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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  May 30, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that. >> at least two people killed and more than 20 wounded in the early morning shooting in south florida. mike emanuel three people opened fire outside of banquet hall rented out for a concert phil keating is at the scene at hialeah florida. >> it was absolute chaos here just 12 hours ago when not parking lot behind me. after midnight three men
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jumped out of the suv and started shooting bullets into the crowd of people that had gathered for a birthday party / concert. one window was shot out there is a bullet hole and one car still parked in the parking lot. this is still a crime scene. there are numerous placards on the pavement marking bullet casings. two people died. between 20 and 25 others were either injured in the melee or by bullets. the banquet hall near hialeah in miami-dade county was not a random shooting but targeted at specific victims. as of yet no arrest have been made a 100,000-dollar reward for arrestor information has been offered. the governor has actually spoken up about this tweeting recently that those involved
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who did the shooting need to be apprehended and treated very severely. here is police sound from very early this morning. >> this is a despicable act of gun violence we have our investigators on the scene we are asking for any information from the community anyone who has tips on these individuals please give it to us. >> between 20 and 25 people were injured but did survive there were so many victims in this mass shooting they were taken to multiple miami area hospitals the vehicle is a white nissan pathfinder very sizable overflow in that particular last night and this mass shooting comes about 24 hours after a friday night early saturday morning mass shooting during the core of
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miami there is a lot of bars and restaurants seven people were shot one person did die. this is memorial day weekend in miami so far two straight nights of mass shootings and two nights to go. back to you. mike: live on the scene thank you fell. many thanks. >> you must remember the price that was paid for our liberties and the debt of those who paid it. of families left behind. my heart is torn in the communities will never be whole again. mike: president biden speaking to you today who remembered his late son beau who also
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served in iraq. this weekend the second it will rolling to remember that replaces rolling thunder that was a washington dc tradition since 1988. we will take you live later in show. arlington is back open after only allow family passholders last year. a sea of red white and blue. and more than 50000 flowers placed on the graves of our country's heroes by the memorial day flower foundation. president biden criticizing a new voting bill in texas expected to head to the governor's desk soon. we are live in delaware whether president spends the holiday weekend good afternoon. >> texas state lawmakers are working through the reit weekend and the white house is criticizing the lawmakers who are trying to vote. if the measures are signed into law it would reshape our early voting is conducted. also a number of changes for
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absentee ballots are sent out. also a stricter identification check and poll watchers are given more access and to review the counting. white house put out a statement to say texas legislatures that joins georgia and florida to advance a state law that attacks the sacred right to vote. this assault we have seen far too often and disproportionately targeting black and brown americans. texans republican say that is not the case at all. >> i am not in the state legislature but i think the intent is to restore confidence in the elections that fraud is not taking place. >> the white house is facing questions on the budget proposal sent out friday afternoon as lawmakers and the president left town and that
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price tag is $6 trillion of proposed spending. the white house says it is necessary republican say it is outrageous having an impact on the country going forward we heard from secretary buddha's edge - - buddha judge. you cannot get something for nothing in the near-term we know that we need to make a major investment in our roads and bridges we cannot afford not to do these things and on friday we will get the jobs report for the month of may where the economy is headed into the final months and also with those negotiations between senate republicans in the white house they are talk about the infrastructural proposal that kid urge the need for more stimulus that is the message the white house is trying to avoid. mike: mark meredith thank you very much. joining us now illinois
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republican congressman of our house transportation veteran affairs committee. congressman, welcome. >> thank you. mike: the president has laid out his budgetary vision those are always dead on arrival whether a republican or democratic president since the congress has the power of the purse. but it represents his priorities. what do you make of the biden budget? >> calls you just said we have to go i hope. we do set the budget. we will do that. from my position as the ranking member on the veterans affairs committee we would do a weekend that we are coming off of a year where the last budget was 240 billion and not only that we also had the c.a.r.e.s. act and 10 billion was left in that for his proposed covid bill that only
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had 6 percent spending on covid. but 17 billion more was put into the v.a. for covid relief. we have to make sure we have oversight that what we invest we invest wisely. we all want to get back to work but we have to be wise. mike: talks continue between republicans and white house with infrastructure. it sounds like there is a significant gap. will they find a bipartisan deal? is very sweet spot quick. >> i hope so. but true infrastructure is roads and bridges and air and rail and waterways and water supply and connectivity on the internet. none of the social infrastructure if you do with that it is a different area. also have to calculate
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whatever the investment is we are using come it covers the user fee and does not chase business from our shores. mike: you mentioned government affairs committee made a push on behalf of prisoners of war from world war ii serving in the pacific theater. talk about that. >> we are working on a lot of things specifically to honor those prisoners of war but the v.a. committee is working on i ads ranking member that these people lay down the ultimate sacrifice from what we celebrate this weekend. >> is someone who wore the uniform as united states marine what are your thoughts this memorial day weekend? >> as a listen to the different people speaking i'm glad people went to have a
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good time with their family it's more than just a three-day weekend you have to remember the spouses of those people who have fallen to give the ultimate sacrifice that is what this beacon is about what we need to remember. i'm the father of a marine my father served and my grandfather and my great-grandfather served. they served side-by-side with men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice. that is what this weekend is about. mike: is not about the barbecue it is about our fallen heroes. i had a chance to walk sections of arlington national cemetery yesterday. very moving. thank you for that reminder and your service and military family. we are grateful. >> thank you.
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mike: for more in the presidents budget and infrastructure plan and the republican counter offer we will bring in member of the house transportation infrastructure committee, congresswoman, welco. >> thank you for having me. mike: the president set budgets to the hill that congress has the power of the purse so it is not expected to become reality but what do you think of that proposal and wishlist from the president quick. >> it is a statement of your values. he said he wanted to build back better make the country better than it was before so everybody has a chance to get into the middle class. but the priority right now is funding for infrastructure we can't have a grade of c- coming to roads or bridges and infrastructure we have to get that done early this summer the negotiations are going well.
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senator o-uppercase-letter has been working with the president. she was very complementary of him. he has been open to the figure opening up and down. >> . mike: a key focus area. trying to get to get a definition for infrastructure but a celtic you are hopeful. >> i young. we have to go big and bold or go home. we have seen the figures go up and down but you cannot go on forever. we need the infrastructure with the internet to get back to school and long-distance medicine. we need airports to bring back international travelers here in las vegas that is true. negotiation is going well. but you cannot go forever without coming to a deal. mike: what do you think
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infrastructure could mean for las vegas and nevada quick. >> here we don't make anything except dreams come true's everything has to be important whether people or flowers or lobster we want an expansion to southern california , building to connects las vegas to phoenix where the only two metropolitan areas in the country with no interstate. and high-speed rail. we want to be more like the northeast and the southwest to be more regionally connected that would benefit the economy of southern nevada. mike: this is about men and women in uniform this weekend with memorial day weekend. your thoughts this memorial day weekend? >> we have a large percentage of military families that have retired here or served and have come back.
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i will attend several events tomorrow. it is about remembering. you have to say think full on - - thank you as an individual maybe do a random act of kindness. to show respect to those who have worn the uniform. and the government forgiving our families and veterans families to give them the resources that they need. we say we leave no soldier behind but we have to do that when they come home as well. it is remembering the ultimate sacrifice. mike: in the great state of nevada congresswoman titus enjoy what is left of this very important memorial day weekend. much more on "fox news sunday" shannon bream talks to transportation secretary 2:00 o'clock p.m. eastern at the top of the hour right after the show. hundreds of hog writers show
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mike: the pbs memorial day concert will not have the time honored tradition on the west line of the capital that will tell the stories of those who may be ultimate sacrifice for our country. joining us now for a preview is one of the cohost of this year special, any award-winning actor, gary sinise, welcome. >> good to be with you mike. mike: what are the highlights of this memorial day concert? >> this year obviously as we all know it's hard to believe we are coming up on the 20 years anniversary of the september 11 attacks. obviously we will do a big segment on september 11. at segment is very powerful as you may suspect. it's hard to watch the images.
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but we have to look back and remember what happened on that day. it changed so much for so many. it changed much for me i wrote a book a couple years ago called racial america and there is a chapter called turning point. it is the september 11 chapter. it tells the story of what that day did to me personally. and sent me into a level of service i never thought about. i started to me incredible people who were reacting and responding to that terrible tragedy by taking up the charge to do good for others. the incredible people in new york city and washington dc. unfortunately we just don't teach it in our high schools the significance of what happened i cannot say
10:21 am
across-the-board every school is like this but and the significance of that and in the entire world. i don't think we remember enough what happened and how a tragic end devastating it was for so many families for our country. mike: also the spotlight on the korean conflict they always thought they did not get much attention so what about those components quick. >> my dad served in the navy but was also in the korean war. we had a truce that no piece in be lost upwards of 39000 servicemembers in that conflict we have men and women
10:22 am
serving today protecting the south from the north it is a significant conflict in our nations history and we went to make sure we paid tribute to all those lives lost during that conflict and the families that were affected. mike: into that great work of gary sinise foundation one of your programs is called rise? >> yes restoring independence, supporting empowerment. we have so many wounded from these wars that i started to raise money to build housing ten years ago and we created the program to continue and those that support the gary sinise foundation say those specially adapted homes over
10:23 am
the past ten years coming up on the ten year anniversary on the gary sinise foundation we launched june 30th 2011 at the national press club about to enter the second decade. out reach has extended but a couple of programs now we have expended with a lot of support the american people are supporting yes i encourage you to go to gary sinise and turn into the national memorial day concert. is my 15th year working on this concert. it is beautiful. even though we are not on the lawn it will be another great show t16 gary sinise a true american patriot thank you for the great work you are doing will be watching the concert tonight. thank you. fox news alert joining with
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prime minister netanyahu opponent to form a new government in israel. mike tobin is live in jerusalem with the latest. reporter: the stage is set for the into the record setting historic run as prime minister netanyahu he has served 12 years consecutively and total of 15 in the prime minister office longer than anyone else. but tonight and opponent of his from the opposite party that translates directly to the right party is forming a coalition with the former anchor out here in israel with the party that we have a future that is more of a centrist party and what these new coalitions call themselves, what they really have in common is that they all oppose benjamin prime
10:25 am
minister netanyahu. they have failed to come up with the 62 seats needed for the majority in the israeli parliamentary. this new coalition coming together with these two parties, they still have not made it clear they have the majority they need to topple the netanyahu government but the message today is that the two otherwise parties would not necessarily get along will join this coalition to send a strong signal they may have the political clout to get over that threshold of 62 seats in the knesset then that's enough to topple the netanyahu government now they want that changed coalition have a wednesday deadline to present to the outgoing president of israel their plans to form a new government with the majority and that is the end of netanyahu. now we expect in a matter of minutes to hear a response
10:26 am
from benjamin netanyahu. and then by going to these other left-wing politicians saying it weakens the defense of israel and he cites particularly the recent gaza conflict that this coalition would put israel in jeopardy it's not lost on the potential they may have to recruit some of the arab party into this coalition to arrive at the majority in the knesset. that's the story. benjamin netanyahu is hanging on by a thread as the new coalition has been formed looking at the wednesday deadline and we will look to hear from him in a matter of minutes secretary buttigieg. mike: we could have a political earthquake underway. thank you very much. >> as we honor america's heroes raising awareness about some alarming statistics within the service
10:27 am
communities. where the m that organization is holding the rolling to remember motorcycle event. good afternoon. reporter: willing to remember several thousand on motorcycles just left rfk stadium about 30 minutes ago heading to the national mall writing around washington dc to bring awareness not only to those veterans who served this country but also an alarming rate of suicide. suicide for active-duty members for those who are no longer actively serving were considered veterans this is near and dear to their heart they are here today for those that died by suicide around 22 veterans die each day by suicide think about that number and let it sink in. this is to bring awareness to that sad statistic. >> an average of 22 veterans active-duty military per day take their own life and we
10:28 am
feel they are now missing in action and even though we will not get them back, what we are trying to avoid. >> i came back in 2009, 2010 i was divorced and medically retired i had a shotgun in my mouth a friend sat with me all day and i got help. i want to spread the message that it is okay to get help. reporter: for years this was known as rolling thunder it is a little bit different now now called rolling to remember. the group wanted to leave from the pentagon instead of rfk but because of covid-19 pentagon officials would not permit that tv they could work with them in the fit future but it has been a difficult year with covid and the military says especially when it comes to suicide that's
10:29 am
what they want to raise awareness so people know there is always someone listening if someone is in trouble. mike: live from rfk. thank you very much. border agents on the holiday weekend could see a larger increase of migrants to enter the country. we are alive at the border. next. a you already pay for car insurance, why not take your home along for the ride? allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands. click or call to bundle today. certified turbocharger, suspension and fuel injection. you're in good hands. translation: certified goosebumps. certified from headlamp to tailpipe. that's certified head turns. and it's all backed by our unlimited mileage warranty.
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restlessness, movements mimicking parkinson's disease, fever, stiff muscles, problems thinking, and sweating. (man) talk to your doctor about austedo... it's time to treat td. td is not ok. visit mike: these are live images from high above the southern border of the united states where the migrant surgeon showing no signs of slowing down this holiday weekend. as secretary of state lincoln is set to visit central america later this week we are live in mission texas with the numbers. >> good afternoon mike it has been incredibly active all day today in mission texas we have seen migrants being pulled through the border wall pretty
10:34 am
much every hour since we have been here and basically taken back over to the mexican side and dropped off there is a chopper in the air right now as well circling a particular area looking for migrants on the move. border patrol resources out in full force this holiday weekend. we saw groups of migrants loaded onto the buses to be taken back and dropped off and as you know texas department of public safety has been helping out border patrol agent since the beginning of operation lone star handing over 45380 migrants in fact one source says the national guard local authorities and us coast guard is not enough to patrol the rio grande valley there's a secretary earlier today talking about how the
10:35 am
biden administration is creating a cycle of illegal behavior. >> they are making the country less safe and men and women law enforcement officers less safe and doing a disservice to the migrants as they encourage them to make this dangerous track. >> secretary of state is headed to central america on tuesday as administration promises $4 billion to stem the root cause of migration to convince these folks to stay in their home country. but some policy experts are wondering if that will work. vice president kamala harris who is in charge of the migration and shoe will visit central america after the secretary and it's going in about one week she still has not come down here to the
10:36 am
border. mike: live from mission texas, thank you very much. turning to arizona where border patrol is encountering a surge of single adults mayor nichols joins us now to discuss, welcome. to the situation put on the screen fiscal year 24902 fiscal year 21, 35000, 223. and increase 618 percent what is the impact on your community? >> back in february the impact was huge there was no way to handle the pandemic and our nonprofits were taken out of the equation. people were just released on the streets trying to find their own way. now some nonprofits have non- - - have stepped up to provide resources to help people get
10:37 am
to shelters in other communities. but the issue for me is we don't know what will happen when title 42 goes away and it will as the pandemic lets up and is brought to a conclusion. title 42 will have to go away. mike: 17813 single adults, 15000 family unit apprehensions. 2405 unaccompanied children what are the major problems in your community? >> the 2400 unaccompanied minors is something we don't normally see even with the peak in 2019. that is just a few minors that's a new dynamic that doesn't affect us directly but it exacerbates issues for border patrol to make sure they can handle the situation that the other numbers are
10:38 am
large and what we were experiencing in 2019 be for all the policies went into effect to close down the issue in the problem that i see today is by this point, three months into the crisis of 2019, we were back down at zero release. there is no end at this point we have a release day to day and still transporting to other communities and those policies will not change that dynamic. mike: is the biden administration doing enough to get a handle on the border crisis? >> a lot more needs to happen. may be they are doing a little bit some fema money is coming this way but you cannot solve this by dollars it is policy and procedure changes. and a lot how he handled immigration but we really need as a nation to address the question is this how we want
10:39 am
to handle immigration? it is a de facto change in immigration policy, not done to the normal process and puts people at risk and communities at risk and as a world leader we should have this better thought out and a better process under control. mike: what are your concerns with the human trafficking component? >> human trafficking means the cartel have taken people somewhere in the world and made them a commodity. anytime you do that it leads to abuse and rape and sexual assault, people being exploited. because they are just a number or a dollar amount all they are looking to do is to get people through committed into the system where they will collect 5000 or $15000 per person that they transport into the united states.
10:40 am
that is a problem and as we release people from custody we become part of that process ultimately they arrived at their destination. when that happens, we have completed the job for the cartel. we have to work against that to make sure we are not propagating that situation to help the exploitation of people coming through. mike: mayor nichols thank you for your time. a big day in racing with the indy 500 and nascar coca-cola 600 role or into action. next.
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watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. mike: live images from the indianapolis speedway 135,000 fans are packed in the stands. they will run 200 laps at very high speeds to see who will take from the top prize.
10:45 am
and now to nascar longest race the coca-cola 600 back in action tonight with no crowd size restrictions in place. we are alive from the speedway in north carolina. good afternoon. reporter: good afternoon. these fans are ready for some nascar this memorial day weekend. what we have been able to seecoe normal. a lot of people were expected today, upwards of 50000 fans in the stands to watch the coca-cola 600. this was originally 30 percent capacity but the track is now open at full capacity following north carolina governors position to lift gathering limits. we are told the demand to get tickets has been off the hook. he also lifted the majority of mask mandates so fans can
10:46 am
ditch the mask as well. we know everyone is interested tonight that nascar is making sure to remind everyone that true meaning of memorial day to honor the country's fallen soldiers. they have been spotlighting fallen soldiers all weekend long and will continue today. we spoke to a veteran who was overcome with emotion. >> it is an incredible feeling. it is overwhelming not only to be here for memorial day losing friends overseas i'm here to honor them and all the troops that we are serving now and have lost. >> that is the sentiment we have gotten from everyone we have spoken to out here. everybody having a good time. nascar is like a family. a lot of folks are expected to have a lot of fun today aflags f
10:47 am
to honor our fallen heroes around the country. mike: great job by nascar you can hear the emotion and that navy veteran's voice. have fun out there. you can catch all the action nascar longest race tonight at 6:00 o'clock p.m. eastern on the big fox. a symbol of remembrance for fallen heroes we will get a look at the virtual wall next. [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good
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- the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will open schools, get our economy roaring. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at mike: those making the ultimate sacrifice for the country usaa hosting a virtual wall to explain the meaning behind the project and of usaa resident the brand management, welcome. >> thank you for having me. mike: the poppy is a symbol of remembrance for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. tell us about the idea of the digital poppy wall. >> it began a couple of years ago usda one - - usaa was founded for the military community. memorial day is the perfect
10:52 am
opportunity to demonstrate that commitment to honor the more than the thousands of servicemembers who have paid the price and folder one we physically erected a physical poppy wall that measures 10-foot tall with 130 feet long with 645,000 poppies representing each service man or woman that paid the ultimate sacrifice but unfortunately because of the pandemic we cannot go to washington dc this weekend we created it virtually. people can visit poppy and to see about the conflicts people have given their lives to dedicate a poppy to a loved one in defense of our country. mike: my 14 -year-old son and i and friends and church had a chance to walk arlington national cemetery yesterday. a very powerful experience. your thoughts of those types
10:53 am
of activities on what we are remembering the fallen? >> the perfect opportunity to do that. we encourage all americans as they go about their lives, enjoying memorial day weekend full of backyard barbecues and loosening restrictions people are eager to get together with family and friends and loved ones that take a moment to remember the true meaning behind the holiday. where a poppy on your lapel or what you are doing for servicemen and women on social media #honor through action. take a moment to remember their sacrifice. mike: army veteran west point graduate thank you for your service. your thoughts looking ahead to memorial day tomorrow? >> it is a time to reflect. i have more than 12 classmates that have given their lives
10:54 am
since the attack on 9/11. i will be thinking of any other 645,000 servicemembers we will never know but we cannot forget their sacrifice from their cost of freedom has afforded us. mike: what can folks do for gold star families across the country? >> i encourage everyone to reach out. there are several veteran service organizations we are aligning with taps they do a lot to support the families of fallen servicemembers. they can be found online. other location of poppy in to remember those who gave the sacrifice and service to our nation. mike: beautiful job and tribute this holiday is all about the fallen men and women. a barbecue was okay but
10:55 am
certainly keeping the fallen men and women first and foremost in thoughts and prayers. thank you for your service and for your time and wishing you a meaningful memorial day over the next 24 hours or so. >> i appreciate it. >> remembering the lives of two entertainers leaving behind a legacy of work. next. . . . psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen, painful. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults with active psoriatic arthritis.
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will soon be turning red. mike: classic, the iconic song from butch cassidy and the sundance kid, a number one song for singer bj thomas. thomas died from complications from lung cancer saturday. he had a string of country, pop and gospel hits beginning in 1960s. he was 78 years old. tv icon gavin macleod also died. he played captain stubing on the love boat and murray tyler on the mary -- murray on the mary tyler moore show. betty, it's just you and me now, referring to betty white. now the only other living star from the mary tyler moore show, ga mac leod was 90 years old.
11:00 am
fox news sunday is up next, shannon bream is in for chris wallace today. i'm back tomorrow, 6:00 eastern, sitting in for bret baier on special report. have yourself an awesome day. shannon: i'm shannon bream, in for chris wallace. the white house struggling to strike a bipartisan deal on infrastructure with senate republicans, after a abandoning its memorial day deadline. >> we can't afford to fall any further behind. now is the time to build the foundation that we've laid. shannon: talks at a crossroads as president biden reaches for a top legislative priority. but the administration and republican senators remain far apart over the size and scope of the investment and how to pay for it. >> we believe this counter offer delivers on what president biden told us


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