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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: and here's sean! >> sean: what an introduction. thanks, tucker. welcome to "hannity." it's have a special message. you don't want to miss it. former president barack obama. that's straight ahead. after more than 100 days in office, one overreaching theme is dominating now sippy cup joe's administration. that theme is complete weakness. weakness abroad, weakness at home. a weak commander-in-chief that believes that full scale
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appeasement of our enemies will bring peace in our time. joe's cowardly response to the russian hack is embarrassing and self-disruptive. now only did he give them a free pass on the russians hacking the pipeline, five days later, get this, joe rewarded his pal, putin, by removing trump era sanctions on a key russian pipeline that hopes our allies in germany and elsewhere in europe. not only is america first's strategy gone, dead, energy independence is now gone. that is dead. now joe is literally adopted vladimir putin and russia first strategies and giving a waiver to vladimir putin to build his pipeline and turning down ours.
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finds out the real russian collusion, yeah, that would be leading democrats. remember obama, tell putin i'll have more flexibility after the election. hillary clinton paying for the dirty russian dossier and used as the basis to spy on a presidential candidate and a president with premeditated fraud on a fisa court. don't forget hunter biden's 3.5 million he got from a russian oligarch, the first lady of moscow. now joe destroys in america high-paying career jobs in the energy sector by shutting down our pipeline with the stroke of a pen, ending our energy independence, allowing a waiver so putin can build a pipeline to supply to our allies. joe gave the green light, two thumbs up. one of our biggest geo political foes that relies on oil and gas
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in russia to fund their proxy wars, all the nefarious activities they've been involved in including sabotaging america at every chance and it's even worse than that. now the same can also be said about sippy cup joe and iran. joe is working hard again to lift sanctions against the mullahs in iran. so why would warm milky bedtime story joe be so eager to lift the sanctions on russian oil and iranian oil and destroying american energy independence at home? one word. joe appeasement.
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appeasement for enemies a broad and his radical base here at home. we're watching this play out in israel. first biden reinstated american funding to the palestinians. donald trump had cut it off. soon after, hamas began launching thousands of iranian supplied rockets right into israeli cities. now joe apparently wants israel to stop defending itself with a unilateral cease fire. what would he do if those rockets were being fired into american cities? in other words, that word, one word, appeasement. back here at home, joe is also appeasing his radical anti-semitic base. rasheeda talib hitting israel and the jewish people that live there. she retweeted a statement calling for israel's elimination. earlier this year, she held a fund raiser with a notorious anti-semite that referred to
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jews as satanic. she also openly complained about the biden's administration to appoint a jewish secretary of state. talib worried that blinken, the secretary of state would be too pro israel because he's jewish. worst of all, talib once talked about i don't know how this happened, her calming feeling she gets when she thinks about the holocaust. the statement explains it in context. never once did she mention the millions of jewish people slaughtered in the holocaust. >> i think of the holocaust and it's a calming feeling. the fact that it was my ancestors, palestinians that lost their land and some lost their lives. livelihood, human dignity, their existence in many ways have been wiped out. all of it. it was in the name of trying to
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create a safe haven for jews post the holocaust. i love the fact it was my ancestors that provided that in many ways. but they did it in a way that took their human dignity away, right? it was forced on them. >> sean: clearly she's a maniac, an anti semite, spends her time obsessing over the state of israel. she should not be in any elected office frankly ever. yesterday she meets biden on the tarmac in michigan according to numerous report chewing him out for him supporting our closest ally, only democracy in the region in the middle east and their right to defend itself the way we would defend ourselves. remember, the same woman that had to be forcibly removed from a trump rally in 2015. this is not a rationale peace-loving individual. biden? gives her ten minutes on the tarmac, refuses to condemn the anti-semites in his party.
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same goes for pelosi, same goes for schumer. it's clear now more than ever, the radical green new deal, socialist squad, they now rule the democratic party along with bernie who honeymooned in the former soviet union, praised castro and danielle ortega and chavez. the loaders cower before the radical squad. the president praised on talib hours after that encounter on the tarmac. perhaps he was intimidated. joe biden is beyond anything else weak and he's spineless, clearly afraid of the radical squads. pretty much does everything that they say. what else did you expect from a guy that can be blown over three times so they tell us from a gust of wind. today during a rare appearance outside the white house, biden embarrassed himself again in a speech that was frankly, yeah, painful to watch. take a look. >> i brought with me a former
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academy grad who now serves as my coast guard milab. lieutenant commander -- i'm going to embarrass here. janet macrone of the class of 2007. >> we're endowed by the -- the thing. you know, the thing. endowed by our creator. god. the creator of everything, joe. unfortunately it got worse. 1 point he attempted to deliver a joke. got his words mixed up. after nobody laughed, joey came very angry. he wanted a sippy cup. take a look. >> i can only assume that you will enjoy educating your family about how the coast guard is "the hard nucleus around the navy forms in times of war." you are -- you're a really dull class. come on, man.
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is the sun getting to you? i would think you'd have an opportunity when i say that about the navy to clap. but being here together -- [applause] being here together is a victory in itself. >> sean: we did get the signature "come on, man." now we know why his team orders him not to take questions. true to form, his attempt at a joke was not an original. unlike joe, president ronald reagan, about the same age as joe at that time in his presidency, he could actually deliver a punch line for comparison. let's take a look at president reagan and biden back-to-back. we'll let you decide if you see a difference. >> my close guard aides have been excellent. one of them taught me that -- and i quote -- the coast guard is that hard nucleus about which the navy forms in times of war.
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[cheers & applause] >> i can only assume that you will enjoy educating your family about how the coast guard is "the hard nucleus around the navy forms in times of war." you are a really dull class. come on, man. >> sean: come on, man. you're a dull president that can barely string a few sentences together. piece of advice, joey, stop insulting our soldiers when they don't laugh at your terrible jokes. you might remember this. >> and i want you to know not withstanding who you may hear about me, i have incredibly good judgment. one, i married jill. two, i appointed johnson to the academy. i want you to know that. [applause]
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>> thank you all. >> sean: that guy looks better than that guy today. anyway, i have another piece of advice, joey, step telling jokes. you're not funny and never will be and as bad as most of the lame late night shows on television now. you also might want to invest in golf lessons if you're going to play. look at your screen there. watch that. biden struggles on the golf course. in that case, the ball went backwards. i don't have time to play a lot of golf. i played a few rounds in my day. i never hit it backwards. hit it out or to the left. joe is reportedly having trouble with vice president kamala harris, a new book is out claiming that doctor -- the first lady, jill biden said that harris can go [bleep] herself when harris called out biden's
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history of racism in the first democratic debate. she went silent after that. don't worry. we'll carry the torch and remind people for you, kamala. vice president harris, she's getting criticized for hiding her tremendous wealth behind a family trust. this article on, the trust assets are not reportable effectively obscuring some of the vice president's holding from public view. this violates the hollow ethics that they made. remember, rules don't ply to democrats. only republicans. they're the only ones lucky enough to get 28 guys in tactical guns, predawn raids, frogmen the back yards. cnn cameras there to capture the event. only they get in trouble for process crimes like lying to
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congress. democrats are october saysed with institutional racism. lori lightfoot -- i call her lightweight. 46 people shot this past weekend in chicago. by the way, quick exam, quiz. do you know the names of any of them? anyway, she now instituted a policy banning white people. they're not allowed to interview her. only people of color. the mayor's office will now only grand one-on-one interviews with black or brown reporters because lightfoot believes there's too many white people working for the city's news outlets. not only is this official policy, obviously racist, but the major wouldn't be the mayor's time be better served looking for ways to stop the shootses every weekend in her city? again, nearly 50 people this weekend shot. lightfoot is more concerned about the amount of white people
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working at the tribune or a local tv station, this is pathetic and sad. leo 2.0 terrell and nationally syndicated host larry 1.0 that never changed. leo, where is the hat? it's a signature. >> i'm in washington d.c. i left it at home. i'm in washington. i'm next door. >> no, there's no excuse for not bringing the hat. no excuse that you didn't bring larry his hat as you promised. larry, start with you tonight. how is it possible -- i thought -- i think everybody agrees racism is abhorrent, it is evil, it is ignorant. discrimination is wrong, it's evil. we want to become that perfect union. we made a lot of strides. more to make. the question is if you want to
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end discrimination, is this institutionalizing discrimination? >> well, of course it is. it's an absurd thing that the mayor is asking. it's all designed to divert attention from the problems in the city. the city's finances are in the toilet. they're unfunded pension liability is one of the largest on the budget. crime is up year to year, homicide is up year to year. the think is the third black and third wide and third hispanic. 70% of the homicides are black on black and the majority are unsolved. the school system is horrific. 39% of chicago public schools teachers put their own kids in private school. four times higher than the national average. the mayor has problems to deal with. i think yelling and demanding that a reporter be a certain kind of race is one of the least of her concerns. all designed to divert from the
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disaster of chicago. >> sean: leo? >> i've been waiting all day for this. lori lightfoot is a racist. an overt racist. the reason why she gets away with it? she's black and she got that d in front of her name. you want to know what systemic racism is? when the mayor of a city institutes a policy, this is systemic racism. she gets away with it. rasheeda talib is anti-semitic. we have to stop this. this race card is being used exclusively by democrats because they are minority, you have joe biden afraid to challenge talib. they put kamala harris who basically called him a racist because she's black? she gets a pass? lori lightfoot, i want everybody to hear this is a racist regardless of her color.
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she is implementing systemic racism in the city of chicago. sue her. >> sean: larry, last word. >> sean, this hostility towards israel be game with the obama administration. obama criticized the building of settlements. one of his top aides referred to netanyahu as chicken [bleep]. a democrat king maker is one of the leading anti-semites, reverend al sharp ton. all of these democrats kissed his ring to get the nomination for president. so they have problem with anti-semitism, hostility with israel in the democratic party. it will be better for democrats when more jews notice this and stop donating to the democratic party. >> sean: thanks, leo and larry. joining us with more, dan bon gigi -- bongino and geraldo
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rivera. and biden is going to lecture israel? thousands of rockets fired into their cities to destroy the people of israel with a stated charter that says and calls for the destruction of israel? you don't support that, do you, geraldo? >> you know, sean it's shocking and outrageous of what is happening in israel, the fact that palestinians are being killed at the rate of 15 or 20 times the death toll among the israelis, including children, is absolutely -- >> sean: geraldo, let me stop you. how about the -- >> -- the collapse of their buildings -- >> sean: how about the terrorist organization hamas stop firing them from hospitals and schools and heavily densely populated
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areas -- >> why don't we -- >> sean: no. they fired first. if american city got hurt, it would be all -- america all hands on deck. if innocent people die, you blame the people that start the war. >> this is palestinian children dead. >> sean: whose fault is that? whose fault is that? >> ammunition provided to israel by the united states without -- >> sean: geraldo, whose fault is that? >> i demand a cease fire. >> sean: i demand that israel win the war. israel needs to win the war against terrorism. >> by killing all the palestinians? let's kill them all. kill all the children. >> sean: dan? >> geraldo, you do this every time, this is garbage. i'm really getting sick of it. you play this emotional game with the audience and use your position of responsibility to put out misinformation -- >> stop attacking me, punk. address the issue.
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address the issue -- >> this is not about me. >> you didn't come here to attack me. you came to -- >> i'm sick of you, bongino. you're a punk. >> sean: geraldo, let him talk. let him talk. >> you can't go on the air -- >> i'm an out of control lunatic? >> yes -- >> i'm a ten-time emmy winner -- >> sean: guys -- >> have you been there? i covered every war since 1973. >> i'll wait to him stop talking. >> if your point is about me, i'm not going to stop. >> sean: dan. >> geraldo rivera does not understand that hamas doesn't believe in israel's right to exist. hamas wants the jews dead. what does he do? the same thing with the police issue. he makes this an emotional thing and he says the palestinian
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children. of course we care about palestinian children. >> yeah, i haven't heard you say it. >> we incentivize the terror group hamas to not fire rockets into israel. it would stop immediately. your debate -- you're so misinformed on this. it's pathetic. it's a blood thirsty savage -- >> sean: let me calm the waters here. let me -- guys, let me calm the water. geraldo, let me calm the waters here. geraldo, who started this war? who started firing the rockets? whose is firing -- >> you want to go back to 1948? 1967? 1973? >> sean: the 76 -- yes, i've been to israel. you know what? i've been to the border with gaza. >> i've covered early war -- >> sean: kids can't play in an outdoor playground because they can't get in a bunker. they play in indoor bunker play
6:22 pm
grounds. i've seen the rockets, 10,000 in one city in ten years. >> a palestinian -- >> sean: let me get me question in. who do you blame for firing the rockets first? who do you blame for firing it from densely populated areas and hospitals andschools? >> this started -- this current chapter of this ongoing violence started when israeli cops raided the mosque in the old city of jerusalem. >> get out of here. >> it is one of the most sacred places -- >> you don't know what you're talking about. >> listen to this guy. have you ever been? have you been at war? have you -- >> sean: i've been there many times. i'm showing video of me there. >> you haven't either. that's the interesting thing. >> sean: i have been there multiple times. that tunnel right there. that was filled with israeli and american money and cement. that's -- that cement was meant
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for hospitals and schools, guys. that cement there. 60 feet underground tunnels so that these terrorists can sneak in the dark of the night and kill israelis. >> we don't you show the dead palestinian children? >> sean: if i ever stepped foot in -- >> the palestinian children are being killed and they don't exist. >> you don't understand your own history, geraldo. who controlled that palestinian area? >> cease fire now. no american weapons used to kill children. stop it. >> so they can kill more just? are you nuts? >> i demand a cease fire. >> so they can rearm and kill more just. this is great. >> sean: all right, all right, all right. enough. we'll move on. coming up, special message from me to barack obama that i promise you don't want to miss.
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first, biden, the left continues to push their dangerous america last agenda and the latest much more with ted cruz. he's next straight ahead. ritin. and 24-hour relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. try claritin cool mint chewabls for powerful allergy relief plus a cooling sensation. live claritin clear.
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>> sean: all right. here too respond to joe biden's appeasement abroad, texas senator ted cruz. energy is very important in texas. so with the stroke of a pen, high paying career jobs wiped out. with the stroke of a pen, energy independence is wiped out. thin he gives a waiver to russia and vladimir putin to build a pipeline to supply energy and get rich to our western european allies and others. senator, maybe you can help sort that out. i didn't graduate from harvard.
6:29 pm
you did. >> well, sean, sadly i can't shed a lot of light on it. it's absolutely crazy what joe biden and kamala harris are doing. on day one in office, joe biden shut down the keystone pipeline. destroyed 11,000 high-paying jobs, including 8,000 union jobs. then biden allowed russian hackers to hack the colonial pipelines producing gas lines up and down the eastern seaboard. he sat by while they paid a ransom to hackers. and now today he signed a waiver greenlighting the nord stream 2 pipeline. a pipeline from russia to germany. congress has passed bipartisan sanctions to stop this pipeline. we stopped it. for a year it was shut down.
6:30 pm
a piece of metal at the bottom of the ocean. putin began rebuilding it right after biden was elected. today he issued a waiver. basically what joe biden has decided is pipelines in america bad. jobs in america bad. pipelines in russia, good. jobs in russia good. this is exactly backward. it's asinine. four months into it, joe biden is crawling in bed with putin and russia and the enemies of america. doesn't make any sense. >> sean: then you have russia now aligned with china providing arms to iran so that they can ship them to yemen so the proxy war can continue in the middle east there as well. let's get to the issue of iran. we have some problems there, too. he wants to get with the mullahs in iran again. what is it with this idea that joe biden is going to lecture
6:31 pm
prime minister netanyahu from doing the right thing, which is defending his country under attack and assault by a group whose charter calls for the destruction of israel? >> sean, you're right. what biden and kamala harris are pursuing is backwards. our friends and allies, the people we should be standing alongside with is alienating, undermining, insulting and attacking. our enemies, the people that want to kill us, he's sending money to, supporting and praising and kissing their rear ends. so whether that is russia and biden signing off on the putin pipeline, whether that is china and biden nominating pro china cabinet nominees who are unwilling to stand up to chinese aggression or whether it's iran and biden wanting to send billions of dollars to the ayatollah khamenei. we had peace flowering
6:32 pm
everywhere. we had the abraham accords. i was at the white house for that. incredible victories that president trump had won by standing strongly and unequivocally with israel. joe biden came in and in just four months he's frittered all of that away, undermined israel and prime minister netanyahu, he sent over 100 million to the palestinian authority, the p.a., which is in bed with hamas. hamas, the terrorists that are firing the rockets that you're showing right now, they fired over 4,000 rockets in to israel. every one of those rockets might as well have joe biden's name written on the side of it. it's his weakness and his back of backbone to stand up and stand with israel that is causing this war in the middle east. what he ought to do, sean, he ought to stand up and say rather than lecturing netanyahu and rather than being arrogant and
6:33 pm
attacking our friends, he ought to say america stands with israel, period, the end. the hamas terrorists need to stop right now. israel has an absolute right to defend itself. if hamas attacks israel, they will be dealt with and they will be killed. he needs to right now replenish israel's iron dome missiles. they're firing missiles to intercept these rockets. they fired thousands of missiles. instead, joe biden is appeasing aoc and talib and the radical left. >> sean: it's clear to me and it's inexplicable to me, neither biden, pelosi or schumer condemn the squad and the semitism that is existed some of the members that we chronicled in detail on this program. my question now is, okay, with the instability created in the middle east, the new unholy
6:34 pm
alliance russia, china and iran fighting the proxy war, eliminating energy independence here at home, the price of oil is already going up, knocking out high-paying career energy jobs for people in your state of texas and elsewhere. okay. what is the net result? we hurt our national security and pay for for everything we buy in every store coupled with inflation. also we pay more for gas to fill up our tanks, more for heating, more for cooling our homes. who wins here? >> the bad guys and eneies of america. joe biden has handed it over to elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. we have a border crisis, over two million projected to come here illegally this year. a gas crisis of gas lines and sky rocketing energy prices.
6:35 pm
we're on the verge of an inflation crisis as the numbers are rising up and up and war in the middle east. we're four months in. it's terrifying to think what will happen in the next four months. all of these are failures of the biden administration. this is a reprise of the 1970s. you and i are both old enough to remember the 70s. joe biden is jimmy carter 2.0. kamala harris is walter mondale and the disasters they're producing are failing at home, economically, domestically and abroad. we got to stop it. we need to stand with israel, stand with our friend and i'm leading the fight to do that. i'm headed to israel shortly to stand with israel and ensure that they have what they need to defend themselves. >> sean: only one sentence. steve and joe can do it and not mess it up. when we come backs, more covid hypocrisy from the left as they continue to contradict themselves. it's never ending. a bomb shell report from devin
6:36 pm
nunes that is set to be released about the origins of the coronavirus. that, dr. nicole sapphire and a special message i have to barack obama.
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this is a red alert. israel is under attack. a state of emergency has been declared as families flee for their lives. the international fellowship of christians and jews is on the ground delivering life-saving aid. bomb shelters like these are overflowing. for years these people have faced the threat of violence and tonight that threat is real. pregnant women, children, elderly are sick and they need emergency supplies. the time to act is right now. your gift of only $45 will rush emergency food, water and critical supplies for people who left everything behind. the people of israel need your help, they need you. please, pray to god, and ask him what he would have you do today.
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your gift of $45 is needed right now.
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>> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple loves camping adventures and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair. we repaired the chip before it could crack.
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and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust, when you need it most. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> sean: all right. dr. doom and gloom, flip-flop fauci caught in another act of hypocrisy. he admitted that him wearing a mask after he was vaccinated wasn't based on science but for show. now, because remember, fauci told senator rand paul back in martha mask wearing was theater. he told people they shouldn't be wearing a mask at all. take a look. >> isn't it just theater? you're wearing two masks with a
6:41 pm
vaccine. isn't that theater? >> masks are not theater. i'm more comfortable people seeing me indoors without a mask. before the cdc made the recommendation change, i didn't want to look like i was giving mixed signals. >> now in the united states, people should not be walking around with masks. >> one mask is good. two masks is better. >> a year or two from now during certain seasonal periods with like the flu, people might elect to wear masks. >> sean: so dr. fauci said they're not for shoe. but you admitted you wore one for show. it's time for someone else -- i've had it. i tried to defend you in the beginning. give up some allowance, mistakes would be made. we reached the point that, you know what? we need someone else in charge
6:42 pm
of covid response. considering most of it has been handled thanks to dr. trump. fauci is flip-flopping on every major issue throughout the pandemic and he's shown himself to be political. masks, ventilators to risk of transmission outside. the threshold needed for herd immunity, school reopenings and more. all we get are mixed signal after mixed signal. that's created from the flipping and flopping and flailing and mixed messaging, what they call vaccine hesitancy. joe biden played a big part in that. we know the cdc was not following science. they were taking dictation from the teacher's union who wields massive power in the democratic party. can't politize convenience or
6:43 pm
warm speeds. i'm very pro science, have pro vaccine. we can't have politics infecting important medical decisions that affect our ability to get back to normal and affecting our ability to learn everything we can about the virus including its origins. you may recall the mob and the media, anybody that dared talk about or question the wet market theory or the idea that somehow this was made in a wuhan lab, you're a conspiracy theorist. well, there's now growing evidence, a body of evidence showing and supporting the wuhan lab leak theory. a report from devin nunes and the republicans on the house intel committee finds there's significant circumstantial evidence that the coronavirus may have originated from the wuhan instituted of virology. joining us with reaction, congressman devin nunes and nicole sapphire. congressman, start with you. >> we've been investigating the
6:44 pm
past year. we put together the open source recording that we could find. it tells a very clear picture of overwhelming evidence, multiple reporters across multiple countries that talk about the origins of this virus and all signs point to the lab. that's all we have to go on because our intelligence community once again has failed us. we're not sure that we have all the information and we're getting mixed signals from the biden administration. you may recall, sean, that donald trump was very clear, secretary pompeo, director ratcliffe, they were saying the same types of things that i'm saying that everything points to the lab. despite spending tens of billions of dollars a year on the most capable apparatus on the planet, we still can't get to the bottom of it. we compiled this report. we think it's clear. laid out 25 questions to the administration. if they answer them, we might begin to get to the bottom of where this virus originated
6:45 pm
from. >> sean: dr. sapphire, i tried to give dr. fauci the benefit of the doubt. i felt people were trying to do their best. they have never been this wrong on this profound level on so many issues. at this point we need new people. thoughts? >> well, i did a lot of research for my forthcoming book. any time i was asking questions about the origin, i was cancelled as anti-science and having that contrarian opinion to what was the popular thought right now being put forth by dr. fauci when he said there was no evidence of anything other than just the natural evolution of this virus. that's been the problem with this pandemic all along. when dr. fauci answered that question saying he was continuing to wear a mask because he didn't want to send
6:46 pm
mixed messages before the cdc updated their guidance, my question is why not? at this point he has enough influence on the cdc, the american people and on the president. the reason he's been in his role so long is because he's an excellent bystander. he refusing to push back to the fda when they drag their feet. he doesn't push back to the cdc when they don't follow science. it's frustrating. when you see him arguing with senator rand paul about the efficacy of the vaccine, you know, senator rand paul said i've recovered from covid-19. i'm protected. dr. fauci says he only feels safe because he's fully vaccinated despite the fact that all evidence showed that natural immunity is providing the same protects from severe covid-19 reinfection as vaccination. why aren't those questions being answered? unfortunately we're continued to be suppressed. any form of contrarian thought that goes against what dr. faux economy and the cdc says.
6:47 pm
>> let me go back to what i thought was the biggest indicator china knew. devin nunes. okay. china had a travel ban. couldn't fly out, couldn't travel from anywhere in china to wuhan province. you could trans from wuhan to the rest of the world. doesn't that seem how bad it was and didn't care about anybody but themselves? >> sean, also the chinese party put out through their propaganda machine that this originated from some chinese dude that eat an animal in a market. there's no evidence of that other than what they told us. i should note, go back in history. remember when the virus was spread something remember where nancy pelosi was. she was telling people to come out and all republicans and donald trump, we were all racist, the racist against the chinese people. the reality was, they built a narrative. i think what you're seeing is
6:48 pm
just like we saw in the russia hoax, they're continuing to build out narratives. the deep state people, the intelligence apparatus follow suit and they just refused to look at the real origins of this virus. >> sean: fascinating, too. thank you. we'll watch this report closely. dr. sapphire, thanks. congressman, thank you. when we come back, my special message for former president obama. you don't want to miss it.
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>> sean: a new book is out. it's called "battle for the soul." barack obama quoted saying donald trump is a mad man, a racist, a sexist pig and a corrupt mother effer. so we have a special message for barack. >> i never thought we would have
6:53 pm
a president that started in his political career in two unrependant terrorists. one bombed the nypd police department and state department and more. one of his pals was quoted in 911, 2001, saying he wish they did more. i don't regret setting bombs. obama, they were your friends. that's sick. i never thought we would have a president that sat in the pews of a radical pastor for 20 plus years that the sunday after 9-11 said no, no, no, not god bless america. g.d. american and america's chickens coming home to roost. take a look. >> no, no, not god bless america. god damn america. it's in the bible. >> because of the stuff we've done overseas is brought back
6:54 pm
into our own front yard. america's chickens are coming home to roost. >> sean: i never thought we would have a president that brought black liberation theology and bought into that. i never thought we would elect a president that hid for his entire presidency his relationship with that radical racist anti-semite louis farrakhan. they hid that picture for nine years. what a disgrace. or a president that recounted reverend wright's sermon, white folks needs. >> it is this world where cruise ships throw away more food than more see in a year. >> sean: i never thought we
6:55 pm
would elect sol olinski or a president bragging about doing drugs and said he tried them enthusiastically. >> i spent the last two years of high school in a daze. i kept playing basketball, attended classes sparingly, drank heavily and tried drugs. it didn't matter if you smoked reefer in a dorm room or on the beach with guys that looked for an excuse to brawl. >> you lied. millions lost their doctors and their plans and paid 200% more. your presidency was a failure. more "hannity" after this.
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interesting, keep your doctor, keep your plan, the average family saves $100, none of it is true. that is all the time we have left, we hope you will set your dvr and never miss an episode. you make this show possible. in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham takes it away now with the news you need to hear. laura? >> laura: hannity, i'm glad you have your tie on. is this going to be a striptease every night? >> sean: it's not a striptease! >> laura: why stop there? >> sean: in wouk america, don't stop there. what is the name of your hr person? i am calling them right now right now. >> laura: my staff is saying get out of this before you get in more trouble. >> sean: they are all saying it. you don't care and i don't care. >> laura: great show. i'm laura ingraham,