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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 18, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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hidden away and you can always decline to be weighed and they just choose a different traveler. tucker? >> tucker: amazing. it's getting more fun to fly. thank you. that's it for us tonight. a reminder, christie alley and tucker carlson. tomorrow on fox nation, and now, the great sean hannity from new york. **. >> sean: tonight we're tracking a bomb shell report that goes beyond everything we already knew. we show hunter biden was making plans to get his own father a piece of the pie and it looks like joe had to know. more coming up. also tonight, we'll have the low lights from biden's big trip to michigan.
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a very irritable joe biden gets behind the wheel of a truck and threatened to run over a reporter. imagine if donald trump did that anyway, joe was probably tired. out. one of the few times he was out. got his night-night and bedtime story and is sound asleep but first thing tonight we begin, i have a message for chucky schumer. recently he tells an online publication, "donald trump controls republican primaries, he controls the media, he tells fox news host sean hannity to say something and he will." okay, first, chuck e, i hate to burst your bubble, you live in that new york woke cancel culture bubble of you, socialistic utopia, it's not true. this show has an always will be independent. nobody tells me what to say. instead, on this show, unlike the networks you usually watch, we follow the truth. we were right on russia. they weren't. we were right on a lot of stories they were wrong on.
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without a doubt trump's america first agenda worked and it worked big time. lower taxes, fewer regulations, choice in school, free market solution to healthcare, peace through strength, secure borders, you name it, and a core belief that our freedoms are not given to us from government but they are natural rights from god above, our creator, joe didn't remember, endowed by the thing, you know, the thing, the thing, the thing. our u.s. constitution. by the way, chuck, i've supported this agenda for 33 years on radio, 25 at fox. now, chuck, if you weren't so delusional from your decades in the sewer, the swamp of d.c., you might realize this program is one of the only outlets highlighting these core american principles. nearly every other network, newspaper, every broadcast network, every website, takes their marching orders from your
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liberal democratic socialist knew green deal party, like one huge giant liberal leftist, socialist echo chamber. you all repeat the exact same talking points. over and over and over again. we've got the proof. take a look. >> this idea propagated by the presidents, that it's a fake dossier, that's not true. >> dossier of alleged dirt. >> a dossier. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachable. >> the president is effectively a russian op. >> a dizzying 24 hours in the russia investigation. >> russia. >> russia. >> russia. >> russia. russia. >> russians. >> stormy daniels. >> the stormy saga. >> stormy daniels affair. >> she's [ bleep ]. >> is there a difference if the president said [ bleep ]? >> do you think these -- >> donald trump has turned the
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oval office into a [ bleep ]. >> sean: the media mob, democratic party, big tech, have zero fidelity to something called the truth from the russian hoax to justice kavanaugh, the dirty russia information dossier. last summer's violent riots that they wouldn't call riots. their narrative is always more important to the left than actually telling the american people the truth. case in point. you can turn on fake news cnn, i don't know why you would, or msdnc, you're likely not going to hear anything about the negatives, about joe biden's horrendous presidency, fact that he's weak and frail and struggling cognitively, they don't show you those tapes. we now have inflation going through the roof. every american is paying more for everything. our dollars losing value every day. new home construction saw a massive huge, frankly a frightening drop because of the price of lumber and everything else needed to build a home. it's now at a record high.
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manufacturing costs, they are also rising at a record pace. all americans are paying more. we see what's happening with gas prices. also surging. it cost more to fill up your tank, heat and cool your home. you still see ongoing shortages of gasoline on the east coast and now 19 states, they are pleading with joe biden to please reinstate the keystone excel pipeline which would screws oil and gas into the u.s. oh, that's the best way to transport oil. well, it doesn't seem like common sense exists anywhere at this point. we have russian hackers that just successfully disrupted the supply of the lifeblood of the world's economy, oil and gas to the east coast of this country for weeks. joe biden doesn't seem to understand. and get this, in fact, he's now waving u.s. sanctions on a russian pipeline into europe.
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wow! this is what america last policies look like. maybe the equivalent let's make russia and putin rich again. putin must be laughing all the way to the bank. can you imagine if this was donald trump? the mob, the media, would be exploding. their heads would explode. the coverage, they would be apoplectic. biden will never receive the same treatment. he threatened to run over a reporter for asking too many questions. how dare you ask a question. i need permission to answer questions. take a look. >> mr. president, how fast were you going? >> okay, i'm just going to step on it. i'll come off at 80 miles per hour. >> ready. >> mr. president, can i answer you a quick question. >> no, you can't. not unless you get in front of the car as i step on it. >> i'm only teasing. here we go.
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>> imagine the feigned moral outrage from the media if that was donald trump. biden always gets a pass. first the candidate protection program. now it's the presidential protection program. gets a pass on everything. especially the obvious. his ongoing, well, cognitive struggles and weakness. every week we see this more and more, the evidence that joe biden, frail, weak, irritable, and every week the media ignores it. here are just a few examples from just the past two days. take a look. >> the machine -- i tell you what -- i want to say to you, i admire your intellect. you know, i think some people think i'm too, too proud of what the united states always did. our own department of energy pioneered and transformed the
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battery when barack and i were in office. this is all the astravaccine, the audacious goal we had to put a million shots in the arms of people. a hundred million, i should say. >> sean: joe, her name is roheda, not roshed. the congresswoman met her on the tarmac today and he still couldn't get her name right. like when she accused israel of terrorism and called for netanyahu to be prosecuted for war crimes. in fact, joe biden refuses to call out any members of the squad despite some very vicious, atrocious statements about our greatest ally, israel, in the
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middle east. why? it seems that joe seems like chucky and nancy are all afraid of the squad. we'll have more on the radical socialist base that runs the democratic socialist party in a minute. first, we turn to breaking news surrounding zero experience hunter joe biden, and family. the sindicate. zero experience hunter was looking for ways to cut his dad, vice president, into the sketchy foreign business deals that he was doing for the syndicate. hunter references 2016 when jrb-1 comes on-board that would be joe's name, joseph bind, and in 2016 joe biden was still the vice president of the u.s. and remember hunter's business deals were incredibly unusual. no experience in finance. no experience in oil, or gas, or
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anything to do with energy or any major industry. sketchy foreign nationals from russia, china, ukraine, kazakhstan, forking over millions of dollars for what? look at this map. put together by the daily wire, based on analysis from them. these are all the countries, some of which we hadn't heard before, where hunter biden either discussed or executed deals. you're looking at pretty much a who is who. china, russia, kazakhstan, ukraine, romaine in a, qatar, the ivory coast, zimbabwe, along with various latin american countries so why on earth was zero experienced hunter doing business with any of these countries and why were they so happy to fork over the cash to a crack addict with no relevant experience? the answer is obvious. they were paying for access to daddy and now the question remains, did joe biden get a cut? this is a serious question. imagine if the name was trump. but the body that's supposed to
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perform oversight of the executive branch is now busy rehashing the events of january 6. now, i will openly admit on this program, i was one of the first people to call for a commission. we can't have what happened on january 6 ever happen again. it's like we can't have rioting on city blocks taking over like last summer. i said maybe we need something similar to a 9/11 commission but after watching the democrats day after day, hour after hour, it's obvious they cannot be trusted in any way, shape, manner, or form to conduct any fair hearing whatsoever. they are incapable of it. they are consumed with hatred of donald trump 24-7. so any proceed wooing be used as yet another smear campaign against donald trump, all republicans and trump supporters everywhere. it's not worth the time of day. here with more, ohio congressman jim jordan of wisconsin, senator ron johnson.
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jim, we'll start with you on the idea of this commission. i actually thought it would be a good idea but i've now come to the conclusion it's so partisan, that it would be, the conclusion would be reached before one bit of research or investigation has gone on. >> no, i mean, you're exactly right, sean. this will be impeachment round three. one more attack and broadside against president trump. i was in texas last week, this is what the democrats are afraid of, the same thing in ohio, in texas, we drove by a house, there were three flags on the flagpole, american flack, the texas flag and then trump 2024. the democrats are afraid he's going to run again. that's why they want this commission to just go after him. this is not what you talked about, a commission where we could figure out, and will we ever ask the real question if this commission does get formed of nancy pelosi and the security posture that wasn't here that should have been here on that day? i'm against it. the leaders are against it. i think you're going to see a
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strong vote for republicans tomorrow against this legislation. >> sean: ron johnson, there were six separate requests, many before what happened on the sixth, everybody had full knowledge that there were hundreds of thousands of people in town the night before. they knew that they were going to march from the washington monument to the capitol. why wasn't the guard called up? the chief of police, the capitol police had requested it prior to the events happening on the 6th. why was that denied? i doubt they would investigate that part of it. >> of course, that's one of the biggest problems with this commission, the commissioners are going to be named by congressional leaders including speak per pelosi who, let's face it, ultimately responsible for security of the capitol. if there was security lapses and there were, she needs to be held accountable and if she's picking the commissioners, that will never happen. i also found out earlier today, too, that apparently, all the
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staff, even though apparently there were going to be an equal number of commissioners, she relented on that point after four months, every staff member is apparently going to be selected by, guess, who speaker pelosi. this is a complete farce. i hope no one in the house votes for this or in the senate either. >> sean: let me focus on you specifically. you and senator grassley had a devastating report on hunter biden. now, in that report you pointed out things that we had not known before. we knew about burisma. we knew that hunter went on gma and said i don't have any experience. why did you get hired? i don't know. is it because your dad is president. sure. we have the tape of joe saying you're not getting a billion taxpayer dollars unless you fire the ukrainian prosecutor. that, to me, senator, would be a real quid pro quo, and i'm looking at this. then you pointed out it was deeper than this. a shopping spree with a chinese
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national for a hundred thousand dollars. a new car from a kazakhstan oligarch. the first lady of moscow and a financial transfer from a russian oligarch of $3.5 million to hunter. now you see a list of all of these other countries including ukraine and china. what do you make of this new report? >> it's interesting. when we issued our report, the media completely dismissed it and said there was nothing new there. there is all kinds of new information. it describes a vast web of foreign financial entanglements and i said at the time this is only what we could find. my guess is this is just the tip of the iceberg and now the article, the daily wire, they are documentings another 13 or 14 other countries, as you say, not exactly the most upstanding countries in the world, this is just completely sleazy, and from my standpoint it does represent the counterintelligence risk, certainly an extortion risk. that's what we warned about back
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in 2020. too many voters ignored it and now we've got this big mess on our hands. this isn't going away. it's not. >> sean: if the last name was trump it would be different. jim jordan, i think the republican agenda for 2022 and 2024 is easy, lower taxes, less bureaucracy, freedom, law and order, safety and security, choice in schools, secure borders, energy independence, and free market solutions for healthcare. free and fair trade. peace through strength. what am i missing? >> you're right on target, sean. remember in just 118 days of the bind administration, with all of congress being controlled by the democrats we went from a secure border to chaos, we went from energy independence to gas line, we went from peace in the middle east to attacks on israel and now democrats are talking about not allowing israel to purchase arms from us in the middle of a war. that's how radical they are, and joe biden today is praising
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people in detroit, the very people who said defund the police, abolish ice and abandon israel. so we need to put together a message just like you said, and also point out all the crazy things these folks are up to, and the fact they now want another commission to try to impeach president trump a third time. that's how radical they are. when we tell that message and talk about the first amendment, we'll be fine. >> sean: by the way, senator johnson, we're going to watch your race and announcement in wisconsin, i've been told by liberal groups that they are raising money from all of their hollywood friends to get you out of office and i want this audience to know that's what's happening and we'll monitor that on your behalf because i don't think people outside of wisconsin should make that decision. my own humble opinion. thank you both for being with us. now, some good news for republicans heading into 2022. according to democratic pollster stan greenberg, there is now an
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11-point enthusiasm gap between gop voters and democratic voters in the upcoming midterm election and get this. less than a year out of office and 3/4 of the republicans surveyed, yes, they are taking their electoral cues from the president trump. here with reaction from the trump organization, eric trump is with us. the trump agenda is america first. can you believe that joe is giving putin a pass on a pipeline to europe so he can make russia and putin rich again? if that's not america last, i don't know what is. >> what's ironic is he can't control the pipelines in this country. you can see the devastating effect of one pipeline being down. yet the others he wants to cancel and stop all drilling, but that's fine. in ukraine they can drill so long as your son is on the board of an energy company can, drill away, ukraine, but if he's not
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let's get rid of all drilling, all oil and gas, put up wind turbines that aren't working, sean, it's a farce. it's an absolute joke. >> sean: now, as it relates to the agenda, i think that that's the agenda that works for the american people. pre-covid what did we have? record low unemployment forever demographic. incredible success, energy independence, we had secure borders. we had constitutionalists on the bench and i actually believe that russia and china and iran were afraid of your father. i don't see that today. >> well, sean, they are licking their lips. if you're putin you're watching what's happening on the gaza strip, you're watching what's happening with israel and you're saying, america is letting them get away with this so why don't we do the thing to the ukraine or china, why don't we do the same to taiwan? countries around the world are looking at this weakness. trump never let this happen. he didn't. in fact, look at all the middle east peace deals under my father and look at other things.
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look at the price of gas. things that hit people in the pocket. look at the price of a 2 by 4. a piece of plywood. inflation is going through the roof. people don't want to work because so much stimulus is going out. small businesses can't get employees. people aren't going back to work. it's a mess. what this guy has done to this country, in 120 days, 130 days, i mean, just the lack of leadership in washington makes you shake your head. you might not like a mean tweet once in a while, but man, at least you knew that donned 2ru67 was throughout fighting for the greatest country in the world, which is the united states of america, and red, white, and blue. there is no fight coming out of the white house. there is no one there. they don't travel. they don't go down to the border. they don't go overseas. i mean, there is no charisma. there is no anything. there is no fight. there is no motivation. there is no drive. there is no energy. and americans see that, sean. >> sean: you know your dad as
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well as anybody. i've known your father for over 25 or 26 years now. what's your take, what's your feeling on your belief if he runs again in 2024? >> one of my friends in the world, i was with him all day today. he loves you, sean. i think there is a very real possibility. i think ever single day that these policies are just taking down this country and hurting, frankly, our dominance in the world. i think, you know, more people, i can tell you more people have come up to me on the street in the last week and given me hugs saying we miss him so much. literally sometimes, sean with tears in their eyes. we miss the man so much. no matter what you say about him, he loves this country. he's willing to fight for this country, and i think there is a real good chance, sean, i think there is a very good chance. he'll be very happy. >> sean: i don't know. i think somebody comes up with hashtag miss me yet, i think it might, with each passing day,
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become more relevant. well, we've got 2022. that will be an important midterm election. very important one, and it will be interesting to watch. the agenda stands. that doesn't change. all right. eric trump, great to have you as always, thank you. when we return, the left increasingly unhinged as the radical wing of the party takes over. we'll get reaction from senator lindsey graham. that's next straight ahead. aham. that's next straight ahead.
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>> >> sean: democrats tonight are not even trying to hide their dangerous open borders agenda as congresswoman, real speaker of the house, ocasio-cortez and dozens of other house democrats are coming out against the deportation of the illegal immigrant gang members.
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you heard me right claiming in a new letter that an ice enforcement memo invites racial profiling because the agency is making removal a priority to deport those who have been convicted of actively or intentionally participating in gang activity. that would sound like common sense. seriously, democrats now coming out in defense of violent criminals instead of supporting law and order and the safety and security of the american people? how exactly would stopping deportations of violent gang members help public safety, protect the most vulnerable, what will people do? remember border security, it's about safety. border security is about national security. and we face a whole host of threats when our borders aren't secure, our sovereignty and our laws are not respected. we're learning that kevin mccarthy has been briefed on a classified memo about terror
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caught at the u.s. mexican border last year. he told fox news he's more concerned for america's security than he ever was before. what's it going to take for democrats to take the border crisis seriously and what will it take for democrats to be honest with the american people instead of substituting political theater for real solutions on nearly every issue. immigration, reckless spending, amplifying lies about voting laws, playing the race card, and so much more. all with the approval of woke corporate america. thankfully conservatives, they are fighting back. one group taking on these far left corporations with ads like this. take a look. >> rated the worst. losing the most bags. shrinking leg room during covid. american requires passengers to show i.d. to fly but attacks texas's popular voter i.d. law. why is doug parker trying to appease the radical left? >> sean: joe from the state of
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delaware, they have voter i.d. don't expect any serious or critical coverage from the mob or media on any of this as we're now learning tonight, they might be scared of ending up on camera la harris's bad list. a new report in the atlantic uncovering that harris actually keeps tabs on journal i haves who she suspects may not "understand her or appreciate her life experience." i wonder where i end up on the list. wow! can you imagine if donald trump did that. here with reaction, senator lindsey graham. your reaction to all of that. >> that's a lot town pack. let's start with the board. we're inviting a terrorist attack on our country on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 by losing control of the border. how hard sit for a terrorist organization to figure out that you can put terrorists in this flow of illegal immigrants, crossing our border? we're equivocating on standing
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with israel. i'll be in charleston, south carolina, tomorrow night, rallying christians in the israeli community and freedom loving people of south carolina to stand with israel. two things i'm certain of. hamas would kill every israeli if they could. the only reason they aren't is because israel can defend itself and israel could kill tens of thousands of palestinians if they wanted to. they don't. they want to live in peace and security so to my democratic colleagues who are pushing israel to stop attacking hamas, degrading hamas, you're wrong. israel, if you're listening, do what you need to do to protect yourself this war needs to continue, you continue it, we have your back. >> sean: don't stop until you get every hamas terrorist you can. and, yes, they take great concern in protecting innocent
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life but hamas fire their missiles from schools and hospitals, and -- if anyone dies, innocent people, collateral damage, as we say, that would be on them. they are the ones firing thousands of rockets into israel. let me go back to the border. 90% of our heroin, 90% of fentanyl in this country, opioid crisis killing 300 plus americans each week. it crosses that board. now we'll have people on the left defending gang members from deportation. between that and california, new york, and new jersey giving checks to illegal immigrants i think i've about heard it all. >> we've done everything but take an ad out in the paper come to america. we're stopping deportations. they are basically putting ice out of business. joe bide isn't overwhelmed by the job of being president. the left has lost its mind. there is more fentanyl across the board this time in 2021 and all of 2020. israel is under the gun. 3,500 rockets. where is it coming from?
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iran. to the biden administration, you would be insane to start negotiating with iran as long as they are still the largest state sponsor of terrorism. i'm very worried about our national security. i'm very worried about our border here at home. 2022 will be hell of an election. if you're a conservative person, and you don't vote in 2022, you have nobody to blame but yourself. i miss donald trump. none of this would have happened if president trump was president today. i hope he's considering running. let's start a draft trump movement. he's the one guy i think can go to the american people and say, let me finish what i started. what i did worked. >> sean: i focus on the agenda. his agenda worked conservatism works. i think putin, kim jong-il, the mullahs in iran and china, they fear trump.
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they don't fear this guy, lindsey. >> you got it, my friend. when trump was president of the united states, there was a different attitude that the world had toward the united states and i miss that attitude. we're weaker today than we've been since jimmy carter. >> sean: lindsey graham, thank you. when we return, police body cam footage released in elizabeth city, north carolina, trace gallagher with a report. andrew giuliani, son of the former new york city mayor announcing his candidacy and calling for an all out battle against, that's right, andrew cuomo. straight ahead. he'll join us. out battle against andrew cuomo. he will join u
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: >> sean: body cam footage has been released in the death of andrew brown in north carolina with the d.a. there calling it
11:38 pm
tragic but justified. trace gallagher live from our west coast newsroom to explain all the details. >> the shooting of andrew brown was captured on six body cam and dash cam videos. they were shown the videos on may 11 and afterwards said andrew brown was sitting in his car in the driveway when the shooting began and then he tried to flee adding this, quoting, at in point did we see mr. brown pose a threat to the law enforcement officers. the family went on to call it "unconstitutional and not justifiable," saying it was akin to an execution but today, the d.a. played those videos during a news conference and they clearly show the deputies did not fire their guns until mr. brown tried to flee. watch. >> stop. stop.
11:39 pm
stop. stop. stop. >> video clearly shows when brown backed up his car he hit one deputy, and then he drove forward toward two other deputies, for now the body and dash cam videos will not be released in their entirety to the public and although earlier reports said he was shot five times it was shot twice, one in the shoulder and once in the back of the neck. >> sean: thank you for that report. also developing, andrew giuliani today formally announced his candidacy for new york governor to take on corrupt andrew cuomo in 2022. the 35-year-old son of former new york city mayor rudy giuliani vowed to lead an economic recovery, heal the wounds caused by cuomo and turn this state around. take a look. >> new york is in my blood. i've been raised in new york. i know who we are. what we can be. and where we need to go. we tell it like it and we never
11:40 pm
back down. >> it's time to bring new york back. >> cuomo got it wrong. put sicko individual patients, positive patients in the nursing homes, covered it up, got caught hiding the data all while he raked in over $5 million for a book deal. so we know the truth. they hid it. they hid it because they didn't want the justice department to have the real numbers, according to that whistleblower and the state of new york deserves better. people are fleeing, congressional seat has been lost. here with reaction now officially republican candidate for governor of new york, andrew giuliani. we've known each other for a long time. great to have you. >> it's a daunting task. >> thank you very much for having me. appreciate it. >> sean: the numbers, the density -- >> you're right, it's a daunting task but the truth is the person who has helped the most in this is cuomo. the truth is, new york businesses, people who are educating their kids, parents,
11:41 pm
they realize that new york is not giving them the best options to set their footprint, whether it's from an education standpoint, an economic development standpoint, or whether it's from just a public safety standpoint. sean, you're a prideful new yorker. you've been in new york your entire life. have you ever seen a time when both new york state and new york city has had such lack of leadership? i would call it criminal leadership. >> sean: listen, i was born and raised in new york, i did spend a few years doing, five year stint in rhode island, five years in california, two years in alabama and four years in georgia but it was like a big deal to come back and do television here at the fox news channel 25 years ago but andrew, i'll be honest, i'm thinking seriously, i'm getting out of here. >> yes. sean, all i can ask you is wait 18 months because right now i can see why people are leaving new york but that's why we need to win in 2022. if we don't take back new york in 2022 it might be a generation
11:42 pm
again before new york comes back. i don't want to be a grandfather -- >> sean: forget republican democrats for a second. let's look at, are we going to bring back law and order? are we going to refund the police? are we going to have a new york with school choice? are we going to have the corruption in albany cleaned up? spell out the agenda. how do you save a state this corrupt? >> that's exactly right. sean, there are three things that i think apply to any new yorker, whether you're red, or whether you're blue. one, we need to ultimately like the furnace of economic development again in new york and we do that by deregulating something the president did on a national level and lowering taxes. incentivizing businesses to start and keep their businesses in new york rather than down in ron desantis's home state. secondly we push school choice for parents. andrew cuomo used to say he was a champion for tour choice.
11:43 pm
this last $212 boom dogle shows there is no choice, and third, most importantly, sean, we stop this war on police and we make sure we protect their qualified immunity. we repeal bail reform and we let cops know that ultimately, we know that they are some of the best new yorkers in our state, in our cities, this is not just in new york city. we all know new york city has seen a spike in violent crime over the last year, that actually doubles. this is all over the state. sean, what i can tell you is you just wait. you wait until 2023, and then we'll have a nice big party up in baseball any. >> sean: you'll be asked in every interview about legalizing weed, about sports betting, you're going to be asked your position on abortion, social issues, your dad was socially pretty liberal libertarian, i would say. do you agree with your dad on
11:44 pm
that where do you stand on those four positions? >> well, look, let's start off with sports gambling. i don't know how much time we have. anything that will bring revenue into new york, i'm pro that. a lot of people that i know go to new jersey in order to actually go and gamble. why are we sacrificing that revenue right there? for marijuana, right? that answer has been decided by the courts in new york. it's legalized. i do not support anybody under the age of 18 following the data, following the science, as republicans are now the party of science, anybody under the age of 18 that ends up using marijuana, they are two or three times more likely to be a hard drug user. over that it's much, much less. i think that's something we need to consider right there. the other two, look, i personally am pro-life. i don't know if we'll have the time, i personally am pro-life here and i forgot what the forth one is, but i'm happy to get into it but the truth is sean, economic development, it's all about education, and it's all
11:45 pm
about crime, and reducing crime. >> sean: so you're running on the economy, law and order and bringing in revenue and keeping people in businesses here. that's what i here. >> 100%, sean, because those apply to all new yorkers whether you're white, whether you're black, whether you're red, whether you're blue, whether you're jewish, whether you're gentile, it doesn't matter, sean. all new yorkers are having terrible difficulties with economic development, having terrible difficulty staying safe, and we need to make sure that we make new york that center of the world again. the way that we believe that it was when we built the erie canal, connecting the world to the rest of the united states of america. i believe we can do it again, sean and we're going to do it. >> sean: last question, yes or no, do you support fracking? >> i do. i absolutely do. just look at the southern tier of new york. and you tell me and see where the values are in pennsylvania, and where they are in new york. and you tell me, if you support
11:46 pm
fracking. clean fracking, absolutely. >> sean: the answer is, i do. andrew, known you a long time. i wish you all the best. new york needs saving quick and fast. it can't come fast enough. they need the calvary. when we return, speaking to people about our -- comments about the former prince harry and his attack on the first amendment. we'll show you what they said and joe contra weighs in as well. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: i got a lot of reaction to comments i made last night about harry. we don't need harry coming from england to lecture us on our bonkers first amendment that he can't understand. he thinks censorship is a good
11:51 pm
thing. you want the government to be able to control what people are allowed to think and believe and say? let me get this straight. you're good with your own government because after your interview with oprah worldwide and pierce morgan gives his honest comments about it and has a different opinion about it you actually go after him? you leave it also totally unclear who in your family made the so-called racist remarks about your son? which, by the way, freedom of the under first amendment to do here, and you think the first amendment is bonkers and you don't understand it, harry, it's time for to you get a grip. some the lecturing of all the rest of us on issues you clearly know nothing about. because you're nothing frankly but the prince of woke social justice warriors. and sadly, and frankly, you know, to watch your decline, your decaying relationship with your family, your brother, your father, your sister-in-law, it's
11:52 pm
sad. and what's with the constant sense of entitlement? victim hood. enjoy your multimillion dollar mansions in santa barbara, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in america. fine. i'm happy for you. sincere, i wish you nothing but the best and maybe over time you're understand our amazing constitution and republic where apparently you're going to make a lot of money. what do our fellow americans think about harry's first amendment attacks? sarah carter, investigative reporter went out on the streets to find out. >> prince harry said the first amendment is bonkers, there is something that's bonkers but i can assure you it's not the first amendment. >> what is it? >> it's prince harry. >> he slammed the first amendment, what you do have to say about that? >> anyone who slams my constitutional right, is bs. >> does it surprise you that he did? >> no, it don't surprise me. >> it shows a total lack of
11:53 pm
wisdom. a lack of understanding. it shows complete and total arrogance, and it was a really sad thing to see and i really hope that people in america rise up and say, you know what? free speech is something that sets us apart from other countries. >> here's what i'm waiting for. the establishment press. to come and literally rip prince harry for these outrageous statements. >> i don't know if we should hold our breath on that. >> i thought the royals were supposed to have manners. he couldn't be more insulting. >> sean: here with reaction, investigative reporter sarah carter and media columnist from the hill, joe. you know, everybody seemed to get it, sarah. he went on oprah, trashed everybody. leaves insinuations about his family but he won't tell us. who really? now he's going to lecture us on free speech. >> exactly, sean. whether it's former, royal,
11:54 pm
limousine, leftist, i don't even like to salim mo seen liberals, i think that's wrong, we're misconstruing liberals or these hollywood marxists, they love to trash the american way of life, constitution, they benefit from it and they only do it when they feel like it will benefit themselves, not the individual and i think most americans get it and even though we chuckle at it i'm actually a little bit concerned because just like most people we see this woke cancel culture, and, to the point where they are burning books, cancelling out -- getting rid of dr. seuss, getting rid of people so there is a lot of concern out there, so i mean even though i laugh at it i take it pretty seriously when a former prince from england decides to basically go after the u.s. constitution. >> sean: joe, i see a woke social justice warrior elitist snob. what do you see? >> i see john lennon and yko2.0.
11:55 pm
i don't think he's a beta male. he's like a -- he's not the alpha in that relationship and he seems to be pushing that woke sort of message that meghan markle does, and we have the most outspoken most annoying royal couple we have ever seen, and the irony is that they are taking a position against the first amendment when they are against the most outspoken royal couple we've ever seen. what's the result of all of this? let me share it real quick, harry is at 43% approval. that's the good news. meghan markle is at 29% while the queen is at 85% approval. that's all you've got to know. >> sean: bring back more pierce
11:56 pm
morgan. more hannity next. it would be cool to ride a horse on the moon. .. ield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair. we repaired the chip before it could crack. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust, when you need it most. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. now please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we are always independent, we will never be the media mob. we go our own way and we usually end up bright and they are usually wrong. thank you for being with us a let not your hearts be troubled because the news continues. laura ingraham. >> laura laura: is that a salmon colored tie or is it light pink? you are a very confident man in your masculinity. kind of a floridian color. >> i have no earthly clue. i don't pick my ties, i don't pay for my thighs or my shirts with the jacket and i don't wear a suit pants, i wear jeans as i hate ties. i wish fox would stop us wearing the stupid time because i hate it. i want to do the show like this.