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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 11, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> a live look at the southern border of the united states coming in from our drone camp, apprehensions hitting historic levels with more than 172,000 migrants counted in the month of march, welcome to fox news live i am mike emanuel present abiding facing growing calls to visit the southern border himself as these numbers continue to rise, meanwhile his border says she will leave her post at the end of the month. rich edson is tracking it all from texas, good afternoon. >> good afternoon were about a mile north of the rio grande river, that is the border with
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mexico and this road has been busy all day long, yet border patrol vehicles, yet buses and vans and trucks taking migrants to different from the interfacility strap area. about an hour ago you had a number of border patrol trucks in a family that presented themselves to the border patrol agents just within the last hour or so, to give you sense what's it's like, you've a massive surge happening with migrants presenting themselves all throughout the area and less than a football field away you've a sunday baseball game where locals are playing throughout the day, doing their thing while you have this massive crisis happening right behind us in presenting itself. that is the kind of rhythm that is ongoing and what border patrol tells us almost an everyday type occurrence where they start in the morning and rounding people up on the riverbank close to the river in the brush around here and taking
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them to different facilities. this is been quite a political issue, democrats and republicans taking different trips with certainly republicans blaming the administration for this. >> we have homeless vets in this country but the biden administration wants to spend hundreds of dollars per migrant family to house them in hotels and other buildings in our country. >> the real crisis is what these families are living through, the desperation that they face that drives them to our nation's front door, there is an additional crisis which is a crisis of leadership that stands decades. >> the administration says much of the surges seasonal and also made worse by covid last year and the pent-up demand coming this year and you have hurricanes hit much of central america which is driving people, that's why they want to spend additional $4 billion in the region to try to assist and make conditions better there to help prevent people from coming or
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wanting people to come of making the dangerous journey up to the southern u.s. border. you do have some reports there will be a high-level visit this week, the homeland security secretary mayorkas according to local reports he will visit to texas border towns on thursday, that will be his third trip to the border. back to you. mike: present abiding expected to begin negotiations with republican lawmakers as he hopes to drop support for his $2 trillion spending and infrastructure plan this is both parties for mr. vining's executive order creating a commission to study the supreme court. david spunt live from the white house with more. >> good afternoon to you, senator joe biden when he was senator of delaware spent many years on the judiciary committee talking about things like the supreme court and in fact he was not a fan of court packing in 1983 he called adding justices to the supreme court known as
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court packing, a bonehead idea. in 2019 supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg when asked about adding justices on the court said nine seems to be good number. other justices liberal and conservative have said over the years, leave things alone as number nine. republicans of congress are worried if the filibuster in the senate goes away we may see a change to the supreme court. listen. >> we already know where democrats want to go it's all about political power we better hope senator manchin and senator cinema keep their word and don't get the filibuster changed, if we do the stuff will become law. >> that six month supreme court study will be completed by partisan 36 members republican or democrat. more sensitive timeline on the president's agenda, the white
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house calling urgent infrastructure plan, the plan is to make sure american companies are paying taxes to help with infrastructure in the white house is looking at two and half trillion dollars over the next decade and a half to help finance roads, bridges and even american airports. >> if you go to a u.s. airport and compare them to airports in other countries, you know the u.s. is not a high standard, we don't have a lot of work to do to persuade the u.s. people. the major infrastructure needs major improvement. >> he wants to increase corporate tax rate from 21 - 28% of moderate senators like joe manchin in west virginia are saying let's meet at 25% in the white house not opposed to the negotiation, speaking of negotiations, republicans and democrats expected to talk to the president about the infrastructure and those taxes. mike: david spunt, live on the north on, thank you so much. present abiding facing growing pressure to visit the us-mexico
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border as dozens of republican lawmakers make their own trips down south. >> i'm on the southern border, the rio grande valley sector this is president trump's wall, this is president biden's wall, see the difference, one executive order took this whole wall project to a grinding halt. joining us a lawmaker you heard from just there texas republican congressman and ranking house committee, also a senior member of the homeland security committee. welcome. >> thank you mike, thank you for having me. were gonna show her audience video you shot yourself during your tour of donna, texas facility friday your border state lawmaker so you plenty of experience with the issue of illegal immigration, how bad was what you saw with the latest visit to the southern border. >> i was a federal prosecutor in texas of the border in my
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jurisdiction i share the homeland security committee for six years now i'm the lead republican on foreign affairs committee, this is the worst i've ever seen the border, this is the biggest border crisis of my career in my lifetime is like a trail of tears to see the children being marched up to the river to a processing center and then put in the donatist attention facility. a five year old girl in tears not going where she is, not with her parents or family. it's one of the saddest things, the saddest thing of all could've been prevented. the biden administration through the stroke of a pen reversed the agreements of president trump and the remaining mexico policy. i listen to border patrol, not politician they tell me there's a direct cause and effect between that reversal in a crisis that were seen today. >> to have any confidence abiding the administration will change course and tactics to get a handle on the situation at the southern border. >> the president and vice president came down, roberto
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jacobson who have known for a long time probably the only qualified person to lead this effort. she is resigning and tran six came down to visit the sectors and always stayed in the hangar, he never left the hangar of the airport. he never opened it up to the press, they have to take this seriously and i have good constructive advice how to fix it but they're not doing a good job right now. mike: the issue of the supreme court president biden signing executive action to study the makeup of the united states supreme court. your thoughts questioning. >> i think the presidential listen to the former senator joe biden who is against this, fdr tried to pack the court in his own democrat run judiciary committee said it was a dangerous unconstitutional and i think this is nothing more than a political power grab in the supreme court based on not politics, think it's going to be
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rejected by the congress and they should withdraw this. >> we heard president biden call for unity does this only further drive the tension in this town? >> 100% it'll pack the supreme court in a political power grab the largest spending bill in kobe that was not covered related, not bipartisan like the previous ones now are going into an infrastructure massive tax increase bill, i don't see how that can be bipartisan i don't think is off to a good start, i think the president and his heart of hearts wants to be but there is driving factors in this administration that will not allow them to be. >> kevin mccarthy reports raising more than $27 million in
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the first midterm election and historically the party that's not the white house will gain seats in the midterm election i am counting on history but the failures of this administration to drive us
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forward to the majority in the next election cycle. mike: the great state of texas, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you mike. let's turn to rhode island democrat in the house judiciary committee david cicilline. >> good to be with you mike, you heard your colleague blasting the idea of the supreme court, why in your view is this commission a good idea? >> i think what the president has done in the creation of this commission appointed a bipartisan way some very conservative and progressive members really to do a thorough analysis set of ideas that are being debated here the pros and the cons that have constitutional scholars, former federal judges in a broader range from conservative to much more liberal for the best thinking on these proposals and
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to report back to him and six-month. we've gone to a place were studying ideas and having commissions that can generate thorough analysis as a bad idea. as a president he should be applauded by this, these are important issues that are being debated currently in creating a form that we can have the best scholars and practitioners invest former judges. from a real broad range from a very conservative to very liberal i think it be useful as we debated these ideas as a country. mike: in your view is the united states supreme court figured broken. >> i think so, my friend talks about packing the court, the only one that's pack the court is the republicans when they abolished the filibustering damper nominees and refused to pick up the nomination of merrick garland, they pack the court. it's not rich to hear republicans being worried about packing the court, this is
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important, this is an important institution that will review the role of the court and our constitutional system and await it selects cases, the term of office, the size of the court those are things we have a right to debate and discuss and think about. i think this is a way to do it. mike: president biden welcoming to talk bipartisanship, seeing if they can find common ground of an expanding package on infrastructure, do you expect there to be meaningful negotiation between the two parties? >> yes, i would say the outset there was a poll last week 73% of the american people support the american jobs plan infrastructure bill including a clear majority of republican voters. this is a ready bipartisan in the case that republicans in washington don't support it but it's like the american rescue plan, fully bipartisan at broad spectrum of the american people including the majority of republicans and our republican
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colleagues refused to support it. i think the president will welcome the thoughts of our republican colleagues and listen to anything that can improve this bill but this is an opportunity to get people back to work to rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure in her country, investing roads, bridges, housing, broadband and also investing in research and development. manufacturing, the caracol to me, things that are essential to getting folks back to work that will create millions of good paying jobs. i hope my republican colleagues will be part of this discussion. mike: i want to squeeze in one more, republican fund raising that leader mccarthy said he raised more than 27 million in the and rcc said it raised 30 million in the first quarter do you worry about money is for republicans going into next year's midterms. >> no as long as we continue to deliver to the american people on the important priorities facing them we will grow our majority in the house, i have no doubt about it because were delivering the priorities that
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are facing the american people pushing this virus ensuring that the economy recovers and we get people back to work, rebuilding them for structure of our country, all of those are the important priority of the american people and if they continue to deliver on those we will grow our majority. >> i will market down that you agree to disagree on the issue. the great state of rhode island, thanks so much for your time. coming up on "fox news sunday" chris wallace interview with texas governor greg abbott, he'll talk more about the border crisis in president biden's executive action on guns that is coming up right after our show. iraq's underground nuclear facility losing power hours after activating fusions designed to enrich uranium. this is talks over the iran nuclear dealer set to pick up on wednesday. trey yingst is following the story live from the jerusalem
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bureau. >> good afternoon i run since an issue with the electrical grid at the facility is to blame as a terrorist attack. the country is reserving the right to respond. >> hours prior to the incident they started to enrich uranium using new advanced fusion that allow the process to be done faster. this meeting in jerusalem to speculate israel was behind the blackout, no country has taken responsibility. speaking on state television iranian officials made clear that no casualties have been happening during the loss of power. over the weekend is celebrated what they call nuclear day as a president destination guy running a political leader said as well make republic has no intention of obtaining a nuclear weapon. they disagree with that declaration. last week the party to the 2015 nuclear deal memos will times as the world hopes to find a solution to an unraveling
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agreement that is stoking tension in the middle east. ironic the united states have met to meet directly of american sanctions and indirect talks are scheduled to turn on wednesday. one country nonparticipating is israel is really political leadership opposes the brainwork of the nuclear deal they made clear in meetings with u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin when he arrived in israel. >> during our meeting i reaffirmed our commitment to israel is enduring. >> despite a strong relationship with the united states israel is preparing for the possibility of conflict with iran next week they will hold their meeting in two months amid rising tension with the azam a republic. a shocking triple murder in los
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mike: a mother in custody today after leading police on a manhunt authorities calling of the soul suspect and the brutal murder of her three young children. christina coleman joins us live with more details. >> this is horrible a 6-month-old baby, 2-year-old and a 3-year-old were found dead by their grandmother early saturday morning, the terrible discovery rocking the community and leading police on a massive manhunt for the mother of the children, the victims were found after san fernando valley apartment 25 miles from downtown los angeles. police did not confirm the cause of death but according to early reports the children were stabbed. many neighbor shocked several saying they never noticed anything unusual at that apartment and according to one neighbor they did not see the father around. they have not been called out to the residents until now and that emotionally this is a lot to process.
10:23 am
>> these are the incidents that we carry throughout our careers. when we see deceased children and incidents like this and you have an innocent life or lives that are lost, it's really hard to process that as a police officer but luckily we have the support of each other in a community member. >> the mother of the children liliana carrillo was arrested 200 miles north of los angeles as allegedly carjacking a truck in bakersfield and leading police on a long distance chase. she did a horrific crime and she followed it up by another crime and it's those behaviors that ultimately got her caught. >> officers are investigating a motive in this case and as you mentioned she is a soul suspect so far. mike: christina coleman thank you very much.
10:24 am
lawmakers that republicans he will treat police officers unfairly. laura ingle is life with more details on what's in the bill. good afternoon laura. >> merely made history this weekend becoming the first state to pass a law enforcement officer bill of rights and i think they were doing away with with that, and there are strong views on both sides of this, some of the new laws will go into effect in a matter of months, lawmakers in maryland with the police reform bills yesterday under the maryland police accountability act of 2021 going over the republican governor larry hogan overwriting three of his vetoes on the major. to change a disciplinary process for officers in addition to give the public greater access to complaints and internal affairs files and no knock warrants and nighttime raid. democrats created a new legal
10:25 am
standard requiring the police only as necessary and proportional force, officers used excessive force will face additional criminal penalties including ten years in prison, repealing the law enforcement officer bill of rights increasing civil liability lawsuits, lawmakers and loss law enforcement are not in agreement that these changes are the right ones. >> it would have chilling effects on recruitment, retention and the police work that is necessary. >> the efforts that we are making i think will bring accountability and transparency. >> on a separate issue the legislature overrode governor hogan's veto of a bill that would ban them without the possibility of parole, some of the laws will go into effect as soon as june and some as late as next july. >> laura ingle, thank you very much. former president trump making
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mike: former president donald trump raising his allies and lashing out against fellow republicans at a speech at a gop donors event and mar-a-lago last night. jacqui heinrich in washington with the highlights. the remarks focused on positioning republicans to win back the majority in 2022 performer president trump spent several minutes tearing into mitch mcconnell and former vice president mike pence for accepting the electoral college and certifying president biden's win, according to reports referred to mcconnell with an expletive calling him a stone cold loser and say they would not of accepted the results. he slammed mcconnell for not defending him and impeachment and lost his wife after the insurrection. the first time the former
10:31 am
president and the power republican in office have exchanged bars trump called mcconnell an unsmiling political hack after mcconnell who did not vote to convict derived trump on the senate floor but the bad blood as a number of republicans are fighting for their reelection and their incumbent seeking endorsement and so far mostly aligned. >> the one thing that should unite president trump, mitch enter mitch mcconnell is getting candidates on the field in a general election, that should unite us the best thing we could do to save this country is to get the majority back. >> neither mcconnell or pence commented on trump's remarks although we said at the fundraiser it depends and he expressed his disappointment, the three-day event through a number of 2024 contenders and much of the discussion to topics that aligned the republican party like big tech censorship
10:32 am
trump's singled out the woke corporation against major league baseball for the all-star game from atlanta to the states new election law. mike: jacqui heinrich live in washington, thank you. our panelist here to react and other top stories gop strategist and nrc matt foreman, and democratic strategist at rocks solution, kristen hahn, welcome to both of you. >> kristen, pressure force the major league baseball game out of atlanta you expect other pressure groups to follow that example. >> we are talking about the president saying woke culture, i'm not exactly sure what he's talking about you have a lot of companies taking a look at what's going on and in this country we've been through difficult year and i will with a lot of major airlines and others
10:33 am
looking at things that they can do to help people in their workforce and communities around them. but i don't know that that pressure exist. mike: i recognize the major league baseball commission would have a major problem if they did not show for the all-star game but do you worry about the signals this consent to others seeking more cancel culture. the left is very good at extruding these pressure campaigns and they make companies very nervous and create the appearance of risk and if your company or like a ceo, makes these companies think they are catering to the majority but is really a vocal minority and we as a party and a right as republicans need to flex and become more preventive for making those types of
10:34 am
decisions. >> is there danger for acting too quickly with republicans drink coca-cola and fly on airlines, your thoughts customer. >> i think were selling these company short, there and a lot of really strong companies, strong ceos the doing what's best for them and what's best for their employees and their business going forward. in pressure from the firelight, far left, i do think a lot of times a vocal minority on either extreme is always the loudest. but i don't think the cow telling to what people say in the press, that's not what they do for the company. the private sector without lawyers. >> matt, final thoughts of you on this topic before we move on. >> when i tell companies to have a point of view, people don't mind they can take your side,
10:35 am
it's if you pick and choose, to the most trusted companies in the country had agon you, to fully come opposite sides of the spectrum but then cleary a good idea of what to expect for. mike: president biden is to set to meet with bipartisan lawmakers to talk about the spending package, infrastructure, take a listen to senator john thune from today. >> if you're interested in roads, bridges and highways, perhaps broadband there is a deal to be had. the president want to do an infrastructure bill and they want a proposal that they played out there. maybe it's something they can do it another time. if they're sincere on doing something about infrastructure there republicans that would vote for it. eric: kristen, how do you respond. >> i think this is really interesting and i know socialism
10:36 am
is an award that they use my party but i'll put that aside. i think the senator has a good thought. there are bipartisan guilt to be have if people are willing to come to the table. the president has a history of working with senators on both sides of the aisle that did not happen with the covid belief package and the democrats decided they needed to do and do quickly. i think that they can break apart this big package, they're talking about getting to the heart of infrastructure but republicans have to be willing to come to the table, mcconnell can bring his members and they were going to do this in good faith, there are talks to be have and he's right president to do that but both parties have to be honest on what they're talking about.
10:37 am
mike: evolving definition of what infrastructure is, transportation secretary pete buttigieg earlier today. >> i know in washington folks are getting into the somatic debate. i very much believe that all these things are infrastructure because infrastructure is the foundation that allows us to go about our lives. if there senate republicans who do not agree at the end of the day they can call it whatever they like but we asked them to support abuses good policy between now and memorial day. >> a fraction is actual votes and bridges that you could come together on and the spending is absolutely out of control but it could be a nonstarter and will be a nonstarter for many republicans is the higher taxes, the economic crisis were coming out of the want to raise taxes on individuals and businesses that would pass those down to the consumer, during covid and
10:38 am
susan collins, lisa murkowski, mitt romney go to the white house with an actual plan biden in the white house i am afraid about this will happen this time as well will talk the talk but democrats won't walk the walk. mike: i enjoyed your analysis, have a awesome day. britain's are mourning the loss of a grandfather of the nation and as a country prepares for prince philip's funeral a live look at the london early skyline senior foreign affairs windsor castle outside of the nation's capital is. >> all day a public bringing flowers and more messages for their prints, a step up for a moving funeral come saturday
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windsor castle as we learn new details about the funeral plans for prince philip and the late prince children sent thank you messages to the world senior foreign affairs correspondent is there with the latest. we are just outside windsor castle that is where prince philip pastor witt on friday where the queen is right now i'm just gonna step aside and let my cameraman show me briefly what's happening all day flowers and messages being laid outside the castle we are told in a couple minutes they will all take up inside the castle perhaps for the queen to see it, that is where prince philip's funeral will be on saturday inside the walls due to covid restrictions and the prince's prior wishes, low-key affair probably 30 family members. some family attended a church service near here today one of prince philip's sons prince andrew summed it up quite well
10:44 am
he said he was like a grandfather to the nation and as we heard from a close associate for many decades a huge support to the queen. take a listen. >> we just know there was always that support, his wife, the queen. >> prince harry is set to be attending the funeral it's reported he's flying in from california without his wife meghan markle to pay respects to prince philip and they all loved him very much in this country. mike: i'm taking a lot of americans got to know prince philip from watching the series the crown even speaking with the public on the streets of london how are they acting to the prince's passing. >> it is remarkable of all ages young and old, he had sometimes politically incorrect, that is one reason why people like him
10:45 am
he was very able of a range of skills and he passed a lot of fences that were broken along the way in various aspects of his family i was most surprised by the young people and one person said to me he had a lot of class and indeed he did. mike: touching tribute to the grandfather of the nation, great, thank you so much. life is going back to normal with schools returning to popular destinations like hawaii's island, how this is happening local businesses up next. ♪ people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections
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mike: good news on the horizon for small businesses struggling during the coronavirus pandemic denver is getting a much needed boost as a mlb's all-star game to the city as hawaii sees a resurgence in tourism joining us now general manager of denver top house and lindsey diamond owner of the café in hawaii, welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> lindsey are you seeing light at the end of the tunnel as tours coming back in business picking up. >> it's been really encouraging the last several weeks for
10:50 am
tickly with spring break, it was opening the gates more or less. we had a slow trickle of visitors coming in and it was nice to see it growing and growing in spring break came about three weeks ago to say here we are 2019 right where we left off. mike: i'm sir, small business owners are missing out on the all-star game, what you expect the impact to be on your restaurant and your city. >> we just finished opening day for the colorado rockies so we anticipate a be similar to that if not more, were very excited to have the mlb all-star game here, where within a block of the stadium so it's going to being a lot of revenue to us.
10:51 am
mike: my understanding your market café has been in your family for a long time, give us historical perspective, has the covid shut down been the worst downturn for your family business ever. >> it's been in the family since 1992 the local grocery store for that side of that town for 100 years. the last year really did take a big, big downturn but the good thing about being a local business in that neighborhood is a community support that fostered having decades of all of that goodwill that is buildup really came back and helped us and kept a lot of people employed in a lot of our vendors moving product and gave the neighborhood a real place to go when you can really leave your house for such a long time.
10:52 am
mike: are you seeing a renewed sense of confidence from customers coming to the restaurant feeling more comfortable, maybe the getting vaccinated or getting more used to living under this pandemic. >> i feel like most customers are definitely trying to get back to some form of normalcy, we definitely were expanded our patio and tried to make them feel comfortable by being outside, that is not always the case, it is denver, we do have snow and rain all the time, however, we do have 6-foot distancing all throughout the restaurant. i think people are feeling more and more comfortable as it gets warmer outside to be getting back to normal, going to restaurants, checking on the events and doing the things that they missed for a year. mike: watcher message to folks watching who might be thinking about a trip to hawaii and might be nervous about getting on a plane and going on the big trip.
10:53 am
>> hawaii, the residents have worked really hard over the last year to keep her covid cases down. and were really cautious, the 6-foot distancing, the wearing masks in public and avoiding large groups particularly at the beach, those of been really important things that everybody here is sensitive to because of how hard we have worked. if you're gonna get on a plane it's a wonderful place and full of the loja and smiling faces behind the masks and just be aware of how everybody has worked hard to keep it so safe for your family to come back and visit. that is the importance for us. mike: what are your thoughts about your staff that is stuck with you during the pandemic and your loyal customers that it really gone out of their way to make sure your business stays afloat. >> they are all back, they're here for probably about 75% with our staffing, we still had some
10:54 am
people that we can bring back but they are excited, they have missed the guest and the excitement of being in the restaurant although we want to make sure covid is at the top of our mine, we are ready to get the guest in here and make them feel at home and ready to enjoy the good food that they missed for so long. mike: lindsey is the worst over, are we done with us were almost done with this. >> i sure hope so. we have a new mayor and administration who is really trying to push moving forward safely and keeping businesses opening people employed in getting people back into jobs, back into her hospitality industry and just keep pushing the needle forward to moving back towards life as we knew it or how we will get to know it moving forward and i think the
10:55 am
future is very bright with the vaccinations and peoples comfort lovers and awareness. mike: thank you folks so much i wish you and your staff and your family the very best. >> thank you. >> thank you. mike: federal agents clashing with protesters in portland after immigration building was set on fire late last night, the closer look at the damage next. ♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today. we look up to our heroes. idolizing them. mimicking their every move.
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now for look at our headlines. protesters in order parkin setting fire to an immigration and customs building late last night. journalists on the scene repeating that federal officers fired pepper balls to scatter the crowd. southern states today are busy cleaning up the damage left behind by massive storms, some states including florida seen tornadoes ripped through the region. one man was killed in louisiana while other states suffered downed power lines, trees and destroyed buildings. a top chinese official confessing that their coronavirus vaccines quote, don't have very high production rates. the government is reportedly considering experiencing the different methods to improve efficacy and hundreds of of doses have already been sent out to other countries. that's all for this hour of fox news alive. fox news sunday with chris wallace is up next. i'm mike emanuel on this sunday at the masters and got my green tie today wishing you all many
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birdies and not too many bogeys. wishing you a spectacular sunday and a great week. thank you for watching. have an awesome day. ♪♪ will ask the governor about that and how his state has avoided a covid rebound after lifting at mask mandates and lockdowns. >> gun violence in this cou


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