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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 6, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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it in a safe way and not doing it away that puts themselves or their guests in danger and just like our restaurant guidelines suggest, you have to be seated to enjoy the restaurant. >> that is going to be a thrilling wedding to attend. on live go in footloose, greg gutfeld next. todd: it is thursday may 6th. the husband of a colorado mom charged with first-degree murder nearly one year after she vanished last mother's day, live report on the case against him as we await his court appearance this morning. todd: deportations hitting a record low, one of republican accuses facebook of letting cartels post human smuggling ads on its platform, griff jenkins live at the border of tate. >> expert solutions, i love
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this, i am a fighter. >> an exclusive interview with sean hannity, former olympian going for gold in her quest to leave the golden state. "fox and friends first" starts right now. todd: a beautiful shot of new york city. carley: i have never seen it before. >> that's close to where the kardashians engenders live. >> i am carley shimkus. forgot where he went to college. >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. carley: we begin with the border
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crisis, deportations fell below 3000 last month. reported record low. >> dhs planning a walk-through of the migrant facility in donna, texas. >> river president biden resisting calls to abolish ice on the campaign trail, these new numbers are clear demonstration the administration's limiting of the agency enforcement, fox news conforming the story by the washington post, less than 3000 illegal immigrants were deported in april, the lowest monthly level on record and 20% decline from march were just 3716 were expelled after the administration issued new guidelines in february, the assistant secretary says this sends the wrong signal south. >> the message they are sending to the southern hemisphere is people can get to this country clearly they are allowing them to stay.
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>> this as dh as hosts a walk-through the processing facility we saw in donna, texas suggesting things are under control but congressman henry cuellar says they are moving kids from one tent to another tent, just next door in hhs and the numbers back cuellar showing 22,000 kids are currently in hhs custody. vice president harris announcing a day to travel south. >> currently the plan is for me to travel to mexico and guatemala june 7th and eighth. if this issue were easy it would have been filed a long time ago, it is going to require consistent long-term strategy. >> she is likely to be briefed on the use of social media to push migrants into the dangerous
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trek north. the floor representative demanding mark zuckerberg take down smugglers ads writing, quote, facebook clearly has no problem monitoring conservative voices on a daily basis i'm confident your company has the capability and resources to prevent criminal enterprises from posting content that encourages and facilitates illicit activity. and then there is san diego's board of supervisor raising eyebrows, they on tuesday approved a 1-year pilot program to provide cost free attorneys illegal immigrants facing deportation costing taxpayers $5 million. >> thank you, appreciate it. let's talk about california, sean hannity sat down with kaitlyn jenner last night and made a case for why she should be the governor of the state and we learned a lot about kaitlyn jenna, she supports the border
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wall, is pro-police, wants lower taxes and businesses to come back to california. she loves the state that she is in crumbling before her eyes. one of the biggest reasons she is running for governor is because of all the hypocrisy that took place during the pandemic, take a listen. >> i'm really fighting against the hypocrisy going on. he has been bad on every issue, taxes, horrible for business. >> my friends are leaving california. where are you going? he says i am moving to sedona, arizona, i can't take it anymore. i'm an outsider. i understand, the smartest people out there, now i'm going to race for solutions. i need to find solutions to turn this state around. i absolutely love the state. i'm a fighter. >> we've seen her in front of the camera so much through the
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reality show and is this the first time a lot of people have heard her talk about politics, she seemed extremely well-versed and calling herself the compassionate disruptor meeting someone who will shake up california like trump, but have a compassionate way of doing it. maybe i should be the thoughtful disruptor as well because i have a lot of common sense, that was her pitch that she started yesterday. >> it has been known for a while that she's a republican, she is a conservative but the question becomes now is a fiscal conservative, but socially progressive with some caveats individual a winner in california? speaking of sacramento you alluded to this, the covid response seemed to be getting people fired up across the political spectrum. kaitlyn jenner talked about that and the response from gavin newsom.
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>> on this issue gavin newsom has been horrible, okay? he used it as a political tool in this state to shut it down, to control people and that should not happen. he has destroyed businesses, thousands of businesses were destroyed, restaurants destroyed, not being able to open up. he should have done a better job. >> the state of play right now, signatures hoping to recall gavin newsom, about 1.7 million, the big question is the anger directed at newsom enough to eclipse that 50% threshold of people that need, voters that need to say when they do this recall election that newsom needs to be gone? if that is the case jenna doesn't need to get 50%. >> it's going to be a big
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challenge because the way the ballot goes they asked do you want governor newsom to be out of office and if so who would you want -- >> that is where the 50% is. >> could be a challenge but you said it, there's going to be a republican in california it is going to be someone who is more fiscally conservative and socially liberal, that could be a winning combination. you never know. >> some headlines now. police roundup the husband of a missing colorado mom presumes that after disappearing nearly one year ago. her husband is behind bars charged with first-degree murder in connection with her disappearance. investigators say although the arrest is a major break the case is far from over. >> today is not the day for celebration or doesn't mark the end of this investigation, rather it is the next step and we seek justice for the family.
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>> a neighbor reported suzanne saying on mother's day last year after she went on a bike ride and never returned, her body has not been found. barry is expected to make his first court appearance in just hours. >> seems like a statement we say too often these days. of violence away attack caught on camera in new york city. the surveillance video showing the attacker sneaking up on a woman, punching her in the head, robbing her before running off, she was -- her backpack which was stolen was carrying her laptop and wallet. the woman refused medical attention at the scene, police still searching for the suspect. >> space x finally nailed the launch and landing of its latest prototype starship without an explosion. watch this. >> flight control confirming as you see on live video we are down, the starship has landed. >> the starship has landed, that starship plunged 6 miles, the first of five tests that did not end in a fiery explosion. elon musk celebrating the
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success tweeting starship landing nominal. starship landing nominal. >> all about managing expectations. we didn't crash. >> slow forward progress moving in the right direction. >> 9 after the hour, total disgrace. donald trump blasting social media after facebook upholds his band from the platform. our next guest says she's disappointed as republican string to break a big tech, care of frederick on deck. >> governor ron desantis not afraid to back the blue. >> some wanted to defund the police, we are funding the police and then some. >> the new payout for first responders next. ♪♪ and i'll be your friend ♪♪ i will help you carry on ♪♪ and thousands of jewish survivors are still suffering in poverty today. god calls on people who believe in him to act on his word.
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>> it is a sad day for america and facebook. i control you a number of members of congress are looking at do they break up facebook? make sure they don't have a monopoly, two different standards, one for donald trump and one for a number of other people on their site. jillian: mark meadows and other republicans calling for facebook to be broken up following an oversight board decision to uphold the tech giant's ban on the former president. >> here to react is care of frederick. we knew we would come to you on a story like this and you heard mark meadows, the target on big tech with this decision just grew really really big. does big text just not care? >> they do care and this is their attempt like i said on your station the other day to
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pass the buck to an august board of professors and thinkers who would really make the right decision the past it right back to them. that is their indication that they cared but nothing really changed, the ban was upheld and i think republicans are rightfully outraged, another demonstration of the raw power of these companies, there is powerful if not more than government, nationstates and clear message to the oversight board and facebook back in january to the average american is if they can deep platform and suppress is sitting president of the united states they can just as easily do it to you. >> the decision yesterday was lack of decision they are giving facebook 6 months to decide whether donald trump should be permanently banned from the platform or not. republicans are up in arms, louisiana senator john kennedy was honor yesterday and he
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suggested regulating social media platforms like a utility, water, phone, gas, those companies, you say something over the phone democrats don't like you can't take away their ability to call somebody. how do you feel about that solution? >> you can never go wrong if you listen to us was clarence thomas is about these issues and he has indicated maybe some narrow clarifying reforms to things like the section 230 of the communications decency act from 1996, maybe something like that could be in the works, could be justified. here at heritage we talk about having a sunset clause for these legislative practices so you want to make sure the pace of technology outpaces governance so we want to make sure our building ways to address those, to help congress keep up so if they can do that, use the right tools to look at big tech and figure out how to bring balance back between big corporations and the consumer is the right way to go.
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i am pretty sanguine about markets here. i think there are things in the works like decentralized technology coming from conservatives, steve rubin has a platform now, we saw what happened with parlor, they can take conservatives off the internet but at the same time conservatives see that and are starting to change. there are some legitimate alternatives coming up even though they are not yet fully formed. >> the former president had something to say, quote, why facebook, twitter and google have done is an embarrassment to our country, these corrupt social media companies must pay a political price and must never again be allowed to destroy and decimate our electoral process. is what kevin mccarthy had to say, kevin mccarthy implying this is going to hurt democrats at the ballot box. 's last line a house majority in will rain in big tech power over
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power of speech. what are your key take aways from this decision that republicans and anybody arguing to reign in big tech, antitrust, section 230, what are your big take aways? >> self-regulation is not cutting it anymore. congress has to act, regular citizens have to act as well, states have to act, the little beds of experimentation, people need to act because tech companies are not going to stand up for free expression, they are not going to do it so we have to look elsewhere. >> we mentioned republican alternative platforms, donald trump sort of started one a little bit this week. we will be following that and thank you for your insights, appreciate it. todd: wild video is a train cuts through a semitruck.
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the investigation into that coming up. >> doctor fauci says cdc guidelines for summer camps may be a little harsh. >> i wouldn't call them excessive. it will direct, a bit stringent. todd: do the guidelines follow science? a father, son and canceled group president join us live coming up next. ♪♪ ♪♪ work hard ♪♪ play hard ♪♪ work hard ♪♪ play hard not
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you need a breath mint. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch. >> cdc summer camp guidance mandating kids with masks indoors and outdoors this summer but even president biden's
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medical chief calls the rules strict. >> i wouldn't call them excessive, the cdc makes decisions based on science, they will reevaluate that. it looks a bit strict, a bit stringent. >> dana harden with kevin o'donnell, father of 3 and 10 original, junior lifeguard this summer, that is cool. that's not my official question, it is just cool. here is the latest guidance from the cdc, to wear masks at all times except when eating, slumming and napping, mask mandate applies to vaccinated campers, social distance, cohort social systems 6 feet everywhere else, does any of that make sense to you especially the mask mandate for those vaccinated? >> for me it seems to reflect where we were a year ago or so, not where we are today. we've come a long way in terms of understanding covid and
1:24 am
understanding the outdoors and doesn't seem to reflect where we are. >> use the cdc director trying to explain this guidance. >> what we are trying to avoid news what we saw in outbreaks last summer so if you have 5, 10-year-olds on the soccer field all in front of the same soccerball we are trying to make sure there are not a lot of heavy breathing with 5 kids around at the same time. >> i played a lot of soccer, never been a lot of soccerball for 15 minutes i thought which is the time everybody says you need in order to get exposure. when you hear something like that is apparently just wants normalcy for his kid what do you think? >> i heard earlier on the news that only one confirmed case from soccer in all of 2020, kids being outdoors seems to me to be the safest place they can possibly be and for tanner, my
1:25 am
son going to junior lifeguard he's outside on the beach in and out of the water all day long, wearing a mask doesn't make sense at all. >> you are the cool kid, you're the one who will save lives as a lifeguard, what do you think of wearing a mask outside? >> i think it is outrageous because it will be summer and it will be really hot so even if you are sweating a lot it is not going to help you in that way. >> tanner talking about something not enough people are talking about. when you sweat under the mask it is horrible and what do you do? you which and what does that do? leaves opening in the mask, you are allowing the particles to get trapped in the mask and increasing chances of getting it at least in my humble opinion. what would your advice be if you were in charge of the cdc? >> my advice would be to take a close look, consider a lot of things that are happening today,
1:26 am
for example these guidelines don't take into any consideration that the majority of staff for working at camp will be vaccinated and from what we hear there's a good chance many of our 15-year-olds will be vaccinated so that combined with robust testing protocols many cats have in place especially these camps really need to be considered and following the science of what we know how much safer the outdoors is and you said something about providing kids with a sense of normalcy so camps wants to be safe. safety is our top priority. we want to prevent an outbreak just like the cdc does but it is important for people to understand that last summer many camps did operate successfully. 486 camps serving nineties and participants, only 15% have one confirmed case in 5 camps have more than 5 cases.
1:27 am
>> have a great summer, especially to you, an awesome time in your life, go get that certification is a lifeguard, awesome stuff. carley: the time is 26 after the hour. san diego county will pay legal fees for immigrants facing deportation costing taxpayers $5 million. our next guest says that money could be much better spent, he explains coming up next and look at this. a man released to avoid a runaway car? the heart stopping moment coming up.
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- [children] hurray! - which leads to happier customers, and stronger relationships. learn more at >> everyone in this nation has an established right under the
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constitution to be represented by liberal counsel. our justice system should be based on facts and on law, not access to wealth and resources. so when we see inequality like this we must take action. >> san diego county voting to provide attorneys free of charge to immigrants facing deportation two supervisors who voted against the measure say they worry about the cost to the american taxpayer. >> jim desmond joins us. this will cost taxpayers $5 million. why did you vote against this plan? >> for a couple reasons. deportation and immigration is a federal issue. this isn't a state or county issue, this is a federal issue, people facing deportation are in federal custody. these dollars if they are going to spend should becoming from the federal government, not the county and that, homelessness issues and governor newsom forced upon us, behavioral health issues.
1:32 am
to me it is a county issue and federal dollars from the federal government. >> to that point your colleagues we just heard from in the intro said everyone whether a citizen or not has an established right under the u.s. constitution to be represented by legal counsel. i read the constitution was wearing it does it say local governments must provide free legal counsel to illegal immigrants? >> i've not seen that myself either and in deportation, it is a civil case. watch a police show, you have the right to remain silent, right to a lawyer, those are in criminal cases. we don't provide legal representation to american citizens in civil cases, we do -- you don't get that in civil cases, deportation is a civil case. so we are providing illegal
1:33 am
immigrants with representation in civil cases, deportation, we don't provide that benefit to us citizens. so to me i don't see where that is covered and the fact we opening the doors for civil cases is a new debate. >> you make a good point. california's governor gavin newsom is facing a recall and one of the reasons as californians feel the money is being mismanaged. this is a pilot program the cost $5 million but could this eventually be something more permanent and cost even more? >> absolutely. this is a pilot program, the 5 million was put in for the first year. we don't know what the total cost is going to be, we may have people from out of the county, other areas of the state or the country to san diego county because we are offering free legal services for deportees. it is not fair to local citizens with local tax dollars that are
1:34 am
supposed to go for local streets, roads and infrastructure those types of things going to federal issues, just not fair to local taxpayers and that is why i voted against it. >> 15 seconds on this final question. i always use san diego as a conservative town. is this what the people there really once or is my notion of san diego wrong? >> it used to be more of a red county but the last election with the vitriol against donald trump and reached down quite deep to local politics, the blue wave hit us. >> jim desmond, thank you, appreciate you coming on. speaking of san diego the american captain of a suspected
1:35 am
human smuggling boat is charged, the boat was caring immigrants who were trying to enter the us illegally when it capsized off san diego's coast earlier this week killing 3 people on board. investigators say captain antonio hurtado beat a border agent in the head, is charged with assault and human smuggling, the agent was not seriously hurt. >> look at this, the moment to train slammed into the back of an 18 wheeler, and camera. watch. the train splitting, the semitruck from its trailer after it got stuck on the tracks, thankfully, and amazingly no one was hurt the truck was caring thousands of water bottles, crews say it took several hours to clean up the crash. >> a man working outside a massachusetts home is counting himself lucky to be alive after this life-saving leap.
1:36 am
marcelo was putting concrete mix on the back of a pickup when the van plowed into the back of the truck. he just had seconds to spare, milliseconds to spare. one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> we could find out the origins of coronavirus in months of china releases its data. that according to the world health organization advisor who says we are in, quote, grave and unnecessary danger until we get it. benjamin all joins us from london with more. >> good morning. a lot of covid related news today, let's start there in china where the pandemic started, this who advisor telling fox news if we had right now full access to all the relevant records and key personnel inside of china there's a real possibility we could identify the source of the pandemic with a short number of
1:37 am
months but the problem is china is still not been transparent, they've not released samples, then important critical question remains unanswered. in neighboring india cases continue to spike. they have averaged 300,000 new cases daily over the next 2 weeks in the us is sending for more emergency shipments including tests and oxygen. the big question is still within the biden administration wilson vaccines. the biden administration is now supporting waving tacit protection for vaccines that would allow countries to pick up formulas. the you can eu are against the saying it would stifle innovation but biden is under pressure to do so. there's no doubt about the efficacy of the vaccine, very optimistically. >> a sharp decline by july of 2021 at a faster decline if more people get vaccinated. >> the next push is for
1:38 am
teenagers to get the vaccine and canada approved the vaccine for children age 12 to 15 while moderna promises results against the new variants. promising news on the covid front at least a mystically but how the vaccine rollout is going to happen around the world. carley: benjamin hall, thanks. todd: rhonda santos giving police and other first responders a bonus. >> we are funding the police and then some. >> he went on to say the state is rewarding first responders for the life-saving work in the pandemic. every police officer, firefighter and emt will get $1,000 and a bonus. that money will be included in the state budget. in the 8 am hour governor desantis will join the show to talk about his push to fund police in florida. 38 after the hour, colorado mom
1:39 am
disappeared nearly one year ago last mother's day. her husband charged with first-degree murder. >> the case against them as loved ones mark her birthday coming up.
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>> police arrest husband of the missing colorado mom one year after she vanished. todd: i don't believe that is the correct video. he will make his first court hearing in hours. ashley strohmeyer joins us with the latest on the case. >> he was charged in connection to her disappearance. >> today is not a day for celebration or mark the end of this investigation.
1:43 am
rather it is to seek justice for suzanne and her family. >> susan was reported missing by a neighbor on mother's day last year. officials said she left for a bike ride and never came back as police served 135 search warrants, 400 interviews and gotten more than 1400 tips just in this case alone, the investigation is still active in her body is not been found. her husband barry pleaded on facebook for her to come home. >> suzanne, if anyone is out there that can hear this is you, do whatever it takes to bring you back. >> investigators are saying what led them to arrest buried in connection to her disappearance and said it would remain sealed. >> today is a good day. it is a good day for all of the men and women in law enforcement that have tirelessly worked toward getting here. >> what brings hers confidence.
1:44 am
>> he was charged with having with physical evidence and attempt to influence public servants. he also will make his first court appearance this morning in colorado at 10:30 local time. back to you guys. >> thank you for the update. >> two california men convicted of killing a police officer in italy, the jury deliberating for 12 hours before finding him guilty on charges of homicide, attempted extortion, incident happened in 2019 after a drink you went bad. prosecutors say one man stabbed the officer 11 times, the other helped him i'd the knife. they now face life in prison. >> major league baseball made the controversial decision to pull the all-star game from atlanta, a new poll finds more than half of georgia voters aren't happy about it, 53%
1:45 am
oppose the mlb pulling the game while 35% supported. the mlb moved the midsummer classic out of atlanta's troost park over the status controversial law, the game is set to be played at the colorado rockies course field. speaking of sports from our friends at fox, the super 6 apps, play for a chance to win 10,$000, all you need to do is predict what? 6 outcomes and the super 6 quiz show, topics range from entertainment to sports and it is free to play, download the fox super 6 apps now. >> i was clearing my throat when you asked me that. jillian: the really not know? todd: 45 minutes, national police officers, shot while responding to an emergency. >> with mantis regard for officers lives how do we fix the relationship between police and their communities, our law enforcement panel reacts coming up next.
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jillian: as the anti-police rhetoric consumes our nation we see disturbing incidents of officers being set up and attacked. when nashville complicate to be alive after being ambushed tuesday night. >> 3 celebrated officers want to the front door, knocks, the door was open and almost immediately shots were fired at the officers. it was a ruse, a set up to get police to the scene. >> what can be done to human divide between police and the public, board member of the federal enforcement homeland security relationship tennessee county sheriff chris swanson and blue lives matter's founder join me live to react to the ongoing
1:50 am
situation. 13 police officers have been shot and killed so far this year and we are learning about this scary situation out of nashville that could have made the number 14, thankfully it didn't. we don't know the motive behind this ambush shooting but is there a concern with the cop rhetoric that it could be a trend? >> to your first point that is of 119 police officers killed in the line of duty january 1st but i read that our own police logs that even the family wrote a response that the individual was suffering from mental health issues, whether this was a mental health issue or police rhetoric issue i read from the family it was more that type of thing but i hear the same concerns all over the police
1:51 am
world that there is greater support for police than there is against it and we have to keep building those relationships so people have a reason to support the cops. jillian: you like so much is going in the wrong direction. cops are being treated like rebels, criminals are being treated like victims, crime is skyrocketing in cities across the country, nypd police their latest crime stats and overall crime rose 30% so what is going on? how do you fix this? >> politicians, lebron james spewing incorrect information. in this situation someone is listening to what he's hearing and could have caused the officer their life. never know what is on the other side of that door, we need to get politicians to be stand by police, the tools to do their job and do it safely and correctly to return home. >> you bring up police and it
1:52 am
does seem -- politicians, seems like cooler heads need to prevail. rashida tlaib tweeting out abolish police, congresswoman corey. calling the country racist a half and sends there is also the rhetoric in communities and you talk about this. how do we get back to a place where communities and police ci to i and communities don't view police like the enemy? >> at the beginning we all know the light is the only thing that can overcome darkness and right now we have a culture being created around law enforcement officers, i even have friends who say if the police in these things children are hearing is not positive. what happens the day you respect
1:53 am
the police officer? almost every kid wanted to be a police officer, they were people you look at to protect and serve you and now we have a population of kids being raised to hate the police, not all kids, like the gentleman said, most people do respect and love the police, law enforcement officers but right now, with the federal homeland security foundation, when we see these families and you see you are taking out the leader of these families and see what it leaves and how devastating the entire family and the next generation is it is terrible. we need to wake up as americans and get back to the day we can come in and lead that life and show love even if people do things wrong, you have one or 2 law enforcement officers that go
1:54 am
out and make a mistake every industry has bad people. we can cast out darkness with white, we don't have to come in and put this wide blanket perspective on people like law-enforcement officers who we all know we don't want to do their job and when we get in trouble we will call and that is the fact. we need to start loving whether it is law enforcement officers or anything we are taking on because it is a spiritual battle and i'm praying for this nation and those families. >> police department in cities across the country are seeing staffing shortages, atlanta, portland, minneapolis, los angeles. what is the conversation like in tennessee county? what are police officers saying to you and why this is happening? >> everyone is feeling it, even cloud agency but from my nypd brother it is our job. i'm not an elected official. i am a politician. to set the tone of law enforcement and community needs
1:55 am
to be, those core values of policing time to be law enforcement. i'm going on 29 years, third generation. it is our job to step up and say it is an honorable field and for us to do our job building those relationships every single day in the community and we are doing it. you featured it on fox news, all over the country and the world, building those relationships every day will keep that bridge stronger. we know we will come into conflict. we work in a violent field but those time and relationships, the calm in the storm. we feel it but great days are ahead. jillian: we started off with the question how to build community police relations. what is your take on that? >> very easy just like when you had 3 police officers, that is where it began, you don't need to have a program of special
1:56 am
names like you are reinventing the wheel. a lot of people of the police, so many people in that neighborhood say we love you, thank you for being here. it is still alive. have officers do their job for the right reasons. jillian: poll after poll show communities do not support the funding the police, 15 seconds left. i will give you the last word. >> all i got to say is when i see a police officer i hug him, pull over my car and put the window down and tell him thank you, a black man saying thank you for your service, that is what this country needs to do. jillian: do it today. thank you for joining us, appreciate it, great insight.
1:57 am
todd: still ahead, joey jones and tomi lahren in the next hour. don't go anywhere.
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todd: deportations dropping to a record low


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