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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 29, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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kelsey, thank you, appreciate your time. jillian: so much going on in these big cities. todd: scan the qr code on your screen. jillian: set your dvr 4:00 a.m. eastern every morning. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> a rift between wall street hedge funds and day traders becoming the latest populist flash point. >> the elites are bent out of shape that a bunch of users have figured out how to make themselves millionaires. >> new report has found new york state undercounted nursing home covid death. >> the number is as much as 50% higher. >> this is a massive corruption scandal at the highest level. >> figure it out or get off the podium. >> when i got up there, my blood started boiling a little bit. if you are not going to lead, take a stone to the side and let other people step into that void. >> president biden roll back
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abortion access. >> important it's happened. all those who care about life we still have work to do. >> former president trump, he met the with house minority leader kevin mccarthy. >> trump pledged to work with mccarthy on gaining the house majority in 2022. ♪ i feel good ♪ i knew that i would now. ♪ i feel good ♪ steve: me too. brian: right. i don't think is he talking directly to us. steve: yeah he is. so good. breen brian did he write this song for rocky 3? ainsley: i wish we could ask him what does this song mean? why do you feel good? brian: we couldn't book him. steve: it is friday, january 29th. that's why we feel good because it is friday, january 29th. kansas day coming to think about it when you grow up in kansas. it is the coldest day of the year so far. right now outside it is
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1 degrees in new york city. sit back, relax, pour yourself a big cup of joe and enjoy the show starts now. ainsley: thank you for watching. start about this story. little little people winning. trading app. robin hood is going to open the game stop stock after they were restricted on the platform. brian: ashley strohmier joins us with more as the app. faces lawsuits amidst customer complaints. a lot of moving parts to this ashley. best of luck. >> there really is the company says starting today they plan to allow limited buys of the securities and will monitor and make adjustments as they see fit. they also tried to clarify what happened yesterday saying, quote: it was a risk management decision and was not made on the direction of the market mangers. this as it was hit with two lawsuits last night alleging robin hood manipulated it platform. however the ceo of trading app. defended that move. listen to this. >> in order to protect the firm and protect our customers, we
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had to limit buying in these stocks. we did this proactively. and thousands of other securities remain tradeable on the plaferl platform. >> as the lawsuit are filed, the new york a.g. says her office is reviewing robin hood's actions while dozens of people were at the new york stock exchange protesting during the chaos. hedge fund billionaire leon cooperman blast out at the situation saying quote the reason the market is doing what it is doing is people are sitting home getting checks from the government. barstool sports founder dave portnoy says there needs to be an investigation. >> it's criminal. there has to be an investigation. people have to go to jail. whether that actually happens, i don't know. i have never been more convinced about market manipulation and the people, the hedge funds controlling the game than today. >> portnoy will be joining us on "fox & friends" at 8:45 to discuss his thoughts on this
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situation with robin hood. and, ainsley, that game stop stock-i have been having issues with it all morning. steve: no kidding. dave is going to be on the show in about two and a half hours. he is saying, you know, there need to be investigation. people need to go to jail because this robin hood app., which was the number one app. of the week by the way. stopped people from selling and buying the stock yesterday. which essentially stopped all that's, you know, could be you, a day trader who has been doing this. it all started on one of these bulletin boards where people are saying you know what? people are shorting game stop. it's a good outfit. sounds like they are going to open more stores. there are new gaming consoles out there. this is actually a great idea. let's go ahead and do something that wall street cannot do. right now wall street is betting against it. so, let's bet for it.
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and so you could have bought a couple of weeks ago game stop stock at $17. brian: how do you say it so easy? steve: it's a game stop there it is on the screen stock. you could have bought it at $17. this week it was at 4' $0. it's up over 1,000%. it is driven by the little guy. but, unfortunately, wall street is run by the big guys and they don't like it. says rush. >> they are actually making it clear to anybody who has the ability to notice, that you are not allowed to use the stock market the way they do. you are not allowed to profit. you are not allowed to make the kind of money they do. this game stop business now makes this something that is understandable beyond the political world. and that its value. it's not just political anymore.
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it's not just that you can't think for yourself on issues. and matters of politics. everything is rigged in favor of the elites. and this has come along and upset that rigging. steve: exactly the elites. ainsley: a component of revenge against wall street. rush goes on to say that the elites are bent out of shape because average, ordinary users have figure you had out how to become billionaires too. wall street doesn't like that. game stop was really struggling for six years of the amazon age. people were buying games from amazon. the pandemic hit and people started buying game stop again and so it started to come back and that was a great story for this small little, you no, brick and mortar store. the. steve: it's now worth more than american airlines. ainsley: i heard on "fox & friends first" there is a child in texas. his mom gave him for christmas a few stocks. et sold it. she paid like'6" or $7. he sold it and got thousands of
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dollars. 3 or $4,000. maybe that will go toward the college fund. brian: i watched the robin hood interview on cngc. people don't say i want stock advice from are charles payne or brian kilmeade. the truth is i washed this robin hood ceo who seems a little overwhelmed at the moment. and he had to evidently draw a line of credit from between 500 million and 600 million. steve: he needed a million-dollar bailout. he needs more cash to cover heightened margin requirements. so he's in trouble. what i really care about is not that guy. i care about a guy like daniel lee who is 22 years old from los angeles, quote: a lot of regular hardworking americans have been putting their money and hoping and praying that they get something out of it touring a time when everyone is struggling. i felt like it was not just betrayal but completely unethical in so many ways. that's what we will talk to dave portnoy does a lot of day
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trading and made millions of dollars on it 2 hours and 45 minutes and experts along the way. i believe the one thing that happened that i didn't think was possible. democrats and republicans are united in the outrage that this is not fair there is going to be hell to pay. ainsley: where is there outrage censorship. the little guy was trying to be silenced when they wouldn't allow them to buy yesterday. that's changed and now there is some lawsuits and several people, several congress members, republicans and democrats are now saying we are going to investigate. steve: ainsley, hell is freezing over because aoc and ted cruz are on the same page. brian: they don't like each other. steve: i'm just saying hell is freezing over. brian: she tweeted back at him and said you tried to murder me so leave me alone. ainsley: they agree on this issue. steve stove no kidding. in the beginning, when people were trying to figure out a year ago how to handle this covid
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pandemic, governor cuomo made a failings mistake. we know it's fatal given hindsight. what he suggested was after people who have been living in nursing homes, after they go into a hospital or after they have had covid, they can go back to the nursing home. as it turns out that was just about the dumbest thing you could possibly have done because nursing homes were not equipped for it. now, over the last year it's been impossible to get numbers how many people actually died because of his decision. well, yesterday, the attorney general, a democrat, latisha james, issued a report and essentially said that the governor has been in the midst of a cover-up on the number of nursing home deaths. before the report the state only reported the number ever people who actually died at the nursing home address. that's all. they did not report the number of people who had been at a nursing home but then to the sick and got taken to the hospital and then suddenly died. that was never part of it, but
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it should have been because they got it at the nursing home. now instead of the number being ainsley 8500, 8700, it's closer to something like 1,000. they under estimated it by 55%. and that is despicable. ainsley: one example said the ag released this report yesterday and she hesitated to do it because, you know, she is a democrat and friends with cuomo and they work together. but, she has gotten so much push back she decided to investigate and she called each nursing home or went to each nursing home individually and she released a 76 page report. one example for you, one facility reported to the department of health there were five confirmed deaths, six presumed deaths as of august 3rd. but the report to the office of the a.g. says 27 deaths. 13 hospital deaths. there is a discrepancy here of 2 9 deaths. in addition to that, her findings show new york undercounted nursing home covid-19 deaths as steve was saying by as much as 50%, a lack
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of compliance by nursing homes increased deaths and insufficient p. e covid-19 testing put residents at risk. elise stefanik says massive corruption and cover-up scandal and she is demanding documentation. brian: right. there is so many things to this story. number one is the lack of interest from other people because according to most of the media, governor cuomo walks on water. if you listen to him on a daily basis, you know he is probably one of the worst governors in the country. the crazy thing is he has no clue how incompetent is he because his arrogance won't allow it. he admitted to 8329 who died in nursing homes. they find in the study 12500 have died in nursing homes. the key is during this time in the pandemic happened in over 100 years people make mistakes in retrospect you do a study like 9/11 and get through it. when you deny it and stop people from study studying it and block people from looking into it and it involves their parents or loved ones that's a huge problem
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especially when people bring it up to you and you turn around and say oh, that's just politics from the right wing or you try to dismiss people like janice dean and say oh, you know, she is just on the fox network which has nothing to do with it. howard zucker came out with it and look at this report and had a interesting response. he is the new york state health inspector. people in nursing homes not transferred to hospitals and later died. don't suggest all the people we undercounted in nursing home deaths even though they died in hospitals. questioned the number of deaths. that's called i am not going to answer the question. the question is you had the javits center. you had a hospital ship. you had a million options and you chose to put them back in nursing homes and people died. this would have been a terrible tragic story but if you make a bad decision as a leader, you own up to it. generals have done that, presidents have done that, premier and prime ministers. but when you deny it for a year
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and then blame it on the administration or the cdc, that, to me, is terrible leadership. and this example, steve, the media's lack of interest in this story. steve: if you take a look at the nightly newses, abc spent not a second. cbs devoted a big 8 seconds. and almost 90 seconds over on nbc. you know, but here's the thing. that should not surprise us being here in new york city because the media over the last year has been very constituent. consistent. it president trump did a very bad job but governor cuomo's whose state under estimated the number of people who died because of nursing home deaths due to covid he has been a genius. do we need to remind you. we have a flashback, watch. >> new york's andrew cuomo has
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become an outspoken voice in this crisis with his blunt and sobers assessments. >> you were there for us, and i go oh, he is smart and you were honest. >> you exposed a lot of your own vulnerabilities. >> topic about you is your love life. >> have you been commended for your clear and your common leadership. >> congratulations, andrew, on your much deserved founder's award. >> you and your brother chris tied as the most desirable member in new york. >> is it true that this was the swab that the nurse was actually using? in scale this was the actual swab that was being used. >> that was going to be nice and sweet. >> i just. steve: you can go to the "new york post." can you get the true story the lead story right now in it is janice dean talking about how she lost both of her husband's parents to covid. they were nursing home
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residents. it is a terrible story and it is shocking to see how little it is being covered in the mainstream media. ainsley: janice says she remembers watching that interview with the two cuomo brothers. it was horrible watching them laughing and joking around and holding up the swab when she was burying her in-laws. these are many nos and dads and brothers and sisters and people deserve answers. they also want to know answers about when are schools going to open? hard of us so hard is in so many different ways. had that dad, the mad dad because is he speaking out for all of us, for all of us that want kids back in school because we are worried about how much they are learning, their lack of learning, and the stats, the science shows that they can go back to school. and some counties are doing it and others are not. and that dad right there was so upset. if you didn't see it. he spoke out at the school board meeting. this is in loudoun county the county in virginia. listen. >> you are a bunch of cowards, hiding behind our children as an
3:16 am
excuse for keeping schools closed. >> the garbage workers who pick up my freaking trash risk their lives every day more than anyone in this school system. figure it out or get off the podium because, you know what? there are people like me and a line of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out. 'it's not a high bar. raise the freaking bar. brian: kids are getting damaged. it's not a matter of delay or boredom or inconvenience. kids are disappearing from the school system. they are not able to interact. they are not going to get these years back and the development is going to cost the whole country. let alone those families down the line. so brandon joined tucker last night minus the mask, a little calmer and talked about what led to that moment. >> we have gone for months to
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these school board meetings and as parents our voice wasn't being heard. when i got up there, my blood started boiling a little bit. as i began speaking i said, look, i want them to hear me and i want them to look up and pay attention. if you are not going to lead -- this country was built on strong leaders, take a step to the side. that's okay. let other people step into that void. and if you are not going to get our kids back, make a plan and execute it. and do you know what? you may fall a little short, but it's better than no plan at all. go to your local school board meeting. look it up. see when it is. go and see, write something, you know, phone in, write an email. try to make some change. try to get our kid back in school because our kids are the most important asset in our life. brian: yeah, i would say so. he says what everybody missed and i would love to see that video of his two kids speaking to the school board before he got up there. and he felt like they were totally ignored. they weren't even paying attention to him. that's why he got up there and said you got to be kidding me. ainsley: 5-year-old and 7-year-old. brian: can you imagine that?
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we got to get the video. in hillsborough county, florida, 7,000 kids just missing from the school system. they do not report on zoom were they have the equipment or not. they have done a study at stanford, and they say the average kid has lost a third of a year worth of learning, that's if they show up for school. and three quarters of a year's worth in math. this is unbelievable what's happening right now. it is a five alarm fire. steve: well. and we have been saying that on this program for months. and we have been talking about how the cdc says, you know, for a lot of these kids they are actually safer at school. there is a reason that in chicago the public schools are all closed because the teachers union won't let them go back to work. the catholic schools are all open and there is not a problem. what his real frustration was, mr. michon last night. he encouraged other parents to speak unjust so that, you know, when he was all by himself at the loudoun county school board
3:19 am
it was just him and his kids talking about let's open up the schools again. do you know what they need to do? they need to do exactly what the robin hood reddit stock traders did. that is to organize online. there is power in numbers. get together online and figure out how to pressure your school board into hearing what you have to say because, ainsley, without that, the school board is going to do what the school board wants to do. it's not necessarily what the people of that county want to do, which is open the schools for their children's benefit. ainsley: that's right. all right. we are going to be talking about it all morning. 6:19 on the east coast. coming up will cain is dishing out some breakfast with his friends in knoxville, tennessee. steve: friend. there is only one. ainsley: there are two. will: good morning. good morning. there will be a lot of friend here this morning, brian. don't you take an easy shot at me. we are in knoxville tennessee, east tennessee very near and dear to my heart. nic and j's cafe named after the sons of the owner.
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we will talking about the biden administration. what feel about the future of the country schools reopening. going to have eggs and bacon. put on your egg tabasco. what's important to u.s.a. this morning. more "fox & friends" coming up. ♪ ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at
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steve: well, the roller coaster week on wall street is not expected to slow down today when the stock market robin hood reopening limited trading for companies bike game stock and aoc. this after the company was hit with lawsuits and accused of market manipulation after blocking users from buying stock yesterday. here to help break it all down is managing partner of benchmark
3:25 am
investment kevin, good morning to you. , little guys sitting at home desk and doing some day trading and playing by the rules. suddenly out of nowhere stopped activity yesterday and people are going they are screwing the little guy and they are helping wall street. >> yeah. and that's what it felt like. because not only couldn't trade or buy they may unwind some of your trade in those stocks. that's what really, i think, scared people is not only but, you know, could you not buy these stocks which seems like an arbitrary amount of stocks not only game stop but nokia so the little guy felt like hey, here is our time where we are actually able to trade and making money and now we are being prevented from doing that.
3:26 am
steve: exactly. and by virtually the fact that robin hood stopped that, stopped the little guy from doing that yesterday, he had been, you know, ge about 1,000 percent in the last month or two. yesterday, game stop stock was down 44%. amc stock was down 56%. reading how they got together in chat boards. ultimately in the beginning was it a case, kevin, where the little guys got together and said you know, game stop is a good stock we can make money on or we want to screw the wall street shorts who are betting against that company? >> it was actually a little bit of both. in the beginning it was really sort of the reddit guy thing hey, listen, we know that wall street has shorted, meaning they sold the company and tried to drive the price down to the tune of 145% of the shares
3:27 am
outstanding. meaning there are more shares sold short than existed. but then also what happened was is over the fundamental change in the business in december, where actually the founder of that helped turn around a petco business or pet smart business online came on poured and bought 12% of the stock. when he came in and bought a bunch of the stock. wall street had to buy the shares back and started listing them. people started saying hey, this is a great stock we may want to own for a few years. it was multiple case scenario. steve: a lot of people who because of the pandemic have been at home and they are starting to dabble in stocks and downloaded the free app. and so they did that some of the professional experts on wall street said, you know these people don't really know what they are doing. but they have been playing by the rules. but then yesterday he robin hood essentially said look, we are just trying to protect the investor, our customers. that's not really true, is it?
3:28 am
>> yeah. no, it actually turns outs that that isn't true. that robin hood actually itself was not well capitalized to handle and do all this trading and so that's what they are coming out and saying now is like hey, we actually -- we are going to blame the regulators. the they keep so much amount of money for trades and we didn't have enough so we had to prevent it, right? so if the beginning it felt like robin hood was saying listen, you guys don't know what you are doing so you can't trade these stocks and they are too volatile and we are trying to protect you. that doesn't make sense because how they know what people are thinking? steve: sure. before you go, for the little guy out there watching, what's a good stock to buy today? >> oh, you know, that's actually a great question. i think people should always buy stocks that they know and use and on the daily basis, right? so they -- microsoft is a great one because they do have, you know, the x box. so it's another great way if you
3:29 am
are using the internet and got the cloud and other gaming. i think microsoft is a great nice technology that people would know and like in their portfolio. steve: we will see if you just moved the market. will managing partner, thank you for joining us from newport beach, california. thank you. and then he would say thank you if he wasn't frozen. meanwhile, breakfast with friends is back on the menu this time with some good ole southern cooking our own will cain in southern tennessee talking to diners. there is two there. will: there is. starting to fill up, steve. i'm not frozen. >> i will say thank you. good morning from nic and j.'s from knoxville, tennessee. i love this game stop story. i absolutely love it. i think they do too. i will talk to these diners what they think is so important going on across this country right now. live from knoxville, tennessee, "fox & friends" coming up ♪ ♪
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he we are in the studio but weather channel good old southern cooking breakfast with friends. brian: he pushed back on this. he did not want to be there. more on that story as it develops. is he down at nick and j.'s cafe in knoxville, tennessee. will: i am. i'm i have my mask on and take it off and talk to many solve the diners. this is keith right here. keith lived in east tennessee for quite some time you were one of the first diners at nick and j. whether they opened up, right. >> yes, i was. >> what's he focused on the state of the country. tell me what you were saying earlier, cathy? >> i think as a country we need to be be back and be nice. be back and treat everybody with civility and be nice and say hello to your neighbors. let's make sure we get people in the government that are going to
3:35 am
support us and not out for themselves and fill their pockets. >> you were saying you don't think anybody in government is actually interested in the people in this diner and what's going on. >> absolutely not. i don't think our government is supporting us. i'm a veteran myself. i'm a volunteer. knoxville, tennessee and see veterans or people people that can't go to funerals and support them. our government step up and support us for once wult will of course you fays know we are shortly into a new administration. keith and i were thinking what he thinks of the first week of the biden administration. >> i don't think he is going to not to call names or anything like that. is he not for us. taking jobs from our oil industry. it's going to be another million jobs taken from that industry. it's going to be a disaster. will: i got the three egg breakfast with bacon. they talked me into biscuit and gravy. today is not the day to be healthy.
3:36 am
your long-time diner here at nick and j.'s what do i need to get? what's the special here? >> i prefer the west omelet with business cuts and gravy. good east tennessee food. will: east tennessee, food, brian, steve, ainsley starting to fill up. normally opens at 7:00. opened early for us this morning at nick and j.'s. let me introduce to you sue. sue lived in east tennessee your whole life. >> my whole life. well, i lived in miami for about 17 years. my parents flew thee there when i was in high school. will: we were talking about what she feels about the country. tell me where you fill 2021 where are we in the united states of america? >> we are in a sad situation it needs to go diller than where we are. will: what is your name. >> ron miller. will. will: you were talking about projection. you feel like the american left
3:37 am
projects a lot of what they hold dear into other people. >> it's a cover for their criminal acts that they might be committing. so, you were asking well what's an example? what they were accuserring trump of they were doing in ukraine. my father is actually a ukrainian senate, so i'm familiar with that country and the corruption. as i mentioned to you before, i have been to nearly 100 countries. i have seen what works. what doesn't work. will: you said it's clear the direction we are going now is not going to work for the future. we will keep checking in with diners here nick and j.'s in knoxville, tennessee letting you know what people think about the state of the country. steve: get some bacon it looked fantastic. ainsley: get the gravy it's best with the business cuts. brian: more on what will should be eating in a moment. where coaches in washington state demand the return of high school sports. now they are doing something about it. we are going to talk to the
3:38 am
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[chanting let us play] brian: they just want to play. they just want to go to school. student athletes and parents rallied in washington state. maybe you can relate to this at home. they did this on wednesday demanding the return of high school sport after the district decided to keep athletes on hold. athletics on hold, i should say, making it one of the only districts in the state to do so. the captain of the kent lake high school team joins us now his name is nate beck. he organized that rally. he is outraged that he has got to still study at home even though the numbers are low and can't go to the field even though they promised you could play in january. nate, how do you explain to people at home how frustrated
3:43 am
you are? >> it's a huge level of frustration. especially us being the fourth biggest school district in the state. the state flat out came out and said until we are able get back in the school that we won't be able to get out on the field which is just unfair to almost everybody. brian: you want to play in college. >> i do. brian: it's not just about players like yourself that stand out and want to play in college. most of you just want to play. having said that you have to play in college. if to get anybody interested in you, you need tape. you haven't had tape since your soft more year. how tough is it for you to get anybody's interest? >> you know, hopefully i have a really good junior season. but i mean i'm sorry people keep calling me. brian: no problem. brian: i know you are frustrated. that rally. what was it like being at that rally with other kids that feel the same way you do?
3:44 am
brian: you know, i think the feeling around the school district is all mutual. you know. we're all frustrated. we all just want to play. we all know we can do it safely and the fact that our school district has just come out and said we are not going to do it until we are in school. without even giving us a plan to go into school any time this year, it is really frustrating. >> so you were supposed to get back out there, you know, in new york they stopped the fall sports but now they are starting the fall sports in the spring. and they are going go winter and they are going to go winter, fall, and then spring. it can be done are you able to get anyone's attention on the school board. >> definitely the they had a school board meeting after our rally and talked about how our superintendent was going to talk to the coach's union about hopefully a february 13th start update for our district. our school district superintendent has been on
3:45 am
twitter retweeting stuff. he actually was seen at the rally giving you was a couple rounds of applauses. we definitely grabbed their attention with this. brian: who is stopping it? >> i think it's just the entire school board, really. brian: unbelievable. all right. nate, we will stay on top of this. don't -- do not stop fighting. you got to make it uncomfortable for these people making decisions because the numbers are low. other states are doing it. it's not fair to continue to deny the students this like yourself. younger and older. nate beck, kent lake high school, thanks so much, nate. >> appreciate you. brian: you got it. we reached out to kent state -- kent school district for a statement. have not heard back. meanwhile, we told you -- well, i will tell you what, we told you about new york's attorney general finding state officials severely under counted coronavirus deaths in nursing homes earlier. ainsley: no one has been more vocal on governor cuomo's failed leadership than our own janice
3:46 am
dean after losing both of other in-laws and she joins us now. good morning, janice. janice: good morning. ainsley: if you read this report it is accusing governor cuomo of what you have been saying all along. janice: it's amazing. i will tell you it's just the beginning of more work we have to do. it's a door opening. but we have to have a real investigation where we get cuomo, his health department, his administration on the stand in front of a jury to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. steve: you have been vindication indicated because this is what you have been asking for all along. people just waking up the numbers have been wrong because the number of people from nursing homes who have died is just the number of people who had died right there at that address not the people who were transported to a hospital and died like the next day or later in a hospital. now we know the number is 55% higher. you are the lead editorial, janice dean, in the "new york
3:47 am
post" this morning. and people should read it online because it clearly comes from your heart. but, i know there are a lot of people who want to punish governor cuomo because of the way he has handled the pandemic and the way he has covered this up. out in california, they are going to have a recall most probably. but they can't do that in new york state. can they? >> no, it's a different law out in california. believe me, i have looked into it. and we cannot recall this governor. this will be hopefully his last term and someone else will be voted n 2022 many. brian: it's time for a new term. he is running for a fourth term robert did he near owe must be happy. people who agree with you attorney general a huge are democrat latisha james and the other person is mayor de blasio he is saying we got to get answers. i'm like excuse me, are you
3:48 am
stealing janice dean's script the mayor. this guy has made enemies of everyone. he doesn't talk to schumer, unbelievably and he doesn't really talk to the mayor, incredible. and the attorney general is one that did the investigation. so, he might be isolated enough to be forced to give answers. what are your thoughts about that? janice: i hope so. listen, i have covered this governor for over 10 months now. and i have heard whispers in my ear that not many people like him. is he a bully. brian: yep. ian january he doesn't take any responsibility or accountability. we have seen what he wants to do. he wants to celebrate himself. this governor cares about one person, and that is andrew cuomo. steve: as soon as this was released yesterday we all thought about you. janice, thank you very much for joining us. once again, folks can read her story. ainsley: real quickly, janice, have you made a decision if you are going to run? janice: no. i think i want to run to the ice cream store. >> steve: there you go. brian: adam klotz your move.
3:49 am
are. steve: thank you, janice. if she were to run for governor she would have to stop being on fox news channel and we need her on the channel. just saying. still ahead, harvard has caved to cancel culture. why a course on policing backed by hero green beret sparked an uproar among students. that story coming up next. ♪
3:50 am
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3:52 am
3:53 am
ainsley: harvard cancels a courts course strategy rooted in the military the planned course represents the disturbing historical trend of universities like harvard supporting violence against marginalized communities. let's get the action from roosevelt who attended it harvard hole received a certificate and disrupted strategy. army veteran and homeland security analyst. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley. how are you. ainsley: doing well. thank you. what is the controversy surrounding this course. >> the controversy is really not right. i will tell you this as a person who served in the u.s. military we train tour folks to go ever a the most dangerous criminals most dangerous organizations the framework backed here in the united states is leveraging that information and being able to give the law enforcement a use
3:54 am
case to study but also a tool that they can go after organized crime. if there is any controversy about that, that's a big problem because we need that for national security. ainsley: so this course it talks about policing technique called counter criminal continuum policing also known as c-3. what does that teach? if you are in that course what would you learn. >> that c 3 is derevived from counter insurgency operations. counter insurgency operations are governed by the dod this is important for harvard stawnts to know. the law enforcement of the united states is governed by authority. any of the frame works that we deploy law enforcement would be derived from authorities first and every student at harvard already knows that so anything that they would learn they would learn to maximize the strategy here in the townhouse context of the law. ainsley: you say there is nothing wrong with that. >> no. ainsley: so the dean said he -- you know, is he listening to the students i'm writing to let you know this course will not be
3:55 am
offered this semester. we are aware of and take seriously the concerns that many so of you raise. you listen to those students, what about the students that don't want this course canceled? >> they need to have a voice. i would say to the dean that your job as well as harvard's job for the future is to prepare these students to be public servants and also private sector citizens who will help and support national security effort. your job is to make sure that they can be assistant secretaries and go in directions to help keep our communities safe as well as go abroad and engage the threats out there. ainsley: adam roosevelt, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. straight ahead, president biden pledging to roll out 500,000 solar panels nationwide. what it could mean for your wallet coming up. ♪
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and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. it's time to start a new day. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. and save at ♪ed ited to the white house extestify use of executive orders. >> already drawing criticism for the "new york times" editorial board. the headline reads ease up on the executive actions, joe. >> today trading app. robin hood is going to reopen the game stop stock after they were restricted on the platform. >> somebody has to go to jail for this. this is intentional market manipulation because with a stroke of a pen thousands receiving their pink slips. alexandria ocasio-cortez thinks this is great. >> he meant what he said like he would make climate change a central priority? if you wanted to have a pray book to wipe out a nation you take away their nation. >> figure it out or get off the
4:00 am
podium. >> when i got up there, my blood started boiling a little bit. if you are not going to lead, take a step to the side and let other people step into that void. ♪ down on the corner ♪ out in the street ♪ ♪ staff steve hi, everybody are down on the corner is freezing. about 19 degrees coldest day of the year. it is january 29th, 2021. we are coming to the end of a very long january. i say long because this weekend i conclude dry january. ainsley: that's right. steve: i can't wait. ainsley: what day can you drink? steve: i'm going to go ahead and have a drink tomorrow. ainsley: you made it. steve: we know a lot of people did the same thing and to everybody who did. we salute you. ainsley: i think you are okay to do it today. it's friday. it's the weekend. you made it. steve: i got to make it one more day. i drew the line tomorrow is going to be the day. brian: i forgot to go dry january.
4:01 am
i cannot believe that skipped my mind. steve: go dry february it's a shorter month. brian: is it leap year. >> steve: that was last year. presidential election years are leap years. brian: last year is a big blur we did the same thing every day. what i would like to do with the power vested in me for the moment is go to will cain who is having breakfast with j.'s cafe's people over in knoxville, tennessee. brian: i think brian just married you. will: nick and j's ainsley, it is the creamography. you were asking about that business cuts and gravy. look at that yeah, i am at nick and j.'s right here in east tennessee. i love knoxville. i love tennesseans. we have a small difference of opinion on when you say u.t. which school are you referencing? everyone knows it's texas. they think it's university of tennessee. that's our only really big disagreement this morning, guys. i want toe tell you two things quickly if i can over breakfast we have already had a few conversations. here is question i heard how do
4:02 am
you preach unity and step into office and immediately pass aen to of executive orders unilaterally how does that work? how do you reconcile those two ideas? right down the way i talked to heath. an interesting example who talked about restaurants and schools and things being closed. he is in oil and gas. is he from houston a texan like me. he has been living here for nine months because oil and gas is shut down in texas. now is he working at nuclear plant be here in tennessee. is he asking tell me one thing how do these executive orders help americans? how do they help our jobs? just to bring it back together the question is how do you reconcile that with being all about unity? one thing they are union need on is nick and j's. i tell you biscuits andography, eggs, coffee. we can all unify around that right? ainsley: i want you to ask heath if he would take a job when all these alternatives come? they say the jobs arer who. we have new jobs for you. would he be willing to learn how to do solar power? brian: how about code? will: do you want me to ask him
4:03 am
real quick? will: i don't know if you can pan down here, heath, i want to ask you a quick question. he moved from oil and gas to nuclear engineering. if joe biden said, listen, we're going to retrain you, we are going to make some adjustments for climate change. don't worry, we are going to help retrain you into a new job you excited about that. >> not at all. i'm 50 years old. what are you going to train me to build solar panels? i think china has the market. will: i think he lakes the job he has right now. he would like to keep it. steve: i think everybody likes the job they have. brian: so insulting when these politicians say i'm going to teach tough do something else without even asking you as if they are career counselors. thanks, will. steve: thank you, sir. >> will: right. steve: mean while while on this friday signing are executive orders and actions amid widespread criticism from many on the right. ainsley: mark meredith is live at the white house with more. hey, mark. >> ainsley, good morning to you, biden has spent first nine days in office rolling back so much
4:04 am
of president trump's policies. he is not doing that through congress. instead, is he doing that by executive actions. on thursday we saw some more executive orders go into place including expanding the obamacare insurance marketplace access. in the last few days the president has also lifted restrictions on transgender military members and he has also placed newl and gas permits. now, compared to his predecessors, the president seems to be relying a lot more on executive actions at least early in his term. something the white house is now being forced to defend. >> he also ran with a commitment to take sentence immediately to address the pain and suffering that the american people were feeling. and that includes overturning many so of the detrimental, harmful and at times moral policies and actions of the prior administration. it. todd: now, the administration says it remains focused on trying to get its clean energy agenda passed including making sure there is new investment in things like solar energy. some question how easily that's going to happen with china
4:05 am
already dominating that marketplace. some lawmakers also fear that the president's executive actions send the wrong message to workers. >> telling these people you can go get a job in solar power, computer coding something better for you to do anyway. nothing can be more condescending than what we have seen out of the biden administration. >> we do expect to hear from the president a little bit later on today. is he going to be meeting with his economic team and heading out to walter reed medical center to meet with wounded service members. steve, ainsley, brian, happy friday. back to you guys. steve: thank you very much. mark, real quick before you go. today was supposed to be immigration day. executive orders on immigration. now they say we are going to do it next week. what happened? >> there has been a lot of talk about what these executive orders are actually going to look pike because of course you will have a lot of lawmakers have to defend it for themselves. we are hearing it's still going to happen next week. the white house was asked when next week will we nail down a time monday or tuesday? they refuse to commit to a timeline simply saying that they continue to address their
4:06 am
message calendar. you have to wonder, steve, how much push back they were getting on the hill. steve: such a good point. mark, thank you. brian: what he's m outlined how joe biden talked about unity and done the exact opposite. he just now gives us a sentence or two about the executive orders that he is signing and you look at the numbers it's pretty astounding. look at orders and actions over 40. look at just actions it's 25. and you see all the other presidents. they are all in single digits. by den is signing away. probably go going to do it all next week. keep in mind, too. he doesn't want to talk about immigration. tell stay 6 feet apart and wear nine masks instead of one. he is allowing open border self. stop building the wall and let people coming through. and fighting to allow people to stay 100 days to fight deportations. not only is it executive orders that he is going unilateral live his whole party is they were laughable will 1.9 trillion that he is demanding. after he just got 900 billion
4:07 am
right before he took over even though he hasn't spent 1.8 trillion? they are going to ram it through, it seems in the senate and they do not care if they get a single republican vote. and he says i'm using may pen in a record number of executive orders to undo trump. this is part of it. could you please tell me when someone -- each the "new york times" to their credit called him out yesterday in their editorial. can you please tell me how long the press is going to give him a pass on this unity theme when two weeks in, not even two weeks in he has done nothing. there is no proof that he even picked up the phone and talked to a republican in the last 10 days. what about this guy that used to reach across the aisle as a senator? he is bypassing the senate. it is just incredible. guess who recognizes his executive orders? it's all about the green and it's the author of the green new deal alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> i'm feeling extraordinarily
4:08 am
encouraged and i think that the significance of president biden's executive orders communicates a lot. one, is that it really commune indicates that he meant what he said on the campaign trail that he would make climate change a central priority of the administration and that he considers it not just a national security threat but, frankly, the global matter that it is. it also is really -- it also really signifies a good faith openness and relationship to those activist communities. steve: so when the "new york times" said that editorial that we quoted yesterday and the headline is ease up on the executive actions, joe. we shouldn't be surprised that he is being cheered by democrats and republicans are saying hey,ing you know, that is simply overreach. for her to say that she likes the idea. but, ultimately, the "new york times" is arguing, are lack, you want to get anything done that's going to last longer than your
4:09 am
presidency, have you got to work with congress what is what joe biden said he would do. he said i have been in congress and senate for 175 years. put me interest and i will negotiate. so far we haven't really seen that but then again we are just barely 10 days into his administration. from the executive orders that we have seen so far. we know first day he pulled the plug on the xl pipeline. that's 11,000 jobs. then we were talking yesterday about all the executive actions regarding oil and gas. we had a guest on yesterday who said that just what he did this week would cost at least 58,000 jobs immediately. here in the united states. listen to randy hendrix, a business manager of pipelines union 798 says this is just the first step in wiping out an important part of america's energy infrastructure. >> i feel for those 87 members
4:10 am
and a lot of them i know personally. what i really worry about is the next step where you put the moratoriums on permits and the new work coming in where you are drilling or exploring or permitting for new wells. the big picture is if you wanted to have a playboo playbook to wa nation, you take away their energy or you take away their supply chain and this is a perfect way to do it as you start w a pipelines and then you go to the oil wells and it's ludicrous that we are going to try to kill our own industry for our enemies. ainsley: really good point. we are going to have to rely on opec countries to get oil and russia and they are not concerned about clean energy the way that the biden administration is. so it defeats the whole purpose. instead we lose thousands of jobs as a result. the "new york times," that editorial board piece, they said that these -- all these executive actions flawed substitutes for legislation. >> steve: right. ainsley: then they went on to
4:11 am
say it's not meant to serve an end run around the will of congress. congress is supposed to vote on the direction of this country. but because it's so tight, republicans and democrats they have decided they are going to sign all these records. when you hear the stories of these individuals worked industry entire lives and trained for that and heard the man in the diner this morning he is 50 years old. he doesn't want to retrain and start over again. is he 10, are 15 years away from retirement, probably. brian: i love this quote from joe biden when asked what if they go ahead and pass this legislation by a simple majority and you get 1.9 trillion without any republicans support? is that unity? he said yeah, at a minimum if you pass a piece of legislation that breaks down party lines but it gets passed it doesn't mean there is no unity. it just means it wasn't bipartisan. do you think we are idiots? american people said 50. your response is 50. republicans are going to regret
4:12 am
losing those seat in georgia. 11 minutes now after the hour. trading app. robin hood will reopen game stop stock purchases. it comes after the app. was hit with two lawsuits that claimed it manipulated its platform. the trade app. ceo is defending the move, kind of. >> in order to protect the firm and protect our customers, we had to limit buying in these stocks. we did this proactively and thousands of other securities remain tradeable on the platform. steve: meanwhile, hedge fund billionaire leon cooperman also speaking out on the trading saga we have been watching this week. ing. >> the reason the market is doing people sitting home getting checks from government. it's [bleep] concept. it's a way of attacking wealthy people. it's inappropriate. we are all going to work together and pull together.
4:13 am
steve: right. will. ainsley: bar stools dave portnoy calling it criminal. is he going to join us live with more in the next hour. now the ceo of robin hood. i watched that whole interview like you guys did, too. he said this was a risk management decision. this was not because of outside pressure. the anchor pushed back on that because it appears to so many people that that's not the case. but what's interesting about this is this is just a revenge against wall street because you have the little guy making a lot of money now and egg. steve: rush limbaugh doesn't like that. ainsley: bent out of shape because figured out how to become millionaires too. this was struggling because of amazon. pandemic hit and people started buying games from them again. stock went up. supporting the little guy and supporting that brick and mortar entity. now stock is through the roof. on tuesday it started at
4:14 am
17.0 will dollars and at the end of the day $15.71. highest number more than 400. steve: yesterday. earlier this week, two days ago it was at $469 per share. it's gone up 1,000 percent recently. brian: dave portnoy goes on last night the perfect example he said i don't feel bad at all for any of these guys and whoever is investing who is saying wow, you are messing with the game and messing with the rules. when football started there was no forward pass and come up with a forward pass the game changed. change with it or it will be left behind. he said a little bit with additional crass but his point was made even more effectively tucker carlson looked at the big picture last night on tucker carlson. this is what he concluded. >> are bet money specific develop short selling. short selling has no obvious value to the american economy.
4:15 am
what's happening on wall street is so clearly awful and so obviously destruct tiff. the question is who is going to fight back against it? as it turns out a bunch of guys on reddit will. the investment app. robin hood used by independent investors to buy and sell stock banned its users from trading game stop shares as well as from several other company's shares and they did it under pressure from the hedge funds who they really work for. so much for the free market you are always hearing about. there is nothing free about it. that turned out to be a lie. turns out that what wall street really hates is outsider trading. of the idea that people from outside their world might be getting rich. steve: exactly. so you have got these day traders who have been kind of banding together on reddit and other message boards talking about okay, look at this stock. this is a good way to make money and at the same time you can kind of stick it to the wall street institutional investors who have been shorting this stock. betting against the stock. but those particular hedge funds, ainsley to your earlier
4:16 am
point, they missed the signs that game stock was actually a good stock to own. ryan cohen, a billionaire started of buying shares within the last couple of months with plans to move it online because right now it's brick and mortar stores. so that was very helpful. also, microsoft and also sony have both come out with new gaming consoles have you got to buy the game some place and that's what that particular company does. it's good for the company that sells the video games. so game stock was not that hopeless. wall street missed it and now the little guy is making money and they don't like it because they don't like the fact that the retail person that they used to charge per trade is making more than they are squeezing the short. ainsley: they didn't like that their plan didn't work. the little guy. steve: they were betting against that company. ainsley: i know. i know. steve: somebody is yelling we have to wrap it up for headlines. ainsley: jillian, take it away.
4:17 am
jillian: begin headlines with extreme weather. powerful winter storm dumped heavy rain and snow in california. at least one woman was hurt trying to escape a mudslide. crews rescuing this driver stuck in her car by rush floodwaters and mud. blizzard conditions bury the sierras. look at this image, a 14-year-old was rescued from under 5 feet of snow that slid off the roof. that is unbelievable. now, to this, today marks the 48th annual march for life rally. it will be virtual this year because of the pandemic. a scaled back event will still be held in washington, d.c. this year's theme is together stronger life unites. former nfl player ben watson is speaking at the event. he joins us come up with his message. former is touting his meeting with kevin mccarthy as both good and cordle. the former president's team says the two agreed to work together to helping the g.o.p. become majority in the house in 2022. this comes as senators tim kaine
4:18 am
and susan collins are considering a resolution vote next week to censure former president trump. a look at your headlines. head back to you. steve: great. thank you very much. jillian. brian: so many stories to cover. coming up straight ahead, this one is as important as any. governor andrew cuomoinging staring down a scathing report it covering up nursing home deaths by as much as 50%. dr. marc siegel will break down the findings next. i wonder if he will have a press conference today. available over. voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel. voltaren. the joy of movement. your journey requires liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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♪ brian: new york governor andrew cuomo is facing bipartisan backlash after a report by the state's democratic attorney general finds the number of nursing home residents who died due to covid-19 could be up to 50% higher than the state reported.
4:23 am
let's bring in fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. dr. siegel, is it just about the numbers that stands out to you about this report or is this something else? >> no. it's not just the numbers, brian. although the numbers really were revealing and i would have predicted that the numbers were half of what he said they were or the state said they were because they definitely had higher than the national average. we're talking now about 40% of deaths from covid-19 in the state due to nursing home deaths. when you are readmitting patients to nursing homes who have covid, it's like tender, tindersetting a fire in nursing. families were not informed. disgraceful. no communication with families. personal protective equipment inadequate. testing inadequate. and by the way, nursing homes can never be set up properly for covid-19. do you know why? do you know whether a it takes to properly set up for covid? you need negative pressure. you need isolation, you need people wearing like space suits,
4:24 am
personal protective equipment. you knead knowledge about how infectious diseases spread which is not what nursing homes know about. so it's really never the right place. brian: nursing home deaths reported by the department of health originally 1299 nursing home test it. went up to actually 1914 nursing home deaths reported by the attorney general yesterday. so what you are saying is there isn't even a plausible scenario for somebody to be treated for the covid virus in a nursing home. it should automatically be to the hospital, stay isolated. and you can't even say we had no place to put them because the javits center instantly converted by the army corps of engineers and you had a hospital ship requested and delivered. so, i have a hard time understanding their point of view on this. >> by the way, brian, that hospital ship was almost empty. that would have been a perfect place for it. or the javits center as you said, which could have seen
4:25 am
thousand more patients. it was set up for it. now, in florida, i talk to nursing homes in florida at the beginning of the pandemic and all of the things that you just mentioned were put in place there early warning systems. families told about this. patients sent right away to the hospital. and not brought back. you have to figure out where to send them where they are not going to reinfect people and it's crucial because a lot of patients from nursing homes are immunocompromised and run down and they may remain contagious for several days. very dangerous idea. there is no way to protect people in nursing homes. this was an absolutely grat disgraceful that this went on. brian: he always talked about communication and transparent and get on board. this is something where he wanted no part of these numbers or this report. some of the other conclusions insufficient ppe. insufficient testing. lack of nursing home compliance. and march 2020 ordered to admit covid-19 patients into nursing homes got us in this mess to begin with. but, dr. siegel, these nursing homes, did they bear some
4:26 am
responsibility? they are not all state-run. >> no. they did bear responsibility because they weren't acknowledging their deficiencies. they weren't acknowledging that they were not communicating with elms if a. imagine, our viewers, imagine you are a family member like janice dean's family, of course where you don't even know, you know, again in these florida nursing homes that i talked to, they were getting daily phone calls saying hey, this patient turned positive, they were transferred to this hospital. your family member is okay. you weren't allowed in to the nursing home. remember you couldn't see your mother or your father. you couldn't even look at them through a glass. so to not know if they are getting covid-19 or even dying is the worst possible idea. and that's what was going on in new york. brian: yeah. it's still happening. and now we have got to hope that the are similar type of dysfunction when it comes to the vaccine. >> yeah. brian, the fact that it was so white washed makes me worry it could happen again here. the point about the vaccine is
4:27 am
really important. that has to happen. i don't know that i belief it. that it is happening. we need everyone in the nursing home in new york and across the country vaccinated as soon as possible against covid-19. that's going to cut down the death rate dramatically. brian: i notice your hospital has been texting saying you are not eligible yet but we are going to keep you informed. that's what we need somebody keep everyone up to date because the computer system register is just a nightmare. dr. siegel, thank you so much. >> thank you and we are starting to target people over 75. absolutely. brian. thank you. brian: okay. i am not there yet. thanks, dr. siegel. fox news has reached out to the governor for a statement and we have not heard anything back. i am stunned. still ahead, a virginia dad's message to lock down leaders well, it goes viral. >> garbage workers who pick up my freakin' trash risk their lives every day more than anyone in this school system. brian: the growing i couldn't tell rage to get kids back in
4:28 am
school. "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth and will cain will yell almost as loud ♪ crazy about a sharp dressed man ♪ ♪ to veteran spouses everywhere we salute you. we salute how you balanced work, family and home life. we salute your courage. and your service. by offering you our service. newday usa specializes in
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even more types of cancer. it's tru. keytruda from merck. see the different types of cancer keytruda is approved to treat at, and ask your doctor if keytruda can be part of your story. >> you are a bunch of cowards hiding behind our children as an excuse for keeping our schools closed. figure it out or get off the podium. because, you know what? there are people like me and a line of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out. steve: a very frustrated virginia father of two who wept viral after that passionate address tuesday night to his school board speaking out to tucker carlson and encouraging others to do what he just did.
4:33 am
>> go to your local school board meeting, look it up. see when it is. go and see, write something, you know, phone in. write an email, try to make some change. try to get our kids back in school because our kids are the most important asset in our life. ainsley: let's bring in "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain and pete hegseth to act. will, i know you are down in tennessee. talking to folks at the tirn and curious to what they have to say. what's your reaction to that as a dad? will: bravo to that dad. we need our kids in school. it's so clear,s ainsley. let me just tell you one more thing that makes me upset almost on the same level of that dad. all of that's stories you are talking about really that we have been talking about for months or inner connected. businesses being shut down while politicians go out to fancy dinners. elites shutting down the robin hood trading companies so you can't trade in being toes while the hedge funds can. and then schools being shut down while private school rich kids can still go to school. it's all connected. there is one set of rules for
4:34 am
most of us. and there is another set of rules for insiders, elites, those with special privileges. it's prif late all throughout society and enough to make anyone angry, especially when it applies to our children as you saw right there. brian: pete, what's your experience with your kids? how is the remote learning going? i don't need to look at the study. i need to look at the hegseth camp for higher learning. pete: the academy. brian: you must feel that man's frustration. pete: 100 percent. all over the math. some kids in school that has been opened completely sign waivers to not each wear masks if they want and feels like regular school. i have other schools where they have been in. they have been out. they have been zoom calls and back in the classroom all very are a did i temporary. earnestly trying to democrat best they can. regulations so burdensome, information so unclear. i have wanted to scream the way that dad has every time i feel like oh here we go again back to zoom classrooms because they can't figure it out. just figure it out.
4:35 am
we know kid are not the problem. would he have figured out how to do so many other things. we know that unions ultimately are driving so many of these places where under privileged kids can't go to school. their power is too big. amen to what this guy did. go to the meeting, yell about it. >> put them on their plate and tell them you get paid but i don't if i don't go to work. get our kids back to school. steve: in chicago the public schools because of the unions are closed; however, in chicago the catholic schools are absolutely wide open. all right. >> will, we started this segment five years ago the whole idea is to talk to people see what they are saying so stand up and talk to those folks having breakfast. will: well, before i do that heath gave me a warning talking to the people of tennessee. >> be careful. norm here be careful. will: be careful here. will: keith is not talking you up over there. you were telling me two kids 15 and 12 years old. what do you think about kids and whether or not they should be back in school?
4:36 am
>> they absolutely need to be in school. they need the social interaction. they learn better for the most part. i know my kid do. and it's just -- they need to be in there with their friends. >> now, trent is a realtor. his brother is a loan officer. can you see how this relationship works. you were saying school is important not just for the kids. >> it's for the parents. we need them back. we really do. our own sanity. will: i have actually heard hegseth say that on weekend. please get the kids back to school for me. i need that. this is fascinating. i want to introduce to you martha. martha got permission from her principal here to go in a little bit later. martha is a teacher. tell me about teaching and how it's been this year. >> we have been in school since august 3rd in person and virtual as the student wanted. and it's been awesome really. the students are ready to be back. i think eighth graders we haven't had a single student-to-student or teacher to student transmission of covid. our parents were awesome.
4:37 am
if there is somebody in the family was sick. they kept them home, we had a system for if they needed to go into quarantine to keep on. it's been great. our parents have been great. our school has been great. will: there you have it martha is teaching eighth graders. almost all saying their kids are in school five days a week. not just education but social interaction whereas pete pointed out arbitrarily across the state my kids have been remote all year long and will be remote through the end of the year. ainsley: wow. will, thank her for all of us because we have learned one thing or a lot of things throughout all of this but definitely that our teachers are heroes and we need them because they do a lot better than we do at home. so, pete, tell us what's coming up on the weekend show. pete: absolutely. to will's point all comes to leadership superintendents and principals that have guts have their kids in school. this weekend nicole malliotakis. dean cain, nancy grace and who am i missing lara logan and many
4:38 am
others will cain. back from tennessee. ainsley: okay, guys. thank you. pete: thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. still ahead, life unites. that's the slogan of today's virtual march for life event. ben watson will be the keynote speaker and says the pro-life movement can unify all americans. he's going to join us with that message next. ♪ ♪ my nunormal: fewer asthma attacks. less oral steroids. taking my treatment at home. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions,
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ainsley: president biden signing a series of executive orders rolling back restrictions on abortion access as well. one of the orders reversing the so-called mexico city policy which bands federal funds from
4:43 am
going overseas internationally to provide abortions. joining us now former nfl player and keynote speaker at this year's virtual march for life event today benjamin watson. hey, benjamin. hey, ainsley how is did going. i know this is a issuary and dear to your heart. what was your reaction when biden be decided to rescind this. >> i was disappointed like so many americans we work hard for dollars taxpayer dollars but to go overseas. we should be in the business of supporting life. domestically as well as abroad. not in the business of seeking to end life. and so while this was not unexpected, i think that it is a clarion call to the nation just to understand where we are and the fact that the work does not stop. work being done women's clinics around the country. work being done to support mothers.
4:44 am
75% say they would parent if circumstances were different is just an encouragement that that word needs to continue and we need to press our elected officials to abide by the desires how our dollars are being sent. ainsley: not being done 77% of americans oppose using our tax dollars to support abortion in other countries. i guess he didn't take that into account when he was signing that and putting that pen to paper. the march for life is today. it's a virtual event. i wonder if it's going to be bigger this year than it normally is because a lot of people couldn't go to d.c. before and now you can just watch from your house and participate. >> well, i think that's the silver lining. so much has happened during covid, obviously the pandemic, you know, it's affected our lives in many different ways. buff there has been opportunities to expand reach and so when it comes to the march for life usually you are seeing hundreds of thousands of
4:45 am
people marching in washington, d.c. standing up for the voiceless. the opportunity to do so while we are spread apart in our homes. the spirit is still what connects us. so, you are absolutely right. people will be able to tune in virtually around the nation, actually around the world and so in that way although the march for life has done a fabulous job of pivoting kind of last minute. there still is an opportunity to unite around this idea of life. because that's really what unites us. we all are breathing breath. we all are on borrowed time. the idea of is what unite us and fighting for justice for all lives in a time of fighting for justice. we need to understand that to be pro-justice truly is to be pro-life as well. ainsley: that's true. >> from the womb to the tomb. ainsley: moot not agree on politics but all alive living in this great country together. i know your wife is one of the keynote speakers. you are speaking as well. have you all written your speeches and what are you going to say? >> we have. i'm so happy, you know, it's really fun to do things with your wife. especially when she is better at
4:46 am
everything than you are. and much more beautiful. so, i'm excited about that and i think part of our message is that life unites us and understanding that in this time of seeking justice, we need to do three things, i think, as a community that is to do justice, to love kindness and mercy. and to walk humbly before god. god has to give us a wisdom in how to encounter. then also between men and women there are specific challenges we love to give to both. from my wife to give challenges to women that they are worth fighting for. that they have inherent value and beauty and dignity and for the men channeling them that you know what? we have a role to play in this. so many would say men this is not your issue. that's false. of the challenge to men is to step into that role and to be the husband's fathers, caretakers that god has called them to be. and that they are capable of being. ainsley: i know there is one thing that you are better at than your wife and that's playing football i would imagine. and you are going to be watching the super bowl and your former teammate tom brady is going to be playing. what's your message to him and what's your prediction?
4:47 am
>> you know, halfway through the season people were writing him off. got blown out by a couple teams and i was like you know what that guy that i know that guy that is tenacious. the guy that competes all the time. i can't wait to see that guy. i know that guy is still there. look it, 43 years old tom brady is still the top of his game. he has the chance to make history going tore seven super bowls. not only that has the chance to prevent another team chiefs going back-to-back. the last team to do that was the 2003-2004 patriots. there are a lot of story lines here i'm just excited for him and his family. he made a bold move and obviously one of the best in the game but one of the best people you will ever meet as well. ainsley: you are a great guy too, bebb. we wish you are the best today. we want to watch the march for life it's march for, right? >> yes, ma'am. march for go on there. all the information is there. you can check it out. ainsley: good deal. thanks, ben. hand it over to janice dean she has your weekend forecast. happy friday my friend.
4:48 am
janice: happy friday. it's cold. the coldest day of the season has arrived and that's setting things up for maybe some snow as we head into the weekend and early next week. let's take a look at it. this is sunday, monday, into tuesday. locks like measurable snow in around the new york city area. recalling new york city and boston. the other big story is the incredible amounts of rain and mountain snow that continue to move in to the west. a good news situation because it's going to help the drought. bad news because it's going to bring the potential for flash flooding and mud slides and even avalanche concerns and blizzard conditions over the sierra, nevada. so a bit of a break this weekend. but then we get another on slot of moisture from the specific and that's going to mean very heavy rain and mountain snow for the region. and the rest of the country fairly quiet but as i mentioned ainsley, as we get into early next week, maybe a little bit of snow for hayden to play in. ainsley: she would love that she is already talking about it and your boys, too. thanks, yanice. we have a big show still ahead.
4:49 am
senator josh hawley and barstool sports founder dave portnoy. but first, it's one of the greatest mysteries in american history. the disappearance of jimmy hoffa. what happened to him. eric shawn is on a mission to find out. >> my view is that the crew did this. and they brought him back here because new york would control him. ♪ cell phone repair. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need?
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>> 45 years ago jimmy hoffa the labor icon disappeared from a restaurant in detroit. haven't seen him since. mobsters have been linked to one of the biggest mysteries in american history. eric shawn of fox news on on a mission to find out because we really don't know. >> my view is that the crew did this. and they brought him back here because new york would control him. steve: all featured in the brand new season of riddled the search for james hoffa on fox nation. here with more is fox news senior correspondent and fox nation host eric shawn. eric, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, steve, how are you? steve: i'm doing okay. you know, this is one of those things. we don't even know for sure if jimmy hoffa is dead. is he presumed dead.
4:54 am
i mean, he could be living in argentina or some place in south america because they have never found his body although i have heard it's buried under concrete at the meadowlands. >> yeah. you are a new jersey guy. here's the deal. what we found shocked us. the series is riddled, the search for james r. hoffa, the episode 4 the new one is right now on fox nation. watch it this weekend. jimmy hoffa was killed in detroit 1975 by mobsters. he either was disposed of there or the fbi was told his body was taken to new jersey dumped in a infamous mob connected dump in new jersey. the last show the sons of the co-owners of that dump told us yeah the body was brought to new jersey. frank coppola, remember that name. his father was one of the owners. he said his father buried hoffa in a drum at the dump 12 feet down because of our show he took the top expert in the country to the site. we went there a few days ago. we did ground penetrating radar
4:55 am
and we came up with large pieces of metal buried under ground round, just like barrels and a pit that was different dirt that was dug. so we may have the evidence of potentially where jimmy hoffa was buried not at the dump but right next to it. coppola said his father didn't want the body at the dumpster when the fbi came. they wouldn't get caught. steve: i think we have some video. let's watch this. >> steve, we have got something here. what is it, do you think? >> definitely getting a large break in data from that white line up there all the way to back here. and you can tell that there is something that was disturbed here. steve: okay. i know until now the only evidence they really have found is they think they found the lincoln or mercury that he was last seen driving off from that restaurant in >> well, we -- it's against the
4:56 am
law for us to do it. the fbi would be the ones to too it, so we will see what happens. the detroit fbi office. we know exactly where it is. the story is that there were dozens of these big barrels put on top of the barrel that holds the remains of jimmy hoffa, so that's up to authorities. i would go to jail if i would do it. steve: i completely understand. we need you on the weekends and doing things like this. season 4 of riddled the search for james r. hoffa available now on fox nation. all right, eric. thank you very much. great job. >> thanks, steve. steve: all right. straight ahead on this friday, wall street facing a reckoning from main street regarding what's going on with game stop, we will talk to senator josh hawley and dave portnoy.
4:57 am
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chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. and save at brian: the white house defending president biden's record of signing a raft of executive orders in 5 days. >> more than any president in history. >> robin hood will reopen game stop purchases today. >> to protect the firm. >> new york state undercounting nursing home covid-19 deaths. >> as much as 50% higher. >> it is disgraceful that this went on. >> on the stand to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
5:01 am
brian: president biden signing executive orders on abortion access. >> we should be supporting life, not to end life. brian: student-athletes securing high school sports. >> we want to play safely. ♪♪ that's us ♪♪ that's right ♪♪ this american ride ♪♪ ainsley: i could listen to the rest of the song. i like it. it is friday, appreciate you joining us. the weekend starting one hour, one weekend left in the show. brian: ainslie is the only one to use the term you all in new york today. it harkens back to the south. ainsley: the contraction of that is y'all. brian: it never occurred to me,
5:02 am
you all. listen y'all, coming up, we have dave fortnoy whose barstool fund has raised $40 million to help small businesses and something he has been doing through the entire pandemic is giving us pizza reviews and he is the reason paul newman's for cheese pizza is the number one pizza in the world right now. if you are wondering what people are having for breakfast particularly in the state of tennessee, will cain is having breakfast with friends in knoxville, tennessee. >> reporter: nobody here has a problem saying y'all. it is y'all, drop the you, is just y'all. ainsley: i will work and it all weekend. >> reporter: these people got it
5:03 am
down perfectly, only thing they don't understand, held up your mess, their oranges look ripe. that texas color and they are dialed right in but one thing they know is how they feel about the state of the country. schools should be open, they are worried about jobs. that is a message i hear over and over, worried about energy jobs, executive orders past the first hundred days of the biden administration will do to jobs in east tennessee and across the country. i will be checking in all morning, had my breakfast, i will let you know what they think of the state of the country later in the show. ainsley: missouri senator josh hawley, good morning. y'all have worked the past four years trying to put things in place that the trump voter wanted and joe biden signs all
5:04 am
these executive orders, more than the last five presidents combined, he got to 25, trump, obama, george bush, clinton, the most anyone did was 6. here is joe biden and jen psaki talking about executive orders. >> about the sign two executive orders, the best way to describe it, to undo the damage trump is done. >> any historian will tell you he walked into the presidency at one of the most difficult moments in history, that required additional executive action. he has proposed covid-19 relief package. he has not held back or deal aid putting forward legislation either. he is going to use the leverage every president in history has used, executive action. ainsley: the editorial board said this is a flawed substitute for legislation. you are one of the ones who voted for legislation. how do you feel about this? >> an attempt to govern the country by executive fiat. it is dangerous, the nature of
5:05 am
it, these policies he is pursuing, killing energy jobs, killing the energy sector of the united states which is what he is doing. imagine how many good paying american jobs that is going to cost. anything, radical action with women sports and across the board. it is breathtaking what he is trying to do on substance, breathtaking he's trying to do without any democratic debate or legislation and it shows you this is somebody who has a pretty far left agenda and somebody intent on imposing it on the country. brian: if you win the presidency and four years, that is the problem the new york times put out. it is going to get worse, just when mitch mcconnell that reassurance the filibuster is not going to get blown up, joe manchin and senator cinema, going to stand away, they are leaning on reconciliation in the first case in point will be the $1.9 trillion package that has nothing to do with the pandemic that they are going to jam down our throats with a simple majority, you know that is
5:06 am
coming. >> is coming soon as early as next week, the same situation to get around the 60 vote threshold in the senate but i don't have any illusions, the democrats are going to use every trick in the playbook and i think they will try to get rid of the filibuster because they have a radical agenda to jam down the throats of the american people and let's talk about unity for a second, unity and healing the joe biden and the democrats say we need is know what they are giving us, they are attempting total control, to silence opposition, silence people like me who stand up and speak out against them and to jam down a radical agenda, jam through a radical agenda without public support, this is dangerous stuff. steve: the robin hood trading apps, stand by for a moment, our
5:07 am
sister network foxbusiness, joins us live with the frenzy over the stock trading, they shut things down yesterday and will try to turn it back on today. >> reporter: that is happening and it is a rebellion between wall street and internet traders, you have the sec, the nasdaq, treasury secretary janet yellen, new york attorney general all paying a close attention to these massive restrictions and caught in the middle are companies like game stop, the company right behind me, hedge funds but that shares of game stock would fall because not as many people are going into stores to buy video games, retail traders, they bought shares of game stop, the stock went up and wall street, a lot of these hedge funds lost big and many weren't happy. listen. >> the reason the market is doing what it is doing his people are staying home. this is a false concept. it is a way of attacking wealthy
5:08 am
people and i think it is inappropriate, we have to work together. >> reporter: yesterday you had trading apps like robin hood restrict trade meaning people were not able to buy shares of game stop and other volatile companies like amc and no kia. users were so angry the two filed call's, this is a complaint from one of those complaints, robin hood, quote, deprived retail investors of the ability to invest in the open market and manipulating the open market and to add more to that, facebook also blocked a robin hood stock trading group and facebook said it had nothing to do with the ongoing stock frenzy, robin hood is list a lot of those restrictions but the volatility on the market is incredible for these retail investors. for them it is more about the company, more about the fight
5:09 am
against corporate america and wall street. steve: this has had such a run-up, a story that a little guy took 50,$000 which is a lot but turned it into a reported $23 million because he was bidding against wall street for the one guy we showed, people sitting at home getting checks from the government that is not fair. these are people who are not disruptors but playing by the rules but the rules look like deck is stacked in favor of wall street. >> and it is. what we have seen with the game stop melt down wall street is having now is these folks at home, retail investors have more criticism and more scrutiny than the people who single-handedly crash the entire financial market in 2008 and they got bailed out and the governments bailed out all those people but
5:10 am
-- steve: too big to fail. >> exactly right and the big hedge funds don't want any real competition, they are fine if they do what they are supposed to do but when they get ideas of their own and that against wall street then they are a threat and need to be shutdown. this shows you like we got this concentration of power in so many industries, on wall street too, they don't want the competition, they want to be in control. ainsley: the component of revenge on wall street and push back when it comes to school board, school board meetings, i want you to open my schools, push back in california, all these schools, change the name in san francisco to cancel abe lincoln and george washington
5:11 am
and others and there is a petition, thousands of find this online petition to say we do not want those names canceled. what is your reaction? >> i saw that. that is tremendous. every day people saying this is going too far, cancel culture mania, abe lincoln, george washington, these people are heroes, to rally around our history, this unites us as americans. seeing what the left woke mob is trying to do, silence opposition, silence dissent. >> just like these folks in california and missouri, people saying we won't be silenced, i'm not going to be silenced, i'm not going to do what they tell me to do. when they threaten me i'm not going to give into the main you see the same for americans across the country. brian: appreciate you joining us. tell us what is happening in the news.
5:12 am
jillian: new overnight, in critical condition, 9 others injured as an unknown substance, happened during a training exercise in el paso, texas, the army located across the mexico border, little details are known at this time. fbi lawyer who pleaded guilty, a judge will decide of kevin kline smith will have prison time for lying on a document to continue spying on carter page, former trump campaign aide is expected to speak at the hearing. after confronting a school board for failing to return in person learning. >> garbage workers who take up my trash risk their lives every day, more than anyone in this school system. >> parents need to take action
5:13 am
for their children. >> go to your local school board meeting, look it up, see what it is and write something, phone in, tried to make some change and get kids back to school because our kids are the most important asset in life. ainsley: the loudoun county school district, then there is the story. pet's they wants people to stop using animal names for an insult, calling them to stop using, quote, language that fuels, quote, speciesism. instead of calling someone a chicken, cow word. instead of snake, jerk. lazy instead of sloth. i don't know. i am perplexed by calling someone a jerk. >> this is a big relief for me. >> one lady wrote in and said it
5:14 am
doesn't work if you ate so much it feels like a repulsive. steve: big rats they blow up when someone breaks a strike. a big jerk now. steve: i apologize to the animal kingdom for everything i have done up to this point. still ahead the biden administration hitting -- halting a multibillion-dollar slate of stealth fighter jets, new fears they could fall into the wrong hands. we have been bringing you game stop stock, controversy as wall street gives a major run for its money, dave fortnoy leading the charge.
5:15 am
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oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> the biden administration hitting apart on a sale of f 35 stealth fighters to the united arab emirates. the deal was made in the final one for the trump administration after the successful administration of abraham accords between israel and the nearby states. what could be behind this delay? let's bring in sierra strategic analyst jack keane. what do you make of this spas? >> i understand the stated reason.
5:20 am
the f 35 is the most advanced stealth fighter in the world and it is in proximity of iran, that is one reason. the other as you indicated the deal was done post election and that is the stated reason for the pause. my concern is there may be other reasons and i hope not going back to previous policies of the obama/biden administration, as well as israel at this distance and there's been so much progress being made with the abraham accords, the normalization of relationships and among the arabs and israel and what the administration should do is keep the momentum up, let's continue to make that progress and create a broad coalition that stand up against the iranian threat in the
5:21 am
region. i hope this pies is as they indicated doesn't take a close look at it but is not an indication that they are going to keep the arabs at a distance as they did in the previous administration. brian: and go back to the iran deal, among some key democratic senators people keep forgetting that. let's talk about russia, alexei no folly was nearly killed. instead of being the vesting outside russia went back knowing he would be arrested but he has posted some videos of the opulent lifestyle in huge mansions and compounds, getting under vladimir putin's skin, they had to risk thousands of people last weekend, protesting for his release. how worried do you think vladimir putin is? >> vladimir putin has always been paranoid. most dictators are. he has been in power for 20
5:22 am
years, extended his rain for another 16 years. any opponent of his he attempts to undermine, we are painfully and tragically aware, he attempts to kill him as he did with navalny. he returned to russia knowing full well he was likely to be arrested. he's an inspiration to the russian people. what is happening, his popularity is declining dramatically because of the economy and the mishandling of the covid-19 response. and they are fed up with vladimir putin's out of reach and encourage shinzo in syria and belarus where he has a rotational troops and what he has been doing ukraine. all of this is coming home to roost with him and navalny is enormously popular,
5:23 am
demonstrations in 100 cities last weekend and they will do it again, vladimir putin arrested 3500 people as a result. brian: this guys very brave, the country is rallying around him, his wife who has also been arrested. in china they are sending messages to taiwan, a big show of force, making up a story taiwan wants their independence. this is an excuse to make taiwan the next hong kong? are they going to go in? >> president xi made up his mind before the election, that he wanted to reset the table. he crushed hong kong 26 years earlier, put under his wing. he wants to absorb taiwan, put
5:24 am
enormous pressure on them, more than he was elected four years ago and reelected in january. the pressure is on, military intimidation on a daily basis. i don't think it is imminent, that he will take military action, but the likelihood of it is definitely rising and here is the problem. the chinese have more ships, more airplanes in the region and more long-range missiles, more military -- we have got to not only help taiwan with military equipment than the trump administration is doing in the biden administration continuing to do, to make sure xi gets the message, it will impose significant cost on it and that
5:25 am
is deterrence, that is credible and something we've got to get about doing sooner rather than later. steve: taiwan will fight back. not the time to cut the defense budget but i think they will. general jack keane, thanks so much. the general handles the world. breakfast with friends is on the menu with some good old southern cooking. we will go up close and personal with will cain who is getting to eat for free.
5:26 am
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5:30 am
has been in knoxville, tennessee having breakfast with friends. i would like to make sure he is there. >> i am here all morning talking to you. what is up over there? >> in knoxville, tennessee, nick and jay is named after their son, neck and jay, this is jordan. tell me what you were talking about and what it feels like over the last year. >> just like everywhere else, small businesses are struggling. i read somewhere that 200,000 small businesses have closed since march of last year.
5:31 am
small businesses in general. we had it tough. we have been blessed but hopefully this will turn around soon and get better for everybody. >> reporter: everyone knows this year, so much of people, so much eye-opening. this past year, watching everything shutdown open your eyes so much. >> got into political views, what they are trying to do to help the economy, everything that happened they want me to get into it. >> on the community helped us all. >> it is humbling. >> we had to shut down for eight weeks, they stepped up like we would not be leave.
5:32 am
leaving 30 or $40 extra tips. that is the story of america's best. >> i lived in east tennessee for 5 months of the pandemic, experienced the community, an orthopedic surgeon, every night we met at a bridge in east tennessee and came to gather as a community. what do you think of this country and what you are worried about? >> we are supposed to be talking to our friends who disagree with us and come to the middle problem is we have told by our forefathers, to help democracy. we've reached the tipping point.
5:33 am
>> two messages, jobs, worried about the first couple weeks and the long-term future of the country, the philosophical direction we take. in knoxville, tennessee, back to you guys in the big apple. steve: where did will go during the week early in the pandemic? now we know the answer. coming up, new york governor andrew cuomo, under county nursing home deaths by 50%. judge janine in a rare form next. don't worry, julie...
5:34 am
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>> incompetent government kills people. more people died than needed to die in covid-19 and that is the truth which incompetent government can kill people. this is not a joke and more people died here than needed to. ainsley: incompetent government kills people. judge janine. is here. deadly lies, call on nursing homes, the numbers were not the same as cuomo's numbers. he is underreporting the deaths. >> the crazy part is it is worse than we thought it was and when he talks about incompetent government killing people, you are the essence of incompetent
5:39 am
government or the so-called leader who doesn't care about people or administrative directive requiring covid-19 infected patients come back into nursing homes and was a death sentence for all the people in the nursing home who were patients and the covid-19 infected people and all the while this is going on he's involved in this entertainment show with his brother on cnn, he is writing a book about how wonderful he is calling it leadership, how he is successfully driving the pandemic out of new york, what a bunch of baloney because new york was the epicenter of the virus, had the highest number of deaths compared to any state in the union and wants to blame it on government, you are the government, you are the one killing people, you are the one
5:40 am
who unnecessarily required people to go into a nursing home and when he was called on it he blames donald trump. he also gets an enemy. he was so nervous he knew what was going on, he knew what was going on so he writes a book about himself, gets involved in all the pr stuff women are signing over him, all this nonsense, because he knew what he was confronting. we have governor desantis in florida who got involved in making sure there were early warning signals, everybody knew what was going on, went to the most vulnerable in society and who should we vaccinate first,
5:41 am
got to vaccinate people in the nursing home first and it gets worse because after all this happened he signed a law giving immunity to those hospital administrators, in the unity for civil and criminal responsibility for their actions, not only negligent but will reckless which is worse than negligent. brian: the attorney general is a democrat, he is saying we have to get to the bottom of this. andrew cuomo is not speaking to senator schumer, who is he speaking to? he refuses to accept responsibility and his warring with people in his own party because there is no room in his ego for somebody else. here's a little of the antics you have missed because you watch somebody instead of chris cuomo. >> is a true this was the actual
5:42 am
swab that was being used? >> some say i shouldn't come on this show because you harass me. >> what a pat on the back? >> do you think you are an attractive person because you are single and ready to mingle? >> beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> listen to you. you have an answer for everything. >> talk about ego. this is pathetic. our own janice dean, her mother-in-law and father-in-law in a nursing home, not only -- he finds out they passed and this guy is so arrogant. the answer who is he talking to his himself in the mirror. he is so arrogant that he cannot respond to any of the questions and when questioned why this
5:43 am
happened, why did you send covid-19 infected patients back to nursing homes and they all ended up dying his answer is trump made him do it but what he did, he belittled and ridiculed the question. he was too mizzy -- busy to make an answer. there has to be a grand jury investigation. you got to ask why is he giving his buddies the opportunity to cover up there in aptitude and incompetence? at the least, he should be guilty for malpractice. this is worse, one person dying after another and the pandemic is no excuse. brian: they have recall elections for gavin newsom but they can't by new york state rules. you mentioned janice dean on your weekend show and who else?
5:44 am
>> janice dean and congresswoman -- dan bondgino, we will analyze and prosecute and talk about all the failures of the system, it didn't have to happen. shame on government and he wants to blame government. brian: thank you. we will be watching this weekend. coming up ahead, robin hood forced to reinstate game stop shares on its platform following backlash like this. >> one of the most remarkable, shocking robberies in the history, in plain sight, robin hood. steve: more where that came from. barstow founder and president dave fortnoy.
5:45 am
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>> coming up on america's newsroom breaking news on the vaccine fronted it is good news and reaction about that from former coronavirus task force member, we will see you at the top of the hour. >> the mission is to provide everyone with access to financial markets not just the
5:49 am
wealthy, but restricted every day traders or investors from buying shares of companies like game stop and amc. >> that sparked an uproar from washington to wall street forcing robin hood to reopen game stop trading. barstow sports founder dave fortnoy schooling the move as criminal. >> the way they have cheated, stolen, robbed every day people, so billionaire friends didn't get out and not get killed, one of the most shocking robberies in history in plain sight. steve cohen, the mets owner, jail, they have to go, there have to be class-action lawsuits.
5:50 am
steve: that was dave earlier in the day and earlier we saw dave fortnoy with tucker and today we will find out what is going to play out. what was the one thing you realized this is as corrupt as it gets? >> nobody has given the example in the history of the stock market. those stocks would crash the price. that is exactly what they did and people holding those stocks, not just readit but small group of wall street -- they were every day people, normal 9-5 people, they were aware of it and they got cheated. steve: did you have money in this? >> i did. i had amc, i am fine with losing
5:51 am
it and other people, they got cheated at robbed to protect hedge funds. no other explanation. steve: a lot of daytraders bought that basket of stocks feeling it would be a good thing, the same things that were shorted by wall street, bidding against that would go down and the small investor thinking it is a good stock and it went up, game stop went up 1000%. so many of those people and stuff like that say to themselves it is a good way to make money and how many said it is a good way to stick it to the hedge funds shorting these american companies. >> the guys who started, sticking to these hedge funds,
5:52 am
but they were trying to -- i don't think it is fundamental but this is a viral trend. with the old guard doesn't want to accept, adapt or die. on wall street and the power of people coming to gather. the rules we are playing under change. >> the ceo of robin hood, just to find out what his reason for doing this was, why did he do it? his explanation. >> we did not do this at the direction of a cash fund in order to protect our customers, we had to limit buying in these stocks. i know how clorox felt in the
5:53 am
pandemic, we just happened seen this level of concentrated interest, >>, he was protecting his clients. they should have frozen the market. shouldn't have been able to buy or sell it whatever you have to have. they crashed the market and took the money from it. steve: i want you to hear thereat and tell me if you think they are living up to it. >> remember when greed was good? when you had to look the part and had to pay for a seat at the table? we set out to change it, the weight system worked, to put
5:54 am
power in everyone's hands. we all invest every day in ourselves, our community and our future. we are all invested. steve: did they live up to that ad q >> robin hood is supposed to steal from the rich and did from the poor, they did the opposite and we find out selling information to the hedge fund. it is criminal and what actually happened, not to protect their clients to get out of here, how stupid do they think we are? steve: $1 billion worth of equity and investors, they had the liquidity problem. listen to this guy, leon
5:55 am
cooperman, the way he is so dismissive of these little investors, is shocking, listen to this. >> the reason the market is doing what it is doing, getting checks from the government, that is the concept. it is a way of attacking wealthy people and it is inappropriate to work together and pull together. steve: they are attacking wealthy people. these people who are day trading, trying to do that in a pandemic, they are playing by the rules but unfortunately the rules in wall street are for wall street, not main street. >> he has a violin and the tissue. when i started day trading and they were falling on the strain, leading them to distraction. all we thought was to make money
5:56 am
so they changed the rules, it is unfair that people are attacking the rich. it is really hard to feel bad for lee whatever his last name is. ainsley: you are doing a lot to save these restaurants, to play these soundbites, you raised $33 million, 207,000 supporters, business supporters, almost 200 of those. the business owner helped by barstool, watch this. >> wondering how we were going to pay the bills and we found out about barstool and the call from dave was the breath we needed. >> 2 or 3 days later - >> i wish i could give them the biggest hug ever. ainsley: how does it make you feel?
5:57 am
>> everybody involved on our end, i appreciate everyone who donated, i do it all day long. every time i hang out with a new business owner, you see the stress wash away and helping as much as we can, there is no doubt it has been gratifying. steve: what is maddening is these democratic governors with a democratic president realizing the numbers are down, let's open up. some of the pain and suffering is politically oriented and unnecessary. >> is one of the things i said about the barstool fund from the beginning, it should unify, white, black, girl, man,
5:58 am
everyone should want to help small business. the more you can help the better it is. steve: this is personal to you because for a while you were doing the pizza reviews and that is why our refrigerator is full of paul newman's four cheese pizza at this hour. it warms up quick in the convection oven but your camera guy has a family in the pizza business and you heard firsthand what these guys are going through. >> frank borelli's 4-year-old pizza place in nassau county, how is your dad doing, as the pandemic moved along, what is the best way to do that, has
5:59 am
been before the business on the verge of going out of business so together we put on a program the way it exists now, not only a one side payment but every month as longs the pandemic goes on, just a brick to go back to what we are doing when this is done. ainsley: we all want to do things like this and don't know where to start. thank you for being bold enough and brave enough and helping these families but thanks for keeping us laughing. if you are not following him on our barstool or instagram. steve: by the way, elon musk a year ago said you should run for president. what do you think? president or l presidente? >> i would rather jump off a bridge. steve: you could make him happy and give to the barstool fund, $33 million, keep it going, so many business will need help. thanks for getting up with us,
6:00 am
we appreciate it. dave fortnoy with barstool. i believe that is all-time we have. i could buy some from dana. ainsley: everyone have a great weekend.


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