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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  July 24, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hi, everyone i'm aisha asked me, welcome to the big saturday show. here is what's on tap tonight. >> lee between the lot rising crime and marijuana, warning about criminals in washington d.c. >> look at the back but katie, what do you have? >> people are, indians will be the cleveland guardians. what about the dump name of other sports teams? looking forward to that joey --
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>> meant who love me and carbs are being blamed for climate day but i've got something there. >> can't wait to hear but first, it's the return of the masks and in some places, it doesn't even matter if you've been vaccinated. same with missouri, the latest city to bring back the mask mandate regardless of vaccination status. new rules start monday. st. louis joins other cities across the country either requiring people wear a mask or encouraging them there could be even more rules coming in other big cities. bill de blasio for example, now pushing for businesses to impose vaccination requirements for workers. >> now we've got to go further. we've reached the limits of a purely voluntary system, it time for more mandate. >> protests are growing around the world in the meantime, for putting coronavirus rules in place you'reooking at
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demonstrators they've been clashing with police there, french lawmakers are going to vote this weekend on whether or not to require asking task force and mandatory vaccinations for health workers. similar scenes in australia where thousands of anti- lockdown protesters took to the streets in sydney and melbourne. more than half of that country, 25 million people are currently under a state order. katie, i want to start with you because mask mandate, everybody is talk about it. doctor anthony fauci was on neil cavuto friday and he said it's understandable now that some places are asking people to wear a mask even though they are vaccinated because of the surge of the delta variant. on the other hand, your hearing something different from him, jen psaki when she was asked why that you provide a list of the people sick with coveting the white house? here is what she said.
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>> the history, it why won't you just release the number of breakthrough cases? >> i think first we are in a different place than we were six, seven months ago as it relates to the virus and as many medical experts have said inside and outside of the government, those who are vaccinated are protected from serious illness. >> are you going to buy something? >> why do you need to have that information? >> we are in a very different place. it's bad enough to require mask mandates for some but not to offer information about the white house, what is going on here? >> i think it's important to say the reporter was not asking for specific names of white house staffers in the white house, complete just the number of breakthrough cases so the america people can start to understand the breakthrough problem many are having, people
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vaccinated who didn't get sick with the delta variant we are seeing but the idea that we are going to now bring back masks for all people including native people, it's a lot of theater, they just can't get out of this power grab they've had over the last year, year end a half. the fact is united states of america has heard immunity through natural infection and majority of the country is vaccinated with two of their doses, if not one dose of the vaccine. the idea that we are going to follow up with doctor anthony copies i get that nobody is ever going to be able to get sick again, we will have to eliminate covered before we can move on with our lives and learn how to live with the virus, it's a preposterous way of trying to move forward in a free society. including america and europe, there is risk with everything, 400 plus people who died from covid yesterday, a terrible tragedy but 2300 people died
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from heart disease yesterday so i think we have to think about this in the realm of deal with risk every day, people have choice in this country and it's not the same people the administration is trying to argue are vaccine hesitant, trying to blame republican's are trump supporters, the mandated vaccinations a large healthcare worker union in new york city this week with a massive protest saying we do not want a mandated vaccine, who want to be able to make choices but we are putting in our bodies and i know the narrative has been doctor fauci and the administration every single person should get vaccinated but there are doctors who tell people individual health information maybe they should wait or maybe they don't need the vaccine because they have natural immunity so the standards they've applied for everybody doesn't necessarily work in the idea that masks are going to protect people but the vaccines don't is a laughable concept.
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eric: . aishah: let's talk about the rhetoric we are hearing in the background circulating and now we are seeing everywhere so missouri is one of those places in st. louis where they are about to reinstate mask mandate and one health officials there is blaming it on a particular group of people, country music fans if you can believe it or not. let's pull up a quote from this doctor. if we pull it up, i can read it. missouri doctor assange branson has a lot of country shows, no vaccine mass, a bumble bunch of people endorsing air conditioning, tightly packed, singing along with the music possibly, a super spreading eve. then listen to msnbc the other day, how he described the people who apparently are spreading the virus. >> whether it's a mandate of mask, a vaccine at this time as a percentage of the population who cares whether they are angry
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or upset, 330 million people in this country, we need to protect ourselves. i'm done worrying about what people think, i'm done worrying about any percentage of this population that needs to be told what to do, you don't have a choice, too bad. eric: there are people all over the world who choose not to get vaccinated and people in pakistan who don't choose to get the polio vaccine, you think everyone is calling them idiots to try to convince them? >> no, they are not. at the end of the day you tell me i don't have a choice, after all the toys in the world. i live in the united states of america, that's the one thing we do have a choice. totalitarian, dictatorship, maybe you don't have a choice but here in this country, you have a choice. i vaccinated, i chose to be, i was make u.s. marine corps got every vaccine i've heard of it would be almost hypocritical me not to get the vaccine but i
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don't think anyone should be made to get the vaccine and i can't stand in front of anyone arguing against it to tell them every concern they have is all crab, that's not who we are in this country and it's not true. those people going to those concerts, thank you for living your life again. thank you for believing in this country for believing in the people around you to do the right responsible thing, thank you for living your life and exercising freedom. otherwise, if we can't do enjoy ourselves in our country, we spent a long time learning about this virus and treat the virus we are in a completely different place than when masks began. we know how to treat it and people should not be walking around scared literally to death. eric: okay. aishah: we got some plate breaking news that came out yesterday, the d.o.j. will apparently not be investigating nursing homes in states like new york and pennsylvania after the orders that some say killed
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their loved ones in nursing homes including fox news meteorologist dana talking about what a bloke this is. okay, we don't have that but tell me how you feel about this. obviously we've seen people come on this channel and talk about how painful it was for them and now they are feeling like they are living this all over again. >> they've been on this panel, on the other outlet that agreed to talk with this and the tragic loss and the fact that the governor signed an order for this to happen so it makes you wonder if this new d.o.j. supposed to return to normalcy in all it's going to do then, lucky enough we do have an investigation, i wonder if leticia james is going to because her political career could be in jeopardy and it's bad you have to talk about politics, just the right thing when it comes to moving american lives but there's something i
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want to talk about, we talked about super spreader events, there's no comment about the super spreader events with the texas representatives on the private planes with no masks if not spreading all over d.c. from the speakers, the vice president's office, such hypocrisy when we talk about this virus. we've got to go to the very beginning. the purpose of mask and all social distancing orders was to slow the spread. what we know now and we hear every single day, it's not going away, we got to learn how to live with it. so what do we do moving forward? it's about twice and like i continue to say, i decided to take the vaccine because i wanted to look at the data, i have antibodies, thousand choice me and my doctor made but to shame people who want to follow the information, i think it's very lazy of the white house as well as all of these leaders, commentators to shame people instead of putting the information out there to
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encourage people to look at the information is a lot of hesitancy because there's no trust in government. that's your job, government, not ours we want messaging has to be on it and urge people to talk to their doctors and get the facts about the vaccine. great conversation, thank you. coming up on the big saturday show, while washington d.c. police chief warns about the impacts of marijuana use on the recent rise in crime, the city's mayor has someone else to blame. just for leadership. that's next. ♪♪
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thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. walk back to the big saturday show. washington d.c. is a warning about the recent rise in crime in the city, and i want to use plays a role. >> we taken on the mindset marijuana is not really a big issue in our city. i can tell you that marijuana, undoubtedly, subjected to violent crimes we are seeing in
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our community. >> the mayor is blaming the federal government. in a letter to the resident the ability to deliver justice is in the hand of our federal partners who need the entire system operating at full capacity to clear back lots and in the crisis in our court system. joey, i've got to go straight to you first, marijuana use. wheat has been out there for a minute now. shouldn't they take more responsibility than just playing on wheat? >> you've got to understand what he's saying. i have no problem with marijuana personally, i don't smoke it, i'm slow enough, right? [laughter] what he's trying to say is there is a difference between decriminalizing something and legalizing something. when you decriminalize it like the he has, a certain amount on you but you had to legalize it, he sang the act of dealing drugs and selling makes certain people targets and certain people
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aggressors is not necessarily the use of marijuana but the selling of marijuana on the street led to a spike in crime and i believe he's probably accurate in what he is really saying is there needs to be action to set standards here, the direction of the d.c. government is going to go with marijuana. >> i've been covering this issue for three years and the defunct police movement, he's hired all these das who don't believe people should be behind bars. i think it starts with what our government do. >> mayor has been preoccupied the last year with painting a street in washington with black lives matter. last week she decided they were going to criminalize flavored tobacco it would be nice just once for her to call on these prosecutors, to call on the other half of the justice system to put these guys behind bars. i left with the police chief said, these guys don't want the job, they don't need social
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services, social workers are not going to show up and stop them from shooting up the corner whether it's a fancy restaurant where people go or whether it southeast d.c. i find it appalling and despicable that all of a sudden now people are paying attention to the murder rate in washington d.c. because of shooting outside a national park for the elite go to watch baseball or a diplomatic they spend a lot of money on their fancy french dinner last week there was a 6-year-old girl who was killed on the street while standing there with her family. 108 people have been murdered and get the mayor is calling on the federal government which is a good idea because the criminals are much more scared of going to federal prisons than they are going to local jail but why are they not afraid to go legal local jail? they're going to be let in the police chief said we know who these guys are, i guarantee when we catch the suspects, we've known who they are because they keep running through the system
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so when you call criminals and make crime utilized and allow criminals to run rampant it's a direct result of that and when you have 200 officers down intimate i think i'm going to pay everyone over time, no matter how many police officers you have in the street they can be crawling, if you don't prosecute them and keep them in jail, you could have everyone turned into a cop, if you don't prosecute them, you're doing nothing to help the community. >> you are a terrific investigative reporter, you've done this in the past, is amazing to me there is no coverage when it in these areas but the moment it hit suburbs, and the polling changes, it becomes an issue. >> katie makes excellent points. i've covered so much crime in indianapolis when i worked as a reporter. i saw plenty of dead teenage bodies, mother's wailing of the street, it was traumatizing. i would go home and cry at night and i remember meeting a young
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man named james, former gang member just got out of prison, he not only had shot people, at least one person, he had been shot over drugs because he was in a gang and he turned his life around in prison. did he love being in prison? no but that's what gave him the opportunity to decide i want to take a different path for myself and we got together and we created an organization called circle up indeed, a nonprofit that curbs use violence and points of where instead of having programs many of these people don't even know exist or don't know how to get to, who are bringing these programs into the roughest neighborhoods for them and of peace festival and talking to them and offering mentoring and things like that and what we really need is people like james, people who have been there who know the street and we need them to lead our leaders in cities like
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chicago d.c. and new york city, but in on them because they know what works and what doesn't work. >> it's so true about the end of the day needs law enforcement to do their job the mayor has to support our criminal justice system. they are robbing these young people of an opportunity, they realize on the south side of l.a., the young people don't have a choice. they are told you either join or you die or go to your mother, that's what's happening and there is no conversation from the mainstream media. anyway, we got to go. you may think name change is outrageous but what about the washington wizards? big sunday show my professional sports should be changed next. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. cleveland at the end announced they will change their name or 13, two guardians. who better to make that announcement and actor was famously proclaimed there's no crime in baseball? >> we are a city on the rise ordering into the future from are ironed down past. you see it's always been cleveland that's the best part of our name and now it time to unite as one family, one community together, we are all the cleveland guardians. >> today the outrage is building
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from one user tweeted localism is ruining everything the cleveland guardians from acrylic that's what's next? think they have to be edited? it's exhausting and unnecessary get another fan chimed in, good morning to everyone except the ones who chose the name we went guardians. that name from a bad choice, bad logo design and another we did, i would never call them the cleveland guardians, it is moronic but that got us thinking, there are many other teams who should also change their names because they simply make no sense or they are plain weird including the cleveland browns, utah jazz liquors, maple leaf, memphis grizzlies and washington wizards. there's obviously no wizards in washington, no grizzlies in memphis and l.a. is not on a lake, it's the edge of an ocean. >> i see what you did there, katie. real smooth that's the problem, when you start with one, you've got to keep going keep going and
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keep going. if these leaks really want to do something, how about you do something to improve the lives of people's off the track field and off the basketball court, that's what really matters. you heard a lot about the nfl and what they have been doing, he would think they would be leading the charge but that was just a recent one billion-dollar element between the players because of the concussion going on the league the defense the nfl used, they said black players were inferior to begin with and that's the reason they have the concussion so presenting this court may have to set up one billing so it shows you who get virtue signal update and make minor changes all you want but what matters is what you do when the cameras are not on. >> lawrence, i want to follow up with you about the names teams seems like it matters, if it's named in celebration of the
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cleveland indians and they take that away, it seems like the context is always offensive rather than looking at it as celebration of certain culture or people. >> one 100% right. the dallas cowboys, it's not negative, i'm salivating the cowboys. they root for the cleveland indians, they are celebrating self-explanatory. crazy, i think there is this what crab that wants to be offended by everything. >> i am a big fan so i'm not chucking that yet. >> most of americans. [laughter] >> i love cowboys so maybe not the dallas cowboys but i do love cowboys. joey, you've issued a warning they will not become atlanta braves. >> i don't know why they call them the dollars cowboys, i heard them say they wanted to join the fec, two but the
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atlanta braves, america's baseball team, they are so american, they are native american. listen, if you want to talk about what put native americans at this advantage, let's talk about how they are disenfranchised on reservations and socioeconomic place they are in, rampant drug use and it's put them more than a generation disadvantage and native americans trying to help the community rise up out of the and be part of the american way of life, that's what we could talk about. cleveland indians want to do something to show they care about those people, that's something they can do about the guardians have a terrible logo and they literally use as many of the words from india as i could, it was kind of stupid but at the end of the day, i think it will dictate how the fans react, atlanta braves, we love our team. in this part of the world, if you have native american
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history, who care about that and brag about that. so i don't know that it's just this derogatory think they want to make it out to be. >> all right, i have to know if you looked up the definition -- if anybody missed early this morning on fox and friends, i have the solution for all of us. i think we should just start naming teams and i know you don't like the jazz or whatever but i want to name them a name that doesn't make any sense and indiana is really good, the hoosiers, nobody has any idea what it means but i googled it because obviously. one of the popular theories is that the settlers, coming across our cabinet and would knock on the door and they would say who is there? it turned into hoosier. i don't know if that is accurate but i think it probably has something to do with corn, as
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everything does in india, somehow it relates back to corn so we are still thinking on that, investigative reporting right now. [laughter] >> i'm glad you looked it up for us. i have to say, if you want good names of teams, look no further than minor-league baseball, montgomery biscuits, el paso troyes was, lug nuts -- the list goes on and on for great team names for baseball. straightahead on the big saturday show after fox news investigation for the biden ministration, radical abolitionists teaching network and other schools with the same response. the big update next. ♪♪
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walk back to the big saturday show. after investigation, the department of education, the radical abolitionist teaching network for safely reopening schools. school in virginia is backtracking after a saint group discovered on his website. physical injury this statement -- this content was posted and has since been
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removed from the website. you know, you and i have this investigation, it seems to be a radical agenda, 30,000 agitators and resident at their kids schools or protest from a truck backed local jails and prisons, how does this do anything productive to educate our children? >> i don't think they intend on being productive, i think they plan on burning the system down as they have outlined before. i think it is clear that the white house and department of education got caught on this and now they are backtracking. the deputy has ties with this group. these academics are dumb. they have been in this for years, one of them has said she's been doing this 18 years and fattest their mission but one of their premises is that it not just a matter of racism and finding who's right and who's not. by default, if you are a white
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teacher and you are needing to be decoded so they have an entire training to decode you and train you how to address your white supremacy. i found it appalling. there is no lawrence jones, if it wasn't for doctor christie, she was right. a lot of white teachers invested because my mom and dad did the best they could most were working and they could not make every event or didn't have money for food sometimes so they stepped in and felt the kat, and conferences as well so they imply that every single white teacher to interact with his somehow racist and needs to be colored, it plain senses. >> i think it's racist, personally there are things we have to overcome but this is not one of them. our own peter doocy at the white house secretary, press secretary john psaki about having this, let's take a look.
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>> the administration going to follow up to make sure the abolitionist teaching network material is. >> what you are referring to is a citation in the report of which there were 1000 citations so i am impressed with your research to find one of 1000 citations, it was error in a document to include citation. >> the school said it was a mistake but the link was still on the website and the biden administration included and then removed it from official guidance so we know sometime, if you think schools around the country are welcoming this advocacy into their curriculum? >> for, plumbing facts check, there were thousands of citations, there were not thousands, we looked through the entire handbook, there were only about 182. that's not very many and only one when it came to race and
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racial conversations about was the hyperlink we found which is why we get the story in the first place. two points here, the first is of course there's going to be fired, these are paid activists, paid 30,000 dollars, what you think the money is coming from? they are not doing it for free so there has to be brian from teachers and staff and faculty from scoreboards who want to invite them in. obviously we are hearing from fx county apparently in virginia in elementary school that had a group link on their website so what you think it came from? second, it's hard for me to understand how the group abolitionist teaching network comes, he don't just grab it out of thin air and put into handbook. someone has mentioned it and talked about it probably at length our own digging found deputy education secretary cindy martin has a past with this group, she'd already back in the day when she was in
2:42 pm
superintendent indicted the founder of the group to talk to teachers in san diego about all of the same stuff, not murdering black and brown children, there is a connection, we don't know if she is one asked for this to be put into but somehow it was brought up in conversation, talked about in that room and landed there, it doesn't come out of thin air. >> they did on purpose. if these divisive organizations are pushed by the biden administration are being welcomed by school district, there want to have school twice as necessary and getting federal government out of public education. >> absolutely. this new movement, not new, school twice have been a movement for a long time but with the recent teachings we are seen, not just in those counties but school districts across the country, there is a push to pay for and fund individual students
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rather than funding a system the only benefits teachers unions who want to teach children that they are an oppressor or oppressed based on their skin color and they want to try to demonize white teachers for simply the color of their skin rather than the content of their character and what they can teach kids and provide them with a better future but i want to say something about this idea that this was a mistake, this is not a mistake, they got caught, thank you for reporting on best important thing. they may have more credibility to say that was a mistake and somehow got put in their if we were seeing this ideology permeates not just this corporate structure as well, you had fairfax county who i believe is a racist, 30,000 dollars to speak to teachers about this so this abolitionist teachers organization is similar to the other organizations we've seen
2:44 pm
in the other reason the white house says it's a mistake is because they are seen appalling across the country and its opposed by like 75% of the country so they are trying to back off of that now they are being called out for it so it wasn't a mistake, i'm glad the parents are fighting back. >> these organizations have no place in our schools and they need to be taught to love each other and not hate each other for the color of their skin and will leave it there. men love cars and meat. kat scientists say we are destroying the environment, is this accurate? will discuss next
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welcome back, who's to blame for the change in the crisis? according to some scientists, men are responsible, a new defined men are worse for the environment because they buy things that cause emission,
2:49 pm
women spend more money on healthcare furnishings, by for food, clothes, men spend more money on evening out, alcohol and tobacco and more money on cars. joey. i read through the study, they claim men are polluters because they eat meat and i've come to the conclusion i'm basically a man. [laughter] i love a filet. >> that's a problem, they obviously pulled the wrong women, that was my initial response but to be a little more serious, it says cars and meat from obviously faith miss gendered constructs out there but most men i know have a truck and i guarantee my four-wheel drive diesel puts out more than a previous so i think they use the word cars here wrong, they pulled the wrong women and another thing to study, joe biden -- >> i was very offended by the gender stereotypes that came out of this study but i got to say, i don't know if i believe this from acclimate have a lot of product plastic bottles and hairspray bottles, i don't know.
2:50 pm
>> i think it proves is, i'm thinking this is proof that men far and belch way more than claimant. [laughter] were talking about this in the makeup room and i think they're onto something. i'm just kidding. i am with you on the women. you know this proves that women are really smart, it's not that we are not going out and buying things, they're just making men buy things for us, like that car we wanted or the state we wanted, we didn't buy it but we ate it so that's what i think. >> is in this study a bunch of propaganda? the idea that human beings are causing pollution by simply existing in the environment and therefore are the cause of the climate change. i think the study has an ulterior motive don't think one
2:51 pm
gender or another is responsible for climate change. >> of course, that's why we are making fun of it. which is why we continue to make fun of it. i'll just say this, i realize why my bank account is going empty, it's because you guys want to spend everything and all because of the pole. you get to use us you have better poles. >> we are just prettier and smarter than you all. [laughter] >> i got to say, all of the grandmothers, mothers and single ladies watching, lawrence is single. >> i will make some quick points, i think climate change is actually a great argument for the three day weekend, we could use that. everyone is trying to go back to work after covet, if you don't want more emissions or people
2:52 pm
commuting, you could argue for a three day weekend. >> we don't -- [laughter] >> no weekends in our business but i'm going to keep driving my jeep and continue acting like a man according to this study. next up on the big saturday show, remember the famous dress that went viral because nobody could define or identify its color? next, we show you a butterfly setting the internet on fire. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. if there's one thing i can inspire a heated debate by something else, it's got to be an optical illusion on social media. the latest one features a butterfly whose wings are brown, or are they blue? arguments from both sides have been made, all of this should sound familiar because remember we were back doing this in 2015, the debate over the now infamous dress, was a black and blue, was it right", was it something else? it became the original optical illusion phenomena on social media and six years later, here
2:57 pm
we are because we have nothing better to do but to argue over colors. i'm going to take a poll, who thinks it's blue and blue? a butterfly. can we put the butterfly back up? what is it? [laughter] >> i googled it and i saw purple, actually. i saw purple, is that what you saw when you googled it? >> it's called a purple emperor so i'm going to go with the science and trust the people who named this beautiful creature, it's purple wing to being even though it likes, it has a little different color now and then. i would also say i cannot believe it's been five years with the blue or black, white and gold situation, that is terrifying to me and also, don't forget the world, not visual but
2:58 pm
a hearing think which is also a debate. i'm going to go with the experts and say purple wing to butterfly. >> lawrence and joey, since you are going to be buying dresses for women, we are making you buy things, tell me about the dress. i was like five or six years ago, what did you see? >> i saw blue. i don't understand the controversy. it's blue. >> joey? >> it's address. [laughter] >> joey doesn't want to say. he's like i see red? >> i seek gold -- i have a problem. i'm colorblind on colors, a bomb text for colorblind to get into that field, that's how i wore my style today, i have a little colorblindness on colors, i'll accept that, blue or gray, green or brown? >> blue?
2:59 pm
[laughter] >> joey, i am impressed. a bomb text who's a little colorblind must you put in wrong choirs and you've got a real problem so good for you. >> the last one, maybe it was more of a bomb. [laughter] >> lawrence, don't you think we should have more of this kind of fun? why is it so divisive right now? why do we hate each other so much over things that don't matter? the butterflies matter. >> everyone wants to make everything political and hate each other, i don't care. i want to do the show by leave and i'm going to have a big stake in we are going to laugh. >> we are going to pollute the environment and i cannot believe you are doing that, butterflies. [laughter]
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>> oh my goodness. well, thank you guys for the amazing conversation, hope you had fun. that doesn't for us, we will see you back tomorrow at 5:00 for the big sunday shelf. jon: the increase of violent crime align the - - alarming across the nation and critics are blaming lawmakers for enabling and prosecutors not keeping suspects behind bars are getting some of the blame. i am jon scott and this is "the fox report". there is a shooting on a busy street in washington dc had diners ducking for cover and others running for their lives.


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