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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 23, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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he use as wheelchair and wanted to do the things we all associate with having a baby. seven high school students created this amazing device so he could push his toddler. it's awesome. >> jesse: that is awesome. so is the weekend. have a good one, everybody. see you back here on monday. ♪ >> bret: good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. america's crime crisis comes to america's capitol. a shocking shooting in an upscale neighborhood not far from the white house is bringing renewed focus to the violence playing the nation's big cities in general and here in the washington, d.c. area in particular. we have fox team coverage. david spunt in chicago. another of america's most violent cities and hometown of the visiting attorney general. and lucas tomlinson is in the district tonight with our top story. good evening, lucas. >> good evening, bret. all is calm here on the corner of 14th. different story here last night around 8:00 p.m. when shots
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erupted here one of the nicest neighborhoods in the nation's capitol d.c.'s police chief came to tour the area and spoke to reporters at the crime scene. >> i'm mad as hell about this. and i hope y'all are, too. we want to help people, yes, we should. but you cannot coddle common criminals. you cannot. >> calls defund the police. i don't think calls are helping metro police released new video of two suspects brazen shooting downtown d.c. where hundreds of people are enjoying blocks from the white house. 20 odo 30 shots fired. wounding two men and sending diners scrambling for safety. >> i see people [inaudible] it breaks my heart. >> we need police now. we don't need them on bikes we need them in car. last month d.c. mayor muriel
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bowser wanted to cut funding for police. now she says she wants the department to use, quote, any overtime necessary to stop the recent surge in crime. >> i'm outraged. the chief is outraged. the community should be outraged. what we saw over the last several days is an illegal firearm brazenly used on d.c. streets. >> recently crossed the 100 homicide mark two weeks ago. the earliest thresh fold 18 years. the shooting on 14th street comes just days after a shooting outside of nats parked sending thousands of panicked fans, many with small children rushing to the exits. comes less than a week after 6-year-old nyiah courtney was shot and killed by a stray bullet not far from the ballpark. >> one thing i know about this city is if you don't hold people accountable for the things they do people will continue to engage in bad behavior. >> d.c.'s police chief says is he more than 200 officers short, the suspects in last night's
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shooghts shooting, the one outside nats park and killing of little girl remain at large. bret? >> bret: lucas tomlinson in the district. now we turn chicago and epic violence plaguing that city with some of the toughest gun laws. attorney general merrick garland is starting a special task force there and in four other cities. correspondent david spunt is in chicago tonight. >> we are in a battle for the heart and soul of sun rock communities. >> a grim assessment this week from the windy's city top cop, speaking to citizens, witnessing an unrelenting stretch of violent crime. [siren] >> wednesday night alone, three people were killed, including a 14-year-old boy. 17 others were shot over the weekend 11 people were killed. 45 others wounded. we sat down with cook county's top prosecutor. >> it's easy catching people addicted to drugs. much harder to catch people who pull triggers. >> 750 prosecutors in a county
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with more than 5 million people. it's the nation's second largest county. >> we have strong, strong advocacy and very little for victims. >> foxx has been called everything from soft on crime to being a lax prosecutor. >> are you a lax prosecutor? >> absolutely not. >> she says both marry lori lightfoot and police superintendent david brown are unfairly pointing fingers at her office. >> i wish that we were able to one, communicate what we are doing to the public more effectively. i think people would be surprised to hear how much coordination and collaboration is actually hang instead of the soundbites that we hear after a particularly horrific weekend. >> foxx currently has a backlog of more than 35,000 felony cases that have yet to be heard because of the pandemic. to shorten the list she has proposed dropping nonviolent crime, sending drug offenses and shoplifting suspects to community service. >> does it send a bad message to criminals that you are letting
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misdemeanor cases go off the radar? >> we have to be able to prosecute people who are causing physical harm, disrupting communities, and death. and that's where our priority is. >> foxx is encouraged by a visit this week from attorney general merrick garland who came to chicago to tout a new plan to cush gun trafficking. i'm told more cities may be added to the list. bret? >> bret: david spunt in chicago. david, thanks. there is said to be growing debate tonight within the top levels of the biden administration about whether to recommend or mandate the use of masks, to deal with the resurgence of the coronavirus and the delta variant. white house correspondent peter doocy tells us where things stand tonight. >> masks for the vaccinated? maybe. as president biden waits for the latest from advisers. >> i think he is, of course, looking for their updates and guidance on what the spread is. >> major policy changes could be a ways off. >> the general cdc guidelines
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still hold that they do not need to wear a mask indoors, if in fact, you have been vaccinated. >> for the first time since late last year, the 7-day average of vaccine doses going into arms is below 300,000 a day as vary variantsspread. >> do you know if there has been any updating guidance to start shutting businesses down in places that have very low vaccination rates. >> no. >> there has not been no. >> in new york mayor de blasio is asking all employers in the city to require vaccinations. in st. louis, masks are now required indoors even for the vaccinated and masks are quickly becoming a midterm election issue. >> if i'm elected governor here in arkansas, we will not have mask mandates. >> other republicans say they worry about who gets final say. >> nobody elected the cdc. november elected tony fauci to make she's decisions, advisers advise. elected officials decide. >> the delta variant is not affecting president biden's
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travel schedule yet. >> nothing has changed about our approach or protocols over the past week. >> and that includes a lack of transparency about infected staffers because promised from the president. >> i will always level with you. >> example, i will shoot straight from the shoulder. straight from the shoulder what i know and what i don't know. >> his administration won't detail positive cases. >> percentage of employees who are vaccinated. >> i'm not going to provide that. >> are you trying to hide something? >> no. why do you need to have that information? >> transparency. >> while businesses and schools in summer camps wait to hear from the government whether or not they're supposed to start masking up again, the president isn't saying much about this. no public event on the schedule today. nothing from tonight when the motorcades over to virginia for a political rally on behalf of the democratic candidate for governor there his first rally like this as president and the first for him on the coming
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election cycle, bret? >> bret: peter doocy live on the north lawn, thanks. senator rand paul from kentucky is receiving backup tonight in his argument with dr. anthony fauci over what is called gain of function research and whether it was being funded by the u.s. in that wuhan china lab where the coronavirus may have originated. i spoke on my podcast today with josh rogin, columnist with the "the washington post." also author of the new book "chaos under heaven." >> what's underlying this question is the fact that we don't know what the nih was doing in all of these would hand labs and a lot of people, including rand paul, quite rightly want to know, what was anthony fauci's awareness of all of that and what did he think he was funding and is that exactly what he ended up funding? and those efforts as published by the wuhan institute of virology took bat coronavirus and modified them in a way that
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made them more infectious to humans. for any common sense definition and when a normal person hears that they think oh, well, they gained function so, how can that not be gump. what fauci did was pointed to a specific definition written in the rules that says well, it has to be going to turn out that way. official definition that the bar is so high doesn't qualify. that's why nothing got reviewed. >> neil cavuto asked dr. fauci about that commentary on his show this afternoon. >> research done by qualified people. right now when there is all of this thing about china, that's a different situation now. back then when you are dealing with qualified, highly respected chinese scientists. so it isn't what was made out to be about dealing with really, really bad people because those
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scientists were very well respected in the scientific community. >> bret: you can find my entire interview with josh rogin on the all star panel podcast at fox news posted now. >> we have interesting. you will want to hear the whole thing. we will have a new one monday. you can also find nearby vaccination locations by going to up next, why one of major league baseball's oldest teams is changing its nickname and what the new one will be. we will talk with jim gray of fox sports. miami, fighters in south florida declare the end of their search for bodies at the site of that collapsed condo building. the june 24th accident killed 97 people with at least one more missing person yet to be identified. fox 17 in nashville as a the fu.
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nasa's says tonight's buck moon will reach illumination at 10:3. the moon will appear full through the weekend and may have a reddish orange glow due to smoke from wildfires in the west. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ s the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here!
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letter comes contained a throirng that network. the department has since called that an error there has been no response so far from can a don't that's office. no closing records tonight for the major stock averages. s&p 544, the nasdaq surged 152 closing above 45,000 for the first time he nasdaq jumped almost 3. get fox business joins us tonight from the white house. edward these computer chips big problem. good evening. >> semiconductor chips experts tell me late this afternoon it could last into 2022 and the next victim could be your cell phone here. now, that's because of tijuana.
3:17 pm
under full capacity because of covid. so what's happened here is chinese factories have started to ramp up production and try to make up some of the difference. it also gives china a driver's seat when you are talking about the cost increase in these chips. still there are some casualties. shortage forced g.m. for example to stop producing most of its full size pickup trucks in the u.s. economists say that this is the number one supply chain disruption around the globe. >> most talked about supply chain disruption is, of course, a computer chip and we find ourselves these days i'm thinking about the room i'm in right now if that's the case and if you are going to buy the refrigerator. the case you have to have a computer chip in there surprisingly. in automobiles, many times over. >> and the ship shortage united republicans and democrats they did pass the innovation and competitive act within that among other things provides
3:18 pm
$52 billion for the research design and manufacturing of semiconductor chips in the united states. a senior administration official telling me late today that the commerce department wants to use that money to build 6 to 8 shift factories in the united states a year and a half the president eventually signed that it's all aimed at reducing on china. >> chip shortage visible. supply chain disruption it seems to be all intertwined having affect on inflation we are seeing, right? >> absolutely. that's exactly what we're doing here. i want to show you something related to travel. we all know about the gas price. you go to the pump. gas prices are up, look at that 6.4% year over year. airline tickets are up. try renting a car. the price increased over the past 12 months 87.7%. economists tell me that rental car companies told all their cars last year when they needed money. now those rental car companies are trying to buy the rental cars or new cars back for rental cars and what's happening is it is pushing up the price because
3:19 pm
there is a limited supply because of the chip shortage. >> bret: we will follow this big story, edward, thanks. the cleveland indians have settled on a new nickname, the team, which is discarding its long time moniker because of controversy over depiction of navin americans will be called the cleveland guardians next season. jim gray of fox sports is here to discuss that jim, good evening. big change really for a legendary team. >> well, they have been known as the indians since 1915. so, there is not anybody alive who remembers them back in the old days as the broncos or as the nats so indians is the name that they have had for 106 years it is a big change, bret. >> bret: they had a the rollout where they put the announcement out and they had actor tom hanks with the narration. here is a piece of that. >> you see, it has always been cleveland that's the best part of our name. this is the city we loved. and the game we believe in.
3:20 pm
and, together, we are all cleveland guardians. >> bret: how do you think it goes over in a town like cleveland that's so tied to that team for so many years? >> well, the owner paul dollan said we are not giving up our history. he knows a lot of people are going to be disappointed with the change. but he has gotten more and more comfortable with it. it just rolls with the time. if you were naming a team today you wouldn't name them redskins or the indians. they have come of age. cleveland is the best part of their name tom hanks and whoever wrote it got it exactly right. >> bret: we are still in limbo here in football land with the washington football team as we wait for whatever the next name is going to be. but, does this, jim, do you think spur other teams to make a change, the braves, others? >> well, the braves have said they are not going to change the
3:21 pm
name. florida seminoles have said they are not going to change the name. native american indians felt that the indian, particularly the caricature of the indian was offensive. and it wasn't a tribute. so they were upset by it. and now they did away with that caricature a year ago and now in 2022 they will become the guardians. i'm not sure just exactly where the line is drawn with all of this, braves? they have said no, and a lot of people believe that indians and braves intertwined so perhaps there will be a movement now. i don't see anything imminent. >> bret: jim, you are always doing cool stuff. what's the next thing you are working on? >> getting ready for football season. got three box matches coming this up summer on show time. we have gott some great fights and back to football, bret. just around the corner. training camps began today. >> bret: hard to believe. all right, buddy. thank you. up next. [siren]
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>> bret: exclusive video of dramatic pursuits from texas law enforcement officers of human smugglers along the southern border. ♪ ♪
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3:26 pm
the controversial march 2020 nursing home order in new york state that has brought much criticism and scrutiny on democratic governor andrew cuomo. the letter does not mention the reported ongoing fbi criminal investigation into the cuomo administration's alleged withholding of nursing home data or his $5 million pandemic memoir book deal. the new york state legislature continues its multiple investigations into cuomo. u.s. health officials are waiting for signs of a possible outbreak of monkey post office box. a milder version of small pox that usually occurs in wild rodents and primates. officials with the centers for disease control and prevention cdc are monitoring more than 200 individuals that may have had contact with a traveler who arrived from nigeria earlier this month. that's according to a baton rouge television report. individuals observed spread across 27 states and seven foreign countries range from
3:27 pm
associates of the patient to fellow passengers on various flights. we have new exclusive video tonight of texas law enforcement officers pursuing human smugglers along the dangerous southern border. correspondent bill melugin continuing his reporting from southern texas. >> friday morning in del rio, texas, a massive group of 250 migrants just walked through the border gate by border patrol and taken into federal custody. this group made up of people from all around the world. mostly haitians, some from africa, even one man from india. several of the women were visibly pregnant and many came with babies and small children. but these are all migrants who willingly turned themselves. in the ones in this vehicle are not. this is new video of a texas state trooper pulling over an suv driven by a human smuggler right here in del rio as the trooper approaches, the smuggler floors it and takes off. the trooper pursues and a short
3:28 pm
time later the smuggler pulls off the road and bails out on foot. >> illegal immigrants begin pouring out of vehicle. some climbing over each other to escape. as the trooper chases down the driver, a seemingly endless amount of illegals continue spill out of the vehicle. more than a dozen total. the trooper ended up catching the smuggler but most of the migrants ended up getting away. new video also shows another dps pursuit in del rio as a producer catches a pickup truck full of migrants this foot bales as do passengers flee into the brush. they were all ultimately chased down and apprehended by state troopers, law enforcement and border patrol. in del rio today sheriff frank martinez told us the situation at the border is only getting worse and d.c. has to make a change. >> it has to start at the administration level for the slow down. the message has to get out. policy has to change. people have to be sent back to
3:29 pm
where they're coming from. >> and, bret, i know i sound like a broken record but it's all day every day out here. take a look over my left shoulder right now group of migrants shown up and walked up to the border gate here waiting tore apprehended when it comes to dps pursuits this is why governor abbott sent deputies, dps state troopers here to the border under operation lone star since march, since he first launched that operation. there have been more than 470 pursuits involving state troopers out here. send it back to you. >> bret: bill melugin along the border again, bill, thanks. ♪ ♪ >> bret: in tonight's whatever happened to segment the terrorist prison at guantanamo bay, it is a place that has been both heralded and vilified since its modern day use began almost 20 years ago. state department correspondent rich edson has our story. >> a vital asset in the global
3:30 pm
war on terror. >> the first convoy of detainees departed in route to guantanamo bay, cuba. >> a stain on the united states human rights record and shutting down the facility has proven to be challenging or just the least challenging of several difficult options. >> just how to go forward remains the source of a fierce ongoing debate. the detention center at guantanamo bay, cuba has been a source of controversy since it opened. terrorists who once occupied afghanistan now occupy cells at guantanamo bay. >> opponent say the prison represents the excesses of the war on terror. a facility outside the normal judicial system. indefinite detention. accounts of torture, and a massive cost. a 2019 "new york times" report found the u.s. spent more than a half billion dollars the previous year to operate the prison and court system there. at its peak, guantanamo bay held nearly 700 detainees. >> guantanamo bay will be closed no later than one year from now.
3:31 pm
>> 8 years later, president obama left office with 55 prisoners still at guantanamo. after his administration failed to charge, transfer, or release enough suspects to close the facility. >> they wanted to close it. i want to keep it open. >> president trump officially reversed the obama policy. his administration saying more than 17% of the prisoners released from guantanamo reengaged with terrorist organizations. >> the biden administration has transferred a guantanamo bay detapeee. >> in returning to the obama administration's approach, this week the biden administration transferred a detainee to morocco, a move republicans called dangerous. >> the 40 people that were left on the day that biden actually got into office, those 40 people are the worst of the worst. we can't just release those individuals. >> 39 prisoners remain at guantanamo bay. including khalid sheikh mohammed the accused 9/11 mastermind is he waiting for his trial to begin. the white house says the administration is considering all available avenues though has no timeline for closing the
3:32 pm
facility. bret? >> bret: rich edson at the state department. rich, thanks. up next, the panel on america's crime crisis as it hits the heartland and here in the nation's capitol. first, beyond our borders tonight. at least 47 people are dead in western india after monsoon rains triggered multiple landslides. more than 1,000 people were pulled to safety dropping water levels are assisting rescue efforts there. the funeral for haitian president slain haitian president joseph moise. left before the eulogy by his widow. hundreds of protesters gathered outside the private compound moise's funeral was held. the opening ceremony for the tokyo olympics featured music, tributes to pandemic workers, athletes and near empty stadium. games begin amid a state of emergency in tokyo. many people in japan and elsewhere feel the olympics should have been canceled
3:33 pm
because of the evening of the coronavirus. just some of the stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ for a clinical study that tests a new study medication for nausea and the symptoms of gastroparesis. qualified participants will receive study related care and study medication at no charge. please visit gp, that is or call (833) 933-9332 to see if you qualify. sponsored by vanda pharmaceuticals. this is andy, my schwab financial consultant. here's andy listening to my goals and making plans. this is us talking tax-smart investing, managing risk, and all the ways schwab can help me invest. this is andy reminding me how i can keep my investing costs low and that there's no fee to work with him. here's me learning about schwab's satisfaction guarantee. accountability, i like it. so, yeah.
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♪ ♪ >> what we saw tonight and unfortunately what we saw over the last several days is an illegal firearm brazenly used on d.c. streets. >> you cannot coddle common criminals. they might not want a job. they might not. they might not need services. we talk about streets because they are making it unsafe for us. why is it that a guy who murdered somebody is out in community after having been arrested two or three month prior with a firearm? what are we think he was going to do? >> bret: d.c. police chief robert conti in a presser today talking to reporters after that shooting last night. this comes here in the nation's
3:38 pm
capital, fox 5 our affiliate here in d.c. this report from june 25th. the d.c. council's committee on the judiciary and public safety voted unanimously thursday june 25th in favor of a budget that defunds the metropolitan police department by more than $15 million. a vote that comes after weeks of protests calling for police reform. the funds will instead be diverted to social programs in the city. still it wasn't enough for some groups who wanted to see a whole lot more come out of the budget for the police. the chief was asked about that. >> the mayor has supported me and what it is i am trying to do here. she has said ha chief. whatever overtime you need make sure you use whatever it is you need. i appreciate that from the mayor. here's the thing, that does not solve all problems. the reality is we have a shrinking workforce, 200 and some officers less this year than what i had last year. >> calls for defund the police helping you? >> i don't think that those calls are helping right now. >> bret: just to point out that fox 5 article is from june 25th,
3:39 pm
2020 when the d.c. council voted on the defunding. let's bring in our panel ben domenech publisher of the federalist. harold ford and trey gowdy former congressman from south carolina. trey, that police chief was pretty plain-spoken. >> trey: yeah, bret. i mean, it's the most tragically predictable thing in the world. when you demon nice cops and make them personally liable for split-second decisions when you hire these so-called progressive prosecutors who are soft on crime but hard on the cops, this is what you get. i hate it for the victims. crime is the toughest tax of all on poor people. they can least protect themselves. they can't go hire their own police force but sometimes people do what they promise they will do when they're returning for office. that's what you have in these major cities. >> bret: harold? >> i don't disagree with trey. first off, good evening, thanks for having me on. i thought the police chief laid it out.
3:40 pm
i think like most americans, if not most every day americans, and i would even argue most african-americans across this country, no one wants crime in their neighborhood. of the bail reform efforts that passed in a lot of cities need to go back and revisit that. that's what he was talking about, i thought, in the first clip about putting people back on the street. sure there are some nonviolent offenders who probably deserve a low bail. you should not be putting people with a history of violence back on the streets. mayors have to be reelected and reeastbound elected of the mayor of washington face questions as every other mayor who may have done some of these things. police chief regardless of their race are making the same case is he making. i hope more people listen and i hope my party nationally listens more closely. >> bret: ben, shear jen psaki at the white house talking about the biden effort on crime. >> the corner stone of the president's comprehensive plan to reduce gun violence providing communities with the tools and resources they need to reduce gun crime including in washington, d.c. d.c. is one of the five areas nationwide where doj launched
3:41 pm
gun trafficking strike forces just yesterday, which are going to focus law enforcement resources across jurisdictions to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. >> bret: now, this is not to say that illegal guns in the hands of criminals is not a problem. and the attorney general, merrick garland, is in chicago with one of these strike task forces that are going to be in several cities, ben. but the linkage to the gun issue seems to be this disconnect that we talk about all the time with crime overall. >> ben: it's a completely tenuous connection. if you listen to jen psaki. she is echoing the same words that you heard from mayor muriel bowser who i applauded someone who has achieved quite a lot having a brain made of pudding. what you see in this situation is they're blaming the gun while the police chief that you heard from is blaming the guy. why is this guy on the street? why is someone who has been accused credibly of murder on the street? and the response that we ought to have to that is the fact that
3:42 pm
the court systems have shut down, that you had an enormous workforce situation on all aspects of law enforcement including the police but also including 911 services in d.c. which have been completely inadequate in terms of response to people calling in. this is really a tragic situation. and i want to say one more thing about this. i'm glad that fox is talking about this, obviously. but, the fact is that most of the media is not talking about this. we are talking about it in this instance because you had shootings that took place in ritzier areas of washington, d.c. and near the areas that tourists and ballpark goers were attending. these shootings are happening all over the place. as trey said they're a tax on the poorest americans who inhabit these cities. it is an absolute travesty that we are not dealing with this surge in crime that is happening in these cities and being honest about it as opposed to demagoguing it and acting as if this is something related to the
3:43 pm
nra. >> bret: trey, is this an issue about prosecuting criminals? can you definitively say that? what's your reaction to what the white house says about guns in general? >> well, i can think of dozens of federal firearms statutes. so, mr. president, you get to pick the united states attorney. you get to pick the attorney general. how are you doing prosecuting the dozens -- the goal is not to be a good murder prosecutor. because someone is dead. the goal is to prosecute someone for unlawfully possess ago firearm before they kill somebody. dozen's of federal crimes. how are you doing prosecuting those cases and i suspect the answer is not very well. >> bret: finally i want to turn topics here, harold, get ready for school year coming up. it's hard to believe. whether kids have to wear masks here is the florida governor. >> there has been talk about people potentially advocating at the federal level imposing
3:44 pm
compulsory masks on kids. we're not doing that in florida, okay? we need our kids to breathe. >> if i were a parent in florida that would be greatly concerning to me because kids under the age of 12 are not vaccinated. certainly we would have concern about any step that doesn't abide by public health guidelines and we think it's puts people at greater risk. >> and they should if the science changes. i said this before. 10 years ago, five years ago, two years ago we get different cdc and public health guidelines around how much red meat you can eat. i'm going to make a steak tonight and i hope that the most recent data i read is more right than the data i read three or four years ago. 40% of our new covid cases come from three states, florida, texas, and missouri. i hope that people who live there and those who care about people there like i would continue to urge people to be vaccinated. the only people who win when we don't get vaccinated are china,
3:45 pm
are russia, we keep our economy closed or not as open as it can be and we put at risk our kids being able go back to school in the fall. we should retire politics when talking about this and urge everyone to be vaccinated unless there is overwhelming health reason why you can't be. >> bret: i think there is a lot of people that just want more data. they want more digging. in they want more study of what we can and cannot do. >> the data says if you get vaccinated. >> bret: 100 percent. no, no, no. i'm talking about the data about kids wearing mavericks and whether it's going to happen or not come school year. all right. we will continue. many days to talk about this. up next the friday lightning round. the cleveland guardians, inflation, plus winners and losers. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal!
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3:49 pm
>> sports was the one area you could go you didn't get politics. the one page in the paper you could go read where it wasn't -- where they would cover the winners, who won the game, who got the winning hit. who made the winning basket. it talked about the winners, it was americana, it was apple pie. now sports has become political and frankly the american people don't like it. >> bret: congressman jim jordan from ohio. the cleandz becoming the cleveland guardians today. atlanta braves, kansas state chiefs, golden warriors chicago
3:50 pm
blackhawks. back with the panel, trey, your thoughts. >> don't care i pull for the other ohio baseball team we do have our problems. i do think it's ironic cleveland called guardians given the crime rate. los angeles calls angels and that's pretty ironic, too. >> bret: ben? >> the irony of the term woke designed to keep people asleep. asleep to the realities of the problems that happen within these will teams, perform as anything else when you have these types of lane changes, all about looking in the other direction silly as jeff bezos thanking all amazon employees peeing in bottle so he could play space cowboy for a few minutes. >> bret: harold? >> harold: there is a lot there. i think political correctness has gotten way out of hand. but i do think there are certain historic call sensitivities that should not be used to demean people or demean parts of our
3:51 pm
history and these are simple things that we can change. no one in cleveland is not going to root any harder for their team against the reds or the reds root any harder or less because they are called the guardians. the washington change oi gray up with the redskins. something i can live with and won't it think a think about the name. >> bret: i would just like a name. here is president biden on inflation on the cnn town hall. >> prices are up now and they're up -- for example, you are in a position where you are trying to build a house, trying to find two by fours and lumber. well, guess what? people stopped working cutting lumber. they stopped doing it because they -- they are -- the unemployment was -- so now all of a sudden there is this need because people are coming back, guess what? instead of paying 10 cents you are paying 20. you understand what i'm saying? it relates to what, in fact, is now needed because we're growing.
3:52 pm
>> bret: trey, kind of got himself in a verbal cul-de-sac he almost said because they were getting unemployment checks. i think he was getting down that road. >> trey: when he said do you understand what i'm saying? actually i have no idea what he is saying. sounded to me we are paying feel stay home. also his fault. you got high crime, high inflation and the porous border. that's a recipe to be a one-term president. >> bret: ben? >> ben: a president who has definitely embraced that michael scott quote about starting a sentence without knowing where he is going to end up at the end and i will just say that, yes, that's exactly, i think, bret, where is he going with that sentence before he realized what would result from that. you can't though, i think, blame this on anything else other than the white house actual policy. >> bret: all right. lightning winners and losers, harold first to you, winner and then loser. >> my winner is adam silver. honorable mention is roger
3:53 pm
goodell. two seasons. new champion, milwaukee and yanice. congratulations to you guys. roger goodell figured out how to get more players vaccinated and my loser, again, people who don't realize that china and russia don't get vaccinated we can't open our schools and get this economy going like we want. let's all get vaccinated. >> bret: trey, winner and loser? >> kevin mccarthy because he doesn't have to participate or be interviewed. loser d.c. media because they can never find fault with nancy pelosi no matter how many mistakes she makes. >> bret: ben, wrap us up winner and loser. >> winner university of texas, university of oklahoma if this merger goes through if the fec loser everyone else left in the dead big 12. >> bret: there we go. bring us home. panel, thanks, make it a great weekend. when we come back, "notable quotables." ♪ ♪
3:54 pm
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in the neighborhood. . >> bret: finally tonight it's friday you know what that means "notable quotables." >> i'm not going to address specifically white rage or irish rage or german or any other rage. >> as you saw more people running and we heard more shots. >> people are really mad as hell right now when are we going to be sick and tired of sick and tired. >> yes, sir yes enforcement is critical. accountability is critical. >> how do you respond to republicans who try to paint you and your party as anti-police? >> they are lying. >> ghana. you are from ghana. >> brazil. you from brazil. you are from haiti? welcome back. >> they no longer have a will he yet macy and time for change to combine on the island of cuba. >> there is a possibility of a complete taliban takeover. >> this is the people's house, not pelosi's house. >> we will not let their antics stand in the way.
3:59 pm
>> gain of function research was going on in that lab and nih funded it. anybody lying here, senator, it is you. >> we believe in lifting people up not locking people down. >> i just hosted the tampa bay buccaneers. there is a quarterback there, what's his name? >> they started calling me sleepy tom. [laughter] >> we stand with team u.s.a. as they bring many medals back home. >> bret: one week covering this country and here in washington. monday on "special report," the iraqi prime minister comes to the white house. what is the future of iraq, u.s. troops there. we'll take you there. please join martha mccallum on "fox news sunday" this weekend. her guest will be south carolina republican senator tim scott. virginia democratic senator mark warner and indiana republican congressman jim banks. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report" this week fair balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend or try.
4:00 pm
"fox news primetime" hosted by brian kilmeade. he has a morning show, too. >> brian: right. >> bret: it starts in 15 seconds because that's how much i like this show. i wanted to give you extra. >> brian: bret, i have a quote can i throw one out? >> bret: yeah. >> brian: quote from bret baier this is the voice in your head. i will really miss tossing to brian at the end of my show next week. is that true? can you back that up. >> bret: that is true. i will back it up. >> brian: thank, bret. good evening, everyone, this is "fox news primetime." >> brian: i'm brian kilmeade. word is we might be hours away from getting another national mask mandate. last week it happened in los angeles. let's see how they handled it. >> antimaskers. >> great. you guys are real scientists. hey. >> scientists, right? >> why don't you go [inaudible] >> kiss the virus and see what