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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  May 15, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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like to me as well as products that have become available. don't forget to check me out online. thank you for watching. i'm advocating for truth, justice and the american way. i'll see you next saturday night. ♪♪ "the ingraham angle." have a great weekend. greg gutfeld takes it from here. >> i feel like i have to rewire myself so that when i see somebody out in the world that is not wearing a mask, i don't instantly think you're a threat. or you're selfish or you're a covid denier and you haven't been vaccinated. we're going to have to rewire the way that we look at each other. >> greg: or you can just be normal. [applause] ♪♪
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>> greg: all right. after months of sputtering vacillation, the cdc says fully vaccinated americans can ditch masks and don't have to social distance. unless you're in a room with andrew cuomo. in that case, run! speaking of that ask, even after restrictions have been lifted, he's been cautious claiming to rely on the backs and the science. yeah, now he's careful. was he relying on the backs and the science when he sent covid patients to rest homes? if that were facts and science, his women were treatment of chivalry. the cdc says women can vote and wear pants. i'm not sure i'm for either. we're going too fast. according to "the new york times," the cdc is catching up to the science. it's not true. they're catching up to you. we always knew that covid
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doesn't spread outdoors. it's not like chlamydia at coachella that i learned sadly. we knew vaccinations would eliminate a risk of spread. the cdc so obsessed with the slightest risks, the kinds that are smaller than choking to death on soup made their guidance as helpful as financial advise from bernie madoff? why did they change? is it because now they followed the science? no. because if they followed the science, they would have come to this conclusion awhile ago. fact is they didn't follow science. they followed you. they knew if they kept pushing the american public too far, we would push back. the experts knew you were right. they couldn't admit it. anybody married is laughing at that. all the guidance is based on fear. fear of not being wrong but fear of being exposed. they played it safe. that's not a leader. that's your 75-year-old aunt
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tilley backing out of her driveway. leaders take risk. they listen to experts and weigh the risks against the benefits. it's like a coach that talks to his assistants and goes for it on fourth down. a leader has to face obstacles head on. for the media, the constant covering of their asses made a feedback loop. people will die! so they told you to sit tight at home masked even if you're living with older folks. the irony the people that yell wear a mask or you're killing a grandma were the biggest supporters of killing grandma. so every time you'd have risk, you have an ass had asking you how many people are you willing to see die? over a month ago, the cdc director said she had a sense of impending doom. thanks for the pep talk, doc.
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you might be great on a plane flight. fact is we accept death every day. sad but true. no one has ever been able to escape the phenomenon of death. except keith richards. leaders get that, but experts don't. experts are not paid to lead like gramps taking a leak at 3:00 a.m. and american people are not experts. they're better. think about the ancestors that came here. no expert was advising them to come here. like marshmallow topped sweet potatoes, it's unique to america. we're number 1 because we won't take number 2 from anyone. we ditch the masks. why stop there? while we're at it, let's decide on other crap that we're tired of like the stupid circles on the ground. where you're supposed to stand in line. i want to buy preparation h at
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no wonder foreigners weep in front of the counter. let's not forget the head cheese. now we know what happened to jimmy hoffa. and let's stop wiping down everything. i never wiped so hard since that time as a kid when i thought xlax was leftover halloween candy. another poop joke. let's go to the angry white male one more time. ♪♪ >> new guidance from government officials? let's see. does it say live your life and ignore every individual. is that what it says? that's kind of what i've been doing. you know what? why don't we assume that's what it says. ♪♪ [applause]
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>> greg: typical far right extremist. this might sound corny, but we need the see each other's faces. even kat. we need to see smiles. we've been through a lot together. we need to interact like human beings. like naked germans at fat camp. we need to feel free. finally, let's stop taking media proclaimed experts seriously unless it's me. you can trust me. i'm truly an expert: [applause] i am an expert in nothing except buying used leather chaps on e-bay. [applause] let's welcome tonight's guests, he's such a great author, he can eat alphabet soup and poop out a best seller. up in the air under walter's terms. she's so sharp, you can use her
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brain to stab people. financial analyst, heather lumarago. and this man actually reads apple's terms of service. freedom works vice president and author of the new book, john tandy. there he is. every day her husband tells her three little words. what have i done? fox news contributor, cat timpf. walter is the right time to stop wearing masks? what is your whole -- vomit your opinion on me is what i'm saying. >> masks will end when teenagers tell us to end them. you know, when parents are going out for the night and putting on the mask and the kid says mom, please don't, masks will be over. >> greg: because they rule the world. >> they rule the world. they're not going to be into
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them soon, this is going to be like a snow melt in minnesota where the snow doesn't melt all at once. under certain trees and rocks it stays. there's people that don't give them up ever. there's people that keep the losing bumper sticker on their car. that way they can't be blamed for anything that happens the next two years. >> greg: so true. >> there's people that just like have bernie stickers on their subaru, will keep the masks and 2 1/2 years from now, somebody will die of covid and brazil and say see? >> greg: you're not going to escape a covidout break or this or that. your analogy is excellent. it's like the person that wears two masks or three masks is just like the person with three bumper stickers. >> exactly. >> the more the better. >> greg: the virtual signal. >> yeah. so anybody that ever dies or contracts covid for the next five years is going to bring out these people that come out in their masks and say if you had
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been like me, none of this would have happened. >> greg: heather, you wrote a book on corporate culture. how is corporate culture changed? is it changed forever? >> basically there's no corporate culture if we're all in our homes working remotely. you're one of the few that have dared to step outside. >> greg: i consider myself a true american hero. >> where no man has gone before. >> greg: i think i deserve a lot of applause. thank you. [applause] stop applauding. i -- you can applaud later. >> i think that we will have to wear a mask as we go back to the workplace in this new normal corporate culture. i hope not forever. fauci said we'll never be able to shake hands again. that's in the book. at the time when i was writing it, i had hoped he would be wrong. may be true that may not be acceptable to even shake hands. >> greg: if he doesn't help matters. he's such -- he's like the
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prototypical or just typical? why did i at proto to that? he's a typical bureaucrat. he's not there to lead. he's there to protect his job. >> yeah, for him there's always holdouts. the former soviet union that still believe in stalin to this day and wish those days were around and that describes fauci to a tee. he's never had so much attention in his life. let's add that all of this hides how he was wrong so many times before. we're talking about someone that said that aids could be passed around by sitting next to each other. >> greg: did he say that? >> yeah, in 1983 that was the report that he wrote. >> greg: are you kidding me? >> doesn't indiet him he's wrong but he been wrong so many times that he continues to -- >> greg: who is the guy that invented pcr? >> kerry mullis. >> greg: do you ever see what he has to say about fauci? he basically says what you say.
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that fauci is just like how did he get this far? >> terry mullis challenged fauci to a debate over aids and claimed that the pcr test could not be used to diagnose illness. kerry died in september before covid. so you can fact check that. it was that fall. we would never have had an anthony fauci had kerry mullis still been around. i don't think he will last, frankly. i don't think he's going to last as this avatar of covid. >> it was more important to throw out the opening day pitch than to solve the pandemic at the time of the crisis. >> he did do a great job though. >> oh, yeah. >> greg: kat what is funny, shouldn't we have a national just quit this stupid stuff day? everybody burns their masks and just pick a day. too walter's point, it's one of those things. it's like a slow melt unless we say enough. >> people are still -- it's like
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how ugly are you people? it's not that though. it's worse than that. i saw a lot of very dumb takes on twitter yesterday. shockingly dumb. even someone that watches as much tv as i do. a woman, a reporter for the huffington post. she said this is horrible this is happening. we should keep the masks and so many other countries it's not a big deal. i'm an asian american. i want to keep wearing it without feeling uncomfortable. she set that up without being a racist. it was so stupid. this isn't another country. the difference was founded on individual liberty. so you want to wear your mask? knock yourself out maybe literally if it's so outside and you're exerting yourself. but i'm not going to. leave me alone. >> greg: yeah. are there any practices that bother you guys that you're -- like those little things on the floor business me off. what are they called?
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the round -- >> greg: the temperature taking -- is this stuff all going to go away? >> i heard you were wiping milk jugs for a long time. >> greg: and the wipe -- we didn't have to wipe the jugs. >> when i'm exercising outside, if i'm not wearing a mask, just the other day the person that i'm passing turned and faces a brick wall. "the new york times" said not one take out -- >> you know how much better they were than you are. >> and that's why we're going to have trouble giving up the masks. gave people the opportunity to shame and classify each other at first sight. americans love that. >> greg: we're going to move on. up next, their cities burned but ♪ (ac/dc: back in black) ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> greg: chicago, l.a., new york. these are all cities kat has thrown up in. they're also cities where liberal leadership has turned them in to hell holes. in chicago, they're releasing feral cats into the streets to tackle a rat explosion. that is my favorite death metal band. they opened for feral feces. four poop jokes. 1,000 cats have been released in chicago with orkin naming it the rattiest city for the sixth year. you think the rats would die from the constant gun fire. maybe the cats can catch jussie
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smollett's attacker. watch what this one cat did yesterday. you know your city is up lucky when black cats are like i'm out of here! [laughter] oddly he choked on a rat and died minutes later. i kid. he's doing fine. he's running a bed and breakfast in vermont. in l.a., the homeless crisis has led to fires at encampments. there's 24 a day. more than half of all fires that the department responded to. in new york, i don't want to say the violence is out of control but violence is out of control. yikes! this weekend, four people and a transit worker were attacked on the subway for three hours.
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the next day, three people were/ed in a span of 12 minutes. liberals applauded the attackers for wearing their masks. what do these cities have in common? lefty leaders. l.a., a democratic mayor since 2001. the two safest administrations, republicans guliani and bloomberg. in chicago, democratic mayors since 1931. when you're talking government, why fix what is broken? john, we just -- this topic is on every day in my brain. is this unsolvable? if the people running the cities continue to deny what the issue is, then there's no way forward. i heap to be a doomsdayer but i am. >> what do they say about new york city? it was liberalism's vietnam. it's something that keeps being solved and unsolved.
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there's one push back here about this. the homeless don't go to jackson, mississippi or birmingham, alabama. they tend to go where the money is. i remember in the 1980s in los angeles back when media discovered homelessness in a first place. it was a push-back against reagan. a lot of the peopleless people were driving to the encampments, parking their car, being homeless a day and going back to their houses. there's a lot of money and a lot of homeless. in austin, texas right now, used to be a left ring city. homeless are everywhere. >> greg: i wondered, too, when the idea, the issue of homelessness came about. i was like a teenager and it was huge. it was under -- >> ronald reagan invented homelessness. if it was a democrat, we wouldn't have discovered it.
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>> greg: it would have been swept under the rug. or transients. >> bums. >> greg: bums. they rode the rails like you do, heather. man's guide to corporate culture. >> i wrote it for you. >> greg: you think i have a problem? >> no. it's to protect the good guys for saying or doing -- >> greg: are you mistaken. corporate culture, is that going to die? because people are going to leave the cities -- you don't need to live in the city? you don't need -- >> the homeless are living outside. homelessness has doubled since 2018. you're right. the books irrelevant. i hope -- >> i'll read that book. >> kat, for back to work, post covid. these people want a job or maybe they don't know they want a job. that's what they need. these makeshift shelters are not working. you can see the fires spreading. fire officials are saying let's
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give them and education on fire safety, for example. i don't think that will go very well. >> i want to talk about the cats. i grew up on a farm. they're going to miss the rats once the feral cats take over. rats don't jump out of wood piles and scratch your eyeball. >> here's something people don't know about feral cats. i'm very educated on a feral cat. i'm the mother of a feral cat and a front to many throughout my life. >> greg: you will have 1,000 feral cats -- >> i hope so. i hope so. the smell of the cats keeps the rats away. when i moved into this house in d.c. that i found on craigslist, there was all of these rodents. and then my parents brought my cat to live with me again. they were gone. the guy that owned the house said i never seen so few mice and rats in here. it was thanks to the smell of the feral cat. we don't thank them enough.
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>> greg: you feel bat walter? >> not at all, really. i just keep thinking of the sight of cougars roaming -- >> greg: stop it with the hunting people with giant cats. goodness, walter. >> yeah. sorry. >> greg: he's going to end up getting a lot of angry mail. homeless people don't write. it shows. >> why don't they use the logic of superior force? now we won't have cops. we're going to have feral cats. >> yes. >> defund the police, bring out the cats and cougars. >> greg: i can see that as a movie plot. where you just let animals roam and their trained. like the robot dogs. i don't know. why do cities vote for stuff that destroys them? anybody know? >> no. a perfect example of liberal policies destroying a beautiful city like you said in your monologue. look at cuomo. if you're paying attention to the science, the science says if
10:26 pm
you're vaccinated or have immunities, you don't have to wear a mask. >> feral cats are angels from god. >> greg: there's a coffee mug. >> yeah, yeah. [laughter] >> greg: somebody at home make the coffee mug. feral cats are what? >> angels of god. >> greg: all right. >> greg: all right. up next, a pizza party said why do nearly one million businesses
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>> greg: when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that is a lawsuit. a car dealership in the u.k. is forced to pay their receptionist $32,000. 4 million pounds. because here colleagues repeatedly failed to ask her what kind of food she would like to order on pizza fridays. yeah, the poor woman was starved for pizza and attention
10:31 pm
allegedly. treatment that the employment tribunal deemed a victim. the receptionist said the problem started after she filed a sexual harassment complain in march 2018. if someone accused you of harassment, i wouldn't ask about her choice of toppings either. she complained about her hours and her pay. perhaps that left her hungry. the dealership managers said she was a part time employees leaving work at 1:00 p.m. but the tribunal said there was no excuse. why she was asked for so much dough, she said she needed the money. heather, all right. so you got this book, "the man's guide to corporate culture." this is a test that they have in h.r. there's a dilemma. a woman had a legit charge of
10:32 pm
sexual harassment. right? i'm going to say for the record it's legit even though i have no idea. i didn't really read it. it's friday. here's the dilemma. if you ask her to go to lunch, are you -- do you risk perhaps being involved in some kind of conflict? if you don't ask her, then you hurt her feelings. so on this -- >> either way you're screwed. >> yeah. that's not the language that we have here, heather. >> this is a family show. >> greg: i don't know what kind of fit you watch when you go home to your apartment in new york. but we're different people here. okay? we're all like walter. we're from the mid country. that's what it's called. the mid country. >> that's the thing, the pendulum has shifted to far in the opposite direction. if you look at things like the feminist movement and the me too movement. rightfully so, that needed to happen. now you're in a case that you're dealing with cases where you as a man a good guy in the
10:33 pm
workplace, darn if you do, darn if you don't. >> don't say darn. say damn. >> are we allowed? >> greg: don't be a -- >> has it swung too far in the opposite direction? everything is politically correct. so this woman that wasn't invited to have pizza at work, she's a victim. she was excluded. i was excluded from things my whole life. i guess i left a lot of money on the table. i didn't say a word. you move on. >> greg: kat, if you could see for every time you're excluded from something, you'd be super rich. >> i know. i didn't eat today. people might say that's because i'm so hopped up on nicotine and espresso. i say gutfeld didn't ask me to eat. so i had no idea how to do that for myself. it's -- it is tough. obviously i do want to be
10:34 pm
treated as the equal brilliant dynamic human being that i am regardless of the fact that i'm a woman. thank you. [applause] you guys can come over any time. >> if you're left out -- it's a big issue. >> greg: being left out, you can -- walter, you can now be sued for hurting people's feelings. the sexual harassment thing is a different part of this. so i don't want to make light of that. it is -- what if she was somebody that just kept putting anchovies on the pizza? i would not invite something that likes anchovies. >> the problem is turning work into a child's birthday party. >> greg: what if you're a birthday clown? >> i don't consider that to be a likely possibility. but -- [laughter] here's the thing. there's been this trend to make
10:35 pm
work your family. you know, work your social life and so on. so as work becomes your social life, you'll have social problems. he wouldn't dance with me. you know, she's prettier, et cetera. this doesn't happen in coal mining, for example. you know? in coal mining you didn't die under a rock slide. you don't have pizza friday. >> greg: you have survival friday. so true. i didn't lose a finger tuesdays. i like to -- maybe i should not talk about it. john, save me. so i was on the -- i live under the impression that it can't hurt to sue anymore because i keep reading -- every day you read in the paper about settlements. i wonder am i just -- am i
10:36 pm
inaccurately seeing this, that it's -- i'm reading about it but it's not real. >> i would be a dam liar if i didn't tell you this is a great story. we must live in a rich world if you can sue for being left out and i'm waiting for the u.s. lawsuit. we're going to quadruple or five times this if you're left out of pizza here. the britts have nothing on us for stupidity. only the richest countries get to be this stupid. wait for ours. this is a sign of immense prosperity. >> greg: it's an interesting thing. it's like -- there's an evolutionary consent about handicapping. certain kinds of species can handicap themselves because they're a strong species. right? it's like a very rich country can endure these kind of idiotic things. a country that is smaller -- >> say this is ridiculous. the countries should have stuck to their guns and say it's ridiculous. >> they don't have lawsuits in
10:37 pm
bangladesh. >> you know who never does this? feral cats. >> they police themselves. >> greg: you'd probably sue on behalf of feral cats. >> i'm going to do that as soon as we're done here. >> greg: make a list of the restaurants that feral cats are not allowed in. >> i'll be your queen. >> greg: all right. there's a t-shirt. at aspen dental, today is the day to take back your smile. why wait? we're here nights, weekends and right now, to give you exceptional care and 20% off your treatment plan. new patients, take the first step with a complete exam and x-rays that are free without insurance. because our nationwide network of over 1,500 doctors at 900 locations all have one goal — to make you smile, today. start now. call 1-800-aspendental or book online at
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>> greg: welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong this week. for that, we go to our show's ombudsman. steve owns a bed and i made him breakfast. anyway, steve, how did we do? >> yes, greg, you know, we never made money but we made memories. i have to say all of those years in jail made me miss the old days. before we get started, the last block, you said $32,000 is 4
10:42 pm
million pounds? >> greg: yes. >> it's actually 22,494 pounds. so it's -- >> greg: it's less than the 40 million pounds. >> by a substantial margin. i haven't seen somebody this far off base since i was at yankee stadium. >> greg: go for it. >> let's get to the issue at hand. thursday you suggested solving problems by printing money. mike, roll that footage. >> these are taxpayer dollars that you're saying we're going to give out a million dollars a week for everybody that gets vaccinated? >> greg: we can just print more money. >> oh! you know, too bad there's no real world examples of printing money going horribly wrong. oh, wait. hey, maybe you heard of a little country called, i don't know, venezuela?
10:43 pm
they have been experiencing continuous inflation since 1983. according to the "wall street journal," the main cause of the hyper inflation is heavy money printing from their central bank. hello! >> greg: two things, steve. one, apparently you don't recognize sarcasm. number 2, what is -- i notice a mask behind you. what is that? >> well, that's for sleep apnea. that's not mine. it's my friend's. they come over. this isn't about me. on tuesday, kat you had something interesting to say about the hollywood foreign press. mike, if you would, please. >> so you know what this thing is, the hs whatever? >> greg: yes. >> do they -- so they -- so they have known they're white guys a
10:44 pm
long time. all of these celebrities have none this a long time. they weren't pissed then. they're not pissed now. they're pretending to be because they're a bunch of white guys. >> a bunch of white guys, hey? actually, kat, the hollywood press foreign association has 90 members. three of which are americans. the majority of them are female. like former president of the organization from india. according to a recent publication from the los angeles times, other members are lisa lu who played the grandmother in the 2018 hit film crazy rich asians. how about former beauty queen -- >> hold on. >> excuse me. may i finish? >> hold on. i'd like to say my mistake. i didn't know that. i don't know much about the
10:45 pm
hollywood foreign press because i'm a woman of the people. it's a little elitist for me. >> of course. well, i may suggest some real glasses so you can see the truth. >> no, i'm nearsighted in my right eye now. they were a farce. they were a farce for seven years and now they're not. >> so you were nearly making an interesting point. i'm afraid we have to move on. heather, hello. >> hi. >> how are you doing? >> fine. you made a remark that dr. fauci said we would never shake again. >> right. >> is that correct? >> in the workplace. >> in the workplace. i go around hugging everyone in the workplace even during covid. so i'm sure i'm in big trouble. >> very lovely of you. in fact in the original npr interview, dr. fauci did sort of laugh. you can see it in the transcript. in a follow up interview that he
10:46 pm
gave with "the today show", she said those comments were made somewhat seriously implying that his actual statements were in gest. not only -- >> i stand corrected. >> you're spreading germs and lies. >> wow. >> i stand corrected. i apologize. >> greg: this was your first time on the show and might be your last. i hope your book sells well. >> one last one, if i may. >> greg: yes. >> tuesday you responded to an odd comment about hillary clinton in an equally odd way. mighty mike, let her rip. >> the reason hillary clinton lost is because of the russians or something and the reason she lost is because she's a lizard person. so the whole problem here is government and politics and once again -- it's factually true. >> greg: look it up.
10:47 pm
i think it was snooks ran and said she's a lizard person. i'm positive that snooks did that. snooks might have to do a snooks on this. >> wow. interesting. i put my own private investigator on this one. we went in and did some digging in fact hillary is a lizard person. turns out this is true. who would have thunk? yeah, nailed it. my bad. [applause] >> greg: i wonder if you'll be snooked over this. >> god, i hope so. thanks all of my time. thanks so much. >> greg: enjoy your gift mask tonight. i'll be -- >> not a gift mask. >> greg: all right. not bad. not bad. not bad. up next, i answer [sfx: kids laughing] [sfx: bikes passing] [sfx: fire truck siren]
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>> greg: time for one of the greatest segments ever created. aka -- >> where greg reads your mail. >> greg: tonight's edition is sponsored by cicadas. if you love insects but prefer to wait 17 years to see them, they're the bug for you.
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cicadas. now to the mail. lee asks, what movie or tv actor was your first crush? actually i was too busy playing sports. what's so funny? and working on cars. in between the morning and afternoon football practices and tinkering on my gto, i never got around to developing infatuations. maybe i should think about it some more. >> the flickering strobe light that shadow his unwritten responsibilities. it's sometimes uncomfortable. it is sometimes ego diminishing. it's also quietly rewarding, the office of the vice presidency? >> spiro agnew wasn't an actor. he was nixon's vp. he knew how to handle the
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hippies, too. hose them down and throw them off a lift. this is really from lee majors. just call me. if you want to be on my show. he fills my big valley. that's my horse. you sick people. what is wrong with this audience? claudia asks, on teacher appreciation week, what advice would you give to kids that hate or dislike teachers? it's healthy to dislike your teachers especially if they skip from first base to second. actually, i don't remember having a really bad teacher at all. in fact, if i remember correctly, there was one teacher that had a tremendous impact on my life. >> from clean is the most powerful put into a bottle. mr. clean cleans faster. floors, walls, doors. the floor cleaning doesn't have
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to be that tough. >> that guy was built. michael asks, what is your routine that keeps you in such great physical shape and so hand some? thank you, michael. i'm blushing under this makeup even though what you're saying is justified. in truth, i exercise regularly using only the body resistance of my workout partners. and gustavo, clem and russ. it's not just about exercise. it's important that i watch what i put into my body. another shout out to ven, slim and gus. but not gustavo. his visa expired and he's on the run. he also stole three of my suits. don't apprehend him yourself. tying him up excites him. the one thing that i miss about gustavo. karen asks, bat man or super man? let me tell you, when i was
10:55 pm
growing up, wasn't in to super heros or maybe not the kind that other kids were into. he was just a messed up rich guy with daddy issues. let me think. i guess if i had to pick one hero. >> this is our apartment. >> greg: you guys laugh. but when you have time, you have to go on the google machine and read about sherman hensley. you know about sherman? he had an lsd lab in his basement. he was a total prog rock freak. he cut an album with one of the guys from yes. you're not even responding to this. i'm raining sherman helmsley facts on you and you're gob smacked. >> it is amazing. >> greg: it is amazing. i'm not making it up. if you're at home, you google that. you send all four of these
10:56 pm
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>> greg: we are out of time. set your dvrs every night. kat timpf, c phoenix, our studio audience copy of "american marxism." i will see you next on "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." there is blood in the water. that's the subject of tonight's watters word. biden is politically wounded 100 days in. the results of the decisions have begun to hurt the country. the summer will be a mess. biden kneecapped the


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