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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  May 25, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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bidenitis. >> that is a great, excellent question. i would have to check with the hud -- i would check with our friends at hyde and would get a number to you if that's available. >> laura: it happens to the best of us. seems pretty severe. that's all the time we have tonight. "gutfeld!" next. >> you now, beginning then suffered for 2021 is -- i think we've learned a few lessons from last year as well. there is help -- you know, being there to help clear roads, rebuild main streets so that the families can get back to their lives. that is what they do every single day. >> greg: nailed it. [applause] ♪ ♪
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>> greg: all right, so as the report on the crisis at the border, we've overlooked a crisis between our borders. domestic migration. americans were moving from one state to another. also known as sweet freedom. we touched on it last week. here's the big problem. domestic migration. do you know if that is? people moving from one place to another. yes. but they bring -- [laughter] he's right, but... they are bringing their bad ideas with them. if i was any dumber i would be nicole wallace. so it's the cause and effect that comes from overtaxed, under protected, and treated like. it is like you are permanently living on a delta flight.
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as expected or reports, california, new york, new jersey, michigan, illinois, all states and the union cat lost a combined 4 million residents. and that is not including gun or covid victims for their losing people quicker than cnn's prime time. meanwhile, my republican lead states like border, texas, tennessee, ohio, and nursery saw large increases. which is likely under a underestimate. this mass exodus from blue to red raises the key question. how much aggravation with this migration bring to the resident population? what are these new neighbors bringing with them besides their new bumper stickers and responsibly raise chicken? well, they are used to being taxed. california has the highest income tax rate in america at
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13.3%. all of that goes to gavin newsom's hair products. god forbid on the dock ever gets stuck in there. they are also used to anti-gun laws that protect you from family -- i still can't get a gun for my apartment and i'm a huge star on basic cable who does get death threats. mostly from tyrus. when he catches me trying on his pants. now, compare that to the places these people are moving to. florida, texas, tennessee. they have no income tax, no income tax. i don't even know what that's like. meanwhile texas lawmakers -- fact-check me on this, but i believe in your gun is required to wear a smaller gun. basically people will leave you alone purely for safety reasons.
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that is happening. the opposite of a blue state. in california with violent crime, lost jobs, businesses closing, lockdowns, homelessness, suddenly the city by the bay looks like the city by the bay of pigs. it is no where to raise a family and muscular kids really like camping. in 2020 over 135,000 people fled california in their encrusted crocs. it's more people that have seen joy reid's show in seven years. it is so bad there that when you step in dog, you think "i'm so glad it's dog." of course, the rich libs don't care. the homeless will never get past their gate. the gate that is the same thing has trumped small that they've been calling races for the last four years. meanwhile, 3.7 million left new york city. .357. rather ironic because if they owned guns, many would've stayed. this used to be a tourist destination, but what's to see besides people being attacked in
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times square? maybe that's a whole new type of tourism come alive crime. you will have a great story, if you survive. but what about broadway, greg? who wants to get slashed by a homeless guy while waiting in line? i'm going to see death of a salesman, not death of a customer. the big apple has become the big sleep. murders jump 45% from 2019-2020 with nearly wanted 2% increase in shootings. seems like the only businesses making money are funeral homes. new york has lost $34 billion in revenue due to this exodus. that's more than i make it a year. let's not forget new jersey nearby, i know we want to. but the most covid deaths per capita and then you've got michigan becoming a joke with massive unemployment and it's only governor scolding citizens. of course there chicago with a mayor who thinks racism is a solution to rising homicides and shootings. i wonder what the angry white male has to say?
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♪ ♪ >> yes, i suppose i would consider moving prayer than those on the option to come up by a lot of supplies and declare my basement my own country. ♪ ♪ >> greg: if he was any whiter he would be bret baier's teeth. so what is the angry black male have to say? ♪ ♪ >> sup? people leaving the blue states move into the red states, yeah?
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yeah, no kidding. that's what i did. oh, yeah, been there done that. i guess y'all will be my neighbors. howdy neighbor. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so those who leave bring their louis vuitton bags filled with bad ideas with them. and if they do, how do you a texan, floridian, tennessee and stop them? turns out, maybe you hand. a housewarming gift if you will. to tell them it's loaded with whiskey and gluten. then maybe show them how to use your bb gun on local barman. it's baby steps. that is the gateway drug to freedom. then take them shoot them. before they know it, they will
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be putting a gun rack on jr's shoulder and if they don't, do it for them. that is only neighborly. let's welcome tonight's cast. we call him lover boy because he's always working for the weekend, but the cohost of the podcast, will hayes. he's the only money expert that slept with our square jar, founder david dawson. should be woke if it weren't for all the ambien, fox news contributor. back to menu and says yes, tyrus! [applause] >> yes, i. >> greg: tyrus, pertaining to the angry black male, what advice would you give to your neighbor if your neighbor comes from a blue state?
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>> stay off my grass, i'm not joining any of your clubs, i don't want to hear a funny story, i don't want to hear about any of your other black friends. act accordingly. that's basically all you can ask for. the one thing i learned very quickly going from california to louisiana, we all mind our own business there. we are cool, everybody knows everybody, but it's short. anything longer it's liberal and everyone stares about you. your lot about 15-20 seconds to get your good mornings in and then you can make a comment about the trees growing a little bit older. that's about it. don't act brand-new, act like you are supposed to be there. it's fine. you don't have to fill it with -- a, did you see what was going on in sports yesterday? i know you don't want sports because he said, did you see what's going on in the sports
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world? you know, just relax, just relax. we are accepting, just don't act like you own the place or be sadder than me. i saw that netflix special on slavery, bro. that is going to pass me off. >> born and raised in texas, lived here for 15 years, now i'm part of the statistic you are quoting. i left new york in january to get back to my roots and to get back to a red state. my advice is assimilate. what you said last weekend, you moved here for reason. don't bring the reason that you left the last place to this place, assimilate. but however, here's the problem but it is a of stockholm syndrome and amnesia. they leave and then you forget why they left and they almost replant the bad ideas. the thought is that weird thing. i can say there is legitimate concern, i don't know about louisiana, but there's definite concern in texas among the natives that this place is going to get change. all these people moving from
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california -- [laughter] >> no. and here's what i've learned, he has what they said, there's two different groups of people moving to texas, those that are moving because they are escaping a lot downstate, moving to a free state. and those people understand and are ready to be free. the people who are moving for economic positions, there jobs have pulled them down to texas, those are the ones who brings their politics with them. is there any way to stop them from watching this? ethic it's happening and austin -- where do you live? >> have the time in manhattan, half the time in newport beach, california. i'm taking one for the team here in both states. i'm doing everything wrong. but i think the reality is you said it, when people don't want the crime and they don't want the taxes, the regulation. i think they take some of those things -- they don't take all of them. when all of its piles on together. but you look at arizona who is going to have more californians in the phoenix area and a few years than it has arizona. that blue states of red state deal is real. i think for the most part, even
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when i go for economic reasons, i still think that kind of know they want the purple state mentality. i don't like it's totally sociological that they want on the blue states -- it hasn't happened yet, no states have totally flipped for migration. >> greg: i was in a purple state once. you don't even know what i was talking about! >> i'm saying no. i read about it in a magazine. >> of course he did. took the magazine have a fruit name by any chance? >> greg: what people don't understand is that it's not just a contrast in services, but also who you share your services with. for example, if you are to go to the hospital for an emergency and a nice suburban town you might be fine, but in midtown manhattan you could be in. >> i went to that last night. very disgusting.
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who gets an infected bug bite? >> it's called cellulitis pit i can send you some photos while you are eating if you want. we went there and we really didn't fit in because we forgot to stay up for a 4-5 days on drugs committing crimes before we went in there. i mean, you go to an e.r., there's always going to be, shall we say, characters. i did not see evidence of anyone suffering from something that had to do with a pathogen or a kitchen knife accident. it's the people in handcuffs, people screaming, i didn't hear a sneeze, i didn't hear a cough, okay? i heard "obama killed my grandma you [bleep]." at that i heard. mike, there was a guy trying to break into the fridge where they keep all the little sandwiches. at weaker who had been up -- tries pauline don mike reilly --
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"your ankle is big" it was crazy. and there was nobody else there that was just like oh, i'm suffering from something, but -- you know how bad is the first question they asked my husband, who is the preppy's man in life, was were you injecting drugs in that foot? because that's all they see. >> did you have his back? >> sitting there and his army of the lacrosse jersey. >> greg: that would be the simple explanation as if he was injecting drugs and not the spider bite, but we won't get into that here, we will discuss it in the break. maybe we will have a session. all right, up next crime rates rise while the white house denies.
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>> greg: her answer on crime is the worst of all time. i speak of white house press secretary joan saki. when asked this week of the country had a crime problem, blamed it all on you know what. >> 4,000 more people shot and killed by guns in 2020 compared to the year before. is there a crime problem? >> i would say certainly there's a guns problem. and that is something the president would say pair there are communities where local violence and community violence is an issue, that's one of the reasons we have proposed and are now implementing funding for community violence prevention programs from across the country.
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>> greg: it doesn't take a genius to point out the logic here doesn't have -- also ignore the policy is he felt far more criminals than leaving your door is unlocked. anyway, this makes me wonder how she is preparing for an express conference. >> jen, they loved your answer about crime. what about the obesity epidemic? >> that's because of food. too many cheeseburgers on the streets, brilliant. what about car accidents? 40,000 of severe? >> that's the automotive industry. >> okay, okay, the car problem. >> what about the opioid crisis? >> that is a nostril problem. if you're wearing a mask, you can't snort the drugs.
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>> greg: who snorts opioids? >> apparently a lot of people i saw last night probably did. >> greg: why do people -- you are a libertarian come you believe that the individuals responsible for their own actions. why is it such an issue to democrats? >> i believe that because it makes sense. what she said doesn't make sense. she might have a point if the first of all of the crimes are talking about work gun crimes and second of all, that anything could've legislation wise could have prevented the ones that were gun crimes. but neither of those things are true. so she doesn't have a point. she goes on and she goes, certain communities -- you mean like new york or chicago? where there is incredibly strict gun laws? so yeah, individual responsibility i believe in because it actually makes sense. it doesn't rely on trying to overstep or dodge around the
8:22 pm
question like she did there. >> i think that she missed took effect for cause, right? more people are buying guns because of the rise in crime and believe that the police are essentially hamstrung by their leaders. she saying out, now, the reason we have more crime is because people have all these guns. what i'm hearing her talk it sounds like people should be buying guns. he's describing an environment -- i also like the logic personally if i can apply it to the things that bother me in my life it i was thinking how i don't have a weight problem, i have a pants problem. >> you are welcome. [laughter] >> they are body shame a new -- be one i would go to the closing store right now just tell them that. it's not right. even the mirror in the store. this mirror is unfair. that's a crisis of responsibility and the idea we
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are going to blame -- this bad thing that she said, it really is their mentality, it really is the mentality across most things in the ideological spectrum. this is how they view society and there's always some excuse and there's always a victim. it is a awful way to view -- >> greg: you just give me an idea, the woke mirror, but there's something there. it is where you seem it's up to the mirror to make you see, why am i working out the sty right here? >> work that out later. >> greg: this is a segment. the voices of stopped, talk to will. you knew exactly what she was going to say? >> yes, because it's a tried and to play book to david's point. it doesn't matter what the issue is, find the way to opt out of individual responsibility. this one is going to be a total loser for them. to your point, people have been buying guns in record numbers over the past year. so good luck beating this hobbyhorse in the future.
8:24 pm
you are never going to win the election on gun control, never again. i think after what happened last year, you can't have a gun-control argument if you are defunding the police. tyrus, how many guns do you own? >> 47. >> greg: do you really? >> yes. and they all have names. at my personal is "see me no no more." will makes a great point, the people who are screaming "no guns are" are the same people who are screaming "no police." here's the joke, they don't want to reform the police and they want to take away the guns who actually register and go through at the proper way because there is this great rap song from back in the day, the ak it wasn't registered anyway. if you take guns away from --
8:25 pm
across america bowling though steve, that's the only way, we need teeth control. but bad people find a way. the problem is we need to focus on the actual bad people. how do we do that? we give our cops raises and information and funding and technology to do so and we were formed, we stop arresting the guy for selling a bag of weed and giving him ten years and start arresting the guy who screaming about obama's mom in the e.r. trying to bite which causes his leg to swallow because he identified as a black widow spider. it's tough. start locking those guys are. >> before you can put in resources coming up to believe they're such a thing as bad people. >> welcome in the red state we believe in our policing. when a criminal -- we always usually say guilty for us to do so for to clear it up, but that is the american tv way.
8:26 pm
of course you do do, they said you did it. he didn't do it? okay, come into the pta bear that's how we are. guilty first -- kind of -- but we have police officers to keep us in line. >> up next, did john cena pander to avoid commie slander? in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. there's not enough hours to be all that i am. not enough hours to make this overworked mom, feel like superwoman. not enough hours to let this dream
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welcome, today's discussion will be around sliced meat. moms want healthy... and affordable. land o' frost premium!!! no added hormones either. it's the only protein i've really melted with. land o' frost premium. fresh look. same great taste. ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪
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♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today. ♪ ♪ >> greg: how good a mountain sellout taiwan? wwe talent movie star john cena begged forgiveness for calling time on a country and not a wholly-owned subsidiary of the communist mainland. in an interview promoting the latest fast and furious film series about wasting gas come out john cena said taiwan is the first country that can watch f9 -- that is a major boo-boo according to beijing which goes after any public mention of taiwan as an independent nation.
8:31 pm
even though the island itself governed democracy for 70 years. the commies were and to have. thank god sina stood up to them, right? [speaking non-english language] >> greg: john cena can gravel into languages. looks like all those body slams broke his backbone too. of course, i didn't write that. that's one of our staff writers. >> your cross and some sears lines right here. i'm trying to keep it cool, but watch your step. >> let me finish this and then i'll get to you. using political and economic leverage internally they use the lighter touch of running you over with a tank. like other corporations who make big bucks in china, they gladly look the other way despite the documented human rights violations.
8:32 pm
f9 took a nearly 126 million in china over the weekend enough to make even the most nimble wrestler bent over on demand. >> okay, greg. i warned him. if you hurt me warn him, right? >> greg: i could take john cena. >> take them to what was to mark lunch? >> greg: i thought i was the only well-built man who could speak mandarin. >> under 5 feet, yes. john seen as one of the nicest human beings on the planet. >> do you think is getting a bum rap on this? >> yes, here's the deal peered he's not stupid. he's an extremely smart businessman. and how much money was it again? $136 million. sayonara too. most movies are made for the chinese market, that is where the money is at. so sorry taiwan, whoops, he made a mistake in an interview i did clean adele.
8:33 pm
he didn't just clean it up, he said it in mandarin. look, my bad. go buy my stuff, it won't happen again. tomato, tomato, same thing. he made a marketing mistake. that's why he apologize, he's not done. he spent on the forefront as far as working with marketing and stuff. it was years ago he gave me great advice. he said listen, if you're going to do movies -- and vest on and know on in china. i didn't do either one. he's a great guy. some people who don't know him and they seem as a really successful attractive guy who does movies all around the world pretty slow so the same guy who had to go to the bathroom with 10 minutes to go at wrestlemania so i could get my mansion. he didn't have to do that, that's the type of guy he is. relax a little bit, he is a humble guy. he said state instead of not state -- country. >> greg: what do you think, david?
8:34 pm
don't let him intimidate you. speak of the reality is it's a fair point someone has a commercial interest in a line you want to walk there. i also think taiwan has a lot of money. and i think there's this opportunity for someone, it may not be this moment in this person for someone to come out of the other side of it and not apologize and open up the home market and it taiwan. it's unfortunate we are still in the situation. remember that lebron james -- the nba a couple years back, there's a lot of money there. there's a lot on the line. but i do think at some point someone will have to say the truth, not apologize, and they will end up making money off of that. >> here's what i think, there's a couple of thoughts we could hold that the same time. first, we can't hold john cena to that standard. as a man, the only thing i would criticize him for is the groveling nature of the apology. like, he really meant "i'm sorry" here. and we know why, it's because he
8:35 pm
wants to make money. the difference between john cena and lebron as he has not spent the last decade preaching to us as human rights. the big thing here is how much capital -- how much chinese dollars control every single person's mouth. we can censor ourselves of the pay the right price. and that is terrifying. our culture is on their play pa. active in sports, you name it. this must be difficult for you as a libertarian that you know, you're free or free markets and everything. but there's also some humanitarian concerns. libertarians -- it's difficult for me, because i just even in terms of written word always confused on with michael sarah. >> greg: that is a confusion. >> the male lead in "juno." >> terrible movie. >> not great, but this is the first time i know what he looks like. i really thought kind of maybe
8:36 pm
perhaps he didn't really understand how he was even may be being controversial in the first thing he said. because otherwise if you like it would've been easy to dance around it, because he's just been like -- the people of taiwan -- a guy who's clearly going to change you. he says i'm going out to dinner, and they are picking me up at so-and-so's -- you don't have to say she, he could have danced around it. i don't know. the groveling of the apology. he didn't have to go far with that either. but i'm also not making any money in china. i don't know what i would do. >> greg: you would make a stand i'm sure. in charge of peering people up. wow. wow. >> i don't know. i don't watch the wrestling. [laughter] >> greg: all right. >> or the sports or the
8:37 pm
"star wars." >> i don't pretend like i do. >> no you don't. >> greg: up next, will and 80 singer regret making a marxist reference? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you don't always set out to be a rock star. but when the spotlight finds you. you become one anyway. ♪ ♪ at t-mobile, we're committed to serving those who serve. as a nationally recognized military friendly employer, we're on our way to hiring 10,000 veterans and military spouses by 2023. and our commitment doesn't stop there. at t-mobile, we offer exclusive savings on plans for military and veteran families. get 50% off family lines.
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tell your doctor if you develop any of these, as your dose may need to be adjusted or stopped. amazing things happen during the day. sunosi can help you stay awake for whatever amazes you. visit and talk to your doctor about sunosi today. >> greg: they threatened senator paul with no fear at all. the fbi investing in a package with white powder in a threatening image sent to senator rand paul's kentucky home. all the signs of a doozy. referring to the 2018 attack that left the senator with five rib fractures. paul wrote in the statement "i take these threats immensely seriously, i've been targeted multiple times now, it is reprehensible that they allow celebrities to advocate for violence against me and my
8:42 pm
family." what is he referring to? well, just this weekend for richard marx -- remember him? call for violence against and now we received this powder filled letter. can you imagine calling him a celebrity? i guess he has. he is history's second biggest jerk named mark was apparently a musician and tweeted over the weekend that he would love to hug and buy drinks for the neighbor who had assaulted paul. he said three number one singles, including this one. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ whatever it takes ♪ ♪ i will be right here waiting for you ♪♪ >> greg: that was actually written about rand paul 20 years ago. it makes no sense. okay, dave. which was more dangerous walking through times square or being rand paul? >> rand paul walking through times square.
8:43 pm
i just realize you were talking about -- i'm very grateful that carl is giddy that rapp, because richard marx is only the second worst in history. but no, this is very weird. it's weird that he feels the need to come out and it's also weird to even call him a celebrity. they are lower letters of me alphabet for richard marx. so you deal with lots of rivalries? what is going on in this one? what is the back story? >> first of all, there's nothing more scary than being threatened by a r&b singer. because much like the song, the beach is going to go on for a really long time. if that's going to be a lot of repetitive stuff. he's harmonize while he's stepping on you. i wouldn't want to put anybody to have to go back and say, richard marx to shut up at my house and beat me up and maybe sing a song. there's a lot of horrible
8:44 pm
things. rand paul is probably has the most creative group of assassins. the neighbor, richard marx. what's next? maybe you're gonna see big bird is that in the neighborhood. he's just like random things. woody harrelson just as woody from cheers. he's right all the time. we shouldn't be given all this extra money. he was right. so all of the assassins and all the haters watching -- sit down public enemy. >> greg: it's you! >> a.r.m. is coming for you. >> greg: why is this happening come i don't understand. it is such an obscure hater. he's attached their current high-priced.
8:45 pm
he's been there every step of the way of vaccines, masks, whatever it may be. this is becoming a religion for the richard marx's of the world. his marxism. >> just put in doubt they're coming to be it's time to move. the neighbors are beating you up, r&b singers driving up and down the street, mgm looking for you. >> greg: clearly everyone knows where he lives. but okay, can you explain to me what is going on in richard marx's head. like, is this a regular thing on his part? >> i don't know, i didn't even know i knew who it was until you played that song and i was like, i have nonconsensual he heard that song very many, many times. but again, it was mostly at his house in d.c. all these people screaming at him. accosting him, saying, breonna
8:46 pm
taylor, say her name! it's like okay, he went a step beyond just saying her name less than two months before that by naming a bill that he introduced after her, the justice for breonna taylor act. so it's really truly crazy. violence -- you shouldn't assault. it gets much worse when people try to solve things with violence and they are too dumb to realize that it's not even the problem that they think it is. >> greg: so they sent some powder to him, do they know what it is? >> they said it was nothing. >> no it was probably talcum powder, a slow kill. it's a slow kill. the stuff is incredible. >> greg: it's a real bummer when you get powder in the mail and it's not what you thought it was. anyway. up next, how long could you survive in nature before you meet your maker? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: do you have the goods to survive in the woods? are you tough enough to thrive in the rough? a new survey, my favorite kind, finds that the average american thinks they could survive 16 days alone in the wilderness. and definitely if there's dollar general nearby.
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only 70% believe that they could start a fire. you think it takes 16 days to freeze to death? 40% could identify edible plants or berries in nature. in other words, the average american absolutely would not survive 16 days alone in the wilderness. if there's a big difference between surviving in the amazon and surviving because of amazon. that same survey found almost two-thirds of americans say the past year has given them a newfound appreciation for the great outdoors bear that includes my awesome new roommates, rod and rex. they love nature and they party. you know, the waistcoat like that when i put on richard marx. it's insane. you don't strike me as a wilderness type, but you are from texas, as he could probably
8:52 pm
survive. how long? >> i don't know if i could go 16 days, but i'll go first place in this group. i'm not sure about louisiana. a speaker you deftly have me beat. i could do with one day in the hospital. but the 16 day thing -- at all reminded me, the defining mark to me is people not knowing how to start a fire and saying they could survive that long. that sort of misunderstanding of what it takes. as a study a couple years ago there's all the testing at public schools, the worst writing, highest self-esteem they've ever had. people feeling this way such as conducted from their own capability appears to be a new phenomenon. >> i didn't say what you could bring and not bring with you. i could survive in the wilderness. i would bring a lighter, my canada goose jacket, bag of chex mix, some beef jerky. >> that's day one. >> someone else.
8:53 pm
[laughs] i think i would be good. >> someone with a helicopter. >> yes. >> greg: tyrus, are you an outdoorsman? >> yes, most of my life. camping for two weeks like real camping, not that cabin stuff. as long as you are not afraid to kill things and scare things, which i'm not. so that is the biggest thing as everyone says they can do it until even just the first day without good water or good food. he will see people go quick. you are going to have a really hard time being out there. plus, the animals are different in the woods. even the squirrels are more like, what are you doing here? you know what i'm saying, the rabbits don't run. once they realize you don't have the bank's tickets completely different. >> i would also bring water.
8:54 pm
>> greg: exactly brita water purifier. so what you are telling me is disney lied to me going out. i thought when you went into the woods they were all these butterflies that would land on your head. they are not going to be your friends, that not going to do your chores. geico was actually good when they showed the water -- the woman ends up falling. same thing in the woods. if you follow a little birdie, bear is going to get you. >> greg: bear attacks are very rare. i read that in the paper. >> because you don't get in the forest much. i guarantee a bear would attack you. >> greg: not my kind of bear. >> i knew it. >> greg: you know how i would do it, i would survive the wilderness by sleeping through it. i think i could sleep through just about anything. just like lying down a new sleep. >> next to the forest? >> greg: i would cover myself in leaves and i would pretend i'm on a crash diet.
8:55 pm
>> a bottle of wine. >> greg: by the way, the best thing to get through anything would be some kind of prescription medication. just knock yourself out. not even going to make the bear earn it. it's just going to be -- >> greg: a bear would walk right by me because i wouldn't be wrestling. >> one of the bears would play dead anyway. playing that would ware, grizzly bear or black bear i can't remember. >> they have to chew on something to make sure you are dead. the bear starts picking up -- it's kind of hard to still play dead. >> greg: also you really don't want to survive a bear attack. to speak of your going to be in a place with bears, have someone not as strong as you around. you got out from the due. >> greg: don't move, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ng
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what a surprise. set your dvr is a finance who never missed an episode glorious show. thank you to our studio audience, fox news at night with shannon bream is next. i'm greg gutfeld, and i love you, america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to fox news at night, i'm shannon bream in washington. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, checking the origins of covid, the wuhan lab series continues getting traction, while one of our experts, shouldn't we will know the whole story. drivers in southern california are targeted in a dozen


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