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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  April 25, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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washington and i hope you have an awesome day and a fantastic week. thank you very much for watching, see you next sunday. ♪♪ chris: i'm chris wallace. the police officer killed george floyd has been convicted of murder. but the jury is still out on whether it will inspire change. ♪♪ >> we feel a sigh of relief. still, it cannot take away the pain. chris: please perform proposals in congress take on new urgencies after derek chauvin is convicted. as a string of police involved shootings across the nation stoke outrage on america's —- and the white house pushes both parties to work on a compromise. >> we also need congress to act
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and it shouldn't take a whole year to get this done. >> police reform is possible in this environment but the more you challenge all of us in our character, the harder it is to get something done. chris: we talk with republican senator lindsey graham who, along with senator tim scott, has taken the gop lead on the issue and get reaction from congress woman karen bass, the key player of police reform, for house democrats. then, president biden prepares for his first address to congress as the country faces the coronavirus pandemic, economic recovery and a crisis at the border. we will sit down with house republican leader kevin mccarthy, only on fox news sunday. plus, we bring in our sunday panel for a look at new fox polls on the president's first 100 days. this show marks 25 years of
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history making interviews. >> frankly, i do not give a damn about the poles. chris: can you give a direct answer? we bring you highlights from the past quarter century, all right now on fox news sunday. chris: hello again from fox news in washington. for the past 25 years we have been asking the key players from dc and beyond how their policies and actions shape our lives. while we celebrate our anniversary a little later, today is no different president biden marks his own milestones this week on wednesday he will address a joint session of congress for the first time. a day later he will mark his 100th day in office. ahead of that we have new fox news polls on the state of his presidency. when it comes to job performance, 54% approve of how mr. biden is doing while 43%
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disapprove. to compare, barack obama headed 62% job approval in his hundred day mark and george w. bush was at 63%. mr. biden is doing better than the 45% approval donald trump had four years ago. we will have more polls later this hour. but first, congress is trying again to reform the nation's policing laws in the wake of the guilty verdict in the murder of george floyd. in a moment we will talk with democratic congress woman karen bass, sponsor of the george floyd justice in policing act. we begin with republican senator lindsey graham who is working with fellow south carolina senator tim scott on a compromise. senator graham, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> happy anniversary. chris: pink you. what are the chances that we will see a compromise on police reform before may 25, the first anniversary of george floyd's murder and how far are you and
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other republicans prepared to go on lifting the immunity for police officers and lowering the standard for prosecutions? >> number one, we would have had replace reform in the last congress but chuck schumer and kamala harris made a conscious effort to block bringing up tim scott's reform bill and they filibustered tim scott's bill because they did not want him scott and president trump to get credit for it there is no reason we should not have done it last time. we will try again. qualified immunity is a very big deal and if you want to destroy policing in america make sure that every cop can be sued when they leave the house so there is a way to find qualified immunity reform, take the cop out of it. my idea, along with senator scott, as you can't sue the police officer but you sue the department if there is an allegation of civil rights abuse of constitutional rights abuse. we can solve that problem and we can solve the issues if there is will to get there and i think there is will to get there on
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part of both parties now. chris: you think there's a pretty good chance by may 25 you will have a deal? >> yeah, qualified immunity —- yeah, i hope so. tim is a leader on this. this package is bipartisan, qualified immunity is a problem and i've been working with senator white house and it's a pretty simple solution. don't sue the police officer, sue the police department so the cop does not have to worry about losing his house and his entire, you know, car and anything else that comes with being a police officer. chris: senator, after derek chauvin was convicted of murder this week, president biden said this, take a look. president biden: he was a murderer in full light of day and it ripped the blinders off the whole world to see and this takes acknowledging and confronting head on systemic racism. chris: senator, is there systemic racism in this country in policing and in other institutions?
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>> no, not in my opinion. we just elected a two-term african-american president and the vice president is of african-american, indian descent so our systems are not racists. america is not a racist country. within every society you have bad actors. the chauvin trial was a just result of what is happening in ohio where the police officer had to use deadly force for of preventing a young girl from being stabbed to death is a different situation, in my view. this attack on police and policing, reform the police and call them all racists but no. america is a work in progress and the best place on the planet and joe biden spends a lot of time running the place down i wish she would stop it. chris: we are coming up this week on joe biden's 100th day in office and as you know of course he will give that big speech to congress so you have said this week that you believe biden's campaign was a fraud on
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the country because of how differently he is governing but during the campaign, senator, he did talk about big changes in infrastructure and racial inequality and the number of other issues so why was, why is it a law? >> well, during the campaign he made us all believe that joe biden would be the moderate choice and that he court packing was a bonehead idea and all of a sudden we got a commission to change the structure of the supreme court. making dc a state and i think that is a very radical idea that will change the makeup of the united states senate. aoc said his first hundred days exceeded her expectations but that's all you need to know. i like joe biden but i'm in the 43%. he's been a disaster on foreign policy and the border is in chaos, the iranians are off the map and he's opening up negotiations with the iranian regime and they not on a damn thing to change.
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afghanistan will fall apart in russia and china are pushing already pushing him around so i'm very worried and i think he's been a very destabilizing president and economically, he's doing throwing a wet blanket over the recovery wanting to raise taxes in a large amount and regulate america basically out of business. i'm not very impressed with the first hundred days. this is not what i thought i would get from joe biden. chris: i want to pick up one of your last points there. you say that you believe that this president and democrats in congress have been involved in a power grab but i think they would push back by saying look, we passed covid relief without a single republican vote in either the house or the senate and as we talk now about infrastructure and social programs of the president is proposing, would you, or do you know of any republican, who would support paying for that by raising taxes on either corporations or the wealthy?
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>> well, i don't think the will sell to the republican party but if you want good news on the 25th anniversary of your show, there's an 800-$900 billion in for structure built we could all agree on. joe manchin has a pay for and i'm not going to raise corporate taxes to 20% and at the end of the day i am willing to not pay for some of the infra structure spending because i think it, over time, pays for itself. we will not do billion dollars, 85% of it has nothing to do with infrastructure but i think there is a bipartisan compromise coming about, watch joe manchin. joe will be a key player here and i met with him a couple days ago and i think there's a sweet spot on infrastructure where we can find pay for it that won't hurt the economy. if you raise taxes now you will destroy jobs. chris: i got less than one minute left, senator. you say joe manchin is talking about raising corporate taxes but not till 20% but from
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21%-25% but the republican plan doesn't have any tax increases in it so are you willing to go for a corporate tax increase to any 5%? >> i will talk to joe about it and i will make sure it doesn't hurt the economy and we are competing with the world at large and a lot of the money we spent for covid had nothing to do with covid that is unspent and we can direct some of that to infrastructure. this $1.9 trillion package you talked about did not get one republican vote because it was just unrelated to covid, most of it in six bills were passed by partisan before biden came in so, there is a willingness to be bipartisan on covid but it got to be related to covid. so yes, there is a deal to be done on it for structure, i think. chris: senator graham, thank you. thank you for your time for it always good to speak with you. you've been a good friend of the show. thank you, sir. >> thank you, sir. thank you. chris: joining us now here in washington, democratic congresswoman karen bass of
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california but congresswoman, welcome back. >> thank you, thank you for having me. happy anniversary. chris: thank you. you just heard the conversation with senator graham and i want to focus in on this point that he emphasized on police reform. he and senator scott say they are willing to compromise on lifting immunity but not for the individual police officer but lifting immunity's so that this is a civil suit and were not talking criminal indications here and you could see the police department and the argument is low, the money isn't with the individual cop but with the police officer and if there is a bad cop the department will get rid of them anyway. would you be willing to go for that immunity, sue the police department, not the officer? >> festival, we will have to negotiate that but the intent of this is that we have to find a way to hold officers accountable so this type of behavior ends. you said if the officer was bad he would get fired anyway but actually a lot of the time, that
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is not the case. derek chauvin had multiple complaints against him. as a matter of fact, after he is convicted there's an investigation or considering an investigation on previous abuse. chris: but are you willing to blow up the steel over that issue? >> i don't know if i'm willing to blow up the deal and i don't consider that blowing it up but we do have to look away. if lindsey graham and tim scott can show us some other way to hold officers accountable because this has been going on for just decades and officers right now are not held accountable. let me give you an example. in minneapolis, for instance, if chauvin had not been convicted even though he was fired, do you know that he could go through arbitration and that police chief has no ability not to rehire him so we have got to figure out how to stop this and holding officers accountable is key. chris: i want to, excuse me, i want to turn to another part of our conversation pretty you
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heard senator graham's answer about systemic racism in this country. he says there isn't and that continuing to talk about this is running the country down. your response. >> my response is, at some point in our country's history we have got to figure out a way to talk about race where we can talk about it objectively and people don't feel individual guilt. you can look back at our history's laws and over time there were many laws that were put in place there were absolutely racist and over time those laws might have changed but the conditions have not changed. you can look at each of our institutions, why is there such massive inequality when it comes to education? when it comes to healthcare? why does that exist? we have to figure out a way to talk about it. right now to say it does not exist does not help anyone. chris: and want to finish by taking a look along with you at the police shooting this week with the 16 -year-old and here
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is the video. >> hey, hey, get down. get down. get down. [gun shots] chris: the police video makes it clear, take a look right there, she was wielding a knife and when the police officer shot her she was about to stab that girl right next to the car and yet here is how white house press secretary jenna sack responded to the shooting. >> we know that police violence proportionately impacts black and latino people and communities and that black women and goals like black men and boys experience higher rates of police violence. chris: congresswoman, wasn't there a knee-jerk reaction in this country and you heard it from jen psaki and police violence when in fact this was not police violence. this was officer shooting an intervening to save the life of the girl who was about to be stabbed. >> let me just say that oftentimes when this happens absolutely there is an emotional reaction but what jen psaki said
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i agree with, whether it applies to this or not and this is not the issue and he also had adam, 13 -year-old child and he had a gun and he dropped it. chris: do we need to distinguish between —. chris: but that was murder and this looks like a whitish right to shooting. >> we absolutely need to distinguish but we also need to look at policing overall and one of the things i hope we address is maybe the focus needs to be on de-escalation. i know police officers are taught to shoot to kill and a lot of said why could he shot her in the leg or done all these different things but the point is we have got to come up with a way to stop, so many people being killed in this country. chris: congress woman. >> de-escalation and looking at the root causes of the problem. chris: congresswoman bass, thank you and we will be following talks that you hope will lead to a compromise on police reform in the next month. thank you.
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chris: up next we sit down with house republican leader kevin mccarthy on the president's first 100 days but mr. biden's big speech to congress this week and throughout the hour a look back at some of the biggest moments of our 25 years here on fox news sunday. i have here the indictment that was presented on friday from the special counsel robert mueller and you smile but let me finish. maggot this to you to look at, sir? ♪♪ this is andy, my schwab financial consultant. here's andy listening to my goals and making plans. this is us talking tax-smart investing, managing risk, and all the ways schwab can help me invest. this is andy reminding me how i can keep my investing costs low and that there's no fee to work with him.
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♪ ♪. chris: the 100 day mark of a presidency gets the country a good look at the new administration's priorities. president biden reaches that milestone this week and he will address a joint session of congress for the first time. now, another fox news poll. when it comes to the job performance dealing with top issues his best ratings, handling the coronavirus, 50% approval 34% disapprove. his marks are positive but lower on the economy, 40%-42 and his worst numbers, and immigration. folks disapprove by an 18-point margin, 52%-34%. joining is now the top of publican in the house kevin mccarthy, congressman welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you and congratulations on 25 years. chris: thank you. thank you.
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how do you rate president biden's first 100 days in office and will you or do you think will any republican support his plan for trillions of dollars in new spending and new taxes for infrastructure and social programs? >> if i look at the hundred days is more like a bait and switch. the bait was he would govern in bipartisan but the switch is he's governed as a socialist. if you're looking at infrastructure it's the same as the coronavirus paid less than 9% went to the virus. less than 6% in the infrastructure goes to infrastructure. republicans would be the first one to work with him but i think the very first thing we would need to do, define and for but roads, bridges, airport, broad calm, we would get this done but he's trying to pick a number instead of first scene what do we need to make america competitive. chris: but according to the fox news poll and i want to put another one up, republicans are on the losing side of both of
11:22 am
these issues but take a look at this. i understand your point about what his infra- structure but when asked about the president's $2 trillion and we put up there, two children dollar infrastructure plan, 49% favorite while 41% opposed and on how to pay for it 56% favor raising taxes on businesses while 63% favor raising taxes on people earning over $400,000. don't republicans risk looking like you are more concerned about protecting corporations? >> no, you say the public likes the coronavirus bill. when they learn more of what is in it and when they learn about the ways the fraud, the abuse and the corruption that san francisco gets 90% of all their deficits taken care of and they spend that money for the homeless to get drugs, marijuana. chris: we don't know that what yet. >> that's what it's going for in the coronavirus bill you just passed. chris: it supposedly going to
11:23 am
take care of first responders and they could use the money for other things. >> no, no, it takes 95%. kids have been out of school for a year. two thirds of this money for schools doesn't even go to two more years. it pays for the healthcare for illegal immigrants. it gives prisoners. chris: but respond to the issue are brought up in the poll is that people, not surprising, if you will tax big corporations will tax people making more money than i am i'm okay with that. >> i think people want fairness in the tax code. think about what they're looking at. you just asked them to support info structure. america says yes. but i think when america found out the 6% is going to the roads and that they will not be billed for more than a decade and that we spend more on subsidizing electric cars and we do on roads, bridges and airports in this bill and i don't think that will be popular but what we should read and that is that we should work together. in your sample it's a two-one margin the mark in public wants
11:24 am
this president to work with the republicans to find a solution. we will hit 100 days. i have not met with the president one time nor had one conversation with him. if a crisis at the border that he created. the person he put in charge, the vice president, has not even been down to see it. she thinks the idea is to have a zoom call with the president of mexico and pay people to plant trees on the other side. that's not going to stop those on the terrorist watch list that we've arrested or cartels for making our border less secure. chris: let's talk about the state of the gop, your party. here is former president george w. bush on that subject this week, take a look. >> if you were to describe the republik and party as you see it today, how would you describe it? >> i would discredit as isolationist, protectionist and, to a certain extent, nativist. chris: now, president bush backed off and he backed off a little bit later and said there
11:25 am
are loud voices in the republican party who are protectionists, isolationists and nativists but he's talking about the trump wing of the republican party. >> let's look at the last election. even your own station said we would lose seats in the last election. that was the first time since 1994 in the house that no republican incumbent lost. but we beat 15 democrats in every single democrat lost to a republican woman or a republican minority. we've elected more women in the last election than any time within the republik and party. we won from miami to la. so, to say that, i think that president bush has walk that back. it doesn't reflect what's happening in congress today. are there some voices off? yes and we stand up to those but are we having a new voice growing, young kim, tony gonzales and yes, this party is extending perfect america and will continue do so. chris: so when green says what
11:26 am
she says —- >> look what i put out when i read with the caucus they wanted to create and what it stood for. i did not sit back. we denounced it and it did not move forward. chris: all right, during the trump impeachment in february, during the trial in the senate a republican congressman said this parade i will put it up on the screen. she said that while the january 6 riot was in full force you phone president trump and asked him to call off his supporters and according to you she said, the president responded well, kevin, i guess these people are more upset about the election than you are. issue right? is that what president trump said to you? >> when i talk to president trump about it i was the first person to contact them when the riots were going on and he didn't see it but he ended the call telling me she will put something out to make sure to stop this and that's what he did but he put a be out later. chris: quite a lot later and it was a pretty weak video but i'm asking you specifically did he
11:27 am
say it's more concerned about the election than you are? >> listen, my conversations with the president are my conversations with the president. i engaged in the idea that we could stop what was going on inside the capitol at that moment in time and the president said he would help. chris: i want to ask you a specific question about this because there have been and are continuing to be investigations of what happened on generation x and we can talk about the commission in a minute but has the president ever reach out to you, since that report came out, to discuss what you and he talked about in the january 6 phone call and did you say to him i can't because were under oath? >> no. chris: that never happened. >> that never happened. never even close. chris: if it did happen you would agree that would be witness tampering? >> yet, but it never happened or came )-right-parenthesis never had any conversation like that. chris: okay. >> never hear heard that rumor until today. chris: speaker pelosi has caved on several —- let me finish.
11:28 am
>> i've not seen her cave on anything. [laughter] chris: she now says yes, equal numbers of her publicans and democrats and yes, bipartisan support for any subpoena that is issued. are you willing to take yes for an answer and sign up for the generate six special committee? >> you say she has but i've never had one conversation about this. generate 13 i propose the 911 commission about what happened on generate six. you will number republicans and democrats, same subpoena, don't start with any findings or ideas but let the facts take you where you are. since good friday we just had officer evans killed in the capital and for the last year we've had political violence across this country and in this city. i think we should look at all of that but she has never once had a conversation with myself i'm a leader mitch mcconnell. chris: but let me finish up on this question of the scope because when the ben ghazi committee to investigate the murder of those four american diplomats in benghazi, libya
11:29 am
back in 2012 happen the republicans set it up, john weiner, and was completely confined to discussing what happened in the ben ghazi and it wasn't about problems in the middle east so why not confine this committee, it's a big deal, what happened on generate six when you had this insurrection in the capital. >> insurrection and the capital and you had political violence but last year and you had a good friday and officer killed for political belief right on that capital as well. if you are now going to put a commission together why wouldn't you look at all the problems? jillian: you won't agree to a commission and unless it has a broader scope. >> i looked for the commission and asked for it but speaker pelosi has made it. chris: i'm asking if you would focus on the right at the capital. >> this is too important to negotiate in the press and not sit down with the other leaders and walk-through to solve this problem for the american public. chris: i've got to ask —- [laughter] leader mccarthy, thank you.
11:30 am
thank you for your time and please come back. always a pleasure to talk to you. >> thank you, congratulations. chris: we will bring in our sunday group to discuss the new fox polls and what they say about the biden presidency so far as fox news sunday celebrates 25 years. why didn't your administration take out the iranian nuclear program? >> it was not my decision to make. chris: which are favored military action? >> i was probably a bigger advocate of military action my colleagues. ♪♪
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president biden: we can see each other as adversaries or as neighbors. we can join forces, stop the shouting and lower the temperature for without unity there is no peace. chris: president biden on inauguration day calling for unity and bipartisanship. it is time now for our sunday crew, fox news senior political analyst britt hume, washington bureau cheese for the associate present fox news political analyst juan williams prayed i
11:34 am
think we will all agree that there is not been the wave of bipartisanship and unity that joe biden called for in his inaugural address but the question is is there somebody who's more responsible than the other to blame for it and we ask this in the fox poll, by a slim margin of 45%-42, folk said mr. biden has made an effort to work with the gop but by a much bigger margin 53%-30% said republicans have not worked with this president. britt, do you think that's fair? >> i don't. the simple reason that joe biden, while he said during the campaign, that he would perhaps be the most progressive president ever he also made all those noises like the ones that you could hear in that soundbite you played that suggested he would definitely be prepared to sit down with republicans and reach common ground on things. he manifestly has not done and he has governed so far, not just
11:35 am
from the near left but pretty much on the far left and he is out there. republicans obviously are not coming toward that stuff and, you know, you heard it kevin mccarthy said do you remember the proposal that the gop senators made on the covid bill which went nowhere and so i think, you know, we will see but i don't think there is a case to be made that he has been a centrist reaching out to republicans at all. chris: juan, let's look at the record as britt points out and is kevin mccarthy pointed out, the president and democrats rammed through $1.9 trillion in covid relief on the straight party line vote and they are now talking about, i guess when you added up, more than $3 trillion in and for structure and social spending and i think the default position is they will do the same thing again through reconciliation and the straight
11:36 am
party line vote. is that bipartisanship? >> i thank you have to make a distinction here, chris, between republicans in congress and republican voters. if you look at the covid relief plan republican voters supported in polls and if you look at infrastructure spending, right now for the lion's share of that, republicans were supporting but if you look at immigration reform, republicans support it and they wanted to happen. even as republican voters support much of president biden's plan, he has unified voters across political lines but what he has not unified has been republicans in congress. they have reverted to the kind of obstruction tactics that they used against clinton when he was trying to save the economy back in 93 and against obama in 09 when he was facing the economic collapse.
11:37 am
i think there's a big distinction between republican politicians and republican voters in terms of unity. i think that is why in a time of extreme polarization biden's numbers are pretty good, 52-54% approval. chris: julie, the biggest surprise for me about president biden is not his policies, whether he is near left or far left but it is a surprise for me that are his ambitions. during the campaign he talked about being a bridge to future democrats and effecting a transitional president. seems to me, looking at these hundred days, he's been a transformational or tried to be a transformational president, much more so than obama, more so than bill clinton, more in the following the footsteps of fdr and lbj. >> i think you're right about that and i think it's his prize when you look at the rhetoric from the campaign trail when he did talk about being this bridge picture figure where he certainly would position himself as more of a centrist and people
11:38 am
like elizabeth warren or bernie sanders and i think at some ways it's a situation where his presidency is trying to meet the moment for it he certainly stepped into the white house at a time when he was facing multiple crises on multiple fronts and i think that has reshaped the agenda. i think also he is taking real lessons that he feels like he learned from serving as obama's number two, in terms of help and vicious you need to be at the start. he knows very well that as a president your runway is pretty short in terms of getting big legislation done. while we are seeing britt big grand ambitions are now he knows that when he looks six, eight months down the road and when he looks at his second year of his presidency all of those get a lot harder. it will be interesting to compare the posture that he is taking right now in his first hundred days in his first couple months to where he is next year. chris: britt, i want to go back to our fox news poll one more time and how do you view border security as compared to two years ago, two years prior to
11:39 am
that. in 2018 only 17% of those surveyed said it had gotten worse over those two years. now, 46% say that it has gotten worse over the past two years. brit, is that joe biden's biggest problem 100 days and and how he is handled the border so far? >> its most conspicuous failure, chris. the situation on the border has been pretty calm down during the latter stages of the trunk presidency and suddenly now it's a major big deal again. only two actions that the president took, you know, he basically overthrew the set of policies and practices that the president, present from put in place. the result is what you see and it is there for all to see and for all their quibbling over whether you call it a crisis or not. people can see that it's a hell of a mess and he is paying the price for that in terms what people think of how he's done on the issue.
11:40 am
i think it is sort of obvious and inevitable. chris: juan, quick answer from you here. is it a hell of a mess of the border? is it a self-inflicted mess by president biden and the changes he has made an border policy? >> i don't think there's any question is a problem, chris. i think the president was responding to what he viewed as inhumane policies, separating children from parents and the like. the only silver lining providing is that it's happening now and not in his second year or as midterms approach. chris: julie, you covered the white house, washington beat for the associated press. what is your sense from talking to your sources of the white house? did they have any idea how to get ahead of this or to get a handle on the situation at the border? >> the most vexing problem they face in trying to get around this problem is the cross-section issue. biden is out there kamala harris is out there saying the policy changes make should not be interpreted as an open invitation for families, un-
11:41 am
comedy children to arrive at the border but the perception is the opposite and a lot of the central american countries. how they get around that, how they try to message us and how they try to extend the flow of migrants to the border is something that they don't have a solution for. chris: i was going to ask you, we can all we have to do is see the video and all we have to do is see the customs and border patrol numbers of tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands and how do they get a handle on this? wouldn't one way to be reverse and i know the politics of this could reverse the trump order and say you know what, if you're an onion company minor it can't stay in the country. >> i don't thank you should hold that your breath for that policy reversal. i think biden believes in these policies but it does then leave him in the situation where he is being interpreted in a different way then biden is describing them. chris: alright, panel. we will have to take a break here. julie, thank you. we will always love having you on the show.
11:42 am
brit and juan, as two of the originals we will bring it back at the end of the program to take a look back at this last quarter-century but up next, you don't want to miss the highlights from the past 25 years on fox news sunday. it has been quite a ride. good people like bob dole, even ronald reagan, could you make it in today's republican party? >> i doubt it. certainly, nixon could not have made it. he had ideas. ♪♪ ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪
11:43 am
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chris: in the 25 years since his
11:46 am
program came on the air, washington has lived through a century's worth of news. we have seen three impeachments, the terror of 911, the steady decline of old-fashioned bipartisanship, the rise of social media and the don and, at least for now, the dust of the trump era. it is been a fascinating journey we saw what you might enjoy looking back with us at some of the twists and turns. i'm chris wallace and this is fox news sunday. fifty-two weeks a year for 25 years some 1300 episodes, first, it was tony snow spirit hello, i'm tony snow and welcome to the beginning of something new. chris: let me follow up on that. then for the last 17 and half years i took over. trying every week to get newsmakers from washington and beyond off their carefully scripted talking points doctor rice's corporation hearings you had some blunt advice for her so
11:47 am
let's watch. >> for god sake, don't live listen to rumsfeld but he doesn't know what the hell he's talking to about in this. chris: classic biden. afterward you were saying goodbye to doctor rice you told her she should've listened to vice president cheney either. my questions, senator biden, is why not? >> they been wrong in every major decision relative to the when the statute came down. chris: what specifically will you do to provide universal coverage to the 30 million people who are uninsured? >> that is not the issue. chris: that's not an issue? i even interviewed tony when he became bush 43 white house press secretary. >> over the seven plus years is there one show, one sunday that stands out? >> september 11, the united states had a name of ambition tempered by piety and we want for a nation with friends and we are again today. chris: and in 2008, we pay tribute to tony when we lost
11:48 am
him. tony is being remembered by current and former presidents. by congressional leaders and also by millions of people around the nation who follow his remarkable career and his courageous battle with cancer. we sat down with presidents. to think there's ever been, and i say this quite frankly thinking of my father and me, ever a sense of competition with him or with you and him? >> you hear it but there isn't any such competition pit i don't think he's ever felt it. chris: why didn't you do more to put bin laden and al-qaeda out of business when you're president? >> i think it is very interesting that all the conservative republicans who now say i did not do enough claim that i was too obsessed with bin laden. chris: do you thank you did enough? >> no, because i didn't get him but at least i tried. >> frankly, i don't give a damn about the polls and i don't darn sure call a group of people together and focus group is a tell me what to think. chris: hasn't been a tough job?
11:49 am
hasn't aged you? >> obviously, i have gotten older and the degree to which every part of you is tested and engaged, that keeps you young. chris: could you give him a direct answer that you will except the election? >> i have to see. look, i have to see. chris: what is the best part of being the president of france? we traveled the world to interview american allies and adversaries. why is it that so many of the people that oppose vladimir putin and up dead or close to it? [speaking in native tongue] >> first of all, all of us have plenty of political rivals and i'm pretty sure president trump has plenty of political rivals. chris: but they don't end up dead? we got to talk with some of the biggest stars. ♪♪ >> you never see a u-haul behind a hearse and that's what my pappy told me appeared whatever you have, you can take it with you. chris: we spoke with big
11:50 am
thinkers. >> there's no generals right to policy. chris: in the griswold court they said it was. >> indeed it did and that was wrong. chris: how far have we come since selma? >> as a nation, we've come a great distance. chris: how far do we have to go? >> we are on our way and there will be no turning back. chris: and, of course, we profiled some power players. >> the hope diamond. >> are you a tenor? chris: i don't know what i am. i used to sing in the bathroom. ♪♪ chris: that is the chris wallace. >> that's the chris wallace. chris: what am i? >> you're in a dinosaur. chris: along the way we shared some laughs. >> that would not be prudent. >> no, it wouldn't. chris: your 42nd birthday and we have —- >> you've got to be kidding me. all my god. [laughter] chris: i was up all night making
11:51 am
that. >> yeah, yeah, you were. chris: do you want to get into that sucker? >> no, i don't need sweets. >> we were able to get you your own official chris wallace. [laughter] chris: we asked probing questions and got fascinating answers ronald reagan would never have quest. >> when it adversely affected the people i was serving, that was bold and i would not put up with that. chris: any legitimate reason people would have doubts about your, to use the phrase in the polls, honesty and trustworthiness? >> well, i think that it is fair for americans to have questions and i hope you will ask donald trump why he is so un- trusted by the american people? chris: i have of the presidents —- >> the president speaks for himself, chris. chris: we conducted some challenging exit interviews. >> it was not acceptable and so he is right, i was wrong. chris: but you make it sound like you're a bystander and eyewitness but you are the director of the fbi while this
11:52 am
was going on, sir. >> i am a myth. i'm beowulf. i don't know who i am but they are after me. chris: and we did what every sunday show tries to do, we made some headlines. do you believe donald trump is unfit to serve as president and should be removed from office? >> i do believe he should be removed from office and that's about i will take. chris: have we now reached a tipping point and i run. we tried to bring you all sides without taking sides and every once in a while showed our soft side. i'm clearly biased but lorraine is a great cook. >> i go out to a restaurant and take something and come home within two days you are eating it again and that i don't get to go out to restaurant anymore. [laughter] chris: we like to think we take care of these wonderful little guys but once they are gone you realize it's the other way around. most important, in an industry where there is often more heat than light, we did our best every week to get past the spin
11:53 am
and bring you the truth. what have you done, what would you admit you did for political expediency? >> i went down to south carolina and said that the flag that was fine of the state capital which was a confederate flag was that i should not be involved in it and was a state issue. it smacked of cowardice. chris: act of cowardice on your part. >> yes. chris: and you did it because you thought it doesn't help me in the softer line of primary. >> yeah, sure, this would alienate a certain voting block but i lost anyway. [laughter] chris: old johnny mac, we miss you. we miss your humor and your candor. up next, we will reflect on how things have changed here over the past 25 years with two of this programs originals. introducing schwab stock slices. for as little as $5,
11:54 am
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republicans have a problem with bob dole they have a problem with each other and they are arguing over abortion to the point of being self destructive spirit word is not out is that the as a t-scores that gordon did better and that surprises no one but they got the same grades
11:57 am
at yale and harvard and that triggered a new round of discussion about which was harder. chris: two of the original members of fox news sunday, brit and juan, i'm glad you got to's sea along with me how much we've all aged on this sunday morning. let's go back, 1996, april 25 years ago when marty ryan started the show and we did not even, fox news did not even have a studio yet and you had to do the show from historic homes each week because you had to find a place to do the show. what did you think about fox news sunday? >> right my thought was that it was professionally produced and i'm so glad to hear you mention marty ryan's name because he was the originating producer and was with the show for many, many years and wonderful guy and we all miss him and he did a terrific job and also the producer of our election broadcasts and many other specials. i'm glad you mentioned marty and he's a great guy. chris: and did you think that we
11:58 am
would be here 25 years later? >> yet, i thought so. i must say, chris, since you took over the show i think you've added a level of discipline and focus and sharpness of questioning that has really helped the program and it's been the hallmark of your duty here. chris: thank you for that. juan, did you think the show would be around 25 years later and did you think that you were going to still be doing the show 25 years later? >> well, i'm honored to do it and i must say i wanted to emphasize what brit said, i think you're questioning has become the hallmark of the show and people know they will get sharp questions. you know, i think a lot of this is being able to disagree without being disagreeable and knowing that you can go to a sunday show where you will get really fact-based questions and expect honest, revealing answers and that has become the epitome
11:59 am
of what fox news sunday is known for. chris: i got 20 seconds left, brit. everyone is to talk about you and juan getting in these fights and did ever get personal? >> never for a moment. juan williams and i disagree about nearly everything political but we have long been friends and i adore, juan. chris: juan, yes or no, do you adore brit? >> is the best and i got to tell you it's like wrestler sometimes. we go onto the next town the next night and we do it again. chris: gentlemen, thank you. i'm not sure we'll make another 25 it may be another five or ten. looking back over these past 25 years this has been the job of a lifetime. getting to travel the world, interview top newsmakers, and then share our stories with you, we have tried to play it straight down the middle to be just as tough and probing with officials from all sides and we just try to cut through the spin and talking points and do our best to get to the facts and get to the truth. that is what reporting is all about. that is what will keep trying to
12:00 pm
do here. that is it for today, have a great week and we will see you next fox news sunday. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> good sunday morning and welcome to sunday morning futures brit i maria bartiromo. the first 100 days joe biden's policies on full display this upcoming week as he gears up for his first joint address to congress and his 100th day in office. coming up, greeting his agenda kentucky senator rand paul under open borders, higher taxes and the administrations green new deal. will the democrats be able to push biden's progressive plans through the senate? plus, the last line of defense the attorney general's across the country suing the administration over