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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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right back here on fox news prime time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ scale and a good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i hope you had a terrific fourth of july, they were celebrating despite what you may read day in and day out, this is still a great country. where else are you going to go that's better than nowhere? america is still full of happy, decent minded and independent people. the attitude of our leaders may have changed in recent years for the purchase of a population of not changed, that's a good news. the bad news as the people in
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charge are working hard to make americans hate our own country. if you made the mistake of going online this weekend you saw them pouring out their misery on social media. instead of enjoying hot dogs and fireworks with the kids they don't have they were on twitter yelping about slavery and white supremacy and what a terrible place the united states is. it's easy to ignore people like this. you just turn off your screen and go live your life. f you just turn off the screen and go live your life. unfortunately it's hard to shield your children from that. the national teachers association announced its new and first priority is making anti-american indoctrination, race-based indoctrination mandatory in every classroom in the country. all k-12 schools, the union declared, must teach children that "white supremacy, anti-blackness, anti-endogeneity, racism, patriarchy, hetero patriarch
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katie, capitalism and anthropocentrism are embedded in every aspect of american society. so if you are a straight white american even if you are a very small child, you are guilty and it's your fault you are a bad person. that's what teachers will be telling our children thiss fall. those teachers and the statement with this line. it's hilarious, it belongs in a museum somewhere. as the ancient african proverb says, no thyself. the african proverb. except it's not an african proverb. no thyself is of course greek as any area literal person knows and was inscribed by ancient greeks. but the teachers union did not know this. not only are these people crazed ideologues, they are stupid. your children are being taught by some of the most ignorant people in the country. how did that happen?
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god knows how it happened, but you better not complain about it orev the guard will denounce on television as a racist. >> the former vice president tonight also joined the rest of the g.o.p. pushing false right wing talking points about the teaching of critical race theory. > gates and the other trumper's want to theory to just be a foghorn. this is about the woke left making the white man pay for things. >> claims of reverse racism have been the bread and buttern republican party for decades. >> tucker: it's a bogeyman. despite the fact that the teachers union just spelled out in the document calling for more, yes, critical race theoryo but if you notice that, if you object in any way to the current obsession with race that no normal person wants to obsess over, then you yourself are obsessed with race and you must be stopped because you are
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dangerous. that's what they are saying. not just a few of them, all of them are saying that and as always they are saying it in unison. what is the average person do about this? what does it take to write back against it? and of course you should be fighting back againstth it. you can't have interracial democracy of people hate eachoo other. whatever you do, it takes some courage. concannon was a administrator and like so many school employees he was for us to participate in training about the fundamental moral flaws inherent to white people. as someone who admires martin luther king he objected to this. on the other hand, you like most other people had very little power to do anything about it, he wasn't a rich person, he was making about 30 grand a year.
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that in the end his conscience would not allow him to participateat in something like this and he resigned. look up his resignation letter. i wish the trotsky disciples at manchester school district meet nothing but failure. and anti- -- indoctrination. it wasn't so long ago that he would have been considered a hero. he's a man of conscience, willing to sacrifice his own job to do the right thing. is not considered considered a hero anymore, in fact he has effectively disappeared. there are not of lot of dana concannon's out there, and that's the point. corporate media has no interest in amplifying their story, this man as a father who showed up at
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a school board meeting recently in illinois and decided to tell a few obvious truths and here's what he said. >> this white kid right here as it better than you because he's white? he's going to personally tell a white kid to come up the black people are down, how do i have two medical degrees and i'm sitting your oppressed? two medical degrees, no mom, no data in the house, work my way through college. i hustled to get through college. you going to tell me that somebody look like you all white folks kept me from doing that? i'm in the hood, i'm in their community. i've been doing stuff since i was 18 years old.e none of them are buying this nonsense. there is not one white person ever that it will keep any of them from getting there. >> tucker: must be one of those alt-right cumin on on people .cn and is always a about. it's b.s., he said and you heard the applause in the background.
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many think this is insane and, they think you should judge people what on what they do and not on the basis of their skin color. it's civilization ending poison, but it's everywhere. how widespread is it? we can't really be sure until we finally get cameras in the classroom as we put them on the chests of police officers, until we finally get a civilian review board in every town in america to oversee the people teaching your children and forming their minds. we can't know exactly how widespread this is, but there are indications. this poison has made it all the way to expensive private schools in central ohio. columbus academy is one of them, one of the most prestigious schools in the state of ohio. tuition is more than 30 grand per year per student. columbus academy which has a long history of academic excellence has become race
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obsessed. good administrators are not working to help unwed teenage mothers or improve black neighborhoods that might actually make the country better. if tac you want to talk about r, maybe you could improve someone's life but they are not. they have adopted the same familiar racist curriculum. some people are but better than other people based on the color of their skin, they been teaching them. and a lot of parents went along with it. but two mothers decided they weren't going to have it so they objected and their names are andrea gross and annie gonzalez. in january the decided they were going to fight this and they love the school and will do something about it. they funded a group called the pro-columbus academy. they wanted to make the school better. teaching children to read, showing them how to do math. b but the people run columbus academy didn't want to hear it,
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didn't want to have the conversation and didn't want to listen. they wanted gross and gonzalez to shut up and go away but they wouldn't. when you make a mother mad about her children it's hard to shut maker set up. so last month instead of punishing them to school decided to punish their children. columbus academy kicked their three daughters out of school, expelled them for what their mothers did. so challenge the regime and we will hurt your children. the school's headmistress, called melissa soderberg sent a letter to every parent in the school explaining why she was punishing the children for the sins of the parent. but she didn't write it alone. that letter was signed by the head of the board, someone you think might know better, a local developer and called jonathan capps. by daring to complain about racism in the columbus academy curriculum which is real, these
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two mothers caused "pain and even fear for physical safety among students, families, faculties and staff. in other words, if you dare to question us, we will attack you, we will hurt your children and we will accuse you of assault. it's a physical crime. you are making us afraid. it didn't intimidate andrea gross and amy gonzales. they don't us now and we are happy to have them. andrea, first of all thank you for your bravery., were you surprised if the school decided to punish your children for what you did? >> i would say we were very surprised that the school decided to retaliate against out children. unfortunately just asking questions has resulted in our children being punished. >> tucker: it you would think that would be the one things that a school would never do,
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you send it your kids off to eight hours perlo day at hoping that it don't hurt them. what do you tell your daughters about this? >> what we've realized is, it seems our school leadership has favored a tribal stick approach and we believe in the power of an individual so when we had to explain to our children, my daughter asked me, do they have a good reason to support that? and she is an advocate of the cares program at our school. so we just had to explain that you choose to do the right thing and that's what moral courage is. you stand on the shoulders of truth even though you aren't
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sure with the outcome is going to be. >> tucker: i don't think i've seen a story that upset me this much in a long time. and accused you of being violent because they don't like your ideas, okay, i've seen it. but to hurt your kids, what do the other parent say? what about this guy that's at the head of the board? how could he allow this to happen, how can your community allow this to happen? seriously. thehe problem in our school is in particular our board is breaching our fiduciary duty to the entire community by failing to speak to us. this all started because we actually just wanted to come forward and have an open dialogue of medication and we just wanted to ask questions like, what is the curriculum? are you teaching a 1619 project, why did you double the diversity department but you have no learning specialist for children ages three through 12 years old and the school. >> tucker: can i stop you there? they have three diversityth
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administrators but no learning specialists for the kids? >> they have more than that in the diversity department but the the, academic department basically doubledno this year. so in terms of where they allocate their finances and we believe that the way they do it is under discriminatory manner because they knew neglect aren't latino populationin and neglect the kids that learn differently, there are other minority groups in the school that feel likeik their voices are not heard or represented. there are kids that have even religion in our school, that can be a problem at times for kids that observed catholicism. that has been an issue. it's a tribal aid station and its two separate so that we all start to tear each other down which unfortunately, that is what happened. >> what they realized early on
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was that the board of trustees is protecting the head of the school so that our question became who is protecting our children? >> i just have to ask, to end, as melissa slowed her board who seems like a joke, as either one called you to say i'm sorry that we had to punish your kids or has anybody reached out to you directly about your children? >> we actually asked for an appeal and said we are not entitled to any documents or an appeal and the school actually hired itn to very large law firs to represent them. >> one of which, one of the attorneys from one of the large law firms is a board member made the determination to expel our children. >> incredibly the head of the board is our neighbor and i just walked past him the other day and i smiled but he would not even look at me.
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>> tucker: i hope that cass guy is ashamed of himself. hurting people's kids because you don't like their politics, that's shameful. i appreciate you coming on tonight, truly an outrage. >> thank you tucker, we really appreciate you. thank you so much. >> tucker: so chris rufo is one of the only o journalists in the country who is taking a close look at what companies ane schools are actually teaching during the struggle sessions and he has discovered again and again that it's racist.s not reverse racism or a species racist, it's racist teaching that there better than others. today theyey reported that raytheon is teaching its employees to judge one another based on the color of their skin. white straight christian men are at the top of the oppression ans they must step aside for minorities, although they haven't individually done
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anything wrong. it's hard to believe this can happen and your tax dollars paying for it. so raytheon, i guess they haven't apologize to people of color that there weapons have killed over the years but apologize for attacking the skin color. am i missing the just or is that about right? >> that's right. they launch this political indoctrination program, asking employees to actually identify one another on the basis of racist, and that's the favored equality of outcomes which is a synonym for socialism and may be communism. it's really astonishing because it was one of the largest corporations in the world and manufactures key defense department, armaments and yet it has been captured by this will ideology that seems to be the
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dominant force, but also in business. i'm exposing it and all americans should be deeply concerned about what iul found. >> tucker: always happy to talk to you. we tried to book the little vietminh comic vietnamese girl, the napalm girl who in 1992 was napalm to buy contractors, to get her take on it. for defense contracts, i assume it's all run by white men who are not stepping aside. am i getting warmer? >> that's absolutely right. i think the best way to think about this is, think of it as a protection racket similar to the model or the mafia where you pay a small fee and in this case you signal virtue and hire the right consultants, signed the right pledges to the colonizer bookshelf or interrogate your unconscious bias, the
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social media mob and the politicians in office and the biden administration will keep that taxpayer money flowing because theypa are signaling the right beliefs. but it's transparently observed. it was a joke last year that raytheon would put the rainbow flag on at drone strike and now, that meme, that joke has become a reality. i've shown the documents and it's really to the point of absurd -- and if it wasn't soou serious, everyone should be laughing. >> tucker: but you should feel good when your village gets vaporized. i can say that with some confidence. wait to see you, thank you. i quicken is alert for you, the associated press has called the new york city democratic mayoral primary which is effectively the same as the mayor's race given it's a one-party state in new york, and it looks like a brooklyn borough president eric be thes very likely to next mayor of new york. we are absolutely certain we
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will be disappointed by eric adams but the point of eric adams is worth remembering. he won because he was alone in acknowledging a violent crime is a huge problem for everyone in new york and he vowed to do something about it. that's a winning message because it's rooted in physical reality. we wish him absolutely the best in fighting crime in new york, the key to saving that city. across the country violent crime is hitting record levels in the question is how can you protect yourself? will you be allowed to protect yourself? the latest episode of our new long form documentary series meditates on the question at some point. talk to people who have seen anarchy in the united states, something terrible happened, the police disappeared and you have to protect yourself and your family. what happens next? we have a clip for you, next.
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>> tucker: if something bad happens, you call the police to save you but what if the police don't come? that's the reality that a lot of americans are waking up to its police department's across the country have been demoralized and in some cases, flat out defunded.
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but something that americans have lived through in years past. if there is a disaster of some kind, hurricane floods the city or race riot burns downtown, it's up to you to defend yourself, you you are and your property which is happening recent years. for our documentary series, tucker carlson originals, we took a closer look at what happened when things fell apart. with ask them how they did it. here's an excerpt from that documentary. >> louisiana has one of the strongest personal defense, property defense and a self-defense set up of laws in the nation and they completely disregarded them. they took away thousands of guns. >> it was 2005 on my guns were confiscated right here. >> i didn't really have any say so. >> jim risch a are evacuated when the government told him to.
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>> you see people looting and walking around with guns, i got kind of scared and wanted to come back and get my gun collection. >> the police were, they moved toward me and they met up probably just about right here. they asked me if i had any guns on board, and i said yes. >> it can't happen. but it did happen. >> tucker: it's of things fall apart, your life is in mortal danger, the police won't protect you and the government protectss you from protecting myself. and that's a documentary worth watching. it's on as of
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today. some of our elected leaders, they might remind you that the country isn't worth anything and it's an awful place. not worth defending and not worth keeping. missouri congressman cori bush for example, and it's really a form off slavery. cori bush is free to say things on twitter as much as she wants and draw federal paycheck and have lifetime benefits for a job wrecking country that sheec hat. maxine waters meanwhile, a member of congress from california living in a very expensive house gouda tweet from her mansion. "the declaration of independence as all men are created equal. equal to what? only white men. right. in other words don't celebrate the country, hate the country.
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where is this going exactly and why would the people who run the country want you to dislike it? jesse watters is a smart man and also a author. he joins us now. so the people around the country are telling us two things. one, the country is not happy, how should we interpret this? >> first, we did not steal this land, we won this land on the battlefield, and with the rest would purchase from the europeans. are we supposed to get the dakotas back to crazy horse's family? eare we supposed to give california back to mexico? as tempting as that sounds, it's not a good idea. then she says blacks aren't free in this country. blacks are free except for the democrat party and many blacks have said that themselves. then there is maxine waters, no
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relation. notice how she always goes after the funding, confounding, and goes right to desegregation. why doou you think so convenieny omits the fact that she's a member of a party that fought to the death to keep her ancestors at and chains. i think this is the reason. the democratic party goes after the founding because of america is founded on slavery and inequality, the system itself is that and it needs to be corrected. so they pick up the scab and never let it heal because they need to remind everybody of the scar tissue to control us through guilt by association. we are supposed to feel guilt, and blacks are supposed to feel
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fear and it's all psychological. black americans do not need to fear that they are going to be put back in chains despite what joe biden has told them. there was a guy in manhattan the other day arrested and let out of jail 45 times. does that sound like someone whm is being oppressed? that also we don't need to feel guilty about something that happened in the past that you can't control. we don't need to be made to feel guilty, i don't have anything to do with what my cousin does let alone some strangers great, great grandfather so we can't take the bait. >> tucker: i think they are trying to justify their own crimes of the country is, then why wouldn't we just open the borders and hand our industrial base and it's not worth defending. that country has a lot of problems, and which saves the
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world. tell us how you did that. >> while i saved myself first. and that's where everyone needs to start, the liberals have the savior complex and they have to go about and fix everybody else's problems, they need to fix their own problems. y if we all save ourselves, then we will save the world because you know tucker, it is my world. in all seriousness i did study liberals in their natural habitat, in san francisco, and my stories are mostly about my observations. their insecurities, their anxiety is, their fear of failure, and i talk about how they use these insecurities to justify their need to control everything.
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and a lot of them are very self deprecating. if you love me or you hate me, there are juicy details about fox and the trump and even myself that i've never shared with anyone except for a paid audienceep. >> tucker: so you are working blue in the book. the great jesse watters, congratulations. great to see you. so we did something forbidden over the weekend, we took a look at the governments own coronavirus data. we looked at it carefully and noticed something very odd. people were dying of the coronavirus on average, older than average life expectancy in a lot of places. what does that tell you exactlye we have the numbers for you, after the break.
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>> tucker: you see so >> tucker: spent so much time on m tv and americans are generally throwing their opinions around if you spend time looking at the government's number then you can make your decisions based on the data as they say. we look at coronavirus deaths, i was dying and at what age. the data for covid is often older than life expectancy, for
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real. if you want to get a sense of just how completely they have hyped this virus turning to something that the number so it is not, take for example ohio. the median age of people who died from covid in ohio is 80. what's a median life expectancy in ohio? 73. people who died up from covid were on average seven years older than the average age of people in ohio with which they died. in the u.k., they median age of covid decedents is 83. life expectancy in the u.k. is 81. again, two years older. we just stopped at western civilizationt because of this virus. in a report from july of last year the cdc analyzed all deaths at the height of the pandemic from february through may 2020. they found the median age of death from covid is 78. at that point and for all 12 months of 2020, life expectancy
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in thee u.s. wasn't younger than that. it was 77. do you think they hyped covid a little bit? if the median age of people is older than age expectancy, then yes they hyped it. the administration wants to go door to door to make people take the vaccine. watch. >> president biden: now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood. a lot of times i go door to door knocking on doors to get help for the remaining people protected from the virus. >> tucker: stay out of my house, for real. brit hume is a senior political analyst, and he joins us. no disrespect from the people who died from this virus with the loved ones people had died but are government numbers and again, they showed in a lot ofe places that median age of death is older than life expectancy so
10:41 pm
what does that tell you about the way that we have treated this pandemic? >> the first thing it tells us is something that we believe we have known all along from the beginning. this was a disease that disproportionately affects the elderly. that was in the beginning and lots of things have changed with what comes to be a basic knowledge about this disease but wlnot bad. and even though it appears from these numbers, they were probably close to the age they were going to die anyway. what we did in this case, and that's many of the instances with united states at while h infected with the disease while they spread it to others and the death toll from that was very
10:42 pm
high. so we've had a high death toll disproportionately among the elderly and what we did to deal with that was instead of quarantining elderly and make the most strenuously possible to protect them with quarantine the economy and shutdown the schools with incalculable damage, from children to their education and mental health, and all the restl of it. but toll from that in terms of mental health issues and education on the rest of it, we won't know for some years but we know it's serious. this was about as badly handled as any public policy issue that i can remember. >> tucker: is so because this disease, the median age inec oho for death is 80, mental health authorities will show upho at yr house for needle? this is the greatest scandal of my lifetime by far. the idea that you would force
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people to take medicine that they don't want or need, that is there a precedent for that in our lifetime. >> and to be fair, it seems to me that what they are doing, their argument with me, what they are trying to do is make it as easy as possible for people to get the vaccine and people who were hesitant. and this is operating under a temporary emergency use authorization, but it's not yet. and people are hesitant to take it, those kids get education or
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not. brit hume, thank you very much for your analysis. so the 2020 election was a bout a eight months ago, we pause to ask exactly who voted and who they voted foror and what can yu learn from that? and now we know, there has been analysis. the numbers are fascinated to end totally worth reading. donald trump set a record that no modern republican has close toit hitting and it's exactly te one you would think if you watchedwa television you would ever hit. we will tell you what it is after the break. our favorite fa. you'll find a better life is in store at miracle-ear, when you experience the exclusive miracle-ear advantage. our team is devoted to your care, with free service adjustments and cleaning of your miracle-ear hearing aids for life. we're so confident we can improve your life, we're offering a 30-day risk-free trial.
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call 1-800-miracle today and experience the miracle-ear advantage.
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>> tucker: if you arriv >> tucker: if you arrived in this country at any point in last five years the one thing that b you knew about donald trump, donald trump hates hispanics that they hate him back. because of donald trump nobody with a hispanic last name is ever going to vote republican again. stuart stevens, and intellection intellectuals in the republican party, that was the one thing. we are done, only white people
10:50 pm
are going to vote republican from now on. now we have the data, what actually happened? if you are white people voted republican in the 2020 presidential race. donald trump lost to a bunch of suburbanites but he gained a lot of hispanic voters, not just a few. j in fact in the last cycle donald trump got more hispanic votes than any republican in history. more than mccain, more than sensible mitt romney, more than george w. bush who is always speaking in spanish. it donald trump never spoke in, he tweeted a picture that was supposed to be deeply offensive but apparently was on. in november 2018, republicans received a hispanic vote but donald trump took nearly 40%. it turns out the guilty white liberals who were explaining what hispanics really think it turned out to have no real idea. so why did donald trump increase upvotes so dramatically?
10:51 pm
thanks so much for coming on. this is the opposite, literally the opposite of what they said was going to happen in way more dramatic than even i realized it was.wh what is this and what accounts for it? >> so intersectionality hit a snag last year. there was no white guilt here. it's not hard to understand, but latinos are less welcoming of immigrants and white liberals to leave it not unless apt than white liberals to attend a drag queen story hour. they are less sold on the idea, and their views are generally close to those of nonliberal
10:52 pm
white whites. and the people that they are most eagerly behind. the problem is the g.o.p. wants to use or support to justify amnesty, expanding cheap labor sources and corporate licking. the quote from republican john katko to come up with solutions to secure the border. mccarthy either he hates the g.o.p. base, thinks they are stupid or both but here is the hard truths. republicans and democrats are okay with this agreement, and they think it proves that they are not racist. democrats are not happy, and we are not going to break the cycle of both victories until we find better leaders. >> tucker: and that is so true. pedro gonzales, white liberals make it seem like they speak for all these different groups, but they don't, at all. and it's so nice to be reminded of that.
10:53 pm
thank you. so, you got to get to the bottom of what happened on january 6. liz cheney is all over it. let's get to the bottom of what happened on january 6th. who shot asked mike ashley babbitt, why is that thousands of hours of surveillance footage that day? howcoer many cops were in the cd as they broke into the capital?e let's find out, shall we? we got some questions and we will give it to you next.
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>> tucker: working overtime to make a make a better, nancy pelosi has announced a new select committee to celebrate the great january 6 insurrection, not the actual one where they burned our city but the fake one when people showed up with signs on the capital. that republican's liz cheney of wyoming. nancy pelosi is thrilled to have her. >> i'm saying this in seniority order. congresswoman liz cheney, of the
10:59 pm
armed services committee has periodically agreed to serve on the committee. we are very honored and proud that she has agreed to serve on the committee. >> tucker: it's is excited because liz cheney sounds a lot like nancy pelosi. the insurrection was far worse than pearl harbor or 9/11. >> if you look at our history andat you look at what we did after pearl harbor and what we did after the kennedy assassination, we have to have this kind of fact-finding commission with subpoena power and it ought to be focused just on january 6. and the events o that lead up to the t attack. >> tucker: at the sad thing is that liz cheney is not cori bush, liz cheney is actually quite smart and if she wanted to find it would happen she could tell us tonight. tell us the basics, and why can't we see the 14,000 hours of surveillance footage that the capitol police still have that we show us what happened that
11:00 pm
day? they had been in contact with the fbi or local police and then forehand. we could get those answers tonight. and maybe she will. we join you in demanding answers. why don't you provide i them? that's about it for us tonight. our documentary, and it's good to come in two. surviving disorder, here is sean. >> sean: thank you tucker andf welcome to "hannity." i hope all of you had a wonderful july 4th weekend and we are one of the millions that actuallyle celebrated it. independence day, hopefully at a cookout, fireworks, a drink, but unfortunately on the left, they use a holiday is yet another excuse, the latest excuse to trash this country and of the men and women who dedicated their lives to creating more perfect union. we will show you the worst of the worst straight ahe


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