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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 30, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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funny, that's not what i wanted. i wanted a waltz on there. anyway, i guess that was vetoed. at 15 seconds, katie, can you do it? ♪ ♪ me and my gang ♪ we live to ride ♪ we ride to live ♪ me and my gang ♪ ♪ pete: we are not easing into this show that will wake you up. straight to us on camera. hello, my name is pete hegseth. that is jedediah bila and that is will cain. we are really glad you are here on thissian 30th, year of our lord 2021. guys, if we were predicting this week. i are might have been able to predict that we are going to talk about executive action because joe biden has done a ton of them. going to predict talking about
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covid-19. i would have not predicted we were ifing to talk about game stop last weekend. will: no. that's a surprise. don't let that fool you. it's a massive story. pete: it is. will: massively interesting jedediah, we will be diving into that today as well as the governor of new york whose victory tour has been interrupted, jedediah. jedediah: yes, we're going to begin with andrew cuomo, our favorite governor because there was a scathing report that was delivered this week. many of you have seen it already with respect to nursing homes. that came from the attorney general from latisha james, also a democrat, porpoise to know right from the start who came out and said that nursing home deaths were actually under counted potentially by as much as 50%. you heard that right. check out the cover of the "new york post" which reads "who cares? they died." let's look at some of the stats on that. nursing home deaths 8952. the ag nursing home
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investigation ag under counted nursing home deaths as much as 50%. lack of compliance nursing homes. insufficient ppe, covid-19 testing put resident at risk. now, we have been covering this in great detail. our friend janice dean has done some great work in exposing the flaws in terms of governor cuomo's leadership or lack thereof. it's been horrific to see. i think we are also in just a few seconds going to get his reaction, guys. what's your initial take on what was disclosed this week? pretty big number. 50%? that's no small number. pete: yeah this attorney general is a democrat. that number we put up, that 895 number. that is the official number. according to the attorney general, that number could be north of 13,000. so it's a much, much larger number. headlines like this, who cares? they died. the backlash is real to that statement. because this is a guy who made his name with these televised
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performances early on in covid. i'm the man at the helm. here is our strategy. i'm going to shoot straight with you. we are going to will to the facts. just the data. well, if you are following fact and data, then who cares they died really does matter. how they died matters. it's how you make decisions going forward. with will like a line out of sopranos whether they died in a hospital or nursing home. who cares they died. whether or not they were whacked. what's done is done who cares. they died. the governor sounding like tony soprano. pete: use the war battling covid. like my platoon leader they sent my guys to war they died. who cares they went to war, right? the insanity of the statement is -- so he tried to defend it even more yesterday because he is under a lot of scrutiny finally about this terrible policy decision. here is governor cuomo attempting to rationalize the idea that he decided to put
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covid-infected patients in nursing homes. >> where this starts is, frankly, a political attack from prior federal administration hhs. if you think there was a mistake, then go talk to the federal government. it's not about pointing fingers or blame. it's that this became a political football. the report also says the information from nursing homes is often incorrect. it doesn't mean people didn't die and it doesn't mean people won't die today. that is the curse of covid. why covid? why did god do this? i don't know. but who cares? 33, 2 8 tied in the hospital. died in the nursing home. they died. will: you just saw a man having an allergic reaction. allergic reaction to responsibility. you notice how that went. maybe it's god's fault. pete: he blamed god.
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will: the trump administration is potentially at blame as well. now this number suggests no, governor, the responsibility lies with you, hey, blame, it's a political football let's move on. most by the way in the media were happy to accept his invitation. this is the coverage andrew cuomo's nursing home order and the responding increase in death has received on your broadcast news network. 0, 0, 59. abc and nbc not finding it news worthy. cbs giving it just shy of one minute of coverage when it comes to the responsibility now that his own democratic party in the state of new york is laying at his feet. pete: it's unbelievable couldn't lay it at anybody else's feet. jedediah: yeah. and i think what's interesting to me always here is he gets a pass. other people do not get a pass. i think bill de blasio does not get a pass. even gavin newsom is starting to take a lot of heat for his lack of leadership in california. i think the difference here
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is -- and we talk about the occult personality a lot. media types will take out his leadership and role they like him. they think he is a nice guy and he is fun. sense of humor and new york attitude. he gets a pass on a lot of things. he stunt have to own up and take spunsability. that's the one thing you didn't see in that clip. there is no responsibility being taken by him at all. like you said, it's everyone else's fault and he has gotten a pass on many other politicians. important to note, like we said, the a.g. is a doctorate. so what is he talking about about a political football? this is a football saying these numbers are not accurate. and basically saying to him you are part of the reason why. explain yourself. and he's not doing it. take a look back at some of the media praise of cuomo's fantastic leadership on this issue. >> new york's andrew cuomo has become an outspoken voice in this crisis with his blunt and sobering assessment. >> you were there for us and i
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go oh, you were smart and honest. >> you exposed a lot of your own vulnerability. >> the topic about you is your love life. >> you have been commended for your clear and calm relationship. >> congratulations, andrew, on your much deserved founder's award. >> you and your brother chris tied as the most desirable men in new york. >> is it true that this was the swab that the nurse was actually using? in scale this was the actual swab that was being used. >> that was going to be nice and sweet. >> i just want a yes, no. pete: that is actual media coverage. eli lake who is a columnist for bloomberg not a conservative but a fair-minded guy tweeted this. sort of putting a good point on all that kind of fawning coverage i think it's safe to say at this point that governor cuomo conned the national media on covid leadership. he made a horrendous decision on nursing homes and then covered it up on the death counts.
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shame on him. but also shame on the journalists who couldn't stop swooning, it's true. talk about blame in that clip that we played. this is andrew cuomo in october of 2020. i hold donald trump responsible for every death in new york state from covid because trump lied. he held trump responsible for every death in new york state. he turns around and says who am i supposed to blame? god? mother nature? i don't know. he also wrote a book on, this guys, you will recall october of 2020. american crisis, american leadership lessons from covid-19. imagine if he spent one iota of the time analyzing the data as opposed to editing copies because you know he didn't write it himself. we might not be in this place. the numbers are easy to manipulate. what do you count? in the nursing home? leave? were you there? were you infected there? that leaves skepticism for all of us when you say follow the facts, just the data. follow the science. what if all the data could be manipulated too, then i could be
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manipulated. will: only bone i would pick with eli lake in that wonderful tweet. the media wasn't conned by cuomo. they were in on the con. part of the propaganda machine. many people conned. many of which walking around the streets of new york who still think that andrew cuomo did a great job and ron desantis in florida somehow mismanaged this pandemic. they believed the exact opposite of the truth. now we need to move to another major story we are following this morning. game stop trading pete mentioned earlier. wreaking havoc on the stock market. the dow alone dropping 600 points. laura blanchard in washington as the white house avoids saying whether it will take any action. >> wall street and main street still trying to make sense of this whole story. friday all three indices suffered their worst day since october. it predicting $19 billion in short sell or losses as of yesterday morning. robinhood, along with other trading apps under fire for halting trades on game stop and other volatile stocks while big hedge funds were tree to
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continue buying and selling. president biden and the white house have dodged questions on whether the government will step in, telling reporters basically talk to the sec. >> they are closely monitoring the situation. but it's under their pursue at this point in time. and i guess part of our education can be conveying to people that the sec is the regulatory body that would oversee this and can speak to it further. >> the so-called little guy is also up against big tech, some of which have shut down chat rooms about wrote's wild ride and google is reported to have removed 100,000 negative reviews for robinhood. >> i don't want to do anything to damage the opportunity of individual folks, middle income, blue collar folks to be able to participate in a big wealth generating machine which is historically what the stock market has been. >> senator elizabeth warren wrote a letter to the sec. she said the whole situation shows investors big and small
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are treating the stock market like a casino. jed, will, pete? will: all right. thanks, lauren. pete, you giggled in the middle of that report at something that absolutely caught my eye as well. if you want to believe -- if you want to understand how interconnected the system is, meaning those in power, financial, media political, how interconnected all of these interests are, just look at the note that google took down 100,000 negative reviews of robinhood in the last couple of days. it was a four star company on google review going into this news cycle, going into this event. it hadline reduced to a one star company. people obviously righteously very upset with robinhood shutting down their ability to trade. and google doesn't want others to know about it. it took down those negative reviews. the whole system is interconnected. jedediah: yeah. and i think it's breaking down into people are feel like it's those who have power and those who don't. and you know big tech is part of
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that. it's been a conversation we have been having for some time about power and influence. hedge fund managers and people out there not in those positions financially or otherwise to have that kind of clout are saying well, can they just overtake the entire system and dictate everything? now it's not just influence and censorship but it's financials that are getting involved. it's getting pretty intense the division here. and people are feeling like they don't know what to do. they have no recourse. what could you do in a situation like this when certain trades are suddenly blocked for regular people. this was a really fascinating story to watch unfold. dave portnoy who has certainly done a lot for the business community around the country, we have been covering that in great detail, he talked about it on "fox & friends" on friday on this robinhood trading and pointed out some of the things he found most egregious. take a listen. >> given the example of in the history of the stock market where you actively just say to certain stocks hey, you can only sell them. you can't buy them. there is no confusion on what
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that would do to those stocks. it would crash the price. and that's exactly what they did. and the people holding those stocks were the reddit people who is every day people. it was normal 9 to 5 people who put their hard earned money into stocks because they are internet and they were aware of it. and they got cheated. these are people new to the stock market and they got flat out cheed and robbed in plain sight to protect hedge funds. that's what happened. there is no other explanation. pete: yeah, absolutely. the revenge of the retailers who are not supposed to have that much power. the reason i giggle at the fooling review thing. 100 people don't like what robinhood did to them. they told google about it. equal to said sorry your opinion doesn't exist. it's such a sham. good for all these redditers who took them off on hopefully there is a bunch of investigations and back door deals that exposed hedge fund system. we learn more we will bring it to you. still ahead, president biden signing off on a long list of executive orders on his first 10
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days in office. including killing the keystone pipeline and tens of thousands of american jobs. hear from a pipeline worker with 40 years of experience who is now worried about the future of the industry and rightfully so, after the break. ♪ i need the dollars, dollars, dollars, ♪ that's what i need ♪ hey, hey ♪ i need the dollars, dollars, ♪ dollars, that's what i need ♪ hey hey ♪ when you drive this smooth, you save with allstate the future of auto insurance is here you've never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today ♪♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can become your big moment.
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it's time for sleep number's january sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring... exactly. no problem. ...and done. and now, save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. pete: 11,000 jobs how familiar jobs joe biden signed away kill the keystone pipeline. will: he remember of 798, one of the four members whose members are now out of work. jedediah: he has been a welder for 40 years and says the white house's promise of new jobs is ludicrous. foreman billie burns joins us now. thank you for joining the show. we appreciate you being here. your union had a contract, as i
3:18 am
understand it, to do all of the welding on this project or at least a large portion of the welding on the project. what is the impact of this decision with respect to the keystone pipeline from the biden administration? >> this job was the mass of work this year. you prepare for these projects. and one gets the rug yanked out from under it. you have nothing for that year or next two years because we make plans to do this particular work and it is many million man hours that go into this project, and it pretty much kills everything we have going for the year or the next two years. pete: billy, does that mean everything stops. the work is done, contracts are done? is there any residual? is there any recourse? >> well, you know, a lot of the work we have been doing for the last few years have been crude oil.
3:19 am
it seems like crude oil is under attack. we feel our livelihood is under attack. and we knew that biden was going to go after the fossil fuels and that's really a bad day for the pipeliners local 798. we depend on that oil and moving to keep our livelihood going, oil and gas. but oil in particular the last couple of years has been very -- very big percentage of the work we have done. will: take a look at the projected jobs before constructioning 11,000 anticipated jobs. 8,000 of those union workers employed. 1.6 billion-dollar in expected growth wages. quickly on the mechanics on this. i'm curious the how many factor. you expect those jobs to be coming over the next year or two. you expect that money or wages to be come in. the contract get yanked out. you have to call your union members. you have to tell them hey, it turns out you are going to be
3:20 am
unemployed it turns out for the next two years. how does that work? >> well, it really hurts our benefit and stuff at our union hall. we have our own pension plans and healthcare. and the workers i mean, the union are doing -- our unions are doing a great job. we are doing great for the last several years. and this upcoming work, this keystone has been put off, you know, for about 10 years. and it's -- this year it came -- we were ready. we are actually working on it right now or have been. you know, a few -- not a few workers. several thousand workers got laid off recently. that was the early on progress that was taking place and we were going in to lay the main line. some of it has already been laid. it's in the ground right now already. and we were ready to go after it. will: joe biden has said don't worry, i think it's john kerry who said you guys can learn how to install solar panels. you got that going for you, i guess. >> yeah, solar panels, that's
3:21 am
probably not going to work for us. it takes us years and years to learn this trade and we start from our early ages and all of this, you know. and it's a family. it's a family thing. we have many great families that travel around and take care of these projects. we go into these cities and towns and boost their economies. i mean, we have saved businesses sometimes we will go into town and the hundreds of people, thousands of people come into these towns, small communities and we have left at the end of the jobs and businesses have told us, man you saved our. pete: i believe that. >> you saved our businesses. jedediah: billy, are thank you so much for joining us and sharing this. obviously, this is an issue we are following very closely. we appreciate having you today. thanks so much. >> thank you so much. jedediah: coming up governor cuomo not too concerned after revealed nursing home deaths in his state may have been vastly under reported. >> but who cares, 33, 28 died in
3:22 am
the hospital, died in the nursing home. they died. jedediah: our next guest lost their father to covid-19 inside a new york nursing home. their message to the governor. that's next. re-entering data that employees could enter themselves? that's why i get up in the morning! i have a secret method for remembering all my hr passwords. my boss doesn't remember approving my time off. let's just... find that email.
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♪ ♪ jedediah: we are pack with some quick headlines. a police officer killed during the violence on capitol hill will lie in honor in the rotunda. officer brian sicknick died when he was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. he will lie in state before being buried in allergy top national cemetery. he helped save lives, defend the temple of our democracy and ensure that the congress was not diverted from our duty to the
3:26 am
constitution. sicknick will be the third capitol hill officer to lie in the capitol rotunda. black lives matter is nominated for the 2021 nobel peace prize. a norwegian lawmaker nominating the movement for, quote, raising global awareness and consciousness about racial injustice. the lawmaker brushed off the violence during the summer riots writing, in part, there have been incidents but most of them caused by the activities of either the police or the counter protesters. the winner announced in october. over to you, will. will: thanks, jedediah. new york governor an draw cuomo brushes off the state's attorney general's report showing nursing home deaths were under reported by up to 50%. >> everyone did the best they could. the state department of health followed federal guidance. so, if you think there was a mistake, then go talk to the federal government. it's not about pointing fingers or blame. it's that this became a political football.
3:27 am
but who cares, 33, 28 died in the hospital, died in the nursing home, they died. will: who cares? i know some people who might. next guest lost their 8 the-year-old father to the will -- they organized a mock funeral for cuomo's leadership and integrity. this morning daniel and peter join with response to his flippant remarks. daniel, thanks for being with us this morning. before we get to your response, andrew cuomo, will you share with me the story of your father, how he got sick and where he got sick and how this nursing home order affected your family? >> absolutely. my father was a vivacious man working healthy with this facility. he had gotten sick. several things had hit him at once, unfortunately. and he was between the hospital
3:28 am
and rehab getting better to come home. and the last time he was put in the rehab center, we were very active in his care. we were very close as a family, thankfully. a couple days before the march 25th order the administration came to us and says you have to take your father home. he said the governor was forcing them to take covid patients. and i was stunned, right? we knew what happened in washington state. we knew that any pandemic plan protects the most vulnerable. and we were stunned. but we said okay, it took us, unfortunately, a couple of days because of negligence in the hospital and staffing shortages everywhere to get him home. he had to have a procedure. once he had that procedure, we brought him home. unfortunately, right before we brought him home, he had gotten this low grade on and off fever.
3:29 am
and we knew that that was an indication of covid. we brought him home, we loved him as best we could and a few days later he died of covid. will: i'm so sorry to hear it. your father is one of the number of new york nursing home rehab residents whose death was not coded as a covid death. now the new york attorney general has gone through and said that's incorrect. here's what they said that new york under counted nursing home death by as much as 50%. a lack of compliance by nursing homes increased deaths and it included insufficient ppe, coast covid-19 testing put. when you hear cuomo say who cares how and where they died? your response? >> my response is that the governor's press conference yesterday was pretty awful. and he did not take responsibility.
3:30 am
and i would say as a democrat, i want to tell governor cuomo to stop blaming trump for his own administration's lies. they lied then, they are still lying now. and he is defending a lie. i was called a right wing republican operative because i made this sign behind us and we had a mock funeral. we knew the numbers were wrong. we knew they miscounted and every day he went and said how low the nursing home deaths were compared to the rest of the country. it was a lie. we knew when he wrote his book and the numbers that he put in his book were a lie. and all we want is the truth. the truth is the truth. but the truth is that the governor does lie. it's official. he needs to nit his mistakes and it's not really believable to think that the governor, governor cuomo, defended the march 25th order as a directive
3:31 am
from the trump administration and he defended it for six weeks. then when he rescinded the order, he lied for an additional 10 months. this is just about what the numbers are. it's about what the truth is. it's about government transparency. we need transparency. we need humility, we needed empathy. we needed an apology. my brother and i have been on national television four times asking for an apology. and as of yesterday, he is directing me as a democrat to call trump and ask for an apology for his order. it makes no sense to me and i think it's a sad day for the democratic party in new york. will: well, daniel, peter, we are obviously very sorry for your loss. appreciate your pursuit of the truth. and we will see if that apology is forthcoming. daniel and peter, thank you for your time and your story this morning. will: thank you. >> thank you. will: coming up the dow tumbled over 600 points with indexes
3:32 am
worse woke ever in the fallout of the robinhood trading scandal. will biden administration still staying silent on the trading. will what happens next? we will discuss after the break. ♪ ♪ unlimited mileage warranty. or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through march 1st. shop online or drop by your local dealer today.
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will: now to the story shaking up wall street, main street and big tech world.
3:36 am
social media traders say their chat rooms were disabled by sites like facebook and google reportedly removed negative reviews for robinhood. pete: you are not allowed to talk about it. meanwhile the game stock stop stock scandal wreaking havoc on the stock market. jedediah: as our next guest warns taking on the trading game can be risky. break down what you need to know. make, obviously this story has had a lot of intricacies and twists and turns. what are the big takeaways for you? >> good morning. i think there is so much more to this story. but really it's not for me about the hedge funds and it's not so much about the brokerage firms like the robinhood. it's really about the individual people at home who are watching this huge move over the course of the last few weeks. and hearing about people who are turning $10,000 into $500,000 and they are now rushing in to names like game stop and a lot of times that doesn't end well. so i think for the retail
3:37 am
investor, are i would rather see them investing and not trying to become traders or at a traders. if you remember about 20 years ago that ended with the tech bubble bursting. i think it's really great to hear many so of the stories and hear people making money but you want people to not end up getting caught holding the bag. will: somebody is going to get caught holding the bag. somebody will lose money. don't you think that a little bit undercuts what people understand about the current situation? in other words, many people jumping in understand this is untethered to the actual value of the company. and they are trying to send a message to hung funds, in other words it's not just for most of these retail trader as get rich quick scheme. it's sending a message to wall street. >> i think maybe it starts that way. but i push back a little bit because when these people are putting the money into their trading accounts, i think the big messaging goes away and they are trying to make money. a lot of these -- pay off student loans or pay off a
3:38 am
mortgage or buy a house. i think it's great to get a message across to wall street that the little guy is standing up for himself. i think that messaging is coming from a different place. i think ultimately the people who are in there and that are really moving the markets are there for the same reason that the wall street guys are there. and that's to make money. pete: we will see whether or not it's a good financial move. when you hear that big tech is shutting down chat rooms in places where is there anything illegal about having a chat room and talking about what stocks you might want to buy? why would they shut those down? >> you know, i think what they are trying to do is just limit their liability from, again, they are in the business of making money. so they want to make sure that nobody is using their platform as a way to, you know, pump up a stock and then be -- maybe potentially have liability for it. but i think, you know, it leads to censorship that's coming in from the big tech companies. and, you know, people are in favor of it maybe or some people were when that censorship was
3:39 am
aimed at president trump. but now if it's aimed at a robinhood or aimed at someone else, they don't like it. i hate the idea of any sort of censorship from big tech and i'm a big believer in big tech. i'm an owner of big tech. i think they are innovating and great place to up vest. i don't want to see them overstep their boundaries either. any sort of censorship from the sites is bad. will: all right, mike. of we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. will: turning now to your headlines kevin clinesmith sentenced to 12 month probation and 400 hours of community service. clip smith pleaded guilty to making false statements to special counsel john durham investigation trump russia probe. wanted him to serve jail time. they said he offer suffered by losing his job. pete: ha islam he changed the email. oh my gosh. will: when it comes to code social distancing bubbles two recent flamg concert take the
3:40 am
cake. 100 capsules fitting up to three people each were front and center for the group's live performance last weekend. the band organized the socially distanced space bubble concert to keep the event safe but fun. concert goers were able to dance and listen to music with the speaker in each bubble. pete: that's the worst thing i have ever seen. will. will: unlikely friendship goes viral 4-year-old boy and baby dear. this photo posted plaining her son dominic went outside to play and came back with a fawn by his side. family vacation in home state of virginia. the moment capturing hearts online saying he has a gift. and those are your headlines. that is pretty awesome. kid just walked up with a fawn. pete: i'm thinking someone who lived there before them had been feeding the fawn. no special relationship there. jedediah: i have parents who feed all the animals in the
3:41 am
neighborhood and sometimes the neighbors don't love. that is like cats, dogs, all sorts of furry creatures come to our area. so you may be right about that one. what an adorable kid. wow, kids and animals are such a cute combo. will: be careful though, that deer will give you chronic wasting disease. jedediah: that's true, they also carry ticks, i learned that the hard way. rick reichmuth, do you have a deer or not? rick: i was thinking lyme disease is all i was thinking when i saw that one. jedediah: been there. pete: they poop in your lawn. rick: then there is that. is it cold enough this weekend? >> yeah. rick: it's really cold. areas of the northeast. windy along with that the wind chill making everybody this morning feel like the single digits at least feels like 6 in new york. feels like minus 8 right now as you are waking up in boston. 13 in minneapolis. we are colder across areas of the east coast than we are in places across parts of the far
3:42 am
northern plains. an okay day today across parts of the east coast. we have a lot of activity going on, if if you have seen everything that's happened this week with the moisture into california. incredible amounts of rain and snow. that system now moving here across parts of the central plains and this is going to be a slow moving system. a lot of rain and a lot of snow. meanwhile areas of southern california and the southwest getting a little bit of a break. we have warm moisture coming in four to five days but we will take a little break. here is how this plays out today and tomorrow. snow through places chicago down through pittsburgh, d.c. maybe around 6 inches of snow why the time this is done. cold air already in place means eventually by monday we start to see the snow moving in across parts of the northeast. all right, guys, back to you. will: favorite weather report ever yeah it's really cold. jedediah: rick, it's cold. pete: you said you are welcome for nice weather. can't take credit for the nice weather and don't own the bad weather too. don't be the governor cuomo of
3:43 am
weather casters. rick: love the cold weather you are welcome for you people that love the cold weather. pete: there are a few out there. it. jedediah: thanks, rick. pete: the many biden administration doing more to help illegal immigrant in the u.s. one lawmaker wants to help american citizens by letting the victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants sue the sanctuary cities where it happened. that congressman ted budd joins us live next. ♪me . ♪ ♪ because it's time. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ ♪ time for grilled cheese. ♪ your journey requires liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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3:46 am
crimes committed by illegal imgrants to sue the sanctuary cities where that crime occurred. our next guest calls it a matter of simple public safety. and bill's sponsor congressman tim budd joins us now. thank you so much for being here. explain to our audience what
3:47 am
your bill would do. >> the main point is if you enforce the law, then you prevent tragedy he is. the bottom line is lawlessness leads to tragedy and that's not acceptable. crimes committed by illegal immigrants to sue the jurisdiction that simply refused to follow the law. you know, if local officials want to allow dangerous people on the streets, then they should be legally on the hook for it. pete: effectively an equal protection argument? you live in the jurisdiction yet people who don't have to follow the laws are there a crime is committed and is the hope that it would force mayors and others to, you know, rescind sanctuary policies? >> that's the ultimate hope is that they realize,like, have you got to equally enforce the law and that you are on the hook if you don't. people depend on government. i mean, government is essentially how people determine to live together. and when you allow chaos like has been going on the last several years with the nonenforcement in these sanctuary cities, we have to
3:48 am
protect the people that are vulnerable. i mean, if you think of the kate steinle case years ago what a tragedy. she died in the arms of her father because a repeatedly caught and then released illegal immigrant, you know, murdered kate steinle. and now that family and families like it around the country have to suffer those consequences. pete: they had no recourse. you are looking to give them one. the problem is the man at the top right now used to be on your side on things like this. now captured by the left has a very different view. here is joe biden on sanctuary cities. first in 2007 and now today. >> so, senator biden, yes or no would you allow the cities to egg north federal law. >> no. >> where do you stand now should undocumented immigrants arrested by local police be turned over to immigration officials? >> no. pete: a total 180, congressman, where the democrat party is today. i worry, you don't have the votes. how will the left react to this?
3:49 am
>> well, look, the democrats talk about unity, don't they? but, you know, what can be more unifying than protecting our community. i would ask any of my democrat colleagues just to think about the innocent victims. i mentioned kate steinle. but there is thousands of cases like this around the country. think about the mothers and fathers. you know, they say they are the party of the children, right, the party of the future. think about parents losing a child and the life that's been killed and think about all that could be prevented. the american people need to know where we stand on this. and i think a bill like this is very timely. the american people want it. i just want to thank my colleague in the senate, senator tillis for his work on this. president trump actually gave it a shoutout during the 2020 state of the union. but, really, it should not be a partisan issue. i don't think the safety of our children and the safety of our communities should be a partisan issue. pete: it shouldn't be but they find a way to make it so. the bill is justice for victims of sanction area cities act.
3:50 am
representative ted budd, thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. pete: all right, still ahead, johnson and johnson is rolling out it new one dose vaccine. it may not be as effective as two dose shots from pfizer and moderna. dr. nicole saphier breaks down the pros and cons of each, next. ♪ when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer.
3:51 am
learn more about the condition at
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3:53 am
♪ jedediah: are will -- let's ask
3:54 am
dr. nicole saphier. thank you for joining us as always. >> good morning. jed yesterday if you wouldn't mind speaking to the efficacy of the johnson and johnson vaccine along with that goes a big question which people always ask is which one should i get? do i have a choice? and how does this all play out? >> well, there is a lot of questions going on with the vac seems and the will variants, jedediah. i think it's important to talk about the variants before we get into vaccine efficacy. viruses mutate naturally. and actually it's completely dependent on human behavior. the higher the viral transmission in the community, the more chance had it has to mutate. which is why we have so many variants circulating the globe. many are more contagious and carry a higher viral load in people. can lead to overwhelmed hospital systems and also increased disease severity. now, when you take at that and a look at the efficacy trials coming out of these vaccines pfizer and moderna had incredible over 90% efficacy
3:55 am
during late staining trials and now johnson and johnson has come out saying their single dose shot has had a 66% efficacy. however, we can't compare these apples to apples, jedediah, that's because these vaccine trials were ton at different times. when moderna and pfizer underwent clinical trial they had far fewer variants circulating as opposed to johnson and johnson and nova vaccination and astrazeneca clinical trials. even pfizer and moderna saying some of these variants are not responding as well to their vaccines. the great news though out of johnson and johnson not only is it a single dose shot, easier to transport and administer. however, they did show that there is 100 percent efficacy in preventing severe disease after about a month and a half. that's big news. and so we have to keep things in context. we don't know what the current efficacy of pfizer and mow turner that are in large scale with these variants. they will all probably be
3:56 am
similar. any vaccine you can get your hands on at this point is the one you should be getting. jedediah: um-huh. so there is a lot of concern about these different strains we keep seeing in the news. there is new one from south africa that is concerning some. what do you know about it so far? >> so, b 1352, the south africa can strain has a similar mutation to one that's also being followed out of brazil which is called p 1. these are the variants that we're really interested. in many variants of concern circulating u.k. one. a couple actually in california. those seem ton a bit more highly transmissible and the vaccines seem to be conferring immunity to them as well as previous infection. south africa can scrape, the brazilian strain as of now, we are showing some lab data and also clinical trial data that the vaccines and even previous infections may not be given immunity to these new variants. the nova vax trial showed people
3:57 am
getting covid-19 again many had actually had a prior infection with the preceding. jedediah: i hate to interrupt you unfortunately we will have to wrap today. i appreciate it. but we are going to have you back to expand on, this okay? no worries. we'll be right back with more "fox & friends" on the other side. even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ it's time for sleep number's january sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help with snoring? we're made for. i've never heard snoring... exactly. no problem. ...and done. and now, save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday.
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♪ here i am ♪ rocking like a hurricane ♪ here i am ♪ rocking like a hurricane ♪ jedediah: good morning, welcome to 7:00 a.m. that's a great song. that's a song that makes you start moving. get your morning started. thanks for joining us here with pete hegseth and will cain as always wishing you a happy saturday morning. hope you join us next four hours. i just saw a story couple seconds has my head spinning coming out of california. shocking, i know.
4:01 am
but lots to get to this morning. steve: the scorpions 80s rock patty pete sounds like 80s rock will will what are you goio do? pete: that feels like a hair metal band type. i don't know what i'm talking about at all. i do love acdc. jedediah: not quite. close though. different version of that. thank you for here. jed mentioned happiness and goodness at one point here in the intro. this will not make you happy. this story will probably make your blood boil and rightfully so. we start out this hour with a story out of the pentagon. the pentagon has ordered that all detainees and prisoners will receive the covid-19 vaccine. she say okay. who does that apply to? where does that lead your brain to? well, the first place you may
4:02 am
not think of but it does apply to is guantanamo bay. gitmo. so major al qaeda linked guantanamo bay detainees will soon get the vaccine before you. before other american citizens, taxpayers, everybody else. so khalid sheikh mohammed, somebody you know we all know the 9/11 mastermind there on the left and then you have got three other guys from the 2002 bali bombing. there is a bunch of other dirt bags at guantanamo bay as well who will soon receive the covid-19 vaccine. the biden administration saying this is something we have to do but if you step back especially in this city where 9/11 happened and think of all the people here, first responders, others. that won't get this but those guys will makes your head spin. will: like this guy fire commissioner or was fire commissioner during 9/11 said the following you can't make this up. the ridiculousness of what we get from our government. they will run the rack seen to those low lives at guantanamo bay for every resident of the
4:03 am
before every resident in the united states gets it. theater of the absurd. put this into context. yes, obviously 9/11 responders like you just said should all be vaccinated each and every one before a single dose of vaccine is run down to guantanamo bay. pete: i think we should something else in the shoulder of these detainees of guantanamo bay. will: go further, not how you go further but every single american should be administered a vaccine before a single dose of vaccine is administered down in guantanamo bay. i hope they will forgive me for this but two members of our family here at "fox & friends" were just talking about the commercial break dave and marilyn when potentially the vaccine would be available to them if the answer is after khalid sheikh mohammed something is wrong, jedediah. jedediah: yeah, you know, my husband's grandma is in her 90's. she hasn't even been able to get a vaccine yet because it's so hard to navigate some of the scheduling in, no. i know a lot of senior citizens that have been struggling with
4:04 am
scheduling. some have gotten their first shot waiting on the second. some haven't gotten shots at all. when they see stuff like, this i'm wondering what the justification will be in terms of an explanation. how do you explain this in terms of timing? if you were going to say that ultimately those people had to be vaccinated because of close quarters and people in prison are typically on top of each other and it could lead to spread, that's one conversation. i still, you know, roll my eyes at that at times. why now? why now before so many people are on the front lines want it, need it, so many elderly people. i don't know how this is going to go down. do know how it's going to do go down terriblably, horribly. we have a promo coming up. former gitmo guard at 8:15 going to weigh in on this and more i'm sure the guard will have a lot to say on this. pete: it will be great to talk to him. i myself was a gitmo guard down there for a year. think about how upside down the world is when instead of getting a lethal injection which these
4:05 am
guys should have by the way. the fact we haven't tried these guys and executed them in guantanamo bay by enough to is a shame. instead we are giving them a covid-19 vaccine? the rest of the world laughs at us. al qaeda laughs at us. china laughs at us. it's because our bureaucracy can't get out of the way of ourselves. will: let's move on to another story that is another example of the theater of the absurd. new york and california are finally lifting restrictions on restaurants. but not without a catch. first, in new york, governor cuomo has announced indoor dining in new york city can resume at 25% capacity. but, for two weeks while the reps of the state can open to 50%. now, i'm going to trump that if you will with another more absurd example of these restrictions and their staged lifting. now let's go to los angeles county where officials are ordered restaurants they can now have outdoor dining but, are but, you can't have your tv on outdoors. all right? right before the super bowl want to be clear.
4:06 am
can you eat outdoors but there will be no outdoor television watching at those restaurants, jedediah. jedediah: what is going on in california and new york? i mean, these are two of my favorite places typically in the country. these officials have lost their minds. i'm assuming that the logic there you if you call it logic. i say logic can quotation marks. watching tv people lingering more. become more social. we have already shown in the data that outdoor dining is not a super spreader. why are we limiting the ability of paying customers to just enjoy themselves? can people just have a good time anywhere anymore? it's up sane. also on that, new york city, you know, are 25% indoor dining, restaurant can't survive on that. they have come on this show. they have come on other shows. they keep saying we cannot sustain ourselves at 25%. particularly coming off of a longdown for so many months. it's going to tank all of these restaurant. by the time new york city can reopen again there will be
4:07 am
nothing left. drive into the city and dead zone because nothing to see or do. pete: two weeks from now these restaurant don't need two weeks to open up. they can do it. what did cuomo say honestly he said this 25% better than zero. will: he did say that. pete: better than zero. we can keep you closed forever. do you know what happens when you don't let people have tvs at bars they will go home with their friend indoor gathering and watch the super bowl. it's the dumbest -- you can't -- i want to swear but i can't. it's morning be television. up stead we are going to go with this tweet california chef andrew grewell pointing out the absurdity. he said as if there is a pathological need to always stick it onto restaurants one way or another. so true by this recall can't play music either. the comforting sounds of kenny g. might keep people lingering by the eggs too long. if there was any logic or thread that made sense through the it. instead it just feels like power. it.
4:08 am
will: you know yesterday, pete and jedediah i did a diner for "fox & friends" in knoxville, tennessee. one of the great benefits of getting out to diners is talking to the american people and understanding what is important to them. where their head are at at any given moment. i know you experienced this, pete, when you talked to diners across the country. long term, everyone is worried about the socialist tilt of the united states of america. philosophically that we are headed and passing on to our children and grandchildren. in the short-term do you know what i heard? i heard a lot about job kill executive orders from the biden administration just as this biden administration gets off the ground. what are we talking about? number of executive orders in the first 10 days of the biden administration. 25. now compare that, president trump 6. president obama five. george w. bush 2. clinton 2. george h.w. bush 1. 25 as compared to that number. people see this, jedediah, and they see the corresponding job losses, especially in energy sector. and people are very very upset
4:09 am
and worried. jedediah: why so many. they turn my stomach when they were overutilized. 25? he just got here. he just started the job. 25 is basically the undoing. the doing of one president and the complete undoing which is what is going on right now. there is this headline from the examiner. from an op-ed. it says sorry, mr. president, but unity doesn't mean we do whatever you say this is a quote from that washington examiner op-ed. he act though as if unity means he dictates the policy and everybody else must unite in line behind him. i think this is really just starting off badly. when you decide -- when you come in and you are in the process of undoing and you are just doing it by executive fiat, that's just going to turn people's stomach right from the get. i understand if it was one or two. 25? that's going to blow anyone's mind. i'm sorry. pete: yeah. it's the undoing of the trump presidency number one. the quickest way to do it is
4:10 am
through executive order. left wing laundry list to every left wing organization or special interest group that is responsible for joe biden being where he is. he is an empty vessel for him. whether it's the mexico city policy paying for taxpayer abortions. keystone xl pipeline getting scrapped going back into the paris climate accord. go down the list. give it to the greenifuls they need something. pro-choice lobby needs something. everybody needs a give away and executive action has been the way for jonged to do it. joe biden will. good honest american jobs paid well told by john kerry you can just go -- you go work on solar panels instead of this amazing welding career you have created for yourself. we had one of those guys on the program. billy burns worked on xl keystone pipeline and he talked about what it feels like. >> this job was pretty much going to be the mass of work for our union this year.
4:11 am
we were really counting on it. you prepare for these large projects. and when one gets the rug yanked out from under it, i mean, you have nothing for that year or you have nothing for the next two years. it seems like croyle is under attack. we feel our livelihood is under attack. and we knew that biden was going to go after -- after the fossil fuels and that's really a bad, bad day for the pipeliners local 79 will. it will. >> this slew of executive orders represents a progressive wish list. are recall represents the hollowness of the unity message. we will get done what we want to get done. and you are not going to stand in the way. the cost is laid out for you right there. the cost is immediate job losses. specifically in the oil and gas and energy sectors. jedediah. jedediah: and then just saying to someone oh you can go do solar panels is so ridiculous.
4:12 am
it's a whole different job. it's a whole different skill set. it doesn't work like that. it takes time to learn a new skill. those people have to figure out that whole industry. maybe in five, 10 years. but that doesn't happen overnight. what are those people supposed to do to feed their families overnight. it's so absurd. all right. we're going to turn now to your headlines beginning with a fox news alert. a massive 11-alarm fire erupts overnight at recycling plant in new jersey. over 100 firefighters are still battling the flames at the fiber coast factory in poo sake. the city's mayor says there were at least two explosions. the building is completely destroyed. the fire is under investigation. torrential rain in california causing a massive junk of highway to fall into the ocean in big sur. heavy rain caused a fire truck to get stuck on a muddy road on the way to the house fire.
4:13 am
crews ghawlg a tractor to help pull it out. the severe weather was caused by an atmospheric river storm passing over the golden state. and country music star darius rutger is spreading the love. ♪ north carolina ♪ staring up the road and pray to god i see. jedediah: will south carolina high hop manager says the singer picked up the tab for everyone at the restaurant. rutgers left a genius tip. people didn't know he was there because he was wearing a hat. i love the stories where people just pick up tabs and find out about it later. it's just a really nice thing to do especially right now and people need the help so much. pete: it is very nice. we have to ask 11 alarm fire. i didn't know that was possible. i didn't know that was possible. 3 alarm, 11 alarm. will: that's a big jump. my last reference was 5 alarm.
4:14 am
pete: i thought four was mass. will: we will ask rick later on pete pee or if you are a firefighter let us know. starting the new year by once again pushing to replace the police department. the city insist they don't want the police abolished. is that really true? let's hear from a retired minneapolis police officer next ♪ all you have to take a minute ♪ to save a dime ♪ the clock is ticking ♪ so stay ♪ take a second that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream... routine lab monitoring.
4:15 am
don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an... increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts.... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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4:17 am
pete: 8 months an violent riots the minneapolis city council making another attempt to reimagine. they are always reimagining their police department. if approved the plan strikes the word police from the city's
4:18 am
charter and eliminates a required minimum number of officers. but council members insist this does not mean abolishment. >> that doesn't mean reducing officers. it just means looking at public safety in a holistic way and seeing what is going to best keep people safe and get them the help they need. this absolutely does not get rid of police. pete: look at jeremy, i would follow him. retired police officer milan mason. thank you so much for being here this morning. so they have scrapped the name police, yet, they are not accomplishing the police. what does this all mean? >> well, once again, it doesn't seem to be a plan. are they moving it so they can get it out of the city charter so that they they can rearrange things? there are many conversations that do say that they will reduce police because they will not have to have minimums at that point. so what will they be doing? we don't know. what have they been doing? for those 8 months?
4:19 am
let's get going? they are not doing a thing. if they want to remodel the police, let's do so. is this called public safety now and will that include fire and e.m.s.? so many questions that we don't know. one of the things that's good is it will be put before the vote of the city members not just the city council. pete: the entire city is going to get a chance to vote on this. do you get a sense that city of minneapolis are is waking up to the left wing'. i want police officers to defend my street. will they reject a proposal like this, do you think? >> they certainly could. but one of the problems is nobody knows what the plan is. so they can't educate the public as to which way to vote. are. pete: you don't know if what's is being presented is the plan or if it's the beginning of a larger plan to actually accomplish the police department. what do you think? does the city council want actual public safety? real strong police force or are
4:20 am
they in with the sort of left wing mob that's once used this moment to say let's reduce the police or abolish them all together? >> i think they want police and i think they want it law and order. but they don't want anybody to get hurt. they tonight want anybody to get affected by the police and the crime. they are not making-the criminals responsible for what they are doing. are. pete: they don't want any mistakes by the police. but, by nature, the job you did for 40 years is inherently full of risk and danger. that's why you -- that's why you are a special classifies people that are willing to do it. the so it's a total false choice. you can't get rid of all that risk and still protect citizens. >> exactly right. there is always so much risk involved. you have to make a decision in about 1.5 second what to do. should i shoot? should i use lethal force or
4:21 am
less lethal force? what should i do to protect me? are. pete: that's why none of these city council members could wear the badge that you wore. it will it we have to leave it there milan, thank you so much for your insight this morning. we reached out of to the minneapolis police department for a statement and we have not heard back. maybe they don't have anybody to answer the phones anymore. coming up, chicago students are set to return to the classroom on monday. but teachers are now threatening to strike. two parents fighting to get their kids back in school will join us live next.
4:22 am
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oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. ♪ will: time now for news by the numbers. first, 6700. that's how many syrian nationals are receiving temporary amnesty under the biden administration.
4:25 am
the president extended the program allowing them to stay in the u.s. until september 2022. next, more than 1,000 doses. that's how many covid vaccine shots had to be destroyed in florida after a worker departmentally turned off the refrigerator. palm beach county officials saying it was not intentional and it was caused by human error. and finally 767-pound, that's how much this massive sword fish weighs was caught in florida. now holds a state record and just five pounds shy of the nationwide record. it took five and a half hours to reel them in. jedediah? jedediah: that is quite a fish. all right. well, chicago city leaders are slamming teacher's union as the workweek ends without a reopening agreement for public schools. >> union leadership has chosen to disregard of the science on reopening schools and instead replace cdc guidance with their
4:26 am
own gut instincts. >> unfortunately yet another day where we in the c. s kept fighting for our children. and in this day the ctu leadership has failed. jedediah: teachers say it's unsafe but fed up parents are ready to sue if that's what it takes to get them back in the classroom. lehr now to discuss chicago moeller of three laurel golden and attorney daniel surf the liberty justice system who will represent laurel and other parents if the suit is in fact filed. welcome both of you to the show. this is a topic near and dear to my heart education. laurel, i want to start with you though, because you felt compelled to get a lawyer. why? , good morning. my children attend public school. i should not have to get a lawyer for them to attend school. they have been out of school and out of the classroom with a teacher for over 10 month. they are falling behind. two of my three children should have additional acomputations which are virtually impossible
4:27 am
to be met doing remote learning. i felt i was out of options. and luckily though the javits center is going to represent us pro bono. jedediah: you know what you are saying is a sentiment that i think is felt by parent not only in chicago but in many cities around the country for quite some time. you know, daniel, what is the legal case here? now you haven't filed suit yet. but essentially you will file suit on monday if the strike goes through. what would be your legal standing? >> that's right, jed, so the law in illinois is really clear here that public employee strikes, especially teacher strikes are illegal in a circumstance like this. and so our request for the teacher's union is pretty simple. it's put kids first and follow the law. if the teacher's union isn't willing to do that, if they go on strike on monday, you know, we are ready to represent laurel and other parents to get a court order to make sure the law is
4:28 am
obeyed. jedediah: you know, laurel, i don't understand what's going on here really. if you do follow the data, and you follow the science, schools have been shown to not be super spreaders. right? so then you have parents like yourself that are saying well, what exactly is going on here what has it like for you to not have your kid in school the x amount of month? what has that struggle been like? >> is it doesn't just affect the children. it affects the whole family. the dynamics. my husband is an essential worker. he is expected to show up and do his job every day. pandemic or no pandemic. i have had to put my career on hold. and stay home with the children every day. to make sure they are doing their lessons and not fighting and just getting their homework done. it's been a real challenge. we have gone from a two income family down to a one income family. are. jedediah: it's time to get -- it's long been time to get these kids back in school. i really feel for your struggle. i do appreciate you coming on here and taking a strong stance
4:29 am
on this for your children and for children everywhere. families everywhere who have gone through. this daniel and laurel, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us on. jedediah: still ahead, just when you thought aoc and ted cruz could agree on something. the congresswoman accusing the senator of trying to have her murdered. the duffys, sean and rachel are here on that and more coming up next. m (naj) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. (money manager) but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? (naj) we don't have those. (money manager) so what's in it for you? (naj) our fees are structured so we do better when you do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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♪ rick: it is a very special shot of the morning as yesterday was jedediah's birthday. will: even though we aren't together in studio we couldn't let this morning go by without a little bit of celebration. pete: yeah. thanks for some help from her husband jeremy we are a couple of surprises for her. so here we have are. jedediah: jeremy you are here. will: bringing in flowers more ravian florist. he is bring them in good. wait for it. jedediah: yes, he is coming. oh, guys, i see gorgeous flowers. thank you so much. can you see these? jedediah: wow, thank you. thank you, guys. i also got a pizza. pete: pizza for you. of course, i couldn't do pizza hut because i know you tonight like it. so instead we got you the gluten free margarita pizza with cashew
4:34 am
cheese who knew that was a thing from double 00 are. jedediah: this is my favorite pizzeria in new york. a place called double zero and cater to regular people like me. pete you could have had one of those. they make a gluten free margarita pizza with cashew cheese so delicious. if anyone out there has a super health freak like me and wants to eat pizza this place -- i can't believe you found this guys. i cannot believe it. pete: happy birthday. jedediah: do you want me to open the pizza and show? can you guys see it? will: looks good. looks like mozzarella? jedediah: it does. happy birthday, double zero thank you, and thank you, guys. will: there is a flip side to this. if rick and i were here we would make rick eat as well. jedediah: i'm down. it. will: cashew cheese pizza. listen, this goes to show you, this goes to show you that if
4:35 am
you order the right food, i will eat it. see heretic unique, she folded it. will: you enjoy your pizza. let's bring in sean and rachel duffy. former wisconsin congressman as you know and rachel the host of moms on fox nation. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> happy birthday, jedediah. >> happy birthday, jedediah. jedediah: thanks, guys. >> i think sean might have a problem with a good wisconsin boy cashew cheese. >> we are all offended in wisconsin. jedediah: i'm eye. jedediah: i'm sicilian sometimes you have to break the rules. >> pete hegseth doesn't send you cake but pizza for your birthday. pete: do what i can. will: love to ask you about items in the news this morning. ted cruz and aoc on the same payment on something.
4:36 am
this was over the game stop stock story whether or not robinhood and the trading mechanism should have been shut down. now, when ted cruz tweeted the following i'm happy to work -- or rather this is ao i'm happy to work with you can prosecutes this is after ted cruz said i agree with aoc. i will work with republicans where there is common ground but you almost had me murdered three weeks ago so you can sit this one out. happy to work with almost any other g.o.p. that aren't trying to get me killed. in the meantime, if you want to help you can resign. some have called for aoc to be interest censured over that tweeft suggesting that ted cruz tried to have her murdered. >> sound like a great idea. she should be censured, will. if you take a trip down memory lane. ted cruz and his wife tried to go eat at a restaurant and chased out by violent leftist that support people like aoc or bernie sanders or the 12 it baseball players on the republican field that were shot at by a bernie sanders supporter. steve scalise almost died. sarah huckabee sanders i chased
4:37 am
out of restaurants. tucker carlson's house was attacked by a leftist mob. his wife was home alone and feared for her life. there is violence on both sides and it's incumbent on us to call all of it out. my concern as a former member of congress, we have to rise above all of the chatter and the energy and emotion that happens in the country and be legislators and be collegial and work together for the betterment of the country. and when you have a 30-year-old maybe i call her a ♪ nosed young woman who can't rise above above and start working together for the betterment of will small investors in america. it's a imshah. i love young members of congress they bring fresh blood to the institution the fact that you will blame this game is absolute maim tutor maybe she is too young to be in congress. pete: sean talked about rising above and cortez is young. but nancy pelosi is not young. and she is using similar language. listen to this.
4:38 am
we many probably need supplemental for members when the enemy is in the house of representatives. we have members of coming who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of congress. pete: the enemy is within, rachel. >> it's outrageous, speaking of the riots. the difference between riots that what happen our crazies on the right is we all get smeared as insurrectionist, as treasonous. i don't know if our viewers know but blm their riots more deadly 19 dead, two cops dead. billions in damage. they just got nominated for a nobel peace prize. that's the difference between those two riots. i'm concerned because i do think that what nancy pelosi and especially what aoc, i think she is extremely dangerous what she is doing down here. she is tearing down institution. what she said on that facebook live chat to her online fans was
4:39 am
more than just a, you know, dramatic kardashian moment for her. i think she is trying to tear down the institutions. we have seen, pete, you talked so much about culture and what is happening. and we see that what they want is not to bring unity to this country from tearing down statues from, you know, deep inning our history. really trying to separate americans from what makes us united as a country, as citizens. i think this is much deeper. and i think we have seen it in other countries and other communist countries where they tear down institutions so they can building is new. and i do think that we need to really look at this as more than just aoc. i think sean makes a good point about her age more than just an immature moment. i think we need to look at what the end game had is here. i think we need to fight back on this really dangerous narrative that they are trying to create
4:40 am
of this hyperbole of what happened at the capitol. it was a riot. and out of control riot. it was not an insurrection. it was not a conspiracy to overtake the government. and what they are doing is using that hyperbole and that new narrative to do a lot of things like taking away our liberties and smearing 75 million people in this country. >> the question, too, on nancy pelosi and, you know, basically saying the enemy is within, what she is really referring to is marjorie taylor green made a comment before she was a member of congress. she said that nancy pelosi had committed treason and the penalty for treason is death. right? horrible thing to say. but, if you, again, go down memory lane, democrats, media have been calling donald trump treasonous for four years and the penalty for treason is death. they were saying the very same thing be about donald trump that marjorie green as a nonelected official, non-media person said about nancy pelosi. but she is so offended now the enemy is within? this is absolutely ridiculous.
4:41 am
jedediah: yeah, marjorie taylor greene has made a web of horrific comment but i do think it's an important point about division and unity and when exactly that is going to start. we should start looking at everyone, i think, in congress and saying listen, if you want unity and making claims to want unity and that goes straight up to president biden then you have to start showing it where is that going to be and where is it going to begin with. i want to ask you about these executive orders that are coming down the pike. joe biden signing a lot of them. now you have particularly on oil and gas you have some of the unions coming out and saying that they have buyer's remorse about endorsing joe biden because of these executive orders and the impact particularly when we talk about the keystone pipeline and pausing that. what is the impact going to be on jobs? what is it going to be on community and development. so, sean, if you would just speak a little bit to that and is there really a buyer's remorse going on? is that a real story or is that a talking point? >> no, no. i think it's a real story. jen psaki yesterday when she was
4:42 am
asked about this robinhood story that you referenced, will. she said we are laserred fro cussed on job creation. they are not laser focused on job creation they are costing jobs. on the keystone xl pipeline in wisconsin alone we have a thousand operating engineers from wisconsin gone out to build the pipeline. $100,000 plus. out there living in hotel rooms but working for their families. they immediately, with that executive order lost their jobs have to come home, there is no job to replace those. they have mortgages to pay. they have colleges to pay for. this is devastating. and by the way, these unions the carpenters and the operators actually endorsed joe biden. they should have been more thoughtful though because joe biden was very clear on what he was going to do on oil and gas. what he was going to do on the pipeline and should have known it was going to cost them jobs. they didn't care they still endorsed him. to your point, jed, they now have buyer's remorse because they are losing jobs all over the map because of these policies. will: we have heard this, right, elections have consequences.
4:43 am
rachel campos duffy, sean duffy, thank you for getting up with us this morning. >> have a good one, guys. >> happy birthday, jed. >> happy birthday. jedediah: thank you, guys. will: this is outrageous an islamist militant convict of killing an american journalist is now set to walk free. a colleague of that journalist is here to react next. ♪ “could have been me” by the struts
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will: global outrage in the 2002 murder case of "wall street journal" reporter daniel pearl after months of appeals, pakistan supreme court just ordered the release of the slack militant convicted in the case. both the u.s. and pakistani governments now urging the court to reconsider. joining us now is daniel pearl's friend and colleague at the "wall street journal" and interest project manager of the pearl project. she joins me now.
4:47 am
first of all, tell me about pakistan's justice decision this decision by the supreme court. are you surprised? is this a system we should have faith in? what's your reaction today? >> it's a shock. it's a terrible, terrible shock. this nightmare began last april when a lower court in the province of karachi sits rules that omar sheikh the mastermind of danny's kidnapping and murder should be set free along with three other men. so, ains april of covid the year of covid, danny's parents have been fighting so valiantly up in the middle of the night doing zoom calls with lawyer. getting powers of attorney to the state department and government of pakistan. of you know, another torture that no parity should ever endure and they are now in their 80s. 19 years later. after the tragic murder of their son hearing in the middle of the night this last week that the map convicted in danny's murder
4:48 am
are set to be free. it's an outrage and the decision will be appealed. the family is going to also appeal the decision along with the government and we just pray that a new bench, a new set of judges will rule in favor of the family. will: the question azra is how much faith do we put into the justice system or is this political? here is anthony blinken he says the court's decision is an affront to victims everywhere including in pakistan. we expect the pakistani government to expeditiously review its legal options to make sure justice is ensured. we are also prepared to prosecute the sheikh in the united states for his horrific crimes against an american citizen. so my question for you is there a different alternative to find justice here? is there a political alternative or any other place to turn besides the pakistani justice system. >> well, the pakistani justice system is going to have the first say. literally on monday, they are going to be having another
4:49 am
hearing in which there is a decision that was separately made to frio march sheikh and, you know, this is so much confusion. our head is spinning and i wouldn't be surprised if other people are so confused by. this because there are so many tracts. the bottom line is this is a real test of the biden administration. and it's foreign policy new secretary of defense must use the diplomatic channels in order to make sure that the judicial system there does see this through. in a way that allows for justice to happen for danny. and we will ultimately have to extradite omar sheikh if this does not happen in pakistan. will: absolutely. >> this is a test for pakistan whether it's going to choose the 21st century of peace and moderation or accept this legacy of militancy that took poor danny's life. will: to your point, whether or not it's through the pack establish justice system. political pressure. buff the last option, the one
4:50 am
that's unthinkable is that this man walks free. walks out into free society that will be a real test for the biden administration. asra, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you, i hope everyone will speak out on this. i will with will you know him as, of course, kurt the cyberguy. he will bring you the latest in he can it. this morning he is bringing something more. is he bringing firsthand experience with the latest covid vaccine how he accidentally found himself in a trial ♪ remember the time ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, ...little things... ...can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream.
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jedediah: the maryland base firm
4:54 am
novavax announcing 89% effective in late stage trials. pete: believe it or not our very own cyberguy accidentally joined the trial. will: here to tell us how it all happened the cyberguy kurt knutsson. start with the headline. how do you accidentally wander, stumble into just hours ago this little known vaccine trial novavax had come out with phase 3 study from the u.k. and another one from south africa telling us that 89.3% efficacy rate was to be expected from this. i wasn't sure in this study that i found myself in whether i had the real thing or the placebo. it was two chances out of three
4:55 am
that i had the real thing. i had a feeling i had the real thing when i had some symptoms that came along with it. first, how did i get there? a friend -- well, i'm in southern california. if anybody who is in southern california from november on ward were here, the numbers for code infection started to go up so dramatically that the big freak out started to happen. especially when you are in the state and it just was sure kay as to how and who might be getting this vaccine. what's the alternative are if i wanted to get some level of protection against this? what kind of technology might be going into this. my curiosity got going. a friend got on the johnson and johnson trial. i thought, okay, let me do some homework. i jumped into it, applied. the very next day when i was going in to get the injection, they said don't come in. our trial is over. and what happens when you give something to somebody and you get your hopes up and you take
4:56 am
it away. you want it even more. so i went and did even more homework and i thought of all the things in project -- in operation warp speed that looked promising. what could it be? and this came onto the radar and so i joined the study. i was accepted and weeks and weeks ago i got my first injection and that's when it all began. pete: you said you had some side effects. definitely. so, first of all, you don't know what you are making up in your head or what's real. so i tried to get really clear about it at the time. and took copious notes and they also make you log all these things into an app. when you do one of these trials. i had the traditional flu-like symptoms. they were very, very brief. a headache, chills, at the site felt like a bee sting on the second shot i got on monday. so it's hopefully on monday i will find out if i have the real deal i'm pretty sure i do. will: i don't think you got the
4:57 am
placebo. i don't know but it doesn't sound like it. pete: probably not. the kurt the vaccine guy, we appreciate it. still ahead big tech now accused of following the game stop trading scandal which stopped every day americans n from profiting off the stock market, we will bring it to you. for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala at home. find your nunormal with nucala. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. ask your doctor so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud?
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5:01 am
this and put it into a blue's list how much soul and depth this music it. not jedediah and pete's selection for the morning show. it's brittany spears. it's -- i don't know even know who else and the main thing i think you are lacking and i can see you not smiling at me is it is lacking in soul. it's lacking in depth lacking in this, jedediah. jedediah: that's not a fair criticism. first of all, i will defend pete and i have a very eclectic taste in music. it's diverse. say brittany spears and throw that name around and a lot deeper than that kelly clarkson is fantastic. she did win american islands as you may recall. will: it wasn't about kelly clarkson. pete: you are on to it. i don't have a soul. as a result my music doesn't need to be soulful. okay? you have a great soul. will: that's the way you do. you lean into. pete: don't let this show strip you of your soul.
5:02 am
keep it right here. keep making those blues list. i'm going to keep rocking britney. thank you. and from there we only go up. the game stop trading scandal wreaking havoc on the stock market. the dow dropping 600 points. lauren blanchard in washington as the white house avoids saying whether it will take action. >> good morning will, jedediah, pete, wall street still trying to make sense of this story. friday all three indices suffered worst day since october. predicting $19 billion in short seller losses as of yesterday morning. robinhood along with other trading apps under fire for holding trades on game stop and other volatile stocks while big hedge funds were free to continue buying and selling. president biden and the white house have dodged questions on whether the government will step in basically telling reporters talk to the sec. >> they are closely monitoring the situation. but it's under their pursue at this point in time and i guess part of our education can be conveying to people that the sec
5:03 am
is the regulatory body that would oversee this and speak to it further. >> the so-called little guy is also up against some big tech. some of which have shut down wall street's wild ride and google is reported to have removed 100,000 negative reviews for robinhood. >> i don't want to do anything to damage the opportunity of individual folks, middle income, blue collar folks to be able to participate in a big wealth generating machine which is historically what the stock market has been. >> senator elizabeth warren wrote a letter to the sec. she said the whole situation shows investors big and small are treating the stock market like a casino. jed, will, pete? will: lauren, thanks so much. i think one of the operative moments in that report we have all talked about this morning is the idea that google shut down any negative reviews of robinhood. shows how interconnected the system is the system is there to protect itself and extends from politics to finance to media.
5:04 am
we saw president trump no matter your love or dislike of president trump was an outsider. and the system really did coalesce against him every step of the way. when the "new york post" chose to publish a story on hunter biden that was not acceptable to the system, the entire thing shut the "new york post" story out. now small retail traders want to do what hedge funds have done for quite some time and the entire system shut down. not just robinhood by the way. t.d. ameritrade and other trading mechanisms shut down their ability to trade on those stocks. now, someone who knows something about will bilking the investor. portrayed by leonardo dicaprio. he was on hannity last night talking about in this situation when you see the way everything came together at the same time to shut down the retail trader, something criminal is behind that listen. >> people now do need to go to jail. i will tell you this, who shut down this trading.
5:05 am
if this turns out that they shut down trading at the behest of funds saying you need to slow down the buying, the level of criminality there. >> okay. is there -- >> the getting pressure from the big funds to shut this down so people could eliminate or at least reduce losses. >> when this thing does unralph, very often it's the brokerage firms and these clearing brokers that get caught holding the bag for all the unclaimed loss. people lose more than they have in their account and it can drive someone out of business. to stop trading all together, that was a sign that there is something a bit more nefarious going on here. jedediah: you know, when this story hit, i was trying to think of a theme because it triggered a nerve in me. i kept thinking what is it really just this feeling at every turn people in the country are feel boxed out. whether it's by hedge fund manager was it's by big tech in
5:06 am
this instance or with big tech censorship as we covered throughout the year. whether it's businesses feeling boxed out by these regulation that somehow are imposed on mom and pop shops in a way that are not being imposed on some of these big stores. so, there is just segments of the population around the country. usually the little guy as we call them. just regular people who are over and over again feel boxed out by those who are deemed and are in many cases much more powerful. that's creating a very big rift in the country. and i think that's yet another area of division. we talk about democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives. but this little guy versus big guy who is way more powerful is also an enormous risk that is happening right now. it's legitimate. pete: might call them the forgotten men and women on these chat boards talking about what stocks they want to buy. believing these hedge funds are caught in a position that's untenable. so they all get together and say we are going to buy this stock and drive the price of the stock up and as you pointed out, will, every other part of society feels rigged at some level.
5:07 am
now i can't even buy stock. all i want to buy one stock through this brokerage firm and now i can't do that either. then when i go to google to express my dissatisfaction with robinhood, they delete my negative post about robinhood because that part of it has got to be rigged as well. i try because i do have a soul maybe kind of sort of, will, to look at what the rationale could be. that's the closest i have heard from jordan bell ford the idea that these brokerage firms could be left holding the bag. i don't know if that's true or not they were helping the hedge funds before helping the normal guy. will: doesn't robinhood or t.d. trade shut down. you point out the system is rig you had. it is rigged. what it exposes though it's rigged for one party. what these traders from reddit are doing with game stop stock is not rationale. it's totally untethered to what the worth of game stop is. the point is larger. you have been pumping up emotionally or fraudulently
5:08 am
stocks for years. hedge funds have been benefiting from these types of tactics for years. the fact that the little guy did the same thing, whoa, now we have crossed. now it's a bridge too far. pete: shut down their messaging board. >> nau it's rigged for the wrong people. that's the trick here. move onto the other big story of the day. that is the governor of new york, andrew cuomo who said the following when it comes to how many people died in nursing homes as a consequence of his directives. he says who cares? they died. this is an absolutely stunning response from the governor to this report from his own a.g.'s office here in new york. said the following: there has been 8900 new york health department reported death tolls. buff the actual number is above had 1,000. new york are had under reported the number of people who died in nursing homes by as much as 50%. why? because of various reaches ppe, covid-19 testing. all ended up putting nursing
5:09 am
home residents at incredible risks and they died, jedediah. jedediah: they sure did. and cuomo continues to not take any of the blame for that important to keep in mind the attorney general of new york is a democrat latisha james. cuomo talking about political football. where is the politics in that? maybe she is looking for accuracy. there are tons of families in no, that lost people as a result of this have been searching for answers. the numbers haven't made accepts to them. the policy hasn't made sense to them. they want the proper people held accountable. he seemed to be completely unbotherred by it all and wants to push it under the rug. it happened. it happened does not suffice as an explanation to people who lost loved ones. this is nothing new. this blame game that he has been pursuing. this has been going on for quite some time for many months. take a little your honoree back and take a look at andrew cuomo blaming everyone else, it seems, for what has transpired. >> who can we prosecute for those deaths?
5:10 am
nobody. nobody. mother nature, god, where did this virus come from? if you socially distanced and you wore a mask, and you were smart, none of this would be a problem. it's all self-imposed. it's all self-imposed. if you didn't eat the cheesecake, you wouldn't have a weight problem. pete: it's your fault and donald trump's fault, of course. this is from the guy -- and this is the way the democrats always talk, right? listen, follow the science. follow the data. follow the facts. you have got to follow -- that's why we are making all these irrational decisions because we are following the data and the facts. if that's your mantra and religion. then you should care the most about why it happened. what was the transmission? who transmitted it to who? s where was the venue? what was the policy. wife did we do it? you should care the most. the why should matter the most to you. so then when you step back and say who cares? they died? they are going to die anyway.
5:11 am
they ate the cheesecake. it reveals -- it ultimately is about cya. covering your butt at the end of the day because nobody knows how to contain that virus. doesn't want to empower people to make choices makes a bunch of irrational decisions about who can be closed and open and who goes here and there as opposed to making common sense decisions in the beginning don't put old people with other old people who have covid. will: pretty easy one. i'm somewhat sympathetic to the message of personal responsibility. this is from the guy as you point out as blamed president trump, blamed mother nature and blamed god and now shifting it to blaming the victim to inbe sure that he doesn't have to take any of the responsibility for the common sense directive as you point out, pete, don't put covid-19 patient next to the elderly. we spoke to one of those families who lost an elderly relative. a father in this case. in a nursing home situation at the directive of governor cuomo. peter arbeni was speaking about
5:12 am
this will are responsibility of governor cuomo's role. watch. >> he did not take responsibility. and i would say as a democrat, are i want to tell governor cuomo to stop blaming trump for his own administration's lies. they lied then. they are still lying now. we knew the numbers were wrong. we knew they miscounted and we knew that every day he went and said how low the nursing home death were compared to the rest of the country it was a lie. this is just about what the numbers are. it's about what the truth is. it's about government transparency. we needed transparency. we need humility. we needed empathy. we needed an apology. jedediah: he should just sown up. just own up to his ownerrer. speak the truth. apologize to these families and just say the truth. i mean, honestly these people deserve to know what happened. if you lost a loved one in this
5:13 am
crisis, you are going to want to know exactly how many people died, who made the decision, who made the calls. what information they had at the time. did they have information that informed them that they should have made other decisions. these are just questions that anyone would ask them. but particularly if you lost a loved one. i mean, let's really give it a rest, cuomo. give it a rest. will: probably the difficult question for him if he owns up to it does he have to return his emmy. pete: no he still acted well. the acting was good. jedediah: polishing as we speak. pete: i would believe the mayor of wuhan than andrew cuomo on the numbers of covid patients. we don't know and probably won't know and that's the shame of it. as many americans patiently await their turn for the covid-19 vaccine. some of the world's worst criminals at gitmo, they are moving to the front of the line. hear from a were toker gitmo guard next. ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
>> the brutal truth is, it's going to take months before we can get the majority of americans vaccinated. months. in the next few months, masks not vaccines are the best defense against covid-19. pete: just days after joe biden made that grim warning to americans, defense department officials confirm that vaccines will be offered to detainees at guantanamo bay. detainees including terror suspects even the alleged 9/11 mastermind and could have shots in their arms as soon as next week. montgomery granger is a former gitmo guard. he joins us now. montgomery, thanks for being here. so, when you look at the reality that average americans won't see this vaccine for months, but the mastermind of 9/11 is prioritized up front, you are a guard there. what's your reaction?
5:18 am
>> right. so, i was there in 2002, helped stand up the mission actually medical service officer, captain at the time. and i helped write some of the medical sop. this is another hit job by the fox news media. what i know is that back on january 8th, former president trump sent the vaccine to guantanamo bay to start to inoculate the 6,000 civilians and 150 or 1500 guard force there. so, as per international and u.s. army law and sop, whatever we do for the guard force we do for the detainees. that's part of what we do. the food is the same the medical care is better for the detapeees. pete: i was going to say that having been there, their medical care. you were there. i was there. much better than my guys got when they were there. the. >> world class. world class. pete: fix your sop. why do we have a standard
5:19 am
operating procedure that says that the guy on 9/11 who is the mastermind for it will get a shot in his arm for covid-19 before the first responders to the towers here in new york city or other people? that makes no sense. >> yeah, i'm not happy about it. my appointment is at the end of next month. my father-in-law is 91 isn't scheduled until march. so am i happy about it? no. but i understand it. because our duty is to take care of these guys. even in 2002, i just had a short documentary film done heroes of gitmo it's on youtube. that goes into many details about what it took to keep our sanity while taking care of these guys. we knew were responsible for killing thousands of innocent people. the news media picked up on this. i think the biden administration grandstanding this for some odd reason. i'm convinced that if donald trump sent the vaccine to gitmo
5:20 am
on january 8th, that they had to have been also offered by sop to the detainee force. pete: potentially, we're not -- i'm staying away from trying to lay that blame. i don't think the trump administration would have said send the vaccines down to gitmo to give them to the guys in the camp. they are giving it to the guards and everybody are else. it appears to be the biden administration that said let's make sure we prioritize the detainees as well. >> there may have been a leak within gitmo tattoo say well, they are not taking it. so let's make a big deal. let's do it. because often pete, and this happened in iraq, too. when i was doing detainee ops. the detainees tend to not accept anything you want to do for them. out of spite or out of ignorance, they don't trust us in that way. so maybe the medications prescribed were given were not taken, in fact, we lost thousands of dollars a day in medications that were refused
5:21 am
but prescribed. pete: doesn't make any sense and, yet, if they had you in a moment's in the they would chop your head off in 10 second. yet we give them the covid-19 vaccine. lunacy, i don't care what our is op is. it's lunacy we are doing something like that. >> yep. pete: montgomery granger thank you for your time. >> have great i do day, pete. pete: stock indexes following worst weeks ever in the fallout from the robinhood trading scandal. now big tech come to robinhood's defense. take a look at the fallout after the break ♪ ♪ i'm a performer. always have been. and always will be. never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis.
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♪ jedediah: back with quick headlines, president biden begged brother frank to be careful in business practices during his presidential run. political reporting a source told the outlet then candidate joe biden took his brother aside and said, quote: for christ's sake watch yourself. don't get sucked into something that would, first of all, hurt you. and the watchdog group is raising concerns over nancy pelosi after her husband bought $1 million in tesla stock. the shares were purchased before the biden administration announced plans to transition to federal automobile fleet to electric. will: hmmm interesting. the game stop saga exposing the establishment's hold on every day americans from the financial world and even social media world as well. google reported moving negative reviews for the app. robinhood as traders on sites like facebook and reddit saying chat rooms were disabled. pete: next guest warns the rein of big tech will not stop there.
5:26 am
jedediah: joining us is very ventricle swamy. this has been something to watch unfold all week. what are your takeaways with respect to big tech in particular. >> yeah, look. i think this is the move of the woke industrial complex classic action. are facebook and twitter. removal of entire appears from the appear story. parler case in point study. i wonder what's next email text messages? turns out i was wrong coming for stock trade and discussion about stock trade. that's what we saw happen this week. white washing of the whole thing. clearly financially motivated all the way up and down. on the surface wall street bets shut down discord on the back of alleged hate speech, nothing to do with stock price manipulation. facebook shut down the robinhood
5:27 am
discussion forum on the back of adult sexual can exploitation allegations by facebook. this is of course institutional lying at it worst. completely dishonest on behalf of these companies. what we learned is if you are a big tech company or wall street anymore, if you utter the right magic words hate speech, racism, et cetera, that empowers you to basically do anything. i think that's the scariest part about it. will: absolutely vivek. what does this have to do with woke or financial regulation or kicking people off of chat rooms, you are absolutely right. you have to look at what discord said. they called it hateful speech. they did tie it to some of the tame bus words going around when it violence, white supremacy, hate speech, misinformation. disinformation. these concepts quite honestly have no boundaries, right? they could be used to go after i would assume anything. don't stop at chat boards. where could you go? >> go to email next. i think artificial intelligence for censoring so-called racist
5:28 am
or hateful emails is where we are heading next. the way you sat government respond. the biden white house press secretary psaki was asked about this several days ago what do you think about the game stop situation in the first thing that came out of her mouth is we are proud to have the ferris woman treasury secretary in history. whether or not that's good or bad completely changing the subject which is, again, a classic move today of uttering the right magic words to give yourself the power and the cover to do whatever you want. companies are copying the act. and i think it's creating orwellian world where you co-op language to be able to mean much more than it ever did. and it gives you air cover to accomplish much more than you ever could. that's big challenge for conserving moving forward. not just big government. but big government and big business working in this unholy alliance to threaten the liberty of every day americans. pete: you study this a book coming out about it as well "woke inc." the woke industrial complex. who is making the decisions about what is acceptable and not
5:29 am
acceptable? who is in charge of driving that group think? >> right now, today, it's being driven by people in positions of corporate power. of course, they place their alumni in the roles of government. now, they have been doing that for decades. you look to the early thousands. alum nist of goldman sachs in the seat of u.s. treasury secretary play favorites when it comes to the 2008 bailout. we have seen crony capitalism and we need to ferret it out. of the thing we are seeing now is a third partner getting in on the act which is progressive activist. whether a that allows these corporate leaders tore do win over liberals who are previously against them through occupy wall street but now able to actually co-op same liberals for own love of woke values and conservatives for their part have memorized some slogan from 180 that says the free market can do no wrong without recognizing that we are not actually operating in a free market. that's the way these corporations are able to really pit both side against each other. divide and conquer and co-opt government along the way. silicon valley and wall street getting in on it too.
5:30 am
pete: interesting. jedediah: big topics, we look forward to have the book, too. thank you for joining us, vivek, we appreciate it. >> thank you. jedediah: still ahead, following month of lockdowns indoor diabetes something coming back to new york but there is a catch. nicole malliotakis sounds off on that and more coming up next. ♪ ♪ dinner with the drakes...tonight. alexa, ask buick to start my encore gx. ♪♪ four filets. ♪♪ you know this dinner's for their... kids. thanks for watching them. where's the pizza? the buick encore gx. current eligible non-gm owners get nearly 43 hundred purchase allowance on 20-20 buick encore gx models.
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>> some restaurants say 25% isn't enough. look, 25% is better than zero. you can't find a business owner who will say they don't want to do more. they would rather be at 100 percent occupancy. that's true for every business in the state. if you ask people well, do you want to get covid, every pepper will say no. all right. so balance those two facts. will: hey, look, 25 is better than zero. you will take what you get and like it. all right? by the way while we are at it doesn't matter where they died. they died. this is the language of the governor of new york. andrew cuomo. let's see how that resonates in new york and how that resonates with another politician that's nicole malliotakis. congresswoman thank you for being with us. good morning to you.
5:35 am
>> good morning. will: what do you make of this response from cuomo and the kind of language he is using? >> well, you know, the real issue here is that he is tweeting different regions in the state differently. is he discriminating against new york city. if you go to long island, they have 50% capacity. if you go to other parts of the state they are operating at 50% of capacity. here in new york he shut down the entire industry for now it's going to be two months and then he wants to reopen at 25% and the fact he is making these restaurants wait another two weeks just to get to that 25%, it is brutal. of you know the temperatures here in new york city. you guys are based here, too. in the teens and the 20's. how can anyone survive on outdoor dining and the worst part of it he is not even doing this based on science. 1.4% positive cases, came from restaurants according to his own contact tracers. 74% of the spread is happening in living rooms. what is he essentially doing is
5:36 am
encouraging people to gather in their homes where we know the spread is occurring where there isn't safety or san tore protocols no social distancing or mask requirement and the spread will continue there and i think that's very unfortunate poet for health and for our economy. jedediah: congresswoman we have seen the report this week from the attorney general's office with respect to covid-19 and nursing home deaths saying that they were grossly under reported by 50%. that's a pretty outstanding number. you have called for investigation into governor cuomo. tell us a little bit about that. >> well, back in may i was the first one to say we need to have an independent inquiry into what occurred here. i think there are two questions that new yorkers have. one be is what information he paced this decision to allow covid positive patients. not allow it to actually mandate it that covid positive patients had to be accepted by nursing homes where our most vulnerable
5:37 am
live, which we knew from the very beginning our most vulnerable and most susceptible to this disease. and then suddenly why did he continue that order even after president trump u.s. navy comfort ship. the javits center was set up. emergency hospitals like the southeast psychiatric center here on staten island were set up. and that executive order continued nonetheless. so those are the two main questions that i have but i already called for the health commissioner to resign as many other officials did. and the governor accused us of playing politics. this is his own hand picked democrat attorney general who has now come out with a scathing report. and the governor said on march 17th, the buck stops on my desk. so now people want accountability. they want answers. and as you know on the federal level, representative scalise is the ranking member of the subcommittee that's been looking into this. we also have a department of justice investigation that's ongoing which we hope will
5:38 am
continue without interference from the biden administration. and, you know, people want answers and they want them now. pete: you mentioned accountability. answers, investigations, that also stems into where this all came from. in the first place. the china vice. and people have smeared the idea that it came from a lab. remember tom cotton posited that early on he was smeared as a conspiracy thirst. theorist. now we learned that's where it did come from. bill maher has been willing to talk about it on his program. here is a portion of that and the origins of covid-19. >> we have heard a lot recently about the fact that maybe the virus did start in the lab. let's talk about that. the fact that there is this lab, i think it's the only one in the world quite like it in wuhan where it started. it would almost be a conspiracy theory to think it didn't start in a lab. right? and that theory was demonized at first oh, come on, that's conspiracy thinking that it would start -- started in the lab. it certainly is a 50/50.
5:39 am
pete: your reaction? i mean, what can and should be done now that we are learning clear as day the chinese knew about this and it emerged from a lab? >> well, you know, i, like others, believe that there needs to be accountability. first of all, you know, president biden should think about this. you know, he wants to join the world health organization again, right? but, yet, he doesn't want to command that they investigate what occurred here. and that's the first thing. and second of all, the republican conference came out with a report on steps that we should be taking to hold china accountable. and, you know, as we are looking now to negotiate renegotiate and trade deal with them, we need to talk about bringing out our supply chain home. we cannot be dependent on countries like china for ppe or for any of our supplies. so this is something that i think the not only congress but the president needs to work with us to make sure that we are
5:40 am
becoming independent from nations like this. i think that's the most important thing we can be doing to really hold them accountable. jedediah: congresswoman, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate your insights. pete: thank you. >> thank you. jedediah: head over to rick reichmuth hopefully he will tell us it's getting warmer. praying, rick, praying. rick: nope. not going to tell you that really significant winter storm that we're going to be dealing with for a lot of people places like chicago towards d.c. up around new york and boston. already got the cold air in place and that's really important. we need that to get snow if you want snow. that's what has to happen across coastal areas. we got that in place. obviously it's really cold. kind of brutal right now. especially across parts of the northeast. we have winter storm warnings in effect from places like knot eastern iowa through northern illinois, indiana into ohio. and then it's just watches so far. those will turn into winter storm warnings philadelphia and
5:41 am
new york city pretty quickly. the storm right now across parts of the central plains just starting to get going. this is all part of the energy that came into california over the last couple of days. now it's here across the central planes. the northern side of this throughout the day today will start to see some snow begin to develop. and by later this afternoon and evening snow is going to be pretty significant across areas like chicago. here is how much snow we are talking about. see the idea here. pretty good swath of maybe 6 to 12 inches. get in towards the coastal areas. maybe a little bit less. that said, it's going to be a really long slow moving storm eventually. so by sunday night, we're talking philadelphia in towards new york and up towards boston. if this sticks around a little bit longer there is some indication snowfall totals could be closer to a foot. get ready, cold is here and lots of snow on the way. guys? will: 6 inches plus. entire northeast. thanks, rick. coming up the black lives matter movement is officially nominated for the nobel peace prize. apparently for getting the forgh
5:42 am
of chaos and violence carried out in their names. we will discuss next. heinz ketchup. because you can't be everyone's favorite ketchup without making a ketchup for everyone. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. because you can't be everyone's favorite ketchup so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ pete: we are back with quick headlines. airline pilots blaming the covid-19 for mistakes they have made on recent flights. pilots told the "l.a. times" they feel rusty after returning to skies for the first time in months. experts told fox business there is no elevated risk for passengers as there are plenty of safety measures in place. and take a look at this, a world war ii marine veteran celebrating his 100th birthday by jumping out of a plane in arizona. charles says skydiving was one thing he wanted to do when he reached his milestone birthday after landing safely. marine veteran said he would do it all over again. look at that smile. says it all. god bless him. will: good stuff. after months of violence being carried out in the name of social justice. the black lives matter movement
5:46 am
was just nominated for the nobel peace prize. a norwegian for raising global awareness and consciousness about racial injustice. here to react the brewer group ceo and former envelope player jack brewer. jack, good morning, planks for being with us this morning. >> thanks for having me. will: what do you think about black lives matter. >> the bible says one day good goodwill be evil and evil will e good. drop over 100,000 bowms on the world. president trump has denied the nobel peace prize after negotiating four of the most incredible middle east peace deals in history. now all of a sudden you talk about the movement that is burning down cities over hundred buildings in minneapolis. of burned to the ground. and you give them the nobel peace prize, excuse me you
5:47 am
nominate them for the nobel peace prize. very representative of what we are seeing in our society today. and that's good presenting as easel and evil being presented as good. we have to get some clarity in our society. and this is not about the know p nobel peace prize. it's more about liberalism. the only way that you qualify to be nominated for this award is if if you support liberal principles. and that's sad. will: jack, i came from the world of sports before stepping over here to the world of news and politics. you are a former nfl player. this is a massive story. it really is a story that many people want to avoid talking about quite honestly and that's the role of transgender athletes come to women sports and all the gains women's sports have made last 50 years. president biden signed executive order this week right off the start of his administration saying the following children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they have will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports. executive order opens up sports to transgender athletes
5:48 am
participating in women's sports. your thoughts? >> normally you would see professional athletes and so-called social distancing warriors out here protesting, screaming and shouting. buff you haven't heard one peep from major professional sports athletes. and it's sad. this is not right. as americans, we have to stand up for our principles. we cannot indoctrinate our kids. one with these antichrist beliefs. but this is not even right. you talk about justice. you talk about all the women that fought for women's rights, title 9 and opportunities in sports. and now all of a sudden you are going to open this thing up so people can pick and choose your gender? we all have free choice. we all have the ability to choose how we live our lives and raise our families. but one thing we can't choose is how god created us. and so to be able to use that now to take advantage of women in the sports realm is
5:49 am
saddening. it's saddening for all athletes. folks who went out and fought hard to get scholarships and to play the sport that they love. will: just to put it in context, jack. in the state of connecticut last couple of years women's track and field are transgender males have won first and second place in the state meet in connecticut. i want to wind up with this. when it comes we talked about race and identity politics. jason whitlock has said it's all a big distraction. i have want you to listen to this and get your response. >> i just believe they are using race and identity politics as a distraction from the real agenda. >> yes. >> and aoc and others don't believe in the founding principles of this country. they are the insurrectionist. they are the ones trying to take this country a very dangerous direction. they are distracting everybody with claims of race and racism while they try to usher in
5:50 am
socialism, marxism and make this country very secular. are. will: you hear it, jack. all this focus on race and identity politics. it's a distraction from a deeper motive. your thought? >> it's very deep. i have a buy racial family. my kids are iranian. they are are white, they're black. and now all of a sudden i'm supposed to teach them that they have to start identifying people by the color of their skin? and not the context of their character? and we do this all in the name of social distancing. this must end. this is not america. we are one blood like the bible says. will: absolutely. we have a deeper connection. we all do here in america. it's important we focus on that. jack brewer, always good to talk to you. thank you, jack. >> god bless you, brother. will: take care inspired by their grandparents two seniors step up to help are shall process of getting the covid-19 vaccine. meet the two problem-solving teens next ♪ making out on living room
5:51 am
couches ♪ blowing that smoke on saturday night ♪ a little messed up ♪ but we're all all right ♪ hey ♪ ha♪ you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at
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♪ ♪ jedediah: two sisters are helping their new york community in a big way. ava and lily weinstein started a service to help seniors register for the coronavirus vaccine online by navigating the confusing technology. so far they have more than 200 seniors on a waitlist that they are ready to help once more vaccine appointments open up. joining me now are those sisters ava and lily. thank you for being here. this is such a great and noble cause that you contributed and helped orchestrate. ava, let me start with you what made you to help want to do. this we were helping out our
5:55 am
grandparents and it was very hard and difficult for them. many people don't have grandparents -- many people don't have kids or grandchildren to help them. so we wanted to get out of this pandemic as soon as we can. so we wondered how other people are supposed to do this. jedediah: yeah, you know, lily, i was helping my own parents and it's tricky. i kept thinking that people who weren't tech savvy would have a really hard time with that how did you start off right away, lilly, by reaching out to people and getting them to know that you there were to offer that help? >> well, we made fliers, explaining that we want to help. anyone who is eligible for the vaccine and we just handed them out to people who needed our help. '[inaudible] jedediah: yeah, and have people been receptive to it? generally, when you hand them fliers, are they excited to see that you guys are there to offer that assistance? >> yes. it's the best feel in the world. they are so nice. and they just love that we are
5:56 am
so ready to help them. jedediah: how have your grandparents been doing? i had read that they got their first vaccine. are they on their way to getting their second shot soon, hopefully? >> yes. hopefully by the end of february they should have their second shot. and they are very happy. jedediah: so what do you want to let people know today he if they are out there, seniors are out there and they are struggling to figure out the system, how can you guys help? >> so, anybody can call us at 65 or older and eligible for the vaccine and we are in new york. we are just primarily doing right now. and we will put them on our list and help them. and we currently can't really make any appointments because many people don't want to travel and most evidence people are from long island. and there is no appointments anywhere on long island. they don't want to travel. jedediah: we want to thank you guys so much. i have a have a and lily weinstein, covid-19 vaccine
5:57 am
thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. jedediah: still ahead, chicago students are supposed to be back in the classroom on monday. but now some teachers are threatening to strike. more on the school showdown. that's at the top of the hour. stick with us. ♪ ♪ get exceptional care at every step, unparalleled safety at every visit, and flexible payment options for every budget. now, during the everyday smiles event new patients get a full exam & set of x-rays with no obligation. no insurance? no worries, it's free. plus, now all patients can get 20% off their treatment plan. find every reason to smile. every day at aspen dental. call 1-800-aspendental or book today at for some of us, our daily journey is a short one when you drive less, you pay less with pay per mile insurance from allstate you've never been in better hands
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allstate click or call for a quote today
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♪ ♪ it's all about faith and devotion. ♪ it's all about soul. ♪ ♪ pete: oh, it's the wrong verse. it's all about soul from billy joel. see what you did there. i was obsessed with this cd back in the day. river of dreams, billy joel. remember? ♪ in the middle of the night. pete: this is one of the deep
6:01 am
tracks from this. will: okay, a couple of points. pete requested this song. they don't listen to country or blues, they listen to pop. so pete's response is, oh, yeah? billy joel. i will say, no, i don't have a deep billy joel catalog. somehow billy joel and bruce springsteen missed my musical development, jedediah. [laughter] jedediah: this is pete's effort to tell everyone that he does, in fact, have a soul, because he's singing a song about soul -- [laughter] that's what i think is happening here. pete: the song's actually about a woman with a soul. and so it's not about me, and i can't use it as cover. so as of yet, we still are uncertain -- as of yet devoid of a soul. [laughter] and you stay on this show long enough, will, yours will get smaller too. but then christmas comes -- [laughter] thank you for being with us on
6:02 am
this fourth and final hour of "fox & friends" this saturday morning. it's been one of those days, guys, where there's so much news on so many levels. it's all interesting and all worth talking about, but this one has really stuck out this morning as one of those head scratchers of how in the world does this happen, especially inside our pentagon, inside our government. so there's a lot of growing frustration this morning from the fdny, 9/11 first responders. americans writ large. because the pentagon has announced that, as per their protocol, vaccines will be given to al-qaeda detainees at guantanamo bay before you. that the includes khalid sheikh mohammed, the 9/11 mastermind, three other members of an attack against the bombing in 2002. 40 in all, will, will receive the covid-19 vaccine as our grandparents, our parents, millions of americans are waiting just to wonder when they'll get on a list down the
6:03 am
line. don't worry about it, our pentagon's got it on lockdown. these dirtbag terrorists, they get the vaccine. will: you know, i've actually encountered this conversation, people say when do i get mine in what month do i get mine? and the short answer you get it after khalid sheikh mohammed. a fire commissioner during 9/11 says you can't make this up. the ridiculousness of what we get from our government. they will run the vaccine down to those lowlifes in guantanamo bay. it's the theater of the absurd. and earlier we spoke to a former gitmo guard about this absurdity. listen. >> back on january 8th former president trump sent the vaccine to guantanamo bay to start to inoculate the 6,000 civilians and 1500 guard force there. so as per international and u.s.
6:04 am
army law and s.o.p., whatever we do for the guard force we do for the detainees. that's part of what we do. so the food is the same, the medical care is even better for the detainees. my father-in-law who's 91 isn't scheduled til march. so am i happy about it? no. but i understand it, because our duty is to take care of these guys. will: so what he was explaining was if you give the vaccine to the guards at guantanamo bay, standard operating procedure is to give it to the inmates as well. equal treatment for guard and inmate. what we have here is an explanation but not a justification. it doesn't justify the absurdity of khalid sheikh mohamed getting a vaccine before our grandparents. jedediah: yeah. standard operating procedure stinks sometimes. i understand what he's saying, and he's trying to explain this is the justification for the protocol, but that's just not going to sit well, i'm sorry. if you've got a family member
6:05 am
who's elderly, who's sitting around waiting for their first shot, if you've got parents who had their first shot and it's a struggle to get a second. and you read news like this and it looks like people are being prioritized who certainly shouldn't be. no, the protocol stinks. is there a way to change it? this is a really desperate time we're in, so this was the last time people needed to see. pete: guantanamo bay has been upside down for a long time. i was there for a year. the medical care is better, that's absolutely true. the food is better than the guards actually get. there's one thing to be better than your enemy, there's another thing to be stupid. and in this particular case we know al-qaeda would chop our heads off within ten minutes if they had us. check your s.o.p. on that one. speaking of lunacy on another level, the city of chicago still trying to figure out how to get kids back in school, and monday is the target date that the
6:06 am
chicago public schools want to try to reopen. negotiations are ongoing. i heard there have been over 60 meetings between the teachers union and chicago public schools to try to open. well, now the white house is throwing their toe in the water saying that this covid-19 bill that they can't seem to get done, they can't get enough votes for, they're trying to now tie it to the reopening of schools. listen to jen psaki read that in on msnbc. watch. >> as covid package that is a top priority for him are things that democrats and republicans across the country support. 70% of the public supports them are republicans now against reopening schools? pete: that is the height of hackery. are republicans now against reopening of schools because we've added it into our bill? people don't buy it, will. i think they see through it. but they think that kind of stuff still works, oh, you're going to have to take a tough
6:07 am
vote. i think people understand who is real at this point. will: they see what school districts still won't open up for their children, the fact that you have to lure a carrot of tons of money, trillions, whatever it's going to be, billions, millions, i don't know what the number is in order to properly vent9 late a school. meanwhile -- ventilate a school. meanwhile, the school district across the river or across town is open and educating children five days a week. jedediah, you spoke to a mom of three sons in that chicago public school district talking about the impact of closed schools is having on the entire family. listen. >> my children attend public school. i should not have to get a lawyer for them to attend school. they've been out of school and out of the classroom with a teacher for over ten months. they are falling behind. two of my three children should have additional accommodations which are virtually impossible to be met doing remote learning. it doesn't just affect the children, it affects the whole family, the dynamics.
6:08 am
my his is an essential worker, he's expected to show up and do his job every day pandemic or no pandemic. i've had to put my career on hold and stay home with the children every day. it's been a real challenge. we've gone from a two income family down to a one income family. jedediah: yeah. i mean, these parents don't want to sue. this is not what they want to do. this is a last resort. but they're sitting here saying what other choice do i have? now they're feeling they need to hire lawyers. this particular lawsuit hasn't gone into effect yet, it will go into effect on monday if there is that strike, and it's not -- none of this is backed by science at this point, we know that. so i think it's incumbent upon, you know, if someone's representing the biden administration, everyone needs to point the finger where it needs to go, and that is at teachers unions who are standing in the way of schools reopening. if any teach everybody is say -- teacher is saying they don't feel safe, then, i'm sorry, you need to find another line of work if you don't want to do your job. that is not where the spreading
6:09 am
is happening. the spreading is not happening in outdoor dining. let's zero in on where it is happening and stop or minimize those activities, but what's being done to kids is horrible at this point. really, really horrible. pete: it's high time -- jedediah: and on that -- pete: fire the air traffic controllers like ronald reagan did. fire teachers that won't go back to work. i know it's tough. they're government union employees, but hopefully a government takes an reaction like that -- an action like that. jedediah: if they don't feel comfortable, okay, then don't go to work. a lot of them are saying we don't want to get vaccinated, we also don't want to go to work. it's getting a little bit crazy, and there's a lot of kids that are falling behind. and certainly pointing the finger and the blame where with it needs to go is the first step. on that issue we've talked about schools and restaurants, which is another industry that has been completely leveled in certain cities. now new york and california finally lifting those restrictions to an extent but not without a catch.
6:10 am
cuomo in new york city saying, okay, you can have indoor dining, but it has to resume at 25% capacity, not for two weeks while the rest of the state can open at 50%. in los angeles county you have officials ordering. restaurants to keep tvs off as outdoor dining resumes as the super bowl approaches. i mean, this stuff is just crazy. 25% is not sustainable, we know, for restaurants. many have closed, many more will close. they cannot heat their bottom line. and keeping tvs off, you don't let people sit outside and watch the tv, guess what in they're going to have a gathering in their home, invite a. bunch of people, and that is the super spreader event. the outdoor dining is now. what are we even doing at this point? pete: hold on, now the government can tell me whether i can have my tv on or not? that's where we're at. people go outside because the weather is beautiful in l.a., they want to sent outside, and oftentimeses they don't want about to just talk to each other.
6:11 am
they want to look at a screen that has a game on it, the players on it doing things like the super bowl, and they're not allowed to do that. will: the absurdity of the micromanagement. you can have people eating outdoors, but you can't turn your television on. pair that up with what happened in new york which is you go to -- you can't order an alcoholic beverage without ordering food to accompany it. is this fighting -- how is this fighting covid? okay, you're telling me the tv thing is so people don't linger. what about this? it's as if there's a pathological need to always stick it to restaurant owners one way or another. by this whole lingering standard the, right? grocery stores shouldn't be able to play music either. pete: it's true. and last weekend portnoy built an entire new outdoor dining on the sidewalk where there is no longer dining, now it is
6:12 am
indoors. jedediah: and keep in mind that these restaurants and also referencing the schools, they put. so much protocol into place. they have masks, they have barriers, they have so much in place to make everyone feel safe, to minimize any kind of spread, and it just doesn't matter. it does not matter, and that's what's so painful to see. all right. we're going to turn to your headlines this hour. a top isis leader is killed in an airstrike in iraq are, the mission was led by the u.s. with iraqi forces. officials say the strike killed ten terrorists, including the coalition spokesman tweeting in part, quote: the coalition will continue to make sure that terrorists never live in peace and will be pursued to the ends of the earth. officials facing backlash after calling for permanent fencing around the capitol building. washington, d.c. mayor and many republicans disagree with the proposal. law makers say they want to look into the security threat levels first. meanwhile, wall construction along the southern border has been suspended a week after
6:13 am
president biden signed an executive order. and take a look at this. packers' quarterback aaron rodgers spotted in the back of a pickup truck holding up a case of beer. people were unsure if it was actually him in the online video, but rodgers later confirmed it was him on twitter saying the truck and soggy beer cases belonged to offensive lineman david -- oh, i'm going to need help with this one, back carly. unclear where rodgers was heading, but it's not uncommon for green bay packers' players to hitch a ride. that's why you may need to jump in at any point. pete: fun moment, right? will: by the way, really quickly, if we're going to keep people from lingering in restaurants, we probably should do away with appetizers and dee centers as well. -- dessert ass well.
6:14 am
pete: all right. it was a virtual event, but it didn't stop the march for life from delivering its message. how it plans to navigate the new administration's pro-choice agenda. ♪ ♪ -- got a long, long way to go ♪♪ might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda approved treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation.
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6:17 am
pete: this year even lockdown restrics were not going to stop the 48th annual march for life. organizers making the event virtual with a lineup of speakers defending the most basic human right, the right to life. march for life president jane mancini joins us now. thank you for what you do. explain what you did with the martha year, its -- march this year. >> right. thanks for having me, pete. the march was a little different because of covid and different things recently near the
6:18 am
capitol. so we had a much smaller, more somber march. typically, we've got hundreds of thousands and largely young people, exuberantly marching through washington d.c. this year we had a small group of pro-life leaders, we encouraged our marchers and young people to stay home, and instead we had a very somber, prayerful march symbolizing where we're at in our country in terms of these crossroads culturally and just protecting our young marchers and law enforcement. pete: considering you have an administration that is not friendly to life at all, and we've seen the, you know, the mexico city the policy, the reversal of the what's called the geneva consensus which is a document that promotes anti-abortion, pro-family policies world wild, how do you approach the pro-life cause with this current administration? >> well, it's very important that we're proactive, i should say, these next four years. so, sadly, the biden/harris administration, as you mentioned, pete, already
6:19 am
rescinded what's popularly known as the mexico city policy on the eve of the march for life, i think the really making a statement. that ends taxpayer funding for abortions overseas. pete: yep. >> 77% of americans are not favorable towards that, so we've got here an administration promising unity, and at the same time doing something that defies what mainstream america's standing for. pete: jeanne, thank you. the fight continues for life regardless of the political winds of the moment. i know you're committed to the cause, and we appreciate that. >> thanks for having me. pete: you got it. still ahead, high school athletes, coaches and parents in california demanding the state let them play. those fighting to get kids back on the field next. ♪ ♪ ♪ start the year smiling at aspen dental
6:20 am
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6:23 am
♪ ♪ will: parent, students, athletes and coaches rallying in california yesterday demanding, let them play. parents' organizations organizing the event to challenge the state's late youth sports guidance, fighting to get their players back on the field. some of the rally-goers are here with meed today, we have high school football coach pat walsh, player nicholas gardenera, and parent cindy lee. the high school of tom brady, soon to be, what is it, 11th super bowl? >> we stopped counting, yeah, we don't even know anymore. will: it's six victories, i know that. we'll see after this coming
6:24 am
weekend what the number is. tell me, no one's playing football, right? sports has been put on hold, and i know you've written a letter to gavin newsom. >> we have 3 million kids who have been on the bench, all sports. we haven't been allowed to participate in any youth sports since march 10, 2020. we've presented data and science that we believe is crystal clear that it is safe to play. we want these kids back on the field asap, and we also presented data that's showing that it's becoming unsafe not to play due to mental health concerns and other issues that are facing our students today. will: yeah, absolutely. nicholas, now, you are a high school football player. your dad has filed student, i think you've been named a plaintiff in that suit as well or you're mentioned in the suit. so football, totally ab sent, right? you haven't played one down this year, and i would imagine -- what year are you, nicholas? is in your senior year? so your career? >> yes. will: how many times, how many
6:25 am
opportunities do you have left? >> yes, this is the my last shot as a senior, this year is my last opportunity to play high school football. will: yeah. and what is your hope? it looks like governor newsom has opened up some sports starting monday,but it doesn't seem to include a spring football season. what do you guys hope to accomplish with the lawsuit? >> we're heaping to get back out -- hoping to getting back out on the field and hoping that the lawsuit pushes him to let us get back out there and just let us get back to doing what we all love to do. will: right. and i understand, nicholas, you have hopes to continue playing football into a collegiate career, and i would imagine playing your senior year is pretty important to that outcome. >> extremely important. without my senior year film, it's hard to even go to the next level. a lot of coaches are relying on the senior year film to -- that's how you're getting looked at. so without that film, it's very hard to move to the next level, and it's really hurting my future choices.
6:26 am
will: cindy, tell us about your situation. you have a son who is a jv baseball player. i guess there's some practicing allowed there, but you've taken some fascinating and extreme measures to insure your son can continue competing, right? >> yes. thank you for having me, will. my son is actually a varsity baseball player, and we have been traveling out of state to compete. 47 other states are open for youth sports except california. so parents are having to go to other states to compete. and it's very sad because for me, you know, i'm blessed to be able to do in that, but for parents that aren't able to do that that, they're at a disadvantage. they can't travel, they can't afford it. so, you know, it's really hurting the kids. will: absolutely. this is a real travelty for the student athletes -- travesty. pat, nicholas and cindy, we wish you the best. nicholas, really hope you can get a season in this year. thank you all so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us as
6:27 am
well. will: coming up, governor cuomo asks, who cares? doesn't matter how they died following the release of a scathing report on nursing home deaths from his own attorney general, but it turns out, he might be right. the media virtually ignored his response. are they covering for cuomo, next. it's velveeta versus the other guys. clearly, nothing melts like velveeta. ♪♪♪ did you know you can go to to customizes yourng melts car insurancelveeta. so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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feel like a -- pete: it's your shot of the morning, national guard troops get a surprise visit -- wisconsin will the hotel where some guard members are staying brought in a dozen therapy dogs for the troops to hug and cuddle. jedediah: the hotel wanted to thank the troops for all their hard work while protecting our nation's capital. that is adorable. therapy dogs work. i'm telling you, dogs make everyone happier. joe concha knows that, we're going to bring him in, media opinion columnist for the hill. dogs, you know they make everyone happy, right? >> i did a hit 20 years ago before the super bowl talking about how dogs and pents in general -- pets in general are in advertisements more than people because, a, they are cheap, and everybody loves them more than humans, to your point, jed. [laughter]
6:32 am
jedediah: that's true. someone everybody doesn't love is governor cuomo. he's facing extra heat as we saw that report come through the attorney general's office in new york saying nursing home deaths were significantly underreported. the problem here, joe, is network news coverage is almost nonexistent. abc, zero seconds. cbs, a whole, whopping 59 seconds. why is the governor getting a pass? >> because he has a d next to his name, i would imagine. because those three outlets, they're primarily based in new york. that is where the governor, obviously, is the governor of this state, the empire state. and it's just amazing, the consistency -- you've got to love it here at least, guys, right in for the last months, the media, most of it anyway, has ignored this story around putting covid-19-positive patients back into nursing homes. it's like taking a blow torch to dry grass in terms of the spread and eventual death. the ap, as far back as august,
6:33 am
talked about the undercounting. and we're not just talking a mistake here, by the way, guys. we're talking about -- let's say you're off by double digits, right? okay, it's a pandemic, things are crazy, it's a forgivable sort of accounting error, for lack of a better term. but when you get up to 4,000 undercounted, now you are talking about no longer about a mistake, but about a cover-up, about somebody who was trying to mislead people in terms of what actually happened with these poor folks as far as this story is concerned. pete: and if you want to uncover a cover-up, joe, then what you need is a media willing to look into it. instead what you've had is a media doing this. >> new york's andrew cuomo has become an outspoken voice in this crisis with his blunt and sobering assessments. >> there for us and i go, ooh ooh, you're smart and you were honest. >> you've been commended for your clear and calm leadership. >> congratulations, andrew, on your much-deserved founders eye ward. >> is it true that this was the
6:34 am
swab that the nurse was actually using? in scale this was the actual swab with that was being used. that was going to be the nice and sweet. >> i just want to -- pete: people were lied to be, people died. he misrepresented, that's the coverage he gets. >> during a pandemic, at the height of it. keeping up with the cuomos, he did ten interviews, governor cuomo did, and the nursing home situation wasn't brought up once as a it wasn't by other anchors on cnn or msnbc or jimmy fallon or go down the line. this is the ultimate if you're teaching a class, exercise of bias and omission. janice dean shares an interesting story, so nbc and lester holt censored one of my friends who lost a parent in a nursing home. they told her to say new york failed us instead of cuomo. she called it disgusting.
6:35 am
i say it's time for governor dean -- i'm talking about janice dean, the weather machine over the political machine here in new york. of. [laughter] can you believe that story? i mean, it's believable, that's the scary part, right? will: bloomberg columnist tweeted the following response to the story: i think it's safe to say at this point that governor cuomo connedded national media, he made a horrendous decision on nursing homes and covered it up on the death count. shame on him but also shame on the journalists who couldn't stop swooning. i don't know if he conned the media or the people of new york, that's who he conned. on this idea you just said, it's believable. you're right, it's believe. and this is why -- it's believable. another example of not journalism, but propaganda that you get from mainstream media outlets. so quick review. tom cotton wrote an op-ed for
6:36 am
"the new york times" suggesting that the coronavirus started in a lab. it was denounced as conspiratorial. it was not published. and those that attempted to have it published inside "the new york times" were pushed out, joe. at the same time, they allowed editorials to come in from someone who had now been arrested as an acting agent of iran. why was he arrested, by the way? for pushing propaganda. >> yeah. will: so that's acceptable in "the new york times". tom cotton -- which, by the way,
6:37 am
paper like the old gray lady which is supposed to be the most influential paper in the world. we have editors grabbing on to a theory they like instead of telling the truth. that's where we are at this point, guys. we don't know what is truth or what is fiction. i'll leave it here. a, governor cuomo probably has to give back that emmy or the people that gave it to him need to take it back, and b, i have to go off to my weekend job to make solar panels. i can do it with one arm, so it's going to be a fun day today. that. [laughter] pete: it's true. that's what john kerry said to all those pipeline workers, make solar panels. jedediah: thanks, joe. [laughter] pete: it's just like learning code. all right, turning mow to a few
6:38 am
additional headlines, a chinese company offered to build testing labs in the u.s. when covid-19 first started. intelligence officials believed it might have been an effort to. the a biotech offered to build and run the testing labs in several states, but u.s. officials warned statements not to do it. thank goodness. and a public safety alert features a scary but a huge kit. exactly how the mix-up happened is unclear. that is weird. i don't know what else to say.
6:39 am
a texas -- what's going on in texas? a texas 10-year-old catching in on the gamestop surge after his mom gifted him shares in 2019. jaden's mother nina spoke to charles payne on fox business. >> at the time i didn't know what it was, but i didn't know what it was deeply, so i just kept it. >> so i pulled him out of his zoom class with his teacher, and i was, like, look. pete: his mother purchased ten shares for a total of $60 more than a yearing ago, jaden decided to sell for a little under $3200. that's a profit of $3100. not bad, little guy. will: he got out just in time. right before they shut it down. [laughter] congratulations to jaden on that
6:40 am
big profit. pete: indeed. let's check in with -- will: you have been wanting to ask rick like a question for, like, three hours, and i don't know why -- pete: oh, yeah. you know about fires because, you know, you do wildfires and things like that. one of our -- rick: okay. [laughter] pete: come on, you're the closest thing i have to an expert. there was an 11-alarm fire. is that possible? i thought 4-alarm was the max. will: how do they go, rick? rick: isn't that just abou many fire stations get called to a fire? this is my understanding. a really big fire and you've got enough fire departments around that would all go to that fire like in an urban -- will: yeah. so 11 fire departments responded making it an 11-alarm fire. if you're right, rick, you're really smart. jedediah: rick knows a lot of odd things. rick: you've got, like, a minute for us here on twitter. tell me if i'm right, and i want you guys to tell me if i'm right.
6:41 am
i'm, like, 50-50 on my answer on this one, guys. all right. cold air in place, a storm brewing. it's all part of the moisture that really pulmoif eled this week california -- pummeled california, parts of the southwest. a little bit too much too quick. that's moving in across the central plains. winter storm warnings from northeastern iowa, southern parts of wisconsin through illinois, indiana, ohio, then down across parts of the southern appalachians where we're going to see probably the heaviest of the snow is maybe western parts of west into the mountains of west virginia, western parts of virginia and the mountains of west virginia. this is where the storm is right now, central plains. just rain right now. throughout the afternoon this are turn into snow for places like chicago. throughout the later afternoon and overnight across parts of the ohio valley, and tomorrow d.c., it is a sunday night into monday event and even tuesday for parts of the northeast. these are preliminary looks at some of snowfall totals, a lot of areas, 6-10 inches, maybe over a foot in new york city, probably around 6-10 is. what'd you find out, guys?
6:42 am
will: i didn't. jedediah: rick, you're right. yeah, he's right. you're right. you know what's the most interesting part of this whole thing is though? pete waited to ask you. rather than just googling it, we asked you. in fact, you are correct, and you would make a great game show contestant on an esoteric show. rick: man. i'm feeling good about myself. [laughter] jedediah: he knows a lot of odd facts. he's very smart. all right, the nfl is set to honor pandemic heroes by naming them as honorary captains. one of those heroes who has gone above and beyond to help others will join us next. ♪ she's some kind of wonderful ♪♪ stems. or it isn't. it's either the peace of mind of a standard unlimited mileage warranty. or it isn't.
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6:46 am
commitment to the education of our and particularly your leadership during the pandemic. >> [inaudible] pete: trust main daviss is a coordinator for the vip scholars program at ucla, provides mentorship to underrepresented students and during covid-19 helped provide students and families with internet access and mental health. will: really cool call with seahawks' wide receiver jermaine baldwin. i imagine that was surprising. this is an awesome honor. my curiosity-based question, so you're going out for the coin toss, are you assigned to one team or the other, the bucs or the chiefs, and do you -- they're not saddle you to call heads or tails, are they? >> i hope not. [laughter] i pray to god that's not my responsibility. [laughter] i'm just a part of the background wall attire, and that'll be that. but regardless, it's an incredible honor, and i'm very excited and extremely feeling
6:47 am
overwhelmed with everything in a good way and also feeling a bit unworthy of this opportunity. but i'm going to do my best to represent. jedediah: i want to highlight some of the reasons that you were honored. some of the work that you did during the pandemic was really outstanding in terms of keeping students connected to technology that they needed in order to stay really virtually in that class room at all. what is some of the work that you did to get this honor? >> i have no idea. [laughter] i'm still trying to figure it out myself. i am, i'm very fortunate to work with incredible people at ucla and also just having an institution like ucla that has a number of different resources in cases of emergencies which this pandemic is. we're very fortunate to utilize those resources and to help our students out with giving them the information that they needed. but i'm very fortunate to have an incredible team. the people i work with, dr. joan
6:48 am
and ashley williams, who are the leaders of our department, are phenomenal. and, you know, when we first wanted to shut down and get off campus, the next meeting that we had, the first meeting that we had remotely, it was all about what are we going to do to support our students. and from there we just went on and made sure we were staying connected, and it's been a blessing to have that kind of leadership. and i know that not every institution of education has been fortunate enough to continue to move on, to i'm just very thankful. i think i played a very small, minute role in all of this, and somehow here i am. pete: well, you're humble at about it, but somebody recognized something. we're going to be looking for you on the field, and i hope you have to call heads or tails. will: right. [laughter] jedediah: no pressure! >> don't put that pressure on me. pete: don't worry, i have no decision making power at all. god bless you, thank you. >> thank you all so much. enjoy the rest of your morning. thank you. pete: coming up, firefighters go
6:49 am
beyond the call of duty by rescuing an american flag that had been ripped down by heavy winds. those three firefighters are next. ♪ ♪ i'm a performer. always have been. and always will be. never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head.
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♪ jedediah: america together, a patriotic moment caught on camera as firefighters rescue an american flag that fell during heavy winds. christine johnson is the owner of that flag. she joins us now along with captain justin reyes and firefighters justin and dominic. thank you all for being here. christine, i'll start with you because that's your flag. what was it liking for you to see your flag being rescued by the firemen? >> there's nothing better than to see the honor that they
6:53 am
respected to it. it moved me, so i felt it was just necessary to have these guys noticed for what they did. they went completely above and beyond at such a scary time. jedediah: dominic, why did you pick the flag at that moment? >> we were out on patrol looking for any potential damage that happened before the storm hit and anything that might be out of place. figured that -- [inaudible] jedediah: so we have two justins here, so i'll start with justin reyesment a lot of people may have seen that and just kept walking. you chose to fix it, retrieve it, fold it up and place it on christine's doorstep. what message did you hope to send by doing that, or maybe you didn't even think about it at the time, but what message do you think it sends now? >> the message -- there was no
6:54 am
mention that was intentioned, we were just doing what was the right thing. we saw the flag down on the ground. in our profession, or you know, we value the flag. i was brought up to value the flag and, essentially, all we did was treat the flag with respect and try to present it back to the homeowner. jedediah: justin, the ore justin, what -- the other justin, what does the flag mean to you? >> you know what? thinking about that question, we were talking about that in the truck, actually. you know, the flag in america can be anything you believe it to be. and i agree with that, you know? the american flag can stand for anything you believe it can stand for. that's the great thing about being an american. jedediah: yeah. you know, it's such a -- christine, it's such a divisive time in the country right now, this is just such an amazing moment. it's a simple moment, but it's one that's quite powerful.
6:55 am
what are you hoping that people glean from seeing this, christine? >> i just hope that they see what good we still are here in america. that our country is still strong and that firefighters, police officers, military, whoever you are, you know, that flag represents that we are one nation. that day it just put in perspective that we are a wonderful country in this rough time that we're going through. jedediah: yeah. well, christine, i want to thank you for being here. i know that everyone who saw that video probably felt their hearts warmed much like i did. and so to the firefighters, just justin, justin and dominic, thank you for what you do for us every single day. we want to send a heartfelt thank you to you today and for being here with us. >> thank you. >> i want to thank you also. >> you're welcome. jedediah: thanks, everyone. more "fox & friends" is coming up moments away.
6:56 am
♪ -- lightning strikes the heart. ♪ goes off like a gun. ♪ brighter than the sun ♪♪
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i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better jedediah: valentine's day is just two wee, and what better news than from the fox news shop, get 15% off, head to now. pete: i wish you could see it, it's like a wet suit and a crop top in one. [laughter] oh, by the way, i want to take another second to wish a very happy birthday to my wife, jennifer. jennifer hegseth, there she is.
7:00 am
she's the smartest, most talented, beautiful woman i've ever known and an amazing mother x. thanks to the fox news shop, i have my gift for her. will: happy birthday, jen. jedediah: happy birthday. pete: have a wonderful saturday. ♪ ♪ neil: all right, news alert, game not stopped. amc and express and blackberry and so many others are still jumping like crazy amid a short squeeze and a populist revolt in the financial world the likes of which, well, we've never seen in this cycle, some are saying ever. it is important to point out that we're also watching what washington is watching, concern that this frenetic activity is going to hurt a lot of people in the end. they want to take some action to get on top of,


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