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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 26, 2021 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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tomorrow. fight for liberty every day. don't let them take your guns. tucker carlson is next. >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." joe biden wants you to know he had a year and a half in developed a mild curiosity about where the pandemic came from. the virus probably didn't originate in omaha. he put his top sleuths on it and they have programsed to report back at some point. as of today two-thirds of joe
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biden's spies believe the virus jump naturally to human beings from infected animals. the spies who believe that have never spoken to working virologist and don't have internet access. the other third joe biden told us lean-to the theory that covid-19 escaped from a government lab in wuhan that was conducting dangerous experiments on bat coronaviruses. who knows really? either way, joe biden explained we will get some answers or more questions possibly several months from now. rest assured the white house is on. we doubted that. just hours before joe biden's announcement we learned that the white house shut down a large on-going and legitimate federal investigation into the origins of this pandemic. it had been going on for months.
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it was conducted by the state department's bureau of arms control verification and compliance. they ensure countries like china are not stockpiling bio- weapons like bat coronaviruses that are be experimented with in labs. why did the white house shut down that on-going investigation? senior officials at the national institute of health including dr. fauci said they had no idea why it was shut down. that seemed odd. they are closely linked to the story. it was through nih that funded some of that research at the
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wuhan laboratory. senator john kennedy asked all of these questions. >> why did you guys and ladies, why did you spike the prior administration's investigation into the origins of the coronavirus and whether it could have come out of the wuhan lab? >> sir, we did not spike anything. i am not sure what you mean by spike. >> the state department spiked the prior administration's study. >> that has nothing to do with the national institute of health. >> they didn't consult with y'all? >> they did not. >> i read about it if the press. >> doc, they spiked it without talking to experts? >> you don't want to answer that one, do you? >> tucker: no. we still don't know why the white house ended a month long
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investigation. we don't know what that investigation found before it was closed. we have some ideas. a fact sheet released by the last administration written by some of the people doing the same investigation that the biden administration shut down told us researchers at the wuhan institute of virology became seriously ill in the fall of 2019. 3 went to the hospital. that came out in january. intel confirmed it. the state department contractor who led that probe reiterated based on that investigation's findings so far: there is probably cause for deep suspicion that the virus skipped
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-- escaped from wuhan. powerful forces didn't want to know more. they didn't like the investigation. whose side are they on? and david asher is wondering the same thing. quote. some colleagues played down the possible links to china's biological weapons programs. and: that's a reference to the money that the u.s. went through nih to the wuhan lab to do research that may have been connected to this pandemic. david named chris ford. the former act the under-
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secretary in the state department as someone who didn't want to dwelve into the potential of a lab released and one related to a classified chinese military program. why would an official in the u.s. not want to know more about a foreign adversary violating international law and imperiling the lives of millions? that's a great question. he said he had procedural concerns about the probe and including he was kept out of the loop until december. but he said the lab work theory is very possible and china must be held to account. it's critical to get to the bottom of this. that's his position now. it it should be the position of everyone in the u.s. government.
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it's the position of the u.s. media. every news organization has updated its lies about the story. they told you it was a conspiracy theory. now they pretend they didn't say. that even dr. fauci revised his statement. called it outrageous. now dr. fauci admitted he has no idea what kind of research was going on in wuhan. >> how do you know they didn't lie to you and use the money for research anyway? >> well, we have seen the results of the experiments that were done and that the viruss they studied are on public databases now. >> how do you know they didn't do the research and not put it on their website? >> there no way of guaranteeing
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that. >> tucker: so dr. fauci with a straight face said we can be certain no u.s. tax dollars went to experiments because the chinese didn't write about it on the internet, with a straight face. when pressed by one of the few senators who is not brain dead dr. fauci admitted he has no idea what the dollars went to. which experiment they funded in wuhan. either way, this is a total revision of dr. fauci's position. a few days ago he was outraged by the suggestion he funded gain of function experiments in chinaa. now he is conceding it's possible. he's always known it was possible. the grant dr. fauci approved for
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research supports these experiments. a protect understanding the risk of bat coronaviruses and that was overseen by peter who told the world in high volume there is no chance this virus escaped the lab and was appointed by the world health organization to investigate covid and declare the wuhan lab blameless. what a scam? the grant from dr. fauci said it will fund testing coronavirus using reverse genetics and:
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oh! actually that's quite a broad range. run that by any scientist and they will tell you a lot fits under that description. what did those virus infections experiments with bat coronaviruses consist of? we don't know. maybe the results are all around us. the white house wants you to calm down. they want the intelligence community to answer these questions in the next few months. if you can't trust them, who can you trust? you don't need an investigation. you can take their word for it. josh did not take their word for it. senator, thanks for coming on. there is not a forthcoming answer on why the administration would cancel an investigation
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into the central question of our age. why did they cancel it? >> i don't know why they canceled it. maybe they didn't want the answer. i think it's time that we force the intelligence community to disclassify what they know about the origins of covid-19. we know that all of our intelligence agencies have done research. they have reached conclusions or have some ideas. i think the american people deserve to see that intelligence. why take joe biden's word for it. we ought to see for ourselveses and that's what my legislation will do. >> tucker: you are a sitting member of congress, a senator. are you permitted to see this information? >> we are permitted to see some of the classified summaries about what the intelligence community concluded. my view is everybody ought to see that. make that available to the american people to see where our
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different intelligence agencies have come down on this and what our intelligence agencies have been doing for the last year to draw our own conclusions. it's vital to get more information out. there we ought to force transparency there. put it out there and let the american people see it. >> tucker: i hope in the middle of this political debate, we don't lose sight of the fact there is an incredibly dangerous of science going on, gain of function experiments that may produce some benefit. they exposed the world to a lot of real danger. why are we continueing to fund that? can we stop it? >> we need to stop it. we have to think about the fact that the united states government was helping to fund the wuhan institute to do this research. was it of a good idea? it doesn't seem like it. we need to hold people accountable who made those
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decisions. is this something we should be doing? i don't think so. >> tucker: no, it's insanity. us playing god. it didn't end well ever. the start of the pandemic, a reporter in asia conducted a video interview with the top physician at the world health organization. she asked about taiwan. first the doctor pretended he was experiencing technical difficulties and could not hear the question. in the end when pressed, he just turned off the call. he knew his masters in china didn't want him to talk about the possibility that taiwan could be an independent nation. he had to obey them. he is not alone. you see this in the united states. in a recent interview an actor and wrestler john promoted a new film called f- fine. -- 9. he said taiwan is the first
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country that can watch f- 9. that seems harmless but from the chinese perspective it is not allowed. he had to grovel in chinese for forgiveness. it's disgusting. we will only play part of it for you. >> [speaking foreign language]. >> tucker: to watch an american citizen apologize to our adversary for the crime of describing a nation as a nation -- taiwan is a country -- and he had to apologize.
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he never explained what he was apologizing for. he was not even allowed to repeat the sin. he can never mention taiwan again. thousands of chinese residents watched this and left negative comments. one said this, you can't take benefits from china and do things to harm china's interests." you say that as an american and you would be banned from twitter. that's xenophobia but it's real. to make money in china you follow their rules, period. if you wonder why they shut down the investigation, that's why. they are getting rich doing it. how many people died in nursing
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homes from the coronavirus? you would think we would know the answer. we don't. the last journalist remaining in michigan looked into that question. he found that the official numbers are a lie but tells the truth now.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: andrew cuomo who runs new york has gotten a lot of attention for covering up nurse's aid deaths in that state. the press spent almost no time looking into similar tragedies in the state of michigan. michigan only has one journalist left. he looked deeply into this. he found that the covid death toll in michigan's nursing homes may be 100% than reported. that journalist is hear to tell us what he found. charlie, thanks for coming on. 100% higher. >> it could be. we don't know. the nursing home death count that michigan is offering you is what the nursing homes report. the rest of the deaths we don't know. you know how new york traced
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deaths in the nursing home. michigan doesn't know. what they did last summer was they did a pilot program. a limited side. -- study. they found that 50% were nursing home residents. they stopped looking. just like the wuhan lab. they didn't want to know the answer. i asked them, why did you stop? it was too time consuming. you die, you get a death certificate. see it? yes. here place of death. this was clarence. a veteran 86 years old. threw him around like a laundry bag. he died in detroit receiving hospital. the health department said it was to time consuming where he lived. right under it is the address of
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where he left. 8 second google search, it takes you to a nursing home. this is bs. the governor of michigan was supposed to accept a bravely award from the kennedy library. i am not sure she even showed up online to accept it because of this rotten scandal. >> tucker: i am shocked because the state of michigan told they had to wear masks when they kayaked but they could not find out how people died? >> too time consuming! are you kidding me? the federal government sent the state of michigan $500 million to the health department for the covid response.
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you could not hire people from gooing addresses. -- google addresses. they shut down human activity in order to save people. i don't argue with that, but you didn't want to look at where they were dying and come up with a better response? now we have a bunch of dead people. we have a bunch of dead businesses and children who are wounded in their hearts from what happened to them. i told you before, i will sue the state of michigan. i will win. i did. no media outlet anywhere in the world joined me. >> tucker: i am not surprised because you are the last reporter left in the state of michigan. it's a big state. charlie, thank you. lockheed martin is the world's largest defense contractor and has influence on american national security.
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there is now evidence disturbing evidence that company is training employees to despise america. we will speak to someone who gathered that evidence next.
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>> tucker: joe biden nominated david chipman to lead the atf. this is a concern for a number of reasons. first david is such a zealot he has shown himself to be willing to lie in the service of his idealogy. he claimed the branch davidians in waco shot down federal helicopters. that was not true and he knew
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that. today he again failed to tell the truth. he said gun owners of ar- 15's should be arrested. >> i support a ban as has been presented in a senate bill and supported by the president. the ar-15 is a lethal weapon and regulating it has other particularly lethal weapons i advocate for, i would enforce the laws on the book. >> tucker: that's false. you would not take it deer hunt because it's not legal enough. we want to speak to jesse kelly
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tonight.hunting because it's no enough. we want to speak to jesse kelly tonight. there are tens of millions of ar15s in circulation. what would is mean to ban them? >> we would get the world that david wants to hurt anybody who disagrees with him. this is the mistake we make on the right. we hear of this ban and we say pistols hurt more people every year. david is an idiot but he can read. he wants the freedom to hurt you. i don't know why we have to dance around that. >> tucker: why does nobody say that? >> well, because it means acknowledging your fellow americans want you dead or are okay if you are dead.
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they called you a nazi for 4 years for a reason. do you think david chipman thinks nazis should own ar-15s. he wants the authority to ban them. putting him in charge of the atf is like throwing a party for friends and letting bill cosby tend the bar. >> tucker: you target a fire arm owned by law abiing people who commit no crimes. to target them tells you it's not about reducing violence, is it? >> oh, no, it's not about reducing real violence. none of these people care about mass shootings or inner city violence. they have never been able to achieve their final socialist dream in america because half of
5:34 pm
the country owns a lot of firearms. it's the only thing separating them from that. >> tucker: thanks for telling the truth. what is an ar-15. people don't know including the guy biden dominateed to run atf. here is a lip from tucker carlson origins. >> you hear people talk about ngun control. >> [shouting]. >> let's go.gun control.
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>> [shouting] >> let's go. >> what is the ar-15. >> what the heck. >> [gunfire]. >> [laughing]. >> tucker: that's part of our documentary series on fox nation. if you are the in military you get free access for a year. the defense contract for lockheed martin ordered them to a seminar to unlearn their white male privilege. chris is a senior fellow and broke this story. tell us what this training
5:36 pm
session was like. what went on at this thing? >> well, this is a long training program. 8,000 lockheed martin employees have been through race reeducation programs. they said being a white male was like being in the kkk and they said white men can't jump. all of these slurs about their own origins. they take them through a series of exercises. they have to review 156 white male privilege statements. the question is this: if a 3 star general in the u.s. military can't stand up to crackpot diversity trainers, how do we stand up to china?
5:37 pm
>> tucker: that's right. this company would not exist without federal contract. get billion dollars from congress. will anyone in congress put a stop to this? >> yes, i hope so. lockheed martin has tens of billion dollars come from taxpayers. how many programs denigrate white males has lockheed martin done? i call on the u.s. senate and the u.s. house of representatives to launch an inquiry to answer these questions. taxpayer should not subsidize woke racism at america's largest corporation. >> tucker: was there any response from lockheed martin? >> yes, they responded today with a statement that could only be described as corporate gibberish. i think they have been caught
5:38 pm
and they are scrambling to figure out how to respond. the documents on my twitter handle and my website are damning. no bonus about it, this is a neo- racist program forced employees. >> tucker: why are you the only journalist doing this story? >> people are afraid to speak out on these issues. it will take more people to have the courage to stand up and speak out and a racism is wrong no matter where it comes from and who it is directed towards. that should be simple but it's scary for too many people. >> tucker: the adult men who put up with this deserve it. but i still think it should be stopped. i appreciate you shining the light on it.
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thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: across the country young female athletes are finding their achievement mocked because young men are competing against us. we will have an update next. (vo) jamaica. (woman) best decision ever.
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit >> tucker: this is a high school athlete in connecticut sueing to
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prevent biological males to compete against them in girls sports. they have dominated girls track meets in the state since 2017. it's unfair. a court dismissed the laught. -- lawsuit. she is appealing and joins us with her attorney. first, tell us why you filed this suit. you are brave to say this in public. why are you doing this? >> for us the lawsuit was the last resort. we talked to school administrators and talked to legislators. we exhausted every possible lead we could. no one in position of authority wanted to hear us out. we had no choice but to file a complaint and later a lawsuit. >> tucker: did they say we understand it doesn't seem fair? you are a high school athlete.
5:46 pm
did anyone show any understanding at all? >> nobody wanted to hear us out. >> tucker: how do you feel about that? >> it's very frustrating and demoralizing. it's not fair being forced to compete against somebody who is biologically male. no matter you will never beat them. i raced against these athletes over a dozen times and every time i lost by a significant margin. >> tucker: how big an advantage is it physically for a male to compete against female high school students? >> they have a great advantage over us in terms of skeletal system and muscle mass. in the 100 yard dash they would finish and the girls were still at the 80 meter mark.
5:47 pm
it's not a close race at all. >> tucker: this appeal is necessary because you were turned down in court. what was the judge's reasoning here? >> that's right. the lower court got it wrong. they told her and the other female athletes your accomplishments don't matter. the court dodged the main issue. forcing girls to compete against biological males. there are physical differences between the sexes. our laws need to recognize those differences. >> tucker: they never acknowledged it's unfair? that's the core point. in this case it's unfair and they never acknowledged it? >> that's right. in the state of connecticut two male athletes in three seasons have taken 15 women's state
5:48 pm
championship titles and more than 85 opportunities for girls to advance to the next level of competition. they have lost out on titles and podium spots and other opportunities. that needs to be remedied. >> tucker: since you are at these events, what do the parents say? oh, a group of men just won while the girls are still on the 80 meter line and that seems right to us? are parents okay with this? >> most parents support us. they realize there is a great difference between a man and a woman's body. some have daughters and sons that do sports. most are in support of us. >> tucker: i have to ask, you want to be compassionate. if you are a male athlete winning every race do they acknowledge they have an advantage? it seems like bad sportsmanship to put it mildly. >> it's science that males have a great physical advantage over
5:49 pm
females. saying science is not a factor is wrong. >> tucker: it is wrong. i don't know if we acknowledge science him. i hope you both force us to. thank you very much. lt. col. was fired from space force for telling the truth about what is going on. that's next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: matt went to the air force academy. spent years in the u.s. military flying planes. he was a lt. col. in the space force in charge of a squadron. then he was fired just the other day because he made public comments on a podcast about something that is real. the wild political propaganda and bigotry not being forced on enlisted office in the u.s. military. critical race theory. he said this is going on and they fired him. we had an hour long conversation with this lt. col. and you have to think this guy is smart.
5:56 pm
interesting and thought. and descent and patriotic and exactly the person you want in the u.s. military and they fired him. it's on the latest episode of tucker carlson today. here is part of it. >> [loud music playing]. >> [inaudible]. >> we don't engage in the political realm. when i see activism like that in the last year more than ever before. the kinds of things you see in the culture revolution in 1966 are a mere reflection of what we saw over the past year in this country. people demanding that people apologize for race or group they belong to. they shut down schools but allowed people to gather in peaceful protests and they claim they are peaceful and they turn
5:57 pm
violent because the shouting gets people's blood boiling. that's the intent of the all of the shouting. everything that you see taking place in this country is the plague of markism. -- maxism. i need to bring this up. this is a traditional s pressures. -- s pressures. we are doomed as a country. >> tucker: that's where all of the guns are. that's the police department and the military. >> in fact one of the things that concerns me the most, i can't imagine -- police officers have a very tough job in this country at the moment. the fact i know some police officers who are wrestling with the idea of whether they can bring their family through this cruiseble over the next few years and continue serving and
5:58 pm
they are good people. if you have good people interested in serving in the police force and they are put off by the military. who are you left with? that's a concern. >> tucker: isn't that the whole point of it, so people like you won't join the military? >> you could allege that's the case it and might be. i don't care what people's race is, their politics, left or right or black or white or something else. they are all put off bay this. if they joined in a free country to serve their country, to take the oath to defend the constitution and put on the uniform. they don't care what the politics are, they can't like what they are hearing. that the country is systemic
5:59 pm
racism why lay your life on the line to defend that? if you are a white male and you are told you are a big partly cloudy -- part of the problem. >> tucker: exactly. that conversation went on for an hour. we asked about recent ufo sightings. he said maybe of the most interesting part he identified a large number of left wing extremists threaten those who don't support joe biden and he said he has never met anyone who is a white supremacyist. they are not running around.
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that's it for us. tune in every night at 8 p.m. the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. sean hannity is in nashville with a special hour starting right now. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we are in music city nashville, tennessee. the sight of the republican governors association and their spring conference. we will have an open discussion with six of the nation's top governors about the state of our country. we will take on immigration and talk about the southern border and taxes and law and order.


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