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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 31, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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[♪♪♪] jesse: that's all for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. the reason americans don't trust politicians is because they lie. new york governor andrew cuomo is a case in point. the attorney general from his own party tells us he underreported nursing home deaths by 50%. this wasn't an accounting error, administrator. it was a cover-up. by an -- an uncaring political
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ploy. he knows he's wrong and manipulates numbers so he can prevent being caught. nursing home deaths skyrocket to 13,000. when the covid pandemic hit. cuomo uses the occasion to promote himself. you will recall the democratic presidential nomination is not yet cinched. so he goes in full throttle p.r. mode, along with his brother on cnn, he does a daily television show promoting himself, his family, his meatball and his ego. the left swoons over his romantic availability. the self-absorbed andrew writes
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a book in the middle of the crisis. counting his own leadership abilities. what leader in the middle of a pandemic writes a book about himself. then the fawning left gives him an emmy for his daily masterful covid briefings where people around the world tuned in and new york became a symbol of new york tough determination. now that the truth is out. new york state has the highest number of nursing home deaths in the country. why? on march 25, 2020, como issued a new directive to nursing home administrators. quote, no resident shall be denied readmission to nursing homes based on a suspected case
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of covid-19. when he was asked why he was forcing nursing homes to accept covid infected patients, he lied. he blamed the trump administration saying he was following federal guidelines. the lie, federal guidelines do not and never did require nursing homes to take covid infected patients. the truth, you, andrew, are one of the only ghofs america to insist that covid infected seniors be placed with our most vulnerable population, the elderly. you and you alone. you and you alone underreported the numbers by 50%, thinking no one would find out and constantly ignoring and delaying
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the release of this information. andrew, what made you do that? what made you write that directive? why would you mandate readmission or admission of covid infected patients, even requiring the elderly be admitted to a nursing home without a covid test? it's not like you were desperate for hospital beds. president trump delivered the usms comfort. javits center was also available. but the giant makeshift hospitals didn't have more than 100 new york patients. so why would you force nursing homes to re-admit covid infected patients. you aren't side. how many times did you fact it bar. but you are good at diverting attention from yourself.
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before seniors died, they were often moved to hospitals to die. >> who cares. 33, 28 died in a hospital, died in a nursing home. they died. judge jeanine: why? so you wouldn't count them as nursing home deaths. so ship them to the hospital to die. don't count them as nursing home deaths. so now we have 13,000 elderly who died in nursing homes, and you blame the federal government? >> incompetent government kills people. incompetent government kills people. judge jeanine: you are income tent. you by undercounting and underreporting, you not only tried to cover up your intentional effort that recklessly caused the deaths of thousands of seniors, you believed you could manipulate
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the press and the public at the same time. when caught you blamed everybody in the federal government, old age, roger stone and god. you never mentioned china. but then again the blame game is a weapon in every shady politician's arsenal. i know, i ran against you a long time ago. the sad part when asked by grieving families like our own janice dean. you attack the little people. your henchmen trashed janice by saying dean is not a credible source on anything except maybe the weather. u ridiculed republican governors who kept their states open. funny now that the truth is out. your state because of you has the highest number of nursing home deaths in the country. states you ridicules like
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florida with the second largest number of seniors in the country. you botched the rollout on the vac swreen you prioritytized patients in drug rehabs and criminals in prison while people i know who are seniors with co-morbidities in new york still can't get the vaccine. and you sign a law giving immunity to nursing home operators and administrators so they are protected from lawsuits by the victims' families. why would you seek to give them an immunity shield in why do you prefer to block justice? now the question is, will the attorney general who has jurisdiction over crimes refer your malfeasance to the deputy attorney general for a grand jury investigation? a primer on what they might
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consider. manslaughter in the second degree. when you recklessly cause the death of another person. criminally negligent homicide. when a person causes the death of a human being in a way that was careless, or reckless. and endangering the welfare of an elderly person. when one knowingly acts in the manner likely to be injurious to the welfare of a person unable to care for themselves. what is more reckless than ordering nursing homes to admit patients with covid. and they are shuffled back into death traps. military boats sent by the federal government, sent by donald trump remains empty. last year the associated press
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concluded you were under kownlting the deaths by as much as 60%. you knew you cooked the books and that's just what you did. as families tried to get information about their loved ones during the pandemic, you and your team demeaned and ridiculed them. all we heard about was how trump failed new yorkers. you have failed new yorkers. you have maid new york one of the worst places to live during the pandemic. and you admitted the virus spread through nursing homes like a wildfire through dry grass. what did you have to gain? >> i believe everybody did the best they could. my father died. i wish i had someone to blame. judge jeanine: it's not about
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your father. it's about a man. a calculated politician. a grim reaper. to direct covid infected patients into nursing homes where our loved ones were, our parents and grandparents, the fragile and vulnerable. the ones who when they were young worked to raise us. they were trying to live their final years with dignity. you took that from them, you gave them a death sentence. you forced death upon them. >> why covid in why did god do this? i don't know. >> you and not god decide when their lives would ends. they died alone in fear without the warmth of a loving touch before they passed. you cannot escape the consequences of your reckless
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and intentional act. you cannot escape your intentional cover-up thinking the little people would never bring you down. and you can blame god for all you want. but in the end you will have to answer to the very one you blame, god. and god help you. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook and twitter #judgejeanine. if you like my open, you will love my new book, "don't lie to me." here to react to the calls for governor cuomo to step down, congresswoman elise stefanik. what do you suggest should happen to the governor? >> first of all there needs to be accountability and consequences. i was one of the members of congress that called for an investigation by the department of justice. we need to immediately issue subpoenas. i'm calling on the democratic
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state senators as well as the republican state senators to immediately issue those subpoenas and the department of justice to issue those subpoenas. i'm calling on president biden to publicly state there will be an independent investigation and not play politics with this. governor cuomo is the worst governor in america. this is not just the nursing home scandal, a criminal cover-up. corruption at the highest levels of new york government. they knew they were giving a death sentence to seniors by tending positive covid patients into nursing homes without knowing whether the nursing homes had the ability to see is late those individuals. they tried to cover that up by faking it some of their websites. but for months and months they knew the numbers and they withheld them from 9 grieving families and advocates like
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janice dean who has lost loved ones. judge jeanine: should governor cuomo resign? >> i believe the commissioner of health should re-sign. i want to see a federal investigation. i think there were criminal acts conducted by the governor and his senior staff. and yes, i think he should resign if there were -- if there is a criminal cover-up which i believe there is. judge jeanine: you understand the criminal prosecution would have to come in new york state through the attorney general's office. the department of justice has jurisdiction over crimes that involve the people in nursing homes who were treated in a way that is not within the regulation. so do you believe that the attorney general in new york, a democrat, will begin a grand jury investigation? >> well, i think this was an
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important first step. the attorney general of new york was previously considered a ally. i give her credit that she put forth this investigation and governor co-more and his entire team were caught flat footed. what's most telling. they knew the numbers, they put them out the same day which shows they were trying to cover them up. there are more questions than answers when you look at the 76-page report that the attorney general put out. this is the beginning of the pursuit of justice, not the end. i would urge the attorney general to continue moving that process forward. but in the oversight capacity of our state officials and senate. they should issue subpoenas immediately. judge jeanine: congresswoman, i have 15 seconds. as if things are not bad enough. gitmo prisoners are getting the
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covid vaccine. >> it's un-american. it should never have been considered. i plan on introducing legislation to prevent that. judge jeanine: the pentagon is now pausing it. i'm sorry, i'm having trouble hearing you, you are going in and out. thank you, congresswoman. here to continue this conversation, our senior meteorologist january this dean who lost both of her in-laws to covid, along with nick langworthy. you have been personally attacked. they said you are part after death cult. do you feel somewhat vnd kateed? >> thank you for your opening.
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it brought tears to my eyes. i feel you are one of the fews who really put forth what this governor has don't past 10 months. yes, i want a full bipartisan investigation with seen a power. i believe this could be criminal, and we need to see the governor and his health commissioner in a court of law to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. judge jeanine: you have been personally attacked by them. why do you think they did that? you were trying to find out about your in-laws. what does it tell you about andrew cuomo? >> he's a bully and he surrounds himself with bullies. he thought he was going to silence me, and all i'd did was make plea want to speak louder. judge jeanine: nick, you are the chairman of the state republican party. i know you have spoken to janice
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several times. do republicans smell blood in the water? >> subtly. substitute -- absolutely. his executive order, his signature, his pen and his stationary sentenced people to their deaths. his attorney general, his hand picked attorney general has released these facts. things republicans have been talking about for months and months. for him to stand there yesterday and say who cares where they died. talk about callous. this is whoen andrew cuomo is. he's a notorious micromanager who writes a book in the middle of a pandemic. he declares himself a she row while his state has the most deaths of any state in america. judge jeanine: you have seen what happens in new york city.
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all they talk about is people are anti-science. isn't what he did the essence of anti-science? forget about the legal consequences. civil liability. he's anti-science. >> it doesn't take a rocket see you in -- it does nts take a rocket scientist to know not to put covid patients into nursing homes with our most vulnerable. judge jeanine: new york state doesn't look very good, and the vaccine rollout is a disaster. >> the vaccine rollout is a disaster. not only did his decisions kill people in nursing homes. this decisions have killed more businesses than any state in america. andrew cuomo is at the head of this. he blames god for the disaster
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of his nursing home policies. that's not what a leader does. people like janice dean isn't going to let people forget what happened in new york. and we'll beat andrew cuomo at the polls next year. judge jeanine: janice dean, you have been a real leader in this. thanks so much for being with us. still ahead, congressman darrell congressman darrell
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it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute.
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wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. judge jeanine: the frustration over covid school shutdowns boiled over at a school board eating in virginia. >> you are a bunch of cowards hiding behind our children as an excuse for keeping schools closed. >> figure it out. there are people like me and a lot of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out. judge jeanine: he's exactly right. teachers unions and other state
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bureaucrats are refusing to adapt because they would rather stay home and continue collecting their checks. dan bongino joins me now. there is a part of me that wants to say, hit it. but let me ask you this. why is the biden administration going along with the teachers not going back to school when they keep getting the money and the science says the kids are the least ones to carry the disease? >> well, because the biden administration is full of stuff. it rieps with hit. they have no guts and they are cowards. i'm in houston. i was walking down the street to a cvs to get something from a pharmacy. a sign said, i'm not saying this for the show. it said we believe in science. that's funny because we have
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done a meta analysis, tons of studies showing the schools if young children get the disease they get a mild case and rarely transfer it to the teachers. i love teachers. i only am where i am today because of teachers and my family is full of teachers. but the teachers unions are a disgrace to the nation. the county in virginia where that gentleman comes from who is notably upset. these parents can't go back to work because they have to sit home and teach their kids despite paying tax dollars to have their kids taught. this is one of those, the beatings will continue until morale improves. they do this while trying to shut down private schools and fighting against school choice. they will go to your schools, shut you down, we'll boycott and
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don't you dare find other options. that's liberalism in america. >> they are getting more funding. what are they doing with the money if the kids are not going to school. you have kids, right? you have kids in school? >> i live in fall *. they are in school. we don't live in a communist state. we live in a free state where actual freedom judge going to school. it's a crazy idea. governor desantis lets kids go to school. my daughter actually enjoys going to school, hanging out with kids. the kinds of thing normal kids do. in my kids' school, in both of them, do you know how many cases they had. a handful. when a person gets sick, they stay home. when a typier gets sick, they stay home. and you know how many problems
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we have had? zero. that's how you handle the flu. that's how you handle everything else. the communist governors want to shut down their states, the economy, and torture the parents. it's gross and that's why that guy is upset in that video. judge jeanine: a lot of people are upset. thanks for being with us tonight. are we about to see a main political shake-up in the golden state? congressman darrell issa is
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i'm jackie ibanez. judge jeanine: welcome back. california governor newsom has refused to lift the draconian restrictions in his state. then all of a suddennen with the blink -- all of a sudden with the blink of an eye he did just that as the movement to recall him nears the finish line. joining knee darrell issa and angela marsden. can you tell us where we are on
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this recall effort. they are collecting signatures now. how many do they need and how much do they have? >> they have 1.3 out of 1.5. their goal is to go several hundred thousand signatures past that. they are clearly going to make it. so the governor and willy brown and all the other thinkers in the state know what happened in 2003 is going to happen again. a recall in the golden state. judge jeanine: once they get -- i understand they want to get more signatures than 1.5 which is required in case some of them are invalid. but what is the deadline? >> in march before they hit the deadline they will have to be certified. that will give us an election in roughly august. in that short period of time, dozens of people will sign up
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and the governor will be only asked are you going to remaybe in office or be recalled. he cannot run in the same election. judge jeanine: that means he's out. when they have this election in august, the person who wins takes office when? >> within 10 days. it's a very quick transition. in 2003 gray davis quickly lost and arnold schwarzenegger came in. a recall is in fact firing the governor. so 10 days is a long time. most of us wouldn't get 10 days if we got fired to get out of the building. judge jeanine: angela marsden you made a lot of news in december when you set up some tents outside of your business that was not that far from a movie production company that had the same tents.
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they were serving 00 people for dinner and you couldn't serve with the same setup, 20 or 30. explain what's going on with the small business owner in california. >> it's insane. it wasn't even in another parking lot. it was in the same parking lot within 25 feet from me. being a small business owner in california right now is impossible. absolutely impossible. it was hard enough before covid hit. and with covid where they are dying off left and right. there won't be any of us left. judge jeanine: you obviously experienced the distinction between the movie production having more rights than you. congressman -- go ahead. >> i was going to say. they shut me down. this is the hypocrisy. you have the movie company.
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that came a week after. but they shut me down the night in thanksgiving with no notice. having no idea when we'll be able to open. and i go to the mall on black friday. nobody is wearing face shields. nobody has been tested. i'm trying on different clothes. there is no lines. the mall. two days later after they shut us down. that's just one of so many things. judge jeanine: what angela is talking about is why americans are furious. that's why gavin new some is being recalled. his winery and going to the french laundry. the americans can't take it. >> specifically in california where we see a governor in contrast to florida's governor that has failed us in the sense he's taken away our liberty arbitrarily, on again, off again. each time saying it's science.
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but refusing to give us any of the access to his so-called science be been to medical professionals. and then the rollout of the vaccine. you have a state like west virginia that's running in the mid 80% of the vaccine put in people's arms and we are barely able to get to a third of the vaccines we received. in each of the areas you would judge the governor, liberty, the rollout, maintaining enterprise. it's a consistent pattern of failure and the reason not only is the recall gaining steam, but people around, including a lot of democrats are trying to figure out who is going to run. there is a high chance he will be recalled. >> not to mention guys. what was it correct me if i'm
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wrong. 31 billion in unemployment fraud? judge jeanine: yeah. a lot of problems. >> we give unemployment to our felons but not to the people who are laid off. ite's crazy. judge jeanine: coming up. president biden preaching unity but his actions do just the opposite. which of his recent moves threaten to divide america more than ever before.
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judge jeanine: the biden power trip hit key velocity with 42 executive orders and actions signed so far. here is jen psaki defending his overreach. >> in terms of executive action he ran with the commitment to
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take steps immediately to address the pain and suffering the american people were feeling. judge jeanine: leave it to the dems to exploit a crisis for power. here with reaction from a white house strayed advisor under president trump, peter navarro. what's with this explosion of executive actions. >> the first thing that comes to mind is fire bill barr. trump should have done that two nozzle earlier. we had 30 executive ordered keyed up in the last 60 days of this administration. we couldn't get them through the just its depth. i couldn't figure it out, i didn't know why. bill barr was the first attorney general for biden. but here is the thing with these executive orders. it's politics as usual.
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when donald trump is elected in a landslide. here is my beef. what bind is doing is dismantling all the buy american orders that i personally worked on on behalf of the communist chinese. two of them, infrastructure for our power system and another one in terms of extending financing to the states, our american taxpayers are going to be buying more chinese stuff. i'm not happy with all of that. and i think what joe biden needs to do is focus now on china. in 2017, xi jinping the president of china sent a high shard one right at the head of donald j. trump. trump struck back immediately and peace was restored through strength.
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xi jinping challenged biden. and this jen psaki. every time jen psaki says strategic patience which is code board for appeasement. judge jeanine: peter navarro, we can always count on you for some good comments. why are the democrats forcing the national guard to stay in d.c. while ignoring the antifa riots?
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judge jeanine: national guard troops will be staying in d.c. through mid-march instead going to cities that actually need them like portland and seattle. charlie kirk and leo terrell join me now with reaction. leo, i will start with you. you know, we could have national guard there to protect a burning church when donald trump was president. but let's lock down washington with national guard. >> the democrats are
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antimilitary, anti-police. they defund the military and defund the police. they are using national guard troops in washington, d.c. as a prop. nothing more. where is the credible threat? the credible threat is in portland and seattle. they won't send them there because they are left wing socialist criminals that's the base of the democrats. the democrats will do anything. joe biden and jen psaki to talk about the criminal misconduct in portland and seattle. but they won't. because those are democrats and they won't do anything about it. but the national guard are going used as props. there is no threat in washington, d.c. the threat is in portland and seattle. judge jeanine: charlie, isn't it also an issue of reminding americans what happened on january 6 and cause trump
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supporters visibility to be locked down, isn't that their subliminal message? >> we are in charge and we'll show you we are in charge by mobilizing 20,000 troops to washington, d.c. sanity would be one of the most unbelievable displays of force. why doesn't joe biden call on the national guard to go to chicago. chicago had 700 homicides. nearly a 52% increase from the year before. over 4,000 shootings in chicago. they demonstrated they can occupy a major american city. a major american metropolitan city and say within a couple block radius there will be no crime. there are families in chicago who would love for the national guard to say, we are going to have a couple weeks with no
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crime. january 6 is a tragedy. no doubt. but the reaction now and the display of force has gone way beyond any sort of rational reaction. and they have to answer why they are not using that display of force to protect the american cities. >> go ahead, leo. >> the irony of this, judge, and charlie. in the northwest in these democratic cities you have antifa and black lives matter. black lives matter being nominated for a nobel peace prize. they are being considered for a nobel peace prize. you are stunned. i'm stunned, too. it's shocking statement to have black lives matter being considered for a nobel peace prize. it's crazy in this country.
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judge jeanine: crazy things are happening. when you talk about the men and women in the national guard. when they were in that garage that was unheated with the lights on sleeping on top 6 each some other. how many of them ended up getting covid. why aren't we worried about protecting them. why are we shutting down schools where kids end up committing suicide and have mental illness and depression. we are protecting the teachers but not the national guard? >> they were put in that parking garage with one outlet and one restroom to share. and dozens of them ended up getting the virus. who is going to ask questions why they are still there in those sort of numbers. until there is a pushback of are we a country where you can call in the military in that kind of numbers to prove a political
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point. we are not sure. the lack of answers without any sort of credible threat to justify that kind of force is something we as americans should not tolerate. the perpetual occupation of american cities with military without this credible force is not something we should accept. judge jeanine: charlie kirk and leo terrell. thanks for being with us tonight. coming up, the d.c. swamp rises again and you are not going to like this.
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judge jeanine: we have waited years for justice on uncovering e-mails, text messages and documents. now the only person charged in john durham's russia trump investigation a low level at the eyes lawyer kevin kleinschmidt has been sentenced to probation.
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even though he illegally and intentionally altered evidence to present to a fisa court to spy on carter page and the trump campaign. he could have received five years and fined $250,000. yet the judge felt that the loss of his job was punishment enough. really, judge? the person he targeted, carter page who worked for the cia was forced to adopt a lifestyle as a fugitive for years without any chance for her personal life because the fbi chose to illegitimately spy on him in a manufactured scandal to bring down donald trump. carter page is in the eye of the storm. kleinschmidt put him there and hear the judge feel sorry for the criminal and not the? the swamp carries on. no jail time, not a day. no one going cooperation required.
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he lost his law license. justice denied again in the washington swamp. thanks so much for watching. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth justice and the american way and i will see you next saturday night. ♪♪ greg: you know know i really don't know what to talk about. i get this because we now have. >> the trump sized hole. greg: yes, with trump we have all these fresh ideas magnetic energy. it was exciting and new like a sock full of right in the face. but with wyden he's been doing the same old thing, killing jobs, stoking racial division and pumping up the climate panic. worse he's making us listen t


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