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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  May 17, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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hope we i'm so sorry guys. vote it is just not working out for us with a child. so we're going to take another break. >> greg: that is when technical difficulties actually work in the viewer's interests. "gutfeld!" next. >> so i got back to my office after the show. everybody calm down. i didn't say i was leaving. i just said it was the end of an era with don lemon. i'm not leaving. so you will have to tune in monday at 10:00 to see. that is it. so relax. i'm not leaving. i am not leaving. >> greg: end of an era. who is he again? ♪ ♪
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>> greg: aging actor alec baldwin took to twitter on friday comparing cancel culture to the devastation of a forest fire. we went to trees for comment. [boos] what an angry bunch. but they have the right to be angry. they were on fire. so was alec finally to his senses? let's act like the four people who saw his last movie and hear about it. he said "cancel culture is like a forest fire in constant need of fuel. functioning objectivity, no -- just destroy the deserving and undeserving alike. "sorry, that was him describing how to treat your children. which by the way, i support.
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baldwin has not had a successful movie in years. his last hit was probably a cross of the forehead of a terrified bike messenger. but he is right. sadly, i had to read his tweet secondhand because he blocked me on twitter years ago. in fact, he is blocked more people than a steady diet of cheese. young people when understand that one later. it's ironic that someone who is condemning cancel culture had canceled me from his life altogether. but if i was in hollywood having to turn on the tv every day and see someone as handsome as alec as this, -- it's not that funny. i would be insecure enough to block me too. still, it hurts. he made me feel like tim basinger or his brother, stephen. miss you, steve. thank god there is a place for us.
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>> okay, why don't you begin speak. >> i'm still pretty traumatized by this, so don't really know where to begin. but i was on twitter. i wanted to see what this actor had to say because i loved him in "the heartbreak." joe brogdon? >> no, the remaining >> ben stiller though, that is huge. it used to be a really great actor. not so much anymore, really, but everyone, just relax. how about you? >> still can't process this. i think you guys remember that fight kind of unfunny guy who is married to roseann. >> stephen? speaker tom arnold. >> tom arnold. he blocked me. and the funny thing is i don't even know who he is. >> needs to be somebody other than somebody who is married to a famous person. so anybody else?
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>> greg gutfeld blocked me. >> that's huge. that's a holy grail. >> that's like being blocked by the beatles. if the beatles were actually good. >> truly, him blocking you on twitter can only -- oh, you know it? i think that's all for today. actually have a brazilian wax appointment and an hour, so same time next week? >> yeah. i needed this. >> greg: a loudmouth lefty like alec baldwin disowning cancel culture. that is like colonel sanders condemning fried chicken. or mike lindo condemning palos. look how we hug side. it's kind of disturbing. or jesse watters condemning hail drill. but when a dude who spent decades sliming people he politically disagrees with has now seen the light actually maybe it's a good thing. obviously, he came around to the ugliness of cancel culture once he saw that he did to somebody love, his wife. he became a human pinata after
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she appropriated spanish accents during lost tv segments. >> two ingredients, tomatoes, we have cucumber. >> how >> greg: how do you say cucumber squishy mike that's a good question. >> cucumber. cucumber. cucumber. cucumber. >> greg: fet is a real person, by the way. so she was accused of lying of her spanish heritage. we haven't seen cement being a fake hispanic so hard since beto o'rourke tried to put a guacamole pipeline through el paso. but here's the irony. back in the good old days under trump, people like alec had little to worry about. trump was there necessary diversion. everyone aimed their nerve guns on orange satan. he took all the incoming fire. so most of the disgusting legs could carry on being disgusting lips.
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but now about zombie elvis has left the building, the counselors have no choice but to eat themselves. which is great news for the employees of cnn who have a hankering for a baked potato. so it's not really that baldwin is standing up for you as we would like to think. it's because his pals, woody allen and andrew cuomo, are drawing more heat than black leather car seats in july. and it's from somewhere other than their pants. he really didn't care when people he disliked were targeted, be that the covington kids or brett kavanaugh. it's when he started seeing his rich and powerful and powerful amigos get picked off like paris within 50 yards of crisco. it started to get a little too close to comfort. which is fine by me. i will come anybody who is finally seeing the lights, even if it is for selfish reasons. i wonder what our angry white male feels about this and why has he not been canceled yet? ♪ ♪
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>> good coffee. cancel culture? believe it or not, we had a growing up too. we just did not make a big deal out of it. did like a tv show? change the channel. didn't like a song? turn off the radio. pretty simple stuff. and we didn't have controversial entertainment. i remember one show, sister and a brother, he was a little bit country, she was a little bit rock 'n' roll. ♪ ♪ >> greg: all right. still isn't right. fact is, whenever anybody comes around to the evils of cancel culture like a relative in rehab, we should support them. even if they won't support us. that is the definition of sharing the risk. and when he suitable like baldwin actually nervous about losing their own skin, that might actually put their own skin in the game no matter how
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thin or leathery it may be. so i salute baldwin stand against cancel culture, but to put it in a way he will understand, grassi's, senor. let's welcome tonight's guests. she knows bowls like i know bears, fox business correspondent susan li. his hair can be seen from the mars rover. "reason" associate editor robbie soave. she is so libertarian she thinks tonight's guests are being hanged, kat timpf. and he is back. he's the big man on any campus. my massive sidekick and host, tyrus. robby, i think the important question is if you ever canceled, would your hair go on? [laughs] 's you've been writing about this a lot.
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is this a positive sign when you see somebody who is basically kind of been a bully to people now realizing that it doesn't pay much of mike >> absolutely. i think we should welcome basically anyone to the side of that cancel culture is a problem and we all get way too creeped out when somebody says something kind of harmful i guess. but innocuous and we all need to lighten up. so i think that's a good thing. i think the danger is expanding cancel culture anymore because now you have literally everyone on all sides of the political spectrum, if they get in trouble -- like coma said he is a victim of cancel culture. everyone is like oh, no, i am being canceled. and that's going to be bad. it's like we need to confine it to something we can actually criticize. like no, you should be cancel. >> greg: a good example of this, liz cheney. >> yes, that too. liz cheney was canceled. no, she just got -- she was the one obsessed. >> greg: she saw as a job? she's a cheney.
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i'm so glad they let you leave that part of the building. >> for now. >> greg: you have a beeper on so we know it happens. what is your take on this as a business concept. it seems to me that most corporations are terrified of this so they act in a defensive manner paid >> they have to protect their brand. goodwell has a color. but some people should be cancel. i come from a technology finance background and we talk about binary come is a run one. i don't think that's the case that when it comes to cancel culture. there should be a sliding scale because it's fair to say jeffrey epstein is probably the worst. is anything compared to that? i think he should be cancel. >> greg: you murdered him. how did -- >> i have an alibi. >> greg: you are hosting on 8:00 on svn. tyrus, welcome back to the show. >> thanks for having me.
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>> greg: i was a pleasure. >> can we stop lying and get to the question? >> greg: do you think there is a gender divide in cancel culture? like is a more likely for a dude than a girl -- see, i'm going binary again. >> you are trying to pretend like you understood what she meant. he has no idea what binary is at all. and you are asking me is it worse for the guys than the gals? no. no. every scenario where a guy gets canceled for, if you put him in his courage and change the thing, it will make her a hero. she is still hero. >> greg: made it better. i made caitlyn jenner's life better. >> that supports what i was saying. you are just a come binary. >> greg: you are right. i disagreed with you. i agree with you but i pretended to disagree there. >> just say i miss you. i get it. but we are missing the whole point. and as a great point about the
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cancel culture, the difference between accountability which would be in cuomo's area and being canceled for speaking your mind on twitter and they want to get rid of you because you heard their feelers. and then there's this. president trump is gone. i am not getting any bookings. i am not getting any bookings period. so hey cancel culture, may become look at me? maybe spotlight me. looks like more and intention cry because a camera has been often ever since his switch. apparently his joe biden impersonation is not tv with it. so he is jumping into the cancel culture with a life vest on because he can say something about them but not enough to where he is actually challenging them and going after people just cancel culture is bad. it's like a forest fire. just notice me. give me a special. >> greg: i think it's from being an woody allen movie spirit that's what it is. kat, what do you make of this? >> very against cancel culture. i don't think that people should be judged, thrown out of society
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for making a joke that an online moms diff dominic decides is offensive. it is a little offensive to spend decades of relay pretending to be a spanish person when you're from boston. i don't hate her because that is the best thing all of happen to be in 2020. >> greg: a story that didn't make me cry. >> a christmas miracle. who does that? and does it so publicly? i just hated the way she made herself a victim. if she would have just been like yeah, what's. i did do that. i am crazy. i would have been the biggest fan in the world. she played the victim card like no, i will make you pretend to like that -- i am not ballroom dancing whites. you pretend to do that? that is insane, and we're going to have to call you out on it. if she would've owned it, i would not have been mad because it was a great -- >> greg: it was.
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♪ ♪ spewing are they helping the poor by eliminating -- has announced that it will no longer using s.a.t. scores when viewing admission and scholarship applications. the ten campus system has more than 280,000 students statewide. that's a lot of people who will soon be waiting on me. i went to cow, i can set up. they decided not to continue fighting a judges injunction the parted, even when they were submitted voluntarily. you should never volunteer more information than is required, frankly. i've learned that lesson when i
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confessed to the triple murder in 2012. but at least they didn't find out about the quadruple homicide the year before. , i did it again. it all started in 2019 when some students in the unified school district argued that standardized tests place an unfair disadvantage on students in color, those with disabilities, and those from low income families. can you blame that on white supremacy? well, the students who are accepted based on the tests are overwhelmingly asian. so white supremacy it is. the regents voted to drop the test through 2024. that's a year, kat. now they have to develop their own test. here's the first student to take the exam. >>
8:20 pm
[cheers and applause] >> greg: oh, man. that's an old tape. the hammer was nuts back then. all right. so susan, what exactly -- speak of the asian student, yes. >> greg: i am profiling you. >> i'll get the black question and the next segment. >> greg: tests. you're good at taking tests, aires would say that you are good at taking tests. >> aires assisted did say. >> greg: all right. rewind. if you are not going to use a test when deciding as student, what are the things that might replace that? >> i want to talk about tests because it is -- it is just a
8:21 pm
fact. you follow the yellow and the harvard case it is primarily and asian-american students who study hard. pressing my face again the window, watching my friends play soccer instead. i would've wanted to do that. >> greg: blow your own horn much susan? >> i'm saying we studied hard when i was younger. >> greg: you are right about the widows with the use instead of the test. so then they do recommendations and they look at extracurricular activities and those things benefit the wealthier and tending to be what your kids. so it's bad. and actually hurts minority students more if you get rid that tests because that's a more equitable thing then all of the other they are going to look at. that such a good point. are we seeing the end of college? i hope so. it's such a scam. >> they go into debt for this? >> greg: don't do that. >> an empirical way to study
8:22 pm
students. >> greg: there are so many jokes in that direction that we are continuing to avoid because i want to be on tomorrow. supposed to be 15, i learned nothing in college. safe to say. how is your college experience. are you pro or con s.a.t.s? >> i completely agree with robby. i think it's interesting that i have noticed it's not enough to get into the college. if you are are looking for a job and you write on your resume that you got into a school, the interview is going to say okay, then what happened? it's not enough. if you want to look at ways to help the students, its charter schools. school choice. things that people don't want to touch because of teachers unions and those are the things per there are ways to help, and if grades could just as well tell you how you're going to do in college without the test scores
8:23 pm
that would be one thing. but it doesn't. it is a combination that tells you more. so this is just trying to look woke but not actually solving any of the real problems. and potentially making it worse. >> greg: tyrus, you remind me of my friends in high school who made me take their test. >> you know it? i am -- i'm going to let that go. here's the thing. this has to fall back on the parent spirit we always want to blame the testing. while she was pressing her face against the glass while we played soccer and baseball and mama that were like my kid is going to play in the nba, her parents were saying i don't know. you're going to know matt, you're going to read, and you going to know how to apply these things. if you want to do something extra, that's on you. a ghost of the parents. you can -- you can break down, but in asian communities, they push it a lot further than other things than mike it is going to play in nba. we have a problem this country, especially in my community, we focus on the wrong thing.
8:24 pm
>> they told me i complain nba. >> i'm sure they didn't want to get culturally appropriated for telling you know. i wouldn't say you can either. i would just roll them off and done that for me please. i will wait. the point is we focus on the wrong things. and in my situation going on, i couldn't afford to take the s.a.t.s so i had to go to the junior college route to get my scholarship to get myself together and my road was a little longer because i wasn't able to do those things. but i still got where he needed to go. college is good if you actually take advantage of it. college if you go there to party and play sports doesn't work out and of course this administration okay, it's all fun. but you get what you put into it. and we are not putting enough in our american classrooms, we are focusing on the wrong thing. we want to be instagram start or an "american idol" instead of real dreams, get your kids -- it's what you put into it and we're not putting enough into
8:25 pm
it. it's what we are putting into. >> greg: we also have to stop denigrating the position of stripper. >> how did you get there? >> greg: i was trying to think of occupations that make a lot of money and we kind of -- no, actually. >> binary, stripper. >> greg: stripper. >> what is on your nose question mike >> greg: was going to say -- they kept pressing her face against class? >> i didn't say that. i pressed my face against glass but i was looking at it. [laughter] >> greg: oh, my goodness. i'm next,
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welcome, today's discussion will be around sliced meat. moms want healthy... and affordable. land o' frost premium!!! no added hormones either. it's the only protein i've really melted with. land o' frost premium. fresh look. same great taste. >> greg: get your m brace out of my airspace.
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americans are finally emerging from their coven cocoons that's a whole different story that kat can explain. i was in a coke-coon for three days, face against the class paper not everybody wants to be a social butterfly according to "the washington post." not an actual postseason. that would be word the mike weird. relaxing distancing rules has upset the socially awkward. it has little to do with covid. some people see traditional greetings and hugs and handshakes as assaults on their personal space, especially if you work in the cuomo administration. further complicating things is the cdc on thursday announced -- appears to give vaccinated people permission to go mass close and mingle as long it's okay with your state government, community leaders, local witch doctors. some states including california and massachusetts are keeping their mass committed templates, but that does not mean 2020 made
8:31 pm
all of us selfish evidence. transition. according to new polls nearly two-thirds of americans saying they are more selfish other than before thanks thanks the pandemic. 84% donated some of their paycheck, one in three helped shovel out a neighbor's car. and a whopping 98% since $1 to the foundation to make greg rich enough to buy a total it's made of gold. all right. tyrus, where do you stand on any of this question mike i know that you have been dying to -- >> in your lonely little shed by the lake, please help today, call the number at the bottom of the screen. when 800 greg-what are you doing. one of the things i was excited was we did not have to shake hands anymore. this was a great way to avoid the common cold and the really uncomfortable handshake conversations.
8:32 pm
and the great thing about the pandemic, it was an elbow, i had not, or even about if you really wanted to keep distance. now the first thing that when some one notice who vaccinated, like yeah, has a going? i only have one child i like quickly to avoid the handshaking before during the pandemic if you're eating one mass conduit would come up to the table. now the walk up and say hey how are you doing. i'm eating. i was so happy to not have to touch -- >> greg: it was awesome. >> and everyone was healthier because we weren't passing colds and stuff to each other. now the cdc messed it all up and everybody was high fives and handshakes and start doing the casey cheek thing. i would just like to go back -- go back to that you can do anything you want but we can't shake hands or hug anymore. because if you do it will cause
8:33 pm
coven 20. they tell stories anywhere at no so at least help me out. i don't want to shake hands. >> greg: you have hand cooties. >> plus it's awkward. when i to shake hands with you it feels weird. little fingers in my hands. like a little baby. >> greg: like a little baby's hands. >> i have to act like you have a good one there, bro. >> greg: those little babies hands. >> baby yoda. >> greg: you going to pile on. you're just another bully. i don't know what they taught him in school, but you have to take my side. all right. do you think that's permanent? the thing about handshaking. like, if you go eat that you are going to say it's coming back? >> it's over. we're going right back to the way we are doing everything the way before. i don't think human behavior can be radically altered without us literally being forced -- we are not being forced now. i think most people get back to normal. i like human contact. was that a wrong thing to say?
8:34 pm
>> greg: no that's creepy. #metoo. >> this is wise i'm such a due process advocate. i to watch out for myself when it these days. speak out when i was in high school, it was like i would stand around groups where people were hugging and i would hope someone would hug me and i would be like oh corey hugs me lol and i would hope people would read and think it was okay for them to hug me also and i don't know what i thought that would accomplish. >> greg: are you telling the truth question mike >> this is real. >> israel. >> greg: you are she is laughing at you i feel like if i were gloves nobody wants to shake my hands. see what you know what else is a crutch? a crutch. >> they will be like -- >> greg: don't you guys talk about the selflessness? >> i write down i got five hugs today. i would write on the people that would hug me and i would
8:35 pm
publicly post. >> greg: can i tell you how selfish i am? i had my sister and her husband visiting this weekend. and my sister came into the office to use the bathroom, but she slipped and she fell. she twisted her ankle and my first thought is no hiking this weekend. >> unthinking lawsuit. >> greg: was like i don't have to hide. and i'm thinking why is it that only women like to hike? binary. yes binary. we will be right back. and i love the brain supplement neuriva plus for both of those reasons. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance, to keep your brain on its toes--figuratively speaking. in fact, it's their most complete formula ever, with clinically-tested ingredients that are neuroscientist-approved. so support that big, beautiful brain of yours with the brain supplement that thinks bigger. neuriva. think bigger.
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♪it's, oh, so quiet♪ ♪shhhh shhhh♪ ♪it's, oh, so still♪ ♪shhhh shhhh♪ ♪and so peaceful until...♪ ♪you blow a fuse♪ ♪zing boom♪ ♪the devil cuts loose. zing boom♪ ♪so what's the use. wow bam♪ ♪of falling in love?♪
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hey lily, i need a new wireless plan for my business, but all my employees need something different. oh, we can help with that. okay, imagine this... your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep lisa has to send some files, asap! so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee... yeah i should've just led with that... with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need. ♪ ♪ >> greg: can unify the friendly skies with oversized thighs? will they cancel flights due to your cellulite? it's true, they want to check your weight at the airport gates. stuart varney, no rhymes on barney, two years ago, the federal aviation administration put out an interoffice memo
8:40 pm
about how fat we are getting. the standards list the average adult passenger and their carry-on baggage at 172175 pounds. standards increase that to 190 to 195 unless you are a chris christie. then you just combine the two. now according to a popular aviation blog "view from the wing quote" " that's since he accepts, they been using for passengers throughout come americans are getting fatter and the federal government wants airlines to find out how much better their passengers have gotten, had to for smaller aircraft. so you have heard of crash diets, may be is time for and avoid a crash diet. am i right? but this new weight concern is maybe about small planes. not that i fly in private. which have fewer passengers, there's more weight variance in those plants so you could be asked to give your wage which have been with broadcaster at the airport without really
8:41 pm
clever high school nickname like freddy make a fat face. probably laugh at that. nobody asked me, but there is a way around asking someone's weight. the airline could just hire those carnival weight guessing guys. not only will improve airline safety, it will give my uncle ned a job. the dude has been on the couch since the carnival left town and all he does is eat funnel cake and cry about the bearded lady. they were saving up to buy a two-headed cow. now she has shacked up with the elephants manned and it's all about the trump. you know kat, you have put on pounds. let's not live. since you've been married, you put on what you call the matrimonial 50. >> 50 pounds. 50 pounds in the last three weeks. >> greg: if they asked you your weight, should they do that privately question mike how how
8:42 pm
are they going to do this? >> i don't think they're going to do it. people get upset and emotional s are more important than a play not crashing. i really believe that. >> greg: susan, you obviously claimed under the cover of business. we are not really sure. it's on that companion channel. if you don't have it, you can look for it. is this actually feasible? it seems like the airlines are only getting worse unless you are rich. everybody else is getting screwed. >> discrimination -- once. but i think it's discrimination don't you think question mike you asked somebody how much they weigh. i'm not going to affect the mike offer that situate them the information. it goes up each and every year.
8:43 pm
>> greg: it's interesting. robby, i don't care what how much people they think i way. more about percentage of body fat. 6.3. take that. robby. >> i don't think this is necessary. they tell you all these things like to turn off your phone's thing. phones on is going to mess with the signal. what you talking about? that is not true. i don't believe that. i don't believe they came the mike plane could crash. i just don't believe that. i think it's the same thing the plane is going to way too much. has a plane ever gone down because passengers were too fat? i guarantee you the answer is no. >> greg: we can prove that though. >> safety theater. >> greg: it's all about the imbalance, tires. by the way, tires, anyway. >> dyad cowards die a thousand deaths. mean other bodyguards would have weigh in competitions at the
8:44 pm
airport. i think accountability is important and i have no problem stepping on the scale and seeing i'm jacked. it's a point of pride. but again it goes back to accountability appear that woke made up great point. you go to the doctor's office and like we need your weight. just because you are a medical professional, my weight might have something to do with my health, doesn't mean i need to tell you. i go to store and they don't have 3x long tiles, it's always somebody else's problem. we take too much coach when he traveled, many bags, and whether you are on the big side of the little side, you should be weight because if there are two of me, possible, on the unicorn, but if there were to have me, i would want to be on separate sides of the plane. preferably across from each other. so we can hold hands and get out in case of trouble. but the point is we need to know these things. this is important. it's not about you.
8:45 pm
so i give you step on -- i will go first because of her but it would look at me and i will go first in the light goes dating, you can't fly. well, go put a trash bag on and run three laps and weigh in and an hour. that's what it's about. >> greg: i think they should be able to ask a lot of uncomfortable questions like do you have good manners? have you bathed recently? >> do you vaped under a blanket? >> yes i do. it's not like i'm bringing kids on the plane. >> greg: we do ask the uncomfortable question about therapy animals in order to get them bent. we faced two years of topics -- and we created it so they got rid of it. >> she has a killer scorpion. >> greg: that's right. >> she had a -- >> greg: this is an amazing segue to the next block. up next, i tried to read a seed
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♪ ♪ >> greg: who has got what it takes to take on the snakes? a new poll finds that nearly 25% of men think they can beat a king cobra and an unarmed fight. it is only fair because cobras don't have arms.
8:50 pm
the study was brought to you by a bunch of 13-year-olds at a sleepover. when asked what animal you think you could beat and an unarmed fight, men and women were generally in the same ballpark for the majority think they could take a rat, house cats, were a goose. which also happens to be the three things you can find in kat's purse. on the other end of the spectrum, he agrees and bears, elephants, but 6% above its so sad they can take down a bear. i wonder what, where they are talking about. i don't know what i'm talking about. still, the gender split was graded for the covert with three times as many men as women saying they could take on the serpents in a fight. i don't know. it's weird poll asking people what animal they could beat up. i don't think animals are pulling each other on what human they could take, although it is probably george clooney. but they don't have to talk. they just do it. for more, let's go to a live goose fight already in progress.
8:51 pm
[laughter] >> greg: it took him three months to kill that human. you know, robby, and this seems like a story that you would not cover at "reason" because you do not have guts. but it is a question -- the mike -- >> my college buddies would talk about what animals you could kid kill and in what circumstances. it matters, but are you wearing" her mind because if you have shoes, your odds of prevailing against the snake. she is will help you for the grisly.
8:52 pm
bears will kill you. >> greg: what about pumps? do you think pumps are good? >> that could help. if you are wearing shoes here i that would give you a chance for it but they have always on the poll as well, and that is actually the animal that kills most humans evolve. >> greg: a large jaws. >> that co-opts boats and african rivers and everyone dies. >> greg: and i don't think it is wise to teach children the hundred hungry hippos are adorable. kat, i was wondering who did this poll. i was thinking was that frank luntz because clearly whatever that thing inside his head beat him in a fight. >> i don't know. i think it does explain a little bit why men don't live as long as women. they're like a cobra, okay, yeah. they will do it. i can't. i'm a woman. i know i can do that. i'm not fighting the cover and then gets my period, what would i do?
8:53 pm
>> greg: how about all those girls watching that all those whatever guy could do i could do better for you just threw up on them. >> if me throwing up when you is going to make you live longer, you are welcome. >> greg: that's interesting. kat, you could sell your vomit. is that a good business? >> no, no. really. >> greg: i want you tomorrow to go to work and say i can't believe that i was asked if selling your vomit was a good business decision. >> shark tank and three seconds, go. >> greg: hello, sharks, kat r. >> willing to test the hypothesis. >> greg: what were you going to say robby? >> at such a new york time for dynamism thing. women don't want to fight snakes as much as men do and this is why we are not equal yet. you know, get warm and in front of the snake.
8:54 pm
that is what is going to take. >> greg: if they saw a needle, they would probably faint >> i am waiting patiently for my turn. spew and you know what is interesting question mike why is it that women can talk other people's -- >> it's so satisfying and there's nothing i could do. >> greg: i have done this research. if women love the pimple popper, but the spider in the bathroom they run screaming. >> people don't have legs and fangs. >> or venom. >> no mental images. i said it wouldn't come back but you promised -- listen. just the way this was written was terrible. a cobra is not a viper, geniuses. you don't even know what you are trying to fight. these -- the point you are stuck between law and order marathons
8:55 pm
and pop-up comes out, could he be to cobra? yeah i could. what are you doing honey? nothing is wrong. fighting a snake. what rational person is going to say i will fight a cobra? i mean, the wart with the animals is much over. >> greg: we won. we number one. >> cobras are pets and boots. if it was close, this show would be a whole lot different. i was the dash you couldn't beat the rat in a one-on-one fight. there's a reason why our brains took over. your ignorance. >> greg: outnumbered would have a manatee -- i don't know what i'm saying. >> the point is, anyone of those people who said they could beat up a cobra, let's start with a garden snake and see how we go there and when they get to bed and they are crying. >> greg: by the way, underrated movie, cobra.
8:56 pm
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voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. >> greg: set your dvrs every night so you never miss an episode. thanks for susan li, kat timpf, tyrus. our studio audience. "fox news @ night" with shannon bream's next. i'm greg gutfeld, and i love you, america. >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am mike emanuel in washington and for bream tonight. breaking tonight, critics saying president biden is eating his words. zero deaths from covid-19 on sunday, two months after the president slammed the lone star state's plan as


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