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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  February 14, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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mcdowell and joe machi. i'm greg gutfeld. thank you for watching the show. . jon: recovering several major stories surrounding andrew cuomo to the first resignation from the biden administration and the growing anti-trump lincoln project controversy good evening i am mike emanuel and for tom jn scott and this is the "fox report". ♪ pressure is building on new york's governor after the new york post reported a top aide told state democrats the cuomo administration withheld data on covid-19 deaths in nursing homes ensuring the trump justice department might use the info against them earlier today new york republican congressman lee zeldin said the cover-up could
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amount to obstruction of justice. >> we wrote a letter to the department of justice this week asking for an investigation on the obstruction of justice specifically as well as the past calls for d.o.j. to look into it because we want answers, we want accountability and it's not for us were not asking for any of us it's for the thousands of families of dead new york seniors demanding more from this accountability on behalf of their loved one. >> team coverage on all of these david spunt on the lincoln project fallout mark meredith on the resignation at the white house in reaction to florida travel restriction from congressman matt gaetz first alex hogan live in new york city. >> good evening, continued blowback against governor andrew cuomo the new york state assembly republican leader telling me today he's calling for a special session this week to open an investigation and
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remove cuomo's pandemic emergency powers. >> i was pleased at the report team democratic senators that seem to be willing to be able to do that let's see where the senate goes and i would urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle on the state assembly to urge for that and we need to do that immediately. >> lawmakers calling this a clear cover-up new data showing the death toll of nursing home residents nearly doubling during a phone call this week the secretary to the governor melissa derosa telling democratic state lawmakers that the cuomo administration has been withholding the true number of deaths, in response to all of this cuomo's office released the following statement we explained the trump administration was in the midst of a politically motivated effort to blame democratic states for covid deaths and we were cooperating with federal production and that was a priority and now that that
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is over we can address the state legislature still critics sounding off saying it is not an excuse and it shouldn't of taken this long representatives and elected officials say there only sorry that they got caught because calling this a betrayal of the public trust, and a report finding under cuomo order to send covid-19 patients back to nursing homes 43% more committed than previously reported, protesters gathering outside cuomo's new york city office including one man whose uncle died in a long-term care facility. >> when we think about all of the people that have died due to neglect to an action we think about cuomo's lack of transparency. >> in the swirling controversy many of the families who lost a loved one in a nursing home or long-term care facility stay on top of legal action they simply
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want an apology from the governor. >> alex hogan starting the soffit new york city, thank you. governor cuomo met with president biden at the white house to taco in relief white house press secretary jen psaki was asked about the growing scandal out of new york and says pride under present abiding meeting with the governor was not to give anybody a stamp of approval those comments come after the president praised cuomo several times in the past but it is worth noting that came before the new york governor issued his advisory last year to send covid and positive patient to nursing homes. >> i think he's doing a hell of a job i think he has been a lead horse, attacked infrequently, he's a friend and he does an incredible job, your governor in new york has been one hell of a job in the near chinese dissent gold standard. >> white house press secretary tj ducklo resigned after he was suspended for a week, he
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reportedly threatened to destroy a journalist when he was asked about his relationship with another reporter. mark meredith live in the white house, good evening mark. >> tonight president biden remains at camp david and will be back at the white house tomorrow and as you mentioned what is his senior staffers tj ducklo will not be returning to his post he resigned last night, ducklo admitted he acted improperly and out of line when speaking with a political reporter the reporter was looking into ducklo's relationship with another d.c. journalist, he reportedly threatened the political writer and to damage her career going forward. he admitted he did wrong he said i know this is terrible, i know i cannot take it back but i know i can learn and do better, this incident is not representative of who i am as a person and all determined to earn back the trust of everyone i let down because of my intolerable actions. it is unclear at this point who will replace ducklo and the job
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he served as the national press secretary for the biden campaign the well-known the white house is facing questions why ducklo was only facing a one-week suspension, not determined over the matter, on friday he said he was disappointed in ducklo but fell he could continue in that role that came as a surprise to some people because president biden made it clear there will be a tolerance policy for the misconduct. >> i'm not joking when i say this if you ever work with me and i hear you tree another colleague would disrespect talk down to someone i promise you i will fire you on the spot. >> as per the week ahead president biden expected to focus heavily on the pandemic as well as coronavirus relief, legislation. we will go to a pfizer vaccine manufacturing facility in michigan and lawmakers may not be in town he's expected to hold several meetings focus to get the pandemic relief bill over the finish line within the next
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few weeks by mid-march. mike: mark meredith live at the white house. the lincoln project suspending online donations as fallout grows over questions about the group spending, recent report found more than half of the millions of dollars raised by the anti-trump super pack went to companies run by some of the founders. this comes after cofounders steve smith resigned from the board. david spunt live in washington with the latest pre-good evening david. >> i checked a few minutes ago you could no longer make donations on the lincoln project, that is significant the last tweet from the lincoln project came on thursday rather unusual for a site that is active on twitter dealing with anything donald trump and yesterday you had donald trump impeachment trial come to an and that is notable to the lincoln project has brought in around $90 million or so, $24.8 million went to some strategic communication that is owned i
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read gayland, cofounder of the lincoln project he is listed as a treasure in the documents and $20 million of the money raised went to a company called tusk digital went to another lincoln project founder ron stella's low we looked at the largest donors, one of the top businessmen gordon getting the son of j paul getty he donated $1 million film producer david with half a million dollars over several different payments and of walt disney susan disney lord donated $100,000, steve smith as you mentioned one of the founders and top aides to john mccain during his 2008 campaign responded to finance questions friday night with bill maher. >> out of $87 million that was raised by the lincoln project about 63 - 63000000 of that
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money went to voter conduct. >> rated the other money go. >> the law requires that you make disclosures but you don't have to disclose subcontractor payments. >> schmidt amounts on friday he will be stepping down from the board after publicly criticizing another original of the project jennifer horn she expressed public disgust over allegations surrounding another founder a lot of founders john weaver who is in serious trouble after 21 men told the new york times that he sent sexually explicit text messages and in some cases promised jobs and other access and exchange for sex. there are reports he's under criminal investigation the times reported that it did not lead to physical encounters except in one conceptual case and part of the issue ms. horn is bringing forward their several people involved would nondisclosure
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agreements in ba involving the weaver case in the lincoln project the lincoln project putting out a statement saying they're happy to release anyone from those nba's. >> thank you. mike: now for more on the future of the lincoln project was bringing republican congressman from florida matt gaetz a member of the house judiciary committee. welcome. >> ticket for having me. >> what your reaction to that parent implosion of the lincoln project. >> the lincoln project is the past but there is new incarnation for the republican party of those trying to purge trumpets and from our movement. the most dangerous was senate minority leader mitch mcconnell who took to the floor and gave the biden justice department cover to prosecute the president, his son and even his supporters who didn't engage in any violent conduct on january 6. i doubt we will talk about the lincoln project specifically going forward but always a
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bastion of establishment pre-that's what the lincoln project was a front group for establishment money to attack the president and the people who supported this president and that energy and motivation will continue and i see my colleague adam kinzinger has set up a group to do the same thing and it's important that those who believe in america first agenda to advocate and see how the role in our government going forward. mike: another huge controversy the new york nursing home scandal calls for governor cuomo to resign, should there be hills on capitol hill? >> absolutely. i am proud of the work of steve scalise and calling for a criminal probe and whether or not there was obstruction of justice or other violation of criminal law and since of the biden justice department has become a political entity with political appointees i doubt that will happen at the national level but something to watch the media's coverage of governor cuomo and governor desantis. in florida we did not embrace a
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lockdown strategy we protected those long-term care facilities, nursing homes with a cocoon of testing and all kinds of work to ensure the virus wasn't putting those folks at risk and in new york you have folks on a carousel from hospitals with high coping and into the nursing homes and a cover-up to limit the access for how the policy choices lead to a whole lotta death in new york. there is a reason why in florida covid was twice as survivable that it was in new york because we focused on the vulnerable white allowing our people to live freely. mike: there are some reports of biden administration may be considering domestic travel restrictions including your state of florida and huger governor on that today. >> there is no basis in medical and there's no basis in reality
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to do this except to punish the state that is doing a better than what his experts have recommended biden is a lockdown or, his advisers are locked donors lockdowns do not work we demonstrated that were not turning back maria and they will not be able to get away with targeting florida. mike: your thoughts. >> i'm proud of mike friend governor desantis, if the biden want to travel restriction why do they restrict the trouble in the state of new york from the hospitals to nursing homes that would see more wise than the travel restriction aimed at the people florida what ron desantis did not say is that the biden folks know if donald trump is not the candidate in 2024 the leader of our movement will be ron desantis a strong present total candidate in 2024 and the biden team knows that so they are trying to cast aspersions, throughout america there is a lot of florida and be, people
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see them florida businesses are opening and unemployment is dropping and homebuying increasing in that type of prosperity is attractive to people who are having to endure a lockdown and other parts of america. mike: i have family members in new york who are considering moving to the great state of florida, what you make of this migration to florida from new york. >> florida is a purple state but what's interesting the late '90s we had unified republican control of the government in florida that led to low taxes, right size environmental regulation we invested our schools and our people and good transportation it's a case study and what happens if you have good conservative policy over extended period of time that is lifted up her state and made her state more attractive to people to bring their energy, entrepreneurism, the capital and dreams for a better. we launch our best and brightest to the heavens and invite all who want to come and realize
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freedom and joy in our great state. mike: do you worry about changing florida politics as you have the new yorkers moving to town? >> we would prefer that people moved to florida that they leave their blue state politics behind but we get a lot of political refugees people who want to escape to high taxes and the burdensome regulation and the lockdowns that limit access to schools and other elements of life, freedom is very popular we notice that in florida whether freedom to control your own money or the decision to make where you go out to eat it is meant good things for our folks and we hope and people come and get the saltwater on their skin and stand in between their close that they realize voting republican will keep the good times rolling in the sunshine state. mike: we had a lot of snow recently. congressman mackey to florida, thank you so much winter storms hitting from "coast to coast" about to have half the country
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mike: minneapolis will spend millions of dollars and more police officers, the city council made the vote you numinous they have been coping
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with the aftermath of george boyd's tragic death in custody last year end the defend the police movement that followed many police officers quit or one extended metal bolt under medical leave following the violence. several councilmembers are working on a proposal to replace the police department with the public safety department which would include other services. a snowstorm slams the northwest here is a look at pike place in seattle a separate system will affect millions of people from texas all the way to new york city. meteorologist adam klotz is here. good evening adam. >> major winter weather stretching across the country on this sunday it will last the next couple of days in the coldest temperatures some areas have seen in 30 years. current actual temperatures across the country when you add in the wind chill and those numbers fall widespread in the upper midwest over the great lakes negative ten, negative 20, negative 30 degrees at this hour
3:21 pm
not just the very cold temperatures the winter weather, the ice and the snow. the entire state of texas completely covered in winter storm warnings that are most never happens, stretching all the way to the great lakes running to impure your new england this is a large weather system we will be tracking. the real edge of this is moving through portions of northern texas, dallas seen snow into the southern plains, that is where the heavy snow is right now and this will slowly lift and as it moves it will drop snow on the way. these are the future forecast, you see the initial band of snow in front of it there is plenty of ice along the system and farther up towards the east with a cold heavy rain and continues to work its way where the path was and we saw the winter storm watches and warnings through ohio and through northern new york it's just raining there but this will be a lot of snowfall in areas we typically don't see that much snowfall these are the forecasted numbers everything
3:22 pm
hear from austin getting to cleveland that is a good 6 - 12 inches of snow everything in the pink that is ice and that can be more dangerous and snowfall allotted down power lines and all comes down to where the warm air is in the cold air, warm air along the coast and a lot of folks in the next 36 hours snow and ice dangerous conditions, be careful. mike: adam klotz, thank you. russian president vladimir putin addressing ongoing protests in his country over the recent arrest of opposition leader alexei navalny. putin spoke during a meeting with russia editors in chief, part of that discussion broadcast on russian tv. trey yingst has the details. >> good evening, today across russia state media outlets aired an interview that was filled last wednesday with president vladimir putin. he accuses the west of trying to contain his country.
3:23 pm
the russian head of state was asked about the arrest of opposition leader alexei navalny who is still in jail after being taken into custody last month. putin claimed the international body who have demanded alexei navalny's release are trying to isolate russia as axis seeds and other areas. alexei navalny was in court friday for charges against him alleging he slandered a world war ii veteran. he faces more jail time in this case unrelated to his sentence earlier in the month that handed him three years in prison for suspended fraud charges. as for the protest that erupted in january over alexei navalny's initial arrest president putin had this to say. [speaking in foreign language] regarding the fact in support of the unknown investigation of alexei navalny you're probably right that is what happened. but you know what this person under investigation is being interviewed precisely at the moment in countries all over the world including our own people are tired, irritated about the conditions in which they live.
3:24 pm
>> small protest in russia continue in support of alexei navalny in the international pressure to release him. russia remains defiant. a willingness to cut ties with the european union after recent events. one other area of note president putin had talks with the head of russian media outlets there are concerned right now that the internet could be cut or suspended amid ongoing protest and tension. mike: trey yingst. thank you. another one for meghan markle and prince harry as a couple make it official, a second baby on the way we will have all the details on this next. hey, rita! you now earn 3% on dining, including takeout! bon appetit. hey kim, you now earn 5% on travel purchased through chase! way ahead of you! hey, neal! you can earn 3% at drugstores. buddy, i'm right here. why are you yelling? because that's what i do!
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3:29 pm
remember the 70 people killed and calling on congress to strengthen their laws. confirming the agency new back-to-school guidelines do not require teachers to be vaccinated first. the plan relies on what the cdc is calling layered mitigation strategies with accommodation of in-person and remote learning. disney world is extending its hours for the first week of march comes a musty year after the pandemic forced the park to temporarily shut down disney world reopen in july with extra precautions in place. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app, scan the qr code or go to ice officials tell fox news immigration agents in texas almost released three men convicted of child sex crimes this after the biden administration issued a directive that is cause confusion at the border. griff jenkins has the full
3:30 pm
story. >> fox news confirms ice officials in texas nearly released three men of convicted of sexual against children were not released after discussion between ice and state and local officials. but the dangerous situation arose came after this application a president biden january 20 memorandum on immigration. resending some of the previous administration practices on deportation and detainers would seek to keep convicted migrants in custody after their sentence in the biden directed it instructs agencies like ice to focus enforcement efforts more narrowly in a three named categories national security, border security and public safety and insights aggregated felony as part of the threat. aggravated felony is defined in the immigration and nationality act means murder, rape or sexual abuse of a minor. why were these three men about to be released, ice is not
3:31 pm
provided a detailed explanation but says in a statement the agency makes arrest and custody determination on a case-by-case basis based on the totality of the circumstances and does so in compliance with federal law and agency policy. the situation has texas officials on high alert as ice has dropped container request and 26 individuals in recent weeks. the chief of staff at the texas department of criminal justice told the ap who first reported the story that are concerned is that you have individuals that have offenses in which we believe they would pose a public safety threat. dropping the detainer intern is threatening public safety and we express that to immigration officials. this aztecs is temporarily restraining order barring biden's 100 moratorium on deportation which is part of the day one memorandum is set to end in a few weeks.
3:32 pm
mike: thank you. president biden expansive immigration bill will make its way to capitol hill this week after he informative president trump's declaration at the southern border. what does this mean for security at the border let's bring in democratic congressman of texas, a member of the house appropriations committee and the blue dog coalition. welcome. >> thank you so much. mike: what are your expectations regarding the proposal from the white house. >> one thing i want to see regression reform, border security and then some sort of way to work with the 11 or 12 million undocumented practically or realistically that can't happen then let's start off with the dreamers and a plan. mike: that brings into my next point, democrats lead a 50/50
3:33 pm
senate you have a narrow majority in the house of representatives, what realistically on a tough issue like immigration reform do you think could get from congress to the president's desk? >> one comprehensive immigration all reform but reality to get the 60 votes on the senate side i think we can probably do a dreamer, daca and worker plan. mike: what more importantly dear constituents and the good folks along the border need from the federal government at this point on the issue of immigration? >> first of all we do need a sensible border security, we don't believe in open borders we want to make sure the people that come in are coming in the right way, we have to deport people and i was listening to your story i don't understand
3:34 pm
why there was some confusion but again if somebody is a criminal and they pose a threat to our community those person should not be let go and should be prosecuted or expelled or deported. mike: do you get a sense the sum of president biden's day one action on the critical issue of immigration has created some confusion for folks on the front line on the border? >> it has and i certainly want to work with the new administration as we have a transition. i have met with ice officials and tomorrow i will be going to another event and i support border patrol, the men and women in blue and i support also ice and i talked to some of the icea lot of questions and i think one of the things that we need to
3:35 pm
do, headquarters needs to give clear authority, clear authority because the men and women on the ground do have a lot of questions, they do have a lot of questions and i know that because of talk to them and i will talk to them tomorrow and spend time with i.c.e. officials here, the ice agents in laredo texas. mike: federal authorities working the border have a tough job on a good day now there also dealing with the covid pandemic, are you concerned about proper testing of people who are crossing our border into south texas for example? >> yes if they come in they are not being tested, border patrol i talked to, i'll be traveling later on this week to the rio grande valley and i've been talking to them constantly. we have to get the border patrol agents the men and women in blue
3:36 pm
and other folks, ice agents, their vaccines, we have to get them vaccinated, it's very important because on the front line. in border patrol said they don't have the capacity to give them a test so therefore this is what we have to look at is there a return to some need returned under title 42, what happens to the family units that they do release in the united states and are not being tested for a covid test, that concerns me and my community. mike: i am curious, your democrat living on the border, has there been appropriate outrage from the white house and other federal agencies to get your take, not just a visitor you actually live there and represent that area. >> i have reached out to the white house several times to ask several conversations, i have
3:37 pm
talked to one of the secretaries and talk to the border patrol chief to the minute women that do their jobs, not only to the management but to the union members also that i support and you have to understand the organizations get people on our side to step away why is it in the real area you have cubans crossing through the real sector, the l rodeo sector they are male adults of mexico, mostly being turned back under title 42 but then the rio grande valley, we have family units unaccompanied kids from central america, understand what their doing their sending different profiles to different parts and that again shows you how the criminal organizations are and we have to be agile's and supporter men and women at the border to make sure that we do
3:38 pm
this and keep in mind that mexico is also changed its immigration laws where they're not detained anymore, kids anymore, that couple kids are situation and finally border patrol is only working at 25% capacity that is their detention because of covid-19. it is a tough job that they are doing and i want to be supportive of the men and women from homeland. mike: congressman henry cuellar the great state of texas. >> thank you so much. mike: make way for baby number two, meghan markle and prince harry expecting their second child, christina coleman is following the slide from los angeles. >> what a wonderful valentine's day the announcement of the royal baby watches back on the duke and duchess of sussex announcer pregnancy with a black and white photo today showing meghan holding her baby bump,
3:39 pm
the picture has gone viral since this morning the photo was taken by one of their longtime friends this friend posted on instagram meg, i was at your wedding to witness the love story began and my friend, i'm honored to capture it grow. congratulations to the duke and duchess of archie turns to in may will be a big brother but the couple has not announced a due date yet or whether they're expecting a baby boy or girl, the spokesperson did confirm prince harry and meghan are overjoyed to be expecting their second child. the baby news comes after meghan recently opened up about suffering a miscarriage last july, meghan and terry stepped down as seen senior royal and have been adjusted to their life in california and beautiful montecito and santa barbara where others the celebrities live like oprah and ellen degenerate enjoying the
3:40 pm
california bid for coastline and spidey days are like today in the whole area is buzzing with the baby news as it is a cost the bond, the royal family responded of how a spokesperson said in a statement her majesty the prince's wales and the entire family are delighted and wish them well and getting antenna formations all over social media. a lot of excitement this valentine's day over this pregnancy announcement. and happy valentine's day to you too. mike: thank you, always good news. christina coleman live in los angeles. thank you, happy valentine's thank you, happy valentine's day, we'll be right back. when you drive this smooth, you save with allstate the future of auto insurance is here
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3:45 pm
stabbings in less than 24 hours, two people dead into others hurt, they believe all the victims were homeless. they have arrested a suspect 21-year-old who faces murder and attempted murder charges. new york city seen a fair share of ups and downs in the past year and dozens of candidates are running for mayor claiming they have what it takes to bring the city back. aishah hasnie has a story. >> we will rise up again. >> from the former police officer to a former presidential candidate even a reality tv star 41 people and counting are running for mayor of new york city always and i on urban flight and what is ailing the big apple. >> the biggest issue of the next mayor is going to face is a lot of confidence in the trajectory of the city. >> since covid hit new york city 70000 people have left resulting in a $34 billion loss of income
3:46 pm
according to data analytics company unit cap, experts like catherine with the partnership for new york points to quality-of-life issues like coronavirus, high unemployment, rising gun violence, racial injustice, school closures in a 4 billion-dollar budget deficit. why would so many people want this job. >> it's the attraction of the office, the power of the bloodied pulpit. >> to stand out from a past public affairs professor doug says the candidate needs three things. >> money, organization and message. >> main recognition doesn't hurt either, former 2020 presidential candidate andrew yang has that in. >> he never run for anything. >> most important we he says the candidate must have a visionary plan to fix the city's problems because of things do not get better some experts worry
3:47 pm
residents who left may never come back. >> the welcome man is out in florida, texas, tennessee across the country as our mayor has wanted to do say we don't need you. >> i'm not going to beg anybody to live in the greatest city in the world. >> that is going to hurt new york if we don't change our tune. >> the good news is those experts believe the big apple will bounce back, how long that will take may depend on who is in charge. the primary june 22. in new york aishah hasnie fox news. mike: to afghanistan for the second day in a row crews fighting to get a tanker fire under control. the gas truck exploded yesterday at a major border crossing with iran. they spread to other vehicles and triggered explosions big enough to be seen from space. at least 20 people were hurt authorities are investigating what started this.
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mike: a dallas police officer has died after being struck by suspected drunk driver he was standing next to his patrol car with the emergency lights on one vehicle slammed into the patrol car causing it to severely injure him he was taken to hospital where he died. the driver was arrested. the daytona 500 is underway in florida with a limited number of fans in attendance to pandemic restrictions the great american race with a nascar season. that is their life. >> the daytona 500 is turning out to be one for the books the reduced capacity inside of this massive venue is he's 100,000 people only 30000 people allowed in this year you can see the
3:53 pm
major gaps in the stands with covid precautions in place in a major crash very early into the daytona 500 took out 16 cars and major racing names, 15 laps into the race the massive crash caused them to crash into each other and plunge into a muddy field, moments after the crash of red flag warning for lightning and powerful forecast thunderstorms rolled through forcing a rain delay and were still in the rain delay right now and more rain could be on the way we talk to the fans about the wet weather some fans tell us they'll stick it out no matter how many delays others say they have work tomorrow and hope to see it finished tonight. >> we've got to go, no rain, no rain, not a run today. >> is rain a bummer or do you care. >> it's a bummer i'll be very disappointed if they don't run. >> we fly out tuesday night so will stay and watch it no matter what. >> i have to work tomorrow but most people could stick around a
3:54 pm
lot of people that come from other states will stick around but we are locals. >> looking at the race itself kevin harbert leads and out on the race the special truck crews trying to drive enter drive the payment it is dry right now but we will see if the crews will be able to keep the pavement drive to get this race going once again the racecars are covered up with the special tarps and out in the crowds the fans a lot of space is seems like some people went to take shelter as advised and some went back into the infield into their rvs and campers but right now are rather unusual daytona 500 in florida. mike: perhaps back to the tailgating we've seen a lot of precautions taken by other sports to allow competitions to go on obviously with covid
3:55 pm
pandemic upon us, how the folks there at daytona international rolled with the covid restrictions or covid modifications. >> the majority of the fans we talked to inside the camping area said they had to get temperature checks and they were getting guidelines that the campers are spaced out this year and they were advised to stay in their own bubble. a lot of people were doing that we were seeing their own units within their own groups but the masks were not required in the infield the majority of people were not wearing masks and they were saying to themselves masks were required to get in the stands but once people sat down they could take up their masks inside but daytona nascar had a lot of guidelines in place they were being very cautious, we talk to the vice president of driver operations for nascar and they want to encourage people that nascar is following the precautions that we see in
3:56 pm
society which is heavy mask use, proper airflow and disinfectant in trying to encourage people that their events are safe. mike: we hope they finish the race tonight, that i daytona national speedway. we'll be right back. introducing new advil dual action. the first and only fda approved combination of advil + acetaminophen. advil targets pain acetaminophen blocks it. new advil dual action fights pain for up to 8 hours.
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mike: a horse-drawn carriage or limousine for a wedding nothing beats saying i do while riding
4:00 pm
an elephant dozens of couples exchange valves in thailand as they tied the knot in a special valentine's day ceremony the animal event in a tropical garden tracks hundreds of couples but this one was smaller due to the pandemic. that is how fox reports his sunday every 14th 2021. happy valentine's day. ♪. judge jeanine: hello and welcome to justice i am judge jeanine pirro, thank you for being with us let's get to my open. politics has always been a bloodsport between competitors but rarely has the sword of the sport and aimed at others than a political opponent. andrew cuomo however, has turned his sword in that board against her parents andrd grandparents. in the outrageous nursing home scandal unfolding before our very eyes, this week will most right hand his most


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