republicans, democrats, are the target of a lot of the folks there in the pacific southwest. something needs to be done to stop it, otherwise you'll lose an entire region. thank you, sir. carley: the time is 26 minutes after the hour. president biden's decision to torpedo the keystone xl pipeline project is leaving a lot of americans out of work. congressman brian styles says hundreds of wisconsin residents are losing their jobs. he joins us next. plus -- ♪ carley: would you look at that? a star is born. the high-flying floor routine going viral, coming up next. ♪ i throw my hands up in the air sometimes. ♪ saying ayo, got to let go.
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carley: good morning. welcome back. republican lawmakers warning that president biden's executive order stopping construction of the keystone xl pipeline will be devastating to thousands of americans who were ready to work on the project. todd: one of the lawmakers joining us now is wisconsin congressman brian stiles. when you think keystone xl pipeline, you think of the dakotas and nebraska. how does the decision hurt your district in wisconsin. >> tough night with the packers losing in wisconsin. what really stinks, joe biden on day one killing thousands of jobs, hundreds of those from the state of wisconsin. wisconsin, we build things, we make things. men and women from the state of wisconsin were working on the keystone pipeline and on joe bidens' first day in office they got laid off because of a decision of joe biden looking to the far liberal left. we need to get this reversed and if joe biden is not willing to do it, congress is going to need
2:31 am
to act. carley: 11,000 u.s. jobs expected to have been created by the keystone xl pipeline in 2021. what are those people going to do now? president biden says he wants to give them clean green energy jobs but those jobs won't be up and running for a few years. what will those people do in the meantime? >> i spoke to the men and women who were directly impacted by this. a job in the future is not a lot of solace for someone that received a layoff notice on joe biden's first day in office. it doesn't pay the grocery bill, doesn't cover the rent or the mortgage. we need to have him reverse this decision immediately. if he isn't willing to do it, congress is going to have to act. todd: do you get a sense that the underpinning of a lot of this is that, oh, n a few years oil and gas are going to be done when in reality, let's take a step back and say that ain't happening any time soon. >> it's also completely a false
2:32 am
narrative that this oil and gas isn't coming to the united states. it's coming. it's just going to come by truck or by rail. a far less efficient and far less environmentally friendly manner than bringing it on a safe an thoughtful pipeline from canada to the united states. this makes us more dependent on russia and the middle east, more dependent on veins way l we need a -- venezuela. we need a north american secure supply of energy for our needs here in the united states. carley: canada is still going to be pumping that oil. they're just either going to ship it off to other countries or bring it into the united states by train. so what do you think killing the keystone xl pipeline really does for the economy or for the environment, rather? >> i don't think it does a lot for the environment. i think it does a lot for the far liberal activeists that joe biden is pander to. we need to reverse this decision immediately. we need to allow these men and women to get back to work. this is private sector
2:33 am
investment in infrastructure. it's exactly what we need right now when so many people across the united states are looking for work. the last thing we need is joe biden taking his pen and killing thousands of jobs on day one. todd: it will be curious to see if this potential lawsuit by canada to force this is going to happen. definitely pay attention to that. sir, i'm sorry about the packers. but again, when your defensive coordinator decides to have a horrible scheme there, you're going to lose. not rogers' fault. >> two minutes left with the football, you've got to go with the touchdown. you can't kick a field goal. it doesn't hurt as bad as the men and women that got laid off by the aca shun of joe biden on -- action of joe biden on day one. todd: thank you, sir, have a good one. carley: meantime, republicans pushing for looser done laws after purchases skyrocketed in 2020. lawmakers in nine states are
2:34 am
working to allow concealed carry of guns without a permit. most states require gun owners to undergo a background check or weapons training. 15 states currently allow concealed carry without a permit. todd: to extreme weather now, a series of storms pushing across the country. snow and ice caused a lot of pileups in michigan. carley: in california, the state is bracing for 10 of days of storms. meteorologist janice dean is tracking it all. what's the latest? >> good morning. lots to talk about. we've got a snowstorm across the midwest and quite a bit of moisture moving into california which will be very beneficial for them, help with the drought situation. flash flooding and maybe severe storms. that's the current wind chill to show you how cold it is. it's going to support some of that snow as it moves our way
2:35 am
over the next couple days. so there it is over parts of the midwest. we've got the wintery weather in terms of snow. then we've got a mixture of freezing rain and ice and all rain as you go across portions of the tennessee and mississippi river valley. forecasting this into tuesday and wednesday, moving up towards the northeast, new york, yeah, you're on that rain/sleet/freezing rain/snow line. we could definitely see snow north of the city in towards new england. depending where you live, that means you'll either get the snow or the mixture or the rain. pay attention to your local forecasts. they're going to help you out. certainly, the measurable snow over portions of the midwest and the plains states and then across to california, very heavy rain and mountain snow which, again, the good news is that it will help the drought. back to you, carley and todd. todd: they absolutely need it. thank you kindly. carley: thanks, janice. take a look at this. ucla gymnast attracting over 4
2:36 am
million views for this stunning floor routine. check it out. ♪ todd: flipping and twisting as teammates cheer her on. it heard her a 99.95, clinching a victory. carley: good for her. maybe she will be going to the olympics at some point. todd: i will give her a little go bruins there. carley: your alma mater. taxpayers could end up footing the bill for san francisco's homeless hotels, the multimillion dollar project racking up every month. todd: a growing number of signatures to trigger a recall, as we roll along. ♪ a little less conversation. ♪ a little more action. ♪
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todd: shock of all shocks, facebook and amazon opening their deep pockets to pay for lobbyists. carley: cheryl casone joins us live with the latest on the big spenders, good morning, cheryl. cheryl: good morning. both facebook and amazon up their federal lobbying spending in 2020. facebook whose ceo mark zuckerberg was called to testify several hearings last year is facing federal and state anti-trust lawsuits. they spent nearly 20 of million dollars, more than aircraft maker boeing and defense contractors. jeff bezos called to testify before congress for the first time, amazon spent $17.86 million. now, amazon and bezos continue to look for more government contracts and that was his first appearance we should mention ever before congress last year. zuckerberg and other social media companies are bracing for
2:41 am
scrutiny of their businesses under a biden administration following the january 6th capitol hill riots. some democrats are pushing for more oversight of these companies. .todd: while these are west coast companies, they have strong presences in d.c., both lobbying and actual offices of their company. speaking of california, the recall effort picking up steam. cheryl: the campaign to recall governor newsom is closing in on the 1.5 million vote threshold to qualify to go on the statewide ballot. organizers say they are very close to a march 17th deadline to get on the statewide ballot, it's the sixth recall effort that newsom has faced we should mention. this time it may stick over his handling of the pandemic and the statewide lockdowns. there is a report out that newsom is planning to lift the statewide stay-at-home order today. a lot of his critics saying in california that the lockdowns did not do anything to curb the coronavirus. carley: a lot of questions over who is paying for san francisco
2:42 am
homeless shelters and it could be all of us. cheryl: oh, yeah. also in california, the biden administration and u.s. taxpayers may be on the hook for millions of dollars thanks to san francisco's move to house the homeless in city hotels. because of biden's executive order last week, certain kinds of emergency housing for the homeless were approved obviously with one of the highest homeless populations in the nation, we should say they've spent 15 to 18 million a month to house more than 220 people in 25 different hotels. remember, not to be outdon, new york city has also spent millions on the homeless hotel program. this bill a nationwide spend by taxpayers. .todd: cheryl, always a pleasure. carley: two squad members pressuring president biden to commute the sentence of death
2:43 am
row inmates.
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>> i'm anxious to tell you what's coming up in 14 points. i might as well start. over a dozen lawmakers from both parties met with the white house to discuss the biden covid relief bill which is the cost of $1.9 trillion. was there any common ground? i hear both sides are outraged about the price tag and what they're spending it on. senator bill cassidy was on the call. he'll bring us up close and personal. newt gingrich will talk about the speaker of the house marching with the impeachment towards the senate, can't wait for that drama. dan bongino, when is parler going to be up and running. and the minnesota bar sued by the state for reopening, the owner joins us with why she is
2:47 am
not backing down, best of luck. and out in california, the restaurant owner who went viral for calling out a lockdown hypocrisy is suing the governor, exclamation point. that means it's very important. she will bring us the latest as they try to recall governor newsom. all that and a lot of commercials in between and a lot of fun, coming your way in 13 minutes when carley and todd are done. carley, the ball is yours. carley: the family of donna major a mother and wife tragically murdered in a bank robbery, slamming the progressive push to end the death penalty. ayana pressly isasking for the f those on death row. joining us is donna's husband and daughter. good morning to you both. >> good morning.
2:48 am
carley: i want to read you a little bit of the letter ayana pressly and cory bush sent to president biden. they say we believe that rebuilding the dignity of america requires we recommit ourselves to the tradition of due process, mercy and judicial clemency. for this reason, we urge you to immediately commute the sentences of all of those on death row. dan, that includes the person who murdered your wife. what's your reaction to that? >> i feel disgusted and appalled that they would even consider doing something like that. i believe in the death penalty long of before my wife was murdered. i believe it's justice in not all cases but some cases. when the due process has been carried out of, i think we should carry out the law. carley: heather, tell us a little about your mom. what was she like? >> she was an incredible woman. she was an amazing mom, friend,
2:49 am
grandmother. she gave sacrificially. she lived to honor god and to show others god through her. even as the man that was coming in to kill her came into the bank, she was writing in her journal about how she accepted christ 30 years before and we know where she'll be. carley: yeah. that's tough i'm sure for you to say and also very emotional to hear. and dan, you know, i've got to ask you. congresswoman bush posted a tweet listing the names of the 13 inmates executed under president trump and she ended the tweet by saying say their names, which is basically sort of a call to remember those inmates and honor them. what's your response to that? i mean, some of these inmates were murderers, one was a known white supremacist. what's your reaction? >> well, first of all, i would
2:50 am
say that i don't hate this person who murdered my wife. i can honestly say that. and i would hope that he would accept the lord into his life, christ into his life, before he dies. but also i wonder if these people if something ever happened to them in their life, this tragedy like this, if they got a phone call from the police saying there's been an end dent at the bank and -- incident at the bank, your wife has been murdered, shot once in the arm, once in the shoulder and to finish her off, once in the head, i wonder if they would feel differently. i wonder if these people after they've been rehabilitated if these congressmen or women would feel good about maybe bringing them into their homes, into their gated communities with their security systems. i just wonder how that would look for them. >> i think we're giving honor to the wrong people. you know, let's honor the innocent, not the criminals. carley: that is such a good
2:51 am
point. dan major, heather turner, thank you so much for joining us and getting your message out. it's such an important one. and you certainly honored your mom and your wife and we are all thinking about her and remembering her and you're absolutely right she is in heaven right now, looking down. >> thank you, carley. >> thank you.
2:52 am
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todd: do you remember when the media told us that the crisis on our southern border was made up by president trump? >> folks the president has manufactured one heck of a political crisis. >> donald trump is manufacturing a national security crisis. >> some question if there is a crisis at all as the president has claimed. >> it's a manufactured crisis. >> this is a manufactured crisis. >> a manufactured crisis. now it's president biden's turn to handle the surge as it reports say a second caravan is on it way. how will the progressive president handle this? >> here with her take fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy. the person in the last clip was the current press secretary for the biden administration. question for you, rachel challenge not so manufactured anymore is it. >> no. the crisis is even more important. remember, we have covid now. which wasn't the case when we were covering all these caravans during the administration. so here we have a situation where donald trump had effectively, very effectively
2:56 am
negotiated a remain in mexico policy while people's cases were being adjudicated. because if they were adjudicated in the united states. people would stab into the united states. so now changing that policy creates a very serious health crisis because we will have people who disappear into our country who have not gone through the proper health, you know, tests and examinations that we need to make sure that we protect americans. remember, think about it. we have americans on lockdown. >> we are destroying our economy. we are destroying people's businesses. their american dreams. we are throwing millions of people's health, mental health and wellness into question. you know, we have such a crisis in that. and at the same time, we have open borders. no lockdowns for people coming into our country illegally. it doesn't make any sense. jillian: yeah, you know, people who push for more lenient imforeign relation policies they say they are doing it in the name of compassion and people who want stronger borders are
2:57 am
heartless and cruel. i'm sure you have heard that argument before. how do you respond to that line of attack? >> well, first of all, as we covered many times over the last several years during the trump administration, little children are often the victims of this, you know, human trafficking during, you know, when you have these rules that are so loose. also, what about compassion for american workers? this is a time when so many americans are unemployed because of coronavirus, because of these lockdowns. and they -- and now biden administration thinks it's okay for, you know, thousands, if not millions of people who come here illegally and take those jobs because make no mistake, when people come across the border, looking for work, and they come illegally, they are not looking for jobs as journalists. as, you know, politicians. they are coming to take the low wage jobs that many americans need right now to put food on
2:58 am
the table. todd: meantime, rachel, the "new york times" is being absolutely excoriated will biden most religion justly observant president in 50 years. mr. biden's policies it those of pope francis who has sought to turn the church's attention to immigration policies and migration. what was your reaction? >> several. notice, look how they took the topic of human life and just, you know, usersed it down to the it term sexual politics. we are talking about human life. that's what we are talking about with abortion. and they just said well that's just sexual politics. more importantly, the "new york times" covering faith and religion reporting on faith and religion is like a vegetarian reporting on steakhouses. they know nothing about it. they mock people who cling to their bibles, who put faith at the center of their lives.
2:59 am
and in the case of joe biden, joe biden can say whatever he wants. he can say and he may very well be telling the truth when he says i'm personally against abortion, which the catholic church says is an intrinsic evil human rights issue of our time. he is not just any catholic a very powerful catholic. our faith says he has a responsibility to stop this violence, to stop abortion. and he hasn't. joe biden with all the -- has chosen power and money over being a good and faithful catholic over defending innocent life. and it's not just abortion. on the case of he was the vice president, went after the little sisters of the poor. anyone who had a conscious objection to it and then during covid the democrat party prioritized walmart and strip clubs and many things over church. over saying that it wasn't essential. so there is a lot of problems with the "new york times" weighing in on this.
3:00 am
todd: this as the head of the u.s. punish shops biden would quote advance even than human life. watch her on moms, fox nation, she is the host she is awesome. are cd we love you. carley: thank you, rachel, we appreciate it. "fox & friends" starts right now. todd: president biden kicks off first week in office it more policy. >> is he there signing one executive order after another. only plan in that regard is to trash trump to make some absurd claim that he has done a great job. >> as millions of americans continue to get vaccinated democrats moving forward with the covid relief package. >> it need is urgent. americans, republicans and democrats are dying. >> caravan expected to leave honduras this week. >> it's dangerous for us in our community. it brings drugs and human trafficking. and it's something that we try hard to stop. >> senator josh hawley says it's time to stand up to the,


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