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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 19, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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welcome to fox news at night. i'm shannon in washington. breaking tonight global attention on the israel-palestinian con flick, republicans calling upon president biden to take a more pro-israel stand. live report from on the ground in israel in a minute. in the u.s. a violent fight
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breaking out at a sushi restaurant in los angeles police investigating as possible anti-semitic hate crime amount right leaning consumer group launches a million dollar advertising campaign to shame a corporation for politics. which company made the list many we begin in israel with prime minister netanyahu defiant in face of increasing pressure to seek a cease-fire. greg is live again there as thursday morning begins to dawn in tel aviv. good morning greg. >> absolutely shannon early thursday morning here and more hopes of a possible cease-fire, just in the past few hours or so the dow jones news agency quoting egyptian officials as well as israeli officials saying we could see a cease-fire between israel and hamas as early as friday. we have no independent
9:02 pm
confirmation of that and have confirmation that all through the night fighting within on in fact, past 24 hours hamas rockets rained town on southern and central israel, some of them getting through the "iron dome" defense as president biden told prime minister netanyahu in another phone call there should be a deescalation of fighting there. are again some reports that israel is looking to scale down the offensive to pave the way for the cease fire. publicly netanyahu was defiant. we watched wednesday as plane after plane left an israeli air base on bombing runs israel claiming to have hit over 800 targets there and killing some 130 people but it's the havoc which has been heaped on palestinians that has the world
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concerned women and children killed shortages of food water power medicine thousands homeless even missing. we talk via zoom to an analyst inside gaza city. take a listen? now we are an agent that need international support regardless of the conflict between israel an hamas. >> shannon one more sign this is what also analyst have been telling us we might be near the end, both sides claiming victory. just in the past hour or so on twitter a very slickly produced video by the israeli defense force saying they wiped out 60 miles of the terror underground tunnel network in gaza that hamas is using. analysts saying if both sides declare victory then they can
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reach a cease-fire. but also one other thing analysts are saying that right to the very end we could see intensification of the fighting both sides so we are hoping more the best but bracing for the worst. back to you. >> people are anxious for return to peace and progress on that front. thank you greg. at home progressive democrats upping the ante in opposition to u.s. support for israel as anti-israel protests are becoming more disruptive in the states. white house correspondent kevin cork looking at that. >> there is more evidence quite frankly that ton rest in the middle east is the first true test of this administration but not for the reason you think. while strife and unrest are fairly commonplace there the ideological battle at home with the policies happening over there is threatening democratic
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party unity. >> you're a really dull class. [laughter]. >> is the sun getting to you? >> his jokes didn't exactly land but the commencement address at the coast guard academy was if nothing else a welcome distraction given the drama half a world away as israelis and palestinians continue to exchange declarations. biden call for deescalation. israeli prime minister netanyahu was unmoved saying he is determined to continue this operation until its objective is achieved and quiet and security restored n. washington it's biden's policies under siege this time from members of his party with new york
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congresswoman ocasio-cortez leading democrats in resolution to block a $735 million sale of precision guided weapons to israel. in a statement on joint resolution ocasio-cortez says the ups has been silg billions of dollars of weapons to israel in dk aids, quote. if doing so she added the u.s. has contributed to the death displacement and disfranchisement of millions. >> joe biden kamala harris ought to have the courage to stand up to the crazy left and instead of giving into their demand we cut off essential weapons needed to defend and protect israel from terrorism we ought to be replenishing today the munitions needed for entire dome to keep not only israeli citizens safe but when it two, effectively
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keeps palestinians safe as well. >> this as anti-israeli protest erupted at the israeli embassy in washington, d.c. an pro-palestinian demonstrators shut traffic outside the israeli consulate in new york. >> heated rhetoric at home former u.s. ambassador to the u.s. nikki haley among critics taking aim at aoc to suggest israel is targeting schools an civilians saying today, quote. shannon. >> serious news here and abroad but we will have good news later and kevin you'll join us for that. >> see you then. >> we look forward to it. "black lives matter" weighing in amid the battles between israelis an hamas that will and for palestinian
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liberation. >> on social media declaring support for the palestinians the founding organization of "black lives matter" vowed to stand saying, quote. critics are quick to note in we've israel pulled troops and settlers out of gas allowing palestinians to chart their path but two years later hamas took power and is firing a barrage of rockets into israel. blm support for the palestinians drew backlash on social media with former acting director of national intelligence rick grenell writing quote. in 2015 a group of blm leaders traveled to palestinian territories to declare support and blm leaders acknowledge the
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trip resulted in a significant drop in funding. but instead of backing off, blm decided to push forward and this time around the group is being quick support from the left group bds which has been calling for an economic embargo. other left wing groups an lawmakers ever blamed israel for the violence. shannon. >> we will get into that later in the los angeles i understand a possible anti-jewish hate crime being investigated. violent fight breaking out after
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anti-semitic slurs at a diner. >> it happened in a sushi restaurant near beverly hills. witnesses say cars displaying palestinian flags were shouting anti-semitic slurs at jewish diners. apparently one passenger asked the group if they why jewish. when two of the men said yes they were attacked and a fight broke out. one of the jewish men was reportedly dragged punched another pepper sprayed and both men had to be hospitalized many the israeli american council condemned the attack as did the american jewish committee adl los angeles eric garcetti said jewish angelenos like all residents should feel safe and i end on this note that the fbi hate crime stats for 2019 say that jews are the focus of 60 percent of hate crimes
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concerning religious bias. >> thank you. so back to israel for firsthand account in the middle of this conflict we are going to get insight from foreign policy perspective for the choices that president biden is facing. former state department official and on the ground in jerusalem author of the book beirut protocol joel rosenberg covers everything in the region. welcome back to both of you. into thank you shannon. great to be with you. >> i want to play something from a couple member of congress senator sanders and also tom cotton on this call for a cease-fire. >> the senate urges an immediate cease-fire to prevent any further loss of life and furthest correlation of conflict in israel and the palestinian territories. >> calls for cease-fire are
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tantamount to hamas propaganda. we cannot allow hamas to fire rockets into israel and run into its tunnels and say we need a cease-fire. >> david how does the u.s. diplomaticly unpack these demands from two sides of the aisle? there are democrats and republicans who agree on a lot of what's going on in israel but the progressive left is calling on president biden to press for the cease-fire an asking him to dial back pro-israel language. they are official allies of this country. >> right. you know, if you're getting attacked by aoc and the squad on the left and by senator ted cruz on the right you're probably doing something right so biden has charted a course down the middle. he's made clear that israel has the right to defend itself. he's providing more precision weapons and iron dome as worked
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pretty well as we've all seen over the last week and that was supported and funded by the u.s. government. so, the u.s. should continue that military alliance but the u.s. does have to pressure israel for detaunt. we need a cease-fire. we need israel and the palestinians to compromise on key issues that caused this fighting. they're never going to fight their way out of these problems, on compromise is going to work and it's going to take a really strong president to knock their head together and get them to both agree to some things they toenlt want to do. on the israel side paramount is giving up settlements on the palestinian side starting to disarm bringing those who engage in violence to justice. that's what the palestinian authority needs to do. that would be a nice start. there's a lot of other things that need to happen to make progress and only a strong u.s.
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president can accomplish that. >> joel you were guest when i had gone over into ramallah to sit with plo top negotiator who died last year and he told me there was nothing to negotiate. he said president trump made jerusalem and recognized it as the capital of israel he said there was nothing left to talk about. he seemed at an impasse saying they weren't going to budge on anything and there was nothing to discuss. where are we as you live and work in that region? >> thank you shannon. it was great everything you here and i'm sorry we are a nation at war again. but your interview with erikat he passed from this world without an agreement with israel and there have been offers on the table an the palestinians haven't put one on the table but that's not the issue we are
9:15 pm
dealing w. you have to understand the west bank of the palestinian authority is separate from gaza. gaza is controlled by a trust organization hamas and i would disagree with my colleague on this program. there's no reason to knock israel's head against anything here. we are not the aggressor. 4,000 rockets everybody fired at us and the idea it's so repugnant israel needs to be encouraged for peace many what we need is for the united states is for all the far left to stand with israel. the more unified israel or united states is behind israel against radical islamist terror the better chance we have to follow this problem. we don't have a problem with the palestinian people in gaza. we've got a problem with
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terrorists. the far left in united states in congress are becoming human shield to try to protect hamas rather than protect america's democratic allies in the state of israel. >> and david, critical to make that distinction between palestinian people and hamas and there are questions now about the world as they watch this to see the strength of u.s.-israel alliance with hezbollah watching this because they too have missiles. so where do we go from here? >> that's a big problem. your guest is right about the fact the situation in gaza is different from the west bank. hamas is a terrorist organization. the gaza people have been misled an let down by their leadership and until they get rid of that leadership we are probably going
9:17 pm
to continue to suffer the consequence of that but what i don't agree with your guest about is there are some things that israel could do to ameliorate the situation. i mentioned it should stop new settlements. those settlements are provocation. israel is eventually going to have to live in peace with palestinians many there are more than 4 million palestinians in israel and in the occupied territories and they simply aren't going away so the only solution is a two state solution and some of the things that israel is doing is pushing us back further away from a two state solution and what i hope president biden and the administration will do is get some real things on the table that would move toward a two statement solution an peace agreement. we are very far from that so that'sy say there needs to be some compromise giving up on the settlement. there are also in israel some right wing people engaged in violence and should be brought to justice like the palestinians
9:18 pm
engaged in violence should be brought to justice. >> final word to wrap up. >> shannon settlements have nothing to do with this argument. that's a negotiated agreement. we want that in israel and offered multiple peace treaty offers. presidents in the past democrat republican have done that we are dealing with a radical islamic terror organization. let's make that clear. don't ask if israel isn't interested in peace or the cease-fire. this is insane. we want peace. we will not allow 4,000 rockets fired at our citizens half our country in bomb shelters and say we need to deal with settlements in the west bank. we are happy to deal with that. it's the palestinian authority that doesn't want to sit down so you have to separate this out. it's not more give lance. it's not let's sit down and negotiate with hamas. you cannot.
9:19 pm
these are terrorists and also, left wing in the united states have got to get this clear. what if washington or new york or l.a. were under 4,000 rocket attacks? would you be negotiate something no. you would be hitting hard until you stopped the problem. >> all right. joel, and david we thank you both. we pray there will be peace to people in the region. thank you both. >> coming up virginia deputy super human feat to trap someone under a car. a what happened to a would-be kidnapper next.
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>> this video getting more than a million views in less than 24 hours a jet skier losing control slamming into the side after boat in miami at full speed. man involved reportedly broke his foot and it's amazing it wasn't anything worse. when virginia deputy jay arrived at the scene of over turned car he was informed the driver was trapped nooetsd -- underneath and couldn't breathe. the woman had to be moved out of danger. not the first time recognized for heroism. a french speed flyer named speed flying kid on youtube showing off his skills with his friend peter. the rapid descent showing the pair hair up gliding dangerously
9:26 pm
close to the ground at high speed. disturbing security footage from pensacola, florida catching the moment an 11-year-old girl fought off attempted kidnap. the knife wielding suspect a 30-year-old man arrested charged with attempted kidnapping aggravated assault and battery. a georgia woman at large last check after she was allegedly caught on camera brutally beating another woman inside and eventually this went outside little caesars shop. the attacker grabbing the victim dragging her across the lobby stomping her head. by the way you've probably seen this video. i cannot how none of the horrible adults standing there did anything. she's on the run. check out the german shepherd
9:27 pm
waiting for her owner's move. the pup loves to play family games an the owner says she never fails to amaze them. you know i love a good doggie video. we love to see what you've got going too. new york city bracing for another potentially violent night after multiple shootings tuesday an another apparent hate crime against an asian american there. large green is tracking developments from new york city. good evening lauren. >> as the bigal begins to open up after the covid shutdown there's another growing menace replacing it, violence and hate crimes. this is video of a man suspected of assaulting an asian man in
9:28 pm
hell's kitsch than on the fringes of manhattan theater district uber driver had just gotten coffee when a man attacked him biting off his fingers and shoulting go back to your country crimes against asians have increased dramatically as of may 9th 81 crimes against asians. the surge has alarmed u.s. lawmakers with the house yesterday passed the covid hate crimes bill as it fights against the perception that asians are responsible for the pandemic. >> asians have been blamed for the outbreak of covid-19. >> meanwhile new yorkers are seeing uptyke in crime. five people were shot including one man fatally.
9:29 pm
>> i've been cheer about this throughout. violence unacceptable. i've spoken to it so many times. it's something so clear to me what we have to do is get out there bring the city back and recovery equals public safety. >> while new york city deals with its public safety issues, tomorrow president biden is expected to sign into law the covid hate crimes bill. the shannon. >> lauren green. a manhunt in utah over after authorities arrested a man they say stole a patrol vehicle with an officer's rifle and exchanged gunfire. conservative group launches an ad campaign, joe rogan face backlash.
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>> as new york city continues its comeback from the darkest days of the pandemic city officials seem to be scrambling to deal with promises. >> you can never do without public safety. >> for more than 40 years community leaders in black neighborhood's of southeast queens have been fighting for money to build a new police precinct n. 2017 they secured funding for a nearly $100 million precinct but then george floyd was killed. under pressure from the defund the police movement mail di blasio cut funding for the new precinct. >> we had it.
9:36 pm
it was all ready to go. >> it was a blow for an area where police are stretched and crime up. compared to last year shootings in the 105th precinct are up over 100 percent. >> for the first time in my 50 years in this general community i've experienced shootings within two blocks of where i reside. >> it's a problem throughout the district. >> after months of letter writing the precinct will be built only because the state received $100 billion in federal covid-19 stimulus. >> you have to have the precinct to provide the service and equity of service. >> william perkins helipad lead the charge for the new facility. >> i don't believe we can operate in the extreme. there's a conversation going on defund the police.
9:37 pm
you take the funding away what are we going to do? most of life is in the middle. it happens in the center. >> policing and bad police rg not synonymous. so you can have good policing you can have respectful policing and at the same time we can have accountability. >> they hope to break ground on the precinct right here by the end of the year. >> thank you brian. conservatives consumer protection group says it's fed up with getting woke so a advertising campaign takes aim at american airlines coca cola and nike. >> nike is constantly political? why. cover. congressional reports suspect they used forced labor in china. nike stop exploiting foreign
9:38 pm
labor. serve your customers. >> reaction to the hottest woke story of the day clay travis welcome back. >> shannon thanks for having me. appreciate it. >> so the ads are airing on different companies but usa today has an opinion say the corporation are responding to society. they say companies are ring the writing on the wall says thomas new york stay comptroller driving many to support anti-racism address the climate crisis and stand up for democracy because hope want to please customers and alert to keeping up with culture. what do you think? >> look. i think what happens is social media have driven this country in this way bonkers and the reason is because there's a toon i minority of people who are super woke. there's 10 percent of the population that is wildly
9:39 pm
overactive on social media and i think what happens is these companies get tagged by the same bot accounts and become convinced that social media is the real world as opposed to a carnival fun house mirror version of the real world and they're overreacting almost all the time with these converse -- controversies. >> it's good to start your day with a mantra twitter is not your life. >> exactly right. >> so joe rogan is getting in trouble for saying or backlash for saying pretty soon we are going to be so woke white men won't be able to talk or get outside.
9:40 pm
what do you think? >> well, i think what joe rogan is saying is accurate and it doesn't necessarily have to be accurate for individual such as him. i think what he said is actually too specific. i think white asian hispanic black i think everybody out there has had their phones has been on facebook as been on instagram has been on twitter has typed something been prepared to hit send and then thought my goodness what might happen to me if i share my actual opinion here so i think what's happening is a tiny minority again going back to the carnival fun house mirror investigation of twitter, i think a tiny minority of people are policing what can and can't be said and i think that mob has terrified people of all different backgrounds. one thing that unites people in
9:41 pm
this country is p.c. culture and i think joe is hitting on that but it do i think it's just straight white men dealing with this issue. >> even if they have good intentions pure intentions for something you worry about how it can be misinterpreted so i think that's a check on most people. not everybody takes the check before they hit send. i want to play something from an 8-year-old girl in florida. someone vicky says she her grandmother went to speak to the school board meeting about wearing masks all the time and had lots of opinions. >> god created us so we can be free people and we are not being free here or at public schools.
9:42 pm
so i would take our masks off the i were you. i never wear aware them as much as i can. >> she was wound up and the crowd were some of them were with her, not everybody. >> i'm with her. look i think at this point in time when we know that any adult in the country who wants a covid vaccine can get one and we already know and have known for a year that there's no significant threat of covid inside of young children as primary conduits for this virus, i think we need to start recognizeing the fact that requiring kid to wear masks is totally ill logical from a scientific basis. it doesn't make any sense. i understand kids are getting fed up with it. i want to give credit to the schools that were open such as my kid's public school in the
9:43 pm
nashville area. they finished schooled on friday the entire school year in person the thing they had to do was wear masks but i think it's time for tensions places like governor greg abbott taking a stand saying no more on the masks. it needs to end. it doesn't make sense. it's not rooted into science. >> the little girl had a lot to say. clay thank you for joining us. >> great to see you as well shannon. thanks for having me. >> before you board your next flight you may be asked to step on a scale an weigh in but is it legal. that's next.
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>> passengers could soon be asked to step on a scale before a night according to a report from airlines log view from the wing part of a push to update passenger weight data in accordance with an faa advisory. numbers don reflect obesity rates an faa says the right information is needed for safety reason to calculate an aircraft weight.
9:49 pm
legal experts great to have you both back. okay robert a quick survey of friend. if i'm going to have to get on a scale with everybody standing there at the gate i'm not doing it what is this about? >> i think we have to understand that the planes are mechanical instruments. these are private companies. they don't have the criteria of federal organizes and have the right to make sure that planes are properly balanced an using standard that were set decade ago that don't reflect modern americans because airlines at some point in the future will probably require disclosure and if you don't provide disclosure and you are above a certain capacity where you may not fit a seat they may have to require you to be weighed in order to properly balance the plane. if you've ever taken one of
9:50 pm
those small planes they do this. it's a larger scale with airlines. >> i'm not sure i want to take this trip but like you said some of those small planes that's what they do. so apparently this is our fault for enjoying the junk food. it's good stuff but "new york post" says this. the faa wants to gauge how much fatter americans have gotten when planes take to the skies. andrew. >> yeah, it's okay. it's all right. it's fine. you know r. kelly said i believe i can fly. guess what. if you're no willing to do this, you can't fly. there are legitimate safety reasons for this. it's a good thing and we don't have to be in a panic.
9:51 pm
we all want to get from point a to point b as safely as possible an this is all that is being required and if you don't like it, don't fly. >> i mean we are going to be like those guys who drive buses across the country who don't like to fly but some are very nice. there is a tweet i notice from an eating disorder victim. asking some one to weigh some one is never met with a will response an won't be when airlines have a documented history of bullying fat passengers. robert andrew and i know that litigation for many people seems to be the answer for everything that happens in this environment but robert what do you think? do you expect there will be advocacy groups will fight this? >> you were talking about world
9:52 pm
corporation. i think this is the argument on the other side corporation are going to do what's in best interest of bottom line and them making money so there will be people upset about this but you can't litigate physics. you're going to overburden the engine and create a safety hazard. so you can feel it's discriminatory but it's not going to be a cattle call standing on a scale you'll do disclosure before hand like providing your height you can provide your weight and should not be that big of a thing or public knowledge. >> this is a warning from an air insight group the headline.
9:53 pm
final word to you andrew. >> that's silly wooment put restrictions on flyers all time. you have to have i.d., can you only take a certain amount of luggage on board. airlines have been putting restriction on flyers a long time. this is a continuation of that. if you don't like it, don't fly. drive. walk. but flying is not a right. it's a privilege. >> i'm going to blame at least 20-30 pound on my carry on. we will see how this goes. robert andrew thanks for joining us. >> thank you shannon. >> some good news before we say good night. a tampa florida dog breeder who specializes in k9s for law enforcement is giving away pups
9:54 pm
to military veterans. she's trained protection dogs 7 years. last year she gave a pump toy a front line worker and this year one will find a home with a veteran. they are working line dogs perfect for a veteran who is good with training and discipline and kevin i have a friend who has one of those belgians and was able to adopt it and you got to run this thing. they're so smart and great dogs but they need exercise but i love this puppy program. >> i love that story too. i grew up with german shepherds so i'm used to that working dog and they are smart. minnesota national guard this is a great story because this is a brother doing not just a great thing but his team coming together to support him an his sister staff sergeant found his sister had brain tumor, he shaved his head and look what his unit did.
9:55 pm
they did the same thing including a female officer. congratulations to them for spoke support to him and his sister. >> double heroes. thank you for that story. thank you for that story. >> good night from washington. we will be back tomorrow. 6 charmin ultra soft has so much cushiony softness, it's hard for your family to remember they can use less. sweet pillows of softness!
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and try children's zyrtec for consistently powerful relief of your kids' allergies. i'll be back tomorrow night at 7:00. tucker carlson is next. >> tucker: good evening. >> tucker: and welcome to carler tucker carlson tonight. for months, we've been searching for a meaningful definition of equity. we've consulted linguists, dusted off reference books, scoured the four corners of god's own internet all in an effort to figure out what equity is. we've done this not for pleasure. we have hobbies but because we feel like it's our duty as a news organization.


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