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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 18, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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how do you introduce the larger-than-life gmc yukon? with the world's biggest tweet. the next generation gmc yukon. premium that's made to be used. the battle for the future of the united states supreme court. president biden facing growing pressure from progressives in his own party. we want to add more justices to the bench. republicans are slamming the idea as politically motivated. what fox news live i am mike emanuel in washington. both sides are digging their heels and this is not the first time congress has debated expanding the supreme court, i move also known as court packing. we have more on the history of court packing plus a closer look at some the current political debates. good afternoon. it's connected afternoon mike it's important to members
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since 1869 there but nine justices on the bench. before that it fluctuated from 852 as many as ten. this term, court packing stems from 1937 when fdr tried to change it to add more justices had favorable rulings for the new deal. but the senate rejected it overwhelmingly. but in 1983 then senator joe biden of the judiciary committee thought it was a bonehead idea. but now president biden has ordered the 36 person six month study of expanding the court. as a group of progressive democrats as you mentioned introducing a bill changing the number from nine to 13 to shake up the current 63 conservative majority. senator markey one of the bills cosponsors make clear why he believes the changes necessary. we are here because the united states supreme court is broken. the court is out of balance. too many americans view it as a partisan political institution not our impartial judicial branch of government.
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but republicans are outraged introducing their own legislation to maintain the bench and nine justices. senator lindsey graham is slamming the democrats motives behind the move. >> the idea of packing the court so liberals can make it liberal rather than changing the makeup to the election process the way we have done it for a long time. so this is a very dramatic bold move it. i'll do everything in my power to stop it in the senate because it would destroy the supreme court as we know it. it will become a political football. >> justin briar one of the most liberal members on the bench since 1994 shares the opposition sink earlier this month at structural alteration motivated by the perception of politics would lead to an erosion of trust. meanwhile another at cosponsor of the bill freshman congressman jones of new york he is calling on briar at age 82 to step down.
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>> thanks restarting is off. joining is now republican senator member of the senate finance and banking housing and turbines affair steven dane senator welcome. >> thank smart to have me on. how concerned are you president biden to move from studying its adding four more justices to the supreme court? >> very concerned read for wondered 52 years we've had nine justices on the supreme court. this is a power grab by the left. many of us are concerned this will destroy the foundation of our very government. remember our founding fathers they knew that government had to be restrained. it had to be contained to project the freedom and the rights of the american people. that is why we have checks and balances in our government construct. the separation of powers. so the left and now they went to court packets to add for justices to the supreme court. that would move the court dramatically to the left. but furthermore remember there really undermine the basic concept all three branches of
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government. it's court packing the supreme court, its d.c. importer we can state out in the united states senate which will get them for liberal senators virtually forever. and then the executive branch she went to eliminate the electoral college and go the straight popular vote which basically puts california and new york in charge of a presidential politics and election. so you can see it is a strategy from the left to go after every one of our three branches of government they can have absolute control of a washington d.c. price make the push from the progressive left but more pressure on moderates like joe manchin and kiersten cinemas hold the line? >> it will. i am just grateful for senders like sender manchin and center cinema court looking back at the right things of our country to not be caught up in this rush to the left to make sure we think about our kids and our grandkids because if the left is successful with packing the courts, with the
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changing of the united states senate by asking court more liberal senators and abolishing the electoral college we literally will have a one-party rule progressive leftist rule in washington d.c. for at least a generation break that is really dangerous for our country. our founding fathers want to see the separation of power to the restraint of government. this is a good leftist government on trade. student must talk spending. first is a massive code relief package and also the 2 trillion-dollar plus package been labeled as infrastructure. how is all of this playing back home in montana? >> i will tell you what montana and have common sense for they know you have to balance budget if you're going to make your business stay afloat. we cannot stay in this unsustainable path are federal government is on. were facing $30 trillion of debt now, mark trent it exceeds our gdp we've not seen this into world war ii we've
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seen this level of debt and percentages. it is very dangerous but has got to be contained. d.c. has pushed over $6 trillion at the door the last 12 months and now biden and schumer and pelosi wants to have this massive leftist wish lists infrastructure bill there's been debate over how to pay for it democrats under chris coons of delaware chris is a white house ally. if you cannot create maybe you just don't pay for what about that? >> again there is a way we can continue to invest in infrastructure republicans have some great idea with limits but what the infrastructure is we talk about bridges and roads we talk about airports and ports and waterways, treatment systems. and there are ways with the massive amounts of dollars that we are running around the conference of washington d.c. we just need to make choices and make priorities for
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infrastructure. there is a bipartisan deal to be had if the democrats will work with republicans. but we are on a single path. mike we are now grandparents of two wonderful grandchildren. i'm very concerned about their future d.c. is running up the credit card spending here running up the debt there's a day of reckoning we need to take that on now not wait for something more tragic to occur here for the destabilization of our financial markets. >> said it steve daines from the great state of montana, center thank you for your time. >> thanks mike. smith let's bring a michigan congressman kutcher the house democratic polly debbie, congressman welcome. >> good to see you this beautiful sunday afternoon price mimic absolute you heard senator daines expresses concerns about spending the next massive bill. how do you respond? >> well first of all one of them is to have corporations that have taken tax breaks and located jobs overseas to
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actually pay taxes. i am going to tell you, i think we are coming, or not out of it for an michigan were still the middle of covid. but the federal reserve to affect this economy we need to invest. i think investing in our roads and bridges and investing in the pipeline. the crisis in our schools we just witnessed broadband is not available in both urban and rural areas. i think that is all critical. i have a broader definition of infrastructure look at the history of this country. we have very important programs like social security we came out of the great depression. that has become infrastructure for our seniors. if you look at what happened with the g.i. bill when we came out of world war ii and help pay for education which nothing has been proposed on
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that front. it created jobs. these are really critical we are coming out of crisis time in this country. we have a lot of challenges still ahead. and i think these are investments in our country's future. >> it seems we all agree on our need to repair the road, bridges, highway and more. is there a possibility of focusing on the true infrastructure that everybody believes is infrastructure and just getting a package done on those key components? >> i would like to see us agree i'm someone who strongly believes we should try to reach across the aisle and work with people. but you are going to find we are one of the only industrial nations in the world that does not take care reverse seniors with long-term care or have kind of long term care program. it's called infrastructure and constant organization function. taking care of her seniors is critical. a long term care system is broken.
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we have seen people senseless died during this covid pandemic. we see people working two jobs below the poverty line. this needs to be part of our social infrastructure as well. >> to the supreme court of her from some of the progressive colleagues about the idea of adding justices, what are your thoughts on that? schematically have common sense and i think the president has set up emission studying the issue but look at what is going to happen on that. that made it clear it's not a priority to come up in the house right now. i cannot say the way the republicans have handled. [inaudible] not having hearings on president obama makes people think the supreme court is exactly objective or nonpartisan. mike: you've been around
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washington for a long time for it when the president says let's form a commission study to set a way of kicking the can down the road? >> i think right now it's a serious issue. i do take the supreme court seriously there been studies that have resulted in things that have been commissioned of kicking the can down the road. if people really think there needs to be change we can invest in this commission they can invest in those recommendations for it i am in the house at the moment we fight over some of those issues. i right now i'm home my state is in a massive surge. i have got people who are out of jobs who are scared and i want to give them for the future and if things continue because it keeps going to the courts they can't get things done. i did shooting in my district. we are having so me shooting to this country we do not even realize, we just had one in the mall on friday night proven need to something about
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gun control. there are a lot of issues we need to address as a country. and in american fashion if we can get that done. mike: congressman debbie dingell from the great state of michigan thank you for your time. a lot more in all this chris wallace has a bipartisan panel with john cornyn delaware democrat chris kuhn that's coming up right after show top of the hour 2:00 p.m. eastern. minneapolis and other major american cities are bracing for a wave of unrest as the derek chauvin child comes to a close. from minneapolis, minnesota where protesters have been calling for justice and the daunte wright case. good afternoon mike. mike: good afternoon mike. overnight a couple of minnesota national guardsmen were injured when someone took some pot shots at them. as a group of guardsman's who were with a simply standing sentry at one of the neighborhoods apparently there
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are ineffable white suv. the injuries received from the guardsmen were shattered glass there were no serious injuries per here where i am now brooklyn center there were demonstrations last night. no major incidents no friction with police know what mass arrest. congresswoman maxine waters inject yourself advocating george floyd policing act called republicans races totally protesters to stay in the street and get more confrontational. republicans reacted. >> her talking points on encouraging people to lash out at others is certainly not a message of unity if that's what they are about. >> no protesters have been gathering across the nation. one place dimension sacramento they are gathering regard the dante right case here in the case in chicago. police found bags of rocks at the scene vandalism for police officers were hospitalized after their hit was some kind of chemical your tempered
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tomorrow addresses another flashpoint in racial tension for the nation, closing arguments in the derek chauvin murder trial, we will keep an eye on it, mike. before mike many thanks. joe may not for d.c. homicide detective and defense attorney ted williams but he's also a fox news contributor. ted welcome. >> thank you. mike: were heading towards closing arguments in the derek chauvin trial what your expectations? >> there is no doubt about it i covered for fox the o.j. simpson case many, many years ago. and i can tell you the tension then reminds me of tension and now. what i anticipate one of the things that i would want to keep front and center with this jury is that videotape that nine minutes and 29 seconds videotape.
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i think that if i was them and i will take how i believe both sides should put out that argument, mike. i think the prosecution should start off with i can't breathe mama, mama i can't breathe. they should show derek chauvin with his knee on this man's neck with his son shane over his head. you can see throughout the process where derek chauvin mashed down further. they must tell the jury listen to the instructions of the judge. that it does not have to be the specific factor but it's just a substantial factor in the death of this man. they must show with their evidence what their experts are showing that derek chauvin caused the murder of george floyd. now, mike, on the other side defense. the defense must show and say
10:16 am
to this jury in no uncertain terms, if you find there is reasonable doubt, you must acquit. and we submit to you the evidence in which we have shown that george floyd suffered from hypertension. george floyd suffered from a bad heart. anything else george floyd suffered from having drugs in his system. and that in fact is the cause of his death. that is where they must go in order to try to show their case. >> congressman called him protesters to get more active and more confrontational, with someone with a law enforcement background, how alarming is that? >> it is alarming and it is rather frightening. i try to stay out of the political. but on the other hand we don't
10:17 am
need anybody out there citing these crowds. the unfortunate thing is law enforcement is trying to keep these crowds under control. that is not a very easy thing right now. mike: were nearly out of time. health partners of a rank-and-file police officers trying to do the right thing to protect and serve facing all this extra pressure right now? there's a great deal of pressure on the police department. the police department has brought on their own. others you have to look at and say, that these officers were doing their job. member this more than anything else, mike, arrested times a sort of like sausage making birds very difficult to look at. the one thing everybody sees is these video cameras. and that is just a part of the story and the whole story. mike: ted williams think is not your time. >> my pleasure. mike: manhunt underway in
10:18 am
wisconsin at the three people were killed and at least two other injured after shooting at a packed kenosha bar early this morning. police had the suspect that the somers tavern quote new who he was targeting. they say he had been asked to leave the bar earlier in the evening but came back and opened fire. police are reviewing surveillance video from the scene. more than 200 community members morning together at a vigil for those killed in the shooting at the fedex warehouse. for the eight people were in the community with some religious leaders joining city officials to call for gun reform. so far these have not released a motive for the shooting. president biden mix a stunning admission. what he's saying about the southern border after the break. retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow
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mike: live images of the southern border from our grown camera migrants and men the u.s. in record numbers. this is president biden calls research a crisis for the first time. following the latest in this border emergency, hello rich. tonight a good afternoon mike. this stretch of road is very active for border patrol.
10:23 am
border patrol vehicles manhunt buses going up and down this road taking migrants it to customs and border protection factor central processing. unsustainably delicate this morning. couple dozen rents coming up in the rio grande river that's about a mile from her going to customs and border protection. they will walk right up to border patrol they will get to modern had the central processing. there are others who try to evade border patrol today of days throughout the week. agency did mostly intercepted migrants in central america here but will also run into those in south america or eastern europe. yesterday in calling this a crisis for the first time, president biden launched the effect the surge is having a border immigration policy and how many refugees the u.s. will welcome in this year. [inaudible] [inaudible]
10:24 am
another dimension here at the border, children receive the pieces they've apprehended nearly 500 company children in day more than 20000 now and u.s. government custody. close handled by the department of health and human services. hhs is into longer-term shelters they go to military bases, convention centers with families throughout the united states they can place them. there's also questions and demand from republicans has succumbed on her for the present vice president which were the border. if not, commitment to white house vice president kamala harris says she will come to mexico and guatemala sometime soon to help build this issue, mike respect richard been down for quite a while going to heckuva job at 556 of myself. we were talking about on the front lines there on a they want from washington. >> first off to say that could be an issue of resources.
10:25 am
they want more assistance here there they say in some cases in particular spot in the rio grande valley they are just getting overwhelmed. that is the issue here. it is an issue of a once you have intercepted this number of people here, and they overwhelmed on the border personal side of customs imported protection shelters for children. and on top of all that you got the issue of covid. silly shelter that may be designed for a few thousand people, you cannot put that many people and because of covid protocol and have to test everyone coming in. it is a major, major issue here that they say they were not prepared for. >> rich edison live in la jolla, texas rich thanks a lot. a russian opposition leader on the verge of death. more on that plus how the u.s. is repositioning relationship with russia,s next. so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please!
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. fox news learned rockets rain down on a rocky or airbase
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north of baghdad today close to leo's contractors are being housed. three gang, three. like it happening. breaking the fellow multiple processes filed airbase in iraq that according to multiple u.s. contractors speaking with fox news. this supreme client iraqi issue you militia. the number of his taking responsibility for the attack today. you know i iraqi security officials are investigating trying to determine what group was responsible. we know that multiple iranian proxies operating in this area, mike. spectator right let's opposition leader on the verge of death and calls for protests across russia to demand his release was legs there? exactly right reduce national security advisor shakes over than said today there will be consequences russia jailed
10:31 am
opposition leader is an russian custody. we do know his doctors visited him last week this has elevated potassium and creatinine levels it could lead to cardiac arrest. he has been on a hunger strike since march 31. in the message delivered by his lawyers and postage instagram, alexei navalny said is threatened with force-feeding us is healthy to security. he was arrested after traveling to russia mid-january has been in jail ever since. his return quality month-long recovery process in germany after being poisoned last year. protestants poorly jailed brushing critic are scheduled to play nationwide on wednesday were over the beacon president biden called alexei navalny arrest totally unfair and inappropriate international pressure that russia faces over the tension comes in as new sanctions levied by the united states on thursday had targeted 16 entities, 16 individuals on the to the expulsion ten russian diplomats for this active response russian
10:32 am
interference in the 20 election. moscow linked cyber attack and russian annexation. this welcomes us thousands of russian troops mass on ukrainian border and spirit if russia invasion into ukraine it could ultimately dragon other world powers. mike: thanks a lot trey. during self correction to this of the top stories of spring in king's college senior fellow constitutional attorney mark smith who served on the trump campaign condition team the way commitment, gentlemen welcome. thanks good to be here. matt started so biden imposing sanctions by kicking up some american diplomats, how do you read this cold war like tension? statement there is no question that things with russia are about as bad as they've been since end of of the cold war. that is because of vladimir putin is acting like a thug. he is slowly killing alexei
10:33 am
navalny as you saw on that peace he's amassing troops on the border produced cracking on dissent internally. the united states is responding now under president biden ways we have not last for years. president trump basically told latimer putin he can do whatever he wants but he believed in whatever he said it was m by the no's. and now the united states back bear allies are responding appropriately. >> mark what is your take on the back and forth with moscow and is present biden in the right thing? >> russian the end of the day punish one critical way. that is the price of oil and gas, that is our major export that is how they make their money. if you want to punish asha for real in not symbolically, and the way to do it issue make america energy independent in all respects. thereby driving down the price of gas and oil across the globe, punishing the russians. that is how you do it.
10:34 am
everything short of that frankly is not going to be as effective. mike: there's also concerned about putin's intentions when it comes to ukraine, this instantly a first major foreign policy tests for president biden? yes there's a bunch of other ones as well reported by iranians attacking our troops or our citizens in iraq. we've got china threatening taiwan. got north korea always rested and this is just what presidents confront. often pricey stack up like this. but there is no doubt 80000 russian troops on ukrainian border is a serious, serious crisis. it's good that we finally have the world kind of a line behind us and confronting russia. >> okay to a domestic issue unites a supreme court republicans warming democrats may be trying to pack the court with more justices, take a listen to texas senator ted cruz.
10:35 am
>> the congressional democrats are cheering joe biden on to pack the court. and if they succeed in packing the court, we would have a radical left supreme court that would take away our fundal mental rights to free speech rights religious liberty rights to the second amendment. all of those rights hang in the balance. mark mark constitutional guy your thoughts. >> will president trump has one tremendous accomplishment for his legacy will go down all time is grace accomplishment that is appointing three justices to the u.s. supreme court. the democrats are engagingly i think is really a merit garland revenge to work for the trying to everything in the power to discredit the legacy of donald trump are the only way they can do with the current composition the supreme court is to pack it which is entirely unpopular. bear in mind plus he's politically savvy. she knows in about 18 months because are the democrats will lose control of the united
10:36 am
states house. so to the extent we democrats want to dream this generation the supreme court liberal radicals, now's the time for them to act. because in 18 months are unlikely to control the house not be able to have the policy objective which is to pack the court with the role tourists. >> present biden city setting the issue set for permission to do that your thoughts on that? is that really just putting this offer later? statement it is. there is a serious problem with mark's theory is that your policy last week so that bill is not going anywhere to change the composition of the court. she has no intention of doing the things he said she has an intention of issuing that very clear publicly. there are some of the caucus and want to do that. there are plenty in the republican caucus and want to all things as well. the very, very unlikely to change and president biden's clear about who pack the court. when justice gilligan died
10:37 am
there was 11 months until the election they would not before the garland nomination ginsburg died there's five weeks before the election and now we have income we bear. so court packing what one direction us by the. mark smith, mike bennett, general thanks. thank you thank you. the grueling three-day challenges coming to a close. live look at the final day of this year's best ranger competition after the break if you printed out directions to get here today, you're in the right place.
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the nation's most elite soldiers the best of the best competing for the top spot in the annual best ranger competition. charles watson is live from fort benning, georgia where the three-day event is wrapping up. good afternoon charles. >> hey mike we are here at patent ranges the second to last event of the day. i've got to tell you it's pretty intense out here. i want you to take a look off in the distance. you can see there are several massive tanks out there. those are some of the targets the ranger teams we've got a second camera on them as a matter fact. they have some big weapons to take them out. we are talking about 50 caliber machine guns, grenades and rocket launcher. these teams are getting the fire off in the distance. look, this is not easy stuff. this morning alona seen the remaining teams jumped out of blackhawk helicopters into victory pond and then have to
10:43 am
rush over to the obstacle course like the log walk and successfully balance their way to the end without falling. then had to put their tactical skills to the test using their weaponry to clear portions of mock cities. this is all happening as these guys have to scale ropes and climb ladders to get in and out of these buildings. might, these guys have certainly been put to the test over the last three days. in fact they spent the night in the woods here in fort benning. they were out land navigating until about 4:30 a.m. this morning. these guys are working these obstacles course with little to no sleep or it's >> cooley for ranger sleep. so charles was seasonably rangers bailing out of the helicopter jumping into the water. what is the coolest thing you've seen so far? >> do know what might? there to simulate its scenario for these guys had to run into the woods and rescue a soldier dummy from a downed
10:44 am
helicopter. this dummy soldier had its leg amputated and these guys really had to get in there quickly while they were stimulated and meet fire and pray to get this 75-pound dummy up to these obstacle courses and onto a stretcher so they could get that soldier onto a helicopter and medical assistance. that was pretty cool to see these guys do that. these are combat zone scenarios that these guys would have to play out. whether they were in war zones. pretty cool to see that and see these guys work under very stressful situations. submit army rangers total studs on the same thanks so much. big challenges the coed pandemic now and rest. to business owners will tells how they are handling it all next.
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cybereason. end cyber attacks. from endpoints to everywhere. >> fox news alert refiling and active shooter incident austin, texas for just moments ago according to officials at least three people were killed at the scene. police asked those in the immediate area of the 9600 block of great hills trail, to
10:49 am
shelter in place. we are closely following the situation and will bring in the latest developments. as a vaccine rollout trucks on across the country some small businesses are reopening their doors while many are not able to do the same after more than a year of challenges. joining me now is chris montana who owns craft spirits in minneapolis. and bill anderson owner of dale's diner and dale barton grill in ohio, welcome to both of you. pleasure to be here. spectra's room to a critical stage in the derek chauvin trial in minneapolis but i know your business was damage last summer and the rights following george floyd's death. how concerned are you about more trouble in your city? >> i am concerned to think we are the city is on edge. i do not know the outcome of the trial one way or the other is going to do much as far as healing is concerned. my hope at this point is that
10:50 am
people keep their cool and let the process play out into the extent there are protests we have been supported in the past and i suspect we will be in the future. >> bill meyer you have struggled to find people to work in your diner are enhanced unappointed benefits keeping folks on the couch instead of peeling potatoes, bussing tables and refilling customer copies? >> that is exactly right mike. it's been bad for the last several months to try to hire. we are down a couple of cooks. my wife and i are in the kitchen cooking. i knew it was going to keep going until unemployment ended probably the end of september. this kind of an unsustainable situation for us. we needed to hire people. usually we put ads that are different medias and make it ten -- 12 and lead choose the best one, something change, something changed all the sudden like three months ago. we put ads out and we get no one, no one. it's obvious they're staying
10:51 am
home they're making more money staying home. it is just killing our business. it's killing thousands of businesses all around the country grades built lummi follow-up with your real fast that. what's your message to lawmakers? >> it is pretty simple. all right, we've got a lot of businesses out in this country that are ready to open fogo ready to hire people. and the government is hijacking our workforce. amen they are hijacking our workforce. we cannot hire people because they are paying them or to stay home. and i am not blaming the people, trust me getting free money is kind of cool. i've got to admit it would be fun but is not sustainable and it's not right, okay? the government needs to stop paying this extra 300 or 500 or whatever it is and making it impossible for us to hire. anyway consequently are diner
10:52 am
closed. i am seeing bars and restaurants all over the toledo area closing, reduced hours. all factors all sectors of the economy are being effective such the bars and restaurants and breweries. everyone is being affected here. i've got a friend who has a foundry it cannot hire people at 30 -- $35 an hour. >> chris a bit into bring small business owners every sunday this year, hearing their stories about dealing with covid for more than a year. when you combine covid with the unrest in minneapolis, what has it been like trying to survive as a wet business owner? >> i feel like i have a run maybe three or four different businesses in the past year end a half. certainly have to be adaptable. i've watched a number of friends lose their businesses it has been tough. but, i feel like there is some light at the end of the tunnel here. we have not had as much difficulty bring people back.
10:53 am
think one of the critical points is when people work with you and feel respected in your space and you pay them a proper wage we found people are happy to come back in. our staff is ready to go. when they feel like it's safer going to reopener bar. but we are still producing our distilleries still working. i think the future is going to be good pretty think we just need to get past this lasso but with covid price mick were nearly out of time chris don't give a shout out to some your loyal customers are being loyalty or business? >> customers and community. we are a tiny little business in many ways we should not still be here. we are massively undercapitalized but her committee supported sms will be support them. i thank everyone who's helped us out there some really tough times and thus past year end a half. >> bill what about you and your customers you want to give them some praise for being loyalty? >> with had a great run ten years i've got ten years of bar and grill still strong open and running.
10:54 am
to dale's diner customers hang in there were going to try to open this thing up again. so just hang in there we will be back. >> chris montana bill anderson gemma thanks so much our best to you, your families and your staff. >> thanks mike. >> thanks for having us. >> pope francis delivering in person for the first time in weeks great highlights of the service coming up.
10:55 am
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back box news alert retracting an active shooter incident
10:58 am
austin, texas. just moments ago according to officials at least three people were killed at the scene. police asked those in the immediate area to shelter in place. we are closely following the situation but who bring you the latest developments another 18 emergency responder vehicles on the scene the immediate being kept a good safe distance from the crisis area as you would expect in this case. we will get to the latest details as soon as we know them we obviously hope those in harm's way it will be safe and this situation will be resolved as peacefully as soon as possible. now, for a look at some of our headlines. new york man arrested and charged after throwing a chemicals up police officers during a traffic stop saturday but according to the nypd, the driver was originally stopped running a red light. the police say crashes carbo for attempting to flee and more explosive devices were recovered. a manhunt underway in nebraska. police searching for the
10:59 am
suspects can into a deadly shooting in a shopping mall in omaha saturday. one person a shot and killed while another was injured. no word on a motive as of yet. pope francis delivering his sunday blessing in person for the first time in weeks as italy begins to loosen some of its coronavirus restrictions. the pope greeting worshipers in st. peter's square early this morning with a few hundred people in attendance. and we can go back to the scene and austin, texas we have live images my friends at fox seven in austin. you can see emergency vehicles there and what appears to be a strip mall in austin. we are hearing three people have been killed in an active shooter situation. tragic situation there in the beautiful city of austin. we are working to the latest details. will bring you updates as we have them you can tell from the camera work there, live news crew just got there on the scene trying to figure out
11:00 am
what they can see of what is happening. we will keep on the story and bring you any latebreaking details but that's all for this hour fox news live new set of chris wallace is up next have an awesome sunday and a great week >> i am chris wallace for the president promises to end the forever war in afghanistan. slaps russia with new sanctions in his biggest foreign policy week so far. ♪ ♪ >> it is time for american troops to come home. >> after two decades of more than 2000 u.s. troops killed, mr. biden said he will pull all american forces out in time to mark 20 years since 911. critics say it could destabilize the region or even worse. >> with all due respect president biden has not ended the war you have extended a bright >> while the u.s. it's russia with tough


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