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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 1, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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amnesty bills, they even get republican support for some of those things and that we have to watch out for. gillian: that's so alarming, ken cuccinelli thank you for waking up early for us. >> busy show. "fox & friends" start now. ♪ ♪ >> president trump got firsthand look at the current state of the border crisis. >> more dangerous than the history of the country. >> president biden, the people that he has put in charge are not qualified to run a hot dog stand. >> bill cosby is a freeman. >> mr. cosby's due process were violated. >> they won't allow to reprosecute him. >> today president biden and the first lady will head to sur can have side, florida. >> they will be thanking first responders and families who have
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been endured the strategy. >> rumsfeld has died. >> served six decades in the service. >> the country will miss him. >> james to first. what a way to end it. mississippi state, the national champions, destroying vanderbilt 9-0. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, charleston, south carolina, look at the gorgeous shot. some people are already out on their boats. steve: good time to be fishing. ainsley: she lives on one side, she's a teacher. brian: they are out of school. there are special programs to get kids caught up. is south carolina doing this?
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ainsley: some kids want a repeat. brian: the stigma of remeatingm- repeating. ainsley: it was held back and it wasn't because i wasn't keeping up academically. my mom was a teacher for 33 years, nationally board certified and she had a discussion with my first teacher and my mom and dad made a decision. ainsley: i cried and i said can i have a tv in my bedroom and that was it. it was a good thing for me individually. brian: how can you be immature? ainsley: i would bring my toys and i would bring a pocketbook and i would empty it out and play with my toys.
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brian: so immature. ainsley: my mom was like she's not ready. a mother knows her child. it wound out -- brian: immature for a first grader. we should open up the phones. steve: i believe we should. i believe we have somebody standing by in south dakota, lawrence jones is going to be with us. he's at peggy's place. you travel down the mid-plain states, the dakotsa and down to texas and that's where you found president trump. when he was a private citizen he ran on building the wall and there's part of the wall unfortunately not enough for him. ainsley: in some places in the wall. we had a live shot last week where one portion of the wall that you could walk around it and it wasn't complete. all i need is two more months. i just needed two more months and we would have painted it
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black, the color would have been black instead of rotting and rusting like it is now. brian: the governor and the president and sean hannity at town hall. they toured what could have been and what was left and what it actually is. here is some of what they think of the current situation. >> there has never been a border so secure as the border -- the southern border that we have and now it's opened up. now we have really dangerous border, more dangerous than it's ever been in the history of the country. all biden had to go is go to the beach. if he would have done nothing, we would have the strongest border we've ever had. >> things have changed quickly and dramatically, it's been amazing and disastrous. people in texas have been pleading for us to step you -- upand that's why texas is dog the job that's truly the federal
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government's job. steve: the way texas is going to build up, texas has to build a wall, we have a 250 billion-dollar down payment and they started to use temporary fencing and beefing up police at the southern border. the border patrol are taking orders from joe biden but state police. brian: lieutenant allen west might be running for governor. ainsley: he's building a wall. brian: they are trying to secure federal land, state land in order to build the wall and that's what george p bush comes in. ainsley: arkansas sending the latest state to send national
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guard troops to help. president trump sat down with sean hannity, if you were asleep, here is a clip. >> in 2018 and even after 2018, they came out with these horrible pictures and somebody came up and said, well, it was the contractor but i built those cages in 2014 during obama's administration and it wasn't trump, it was obama that built those cages. got a little bit lucky and after we said that, all of a sudden the whole cage went again. now they are building again because so many kids are coming in and many kids are on suicide watch, something that we never think of, it's miserable, it's so hot, it's like hell. ainsley: and one of the congressman said, where are you parents and the child said, i don't know, i'm here by myself. steve: they called the consulate. brian: kids being dropped over the wall and we find them later in other places.
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we see the 2-year-old crying by himself on the side of the road. any one of the images, they would have run commercials, anchors crying on the air and when president trump was president and now they don't have an interest in it. i hope the american people have higher standards than other networks have because this is not right at any point and what bothers me most not that they are trying to do it, they are getting away with it. the kids are here. what's the message to central and south america? come, you'll get in. steve: and there are the kids in cages that are going on in the biden administration and were started as president trump, former president trump said last night during the obama years. look, no doubt about it. the numbers of migrants coming into the country is rising. it's going through the roof after joe biden ended the program to force migrants to stay in mexico or wherever they
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came from. senator john kennedy was on the channel last night in the 7:00 o'clock hour and said the current president is not making things better. watch. >> president biden's border popular i think is as popular as a sink hole and that's because the american people aren't stupid, number 1. either president biden misled the american people when he ran and he truly does believe in open borders or number 2, the people that he has put in charge of border security are not qualified to run a hot dog stand. every day thousands of people come into the united states unfettered and we don't have the slightest idea who they are. brian: and we are paying for them. every one of those kids, your heart goes out to them, just ask yourself, our kids need health
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care, our kids need to go to school and our homeless need to be off the street. money is going to other people's welfare from other countries and a lot of times they get the money we give them and they mail it back. there's a price to pay for this. steve: when bret baier was interviewing somebody about event in southern border with president trump, bret said, it looked like a campaign stop. sean hannity did ask the former president if he decided whether or not he's going to run again and he said, yes, i have decided but he did not tell us whether he will or he will not run. brian: 9 minutes after the hour, two gentleman-dropping rulings out of hollywood, bill cosby walking free as the judge denies britney spears request to remove her dad as a conservatorship. she's 40 years old. we will fill you in after the break. ainsley: no fireworks at mount
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rushmore but that won't stop south dakota from celebrating. lawrence in peggy's. go ahead. >> i'm so excited to be here. a lot of folks that are fans of fox news and "fox & friends" are not passionate about the president canceling celebration and they had it last year in the height of the pandemic and can't have it this year. come out and have breakfast with us. i will see you in a bit. ♪ ♪my ♪
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gillian: good morning, back with your headlines in less than one hour president biden and first lady will head to surfside, florida to meet with families of the condo collapsed victims. water pouring in from the garage minutes before collapse. 18 people are now confirmed dead after 4 more bodies were pulled from the rubble including two young sisters. extreme heat blaming for causing hundreds of deaths in washington, oregon and canada. firefighters on the front lines are making good headway in containing the flames. heat wave hitting us on the east coast. new yorkers receiving notification urging to serve power, turn off devices including air-conditioning units or face widespread blackouts
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from the heat. and despite a surge in crime in new york city is not hiring additional officers, the city instead agreeing to shift 200 officers from death duty to the streets. the department will receive $200 billion. statute honoring princess diana on what would have been her 50th birthday. the ceremony will honor the late princess. i'm sure much of the focus will be on william and harry as they are reportedly on bad terms and have barely spoken since their grandfather's prince philip's funeral in april. steve: let's see what happens with those two. brian: returning to several legal bombshells. you have bill cosby waking up at
3:17 am
home after pennsylvania's high court throws out sexual assault conviction. steve: just hours later a judge denies britney spears. ainsley: he's free and she's not. >> sadly denies any wrongdoings and the lawyer says prosecutors were correcting a wrong. >> he never should have been prosecuted for this. he had every right to rely on the prosecutor's word and they pulled the rug out from underneath. >> cosby served 3 of the 10 years he was in for and here is what his accuser's had to say. >> we are talking about not rejection of truth of 60 women, what we have really is a decision by the supreme court of
3:18 am
pennsylvania reaffirming that we are all entitled to the protection of due process when we have interaction with the government. >> and in the case of britney spears, a judge ruled against her request to remove her dad jamie from her conservatorship. the request was filed months ago and decision came after britney's explosive 24-minute testimony in court last week. she says she shouldn't be under a conservatorship if she can work and pay others but because spears hasn't filed a petition to terminate conservatorship the statement could not be factored into the judge's decision. jamie spears has been control in 60 million-dollar fortune since 2008, back to you guys. brian: ashley, why shouldn't she? it makes no sense. he's living in a trailer evidently hiding from the press, meaning the dad. logic tells you, what is the judge thinking. how could you not let a
3:19 am
40-year-old, obviously sustain herself, prove to a bunch of cognitive, behavioral tests, whatever you need. can you imagine if you were in a similar situation and you're not britney spears? steve: this was based on a motion and request by britney to get rid of her dad as sole conservator. what the judge had said, okay, best and trust and father will be in charge of the money but obviously britney's lawyer is going to try to get the dad off the case. ainsley: so many weird things, though. if she doesn't want him to be in charge of her life, why hasn't she filed the petition and she said he doesn't let her go to a daughter. brian: she probably needs a new
3:20 am
lawyer. ainsley: her dad wouldn't let her go to the doctor. she wants more kids. whether you agree with that or not based on her past, this is america. if a woman wants to have a baby, she can have a baby. brian: here is the thing, her money is paying for his lawyers to keep her under wraps and she has little money. ainsley: i heard she's worth $60 million. she's not going to perform. look, you all work for me, keep that in mind. steve: the way conservatorship was set up after she went, you know, they essentially tried to make her look like she was completely unstable and so the dad steps in and takes over.
3:21 am
you know, and this is the britney spears so many people remember, dancing in the high school, making all those songs, the number 1 hit. no, this is a flashback. ainsley: she's 39 now. steve: 20 years ago. you mentioned judge jeanine, here she is on what is going on with the lawyer business. >> there's something that is very wrong here and whether britney needs new attorneys or whether there needs to be a judge here who makes more sense than this particular judge. if the opposing parties are agreeing with each other, then something smells here and it is not -- this isn't something that a lot of people are getting involved with because she's a functioning individual and almost 40 year's old and she's not being allowed to make basic decisions about her own body and about whether or not she can redo her kitchen. this is bizarre, it's absurd and
3:22 am
it's unfair. steve: i had not heard she want today redo her kitchen. ainsley: she has to have money to do that and apparently her dad makes twice as much as she does and she's the talent. bill cosby walks free. 33 women that gloria alred represents. britney spears is in her own prison. steve: according to tmz they have heard, where is it, the new york post said, apparently his publicist is telling the new york post bill cosby plans to return to the stage immediately to tell his story. tmz says if he's going to get paid appearances he could get 10 to $15,000 per appearance, maybe as much as 20,000 and they talked to somebody who is in that business of booking people and they said, look, if oj simpson can do it, anybody can do it. brian: all right. he's out and he's free.
3:23 am
meanwhile and he can't be reindicted for this. steve: double jeopardy. next up, changing the recall rules, california democrats hooked to playing field to help embattle governor gavin newsom keep his seat. our next guest is a california restaurant owner and he will join us live from california. you're watching "fox & friends". without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? there's an america we build and one we discover. one that's been tamed and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure.
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gillian: protestors block the car of minneapolis city council vp until she agreed to sign a list of demands which include dropping criminal charges against riders, take a look at this. [inaudible] >> yes, i said yes. >> we ain't asking no more. we are not asking no more, white lady, we demanding. gillian: calling it, quote, fundamentally wrong. former secretary of defense rumsfeld has died served under president ford in the 1970's and george w. bush in the early 2000's, he joined us on "fox &
3:28 am
friends" over the years to share knowledge and insight but some on the left seemed to rejoice passing online. look at this. news editor tweeting, quote, excited donald rumsfeld is going to hell but wish there was somewhere worse he can go and may he kick rocks for eternity. my goodness. president bush praised former secretary, man of intelligence, integrity and inexhaustible energy. rumsfeld passed away he was 88 year's old. the company looking to request emergency fda approval by october currently only kids age 12 and older can get the shot. pfizer says the company, they show promise. how about this, mississippi
3:29 am
state blows out vanderbilt to win the college first series final, check it out. >> a punt to third, james to first. he's out. what a way to end it. mississippi state, the national champions. gillian: bulldogs winning 9 to nothing. here it is. cowboys quarterback dak prescott. last time seeing dak he was being carted off the field. steve: could help governor newsom in recall battle by moving voting date. los angeles restaurant owner and vocal critic of the governor since the beginning of the state severe lockdown rules. chef andrew from flatfish restaurant joins us right now
3:30 am
from california. chef, good morning to you. >> well, thank you so much for having me. i really appreciate it and hopefully one of these days, one of these mornings we will be talking pancakes as opposed to news of monarchy. [laughter] steve: let's talk about recall, how are the democrats trying to help their governor? >> well, first of all, i have to say when i was -- i was just scrolling through, i think, it was twitter when i saw this headline and i honestly believed this was satire and newsom is trying to use the power. they are moving the election up or the recall up and, look, even train to put the kind of partisan politics and speculation aside, i think anybody in their right mind who would see this would recognize, whoa, whoa. something is not right here. if you have pretty much absolute power and you're using that in order to manipulate or, you know, relitigate the rules under
3:31 am
which your own recall is being run. i mean, that is just not the optics alone are dirty. steve: for sure. let's just get this over with real click. believe it or not, even though he's enacted such restrictive rules during the pandemic, his popularity is inching up a little bit. i know they have plenty of signatures collected over the recall over north of 1.7 million which is all -- it's about but some say the longer the wait, it could actually allow for new problems to pop up and that would actually help your side. >> yeah, 100%. i think the reason and this is just my opinion that things are okay right now, businesses are opening, you know, people have a little bit of money in their pocket and obviously, you know, by virtue of a lot of money being printed from the federal government and if he moves i
3:32 am
speculate -- they might shut us down again and they need to take care while the numbers are low and that's where things get scary from my perspective. steve: apparently they are saying in la county they are suggesting that people mask up again in restaurants. if they're asking people to do that because of the indian, delta variant. they might say we will have to close down the restaurants again and that's where your biggest worry is. >> exactly. that's what i keep talking about. look, with the labor conversation has been huge in media outlet and part of the reason people don't want to come back to work, open close, open close and they are anxious of a potential shutdown and hear about mask mandates and they newsom is moving the recall to sweet spot. things are fishy, to use my own
3:33 am
punt. steve: flatfish restaurant. andrew, thank you very much for getting up so early. it's 3:30 in the morning. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> next time we will talk about pancakes, i promise. meanwhile coming up they'll be no fireworks in mount rushmore this weekend but that won't stop lawrence jones from celebrating. first south dakota diner to hold breakfast with friends and he's coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss.
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♪ ♪ >> it feels political, larry, and i think what happened was that the biden administration decided to take punitive action against the state of south dakota because of the event that we held last year with president trump at mount rushmore on july 3rd. we really want to celebrate our nation's independence, freedoms and liberties. south dakota did it for years with the fireworks, show that drew attention to our state in the wonderful monument for decades and when president obama came into office, he took it away citing environmental concerns. brian: he did and now it's away again. governor christy nome firing back. what do locals think? ainsley: lawrence jones is talking to them. not too far from mount rushmore, hey, lawrence. lawrence: yesterday all through
3:39 am
the town talking to folks and they are fired up, can't wait to see you guys, they watch fox every single day. you have gone to every celebration since inception, what do you think about the white house canceling this? >> yeah, it's more disappointing and we do fireworks all over the black hills, they do fireworks on the national mall, i think mount rushmore is the perfect place to celebrate the fourth of july and it's quite disappointing. i've had my family at every single fireworks they've had at mount rushmore. lawrence: why do you think it's canceling, do you think it's political? >> yeah, i think it's political. lawrence: if you had an opportunity to talk to the president, what would you tell him? >> i think i would ask him to let the fireworks happen here. it was a huge popular event and it's something that really
3:40 am
should continue. lawrence: we keep hearing from folks. i heard it yesterday, guys. i want you guys to meet trish, legislator here, as you guys know, south carolina never closed. tell me about economy and how you guys were able to maintain. >> the economy is gate. kudos to governor noem. she trusted us to be adults and to be responsible and actually i think profit wise our state came out pretty well. we didn't have massive losses. lawrence: not just that, abrasive mask policies, it seems like this is a free state? >> very much so. very much and compared my daughter in california, she's been locked up for 18 months. she's been thanksgiving with her pod, group of 4 to 5 people that you can trust that you're around all of the time and i said, is that okay with you? people have become conditioned
3:41 am
to making that okay and here it's not okay. we are free. lawrence: it's not okay and the people feel free and business is booming as a result. thank you so much, trish. you have to meet ken, a veteran, he's passionate about the country and you say you don't like the direction of the military. >> the crt crap has to go. the generals, all the flag generals, they are hurting our troops, they can't be out making decisions wondering if they'll be charged at the end of the battle, this is hurting them and we did not have much of a problem in vietnam but the generation of young guys, we need them and we need strong military to fight the chinese or everybody else who wants to take us on. lawrence: thank you for your service. guys, that's a sentiment that you continue to hear, patriotism and you hear about the business is booming and they want their fourth of july celebration to
3:42 am
come back here and they say that it's political and it needs to change. so i'm going to be talking with folks here at peggy's all morning, you will hear from them. we will see you back in the next hour. steve: lawrence, what about the fact that i know yesterday jeb yesterday joebiden was saying hs contributing to people delaying because it's hot and he has blamed global warming. hadn't there been some suggestion that maybe they shouldn't have the fireworks because of the threat of dry ground in south dakota. lawrence: will governor will talk about that a little bit right here on the channel. they say that they have a strategy for that. if they feel it's going to be dangerous or anything, they have a game day point of action and they will cancel it. that wasn't the case, they feel
3:43 am
like they are being targeted as a result. again, they have a plan of action for that. ainsley: she told us it's definitely political. she's a republican. lawrence: yeah. exactly right, ainsley. brian: thanks, we will check with you again. ainsley: i don't understand why they would cancel fireworks. she says we have done it every single year and we have a plan of attack if that ever did happen. you're outdoors. covid is not the excuse. everyone is outdoors. steve: she will be with us at the conclusion of the program and we will ask her that. meanwhile, we told you about fox news, poll came out a while ago, well, now we are releasing another portion of the poll as we come up to independence day, fourth of july and one of the questions is, is the united states the best country -- in the world to live and the numbers have gone down almost a scary amount over the last 5
3:44 am
years or so. ainsley: let's work our ways backward. 2011, majority of the country, yes this is the best place and now look at it, 69%. brian: here is where we take the biggest hit. it is people under 45. 75% of the u.s. for the most part was in support of the country and 54% of under 54. 21% drop. you go down to women, democrats minus 20%. for women minus 19% since 2015. for blacks minus 17%. we've had this narrative that's been drilled into americans' head over the last year, what a bad place this is, let's burn down the cities and not indict anybody for doing it. let's destroy stores and let's -- let's run down the country. this is the result. >> right. one of the other questions is are america's best days still to
3:45 am
come, are you optimistic about it and since 2017, republicans' view of brightest day to come, republicans view has dropped 35%, 35 points, white voters 18 and independents down 12. you have to figure over the last 5 years or so because there's been so much division in the country, you know, remembering the old days when it was we are all in this together? now half of the country hates each other and you see the lawlessness in the southern border, in america's streets and you can understand why people are like what is going on. this is not the place -- this is not the america i grew up in. ainsley: some people are saying it's so chaotic and others are saying you know why, because of what they're teaching in the classroom. critical race theory that our country has so many flaws and you should not be as fraud to be here. the author of woke, inc, he's talking about that, listen.
3:46 am
>> no surprise to me that the survey data is going in the direction that it is. if we continue to teach our kids the fact that this country is imperfect and the fact that we have fallen short of our ideals. we have forgotten what those ideals were in the first place. what defines america isn't geographic space, not even comforts but the fact that america is set up of ideas and ideals that bind us together and the more we question those ideals, the less ideal of a place that america seems like that we want to live in. brian: right, so much going good and we don't need propaganda, we just need the truth. people should travel. go check out the other countries and realize how great you have it. it's hard when you look around and don't have a perspective on how things are and i think that would be important. ainsley: you don't have to be born into any certain of class or family, you have freedom to choose your god, whatever religion you want to worship,
3:47 am
freedom of speech. freedom, we have freedom here in america and it is the greatest country. you talk to anyone, we get the opportunity all of the time because in new york it's such a melting pot of different from other countries. this is the land of opportunity. i was able to send my kids to college, i'm able to make a good living and put food on the table for my family. look at us, look at the three of us. we have our dream jobs because of america. steve: absolutely. why do you feel, are you part of that growing number that is pessimistic about the future, e-mail us at meanwhile it is another hot day in new york city. janice dean joins us but it looks like there's going to be rain this afternoon and cool things off. janice: you're right, potential for showers and thunderstorms really today, tomorrow and through the weekend for the northeast and i want to introduce you to our latest tropical storm. this is elsa and obviously we will have to monitor because it
3:48 am
gets close to south florida and the gulf of mexico. the good news it's going to have a hard time strengthening but because we are close to the u.s. next week we will have to watch elsa and jokes about frozen and no it will not turn things into ice. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for the northeast, the mid-atlantic, the ohio valley, really across the central u.s. and then, of course, the heat continues for the interior northwest and southwest as well. coastal areas will get some relief which is good news for them but we still have heat advisories in effect. we will certainly keep you up to date. all right, steve, ainsley and brian, back to you. steve: all right, jd, thank you very much. janice: you got it. ainsley: criticism after olympic turned back and fled north korea to experience american freedom and says far too many don't appreciate it.
3:49 am
♪ ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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brian: criticism mounting over olympic athlete's protest of the national anthem. the wall street journal gerard
3:53 am
baker writes this. when the national anthem gwen berry turned away and covered her head with t-shirt. imagine if china did that, last ceremony that athlete ever took part in. our next guest couldn't agree more. north korean defector who lived in china and now student or was a student at colombia. she has a book out, chronicling the entire experience. the book is called in order to live. thanks so much for joining us. what's your reaction to gwen berry's actions after winning a place in the tokyo olympics? >> so when i was watching that. she did the exact same thing and if she was a north korean, not only she would be executed including generations of her family can be sent to prison camps and execution. fact that
3:54 am
she's going there and refuse to go represent this tolerant, the land of the free is unthinkable. brian: so her point is, well, america had slavery and the third verse of the national anthem, she feels refers to slavery, that's what she was saying? >> i was a slave. i was sold in china as a child and people going to slavery under chinese communist party in north korea. there's injustice and the fact that she's complaining about this country, the most -- she doesn't really understand the history. brian: she says her goal is to fight systematic racism, it's bigger than just competing in sports. >> that is so -- in north korea people who are oppressed don't even know they are oppressed. the fact that she's complaining of oppression and systematic racism, she does not understand that she's so privileged.
3:55 am
she's literally for being free in this amazing country. brian: obviously i agree with you. i'm giving her point of view. i have to bring it to another poll that we discussed. only 69% of the country say this is the best place in the world to live. down from 83%. what's your perspective on that as someone who chose to be here? >> there are people dying to come to america at this very moment. i just hope they go to north korea, china and see how humans are being oppressed and they will truly understand how valuable the freedom that we have, this country has and how lucky they are to be in the best country in human history. brian: why do you think the way we do, not me but 45% dislike this country or don't think it's that great? >> i went to colombia university and studied 4 years, their
3:56 am
propaganda was worst than north korea, antisentiment to white men it was in north korea's classroom all hate against white men and the founding fathers of the country. i do think that people are being brainwashed and that's truly heartbreaking, why would you do that? why would you be brainwashed, you have a choice not to be? brian: go out and pick up her book. featured in e enjoyed your message, have a great fourth of july weekend. >> you too, thank you, brian. brian: the white house stands by its claim that the gop is party pushing to defund the police and in congress saying it's their party's messaging and it's bad and they are responsible. okay, his name is james clapper.
3:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> blockbuster court ruling. gillian: bill cosby walking free as judge denies britney spears' request. >> it's bizarre and absurd and unfair. >> a lot of examples of democrats explicitlying they want to defund the police. are there any republicans? >> kamala harris is uniquely untalented for this position. she's not well liked. >> trump slamming the biden
4:01 am
administration policies. >> we would have now the strongest border we've ever had. >> what's better than a cold beer in this heat awe, beer ice, developed a machine that would turn your favorite beers into soft-scooped ice cream. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: good morning, it is 6:00 o'clock out there in north suex city, south dakota, 20 degrees warmer by 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. the reason we are there in south dakota showing you those images is because today on this thursday we are going to be checking in with one of our friends who is taking the pulse of the country. ainsley: lawrence jones is not too far away from mount rushmore
4:02 am
where they have fire display and this year dc told them you can't do it because of concerns of wild fire. brian: four special people carved into it. lawrence jones is in and out on the mountain, he's on the diner. preview what you will be talking about in peggy's place. lawrence: people are wondering where is brian kilmeade. he's the man of history but he doesn't come to see mount rushmore. as you guys know, a lot of passionate folks here. they want to understand why the administration decide today cancel the fourth of july celebration here. they can give every excuse about climate and everything, they had it last year, why can't they have it this year. we will be talking about business, business is booming but they don't have the help for these businesses because of the payroll protections and the benefits that the government have been able to give them and so they want to neglect when they are going to get rid of those benefits so people can go back to work. of course, the other side is
4:03 am
saying, look, raise wages and that will impact businesses. some are saying, why don't you pay people 50 bucks an hour and when we talk to businesses, they cannot pay that amount. it's a small margin. they need to help to come back. finally, guys, every time i go to a diner, i have to have the biscuits and gravy. these folks say, look, lawrence, we know that you're from the south but we make a mean biscuit and gravy. when i get off air i will try it and i will be the judge for you guys. i will send it to new york. steve: wait a second, you can't eat and talk later. can you have a little taste of it right now because it's all about the gravy. lawrence: i'm going to steal from this, sir. all right. fine. steve: try the gravy. lawrence: it is good.
4:04 am
that's coming from a texas boy. ainsley: have you tried to make gravy? lawrence: i have. it's a process. you have to get the whisk right, ainsley. steve: keep that guy's fork and finish the breakfast. lawrence: all right, guys, i will see you later. ainsley: up north, i moved when i got here, if italian restaurant it's gravy, we used to call it marinara sauce. brian: never call it gravy. ainsley: you heard gravy in an italian restaurant? steve: i have. brian: give me the ingredients you use to make your sauce and she sent me minced onion, partially, minced garlic, not
4:05 am
minced garlic, but the shaker one and garlic salt depending on how crazy i want to get. that's all i needed and delmonte sauce. sorry mr. ragu. steve: by the way we will be talking to the governor of the great state of south dakota in "fox & friends". we have been talking about defunding the police and telling you how the white house is suddenly changing their narrative and why are so many people beating up democrats about it because when you look at it the republicans who did not vote for $1.9 trillion american rescue plan they were really voting to defund the police because now joe biden says you know what, spend the money any way you want to the localities. if you want to hire more cops, go ahead, but when they were selling the program back a couple of months ago, they didn't even mention that and, in fact, in the bill police, not mentioned one time. ainsley: it's really the progressives.
4:06 am
if you look at the party, the people that are saying defund, defund, aoc, presley. number 3 democrat on the hill and he says this, what i try to do is demonstrate by precept and example how we are to proceed as a party. when i spoke out against burn baby burn in the 60's and defund the police which is cutting the throats to have party, i know exactly where my constituents are. they are against that and i'm against that. brian: they asked him too, the reason for talking to them is that he endorsed for martha fudge's seat, moderate democrat, and that led to this conversation because the wild left wing is hurting their party. on average the party in power in midterm elections loses 23 seats in the house. they only have a 4-5 seat advantage. they know they are in trouble. this is helping lead them down
4:07 am
the path of destruction and he's desperate for someone to listen. steve: right, this kind of got started over the weekend, senator richmond who is one of the president's advisers said, you know, it's the republicans who are defunding the police which is, you know, that's crazy talk. so yesterday after he had talked to jen psaki about it on monday, peter doocy said to her essentially, okay, you're seeing the republicans are doing it, i've got a list of democrats who say defund the police but jen psaki, just name one republican, one republican who is talking about that and you know what, she did in the name one republican. here is what she said. >> there are a lot of examples of democrats explicitlying they want to defund the police. are there any examples of republicans members of congress saying that they want to defund the police. >> i think that people would argue that actions are more
4:08 am
important. >> he didn't like it because he thought it was a classic example of big government democratic overreach. where is the -- you want to defund the police? >> i think actions speak louder than words, peter. if you oppose funding for cops, something dramatically cut by the prior administration and many republicans supported and then you vote against a bill that has funding for the cops program, we can let other people evaluate what that means. ainsley: first the words came from the democrats and it was defund, defund the police. then they did take action. they took action in new york city. dc, baltimore, oakland, philly, la, seattle. you read my mind. what happened in all of these cities? crime went up. who runs all the cities, democrats. brian: by the way in new york city mayor de blasio got huge influx of free money for stuff
4:09 am
he didn't deserve and zero money for new cops. 200 million for police reform, 100 million to house excons but 12 million to hire people for consumer experience, customer -- but nothing for -- with all your money, mayor de blasio and democrats, nothing for more cops or expanded academy, just to destroy cops and expand it in other ways, social programs. meanwhile, i don't know if you picked up politico today, it has explosive story that's got to be utterly embarrassing yet familiar regarding vice president kamala harris. it turns out they talk today 22 unnamed sources working in and around her and it is a mess, a chaotic mess inside her office. you saw two people head travel program pick up and leave last week right before she landed in el paso for her first ever border visit and under the
4:10 am
curtain, behind the curtain i should say, it is a disaster just like they were saying about her campaign when it imploded before the first primary. ainsley: planning the trip was chaotic, it was a chaotic moment for the staff and scrambling to make travel arrangements. here is an excerpt from the politico article. people are thrown under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses and abusive environment. it's not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated. it's not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like -- you know the word. steve: we do know the word. the story start by talking about how, you know, we've been talking about why wasn't she going to the southern border, apparently in dialogue both online and in text and in real life, her aides were saying, the more -- if we go to the southern border, there's going to be so much political fallout because it's a no-win situation. i'm extrapolating that's what
4:11 am
they were talking about. let's go do it. next thing you know, the white house announced she's going down there. she was caught off guard. there seemed to be a lot of frustration not only at the vice president because it all start at the top but with her chief of staff, a woman by the name of tina who has been democrattive operative for a long time. she's being -- to protect the vice president which is her job, they say according to politico bean spillers that a lot of ideas that the staff is having are ignored or dismissed and it is simply not a healthy environment. people are walking around and have short fuses and the vice president's office is not a healthy place to work. ainsley: some of the adjectives were low morale, poor lines of communication, diminished trust and very tense. dan bongino said he was in secret services. nobody wants to work for number 2 person anyway. >> nobody wants to work for number 2, okay. even in the secret services or
4:12 am
on the stand. there's great guys over there. i love them, they do amazing job. i know the staff, aye i've worked with them on both sides. everybody wants to work for the boss, combine that kamala harris is uniquely untalented for the position. no skills whatsoever, she's not well liked and she can't stop hackling and terrible showing no leadership. you had one job, she had one job. just fix the border thing and she can't even fix that. brian: before campaign imploded, they said one of her state directors, "the new york times" said, this is my third presidential campaign and i've never seen an organization treated staff so poorly. what are we hearing from 22 people treat people poorly. how unprepared was she in guatemala as to why haven't you gone to the border and that's incompetent executive and
4:13 am
warning signal for the future of the democratic party. this is not your future. if that is your future, she won't have one nor will you party. steve: i think a lot of people think the vice president and the president have the same team. they don't. joe biden has a team, kamala harris has got a team and right now it's interesting we don't hear any bad stuff about what's going on behind the scenes at the white house, however, what's going on with the vice president, that suddenly according to politico is a big problem. brian: maybe white house is behind it, who knows? steve: may be. brian: several legal bombshells, bill cosby waking up at home after getting sexual assault conviction overturn yesterday afternoon. steve: hours after that, a judge denied britney spears request to have her father removed from her conservatorship which she has held onto since 2008. ainsley: so she feels like she's in prison, yet bill cosby is out free. todd pirro with new developments on both blockbuster cases.
4:14 am
>> what an absolute wild day in the courts. the 83-year-old starting with the cosby case starting a v for victory to news crews. there it is right there when he got home after being released in pennsylvania prison. cosby denying any wrongdoing, his lawyers says the court was correcting a wrong. >> meanwhile all along he never should have been prosecuted. he had every right to rely on the prosecutor's word and they pulled the rug out from underneath him. >> cosby serving 3 of the 10 years he was in. here is what the accusers' attorney had to say. >> we are talking about not a rejection of the truth that has been spoken by 60 women, what we have here really is a decision by the supreme court of pennsylvania reaffirming that we are all entitled to the protection of due process when we have interaction with the government. >> and in the case of britney spears, a judge ruling against
4:15 am
her request to remove her dad jamie from conservatorship. the request was filed months ago. the judge's decision came after britney's explosive 24-minute testimony in court last week. she said she shouldn't be under a conservatorship if she can work and provide money for herself and keep in mind, that testimony that she gave last week wasn't yet briefed. still waiting on the briefing of that testimony. we will wait a decision on that for now. jamie spears as you know, has been in control of britney 60 million-dollar fortune since 2008. this case not going away any time soon. guys, before i throw it back to you, big win for -- week for the supreme court but these courts may get a lot of news. steve: people are interested in stories revolving celebrities stories. brian: for most part, these victims and the accusers are
4:16 am
angry. steve: absolutely. because it was overturned because -- ainsley: technicality. steve: according to supreme court of pennsylvania, he never should have been pros cued because she was promised by a former da that he would not be charged although there is no evidence that any sort of a deal was ever struck. brian: if he gave into a deposition. he makes himself culpable by actual words, i gave her these drugs, okay, we are going to charge you. ainsley: this is why the accusers are saying they are shocked and andrea is completely disappointed because he was convicted of drugging her and sexual assaulting her and she thanked all the women that came forward and thanked da and prosecutors that eventually they did come to a conviction in the case. he did serve a few years but disappointed he's being out in technicalities. steve: he explained how bill
4:17 am
cosby could be guilty but at the same time free bid the legal system. here he is last night right here on fox. >> he had a deal and you have a due process argument and he detrimentally lied on that and the subsequent da ran a campaign that he would charge bill cosby. so it was a political motivation. they brought in 5 prior bad acts that cover a 20, 30-year period and they allowed that to be introduced in the current trial and basically you have to ask yourself, did the jury convict him on being a bad character, a bad person versus was he actually being convicted on the charge before them and i think the court got it right. bill cosby, a sexual monster, yes, did he proper i will go through the legal system and did he get vindication, absolutely. steve: according to tmz, apparently bill cosby heard from
4:18 am
other inmates that he was about to be released. brian: he will be on stage soon explaining his story. would you buy a ticket to watch bill cosby on stage? ainsley: are you kidding, no women would. gloria alred the famous attorney, she's representing 33 women that are accusing him and she said she's going to proceed with the civil trial. we will see where that goes. steve: 7:18, fox news alert. president biden and the first lady are heading to surfside, florida. brian: they will meet with families of condo collapse victims as well as first responders. ainsley: charles with more. charles. charles: good morning, guys, the president and the first lady are expected here in a couple of hours from now and as you mentioned, they will meet with the family members of victims as well as first responders to try to offer them some comfort as the death toll here rises to 18.
4:19 am
four new names added to the list of deceased include two young girls, 10-year-old luck eagerer air, younger sister 4-year-old emma general air and 42 ana lee rodriguez and 21-year-old andres and search and rescue efforts are extended to day 8. first responders are using 3d images created by the israeli defense force to help rescuers identify where victims and maybe even survivors could be. this as questions continue to grow about what caused champlaine south to come crashing down. the focus remains on the building's pool in the parking garage below. moments before the partial building collapse a tourist recorded this video of water pouring out of a ceiling into the garage. she heard the loud noises and decide today go check it out. 5 lawsuits filed in the case and grand jury investigation that will happen. ly send it back to you in the
4:20 am
studio. steve: joe biden is heading there this morning. charles, thank you very much. meanwhile back to our southern border, former president donald trump calls out the biden administration as he gets a firsthand look at the border crisis. two republican congressmen who joined the former president will join us coming up straight ahead on "fox & friends".
4:21 am
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♪welcome back to that same old place♪ ♪that you laughed about♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪ ♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. [ "me and you" by barry louis polisar ]
4:24 am
welcome back, america. ♪ me and you just singing on the train ♪ ♪ me and you listening to the rain ♪ ♪ me and you we are the same ♪ ♪ me and you have all the fame we need ♪ ♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪
4:25 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: president trump slamming the current administration's policies during visit to southern border. listen. >> we did a hell of a job and we had it down to really a science. it was down to a point where people just weren't getting in unless they came in legally. now we have an open, really dangerous border. more dangerous than it's ever been in the history of the country and we better go back fast. ainsley: he was joined by a handful of gop leaders including our next guest, texas congressman jody and indiana congressman jim banks, good morning, gentlemen. congressman tell us what your takeaway was when you were in the discussion with president trump? >> my takeaway is that the real border tsar is president trump and he was welcomed in his return to texas which and in the rio grande valley as opposed to
4:26 am
el paso where we were at ground zero in this epic and unmitigated disaster and president trump explained all the details and the comprehensive border security strategy that he deployed and how hard it's going to be to put it back in the box. the other takeaway is that this federal government of ours has failed the state of texas, has failed to provide for the common defense and the president and commander in chief is not faithfully executing the laws to have land. not only has he unraveled the effective trump provisions for securing the border and stopping illegal immigration but he's failing to protect his own citizens and prioritize his people which means texans have to step up and exercise their sovereign power to defend themselves, enforce the law and defend the border. ainsley: congressman banks, this is first time back at the border since he left office. what was it like sitting in the room and what was going through your mind? >> first of all, powerful image
4:27 am
after the private meeting and abbott stood in front of where the section where the wall was built and where the wall had stopped, you saw material all over the ground after president biden signed executive order to stop construction of the wall. the steel and the material is on the ground rusting that american taxpayers paid for to have more miles of the wall built and that area, that section that we went to as congressman arrington unlike el paso that the vice president went, the area that we were at is where the crisis was occurring, humanitarian crisis unlike anything that we have ever seen in american history with one million migrants who have crossed places like where we were yesterday this year alone. ainsley: that's an interesting point because when you compare encounters in may alone, both place where is kamala went and where president trump went in
4:28 am
his area almost double. it was 22 -- more than double, 22,000 in el paso. you can see that, 50,000 in rio grande valley where president trump was in the area. gentlemen, thank you so much for what you do in washington. thanks for coming on the show this morning. >> god bless. ainsley: god bless you both. despite violence in seattle last year, mayor jenny durkin had this to say. >> how long do you think seattle and the few blocks look like this? >> i don't know, we could have a summer of love. ainsley: remember that, she was wrong. violence is striking close to home from one of the candidates that's running to replace her and he's going to join us in the case. the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement (customer) movie night.
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gillian: good morning, back with your headlines, fbi and atf are offering 20,000-dollar reward for information leading to an arrest in the death of a houston mom. michelle cummings, mother of u.s. naval academy freshman. she was shot and killed by a stray bullet on hotel patio in indianapolis after dropping her son trey off at the academy. no arrests have been made and police are scouring videos and
4:33 am
interviewing individuals that could know something. overnight, 17 people are hurt including 10 first responders after fireworks unexpectedly explode, the los angeles police department was in the process of confiscating the fireworks when something caused the bomb squad truck to blow up. it's not clear what that was. the explosion smashing winding of nearby homes even flipping a car. officials say everyone should survive. lapd seizing 5,000 pounds of fireworks and improvised explosives from a 27-year-old man. he's under arrest and facing charges. former police eric adams remains ahead in mayoral primary, the numbers show leading by 14,000 against former sanitation commissioner katherine garcia after the burden of elections admitted to botching the press count by accidentally including 135,000 test ballots. adams called misstep unfortunate
4:34 am
and campaign filed a lawsuit to oversee and review ballots if necessary. the search is over for the woman accused for causing a crash at the tour of france, arrested in the city's country's west coast, police have been looking for her for days. she could reportedly face up to a year in prison. that's a look at your headlines, steve. over to you. steve: meanwhile in the city of seattle which famously helped and held a chop zone last summer, mayoral candidate randal was nearly shot at his home on saturday after armed criminals were caught stealing converter from a neighbor's car. lance randal joins us right now from the pacific northwest. lance, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you're lucky to be alive. you heard something and you took a look and those guys were willing to kill you because you
4:35 am
were watching them steal part of a cart. >> that's correct, i'm blessed to be alive and i couldn't believe what was happening at the time. steve: how did we get into this place in the city of seattle? how much of it has to do with defund police that started last year? >> i'm not sure if anything has anything to do with that. there's an opportunity for people to capitalize on scrapping some of the precious metals that are ideas converters and a group around the city cutting metals to scrap them. steve: over 200 police officers quit the force in 2020 and the city is currently on track to lose hundreds more by the end of this year so you have a manpower problem out there. >> yeah, we do have a manpower problem. we've lost a lot of police officers and it is having a profound effect on public safety delivering system.
4:36 am
steve: why do you think you lost so many cops? >> well, police officers that i've talked to feel that they are not appreciated on the work they try to do and they don't feel supported by our local government, so we have to do a better job in working with our police department and we have to create the partnerships that are needed to keep everyone in cities safe and right now there's a divide between the communities and the police departments. steve: sure. there's also a divide between the mayor and the city council because they don't seem to be on the same page. what has the city -- how would you describe somebody who has not been keeping track what has been going on with the city council over the last year, year and a half? >> there's no relationship between the current mayor and the city council and i think what happened when we had our last council races, our mayor got involved in the race and made comments about one of the candidates and those comments
4:37 am
were made public and because that candidate had alliances with some members of the council, that when she won the race, they killed any opportunity for the mayor to create any relationship with the council because there was an alliance and no relationship has ever come to fruition because of the misstep. steve: well, lance, what is your case for the people of seattle, why they should make you the mayor to make, you know, it's safe for somebody like you to be outside your house so you don't get shot? >> well, the main thing is that i believe in public safety. we need to have a strong public safety service delivery system and that includes the police department, fire department, paramedic and human services providers and there's a system that mayors across the country that have to keep the public safe and protected and right now, one of our agencies that
4:38 am
make up the public safety service delivery system is damaged because of the loss of officers. steve: sure. >> because of that, the whole system is jeopardized and everyone is not as safe as we should be because when the agency is not strong, they can't do their part. steve: a lot of cops are leaving the job because they feel that the administration, the city doesn't have their back and something has to happen. maybe you're the guy to do it. good luck to you lance randall running to replace seattle mayor jenny durkin, good luck to you. 22 minutes before the top of the hour, no fireworks at mount rushmore this fourth of july but that won't stop south dakota from celebrating. lawrence jones at first south dakota diner to hold breakfast with friends. look at that. he has gloves on and working the casher.
4:39 am
lawrence: we will talk about country, more on "fox & friends". biscuits and gravy coming up, guys. ♪ for deb, living with constipation with belly pain was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be. that her symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why she said yess to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. and is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms belly pain,discomfort, and bloating. do not give linzess to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than 18, it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess
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long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: two-time governor of california. i'm not sure what happened to them. why they broke up? i will follow the story during the break. right now i would like to head down to south dakota where lawrence jones is having breakfast with friends at peggy's place in keystone, south dakota right near mount rushmore. lawrence: that's right, brian, we are having a good time here and i feel the folks are friends already. everyone has been so kind and so sweet. we have the owninger of -- owner
4:44 am
of this establishment here. how is business for you and what do you think about the economy, it seems like you're looking for more people to work? >> yes, i am. the economy is great and people are still coming. south dakota has been open and we never really closed down. we love having everybody and we want more people to come and we do need more workers. i think we need that all over the united states. we definitely need them here. we are a tourist area in keystone and please come and keep working and let's -- >> what do you think is driving folks not wanting to work? >> i think the biden administration having everybody on unemployment, that's what it is. lawrence: she's taking the $300 away and as a result hopefully you have more folks. everybody knows peggy in town because they love her, they love her food and biscuit and grayy and i had a sandwich as well.
4:45 am
these are my new friends. they are from georgia and i met them on my way here from the airport. this is the champion family and you are true champions and the reason why you are here because you may not be able to see mount rushmore with the cancel culture. >> we believe this is a trend and we are here to support the monuments and the men who fought and died for them! >> why is that important for you? >> because we are patriotic and we believe in the country and we want to see it continue in a positive direction. lawrence: that sentiment is all over the state. we heard it from a lot of folks. nina, you're from texas, you say the immigration problem is a big thing for you. >> yes, it is. i was born and raised in the rio grande valley in, harlingen, texas and i see what's coming in and i don't know who is coming in and i don't think it's fair to all of us to put up with this mess. the biden administration has to change. i can do a better job.
4:46 am
[laughter] [applause] >> where is my president donald trump, he's the president. the biden administration has got to go. lawrence: a lot of folks excited because they think the former president will run again. you say you think there's a double standard when it comes to prosecution of political opponents, a lot of stuff going on in new york, going after the president's business, but you say they're not interested in researching hunter biden. >> i don't understand how there's a double standard like that. hunter biden has his laptop out with obvious criminal activity yet they are going after trump cfo. that makes no sense whatsoever. you can see it's politically motivated. it needs to be more fair and standard. i think american people don't trust the justice system because of that. lawrence: they want equal justice, equal protection under the law. anyway, we will be talking with them all morning and we have the great governor kristi noem coming up on "fox & friends". sending it back to you in new york. steve: that's why everybody is
4:47 am
sticking around. everybody has had breakfast but they're not levering because the governor is coming. lawrence: they're here for the food. they're not here for me. [laughter] ainsley: we wish we were with you. i love the diners, they are so fun. steve: good crowd on thursday morning. ainsley: let's check with senior -- hey, everyone, let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean with forecast. janice: it's humid out here. we will get rain showers later on today and into friday, saturday across the northeast but i think sunday will clear up. let's take a look at the map because we have a tropical storm newly formed elsa, this is the fifth named storm and the earliest e name on record. we have a lot of time here and it could travel over land which could keep it quite weak, weaker storm. we don't think it's going to
4:48 am
become a hurricane just yet but obviously as it gets closer to the u.s. we have to monitor it and we have storms and hail across the northeast and much the same today as parts of northeast and mid-atlantic and ohio river valley. we will keep you up to date on all the forecast news as it comes in, back to you, steve, ainsley and brian. steve: janice, when might the storm impact florida? janice: if it does on the current trajectory, monday, tuesday, a lot of water to travel through and perhaps some land masses which could disrupt it. we will keep you up to date. steve: brian, what is coming up? brian: on this show? steve: on this show. brian: this independence day weekend there's no freedom from hike gas prices exclamation point and while some stations face a fuel shortage, it's not because there isn't enough gas it's because we don't have any truck drivers. charles payne is on deck to
4:49 am
discuss. ♪ ♪ ♪ ... yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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4:52 am
brian: prices at the pump are going to a seven-year haya head of the busy independence day
4:53 am
weekend, and as more than 43 million drivers get ready to hit the road some stations already running out of gas, but why? here is what here is how it's going to impact you and your potential holiday travel plans. i want to bring in charles payne , he's the same guy who hosts "making money" a little bit later today on fox business. charles why are gas prices going up? charles: there's actually a combination of factors i heard your tease about the truck drivers no doubt that's a huge problem up to 60,000 fewer drivers than the industry needs right now. that's a big problem. this morning, crude oil hit $75 a barrel, and some people think it could go up to $100 a barrel so if you think it's expensive this july 4, next year you may be hoping for these prices that rise in part because of the reopening but also because of the war on fossil fuels in this country, no big investments in oil, oils going to keep going higher and then, as it goes higher, there's a sort of self- fulfilling anxiety and you get hording, so not maybe a lot of that this particular weekend but certainly all of those
4:54 am
things play a role in keeping gas prices going higher and higher and higher. brian: 10 million americans don't have a job. 9 million jobs are open yet we can't get people to work. mcdonald's says i've had it with waiting. we're going to offer $500 bonus if you become a member of their staff, become a new member. wendy's is offering $100, chipotle raises pay to $15 an hour, as fast food outlets compete with each other, so this is nothing wrong with this , but the problem with the free market is the government against the free market, isn't it? charles: right. it is the government against the free market that chipotle in some areas is $16 an hour, and pet insurance. you know, here is the thing. these large conglomerate restaurants, they can afford this , right? it's the person that owns a pizza shop near mcdonald's that won't be able to get it or the small family restaurant that's been in the family for maybe two or three generations. they are in a lot of trouble right now. they are grasping, begging,
4:55 am
struggling can't compete against government and these large corporations which are making the adjustments because they, you know what? you won't even notice the increase in the big mac, right? people go and pay it, but you just can't do this at smaller businesses. they are absolutely destroying them. by the way president biden is happy with this. he's already wispered a few times in the last week, pay more money. it's easier said than done. here is the irony. this is the greatest, i'm calling this a worker's paradise 9 million job openings, this morning we saw the fewest job lay off announcements in like 20 years, and yet, it's being met with the job protest, worker protest. it's a dangerous gamble for a lot of the workers because already, companies are investing so much money and what they call automation, right? so i be very careful, particularly for low wage workers. be careful what you wish for because you have the upper hand right now, but if you persist, you may not have a job
4:56 am
opportunity at all a year or two years from now. brian: because when the unemployment dries up you'll look for that job. right now there's no reason, they did an -- charles: they are going to look for the job but then a robot will have it so what i'm saying is that even chipotle, even mcdonald's, as they are making these offers, the big money, you know, they are offer offering $500, $100 here, but the big money they are using right now is to invest in ways of not having to use people at all. brian: gotcha, charles payne we're going to watch you today on "making money" on fox business at 2:00 eastern time. my hunch is you'll wear the same wonderful outfit. charles: [laughter] this is a sear sucker, my man. brian: meanwhile, lara trump will be live at the top of the hour. how do you think her father-in-law did yesterday and what about this controversy with the vice president's office. >> ♪ inflation rising and currencies falling.
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with armor all, a little bit of this... ...protects you... ...from a lot of that. keep your car cleaner longer. armor all extreme shield plus ceramic. ainsley: trump slamming the current administration's policies during his visit to the southern border. >> we did a hell of a job and now we have an open really dangerous border. >> the real border czar is president trump, and he was welcome in his return. >> this blockbuster court ruling. >> the pennsylvania supreme court makes bill cosby a free man. steve: just hours later a judge bails to grant britney spears freedom fro her father. >> today, president biden and the first lady will head to surfside, florida. >> they will be thanking first responders and also meet with families forced to endure this
5:01 am
terrible tragedy. brian: criticism is mounting over an olympic athletes protest against the national anthem. >> the fact that she was going there and to represent the land of the free, is unthinkable. >> [applause] >> he's out! what a way to end it. mississippi state, the national champions, destroying vanderbilt 9-0. >> ♪ brian: my sense is a lot of people in charlotte and around the country have already started their holiday weekend, because, as a country, we're doing so well on the vaccine, the pandemic in our rear view mirror, people are hitting the road early. the vacation days they didn't take they're taking now. steve: and unfortunately, we're hearing that and brian you were talking a little bit about this , there are going to be spots where it's going to be hard to get gas this weekend, but the big story this hour, and today, is the fact that, look at
5:02 am
the calendar, it's july! july 1. ainsley: that's right. where is the summer going? steve: i know. brian: it started last week. ainsley: i'm talking to a friend yesterday she said don't you remember before we had children, memorial day weekend was like the kickoff to summer. now it's 4th of july, because the kids are getting out of school, her children, her kids got out last week. brian: right and some never went. ainsley: that's true. brian: now they are just changing outfits. steve: listen, on this 4th of july weekend, they will not be having the fireworks out at mount rushmore in south dakota. lawrence jones is not far from there. he's at peggy's place in key stone. we met peggy earlier, and i think, lawrence, you're going to have some other special guests this hour. reporter: guys i just finished cleaning the grill, so i've got my chores out of the way, and as a result, i've this is my cinnamon roll i'm getting ready to destroy in the middle of the commercial break but first, been talking with friends all morning about the direction of
5:03 am
the country, how's joe biden doing? well one other person that's been out front and considering to be a contender is the governor of south dakota kristi noem. she's joining us in this hour. we're going to talk about, you know, she's actually supporting the governor now in texas. he made that call, he said we need troops to secure this border, the federal government isn't doing their job and she decided to send those troops and we're going to ask her why. also, why would they allow to have the 4th of july celebration at mount rushmore last year in the height of the pandemic but yet they cannot have it this year? we're going to ask her about that. we also have been talking to people about what matters to them and that is businesses. business is strong here, but they need workers here, so we're going to talk about that all this hour, you've got to stay with us and the governor is here i think talking with people. they call her kristi. it's not the governor, it's kris ti. i'll send it back to you guys in new york. steve: lawrence, you were promoting the governor as if you were going to pull her out from hyped a curtain. she's right behind you, we can see her back there.
5:04 am
reporter: there she is right there. ainsley: i know, hi, governor. >> [applause] ainsley: she's not there just for the interview she's there to meet the people, shake hands with the folks and hear their opinions. reporter: you know, we try to script everything, and so we were supposed to tease she's still talking with the people, that's her, that's her. i'll send it back to you guys. steve: make sure she gets breakfast because the food is great there. ainsley: the saw mill gravy. steve: no kidding, all right, that's coming up in a little bit en the meantime let's talk about yesterday's big story. the crisis on the southern border. former president donald trump got a firsthand look at the impact of president joe biden's policies of undoing the trump policy. ainsley: he did he slammed the border as open and dangerous after going on tour with the governor there, you can see shaking hands with governor abbott. brian: such a shame as we paid for a fence they will not put up
5:05 am
david spunt joins us live from the white house with more on their visit. hey, david. reporter: good morning to you, the former president is no stranger to the camera, he hasn't even been out of office for six months but this is an issue he continues to talk about, says he will continue to talk about in the coming months, weeks, days and years when it comes to it. yesterday he was in lako, texas near mcallen in the southern part of texas with texas governor greg abbott. it's also known as one of the most concentrated spots for border crossings. the visit yesterday came just days after vice president kamala harris visited el paso with homeland security secretary mayorkas. now the latest numbers from customs and border protection are grim. there's always a lot of political rhetoric from both sides of the aisle but these are hard numbers apprehensions up 180,000 in may, that is up 674% from last year. >> it has to be stopped now. this can't go until 2022. if you look at some of these
5:06 am
caravans where they are 15 and 20 and 25,000 people, dotted in their caravans are some of the worst people on earth. reporter: several state, governors are offering their national guard troops to go down to the border to help out florida, oklahoma, arkansas, north dakota, nebraska, iowa, georgia, south carolina, and alabama, but you talk to some democrats, they say it's a completely different situation than republicans. this is a democrat from texas who says let's make one thing clear. the narrative of a violent and insecure border region is blatantly false. the border is not a war zone and the wall abbott and trump are trying to get texans to pay for is not only a waste of their hard-earned money but also an unamerican symbol of hatred. meanwhile, texas governor greg abbott wants to use some state funding also some public crowd sourcing funding to pay for the border wall. if the government won't do it i'll do it. he's up for re-election next year, this is going to be a big topic for him as he heads into re-election. back to you. steve: and david, the president is now en route to surfside, florida, right? reporter: that's correct he left
5:07 am
with the first lady, dr. jill biden, about 45 minutes ago. he's on his way he's going to be consoling the families down in surfside. he didn't make any comments before he left. he has a busy day down there touring, talking to some of the first responders and offer ing condolences to those families and that tragedy. steve: david spunt. brian: governor abbott could be going against matthew mcconaughey whose polling pretty strongly. ainsley: could be governor abbott he announced he's building his own wall down in texas when joe biden signed the executive order and said we're doing away with this wall and yesterday president trump said this wall all of the supplies you always talk about this they are rotting and rusting right there. we've already paid for them. he said i just needed a few more months and this wall would have been complete. he said we never had it better, and now we've never had it worse , but back to the wall that governor abbott is building. he's spending $1 billion, texas legislation already said okay to that. they've acquired the land and they are clearing out the land and going to put up the border wall. steve: don't be surprised if the federal government sues them to stop them from doing it. ainsley: that would not surprise
5:08 am
me. steve: actually in addition to the governor, there were a number of lawmakers, congressmen , one from texas, one from indiana, who also toured the border with former president yesterday. ainsley talked to them. here is a little bit about how they describe what's going on down south. >> the area that we were at is where the price us is occurring. this is a humanitarian crisis unlike anything that we have ever seen in american history, with 1 million migrants who have crossed places like where we were yesterday, this year alone. >> president trump explained all the details in the comprehensive border security strategy that he deployed and how hard it's going to be to put it back in the box. this federal government of ours has failed the state of texas, has failed to provide for the common defense and our president and commander-in-chief is not faithfully executing the laws of the land. steve: one other thing yesterday , donald trump was asked by sean hannity if he decided whether or not he's
5:09 am
running for president again and he said yup, i've decided, but he did not say if it's a yes or a no. brian: just keep in mind he's going to have a lot to do with what just happenedded today, the cfo and the trump organization indicted on some type of tax thing, and they just put out a statement saying this is really an effort to hurt the president of the united states and the cfo has been nothing but loyal. it does seem to be really nebulous all these charges and a personal political vendetta. ainsley: let's bring in lara trump, fox news contributor and daughter-in-law to the former president, good morning to you, lara. >> good morning, guys. good to be with you. ainsley: good to have you on. what did your father-in-law, what did your husband, what did you think what was your reaction to seeing donald trump there on the border? >> well i think it was fantastic to see somebody actually go down and take charge of the situation. i mean, i'll tell you that president trump being the former president sure got a lot more accomplished in his visit to the southern border than the acting
5:10 am
border czar, kamala harris did, with her photo op trip to a place 800 miles away from where the real problem happens to be down on the southern border, so i think the border patrol are happening that they finally have somebody they're supporting them , somebody backing them up. it was certainly nice to hear somebody talk about the fact that we have to address the problem. you know, you'll hear the democrats all day long, joe biden, kamala harris tried to tip toe around this and not talk about it because it is a crisis. they don't want to admit it and they don't want it to be on their backs quite frankly. they're happy to have an open border and they ran on an open border policy so thank goodness, the former president is down there at the southern border taking control of the situation, and what he said yesterday, guys , was so accurate. if they had just done nothing it would have been better than what they've done. donald trump had it setup so well. we had record low border crossings under his tenure as president and now you see the
5:11 am
disaster that has ensued in a short amount of time with the biden-harris administration, so thank goodness somebody is paying attention former president trump. steve: well and you know, america when he was running for president, donald trump said i'm going to do something about the southern border. i'm going to build a wall and make mexico pay for it, could not get congress to pass the money, and so he declared a state of emergency, and redirect ed some money from the pentagon that was the way he was able to get the money to build the portions of the wall that got built, lara. >> yeah, that's right. well sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands, and do what is best for the american people as president. we knew that the democrats were never going to buy into the idea of building a wall. they deemed it to be a terrible idea. we know that walls work, and you certainly have seen the results. when donald trump was in office, all we need to do is complete a very small section of the wall. i heard you guys talking about it a few minutes ago. how sad is it that it's
5:12 am
basically been paid for. we have all of the supplies there, everything is ready to go , yet the biden administration refuses just to put up these sections of wall. it's already done. i don't know why you would not want to do what is right for the american people. i don't know why you wouldn't want to do what's right for the people that are making this dangerous journey. deincentiveize them to come here tell them we've got a wall you're not allowed into america it seems to make sense but again i don't expect to hear a whole lot of that from the biden- harris white house. brian: let's talk about what is happening and that is defund the police and they are trying reverse and put in republicans. i don't think anyone looks at this seriously. i don't think it passed the laugh test but one person is alarmed that wasn't briefed on the fact they were supposed to do a jujitsu with it is congressman james clyburn. he always said this is one of the dumbest things he's ever heard and here is his quote when asked why he was endorsing a
5:13 am
moderate candidate instead of the bernie sanders chief of staff, since she went to the white house, said this , "what i try to do is demonstrate by prec ept and example how we proceed as a party. when i spoke out against slogane ering, like burn baby burn, in the 1960s and defund the police which i think is cutting the throats of the party i know exactly where my constituents are. " they are against that and i'm against that. of course, in south carolina, they don't want to defund the police, you know that being from north carolina. >> yeah, i agree with congressman clyburn here. he's exactly right. nobody wants to defund the police if they are being reasonable and rational human being. the idea that this was going to somehow help anybody is absolutely insane. we have seen the results of what defunding the police does. it actually hurts the most these inner city communities that all of the blm rioters who have been chanting "defund the police " were supposedly
5:14 am
trying to help. it is hurting their communities the most. we know that crime is skyrocketing, murders are up, i mean it's a really scary thing to see happen in the united states of america, so yeah i guess he didn't get the memo guys that all of a sudden they were going to try and flip the script, but he's exactly right. defund the police is a terrible idea and you see the results of it now, sadly and so many of our big cities it's why everybody is leaving. people are leaving new york in droves. people are leaving california, illinois. it's terrible to see but it is because people do not want to live in a lawless society plain and simple. steve: and crime is through the roof. all right, you know, i'm sure you were watching earlier this week. we showed image of gwen berry who came in third over the weekend in the hammer throw at the olympic trials, and during the playing of the national anthem, she turned her back and she said she has since said look, i love my country. there's been a lot of fall-out from it and as it turns out
5:15 am
apparently an old photo of her holding an american flag went viral and it appears on her old personal website, touting herman it accomplishments. there she is, quite proud about the american flag in that picture. ainsley: and lara, when she was asked about it she said the national anthem has never represented her but there she is in an old photo holding up the flag. why the switch, do you think? >> yeah well i don't think anybody is surprised to see this this is where the internet actually can come back and haunt you, folks. you posted a photo proudly holding the american flag and yet you know we saw that ridiculous display from her whenever she came in third place there. how disrespectful that was to the other women that she compet ed with. look, i think we all know that this is a stunt. this was an attempt, a very selfish attempt at that, by her, to make a name for herself, to cause some waves. i know she probably wanted an endorsement from somebody of some sort and she thought this was the way to do it.
5:16 am
well how disrespectful to america, how disrespectful to our troops. you know what if she wants to compete under the united states of america, i think she owes an apology to every american. i think she owes an apology to every soldier that has died fighting for our flag, to every family that has lost someone whose died fighting for our flag , so it's not that easy to just turn around and say well i don't hate america. you very clearly disrespected every american. you disrespected the women you competed with and you disrespect ed our flag, so i think it's very clear she did it for a selfish reason and it's disgusting to see we do not need to have athletes like this that our children are going to look up to. we need better representatives for the united states, go compete somewhere else unless you want to apologize. brian: she did the impossible and escaped from north korea, got through mongolia, had a rough time, sold off to slavery, got herself free in south korea and came over to colombia for a college education, looked around and cannot believe how ungrateful americans are for the country that they have. we wanted to put gwen berry
5:17 am
story up next to yon me park, the north korea deflected from colombia and now a human rights activist and here is what she said. >> in north korea, people who are actually oppressed don't even know they are oppressed. the fact that she's complaining oppression and systemic racism, that she does not understand that she's so privileged. it's an amazing country. i was a slave. i was in china in 2007 as a child at 13 years old. the people actually go into slavery under the chinese communist party in north korea, there is actually injustice and the fact that she's complaining about this country, she doesn't really understand history. steve: and lara, you'd mentioned a sponsor turns out we discovered yesterday that gwen berry is sponsored by a de fund the police organization that apparently is getting their
5:18 am
money from puma shoes. >> yeah, there you go. well that young woman you just heard from there, from north korea, is exactly right. go to any country in the world other than america. you will not have it as good. we are the greatest country in the world, and i really hope that people start realizing that and stop falling for the nonsense. we should all stand up proudly, put our hands over our hearts, and respect our american flag. i sure hope we see it at this years olympics. steve: and i'm sure we'll see it a lot this weekend with the 4th of july. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks guys. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: good morning, to you. let's begin with a fox news alert. moments ago, president biden and the first lady boarded air force one en route to surfside, florida. they will meet with families of the condo collapse victims, as well as visit the site and talk to first responders. this , as new video shows water pouring from the buildings
5:19 am
garage just minutes before it collapsed. 18 people are now confirmed dead and four more bodies were pulled from the rubble, including two young sisters. >> and blamed for causing hundreds of deaths in oregon, washington and canada. the dry conditions fueling wildfires across the west, but firefighters say they're making good head way in containing the flames. the heat wave also hitting us here on the east coast. new yorkers received this notification urging them to conserve power by turning off appliances, like air conditioner s, or face widespread blackouts from the heat. >> the new york state assembly subpoenas in governor andrew cuomo's impeachment probe. witnesses will have to testify under oath. the probe launched in march over the governor's alleged cover up of nursing home covid deaths and he faces other investigations including one over sexual harassment claims. a new poll shows more than 60 puerto rico per of new yorkers want him out of office saying he should either resign immediately
5:20 am
, or not run again. >> all right, how about this. you can now turn beer and cocktails into ice cream. yes, you heard me right. an illinois man invented the below zero machine. it uses a nitrogen gel additive and sugars to crystallize any beverage in just about 30 minutes. it keeps the alcohol volume the same, which means you can still get tipsy off the treats. the machine is being sold to bars for 6,000 dollars. i'd like one of those in my house, please. steve: you know, i don't know if beer or ice cream sounds good so i think we really need to test this out. ainsley: i agree. brian: right. jillian: we should have it on fox square. ainsley: what's your beer of choice? jillian: i mean i always like blue moon or something like that. ainsley: me too. jillian: i would trial the flavors of the ice cream. brian: does it work? steve: i don't know but they have the frozen rose machine. ainsley: those are so good. steve: maybe this is good whoever makes that machine if
5:21 am
they would like fox & friends to test it, at the end of happy hour, we be happy to. ainsley: we're happy to do that. jillian: it is a legal bombshell that has everyone talking bill cosby is now a free man. he's walking out of prison after sexual assault conviction was overturned nancy grace is going to join us to react to that, coming up, next.
5:22 am
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>> we knew all along he never should have been prosecuted for this. he has every right to rely on the prosecutor's word, and they pulled the rug out from underneath him. steve: bill cosby this morning woke up a free man, at home, from jail, after a pennsylvania supreme court overturned his sexual assault conviction. apparently, he should never have
5:26 am
been prosecuted, they said, because he was promised by a former d. a. he would not be charged. fox nation crime stories host nancy grace is here with reaction. nancy when you heard this , what did you think? >> i felt like i had been kicked in the stomach. you notice all of his spokes people never say, he's innocent. he didn't do this , because they can't say that, because bill cosby is a rapist, and he admitted to that under oath in a sworn deposition where he was under oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help him god. he said, i gave women queludes, that i wanted to have sex with and then we had sex, with a woman totally unconscious. that is rape because there is no consent. now, this is what happened. the original district attorney and d. a.'s are supposed to have a little bit of backbone. they aren't supposed to be afraid to go to court because they think they might lose up against a celebrity like bill cosby, but that d. a. didn't
5:27 am
want to take the rape case to court. based on that decision, cosby agreed to testify in a deposition where he admitted he raped these women. they used that testimony later in a rape case. long story short, its been reversed. i agree with two of the judges. this is a split decision 4-3, who said hey, you're throwing out the baby with the bath water don't bar the prosecution. just throw out his testimony, and deposition. they can make this case with a similar transactions, but it's over. steve: all right, but another story, still is kind of in legal limbo, and that is britney spears famously went in front of a judge in the last two weeks to request that they kick her father off as her conservator. he's been doing it for about a dozen years. now, the news is apparently out of los angeles, the judge says nope, he stays.
5:28 am
what's going on with that? >> well, can i tell you? nothing is as it seems. whenever you get a bunch of lawyers in a courtroom, it's like wet cats in a barrel. this is the deal. her lawyer did not file a petition to throw out jamie speers conservative. he says i didn't know she wanted to get rid of him. well i don't know how i know sitting in a studio and he didn't know but he is filing it now and another thing, this is what i have learned. britney spears says she has an iud and she can't have children if she wants to. that her conservator will not allow her to. her conservative over medical decisions is jodie montgomery, not her father. i think britney spears needs to get rid of all of her conservatorship, and if she makes a million dollars wonderful and if she ends up pushing a grocery cart around la homeless, that's her decision. let her go free. steve: it sounds like she's getting some bad legal advice from her lawyers.
5:29 am
>> very bad. steve: the way you're describing it. >> very bad. steve: nancy thank you very much for making it easy for us, you can watch nancy grace on crime stories on fox nation, offering, by the way, veterans and military a free year on the platform, go to foxnation .com to sign up for free. nancy thank you very much. >> thank you, friend. steve: have a great 4th of july weekend. meanwhile, summer's out for , schools out for the summer but social justice is still in the curriculum in portland. teachers are already undergoing anti-bias training, we're going to talk to a co-founder of a group called "every black life matters" who says these lessons teach kids how to hate. we'll be right back. >> ♪
5:30 am
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brian: here you go. school maybe out for the summer in many cases, but critical race theory here to stay as portland
5:34 am
schools waste no time starting anti-racist teacher training for next semester. example, teacher training material provided to fox news shows this. middle school students taught about, "white racial i department it" with sections on whiteness and white privilege. defining that as you, white students, actively benefit from the oppression of black indigenous people of color. the co-founder of every black matters and he joins us now. neil, what do you say to people who say that what you just revealed, what you know to be fact, doesn't happen k-12 in this country. >> well, we know its been happening in fact we have kids who are writing letters to their teachers like an eighth grader who wrote a letter to their teacher saying that they have been making them feel so bad that he's depressed, young men are going through all of these depression cycles. black kids, here is the problem. this is really racist teaching. we are demanding that we teach kids to hate people, based only on the color of their skin. i mean, this is going to cause a
5:35 am
reaction that could only hurt us brown and black people. i mean, think about a long term consequences of it. brian: and also, neil, i don't want to put words in your mouth, does it make you feel like the victim and does that benefit anybody? >> well, yeah, i'm not a victim listen, over 50% of america consists of children of immigrants, and immigrants who got here after the civil rights act, and these folks have nothing to do with slavery or discrimination, and look at the long term consequences of crt. do you think for a moment that a majority population will sit quietly by while they're treated worse for something that neither them or their for fathers did? and then people look at me and they go wait you didn't earn what you did. no, i worked very hard to get where i was. this is an amazing country that allowed me to achieve the fullest potential i've ever been able to achieve, nothing i would have achieved back in africa where i was born. brian: well, we have people watching right now and say well that might be true, and you did achieve a lot, but it's harder for people of color to
5:36 am
achieve more. what do you say to that? >> well i don't think that's true, because you look at the statistics. indians, people of my ethnicity even though i'm african by birth and culture, indians make the highest, they make something like $160,000 a year median income. the closest that the average whites come to is about 66,000. secondly, nigerians make more than most white americans, so the statistic, i mean, their claims are actually nonsense. they got nothing to do with race it has to do with culture. i mean, if you think about it, the left wants to blame others for black when the real cause of the problem has been the sociali stic government programs that their progressive party has been implementing for the last 70 years. our organization, every black life matters, was created to provide real solutions to the issues. you see rather than fight them though, we want to redirect their energy and bring them over to our side. we have this little thing we call the iketa movement. when we run into a crt person or
5:37 am
a blm'er, we ask them, does every black life matter to you, because you know that because socialism or 60% of black kids are born into these homes. these kids have a higher rate of gang membership, drug abuse, suicides and drop-outs so those kids matter to you because they matter to us and then we say look because of the results of inner city, because of this , inner city schools are ripe with gangs and 68% of the black parents want their kids can come out of those drug-infested schools. brian: so engage, don't walk away, don't avoid. neil mamman, thanks so much, condoleeza rice said a couple weeks ago you don't fill up one race by villifying another, it just creates resentment. that's exactly what you're saying thanks. you got it. meanwhile, 23 minutes before the top of the hour there won't be fireworks at mount rushmore this independence day weekend but that won't stop south dakota from celebrating that's where we find fox & friends enterprise reporter lawrence jones having
5:38 am
breakfast with friends, with a special guest, lauren. reporter: that's right we call her the governor but the folks here, they call her just kristi. they love her and we'll talk about what she manson doing in the futurecast is so much more on fox & friends. >> ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement wondering what actually goes into your multivitamin? at new chapter, its' innovation, organic ingredients, and fermentation. fermentation? yes. formulated to help you body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness, well done.
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>> ♪ steve: i need to say good morning to my cousin angie nemme r who lives out in that neck of the wood. ainsley: got people out on the street. brian: we might be staring at the same sky. steve: hope so. ainsley: let's head back out to the home of mount rushmore where lawrence jones is live with governor kristi noem as she battles the white house's ban on fireworks display.
5:43 am
hey lawrence, governor. >> hey there, governor, they said hello in studio. look i've got to tell you guys normally politicians are just boring, not this governor. she's here eating, she's already killed half of the cinnamon roll and getting ready to destroy this pancake. governor, it's so great to be with you. >> lawrence that's the problem. reporter: i love it. the breaking news for you is that you're sending troops from here to texas to aid with the border. why did you decide to make that move? >> well, typically, securing the border be the responsibility of the federal government, but our federal government is not doing their job, and we know that we have dangerous people crossing the border, we have a lot of drugs coming into our country, we have a lot of human trafficking going on. the governors of texas and arizona have asked us for help, and this is a mission that national guard is trained and equipped and does with excellence, so when they made the request to me, i started running the protocols, asking if we had volunteers of my national
5:44 am
guard that would want to do this mission and had more than i could possibly anticipate. reporter: governor you actually went and talked with those men and women and they volunteered. >> they volunteered to go, because they understand how important it is to secure that border, and in fact, they came back and said we have more that would like to, if this is a mission that needs to last longer than the original 30 days we're planning but this is, our law enforcement officers would have gone too. the question for us is most of these law enforcement officers you see going from other states are going for 14 days deployment it's not going to be over in 14 days, in fact it's going to get much worse and the national guard is used to being there, getting a mission, accomplishing it, and being in situations exactly like they're going to see and encounter down there on the border. it's dangerous and then they come home. south dakota has had the number one ranked national guard unit in the country, for the last three years so i have the best. i have the best and i'm going to send my best, because this
5:45 am
country deserves the best. reporter: as a texan we say thank you because we have been hit the hardest. i've got to pivot to something that is near and dear to your heart, the celebration on mount rushmore, our history. >> you guys were able to do that under president trump. he came and was here with the people. the biden administration is saying no. what do you think is driving this decision? >> well see , we have the fireworks at mount rushmore for years. it wasn't until president obama came into office that they took it away. he made the decision to pull it based on environmental concerns, so as soon as i became governor, even i wasn't even sworn in yet i had a conversation with president trump and said would you ever help us get back our celebration at america's monument, the one that recognizes the importance of our founding father fathers, that celebrates our independence and freedoms, and he said you want fireworks and you want me to help you and i said yes, and he said i'll do it. took us a year and a half to do all of the environmental studies
5:46 am
, to do the back burning necessary to protect the area from fire danger, and we double doppler every single requirement that was laid out in the protocol to get the celebration back and lawrence i hope you watched it last year. it was fantastic. in the middle of a pandemic at mount rushmore on july 3rd the country unified. we saw riots and violence happening in every other state in south dakota stepped up and hosted a celebration of people that love this country and were peacefully gathering to recognize how unique this country is, so we want to do that every year. reporter: what changed, governor what is driving this , because you know, i've heard a lot about the environmental concerns. you addressed those concerns? >> we did. reporter: i've heard you talk about the game day action plan for if something goes wrong, that you can pull the cord on that. why is that different for this year? >> it's not. biden just decided not to let us have it. literally, just would refuse to issue us the permit to be on
5:47 am
that federal property right there. there is a federal law, because i've sued them over this , there's a federal law called the administrative procedures act which says that they have to give us a real reason for why they denied us the opportunity to be there, and to celebrate. we met the environmental concerns, we met the fire danger protocols, we've consulted with the state, local and federal officials. we've done the consultations with the tribes. we met every single protocol. there was no reason to deny us this permit unless it was for political reasons. reporter: that's what the people are saying governor, thank you so much. i'm going to send it back to you guys in new york. brian i know you're just standing with with a question for the governor. brian: absolutely, how many buffalo did you wrangel this morning before you got up for work? this woman starts at daybreak. reporter: brian is saying how many buffalo did you wrangel before you got up to go to work? >> [laughter] ainsley: they all love it. >> [applause] >> it's the best way to wake up
5:48 am
in the morning. brian: that's a lot. >> wrestle a few buffalo and you're prepared for biden. >> [laughter] ainsley: that's great. lawrence, you know when brian went to mount rushmore, you actually went behind the heads? brian: i actually sat on the heads in the back, there's stairs in the back it's pretty amazing. and i know it's safe for fireworks. reporter: brian is talking about when they went to mount rushmore , he got to sit out there on the head but you didn't hear this but the governor was a little upset because you didn't come down here to have breakfast with her today. brian: oh, you know what? we can only afford to send one person first class, and you're it. steve: congratulations. reporter: they can only afford to send one person first class. [laughter] >> [laughter] reporter: thank you, all. brian: you're better off he's a lot nicer. steve: thank you lawrence and governor. we were going to do the rv where brian would drive but that didn't work out last time. ainsley: [laughter] oh, my gosh.
5:49 am
steve: anyway -- ainsley: so much fun but don't let brian drive them. brian: it's a little complicated. ainsley: he locks the doors, they don't open, he has to stick his son through the glass window to get out and open the door from the outside. steve: a lot drive the rv's during the summer, and janice joins us. >> all of the luggage fell out on the highway, janice. >> i think we should take it on the road. i'd love to see brian driving an rv. let's take a look at the weather , because we have a tropical storm, this is tropical storm elsa, 40-mile per hour sustained winds making a bee line across hispaniola and perhaps cuba and it might get into the gulf of mexico and south florida so we'll keep an eye on it but if you live along the gulf coast and east coast and florida make your preparations just in case because we're getting into that season. quick look at your temperatures 76 in new york, 71 in minneapolis, we have showers and thunderstorms that could pop-up across the mid-atlantic, the ohio valley and the north east, including today, so just know what to do if there's a watch or a warning in your area
5:50 am
all right, steve, ainsley and brian let's take it on the road, my friend. back to you. brian: absolutely, like most of america. ainsley: thanks janice, today prince william and harry are going to reunite, first time since their grand father passed away in april, to unveil a statue of their mother, princess diana but will their royal rift overshadow the ceremony? brian: we're going to discuss that but let's first check in with dana perino for what's coming up on her show. dana: brian, one of these days i'm going to get together with you and we're going to talk about ranching terms. brian: [laughter] dana: i was a little like oh, you don't really wrangel a buffalo, but anyway. we are watching lots of bringing stories governor desantis will brief president biden on the situation in florida, and the final supreme court decisions will come down in about an hour, there's ones you'll want to pay attention to, plus royal watch, prince william and harry will put aside their personal rift, we think, at princess diana's statue unveiling we have lots to get to , but we are here to make sure you get all of the news you need, starting at 9:00.
5:51 am
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♪ indeed, you and me are we ♪ ♪ me and you singing in the park ♪ ♪ me and you, we're waiting for the dark ♪ ainsley: we're back with a live look at kensington palace wherein less than 10 minutes, prince william and harry will unveil a statue of their late mother princess diana so let's get straight to greg palkot live there with more, hey, greg.
5:55 am
reporter: hey, ainsley, folks, yeah, we're just about a couple of minutes away from the unveiling of that statue. it's happening behind us, this group of people, the statue of queen victoria, the trees and bushes here at kensington palace now, diana would have been 60 today. its been some 40 years since she became princess, just under 25 since she lost her life, but of course all eyes are on her two sons, princess william and harry this is the first time that they have been together since the funeral of their grand father prince philip back in april and relations between the two and in fact all of the royals have been a bit frosty since harry and his wife meghan markle gave some interviews which took some swipe s at the family. this will be a small gathering due to covid restrictions, but perhaps smaller too because of the tensions, no queen, no prince charles, no megan, and perhaps most importantly, no princess kate. william's wife is said to be a bit of a family fence-mender. we have seen harry out and about and flying in from california. he also went into covid
5:56 am
isolation and attended a charity event yesterday. there are these reports out there that there could be some sort of reconciliation. frankly, the royal experts here, ainsley, are calling that a long shot. the best they can hope for , maybe is the charitable and the loving spirit of their late mother, can bring these two brothers together in some manner we will see , back to you. ainsley: thanks so much greg. here with more on today's event charlie langston, the editor at the daily mail and royal correspondent. good morning to both of you. >> hello. ainsley: good morning. sorry, charlie, i always assume it's a man but my best friend's daughter is charlie. i'll start with you then since i botched it. tell us what the significance is of the location and of this event today. >> well the location is hugely significant. it was actually one of diana's very favorite places. the sunken garden is where she would go to spend quiet time and go to relax and as we know, she
5:57 am
had a very tumultuous few years towards the end of her marriage, and it really was a place that she sought solace, so to place the statue there is really a kind of tribute to the fact that it was one of the places that she loved the most and one of the places where she found comfort during a very tricky time, so harry and william will want to go to the statue and hopefully find that kind of so lace themselves while obviously remembering their mother and her legacy. ainsley: what about william and harry are they getting along now >> i'm hearing that they are not getting along. they have been in communication since prince harry returned to the uk, however, communication has been solely based around this event, and i mean, i think that royalty is all about pomp and ceremony. we're going to see two men that are civil but i don't think that this is actually going to be the event that mends the turmoil going on within their family. ainsley: then charlie, meghan markle is not going to be there. they are saying it's because of the baby right in california?
5:58 am
>> they are saying that it's because of the baby and to be honest i don't know many mothers out there who would want to travel so soon after giving birth, but i do think that for hhsmeghan, she recognizes had she traveled to the uk with harry she would have been a primary focus and that is not what this is about. harry and william are not on the best of terms so there is already a huge amount of controversy and speculation surrounding the unveiling. had megan been present, it really would have been all about her, how she looked, corresponding with william and so on and so forth and i think she was very much aware that this event needs to be about diana, and about her son's remembering diana's legacy, so she made the right decision in my mind, by staying away. ainsley: that's a good point they would takeaway from diana. what about prince charles he's not going to be there. >> oh, girl, you don't want prince charles there. i don't think anybody wants prince charles there. it's in his best interest to
5:59 am
stay away. the season has already done a number on his reputation and we got season five and six coming over the next few years. ainsley: how accurate is that? is the crown? >> you know, i think in regards to their relationship, it is pretty accurate. she felt like she was walking into a fairytale and she was absolutely devastated and felt betrayed by her husband, the prince of whales, so i think it has been pretty accurate in regards to their relationship. he cheated on her, and she wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with him and become the queen diana, the queen of people's hearts. ainsley: thanks so much for being here with us today. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. make sure you download the fox news app open up your camera, scan the qr code right on your screen, brian point to it, kick it, brian. brian: wrong, sorry about that. ainsley: [laughter] there you go. steve: very nice. okay, so we're talking about the
6:00 am
unveiling of the statue it's going to p ha in the next couple minutes, you'll see coverage in the next hour with america's newsroom, right here on fox news channel. ainsley: we'll be watching it. brian: i'm going to simulcast for the next show talking about what made america great brand new season. steve: you'll be unveiling that. brian: that'll be exciting.


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