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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 28, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> sean: unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening. please set your dvr never miss an episode. for now, let not your heart be troubled. lauren graham. you are in good hands. >> laura: wait, is that a green how you have on? irish entity, that is a green tie? >> sean: yeah, that would be -- >> laura: look at this. i do think we've ever done this. >> sean: the tie looks like crap, hannity. >> laura: i don't think we've ever done this. we never coordinated our outfits. >> sean: oh, i finally looked at the monitor up there in the corner. >> laura: that looks good. that looks really good. >> sean: thank you. when yours look great. happy saint patrick's day. >> laura: by the way, are you wearing your favorite worn out levi jeans, or do you have the usual spandex on tonight? >> sean: of course i have my jeans on. i always have my jeans on. do you want me to prove it?
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i'll stand up. >> laura: okay, you are too cool -- >> sean: unless i'm forced to in social situations where i have to wear my best. i worn jeans when i interviewed president trump, even. >> laura: fine, you are cooler than i am. nice color coordination. all right, see you tomorrow night. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. we are going to do things a little bit differently tonight. now, the "angle" is not coming until a little later in the show, but everything we discussed will build to it, and you are going to see what we mean. now come along the way, you're going to hear from ric grenell, steve scalise, dinesh d'souza, on the left poisonous tactics to muzzle and target conservatives. we're also going going to dive into the controversy fitting main street against wall street, and how it could change investing forever. but first, last night, we told you about a bizarre dhs bulletin warning of supposed threats from what they described as violent
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domestic extremists, vde. these extremists are people like you, who perhaps have questionsn fraud, or maybe even oppose lockdowns. but what was the exact nature of this threat they were writing about? well, tellingly, dhs had to admit that it had no evidence of any specific threat. it's all basically in the realm of hypotheticals or potentiality. you know, potential threats posed by people like you. again, people who voted for donald trump. but it wasn't just dhs's broad brush painting that set off alarm bells, it was how the media brought on former top intel officials to amplify partisan defamation. >> the threat from domestic violent extremist is much more challenging, i believe, that it was in terms of going after foreign terrorists. >> far light extremist groups, white supremacy groups, things
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like that, which really come across the board, very concerning, potentially violent threats. >> this is one of the most serious terror threats we have seen in 20 years, since 9/11. >> laura: they brought on the all-stars for that. the menu just saw use to occupy top government positions. a few of them at the highest levels of government. i now publicly indulging in these revenge's fantasies against conservatives. now, what -- putting in office the one president who stood up to the deep state bullies in the swamp. if this is what they are saying in public, and imagine they did behind closed doors. tonight, we're going to pose this question: is it time to hit these rogue agencies where it hurts the most? their budgets. in 2020, taxpayers gave the intel community $85.8 billion. that's almost 12% of the entire defense budget. they will get at least that, if not more, this year.
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instead of just acting as a rubber stamp maybe it is time for republicans to begin demanding some accountability in exchange for all this money. my first guest tonight is uniquely qualified to discuss this matter. joining me now is ric grenell, former acting director of national intelligence. ric, should i cut the funding be on the table, given what we now know they are going to be doing to innocent americans? >> look, let's take any agency that has a credibility problem. any federal agency that has a credibility problem let the intelligence community has right now, should have politicians that are questioning whether or not they need increases. have a problem in the intelligence community with politics. we have seen this the last four years. the public doesn't trust the intelligence agencies. we've also seen them get it wrong multiple times. remembering, intelligence is an
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estimate. now, i want to be very clear that we have many career intelligence officials who are very good, and to hate the leaks and the politics of this, but some of the people that you just played, who are now trying to say that extremism is only on one side, are the same people who signed the letter right before the election and told us that hunter biden's laptop was russian disinformation. this is the ultimate politics of intelligence. when you haven't seen anything, but you go out right before an election and say, "don't look at that laptop. don't dig deep into that, because that is just russian disinformation." 50 former intelligence officials -- 50 -- signed a letter saying "don't look at the hunter biden laptop because it's just russian disinformation." they did that three weeks before the election. outrageous. >> laura: well, you just mentioned those distinguished
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former intel folks in the intro. now, listen to what another former fbi agent said on msnbc today. >> going to find out there is a lot more organization behind what happened on january 6th, and it's going to look a lot worse than anything we've seen in america, when we are talking about al qaeda or isis. if you took what president trump said and you instead put it in more hockey's mouth, we would be talking about a drone strike overseas. >> laura: the fact that this man ever worked for the fbi is terrifying. >> yeah, it's really, you know, disgusting, how we have so many people they just want to manipulate intelligence. this is a real crisis that we have, and we've seen it over the last four years with this pushing of russian collusion, which we know through documents was flat out wrong. they continue to push the russian disinformation. it is, laura, the beijing live.
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this is exactly what china wants our diplomats to do, to say, look at russia, ignore china. look from a russia is a problem. we have to be very clear. but china is a crisis. and to somehow pretend that russia is the one that we have to completely look at all of the time is really missing the forest from the trees. >> laura: i should say -- ric, great to see you tonight. with expert coming on. in the halls of congress, house speaker nancy pelosi is using the false pretext of his right wing extremism to baselessly smear her g.o.p. colleagues. >> we will probably need a supplemental form or security for members, when the enemy is within the house of representatives. >> what exactly did you mean when you said the enemy is within? >> it means that we have members of congress want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of
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congress. >> laura: is this how they intend to try to win back some of those seats they lost last time around? 's mere everybody? well, unity agenda. we heard a lot about that from biden, unifying the country around, what, erroneous smears at their concert of neighbors are waiting for a signal to begin a violent uprising? of course, like biden's dhs, zero evidence that any of her colleagues are plotting to take our house democrats. she knows she is lying. so why is she saying these vile things? think of it. very simply, this is a preview of the 2022 campaign. pelosi and her pals, they know that middle-class americans are about to get just reamed on, financially, by biden's climate rags, so they are creating this distraction to paint their political opponents as murderous white supremacists. you can't vote for a white supremacist, right? of course not. you can vote for a republican. democrats governed through fear in order to keep you scared, and they hope, compliance.
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all the while, they raid your bank account and pay for green energy boondoggles and private flights to the climate conferences. there is a flight in my danger the left inflammatory rhetoric could stoke real political violence by tarnishing all republicans as a racist of the state. democrats are putting targets on the back of g.o.p. -- the g.o.p. members and g.o.p. supporters, and then fomenting real extremism. my next guest knows all too well the consequences of vilifying political opponents. politically motivated violence almost cost him his life in 2017. joining me now's house minority whip, steve scalise. congressman, thank you for joining us tonight. what is your message to nancy pelosi and the democrats after her slander against her party, without any specific evidence of what she was alleging? >> laura, great to be with you, first of all. but look, this is a dangerous
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kind of game that she is playing. you know, she needs to stop doing this because we have seen where this goes, if they try to demonize their opponents. it seems like that's all they know how to do, is throw out distractions. look come in the last eight days, president biden has probably killed over a million american jobs with these executive orders he did on everything from banning leases -- we see that in south louisiana, the damage it will do to hardworking jobs, to keystone, to the paris accord that is going to kill manufacturing in america, that is what they've done in the policy, and so look, if there was a real, credible threat that she knew of, no matter who it is, a member of congress or somebody else, go to the authorities with that. and she didn't do that. she goes to the press, which tells you what she is really trying to do is scare people, create distractions. another thing they are trying to do, laura, is take away our second amendment rights. make no doubt -- >> laura: oh, you bet. >> with a bill to take away our second amendment rights. they are building this, oh, my god, everybody better be afraid
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of somebody with a gun, that is going to be there attempt to go take away the guns. >> laura: yeah -- >> [distinct] >> laura: congressman, i am so glad you brought this up. they are setting the stage to make a run on the guns of law-abiding citizens, and with the violent, domestic extremists, we are hearing chatter, it dangerous enough, january 6, there is a congressman want to bring her guns, the medical detectors at the house -- i think that is exactly right, whether it is going after ammo with obscene taxes on ammunition or other types of restrictions, i think you have just nailed it. i think that is exactly what's going on, and by the way, your pal, adam schiff, one of your colleagues, is saying this about folks like you. >> the g.o.p. leadership is becoming little more than a cult, and a dangerous cult. don't know how many years going to take for that party to purge itself of donald trump, the g.o.p. is still in the thrall of donald trump, notwithstanding,
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how much death and destruction he has brought. >> laura: from the man who began the russia collusion cult, congressman, your reaction? >> consider the source. and you are right, he's got his own cult of just people that just hate donald trump, and they spent years going after him every single way, accusing him of things that weren't true. the russian collusion come all of these hoaxes and impeachment that was based on a phone call where the two people participating in the phone call both said it was a great call, and they impeached him anyway because they just never wanted him to be president. they wanted to reverse the 2016 election. look, people know what this is all about. they are literally destroying american jobs as we speak there for the people going to be hit hardest, by the way camargo income people. your energy costs will go up -- >> laura: they are already going up. >> they're flying on their private jets. >> laura: we are getting to that. >> john kerry has private -- the hypocrisy on the left is out of control. we are seeing it in there trying to change the subject because they don't want you watching
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what they are actually doing -- >> laura: congressman, yes or no, will louisiana does allow their second amendment rights to be diluted by these people, yes or no? >> absolutely not. not going to happen. >> laura: congressman, great to see you. thank you so much. it is not just pelosi, the radical democrat party who have no interest in uniting anyone. look at the aoc rebuke of senator ted cruz's attempt to reach across the aisle. aoc sent a tweet out condemning the appalling behavior of the stock trading apps like robinhood for blocking people from trading certain stocks, protect wall street bigwigs, and she wrote, "as a member of the financial services committee, i, if necessary. to which senator cruz responded, "fully agree." so you would think aoc would be delighted to do something on a bipartisan basis, right? isn't that what they always claim they wanted? but instead, she fired back, saying, "i am happy to work with
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republicans on this issue where there is common ground, but he almost had me murdered three weeks ago, so you can sit this one out. happy to work with most any other g.o.p. -- that is a grammatical error -- that aren't trying to get me killed. in the meantime, if you want to help, you can resign." that is sweet. she did not just rebuff them, though, she accused him of attempted murder. the keyboard warriors went wild with excitement. they want you to think aoc just exposed cruise as some kind of funny, but in reality, it is thd who aoc really is, someone who cares about her, i don't know, leftist brand more than accomplishing good stuff for good american people. here to react is dinesh d'souza, host of "the dinesh d'souza podcast," executive producer of "trump card," and conservative commentator and writer. dinesh, i have often cited alexandria ocasio-cortez as someone who populist republicans could work with on certain issues, and she's done a
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brilliant job of using social media and branding herself, but on this issue, i think she's made a huge mistake by revealing that what helps the little guy is not necessarily what she's going to do all the time. >> i think the reason for this is because aoc is about the theater. ultimately, she is not about policy, she is about striking a stance. you almost get the sense, even when you hear her, speaking as a congresswoman, she is putting on a performance. she is putting on a show. now, if you really want unity, you do it through political compromise, and compromise simply means i am over here, you are over there, let's meet somewhere toward the middle. and when you have political compromise, both parties, including the minority party, feel like they have had a contribution at stake in the outcome. but of course, this is not what the left means by unity at all. what they mean is let's unify against trump.
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let's unify against the maga party. let's unify against the so-called patriots. so, there unity is a false unity, not based upon bringing people together, but creating a collective hate-fest against one group of americans. >> laura: whelchel, it's a motto. it is a model that has no substance behind it. her rejection of cruz's i think good faith offer, it makes sense when you think of what she said about the g.o.p., this was just last night. watch. >> there are legitimate white supremacist sympathizers that sit at the heart and at the core of the republican caucus. in the house of representatives. there are no consequences in the republican caucus for violence. and they want it. because they know that it is the core animating political energy for them. >> laura: dinesh d'souza, anything that's inciting people to violence, it's calling her
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colleagues, essentially, white supremacist -- is there a white supremacist right now in the u.s. capitol? i mean, you almost expect people to storm the u.s. capital, because it's a poisonous, horrible influence, yet she's making that charge, knowing what it does. >> i agree, but i also read this in a little bit of a different way. and my way is this, that what these democrats are doing, and these leftists, as they are saying, "we want to political off opposition that we get to choose." so, for example, ted cruz, josh hawley, they are illegitimate, they are not real opposition. now mitt romney, we like that kind of a guy -- >> laura: [laughs] >> suits up perfectly well. we want someone who is basically going to put up some token opposition and unfold. now, the emphasis of democratic politics is that one party doesn't get to choose what their opposition believes, how their opposition conducts itself. the opposition gets to decide that. so, it's the g.o.p. voters who pick their leaders. we don't need aoc and pelosi and all these guys to go, "this is
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the kind of republican we could live with." >> laura: yeah, the republicans they can live with our republicans will lose and then trash the base of the party. that is their favorite type of republican. namely, mitt romney, ben sasse, you know, jeff flake, and all the rest. dinesh, you nailed it, thanks so much. and a ragtag bunch of traders have broad hedge funds to their knees? now, could this permanent a change the stock market, and white as a matter? and governor andrew cuomo's covid malfeasance exposed big time, should he resign? i would take in moments. meet jeff. in his life, he's been to the bottom of the ocean. the tops of mountains. the er... twice. and all the places this guy runs off to.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: hedge funds are freaking out. a group of investors decided to challenge them, and they were shorting a company, so those long forgotten businesses ended up seeing a dramatic rise in their stock. well, as the positions of the hedge fund started taking hits, well, they retaliated, along with a institutions that have long profited office type investigated, and they seem to coordinate their attack when theapp robinhood which bills itf as for the everyman, stopping trading of gamestop, amsi, and
7:24 pm
others, for bidding from normal investors from driving up the stocks that wall street had bit huge, hugely against. but what explains this unprecedented crackdown? the hedge fund that took the biggest hit was melvin capitol theater they were recently bailed out by citadel to the tune of $2 billion. well, sit it out itself is the largest source of revenue for, you guessed it, robinhood, the same trading platform that we restricted the trading. joining me now is op unterman or william legate, founder and ceo of ace cryptocurrency platform. william, explain this to the regular person out there without an investing certificate. >> right, wall street bats is basically a reddit forum where it is very crude, but humor is a come i guess you could say not politically correct. it's a lot of average americans who are quite frankly set up with wall street and want to send a message to these, you
7:25 pm
know, these big institutions you touched on, to say, we are not unsophisticated, you have to take us seriously, and i kind of view the entire movement as the occupy wall street part two. if the average american fighting against, you know, the david ve but on the wall street's own turf, with financial consequences. so, these people are buying up these stocks, these prices, where you have these traditional, you know, traditional wall street type things that doesn't make sense, so they stop the trading, but stopping the trading because the hedge funds are losing money, the reality is, you are me, laura, if we lost half our portfolio overnight, no one on wall street could care less, right? but if the hedge funds loses half overnight come all of a sudden, they stop trading. they literally, you cannot trade -- this entire day, you cannot trade a lot of these stocks for the vast majority of these trading platforms because they had to allow the hedge funds to reallocate their positions. in other words, to get out of
7:26 pm
these bad positions because they were literally going under overnight because american saw an opportunity, the average traders saw they were short more shares than shares existed in gamestop, right? >> laura: oh, my gosh. >> completely overleveraged. and these redditers, they are very, very intelligent. a lot of people on cnbc are talking down on these people, saying they are unsophisticated, uneducated, you know, american, they don't know, you know, how to trade, but the reality is, americans are making quite a bit of money, and wall street is caught with their pants down, you know, and they are bending the rules, you know, to change -- change the game while it is being played. >> laura: well, ceo of robinhood addressed all of this on cnbc tonight. watch. >> we stand with our customers. we stand for the everyday investor, and we do believe that you should be able to buy and sell the stocks that you want
7:27 pm
to, subject to all requirements. ultimately, the team made the correct decision. >> laura: well, he is about your age, william, but he is doubling down. he is saying "we are for the everyman." how do they survive this? >> yeah, you know, their initial slogan was to let every person trade, the robin character, the company for the everyday american, but the reality is there are rumors going around that they told citadel ahead of time that they were going to suspend training on these stocky single executive incident at all and everyone in the executives in robinhood deserves to be in prison because it is literally class warfare of the wall street elites versus the average day americans. >> laura: william, it's not an exact analogy, but it does kind of remind you, like, zuckerberg said facebook was going to be for everybody. and twitter was going to be for everybody.
7:28 pm
and then, suddenly, it is not for the people who they think are stupid or accrued or have the wrong political -- d platform and comes different methods and different terms, but you really explained it really well, thank you so much for joining us tonight. and new york attorney general now looking into the robin hood controversy, but it was an announcement from her office earlier this morning that really shook the political world. they released that scathing report on governor andrew cuomo's decision to force nursing homes to admit recovering covid patience. along with the many findings was a bombshell that foremost administration undercounted nursing home deaths by 50%. oh, that's all. despite knowing this for months, cuomo continued to live. watch. >> they want to attack the democrats for nursing home deaths. it's the same m.o., just distract. create a shiny object, which just never happened in new york.
7:29 pm
where we needed to say to a nursing home, "we need you to take this person, even though they are covid positive." i put my head on the pillow at night saying i saved lives. that's how i sleep at night. >> laura: again, i say this a lot lately, it just takes your breath away. there is no word. to no one's surprise, those in entertainment and media complex gobbled up those lies like cakes. >> i heard you had on a crush on a boyfriend, andrew cuomo? >> everyone does, right? is fantastic. >> even republicans tell me they look at cuomo and her like, god, there is a leader. because i am wowed by what you did, but more important, i am wowed by how did it. >> laura: so why would. my next guessed calling for justice for the victims of a cuomo scolded tierney and among the first to call for this investigation, new york congressman nicole malliotakis joins us now.
7:30 pm
congresswoman, should cuomo resign with this revelation? >> well, today, i called for his commissioner to resign, absolutely, because he was the one responsible for the underreporting, and we need information about what exactly did the governor know, and what was the process -- the information that he based his decision to actually mandate that nursing homes take back covid positive patience, even when the nursing homes said that they couldn't handle it. there were a number of findings in this report, one was that -- something we had been sounding the alarm for back in the spring, the fact that there was not enough ppe being sent to these nursing homes to care, protect, staff and the individual. the fact they were not sending testing kits, so they could not identify and isolate patience, but i think the most egregious thing here is the underreporting, but it is also the fact that even after president trump sent the u.s. navy shipped comfort, even
7:31 pm
after the javits center was set up, we had the psychiatric center set up, emergency hospitals to treat covid patients come he continued to enforce that executive order and put people that were covid positive with our most vulnerable, and the thousands of families that lost loved ones, need answers, and we need them now. he's been avoiding -- he's been avoiding a lot of questions from not only congressional subcommittee, from elected officials like myself. we do know now the department of justice has also been probing, and so i hope they will continue an independent investigation without any -- >> laura: oh, yeah, don't hold your breath. >> from the biden administration. >> laura: i would not hold your breath on that. the new york state health commissioner today spoke out i basically dismissed the idea of undercounting, saying the report is only referring to the people transferred to hospitals and later died. so, but he's kind of saying this is not, you know, reclassifying
7:32 pm
it is not really the way to go. >> yeah, well, they are trying to deflect, but the reality is, after march 25th order, that's when the majority of those deaths took place. so, you know, if you put covid-positive patients in with the vulnerable, not allowing facilities to protect them because they had been competing with the administration for more ppe for our nursing homes. i had to go with donations that we had received of ppe come of masks and gloves delivering to the nursing homes because they didn't have enough and they were really scrambling for everything, from masks, medical downs, to gloves, sanitizer -- >> laura: yeah, we need answer. congresswoman, we need answers. democrats are giving each other awards and knocking it up on tv and backslapping with your brother, going on late night tvs from the morning crowd on msnbct at some point, there has to be
7:33 pm
accountability, and thank you for raising these issues and stay on it, because we want to find out who knew what, when. >> i appreciate you. there's more coming out from i believe that. we will get more information. thank you. >> laura: cut fantastic. thanks, congressman. america facing a critical choice now. one that could impact everything in our life. my "angle" lays out the most important decisions we face, next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: and now, the blue state blues. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." if you really want to understand how your life is going to change under and unchecked biden administration, look no further than blue state america. it's time to examine the track records of our biggest democrats versus republican run states to see how they measure up against one another. last spring, red state governors like lord is ron desantis, texas' greg abbott south dakota's governor noem
7:39 pm
were criticized for not having markdowns at all. >> there is a great view concerning texas of whether or not this is too much, too soon. >> states like florida are continuing to reopen, in south dakota, the soaring death rate, florida is basically reopening, like there is no pandemic there. >> laura: but the brave conservatives did not willed or cave to hysteria, they stood for common sense. >> i believe in our freedoms and liberties. i have seen it so many people didn't know my give up their liberties for a little security, and you can't that. >> you can't cloister yourself at home, that is contrary to the american spirit. >> we did put florida on a different pathway. there was really no justification to not move forward. >> laura: of course, they all turned out to be right. now, here are the states with the worst covid death rates from 100,000 residents. notice which ones aren't on the list?
7:40 pm
the pandemic is practically over in south dakota. herd immunity, i don't know, but it doesn't look like there was no lockdown necessary there. cases declined after peaking in mid-november. naturally, shutdowns meant big job losses and huge suffering across the country. while the national unemployment rate stands at around 6.7%, the situation in california and new york, far worse. meanwhile, check out these numbers from south dakota, florida, and texas. gosh, time to move to sioux falls. i will take freezing temperatures they are over lockdowns any day of the week. and by the same analysis, if you had to choose right now, between, let's say, living in florida, or california, which would you choose? let's start with california, governed by liberals at every level. just this week, we found out that governor gavin newsom's administration paid key covid data from the public because it was too complex for most regular folks to understand.
7:41 pm
well, one thing they did understand, they did in my ordered rolling blackouts. but like that sham while guy used to say, there's more. >> california show taxpayers have shelled out as much is $11 billion, perhaps as much as $30 billion, in fraudulent unemployment claim since the pandemic began. >> laura: as my son would say, "that's epic." then there's the fact california just happens to be more responsive to its inmates and illegal immigrants that it is to tax paying, law-abiding citizens. >> we need to meet the issue of covid-19 in our prison and correction system had on. no, this is one of our top points of concern and focus as an administration. >> laura: instead of common sense reopening of schools and churches, restaurants, small businesses, governor newsom and liberal mayors and school boards inflicted needless pain on california's economy, on
7:42 pm
schoolchildren, and religious communities. and they still had one of the worst covid case records in the country. but at least these profiles in political courage did the important work of making sure that absolutely no one, except themselves, had any fun over the past year. remember, you can't get covid at the french laundry. >> i would apologize to you, because i need to preach and practice, not just preach. and not practice. >> laura: and while the weather is great, we all love the weather in california, the taxes are grotesque. california, like other blue states, has an absurdly high individual income tax of 13.3%. meanwhile, in your other choice where you can live, florida, things are open and looking up. florida, like texas and south dakota, has no individual income tax at all. while california is losing businesses to states such as nevada and texas, florida is booming.
7:43 pm
its population grew at triple the rate of california's from 2010 through 2020. now, let's say you had to choose between living in new york or texas. now, if you love the way governor cuomo handled the covid death reporting and the way de blasio coddled the looters and rioters last summer, then by all means, go with the empire state! but if you love a state whose governor focuses on attracting, not repelling, entrepreneurs and families, then you've got to head to the lone star state. illegal aliens gravitate to new york city for a reason. >> we recognize that anytime a person has an i.d., i don't care if they happen to be american citizen on the they happen not to be, it's good to have i.d. it makes everything simpler in life. >> laura: yeah, simply remarkable. but by the time 2022 rolls around, we are going to have a lot more in the way of examples
7:44 pm
of blue state mismanagement, decline, and corruption. end of the same time, we are going to see how states like florida, texas, south dakota, wyoming, continue to outperform to the of liberalism. for anyone who cares about staying free and having a decent quality of life, the choice is an easy one. and that's the "angle." john kerry and his billionaire buddies in silicon valley and overseas, they want you to give up, you know, your livelihood, in the name of climate change. but how are they living? "the ingraham angle" has quite an investigation, next.
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cycle musical >> laura: well, it turns out that those calling for your life to be turned upside down for the elimination of your job come over climate change, they can be bothered by the same things they want to foist on you. take john kerry, he really wants you to think -- >> i had the pleasure of driving down to the inauguration in electric car and a tesla, down to washington, and back to massachusetts. and it was great. i loved it. >> laura: "i loved it, it was great." a real man of the people.
7:50 pm
but wouldn't it have been easier for him to hop on a private jet that his family still owns, according at least to the faa? and this is gina mccarthy, she can quit flying on gas guzzling planes. epa administrator under obama, she flew home from d.c. to boston every weekend. facebook's mark zuckerberg, he talks a big game on climate, but his carbon footprint, well, it's a mild wide. a few years ago, zucker rounded out his real estate portfolio with a huge estate in lake tahoe, complete with a private dock for a large yacht. and biden's buddies in davos are some of the biggest co2 emitters on the planet for the past two years, the davos meeting has sed number of private jets. joining me now is charlie hurt, fox news contributor, and "washington times" opinion editor. charlie, when do we get to tell these people to go pound sand, at this point? >> [laughs]
7:51 pm
yeah, i wish we could. the problem is, you would think they might be ashamed of some of the stuff, but they are not. and i've started to realize, we talk so much about the hypocrisy. their hypocrisy about flying around on jets, about all of the emissions they want to control, that they want to foist on us that they can dismiss. i think they actually like to be seen as hypocrites, because it is their way of displaying that all the rules that they talk about that need to apply to all of us, they don't apply to them because they are no mike there is something special about them. if they are a special breed of people that doesn't -- who don't need to obey the very rules that they put on the rest of us. i really do think that it is designed to kind of break our spirit, because eventually, good people just give up and walk away. what are you going to do, at some point? >> laura: we mentioned mark zuckerberg's dock for his yacht on lake tahoe, but
7:52 pm
i was not too far away from his actual yacht recently. we can see it from a distance. maybe it was 300 yards. this looks like a cruise ship. i don't think we have a picture of it, but we will try to get one for tomorrow. this, charlie, the largest yacht i've ever seen. as my kids would say, "joy enormous." that's fine, you want a big yacht, molotov, but don't talk about we are going to have an eco-and lovely, lollipops going to grow on trees. it's always a french laundry example, right? gavin newsom at the french laundry all over again. >> and that's why i think -- i think that they actually relish the hypocrisy that they display. for them, it sort of a -- they talk about how virtuous they are, and they lord that over us, but the truth of the matter is, they love to be hypocrites. and the other thing that i think is kind of funny about all of this, you know, my goodness, they don't make a secret about
7:53 pm
it. how much they hate humans. they want us all to live short, miserable lives. they want us to all spell bad. they want us -- nobody can go anywhere. >> laura: toilet paper. >> yeah -- >> laura: remember, who was it, you only get one sheet of toilet paper -- who was that, some hollywood celebrity. i forgotten who it was. same thing. that's what's going to apply to them, oh, okay. >> yeah, no, but again, that's why i really do think -- the reason they are not ashamed about it is a, because they have no shame, but also because they really do -- they love it. it is their badge of their superiority over the rest of us that they can be this flagrantly hypocritical and not say a peep about it. not even answer a question about it. >> laura: well, they are a member of a club that they don't want point pop lloyd to ever be able to joy.
7:54 pm
so they can sit in a club and talk about how virtuous they are and how everyone else is a gas no mike white the premises, gas guzzling nightmare going to a kkk meeting, whatever they like to say, meanwhile they are the , intolerant, people on the face of the planet. that is what really goes down. charlie, great to see you tonight. him and do you need a morale booster? "the last bite" will do just the trick.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: after house democrats treated the national guard in washington, it's no surprise morale was low, but then, one of them stood up and did this. ♪ ♪
8:00 pm
>> laura: what a talent, amazing. that's all the time we have tonight, shannon bream and the fox news at 19 take it all from here. it was not beautiful, shannon? >> shannon: absolutely, are men and women have all kinds of talent and good to see what they're doing day-to-day other than protecting us. we've got breaking news tonight on three major fronts. from work >> laura: now, a slow process. of president biden's chief of staff ron klain now hedging on distribution. calling it a limiting factor. plus new developments tonight in the evolving covid scandal and democratic star governor andrew cuomo. republicans are calling a new report from new york far l


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