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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  January 28, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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[laughter] >> bret: will end there. thank you very much, thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid no matter what the markets do. "fox news prime time" hosted by maria bartiromo. it starts right now. speak to have a great night, thanks so much. good evening and welcome to "fox news prime time." i am maria bartiromo. tonight, off the rails and broken promises. joe biden's executive order bonanza has officially gone overboard. he's likely breaking another campaign promise along with it, as we all inspected him to do, of not raising taxes on anyone making under $400,000. get ready for the sticker shock. the president signing a record 25 orders in just his first 90s in office. that's five times as many as
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president obama. biden administration going crazy with the orders that even "the new york times" is telling joe to knock it off. it might come as a surprise to many americans. we heard him say this on the campaign trail. speak i've got to get the votes. i've got to get the votes. i have a strange notion. we are a democracy. some of my republican friends and some of my democratic friends even occasionally safe if you can't get the votes by executive order, you're going to do something. things you can't do by executive order unless you're a dictator. we are democracy. we need consensus. >> maria: really? what happened to the great compromise or, unifier? he used to be known for reaching across the island working with him about guns. now he's just cutting them out the president told us today. >> i'm about to sign two executive orders. to undo the damage trump has done.
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>> maria: undo donald trump. now he was talking about today's actions on obamacare and abortion but we can read between the lines. this is the point of the biden presidency. undo donald trump's legacy at any cost. even if it means doing it alone. joining me is wisconsin senator ron johnson. senator, good to see you. thanks for joining us. assess the executive orders. how has the senate been under joe biden's presidency? >> he doesn't need the senate. he's using his pen and phone. he's flooding the zone. he's satisfying every desire of the radical left wing of his party. he's not moderate at all. i don't know. he said we have to call out the lies. what you just played in the lead up to this interview sounds like a light to me when he said he was going to not be a dictator, he was going to utilize the senate to try to get the votes. he hasn't tried to get any vote
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whatsoever so far in terms of policy. >> maria: what strikes you the most in terms of these policies that we are seeing through executive order? i want to get to the biden family in a moment. first, tell me about the executive orders and where you see the biggest issue. today it was about health care. >> is the former chairman of homeland security, we spent so much time looking at our broken border and what we need to do to fix it. president trump went a long way toward stopping the surgeon unaccompanied children and family units taking a very dangerous journey. we have not completely solve the problem but we had mitigated it and we were building the fence. president biden comes along and starts undoing all the progress we've made. we are going to see another humanitarian disaster. we saw a 9,000 people tried to get through guatemala from honduras.
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they may come in smaller groups but they will come because they realize they're going to be able to stay. it's going to be open border policy. it's going to be catch and release. it's going to be a disaster. >> maria: this really hits to be able's worries about security. look what was happened at the end of cash bail in new york. you are seeing shootings up in the double digits. you are seeing crime rising. we just don't know who's coming in. >> we are going to find out what liberal policies impact is on every day american lives. it's not going to be pretty. we won't have border security. we are seeing murder rates increase dramatically in democrat-controlled cities. this is going to continue. it's not going to be good. it's not going to be good. >> maria: senator, let me move moveon to the biden family. apparently he still using joe and joe's names for business. look at this ad that joe biden's brother has been promoting.
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frank biden promoting his relationship to his brother, the commander in chief, in an inauguration day advertisement for the law firm that he advises. frank biden is a nonattorney senior advisor for the long group. he says he's not used his brother's name to gain clients and yet there is an ad out right now bragging that his brother is the commander in chief. this is way too reminiscent of what we saw with hunter biden. where is he was gaining relationships, getting paid for it from international companies because of the influence that his father commanded. >> biden inc is still in business. what is a senior nonattorney advisor do? he makes connections. he peddles influence. there was none of report that
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hunter biden apparently was post to give up his ownership in these chinese companies but a report came out yesterday that he still apparently has a stake in a private equity firm in china. it ought to be troubling. i haven't heard him deny that. i'm hoping it's not true. that raises so many troubling counterintelligence extortion type threats. biden inc is back in business if it ever went out and i don't think it did. >> maria: we can't talk about it on social media because you will be labeled and attacked because you're talking about a truthful story. put her banding the entire hunter biden story before the election and then there's more censorship that i saw you tweet about yesterday. tell us about it. >> i think social media has sunk to a new low fire ratcheting up their censorship. they took down the youtube video
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of sworn testimony before my u.s. senate committee think of that. the american people won't be able to watch what u.s. senators were able to hear testimony before the united states senate on early treatment. testimony given by dr., somebody in a critical care group, world-renowned publishing all kinds of information. testified in earlier committees talking about his group's development of corticosteroids to treat hospitalized covid patients successfully, saving people's lives. he came in later talking about the work he had done. let me give you a segment of his testimony. 800 health care workers in argentina took the drug as a prophylaxis. none of them got covid. of the 400 health care workers they didn't take it, 58% got covid. that video had been viewed by
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more than 8 million americans. they are searching for early treatment and i guess the doctors and google think there a lot smarter than world-renowned, courageous doctors who had the courage and compassion to treat covid patience and save lives. this is unbelievable that they have taken down a video of testimony before a u.s. senate committee. >> maria: it's extraordinary. i was reading that 440,000 americans are dead. facebook and "the american journal of medicine" admit their stance on hydroxychloroquine was wrong. you have been saying this for a long time. in the hearing. before you go, what's happening with the impeachment trial. there was a report that tim kaine is looking to file censure, aiming to bar donald trump from any future office. >> they want it both ways.
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they want to have an impeachment trial but once they found out that 45 republican senators, i was disappointed it wasn't 50. 45 republican senators believe it's not constitutional which is a good indication we are not going to vote to convict president trump. i do know why they would think we would have enough to provide a censure motion. i don't know what the threshold would be but they want to have it both ways. they ought to move on. if president biden is serious about trying to heal the united states, he would tell senate democrats to knock it off and do, not having to rely solely on presidential executive orders. >> maria: senator, we'll keep watching. thank you for your time. seems soon. >> have a great day. >> maria: senator ron johnson. also here tonight, dana lotion. great to see you. thanks for being here. we wanted to talk to you about
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the bird watch situation on twitter. twitter has a new program where users can comment on other users posts but you're not allowed. you're blocked from doing that. >> yeah, and thanks for having me in talking about this. i guess it's twitter's way to police content. they are cribbing what right it has been doing for a long time, allowing people to determine the validity of what somebody posts. the criteria to be even accepted in participating. you mentioned talking with senator johnson the issue with "the new york post" and hunter biden story. i had written about that story, not about hunter biden per se but the tech aspect of it, the weight big tech was handling it. twitter locked down my account. i had to delete reference to it before i could be reinstated. there's been a fast-forward to
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the introduction of bird watch. i thought i'm going to help. i'm generous, i will help fact-checker whatever it is that twitter wants to do. so i was not eligible to participate because of a past twitter violation. the only one that i had was the locked out of my account because of "the new york post" hunter biden story. so my thought on this is i feel like that even knowing twitter was going to roll this out for quite some time and it almost seems to me that they tried to preemptively invalidate the ability of a lot of different conservative leaning users of their service to even participate in the program with this silly arbitrary suspension of their accounts and everyone should remember that when jack dorsey, the ceo of twitter was testifying before congress, he admitted that it was a mistake that the service have barred "the new york post" from talking about it on twitter and suspended their account temporarily. >> maria: it's even bigger than that because anyone can
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comment on you and spread disinformation about you. so you're getting hit on both sides. >> exactly. i know that there are a couple conservatives that i have personally seen in my timeline that a been accepted but i kind of, i'm thinking about sort of the exceptions and not the rule. it seems like it's going to be virtue signaling by twitter to make it look like they are fact-checking content which we wouldn't have this problem in the first place if people had some where they go in the legacy press that they trusted that they have been gas lit by so many networks. it's sad that we are in the spot. i don't think bird watch is going successful. >> maria: today in the davos economic form, we heard from the ceo of google and he said governments need to weigh in on the speech issue.
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governments need to weigh in. i don't know for going hear anything about this from president biden but to see what's happening in terms of social media and the censorship is really, it's a sad day for america. >> it is on the way to do it and you've talked about it before, the weight of battle speech that we dislike is with more speech, not suppressing speech, not trying to curate it, not anything else. with more speech. >> maria: that's right. dana, good to see you. thanks so much. >> good to see you. thank you. >> maria: florida governor ron desantis is here. what he is saying to the governors of blue states that are still locked down, like new york's andrew cuomo, as florida soars. we will talk to the governor when we come back. ♪ ♪
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>> incompetent government kills people. incompetent government kills people. more people died then needed to die in covid. that's the truth. incompetent government can kill people. this not a joke. more people died here then needed to. >> maria: governor andrew cuomo. new york's attorney general issuing a bombshell report concluding that governor andrew cuomo underreported covid deaths in nursing homes. by as much as 50%. if that's the case, the number of new yorkers who died of covid in nursing homes could be as high as 13,000. joining me now is a governor who has handled this pandemic differently than any other, florida's governor ron desantis. governor, good to see you. thanks for being here.
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>> thanks for having me. >> maria: let's talk about your approach. you just heard governor cuomo in new york and of course the situation in new york continues to be dire. deaths as well as a real impact to the city's economy. what are you doing in florida. it seems like so many people are getting up and moving to florida. >> you can say that again, maria. our home sales year-over-year, 2020. up 24%. a lot of people fleeing locked towns. we have focused protection on elderly people rather than trying to shut the entire society down. at the front and back of the pandemic, i borrowed hospitals from discharging covid patience back into nursing homes. that was able to save a lot of lives on the front and back and now here on hopefully the back and back of the pandemic, our
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approach to vaccination is putting seniors first. focusing on 65 and up. reported over 1.1 million seniors and of gotten a shot in the state of florida. that's almost 25% of our enormous 4.5 million senior population. we think it's really important. that's for the most riskiest. we also understood we have to have schools open to every parent in florida has a right to send their kid to in person instruction. private, charter, public, you name it. we also say everybody has a right to work. government, local government can't shut you down. they can't prevent you from earning a living. they can't prevent businesses from operating and the result has been in the month of december, our revenue to the state of florida and we have very low tax rates, it was up $330 million over the estimated revenue. people are coming. they want to do business here. they want to invest here and i will tell you i run into people
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that say i was working remotely in whatever state, lock down stay, and schools were close so i said the heck with this. i am moving to florida. quality of life is better and i can send my kid in person instruction and i think we've understood covid israel. focus on your elderly population. but you can't run your society into the ground. kids need to be in school. people need to be able to earn a living. >> maria: something that president trump said over and over again. the cure cannot be worse than the actual issue. we have graphics that show how well florida he's doing. you've been open since may. you had some limitations in september but you got rid of them. as you said, schools are open and hospitalizations per million are down relative to california which is spiking, and new york. look at the number of daily cases as well as the
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unemployment rate which is better than new york and california. tell me how you're handling this on a practical level. you didn't have a shut down but the massive mandates, you removed. >> the sentiment that the cure cannot be worse than the disease, i agree with that but what i came to understand with the evidence was lockdowns don't cure anything. even putting aside the economy, lockdowns don't work. they haven't worked to stop the spread. places like california has been the most locked down and they have higher cases, mortality and hospitalizations per capita than us over the last three months. it doesn't work. we understood that. we also wanted to trust people to make decisions and take the proper precautions. that is really the way to do it. i think that the state of florida, we have one of the oldest populations in the country, second oldest population. yet our mortality per capita for the whole pandemic is 26th in
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the country. 25 other states, many of them locked down states and many of them have younger populations and yet they have higher per capita mortality. i think those lockdowns were not evidence-based. i think they were mistakes. we obviously went to different direction. so we are doing better. i think we're going to come out of this faster than some other states may do it and i think one of the things people tell me when they visit from lockdown status, they are like, you know, people are happier down in florida because you don't have the weight of the lockdowns weighing everybody down. >> maria: and yet governor, the white house is attacking florida for the vaccine distribution. talk a little bit about that. jen psaki told reporters that the state had only distributed 50% of the vaccines. what's your take? they were addressing you and your approach specifically. >> completely disingenuous.
4:25 pm
what she said was they've only administered 54%. what she didn't say is the ones that haven't been administered are going to be administered on schedule because it second doses. the suggestion she was trying to make is that florida should be giving away second doses to people who aren't coming in for their second dose, our elderly population wants to get the second dose. you're going to see the second dose is an florida spike because people are scheduled for it. we are not going to squander the second dose. the first doses that come in, we can rip through them in a week and then some no problem. we can probably do two to three times what we are doing. all we were saying once you have these things you're saying you're going to put federalresources. democratic governors agree, get more supply of the vaccine. we were promised we would get more. i can get it to seniors 'arms if
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we get more in shipments. >> maria: at the same time, dr. fauci continues to praise andrew cuomo in new york. security is a real issue in new york. what do you say your colleagues in new york and california as you are seeing security issues skyrocket, shootings, murders up, as the security of the state is also an issue with cashless bail. >> i think the lockdowns exacerbate some of these tensions in society but i think the anti-police movement that we saw over the summer, it's had a devastating effect. in florida we were very clear we are standing with our law enforcement. we are going to back them and we are going to do a strong anti-rioting bill when the legislature meets in march. we are looking forward to that we are telling people if you looped, you're going to jail. if you burn down a building, you're going to jail. if you assault a police officer, you're going to jail. if you are rioting, you're going
4:27 pm
to jail. zero tolerance. >> maria: do you have the capacity to handle this inflow of new people? he said home sales are up as much as they are paranoid that you'd put out a budget proposal for 2021 and 2022. what's the plan to handle so much more in terms of population? >> very strong on infrastructure, great department of transportation. when people come from other states that are higher taxes, they say your infrastructure is better and i pay less in taxes. we take pride in that we have a five-year plan that we continue to do that. roads and bridges, doing a lot to improve our water resources in the water infrastructure. we are thinking ahead, thinking long-term. i can't control where people decide to live. if people are coming we want to be able to accommodate folks. >> maria: governor, we'll be watching. thanks so much. great to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> maria: governor ron desantis, a quick
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>> there are those who are allowed to make a lot of money and those of you who aren't in if you figure out how to make a lot of money and you are like donald trump and you figure out how to get elected, you figure out how to beat that deep state, they are going to wipe you out, destroy you. that's what's happening with gamestop. you're not allowed to use the stock market the way they do. you're not allowed to profit. you're not allowed to make the kind of money they do. everything is rigged in favor of the elites, and this has come along and upset the reading. >> maria: rush limbaugh defending a group of robed retail investors who appear to have duped wall street short-sellers out of billions of dollars this week, driving the stock price of gamestop out.
4:34 pm
their euphoria came to a screeching halt and turned her real anger. online brokerages decided to prevent them from buying additional shares. charlie gasparino has been working on this story all day. great to have you. what have you learned? >> not just online brokers. sources confirmed that merrill lynch, the biggest brokerage firm in the country, more of a traditional wire house where you talk to brokers, they locked down trading in gamestop and amc. it's a great line that rush has thrown out there about populism. it's us against them. the reality is and a lot of it is technology, merrill lynch, why did they stop treating these stocks? they believed that there was so much volume in the stock that when other places have lockdowns, all the volume would go to them and they essentially
4:35 pm
-- he would blow up the system. i know that for a fact. why did robin hood initially stop trading those stocks? because he needs to meet margin requirements and capital requirements given the immense amount of trading going on. this is pretty unprecedented. it couldn't handle the volume from a plumbing standpoint. you've got to ask, who is to blame? i will say there's two culprits. it's not robinhood and not read it. it is two things, its people locked down with nothing to do. number two it is the fed. the phase created an environment where putting money in the many municipal bond isn't enough. you need to speculate and gamble and that's what's going on. this is mr. powell's fault fault more than anything else. >> maria: you are saying that the fact that interest rates are at such rock-bottom levels, and you can't get a return because interest rates are at such low
4:36 pm
levels. people are looking for yields, returns. there's a lot of speculation in some of these stocks, like tesla, very speculative trading. why are they not allowing small investors to trade these names? >> what's going on is an immense amount of volume overloading everybody system. not us against them. robinhood stopped the trading of those stocks because it literally couldn't handle it. when robinhood shut down, those people looked for other places to trade. those other places. merrill lynch shut it down. these people don't want to turn away money. it's like what they do. they couldn't handle the volume. you got to ask why are so many people gambling in the markets right now? there is one. it's easy and cheap to do so. >> maria: interesting analysis. good to see you. thank you, charlie gasparino.
4:37 pm
see you on the fox business network. when we come back, senator tom cotton is here on the dramatic changes in the department of education. wait until you hear this. it will blow your mind. stay with us.
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>> there are legitimate white supremacist sympathizers that sit at the heart and the core of the republican caucus in the house of representatives. it's increasingly seen unfortunately that in the house republican caucus, kevin mccarthy answers to these cueing on members of congress, not the other way around. >> maria: no censorship there. she did not stop there. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez later went after senator ted cruz, writing "i'm happy to work with republicans where there is common ground but senator cruz almost had me murdered three weeks ago so he can sit this one out. happy to work with almost any other republican that isn't trying to get me killed." joining me is republican senator tom cotton of arkansas. senator, great to see you.
4:43 pm
thanks for being here. extraordinary to hear alexandria ocasio-cortez out these things and yet there is no censorship about calling republicans white supremacist. >> i know. she's a little excitable but that's not that unusual for her. doesn't help much to have that kind of rhetoric, trying to work together to get people back to school. that should be our focus rather than bomb throwing of one end of congress to the other. >> spent an extraordinary ten days. nursing executive orders out of the biden administration. assess the situation, tell us where you find where you're seeing progress or unity, as joe biden has talked about so much. >> unfortunately we have seen talk from joe biden on the inaugural stand about unity but he is govern from the hard left.
4:44 pm
look at what he's done on immigration, introduced a bill that would give amnesty to 15 million illegal immigrants that would flood our country with guest workers when 10 million american workers are out of work. it's going to create a surge at the border. people about whom we have no knowledge of their public health risk or public safety risk. look at what he's done with the energy policy, ending the keystone pipeline, laying off more than 10,000 hardworking americans in good paying blue-collar union jobs. empowering people like john kerry to kill even more jobs and then telling people you can get a job at a solar power. nothing could be more condescending than what we seen as it relates to blue-collar jobs in this country. >> maria: what's your take on the teachers union appearing to be taking over in terms of the
4:45 pm
department of education? how do you expect the department of education to change with bidens new ideas? >> with betsy devos gone, it's going to change much for the worse. joe biden and his entire team has said we follow the science. we are the party of science. tell us what the science says. joe biden's own cdc says the science is clear that schools are not sources of major transmissions of the virus. yet his own chief of staff says no, we can't go back to school. joe biden and the democrats are more focused on rewarding their political clients like teachers unions than they are helping kids. schools have one purpose: to teach kids, not to employ adults. we have seen in arkansas. we have been in school since last fall, kids can go to school. proper safety precautions. they are not major sources of transmission. and the teachers and staff can teach them safely. that's what we need to do all across the country.
4:46 pm
that's what the government should be encouraging schools to do. we have spent so much money to help them do that. >> maria: that's a good point. in the cares act you had $30.75 billion education stabilization fund that provided money for secondary schools. in the coronavirus response and appropriations act of 2021, an additional $82 billion through the education stabilization fund providing 54 billion for the elementary and secondary emergency funds. what is this money being used for if teachers refused to go back to school. >> they have used it for basic mitigation techniques, plexiglas shields, to extend teachers hours so they can teach in person and virtual wall giving them a day off here and there to make sure everybody has masks, make sure kids are having to study at home because maybe they or their parents have a disease or illness that makes them more
4:47 pm
susceptible to the virus. it's largely been success in arkansas to have kids back in school. it's not perfect. we want to get beyond the pandemic. we want kids to learn together and played together, sit together, go to the cafeteria, have lunch together. not all of that is happening but kids can be in school safely. if we can do it in arkansas, we can do it across the country. the biden administration should be encouraging it. >> maria: what about foreign affairs? your thoughts on what was said and done yesterday in terms of potentially a new arms deal with saudi arabia as well as talking about the united arab emirates questioning whether or not these abraham accords are going to get impacted. we talked with secretary pompeo earlier this week. there was so much progress made in terms of the normalization with israel. is that in jeopardy at this
4:48 pm
point? >> the biden administration says they want retain the abraham accords. part of it is that we would help countries like saudi arabia and baja rain and the united arab emirates defend themselves from iranian aggression. just like the obama administration it would. the biden administration is looking to curry favor and grant unilateral concessions to the ayatollahs at the risk of our partners in the world and israel. it's kind of like what joe biden did with the new start treaty with russia. straightforward unilateral no concessions granted extension was vladimir putin's highest priority. joe biden gave it to him on his first full day in office without getting concessions, assurances. without addressing russia's nuclear weapons that don't fall in the treaty. not addressing that when you add china and russia together we are at risk of nuclear over match. >> maria: we haven't heard anything about u.s.-china policy, have we? that's the issue you pointed to
4:49 pm
umpteen times has been the number one threat this country faces. >> very little. several of joe biden's nominees will commit to keeping huawei on the denied entity list so they can steal our technology and use it against us. very troubling. >> maria: we will leave it there. we will continue the conversation. thanks so much. senator tom cotton joining us tonight. joe biden promised he would not raise taxes on the middle class, remember? now we are being told he may have to break the promise for the noble cause of climate change. that's next. we're excited to do business with you but before we sign i gotta ask... sure, anything. we searched you online and maybe you can explain this?
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>> will you raise taxes? >> i will raise taxes for anybody making over $400,000. it's about time they start paying a fair share of the economic responsibility we have. >> no new taxes, $400,000. >> no new taxes.
4:55 pm
>> maria: read his lips. no new taxes for average americans. that was joe biden on the campaign trail this summer. will he keep his promises now that he's in the white house? don't bank on it. here's the commerce secretary nominee on how she plans for paying for bidens ambitious claimant agenda. >> i am deeply in touch with how much increasing bills affect the average american family. having said that, we do need to meet the climate change challenge and we need funds. i would look to those interests. >> maria: balance it out. joining me is grover norquist. "wall street journal" assistant editor james freeman. great to see you. thanks for being here. we said this all along. how do you pay for these aggressive plans if not raising
4:56 pm
taxes on everyone? you're not going to get the money by just 1% of the top earners. >> >> i think gina raimondo is dancing around the question because before she was the governor of rhode island, she was a venture capitalist. i think she understands the massive wrenching economic changes going to take to get to their goals of zero net emission of drizzly systems. moving most americans into electric cars, the green energy future president biden was talking about. they are talking about incentives. the fact is most people don't drive electric cars. about 3% of worldwide vehicle sales. 2% in the u.s. navy. tesla gets a lot of hypo people aren't choosing that option. >> maria: [laughs] right, that such a great point. your reaction, assess the tax bite and the impact.
4:57 pm
>> we've been following this lynn biden was vice president. he and obama promised they would never raise taxes on anyone who earned less than $250,000. they tax people with health savings account. obama penalty on 5 million american households. now biden is bragging about a $200 tax on people who own rifles, talking about a gasoline tax, energy tax, carbon tax. he's all overtaxing middle income people. he just skates right past his promises which he made to the american people when he got elected. that's why they're going to lose the house in two years but there's a lot of damage that's going to be done to middle income americans between now and two years from now. >> maria: as i said last night, it's why you're seeing so many people moved to florida. because they know that their
4:58 pm
money will be treated better in florida than for example in new york or california. james, remember during the obama days when corporate tax rate was all the way up to 35% and it was out of whack with the rest of the world. what did corporations do? we reported on it. they acquired companies in ireland and moved their headquarters there because they could get 9% corporate rate. >> yeah, and as you and i have written, when you raise the corporate income tax, you're effectively taxing workers. studies have shown all over the world, even the obama economic report of the president in 2015 noted that when you have higher corporate income taxes. it puts a downward pressure on wages. companies don't invest as much, workers aren't as productive. date can't get paid as much. even the biden tax increase announced so far will mean lower wages for workers.
4:59 pm
>> maria: grover, assess what the impact will be when people see higher taxes. what do they do? they pull it in, spend less, impacts economic growth and jobs. >> one way took the corporate tax from 35 to 21, we saw the median income for earners go up by 9%. 9%. that's more than all the years of obama. what happens when you go the other direction, wages don't go off. >> maria: this whole idea of paying your fair share, i guess it plays with the populist. grover, isn't -- urge the top earners paying their fair share. >> they are paying more than the percentage of their income. they know that they can get more blood from them. that's why they are going with the energy tax. they get middle >> maria: very tricky plans there. great to see you both tonight.
5:00 pm
thank you for putting it out there. thank you, everybody, for watching fox news primetime. great to see you. i'll be back tomorrow night. i'm maria bartiromo. we'll have another big show. stay right here. tucker is up next. here is "tucker carlson tonight." ♪♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." quite a day in financial markets, not a phrase we use a lot on this show, but a lot happened today and there are massive implications for all of us. david portnoy joins us in a moment to explain what those are. first context as to what we're watching right now. last march as the country began to panic about the arrival of a strange new coronavirus from china a billionaire called bill ahman went on television in an attempt to make america for afraid than we already were. our economy might be done at this point, he said. over.
5:01 pm
done. not coming back. bill ahman went on like this f


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