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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 29, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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hope you guys had a great week. >> dana: i still love it. >> bill: you enjoy the weekend and see what we get on monday. >> dana: i would love to see you again on monday. >> bill: sometimes they call it 36 because the weekends are short. here is harris, bye-bye. >> harris: let's start here, president biden set to met with treasury secretary janet yellen this hour as the white house is facing some strong questions over the growing controversy which is rattling wall street. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". it is being called a populist revolution in the market. retail traders online sparking a surge in certain stocks like retailer gamestop leading to billions of dollars in losses for hedge funds that were shorting those stocks to profit if the prices were to fall. they were betting against them. but then some broker
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acknowledges like robinhood yesterday restricted trading in gamestop and other volatile stocks. robinhood eased up on those restrictions today but the backlash has been fierce. here is reaction from conservative radio host rush limbaugh and bar stool sports founder david portnoy. >> it's not just political now. the elites are bent out of shape that a bunch of average, ordinary users have figured out how to make themselves billionaires. everything is rigged in favor of the elites. this has upset the rigging. >> i think it's criminal. there has to be an investigation and people have to go to jail. whether that actually happens i don't know. but i've never been more convinced about market manipulation and the people, the hedge funds controlling the game. >> harris: robinhood ceo is defending the decision. watch.
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>> we had to make a very difficult decision to protect our customers and our firm. this decision was not made on the direction of any market maker. we are in a historic situation there is a lot of activity and buying concentrated in a small number of symbols to currently manage the risk and the deposit requirements. we had to restrict buying in these 13 stocks. >> harris: wonder if they will ask for evidence to show that? also in focus this hour republican congressman ken buck on how he plans to stop president biden's border overhaul. and the "wall street journal"'s kim strassel on the bombshell report on new york's nursing home covid death rate and governor cuomo coming up this hour to answer questions on that. he has a press conference. let's first, though, bring in fox business anchor charles payne, host of making money.
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our top story today. charles, always good to see you. you know, it seems like this is now the elite against the average earning american and i would say maybe the elite might be outnumbered this time. >> i like that. the elite may be outnumbered in terms of numbers but their absolute power and control i think we saw it unfull display yesterday. watching that clip of the robinhood guy, you know, i think some of it was disingenuous. one of the things we're living in is the era of easy money. easy for almost any company. there are a whole bunch of companies, 20% of the market they call zombie companies. they can raise money. there had to be a meeting at robinhood where everyone sat around the table and said our capital requirements which means we need more money running low. what should we do? one thing they could have done is made a phone call, raised a billion, one phone call.
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instead they chose the hedge funds over their customers. and this phoniness about restricting trading. they don't restrict trading, they restricted buying. so you could sell the stock that was in free fall perhaps taking a loss, but you could not buy it. you could join the folks who have been trying to pound the stock into submission, you can join with them against your own self-interest. that was the only option robinhood left their customers who they spent the last couple years luring with free stock, great commercials about independence and freedom and then they turned on them at the moment of truth. >> harris: yeah. i'm wondering what the immediate fallout for the little guys and gals who are trying to trade, those smaller retail shops on behalf of everyday americans, what's the immediate backlash against them? what are they feeling today? >> they're upset. they are really upset.
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they come to my twitter handle all day long. by the way so everyone knows i deal with individual investors every day. i have my own research team in addition to what i do at fox business and doing it for 35 years. i know individual investors better than anyone. i'll tell you this, what we're missing is the independence movement on full display last march when the stock market was in free fall, the fastest bear market down 31% in a flash. wall street says it goes loe, it will get worse and individual investors said nope, in march of 2009 you told me that and it turned around. in 2001 i sold stocks and regretted it. this time i follow the first axiom of wall street. they stopped listening to the powers of wall street and they've done very well. not just the gamestops. it was a broad basket of stocks performed up 80% to the s&p
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being up 20%. the most important thing everyone has to understand. you cannot deliberately -- you should not be allowed to deliberately try to push a stock down. if you think it will go down, that's fine. what hedge funds have been able to do for years is deliberately push those stocks down and had the mechanisms, the money and power to do it. this is their comeuppance. >> harris: it feels like a trend in where we are right now. taking the power away from those who want the most power all over us like big tech and looking out for yourself. let's see how it works out. charles payne, thank you for getting things started today. make sure the catch charles payne's interview with bond king and ceo jeffrey good locke on his show at 2:30 many eastern today on fox business. we're awaiting now a news conference this hour by new york governor andrew cuomo. you know he is in some hot
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water. he may respond to what the "new york post" calls deadly lies, a scathing report from the state's attorney general found the state health department may have undercounted the number of covid-related nursing home deaths by up to 50%. it also says the state's advisory last march that nursing homes go ahead and accept covid-infected patients may have put those elderly residents at higher risk for death. the state health commissioner has pushed back on some of the claims in the report. however, new york congresswoman elise stephic says someone should be held responsible. >> issue subpoenas. in democrats and republicans in the state senate and assembly
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are finally coming together to issue subpoenas and continue the independent investigation at the federal level with the department of justice. >> harris: corruption, did you hear that allegation? money and power could be at the heart of this. we're looking into the story in brooklyn, new york, bryan. >> the fact is over the last 10 months journalists, grieving families and lawmakers have been asking new york governor andrew cuomo and his administration to reveal the true total number of nursing home residents who died of coronavirus statewide. the lack of transparency has only fueled the speculation and belief that the administration was trying to sort of downplay the numbers to essentially avoid blame for these deaths. yesterday after new york's a.g. released this investigative report finding that the total number of deaths among nursing home residents was as much as 50% higher than what was being
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reported the state's department of health released that true number. that number 12,743 is nearly 4,000 more than what was being reported by the state. that's because new york had only been including in the count those who died at the homes, not those who died after being transferred to hospitals. with nearly 13,000 dead new york now tops the list as the state with the highest number of nursing home residents who have died of covid-19. the a.g.'s report also found that the cuomo administration's decision forcing nursing homes to accept covid-19 infected patients may have increased the risk of harm to residents. reacting to the a.g.'s report new york's health commissioner howard zucker blamed others for the nursing home tragedy quote. the recurring problems in nursing homes and by facility operators resulted from a complete abdication by the trump administration of its duty to manage this pandemic. all of this confirms that many
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nursing home operators made grave mistakes and were not adequately prepared for this pandemic. the a.g.'s report also found that nursing homes did not have enough ppe, personal protective equipment nor did they have enough covid-19 testing or staff. new york's nursing homes are saying the fact is new york's politicians and politicians nationwide did not prioritize them. >> we saw the javits center turned into a makeshift hospital. we saw the u.s. center in queens turned into a hospital. these beds went vacant. all the while nursing homes really were fighting the covid-19 pandemic on the front lines. >> the white house was just asked moments ago whether or not there would be a federal investigation into new york's nursing homes crisis here. take a listen to what they said. >> i would say any investigation i would point you to the department of justice. >> does the white house think it should be looked into
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further? >> any investigation would be led by the department of justice. we're in a new age. they're independent and determine what paths they take moving forward. >> governor cuomo will have a press conference in about 20 minutes, harris. >> harris: that will be quite interesting. thank you for the facts on the story, bryan. good to see you. the first sentencing in john durham's investigation into the origins of the russia probe is actually getting underway this hour. gillian turner has the details for us. gillian. >> kevin clinesmith is about to be sentenced for his role in crossfire hurricane and pled guilty to doctoring an email that officials later used to justify secret surveillance of former president trump's campaign in 2016. this is so far the only criminal allegation from special prosecutor john durham's review of the f.b.i.'s russia case. his team of prosecutors are arguing that clinesmith should
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serve several months in prison for his crime saying it is plausible that his strong political views and or personal dislike of trump made him more willing to engage in the fraudulent and unlegislature call conduct that he pled guilty. the defendant plainly shown he did not discharge his duties with professionalism, objectivity of such a sensitive job position. durham's examination is continuing now. president obama, former president obama's director john brennan told fox news he has no problem with the probe continuing under president biden. >> i do believe that john durham is going to carry out his responsibilities ably and hopefully not with any type of political influence. >> clinesmith's own attorneys have been pleading in this instance they feel probation would be more appropriate.
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we are oef about to find out how it will all shake out. harris. >> harris: glad you're on it. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez throwing an incendiary claim at senator ted cruz. why she is now facing demands for an apology. house speaker nancy pelosi making quite an accusation herself about her republican colleagues. and threats to capitol security. >> they owe this country an apology. now to say they want the taxpayers to pay for more security for them when they don't do it for anybody else? it's hypocrisy at its height. ar, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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>> harris: we're keeping a briefing on the white house, director of the cdc just speaking now on school reopening. something top of mind for millions of students and their parents. here she is from moments ago. let's watch. >> accumulating data suggests school settings do not result in rapid spread of covid-19 when mitigation measures are followed including masking, decreasing density and proper ventilation. implementing community-based strategies that reduce transmission when there is a lot of virus in a particular area is also important to supporting the safe reopening of schools. >> harris: dr. anthony fauci moments ago also talked about hopefully the news of the johnson & johnson single dose vaccine. johnson & johnson today reporting in the single shot
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vaccine was 66% effective overall at preventing moderate to severe illness and much more protective 85% against the most serious symptoms. we will bring you more updates as we get them from this news conference. >> socialist revolutionaries like aoc and probably 50 or so democrats that are now elected i think now they have a majority of the party because they put pressure on the rest of the party. the more she can accuse ted cruz and other republicans of doing things that are evil, the legacy mainstream media will continue to repeat it and it will become the truth out there in the so-called hinter-lands of manhattan. >> harris: that's devin nunes after alexandria ocasio-cortez rejected a sign of cooperation from senator ted cruz with this tweet. you almost had me murdered three weeks ago so you can sit this one out.
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happy to work with almost any other gop that aren't trying to get me killed. in the meantime, if you want to help, you can resign. that was in response to senator cruz tweeting that he fully agreed with her that there should be hearings on a developing gamestop situation on wall street. power panel slides in now. sean duffy former republican congressman from wisconsin. fox news contributor as well. jason nichols, university of maryland professor of african-american studies. good to see you, gentlemen. why would should respond that way with a reach-out from across the aisle? >> great question because as we know ted cruz had a completely legal and constitutional right to call into question what was happening in the november presidential election. for that ocasio-cortez accuses him of attempted murder? listen, harris, i was in congress for almost nine years. contrary to popular belief there is bipartisanship in the
8:21 am
congress. this is destroying any kind of bipartisanship you'll ever have in the congress. they're destroying bipartisanship that exists in the congress. republicans showed restraint when almost 12 members of congress were shot and almost killed on a baseball field. steve scalise and after -- wives were called hookers. we showed restraint and didn't blame ocasio-cortez. we didn't blame bernie saernsd. we showed restraint to say it's important we work together and come together. this is outrageous that she would use this language against ted cruz. it is dividing americans and the congress. >> harris: i don't have to ask jason where big tech is on this. is it fact checking? i don't have to ask. i know already. i didn't see a disclaimer on that from them. maybe their fact checkers are napping. my question for you is when
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does such -- >> let me say to your other guest i'm not so sure that aoc was in congress. i think she was probably working at a bar when steve scalise and others were shot. for her to sit there and receive the blame for that seems ridiculous. let me just say i think that what she is saying actually has a whole lot of merit because nothing would have happened at the capitol on january 6th if people hadn't pushed the big lie, cruz, hawley, kennedy, marshall, hyde, smith and. they are all complicit. they should resign. there was a person who threatened to kill who was present on january 6th who threatened to kill and assassinate aoc. she has every right to be upset.
8:23 am
every right to say that this person was involved in that. now, there are -- >> harris: let me step in. i want sean to respond to this. how can democrats have it both ways? they're saying they want to impeach in the senate now convict a president that is already gone on the very charges that jason nichols is making against some other republicans. >> i think that's a great point. it is hypocrisy but we're in a situation where democrats use insend rear language wanting to attack republicans and call someone a racist. if you call someone racist you can silence them and shut them down and demonize them and saying they are fair targets for attack. is it racist for limited government, lower taxes, following the rule of law? that's not racist. that's a traditional american. when we fight for those things you are all of a sudden called
8:24 am
racist. ted cruz is hispanic and he is a racist as well? it's a claim made for everybody. everybody is a racist if you're a republican. >> harris: jason, we have breaking news. >> quickly, i don't remember using the word racism or you saying that. i'm not so sure where the word racism came up. i'm talking about someone being codling insurrection. i never called him a racist. neither did aoc in her tweet. i'm not sure where that conversation arose. i'm just literally curious. >> harris: gentlemen, good to see you. the breaking news i'm talking about has to do with governor cuomo. it will happen moments from now. the media fawned all over this governor as the new york nursing home scandal brewed
8:25 am
last summer. now crickets. the attorney general of new york raised questions about his leadership during the coronavirus pandemic. plus. more news after this. >> man: what's my safelite story? i spend a lot of time in my truck. it's my livelihood. ♪ rock music ♪ >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass.
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>> harris: continuing to bring you any news from the covid response news. some news on vaccine distribution out now. the administration will now allow retired healthcare professionals to give vaccinations. it will also allow doctors and nurses with current licenses to work across state lines to give vaccinations. dr. fauci as you can see live now stressing that as many as people need to be vaccinated as quickly as possible because that will help prevent more mutations. we'll keep an eye on this, bring you the news as it happens.
8:30 am
>> even life long republicans look at cuomo saying there is a leader. >> i have to wonder what it is like to be in your shoes with the weight of this responsibility. and the sheer exhaustion you must be feeling now. >> you have been commended for clear and calm leadership. people from the country and world have tuned into your press conferences. statewide approval rating 84%. how do you intend on spending that political capital that you've earned? >> harris: members of the media gushed over new york governor andrew cuomo last year for his handling of the covid-19 pandemic. but there has been far less attention to the scathing new report from the new york state attorney general. it found cuomo's administration may have undercounted coronavirus debts in nursing homes by up to 50%. the nightly news on abc, cbs, didn't cover that report on the
8:31 am
deaths at all. i want to bring in fox news contributor kim strassel member of the "wall street journal" editorial page. first of all, where are we? moments away from governor andrew cuomo, he will make a live announcement and then we're told take questions. >> yeah. this is kind of shocking because as you just laid out, it really puts bare the degree to which the media wanted to make this virus political from the start. and so what you ended up seeing were stories hashing on governors like kristi noem or ron desantis in florida not following the lockdown orders and hero worship of andrew cuomo. now we get reports and numbers that show the story has been opposite. >> harris: wow. governor cuomo said this, kim, last tuesday.
8:32 am
>> look, incompetent government can kill people. this is not a joke and more people died here than needed to. >> harris: you think that will make it into the investigations as evidence of something? if it doesn't work out he has already said. >> look, i think he was right. incompetent government does kill people. now we have it in this a.g. report on his own handling. one thing that's really important here, harris, it is not just that stunning number that is tragic and horrible but ongoing questions about what looks to be a cover-up and the other handling of governor cuomo over this past year. this is a state that has the second highest death rate from the beginning. there are millions of kids who are still learning remotely which is to say not learning at all. the excessive economic harm of prolonged and overly strict
8:33 am
lockdowns. he has done immense damage. this is a case study in how not to handle a pandemic and yet the press fawns on him. >> harris: he got an emmy for handling the pandemic. what's the first question you would ask him? we are journalists. i know what i would ask. what would you ask? >> i think the first question is what do you have to say to the families of these nursing home residents? are you still blaming this on other people? and two, how did those numbers end up the way they did? because you know, people in his department surely know how to count. and if you are off by a couple of numbers, that's something. but 50%? that suggests some sort of active manipulation. >> harris: kim strassel. thank you very much. so important to have this conversation as we hear imminently from andrew cuomo, the governor of new york. good to see you. tensions boiling over what school districts and teachers
8:34 am
at odds over returning to the classroom and frustrated parents are caught smack in the middle. so where are we going from here? >> we've gone four months to these school board meetings. as parents our voice wasn't being heard. when i got up there, you know, my blood started boiling a little bit. as i began speaking i said look, i want them to hear me and look up and pay attention. usa. y refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates to save money every month plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a
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[ engines revving ] ♪♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. >> harris: you've been seeing it's in the focus. we had it yesterday and we're continuing our coverage, frustrated parents speaking out across america as their worst fears about the effects of remote learning on students appear to be coming true. yesterday you watched as lisa moore told me about her son who tragically took his own life last october. >> my son died because of covid isolation. i tell parents helicopter the
8:39 am
heck out of your kids. watch them. watch for any change, any slight change in their behavior. make opportunities for them to see their friends. do whatever you have to. i don't want any other mother or father or parent or sibling to have to go through this horrific. >> harris: emergency department visits for children 5-11 up 24 pers percent last year. it jumps to 31% in ages 12 to 17. dr. nicole saphier is a fox news medical contributor and author of the book make america healthy again. good to see you today. i wish it were under different circumstances. we learned yesterday the suicides people are suffering they feel are directly tied to not being able to live their lives as young people who don't get to disease like the rest of us potentially can. >> harris, thank you for having me on. such an important topic.
8:40 am
i have to commend you, the interview was real and raw and you remained a pillar advocating for our children's mental health. no surprise our children across the world's mental health deteriorated as a result of the pandemic. not just falling behind in school but the effects of the social isolation, increased screen time, lack of physical activity, disrupted sleep schedules. all is leading to increased anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and suicide in children. university of glascow has reported an increase in suicidal thoughts. it is crucial we keep it in the forefront of our minds. >> harris: so just some basic questions now. if parents are watching as mom lisa moore told us yesterday if you see any changes, helicopter the heck out of your kids. from a doctor's perspective, what are we looking for? can it be a fairly short list that we can easily see from
8:41 am
that helicopter mom position? >> sure, harris i have three kids of my own and range. every child manifests differently when they are struggling. one of the most common things is more withdrawn. not engaging as much. not wanting to call their friends or family members. maybe they are complaining of a physical ailment, stomachache, headache, increased tiredness. it can manifest anxiety and depression. as your guest yesterday said, it is okay to helicopter. if you were ever going to helicopter now is the time and if you still don't know how to do it call your pediatrician. they can absolutely give you support on what to do. >> harris: give our children, you come to mom. i'm right here for you no matter what's happening and we can get you help. we await possible comments now as you know, dr. saphier, from new york governor andrew cuomo kicking down charts now. we are waiting for the question part on the scathing report
8:42 am
from his own state's attorney general that found his administration underreported and might have attempted to obscure the data on covid deaths in nursing homes. i spoke with senior meteorologist janice dean who lost both in-laws to the virus last year when they were in separate elder care facilities in new york city. her immediate reaction. >> i called my husband and i called my sister-in-law and i said that maybe the angels won. maybe the angels will have their day in court and maybe this governor will be held accountable. i don't want to call it a win. i just want to call it maybe some justice. >> harris: dr. saphier, your reaction. >> janice, her husband and boys have had a very difficult year as have many other people. the attorney general from new york i knew when she was tasked with this responsibility she would come out for the people. i worked with her in the past
8:43 am
and she truly cares. i can tell you, harris, nothing was a surprise in that report. i wasn't surprised at all. you know who else wasn't surprised? janice dean wasn't surprised as well as all the family members who had love ones die in the nursing homes. they knew just like the information coming out of wuhan the numbers weren't adding up and the same with the governor's numbers, it wasn't adding up. this was a choice not to include nursing home resident deaths into their calculations and early on when governor cuomo was praising what they were doing saying their nursing home fatality rate was 20%, that's because they weren't including the same amount of people who died in the hospitals that were transferred from the nursing homes. it is time for the self-congratulatory tour to end. ultimately it is now in writing that those deaths were not included. but we knew that. another interesting thing that came out of that report harris
8:44 am
is saying there was insufficient ppe and testing which by every healthcare facility across the globe dealt with that but understaffed. poorly communicated with their patients' families and that they were not following infection controls. harris, in the pre-covid era infections are the leading mortality in nursing homes with 1 to 4 million infections acquired within the nursing homes that can result in death. and we already knew 90% of all nursing homes pre-covid were understaffed and the people who are responsible for making sure those nursing homes and long care term facilities is the state department of health and senior services in collaboration who ultimately they should have been more prepared. >> harris: dr. saphier when you lay it out like that, that was previous to the pandemic. who would think the pandemic would have made it better? it makes you question his decisions even more now.
8:45 am
governor cuomo getting ready to take questions. dr. saphier has teed it up with the facts. we were told governor cuomo would hold the news conference and he will make some announcements about where the state -- the state of nursing homes. you know the reporters are going to ask. we'll go there live. stay tuned. an $30 each. call 1-800-t-mobile or go to
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>> i would say first that part of unifying the country is addressing the problems that the american people are facing. he also ran with a commitment to take steps immediately to address the pain and suffering that the american people were feeling. he is the first to tell you as he said many times publicly he is not going to take executive action alone. >> harris: the white house hitting back at criticism of president biden's spree of executive orders and actions. we had to scroll them to get them in while i'm talking. they far out pace his predecessors, even "the new york times" editorial page said to ease up on the executive actions, joe. republicans like senator josh hawley say it is anything but the unity biden pushed at his inauguration.
8:50 am
>> just an attempt to govern the country by executive fiat. it is very dangerous. it is breathtaking he is trying to do it without any democratic debate or legislation. i think it really shows you this is somebody who has a pretty far left agenda and it is somebody who is intent on imposing it on the country. >> harris: the president has postponed signing a raft of executive orders on immigration. as a bipartisan immigration bill is back on the table in the senate. joining me now the republican ken buck of colorado. what do you make of all of it? >> well, i think it's pretty clear that the words that joe biden used when he was inaugurated are pretty empty and hollow. he is not trying to unify the country. he is trying to rule as a monarch and he has decided that immigration and other issues are going to change in this country and he is not going to go to a senate that is split 50/50 or come to a house with a
8:51 am
slim democrat majority. he would rather sign executive orders. at some point they'll be challenged in court and i think he will have problems. >> harris: what kind of talk is there on capitol hill these days or in those corners for any joining virtually about what he has done with his pen, specifically wiped away nearly 11,000 jobs with the keystone pipeline. is he taking meetings and is he listening? >> i don't know if he is listening. our leadership certainly is meeting with him and i don't know that he is listening. i think he came into office with a plan for the first 100 days that involved executive orders and executive fiat and decided that this is the path of least resistance and he will pursue that. i think what he is doing is dangerous. i think it is really precedent setting. certainly president obama and president trump used executive orders but never this fast this
8:52 am
strongly and without consulting congress on these issues. >> harris: you know, congressman, i'm curious how much of biden's plan as you say do you think just based on the evidence of what they are and how they're rolling in is a promised push from the most progressive in the party, aoc congresswoman saying she was going to push him if he made it into office. >> i think clearly he is paying back the political favors that he needs to pay back as a result of the campaign and he is trying to keep the progressive wing of the democrat party in the house happy at this point so that he doesn't have to deal with an uprising. it wouldn't take many members from the left to get rid of nancy pelosi as speaker and install a new speaker. so i think politically they are really working with a dicey situation and the executive
8:53 am
orders are a perfect example of trying to placate the left. >> harris: and you hear about those bipartisan immigration bill in the senate. that's what joe biden was known for in all of his decades of being in the senate was those across the table deals. we'll have to see. congressman buck, great to have you on the program today. thank you. >> thank you, good to be with you. >> harris: the number of people flying went way down as the pandemic hit last year but the tsa says a lot more of those passengers who did fly were packing heat. what's behind that? and don't forget "outnumbered" coming up. don't want to miss it. there is the lineup. andy, rubin, my new co-host emily. it will be an hour all right. here's huge news for veteran homeowners who need cash. refiplus from newday usa. record low mortgage rates have fallen again,
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>> fewer people flew last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. however, the percentage of passengers carrying guns was way up. the tsa reports and found 3200 guns at security checkpoints. 83% of them were loaded. if casey stegall is live in dallas-fort worth international airport in texas with more. >> in fact, it's the most firearms in tsa's 19 years history, made two of the top five locations that had the most guns seized last year. tsa says twice as many firearms per million screens passengers in 2020 versus 2019 even though passenger volume was down, 500 million. now, you may fly with the guns so long as they are properly declared, you filled out the right paperwork and it's packed
8:59 am
inside of checked luggage bared all the contraband that has been found in carry-on luggage for on the passengers person. >> approximately 85% of the guns found at a checkpoint are loaded. just think about that. not all of them have the safety on. so once the weapon is found, it is a very serious situation. >> so the big question is why? tsa attributes the rise to more gun purchases during the pandemic and also an uptick of states that now have some sort of open carry law on the books and also say plain old forgetfulness. >> casey stegall, thank you very much. that will round out the "faulkner focus" for today. my pleasure to be with you and now it is noon on the east coast
9:00 am
and that means "outnumbered" begins. we will start this next hour with a fox news alert, the white house dodging questions over stock market volatility amid a growing showdown between wall street and main street. retail investors powering video game outlet game stop to record highs leading to billions of dollars in losses for hedge funds shorting the stock. infant but now, fierce backlash over how brokerages responded. a fox business reporter is here to explain it all. >> at the heart of this is you have david versus goliath. on one side, you have these large institutional investors and hedge funds that are basically betting that game stock and other stocks will lose value, that's called a short when they make money when the stock loses. on the other side, you have thousands of small


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