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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  April 15, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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done anything wrong feels like things are creeping closer and closer to him. >> laura: i hope he has a great defamation lawyer, there may be a claim there, disgusting trying to tie him to the matt gaetz controversy -- that's all the time we have the night, gutfeld is next. >> we'll see you later. >> greg: i finally pee in his coffee and he spills it. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] all right, he should have swept left but instead got played by the right. imagine everything you suspected about the media was true, that
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they lied, they create false narratives, that wolf blitzer is really in the situation room and he's not a werewolf. the fact is they put their thumb on the scale of every story because they think you're stupid as they create more divisions and word problems about pie. that works. you must wonder what they think of us when the cameras are off. now you don't have to. in a new project veritas stain, cnn's technical director charlie chester was caught on hidden video taken during five tender dates, five tender dates with a female reporter who was wearing a wire. the way he gave up the goods, that's about all she must've been wearing. what did we learn from chester that we already pretty much knew? at cnn elected joe biden. >> you take him as a young
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geriatric. >> greg: he is wasted. no wonder there is a station identification voice sounds like darth vader, second cnn deliberately created a false narrative about trump's health even as we all watched biden's mind fall apart like a birthday cake left out in the rain. >> we brought in so many medical people to all tell a story, it was all speculation that he had neurological damage, he was losing it, whatever. we were creating a story there that we didn't know anything about. i think that's propaganda. >> greg: you would be right, it is propaganda. what is shocking is he so proud of it, he's posting about it on a date. that is the worst date of bragging since my aunt lets me use the van whenever i want.
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r.i.p. he also said if it wasn't for cnn, trump would've won. >> we got trump out, i am 100% going to say it. if it wasn't for cnn, i don't know the trump would've got voted out. to. >> greg: at his opinion but it's everyone else's too, the next goal selling climate change. >> our focus was to get trump out of office without saying that's what it was. our next thing is going to be for climate change awareness. >> greg: because after all, be your selves. >> do you think it's playing a lot of fear? >> yeah, fear sells. >> greg: we probably knew this already, run for that "time" magazine piece that the writer confessed the news media had banded together do whatever was necessary to make sure joe won? they believe in democracy except during elections and do you remember how the same media right before the election buried
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the hunter biden story like a dead parrot? and miraculously after his dad becomes president he emerges with a new book? we were taken. there's another part to the story that i don't get. this guy went on five tender dates with the reporter, five dates. apparently he never read trumps part of the deal. if you're on your fifth date, you are in the friend zone because normally by the third tender gate you've already been to the clinic. five dates in most states is considered legally married. besides, when you figure out by the third platonic date, she might not be into you especially when she keeps asking you to speak louder and toward the microphone in her lapel? she's either setting you up or has the weirdest fetish i've ever heard. she only gets turned on by boastful cnn technical
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directors. i get up, for a year, i could only be aroused by the boom operator. i feel bad for this guy! maybe he's tall, women hate tall guys! apparently he listed his employer on his tender profile, it's kind of gross and the sad to be lied to like this. you're only dating someone to expose media lies can be should be upfront about it. at the same time, that is what his network has done to you and me. for the viewers come every day is a phony tender date with cnn. every night they lie to you about their intentions and try to scare you into thinking maybe you should stay the night with them. cnn is like a guy who gets you wasted on purpose and you wake up the night after the election that biden won and you can't remember how it all happened. cnn got you liquored up on lies. the difference is unlike chester, we end up getting screwed.
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welcome tonight guests. there is no i in team but there's a u in prager you, dennis prager! she was a red eyed star that we left at the bar, his brainpower will you cower, professor of neuroscience in business at northwestern university, and he's wiry and fiery like a medicated arsonist, matt gaetz! it's been forever. >> it really has. >> greg: i've been drinking for 12 years before i got on one of your shows. i wanted you when you're at the right age of alcoholism, your children are almost grown.
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>> i said that the college early. >> greg: was a lot of parts of this story are probably interested in but i would assume the five tender dates is weird. >> i'm so into this story, i did internet dating, if that wasn't easy enough going on five tender dates it's like oh, my god. this guy didn't close the deal obviously but let me give charlie chester -- first of all, change your name and good luck finding a new job because i can't imagine jeff zucker is good to keep them on board because he's a real good glowing endorsement for that network. who goes on more than one data doesn't get something in return and says stuff like this? for all the single men out there if you're going out on a date and you actually talk like this -- he told his date he would be fine if biden died because he thought vice president kamala harris would be real, she would be the real deal and then he said and i'm quoting, i have so many arguments about my dad -- i would be down -- you're voting
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in kamala harris because he's going to die in the and then said he's not going to die but i'm okay with that because she probably would be a bit in it and you hate her as a boss because she's real and better than that we got her regardless. >> i would've been blacked out way before that was done. >> i would've been like "check." >> greg: watching her do that brought back memories of the bar after redeye, sitting there yapping nonstop, holding clear vodka. mr. prager a pleasure, i think we saw what we kind of knew, cnn is a propaganda machine. >> the saddest part of it is that cnn is no different whatsoever from "the new york times" or "washington post" or nbc, abc, cbs, npr, pbs. i'm only giving the most famous of the group. >> hdtv.
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[laughter] >> greg: mlb! >> i guess if you have initials, you're in bad shape, you're not committed to the truth. it is a real problem -- i studied, i don't know if you know this. my field of study was the soviet union and communism, i learned russian come i want to communist countries a lot. i learned russian not in order to say i would like a sandwich but in order to read the soviet communist newspaper which i read almost daily in graduate school. i could almost cry. i love the humor of this show and i love laughing with you but this is a very serious comment and a sad one. i never believed that i would think that we had pravda in america. this is a shock to me. having read pravda all those years, there's no difference between "the new york times," relationship to the democratic party and pravda's
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relationship to the communist party. they say what the party wants to further its ends and truth is irrelevant. this is the state of american mainstream media, cnn is only one example. >> greg: way to bring us down, dr. prager! >> i warned you, i did warn you. [laughter] a lot of women like the serious guy, for the record. >> greg: you're a neuroscientist, what do you make this? >> first of all, the guy likes her. i think you're missing this, he really wanted to stay he was there for the long run, he was believing in the long term thing. i supported and i have compassion for the guy seeing his efforts at i also know you should not trust the guy on a date no matter what he says. >> yes! >> in seriousness i think it
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emphasizes the point that the media is a for-profit business. if we understand that, we need to understand it's supposed to be for-profit, we wanted to tell the truth and we need to educate people on how to find and to sift through all of it to find what's relevant. i'm not surprise, no one is surprised to learn there is media bias. at what is interesting for us is to teach people how to deal with that and how to think about that at the next level. social media is one level up. >> greg: that's what we try to do here, i'm always trying to educate people on how to look at the media and to trust me unequivocably. do your point, the guy was saying all of this stuff because he wanted to get laid! he was trying to play the i'm part of the resistance thing, i'm in the resistance -- look, i joined a cnn to get rid of the orange godzilla.
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>> he thinks he's cool and a huge bad. , dies lie and exaggerate on dates, they say all kinds of stuff like i'm separated, you know? [laughter] i only talk to my child mother about the kid come i have no interest in her anymore, et cetera. >> i say i'm a neuroscientist. >> there you go! this is the one situation if you look at cnn, it seems like it wasn't exaggerating at all. this would have been the one situation if he would have said i did it come i didn't mean it, i was just inflating myself importance to try to sleep with her, i keep trying commit the fifth date and she couldn't have taken her shirt off because of the wire, that's where they put up according to the shows i've watched -- not a neuroscientist, sorry.
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it seems completely accurate. i remember all of those headlines he was talking about and all those shots he was talking about, they have been. >> greg: it was a cnn documentary we were watching! up next, wokeness in the classroom, get ready! a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. thank you! hey, hey, no, no limu, no limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> greg: if the kids are white, they are not all right. a private high school in new york city has been accused of using so-called antiracism training to indoctrinate its students and shame white kids for being oppressors. paul rossi, a math teacher at a $60,000 a year manhattan school broke the news in a blog post saying he and other teachers are required to treat students differently based on race.
8:18 pm
which normal people would call racist if we want living in clown world. the schools antiracism instruction in pursuit of equity is ultimately harming the students. he said students are afraid to speak up and ask questions and any faculty concerns are ignored by their in-house office of community engagement. george orwell would call orwellian, total ego test and kafka would call [bleep]. the school said their goal has only been a friend to foster a safe environment and if you disagree with the gullah, they regret one of their faculty went public with their disagreement. he was previously reprimanded for raising an issue at the school seminar even though the schools responded positively. you know if students respond positively to something a math teacher says, it must be good.
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[laughter] you should be one of the adventures, dr. circ. you are a southern california championship surfer, you fell into a vat of acid! and now you are dr. cerf, that's what they do in the movies, they throw you in acid and you become an evil doctor, shut me up at any point. what do you make of this cult and has it affected what you do for a living? >> this unfortunately is my industry. i'm not happy with it. i think the pendulum was on one end and it moved to the very end and i think it needs to come somewhere in the center. we need to train kids not to be woke stirs, we need to teach them to be activist and how to fight this spirit of when they hunt you are saying burger
8:20 pm
eating is not okay and you're a murder for killing a cow, we're getting to a world where you have to worry about what you're doing all the time. >> greg: it drives me nuts because i worry about me all the time come i don't need any more anxiety from strangers. i cornered the market in anxiety. dennis, it's fair to say the antiracism is just racism? >> i have a video that everybody can watch for free at prager u. >> greg: this is a family show. i don't want you pushing those videos on people, the last time that happened -- >> fair enough. it shows six differences between liberal and left. i think it's a very important distinction because the day a liberal awakens to the fact that the left is the enemy of liberalism is a great day and it happened to alan dershowitz come at happened to perry weiss, it happened at dave rubin. there are a lot of people it has
8:21 pm
happened to you. here is an example. i was raised a liberal as i often tell people, i was born here in new york, i will live in california and when you are a raped, on your birth certificate it has democrat. it's listed. sex is not fixed but the party is fixed. i grew up and one of the biggest beliefs was integration, racial integration and race means nothing. now you have all black dorms at campuses that you were supposed to believe that is morally progressive. columbia university had six different graduations, one for lgbtq, one for blacks, one for hispanics, one for asians. it's astonishing. this is considered progressive. >> greg: to your point, the good news is, indoctrination and
8:22 pm
ideology is pushing all the smart leftists out and we are getting them. >> i can't believe we are going to talk about the fact this school costs $57,000 a year! to go to. >> greg: that's more than i make in a month. >> i have heard a lot of people say, this is what they are teaching them. i am thinking what could they possibly be teaching them in high school? i understand you want to give your kid whatever advantage you can give them, you can't just throw money and they will upgrade, it's not like a sound system in your car. that's not how it works. also, if these parents really wanted this and one of these kids to learn about things like privilege, they probably wouldn't be sending their kids to a school where they are around only other kids whose
8:23 pm
parents can spend a quarter of a million on one kids high school. >> greg: the kids are not worth it, come on! i was going to bring this up to you because you have children which is a scary thought. >> i know! >> i knew you before you had kids and i was telling the experts -- thank god she doesn't have kids. it's frightening, those poor children, how old are they now? >> my therapy bills are going to be through the roof. >> i think there are three of them and they are somewhere around 4-8-11, something like that. i'm still trying to figure out who the father is. i got time, i just want to get the college money! [laughter] [applause] >> greg: you always have your priorities, why, why -- i don't have an answer. >> i want to know what dirt he's
8:24 pm
got on the school. he writes a column about your school insulting a school, from a parent spending $57,000 on my kid i'm like what does he know that i don't know? how was he getting away with talking smack about your workplace? >> your diabolical. >> who gets away with that in this day and age? he also said they said the white people are considered minorities at the school and the minorities are considered -- are empowered, well that is new york city. that is not a shocker because new york city has been a proponent of trying to raise up. >> greg: have you run into this at all with your kids? >> i don't spend that kind of money, it's not worth it. you're going to end up back in my house in their 30s anyway. >> greg: that's great. if i speak of a similar thing here worth noting, it doesn't matter what college kid goes to. this is the unspoken secret that all of us know -- it doesn't matter. >> greg: it doesn't at all.
8:25 pm
if i had kids i would not send them to college. >> that's correct. >> greg: i would make them become sure by the spirit of up next, a monkey that can play video games with his mind. [cheers and applause] o bare my skin yeah, that's all me. ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand nothing on my skin, ♪ ♪ that's my new plan. ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ achieve clearer skin with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months. of those, nearly 9 out of 10 sustained it through 1 year. and skyrizi is 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. ♪ i see nothing in a different way it's my moment ♪ ♪ so i just gotta say... ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats,
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>> greg: they are testing a iona harry little guy. i speak of neural income of the company founded by elon musk. developing ai power microchips to go into people's brains, starting businesses faster than gretchen whitmer can close them. their goal is to help people with paralysis use the computer or phone with their brain activity alone and they recently released a video tested on a monkey named pager, shut out the previous monkeys answering
8:30 pm
machine. he was taught to use the joystick hooked up to a video game, the chip records what his brain does when he moves his hand and sends that to a computer to analyze. when he does well he gets a banana smoothie through a tube like a furry junkie. which is also how we reward the writers for this show. later they removed the joystick and he can play with just his mind. >> as you can see, pager is amazingly good at mind pong. he's focused and playing entirely of his own volition, it's not magic. the reason neural link works is because it's decoding electrical signals to the brain. >> greg: there's no way this backfires that happens in the movies all the time. it does raise some ethical questions like could your innermost thoughts one day be sold at the highest bidder, are humans ready to integrate ai into our bodies? or is it looking better for dr. sir. you don't have the answer to that question because i don't
8:31 pm
want to put you on the spot. you do this for a living, you put chips in humans brains, right? >> yes. >> greg: you're a monster! >> this is based on our work from ten years ago, it's not that new. there are many scientists looking at monkey's brains, to help people -- soldiers learn how to move after a loss of function. i think where it becomes interesting is when elon musk does it, everyone cares and one he does it, it's wonderful and happy when this happened, is a commercial component. at some point you're going to have people putting neural links in brains so they can bike in the morning. >> greg: i have a problem with
8:32 pm
this although i think it is fantastic, i have a problem that you can never trust anybody playing trivia at the pub, right? they're going to shut down jeopardy because you aren't going to be able to know who has a chip in their head to. this is the one thing i don't get, you already have chips. you're going to put it inside your head so it's going to be smaller? >> the process is different from that. >> greg: you think so? i skipped med school. >> i think it's awesome too but i would be leery of it for myself. even if i were paralyzed, i would be concerned if i put this chip in my brain. even if i could move my limbs, they put me in a straitjacket right away and i would be back at square one. i think it's great, it's also very confusing, this article. i read it like six times. >> greg: you know what? you need the chip.
8:33 pm
if you had the chip you probably could have read it and have a better answer than this terrible one you offered right now. >> or if i went to a $57,000 school, thanks a lot, dad. >> the guy from cnn claims he had a chip and that's why cnn does not fire him. >> greg: he's going to have to carpet out of his head for groups. i'm afraid to ask you, julie, but are you pro-chip? >> i would never allow somebody to implant a chip into my brain but into my kids, absolutely. i have two microchips on my pomeranian said i would put my chips on my kids heads. just to do anything i want them to do. if i thought of that 11 years ago when i got married i would have done then too. >> greg: i don't think you're talking about a chip, you're talking about a shock collar. >> i have one of those! you have the chip, the dog so you don't lose the dog. >> greg: wait, is the
8:34 pm
pomeranian a person? >> no. >> greg: are we playing god? everyone likes to ask that question, are we playing god? >> that is apparently one of the greatest yearnings of the human being. i know people don't like hearing about the bible as if it's only for but it's actually -- >> wonderful. >> that's what the serpent said in the garden of eden, each for the tree of knowledge and you'll be like god. i can be like god? i'll have it to. >> way too much pressure. >> i share your view. >> greg: what a bad rap apples got to. >> it wasn't an apple, we don't know what fruit, for the record. >> greg: everyone told me it was an apple, that's why i never ate apples and a look at me i'm
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>> greg: are safest spaces for all races maga places? what if that utopia already existed and it's maga country -- i always want to say maga? i don't know why. we are going to maga country, john nolte writes in breitbart that life in rural america where republican trump voters live is clean, safe, and racially tolerant while the big cities
8:40 pm
led by democrats have high crime, gun violence and poverty rates. he describes his personal experience living in the red state of north carolina where people of different races get along, reports of hate crimes are fewer in cities like portland and san francisco, if you get hit by fireworks in the country is probably an accident. the u.s. cities with the most murders are not won by republicans and big-city homicides are up in the first three months of this year also muscle. chicago 864 people have been shot this year, almost all of the people of color, 12 people were shot this tuesday alone. maybe they haven't defunded police enough yet. last year people moved out of big cities in droves come off and fleeing the effect of policies that they voted for. i hope they find utopia and when they get there, they don't vote. all right, dr. prager, do you buy this? >> i do buy it and it's the worst -- something worse than that. i feel like the downer of the
8:41 pm
show tonight. it's not my temperament. >> greg: we have stuff for that. >> let me grab something out of my bag real quick. >> greg: that is that when these people after voting in horrible policies that destroy their cities moved to nice places and when those places. california has ruined washington, oregon and arizona. new yorkers are ruining florida, it's eerie, the whole thing. >> greg: new yorkers moved to new jersey and ruined it. >> that's hard. >> greg: what? i love new jersey! the best highways in new jersey have ever seen -- why by making fun of new jersey. dr. prager is a sanction to sign
8:42 pm
a contract when you move to a red state that you're not allowed to vote for five years? >> i suppose, i get your point on new yorkers going to florida and screwing that up, we mucked up in new york city but i think they should put a wall outside of new york city and kick out the governor and mayor while you are at it. the crime in new york city is out of control. >> greg: have you been walking around at how weird it's getting? >> it's very weird, we new yorkers have to be very vigilant. i got my first vaccine and i had two options, either get sleepy and woozy before this show or get it in the bronx tomorrow. i went with this, do i want to get shot in the bronx or do i want a shot in the arm in midtown? [laughter] >> greg: that's okay. you should be getting your injections on the street. >> i know the health plan is the best.
8:43 pm
is this enough? let's say you are a woke liberal tired of the politics, can you work in the rural states? are you going to miss all the art galleries? >> we used to have those in new york, the good thing about living in the city's you could go to see this concert and see this play, you could go to a bar and another bar and another bar and in the miller bar, like some people would do. now in new york it's all the bad stuff, you can't do anything, you're just sitting there in your apartment that you're playing way too much for and it sucks. we found a syringe camp and my dogs poop the other day. never letting you near him again. there is no reason to do it, i think people want to move and maybe say they have this inflated sense of importance, they are going move these places. they don't even realize they are
8:44 pm
ruining -- i don't think they realize it. >> greg: how long of you been in the united states? >> 15 years. >> greg: you live in new york, have you noticed dramatic change in the city? i want to get out of here with my wife wants to stay because she grew up in cities and i tried to convince her. what i have done is i raised the entire different family so i could live both worlds. i don't know what i'm saying at this point. >> i feel like the downer of the show as well. i'm not surprised by this, there is more racism, more pollution, more crime, more people -- that's not surprising. i think this is what we are learning here, this is a classic case of correlation -- if you have more police, was going to be more crime. it's the point we are seeing the effect, just more people moving
8:45 pm
to cities across the world and we are going to see a lot more things. if you are a poor guy and you want to beg for money you want to go to a city where you can get it. >> laying on that road for a long time. >> that's when he would probably start carjacking. fewer people would see you, not they should. >> greg: i can't believe you're endorsing carjacking. next, a verdict in a very important story that no one else will touch. ways. it's the first and only fda approved combination of advil plus acetaminophen. advil targets pain. acetaminophen blocks it. advil dual action. fast pain relief that lasts 8 hours. look at that scuffed up wall. embarrassing you. that wall is your everest. but not any more.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: he won't get a pass for his passing of gas, the update on the 22-year-old austrian man who was fined 500 euros which is $80,000 for farting and a police officer this afternoon, you won't see this on special report. it literally is ripped from today's headlines. he argued although the release was an accident, even if it had been on purpose, breaking windows protected under freedom of expression. let's face it, the silent one to
8:50 pm
the deadly ones. the judge has ruled that all though fart's and burps contain social inappropriateness, they don't contain any communicative content. i picked this story for you, you are a disgusting person. i know you have very strong opinions about breaking wind, it's why you are here at fox news. >> it's how i got the job. i want to know how did he apply the flatulence. was he bent over? >> i did my research, he lifted his leg up and asked the cop to directed at him. >> he didn't touch him. in new york city can be would get a prize from our mayor. i think this is over exaggerated to. >> how is that not speech, the whole reason the police officer
8:51 pm
got mad as he understood what he was trying to communicate. that is what i've been telling my fiance that for the longest time. every time a woman farts it's a feminine act. why is it okay when i know do it -- when i do it, and empowering all women that it's okay, you don't need to be ashamed for bodily functions, that's what susan b. anthony did. put me on a coin a coin! >> greg: you are a smelly version of susan b. anthony. >> yes! i'm not on any coins, it is a thankless job. >> greg: maybe you should be on a dollar bill, dr. cerf since you're a scientist, could flatulence be seen as communication and if so is it possible to use science to see exactly what we are saying? >> this is a question? should be taken as they were intended, this guy is getting what he tried to get.
8:52 pm
>> greg: you have never addressed this as a scientific question, you are now walking on thin ice. is there an evolutionary reason for flatulence? clearly it doesn't help get men get their genes into future generations, what is the purpose of it? >> men have whole careers based on farting and fart jokes. >> all kinds of things were going to come up, i have nothing to say about farting as a scientist. >> greg: as long as it's cattle, you are an expert. i wish i could say that. you have two pathways, dr. prager. >> i will give you one serious and one -- the great stories of my life. it is, the serious is i think the guy showed up and find whether you like police or not, once they are held in contempt
8:53 pm
by society, it is at the end of the society as we are witnessing. >> you just made a fart segment -- i will go get something on my back right up. >> the other one is i have to share this, i was in eighth grade and one day one of the kids in the class farted which of course made the eighth-graders laughed, the principal, a serious man passed by the room and the door was open, he sees kids laughing, walks in and yells "what is the big stink about?" and i want you to know, it is the closest i came to choking to death out of laughter in my life. it is a moment that i never thought i would say on national television, but here it is. >> greg: did he know who it
8:54 pm
was? harry truman -- i was trying to think of a way to end it was something stupid and i think i did. >> mission accomplished. >> greg: this whole problem could've been avoided if the police just cracked open a window. right? >> it was outside, i did my research. i've been pouring over the case files. >> greg: whoever wrote the question, see me after the show. we've got more great stuff after the break. by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. emptiness. a hopeless struggle. the lows of bipolar depression can disrupt your life and be hard to manage. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms,
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>> greg: this sunday, april 18th i'll be live at the colombian speedway, columbia, south carolina, postpone the show so many times, but it's finally happening with the special guest tom. ticket information go to my
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website. before we go, let's do this. ♪ ♪ >> animals are jerks, animals are jerks. >> greg: that they are, do you know farmers are using drones to herd sheep? take a look at this, some of the sheep aren't too thrilled about this and i think somewhere in new zealand or new jersey, i'm not sure. because we've been drinking since noon. there you go, see! this is technology meeting the animal kingdom and animal kingdom saying no, we do not want you here come a drone get out! you stupid, stupid drone! anyway, i could keep watching that but why what i when i can go to bed? thank you, our studio audience! do not forget the dvr the show! so you never miss an episode!
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"fox news @ night" the shannon bream is next! ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> shanon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night" i am shannon bream in washington and here's a lot of breaking news tonight. krista indianapolis where multiple victims have been reported after shots were fired at a fedex facility there. according to local media reports, indianapolis metropolitan police say officers were called to the location for shots fired at 11:00 p.m. local time and where monitoring is news is flooding in on that we will bring it to you as soon as we can lock down some of the facts. if there is multiple officer involved shootings across the


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