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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 2, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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world. great to have you wanted happy july 4th. thank you for watching "fox news prime time" this week. i'm jesse watters and don't forget to get your copy, you may have heard of it, my book, "how i saved the world." you can preorder it right now if you want. some great stories in there. i'll see you guys. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." in one of her first official acts as vice president back in february, kamala harris decided to declare what she called a national emergency. and right away that seems strange. normally, it's the president's job to declare national emergencies. the vice president's job is to oversee vice. just kidding. we're not sure with the vice president's job is but it is certainly not that. but, here is did it anyway in
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the pages of jeff bezos' personal newspaper, "the washington post." this new national emergency, kamala harris informed us is "the mass exodus of women from the workplace." apparently there is still some women in america who secretly prefer to raise their own children rather than toil away for worker bees for some soulless, publicly traded corporation. wall street is upset about that of course the kamala harris sounded the alarm. our female workforce emergency, she wrote, demands a national solution. five months later we are sad to tell you that that crisis is still ongoing. there are women, even now, who have chosen to skip the hr department's latest doom: workplace diversity initiatives and are instead reading the children a bedtime story. and that is a tragedy. and kamala harris hasn't done a lot to help. in fact there is now a mass exodus of women from her office peer the toxic masculinity is coming from inside the house. this week, politico reported,
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several top female harris staffers have quit after they say they were abused. "it is not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated" said one. it's not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel they are treated like crap. her team was feeling porous lines of communication and diminished trust between 80 and senior officials and the article goes on to make the excuses for all of this. "black women are subjected to standards that men often don't have to clear." right. in other words, because kamala harris' father came from the caribbean, it's okay that she is a monster to work for. got it, hope that is comforting to the women whose lives she's wrecked. we do see a pattern here, though. first, kamala harris takes charge of a problem she doesn't really understand, and let's help women in the workforce, she says, then proceeds to drive women out of her own office. let's fix the border crisis, she says, as the wave of illegal
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migrants becomes a tsunami. take this vaccine, she tells you, it works perfectly. then she turns to kiss her vaccinated husband while wearing a surgical mask. on one level it is hilarious to watch all this. they tell us kamala harris is very impressive, but look at her, she is a joke, she can barely get through the day, she has no idea what she's doing peer but you can't say that out loud. shut up and accept kamala's dominion over you pair that is the new rule. point out that she is a power-hungry buffoon posing as a competent adult they will instantly denounce he was a racist. they do that because it works. a lot of people particularly at the news media still find the idea of being called a racist of the scariest thing they can imagine, scarier than dying, so they will do anything to avoid that, including ignoring kamala harris' obvious mediocrity. as a result, they barely cover her and we are going to fill the next hour filling that gap. kamala harris may be one of the least impressive people on public life but in some days it feels like she's running our
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country anyway. last month the president of mexico of all people made that point. [speaking non-english language] >> tucker: and not the only one, the president of the united states calls her president. and in this country, voters have come to the conclusion that in fact, she is. the dash group is one of the only polling companies worth paying attention to at this point. they got the last election almost exactly right when few other firms were even close. tonight we have exclusive new polling that shows who americans believe is actually running the federal government. a majority of americans say joe biden wasn't in charge and it wasn't simply republicans who thought that.
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a third of democrats say biden is not actually in charge. 10% weren't sure which is pretty much the same thing. it's hard to believe they have ever been numbers like that in history about the president. what did they tell us? they tell us that the media story line, the one you here every day, joe biden is fine, he's just got a really bad stutter, relax! isn't actually fooling anyone but not for the lack of trying. outside of this channel no one on television is allowed to say what seems obvious which is that biden can't really do his job. that is forbidden precisely because it is true. but joe rogan doesn't work on television, he hosts the podcast so he can say anything he wants, and recently, he did. >> they are unhinged in a lot of ways and we are not anchored down by a real leader. we don't really have a real leader in this country anymore. >> yeah. >> you can say joe biden is the president and he is our leader and he would be correct on paper, but everybody knows he is out of his mind. he's barely hanging in there. >> tucker: well, exactly.
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we knows a lot about joe biden's decline on that show partly because it is depressing and partly because our default position is to always respect old people, especially when they get a little soft, as we all know when we live long enough so it's bad karma to mock them for a peer but in biden's case, it's demonstrably true and everyone knows that including his family. who is really in charge of joe biden isn't an increasingly it seems like kamala harris is running thing. if you believe in democracy, this is a problem. no large group of people has ever signaled the desire to put kamala harris in control of the country for just the opposite. at the height of less democratic primary season, most of her own constituents told pollsters they wanted her to drop out of the presidential race. only 7% of democrats in the state of california thought their senator, kamala harris, should be president of the united states. to the people who no her best have the least respect for her. but she got the job anyway entirely by default. here's the president democrats
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thought they were voting for. >> employees can't find workers. i said, yeah, pay them more. this is in employees' a bargaining chip now. what is happening? [whispering] >> they are getting checks in the mail, consequential this week for job care. [whispering] >> why would i not before it question customer >> tucker: what was that? you know exactly what it is, but they are pretending like you don't know what it is. if you look at some wide shots will you see the mutual propagandists from cbs and others smiling, pretending it is totally normal but it is not normal at all. that is the president of the united states. this is a huge and dramatic change to our system of government.
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biden means an awful lot of power for kamala harris and that means we are spending the next hour talking about her. to kick off the ever we are joined by talk show host larry elder. thanks so much for coming on. you are a californian tried and true, you've been in the state an awful long time, you cover the politics of california, how strange is it for you watching kamala harris when she was a prosecutor to see her with this much power over the entire country? >> tucker, i guess i look at it a little differently. joe biden's job was to drag the party across the finish line in november. after that, he could drop dead after he gets sworn in and he couldn't care less. bernie sanders won the nevada caucuses, scared everybody, they made bernie sanders the front runner for a little while and that is when -- endorsed him for the caliper in the primaries, so they would make sure donald trump did not get another
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for two years. that is all they cared about. after that, then they would have a much younger, more vigorous, left wing prisonlike, here is to push the agenda for the left. who is running the party? it is the obama ex-pats who are running everything. mission accomplished, they are perfectly happy. regarding the 25% of democrats who say they are not even sure that joe biden is in charge, ask that 25% if they care and the answer is, they don't. he did his job. remember that great book called "game changer" written by the two left-wing reporters when obama was running? he disrespected joe biden so much, he said and i'm quoting, "how many more times is joe biden going to say something stupid" and reportedly barack obama tried to talk joe biden out of running a 2020 and said joe come you don'. they never respected him, they don't think is very smart but it doesn't matter. what matters is donald trump is not sitting at 1600 pennsylvania avenue so as
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far as they are concerned, mission accomplished. >> tucker: that is such a smart point peter got to ask you larry elder, we are hearing rumors that you might take over the state of california. are you running for the state of california? >> i will tell you, tucker, you've all people should know better than to read everything you believe in politico but i will tell you this state is a disaster, this governor has done a dash to science and basically shut down the state in a mortar county in way than anyone else has. our school system, 75% of black kids in california cannot read at state levels of proficiency, crime up year to year, almost 50% shooting victims in l.a., 50% are burglar victims in san francisco and homelessness out of control. meanwhile you have a governor sitting up there at the french laundry with lobbyists that put together the very mandate that they ignored. so if i can do something about that i'm giving it a strong consideration, that's all i'll tell you.
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stay tuned. >> tucker: will be written for you if you do. larry elder, a wise man. good to see you tonight, thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> tucker: kamala harris was once a prosecutor and she had a reputation as deserved for being tough on crime. she's your parents in jail when her kids didn't show up for school. now she's on the other side supporting bail funds for violent criminals. what explains that change? a famine while as a senior fellow at the manhattan institute and we are happy to have him join us tonight be at raphael, thank you so much for coming on. this seems like a completely different person on a policy level, is that true and what explains it. >> i think that is a fair point to make but i would say this is less a shift of kamala harris as it is shift of the democratic party on issues of crime, policing and prosecution. kamala harris was pretty
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middle-of-the-road for your average democratic prosecutor in a big city in america when she held that position in san francisco. she did do some incremental things in the reform direction, she basically ran on a promise not to enforce the death penalty, a promise she kept in the case of a convicted cop killer i would point out. she also made it a point to investigate cases to see if there was evidence of racial profiling and if there was she wouldn't prosecute those cases. so she was clearly leaning in a reform direction, but if you compared with the average democratic prosecutor five, ten years ago to the sort of progressive prosecutors we see in cities across the country today i think they would all seem out of place. what scares me the most about kamala harris if she has kind of continued to embrace the progressive prosecute moniker despite the crime spikes we have seen across cities throughout the country. and she really ought to know better and she's in a position of real power. as she pointed out earlier.
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the fact that she is not speaking out, not being a voice for a more sober, measured approach to some of these reform initiatives, i think puts us in some real trouble for a couple reasons, not least of which is that we could see progressive prosecutors start to infiltrate the federal government, which has really kind of been free from that for quite a while. >> tucker: in other words, become a u.s. attorney for example. >> exactly, and that is really concerning, particularly because one of the workarounds of really radical progressive prosecutors, people like larry krasner in philadelphia, eric gonzalez in brooklyn, new york, one of the workarounds police have found is to route some of these cases in which there is concurrent jurisdiction to their local u.s. attorneys because they know at least there there is a better chance that a defender is going to be held pretrial. there's a better sense they will get some serious jail time if they are convicted. if we start to see u.s. attorneys go radically to the left, that option is no longer going to be on the table. in cities the desperately
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needed. >> tucker: badly, like philadelphia. rafael, thank you so much for coming on tonight, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: you may have noticed if y and weird physical response whenever she is asked a question she can't answer, which is often. what is it? well, she cackles uncontrollably. we have had an expert study the cackle tapes to figure out exactly what they mean and we will tell you after the break. ♪ ♪ and you need it here. and here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean is now helping the places you go every day too. seek a commitment to clean. look for the ecolab science certified seal.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: we have learned recently from the "atlantic" magazine which was a new experience because we don't usually learn things from the atlantic but we learned that kamala harris maintains an enemies list, journalists who make her mad. here is, politico reported, drags political players and report is who she thinks don't fully understand or appreciate her life experience. her life experience, like growing up in canada? that is life experience she doesn't want to talk about. nothing makes her angrier than when people question her lived experience, which is a euphemism for her unsupported opinions. visiting the southern border in mexico back in june, one nbc reporter found that out the hard way. >> do you have any plans to visit the border? >> at some point -- we are going
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to the border, we've been to the border, so this whole thing about the border, we've been to the border. we've been to the border. >> reporter: you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe. [laughs] i don't understand the point that you're making. >> tucker: the point of course is that you haven't been to the border, which she did not understand. and she was equally baffled and enraged a few days later when a reporter asked of the same question. watch. >> i said i'm going to go to the border. >> when are you going to the border, vice president? >> the administration is asked -- i'm not finished. i said i'm going to the border. >> tucker: i'm not finished. [laughs] a columnist at "the new york post" who we are happy to have with us. this is not someone who was pulled off the street to answer questions from nbc and
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univision, both of which are slavishly loyal to the by the administration pair this is the vice president of the united states who has a whole p.r. team around her. what do you make of responses like that? >> hi, took her. she's obviously been prepped within an inch of her life. she's had extensive media training on this particular question because the minute that joe biden gave her that poison chalice of being the administration's a border czar, that was the question and when she took three months to get to the border, obviously she was going to be asked it. and for her bizarre and brittle and very insecure responses to that obvious question, which lester holt could not have been more gentle when he asked that question, it was just when she outright said, i've been to the border and he just stoned said, actually, you haven't, that she then came out with an even
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more bizarre response of having not been to europe and she couldn't understand. of course she understood and the problem with kamala harris is that she has come up in california where the media is just unquestioningly showering her with praise. she expects the media to do that. she doesn't expect challenging questions and she's quite affronted by it. you see her attitude, she gets very chilly and she feels it is a mortal offense that she is being asked a question that doesn't allow her to shine and skate through these difficult ideas, like perhaps that there is a problem at the border, and i just think that she is not match fit and i don't see how she can be because i guess she has never exercised those muscles before because all she has ever had before is accolades. >> tucker: that is such a wise point. she acts like she has been betrayed by a friend when the
5:23 pm
media asks questions, it is interesting. thank you for your analysis. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: we have studied the tape and gotten the footage as to why, here is seem so sensitive that is asked any question that is outside the line. she has a very specific, seemingly involuntary reaction to it to. we don't want to wreck your night or anything but here is what it looks like. import a meccas that a socialist or progressive perspective? >> [laughs] no. >> and i said, tweet them. >> and i looked back up and i said -- [laughter] >> [laughs] [laughter] >> tucker: we played that of
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kamala harris but it was really the people interviewing her that were fascinating. but what do we make of this is a physiological and psychological matter? why the cackling? jesse watters is one of america's noticed experts of cackling. he's the author of "how i save the world." what do you of this? >> is someone who made his career doing man on the street interviews, i feel like i am uniquely qualified to recognize when someone is uncomfortable in public and yes, this is a sign of discomfort when she's presented presented with the topic or question, she results to cackling. in this industry we refer to this as a defense mechanism. layman's terms perhaps would be a glitch in the system, a tick, or a tell in poker and she does it for several reasons. one, to soothe her anxiety. two, to buy her time if she's unsure she can use that time to formulate a response. three, the kind of guide the five of the interview from a
5:25 pm
serious to a less serious one, and then finally, it is kind of a lame attempt to form a bond with the person asking her a tough question. and you saw this fail miserably with lester holt who just sat there stone-faced as she laughed in his face about real issues with the border. and i have been studying when she does this. she cackles when she's asked the question about her relationship with president obama. she cackles when she is asked about her ideology. she's cackled also when she's asked about her management ability. i.e., the border. and she also laughs uncontrollably in an audience setting where she's not on prompter and she's failing to connect with that audience. those of the results of my behavioral, psychological analysis. and thank you for giving me this opportunity because i feel like this is one of my rare talents. >> tucker: [laughs] i think your analysis is spot on perfect. just two bottom line it, if you
5:26 pm
were playing poker with her and she started cackling, you would double down. >> she's bluffing, you picked it up. >> tucker: jesse watters, thank you. it's interesting he pointed out she cackles when asked about her relationship with joe biden. >> she was asked by stephen colbert about the big moment in the debate where she accused him of being a racist and she just left. that's interesting, something to follow. >> tucker: the great jesse watters, thank you. so, harrison took charge of the border crisis and now she says she has identified the root cause of it. of course, it's climate change. you drive an suv so honduras moves here. is that true? we will talk to a scientist about it, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live, i'm kevin corke. four more bodies found in the
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rubble of the collapsed condo building in surfside florida. that brings the total number of dead 222, but 128 people still remain missing get the total number of missing actually down. some people have turned up safe. meanwhile, north miami beach ordering the evacuation of a nearby condo building after an inspection there showed a too was unsafe. the surfside building collapsed romping the audit of the nearly 50-year-old building. also strengthening into the first hurricane of the atlantic season. experts say could reach florida on tuesday. unleashing heavy winds at barbados, blowing off roofs, snapping trees, forcing the closures of schools, businesses and airports. i'm kevin corke. going to send you back over to my friend tucker carlson, tonight. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: ever since she became border czar, kamala harris has pledged to finding root causes of illegal
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immigration. >> what we must do to address the root causes of migration, to address the root causes. the issue of root causes is not going to be solved in one trip. we have to address the root causes. >> tucker: is funny when dumb people talk about root cause is as if they could identify them, especially when the root cause is herself in the administration she works for beard and just the last year since joe biden took office there has been an 800% increase in the number of illegal migrants coming across the southwestern part of the united states. in june the president of guatemala says the joe biden administration is responsible for this. >> he says increased border crossings have been a part by the change of administrations in washington. >> interpreter: the message changed too. we are going to reunite families and reunite children bear the very next day, the coyotes were here organizing groups of children to bring them to the
5:34 pm
united states. we asked the united states government to send more of a clear message to prevent more people from leaving. >> tucker: if central american governments are upset about it than i guess we probably have a right to be too pure jonathan is the former acting director of device and knows about this topic. we are happy to have him on, thanks for coming on. what would you say is the root cause of this crisis? >> i think the true root cause of the crisis is the administration of positivist policies that have been all about encouraging more illegal immigration by not enforcing any of the laws, not even kicking out the most serious criminals. it's interesting, the numbers have increased 800%. it's not like there has been a major change in the weather in the last six months. it's absolutely preposterous this root cause issue, it's an attempt to make the issue seem more complicated than it is and to suggest we can't even address the immigration crisis until we address climate change and i am sure it will involve systemic
5:35 pm
racism and all the other normal things, so until we are all driving a previous and put solar panels on we can't even talk about the immigration problem. but i think the press, trying to give every benefit of the doubt, knows how unserious this is. it's just an attempt to distract from what they are really doing which is, they want this to happen, they want as many illegal immigrants to come into the country as possible and they are not going to throw them out no matter how bad the crimes they commit, whether or not they are gang members or anything else and that is what they've been doing the entire time, and the root cause thing again is simply a distraction. it's pure silliness. when you watch the white house spokesperson have to say root causes multiple times during a brief income you can even see she's uncomfortable with it because everyone knows it's nonsense. and with the vice president dealing with this issue, this was really a lay up for her. they are trying to make it seem like it's a tough issue but all she had to do was treat it with a mildly serious, say a few platitudinous things that the
5:36 pm
media would happily launder, be a conduit to launder through and then they would be able to move on and it's amazing how badly she has fumbled this issue. it's one comical misstep after another and it's just quite interesting to watch. like you were saying earlier, she has had so much time with preparation a media training, she should be able to knock this out of the park and it's been one disaster after another. >> tucker: be as honest as you can. at a time of mass unemployment in the united states, can you see any upside to letting in hundreds of thousands of the hemisphere of austria's poorest people. as the u.s. benefit in any way from this? >> the democratic party benefits from this because they see these as two voters, they will get two-thirds of them as voters. he can't really see the benefits. will wages go up? no. will education get better? no. will the access to health care get better? no. so there really isn't anything you can see other than pure,
5:37 pm
cynical motivations. you think of the wages but you also think of this crime issue going on that you were talking about earlier, and we treat this the same way we do the crime issue which is the root cause of that if they ever want to look into it is the anti-police movement. although the vice president hasn't been a leader on the border crisis she has been a leader on the anti-police movement. she's compared i.c.e. agents to ku klux klan members and she's a major reason for this crime increase. >> tucker: jonathan, thank you for coming on tonight. good to see you. kamala harris does have a theory about why the border is open and won't stay closed. of course, it's not her fault. it is the fault of climate change. >> there are also long-standing issues that are often called the root causes of immigration. we are looking at the issue of poverty and the lack therefore of economic opportunities, the
5:38 pm
issue of extreme weather conditions, and the lack of climate adaptation. as well as corruption and the lack of good governance. and violence against women, indigenous people, lgbtq people, and afro descendants. >> tucker: it is like a parody, like a "saturday night live" sketch. the publisher of "climate depot" and the author of the book -- thanks for coming on. if you are really concerned about the environment, which they are not, but let's say they were, you probably don't want to make your country more crowded with the world's poorest people. that increases the amount of carbon emissions and spoil the land, does it not? >> yes, you would think so. americans of the biggest carbon footprint so making more americans, even if they are illegally coming in, would mean higher carbon footprints for these people who live in poor
5:39 pm
countries. he would think the activists want them to stay poor where they are living earth-friendly lives, so that is an odd thing but for kamala to say this this is evidence-free empty rhetoric. they tried the same thing with the syrian civil war in 2013. they blamed it on climate change causes drought. and of course we pointed out that in 1933 in syria, the government they are actually band the yo-yo because they thought it was causing drought. now we have yo-yo in the biden administration claiming not only climate change is causing immigration but the secretary saying it could have caused the climate collapse in miami, it causes car wrecks and cancer, other climate activists have claimed. this is a long line of nonsense, particularly on immigration for the science doesn't support them on this, the politics don't support them on any level when they claim climate change. >> tucker: they are saying that climate change caused the hook condo collapse in florida? i hadn't even heard that, that is demented --
5:40 pm
>> the secretary was asked on cnn and she said it could have been one of the factors. they're looking into it. the idea, the sea level rise in miami week into the building and all these other buildings are a threat. they are seizing on anything. this is a day of climate opportunity. they're trying to blame it on every possible malady that we have. in the case of central america, though, and these droughts, even the u.n.'s as global droughts, for two decades, 40 plus year trends are showing nothing, no increase. the idea that droughts are causing this immigration which are allegedly caused by man-made climate change, just doesn't hold up. even the crop production, the food and agriculture data show scraps are still going up in central american countries. they are not starving to death. it all comes down to government, politics, and no border. we cater to either seal our border, which is an expensive compared to dealing with these alleged root causes that can take decades to deal with. >> tucker: such a good point.
5:41 pm
thanks for coming on tonight. >> thank you, talk or come. we've noticed there's never been a large group of americans who said or behaved as if they wanted kamala harris to become more powerful around the country but she did it anyway. how did that happen? well, the relationship between kamala harris and former san francisco mayor willie brown was the springboard for all of the spirit we will tell you about that after the break.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: kamala harris' political career began with an affair. she doesn't like it when you say that but it's true. that affair was with the mayor of san francisco willie brown. harris was a 29-year-old prosecutor. brown, subsequent to their affair, offered harris a series of powerful and lucrative jobs in the state government of california. one of them was with the california medical assistance commission. in other words, the unemployment insurance appeal. she didn't get those because she
5:47 pm
was talented, she got them because she was having an affair. this little-explored feature of harris' history is worth knowing a lot more about and alana goodman does know a lot about it, she has covered it with "the washington free beacon," we're happy to have her tonight. what should we know about kamala harris' affair with willie brown and for the record, i have two say, i think everybody likes willie brown. i don't know why he did that, but how important -- i hate to say that, he is a great guy! >> very charming. >> tucker: he doesn't like her, that's for sure. what role did this a fair play and political career? >> i think it launched her political career. i don't think she would be in the play she has without willie brown. when she met him, she was about four years out of law school, she was like a mid-level county prosecutor. willie brown was one of the most powerful politicians in the state of california. he was the head of the state
5:48 pm
assembly at the time, his nickname for himself was "the ayatollah of the assembly." very powerful. his name also very synonymous with -- he was known for putting people into patronage positions and that is how he was able to build his political machine. we saw this play out with kamala. he appointed her to two state boards that she was not qualified to be on at the time. she was about 30 years younger than anyone else on his board. and you know, it's nice when your boyfriend gives you gifts, but when he gives you a spot on a taxpayer-funded board that is paying $90,000 a year, you might want to question whether this is a completely ethical situation. >> tucker: [laughs] you might want to, that's a good point. it's so interesting that willie brown is now a confirmed nonfan of kamala harris. you didn't see him at the
5:49 pm
inauguration. any idea why he dislikes her so much? >> i'm not sure why he dislikes her so much now. their relationship was a bit rocky, they didn't stay for too long, and he continued to support her, he actually was the largest backer of her district attorney race and probably the reason how she won in 2003. i think she wanted the relationship to be more serious than it ultimately was, and willie brown has been married for a very long time. he was married at the time when this was going on. he had been separated from his wife for many years but he was kind of known for dating women for a short amount of time and then moving on. >> tucker: he is a man who prefers variety. interesting. i wonder if she tells audiences of young girls, the key is to sleep with willie brown? [laughs] i doubt she says that.
5:50 pm
she showed, though. alana goodman, thank you so much. good to see you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: one thing we learned recently about kamala harris is she is a very talented crocheter. meaning she excels at the art of crocheting. we have since we are major news organization, a crochet correspondent with whom we will check in after the break.
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and here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean is now helping the places you go every day too. seek a commitment to clean. look for the ecolab science certified seal. >> tucker: a few months ago we dialed into fox news' crochet correspondent, where he lives, his name is mark steyn and we asked about the vice president's hobby of crocheting and what the media's covering about this. here's what we learned. so three weeks ago, the president put his vice president, joe biden put kamala harris in charge of the border! how is that going? it's actually not funny, they're completely changing the population of the country when no one is noticing. kamala harris doesn't seem to be
5:56 pm
paying much attention to her new room portfolio either. she has a bit of the border but according to "the washington post" which is on the case, and by on the case we mean slacking full-time for the administration, kamala harris has been very busy. this week, jeff bezos' personal newspaper reported she has been making her mark on the washington area crochet scene. as in a kind of knitting. she is our new crochet czar, who has been spotted across the river from d.c. >> i've been raised by a mother who said i'm not going to let you sit in front of that television doing nothing. and so i have crocheted more afghans in my -- [laughter] >> tucker: okay, mark steyn doesn't sit there doing nothing either. he informs the country on what the news means and he is also our crochet correspondent, great
5:57 pm
to see you, i get confused over some of these handicrafts, but -- coverage of this? >> i think she just made a rather remarkable concession there when she says i have crocheted more afghans than i can tell you. i believe that is a war crime under the geneva convention and probably the real reason we are pulling out of afghanistan in such a precipitous hurry. so these are not small admissions. you know, mark twain, who is a hate crime these days but back before he was a hate crime he wrote a novel called "a connecticut yankee at the court of king arthur" in which the time traveling connecticut yankee is very bored by the local newspaper, the court circular, at king arthur's court, which just reports on monday, the king wrote in the park, on tuesday, the king wrote in the park, on wednesday, the king wrote in the park. that is what
5:58 pm
"the washington post" does under democrat regimes. today, her royal highness, the princess kamala wrote in the park to her crochet shop and it's presented as if, with the usual glass ceiling rubbish. the first sentence in the story is "when vice president harris visited a woman owned yarn shop." a woman owning a yarn shop, tucker! that is -- heaven knows the whole yarn shop business was controlled by halliburton. if you try and buy a nice homestyle looking, north country quilt it is probably made by dick cheney over the weekend, and so even this, a woman owned yarn shop, kamala harris, it fits, she's going to a woman owned yarn shop by a woman who probably declares her pronouns as kamala declares her. i used to, as you mentioned at the top of the show, we live in an activist, radical times under
5:59 pm
in urgent, busy government that never stops. whether it is from packing the supreme court or from its planned to federalize the voting systems of the country, and yet, incredibly, the president and the vice president, who are the only elected members of the executive branch seem to have virtually nothing to do with any of this hectic, 24/7 governing. so what she's mainly crocheting is a huge subterfuge over who is really running this bracket. >> tucker: one of our many crochet segments. before we go tonight, the latest episode of "tucker carlson today" is out. it features ned ryan. it's worth listening to. you can watch right now in fox nation if you so choose. >> what became very clear to me is the englishman that left to come colonize the american shores brought with them certain
6:00 pm
ideas. the magna carta, the 16th 20 a petition of rights, you can't quarter troops in private homes, you have the right to self-defense and bear arms, 1689 bill of rights, free elections, free speech. >> tucker: will be back very soon. every weeknight, and we will see you then. have a great night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, everyone and welcome to the special edition of "hannity," fighting the radical left. i'm tammy bruce in for sean hannity. and tonight with july 4th around the corner, millions of americans are gearing up to celebrate the greatest country on planet earth. but hold onto your seats, because the biden administration has a major announcement. according to the white house, the price of a july 4th cookout has decreased by an incredible $0.16. forget about the 50%


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