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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  April 18, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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howie: whatever happened todona. a piece that he largely faded from view. i guess to tackle the term is wrong. he doesn't command the attention as he did as president of the united states and twitter and facebook are still shunning him as outlaw but has there been a former president that wielded so much influence over his party. >> he still has a lot of popularity, if he runs in 2024, will you run? >> yes. >> would you vote for trump if he were the nominee in 2024? >> there's another hypothetical question. hopefully i don't have the
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option. for. >> i obviously voted to impeach him. >> if donald trump were the 2024 nominee, would you support him? >> i would not. howie: not because he might run but good for ratings, because whether you love him or can't stand the guy, he still has enormous cloud. trump remains in control of the republican party, sizable minority of the population still backs him. maybe that influence will eventually fade, maybe reporters will tire of the provocative statements he mails them instead of tweets. but with joe biden rarely doing interviews or saying much in social media, donald trump is filling a void. i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz? it was was an all of out media friendsia when u.s. intelligence concluded that rush ape military
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offers bounties to kill american troops in afghanistan. >> and now you know from this reporting on "the new york times" which has since then been confirmed by the wall street journal but not only was russia paying for american soldiers death. >> where is the shock for the american troops? >> the bounties are believed to have resulted in death of several u.s. members in afghanistan. >> the reports that donald trump has done absolutely nothing about it. >> it's the greatest dereliction of duty in the history of the country. >> the biden administration has walked it back saying the claims can't be proven. >> that russian intelligence officers sought to encourage taliban attacks against u.s. and coalition personnel in afghanistan. howie: joining us now from the
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will cain and mo eilithee, will, what is the biden's administration's finding to impose sanctions on moscow, tell us about the media going wild over the last june? will: it tells us that mission was accomplished. it was bs, it was total junk, howard. you increasing run one of the most important shows on television engaging in media criticism because the media at large has turned from attempting, i would suggest attempting to be objective truth tellers to outright propaganda. you heard jen psaki it was low to moderate confidence of intelligence, that means detainee heard a story second or third hand related to someone else. he passed it on and gossip and nonsense but reported breathless his with finger pointing as you saw in your clips there with
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full condemnation of president donald trump and it was all track and the crab was designed that donald trump was not reelected as president of the united states. it was mission accomplished for the propaganda. howie: mo, low to moderate, it doesn't mean it was not proven. what were the times now describing it in the own pages as a reported arrangement. do you think looking back, the story was solid enough to go with another news organization said they confirmed it ten months ago? mo: well, look, i think just as it is right to look back with some caution at the way the story was reported the first time, i think it is important to be cautious in how we talk about it now because i think your point is important. what we are learning now is that with low to moderate confidence the -- the allegation, specific
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allegation of bounties was unproven, but what the latest report shows is that with high confidence they show the russian government collaborating with criminal elements in afghanistan and that those criminal elements were somehow connected to attacks on u.s. troops. so what they're saying is that we can't say definitively that the russians put bounties out there, but because we don't have the direct evidence, but there's something there and so i think that's what we need to be focused on right now, that there is some level of evidence that russians collaborating with enemies of the united states on the ground. so i don't think we should be sitting here saying, none of this is true, i think we need to be cautious in how we talk about it in the very tenuous situation
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on the ground. howie: i will let you in a second. what president had to say about the story at the time. >> many of them didn't believe it happened at all. i think it's a hoax. i think it's a hoax by the newspapers and the democrats. >> remember the whole side debate of being briefed or not, maybe largely dismissed at the time and said this is trump kowtowing to putin and what does putin have on donald trump. will: with all due respect, mo, that's not the responsible way to approach the story at the moment. the story was below weak from the start but it was told with certainty. it was told with condemnation. you heard the clips. the statements by major media members were that donald trump knew of its veracity and in a dereliction of duty, a completely amoral position
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dismissed the story as he didn't care of american soldiers. we can't sit here today and go, well, it's possible that it's true. there's very little to know evidence. low to moderate confidence to be clear in government terms means it's nonsense. it's in the -- not real. i can't defend something is not existent because i can't prove in negative. in journalism, your burden is to prove a positive. when you point your finger on television and make accusation, back it up. they didn't even try. howie: let me get mo's response. >> i'm not disagreeing that there was a breathless rush to deal with this story back in the time. i actually agree with that and i do think in retrospect that the story could have and should have been dealt with differently and with a little bit more caution, but at the same time, i'm arguing we should not have the same breathless rush in how we cover the story this time because this is a very tenuous situation on the ground. we are about to withdraw the
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troops from afghanistan, the -- there is evidence that the russians have supported bad folks on the ground and that relationship with russia right now under the new administration is being pushed and challenged. so i'm not saying that -- that the initial story was covered 100% correctly, let's not make the same mistakes in how we cover it this time. howie: in fairness, some of the caveats in the original time story got blared on tv. story came that came from afghan detainees who were never in the room with officials. let me turn to johnson & johnson vaccine mess. everybody knows 4 days into the pause requested by the cdc after six cases of blood clotting and one woman out of 7 million j&j shots. here is what the pundits had to say. >> this will increase vaccine hesitancy. people will read headlines today
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and i think, you know, become understandably concerned. >> it seems possible there may be going on. it is possible that the vaccine is dangerous than indicating it is. federal authorities appear to acknowledge that. howie: i think that many in the media are not exactly buying the white house lie that this is no big deal. will: yeah, well, the white house is saying no big deal but all the bodies underneath them asking like a big deal. they quote, unquote, paused the johnson & johnson vaccine which i will up front with you received 2 weeks ago but i understand basic math. one in 1 million problem that might exist. you know how many risks we take throughout the day that carry risk 1 and 1 million. this is equivalent of reporting shark attacks as it's a major problem. it's worst than shark attack hyperinflation of the importance of the story because people will
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be afraid of the vaccine, they can't because it's taken off the market with minuscule risk. we are not being led by science. what are we trying to accomplish zero risk? what are we doing? howie: what about the impact of people who are already reluctant or don't want to get vaccinated? mo: yeah, i think vaccine -- i think vaccine hesitancy is an issue that we need to be tackling here. i hope more people choose to take the vaccine. i think it's important for all of us and i do worry that the way this gets message is concerning. now, what this tells me is that the system is working, that number 1, i'm not sure that -- i think and we are hearing this from dr. fauci that it is likely that they are going to come back with j&j fairly quickly, that
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there was enough -- that they just want to study this to make sure that this isn't a bigger problem and that there's enough of moderna and pfizer in the system right now so that it won't slow down the number of vaccinations that there are and we are not seeing the same sort of challenge or anomaly with those. so i do hope that people see that the system is working, there are the safeguards put in place to protect us all throughout this process and i suspect based on everything that we are hearing that j&j will be back out there as soon as possible. howie: just briefly in covering this overplaying, perhaps spreading fear because after all the government actions have been taken and right now you can't get the one shot, johnson and johnson vaccine and the others require two doses. will: the system is not working and the media is spreading fear on purpose. i don't know how we can say a system is working, seems didn't howie: why on purpose, why do you say on purpose?
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[laughter] >> will: it's good for ratings. mo: come on. will: they have been overhyping, overinflating walking outside. if you're vaccinating and dr. fauci is saying, they are repeating, if you're vaccinated you can't eat indoors with a friend and wear a mask outdoors. all of this is anti-science, all of this is beyond being driven by the data. you tell me what it's driven by, thirst of fear by power, it's not by data and science. >> i understand your concern but i -- mo: howie, i have to say, i disagree with will, that i think it is that approach that is what is driving what's more rating driven that is raising questions about a system and that's going to do more to increase vaccine hesitancy than anything that drn has said. howie: i have to get to a break
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here. obviously scientists disagree of risk factor and one in a million is pretty low. we will talk to frank luntz about the coverage of the border crisis but when we come back the media focuses on another fatal police shooting in minnesota and the protest and they are picking sides.
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howie: there's been nightly coverage of the protest in suburb after fatal shooting of daunte wright. >> all the press and all the extra shit y'all do, makes this worse, exactly. y'all need to get up out of here with all the twisting up the media. >> okay. howie: veteran officer kim potter charged with second-degree manslaughter and
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resigned along with police chief after stopping wright's car. potter intended to use taser but fired gun instead and that sparked a fierce media debate. police department need to be abolished in significant ways and rebuilt. i know that seems like a radical idea but i'm sick and tired of video after video of murdered black people. >> joe's radical socialist party, they don't agree. they are out for vengeance. there are some who want to score cheap political points by vilifying all police because they want to defund the police. >> you can die for having expired tags or phoney 20-dollar bill that you may not have even known it's a phoney 20-dollar bill. >> very few people are willing to have the conversation we should have which is daunte wright should have been alive but if he complied, he would have been arrived.
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howie: mo, the commentators and journals are picking sides of the officers actions and the larger question of police treatment of minorities, what does that say to you? >> look, i think what we have seen is a couple of really, really terrible incidents all happening around the same time. what happened with the young boy in chicago and what happened with daunte wright, the military officer in virginia not to equate, he did not die thankfully but we saw all against the backdrop of the trial of derek chauvin trial and i think there are people, partisans out there who are trying to use this to describe a
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-- drive a political narrative. we are seeing continued problems that there's need to reform of policing, that there are a small minority of people on the left who are trying to use this to call for defunding of police, that is not a mainstream position within the democratic party or within the country and so people trying to turn it into that as opposed to a conversation about how we can effectively reform police departments without undermining public safety and increase public safety is where the conversation needs to be and hope people focus it back on that. howie: the coverage of particularly this one shooting and larger debate and we learned after the fact that there was an outstanding arrest warrant for wright in an armed robbery case. will: you know, the media like stories, we like narratives. we don't like justice and specifically legal justice.
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when it comes to officer-involved killings, every single one of the tragic stories sets on own set of facts or judgment, we will go through it as a nation in derek chauvin trial but we have to set aside narrative and look at the facts and apply the law, and the public and the media and the mob quite honestly might not like the conclusion of the jury, that may or may not, when it comes to daunte west story -- >> howie: daunte wright. will: the officer is culpable, made a mistake. she will be charged with manslaughter. we make massive mistakes when we leave facts behind and dive into the stories and narratives. howie: pepper spraying and humiliation of army officer in virginia who did nothing wrong is concerning. mo, you mentioned earlier the defunding the police not being a
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mainstream position on the left. the media on the right that outlets painted polices as racist and pointed congress people like omar that says no more policing and basic part of police interactions with communities of color as if it's standard procedure for every cop everywhere. mo: yeah, media critique on the right is off base, i don't see that. i see whether -- look, we just also witnessed some terrible tragedy of -- of police officers capitol police officers being killed in two separate incidents in washington, d.c. i don't know anybody vilified them as racist. ic the mainstream position is that our police are often put in difficult situations and we don't give them enough credit for that. however, when there are bad actors who are baked into the system, that -- that we need to
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figure out how to prevent them from -- from doing those bad acts and i think that is where the majority of people are. that we need our police and honor the police but at the same time when -- when we are see case after case like this, that there's something wrong and we've got to figure out how to address that. howie: what many in the media failed to grasp. many millions of african americans feel unsafe and routine stop can quickly escalate. will: they feel that way partially because of personal experience and lies in the media. you wouldn't know it from mainstream culture where guys like lebron james say black men are literally, literally being hunted down in the street. that's not backed up. yes, racism exists in the country, policing can go through
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some reforms, but the data does not suggest nor back up any kind of hyperbolic statement like that from lebron james. you know, the bottom line is when you account for populations and rates of accountability, african-americans are not encountering lethal force with officers at a greater rate than would be expected. that's from the study by roland harvard university. that's data, that's real. that's not the hyperbolic stories told by stars in the media. howie: this is not the end of the debate. thanks very much for joining us. ahead heated debate over president biden pulling out of afghanistan but white house plans to keep distance from the press. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ e right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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heavily on surrogates especially cabinet members. as for biden, quote, he's the president and a lot on his plate we don't let schedule be limited factor for us, joining us now mike emanuel, fox chief correspondent. is this an attempt to keep president biden from wandering off script or take questions on other issues other than the message of the day? mike: howie, great point. if you have free-flowing interaction with the president of the united states he can go unscript and look, joe biden has been gaffed prone even as a much younger man and clearly they are trying to play as they see as his strengths. keep him on message, do short remarks on teleprompter quite often and maybe boring actually works with the american people after 4 years of daily sparring between president trump and white house press corp. they may
8:28 am
be betting the boring actually works with folks at home. howie: that's the contrast. obviously never want today adopt donald trump's style, that was evident during the campaign. what's the impact of biden not doing sunday shows, not doing cable news interviews, not doing interviews and not mixing it on twitter, why give up the giant mega phone. >> that's a great point. he has the bully-pulpet and my sense is his polling suggest that people are comfortable with what he's doing, you're not going to see any change in tactics. if the approval numbers of his handling of issues like the border or some of the foreign policy hot spots takes a hit, that's when you see white house teams scramble and perhaps make adjustments on the fly. they may not be very comfortable sending him out there unscripted and when the president of the united states makes a gaffe, obviously it's very challenging for the team to go clean up
8:29 am
after the president and, so they are trying to do it in a very contained way, very low key way and hoping that it works in connecting with the american people. howie: right, he has pretty good poll numbers right now and they might feel the strategy is working. there doesn't a single line in the political piece that i believe that a president has a responsibility to take questions from the press on behalf of the public, it is part of the job that we know quotes from outraged media organization leaders or things like that. is the press kind of giving joe biden a pass on his relative distance from -- >> mike: i think there's no question about that. look, we had every day interaction with president trump. clearly he thought that there was no better spokesman than him. with president biden it can be a very brief statement on a teleprompter which can be rather boring for people looking for news and so tightly scripted is the way they are going. they they it's working for him at this point. this is the honey moon phase, remember that. we are still in the first one hundred days and we will see if
8:30 am
they're forced to adjust and put the president out there. right now they are putting jen psaki and other surrogates. bottom line the president needs to come out and speak more forcibly. howie: the real test when things are not going well. up next frank luntz has research on what they think of border policy and nearly half of republicans survey say they won't get the vaccine. ♪ ♪ ♪
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howie: when a reporter asked the president of the border yesterday, joe biden referring to his goal of keeping the trump cap on the number of legal refugees used the word the white house has studiously avoided. >> the problem was that -- [inaudible] >> was working -- >> the keyword there, crisis,
8:34 am
frank luntz, pollster. enlight of the president using the c word, what about the focus that you did on trump supporters. >> trump voters feel misrepresented and they are angry about it. they absolutely want some sort of barrier on the wall, on the border. they absolutely want border security and they are proimmigrant and this was probably the biggest surprise in the media but i've had trouble with the media taking it because it doesn't fit their narrative as trump people being anti-immigrant or even being racist. it is not true. trump voters support the dream act and trump voters believe that kids who were brought into the country through their no fault of their own have right to deserve citizenship and emphasize the word earn and hostile to immigrant population is inaccurate, howie.
8:35 am
the press' responsibility particularly now with conditions this difficult to tell the truth and tell it accurately and in this case on immigration, they're not accurately communicating where trump voters really stand on the issue. howie: fascinating. i would also say that the border is the one issue where the media have been by in large pretty tough on president biden and his handling or lack of handling of the mess, but i also sense that the coverage is starting to fade a bit because the story has gotten a bit old and not much has changed, your thoughts? frank: that may be the case, the issue right now this is a long-term challenge and we have to find a way to separate the border security from the immigration itself. the american people believe that the system is broken that there should be a legal, lawful way for those who want that have a chance to come here, build a
8:36 am
barrier and provide and provide a path to citizenship and ensure a barrier so that we can keep out those and the american people would say harrah. howie: of course, president biden ran against the wall and unlikely to happen. george w. bush speaking out on sunday morning says he will be public about immigration reform. he will lobby his own party. i'm sure the media would welcome the former president's voice and have much influence on what is clearly a trumpian party. frank: well, i talked to members of both political parties and they tell me they really do, this time they want a solution and not trying to play politics
8:37 am
but the solution requires give and take and this is something that the biden administration is not really -- has not really acknowledged and unity can be achieved when you give something, you can't just get. so republicans are going to have to give in some areas and democrats as well and the public, whether you're biden supporter or trump supporter, they want this dope, they want the system is broken and they desperately want to change. howie: let me move to covid-19, trying to convince more conservatives to get vaccinated. let me play a clip, cnn reporter talking to the leader and a member of the evangelical church in baton rouge about hesitation. >> the virus has been a scam from the beginning, it's always been politically motivated for mail-in ballots and voter id. >> going into a conspiracy, very tight stuff but i do, bill gates and them trying to kill us. howie: how do you convince
8:38 am
people getting vaccinated when it relates to bill gates and vaccination trying to kill them. >> number 1, you start with your doctor. that's why next week i will try to work with a group of people to get doctors themselves to send out videos, 90 seconds saying they got vaccinate and they want patients to get vaccinated and it's over 90% of the doctors that have been vaccinated. number 2, you have to take the politics out of it which means trump needs to complement joe biden for getting the vaccine as biden's administration did and the biden administration needs to complement the trump administration for getting the vaccine developed as quickly as he did. number 3, you talk about cutting bureaucracy and red tape, not cutting corners, before you communicate that the vaccine is just like a seat belt, that you don't use it -- that you should not need to use it but you want to make sure that you've done it to be prepared. howie: let me jump in.
8:39 am
half a minute. actually donald trump issued a statement criticizing the biden administration over the pausing of the johnson & johnson vaccine. how much is that pause on the coverage potential setback for your efforts? >> -- frank: the american people are more to trust the vaccine because the fda and cdc are willing to step in and say, wait a minute, we want to take a look. people are more confident in the vaccine than less confident because they know there's people watching out for them even if it's 6 people out of 6.8 million vaccines. howie: i hope that you're right on that. but frank luntz, appreciate you being here, thanks very much, have a great sunday. frank: thank you, you too. howie: after the break, president biden wants to end the 20-year war in afghanistan but plenty of pundits say that's way too risky.
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>> it's been nearly two decades since president bush ordered to invade afghanistan, now the media sharply divided over biden's decision to withdraw remaining troops by this september 11th. >> it was a hard decision to make? >> no, it wasn't. to me it was absolutely clear. absolutely clear. for two reasons.
8:44 am
>> i'm certainly disappointed by president biden's decision. i also think it's reckless. >> i think the presentation by president biden was just superb. i think it was politically inevitable. we have been there for 20 years. >> if we should pull the troops out, pull the troops out, we are leaving on 9/11. >> most americans will likely support the president's view because they will think 20 years is enough. >> absolutely. howie: joining us griff jenkins, griff, the pundits are align with washington foreign policy will be opposed of any pullout along with capitol hill hawks like lindsey graham but seems a split in media reaction on announcement. this is the single most daring
8:45 am
of covering two presidents making the same decision withdrawing from afghanistan. president trump's decision made in 2019 and in 2020 trying to set the may first deadline, the media called it reckless and risky. it was a defeat in afghanistan. the same decision simply delayed is being applauded for ending the forever war. i have to tell you, it kind of reminds me of the old fedex commercial where they are sitting in bordering table and discussing ways to save money and opening to save 10%, the young kid suggest it and nobody says anything and the ceo says exact same thing with hand movement, that's great, we love it. the only difference is that the people in the room in the commercial didn't say negative things about the proposal. well, let me put up a graphic on the score of that point. "the new york times" then meaning on the left there, president announced reducing
8:46 am
troops to 2500, afghan officials feared that would encourage taliban to be fighting and "the new york times" with president biden, the first president in 40 years that knows what it means to have a child serving in a war zone referring to the late bo biden, so that -- many more that we could have put on the screen. griff: he does have that credibility and -- we thank president biden for his son's service, but here is the thing that critics are also pointing to and that is that it was by vice president biden in 2011 that oversaw withdrawal troops and there was enormous, powerful and rememberinged havoc on the nation and so the -- the question is if, indeed, under in afghanistan, under a growing strengthening taliban that al-qaeda or isis is able to reconstitute will the media look back and say, hey, this is a bad
8:47 am
decision and you are being advised now to do it because we need to be very specific, he's not pulling out most troops and leaving retaining capabilities in the region which we know last time didn't work. >> basically carrying out the trump plan a few months later when trump was going to completely pull out as well. the risks were there and now, no getting around the fact that the taliban could end uptaking over the country and so even a couple of news accounts pointed out that this is joe biden's version of america first. but let me also ask you based on your reporting in iraq how are real are those concerns because otherwise america will have to be in places forever, the so-called forever wars that biden referred to. griff: those concerns are very real and you are hearing
8:48 am
senators saying this is a bad decision. in 2016 i was in mosul firsthand and i saw how strong isis had become. this is another question i want to lever you with, howie, will the media cover the millions of women who will suffer miserably if they gain control. when we went in, women had virtually zero rights and were treated horribly, now concerns not only from the security standpoint but from the women of afghanistan that they will fall way back to a time we don't want to see repeated. howie: yeah, i think the media need to not only make those points but need to stay on the story and write about what happens to afghanistan, whether it's more taliban influence and absolute taliban takeover and does seem to me that these risks, of course, cannot be wished away but the counterargument is in 20 years, hundreds of thousands of troops, trillions or many billions of dollars have not been able to solidify the afghan government
8:49 am
because of corruption and so forth. the story you know better than i. griff: thanks, howie. howie: still to come from richard nixon to donald trump, the media has been accused of liberal bias, is it getting worse in the biden era? we will take a closer look.
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howie: i've been digging into the question whether the media has become more hostile after battles with trump presidency and this is something new and different. this is a closer look that i put together for special report. the media have been accused for decades of liberal bias, by richard nixon. >> the press is the enemy. is press is the enemy. >> by george h w. bush. not so much by barack obama.
8:53 am
>> the feeling most people when people hear barack obama, i felt this thrill up my leg. howie: and donald trump who had backed hard. >> these are just dishonest, terrible people. i'm telling you that. fake, fake, disgusting news. howie: but 4 years of increasingly hostile coverage of trump make the press antirepublican now that joe biden is president? it's a difficult question because biden has a less confrontational style but many reporters seem to admire him. >> the perception that you got you elected as moral decent man, when the post broke story of hunter biden's laptory, they censored and apologized. >> it was interference on the right to vote and right to be heard. howie: dismissed it saying we don't want to waste our time on our stories that are not really story. the laptop contents were confirmed but -- now the that
8:54 am
the president is out, the press is sympathetic. >> it's a gut punch. this really humanizes something that former president trump and the right tried to exploit. howie: the press has been tougher on the president over crisis of migrant children at the border. >> was it a mistake not to anticipate this surge? -- howie: barring the journalists. some are pointing at predecessor. >> the difference here is that a lot of the children are part of a problem that the biden administration inherited from the trump administration. howie: now that biden is pushing second straight 2 trillion-dollar bill on infrastructure and more, the coverage has been largely sympathetic. one cnn news headline declaring with an eye on history, biden moves on big, bold and progressive infrastructure package.
8:55 am
when new york andrew cuomo found withheld information on nursing home deaths the media were slow to pursue and former aide accused of sexual harassment which cuomo denies, the network ignored and giving brief items and new york times that tracked down second accuser charlotte bennett and cbs put her on the air. >> do you believe that he was propositioning you? >> yes. >> we shouldn't kid ourselves, basically affirmed a lot of the abuse. howie: 60 minutes widespread criticism for a story trying to link a vaccine contract ordered by florida governor ron desantis to a political donation. >> the criticism it's pay to play, governor. >> it's wrong, fake narrative. i disabused you of the narrative and you don't care about the facts. >> the cbs program refuse today air most of the everyone governor's response or admit piece was one sided.
8:56 am
howie: as major networks networks fought battle with donald trump for years, their ratings soared as they attracted largely anti-trump audience and now they have a financial incentive not to be too rough on democratic white house or democratic governors or risk alienating the viewers. the real test for the coverage will come when joe biden like every president before him hits a rough patch. remember, we are still in the first 100 days. that's it for this edition of media buzz, i'm howard kurtz. we hope you also like our facebook page, we post daily columns and let's continue the conversation on twitter @howardkurtz and you want the listen to my podcast, you can subscribe at apple itunes and get it on amazon device. we do a wide-ranging look at call kinds of issues and i have a lot more time so we enjoy
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doing that as well. we get a lot in here as we try to do every sunday. speaking of that, we are back here next sunday. you know the time, 11:00. see you then with the latest buzz. ♪ ♪ ♪
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eric: more police officers have been injured during overnight protests, four sacramento cops are in the hospital after authorities there say they were attacked. while in brooklyn center in minnesota saw seventh night of demonstrations over the police shooting of duante wright there and demonstrators last night joined by democratic congresswoman maxine watters facing fallout after telling the crowd, quote, get more confrontational that one day after protests there turned violent. hello, everyone, welcome to fox news live, i'm --ic sean, hi, arthel. arthel: hello,