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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  January 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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vulnerable children is traumatizing. >> i need a break from my mom. >> now does that not make you smile? >> bret: that does. what a week. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid. fox news prime time hosted by maria bartiromo starts right now. hey, maria. >> hey there, bret, have a great weekend. thank you so much. >> bret: you too. >> maria: and good evening, everyone and welcome to fox news prime time. i'm maria bartiromo. tonight, covid cover-up. new york governor andrew cuomo casting blame on others after his administration was accused of under reporting the number of covid deaths in nursing homes by as much as 50%. plus, stock market showdown hedge funds make bets for and against stocks all the time. so why so much upset when a group of individual investors do
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the same barstool founder dave portnoy reacting to the flurry of interest in trading of game stop. first, tonight, corruption and abuse of power. the fbi agent at the center of the russian collusion lie sentenced today with no jail time and no fine, despite altering the document which enabled the fbi to spy on an innocent american citizen for a year. kevin clinesmith sentenced to 12 months probation and 400 hours of community service, no jail time. a slap on the wrist for lying and doctoring an email about trump adviser carter page so the fbi could get a fisa warrant to wiretap him. this is the first guilty plea from special counsel john durham's criminal investigation on the origins of the russia collusion lie. coming up the man at the center of that lie targeted because he was associated with donald trump. carter page is here tonight with reaction. after getting wiretapped for a year with no charges ever lobbed
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against him. but, first, the lawmaker who first uncovered the fraud more than three years ago intelligence committee ranking member devin number necessary dn to this latest fbi controversy. he is the author of the book "countdown to socialism." congressman, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> maria: your reaction to kevin clinesmith and this slap on the wrist. >> it's, i would say, quite disturbing. republicans and conservatives around the country that have watched this closely. this is probably the worst thing that could have happened for national security. the judge that made this ruling is the new judge that overseas the fisa court for nearly four years republicans in the house and the senate had alerted the court that there was a problem with the carter page fisa application. we called it fisa abuse. you covered it on your sunday morning show for many years, maria. so, where we go from here, i
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think, it's going to become part of the party platform that republicans are not going to be for the fisa court. and that's unfortunate thing to say. because, they have backed republicans and conservatives across the country into a corner. to make that tough choice between liberty and security. and i'm sorry, at the end of the day, republicans are going to pick liberty and freedom. and we watched what's happening with these big tech companies coming in and obliterating companies from the map while at the same time you see the lead justice of the fisa an obama appointee essentially apologize, acted like clinesmith was somehow a victim, so it's actually brought shame not just on the fisa court but this judge, this judge, also the whole thing seems very, very disheartening to say the least. >> maria: you said, congressman, that this is really too bad for
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national security. connect the dots here for us. what are you referring to? >> well, look, the fisa programs have been in place now for, what, four decades or so. after 9/11, there were a couple important programs that were put in. one of those expired last year. look, my guess is that moving forward you are going to see legislation that there were a few republicans who were out there that were raising these concerns. i actually kind of rejected those concerns because i said, look, we just have a few bad apples here. but now when you see the lead judge of the fisa court essentially apologize and act like that clinesmith is some kind of a victim. look, you just -- as republicans you just can't make excuses for this anymore. so how do we go to our constituents as members of congress, members of the senate and say that, yeah, well, yeah, they went -- yeah, they did spy on the republican party. they did take a bunch of innocent americans like carter page who is going to be on next,
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ruined his life. and then when we got to the bottom of it after years and years and a special counsel and the attacks, everybody involved in the media, you know, that you covered so well, then at the end of the day, they get a slap on the wrist. tonight i wouldn't be surprised if clinesmith is over partying with the judges as if this is some kind of joke. almost like they are in on it. >> maria: well, senator ted cruz joined me to talk about the fbi malfeasance. and he incapsulated really what clinesmith did very well. here is senator ted cruz on sunday morning futures back in december. >> so carter page, an outside adviser to the trump campaign. he also is periodically talking to russians. including some sketchy russians. and so, the fbi wants to get a wiretap on. so, the fbi sends an email to the cia. says, hey, is this guy a source for you? the cia emails back and they say
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yes, he's a source. the fbi assistant general counsel takes that email and alters it types in the word. the cia says yes he is a source. the fbi lawyer types in no, he is not a source. >> unbelievable. >> 180 degrees exactly opposite. he then sends that email onto the department of justice that uses that as the basis of a warn statement for the fisa court to get a wiretap. >> maria: this is the most obvious straightforward criminality and, yet, no jail time, not even a fine, congressman do you think they are using his guilty plea to take others down? is that what we are talking about. >> i don't think there is a excuse for it. it looks like total corruption all the way to the top. there is no excuse whatsoever. this was so blatant.
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it was so obvious. you change the wording. you took somebody like carter page who was a navy academy graduate. he had done work for the cia. so, you know, when you talk about, you know, we as in the intelligence world, you like to have americans if they're working under the cia as sources, if they are going to moscow, that they are wringing information back and giving that back to the cia. and by the way carter page was very helpful in some of these prosecutions. i imagine being carter page to see this happen where you have somebody who is clearly guilty -- this wasn't just the house intelligence committee republicans. this was off of the inspector general. it was thing special counsel now john durham, nothing is going to happen to this guy and people want to know why? why is nothing happening to this guy and there is not a good answer. >> maria: is there anything that's going to happen to anybody? john durham apparently still working on this. are you expecting indictment any time soon? >> i think that becomes the
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question. have you 95% of the district of columbia voted for biden, you have all the media essentially continue to lie about this russia hoax. you have all the russia willhokesters. people lying to the media. people pedaling the secret dossiers. and lo and behold you have the leading judge in, that of the fisa court that's based out of washington, d.c. essentially give almost an atta boy like hey, look, make sure we are going to make appear example of clinesmith, if do you what the democrat party want, we will reward you. you may get hit with a hurricane the judge said of bad media and bad press but don't worry, we're going to be there to protect you. any of you fbi agents out there watching, doj officials, so long as you are working for obama, biden, the left will big tech
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that's okay. i don't see how there is any future for a republican who is going to tolerate these fisa powers that are now been abused and now criminally aabused and now you let people walk and skate ask. >> maria: so are you saying you will reject, you will vote against the renewal of these fisa programs when they come up? is that next year? >> i don't know of a republican -- look, part of the problem here is the fisa part that was passed back in the late 1970s, that's in permanent law. so now we are going to have to look at how do you take that law apart? nobody was ever there. that just happened today. clinesmith should have received the maximum sentence, the maximum. any idiot out there that's not partisan would know he should have received the maximum sentence. instead, you are out now tonight. i'm being facetious but you can go out to a bar and party.
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the restaurant are open in washington, d.c. you can even go party with this judge if you want. it's ridiculous. >> maria: congressman, it's good to have you tonight. thanks very much. have you done a lot of work on this and we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> maria: my next guest is the subject of that fbi crooked investigation. he is the author of the book "abuse and power." how an innocent american was framed in an attempted coop coup against the president. carter page thank you for being here. how are you feeling tonight? >> maria, as you were just discussing with congressman nunes this has been a long, ongoing battle. and for the first time today i had the opportunity to talk with a -- the top judge on the fisa court. and yes, i understand several of congressman nunes' concerns, but the difference is he actually -- it was the first opportunity to have any dialogue whatsoever and
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i have been totally stonewalled by everyone. so i understand there are some big open questions going back to the nunes memo which he led almost three years ago i think there are a lot of things that still remain unanswered. i think we are the fact that there is a new dialogue. the judge, i will disagree with him a little bit. he actually did note some serious concerns regarding the abuses in the fisa process. and we had a good dialogue regarding that. and i still have some hope that there might be some possibilities in the future here. >> maria: well, look, carter, your life was disrupted. i mean, devin nunes just said your life was ruined. tell us what happened when your name started showing up in the press as somebody who was colluding with russia back in
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2017. what happened to you as you were wiretapped by the fbi. >> maria, this is very similar to what's going on now. i have just been fighting for the truth. i think exactly as congressman nunes mentioned, there has just been so much false information. they had this multi-million-dollar dossier project which was designed to take out candidate trump which then was a terrible disruption on the trump administration for many, many years. so, unfortunately, they just used my name with all these falsehoods so it was a very long pattern of wrongdoing. and the one thing i would note, if you look at the very specifics, if you reread the nunes memo, he talks about a lot of very senior people within the doj and the fbi who were involved in this fisa abuse. and yes, it's true that, you know, there are some terrible things that happened with
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mr. clinesmith, however, he was a relatively small player. so i think, you know, this investigation is ongoing and we're going to have to see what comes out of it. >> maria: yeah. i was talking about the death threats that you have told me about in the past. they clearly undermined the fisa process, undermined our democracy. and then lied about it. jim comey was asked about the fisa process. and how they came about getting a wiretap on you for a year, listening to your calls, watching your emails, your texts, et cetera. here is what jim comey said about the fisa process when he was asked about it in 2018. listen to this. >> i have total confidence that the fisa process was followed and that the entire case was handled in a thoughtful, responsible way by doj and the fbi. i think the notion that fisa was abused here is nonsense.
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>> maria: what do you say to that? >> well, again, he was completely disproven a little over a year later with the fisa abuse report by the inspector general. and, unfortunately, we still don't have all the truth about that as well. again, that was what the major step forward is in terms of having a direct dialogue with the foreign intelligence surveillance court presiding judge today. i was completely blocked by mr. horowitz, the doj inspector general. so, i think this -- there is actually some reasons for significant optimism, and it's great that people are standing up and calling for justice and a reform to our system. and the nice thing is i heard some positive, important statements that the judge made today about that. and, again, there are a lot more senior people who had much greater knowledge and had much
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greater control and i think there definitely need to be some accountability and i keep the faith that that will eventually happen. >> maria: yeah, we have been looking for accountability for a long time, carter. you are suing the department of justice, the fbi, jim comey, saying that there was unlawful surveillance of you. a $75 million lawsuit. where does that stand tonight, carter? >> that is still in the early stages. the services process has been completed. and now we will go through the initial stages in terms of preliminary procedures with that. so, we shall see. between, i keep significant faith that -- eventually justice will be served in that same court. the d.c. district court. >> maria: we hope so. because when justice is not served, the people do not believe in our institutions. and this, of course, has been a black eye on the fbi. carter, it's good to see you
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tonight. thanks very much for talking about it with us. tonight, carter page. >> thanks so much, maria. >> maria: thank you. up next, governor cuomo's excuse for his botched response to coast at the federal government. he did the best he could. would a republican get away with that? next. “could have been me” by the struts hey, mercedes? how can i help you? the 2021 e-class. motortrend's 2021 car of the year.
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>> maria: welcome pack. new york governor andrew cuomo finally facing the press after a scathing report revealed his administration underreported nursing home covid deaths by as much as 50%. here is what he said. >> where this starts is, frankly a political attack from prior
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federal administration hhs. every one did the best they could. if you think there was a mistake, then go talk to the federal government. it's not about pointing fingers or blame. it's that this became a political football. the state department of health followed federal guidance, so if you think there was a mistake, then go talk to the federal government. >> maria: joining me now to break it down is the "new york post" columnist karol markowicz. thanks for being here tonight. you heard what governor cuomo said if you think there was a problem and there are were mistakes made go after the federal government what do you say. >> absurd things to say. obnoxious behavior throughout this whole process people looking for answers and he refuses to give any. the same certainty that he directed nursing homes to take covid positive patients back in
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the spring. and you know, maria, we didn't know a lot of things about covid but we knew one thing for sure and that was that older people were the most susceptible to it. so, when he ordered those nursing homes and he said they have no choice. they must follow his directive, he made a gigantic error. and whether, you know, obviously nobody thinks he did it on purpose, but he has completely not taken any responsibility for it. and he wrote a book on leadership and as if that never happened at all. he offers no apologies. and his continued excuse-making has really gotten old. >> maria: well, the media will not cover it. here's admiral bret girl war on the story. listen to this. >> that is completely non-true, what the cdc said is under very specific circumstances where a nursing home had all the training and all the ppe and all the isolation requirements, all the staff and training. then it would be permissible to do so in no way was this federal
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government guidance. that is just absolutely wrong and he can't shift the blame. he has to own this one. he has to own this one because you say this was a new york state decision. this was not a directive from the program government, correct? >> correct, it was not. it was a governor cuomo directive that specified that nursing homes must take these patients in. and, you know, if it wasn't for people like janice dean who lost both of her in-laws at these nursing homes we wouldn't be talking about it. it would be completely glossed over in the very, you know, good media coverage that he got and everybody that had him on his show talking about his book, gave him a softball interview, they should all be embarrassed today because we know what happened. we know the truth and they let him skate on this for so long. >> maria: skate on this for so long. there are people who have lost loved ones there is also the economic impact we spoke with
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governor ron desantis this week. he is in florida. he made the decision to actually first vaccinate seniors. get the most vulnerable vaccinated and then deal with everybody else. he is also ensuring that the cure is not worse than the sickness. so he is keeping florida open and you are seeing a ton of people move to florida. here's governor desantis with us last night. >> the front end of the pandemic i barred hospitals from discharging covid patients back into nursing homes. that was able to save a lot of lives on the front end. and now here on hopefully the back end of the pandemic our approach to vaccination is putting seniors first. >> maria: so where does this go now? we know the situation in florida and new york. new york is still on lockdown. and the covid fear is rising. >> yeah. and any fair situation governor desantis would be the hero of
4:26 pm
this pandemic. because the media generally has a team and that team is the democrats it's gone to governor cuomo. again, i think that this latest report i think should really shine some light on it. i think a lot of cuomo's defenders are unable to do it, to defend him anymore. i think we have actually gotten to a place where we are going to face what really happened. >> maria: yeah, it's pretty unbelievable. but you are right, it's now there are reports that joe biden is considering andrew cuomo for attorney general, still. >> yeah, that would be a surprise, i think it's obviously possible. for new yorkers what we have seen from him this is not attorney general material. again, he continues to get the positive claim of a governor who did everything right when he clearly didn't. >> maria: karol, thank you very much for weighing in tonight. we appreciate it. have a great weekend, karol. thank you. come up, the robin hood why are
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furious accusing hedge fund billionaires of co-lauding against them. dave portnoy of barstool sports up next with that. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ ♪ comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs.
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>> maria: welcome back. for a second day in the road the white house steering clear on any comments on the game stop controversy that's been upending wall street where traditional hedge fund titans are being accused of bullying amateur online day traders. watch recommendation i know the fcc issued a new statement earlier this morning or before i came out here and i certainly point to that and others to that. >> i love the earth. you guys are trying so hard on this. [laughter] i know it's a big story, but you know, obviously our focus and our big story is getting the american people back to work. >> maria: the white house is not saying whether treasury secretary janet yellen recused
4:33 pm
herself advising. she has received speaking fees from citadel a major hedge fund. major trading platform robinhood did let customers trade again after curbing game stop and amc on thursday. joining us now to talk about this is dave portnoy president and founder of barstool sports. dave, it's great to have you tonight. thanks very much for joining us. for so long we talked so much about hedge funds being able to put the squeeze on any company if they all got together and started shorting the stock, it has a major impact. nobody said anything in washington and now a group of individual investors start bidding up a stock, putting those hedge funds at a disadvantage and now there are investigations that they are talking about in congress. your reaction? >> well, there better be investigations. i don't know if congress is talking about it and i think the hedge fund guys who we would a
4:34 pm
wield a lotof power want it to . you summed it up and i have been beating this drum to death. what happened yesterday and today robinhood and a lot of firms did allow trading but they were still regulating it. it was basically the little guy. i say it ain't no if you please when the rabbit has the gun. the rabbit had the gun and all of a sudden the world stopped spinning they changed the rules of the game. and robinhood led the charge and intentionally cratering the stocks you mentioned game stop, amc. and in the process taking money out of all their client's hands. lots of times with the clients having no choice. these aren't professional investors a lot of them. these are people who put their hard earned money into what they thought was a viral thing and then the rules change. you go to sleep for two hours, the stock plummeted because they cheated, basically. >> maria: so, i mean, what's wrong with these small investors deciding i want to buy game stop? i think there's value. you know, keith guild, through
4:35 pm
his online handle said he thought it's the next netflix. what's the big deal that they bid up the stock? >> well, the big deal is this. you have billionaire hedge funds who are about to go out of business because of this. so, people don't like to be separated from their money, especially super rich people who are used to getting their way. and they, for sure, and now they are denying it. there is no concrete proof, but if you connect the dots and you look at the facts. you would have to be very naive or a moron not to believe that there was pressure put on illegal pressure to stop these stocks from going up. because these hedge fund billionaires some of the richest people in the country were going to be gone zo. weren't going to let it happen. they interfered. >> maria: i saw you on twitter back and forth with steve cohen. he said i will take it off line. he said i'm not taking it
4:36 pm
offline. stinky stuff happens offline. i want to know right now. did you get in the way here? >> well, steve cohen, i said i unequivocally want you to say you had nothing to do with it. he said that. again, i don't have proof. steve cohen doesn't have the best history he has suspended for two years for insider trading. he didn't raise his hand right away gotcha, i'm guilty. he helped bail out melvin capital, short will are game stop, there is all these coincidences that seem a little too coincidental for somebody with half a brain to say oh, i'm sure, you know, these guys just happen to have their hands in this pot again. i refuse to believe it. i have said this robinhood, they had to know they were going to tank their company. they built themselves their clients saying that they serve the every day trader and they screwed them. that's what they did. so something caused them to do that.
4:37 pm
are. >> maria: dave, where is this going? >> god, i don't know. i think there is going to have to be legislation to change the way people trade because there is an element if you let people gang up like reddit did and wall street bet. that stopped. it's fair and within the rules and the rich guys have been doing it forever. so, you know, maybe in the future things change. but what we need or what just happened is a congressional investigation and the thing that i think is the most shocking, when is the last time aoc, donald trump jr. and ted cruz were on the same side of an issue? that's how blatant this was. nobody likes super billionaires pushing people around. >> maria: yeah, you are right. i want to ask you about your mission to save small business. wow, you have done so much. i have been watching all these small businesses getting the call that they are getting money as a result of your charity. what are you up to right now, dave? what spurred this idea that has had such impact? >> so we raised $33 million.
4:38 pm
saved over 200 small businesses. that's not just a one time payment. they are on our payroll until this pandemic is done. i'm passionate about small business. i live in new york city. they shut down indoor dining. somewhere around the end of december. and i just went on a rant which i'm prone to do. i was like how are these companies going to survive? they are not getting money from the government. not nearly fast enough or enough if any. and it's 10 degrees out. there is no storm. nobody is eating outside. this is going to be a ghost town. there is no other outcome and i was basically challenged hey, buddy, put your money where your mouth is, which i did. i put 500,000 of my own money into the barstool fund, solicited donations from our fans, readers, friend of mine. and i said if you are a small business and you need help, just either pay your employees, pay taxes, pay rent to survive this pandemic, reach out, and we will try to help as many people as we can. >> maria: i love it. how great. keep it going.
4:39 pm
thanks so much, dave. we will be watching. we are rooting you on from afar. >> thank you. >> maria: dave portnoy joining us there when we come back, jordan cheng is here new warning from u.s. intel officials that china is working to collect americans' d.n.a. yes, d.n.a. back in a minute. a backache. consider pain, delivered. pain says you can't. advil says you can.
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♪ >> maria: welcome back, we know china has been stealing our data. but did you know they are also after our d.n.a. as well? according to a shocking new report, chinese biotech company bgi offered to build and run covid testing facilities in five states and washington, d.c. setting off mainly alarms from a member of the intelligence community. the concern? bgi would hand over sensitive biodata of thousand of americans to the chinese communist party. >> the ultimate company that shows connectivity to both the communist state as well as the military apparatus. we put out an advisory to not only every american but hospitals, associations and clinics knowing that bgi is a chinese company do we understand
4:45 pm
where that data is going shows the nefarious mindset of china communist party to take advantage of a worldwide crisis like covid. >> maria: joining me to talk more about this gordon cheng the coming clasp of china and the u.s.-china tech war. it's great to see you. i know you had such an incredible handle on all of this. what are they doing with our d.n.a.? >> we really have to be concerned, maria, china is collecting our d.n.a. not allowing the transfer of chinese d.n.a. outside of china. the real concern here is that beijing is developing what's called a new type of warfare. the in 2017 edition of the authoritative publication the science of military strategy published by china's national defense university talks about new warfare with, quote: specific ethnic genetic attacks. that really means that the next disease from china won't affect the chinese but it will effect everybody else.
4:46 pm
so this is really the concern of china taking our d.n.a. >> maria: wow, this is just extraordinary. i know that john ratcliffe former dni said to me on this on one of the programs that i host that what they are doing right now in china is they have gene editing whereas they are ensuring that their military men are stronger, almost super human so that they can deal with inclement weather. they can be super human. i mean, this is how they are building their military. so, again, data matters in that regard. >> yes. well, you know, china's professor in the southern city near hong kong did the first gene editing on humans with crisper. what he was trying to do, he said, was to make the babies resistant to hiv. but there are also indications that he was trying to increase their intelligence. now, there were three girls born
4:47 pm
from that and we don't know what else is happening. so, this is -- they are doing this already, maria. and we know that they have no ethics on this because that was dangerous. but, also, they are mixing pig and monkey d.n.a. to create new types of animals. this is just weird and crazy dangerous. >> maria: negotiated, where is all of this going? china has been very clear they want to overtake the united states as the number one super power. i have said it many times the entire world should be worried about this. we do not want a communist nation as the dominant super power. and, yet, in all of this chipping away, chipping away, stealing our data, the human rights abuses, you know, it's happening. i mean, they are already the largest receiver of foreign direct investment. they overtook america just in the last reading. >> yes. and, you know, china is trying to take advantage of the
4:48 pm
coronavirus epidemic as everyone has talked about. it had a very good 2020. but, you know, they are thinking about an even better 2021. now, i tend to think that the problem that they have is that for all of their advantages, they have not been able to come up with a safe and effective vaccine. and until they do that, they are going to try to steal ours. they have been this malicious disinformation campaign against the pfizer vaccine and spreading lies about that. clearly they are going against the united states. they don't care what they do. this is unrestrictive warfare. that's their doctrine. they can do anything they want to overthrow the u.s. forecast. they are working very hard at it. >> maria: real quick, jordan, before you go. we have got to jump. we know there was debate in terms of how coronavirus started. we know now that, yes, it started in a wuhan lab and they allowed it to escape its borders. even though they knew that it was so deadly, do you think it was intentional? >> i think it was an accidental
4:49 pm
leak from the wuhan institute of virlg. we really don't know because china has done its best to prevent us from learning about it. the rumors in china are that this was intentional that they wanted to kill old chinese. i don't believe that. but nonetheless right now there is a lot that we don't know and there -- that's because of beijing. >> maria: yeah. the world health organization allows beijing to run the shots and now president biden is getting the u.s. back into the world health organization. negotiated, i know we will talk about this more in the coming days. thank you so much. we will see you on sunday morning futures, gordon. thank you. still ahead nancy pelosi calling republican colleagues who choose to arm themselves for their own protection on capitol hill, quote: the enemy within. ohio congressman jim jordan is here on that. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> maria: welcome back. house speaker nancy pelosi says she's concerned for the safety of her caucus. if she's pointing fingers across the aisle saying some of her own colleagues are putting everyone at risk. take a look. it's because we do believe, and i've said this all along, that we will probably need a supplemental for more security for members when the enemy is within the house of representatives. a threat that members are concerned about in addition to what's happening outside. >> maria: enemy within? joining me now to react to that end a lot more is jayden jordan of ohio. a congressman, who is she referring to there? >> i think this is the new definition for unity for the democrats, called republicans enemy acts and terrorists. i don't know who she's referring to, joe biden said we need to unify, but they cause these kinds of names.
4:56 pm
they're going to impeach a president who has left office, they were to try to cancel 75 million americans, won't let them exercise their first amendment liberty. i don't know how you unified with that kind of attitude. >> maria: there is not and there's all of this policy. are you going to be able to stop any of that? more conversation about tax increases, one of the bidens cabinet members this week said it, look, we don't want to raise taxes on anybody making below $400,000, but we have to pay for the climate changes. >> the stoppage is going to come from the american people. gas prices are already going up. it joe biden is doing executive orders on energy policies, the ridiculous spending they want to do it's going to be $6 trillion toward coronavirus spending in just one year's time. on top of that, they are going to raise taxes. if that's a recipe for hurting the economy, hurting
4:57 pm
working-class families, hurting the entire country. what will stop that? we are going to speak about it in congress. it was going to stop it is the american people saying, wait a minute, you're driving up the cost of energy, now you're going to increase our taxes? just let us go back to work for goodness sake. it don't raise our taxes, and we will do just fine. >> maria: senate majority leader new york are leading the efforts to fully repeal the $10,000 limit on state and local tax deductions. what about that? is that going to be part of a new tax plan, and do you have power to stop it? the senate has the majority there as well. it too republicans have any shot of stopping any of them? >> we got the filibuster, they might try at reconciliation. they can go around the filibuster. our way of trying to stop this is to speak out and let the american people know exactly what's going on.
4:58 pm
and the american people can pressure the democrats and say, we didn't bargain for this. if this is not what's good for the country, not what's good for our economy, not so good for your family. i think the american people are smart, they've got common sense. they instinctively know these 40 executive orders and everything they are hearing from the democrats is not going to help the country in the long run. >> maria: real quickly on the policy with china. the and you tweeted out you were concerned over the university of pennsylvania's relationship with the biden family, what's that about? >> they're taking money from china, and we've got to wonder what that's being used for. we cut these special studies happening on many of our campuses that are pro-china. we want to look into all of this and find out what's going on. that was the motivation behind her letter. of course, you have the biden family and connections with the chinese money and everything else. that's something that the american people would like us to get to the bottom of, and we are
4:59 pm
going to do it. >> maria: do you think were going to see a softer policy as a result of all of this? >> your previous guess was right on target. we need to remember the virus started in china, the world health organization lied to the united states. another executive order that makes no sense, we are back into the biden administration. i think i shared with you before, i've got a colleague who said it best, we don't need to pay an organization to lie to us, they will do it for free. i'm nervous about this. like everyone else in the country, i think understandably is. let's hope we have some common sense and dealing with china from this administration going forward, as well. >> maria: you've got a lot on your plate, i know that. we will be watching. thanks so much, have a great weekend. it jim jordan joining us. i will see you on sunday morning future, as my special guest. stephen miller will be joining
5:00 pm
us along with lee zeldin and jonathan ward and gordon chang. a great rest of the weekend everybody, thanks so much for joining me this week on fox news prime time. here stucker and tucker carlson tonight. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy friday, what a week. a lot going on in this country right now, but may be the single biggest mystery when you take three steps back is why democrats became so vicious after they won. joe biden got the white house, his party took to congress, you think they would be thrilled, you'd think they will be celebrating, but no. instead, they started a purge. within hours, democrats begin crashing even the mildest dissent. they shut down an entire social media company called parler not because they did anything wrong, but similar because they couldn't control it. they couldn't take the


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