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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 26, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> fox news alert, for millions of americans in the path of severe storms. parts of alabama waking up to distraction left by a suspected tornado overnight but we are tracking the dangerous system. >> peaceful protests are a cornerstone of our democracy, but smashing windows is not protesting in the there is looting. >> the biden administration finally addressing violence on the west coast but is a too little too late, portland's mayor pepper sprayed a man who confronted him on the street of his own city. >> i know he always asks me tough questions and always has an edge to them by like him anyway so go ahead and ask your question. >> no questions about ice cream from peter doocy during president biden's first formal press conference. "fox and friends first" continues right now. todd: good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning.
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>> right to that fox news alert a possible tornado touches down in alabama leaving a trail of destruction. powerful winds knocking down power lines tearing off roofs and uprooting trees just north of birmingham. >> the tornado ripping through this hampton in, guests and staff were able to escape while some homes and businesses collapsed into piles of debris. janice dean tracking the system, she joins us live. good morning. >> good morning. a terrible news out of birmingham alabama, all part of a bigger system that is bringing wintery weather across the plane states in the midwest and potential for severe weather across portions of the gulf coast and southeast, you can see those current temperatures very cold behind this friends, that helps bond the possible tornado across alabama into georgia. there is the formal report, this was kind of an isolated storm,
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isolated tornado event, wasn't part of a severe weather outbreak but the national weather service is going to investigate and it does look like we have a tornado report, a large destructive tornado on the ground and that can happen in the winter across this region. we have a tornado watch in effect for parts of alabama towards georgia because of this strong line of storms that continues to move quickly eastward along that frontal boundary so we will continue to monitor it. i don't think it will be a severe weather outbreak. i think it is an isolated terrible event. national weather service will go out to determine if this was a tornado and we have something called ivf scale, they will look at it and look at the damage and categorize a tornado and seeing some of the damage i would anticipate at least ef 2 or ef 3. we will keep you up-to-date with considerable to severe damage and our prayers go out to all
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those in the birmingham alabama region. >> thank you for the latest on that scary weather event. >> president biden's busy exercising his executive powers. >> he already has 33 action under his belt and is expected to sign more today. griff jenkins live with what we can expect, good morning. >> we can expect the pen to stay busy, president biden, another flurry of actions coming this week. he has been following a designated thing, today's is racial equity aimed at policing, prisons and housing. the rest of the week, wednesday will be the climate crisis, thursday, healthcare and friday immigration. yesterday's was to buy american which the president touted at the white house. >> american manufacturing the arsenal of democracy in world war ii and it must be part of the engine of american prosperity now.
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that means we are going to use taxpayer money to rebuild america. we will buy american products and support american jobs. >> fox was not on the initial list of news organizations selected to ask a question but the president chose to call on peter doocy anyway. watch. >> wait, i know he always asks me tough questions and always has an edge to them but i like him anyway so go ahead and ask your question. >> this as the single article of impeachment against donald trump for incitement of insurrection was formally transmitted to the senate where the 50/50 split appears headed for possible power-sharing deal after two democrats opposed ending the filibuster. the trial gets underway 2 weeks from today on february 9th and already is causing division on capitol hill. the top republican in the house had this to say.
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>> the house is supposed to be the grand jury, there were no hearings, no investigation, it was just rushed through and there is no your example of how political this is than the manager is eric swallow -- swalls of ll who was associated with the chinese by, that shows what a farce this impeachment is in there just playing politics. >> also causing division a new push by house democrats to bring the for the people back to the forefront vote, first introduced two years ago, democrats say it strengthens voting rights by voter suppression and gerrymandering and would restrict dark money in politics but in a minor leader mitch mcconnell is blasting it calling it the democrat politician protection act. >> thank you so much. >> speaking of which the controversial for the people ask could impact generations to come. >> tucker carlson says it is nothing but another power grab by democrats.
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>> this is the, quote, for the people act. it is for the people. what does the democratic party intend to do for the people? if you guessed and enshrined the rule by force forever, you in a daily double. for the people act is the foundation of the strategy to control the federal government will into your grandchildren's middle-age. like most revolutionary documents it is not very exciting, nothing especially radical at first, it begins by declaring contrary to article 1, congress has, quote, the ultimate supervisory power over federal elections. that is a big change. under the current law states get to decide how much fraud they
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will tolerate. florida requires you to show photo identification to vote. california just wants you to vote democrat. of hr one passes all 50 states will be california, the entire country will have valid harvesting and mail in voting. think about that. >> the for the people act was stopped states from tough restrictions on mail, vote by mail efforts that requires a theme day of early voting for federal elections. the biden administration speaking out against the violent protests in the pacific northwest. portland and washington state still reeling after rioters damaged buildings and clashed with police. >> jackie ibanez here with what the white house has to say. >> press secretary jen psaki insist president biden condemned the violence in the strongest possible terms. >> peaceful protests are a cornerstone of our democracy but smashing windows is not protesting and neither is looting and actions like these are totally unacceptable.
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>> jen psaki dodged on whether businesses hit by the pandemic and the rights would get the relief. tacoma, washington was the latest state of unrest with report antifa members smashing windows and you can see them burning flags was the violence started after a police officer drove his car through a crowd sending at least two people to the hospital, one of those victims speaking out. >> i was a licensed barber. i can't stand up for long. gos of time. i have to think of how i'm going to work now, you know? >> is for the officer he said he fears for his life with video showing people banging on his window. in seattle anti-biden protesters smashed up a federal courthouse and storefronts there despite the violence, the city plans to hold townhall today on police use of force and in portland protesters fought with right police outside the local ice facility. the officers deploying tear gas and rubber bullets. here's mayor ted wheeler.
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>> unfortunately we are seeing this growing trend towards people saying if you don't agree with me publicly we are going to come after you either physically or your home or your place of business. >> he had a first-hand experience with that so-called trend, pepper spraying, a man who confronted him at a restaurant. according to the. a wheeler filed the man accused him of violating virus restrictions and refused to leave even after the mayor warned him of the spray. >> jackie ibanez in the newsroom, thanks. >> also in portland one person is killed and at least we 5 others injured after a driver is accused of hitting several pedestrians. police say the suspect was swerving at high speed on and off sidewalks for several blocks hitting multiple cars and people, the driver tried to run away but witnesses held him until police arrived. police have not released his
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name or the charges he faces. >> a sad day in the sports world as we mark the 1-year anniversary of the death of nba legend kobe bryant and his daughter gina. they were killed in a helicopter crash in southern california. fans in the philippines honoring the bryants with his incredible mural. others in the home arena stable center, bryant was just 41 years old. >> cannot believe it has been a year. such a sad moment and we remember him today. the time is 10 minutes after the hour. mainstream media asking congressman eric swallwell about his ties to chinese by. >> the fbi said i did nothing wrong, speaker pelosi is keeping me on the committee. this is retaliation more than anything else. >> we break down his evasive answer next. >> twitter rolling out a new tool to root out disinformation. a live report on how bird watch works. skin b
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>> the fbi said i did nothing wrong, nancy pelosi is keeping me on the committee, republicans were briefed on this conduct this individuals trying to do with me and other members of congress in 2015. this is retaliation more than anything else. todd: eric swallwell insisted he did nothing wrong, he is standing firm saying there's nothing nuisance the report on the shady relationship. carley: white house press secretary denying president biden never called the coronavirus travel pan xenophobic. >> that is not a ferry ticket nation.
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the president has been clear the muslim ban was xenophobic but he also supported travel restriction in order to keep the american people safe. >> the only problem is he did. in march when candidate biden responded to donald trump's tweet about the band by writing stop the xenophobic fear mongering, be honest, take responsibility, do your job. president biden is banning travel from 30 countries including brazil, south africa and europe, the country's donald trump band, china is not included. todd: republicans want to involve big tech in the potential fbi probe on parlor's role in the capital right. carley: more on the conservative letter. >> republicans on the house oversight committee said any investigation into the role parlor played earlier this month should include facebook and twitter. this after carolyn maloney last week asked the fbi to investigate parlor's role of
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the, quote, potential fizzles a year of planning or inciting violence at the capital on january 6th but republicans on the committee pointed to other social media platforms a facebook, twitter and parlor, quote, to all share blame and allowing the platforms to be used to plan for the events of the capital claiming parlor is only being singled out due to its reputation for having conservative users. republicans slamming maloney calling the request to transparently political ploy to take advantage of the situation and, quote, shutdown speech democrats dislike. on twitter, no response to the comment. twitter revealed a new community driven approach to misleading information on their platform allowing users to add notes to tweets they believe are false in an effort to add context for other uses which is cup bird watch, fox news has been given
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an early look. no account had no tweet is exempt from annotation meaning users can add context to tweets posted by news outlets and elected officials. birdwatcher allows users to identify information in tweets they believe are misleading or false and right notations to those tweets in a way they feel is providing informative context was at this point bird watch is in its pilot phase and is available to just 1000 users. it is unclear when the product will be available to the general public was republican lawmaker greg steube on congresswoman maloney and the potential fbi investigation. todd: i thought twitter was its own pandora's box, this bird watch is pandora's box within a pandora's box. thank you. jillian: the time is 17 after the hour, president biden promises 1.5 million vaccines a day but they don't know how many vaccines they have. todd: dr. nicole saphier on the challenges the administration
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faces in the fight.
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>> i promised i would get 100
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million vaccinations. we might get to 150, 1.5 million a day rather than 1 million a day. carley: president biden uping his goals wanting to reach 1.5 million per day as the us hits a record number of coronavirus cases. joining me is dr. nicole saphier. big news on the vaccination front, that is his goal. 1.5 million, 41 million have been distributed, 21 million have been administered. do you think joe biden can reach the goal of 1.5 million per day? >> we are on our way to the goal. 1.2 million on average a day, over that, they are holding onto
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the second dose is to make sure people who get the first dose are able to get the second dose. healthcare systems all across the country they have no idea how many doses they are getting next week, they find out friday are delivered over the weekend or monday. supply at this point is going to be the limiting step and hhs and the biden administration need to work with drug companies, they need to be open transparency what those negotiations and how many will be readily available, keeping an eye on johnson and johnson, a single dose vaccine we are looking to apply within the next couple weeks. carley: president biden says everyone can get a vaccine by springtime, he heard immunity by summer. will that happen? >> we are talking about we have a vaccine.
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the widespread transition, we have 1 million documented cases, the real number is 8 to 10 times, with national exposure as we start having more and more millions of americans with vaccine-induced immunity, we are closer. >> we know the 2 million vaccines have been administered and learning of this highly contagious strain of covid-19 that has been detected and that could be why california is a hard-hit state. explain this strain. if it is in california you can imagine it is another place as well. >> many variants circulated to grow, one in south africa, 142,
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looking at the genetic sequencing, have identified this variant, 25% from california looks more contagious, more transmissible like other variance. something to keep an eye on. the fda commissioner gave an update they are monitoring the strains and looking at them across the country keep an eye on them to see if they need to make tweaks to the vaccines, to make sure they are encompassing is working against these emerging variants. carley: happy birthday. dr. nicole saphier, thanks so much. todd: chicago's teachers
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insisting on remote work only, until they are vaccinated but what about the students, parents with students in the district say time to return to the classroom, they join us next. pro trump ceo silenced. the new restrictions the board placed on him coming up. hey, i just got a text from my sister. you remember rick, her neighbor? sure, he's the 76-year-old guy who still runs marathons, right? sadly, not anymore. -what, you mean-- -mhm.
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>> the dangerous tornado ripped through alabama overnight. tearing off roofs and uprooting trees. todd: a family with a baby escaping moments before that whole shoots through their bedroom. that is hard. meteorologist janice dean, my goodness.
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>> so scary and hopefully everyone got to safety and they had tornado warnings in the area. it came at night when a lot of people are sleeping, the most dangerous time you can have tornadoes. this is just an isolated tornado, not a severe weather outbreak, doesn't take the sting out of what happened in alabama but we don't anticipate any more widespread severe storms if that makes any sense and makes people more secure but i will say we have a tornado watch, very small one across central eastern alabama, some of those could sponsor of your storms including hail and damaging winds and a tornado threat. we will monitor that, national weather service will assess the damage. we are praying for our friends
2:31 am
in birmingham, alabama. the winter weather, several inches of snow across a wide swath of the midwest and central plains toward the great lakes and even the northeast where northwest of new york city we could get 80 inches of snow, all part of a broader weather system that brought the tornado to birmingham, alabama. jillian: everyone has their own separate issue today. todd: the chicago teachers union fouling not to return to in person classes, thousands of students at home. how important is it for kids to get back to the classroom. joining me to discuss, three students, justin, and alberto molina, father of two. how much of a good punch was this vote by the teachers union?
2:32 am
>> it is unconscionable. already children in classrooms and they have been in classrooms for two weeks, devastating. unnecessary. todd: i don't hang out with kids your age but this has been a tough time. since march of last year it has been pretty rough. it is tough. do you see your friends with any frequency? >> on-screen. you try to form relationships. todd: it is not your problem.
2:33 am
sometimes i fall asleep when watching videos as well so you see the situation from multiple angles, what is your message to the teachers union. >> my message be we value and respect teachers, in our home we love our teachers, principals, schools but the effects are going to be long-lasting. they already are. the public school system invested $100 million to keep our schools safe. it is time to go back, the loss of instruction has been sad and devastating. it has been extremely difficult, children throughout the city.
2:34 am
todd: the teachers union says, quote, we want to return to in person construction. the issue is public schools under preparedness, for in person instruction and clear and present danger to the health of the family and school community. is that statement fair? >> we value tremendously, the fact the city invested so much money and negotiated with teachers, the research does that, not as susceptible, the dangerous group and transmission to adults is not significant. i think it is time to get back to in person learning. it takes teachers jobs more difficult, they have difficult
2:35 am
jobs to begin with but it is going to be more challenging to close those gaps after 10 months of missed instruction and more. todd: do you think your kids will return to the classroom this school year. >> i expect it when there are private schools in the area. todd: you are itching to get back to see your friends. to learn in a classroom with teachers. it is fine. most people don't know what i am saying half the time. thank you so very much. and enjoy the rest of your day. carley: i want to know what he is itching for. south carolina mayor calling it appropriate help gridlock at a drive-through vaccines site.
2:36 am
that is a local chick-fil-a manager arresting traffic. the music company has a great reputation for mastering that. an hour to 15 minutes. sounds like a smart man. the homeless problem in portland could be everyone's problem. carley: plans to set up camp across the city.
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want to sell the best burger in every zip code? add an employee. or ten... then easily and automatically pay your team and file payroll taxes. that means... world domination! or just the west side. run payroll in less than five minutes with intuit quickbooks. jillian: glory of foods trying to silence the ceo over political views. that distancing efforts. i thought they were doing well following the brouhaha over the summer.
2:40 am
>> reporter: things have changed. goya foods silencing the ceo according to the new york post, the 67-year-old did openly question the result of the presidential election but in remarks after the january 6th capital riots that caused this move. the vote by the 9-member board means he needs their permission to do any media, goya board member is third generation owner and said he does not speak for goya foods, the family has diverse views on politics but politics is not part of our business. political points of views are irrelevant. a lot of companies don't like to get involved in politics but a lot of times have been forced to. jillian: companies were not getting involved in politics and now it seems like every company
2:41 am
is and in the beginning he was saying i showed up at the white house when president obama was in office. todd: it is okay when you side with the left. >> cancel culture. carley: speaking of the left, a liberal city, something going on with the homeless population. >> despite the unrest in portland that has gone on for months, a planning commission is considering putting outdoor homeless shelters in every neighborhood, sites like commercial zones and other open spaces especially in east portland the city could consider the proposal as soon as february. todd: it is clear the audience love the hollywood elite, they cheer for that at every chance they get. another reason to love them even more. >> i love same rules for thee, not for me. power players in hollywood are
2:42 am
leveraging celebrity, to get the covid-19 vaccine. we were offered bribes, see people taking planes to different locations, transit into the healthcare profession or get on staff at a nursing home. and had been offered 10,$000 to vaccinate hollywood power players. harrison ford was at community college, the 78-year-old booked his own appointment. arnold schwarzenegger went on his own. steve martin went to the javits center on his own. todd: typically we go get breakfast. we can -- jillian: the phrase is your favorite, shows me a lot, rules for me, not for thee, i reversed
2:43 am
and i am punishing myself. thanks so much. todd: president biden canceling the keystone pipeline putting thousands of americans out of work. a union leader whose leader has buyers remorse out of next. carley: let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> we were talking about the keystone pipeline. the keystone pipeline workers as the construction project helped him raise his family. what is next for him now that joe biden is pulling the plug on the project? he shares his message to the leaders and all of you, our viewers. las vegas schools pushing to reopen quickly after the devastating effect of the shutdown on a number of students. one dad says it is time to get
2:44 am
kids back in the classroom full-time, online stuff not cutting it. we first introduce you to a high school football coach sidelined for praying on the field, in 2015, 5 years later, he is still fighting for faith. how far is he willing to take the battle? it will be inspirational. "fox and friends" kicks off 16 minutes from now on the channel you trust for your morning news. back in just a couple. fox news channel. or just the west side. run payroll in less than five minutes with intuit quickbooks. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ wanna lose weight and be healthier? it's time for aerotrainer.
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xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. todd: a labor union that backed president biden speaking about his move to cancel houston pipeline saying it will put thousands out of work.
2:48 am
carley: the president of the association joins us now. i'm so curious to hear what members of your union are saying because every word out of joe biden's mouth is about creating unity, helping union jobs, you are not happy about him killing the pipeline. >> it is disappointing they didn't get a clean look from the administration on day one. we have a diverse membership. a whole host of views. the administration to build back better, not giving keystone the proper vetting process, the proper look on it. was disappointing to settle in. >> i will go a step further. do you feel you were duped by the biden campaign after that
2:49 am
campaign focused on flipping have read union states like michigan, wisconsin? >> absolutely not. the vice president, the president, vice president, in the campaign said it would take pipeline issues one at a time, all the energy, all the energy, we understand that, it is not one specific job. i think i was invited to donald trump and was honored and pleased, on 3 different times of the trump administration. we touted the president but he also asked and promised workers of america, and $2 trillion, and it is $6 billion, they advocate
2:50 am
for it, nuclear power and oil, gas, hydrogen in the future, $2 trillion promise and we got 0. it is more than 6 billion. i heard the promo twice of buyers remorse, we went in with our eyes open and we won't agree with everything the president does or the administration does, we will advocate for our members. >> going forward are you optimistic the biden administration will deliver what you need for your union members? >> it will be a mixed bag like every administration. i think they are did series and is long overdue on administration skype back 10 or 15 years on infrastructure.
2:51 am
>> on energy yes, we can get in a good spot with administration but take clean looks and not just look to the left-wing flank of the democratic party. we are the moderates in the middle and have to pull this administration back to center. >> from an environmental standpoint a pipeline developer pledged it would have 0 carbon emissions, economic standpoint we were talking about killing jobs and union jobs and from international relations standpoint the canadian prime minister justin trudeau not happy about this pipeline being billed. is your union going to pressure him to change his mind and using president biden might consider that? >> this does affect our members, i have quite a few members in the province of alberta.
2:52 am
one line to get oil and natural gas out of the oil sands, you may have to build pipelines in our infrastructure. american politicians break your heart both ways. pushing the president of the united states, i don't have the juice to solve that. carley: we are so short on time, appreciate you joining us, thank you for explaining your perspective. congressman greg steube coming up next. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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jillian: s. carley: welcome back further people act claiming the bill is aimed at fighting voter suppression dark money and gerrymandering. todd: critics are pinnings it a it will democratic power grab. republicans say this would ensure democratic control of the federal government for years to come. break down how. >> as we sit here today, there is still congressional seat in new york that still hasn't been decided. they were counting vote for month. finding vote and ballots in drawers and doing this for months. this would enshrine those types of activities in states like california and new york for the entire country. in states like florida where we have voter i.d. laws. yes you can request an absentee ballot but you have to show
2:57 am
identification as to who you are, be a qualified elector in the state to be qualified you to ask for. abby: absentee ballot there is a bar code when we send it in and a signature verification it. would do away with states like florida laws as relates to voter registration in all 50 state and enshrine state like new york and california that have been disastrous this past election cycle. right now people don't have integrity and people don't have faith in the integrity confident elections process all the things we saw in states that allowed for nonvoter ids of absentee and mail-in ballots it would enshrine this nationwide. it would be a horrible thing for our country. people wouldn't know that the votes were actually true and accurate because we wouldn't know who would be sending in these mail-in ballots. carley: the thing that caught my eye is this bill would prohibit from punishing in a state where they shouldn't be registered. does that mean if i register to vote in new york, new jersey and
2:58 am
florida i would get a pass? >> yes. and you could just keep sending in ballot because there is no verification on the back end like we saw in states this presidential election over the night you saw tons and thousands and hundreds of thousands of these ballots being counted and there was no variation as to who these people were. you have oh, well that's fraud or that's not fraud and you are not talking about the legitimacy of the election, auto what we know is you tonight know who those people are no verification on the back end. if they get a ballot in the mail they have to count it regardless of who it is from. it could be from someone manufacturing ballots or illegal immigrant or anybody you don't know because there is no verification process like we have here in florida. the verification process in states like florida would be completely done away with. todd: meantime, congressman, the house overare sight g.o.p. of which you are a member says any fbi probe into parler's role in the capitol riot needs to include facebook and twitter all
2:59 am
after carol malone singled out parler. can any if it doesn't look at the whole. >> we know for the fact the fbi has charged individuals with conspiracy of the riot that happened on january 6th and they were conspiring weeks before the actual event be and they were doing it on facebook. so, why are we going to ignore places that we know for a fact people were conspiring to commit crimes at the capitol and only look at parler? cleared clearly this is 100 percent politically motivated. they want to go after the conservative parler which is the smallest of all of them and not where all of the bad acting was going on. carley: we have about 20 second left how do you feel about parler getting kicked off the internet? do you think they will be back and there needs to be any sort of congressional action so this doesn't happen again? quickly. >> again, we have big tech using their influence and their ability to censor conservatives and now correctionalling curve sight like parler that cannot
3:00 am
happen in america. cannot happen in a country that believes in the first amendment. carley: all right, congressman steube i wish i were in florida with you. many will. steve: you win, "studio b." carley: i want to take a dive in that water. todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> a terrifying tornado ripping through alabama overnight. powerful winds knocking down power lines, tearing off roofs and it ripping out trees. >> hurting american families. >> this is an american job issue. this administration is attacking our industry all together. >> president joe biden preselecting the reporters and media he will take questions from. >> the leader of the free world needs a staffer to call on a predetermined list of reporters instead of calling on them himself. this is profoundly odd. >> all agent effective immediately are no longer stay at home order. >> the reason he


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