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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 28, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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todd: set your dvr every weekday morning so you never miss a moment of "fox & friends first." new puppy mom. jillian: his name is levi. i haven't had sleep in days forgive me if i'm stumbling over may words right now. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: it's just what we do. they turf on the camera and they say go and we start talking for three hours and we start right now. welcome aboard, folks, it's thursday january 2 8th, 2021. welcome to "fox & friends." it is cold here in new york city. 30 degrees right now. ainsley: it is. it's thursday. steve: so close. ainsley: that's right. one of the guys from florida georgia line on our show because brian texted him to find out what get your shine on means. brian: we need to know. america needs to know. ainsley: we do.
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brines brian there could be a whole series if we are looking for a spin off series of "fox & friends." spin off series on asking artists what lyrics mean. i was so interested to find out if there was a lot of depth to these words. that's florida georgia line when they used to shave and came on our show before they were this mammoth global band and that is the first time they performed live on tv and it was cruise. and have they gone places since then? they got their own bar in downtown nashville. ainsley: brian likes to take credit saying he made them fame miss. brian: i played a huge role i introduced them. they met in college. brian kelly will be on to tell us what get your shine on means. steve: nancy lopez the world famous golfer gave me her
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opinion on what it means. [laughter] ainsley: we are going to read some of your emails because they have been pouring in what you think the song means. i watched the song yesterday, i think at different phases in life it means different things. get your shine on, talking about a girl with her lipstick and lip gloss. toward the middle of the song. steve: told you. ainsley: later in the song get your shine on sounds like maybe drink is some moon shine? brian brian i know i got texted the answer. ainsley: he will not share it with anyone. steve: anyway. we have a lot going on today and we will try to get you up to date because later today president biden is set to sign another round of executive orders. he is running out of pens. ainsley: i know, right? this time it's going to focus on healthcare, including dropping medicaid requirement and opening a special enrollment to boost obamacare. brian: peter doocy outside the white house to break it all down. hey, peter. peter: remember back when bide was vice president okay was a big bleeping deal.
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make it bigger with two executive orders. one of them reopen the obamacare marketplaces for anybody who missed open enrollment because the white house is opening to get more people covered during the pandemic. that is going to happen on february 15th and run through may, shortly after a promotional blitz to make sure anybody who might want to enroll knows it's possible. also an executive order aimed at protecting women's health at home and abroad. and there is some new attention to an executive order from friday and questions about who exactly is eligible to collect unemployment because they're concerned about covid-19. the white house fact sheet friday that read biden wanted to do this ensure americans no longer have to ensure between paying their bills or keeping themself from covid-19 by asking the u.s. department of labor to consider clarifying that workers who refuse unsafe working conditions can still receive unemployment insurance. so we have reached out to the white house for clarification
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about who exactly is able to refuse to work because they are covid-19 and still get those unemployment checks. back to you. steve: all right. peter, thank you very much for getting up early today. surprising, i don't ever remember him getting up this early when he was a little kid. so today, yesterday, the president signed three different executive orders on climate change. he said it was a matter of national security. and we told you over the last couple of days how millions of american jobs are tied to the oil and gas industry which essentially they would like to see go by the by. one of the things he did yesterday was suspended oil and gas leases on federal lands. what he did not talk about is the fact that a lot of those revenues are split with the states. and here's what it comes down to. a state like wyoming depends on $150 million of that money each year to fund their schools k through 12. in the state of new mexico, a third of their public school
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money comes from these oil and gas leases that are split. and also there are college scholarships. the big question is if the feds are going to take that money away from so many states that have made millions of dollars through the years with these oil and gas leases, who is going to make that money up? forget about the jobs because that's already terrible? now who is going to pay for the schools, ainsley? ainsley: joe biden and john kerry they got together and they have come up with this climate plan for our country. john kerry is the new climate envoy. he said all the stuff about losing jobs. where are these workers going to go after they got rid of the keystone pipeline he? said you are being fed a false narrative that are jobs and new jobs will be created. here is president biden and john kerry yesterday. >> we're dealing with this existential threat to the planet and increasing our economic growth and prosperity are one in the same. when i think of climate change i think answers to it i think of
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jobs. about jobs. good paying union jobs. it's about workers. building our economy back better than before. it's a whole government approach to put climate change at the center of our domestic, national security, and foreign policy. >> what president biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices. that they have alternatives. that they can be the people who go to work to make the solar panels. brian: right. so those people who had the vice grip and making the pipeline right now out of a job as of three days ago have to quickly make solar panels most of which china makes. the fossil fuel industry generated $8.1 billion in 2020. at a time in which economic free fall oh by 9 way so is the rest of the world, we are going into this green technology. and this green movement. which looks almost exactly like the green new deal which joe biden said i'm not for the green new deal.
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i didn't sign off on that. well, this looks exactly like it. in fact, the majority leader in the senate has said basically this is a climate emergency, it's basically time for the green new deal. so i'm thinking about this story in the "the washington post" today. this guy dave cruise. he goes to the middle of alaska to a five acre patch. is he preparing a pad to start drilling because he is allowed to. in donald trump's tax reduction plan. his tax plan. he said you could drill in anwr. so they are there. they stop. think about all those people who showed up to build the pipeline. they show up for work. they have to stop. why? it's a pandemic. unemployment 7%. and joe biden comes out unilaterally signing this green agenda. to me, it is the absence of total leadership. ted cruz was weighed in on this. saw the press conference with john kerry followed by joe biden and weighed in. >> he signed an order cancel the keystone pipeline.
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11,000 jobs with the stroke of a pen he made go away. 8,000 of those are union jobs. at the same time he rejoined the paris climate deal which threatens to destroy thousands of high paying jobs across this country. john kerry in that same news conference you put up, well, they need to learn to make better choices. whether a an arrogant out of touch statement for a it cent millionaire to say i don't like the choices you are making so your jobs go away. the democrat elites have decided that blue collar workers, union members, men and women with calluses on their hands they have made the wrong choices in john kerry's words. ainsley: so the people who take showers to go to work are telling the people who take showers when they get home from work because they are hard workers and have calluses on their hand. other people telling them they are going to lose their jobs.
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is he married to the hynes family and they have private jets which we are going to get into in just a minute. brian: yachts. ainsley: exactly. who are you to tell mr. crabtree who we had on at the beginning of the week who has three boys to feed tell them taking your job away. go get trained for solar energy. go get paid for green hydrogen or geothermal heat. john kerry said the bmw they are putting combustion engines in bmws have to learn to put electric engines. oil and gas production have tripled over the last decade. g.o.p. members, 30 of them, and they have come together, they are from the house energy action team in less than a week biden has placed these jobs and accomplishments at risk. it is an assault on american energy, good jobs and low energy costs. brian: do you know who else it is great for russia and opec they love the fact that we are getting out of the oil and gas business because they are in it and we need it. ainsley: are they doing clean
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energy? brines brian i don't think so. steve: because john kerry himself has said that even if the united states of america was able to get greenhouse gases and emissions down to zero it really wouldn't matter much because 90% of the rest of it comes from other countries. brian: unbelievable. steve: ainsley, you mentioned john kerry is married to theresa hynes support of the ketchup dynasty. apparently john kerry and his wife still have that private jet which is a gulf stream according to fox news looked into it. it's licensed to their private company called flying squirrel. now, the thing. brian: fly on solar panels or need jet fuel? steve: still working on the solar panel thing. i have seen one but it only carries one person at a time. the hypocrisy of that is he is talking about limiting emissions. did you realize that the average private jet emits 40 times more
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carbon per person than a commercial jet liner. so, you might be, you know, sitting in a delta jet thinking oh, wouldn't it be great to be on a private jet? but you are so much more efficient on the delta jet. and that's the hypocrisy that joe concha pointed out when he was talking on "fox & friends first" just a little while ago. >> the jet could run on renewable energy or on solar, right? it could be the first solar jet. otherwise, it may look hypocritical as you said as the administration and john kerry declare war on oil and gas and all the jobs that go along with that and it's very tell, by the way, that the white house communications team which is supposed to be the most forthcoming in history, told it's going to happen and is absolutely fact has no comment on this because they are caught flat footed here. you would think john kerry would have addressed this before. obviously considered for this position for a long time. sure enough, that's not happening.
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ainsley: all right. so let's talk about school closures because of covid. in this one county in virginia loudoun cut they are trying to decide how they are going to reopen and they closed for distanced learning after 19 people in the district got covid. the parents are furious because here we are months later, so many counties have learned to reopen safely and they had a meeting yesterday. the board is going to vote on tuesday whether or not they are requesting to let k through 5 go back to school. the middle school and high schoolers have already decided they are going to go back on march 3rd. the parent are frustrated. they are able to come in one at a time it appears to the podium and talk to the school board. this man is so upset because his child or children in the district are at home, not with their friends. they are having to zoom to talk to their teachers and he has had enough of it. he is sick of it. listen to how upset he is. >> you should all be fired from your day jobs because if your employers knew that you were more inefficient than the dmv you would be replaced in a heart beat. you are a bunch of cowards.
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hiding behind our children as an excuse for keeping schools closed. you think you are some sort of martyrs because of the decisions you are making when the statistics do not lie that the vast majority of the population is not at risk from this virus. the garbage workers who pick up my freaking trash risk their lives every day more than anyone in this school system. figure it out. or get off the podium. because, do you know what? there is people like me and a line of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out. it's not a high bar. raise the freaking bar. ainsley: weigh found this video. [applause] ainsley: exactly. aliscia andrews republican nominee for virginia's 10th district she shared that video on twitter. it did explode on twitter. she wrote at the bottom of the
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video this dad has had enough we all have. no real metrics to safely open schools while the school board continues to kick the can down the road many parent feel as he does. brian: i understand what happened to the people in the first pandemic reading books from 107 years ago and find out how they went back to school. i understand it. now it's nine months later have you got to get back to will school. the data everywhere follows science and data. it's not a problem. go back to school. there is risk in everything and risk in the normal flu. as will marco rubio stop the funding in the schools especially in chicago changed the circulation system and still can't get back. this is not really on teachers. i think 99% of teachers want to go back. they are subjected to their union and have to think for the greater good because i guess they pay fees and can only do so much in bucking their union in getting there portland is going to open up in april restart. wow. that's nine months too late. l.a. two to three weeks they are thinking about it. in philadelphia they are requesting to or in person k-2 classes in february. so that he shows a little bit of a gain.
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miranda devine has been all over this, especially in new york city where mysteriously the mayor who sleeps until 10:00 and naps until 12:00 says the thing he learned from the pandemic is the need for sleep. this is what we are dealing with here. she weighed in. >> we are just betraying their futures, throwing them away. and joe biden has this unique ability to connect with the teacher unions because he is the teacher union guy. he is the union guy. and he has the political capital at the moment. he could actually go to those unions who will listen to him because he does have that moral authority from his union background and tell them that they should stop scare mongering. listen to the science that he tells us is so important. understand that they are not going to get sick from their students and that they need to go back to work. brian: let me explain that video. that was the chicago teachers thought it would be good to dance away in a video while they
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don't work. just a quick thing on joe biden. he got that question directly. what do you say to the chicago teacher's union who heard you say go back to school and open up the schools and ignored you and said they are not and they might even strike. he togethers totally avoided the question. come on, be the leader. tell them what to do. they are going to vote for you anyway. steve: loudoun county which is to the west of washington, d.c., the county next to it is fairfax county where we used to live. the fairfax county teachers have been put at the front of the line are to the covid vaccine, presumably by county administrators and health officials so that they can go back to work. so they're the first ones in line to get the covid vaccine which is fantastic and they are getting protected. the problem is the teachers now say do you know what? we got the shot but we're not going back to school. ainsley: i know. there are 6,000 teachers in this county we are talking about in loudoun that have had that first dose. steve: anyway, that's a taste of what's going on around the world. there is much more.
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jillian rejoins us today and you actually start with some extreme weather. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's go ahead and talk about this. a tornado touches down in florida tearing through tallahassee international airport. up to 85 mile-per-hour winds flipping a small plane damaging a hangser and toppling trees. meanwhile the governor of alabama shared with biden what she saw from the daniel left behind from deadly ef-3 tornado. will tonight house minority leader kevin mccarthy is set to meet with trump in south florida. comes as democrats weigh their options on whether to pursue impeachment for a second time. as senate majority leader chuck schumer vows who hold a trial. his democrat colleague senator tim kaine is pushing for a bipartisan resolution to censor trump -- former president trump over the capitol riot. this morning the world health organization team investigating the origins of the coronavirus. left their hotel after a two
3:18 am
week quarantine in wuhan to start their work. they are refusing to confirm the pandemic started in china saying it is still too early to say. meanwhile the biden administration strengthens ties to the organization promising to reverse president trump's move to cut off funds and withdraw the u.s. from the agency. and tributes pour in after the death of cloris leachman will known best for her role on the mary tyler more show. >> i'm glad to talk to you about it as long as you are acting this way. >> acting? acting how, my dear? >>ize have a and i talked the whole thing out and i feel much better. he gave me his point of view and i gave him a knee in the stomach. >> think about it, call me later and we will talk. jillian: leachman won several award for her performances including 8 emmys and oscar for best supporting actress. a spokesperson says leachman died of natural causes at her
3:19 am
california home she was 94 years old. brian: think of mary tyler moore rhoda and phyllis. will. ainsley: she went on to be on the facts of life did you watch that show it was all girls. steve: wound up working in theater and working in the radio. she went to northwestern. she became a star in new york city. she did so many shows. she was such a good friend of this show. she was on a couple of times. and when she would show up, we would just go and sit and talk to her in the green room. she was as funny in real life as those lines that people wrote for her. cloris leachman dead at the age of 94. what a wonderful actress. brian: all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, are workers crying foul why they say president biden's access will devastate their communities.
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♪ >> summarize this executive order it's about jobs. good paying union jobs. it's about workers. building our economy back better than before. it's a whole government approach to put climate change at the center of our domestic, national security, and foreign policy. steve: there you have got the president yesterday who had just signed executive orders centered again around climate change, including banning new oil and gas drilling on federal lands while promising to deliver clean energy union jobs to those people who lose their jobs in places like where our next guest did. here with reaction we have former republican texas congressional candidate and u.s. army vet wesley hunt.
3:25 am
wesley, good morning to you. >> good morning. happy to be here. thank you for having me on. steve: thank you for joining us. the american petroleum institute estimate that this drilling ban that i mentioned auto moment ago will cost the u.s. economy $700 billion and kill nearly a million jobs by the end of next year and wesley, a lot of those jobs are right where you are living in houston. >> yes. you know, i find this very interesting that with one stroke of a pen, president joe biden can effectively destroy potentially 1 million jobs here in the united states. and by ending the key stone pipeline, by banning fracking on federal grounds and by ending drilling, offshore drilling, that only kills jobs and only kills our economy particularly as it pertains to our texas economy and i'm sitting here in houston the energy capital of the world. also by reentering the paris climate accords we are going to hold the united states to a different standard that we are not going to hold china and india who are the two largest
3:26 am
carbon emitters in the entire world. now i am all about getting to that next abundant source of energy, but we have to do it through the oil and gas industry. and we cannot forget that killing our jobs is not the answer. innovation for the future is the answer and joe biden is destroying that as we speak. steve: when you talk about innovation you are talking about how the fossil fuel industry is getting cleaner and more efficient each and every year. at the same time, wesley, you know for a fact that this doesn't mean fewer fossil fuels are going to be consumed. it just means that production is going to go some place else. >> that's exactly right. and right now we are so proud of our energy independence that we have built up over the course of the past few decades. and only thing that we are going to do is rely more on the middle east. more on china, more on india, and that's not the direction that this country needs to go, particularly with a year that we had due to covid-19. we have got to rebuild our economy and rely on american jobs and i think that the
3:27 am
current administration is trying to destroy that. so we have got to continue this fight particularly here in houston, texas to make sure that we provide jobs, provide a living and allow people to build back our economy and to do that it's going to take innovation and strong oil and gas and energy industry. it's going to take us working for the future not working against it. steve: yeah. so, wesley, explain to us because you think about this a lot. the administration is saying you know what? it's going to be the price, essentially of admission for a cleaner world. but all those jobs are going to go poof, just like that. but, people in your town, for instance, where you have got so many people in houston who are in the oil and gas industry, they are going to come up with new union jobs that are high paying in the green energy field. who is going to create those jobs? and what are they going to build? because if there was a market for that stuff right now, you know how the american enterprise system works, somebody would already be doing it.
3:28 am
>> that's exactly right. and it's not the federal government's role to mandate how their product center should work. this american experiment is whether a it is because of innovation and because we allow our private sector to get us to the next step. not the government's overreach in preventing us from innovating. and this is going to impact the poor more than it's going to impact anyone else. when you start seeing our gas prices rise. when you start seeing a higher cost of energy, those that are -- that have felt the pinch the most by losing their jobs are going to pay for it the most. so we have got to keep them in mind as well. and when i look at an administration that talks about being for the working people and for the union, that's not true. we're seeing it. steve: all right. let's see what happens. wesley, real pleasure having you on "fox & friends" on this thursday. >> the pleasure is all mine. god bless you. thank you. steve: god bless you. 6:38 in the east. cancel culture why giving abe
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with paycom, employees enter and manage their own hr data in one easy-to-use software. visit for a free demo. brian: looks like abraham lincoln is next on the chopping block. the author of old abe historical novel about the former president a great book says facebook has
3:33 am
been rejecting two ads promoting the book claiming it violated its ban on advertising about social issues, elections or politics. i'm not kidding. i don't think abe is on the ballot. john cribb is the author of old abe and joins me now. how shocked are you? your book is banned on lincoln. >> thanks for having me, brian. i know you are working on a book about lincoln. i hope your 'book gets better treatment than mine has. brian: probably not. >> yeah. we tried last december the publisher republics book publishers decided to go do a social media ads and made some very nice ads and submitted them to facebook and facebook turned them down and we appealed and facebook said no. and their reason is that this ad apparently, according to facebook violates the stand on social issues and politics which they put in place right before the presidential election. this is absurd. a historical novel on abraham lincoln. brian: they ban you and you think you figure out the reason
3:34 am
why mike pence essentially said it was the best book on lincoln he ever read. bill bennett the former conservative secretary of education same thing. >> that's our guess. we don't know. maybe the names mike pence and bill bennett were enough to, you know, to trip up some woke algorithm or woke ad checker at facebook. we're not sure. it's all absurd but the serious point is this is the kind of collateral damage you get when these big tech giants make these sweeping rules that effect millions and millions of people what can and can't be said in the public scare. like it or not social media is a big part of the social square now. you will get more of this the more they try to control speech is what they are doing. brian: you know, by the way, it's outrageous and if anyone is watching right now and this aggravates you and you love history or care about our past, and respect lincoln as one of the greatest people ever to walk the planet, they studied lincoln in other countries who know
3:35 am
nothing about america. that's how special he is. buy the book. number two is, just to show you are just not talking about your book. in san francisco, 44 schools recommended renaming 44 schools are going to be recommended for renaming and they are on the list. one of which is named after abraham lincoln. one of the reasons why lincoln is going to be cut because black lives didn't matter to him enough. the emancipation proclamation wasn't good enough for these people. >> i know. it's unbelievable, isn't it? 44 names, abraham lincoln, thomas jefferson, george washington, paul revere, the only good thing you could say about this so absurd and ridiculous that maybe wokeness has finally jumped the shark out here in san francisco and people will say enough. but, yeah, when you think about it, i mean, abraham lincoln. this is the man who led the effort to save the union, save our country when it was literally falling apart. led the effort to defend our founding principles and led the effort to free millions of
3:36 am
enslaved americans and that's not enough to these people? what great accomplish. s do you have under your belt that allow you to stand in judgment of abraham lincoln? have you no humility? the arrogance of it is really breathtaking. brian: the example is so true in our culture right now in 2021 we know everything. we are so virtuous. we know everything. in 2008, this guy named barack obama says sex -- excuse me, not sex. same sex marriage was not constitutional, remember he said marriage is between a man and a woman. should we ban him on the new schools he is going up on because that's not how we feel in 2021. jeffries chairman of the renaming committee lincoln like presidents before him and after did not show enough policy that black lives ever mattered to them outside of human capital and as of casualties of wealth-belling. i guess 750,000 people dying for the right for freedom was not enough. among the other people on this
3:37 am
list, george washington. i don't really know what he did. i have got to look at his bioone more time on wikipedia. paul revere made a lot of noise at night the neighbors didn't like him. dianne feinstein evidently she replaced a confederate flag once so she is not worthy of it. francis scott key what did he ever do that's lasting? the national anthem. that might have stood out. general tecumseh sherman helped win the war for the north? thomas jefferson. in 2017, they said it's only cill war. it's only civil war icons. that's only people that are going to pay the price. those are the people whose monument should come down it's never washington and jefferson. guess what, john, it's now them. your thoughts? >> yeah. here we are. here we are. it's ridiculous, absurd and misguided and is frankly immature. these people are just o -- i don't know if they're adults or not making these decisions they are very immature. we have got to cut this out. look at anybody's life from
3:38 am
decades orson tries ago and pick out things that don't measure up to 21st century standards. and we have got to with these historical figures you have to take them in the totality of acts and lives. by any measure, abraham lincoln lived a great life and his accomplishments are magnificent same for the other people on this list. we should be reveering and honoring people not tearing them down. brian: old abe the name of the book go get it in spite of what facebook wants you to do. thanks so much john cribb. >> thank you, brian. brian: red states rising up warning they will sue if he oversteps his authority. patrick patrick moorsy helping to lead that charge. he joins us.
3:39 am
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are. brian: president biden has issued more executive orders in the first two days than any of his predecessors. steve: first two weeks. that's why attorney generals are warning him overstepping his authority in a new letter they sent to the white house yesterday. ainsley: joining us now is the ag who spearheaded the message west virginia's patrick morrisey, good morning to you. >> good morning. it's good to be with you. steve: welcome back. ainsley: so glad to have you here. yes, welcome back. what did you write in your letter any concerns. >> any time a new president
3:44 am
comes into office you want to give people the benefit of the doubt. what we have seen in the first week alone is deeply disturbing. so we laid out the limits of the executive authority. because whether a this president is becoming known for within one week is that he is willing to go to all ends to use his executive authority to implement his ideas and i am deeply worried about that because the impact of jobs across so many states in america. the what he is doing to advance the green new deal and i think this is just the beginning, we're going to begin to see him use this on major issues throughout his presidency. we wanted to set up the guide post so he knows if he takes steps that are inconsistent with the constitution or the statute, we are going to step up and we are that last line of defense with the house and the senate, not in control of folks who are willing to stop the green new deal. it's going to rest on the republicans attorney general to make sure that rational decision-making occurs.
3:45 am
brian: so far look at these executive orders so far. he has 24. i think 39 overall. donald trump 6. barack obama 5. george bush 2. and we see it goes down from there. so, in particular, you guys came up a lot yesterday because they were talking coal. and very sniive way in which john kerry was talking about it. you don't want those jobs anyway. he has others. where is the line for west virginia citizens to cross? drilling, drilling on public lands? is it the shutdown -- unilateral shutdown of coal plants. >> i think we have seen over the last most decisions will have an negative impact on the american economy, they really hit west virginia hard. when you talk about the paris accords, that is trying to send a message to further shut down coal. talk about the keystone pipeline while most of the impact of that is outside of west virginia, there is real impact for west virginia which has deep marcello
3:46 am
shale opportunities look at yesterday the oil and gas permit. it's sending a message this administration is going after fossil fuels and related manufacturing jobs and that's where we step up. because every time you hear john kerry or joe biden talk about these new jobs or new data. it's the equivalent of let them eat cake. it's actually something that never materializes but meanwhile we know we are losing these good paying jobs. where someone is out, they may be on a well and providing for their family of four. and then their revenue comes, in helps the local retail establishments, the restaurants in their community. that's what's being put at risk right now. and it's being put at risk on very dubious proposition. when an executive act, that's supposed to do it based upon rational decision-making and clearly when you act in a week that's not happening.
3:47 am
everybody who loses their job is going to get another job. this is fantastic. they is a gigantic magic wand they are requesting to waive over west virginia and suddenly those guys working in the coal mines are going to be making solar panels or things to allow cars to run on water or something else. i don't know what they are going to do. but is that possible? >> look. i think people are always open-minded when someone comes in with new ideas. but, given the speed in which they are moving to dismantle the american manufacturing economy and energy jobs in our country? i don't think that that is their intent. it's not only -- it's very
3:48 am
unlikely. i think that a lot of anywhere initiatives we are seeing, these are the appetizers before the main dish. they are going to be coming, trying to renew the clean power plant and a lot of the initiatives going even further than barack obama. i don't think they could come up and develop enough jobs to make up for the loss we are going to see in west virginia and new mexico. pennsylvania hard hit and i can't see it happening. but we're going to be ready we are going to go to kurt. we are going to make sure when we cross the line we are there. i'm confident given speed and lack of focus we will have real success. steve: just the appetizer. brian: tell joe manchin exactly how you feel. steve: mr. attorney general thank you for joining us live. >> hey, thank you so much. the. ainsley: thank you. janice has the weather forecast for today and for the weekend. hey, janice. janice: it's getting cold. that's the big headline. we have quite a bit of snow across the map. start off with north carolina and virginia. we have a burst of snow hang.
3:49 am
it's going to move offshore. it's a quick moving system. travel is going to be difficult, if not impossible for some of these areas this morning on the morning commute. now, the other big story we have been following over the last week or so is the incredible amount of moisture. 7 to 10 inches of rainfall across the coastal areas of california. we call this an atmospheric river and that means all of this moisture is focused in on the west not only the heavy rain but mountain snow. great for the drought. not great for the flooding. that's something we are going to continue to monitor throughout the week and the weekend. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. brian: all right. thank you very much, janice. appreciate it. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead. new warnings of a highly contagious homegrown strain of coronavirus in california. what you need to know for your family next. ♪ when you're through with powering through, it's time for theraflu hot liquid medicine.
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3:53 am
ainsley: california might have its own highly contagious homegrown strain and might be contributing to a surge in cases there so what do we need to know about it. let's bring in dr. nicole saphier. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. tell us what you know about this
3:54 am
strain. >> well, ainsley, we have all heard there have been several variants of concern that are emerging. the more concerning ones being south africa can and the brazilian ones. but in regards to the united states, the one coming from the u.k., b 117 is increasing in prevalence, specifically in florida and southern california. also along the northeast as well. of course, we know that this is more transmissible so, therefore, we have our researchers and laboratory specialists looking for this now and doing that genetic sequencing they found one in southern california which they called b 1426. they think it may have originated in california. similar to b 17 they suggest that it may be more transmissible. may be more easily aerosolized which really heightens the need for good quality masks and as we have all been hearing that's why people are calling for people to be wearing more high quality masks. not those day with tores, not single cloth masks. we really need people to be wearing good quality masks if
3:55 am
these variants are more transmissible. one piece of evidence can i tell you b 147 and b 144 of do seem to have cross reactive immunity to prior infection to the original sars v 2. if you have already had covid-19 or the vaccine, it's likely it's going to confer immunity to these variants. however, because more easily transmitted we may be seeing some regional outbreaks in areas that have not had higher pref lens of infections over the last year. ainsley: i know it's more transmissible you said. is it more deadly? and what are the symptoms if you have one of these new strains? >> so, covid-19, that's actually a really good question, ainsley. because everyone reacts differently to covid-19. and while there is some preliminary data come out of the u.k. saying that the b 117 variant causes a little bit different symptoms, mainly that they don't necessarily get that high spiking fever with the b 117 variant, anyone can present in any different way. there is also some preliminary data suggesting that it may be have a little bit higher of a fatality rate.
3:56 am
but there is a lot of compounding factors with that if it's more easily transmitted up to 7 o% more contagious that means more people will be getting it which will ultimately mean that more people will die from it. it doesn't necessarily mean that the virus is more virulent. and the u.k. their hospital system is overwhelmed. so it's possible that that contributed to the higher deaths. ainsley: dr. saphier, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. steve: you are welcome. coming up, democrats dream of packing the court could soon become a reality. why every american should be concerned next. ♪ ms. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala at home.
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4:00 am
steve: later today president biden is set to sign another round of executive orders. he is running out of pens. >> things you can't do by executive order unless you are a dictator. we are a democracy. >> what we have seen in the first week alone be is deeply disturbing. >> president biden takes a step that could lead to packing the supreme court. >> this is where the radical base is demanding we at some point have 25 members of the supreme court that would be absurd. that's the direction we could head here. >> a bunch of cowards hiding behind our children as an excuse for keeping schools closed. >> figure it out. >> this is a pandemic that has potentially caused [inaudible] for our children we will see for a long time. >> san francisco school board voted to are 44 schools honoring 44 former presidents. >> maybe wokeness has jumped the shark out here and people will say enough. >> online investors taking on
4:01 am
wall street. wall street is losing its mind because a bunch of people with account ranging from $500 are taking down the billionaires ♪ you make me want to roll my window down and cruise ♪ down a back road south signed. brian: greatest mystery is about to be solved in one hour and 15 minutes what does it mean to you, what does it mean to them to get your shine on. ainsley: greatest mystery. steve: crews is an easy song to figure out. but get your shine on? what the heck is a shine? ainsley: it means different things throughout your life. steve: water shiny, lip gloss, moon shine and so many answers for you today thanks to brian's extensive show biz contacts we are going to find out from the people who wrote the song what they were talking about.
4:02 am
ainsley: all brings happiness to your life. the moon shine. either you wearing the lip glos or the girl wearing the lip gloss. it takes you back to some fun times. out on the beach. brian: there is divergence definitions and we just got to get to the bottom of there. brian kelly also has a big announcement about his own career. that will be happening on our show. steve: luckily, he has taken a shine to this program. he will be with us in 90 minutes. ainsley: can i just say a happy birthday to my mother. she is 71 years old today. that was from her 70th birthday party last year. we all went to the super bowl and i had to go back to south carolina for the party and then come back to the show. we had a great time. she is such a trooper. this lady is a fighter. steve: she is indeed. >> she fought through a stroke. she has i do beat. she goes to dialysis three times a he can would. my dad is a hero and her nurse maggie are amazing. she had covid. she went to the hospital, they gave her all of these great drugs and she walked out --
4:03 am
wheeled out three days later. steve: unbelievable. ainsley: she did a great job. the doctors were amazing. his son and family friends took such good care of my mom. steve: happy birthday. ainsley: happy birthday. steve: we are glad you were born as ainsley says. ainsley: trenton and darcy are having another baby in march. lots to live for and look forward to. brian: absolutely. also, let's start living through the biden presidency been through it last two weeks seems like two years. latest round of executive orders. steve: today's executive orders and actions will focus on healthcare including dropping medicaid work requirements and open enrollment period to boost obamacare. ainsley: peter doocy is outside the house to break it all down for us. >> president biden is getting ready to rev up, reopening open enrollment that wasn't supposed to start until the end of the year in two weeks.
4:04 am
first, his administration is going to run ads making sure that people without health insurance know they can get it. this is something the president has spoken about with great urgency because so many people are losing coverage as they lose jobs in the pandemic. biden is also going to make it easier for low income americans who enroll in medicaid and he is going to sign an order expanding protections for women's health at home and abroad. there is another order that's already been signed though that's under new scrutiny. benefits for people who don't feel safe working during the pandemic. a fact sheet says biden wants to help ensure that unemployed americans no longer have to choose between paying their bills and keeping themselves and their families safe from covid-19. clarifying that workers who refuse unsafe working conditions can still receive unemployment insurance. no one should have to choose between their livelihoods or their health or their loved ones in the middle of a elm pa. i expect the department of labor to guarantee the right to choose
4:05 am
employment that will jeopardize your health and if you do so you will still be able to qualify for the insurance. >> we reached out to white house officials to see who exactly can get unemployment check if they tell their bosses that they don't feel safe coming to work because of the pandemic. we don't have a ton of details on this right now because it didn't go through the long legislative process there was no legislative process that happened with an executive order. back to you. brian: all right. thanks, peter. think about this. if you are in the fossil fuel industry, you are part of an keeping us alive economic lifeline for the country. have you helped raise $8.1 billion just in 2020. we continue to. steve: in taxes. brian: in taxes that you pay. keep in mind, people aren't flying around. they aren't driving around in the middle of this pandemic globally. the oil industry was taking a pounding. and then in comes joe biden and he basically says stop drilling on federal lands. stop exploring on federal lands. let's look into limiting offshore drilling and let's stop, if we can, the best we can, pipelines as they pop up.
4:06 am
keep in mind, if a lot of this stuff that he is talking about when he talks about environmental justice sounds familiar, it's because you were probably pay tension to the tweets and comments from alexandria ocasio-cortez. is he basically, with the backing of senator schumer, who is scared to death, according to the "wall street journal" of aoc primarying him even though he is the majority leader in new york and he is that insecure about his job performance. is he actually doing everything that she wants. in fact, she tweeted out yesterday it looks a lot like the green new deal it is as if we helped shape the platform with a smile will face which means she did. what i think is really madden willing is two leaders adjust. started running for president unemployment .3%. promote the neil green new deal neil. now it's at 6.7%. why would you tell at least 121,000 people they are out of a job and signing of your signature. why could you do the same thing at the wall with 5,000 while
4:07 am
breaking contract after contract. it shows a tone deafness. it shows a party partisanship that he told us one week ago, 8 days ago was a part of the past. steve: he said he wanted to unify the country. he also said we are going to fight like hell and get some of this stuff done. brian, none of of this should surprise us. he ran on all this stuff. brian: he ran from the green new deal. steve: listen, he just yesterday unveiled a $2 trillion his own version of the green new deal. but the american petroleum institute says it's going to cost us $700 billion and kill millions of jobs. that's the problem. he has been totally transparent during the campaign he said he was going to do this stuff. and that's why. brian: i don't think he has been transparent about this. he was going to come in and stop drilling? steve: regarding the climate stuff, absolutely. when you look at the total number of executive orders and actions he signed so far. it's 38. because he know at this point it
4:08 am
would be hard for him to get anything done. the irony is for him to do so many. a soundbite. take you back. about four months ago where once again clearly he is talking about donald trump because it's before the election and is he demonizing the president because the president donald trump signed a bunch of executive orders so he called him a dictator joe biden october 15th, to 20. >> i got to get the votes. that's why, you know, the one thing -- i have this strange notion we are a democracy. some of my republican friends and some of my democratic friends even occasionally say well, if you can't get the votes by executive order, you are going to do something. things you can't do by executive order unless you are a dictator. we are a democracy. we need consensus. steve: okay. so clearly at the end he is talking about donald trump.
4:09 am
he does stuff by executive order. is he a dictator. but, joe biden says we are a democracy. we need consensus. no consensus this week except he is fulfilling -- he has that list on the wall of the white house and he is checking things off. okay. today is healthcare. >> tomorrow is immigration. yesterday climate change. is he going through it the whole list. ainsley: it's scary to a lot of people. there are some attorneys general throughout our country. there are six of them that are teamed up together and sent a letter to him warning him look, you need to follow the constitution, if not, we are coming after you and we are watching. listen to this. we had one of them on earlier. >> a lot of their initiatives we are seeing. these are the appetizers before the main dish. they are going to be coming, trying to remain the power plant and the a lot of the initiatives go even further than barack obama. i don't think they could come up and develop enough jobs to make up for the loss we are going to see. it's sending a message that this administration is going to go after fossil fuels and related manufacturing jobs.
4:10 am
and that's where we step up. because every time you hear john kerry or joe biden talk about these new jobs or let them do data. it's the equivalent of let them eat cake. ainsley: so, if that's the appetizer. one of those appetizers is called a keystone pipeline and that got rid of 11,000 jobs. so what -- what about the other advertisers. what about the entrees and will there be dessert. steve: he just said let them eat cake. >> brian: bring back jobs. ask people if they want to do those jobs because they had one before he took office. tom cotton had a great point. these people are so hypocritical they want to live the life they jam down our throats. john kerry a quote from tom cotton who actually tweeted it flies private jets owns a 76-foot yacht and several mansions has the carbon
4:11 am
footprint of a small nation he tells energy workers to make solar panels. this is the type of crap that drives people nuts same with hollywood and john kerry. we will have to deal with this stuff the next four years. i hope people start pushing back. especially joe manchin in west virginia tell joe biden it's a no-go because the people of west virginia want nothing to do with it you just heard from your attorney general. now let's talk about something else that joe biden says he is going to examine and he called farcical in the past that's court-packing. he is committed to studying supreme court reforms as the big push for court-packing begins. he will study it. that syracuse student finished at the bottom of his class going to decide that a branch of government needs to be reformed. why? because a republican president happened to be there when others stepped aside or passed away and it is 6-3. wait a second. i thought these were equal branches of government. maybe the supreme court should study whether joe biden is overdoing it when it comes to
4:12 am
power and the presidency. since when can the executive branch start tearing apart another branch of government? steve: well, obviously you would need assistance from the legislature. that's why in the last six months the topic up on capitol hill and on the campaign was would joe biden -- we pack the supreme court? well, he said in october he would name a commission. and apparently he is naming a commission and they are going to take a look at it. they are going to come up with recommendations within six months. he said -- just like the other thing, he said during the campaign he was going to do these things. so, he is going to look at court-packing. which, once again, is ironic because the same joe biden -- let's get in the way back machine. let's go back to 1983. here he is talking about court packings. did he think it was a good idea then? you be the judge. >> president roosevelt clearly had the right to send to the united states senate and the
4:13 am
united states congress a proposal to pack the court. it was totally within his right to do it. he violated no law. he was legalistically absolutely correct. but it was a bone head idea. it was a terrible, terrible mistake to make and it put in question for an entire decade the independence of the most significant body, including the congress, in my view, the most significant body in this country, the supreme court of the united states of america. steve: so back then he said it was a bone headed idea. on the campaign he said he would look into it. it sounds like though the consensus on capitol hill is chuck schumer is planning to increase the number of federal lower court judges to offset the number of judges that donald trump was able to appoint with lifetime appointments. so, in other words, one level below the federal they are going to pack essentially those courts not the supreme court.
4:14 am
ainsley: there are nine justices for a reason, that way there can be a tiebreaker. steve: need an odd number. ainsley: exactly. if democrats think there are too many republicans there now. too many conservatives, too many constitutionalists then they will pack the court. what happens when another republican gets in office eventually then do they pack the court with more republicans supreme court justices? how many do we have? where does it end? it just opens the door and set a different precedent. brian: look at the pattern. we can't win elections let's change the election rules and make it permanent in the house starting and let's have mail-in voting and forget about that i.d. because it's biased. and now if we have a problem with the supreme court, because you aren't able to put a supreme court justice in place, let's change those rules. i will tell you if republicans don't stop fighting with each other and start fighting to get back the house, it's pretty much a five alarm fire to get through the next two years and try to get back the senate and now they are within shouting distance of retiring nancy pelosi. if that -- if you don't see an
4:15 am
urgency now, you will never see it. meanwhile, senator marco rubio sees where this is heading. he weighed in. >> this is where they are headed. this is where their radical base is demanding and so that was their plan and intent all along. i think we have to be prepared for it. if that's not the case. if they are not, in fact, planning to do it. then they should be supporting the constitutional amendment that i'm offering which would make the number that we have now on the court permanent. you don't start using the number of justices on the court as a political strategy to sort of -- i mean, taken to its absurd conclusion a new administration come in don't like the composition to the court they keep just adding justices we could at some point have 25 members of the supreme court. that would be absurd. that he was the direction we could head here if we don't put a stop to it now. brian: just destroy the country. you have some time on your hands. the commission has been named according to politico if this means something to you relay the names. christina rodriguez of yale. bob bauer is going to be on and co-chair. caroline frederickson the
4:16 am
president of the american constitution society. jack goldsmith is going to be on this committee. we will see if they come up with a way to reform the government. i'm curious why does the supreme court decide if the presidency needs to be reorganized? going to be war among the branches? to me it's so out of line it's ridiculous. steve: what's interesting about that list and you gave some of the names. bob borrow was joe biden's co-campaign chairman. so for him to be on that, that says a lot about how much influence from bauer is going to have over the process. brian: jillian mele has big influence on what she reads when it comes to the news. hey, jillian. jillian: let's begin with this. update on a story we brought you earlier this week. a man now charged with three felonies in the shooting of a houston deputy. police say martinez shot the deputy multiple times. court documents show martinez is a convicted felon out of jail on multiple bonds at the time of the shooting. the injured deputy was responding to a report of a suspicious person. they are expected to recover.
4:17 am
today house minority leader kevin mccarthy is set to meet with former president trump in south florida. it comes as democrats weigh their options on whether to pursue impeachment for a second time. senate majority leader chuck schumer vows to hold a trial. his democrat colleague senator tim kaine is pushing for a bipartisan resolution to censor trump over the capitol riot. ahead of tomorrow's march for life, senators lindsey graham and rick scott reintroduce a measure to ban abortion. the pain capable unborn protection act would make the procedure illegal 20 weeks or about five months after fertilization. the bill includes exceptions for certain circumstances. and today nasa will honor the challenger crew members killed in the tragic explosion 35 years ago. the fuel leak caused the space shuttle to blow 73 seconds after takeoff from the kennedy space center in florida. during the agency's annual day of remembrance. crews of apollo 1 and space shuttle columbia will also be
4:18 am
honored. hard to believe it's been so long. send it back to you. ainsley: i remember that 3rd grade we were all watching it in dismeef on my mom's birthday. steve: what a terrible day. ainsley: christa mccullough the first school teach. brian: blow up, absolutely. ainsley: teacher's union going viral with bizarre video of dancing? we will have a life report on their latest. brian: tone deaf ♪ ♪ i'm a performer. always have been. and always will be. never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving.
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4:23 am
♪ ainsley: the fight to reopen schools rages on across the country as cities and states begin rolling back restrictions. brian: in chicago schools continue remote learning because of a lack of staffing. steve: the union says we're not going to go back. carley shimkus is live with more as one frustrated parent from virginia makes his point loud and clear to school leaders and carley we don't know the identity of that guy but he is a viral moment right now if anybody knows who this guy is in loud done county, virginia let us know we want to book him. brian: yeah, he quote his shine on. >> guys, you are absolutely right. this is a moment you won't soon forget. listen to this virginia dad confronting his local school board for keeping kids out of the classroom. watch. >> figure it out! or get off the podium. because, you know what? there are people like me and a line of other penal out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out.
4:24 am
carley: the cdc recently announcing new data suggesting there is little evidence of coronavirus transmission in schools is proper safety precautions are followed. despite this chicago public school students will continue remote learning today. the teacher's union refusing to return to the classroom over safety concerns and are now threatening a strike. mayor lori lightfoot calling for an immediate resolution. >> we need you to work with us. we need to you talk to your leadership because we can't get there unless we get there together. and we need to get a deal done for our children. carley: while classrooms are out. dance parties apparently in. the chicago teacher's union sharing a music video of sorts that shows teachers artistically expressing their refusal to return to schools. the biden administration wants to see younger kids back in the
4:25 am
classroom as soon as possible pledging to reopen a majority of schools in his first 100 days. guys, back to you. ainsley: thank you so much, carley. carley: you are welcome. ainsley: it's so interesting that some places are able to do it and others are not. so. steve: why is that? ainsley: some counties can figure out how to do it safely why can't they all? all parents across the board, democrats, republicans, they want their kids to be back in school and if you are still worried about getting covid and you don't want to send your kids to school. >> then every school district should give the opportunity to go viral to go on zoom. to put a almost a year since some of these kids have been in the classroom. brian: they are not learning. almost a to z not learning certainly not interacting. you have got to salute on long island in particular they started off down, then they got pack up. and now they have this email system where if one person tests positive they know they contact trace, they contact people they stay home for a week. you find out who is positive. but they keep going to school and they have the option.
4:26 am
and, guess what? if you aren't going to do something like that as marco rubio said, you do not get the money before you get vaccinated. before you get your money, you have to commit to going back to school, teachers. and unions. and then if you are not going to go back to school. the schools aren't going to get the money. they fix dollars the ventilation system. they provide the plexiglass, the spacing. move the classrooms around and convert the gyms. and then the kids don't go back. it's unaccept unacceptable. steve: florida was one of the first states to reopen to in person learning. and they have never closed since then. i'm sure there have been problems. buff they have dealt with them episodically. brian: they are playing sports. steve: they are, indeed. why has florida figure it out but so many other places like that's right the unions in chicago, that's why. even though the mayor has spent millions of dollars making the schools safe, they can't go back. it's interesting, in carley's report, showed that guy, the mask guy in loudoun county after he left the pedestrian yum after his rant, the board members were
4:27 am
absolutely dead silent. he said, listen, i'm coming back. i'm going to come back every week until you open the freaking school. and then regarding that video that the teacher's union put out with the interpretive dance in chicago, so many people looked at that during covid and they said is this a parody account? is this. brian: is it real? ainsley: people are sensitive about it because you are keeping our kids out of the classroom yet you are dancing? we are not dancing. we are so frustrated. granted, teachers are amazing. it's the onthere that's preventing them all from going back. ainsley: my sister is a teacher my mom is a retired school teacher. it's a tough job. but most of the teachers they want -- they are there to teach the kids and give them an education. i think it's even harder on some of the teachers. brian: they hate teaching on zoom. real quick what they are doing in new york they better do around the country it can happen. all those sports that canceled in the fall they are doing them
4:28 am
in the spring and winter. winter sports starts february 1st. the fall sports start march 1st. then spring starts right afterwards. giving them at least a abbreviated season for bonding, whatever. you can do that too if they make the adjustment. ainsley: desantis still pushing he wants the olympics down in florida. steve: if they are not going to have in japan might as well have it somewhere. ainsley: can executive order mean an end to girls sports? tomi lahren joins us next. >> new lineup on fox news. >> welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." >> remark president biden new executive order. >> fox news alert. >> how is that mixed messaging provide any type of consistency for us. >> businesses try to stay afloat as lockdowns crush their bottom line. >> smaller companies are fighting back against big tech crack down in court. the most challenges part of this is that part of brings the
4:29 am
country together. >> brand new year, brand new lineup. america isor watching. ♪
4:30 am
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4:33 am
>> this executive order is an irresponsible abuse of power. it sun lawful and it effectively evoice rates women's sports. we already know how these policies play out because we watched it happen in connecticut where young women like celina chelings and alanna have been sidelined in their sports simply because a biological male identifies as female. ainsley: let's bring in fox nation host tomi lahren who react to it. >> hey, good to see you. ainsley: good to see you, too. what are your thoughts on this. >> well, you know, for nine months to a year now liberals have been telling us to follow the science. follow the science. but it's funny that doesn't seem to apply to something as simple as transgender women competing in women's sports. it's not fair. it's not right. and i have to wonder, ainsley, where are the feminists? i thought feminists were all about female empowerment wanting to make sure that women were lifted up. making sure women had equal opportunities. this is clearly not an equal opportunity for women because, again, when we are talking about science, it's just a fact of the matter men have more muscle mass than women, men are generally
4:34 am
better at sports than women, especially certain sports. that's the science, that's the fact of the matter and women shouldn't suffer because someone identifies as something else. now, again, i'm all about inclusivity in the workplace and housing and other areas, of course, we should be welcoming transgender individuals in, lbgt community. that's fine. when it comes to sports especially sports that women play, there is just a physical difference and that has to be accounted for. apparently the democrats and the biden administration don't agree. are. ainsley: it's really affecting the lives of three girls in connecticut. they are suing because they are losing out on opportunities in track and field because of this. listen to what they told steve in an interview on monday. >> i lost out on the opportunity to qualify to the regional meet at the 2019 indoor state championships because i was beaten by two biological boys. and if they were not there, then i would have been able to go to the regional meet and show off my talents to potential college coaches. >> a lot of people want to
4:35 am
[inaudible] really it's just about sports and we want a level playing field in our sport and all women's sports. >> we have separate categories for a evan radio. it's because males have a biological advantage over females. it's unfair for them to put biological males in our category and expect us to be able to council pete with them. ainsley: tomi, they were in high school, it affected them. they thought it affected college recruitment and that is an ongoing lawsuit. what do you think about that and how it effects these individuals? >> well, good for them and good on them for doing something. i'm sure she received a lot of backlash. there is another problem in this country a cancel culture where women like that and college student and high school students they feel that they are not allowed to speak up against something that seems so logic call and so realistic but they feel because of the lt. community and the pressure that that community puts on a lot of the social areas of this country that they can't speak up and say something so simple as that. but good for them for standing up. i'm sure there are so many more that wanted to say it, that didn't have the gut to say it so
4:36 am
good for them and i hope that others follow their lead because it's absolutely makes sense. we need to get back to relate in this country. not everything need to be a social experiment. are. ainsley: tomi, i know you have a new episode of no interruption. here you are interviewing congressman mcclintock california's fourth congressional district. and what were you talking to him about? >> are oh, well, any time you talk to a politician from california, there is so much to address. but i do feel like congressman mcclintock is really fighting for california and he is all in on that recall effort for gavin newsom. is he all in to take california back. and he is the man that i think can do it. ainsley: let's listen to a clip are from your new episode. >> a lot of the democrats in california and elsewhere places that you mentioned are going to be able to blame their failures largely on the pandemic and not take any responsibility for the failures where is the accountability going to be for those leaders. >> i think it's going to be where it's always been and that is with our elections ealways
4:37 am
get the government weigh vote for. if that's a government we don't like. that's nature's way of warning us to be a little more careful about the votes are casting. ainsley: if you want to watch the rest of that interview are no interruption with tomi lahren. fox nation super fan. sign up head to fox to subscribe. tomi, good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. it's 7:37 here on the east coast. coming up, it is the story rocking wall street. game stock shares surging 1700 percent while the group responsible gets deplatformed. we are decoding the wild trading and the white house's reaction next. ♪ advanced non-small cell lung cancer can change everything. but your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer
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brian: game top stocks drop
4:42 am
after confusing and explosive rally. steve: could reopen higher today. the shares soared 130% yesterday leaving some scratching their head over the sudden surge. something is going on. ainsley: todd piro joins us live with how it all went down. >> this roller coaster is insane. shares of game stop exploding following a push on the social media site reddit by wildly increasing demand all in an effort to hurt hedge funds that had bet the price would fall when they shorted the stock. quick explanation what shorting means. in other words, when they borrowed the stock and then sold the stock and homed to buy it back lower before returning it to the lender all with the goal of making a hefty profit that bet backfires when the stock price backfires like game stop is right now. one week ago single share of game stock 39 bucks. closed yesterday $347. word of the reddit rally that some are calling a populist movement against wall street elites reaching the white house by mid afternoon.
4:43 am
>> our team is, of course, our economic team including secretary yellen and others are monitoring the situation. it's a good reminder though that the stock market isn't the only measure of the health of our economy. doesn't reflect how working and middle class families are doing. >> guys, get, this right now with less than two hours before the markets open, the stock is at 485. keep in mind, last year the stock was around 3 to 4 bucks. get ready for a wild day. bubbling up. steve: wow. ainsley: did you a great job explaining that. todd: i try. ainsley: thank you. brian: charles payne was on with tucker last night and he talked about what is going on -- exexcuse me on cavuto and also with tucker. i don't know what pays better. i have to look into that. he was on explaining what is happening. this is called the little guy strikes back. watch. >> first of all, all of this nonsense, all of this fist in all of this whining by wall street is making me sick. 140% of game stop was short. i didn't hear one person on tv
4:44 am
complaining about wall street trying to crush game stop. 140% short. you can't allow wall street to short 75% of the stock and nobody says anything. crush these companies into the dirt and then when they individual investor makes money everyone is up in reasonable medical certainty a. they want to change the rules of the game now because the general public is making money after decades of the shorts crushing thousands of stocks into the dirt. steve: so when he says, you know, wall street was shorting the stock, what that means is these professional institutional investors are betting that a stock will go down. they make money if it goes down. so there are these people on reddit and they are talking about hey, i like game stock. i like amc. so they drove the prices up, you know, a thousand percent in some cases. now, wall street is going, well, you know what? they could be doing something suspicious. it could be that pump and dump thing where you pump something up online. you know, you talk it up and
4:45 am
then as soon as the price goes up. they dump it. they are not -- they essentially are buying it and buying it. so this is a case of david vs. goliath. and right now david, the little day traders who are bored during the pandemic in some cases are making a lot of money on paper by betting against wall street. and wall street hates it. ainsley: we know how that story ended and that's exactly what is happening right now. this is the hedge funds can do it but the little people can't? i think it's great. it is legal. i'm wondering if we are going to see more and more companies start to do this. brian: see the little guys uniting jakub line. you know charles is serious and angry when he takes his glasses off and yells. when he takes his glasses off you know it's a big deal. he loves going to bat for the little guy. meanwhile introduce ainsley who is going to introduce janice. ainsley: i would like to introduce steve who should toss to you, janice. steve: it's 7:45 here in new york city.
4:46 am
time now for janice dean the weather machine. janice: i love it all three of you, it's the best. it's the best case scenario and let's take a look at that weather. because you know what? we have snow that's happening across the mid-atlantic and cold air, the coldest air of the season is happening right now across the northern plains, the midwest, the great lakes, and the northeast behind this little system that could bringing snow to parts of north carolina and virginia. moving quickly though. so that will be offshore in the next couple of hours. then we are watching this big storm system. several of them move into the west. we are calling this an atmospheric river because the jet stream is pushing all of this moisture like a fire hose right into the west. even though this is a good news situation because they have extreme to exceptional drought across the west. this going to lead to flash flooding and blizzard conditions across the sierra nevada over the next 24 to 48 hours. in some cases 4 to 8, each 10 inches ebb of rain fall and
4:47 am
feet of snow across the mountains over the next five to seven days. again, a good news situation and a long-term, short-term it's going to cause major travel problems as well as flash flooding and mudslide across the west. so we will continue to monitor that. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you, my friends. steve: we should all three say thank you. >> thank you. brian: thank you, janice. meanwhile, straight ahead on our show, president biden promising to make climate change priority on global scale. isn't this great? will other countries on the same globe on the same planet listen? we're going to discuss.
4:48 am
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♪ ♪ brian: nine minutes before the top of the hour. president biden receiving high praise for taking on climate change for the first days of his administration from the guy he hired, john kerry. >> the stakes on climate change just simply couldn't be any higher than they are right now. we have a big agenda in front of us on a global basis. and president biden is deeply committed, totally by this
4:52 am
issue. he makes climate central to foreign policy planning, to diplomacy. and to national security preparedness. brian: is anything more scary than hearing that? he knows, john kerry says, that paris alone is not enough. not when 90% of all the planet's global emissions come from outside the u.s. borders which makes the argument we shouldn't be doing it it's a colossal waste of time. as the u.s. makes the climate a top priority, will the rest of the world follow? copenhagen consensus center buren longberg. can you answer the question? will the rest of the world follow? >> well, it's very hard to believe that that's going to happen given we have had 30 years of climate policies promising the world and delivering almost nothing. yes, he will probably get a lot of the rich world to do some of this cutting, but, remember, the quarter of the world's emissions over the century. even if everyone in the rich world not just u.s. but europe,
4:53 am
japan, australia, canada, everybody else cut their emissions to zero tomorrow, it would reduce temperatures by the end of the century by 0.7 degrees fahrenheit. so this is about convincing china, india, africa, latin america and, of course, you can't convince them also green energy is much cheaper than what it is today. brian: gina mccarthy the white house national climate adviser, she was out there yesterday and here's a little of what she had to say about why this is an emergency. are. >> this are historic strides to address environmental injustice. it takes the department of health and human services to address climate change in health equity because after all climate change is the most significant public health challenge of our time. brian: exactly. not the pandemic. what people are dying on a daily basis but climate change is the most significant and that's why they are doing it unilaterally. is she right? >> no. brian, of course, this is silly.
4:54 am
look, climate change is a real problem. we should fix it. but, this is the most significant public health issue of our time is just simply silly. about a quarter of all americans die from cancer. a third -- sorry, a third from heart attack. cold weather kills about 7%. anding 0.3%. she is literally saying one of the smallest thing that kill people is the thing i'm going to worry about. saying that across the world is also wrong. it's the same thing actually in india. we have good data for this and we know that global warming is simply not the major issue. it's an issue and we need to make sure that we focus on this and everything else. saying it's the biggest issue is silly. brian: china says will be at carbon zero by 2060. i wonder if we have that kind of time. despite the tensions we could work together with china to do something. >> well, china has said a lot of
4:55 am
things. remember in their deposit to the paris agreement in 2015, they also promised that by 2000 50 they would be democratic. so i think you need to say there is a lot of promises in these things. they are not all going to come true. surely we all want to get to a place where we emit less co 2. it is a problem and fix. we need to realize we are only going to get the rest of the world along if we invest in getting much cheaper green energy. that's about innovation not about telling people you can't do this or that. you have to outlaw your car. no, it's about getting a cheap electric car that is so good that everybody wants to buy it. brian: yeah. if you lost your job today or yesterday, and you are promised a job in the future, i don't know if you have that type of patience. and really have the that type of understanding. it's amazing that this is a priority it is. and the way they are approaching it. but, bjourn it looks like it will be with us the next few
4:56 am
years. thank you so much. >> thank you. pete: natural gas burns clean. we have it. we have the market cornered on it. but evidently we are not to into it. still ahead, we will finally in to getting an answer to what it really means when you get your shine on. and, in fact, in florida georgia line they don't say it. they sing it. what do you think it means? you have been writing us we will share it. then brian kelly florida georgia line will tell us along with his big announcement. don't move ♪ ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪ if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy.
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no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd .. trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. and save at
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4:59 am
5:00 am
>> president biden will find his latest round of executive orders. >> with two new executive orders. >> a unified national response to the climate crisis. >> reporter: northern virginia parent dressing down his local school board. >> i behind children to keep schools close. >> cut it out or get off the podium. >> kevin mccarthy is set to meet with donald trump as democrats way options whether to pursue impeachment for a second time.
5:01 am
♪♪ >> the spark of the debate. ainsley: what does it actually mean? brian kilmeade texted brian kelly who was one of the singers and said what does it mean? brian refused to even share it with us. we are trying to guess what it means. steve: he will join us to explain what it means but we asked you what you thought that passage meant. steve: put your sign on, your inner shine. ainsley: judy says i think it your shine on means getting a buzz drinking. brian: put on your sparkles for
5:02 am
dancing. nancy lopez, the famous golfer, i asked a country singer friend and he believes it means let your light out. brian: he says he was doing something with tyler and came up with the idea with shining shoes. ainsley: it is a song that puts everyone in a good mood. brian: peter doocy is just outside the white house, you would tell us about joe biden and his band -- big day but do you have a suggestion? >> reporter: it is obvious was at the white house, it was climate day yesterday and they are talking green jobs, get your shine on to solar panels.
5:03 am
ainsley: you are usually right but i might argue not this time. >> reporter: we will know in 20 minutes. at the white house it will be healthcare, open enrollment is closed but president biden will announce he is opening up for a special enrollment period, to give people who lost coverage because they lost their jobs in the pandemic coverage, president biden will also explain ways to make it easier for low income americans involved in medicaid and immediately rescind a policy providing funding for international nonprofits for referrals, the mexico city policy but those are pandemic focused including an order the
5:04 am
ink is dry on giving people unemployment benefits if they refuse work out of concerns for covid-19. workers have a federally guaranteed right to refuse employment to jeopardize their health and still qualify for unemployment insurance. the president himself has said. >> no one should choose between their livelihood and their own health or the health of their loved ones in the middle of the deadly pandemic. >> reporter: with the white house for clarification who is able to refuse work out of concern for covid-19 and get unemployment benefits. jillian: according to joe biden and john kerry the goal is to have a carbon pollution free sector by 2035. they have these ideas, one to get rid of the keystone pipeline affecting jobs, 11,000 people found out when he signed the executive order that they were losing their jobs and
5:05 am
republicans are mad about that and the house energy action team saying it is an assault on american energy, clean jobs, low energy cost and they say less then a week biden has placed these jobs and accomplishments at risk. biden and john kerry say that we are being fed a false narrative when we listen to comments like that. >> we are dealing with an accidental threat to the planet and increasing our economic growth and prosperity are one and the same. when i think of climate change, the answers to it, i think of jobs, good paying union jobs. it is about workers building our economy back better than before. it is the whole government approach to climate change at the center of our domestic national security and foreign policy. >> president biden wants to make sure those folks have
5:06 am
better choices, they could be the people who go to work to make the solar panels. >> where are the better choices, the alternatives? he said you can look at green hydrogen which is coming, we are taking away your jobs but just wait, in 2035 we will be carbon pollution free. brian: i was supposed to learn to code, now make a solar panel, show me one want ads. you can remove 20,000 jobs with the stroke of a pen in eight days. yesterday you did it again and new jobs are coming, when? when am i changing careers? are there retraining programs to build what? on a theory and moving ahead unilaterally when you talk about moving the country together, taking federal fossil fuel business or the fossil fuel business which generated$.2 billion despite the pandemic, can you imagine people flying and driving, how much this would bring, you made
5:07 am
us come our independence was so important to our national security, changed the foreign policy, now you even have your new secretary of defense focusing on climate change instead of defending the country. leslie hunt is a former congressman from texas. he weighed in on these climate policies and think about this, texas and drilling, watch. >> with one stroke of a pen president joe biden can destroy potentially 1 million jobs here in the united states and by ending the keystone pipeline by banning fracking on federal grounds and ending drilling, offshore drilling that only kills jobs and fully kills our economy i am all about getting to the next abundant source of energy but we have to do it through the oil and gas industry and we cannot forget that. killing our jobs is not the
5:08 am
answer. innovation for the future is the answer and joe biden is destroying that as we speak. >> we had with us the attorney general of west virginia an hour and 20 minutes ago and he had this great observation. what we have seen joe biden do so far is just the appetizer. next the main dish. where he comes after all the jobs, millions of americans with jobs tied to the oil and gas industry so it will be interesting to see exactly how quickly a lot of those jobs disappear. things he is able to do by executive order, you know who is upset with this? you know who is upset with joe biden doing so many? the new york times on their op-ed page the headline is ease up on the executive actions, president biden is right to not let his agenda be held hostage but legislating through congress is a better path. in other words if you want to
5:09 am
get stuff done that is going to last instead of just until the next republican president go through congress. meanwhile let's talk about how things work at the local level. you want something done you go in front of your town council or your school board and that is way masked dad did at the loudoun county school board meeting on tuesday night. he was so upset that they will not open the schools for his children, if you missed it this is a viral moment. here's the guy. we don't have his name but what he said a lot of you are feeling. >> you should all be fired from your day jobs because if your employer's new you were more inefficient than the dmv you would be replaced in a heartbeat, bunch of cowards hiding behind our children as an excuse for keeping schools closed. you think your martyrs because
5:10 am
of decisions you're making when the statistics do not lie that the vast majority of the population is not at risk from this virus, the garbage workers who pick up my freaking trash risk their lives every day more than anyone in this school system. figure it out or get off the podium because you know what? there are people like me and a lot of other people out there who will gladly take your seats and figure it out. it is not a high bar, raise the freaking bar. steve: you understand why he is so emotional. he's not talking about the town increasing the tax levy. he's talking about his children, he is talking about his family. this is a essential to that man's family, he wants his kids in school because that is where they can do the best job teaching the kids, right there in the line of sight of teacher
5:11 am
and it can concentrate. ainsley: i love are barbaric of amanda dad, i had such a strong dad, he defendant the right to do what is right and a man of character, the children in that district, when you look the risk and rewards these kids are without school for almost a year, missing out on that year, some of them are young, some of them are in preschool and missing out that one year when 80% of your brain forms we have to think about all these things that way it out because 6000 of those teachers in the district have gotten a shot, the second one is coming, second one is on the way and just fascinating to know that some districts have learned how to do it properly
5:12 am
and others are saying we are not opening at all. they are meeting next tuesday to decide if k-5 can go back to school february 16th, middle and high school decided will return. steve: they got the first shot. if you get the moderna shot, 80% effective which gives you unbelievable immunity. steve: philadelphia, portland, los angeles, chicago say they have a plan to open the schools was what are you waiting for? meanwhile, jillian is upstairs. jillian: just this morning china is wearing taiwan they could be on the verge of war if they push for independence after taiwan reported several chinese fighter jets in its airspace earlier this week. many saw the move, prompting washington to merge beijing to
5:13 am
stop pressuring taiwan. china claims taiwan as its own territory despite separating in 1949. minority leader kevin mccarthy is set to meet with donald trump in south florida as democrats weigh their options on whether to pursue impeachment for a second time. senate majority leader chuck schumer is showering to hold the trial while democratic colleagues senator tim kane is pushing for bipartisan resolution to censure trump over the capital riots. philadelphia launching a couple investigation into a group of college kids with not much healthcare experience gave thousands of covid-19 vaccines. the 22-year-old founder of philly fighting covid-19 making ppe is offering covid-19 tests before transitioning to vaccinations without anyone getting his team. former staffers say he bragged about becoming rich by getting the vaccine for free and billing insurance companies $24 a dose.
5:14 am
cloris leachman, best known for her role as phyllis lindstrom on the mary tyler moore show. >> talked the whole thing out and i feel much better, gave him a knee in the stomach. think about it, call me later, we will talk. >> leachman won several awards for her performances including eight emmys for best supporting actress. a spokesman said leachman died of natural causes. brian: we love her as phyllis on mary tyler moore and don phyllis, when she was doing dancing with the stars at age 82. we love her in young frankenstein and we loved her when she would come on "fox and friends".
5:15 am
the lovely unpredictable cloris leachman dancing into our studio, oscar and emmy winner. cloris leachman is still stealing the scenes. mama on - mama. >> this part of me would think this part of me, this part of me would talk. >> i love your part on mary tyler moore and julie in particular in young frankenstein, every time the horse we need. >> you know why? that means glue. >> a pleasure to have you one set because you never know what you're going to say. >> i never know either. >> her manager was interviewed. with a single looks he had the billy to break your heart or make you laugh until tears ran down your face.
5:16 am
her children and grandchildren, she was a vegetarian and passionate advocate for animals rights. steve: 94 years old and she died of natural causes at her home. coming up straight ahead in 15 minutes after the hour the biden administration taken to court over the order to halt gas leasing on federal lands, it calls out the president for caving to the environmental left. ♪♪
5:17 am
5:18 am
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5:21 am
today's executive order directs the secretary of interior to stop issuing new oil and gas leases on public lands, we are going to properly manage land and waterways in ways that allow us to protect and preserve the full value they provide for us for future generations. steve: president biden halting oil and gas leasing on federal lands, the western energy alliance represents 200 oil and natural gas companies filed a lawsuit challenging the president's new order. the president of western energy alliance kathleen, good morning to you. >> thanks for having me on. steve: how many people in the united states make a living on the oil and gas business. >> aci estimates 10.3 million
5:22 am
people directly or indirectly derive their wages and income from the oil and natural gas industry. brian: how many people are impacted by what he did yesterday? >> i am going to speak to the federal lands peace. in the west, 700 million acres of federal land the impact would be felt the most because that is where oil and natural gas has developed mainly on public land, that is where the oil is found. we are not talking yosemite and yellowstone, we are talking working landscapes owned and managed by the federal government. disorder yesterday would kill 58,700 jobs in eight states in the west, 97% of the federal production is found. steve: where are those people supposed to get jobs? the administration said they would get good union jobs green
5:23 am
energy but who is going to build those plants and where are they going to come from? >> especially since the president is revoking the permit for keystone xl and those are union jobs. this notion that killing oil and natural gas is going to create jobs elsewhere is a false one. the energy we use in the united states 70% comes from oil and natural gas so people need to drive their cars and heat their homes and turn on the switch and have reliable electricity 24/seven. if we kill oil and natural gas in the united states we have to import that oil and natural gas from overseas which doesn't make sense because we produce it here in the united states under very strict environmental regulations and not so much in russia.
5:24 am
steve: these leases all the money the federal government gets, the mineral rights and royalties, they split it with skates so you have a state like new mexico, one third of public schools are financed with it and it is used for college education and scholarship as well. wyoming depends on $150 million a year from those leases to fund k-12 schools. for goes away where is that $150 million going to come from for wyoming? >> good question. this policy will blow holes in new mexico, north dakota's budget and the university of wyoming professor estimates the leasing alone will kill 8 billion in state revenue in western states where that is found so i don't know where new mexico will make up that revenue.
5:25 am
wyoming is upset because they know their economy depends on natural gas. steve: organization standing by to go to court. thank you for joining us. on this thursday sarah sanders is looking to make history in arkansas with her run for governor, throwing her hat into the ring. what does that song mean? florida georgia line will join us after the break. ♪♪
5:26 am
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♪♪ get your shine on ♪♪ shine on ♪♪ steve: we played that song yesterday and brian said what does it mean? that is what we are trying to answer. ainsley: here is a recap of what is going on the last few days. >> what does it mean, get your shine on? steve: it cost wild speculation. what do you think get your shine on means? we have been going back and forth. i asked for a definition and said i still don't get it and we decided he should explain to us itself. here it is.
5:31 am
it is the moment we have been waiting for, the man of the hour, brian, welcome back. >> thanks, appreciate it. steve: some exciting news, but before you tell us what the shine on means and after the mystery of a lifetime, or people are voicing their theories, jim says wake up and face the day. patty emailed i was raised in arkansas on getting your shine on means moonshine. met ainsley: dave says let your life shine but you actually know what it means. you and tyler wrote this song. tell us what it means. >> it started off, we would rush -- wash our trucks to get there, hitting the road, one of those things we would shine our
5:32 am
trucks up and say let's get our shine on and it turned into drinking moonshine and once we did that, anything that shines, the fellow getting the shine up for date night. a little starry night. we want to incorporate what happened. steve: this multiplatinum album got started with a car wash? >> pretty much. steve: as successful as the song is, the biggest story is how to write off shooting that video. seems like the greatest vacation ever. the scenes, the video for the music how great is that to write a song the, do you have the video in mind because
5:33 am
you're and jet skis going around the country, in the water, were you in hawaii? >> we were in cancun, we shot the video when we were there, in four days we knocked out a bunch of stuff. we have whiplash. jillian: how deal like the women in your video? are they from high school? do you know them or is it a modeling agency? >> that video was shot before we were to gather. that was happening and stuff like that but we have been putting them in videos since day one. sometimes we have extra casting that helps out. brian: we saw the video when you are out on the water, you
5:34 am
are working there during covid-19, a new project for yourself but also working on the first annual float up to your, that sounds like something fun. what is that? >> and original idea. this past year we were not able to tour and through this year i realized i was making a solo album, god his blessing and we opened up the well of creativity for songwriting and doing stuff outside of that, when it comes to doing solo stuff, i've got a record in the making, i had this idea for last year, why can't i float up in a boat and put on some shows. >> where is the years, what are we looking at.
5:35 am
i'm trying to hit the coastline, there are some sandbars that are well-known party spots. >> what a ride it has been. when you came to the show, it was 2011, did you know this type of success was waiting for you when you -- what has it been like since? >> i don't think we knew what was in store for us, blessed us tremendously, amazing fans, country radio grabbed on to us but it is incredible to be honest with you. we had an opportunity open up, this might be our only option, our only time to get it. we were saying yes to
5:36 am
everything we could, we tried to build this thing for a solid foundation, the ride of our lives. ainsley: this week to give a portion of every check to brian kilmeade. he claims he made you famous. >> we got that royalty system. steve: it relates to your truck, you are doing songs about things you know about and you love your truck. >> every man loves his truck, you got to have one. got a lot about boats and water and my florida lifestyle. can't wait for you guys to hear that, coming late april early may.
5:37 am
>> reporter: if you want to debut something on our show, steve and ainsley sign off on it and we will see how it goes. >> i love that. >> we can book our nations down there. >> have a drink and catch up. >> it is moonshine, your car and whatever you want. ainsley: every single person is right. congratulations on all your success. steve: thanks for being our focus. brian: thank you, a life rolled on comes out february 12th, that is soon. sarah sanders making the run
5:38 am
for governor, everything you love america is at stake. how she plans to take on the radical left next. ♪♪ sofi made it so easy to pay off my student loan debt. they were able to give me a personal loan so i could pay off all of my credit cards. i got my mortgage through sofi and the whole process was so easy. ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪
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♪ piano playing ♪ ♪ “what the world needs now” ♪ ♪ is love, sweet love ♪ ♪ it's the only thing that there's just too little of ♪ ♪ what the world needs now is love, sweet love, ♪ ♪ no not just for some but for everyone.♪
5:42 am
>> our next guest is setting out to make history our self. >> i took on the media, the radical left and their cancel culture and i won. as governor i will be your voice and never let them silence you.
5:43 am
steve: she would be the first female governor of the great state of arkansas which as you can see right there is a job her family is familiar. ainsley: sarah sanders joins us now. we had you on when you left the white house, you did not spill the beans but you said you would come on fox, congratulations. >> thank you, great to be with you, a lot has happened in that last year and a half. i'm excited about running for governor. our governors have never been more important than they are now with the radical left taking total control over washington, the house and the senate and the white house. we need our governors to stand up, to be our last line of defense and to be on the frontlines protecting our freedom and standing up for what is right. i am proud to be part of this race and look forward to being
5:44 am
the first woman to serve as governor of arkansas. steve: when is the primary? >> not until may of 2022. i have a long road ahead but we are up to the challenge. i was only the third woman to be the white house press secretary, the first mom and certainly look forward to continuing what i think the republican party has started and people starting to realize over the election cycle we are the party to empower women, we are the party for working moms and supporting these women. i look forward to championing the message, not being a party to try to silence and marginalize women who don't agree with them as we have seen the radical left and democrats do over the course of the last several years. >> you were in the white house, the perfect person to talk to about what joe biden, now that he has been president for coming up on 10 days, 24 executive orders so far, the action adds 10 or so, this far
5:45 am
eclipses, 5 presidents combined. enough with executive orders. go through congress, work with republicans. >> joe biden and his administration are the first we have seen use executive powers, to take jobs away from working americans, they tried to strike out millions of jobs across this country is absurd. this is exactly why we need people standing up fighting against the radical left agenda, one of the reasons i launched my campaign for governor because the biden administration will make hard-working americans pay the price for electing them and putting them into this place and we are seeing that unfold, i don't think the next couple
5:46 am
years under this administration will be any different, tough enough and strong enough to stand up and push back and make sure they don't take away what we love about this country and the state. ainsley: george stephanopoulos asked about the second order to increase taxes and his response was you need a consensus to legislate on certain issues if not you are dictator. what changed over the last few months? >> i don't think anything changed, they are just finally starting to show what they planned all along, we are seeing these things carried out. if they were paying attention they talked about their desire to get rid of energy independence in this country, they went back and forth on fracking but we knew they wanted to destroy that industry. this isn't new, it is exactly what we thought would take place.
5:47 am
they have no ability to stand up to the far left side of the party, that they are not willing to do it or not capable of it, that has always been who has controlled and now we are seeing that play out in real time and like i said hard-working americans are the ones that are paying the price. we cannot allow that to happen and that is why our governors have to be that last line of defense to hold washington back, hold them accountable and keep them from taking over and destroying our country. brian: kevin mccarthy says stop fighting each other. do you think that means that leaves liz cheney alone, adam kinsey girl alone who had different views about the impeachment? >> it means we are stronger when we fight to gather and we need republicans to come together as a unified voice to hold back against democrats that are trying to push this job killing legislation and job killing executive orders that they are going to impose. we have to speak as one voice.
5:48 am
we are in the minority at this point and we need to come together so we have as many numbers as possible. kevin mccarthy, i look forward to support him in the efforts to bring our party together and fight back against the radical left. let's not forget we are not each other's enemies, we need to focus on what we can do best and what we can do to move our country forward, that is what he's trying to do and i applaud him for that effort. steve: sarah huckabee sanders running for governor, thank you very much. >> if you guys make it to the florida georgia line, the concert, i would be happy to come and join you if you need some help them. ainsley: you just have to bring your shine. steve: 20 wins, 0 losses and 20 knockouts and he's fighting to keep his title.
5:49 am
boxing champ caleb plant joins us. let's check in with bill hammer and steve: what do you mean by that? >> waiting all morning for the answer. steve: moonshine and shining your truck. >> you are right at 6:0 one this morning, you need to get people to explain what this lyric means. steve: it could be a game show. >> so many outs on this. many interpretations. nice to see you again. a big meeting with donald trump and kevin mccarthy today, dana will have details in a moment. capital police demanding answers and so are we. karl rove on schools and more ink in the white house. we will tell you why when we pick up coverage in ten minutes.
5:50 am
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steve: boxing is back on fox saturday night when caleb sweet hands plant steps into the ring
5:54 am
against caleb truex, defending his title and his undefeated record. joining us to talk about his bright future in this big fight, caleb plant. what is it like being undefeated knowing one losses and massive setback in the sport you chose? as it is motivation factor for me. one loss is detrimental but i am confident in my skills and my ability and my preparation, all the work. mohammed ali said the fight is won far from the ring. steve: if everything goes well on saturday night, the world straight ahead, is that in your mind today? >> know. moving forward the rest of the week, to become a world
5:55 am
champion and state world champion, i am focused on the task at hand which is january 30th but once i settle business with truex, it will definitely make that fight happen. steve: some people say it is easy to look past him. are you looking past him? what does he bring to the table? >> know. i'm not looking past my opponents. a lot of fighters have done that and it is a great mistake. i'm not looking past him but i'm looking through him and come january 30th i feel like -- i don't plan on letting this go 12 rounds. whether he throws in the white towel, i plan on going the distance. brian: with the middleweight you liked growing up and looked up to?
5:56 am
>> i would not say there was one in particular. there are a few i have taken things from, roy jones, sugar ray leonard, handful of guys. terry noris and a bunch of other guys. i have taken things from them. and made it my own. brian: see you on the network, caleb plant, super middleweight champ, the best is yet to come. good luck. >> thank you. brian: more "fox and friends" in just a moment.
5:57 am
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>> we want to wish a happy 100th birthday to martha newton from arkansas. they're having a virtual birthday party. happy birthday, thank you for watching fox. >> bill: president biden taking on healthcare today signing more executive actions after some backlash over the climate proposals of yesterday. we'll get to all that. got a big two hours today. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to thursday. >> dana: a super size two hours. >> bill: you feel good about it? >> dana: i feel great i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." >> bill: "new york times" says ease up on the executive orders. >> dana: they're so tired of winning. >> bill: these directives are a flawed substitute for legislation. >> dana: ben shapiro had a


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