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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 20, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that. >> will: thursday night -- i will see you here tomorrow night, deal? >> thanks, will. >> will: thanks for watching fox news prime time. go download the will cain podcast if you enjoyed hanging out with me. you can never talk about politics, sports, news, my life, my dog, delmo that podcast, fox news podcast, apple spotify, where you get your podcast. i'll be back here tomorrow night. tucker next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here's a story for you. a mysterious letter appeared on capitol hill this week. it was addressed to every member of the u.s. congress. the letter arrived on the official letterhead of the united states capitol police, but it wasn't from the chief or from any individual officer. instead the letter was signed "proud members of the united states capitol police," so it was anonymous and that was
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the first if this was not your average security bulletin. it definitely was not. it was instead a political demand. the letter instructed murmurs of congress to vote yes to establish a "january 6th insurrection commission." a police officers are anonymously demanding the people they protect vote a certain way on a specific piece of legislation. haven't seen that before. most people have long assumed the capitol hill police department was a law enforcement agency. members of congress certainly believe that, they trust their lives to the capitol hill police. and that's why capitol hill police don't lobby congress. that would be a dangerous conflict of interest backed by an implied threat, do what we say or watch your back. in this case, that's exactly what they were saying to republicans. "we, members of united states capitol hill police, write this letter to express our to profound disappoint with the recent comments from both chambers' minority leaders, kevin mccarthy and mitch mcconnell, expressing no
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need for a january 6th commission. we are expected to maintain neutrality and do our jobs with honor and integrity, the letter continued. it is unfortunate that our bosses, congress, are not held to the same standard that we the u.s. cpr." that's a ransom note. imagine getting it from one of your own bodyguards. it might be enough to make you rethink your position, which of course is the point of it. the capitol hill police are now effectively an armed political action committee so you got to ask what are the partisan demands they will make in the future? capitol hill police have strong views on photo i.d. abolished? how about abortion or a trade deal with china? if so, they've got the muscle to make their voices heard. you can see what is is setting a very bad precedent but it didn't bother democrats. it helps them in the short term, so the immediate leap with that letter to use. congressman jamie raskin of maryland passed the letter around. his chief of staff center to every other chief of staff on capitol hill along with the
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snow. "mr. raskin is hoping your bosses will read this letter before the vote." today cnn announced it has discovered who wrote this letter. who was it? not going to tell you. because cnn agrees with the contents of the letter, they've decided to keep that information from the public. sorry, you can't know. it's not like the capitol hill police are catholic schoolkids from covington, kentucky. no, they are allies of cnn and cnn has an obligation to protect them and in this case the stakes are too high not to. as senate majority leader chuck schumer reminded us yesterday, what happened on january 6th at the capital is comparable to the american civil war. >> what the republicans are doing, the house republicans, is beyond crazy. to be so far under the thumb of donald j. trump. letting the most dishonest president in american history dictate the prerogatives of the republican party will be its demise. we all know there needs to be a
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thorough and honest accounting of what took place on january 6th. the greatest attempt at insurrection since the civil war. >> tucker: oh, it was in insurrection. how many of the participants in that insurrection have been charged with insurrection, with sedition, with treason? zero. by the biden justice department. they've been charged with effectively trespassing. but you can still see the similar to sperry during the civil war more than half a million people were shot to death on january 6th, 1 person was shot to death and she turned out to be an unarmed trump odor gone down without its donation by the capitol hill police, but other than that, basically the same thing. congressman tim ryan of ohio made a similarly sweeping and overheating point. he didn't mention gettysburg or shiloh but ryan did point out that anyone who votes against this commission is responsible for climate change. >> we have people scaling the capital, hitting the capitol police with lead pipes across the head and we can't i
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partisanship! if we are going to take on china, if we are going to rebuild the country, we are going to reverse climate change, we need to call political parties in this country that are both living in reality you ain't one of them! >> tucker: a thug, a screamer, hysterical, but apparently he made a compelling argument. 35 republicans in the house of representatives voted for that commission yesterday. they joined what tim ryan described as the party that's living in reality, the party that wears surgical masks outside, the party that thinks it's possible to change your biological sex. the reality party. one of the republicans who voted with the reality party is congressman adam kinzinger of illinois. i support a bipartisan january 6th commission, he wrote on twitter. this should not be about party politics or become a partisan fight. well of course not, and you wouldn't expect partisanship or party politics from democrats in the house of representatives. pretty funny.
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to be fair, adam kinzinger is widely understood to be among the slowest members of congress. mazie hirono levels of slow so it's entirely possible he had no idea what he was saying when he wrote it. maybe he didn't even write it. what's harder to explain is some of the republicans in the senate, including bill cassidy louisiana, and susan collins of maine, who have suggested they too will support this commission. unlike adam kinzinger, collins and cassidy can read without moving their lips. they know what's in this legislation. the build of the house passed yesterday was taken directly from a law that established the 9/11 commission almost 20 years ago. that legislation instructed congress to "investigate and report to the president and congress on its findings, conclusions, and regulations for corrective measures that can be taken to prevent acts of terrorism." that was the 9/11 law. the new legislation created january 6th commission demands the very same. congress must "investigate and report to the president and congress on its findings,
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conclusions, and recommendations for corrective measures that could be taken to prevent future acts of targeted violence and domestic terrorism." virtually identical language. that's not accidental. this is the new war on terror, but this war isn't aimed at al qaeda or isis or any foreign power. this war is aimed at you and anyone else who stands in the way of the democratic party agenda. sean davis understands this, he is the cofounder of "the federalist." we're happy to have them join us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. before we get to the things that we would like to know about january 6th, and there are quite a few of them, the two flags in my mind are one, the fact that adam kinzinger is mindlessly supporting it, so of course it's probably dumb, but two, and more to the point, the hysteria, the overheated rhetoric, the clearly disproportionate, almost lunatic, descriptions of what happened on january 6th tell you that this isn't really a bipartisan effort to get to the
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truth, is it? >> no. in fact it looks a lot more, to me, like mueller 2.0. just as the mueller probe in 2017 was based on ally, the lie of russian collusion, which didn't exist, and it was based on that because they wanted to get trump, to have all the law enforcement powers that come with a special counsel to go after his people, accuse him of collusion and obstruction of justice. this new commission is no different. it's congress. it wants all of the law enforcement powers the doj usually has to subpoena, to indict, maybe even to imprison if people don't do what congress wants them to come in and if they are contemptuous of congress, heaven forbid. and the whole thing is political nonsense. it's meant to give them something to hang onto for the next two years heading into 2022 that they can use to demonize their opposition, to shut their opposition down and make sure that they have no one to challenge them heading into the next election.
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>> tucker: backup three sentences. this gives democrats in the congress effectively police powers as they had during the mueller probe. that seems like the essence of it. this empowers partisans to go after their political opponents. >> right. at least with the mueller probe you had it somewhat outsourced to an agency that has all kinds of rules and procedures, many of which were never followed, which is how you end up with completely fabricated fisa warrants but they are taking upon, for themselves, those powers and i think the most difficult one is really subpoena. who are they going to subpoena? what limits are there to their power to compel testimony? can they just call in any maga grandma who happened to be in 500 miles of the capital and harangue her and demand that she sit before their inquisition? judging by their rhetoric, i don't think they are acknowledging any limit on their powers and that's actually really scary and if you care about democracy and the integrity of it, i don't see how you can possibly allow something
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like this to happen when we know how democrats handle things. just look at brett kavanaugh. >> tucker: i'm a little confused even by the public claims of democrats, that we need more power to get to the bottom of this. as far as i understand, we've had the most vigorous law enforcement response to what happened on january 6th that i've seen really since 9/11. you've got dozens of people sitting in solitary confinement on it for crime of trespassing. you see the nsa, cia, fbi, u.s. attorneys across the country all mobilized in response to januare enough? >> apparently not and what's really fascinating to me is i thought democrats had already solved this little puzzle back in january when they impeached trump over it and blamed him for inciting it. what else is there to investigate? they told us it was all his fault, so what are they doing now? >> tucker: yeah, this has got nothing to do, by the way, with donald trump. donald trump is not in office
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anymore. it has to do with the rest of us in the country and that's who they're going after, not trump. sean davis, i appreciate you coming on tonight, thank you for that. >> thank you. >> tucker: so the pretext behind all of this as we just want to know more, someone adam kinzinger since his mindless little twit, bipartisan, we just want to know more, there's actually a lot that we should note that we don't that nancy pelosi could make public today if she wanted to. for example, ashley babb and, an air force veteran who was shot and killed, unarmed, shot and killed in the capitol building a january 6th. apparently by a member of law enforcement. when she was killed, she was surrounded and the video shows this by law enforcement carrying rifles. here's what we don't know, we don't know who killed ashley babbitt and we don't know why. no one has ever explained that and that's not enough in a democracy, in a civilized country. you can't just shoot unarmed women and not explain it. sorry.
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julie kelly believes that, she's a civilized person, she looked into these questions, we are happy to have her on tonight. so it's just a little much and i don't want to belabor the point but maybe it can't be said enough. the people calling for a 9/11 commission to get to the truth have the truth and are withholding it from the rest of us. >> that's right, tucker. so that's only one part of what we don't know, who shot and killed ashli babbitt. the justice department closed their investigation they had, we don't know anything about it, but to your point, we also don't know -- and you and i have talked about this -- why the u.s. capitol police, the federal government and federal judges are refusing to release more than 14,000 hours of surveillance footage captured just between noon and 8:00 on january 8th. what are they hiding their? also, tucker, we still don't know who planted the pipe bomb, which also was a narrative that was planted by the u.s. capitol police that day. a lot of this actually is
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tracking back to the u.s. capitol police as they've sort of been this partisan entity in fostering the narrative about january 6th and so a lot of unanswered questions, you're right. >> tucker: questions that could be answered by the very same people who are demanding subpoena power so we can know the full truth. they are the very same people, the ones who lied about russia, lied about george floyd's death, everything, but in this specific case, the other ones withholding information from us. i'm trying -- my head explode on the air. any republican or adam kinzinger, dick cheney's daughter, any of these people pushed for answers for these most basic questions, seriously? >> actually, fortunately, tucker, we started to see some push back the last week or so from house republicans, representative louie gohmert in about a half-hour speech on the house of lords friday trying to
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raise questions about the shooting of ashli babbitt and also the fact this wasn't an armed insurrection and raising the very dangerous issue of the government seeking to keep people who haven't been charged in jail in solitary confinement conditions in the d.c. jail for months, possibly up to a year before their trials even begin. i'm we are seeing a little pushback, chip roy and tom massey sent a letter to attorney general merrick garland last week asking a bunch of questions, especially about pretrial detention so we are starting to see summer republicans pushback, but we need more of it. i mean, this is a constitutional, humanitarian crisis, especially for the people who have been charged and held in solitary confinement like they are hardened criminals. at the same time, the same justice department, who has made public that they are releasing the same type of rioters, actually people charged with far more dangerous crimes, releasing them, expunging their records
5:15 pm
and, you know, obviously encouraging more violence because they always get away with it, but if you're on the political right, you will not -- you will be punished severely. >> tucker: you can't have this and as god watches would say exactly the same thing if the trump administration were doing this to antifa or blm, it's not acceptable to treat people unequally under the law. it will destroy the country, that is true. julie, i appreciate your coming on. julie kelly has done the best reporting on this. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: we don't want to determine a chris cuomo segments on the show, probably not a bad guy personally, but it's kind of irresistible because every month or two more information about chris cuomo kind of bubbles to the surface, to the top of the [indiscernible] that is the capital. this is the cable news business. we just out of the chris cuomo has been hiding even more stuff and we are going to tell you what it is after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: a couple months ago we played recordings for you of chris cuomo of cnn deep in conversation with convicted felon sleaze ball lawyer michael cohen, they were planning a mafia hit -- i'm just kidding, they weren't -- it did sound a little bit like they were, but they weren't, we verified it. in one of those conversations though chris cuomo did concede that reporters were bothering him, asking whether he had sexually harassed multiple women. >> on always careful when i talk to media, you know? >> right. >> do not have any [bleep] phone calls i've gotten from people at abc say that reporters are calling and lying about things they heard about me to try to get stories about me when i was at abc?
5:22 pm
guys calling and saying "i heard he was the charlie rose of abc, he used to invite women of the hotel and open his bathrobe." do i look like the kind of [bleep] guy who's got to do that? >> sure, why not? >> so i arty have a good source that says that he forced one woman to have sex, just want to know if you heard of anything like that. >> has the problem esco >> women who work there say oh, yeah, these men -- naming me with other guys, with all [indiscernible] in the elevator and he put his hand on my shoulder and made me really uncomfortable. i mean, what the [bleep]? >> it's a problem. >> i'm careful with the media always. i've always told to the media is not your friend. >> no. >> tucker: i want him dead, i want his family dead! just kidding. it was not a mafia hit. it was sexual harassment they were talking about. chris cuomo has extensive knowledge of that, the allegations, anyway, according
5:23 pm
to that tape. he's used that knowledge, we now learn, to advise his brother, the governor of new york. earlier this year, the younger cuomo, the cnn one, told his brother not to back down as multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct. now, cnn knows about this, it announced grist to chris cuomo will not face any discipline. the creepier one did say today in his scalding little town that everyone at the network was shocked by the revelations. shocked. "the revelation that cuomo had advised his brother during strategy sessions has vexed staffers inside cnn. multiple to me they were bothered by his conduct in the violation of traditional journalistic standards." i guess they didn't notice when chris cuomo had his brother on tv repeatedly. [cackles] joe borelli is a member of the city council of new york city. he knows a lot about governor cuomo and we are happy to have a montagnais. great to see you.
5:24 pm
as chris cuomo ever called you and offer you political advice? i'm just trying to get a sense of the scope of his backdoor advice giving. >> no, unlike his interviews with the governor, he actually is to give me tough questions when i appeared on his show occasionally. and he wasn't always the most pleasant guy, to be honest. >> tucker: he wasn't. so what you make of this? that his brother andrew cuomo, your governor, the guy who is, i hate to say it, wrecking your state, got advice, may be in office today because a cnn anchor told him to hang tough in the face of all those crazy ladies accusing him of fake sexual harassment. >> look, tucker, why they should raise red flags is that he's admitted to being part of the governor's strategy sessions and by any objective measurement, the governor's strategy is not to accept the investigation and even apologize to new yorkers. instead it's to actually
5:25 pm
denounce some of the women and to lie about nursing homes, to cover up his own behavior and to discredit women. part of the strategy was, apparently, to leak classified -- not classified but confidential, rather, employment documents on one of cuomo's own accusers. that's the strategy that chris cuomo was advising. this is a far cry from the guy who told us all we have to believe all women. he chided us for not believing the doctor at the time. this is not the strategy i think a prime time anchor should be having with the governor. >> tucker: you've got to admit though, al franken is probably watching this thinking "man, these guys are much tougher" -- they are pretty tough! you see so many democratic men, all these self-described male feminists. the second they get accused of doing something awful -- i'm sure it's all true -- they leave, but the cuomo brothers, they hang tough, actually. they are kind of giving these women the finger. >> no, it's a double standard. it's a double standard for andrew cuomo, it's a double
5:26 pm
standard for chris cuomo. these are both standards that they themselves set for other people both in governor cuomo has asked people to resign and when chris cuomo has at people on television. if they don't live up to their own standards. i'm just glad that finally governor cuomo is being revealed to be this comic book villain rather than this hero that people like chris cuomo and cnn and so many other media outlets have made him out to be. he's just not that person. it's been the whisper of albany now for ten years and finally the truth is coming out. >> tucker: i would be a lot happier if everyone could just, you know, drop the self-righteousness. chris cuomo said yeah, i'm exactly what i look like, i'm a steroid guy thug and it's my brother, of course i'm going to give them advice -- you know what i mean? rather than running around doing the holier-than-thou thing all the time. that's what i find unbearable. >> i agree. i mean, no one would fault chris cuomo for supporting his brother. that's what brothers do. >> tucker: you. >> but to try to claim you've been objective or claim that you've actually been in any way
5:27 pm
unbiased and how you covered your brother and then tried to say you treated trump the same way or other political adversaries that the cuomo's might have had over time. it's absurd on its face, tucker and i hope their audience sees it. >> tucker: just drop the falseness on the self-righteousness and we can all get along. joe, it's great to see you tonight, thank you for that. >> thank you. >> tucker: so you never hear the word "filth" anymore. what we are about to show you isn't really filth, i'm just going to say it, kind of satanic, actually. if that bad. your tax dollars funding to filth for kids as young as three years old. we've got the clips up next.
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finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> tucker: the federal government has spent an untold amount of money on coronavirus aid. there's just one problem, some of the places that receive that aid don't seem like they actually exist. fox's trace gallagher has that story for us tonight.
5:33 pm
>> and its reporting, propublica identified some 400 phony businesses that apply for paycheck protection loans worth $7 million. all the applications went through an online lender called cabbage based in atlanta. in just the first round of ppp funding, cabg processed 300,000 applications, second only to bank of america and the company acknowledges that between 75 and 90% of applications had zero human interaction because maybe a human being would have noticed that many of the phony businesses or farms in new jersey with names like ritter wheat club, daily nuts, seaweed lyman, and my favorite, beefy king. of course the fake farms also gave fake addresses but not in rural new jersey, mind you, they were in new jersey beach towns, the beefy king cattle ranch turned out to be the home of joe mancini, the mayor of long beach township who said, quoting here, "there's no farming here," we are a sandbar.
5:34 pm
for the record, he has no cows, three dogs. there was an incentive to give out this money for each loan below 350,000, cabg got 5%, between 350 and 2 million a got 3% and above 2 million, 1%. and this is tip of the iceberg stuff. the inspector general from the small business association estimates nationwide, 50,000 loans worth $7 billion went to potentially ineligible businesses, tucker. >> tucker: [laughs] trace gallagher, thank you. not speaking for fox news management here, only for myself, but i could watch about six hours of the trace gallagher news read in a row, for sure. well, just to make it absolutely perfectly clear that they hate you, your family, and your children and everything you stand for, the new york city department of education has produced a new show called drag queen story hour. it features a drag queen called little miss hot mass. the show is aimed at children
5:35 pm
between the ages of three and eight. it's airing on pbs, the state broadcaster. here's part of it. >> my name is little miss hot mess and i'm so excited to be here with you today. i am a drag queen and a children's book author and you may be wondering to ourselves, what on earth is a drag queen? don't worry, because i'm going to tell you. drag queens, we are everyday people, so today i am going to read from my own book, the hits on the drag queens gold swish swish swish and i wrote this book because i wanted everyone to get to experience the magic of drag and to get a little practice shaking their hips were shimmying their shoulders. >> tucker: at one point in the show, the drag queen to claire's "i think we might have some drag queens and training on her hands," which obviously is the
5:36 pm
point. point. tammy bruce is the host of "get tammy bruce" on fox nation, we are always delighted to have her on the show. great to see you. it does seem as i'm not sure how to describe it. i won't describe it, what you think of this? >> this is fascinating because what you've got here, as you described in your opening, is this effort, i think, to influence and what's shocking about it, not only is it -- should parents be concerned, taxpayer dollars are going to this, but the gay community should be concerned. this is the opposite of what the gay community says they care about. look, they come out against the conversion therapy and the argument is that people are going to become who they are and we shouldn't be persuaded or moved or changed based on other people's experiences or opinions and here it is, arguably this is what they are doing. if we are against conversion therapy because people can be persuaded who should not be --
5:37 pm
should be allowed to be themselves, what you think is happening when you're talking about this, which is a issue and a gender issue, to 3-8-year-olds. if we are going to be taken seriously, we've gained a lot of goodwill with the american people, appropriately so. there's all kinds kinds of different lives in america. if you know a majority dynamic of course with heterosexuals and minority dynamic with homosexuals, and you know, drag queens are fabulous. they are fabulous and americans, you know, we embrace the underdog and the unusual, but this goes too far. what we should do, of course, if we want to be taken seriously, and be able to say that everybody grows up, whoever it is they might end up being is to stop going after people's children. to stop trying to move an agenda that is both political and sexual to america's children and that way obviously we are
5:38 pm
convinced, as i am as a gay woman that we become who we are through our experiences and i don't want people to wonder, gosh, was i persuaded, was i cajoled, was i bullied? was i shaped by someone else? this is what none of us want. we don't want to become about being not gay, moving into a certain kind of arena. that's also up to parents, but for this to be taxpayer dollars, television -- you know, wait 15 years for those 3-year-olds to be 18 and then you can have a fascinating conversation and a great program. it might even be called "rupaul's drag race," which of course gets all kinds of awards and i enjoy immensely, but that's for adults. it's not for 5-year-olds. we can leave children out of it and then move along in our lives and get the respect we deserve. >> tucker: we should be forced to leave the kids out. it's almost like they are saying how much will you put up with.
5:39 pm
this is basically saying to people who don't want their kids propagandize, we can do anything we want and is nothing you can do about it because you are passive and stupid. >> yes. >> tucker: i wonder how long we will put up with it. not much longer i hope. >> that's it and they've been conditioned to think that if you say no, you're a bigot or your homophobe. that is not true. again, this does not speak well of the gay community and it's not the entire gay community who wants this to happen. >> tucker: of course not. >> this is about basic standards and you're not a bigot for standing up against it. you care about your kids, gay people care about your kids. this is not about indoctrination, this is not what we do, and i personally am getting tired with this militant framework presenting the gay community as though we are all into this and all want it, that's not true. >> tucker: yeah, it's not true. i happen to know. tammy, great to see you tonight,
5:40 pm
thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: so sandy cortez and dozens of other democrats in the house of representatives have just written a letter demanding -- demanding -- that we allow felling gang members, violent criminals, to stay in our country and your racist if you don't want to do that. we've been making a lot of announcements on the show recently. this one is special to a lot of people in our midst. her bizarre tradition on this show. let her play us out. ♪ ♪
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it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will open schools, get our economy roaring. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we ended the last segment on tape of the singer cher. we want to apologize for that, cher may be a great person, she happens to be my least favorite singer ever.
5:46 pm
that tape was the result of an internal prank that's been going on for quite some time on the show, so we put it in a script and like your average low iq anchorman i just read it cold so we want to apologize for inflicting cher on you. that won't happen again. alexandria causal cortez has finally found a problem with joe biden's immigration policy. she's not crying at yet another fence outside an immigration facility but she is still pretty upset. she is upset that joe biden is not doing enough to help ms-13. he's doing a lot to help but not enough according to sandy cortez. she was 1 of 34 house democrats was sent a letter to the dhs secretary urging the government to deport fewer violent gang members and other felons. "we urge the biden administration to pursue humane and just immigration policies aimed to end mass incarceration, criminals asian and deportation of immigrants." it went on to suggest anyone against this is, needless to say, wait for it, a racist. jonathan fahey is the more director of ice, we are happy to
5:47 pm
have him tonight. thanks so much for coming on. more violent gang members. i hate to ask a philosophical question but other than destroying the united states, why would someone before this? >> other than just simply trying to get as many illegal aliens in the country as possible and to encourage more to come by saying there is no scenario you will get thrown out, i can't think of anything whatsoever. it clearly will harm public safety and this is so remarkable because if you think about it, it wasn't that long ago when democratic politicians might be on a stage with police officers or crime victims speaking on their behalf. now we have aoc and 34 or so house members using their power, prestige, time, resources, to advocate on behalf of ms-13 members. it is truly astonishing and there is no consideration for the victims of these gang members because most of them have probably committed horrible crimes while they are here, but if we leave them here they will commit even more crime and how
5:48 pm
do you talk to a crime victim or crime victim's family member and explain to them why we didn't deport an ms-13 member? it is truly astonishing and this is on the heels of joe biden's -- the policy of what they are now deporting which is a very timid response, just basically enough to pass a lab test, you have to meet so my criteria to get deported, they don't want to deport most criminals. they want to make it hard to deport any gang rivers. they support sanctuary cities and then this -- to say this is not even enough, it's truly astonishing and people really wonder why we have this issue at the border. well, we send the message loud and clear that no matter what you do when you get here, you will never be deported and when you're here, you get everything american citizens get and then some because you clearly have a lot more representation in congress than most americans and certainly crime victims, which is horrible, but you also have
5:49 pm
more representation in the white house. and again, this is like everything the one of these things -- the people that bear the cost of this, the people that live in the neighborhoods that are afflicted by the gang members and by the gang crimes that are intimidated, they are terrorized, victims of the most horrible crimes, they -- they are not the ones making these policies. they are not the ones going, you know, driving to whole foods, parking outside in their tesla. it's always the people that are the forgotten people that absorb all of these costs and it is really -- you know, it's so harmful, it's one of the most cynical and dishonest policy debates we've ever had in this country and you look at this border crisis where you have the vice president -- i don't want to say her name for fear of mispronouncing it, but they put her in charge of this. one of the reasons is to release on the message that anyone can come here because they put so many [indiscernible] on the border that hates law enforcement and is pro-open borders and pro-amnesty so what is the message to the rest of the world? , and, it's open borders, its amnesty and if you come in,
5:50 pm
you're never getting kicked out. >> tucker: the message is we hate america. kamala harris and ocasio-cortez did not build this country, they couldn't have, they are not capable enough to do it. they hated and they are trying to destroy. there's no other expo nation that i can see. you don't have to affirm that but it's clear to me at this point. i appreciate you coming on, thank you. >> thank you. speeone's of tony fauci we now know signed off on taxpayer funding of bizarre and highly dangerous experiments in chinese laboratories. we have new information on experiment on babies at the university of pittsburgh that tony fauci is connected to. amazing story, gruesome story, next.
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he would have you do today. your gift of $45 is needed right now. >> tucker: the university ever pittsburgh has been using taxpayer funds to perform experiments on aborted children. we can't show you the images because they are horrible. but some of the funding for the so-called medical research came from the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases run by tony fauci. this is a pro-life activist. thanks for coming on. explain this story to us. >> tucker, i want to acknowledge for your viewers this is a really hard subject to talk about. this is one of the most disturbing studies i have ever
5:57 pm
reported on. as you say, you can't show the images on air. you can watch them on the video on center for medical research. they were taking the scalps of 5 month old aborted babies and grafting them on lab mice to see how many longer they can keep them growing. it would have been growing on the head of babies if they were not killed by ark borings -- abortions. it was funded by the office run by dr. fauci. planned parenthood told me they supplied the aborted baby body parts for the university of
5:58 pm
pittsburgh. >> tucker: it's so grotesque. as dr. fauci accounted for this? >> no. and dr. fauci owns every bit of this study and this issue. the head of the office the puck stops with him in terms of how grants are spent. whether they are monitored and made sure they are ethically and legally compliant with good stewardship of taxpayer money. using scalps of aborted children. their heads to be intact. were they delivered alive and whole? did anyone ask how you are getting them without a partial
5:59 pm
birth abortion? dr. fauci said be be asked what his office did to make sure these barbaric experiments complied with all regulations for federal taxpayer grants. >> tucker: do you see any hope of that happening, of someone being held to account for this? >> i just testified a couple of weeks before the pennsylvania how health committee. i think every day americans are disturbed and upset and sad and want accountability and enforcement from elected representatives on this issue. we are talking about a set of government policies about experiments on aborted children that say our children are worth more dead than alive.
6:00 pm
i think we should demand there be full transparency on it. >> tucker: that's right. that's just awful. david, i appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. that's it for us. back tomorrow night 8 p.m. the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: thank you. welcome to "hannity." tonight we begin with this fox news alert: democrats do not believe in science. they refuse to follow the science. they do not trust the experts and they do not believe in the efficacy of vaccines. we know that the cdc made it official to appease their teachers union and pals that donate a fortune every election season helping democratic socialists to get elected. the unions


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