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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 30, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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weekend with the ones you love. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we are tracking multiple developing stories. coming up, we are going to have the very latest from this david versus goliath gamestop revolts. jordan bell fort, how many of you have watched the wolf of wall street? he's the guy that inspired it. he will weigh in. we will also have an important update from the durham probe today and deb brand-new report from the corrupt biden family syndicate, now apparently joe's brother is looking for new ways to check, cash and in the family name and even the inauguration. later, new york governor andrew
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cuomo has been caught in what is a massive covid cover-up, and at the democratic attorney general in new york apparently is going to hold him accountable. will they actually do it in full and will the families that have been victimized in this, will they get their day in court? that's all coming up. first tonight, more proof that the democrats impeachment should show charade is built on a pack of lies. fated to pipe bombs the fbi tells us were discovered on january 6 on the u.s. capitol and likely planted at 8:00 in the evening the night before. it take a look at your screen. this is surveillance footage obtained by "the washington post." look at that suspect wearing a hoodie, a mask and carrying a bag just after 8:00 p.m. on january 5th before the rally on january 6. the authorities believe this person likely planted both
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pipe bombs just blocks away from the capital. one close to the rnc building, the other near the dnc. this was on january the 5th. this deranged individual did not plant these bombs because of the president's january 6th rally speech. remember, according to the bogus article of the snap impeachment -- democrats, they claimed that the president incited an insurrection. because on january 6 he willfully made statements that in context encouraged and foreseeably resulted in lawless action at the capitol. and now know in reality what did the president do? he encouraged his supporters, some of you will peacefully and patriotically march to the capital so your voices can be heard. now those who acted with malice, those that broke the law were not incited by the president if
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they had planned this all ahead of time. according to multiple reports even "the washington post," fake news cnn, they planned their attack well before january the 6th. now it appears that the pipe bombs were planted well before any remarks by the president the day before. this is why you don't rush to judgment. this is why you don't have a snap impeachment and drama in article of impeachment in just a matter of days with no evidence, no hearings, no argument, nothing. that's why this program will always work are sources, we do our own research is, we are independent, and to be refrained from knee-jerk emotional reactions and accusations. that's why like dominic unlike every other network and most people on air, we -- at this show -- got it right on the
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russia hoax. we pointed out a lot of hearsay witnesses, one anonymous hearsay whistle-blower, opinion witnesses -- but only one fact witness in the you cane ukraine witness host. that's why we were right on the cavanaugh nomination. that's why we were right in covington, nicholas sandmann, do you remember that case? at duke lacrosse, we were right there, too. ferguson, missouri, we were right -- hands up don't shoot and rush to judgment -- that all fell apart. baltimore, freddie gray, cambridge, and to so many other major stories. and now once again, we at this program were right about this current impeachment charade. the present will be acquitted and is made dominic wasting our time and money. it's time to talk about maxine waters, nancy pelosi, joe biden,
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kamala harris, chuck schumer. you know what? apply one standard to everybody. republicans need to focus on their jobs, which is the economy, border control, energy independence, they've got a job to do. joining us now with the full report from los angeles, our senior correspondent rick leventhal with us tonight. >> there appears to be clear evidence for multiple cameras in multiple locations capturing images of the suspect moments before he's believed to have placed pipe bombs outside both republican and democratic headquarters in washington on january 5th the night before the capital insurrection. the surveillance footage released by the fbi, and reviewed by "the washington post," shows a man carrying a backpack headed toward an alley. seconds later the video shows the suspect in the alley wearing a white colored sweatshirt, speed turf shoes, a mask,
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gloves, and carrying a backpack near his waist. authorities believe he placed one pipe on there and the other outside the dnc building sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. on the fifth. the post reports the bombs were simply built with components including mechanical timers and switches. one witness said it looked like a common kitchen timer attached to the device. they were live and to disarms before they could explode great at the fbi says agents are using every tool in the toolbox to catch this paper, including raising the reward for information leading to his arrest to $100,000. sean? >> sean: i'd like to urge anybody, if you have any information whatsoever, please help the fbi and your country out. it rick leventhal, thanks. i've said this before, i will say it again. we immediately, instead of politicizing this, rushing to judgment, no due process, no presumption of innocence -- what we need as quickly as possible is a 9/11 commission style
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report. what went wrong at the capital, why weren't these signs picked up a question mark why wasn't there a police presence when you know hundreds of thousands of people are in town days before and they are going to march to the capital if the breach happened in 30 seconds. this can never happen again. we have to protect our institutions and every elected official. this isn't republican or democrat, this is an attack on week, the people. at the american one thing is clear, president trump will not be convicted. not only is this a shift show trial, not only is it unconstitutional, donald trump did not incite insurrection. democrats are wasting the entire country's time like they have for five years, they are wasting your money, and it's all an effort to smear donald trump into his supporters. so much for the unity that
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joe biden promised. instead of bringing americans together, he does quite the opposite. in fact, he seems perfectly content to go it alo. as of now, joe biden has signed a record of 40 executive orders and counting. by the way, he says this isn't a dictatorship. you've got to get a vote, this is a democracy. he's not trying to get to congress to get his agenda passed, he's ramming it down her throat with a stroke of a pen, altering people's lives in ways that are so damaging. according to the white house press secretary, propaganda was jen psaki, joe just loves bipartisanship. these are words, this is not true. dominic light appeared to take a look. >> i believe you're being too nice about what republicans are likely to do. >> will look, i think you take your guidance from the person you work for.
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for me, that's president biden. he starts every day thinking, i want to be able to work with democrats and republicans, and there's a reason they should work with me. our republicans now against reopening schools? are they against getting unemployment insurance checks to the american people? are they against getting vaccines in the arms of americans? >> sean: fascinating. go to the number one conspiracy theory show in the entire country where allies are spewed pretty much every night for five years. no, jan, i don't know if you've ever spoken to anyone outside of your little d.c. bubble, so let me fill you when. hardworking men and women are against prisoners -- apparently next week they are being pushed to the front of the vaccine line. if that's not america first. they are against shipping doses of the vaccine overseas to other countries before every american
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in this country has a chance to get the vaccine first. that would be -- joe biden but obviously is against putting americans first. at this is the new america last policy. they are also making russia, iran, middle eastern countries that hate us -- they are going to get rich again by respect dominic restricting american oil and gas and wiping out high paying career jobs for tens and tens of thousands of great americans with the stroke of a pen. you know, like the construction jobs at the u.s. border as well. it joe biden with an executive order halted all of that wall construction. a lot of pink slips were given out in the last week. the thousands and thousands of jobs are now gone, including jobs that pay well over 100 grand with great retirement benefits, great medical benefits. it yeah, those jobs are gone.
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it's because joe wiped them away with the stroke of a pen and killed off the keystone pipeline project. if this is not a democrat or republican issue, this is a matter of our fellow hard workig americans -- they want to put food on their table. it they need to pay their bills, they need to pay their mortgage, their brand, they need to pay their car payment and truck payment, they need to think about retirement and they need to think about their kids wanting to go to college. dozens of top democrats over the years supported the keystone pipeline project, even senator mark warner, senator tom carper, senator bob casey, congresswoman sheila jackson leave once stated, the pipeline could add 50,000 jobs to houston alone. former senator mccaskill says the pipeline is the safest and the most environmentally sound, and it also has the added benefit of creating jobs in the
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process. never mind energy independence, because when you don't have it, you weaken your homeland security. not a good idea either in a dangerous world. even another democrat senator joe manchin, we have everything to gain by building this pipeline, especially since it would help create thousands of jobs right here at home. the keystone xl is expected to create 20,000 direct jobs during construction and 118,000 indirect and spin-off jobs. despite massive bipartisan support for the pipeline, joe biden, president unity, killed the project with the stroke of his pen. now her fellow americans are scared, they are suffering, and they are in the worst job market because of the pandemic, and joe is going to legalize 11 million people that will then be in the workforce, driving wages down below where they are. joe biden has probably never had an original thought and his
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entire life, and he's controlled by his radical socialist base. make no mistake, radical socialist extreme democratic party, they never wanted unity. they don't want it. instead, they want total, complete power and control. the total control of the economy, total control over health care, total control over your paycheck. yes, they want total control over speech, news, and information. by the way, they are leading the cancel culture. at this socialist utopia, it is a nightmare. it will fail. socialism, it's got a history of roadkill and failure. whatever name, whatever manifestation over the years. in the end, promises are never fulfilled. we become poorer, and then we have to figure out how much freedom we lost in the process. it joe biden if he gets his way, coming to a neighborhood near you. here with the reaction, his first tv interview since departing the white house,
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former energy secretary rick perry. good to see you again. i'm hoping you're enjoying your retirement, i have a funny feeling you're probably working hard. >> retirement is not on my radar. >> sean: i believe that. i interviewed last night right here on this program guys that work on the pipeline. also guys that were talking about -- between the interviews i've been doing on radio and tv, these are career, high-paying, specialized, trained jobs. you are not going to replace them. 100,000 up to $250,000 a year. they just wiped out, and now will be dependent on energy again after reaching energy dependence for the first time in 75 years. this is a disaster. >> absolutely. one of the things that caught my attention when this executive
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action was john kerry piped in that these people can go over and get jobs making solar panels. well, i guess that's pretty easy said for a guy that married into his money. these folks that have to work for their paychecks, people who are out there working really, really hard to take care of their families. for someone to say, just work and some other area. number one, a lot of those solar panels are made in china. again, if you want to talk about who is the big winner out of these bite and executive orders in the energy sector? it's china. it's russia, it's iran. it just flabbergasted me to think that we've got a president of the united states that so wants to be liked by the aoc's
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of the world or think those individuals of the green new deal are somehow going to keep them in office, and to turn his back on labor union workers, people who are out there creating wealth, and i might add, sean, over the last four years the emissions, the transitioning over to national gas in getting these efficient power plants out of the mix, america was doing its part to move our emissions down. the chinese, and i would suggest india as well, are over there creating a huge amount of energy using old, inefficient, and a lot of coal power coming out of india and china.
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have to really look at, what are we doing here? what's the long term gains for america, and in the energy sector in particular. let me add this other thing. you know which state i think gets hurt worse out of this administration and these executive orders? not only the attack on fossil fuels shutting down the accell pipeline, but the executive order to stop drilling on federal lands, it's new mexico. new mexico's democrat governor -- i'd love to have her on our show to use here what she's going to say about their state's budget. it is going to be decimated. i mean, my bet is it's probably over 50% -- and may be over 60% of their total budget director
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indirectly. it comes from the oil and gas industry, particularly on those federal lands. he was on this program tonight about joe biden's executive order on stopping that drilling on federal lands -- what would his nominee for department of interior -- a new mexican citizen -- say about that? >> sean: it so sad all of these things are happening. if this will have a direct impact on your state too. i feel terrible for all the people who lost their jobs. we're not going to replace them. highly skilled, very specific skill, and we are endangering the country. it's bad for national security, we are all going to pay more, and they are not going to replace it with solar panels and wind things. you can't translate that skill to that other new business no matter how much money they throw at it. mr. secretary, you're welcome to come on in a t-shirt any time.
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show us the rugged texas spirit, which i love, as you know. >> listen, collared shirts are not required in texas. this is casual friday. >> sean: i'm all in. if i could talk my bosses into it, i would rip this stupid tie off now. thank you. i appreciate it. >> thanks for what you're doing, i think it so important for people to understand how this administration is just gunning americans, middle class americans who are working hard for their families, they are just seeing their jobs thrown away with the stroke of a pen. new mexico is really going to be impacted in an incredibly terrible way. >> sean: inc. get ready, your heating bills went up and the price you pay at the pump is going way up. they are not going to replace those jobs. governor, thank you, good to see you. coming up after the break, trumps estate lawyer, kevin
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kleinsmith gets a mere slap on the wrist for his role in the largest abusive power corruption scandal in american history. we don't have equal justice or application of our laws. it's sad, but true. we will bring you the latest on this rampant biden corruption syndicate. gregg jarrett, peter schweizer coming up. coming up. this is a busy news breaking these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the services of the post office plus ups only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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in about a minute. get started today.
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to $100,000. if i'm rick leventhal, back to "hannity." >> sean: developing this friday night, we are learning now that kevin kleinsmith the corrupt anti-trump resistance lawyer caught altering evidence in the carter page pfizer warrant is only going to get probation after pleading guilty in the derm probe. did nothing but a slap on the wrist from swamp.
1:26 am
despite his role in the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in american history, here to break this -- fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. i mean, when you compare roger stone and manna fort and papadopoulos and general clint, roger stone, 20 guys, cnn cameras, lying to congress, horwitz refers, top fbi doj people, makes referrals against them for the same thing. and nothing happens. where is he? nothing happens. all this time, follow the horwitz report. now, this guy the one guilty case we've got, nothing but a slap on the wrist and the judge is a special pleader. >> sadly, shawna, our system of justice is painted with
1:27 am
political bias. the actions of judge james botsford today in the kevin kleinsmith case proves it. this is a god, kleinsmith, who lied to the government, lied to the fisa court, altered critical documents, and wrongfully implicated in the innocent man, carter page. he escapes with no prison time. it's a two-tiered system of justice. all you have to do is look at the appalling conduct of those surrounding general michael flynn, an innocent man who was falsely accused, wrongfully prosecuted, and a judge in that case that wanted to throw the book at him. yet, kleinsmith gets the kumbaya treatment. it's a two-tier system of justice. the reasoning divide all logic and common sense. mr. kleinsmith has suffered enough because he lost his job. he found himself standing in the
1:28 am
eye of the media hurricane. wait a minute, so suddenly kleinsmith is a victim because he lost his job in the media accurately reporting that he falsified evidence and lied? if that's the standard, then anybody the media reports on should absolutely escape. at the other part of the equation that really makes no sense is he doesn't seem to understand the gravity of what kleinsmith did. by altering that document and flying to the government in the fisa court, he helped the fbi enable james comey to propagate and pursue the russia hoax, and to the media to push a false narrative. it cost american taxpayers $30 million and a special counsel investigation. it not cementing, doing enormous damage to a presidency. i tend to think that clarence darrow was right when he said the laws they did a dirty
1:29 am
business is no justice an end dominic or out of court. those judges should have been outraged because he presides over the fisa court, and he has held to no one, not james comey, rod rosenstein or kevin kleinsmith incremental content of court for perjury. and fraud and can seriously dominic, conspiracy when they lied to the judges. it's no wonder that americans have little faith or confidence in our system of justice today proved it. you and i can say sadly equal justice, equal application of our laws, it doesn't exist any longer in the country. if that goes away, mark levin's proclamation, this is a post-constitutional america, holds true, and it's getting worse. sad today. thank you. if we are also learning tonight
1:30 am
that even joe biden himself is worried about his family while foreign syndicate trying to cash in on his name and status reportedly telling his brother during the campaign, for sake, his words, watch yourself. referencing the family's business dealings. it doesn't look like frank out the message. he appeared in inauguration day ad for florida law firm that he joined as a nonattorney senior advisor. his expertise is really needed. meanwhile, we are also learning tonight zero experience hunter biden continues to hold a stake in the chinese private equity firm despite reports that he's planning to divest. whatever reason, they don't like to call us back. here with every action, he broke this in january of 2018, author of profiles and corruption, and
1:31 am
of course secret empires, we welcome back peter schweitzer. it you through this whole thing, and you look at the grassley report, do you dig deeper into your book, because you have this all in the beginning. you've got wire transfers from russian oligarchs, cosmic oligarchs, chinese national shopping sprees you got the whole brie smoke quid pro quo's, no experience, you got 1.5 billion bank of china. he said on "good morning america," never got a penny from china. explain why that was really a lie. >> yeah, it's a complete and total lie on a number of levels. first of all, you mention the equity stake in bhr, estimates from some people at the university of chicago is that that stake is worth tens of millions of dollars. you had almost $5 million and chinese money transferred from
1:32 am
cfc, a military connected energy company sends 200 writing. it you have the shopping spree, this is what america has to recognize. this corruption has been a way of life or the bidens for decades. it's not just hunter, it's not just frank, it's the biden five. it includes five new members of the methods and approaches and they circle around joe biden like moons around a planet and they cash in off of what he does. the recent report about joe admonishing his brother, two things stand out, it seems kind of precanned. it seems like they are trying to leak the fact that joe is concerned about this, even though the family has been doing this for decades. second of all, notice what joe biden actually tells his brother. what he says is, watch what you are doing, you don't want to get hurt. there is no mention of how this
1:33 am
is corrupt, how this is going to look bad, how this is going to affect the country, how it might create bad perceptions. there's none son at. the focus is on the family and family members getting hurt. it's going to be business as usual. this is going to continue, they might be more subtle about it, but they will continue to engage in this kind of behavior until they are held into account. >> sean: i don't really see it happening. it would be somewhat big detected with the laptop of hunter biden. i know you are in a way or that i interviewed the computer repair shop owner. he confirmed a lot of what had already been reported by you and mr. bob linsky. in fact, joe says i have no knowledge of my sons business dealings, but not only have we confirmed through the laptop, but we've been able to corroborate that elsewhere. correct? >> he did know. absolutely.
1:34 am
it hunter biden is traveling with his father on air force to to beijing, china, for example, as he's closing a deal with the private equity firm. are they really suggesting on that 16 hour flight across the pacific on air force to joe never asked his son, what are you going to be doing in china? or he didn't know in advance. this is a family that has empathized for decades. i think it's true that they are very close, they are very tight, and they talk all the time. you can't say that for decades and suddenly when it comes to these business deals say that there is no contact. >> sean: great work as a way. after botching his covid response, lying about the number of deaths, his fatal nursing home go to order because, governor cuomo refusing to take responsibility. but let's just deny the whole truth, when in doubt, and let's blame trump. the media's giving him a pass.
1:35 am
more bias from a corrupt media establishment of institutional corruption. we will discuss the ongoing david versus goliath wall street brawl, the wolf of wall street. you've seen the movovovovov
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♪ piano playing ♪ ♪ “what the world needs now” ♪ the only thing a disaster can't destroy is hope help now at ♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight we continue to follow the david versus goliath brawl on wall street, david was winning, by the way gamestop surged again today after trading was resumed following freezes by apps like robinhood and many others. it just breaking tonight, the texas attorney general in paxton's launched an investigation into those companies that did suspend trading. as we have explained, a group of
1:40 am
retail investors banded together and bought gamestop, ansi, blackberry, and others. then forcing major wall street hedge funds who like to sell short, heavily shorting these stocks, which by the way historically can hurt companies, to buy up shares and to try to cover their losses. it's something called a short squeeze, ultimately costing them billions. it's being framed by many as a full-fledged populist uprising against financial power centers. it is raising concerns about dangerous pump and dump schemes like that which was chronicled in the 2013 film the wolf of wall street. joining is now the man who inspired this movie, former stockbroker and author and motivational speaker jordan bell for is because we are to sell me this pun. it's only that pen. >>
1:41 am
-- i'm not a fan of leonardo dicaprio, he is a good actor, but how accurate was that portrayal of you? was that you? >> is very accurate. to some of things that were changed, this timeline of things, for the most part it was very accurate, sean. it's scary to say. the one we do know these hedgefunds, you watch your port, shorting as a part of the system, it's actually a part of the check and balances. i can have a negative effect of hurting companies in pretty profound ways. these hedge funds, they are making billions. i really like with this independent group ameritrade robin hood people, they got together, they said, you know what? we are going to stick it to them because we know what the game is, and we know how invested
1:42 am
they are in shorting these stocks. i kind of like it. now, robin hood comes in yesterday, you couldn't buy, you couldn't sell off what you had. you think that there are crimes here. on whose part, and what do you think of the hedge fund guys crying to mommy and daddy -- a.k.a. the government -- to step in and protect their monopoly. >> it's laughable. after they do this every single day on a daily basis, manipulate stocks, block out the small investor peter let me be clear. shorting is a normal part of the healthy stock market. that's not what was going on. there are different state atomic types of short-sellers that attack companies and get overly short, ridiculously short, and that's what you are seeing happening. shorting is necessary because it checks the market.
1:43 am
what you saw here is a shorter's who are manipulating the stock downward to drive it out of business. it happens all the time. if they are very devious how they do it. if they plant articles, they start investigations, that's what happens. that's the shorting that needs to stop it in this case, the little guy, which is incredible to see, i was able to get enough buying power to overcome these shorts and reversed and create this incredible short squeeze. people now and need to go to jail. you shut on this trading, if it turns down the shutdown trading trading at the behest of funds saying, you need to slow down the buying, the level of criminality there is unprecedented. >> sean: i have a question about this. is there a chance they stop -- again, you could sell off what you had but you could imbibe. is there a chance they did it because you and i both know this thing in all likelihood is going
1:44 am
to go crashing down. if they come back to earth sooner or later, -- >> i guarantee. >> sean: did they may be make the decision -- possibly -- it could be the reason you state -- they colluded with the hedgefunds. it did they know that people who buy in at this high number, 400 or 300 were going to lose money and maybe they could have just put a warning -- warning, this stock is likely going to dive down fast. they could have done that instead. did you think they might've done it from buying in at this high price? >> i don't think that was it. i think it was a combination of number one, they were getting pressure from the big funds to shut this down so people could eliminate or at least reduce losses. another factor here is that robin hood didn't have and it does still have massive exposure because when this thing does unravel, very often is the
1:45 am
brokerage firms get caught holding the bag for all of these unclaimed losses. people lose more than they have been their account, and it could drive someone out of business. my first instinct when i heard was, okay, i get it. if they down trading. they should have increased the margin, it would've been a much smarter way to do that. you could have slowed things down like that. to stop trading altogether, that was a sign that there is something a bit more nefarious going on here. i believe now that i looked at the whole thing, they were under pressure to stop trading on the upside and i think by the way, these shorts are still short, so it's not over yet. that's why they shut it down. they could've just slowed down -- by increasing margins meeting less borrowing ability, that would've done the same thing. >> and i love what the guys did. i really do. i like the little guy fighting back. all right, jordan, thank you.
1:46 am
coming up, andrew cuomo still refusing to take responsibility for the growing nursing home scandal. is there any legal liability, we will show you the tape, next. history also destroyed the lives of thousands of jewish survivors still suffering today. god calls on people who believe in him to act on his word. "comfort ye, comfort my people." when i come here and i sit with lilia i realize what she needs right now is food. these elderly jews are weak and they're sick. they're living on $2 a day which is impossible. this now, is how god's children are living. take this time to send a survival food box
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♪ ♪ >> sean: new york governor andrew cuomo still refusing to take any responsibility admit what now looks like a full blown coverup and scandal covid nursing home that's in new york state. a part of his response when asked about the findings from the democratic state attorney general in new york that they under reported deaths by as much as 50%. take a look. >> what i would say is everyone
1:51 am
did the best they could. if you think there was a mistake, then go talk to the federal government. it's not about pointing fingers or blame, it is that this became a political football. whether a person died in a hospital or died in a nursing home, people died. >> sean: the governor again, he keeps blaming other beer to governor cuomo needs to take responsibility for his failures and inactions. the sad part is, the field hospitals, the navy ship, thousands and thousands of beds -- they were built, they were sent, they were converted to covid-19. he stocked with personnel, manned by president trump. he was stocked with ppe, every ventilator they could ever need, along the javits and or everywhere else. a 75% of those beds remained empty. if there was a place to send
1:52 am
them and people to take care of them that were provided to new york. all the help was provided. it's beyond comprehension why it was not utilize. he said, everyone makes mistakes. ask the federal government. no, this was your call. that wasn't donald trump's call, he did everything in his power to bail new york out and did a great job of that. all you do is criticize him and the mob, the media, they are just playing outright defense of all things of a democratic cover-up and a full-blown scandal surrounding what happened in new york state and these nursing home dust. at two major networks it didn't even touch of the story. cnn called it less than stellar. can you imagine a headline like that if this was donald trump at the governor? any other republican government, governor question rick divided white house refused to offer any strong words of condemnation ofa
1:53 am
undeniable reality that this order in new york state last year, yes, it cost lives that could have been saved. jen psaki's response when pressed by kristin fisher -- >> the new york attorney general released a report saying the state undercounted the number of covid desk by as much as 50% in nursing homes. would president biden supports a federal investigation into what happened in governor andrew cuomo's role? >> i've seen those reports. i would say any investigation i would point to the department of justice. >> does the white house think it should be looked into further questioning >> again, any investigation would be led by the department of justice. they are independent, and they will determine what path they take moving forward. the one media reporter for the hill, joe concha. i like the standard, what would the media do if it was
1:54 am
donald trump? i suspect a very different reaction. >> sean i would even go apples to apples even more. what if it was kristi noem the governor of south dakota, a republican, or the governor of florida, republican. ron desantis, whatever could drupal of aaaa's, that would be the media coverage that you would be seeing tonight as far of investigation of the attorney general investigating governor cuomo was won an emmy, by the way. he deserves a grammy for the notes he was singing at that press conference today. as you mention, this quote blew me away. he blamed adderall guidance on his health department undercounting of nursing home does. if you think there is a mistake, go to the federal government. he says in the same breath, it's not about pointing fingers or blame. everybody watching this tv is dumber for having heard that because this is somebody
1:55 am
clearly -- the hubris is not taking responsibility for this. all the people now that are surprised by what they are hearing as far as what went on in terms of this order to the covid positive nursing patients like taking a blowtorch to guide dominic dried grass. this is the first time they are hearing it, of course it is spirited for ten months you have reporters, anchors, hosts, not even approaching this topic during interviews. forget tee ball or softball questions, it's almost as if there is an arrangement beforehand. sure enough, it reared its ugly head again and the governor was never held accountable. never held accountable. hopefully he is now for these folks don't have time to go to the post office they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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domestic terrorists. domestic terrorists. >> sean: th we have left this evening? >> thank you for being with us. you make it possible. we hope you set your dvr so you
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never miss an episode. we are not the media mob. we will give the news they will never give you. we will tell you the truth. have a great weekend. we will see you especially when there are a whole bunch of other stocks they are looking at. it tomorrow ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, i'm jesse watters, along with juan williams, casey babbage, greg gutfeld, and gillian turner. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ new york governor andrew cuomo showing little remorse, taking little responsibility and saying "who cares?" the governor answering questions, got called out by his own state's democratic ag. the ag releasing a report, showing that new york underreported nursing home