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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  May 19, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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we are tired of the critical race theory. brian: not just music it's robotics and everything. ainsley: every kid there has to sing or play an instrument, right? brian: yeah. gets you out of your shell. ainsley: 300 person waiting list for that show. brian: just soldiered through this by himself in his compound. steve: cut the video. ainsley: good job, brian. have a good one. steve: see you tomorrow.
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>> times square a year ago and what it looks like today. there is hope relaxing the rules will help jump start the economy and revitalize the city. we're the capitalist center of america and this town needs to get going. >> dana: everybody loves to come here and we want people to come back eventually. it is not all perfect. we have a ways to go. things we need to do. i was telling bill before the show, when we first had to go work from home, i thought it would be 2 to 4 weeks and i would tell people see you on the other side. here we are may 19th, a day we should celebrate, mark the occasion and recognize there was a lot of loss along the way. >> bill: officially 432 days. the day you're talking about was march 13, 2020.
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i was at a restaurant around the corner and the woman said we're closing tonight. they told us not to come back until april 1st. >> dana: of 2020. >> bill: of 2020. here we are today. positivity rate is 1.2%. we have worked hard to get down there. we can debate whether or not the mask mandates were necessary for this long. we can debate the vaccination argument here in america today. we'll have a doctor in a moment to tell us about that. we have arrived at the point where we have through a lot of hard work. so let's go forward. >> dana: we are marking the occasion. let's begin the bryan llenas live in times square for us. >> bill: the crossroads of the world. 350,000 people walk through times square every day. at the heart of the pandemic that number dropped to 30,000. the hope is today is the beginning of a new day. the back to normalcy for the city. more commuters walking the work
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and more tourists enjoying times square's hotels, restaurants, shops and soon broadway show. fully vaccinated people don't need to wear facemasks and no longer need to social distance. in most indoor and outdoor settings 52% of new york's adults are fully vaccinated. those unvaccinated should continue to wear masks and social distance. masks, however, are still required in subways, buses, nursing -- businesses can reopen to 100% capacity. retail stores, restaurants, offices, gyms, museums. private businesses can set their own business policies and require masks. a historically tomb -- we've had crime spike and 53,000 people dying of covid-19. we were at the epicenter of the pandemic for the world at one
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point. crime shootings are up 81% over the last year. less than two weeks ago two women and a 4-year-old girl were randomly shot and wounded as innocent buy standers were just standing. this week an 80-year-old walking with his life was shot in the bronx by a stray bullet. hope is today is a turning point. we have a ways to go. times square feeling a heck of a lot like times square should feel in quite some time. >> dana: good to have you in times square, not brooklyn. he spent a lot of them in brooklyn. let's bring in dr. marc siegel. if you can reach me we can shake hands here. good to see you in person. >> great to see you. both vaccinated. >> dana: the positivity rate, your reflections on this past year. you have helped walk our viewers through the pandemic. how do you feel today? >> i feel great today but i
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also think over the past year there has been a lot of times we followed the science but a lot of times when nervousness and fear led the decisions. originally everything was shut down in new york because of a temporary pause so the hospitals wouldn't get more overwhelmed. once something was in place it continued. a lot of the early science was based on models from 1918 flu. as we learned more and more about the coronavirus, we didn't always apply it quickly enough. so the lockdowns didn't work as well as other things did. the masks worked in close quarters. but walking down the street with a mask today that's finally relieved. that maybe could have been done earlier. all the shut downs and businesses and schools not always following the science caused tremendous damage. >> bill: do you believe we should get rid of all mask mandates and all businesses need to open up and get the country back because the cities are dying and you say the cdc
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has been awful and that way for some time. >> i said why. cdc in earlier days. i've been following pandemics and outbreaks for many years. they used to be more hysterical and say worst case scenario. now for this pandemic they've been very cautious and very much behind the signs. now, i think there should be no mask mandates, bill, because i think we have to rely on personal responsibility here and businesses making decisions especially at a time when 60% of adults and more have at least one shot. so vaccine is tremendous. it is working close to 100% at decreasing spread. all of the excess fear that we have, we have to really remove. it takes weeks to remove it. i was vaccinated in january, took weeks for me to feel that i wasn't at risk. >> dana: dr. siegel, i think we should take a moment to recognize there are a lot of people grieving because they lost a loved one to coronavirus.
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and i recognize we're ready to get back and vaccinated but some people where the vaccine wasn't there soon enough. >> that's really an important point. nursing homes, elderly across the country. we all grieve for the people that we've lost and the people that others we know have lost. decisions that maybe weren't made properly. i don't understand at all why someone that was covid-19 positive would ever be readmitted to a nursing home. they aren't the place for a highly infectious virus. i want to take a second to give a nod to the heroes that fought in the war against covid over the past year. healthcare workers. >> bill: you said something there. you have been writing about pandemics for 20 years. how would you characterize this one now? >> this is the one that was way worse than anything we ever anticipated and dr. redfield, former head of cdc said to me yesterday one of the reasons he
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is suspicious it did come from that lab. how is it that sars and mers and other coronavirus were limited and contained and this one exploded all over the place uncontainable. it was not something they predicted but it is definitely something we have to learn a huge lesson from so this never happens again. >> bill: you talked to us a lot over the past 14 months. >> dana: you have been an important voice for people to learn from. thank you very much. fox news alert. israel's prime minister is knocking down rumors of an impending cease-fire with hamas even though international pressure is ramping up for one. trey yengst is live on the israel/gaza border. good morning. >> good morning. fighting between israel and hamas entered his 10th day as israelis started another massive air campaign against the group inside gaza overnight targeting its tunnel infrastructure. the israeli military targeted eight miles of tunnel that was
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destroyed overnight. more than 3700 rockets have been fired into israel. netanyahu says there is no timeline for ending this. reports indicate israel tried twice to kill the chief of the hamas military wing but failed. they will continue to go after senior hamas leadership. >> the leaders of this operation that have sent close to 4,000 rockets on the israeli population and terrorized an entire section of our country are not safe. they will never be safe and we want them to understand that. >> inside gaza rescue teams are digging through the rubble of collapsed buildings looking for survivors. many civilians have moved closer to hospitals and schools. humanitarian situation inside gaza is unraveling and attempts to deliver aid were halted after convoys of trucks were
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targeted with mortars. a story we cover over and over again. civilians caught in the crossfire. alerts are are coming up on our phones as israel prepares for days of fighting. >> dana: thank you, trey. >> president biden: i want to say to you that i admire your intellect and your passion and i admire your concern for so many other people. it is from my heart i pray that your grandma and family are well. i promise i will do everything to see they are on the west bank. you are a fighter and god thank you for being a fighter. >> bill: president biden praising tlaib. shortly after the pair was spotted having a tense exchange for eight minutes on the tarmac in michigan. she expressed anger at u.s. support in israel. joey jones, retired u.s.
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marines. joey, nice to see you after all this time. >> dana: great to see you in person. >> bill: what did you think about that exchange yesterday? >> it is easy for americans to distinguish between the palestinian people and hamas. i don't understand why it's not easy for people in congress to do that. i don't understand why people in congress even if you're a palestinian descent can't see hamas as a terrorist organization. we're firing rockets into israel. they land where they land. the iron dome is a missile defense system. you can guide and pinpoint them towards a rocket. they aren't indiscriminately firing into the palestinian territory. i think to condemn israel or act like israel is committing crimes by defending itself is different than taking diplomatic issue with settlements and things that happened before this conflict. >> dana: last night i was hearing how hamas was going to lay out its conditions for a cease-fire and i was curious how is hamas in a position to
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set conditions for a cease-fire when they started lobbing the rockets in the first place? >> i don't know we're in a position for ask a cease-fire. i think they're trying to sanction countries supporting hamas and democratic members in congress blocked that yesterday. we're so invested in our own politics in this country we really i feel like members of congress don't understand what's happening in israel right now. i think the problem that we have is that we see everything through our own political lens rather than perhaps what's happening on the ground over there. hundreds of people are dead right now. i don't know how we're helping by having this fight in our own congress and propping this up and saying i guess black lives matter now supports hamas. i don't understand the connection. >> bill: a political equation and you are leading to it. joe biden as president has supported israel saying they have a right to defend themselves. he is feeling pressure from the left and you wonder how long that position holds. >> it holds as long as there is
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political collateral to be gained. if you carve out a niche in the far left and gain support that way what do you lose by going to the soapbox or confronting joe biden on the tarmac? i don't know how much of this is completely genuine to be honest with you. the facts are the same. israel did not start this conflict. they have done things that people take issue with through settlements and what they're doing with i guess diplomacy for lack of a better word but these are thousands of rockets being fired into their country and think they wouldn't use the iron dome or wouldn't strike back and try to end it quickly, if there were people in mexico sending rockets here mexico would look different and many people wouldn't take issue. >> dana: before let you go. it is great to be here. are you feeling good about new york and the comeback story here? >> i feel great about the people here. i'm glad you are getting to do things like this again.
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i'm pretty excited to get back to georgia. there aren't people on the street corners haggling me. it doesn't feel -- >> bill: it's a good day for america and we can all agree on that. nice to see people in person again. >> absolutely. >> dana: great to see you, joey. thank you. >> bill: 14 minutes past the hour as we continue our live coverage on fox square. president biden paving the way for a controversial russian pipeline african selling the keystone project in the u.s. what the new leverage means for russian president vladimir putin in a moment plus this. >> president biden: if we act to save the planet. >> dana: white house looking to spend big bucks on green jobs. it is a beautiful day in new york city. we'll be right back.
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♪♪♪ >> dana: we're live in fox square. may 19th when new york is officially back open and we hit the weather jackpot this morning. >> bill: the juke box is good today. that's 48th and 6th avenue in mid town, manhattan. trying to get into our building for the past 14 months has been a challenge. for us to come outside on a day like today is remarkable and just to make it happen gives us a lot of optimism. that's how we feel. in the meantime the biden administration set to waive
6:21 am
sanctions on companies building a controversial gas pipeline from russia to germany despite canceling the keystone pipeline on inauguration day in the u.s. critics argue it will serve to strengthen vladimir putin. let's talk about it with david asman and sandra smith. >> this is nice. >> we did this 10 years ago in fox business. >> bill: this pipeline goes from the western part of russia down into northeastern germany. under the water. 95% complete. george bush told angela merkel 15 years ago it was a bad idea. >> a week after we had the russian hack of colonial pipeline. why do you reward vladimir putin and the russians before you figure out if he had anything to do with that hacking? there are a lot of suspicions
6:22 am
that he did or at least knew about it and didn't do anything to stop it. of all the times to do it. don't you agree, sandy? i think it's crazy. >> the timing just a week after pipeline hack. how about all the keystone xl pipeline jobs. the biden administration is for russian pipeline but against american energy pipelines? the optics of this is difficult for many. secretary of state anthony blinken saying i'm determined to do whatever we can to prevent the completion of in order stream two. it seems biden is at odds with his own secretary of state. >> we had an industry dying to get into europe. we were hoping to fill europe with our lng.
6:23 am
now that is in danger and risk of not happening because the russians will take complete control of the gas that goes to europe. >> dana: let's point out when it comes to the ceo he is a friend of vladimir putin. this emboldens russia. the fear that blinken says in that statement it divides europe. >> this administration is far friendlier to russia than the trump administration. >> dana: if this decision was made eight months ago the reaction would have been different. why is merkel allowing her citizens to be held hostage by the russians. >> bill: what's the effect of the establishment of this pipeline? we're looking at gas at a buck 90 a gallon. >> there has been a war -- at least president biden made no -- you knew exactly where he stood regarding carbon fuel when he was running for
6:24 am
president. he is at war with carbon fuel. he wants to eliminate it in 15 to 20 years. of course, i think that's impossible to do without rolling black-outs in every town in the country. but the bottom line is we knew he was against it. we knew he was going to fight it but to go this far at this time just makes no sense at all particularly when we saw how much damage was done because of losing the colonial pipeline for a week. billions of dollars were lost because of what happened last week not to mention just the inconvenience that people had to wait in line for 10 hours to get a gallon of gas. >> dana: closer the home, are you optimist take about new york's comeback or take a while? a lot of empty store front. restaurants can be open 100%. >> who will work in the restaurants? they don't have people. you guys have been interviewing people on your shows, business owners who can't get people to show up and apply for jobs. at the end of march there were
6:25 am
8.1 million open job positions in this country and businesses can't get people to apply for them. you have 22 and counting states that ended the federal extended unemployment benefit because what they were seeing in their states is there was incentive for people to stay home. it made more sense to them to stay home and collect that check than for them to go back to work. so when it comes to new york city, i think there will be a really quick bounceback. i think you'll see the banks will come back one or two days a week and start to see lunch spots open up again but guess what? people found life outside of new york city. i think things have changed. people saw they were able to maintain productivity at home and anybody who did survive this are getting taxed to death. >> i don't know we've maintained productivity. a lot of business leaders say
6:26 am
we need that contact. you need an office space you are sharing with other human beings, not just through zoom. >> dana: we love sharing this debate with you this morning. >> bill: being outdoors jacks them up. >> it's oxygen. we're getting free oxygen without masks. >> are you saying we talk too much? >> dana: no, but the director does. thanks for being here. >> bill: awaiting open statements in the trial of an illegal immigrant accused of murdering molly tibbetts. major story in iowa. will the rise in violent crime discourage tourists from coming back to new york? we'll talk to a police sergeant how with big apple can turn things around. back in a moment. veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it!
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>> bill: come on back, america. we're waiting for you. 9:30 in new york, 75 today. 85 and sunny. janice dean your job is taken. fantastic outfit, by the way. can we call it orange sherbet or tangerine? >> it is orange. like the pink i wore a couple of weeks ago with an exclamation point in honor of gutfeld's show. it is the colors for his logo. >> bill: we're doing something we haven't done in a long time. enjoy it. new york is among the many cities dealing with a surge in crime. murders are up 27% from last year. car thefts 22. shootings more than 80 and hate crimes up 70%. we have a police sergeant here, native new yorker. what is your forecast for the
6:33 am
summer when you see the headlines about a long, hot, brutal summer. >> it will be a bad summer. the rise in crime enabled by the bail reform, no stop question and frisk, anti-crime not existing anymore and movement to defund the police including this administration that's just very inept i think it all leads to a very concerning summer. >> dana: we also have a situation in terms of the police retirements. 5300 nypd officers planned to retire in 2020 and happening in atlanta with 200 resigning. 560 in chicago. this is a trend you're seeing nationwide. >> is absolutely. why would you want to be a police officer today if you didn't have to be? if you could retire today you would run if you had the opportunity to. replacing these police officers is going to be a lot of new police officers which is a good thing, but it will take time especially under the current
6:34 am
state of affairs with how police are viewed in this country. >> bill: the end of march the city council passed qualified immunity. it enables civilians who are arrested to sue the cops who arrest them. what we're hearing on the dl here in new york is that is having a direct effect on how the police do their job. help us understand that. >> sure. you are a police officer doing your job and make a lawful arrest, which is what you have to do. now that person you arrest can now sue you and in the past that was always a possibility. you took police action there was always a chance for that person to take some sort of make a police complaint, sue you. but now it is becoming the norm. as that rises you will have a lot more police stepping back and just not taking police action like they may have four or five years ago. >> dana: we're talking about new york city opening back up. tourists coming back. yesterday the "new york post" cover today shows a military
6:35 am
vet shot at random on our streets and says stop the blood shed. we're trying to point out new york is open again but do you think tourists if they come need to be concerned? >> i think they should be concerned. riding the subways now is a roll of the dice. you see it every day people are getting attacked in the subway. they say they are putting more police officers on the subways, where are they? are they there and not taking action because of the things we're talking about, about immunity and everything else >> bill: the point on that if you are a cop on the beat and want to go home to your family at night you wonder if you take action who has your back as a result. >> our concern was getting home safely. now you want to get home safely and not sued the next day or have handcuffs put on you for doing your job. >> bill: good luck. >> dana: we appreciate it. >> bill: thanks for coming on. >> dana: right now we're awaiting open statements in the trial of an illegal immigrant charged with murdering college
6:36 am
student molly tibbetts. matt finn is live. >> this is the story that fox news spent weeks on the ground investigating here in iowa and fox news broke the story of molly tibbetts' death. now after significant delays in the courts and due to the pandemic opening statements are here in this trial this morning. the source close to this case tells us up to 10 family members of molly tibbetts are expected to be here today. we saw her mother walk in a short while ago. the tibbetts family, quote, is very sure things will end up how they should. the family hopes it goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. 24-year-old christian rivera pled not guilty to first degree murder in the brutal stabbing death of 20-year-old molly tibbetts. he faces life if prison. she was out for her daily jog july 2018 when she vanished. intense manhunt lasted for weeks until rivera led them to her body in a cornfield and
6:37 am
confessed to gruesome details of tibbetts' death and drank her body into that field. tibbetts' blood was found in his trunk and warned jurors in the case will hear graphic evidence about the violent death of a young girl. the jury of 15 people with three alternates is made up of eight women, seven men, our producer observed the majority of these jurors appear to be white. if we get a list of how they self-identify we'll update you. kristin rivera was here illegally working on a nearby farm. her father wrote he wants justice but not for his daughter to be a part of the immigration discussion. writing in part, kuo, molly was nobody's victim or a pawn in other's debate. she may not be able to speak for itself but i can and will. please leave us out of your debate and allow us to grieve if privacy and with dignity. a judge ruled that portions of rivera's confession cannot be
6:38 am
used because he wasn't properly given his miranda rights. after he led them to tibet's body they gave him his rights and everything after that can be used in court today. >> dana: matt finn in iowa for us. let's bring in attorney jonna spilbor. great to have you on set with us. we were waiting for the trial to get underway. what are the things people should be paying attention to at this point now that we've had a couple of days? >> i think the major theme is going to be is there a built-in bias in the jaoury because of rivera's immigration status. he was hear illegally although the defense is going to say he was here legally. we'll see how it plays out. the idea is if the jury will be biased because he was not here legally will the jury also be dismissive of any constitutional violations that may have occurred during the investigation? the big one being was his confession coerced.
6:39 am
if a jury can throw out his confession it may be an acquittal or will they say we don't care if his constitutional rights were here illegally and he killed someone. >> dana: wouldn't that have been a question to the jury in terms of can you rule fairly on this case? >> a big issue during voir dire and several were thrown out. >> bill: defense attorney said anyone hear heard of his status? the d.a. asks the second panel. followed up with anything you heard cause you to form an opinion and no hands were raised. >> well, we'll see about that. that's one of the questions in every single trial can jurors be fair an impartial? if you want to stay on that jury for whatever reason you will say you can be fair and impartial. but can you really? it's always an interesting question not just in this case,
6:40 am
in all cases. >> bill: a lot of times in america some trials stand out and for good reason. i think this is one of them. there will be cameras in the courtroom. a lot of different factors that play into american society. do you see it is same way? >> absolutely. we have a lot of america enraged about the current illegal immigrant situation. when you come here illegally you've shown us you thumb your nose at our laws and kill our innocent citizens? it will increase the outrage. that is a theme in this trial and going forward. >> dana: thank you for walking us through it. all through the year during covid and now we're back. >> bill: nice to be out here. >> it feels great. it is great being here. >> dana: a little compliment now and then to get through. >> bill: thanks. reviving new york's famed restaurant industry. they've gone through a number here. we'll talk to the owner of junior's about the setbacks, cooking up new business and
6:41 am
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♪♪♪ >> bill: just look. >> dana: i'm back in new york. >> bill: the restaurant and bar industry hard hit during the pandemic, 90,000 remain -- 90,000 are still closed. now a new problem is finding enough people to work those jobs. allen rosen is with us, the third generation of junior's here in new york. >> dana: iconic place. >> bill: you are still standing? >> we're still standing. a tough 14 months and standing. we're on our knees but we'll climb back up if you want to know the truth. >> dana: what has it been like to emerge from this? today you get back to 100% capacity. >> we get back to 100% capacity. i wish we needed it. you say 100% we're probably at 25 to 30% of our original sales.
6:47 am
it will be a process. judging from the traffic today people are more out there. >> bill: a little bit. mid town has been slower than other neighborhoods. in new york you can make more money for sitting at home than a job taking minimum wage. >> there are a couple things going on. it is definitely one of them. we have 310 employees back out of 800. as i was explaining to someone a little earlier, going forward a lot of our existing base has moved on, changed careers. i have a manager i liked very much. she got a job at a supermarket during covid. now she doesn't have to come to work and work until midnight and close the restaurant. she gets to work -- >> bill: such an interesting point. they pivot. >> your behavior changes. when you do something for 14 months. we have other employees say a cook in queens making $20 at juniors. you might be making 18 in queens but you don't have to get on the subway every day. you have this great change of
6:48 am
lifestyle that we're up against. but i think it will all come back, i have to be honest. >> dana: junior's such an iconic place. my mom loves it when she comes to visit. the cheesecake unbelievable. one of the great reasons to want to work at juniors you're part of the new york feeling if you are a young person getting started. >> we have very loyal employees because we treat our employees like family and we're just rebuilding. it is like a reopen. as you said, new york city the center of it anyway will be the last place to come back. broadway shows and theater. the employees will come as they see us getting business. >> bill: you want numbers? new york city restaurants during the pandemic leisure and hospitality loss 124,000 jobs. february of 2020 more than 321,000 people working in the leisure and house. march of 2021 had 176 thoi. you had 144,000 jobs lost.
6:49 am
>> i have 500 of those. restaurants still have paper in their windows. i don't want to paint a bad picture but i don't want to paint a dishonest picture. there is still a ton of restaurants that will wait for people to be in new york city. the hotel rooms and theaters to be occupied before they reopen or otherwise it will be a tough summer. >> bill: you go up and down the avenues and see all the empty spaces and all signs say space for lease. that's on every block. >> every block in mid town manhattan. downtown is better they have a lot of residential people live in the neighborhoods. midtown is missing that residential. >> dana: another reason to come to junior's, something that you started pretty innovative in terms of vaccine. >> we decided early on before the krispy kreme guys that if
6:50 am
you came with your vaccine card you would get a free cheesecake. not the biggest one in the world. 1 1/2 ounces, 140 calories. >> that's it? >> dana: are you positive? let me see. give me two. >> it's a cheesecake. >> dana: this is 140 calories, this. i was thinking i got the crumb crust but i'll take this. >> it's working. people are coming in more than once and it is fine. i don't think it pushed anyone over the top. don't get me wrong. >> bill: we saw the mayor in new york wearing a new york nets uniform, and the other day -- that's basketball. the governor in ohio they are giving away a million a week if you enter a lotly to get vaccinated. is that the level of incentive
6:51 am
we need? >> i don't think so. i can self-police myself and decide whether i'm getting vaccinated. i have children, i have chosen to get them vaccinated. you know, it's everyone's choice. as a company we're probably at 70%. from early on we were paying our people to get vaccinated because we're in the restaurant business. one of the good things about owning a crummy restaurant doing covid. we were essential workers going to work through this. >> dana: junior's is essential to new york and thank you. way to hang in there. third generation, keep it going. we'll be down there. i'm coming to get the cheesecake 140 calories. >> bill: it is melt in your mouth. >> dana: as the state of new york reopens a new report claims the feds are stepping up an investigation into governor cuomo's handling of the crisis, plus this. >> truth is we're no different than any other business in the state and country. it just comes down to it's phase four.
6:52 am
there are no other phases. we deserve the opportunity to open up. >> dana: nine months later we check in with that man about his fight to keep his business afloat in the face of covid closures. be right back.
6:53 am
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get a quote today. >> dana: here we are at fox square. i don't know what happened to our d.j. there. we have the music of the street that is what we have. all right. to mask or not to mask debate is playing out across the country as states, cities and stores begin dropping the pandemic mandates. today new york is adopting cdc guidelines statewide. widespread confusion as well. frustration thanks to mixed messaging and shifting guidelines. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. here at fox square 75 and sunny. can't beat it today. >> dana: like having class outside. i was the most annoying kid. i would ask for that all time. sometimes i won. >> bill: i can see that sometimes. with regard to the cdc
6:59 am
guidelines, however, great looking shot in times square. i can understand how people are confused. you think about the bouncing ball that we've been trying to follow for so long and in times square the tourists aren't back but a little later this hour we'll show you a walk about. i was surprised how many tourists we ran into. >> dana: a great time to come visit. the restaurants now can be open to 100% capacity. broadway is not open yet but still a lot to do. with the weather get to central park as well. >> bill: the reason it's happening is because of the vaccine and we should not go another moment without pointing out what operation warp speed did for america and what it will eventually do for the world. you think about that task force working on this pandemic creating a vaccine never produced before in the history of human kind. they did it in record speed. out to all americans who want it and what makes the
7:00 am
difference with the freedom in your life today. bravo. speaking of operation warp speed in washington now mass confusion in the capital. masks are still required in some parts of the capitol building but not all. as america reopens house speaker nancy pelosi is refusing to end many of the capitol's extraordinary covid rules. want to get to chad pergram and follow this bouncing ball on the hill. hello. good morning. >> good morning. the house fined three members yesterday for ignoring mask rules on the house floor. the house warned e >> it is correct. i went onto the floor of the house of representatives and had to speak. as i was sitting there a member of the house sergeant-at-arms staff approached me and asked if i would put on my mask. i said no. they said okay, you have a fine.
7:01 am
>> gop members are pushing a resolution asking the capitol attending physician to halt all mask mandates for vaccinated person inside the capitol complex. house approved a resolution that would fine members $500 for not wearing a mask. article 1, section 5 of the constitution allows the house to make its own rules. democrats defend the mask policy. >> cdc guidelines also very clear that workplaces can decide their own unique characteristics based on their conditions. >> some members want the house to end all remote voting and hybrid hearings. >> bill: more to come on that. nice to see you on the hill. >> dana: f.b.i. reportedly expanding its investigation of andrew cuomo. agents spent hours seeking record about cuomo's handling of nursing homes about the pandemic and asking about the
7:02 am
$5 million book deal. joe borelli and this is not going very well for the governor. seems he continues to think if he just holds on he will be fine. >> you can't forget this is not a triple bogey of cuomo. this is par for the course. in 2013 he emotion paneled an ethics commission to investigate corruption about the state. he stifld the work and disbanded it when they started to look at him. his top staffers are in jail. not going well. you have this investigation happening by the f.b.i., a.g.'s office said they'll have four women testify against governor cuomo. if you are handicapping this race you will see it is going bad for cuomo. >> this is only a surprise to people who might not be watching fox. this has barely been covered on other stations and other news
7:03 am
media. cuomo as hero of the pandemic story went on for a long time and needlessly. everybody knew that corrupt stuff was going on in the spring. so this is not really a new story as much as it is a breaking story for a lot of americans who did not get this information. >> bill: the impression given through some of the media reporting the governor would be out of a job. that ain't happening. >> right. i think he is able to hold on because of his sheer will and the fact the story doesn't get covered in a lot of other media outlets. >> dana: talk about all sorts of things happening. this was the center initially for the covid response. right now the "new york post" cover this morning stop the bloodshed which is pretty searing indictment on the leadership of the city. what do you think can happen and needs to happen in order to actually stop the bloodshed? >> you have to look at what's possible. we had a horrific shooting in
7:04 am
times square a few weeks ago. the nypd sent detectives far and wide. a headline grabber. the crime is happening on the less known streets in the cities. the nypd doesn't have the ability to flood every street corner and send people to find these people. it is the fault of the defund the police movement, the political sentiment that handcuffs our cops, that makes they end qualified immunity. we don't cover them with insurance. that's the cycle that needs to be broken by the public. >> bill: explain what that means to people at home trying to follow qualified immunity. >> we've taken away police officers' immunity in the sense they're immune from personal liability for hurting someone in the process of arresting someone. we've criminalized their behavior. choke hold ban but criminalizes
7:05 am
a cop with a miss demeanor if they -- show us how it's done. it can't be done. so you have some hesitancy by police officers and unfortunately the people who pay the tab are the public not midtown but the outer neighborhoods where crime is rising. >> bill: you need to understand in the process of making an arrest you don't know what can go wrong or could happen especially if they reach for your gun. >> we're giving the balance of criminal liability on the shoulders of the officer now rather than on the perpetrator. >> dana: i know you love new york and raising your children here and been very frustrated about the school situation. when you think about safety. >> it is really disappointing that new york has undone years and years of good policing and years and years of crime rate
7:06 am
going down in the name of progressivism. it's unfortunate. i'm worried for my kids for the first time ever. we were going to raise our kids here and live here forever. i don't know about that anymore. i worry about them going on the subway and being in the street. it's disappointing that new yorkers elected these people who really are not -- don't take safety seriously. >> dana: do you think it could turn around? there is election on the horizon for the mayor's race. are you hopeful? >> it can't get that much worse than bill deblasio but i don't know that it will get that much better. we need to be serious about crime and take it seriously. i don't see that in any of these candidates. i've written how they treat crime as an anti-police issue. when you talk to them about crime they tell you what they'll do to stifle police and that's not really what we're talking about here. >> bill: the point to be made we are at an inflection point. we can go one way or the other. i moved here 19 years ago.
7:07 am
i was the beneficiary of the hard work they did in the mid 90s to straighten out the city. >> i grew up here. it was a great place to visit in manhattan. it is clear that right now we're at a precipice and we have an election coming up june 22. the public has to make a determination whether they want to follow this woke science to our own detriment or whether we want to elect responsible people whether they be democrats or republicans. >> dana: what are you looking forward to? this is the first day the mask mandate is off, restaurants are allowed to open back up. start to see more people on the street. it is spring. >> i'm very encouraged by all of this. it should have happened months ago but i'll take it when it happens. back to schools for a second. middle and high schools are barely in school. i think that the politicians who are letting this happen should be held accountable and it is great, i love being out and new york coming back to life. a life long new yorker would
7:08 am
like to see it return to what it was. we need to be kids back in school. that has to be priority one. >> dana: they have to be back in school. thanks. >> bill: you always end on a note of optimism. >> dana: i wrote the book. and the good news is. try to find a little reason to keep coming back. >> bill: thank you both for being here. the economy always a hot button campaign issue. it will take a back seat to a new issue for mid-terms. critical race theory. mike emanuel is on that story in mcclain, virginia, how is it playing out there? >> here in virginia the republican nominee for governor says many parents are fed up. >> it's viewed as absolutely being a political agenda, not -- not an educational curriculum. by the way, when i'm governor, we're not going to have critical race theory in our schools. it actually teaches division.
7:09 am
>> governor's race in virginia this year will be a showdown between republican yun kin and -- you should read my plan. maybe it will give you ideas if you ever decide to write one. republican candidate running for senate in ohio next year says she has launched a listening tour on this issue. >> parents are up in arms and alarmed. they can't get access to curriculum. they want to know what is happening in their schools. and they are getting pushback from the administration. and this is a very divisive propaganda that is being pushed on students at the expense of a good education. >> at the white house press secretary than jen psaki rejected that notion. >> we don't think educating the
7:10 am
future leaders of the country on systemic racism is indoctrination. it is responsible. >> republican candidates are betting that many voters across this country who happen to be parents are fed up, bill. >> bill: mike emanuel in mcclain, virginia. an issue in virginia and other areas. with regard to the conversation we had it wos new york centric but we've been reporting on this in l.a., atlanta, chicago, all the big cities across american. >> dana: seattle and portland as well. they are seeing it everywhere. this issue about cancel culture and the whole wokeism in schools. that is playing across the country. happening at the same time. i think it is disorienting for people here as we finally pull out of the pandemic. >> bill: we'll see it play out in political campaigns. >> dana: 100%. >> bill: and see what people have to say. is cancel culture coming to math class? trying to do away with advance
7:11 am
classes in california using math as a tool for politicaltiveism. how will it set back students? >> bill: a new york gym owner is trying to get back on his face. how is business going now that gyms are open at full capacity? we'll talk to him. >> this is an exciting moment. it has been a dark, dark, hellish year. but that was yesterday and we're looking at a different tomorrow. ♪ start spreading the news, i'm leaving today ♪ ♪ i want to be a part of it, new york, new york ♪ ♪ these vagabond shoes they are longing to stray ♪
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♪♪♪ >> dana: welcome back to fox
7:18 am
square. we're here at america begins the long journey to reopen. take a look back at video on the left of the normally bustling times square at the start of the pandemic when it was nearly deserted compare it to a live look right now. tourists and construction crews and office start are tourists are starting to come back as capacity limits are loosened. lots of smiles at the crossroads of the world. >> bill: well deserved, too. those smiles. remember being out in times square. we go through it so often because it is an avenue away. 24 hours a day no traffic. >> dana: andrew yang is running for mayor and he made a stupid remark how bodegas needed to come back. anyway, i see this thing he says new yorkers can't wait to get back into times square. i was like i'm from wyoming and i know that's not true.
7:19 am
parity account, not true. >> bill: sometimes you want to stay away and divert yourself around the traffic. good point there. talking about businesses. listen, if you are a business owner across america you know the story better than anyone. >> dana: went through the wringer. >> bill: a few others who have done it as well. listen here. >> this is just a slow bleed. we have 100% of the bills with 33% occupancy. no one is coming back to the gym. governor cuomo has done his job and his job is to keep people fearful of the one thing that can help them. actually getting fit and staying healthy. >> bill: that man there was gym owner from october of 2020. trying to keep his business alive and new york governor's lockdown. fast forward a few months later and now the state gyms are back to full capacity. but are things looking better? charles cassara is with us today in manhattan.
7:20 am
good morning to you. are you back? >> we're back in the technical sense that we're allowed to be 100% capacity. masks are coming off but as far as getting people to come back that's a different story. >> dana: what do you hear from them? fearful to come back or just get out of the habit? >> they released a new cdc guidelines and governor cuomo did adopt them into small businesses but there is a lot of different caveats with them. in order for us to get rid of the social distancing inside of our gym we have to take people's vaccination cards. this is creating a big problem between people who don't want to give it or have been vac naitd. a lot of gym owners lost another 5 to 10% of their overall business. if you don't take it then we can have the masks off but we have to keep social distance. if we'll keep social distance 100% capacity is predicated on the six feet. so that doesn't work.
7:21 am
how do we gain any profit? >> dana: one of the things that i was surprised by and important for people to know this gyms were not eligible for ppp loans. >> a lot of gyms are generally if you want to take in the city here boutique orientated. they don't have a lot of employees. they didn't apply or get any ppp money. and that was a big problem in our industry. plus we also know in the beginning stages it was riddled with fraud. instead of fixing it we just put more money back into a program that didn't work and also know banks gave privilege to their larger companies that were with them. so we tend to 1099 a lot of employees or take profit share checks, both of which we can't apply for the ppp. since being closed in march to being open in september, landlords wanted money, rent was due. we got nothing.
7:22 am
>> bill: we saw you from seven months ago. now seven months later and hoping for more optimism. i understand where you are coming from. you sued the governor of new york to reopen. >> we banded together and got a lot of gyms together since we weren't considered an essential business even though we think we are. we got together and sued because we feel that the governor's rules were arbitrary and over the course of time it proved that we were right and right before we were supposed to go to court the governor was supposed to show cause and discovery, they opened us. no one knew we were being opened. not the mayor, not the department of health or the sheriff's department, no one knew because over the weekend they knew they would have to come to court. they shouldn't show cause, no proof for shutting us down. none of the science to prove it and they opened us up. >> dana: we're here on this beautiful day. people are outside and go to the beach they might think i
7:23 am
need to get back to the gym. what is your pitch to get people to come back? >> our pitch has always been we were the one industry that should have stayed open because your immune system is what's important about protecting yourself from covid. yes, the vaccine and if you want to get it that's great and that's the way to go. but your immune system. who can do that? that's the gyms. if everybody has been locked down and wanted to get back into fitness, find a gym that is willing to accommodate you depending on where your stance is and let's start to get back and help them out. >> bill: you talked about staying healthy in october. so many people, we can relate to this about trying to keep yourself in line. >> we fight against obesity which nobody wants to talk about. we fight against hypertension and diabetes and all the things that were main contributors toward people dying from covid.
7:24 am
>> dana: good luck to you. like to stay in touch and see how it goes and everybody get back to the gym and take care of themselves. a good investment to make. charles, thank you. kevin mccarthy is pushing for fellow republicans to vote no on a commission on the january 6 riot. will the senate follow suit. president biden making an awkward joke about running over a reporter. yes, he did. we'll play it for you next. ♪ well, i'm taking a greyhound on the hudson river line, i'm in a new york state of mind ♪
7:25 am
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7:30 am
york i think officially comes back. is it fair to say? >> bill: i think so. turning the corner a little bit. we had this date circled on our calendar 45 days ago when it was on the horizon. here it is. it is not all back but it is a lot better than it used to be. i was thinking about greg abbott, the governor of texas. he said you don't have to do masks in texas. what is he thinking about new york? we aren't -- >> dana: he didn't say i told you so yesterday. >> bill: he could have. >> dana: i would have. >> bill: house minority leader kevin mccarthy urging republicans the vote against this bipartisan bill that would create a commission to study the january 6th attack on the nation's capitol. he is saying it is too limited and it should look into antifa
7:31 am
and the protests last summer that went on and jackie heinrich has the story. >> a complex issue for mccarthy. the man he tapped to negotiate it succeeded in getting three successions in democrats that he called for in february. now telling his members to vote against the commission that would potentially subpoena him as part of its investigation. but i've learned from my gop sources nearly all 29 house republican members of the bipartisan problem solvers congress will vote in support of the bill. they vote as a block if a bill needs a certain threshold of support. it did. there are 68 members outside who are on board. far more than the 10 in the house who voted to impeach. a couple reasons why this is gaining traction. the biggest one fears among republicans. if republicans don't agree the democrats will drag it into the
7:32 am
mid-terms. if republicans take part they can insure a shorter timeline. the bill will pass the house but much less clear where it goes in the senate. mitch mcconnell said yesterday a commission might not be necessary with the ongoing investigations by the d.o.j. and senate committees. >> one thing i think we need to bear in mind. there are hundreds of arrests that have already occurred, the attorney general is pursuing many more. >> the commission as it stands would give equal representation to both parties. it would require majority approval for any subpoenas they hand out. some republicans are upset it doesn't include other instances of political violence like the riots that followed the death of george floyd last summer. >> bill: jackie heinrich from capitol hill. >> president biden: no, you can't. -- >> dana: president biden joking
7:33 am
about running over a reporter while test driving an electric truck yesterday in michigan. some wondering how that remark would have been received if biden was a republican. here to talk about fox nation hope kat timpf and joe concha. >> not a funny joke. i don't understand why the reaction to ask this question about this very serious conflict. i will hit you with my car. i am not one to want to cancel anybody for any jokes if the attempt was humor, which i think it was. but i also can say it was bad when i was bad and it was bad. >> scale of 1 to 10 a five. a pour attempt at humor. president trump said he wanted to put some reporters off a spacex rocket and joked with president putin of russia saying we should get rid of reporters. media said it was a chill to
7:34 am
democracy. trump was far more accessible than all when his predecessors combined in the cable tv era. i think a lot of journalists are missing him because this president is very inaccessible. >> bill: it was odd. if that what comes to your mind when you are asking a question. >> dana: this is why he is not behind the wheel. he has secret service protect him. a terrifying threat against america's free press. i trust impeachment proceedings will soon follow. that won't happen but the point is taken. >> absolutely. it would be wall-to-wall on cnn when trump was president. it was a joke. it was bad, quite confusing if that's where your brain would go. >> bill: if that's what comes to mind if i ask you about israel and hamas. >> i've never wanted to hit anybody with my car when they
7:35 am
have asked me. i'm relatively young. >> bill: california, "wall street journal." california leftist try to cancel math class. >> dana: some people might say great. kidding. >> bill: this program is quite a comedown for math. objective academic discipline for a tool for political activism. society harmed with fewer people than know math well. how will we advance tech -- we're 11th in math. 30th in science and we're obsessing about race, teaching about race instead of the blocking and tackling to your point that you get with math and science. it is embarrassing where we are. the united states not even the top 10 in eats of those categories. >> it is as crazy as the headline makes it sound. it says teaching that math -- any focus on the right answer in math is white supremacy and talking down about that. the right answer in math is
7:36 am
pretty important in the real world. for example, imagine we just had tax day. if you had no focus on the right answer in what you paid the i.r.s. you will go to jail. it is kind of important. i never liked math. >> the point about this is the curriculum is changing in school districts across america. not just math. it's across the board. >> dana: young adults are going into the real world and don't know how to prepare for a job interview. mortgage, what is that? how do i manage my credit? we should be focus ong on one part of the school curriculum should be social media etiquette and opioids. we are not talking about it at all in our schools. >> dana: we have to get kids back in school. that would be one thing. i think having high expectations of students and parents of their children when it comes to math, if you want them to be competitive that's what you have to do. >> we have to do something
7:37 am
about alexa and my 7-year-old asks her for every answer. >> bill: an outrage on social media of older millennials referred to as geriatric millennials. i clicked on to make sure i wasn't one and i'm not. gen z coming up thing, this isn't school trying to take my skinny jeans away and trying to take jeans jackets away. i can go into a bar and order a margarita and they can't. >> good point. >> dana: if there are what that that make us? >> gen x super cougar. >> dana: it's a new world and you can be whatever you want to be. >> bill: nice to see you in person. it has been a year and a half. >> dana: 14 months.
7:38 am
>> bill: welcome back. good night on gutfeld. who is on the show? >> johnny joey jones and i forget who else. we have me and greg. >> bill: thank you both. far left democrats publicly confronting president biden on israel. on the ground in michigan. thank you, hello horns in new york city. there it is 10:38 officially. the president facing growing pressure from his own party to take action in the face of escalating middle east violence. we're on that in a moment. martha maccallum will join us as the city she loves gets back to normal. come on back after this. ♪♪♪ did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah!
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7:44 am
martha maccallum joins us now. good morning to you. by the way, i know how much you love this town. >> i do. >> bill: i know how much you love this town. you know what my feelings are. it was tough to see what it went through. we hope we can come back at the same level of strength we did before. >> i think the city is about to explode and i'm thrilled about it. i would love to see from the top more leadership on bringing people back to new york, more unity in terms of encouraging people to go out for dinner and come back to the shows. you need to have a really comprehensive. there was an i love new york campaign. i think i mentioned this before. they had people on the subways, people all over the city with mayor cox leaning over and going and singing i love new york. we need something like that. we need a broad, unifying message for the city. >> dana: you were here on 9/11 heading to the 20th anniversary
7:45 am
of those attacks. new york went through a lot then but a resilient city. i wasn't here. do you sense that can still happen? another one of those turnarounds? >> i think there are similarities. the situation of 9/11 created a very bonding experience. the city pulled together along with connecticut and new jersey. >> dana: the whole nation. >> we had people coming in fire trucks from mississippi and alabama and all over the country which was so unifying. unfortunately the impact of covid feels like it has been more divisive. the issue over masks has divided the nation in terms of our reaction to it. the other thing i remember that is parallel, i think, people left the city. after 9/11 people felt it was scary to live in a city if they had had a hard time getting out on that day or living with a lot of fear they left the city in droves. now, that's happened again and i think that will be the big question. will there be leadership construct shn and enticement to businesses that makes people want to come back?
7:46 am
we need to see lower taxes and all kinds of incentives for people to move back to new york and open businesses here. >> bill: feeling on 9/11 although the attacks impacted all of us it was one corner of the city. the rest of the town operated. this place hasn't done that. it took us two years to get back from 9/11 and two years from 2008-2009. two years or longer. a lot of people were optimistic for the fall. manhattan has so much open space. you have the ongoing crisis in the middle with hamas and israel. joe biden was in michigan yesterday and touched down in michigan met on the tarmac from tlaib. the first palestinian american in congress. based on the accounts there although unofficial they talked for eight minutes about what is happening. she has a grandmother that lives in the west bank. they had a spirited conversation one could describe. here is what the president then
7:47 am
said once he got to the podium about her comments. >> president biden: i want to say to you that i admire your intellect, passion and concern for so many other people. it is from my heart i pray that your grandma and family are well. i promise i will do everything to see they are on the west bank. you are a fighter and god thank you for being a firefighter. >> bill: part of that may have come out of the tweet from earlier in the week. if you support a cease-fire then get out of the way of the u.n. security council and join other countries in demanding it. apartheid in chief netanyahu will not ask for anyone asking nicely. he violates international law. he has stood by israel to this point but getting heat from the left. >> he has moved towards his left flank in a way that was not wholly expected when he
7:48 am
became president. now this is the latest issue that is tearing into who joe biden was and has been as a senator, as a vice president. there was always a lot of tension between netanyahu, the prime minister of israel and the obama administration. that part isn't new. the big question is how far will we see joe biden go on this issue? yesterday it came out he was asking for a cease-fire, that he was encouraging that from netanyahu. everybody wants to see peace in the middle east. i think the use of the word apartheid is very intentional. it is used by aoc and tlaib now. immediately associates people's minds with south africa and apartheid, the condition that people relate to and remember and maybe they haven't looked at this situation that way. all of that language is intentional and powerful and we'll see where it goes. we'll see where biden goes. >> dana: national review explains how it is not apartheid. if you are curious about that, check it out. see you on the story.
7:49 am
thank you for being with us today. >> great to be outside. >> dana: our solar powered guest here. the big apple open after more than a year of closure. we hit the streets of manhattan after the break. here is harris with a preview of what's coming up on "the faulkner focus". >> harris: we'll go deeper on that incident. the battle between israel and hamas. the democratic divides deepens as the fight rages on. republican senator tom cotton will join us and tell us what it really looks like from inside. plus the mask messaging mess is erupting on capitol hill. the democrats in the house have slapped fines on three g.o.p. members for freeing their faces in line with the cdc guidance. one of those lawmakers will be with me with her take. "the faulkner focus" top of the hour.
7:50 am
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♪♪♪ >> bill: we thought there was a time earlier this week to check out our neighborhood in mid town manhattan. a little wander, a saunter and a little gameber. this is what we found in midtown manhattan. ♪♪♪
7:56 am
>> bill: this is 48th street outside our studios and they've been through the wringer. >> dana: store fronts, things are coming back. >> bill: how are things going on the street? >> fantastic. a lot of love on the block. any problems i'll take care of it. >> bill: you survived? how hard was it? >> very tough. very tough. all the way back in march right before st. patrick's day. 14, 15 months now. >> bill: how is business today? >> so far not so good. in general it's okay. we see a few more people around. >> bill: are you optimistic for this city? >> yes, always optimistic for this city. >> bill: you think new york will make it? >> i do. we've been through worse. >> bill: what do you think? >> i think new york city is
7:57 am
resilient. i feel like the trees are greener this spring. the city has come alive and it has been a really wonderful come together. we're ready for the roaring 20s. >> bill: how is the city looking? what do you think of new york? >> great place today. >> dana: he made me take a walk. >> bill: i'm back. i feel like it. i thought for a while it was -- depending on where you were in the city it would get better every day. that's pretty much the case. >> dana: the vaccines have definitely made a difference. sunshine is making a difference. >> bill: the weather. >> dana: the fact that the masks if you're vaccinated if people more comfortable. not everyone. >> bill: i think the store owners here, whether they have a restaurant or a bar or what have you, i think they've been through a lot and for them to
7:58 am
still be standing says a lot about them. >> dana: here we are. i do think that you can see there is a sense of optimism in the city even though everyone who lives here you know there are a lot of empty store fronts. as the woman said the trees are greener this year. >> bill: the process has begun. >> dana: the big apple. the big reveal. jasper's debut on "america's newsroom." he is 9 years old. he got a new tie for the occasion. there he is, america. i had to go shopping for that tie. jasper wants to check out the camera there. i love the last few months being with you even during covid. here we are reopening new york city. are you excited? >> bill: amazing. jasper, how are we doing? >> dana: he is going around new york.
7:59 am
tourists will say is that jasper? they don't want a picture with me, just the dog. >> bill: lovely. today was a special day because of jasper. >> dana: not just because of jasper. >> bill: the moment itself, right? that's the trick. >> dana: that's how you train dogs. it's not a secret. >> bill: i was sneaky. what is it? >> dana: you want one? >> bill: no. >> dana: they're pretty good. we don't feed him junk. we want to thank our team. we have an amazing production team here and also all the executives and there is a whole group of people, tech crew is here that made all this happen and they've been through -- we never missed a moment on air. you want to walk him? sure. >> bill: what do you mean never missed a moment. >> dana: there was never a moment of dead year. we had a tough year everybody being remote. this team and company pulled it through for our viewers, don't you think? >> bill: tomorrow we go back inside, right? >> dana: are you disappointed about that?
8:00 am
>> bill: probably. >> dana: all right. want to see a trick? ready? jasper don't let me down. can you catch? catch? okay, here you go. >> bill: nice. >> dana: he really can do it. it is my tossing ability. peter is much better at it. >> bill: we'll run and harris will take over and back inside tomorrow and see what happens. >> dana: here is harris. "the faulkner focus". >> harris: international pressure is growing for a cease-fire. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says israel will press on against the terror group hamas. trey yengst is live near the gaza border with the latest. trace new developments and we're coming straight to you this hour. >> good morning. israel and hamas have entered


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